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INCREDIBLE (!!!) Video – Mission HumanFlight – Jetman Dubai Takeoff (4 min):

Court Refuses to Pay Houston Flood Victims After Gov’t Released Dams and Flooded Their Homeshttps://www.activistpost.com/2020/02/court-refuses-to-pay-flood-victims-after-govt-released-dams-and-flooded-their-homes.html – “A federal judge dismissed the claims of Houston residents seeking to hold the government liable for flooding their homes with Hurricane Harvey storm water released from two dams, finding there is no constitutional right to perfect flood control… U.S. Court of Federal Claims Judge Loren Smith’s Tuesday  order came the same day the Weatherwise magazine published a study naming Hurricane Harvey the most extreme storm of the 2010s, responsible for $108 billion in property damage and 82 deaths… The storm created a no-win situation for the Army Corps of Engineers as Harvey runoff pooled behind two earthen dams 20 miles west of downtown Houston and flooded dozens of upstream homes and businesses… The Corps of Engineers decided to open the floodgates full bore, something the agency had never done since building the dams in the 1940s to control the flow of Buffalo Bayou, which increased the normal 2,000 cubic feet per second rate of release from the dams to 13,000… The release flooded homes along the bayou that had never flooded before and thousands of downstream homeowners brought a class action against the government, claiming it had to compensate them for storing water on their property under the Fifth Amendment’s Taking Clause.” – Comment: There is Massive evidence that “Hurricane Harvey” was an artificial event, deliberately created by the Secret Government Weather Masters, whose weather control agenda is so well documented in the work of researcher and author Peter Kirby.

Photos From Final Liberation of Aleppo Demonstrates How MSM Narrative Was False All Along – by Brandon Turbeville – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/02/photos-from-final-liberation-of-aleppo-demonstrates-how-msm-narrative-was-false-all-along.html – “Hello Western media!.. Why aren’t you showing us these beautiful scenes of Syrians jubilantly celebrating the full liberation of #Aleppo from the clutches of Al-Qaeda, marking an end to 8 years of relentless terrorist shelling of their homes, schools and hospitals?#Syria pic.twitter.com/moct2ulump — Sarah Abdallah (@sahouraxo) February 17, 2020… Syrian soldier meets his mother for first time since six years after the Syrian army liberated his village in Aleppo countryside pic.twitter.com/JcZ215A3sE — Yusha Yuseef (@MIG29_) February 18, 2020… Shortly after the liberation, President Assad gave a speech congratulating the Syrian people and the Syrian military on the victory and promising more victories to come as the Syrian government seeks to make good on its promise to “liberate every inch of Syria.”.. In conclusion, Assad saluted: ‘…our brothers, friends, and allies who stood shoulder to shoulder with the army on the ground and were guardian eagles in the sky, their blood intermingling with the blood of our army that was spilled in Aleppo, Aleppo the faithful to its homeland and history, which will never forget the blood of those who made sacrifices for it, and which will return as it was and stronger… Our beloved people in Aleppo, I congratulate you on the victory of your will, the will by which we will wage the greater battle: the battle to build Aleppo. By the will of all the Syrian people we will build Syria, and we will continue liberation, God willing.’ ”

Trump signs order diverting water to California farmers against state wishes – by Rebecca Beitsch – https://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/483754-trump-order-redirects-california-water-supply-after-reversal-from – “President Trump on Wednesday signed an order in California to re-engineer the state’s water plans, completing a campaign promise to funnel water from the north to a thirsty agriculture industry and growing population further south… The ceremonial order comes after the Department of the Interior late last year reversed its opinion on scientific findings that for a decade extended endangered species protections to various types of fish — a review that had been spurred by the order from Trump… Trump said the changes to the ‘outdated scientific research and biological opinions’ would now help direct ‘as much water as possible, which will be a magnificent amount, a massive amount of water for the use of California farmers and ranchers.’.. The state is expected to fight the order… ‘California won’t allow the Trump Administration to destroy and deplete our natural resources,’ California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) said in a statement after the speech. ‘We’re prepared to challenge the Trump Administration’s harmful attack on our state’s critical ecosystems and environment.’ ” (emphasis added)Comment: The “Red” Blues in Sacramento are ready to Go-To-The-Mats to continue their oppression of the people of California.

and, From the Speaking-Of-Psychopaths Desk: Michael Bloomberg has Radical Left Agents in 10 AG Offices – by Alice Green – http://punchingbagpost.com/2020/02/20/michael-bloomberg-has-radical-left-agents-in-10-ag-offices/ – “As reported by Fox News, Michael Bloomberg is paying the salaries of 10 climate change lawyers who work in the offices of Democratic state attorneys general… This unique arrangement began in 2017 when Bloomberg’s non-profit donated $5.6 million to create an environmental center at the New York School of Law… The State Energy & Environmental Impact Center hires mid-career lawyers as “research fellows” and then sends them to work for state attorneys general… ‘Under terms of the arrangement, the fellows work solely to advance progressive environmental policy at a time when Democratic state AGs have investigated and sued ExxonMobil and other energy companies over alleged damages due to climate change.’.. In other words, these “fellows” promote state legal action to advance Bloomberg’s views, primarily climate change lawsuits and regulatory actions. They are obligated to report their activities back to NYU, but are asked to keep their reports private.”

Justice for Medical Kidnapping! Philadelphia Judge Confesses to Illegally Jailing Parents – by Brian Shilhavy and Samantha Melamed – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/justice-for-medical-kidnapping-philadelphia-judge-confesses-to-illegally-jailing-parents/ – “Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Lyris Younge, who had been fighting a complaint charging her with 10 counts of judicial misconduct over 18 months in Family Court, has admitted to the allegations in a filing with the Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline… With that admission, made public late Tuesday, Younge, 53, will avoid a trial that had been set for Wednesday on claims that she had failed to be impartial, demonstrated an improper judicial demeanor, denied parties their right to be heard in court, and caused “inordinate” delays in cases involving young children that were supposed to be fast-tracked… As a judge in Family Court, Younge on several occasions prevented parents from speaking in court proceedings about the removal of their children from their care, The Inquirer reported. One mother described being handcuffed in the courthouse while her kids were taken away. She would not regain custody of the children for eight months, until after Younge was removed from her courtroom… In another case, a mother became ill during proceedings and stepped out of the courtroom. Younge barred her from reentering and, while she was absent, terminated her parental rights.”

Mastercard is pioneering new payment technology that identifies commuters by the way they walk – by Rupert Steiner – https://www.marketwatch.com/story/mastercard-is-pioneering-new-payment-technology-that-identifies-commuters-by-the-way-they-walk-2020-02-14 – “Mastercard MA, +0.97% is working with transport firms to develop a new system that would authenticate passengers by their gait… The payment provider told MarketWatch that everyone has a unique walk, and it is investigating innovative behavioral biometrics such as gait, face, heartbeat and veins for cutting edge payment systems of the future… Ajay Bhalla, president of cyber and intelligence solutions for Mastercard, told MarketWatch in an interview: “We are working with transport organizations where your face or gait will authenticate you… ‘The way you hold your phone, which ear you use, and how your fingers touch the buttons are all unique to you. We have been testing heartbeat, vein technology, and the way people walk to authenticate people.’ ” (emphasis added)

WHO Holds Secret Talks With Tech Giants To Stop Spread of Coronavirus “Misinformation” – Despite the fact that some things labeled “misinformation” turned out to be true – by Paul Joseph Watson – https://summit.news/2020/02/17/who-holds-secret-talks-with-tech-giants-to-stop-spread-of-coronavirus-misinformation/ – “The meeting was organized by the WHO but hosted by Facebook at its Menlo Park campus in California. Attendees included representatives from Amazon, Twilio, Dropbox, Google, Verizon, Salesforce, Twitter, YouTube, Airbnb, Kinsa and Mapbox… According to the WHO’s Andy Pattison, an “infodemic” of misinformation has accompanied the coronavirus outbreak and big tech giants need to respond by censoring “fake news” content… Both Facebook and Twitter already announced that they would remove content deemed to be misinformation regarding the virus, a dangerous new lurch to mass censorship given that what is considered “misinformation” is totally subjective and beholden to partisan bias… Two clear examples of “misinformation” surrounding the coronavirus subsequently turned out to be true.” Comment: “The New World Order is coming into view.” -George HW Bush

Coronavirus: Who is Controlling the Information? Are Potential Government Actions More Dangerous than the Actual Virus?https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/coronavirus-who-is-controlling-the-information-are-potential-government-actions-more-dangerous-than-the-actual-virus/Sharyl Attkisson is an Emmy Award winning independent news reporter who just recently recorded a podcast titled: Coronavirus: Who is controlling the information?.. Did you know, for example, that the World Health Organization (WHO) partnered with Google, the one single company who controls the bulk of the flow of information around the world, to make sure search results for the coronavirus are controlled to deliver the message they want the public to receive?.. Here at Health Impact News, for example, we have had Facebook mark some of our articles as “Fake News” regarding the coronavirus, because we were publishing alternative health solutions, and not pharmaceutical ones… One of those articles had to do with Vitamin C therapy, published by Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, and shortly after Facebook marked this article as “Fake News,” it was announced publicly that hospitals in China had started clinical trials on Vitamin C therapy to treat the coronavirus, information mainly suppressed by the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media… Listen to Sharyl Attkisson’s podcast below.”

Situation In Idlib Is Result Of Turkish Violations Of Sochi Agreements: Moscowhttps://southfront.org/situation-in-idlib-is-result-of-turkish-violations-of-sochi-agreements-moscow/ – “Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov defended the Syrian Arab Army’s operation in Idlib, and fight against Turkish and Turkish-backed troops as a response to gross violations in the Idlib agreements… ‘These actions of the Syrian armed forces are a response to the grossest violations of the Idlib agreements,’ Lavrov said. ‘At the same time, contrary to some estimates, I emphasize that the Syrian troops are pushing the militants and terrorists not to foreign territories, but to their own, thereby restoring control of the legitimate government of the Syrian Arab Republic over their lands,’ said the Russian Foreign Minister… Earlier, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Turkey has not fulfilled a number of key obligations on Idlib. The opposite opinion, in turn, was made by the vice president of Turkey Fuat Oktay, saying that it was Russia, who wasn’t fulfilling its obligations… The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the situation, noted that Moscow will continue to use contacts with Ankara to stop the escalation of tension in Idlib: ‘We were satisfied with the agreements that were reached more than a year ago in Sochi, and this was mutual satisfaction, and we absolutely ceased to be satisfied after the offensive actions of militants and terrorist groups against the Syrian Armed Forces and the Russian military began from the territory of Idlib objects. That’s where our satisfaction ended,’ said the presidential spokesman.” (underlined emphses added) – Comment: Trump’s apparent support for Erdogan’s saber-rattling in Idlib (covered in article) seems quite concerning.

Operation In Idlib Is ‘Matter Of Time’. Turkey Is Not Satisfied By Talks With Russia: Erdoganhttps://southfront.org/operation-in-idlib-is-matter-of-time-turkey-is-not-satisfied-by-talks-with-russia-erdogan/ – “The Turkish military operation in Idlib, northwestern Syria, is just “a matter of time,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared on February 19… ‘As with all [previous] operations, we say ‘we could suddenly come one night.’ In other words, an Idlib operation is a matter of time,’ Erdogan claimed…’Turkey has made all preparations to carry out its own operation plans in Idlib.‘.. The Turkish president further claimed that his country is not satisfied with the outcome of talks with Russia on the situation in Idlib…’Although the meetings will continue, it is a reality that we were very far from what we want,’ Erdogan said.” (underlined emphasis added) – Comment: Obviously, the Russians are not cosigning Erdogan’s plans to further invade Syria. What I wonder is whether the Atlanticist War Hawks in Washington are pushing Erdogan to do (another) something extremely stupid.

Militants In Northeastern Syria Are Being Armed By U.S.: Russian Reconciliation Centerhttps://southfront.org/militants-in-northeastern-syria-are-being-armed-by-u-s-russian-reconciliation-center/ – “This was announced by the head of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria in Syria, Rear Admiral Oleg Zhuravlev, cited by TASS… ‘The US command in the region is intensively saturating the territory east of the Euphrates river with weapons and ammunition. Since the beginning of 2020, 13 military convoys have arrived from Iraq to Syria, which included over 80 armored vehicles and more than 300 trucks loaded with various types of weapons, ammunition and materiel’, Rear Adm. Oleg Zhuravlev said in a daily briefing… According to Zhuravlev, against the backdrop of a difficult humanitarian situation and settlements being constantly shelled by militants, as a result of which civilians are injured and killed, the civilian population in northeastern Syria has to flee their homes and move to territory controlled by the Syrian government… ‘About 23 thousand Syrians, most of whom are families with old people and children, have passed through the al-Salihiya checkpoint near the city of Deir ez-Zor since the beginning of 2020,’ said the head of the Center for Reconciliation.”

US Sanctions Rosneft For Doing Business With Venezuelahttps://southfront.org/us-sanctions-rosneft-for-doing-business-with-venezuela/ – “On February 18th, the US sanctioned Russian oil company Rosneft for doing business with Venezuela’s government under President Nicholas Maduro… A senior administration official said that the designation of Rosneft Trading S.A., a subsidiary of the Russia’s Rosneft Oil Company, was ‘another major step forward toward achieving maximum pressure.’.. The sanctions also target Rosneft’s chairman and president, Didier Casimiro, whom an official described as ‘the main European intermediary to help [Venezuelan President Nicolás] Maduro skirt sanctions.’.. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement, ‘As the primary broker of global deals for the sale and transport of Venezuela’s crude oil, Rosneft Trading has propped up the dictatorial Maduro, enabling his repression of the Venezuelan people.’

US Engaged In “Shameless, Impudent Pillage Of Wealth” In Syria: Russia – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/us-engaged-shameless-impudent-pillage-wealth-syria-russia – “Western mainstream media is once again putting Idlib  at the center of their coverage, with emotive and hugely exaggerated headlines like ‘Bombed as they flee: A million Syrians try to escape Assad’s onslaught’ — however with no mention that a US designated terrorist organization, al-Qaeda’s Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, has for years brutally held Idlib territory, suppressing the civilian population… With the Syrian Army and its Russian allied force now again feeling US pressure over the ongoing offensive, the Kremlin has hit back, slamming the US for its occupation and resource plunder of Syria… Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu while on a state visit to Rome on Tuesday charged American forces with a “shameless, impudent pillage of the wealth,” according to Russian state sources… “The oil fields… are controlled by the US. There’s shameless, impudent pillage of the wealth that belongs to Syria and the Syrian people taking place, Shoigu said… He pointed out that this resource theft combined with an extreme US sanctions regimen is creating horrific conditions among the civilian populace facing freezing winter temperatures. ‘Most of the people, who are now suffering in Syria, are in need of heat, hot water and electricity, which — as we understand it — come from hydrocarbons that are forbidden to be supplied there,’ the minister said further.”

REVEALED: The British government’s covert propaganda campaign in Syria – Documents obtained by MEE reveal how British contractors recruited Syrian citizen journalists – often without their knowledge – to promote ‘moderate opposition’ – by Ian Cobain, Alice Ross – https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/revealed-british-government-covert-propaganda-campaign-syria – “The British government covertly established a network of citizen journalists across Syria during the early years of the country’s civil war in an attempt to shape perceptions of the conflict, frequently recruiting people who were unaware that they were being directed from London… A number of leaked documents seen by Middle East Eye show how the propaganda initiative began in 2012 and gathered pace the following year, shortly after the UK parliament refused to authorise British military action in Syria… The papers also make clear that those people who were recruited were often unaware that they were part of a British propaganda initiative… Some of those who were recruited have defended their involvement, however, saying that they were reliant on western support in their efforts to counter pro-government reporting in Syrian state media, and in Iranian and Russian-backed media… At a time when the last opposition-held enclave in Idlib province is under assault by pro-government forces, they questioned whether western countries could have contributed more material support to moderate rebels… Some Syrian journalists complained that western support for their work was decreasing even as it was most needed, after Russia’s entry into the war in 2015 tipped the balance in favour of President Bashar al-Assad.”

https://twitter.com/ShehabiFares/status/1230183998434967552 – “When al-Qaeda swept through #Idlib in 2015 forcing 1M civilians to flee and putting 2M more under terror rule no one in the West said a word..! Now that the Syrian army is destroying al-Qaeda and freeing Idlib everyone went crazy..!” (emphasis added)

New Stats Reveal Nearly Half of All Criminals in Paris Ghettos Have Migrant Background – Burglaries and violent robberies also see significant spike. – by Paul Joseph Watson – https://summit.news/2020/02/19/new-stats-reveal-nearly-half-of-all-criminals-in-paris-ghettos-have-migrant-background/ – “French newspaper Le Figaro reports that in certain departments, the number of foreign-born criminals is as high as 47.6 per cent… Figures from the National Observatory of Delinquency and Criminal Responses (ONDRP) reveal that crimes carried out by unaccompanied youth increased by 22.7 per cent… Pickpocketing offenses committed by younger migrants have risen from 15.8 per cent in 2016 to 31.7 percent in 2019… Burglaries in Paris carried out by young migrants rose from 2.1 per cent in 2016 to 13.1 per cent in 2019, while foreign youth involvement in violent robberies also surged from 4.8 per cent in 2016 to 16.6 percent in 3019… In a related story, the ONDRP also revealed that 120 knife attacks occur in France on an average day, with 44,000 victims of knife crime each year.”

Pentagon Believes Russia, Turkey ‘Very Close’ to ‘More Extensive Conflict’ In Syria’s Idlibhttps://sputniknews.com/world/202002191078353879-us-sees-russia-turkey-very-close-to-more-extensive-conflict-in-syrias-idlib–pentagon/ – “The United States believes that Russia and Turkey are “very close” to a more extensive conflict in Syria’s Idlib and hopes that they will be able to avoid it, Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman told reporters on Wednesday: ‘We are seeing the Russians and the Turks have come very close to having more extensive conflict in the area. We are hopeful they will find a solution to avoid that’, Hoffman said at a press briefing… He called on the international community to put extra pressure on the Syrian authorities to make them halt their offensive on Idlib. Hoffman refused to say whether the US is in contact with the parties concerned on the matter.”

Many People in NATO Countries Say ‘No’ to Supporting a NATO Ally in a Military Conflict with Russia – Only in five countries — the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Lithuania — did more people (a majority in each case) support such military intervention than reject it. – by Adam Dick – https://theduran.com/many-people-in-nato-countries-say-no-to-supporting-a-nato-ally-in-a-military-conflict-with-russia/ – “These poll results indicate that serious thought should be given to disbanding NATO, an organization with a primary objective that appears to be at odds with public opinion in many NATO countries… When asked if their respective countries’ governments should use military force to defend a NATO ally country neighboring Russia with which “Russia got into a serious military conflict,” people living in the 16 NATO countries tended to answer in the negative. “No” was the answer for the majority of polled individuals in eight countries — France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Turkey. In three more NATO countries — the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland — a plurality rejected military intervention.”

George Soros Demands Facebook Dumps Zuckerberg: ‘He’s Helping Trump Get Reelected’ – by Jay Greenberg – https://neonnettle.com/news/10358-george-soros-demands-facebook-dumps-zuckerberg-he-s-helping-trump-get-reelected- – “Liberal billionaire George Soros has demanded that Facebook removes founder Mark Zuckerberg as CEO of the company, claiming that the social media boss has struck a deal with President Donald Trump to help him “get reelected.”..  Without providing a shred of evidence, globalist Soros claims President Trump and Zuckerberg have agreed to a “mutual assistance arrangement.” Soros made the allegations in a scathing letter to Financial Times… The far-left financier argues that both Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg should be removed from their leadership roles at Facebook, partly due to the company’s refusal to block political campaign ads.”

The Fed’s “Repo” Bailout: Has a Big Bank Already Kicked the Bucket? – by Mike Whitney – https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/the-feds-repo-bailout-has-a-big-bank-already-kicked-the-bucket/ – ” ‘Neither the public nor Congress have any proof that these repo loans are being unwound. One or more of the 24 trading houses on Wall Street (primary dealers), that are authorized by the New York Fed to borrow from its money spigot at super cheap interest rates, could simply be rolling over the same loans or using term money to pay off one loan while taking out another loan… There is a mountain of evidence to suggest that this is exactly what is going on.” (Are the Fed’s repo loans being repaid by Wall Street’s trading houses or just rolled over and over, Wall Street on Parade).”

STILL No White Deaths from Coronavirus – Why Won’t the Media Talk About This? – “When it comes to “race” (the Chinese Government) is honest to a degree that should Americans public officials and journalists blush. And China’s honesty only confirms that this is not a virus from which white people die.” – “If we want to avoid future suffering, panic and and death—whether due to viruses or whatever else—we must be like the Chinese, able to talk frankly about race.” – by Lance Welton – https://russia-insider.com/en/still-no-white-deaths-coronavirus-why-wont-media-talk-about/ri28302 – “Except, of course, as I have been saying for weeks, the disease apparently does indeed discriminate by race. There are long-recognized race differences in the susceptibility to flu-like viruses, which is why the  1918 Spanish Flu pandemic was far more devastating to Native Americans and Maoris than it was to whites (although Spanish flu, unlike Coronavirus so far, did kill a lot of other races). And certain kinds of flu seem to be more deadly to East Asians than they are to whites… This is why, as I—alone, it seems – have been pointing out that the 2003 SARS outbreak, about which there was a similar panic, apparently ended up killing only, or at least primarily, East Asians… I suspect the authorities actually do know the Coronavirus discriminates by race.”

Turkey support for Idlib terrorists boomerangs on Erdogan – by Jim W. Dean – https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/02/18/turkey-support-for-idlib-terrorists-boomerangs-on-erdogan/#comment-766362 – “We have an unconfirmed report late afternoon that a coup is eminent in Turkey, with many suspects for putting out false alarms, so we have pinged our sources to keep us informed. Erdogan has huge resources to put down riots, and has a history of making mass arrests to sap the manpower for a coup… Jim W. Dean ]… Turkey has made the necessary military preparations in northwestern Syria and told Russian counterparts it was determined to push Bashar al-Assad regime to previous boundaries, spokesman of ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party said on Tuesday… Omer Celik said Turkey completed necessary military preparations in Syria and it would take necessary steps if the Syrian regime did not withdraw to the previous borderline set by de-escalation deal… Celik underlined that Russia, an ally of the Syrian regime, was “clearly” informed about Turkey’s stance in the region. (Comment: If this is true, why are Russian forces now escorting the unfortunate troops from the Turkish “Observation Posts” out of the territory now controlled by the Syrian Arab Army?)But regime forces, its allies, and militias loyal to it continue to violate the cease-fire… So far this month, artillery fire by regime troops has martyred 12 Turkish military personnel and one civilian contractor.” – Comment: So, even according to Jim Dean at VT, the Syrian government must be called “The Regime,”  and young Turkish men are “martyred” while Erdogan’s pet Takfiri salafist head-chopper simply “neutralize” young Syrians.

Kiev Forces Cry Foul About Russian Agression After Own Failed Attack In Eastern Ukrainehttps://southfront.org/kiev-forces-cry-foul-about-russian-agression-after-own-failed-attack-in-eastern-ukraine/ – “On February 18th, an escalation took place between the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Luhansk People’s Republic militia in the area near Zolote… Zolote is the position where a separation of forces took place on October 29th, 2019, but it apparently is proving ineffective… According to official information, one Ukrainian serviceman died and four others were wounded… As a result there are two contrasting positions regarding what actually transpired, that of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) and that of Kiev… According to the LPR, the armed forces of Ukraine made another attempt to destabilize the situation along the contact line… Early in the morning of February 18th, a Ukrainian sabotage group of 10 people advanced in the direction of LPR positions in the area of ​​Golubovsky… There are is also a video of the clashes…”

Netanyahu Boasts That He Destroyed Free Speech in America – by Juan Cole – https://www.truthdig.com/articles/netanyahu-boasts-he-destroyed-free-speech-in-america/ – “Anti-boycott laws of the Old South were used against Martin Luther King Jr. and other activists in the civil rights movement to keep African Americans subordinate and segregated. The right to boycott establishments over civil rights was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1982 in NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware…’It was also not for nothing that the American administration has taken this step together with us. In recent years, we have promoted laws in most US states, which determine that strong action is to be taken against whoever tries to boycott Israel.’ — “Bibi,” Acting PM of Israel (@IsraeliPM) February 12, 2020

Twitter Locks WikiLeaks’ Account Days Before Assange’s Extradition Hearing Begins – “All attempts to get it reopened via regular channels have been unsuccessful.” – by Aaron Kesel – https://themindunleashed.com/2020/02/twitter-locks-wikileaks-account-days-before-assanges-extradition-hearing-begins.html – “The Twitter account belonging to WikiLeaks and brandishing a total of 5.4 million followers has been locked ahead of its former editor-in-chief and founder Julian Assange’s extradition hearing, according to Kristinn Hrafnsson the current editor-in-chief of the transparency organization… Previously, Assange’s personal Twitter account (which was then turned into the AssangeDefense account) was deleted, undeleted, and finally suspended. Caitlin Johnstone also notes that bias was clear from the start with Twitter’s refusal to verify Assange… Twitter users are now once again attempting to overwhelm Twitter support with requests to reinstate and unlock the WikiLeaks Twitter account. With just a week left until Assange’s first extradition hearing, the timing is certainly suspicious.”

Must Watch Video: Michael Pento – Upcoming Economic Data Rancid Beyond Belief (32 min) – Interviewed by Greg Hunter – Michael Pento delves into the implications and potential downside of the “Covid-19” pandemic in China in the context of financial markets.

Assad Congratulates Syrian Army With Victory In Western Aleppo, Vows To Continue Fighting Terrorismhttps://southfront.org/assad-congratulates-syrian-army-with-victory-in-western-aleppo-vows-to-continue-fighting-terrorism/ – “President Bashar al-Assad said on Monday that Aleppo gained the victory and Syria as well, adding that the Syrian army will never hesitate to carry out its national duties… President al-Assad added in a televised speech on the occasion of the latest liberation wars that the Battle of liberating Aleppo and Idleb countryside is continuous regardless of some sound empty bubbles coming from the north… President al-Assad began the speech by saluting the people of Aleppo for their steadfastness, faith, bravery, and sacrifices.”

New Illinois Bill Would Require 6th Graders in Public, Private, and Religious Schools to Get the Gardasil HPV Vaccinehttps://healthimpactnews.com/2020/new-illinois-bill-would-require-6th-graders-in-public-private-and-religious-schools-to-get-the-gardasil-hpv-vaccine/ – “The bill was filed by Rep. Robyn Gabel, D-Evanston, on Feb. 11… HB 4870 amends the Communicable Disease Prevention Act… A synopsis for the bill states, ‘the Department of Public Health shall adopt a rule requiring students, upon entering the sixth grade of any public, private, or parochial school, to receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and requiring confirmation that the student has completed the series of HPV vaccinations upon entering the ninth grade of any public, private, or parochial school. Provides that the Department shall adopt the rule in time to allow students to receive the vaccination before the start of the school year beginning in 2022. Effective January 1, 2021.’ – Comment: This highly dangerous vaccine, which apparently increases the incidence of cervical cancers in its victims, is being require for both girls and boys. (shaking head)

Virginia Senate Shuts Down Democrats’ Bill to Ban ‘Assault Weapons’ Moderate Dems break with party to reject anti-Second Amendment gun control bill – by Jay Greenberg – https://neonnettle.com/news/10345-virginia-senate-shuts-down-democrats-bill-to-ban-assault-weapons- – “While Democrats hold a narrow majority in Virginia’s senate, four moderate Democrats joined Republicans in opposition to the controversial gun bill, according to the Associated Press… Last week lawmakers in the Virginia House of Delegates voted in favor of the bill before passing it on to the state Senate…  On Monday, Senators voted to put off the issue for 2020 and instead defer to Virginia’s State Crime Commission to further study the issue. The vote on Monday reportedly drew cheers from gun rights activists who packed a Senate committee room to watch the vote.”

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Is Political Change Coming To China? – by Yuen Yuen Ang – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/political-change-coming-china – “In a recent  commentary, Kevin Rudd, a former Australian prime minister who is now president of the Asia Society, argued that “the crisis, once resolved, will not change how China is governed in the future.” But that prognosis is too optimistic. Indeed, cracks are already appearing in Xi’s supreme leadership. For example, at the peak of the public outrage over the government’s initial cover-up of the outbreak, Xi disappeared from public view. After his meeting with the director-general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, on January 28, he didn’t resurface until his state meeting with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on February 5. For a leader who normally dominates China’s news cycle every day, Xi’s absence amid a national panic was conspicuous, and led some Chinese observers to speculate that his grip on power may be in peril.”

Sanders (Campaign) tells New York Times he would consider a preemptive strike against Iran or North Korea – by Jacob Crosse and Barry Grey – https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/02/14/sand-f14.html – “The answers provided by Sanders’ campaign to a foreign policy survey of the Democratic presidential candidates published this month by the Times provide a very different picture of the attitude of the self-styled “democratic socialist” to American imperialism and war. In the course of the survey, the Sanders campaign is at pains to reassure the military/intelligence establishment and the financial elite of the senator’s loyalty to US imperialism and his readiness to deploy its military machine… Perhaps most significant and chilling is the response to the third question in the Times’ survey: Question: Would you consider military force to pre-empt an Iranian or North Korean nuclear or missile test? – Answer: Yes.” (emphasis added)

NYC Taxpayers Spending Millions on Cyber Center with Controversial Ties to Israeli Intelligence – by Whitney Webb – https://www.mintpressnews.com/cybernyc-taxpayers-millions-cyber-center-israel-ties-intelligence/264984/ – “Early last week, the city of New York launched — with little media scrutiny — one of two new massive cybersecurity centers that will be run by private Israeli firms  with close ties to Israel’s government, the so-called “Mega Group” tied to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and prominent pro-Israel lobby organizations operating in the United States. The centers were first announced in 2018 as was the identity of the firms who would run them: Israel-based Jerusalem Venture Partners and SOSA… As MintPress has reported on several occasions, all three of these entities have a history of aggressively spying on the U.S. federal government and/or blackmailing top American politicians, raising concerns regarding why these companies were chosen to run the new centers in the heart of Manhattan. The news also comes as Israeli cybersecurity companies tied to Israeli military intelligence Unit 8200 were revealed to have access to the U.S. government’s most classified systems and simulating the cancellation of the upcoming 2020 presidential election.”

“I Was Knocking On Hell’s Door”: 21-Year-Old Student Recounts ‘Nightmare’ Of Contracting Virus In Wuhan – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/i-thought-i-was-knocking-hells-door-21-year-old-student-recounts-nightmare-contracting – “Eventually, Ye returned to the hospital for a third visit after his temperature returned to 39 degrees Celsius (roughly 102 degrees Fahrenheit).  Doctors quickly put him on an IV drop and prescribed Kaletra, a combo retroviral used to treat HIV… By the end of the day, his temperature was reduced to 37 degrees Celsius, extremely close to normal… When he finally received one of the rare test kits on Jan. 29, six days after his condition started to worsen, which confirmed he had the virus. Nine days later, on Feb. 7, tests confirmed he was negative, but doctors were still apprehensive: Some patients who had finally tested negative had slipped into critical distress, and Ye was moved to another quarantine… He was finally allowed to go home on Feb. 12, ending a three-week illness Odyssey. Now, he says he’s grateful to have survived, even as Wuhan remains under a total lockdown that has led to serious shortages of food products and other essentials.”

The Geopolitical Deployment of Biological Weapons, Part II – by Larry Romanoff – https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-geopolitical-deployment-of-biological-weapons/5703005 – “It should be apparent that the launching of bio-warfare, as with conventional warfare, is considerably eased by locating military bases, offensive weapons and delivery systems as physically close as possible to one’s potential enemies. This is one reason the US has established its nearly 1,000 foreign military bases – to ensure the capability of putting an enemy under attack within 30 minutes anywhere in the world. Clearly, the same strategy applies to biological warfare, the US military having created scores of these labs euphemistically defined as “health-security infrastructure” in foreign countries… It is frightening to learn that many of these foreign bio-installations are classified as so “Top-Secret” they are outside the knowledge and control of even the local governments in the nations where they are built. It is also frightening to learn that the Ebola outbreaks all occurred in close proximity to several of these well-known (and top-secret) US bio-weapons labs in Africa.” – Note: An extensive cataloguing of hideous and heinous bio-warfare experimentation and attacks by what is know as “the U.S. Government.”

Trump & Erdogan Discuss Ending “Unacceptable” Syrian Offensive To Take Back Idlib – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/trump-erdogan-discuss-ending-unacceptable-syrian-offensive-take-back-idlib – “On Saturday President Trump held a much anticipated and crucial phone call with his Turkish counterpart  Tayyip Erdogan at a moment tensions are soaring over Idlib, and after a week of direct confrontations between the Syrian and Turkish armies left scores dead and wounded on either side… Turkey’s foreign minister said the two leaders discussed the unfolding crises in Syria and Libya — both places where Turkey is controversially intervening militarily — as well as the White House’s peace plan for the Israel-Palestine conflict, which Erdogan in no uncertain terms has rejected. And though few details were given, the two reportedly agreed for the resumption of US-Turkey trade talks… As expected the two condemned the Syrian Army advance into Idlib, calling the military offensive with Russian support “unacceptable”. This after last week the US dispatched special envoy for the region James Jeffrey to Ankara, where the diplomat verbalized full support to “our NATO ally Turkey”… ‘Stressing that the regime’s most recent attacks are unacceptable, the president and Trump exchanged views on ways to end the crisis in Idlib without further delay,’ the Turkish presidency said in a statement.”

The end of the shelling of the civilians of Aleppo?Syrian Army Sweeps Through Northern, Northwestern Aleppo As Militant Positions Collapsehttps://southfront.org/syrian-army-sweeps-through-northern-northwestern-aleppo-as-militant-positions-collapse/ – “On February 16, the remaining positions of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Turkish-backed factions in northern and northwestern Aleppo began to collapse following a new push by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA)… Earlier today, HTS and its allies launched a large-scale counter-attack against the SAA in western Aleppo in a last ditch effort to hold onto the region. However, the attack was repelled with the militants sustaining catastrophic losses.”

Judicial Watch Uncovers NIH Fetal Organ Purchases For ‘Humanized Mice’ Testing – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/health/judicial-watch-uncovers-nih-abortion-chop-shop-humanized-mice-testing – “The National Institutes of Health (NIH) paid nearly $20,000 to a California-based firm to purchase organs from aborted human fetuses for a program to create “humanized mice” for HIV research, according to Judicial Watch… The discovery was made after the conservative watchdog group received 676 pages of records as part of a March 2019 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, which revealed that NIH paid at least $18,100 between December 2016 and August 2018 to Alameda-based Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) for at least 26 purchases of livers and thymuses from fetuses aborted in their second trimester. The orders were placed by Dr. Kim Hasenkrug, senior investigator at the NIH lab in Hamilton, Montana… Of note, ABR has been the subject of criminal referrals from House and Senate committees investigating whether Planned Parenthood or any other group was illegally profiting from aborted babies.”

Smoking Gun? Chinese Scientist Finds “Killer Coronavirus Probably Originated From A Laboratory In Wuhan” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/health/smoking-gun-chinese-scientist-finds-killer-coronavirus-probably-originated-laboratory-wuhan – “Indeed, just today, the FT reported that Trevor Bedford, of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, “rubbished stories circulating on social media that Covid-19 was created at Wuhan Institute of Virology or elsewhere in China.” Bedford is of course entitled to his opinion, which was only reinforced by the lack of any dissenting views from the scientific community, especially in “ground zero”, China… That has now changed, however, with what may be a “smoking gun” report, first noted by Harvard to the big house, from a scientist at the prestigious South China University of Technology in Guangzhou China. A pre-print published by Botao Xiao and Lei Xiao, titled “The possible origins of 2019-nCoV coronavirus” whose abstract is the following: ‘The 2019-nCoV has caused an epidemic of 28,060 laboratory-confirmed infections in human including 564 deaths in China by February 6, 2020. Two descriptions of the virus published on Nature this week indicated that the genome sequences from patients were almost identical to the Bat CoV ZC45 coronavirus. It was critical to study where the pathogen came from and how it passed onto human. An article published on The Lancet reported that 27 of 41 infected patients were found to have contact with the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan. We noted two laboratories conducting research on bat coronavirus in Wuhan, one of which was only 280 meters from the seafood market. We briefly examined the histories of the laboratories and proposed that the coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory.‘ ”

‘It’s Coming’: CDC Director Warns Coronavirus To Become Widespread Throughout United States, ‘Probably Beyond 2020’ – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/health/its-coming-cdc-director-warns-coronavirus-become-widespread-throughout-united-states – “”We don’t know a lot about this virus,” Redfield told CNN‘s Dr. Sanjay Gupta. ‘This virus is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year, and I think eventually the virus will find a foothold and we will get community-based transmission.’.. ‘Right now we’re in an aggressive containment mode,’ said Redfield… As of Thursday, 15 cases have been confirmed in seven states; eight in California, two in Illinois and one in Arizona, Washington, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Texas, according to CNN.”

Shocking Video Shows People On The Street Being Rounded Up As Wuhan Begins ‘Wartime’ Measures – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/shocking-video-shows-people-street-being-rounded-wuhan-begins-wartime-measures – “Ying Yong, known across China for his success as governor of Shanghai, has just been installed as the top Communist Party official in Hubei Province. With the party investing so much in his performance, it’s understandable that he’s resorting to even more extreme measures to try and wait the virus out in Wuhan, the city of 11 million where it all began… One of the most fascinating aspects of the coronavirus outbreak is the steady stream of video clips that are seemingly smuggled out of China, but really they’re displayed on American social media through a kind of Internet osmosis: Westerners who use Chinese social media like Weibo sometimes search for and copy the content before it can be deleted by Chinese censors, giving foreigners an unvarinished glimpse into the horrors of the outbreak and China’s draconian response.”

Why Turkey’s Position in Syria is Increasingly Problematic – with Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire (6 min)Great interview with Patrick

“Who Could Have Seen This Coming?” – by Sven Henrich – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/who-could-have-seen-coming“ ‘This will eventually end badly. I have never in my career seen anything as crazy as what’s going on right now… In the markets today, yields are low, spreads are tight, and risk assets are priced to perfection,  but everywhere you look there are red flags… We are either moving into a completely new paradigm, or the speculative energy in the market is incredibly out of control. I think it is the latter. I have said before that we have entered the silly season, but I stand corrected,’ Minerd said at the end of his letter. ‘We are in the ludicrous season.’ ”  -Guggenheim Partners Global CIO Scott Minerd (Just a sample of the apocalyptic thinking in this article…)

The government’s eco-edict that all new cars be electric in 15 years is doomed to backfire – because old bangers can be greener – by John Naish – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-7968085/Eco-edict-new-cars-electric-15-years-doomed-backfire-says-JOHN-NAISH.html – “The government’s attempt to meet its near-zero carbon target by bringing forward by five years its ban on petrol, diesel and hybrid cars is well‑intentioned. Yet it is doomed to backfire as badly as a Model T Ford… We all know well from the great diesel debacle what happens when politicians grab the steering wheel on eco policy… Now we are experiencing the great electric car push — and that is set to be still more of a shocker, both for people and the planet. At a local level, we require massive amounts of new infrastructure to be built to support electric cars… We will need at least 25 million new roadside charging points — the equivalent of installing 4,000 new ones a day, starting yesterday — with roads and pavements having to be ripped up in the process which will, of course, create plumes of emissions… And where on earth will the electricity needed come from?.. More than a third of Britons commute by car. Imagine, in 2035 and beyond, each of those motorists arriving home at night and hurriedly plugging in their vehicles at around the same time… Malcolm McCulloch, head of Oxford University’s Energy and Power group, has warned that the National Grid will need another 20 gigawatts of generating capacity — double the amount currently generated by all the UK’s nuclear power stations — to cope… The Engineer magazine says that charging an electric car at home with a medium-speed charger is like ‘leaving the electric shower on all night. If just a few people in a street decided to do that, it’d blow the local distribution fuse.’.. Indeed, the whole system may fail.”

Merck’s Vaccine Division President Julie Gerberding Sells $9.1 Million in Shares—Is She Jumping Ship? – by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/mercks-vaccine-division-president-julie-gerberding-sells-9-1-million-in-shares-is-she-jumping-ship/ – “Last month, Cancer Research UK announced an alarming  54% rise in cervical cancer among 24-29-year-olds, the first generation to receive the HPV jabs. The following day, the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine published a withering critique of Gardasil’s crooked clinical trials, ‘It is still uncertain whether human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination prevents cervical cancer as trials were not designed to detect this outcome.’.. As Gerberding knows, those trials revealed that Gardasil dramatically RAISES (by+44.6%) the risk of cervical cancer among women with a current infection or those previously exposed to HPV. That may explain the cancer explosions in England and other nations with high inoculation rates in young girls up to age 18; Australia, Spain, Sweden and Norway. A 2019 study of Alabama girls found the highest cervical cancer rates in the state’s most heavily vaccinated counties.”

MIND GAMES: Elon Musk wants to connect your BRAIN to a computer this year as ‘awesome’ Neuralink mind-chip prepares to launch – by Charlotte Edwards – https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/tech/359723/elon-musk-promises-awesome-neuralink-headset-that-links-brain-to-computer-this-year/ – “Musk has been has been developing the technology, called Neuralink, because he thinks humans must become one with machines in order to survive being replaced by artificial intelligence… His plan to “save the human race” involves wiring computer chips into our minds to merge us with artificial intelligence… Last July, Neuralink revealed plans to use lasers to shoot holes in skulls and feed threads of electrodes into the human brain… It declared this was a potential way of connecting the human brain to machines… The firm says its brain chips (pictured) will give people hyper intelligence… Musk has previously claimed that the updated version of Neuralink may be “in a human as soon as this year”… A concept design of Musk’s updated vision has not yet been revealed, nor do we know if it will even work.”

US Shoot and Kill 14 year old Syrian Boy in Al-Hasakah – from Tass – https://21stcenturywire.com/2020/02/13/us-shoot-and-kill-14-year-old-syrian-boy-in-al-hasakah/ – “A 14-year-old boy was killed in the Syrian region of Al-Hasakah in a clash of US troops with local civilians, while another civilian was wounded, Major General Yuri Borenkov, the chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Parties in Syria, said on Wednesday… According to the general, ‘a conflict broke out [between the US service members and locals] triggering the US troops to open fire on the civilians with the intent to kill.’.. Borenkov pointed out that ‘one local civilian was wounded. Another – the 14-year-old boy Feisal Khalid Muhammad – was killed.’.. Incredibly, US officials described the villagers of Khirbet Ammu, east of Qamishli city, Syria, as being “pro-government militiamen” who blocked the American convoy as it tried to pass through a checkpoint “occupied by pro-Syrian government forces,” only these were just residents of the village. US offer no remorse whatsoever for the killing. No doubt, this event will carry major symbolic value across Syria and will not help the US in maintaining its illegal occupation of Syria’s oil fields in the northeastern region. ”

4 Iranians, 3 Syrians said killed in Damascus strikes; PM: Maybe Belgium did it – Late night attack reportedly hits weapons sent from Tehran, Syria accuses Israel of conducting raid; Netanyahu: ‘Perhaps it was the Belgian air force’ – https://www.timesofisrael.com/4-iranians-3-syrians-said-killed-in-overnight-strikes-near-damascus/ – “At approximately 11:45 p.m., incoming missiles struck five weapons depots near Damascus International Airport, including an attack on a military position south of the Syrian capital, the al-Arabiya news channel reported, citing unidentified sources… The attack came hours after a shipment — reportedly of munitions — arrived at the airport from Tehran, according to flight data… The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor reported that in total seven people were killed in the strikes, four of them from the IRGC and three from the Syrian military… Both Syria and the Observatory said Israel was behind the strike. The Israeli military did not comment on the matter, in accordance with its long-standing policy of neither confirming nor denying such operations abroad.” – Comment: Bibi is a Funny Guy. Perhaps not “Funny Ha Ha,” tho’.

Guaido is Back in Venezuela, Now What?https://southfront.org/guaido-is-back-in-venezuela-now-what/ – “Opposition leader Juan Guaido is back in Venezuela after a three-week international tour that took him to Colombia, Europe and the United States. His return was without force and without any conclusive announcements. What’s next now that he is back? What are the plans of the U.S. power?.. Once again the image he can’t hide appeared; just a few people mobilized to great him. The same thing happened at Maiquetía International Airport when he arrived two hours earlier. What seemed to be a triumphant return was an entry into the country with a small welcome from deputies and opposition supporters… The contrast with that image was given by followers of Chavismo who mobilized to express their rejection of Guaidó’s return to the country. Among those who shouted “out” and “traitor” were the workers of the state airline Conviasa, which was sanctioned by the U.S. government during the self-proclaimed president’s tour… The distance between the Guaido manufactured abroad and the Guaido inside Venezuela was then as it was expected, both he and the opposition sectors that are part of this coup strategy have not achieved large mobilizations for almost a year. His return was no exception… The Tour: Juan Guaido’s international tour was not announced in advance. The self-proclaimed president appeared on January 19 in Colombia amidst one of his greatest political crises when just days before he had lost the presidency of the National Assembly on January 5 at the hands of sectors of the opposition that decided to move away from the coup strategy Guaido leads.”

NATO To Enhance Its Mission in Iraq: Secretary Generalhttps://southfront.org/nato-to-enhance-its-mission-in-iraq-secretary-general/ – “On February 13th, NATO members agreed to enhance its training mission in Iraq, amid reports that members such as Germany, France and Australia plan to fully withdraw from the country… Stoltenberg vowed that ‘everything we do will be in close consultation and coordination with the Iraqi government.’.. Allied ministers agreed in principle to enhance NATO Mission Iraq. ‘In the first instance, this will consist of taking on some of the Global Coalition’s current training activities,’ said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg… He underlined that NATO is in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi government. ‘Our aim is to increase the capacity of the Iraqi armed forces so that they no longer require our support,’ he said… Ministers also discussed what more NATO can do to help build stability across the wider Middle East and North Africa… Stoltenberg highlighted that NATO’s work in Iraq is helping strengthen the Iraqi armed forces and institutions to ensure ISIS cannot return, and Iraq no longer requires support.”

“Maybe This Was Man Made” – CNBC Questions Coronavirus Origins As ZeroHedge Remains Banned On Twitter – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/after-zerohedge-twitter-ban-questioning-coronavirus-origins-cnbc-tweets-maybe-was-man – “The idea of the coronavirus potentially being a man made virus was a question we raised several weeks ago in this post when we asked “Is This The Man Behind the Global Coronavirus Pandemic?”. In that post, we asked questions about Zhou Peng, one of China’s top virology and immunology experts who works at China’s top-rated biohazard lab, the Wuhan Institute of Virology… But the idea of their ever-so-beloved government covering up something from them or not having their best interest in mind  was so disturbing the to snowflakes at Twitter, they lashed out by banning Zero Hedge from their platform with little color around why they took such drastic action. Their ban followed a BuzzFeed article claiming we had “doxed” the scientist involved by asking questions and posting the same information listed publicly on his website… The ban was so questionable, it sent shockwaves across the mainstream media, even making it as far as CBS National News, who stated: “The financial website Zero Hedge is now barred from Twitter after publishing an article relaying a conspiracy theory that a Chinese scientist might be to blame for the coronavirus outbreak.”.. But – as it often happens – the very same question that put us in our own social media “quarantine” simply can’t be ignored. As we have found over the years, if it is an idea worthy of critical examination – or better yet, the truth – it often times can’t be hidden, much to the chagrin of the government and/or beta male social media CEOs.”

Doctor Within Blog: Item 2. CORONAVIRUS: NEWEST BOUTIQUE EPIDEMIC. WHAT TO DO – by Dr. Tim O’Shea – https://thedoctorwithin.com/blog/2020/02/10/newsletter-february-2020/ – “So it took a month for the coronavirus strain even to be named. That left 2 problems: 1. how were original patients tested for a common virus?; 2. what about all the hundreds of cases that had already been counted and recovered? Who knows what microbe had caused their illness. Did they call back when they were fine? Were they tracked?.. The point is, once on the list, you never get off the list. Makes the epidemic look like it’s exploding worldwide… So we’re supposed to believe that this virus they just named last month had suddenly decided to introduce itself into a million years of primate evolution, right now. And is causing a global pandemic, like the Black Death… How are they counting cases of coronavirus? Standard for the creation of any Boutique Epidemic is the tried and true diagnosis by symptoms only. This way people will get on the list of the “epidemic” just by a phone call. No exam. No lab. No test. I’m sick – OK you’re in… So how could we know that all these people had the same virus? We couldn’t. We didn’t. We still don’t... Second, when creating an epidemic, numbers are critical. Again, one of the rules is never discuss the ones who recover. Never mention them again. Remember the 49 cases in Wuhan at the beginning of the media blitz? Guess how many of them recovered? All of them. According to the Chinese scientists.” (emphases added)

World War III’s Newest Battlefield – by Michael Klare – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/world-war-iiis-newest-battlefield – “And that’s just the beginning. Unbeknownst to most Americans, the Finnmark region of Norway and adjacent Russian territory have become one of the most likely battlegrounds for the first use of nuclear weapons in any future NATO-Russian conflict. Because Moscow has concentrated a significant part of its nuclear retaliatory capability on the Kola Peninsula, a remote stretch of land abutting northern Norway — any U.S.-NATO success in actual combat with Russian forces near that territory would endanger a significant part of Russia’s nuclear arsenal and so might precipitate the early use of such munitions. Even a simulated victory — the predictable result of Cold Response 2020 — will undoubtedly set Russia’s nuclear controllers on edge.”

What Rebound? Eurozone Industrial Production Collapses In December – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/what-rebound-eurozone-industrial-production-plunges-december – “On Wednesday morning, all hope for a recovery in Europe was abandoned when industrial production numbers missed estimates in December… Industrial production fell -2.1% in December on an M/M basis, according to Eurostat,  confirming our suspicions that Germany was “suck in a recession,” with limited signs of an economic rebound… The disappointing news came as investors have been buying European equities hand over fist, essentially frontrunning an industrial recovery, that at this point, could be another example where central banks are forcing risk-taking at a time when many should be playing defensive names… Though sentiment has improved in the region in the last several months because the European Central Bank (ECB) continues its unprecedented money printing to keep the stock market party alive… However, no matter how much money the ECB throws at stocks and corporate bonds, industrial production remains in a severe slump, now two-years-old, with no rebound in sight.”

Powell Admits “Low Rates Are Not A Choice Any More”, Says QE Will Be Used In Next Downturn – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/powell-admits-low-rates-are-not-choice-any-more-says-qe-will-be-used-next-downturn – “Instead of Powell bloviating before Congress for hours every six or so months while discussing his social life and avoiding answers to questions that really matter, it would be a much better use of everyone’s time if C-SPAN and congress just showed two charts which explain everything one needs to know about what really matters to the Federal Reserve, and why it can never again allow price discovery to take place… The first chart is the following: it shows that private US financial assets (i.e., the stock market) is now 5.6 times US GDP and any sizable drop in the stock market would lead to an almost instantaneous depression. It also explains why the Fed can never again allow true price discovery as the opportunity cost is the collapse of trillions in “financial wealth”, a catastrophe for the US economy, and the end of American life as we know it… The second chart is the latest CBO long-term debt forecast (public debt now at 180% GDP, over 1.5 times previous high in 1946): while it needs no explanation, SocGen’s Albert Edwards did “explain it” calling it a “ticking timebomb“, because as the notional amount of debt set to explode in coming years, any sharp increase in the interest rate will lead to an almost instant financial crisis and potentially the loss of the dollar’s reserve currency state. The point is simple: as in the case above, the Fed can never again stop manipulating interest rates as the alternative would mean a debt cataclysm as the amount of debt outlays for both the public and private sectors, soar.”

China Has Ground To A Halt: “On The Ground” Indicators Confirm Worst-Case Scenario – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/china-has-ground-halt-ground-indicators-confirm-worst-case-scenarioWith some really scary charts and interesting Twitter videos

Exclusive: New leaks shatter OPCW’s attacks on Douma whistleblowers – Facing accusations that it issued a doctored report alleging a chemical attack in Syria, the OPCW has released an inquiry attacking two whistleblowers as rogue actors. Leaked documents obtained by The Grayzone reveal serious distortions in the OPCW inquiry as well as a campaign of intimidation against internal dissenters. – by Aaron Maté – https://thegrayzone.com/2020/02/11/new-leaks-shatter-opcws-attacks-douma-whistleblowers/ – “In a briefing to member states, OPCW Director General Fernando Arias dismissed them as disgruntled ex-employees. The two ‘are not whistle-blowers,’ Arias said. ‘They are individuals who could not accept that their views were not backed by evidence.’.. But a leaked document calls Arias’ assertions into serious question. Ian Henderson, one of the two inspectors, recently addressed a special session of the United Nations Security Council with his concerns about the Douma mission. Henderson submitted a supplemental written account that was distributed among participating UN member states and obtained by The Grayzone. It offers the most extensive and detailed account of the internal dispute over the OPCW’s Douma investigation to date… The full leaked testimony can be read here (PDF).”

Don’t Believe the Lies About the Dresden Casualties – At Least 250K Were Incinerated Alive – by Mike Walsh – https://russia-insider.com/en/dont-believe-lies-about-dresden-casualties-least-250k-were-incinerated-alive/ri28287 – “‘Dresden 1945’, has compiled a large number of sources in the chapter ‘Facts and Figures’ original documents, extracts from contemporary press releases, finds in Soviet encyclopaedias, plus testimonies from SED politicians, and in Issue published that the overwhelming majority assume over 100,000 victims of the terrorist attack… An exact number is simply impossible because during the holocaust many of the victims were burned to ashes or literally evaporated in their cellars. The ludicrous spin on the allied spun casualty figures spurred historians on to further investigations: Corresponding new research has not yet been completed.

Concerned voices were raised about the incineration not just of this great Saxon city but of the satanic-like scale of the holocaust that was rained down on Germany, France, Italy and the Low Countries by the USAAF and RAF… OTHER CITIES incinerated with most of their populations: Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund, Essen, Dresden, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Dusseldorf, Hanover, Bremen, Wuppertal, Vienna, Duisburg. Munich, Magdeburg, Leipzig, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Kiel, Gelsdenkirchen, Bochum, Aachen, Wurzburg, Darmstadt, Krefeld, Munster, Munchen Gladbach, Braunschweig, Ludwishafen, Remscheid, Pforzheim, Osnabruck, Mainz, Bielefeld, Gieben, Duren, Solingen, Wilhelmshaven, Karlsruhe, Oberhausen, Heilbronn, Augsburg, Hamm, Knittelfeld, Luneburg, Cuxhaven, Kulmback, Hagen, Saarbrucken, Freiburg, Graz, Koblenz, Ulm, Bonn, Bremerhaven, Wanne-Eickel, Worms, Lubeck, Schweinfurt, Kleve, Wiener Neustadt, Wiesbaden, Paderborn, Bocholt, Hanau, Hildesheim, Emden, Siegen, Pirmasons, Hale, Bayreuth, Kreuznach, Witten, Aschaffenburg, Kaiserlautern, Gladbeck, Dorsten, Innsbruck, Neumunster, Linz, Klagenfurt, Reutlingen, Recklinghausen, Reuel, Regensburg, Homberg, Elmshorn, Wetzel, Villach, Hamelin, Konigsberg, Moers, Passau, Solbad Hall I. T, Coburg, Attnang-Puchheim, Friedrichshafen, Frankfurt-Oder, Danzig, Bozen, Chemnitz, Rostock, Schwerte, Plauen, Rome, Bad Kreuznach, Neapel, Genoa, Mailand, Turin.”

Turkey Vows To Strike Any Force That Violates Idlib Ceasefirehttps://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Turkey-Vows-To-Strike-Any-Force-That-Violates-Idlib-Ceasefire-20200213-0005.html – ““Force will be used against those violating the ceasefire, including radicals, and every measure will be taken,” Akar said, referring to a January 12 ceasefire Ankara says has been violated by the Syrian military… Turkey has vowed to use force against rebel groups violating a ceasefire in Syria’s Idlib province, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar was quoted as saying on Thursday in an apparent response to Russian criticism… The Russian Foreign Ministry criticized Ankara on Wednesday, stating that Turkey was not doing its part to uphold the Sochi Agreement that was established in 2018… The Russian government, which supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has accused Turkey of flouting the agreements it made with Moscow on Syria and of aggravating the situation in Idlib. The Kremlin said Ankara had failed to neutralize militants there, as per a 2018 agreement to establish a de-escalation zone.”

Aussie breakthrough aids quantum computing – Scientists create artificial atoms, allowing for more stable ‘qubits,’ the building blocks of supercomputers – by Dave Makichuk – https://www.asiatimes.com/2020/02/article/aussie-breakthrough-aids-quantum-computing/ – ” ‘Spin is a quantum mechanical property. An electron acts like a tiny magnet and depending on which way it spins its north pole can either point up or down, corresponding to a 1 or a 0,’ Dzurak said… ‘When the electrons in either a real atom or our artificial atoms form a complete shell, they align their poles in opposite directions so that the total spin of the system is zero, making them useless as a qubit. But when we add one more electron to start a new shell, this extra electron has a spin that we can now use as a qubit again.’.. ‘Our new work shows that we can control the spin of electrons in the outer shells of these artificial atoms to give us reliable and stable qubits.’ ”

This Man Sued the US Government for Violating the Constitution AND WON!!! (youtube audio 51min)Dave Hodges interviews Phil Hudok (http://www.hudok.info) on his lawsuit against the governments of West Virginia and the “United States” – Includes a considerable amount of information on U.S. law.

We’ve already identified three natural molecules that inhibit coronavirus replication in the body… and they don’t come from Big Pharma – by Mike Adams – https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-02-10-already-identified-three-natural-molecules-that-inhibit-coronavirus-replication.html

Citizen Journalist Goes Missing After Reporting About Coronavirus From Wuhan – by John Vibes – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/02/citizen-journalist-goes-missing-after-reporting-about-coronavirus-from-wuhan.html – “In the chaos of the past week, lawyer and citizen journalist Chen Qiushi, who was doing very dangerous reporting from the quarantine zone in Wuhan, has gone missing, and many of his loved ones say that he was captured by the Chinese government. Chen was active on social media and was keeping in regular contact with his friends until Thursday when he went silent and could no longer be reached… After he disappeared a close friend posted a video to Twitter of Chen’s mother pleading for help to find her son… Xu Xiaodong, a well-known martial artist and friend of Chen, later posted a video saying that police admitted to detaining Chen in a quarantine, according to CNN… ‘In the last few hours the Qingdao public security officers and state security officers … notified Qiushi’s parents that Qiushi has already been detained in the name of quarantine. Qiushi’s mother immediately asked them where and when he was taken away, they declined to say,” said Xu… Xu also said that Chen was in good health the last time that anyone had heard from him.”

Discovery of Ancient Torah Proves Jews Worship Satan? (updated with foreword by the Senior Editor) – Turkish Police Recover Stolen Jewish Torah Scrolls Decorated With Satanic Illuminati Symbolism – by Ian Greenhalgh – https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/02/12/discovery-of-ancient-torah-proves-jews-worship-satan/ – “The evidence of coordinated and widespread child sacrifice/child sexual abuse practices within a broad coalition, as it were, of seemingly divergent beliefs, gives rise to support of a hypothesis supporting the presence of a hidden religion behind the Kosher Nostra… Much about Donald Trump becomes clear here… Thus far, this is where we are led.  We are willing to accept that there are Jews who don’t worship Moloch but there are many who do, and they control Israel under the Likudists and represent considerable power… Turkish Police arrested four former fighters of Faylaq al-Rahman and a Turkish citizen who were trying to sell two rare,  gold-plated Jewish Torahs in the northwestern province of Bilecik on May 8, the Russian TV network RT: The Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah said that Police had confiscated the two ancient Torahs during the arrest. According to the newspaper, the town ancient artifacts worth a total of $1.86mln… Syrian opposition sources confirmed that Faylaq al-Rahman fighters had stolen the ancient Torahs from a historical 2,000 years old synagogue in the Jobar district, east of the Syrian capital of Damascus. The district was under the control of the US-backed group Faylaq al-Rahman from 2013 until March 2018, when it was finally liberated by the Syrian Arab Army (FSA)… The scroll is said to have been constructed with embroidered gazelle leather and multiple ruby and emerald ornaments of various sizes… After investigators carefully unraveled the scroll, they reportedly discovered something strange on one of the panels – a picture of a ram’s head inside what appears to be a pentagram…”

Pope Benedict, who said he’d remain ‘hidden,’ breaks silence to warn Pope Francis about relaxing celibacy rules – Benedict says celibacy, which became a stable tradition in the Church only about 1,000 years ago, carries ‘great significance’ – by Philip Pullella – https://nationalpost.com/news/world/pope-benedict-who-said-hed-remain-hidden-from-the-world-breaks-silence-to-speak-out-on-celibacy – “Former Pope Benedict, in a new book written with a conservative cardinal, defends priestly celibacy in the Catholic Church in what appears to be a strategically timed appeal to Pope Francis to not change the rules… Benedict wrote the book, “From the Depths of Our Hearts,” (Comment: The depths of Ratzinger’s hypocrisy and deviance know no bounds) with Cardinal Robert Sarah, 74, a Guinean prelate who heads the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments… Excerpts were published on Sunday on the website of the French newspaper Le Figaro. The Vatican had no immediate comment on the book, which is due to be published on Monday.” (Note: Following the release of Ratzinger’s opinions on Priestly Celebacy, Pope Bergolio backed off from his initiative to begin to allow married priests in the Catholic church.)

US Sanctions Venezuelan State Airline, Threatens Russian Oil Giant – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rejected the sanctions regime as “outrageous.” – by Paul Dobson – https://venezuelanalysis.com/news/14784 – “The US government has sanctioned Venezuela’s state-owned airline CONVIASA, claiming it is being used to “shuttle corrupt officials.”.. While already subject to previous US unilateral coercive measures, the latest sanctions add the airline and 40 of its planes to the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control’s Specially Designated Nationals List so as “to ensure strengthened compliance.”.. Speaking in a press conference on Thursday, (know director of death squads Elliot) Abrams specifically highlighted Russia’s involvement in Venezuela, warning that ‘The Russians may soon find that their continued support of Maduro will no longer be cost-free,” while pledging to “demonstrate the seriousness of our intentions in Venezuela.’.. Likewise, an anonymous senior White House official was quoted by Reuters warning Russian, Spanish, Indian and US oil giants Rosneft, Repsol, Reliance and Chevron to ‘tread cautiously.’

U.S. & NATO Rush To Add Fuel To Fire Of Idlib Conflicthttps://southfront.org/u-s-nato-rush-to-add-fuel-to-fire-of-idlib-conflict/ – “The Washington-led establishment are attempting to seize the opportunity and push Turkey further into the Idlib tensions, and encourage it to carry out agressive actions in the region… Despite of the differences in conduct and end goal, the Turkey-Russia-Iran diplomatic effort on the Syrian conflict is the most successful such example, and it is understandable that Washington and Co. are attempting to break it down… ‘In Ankara, Ambassador Jeffrey will meet with senior Turkish officials to discuss issues of mutual concern, including the Assad regime’s Russian-backed military offensive in Idlib, the current situation in northeast Syria, implementation of UNSCR 2254 on the resolution of the Syrian conflict, and the Coalition’s continued efforts to ensure an enduring defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.’.. The Munich Security Conference will take place on February 13th, and Jeffrey will attend it, it is sure to provide some more insight into what might transpire in Idlib… ‘ We Will do whatever is necessary on ground and air without hesitation, stalling or waiting for the results of endless meetings … We have strengthened our military power in Idlib. We will not tolerate those enabling the regime to attack Syria.’ -Turkey’s President Erdogan”

Interview: Author of US BioWeapons Act (Dr. Francis Boyle) Believes The WHO & China Are Lying About The Coronavirus (22 min) – by Spiro Skouras

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Web Research Links for the Week of 2/3/20

Fair Use Notice: This site may contain some copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of vital issues which already exist in the public domain. – Note: These links are posted at the top of the page as the week progresses. Links from previous weeks can be found under the “Current Quicklinx” button above. If you have a link you would like to share, please put it into a comment.

Sacred Medicine Trees of North America – by Nick Polizzi – https://www.thesacredscience.com/sacred-medicinal-trees-of-north-america/ – “We spent the entire day walking through the woods, discussing the medicinal plants used for generations by the tribes of the Pacific Northwest… And though there were plenty of takeaways that completely changed my life, today I want to highlight 2 sacred trees that Dennis showed us because tree medicine is often overlooked!.. Let’s start with “The Tree of Life”: 1.) Oak Medicine… 2.) Pine Medicine”

Doctors at Wisconsin hospital call for changes amid backlash over child abuse cases – by Mike Hixenbaugh – https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/doctors-wisconsin-hospital-call-changes-amid-backlash-over-child-abuse-n1131151 – “The article, published last week, detailed the case of Dr. John Cox, a former emergency room physician at Children’s Wisconsin, who was charged with abusing his 1-month-old daughter, based largely on medical reports from child abuse specialists at his own hospital. More than 15 other medical experts who treated the baby or later reviewed the case concluded that the hospital’s child abuse team made serious errors, but Child Protective Services took her anyway, NBC News reported… The reporting sparked public backlash aimed at Children’s Wisconsin and state child welfare authorities — including from within the hospital… Several physicians told administrators during a series of staff “listening sessions” held in response to the reporting that they had serious concerns about the work of the hospital’s child abuse specialists, and some asked for an external investigation of their practices, according to four Children’s Wisconsin doctors who attended the meetings and spoke to a reporter on the condition of anonymity… Numerous physicians from across the hospital have spoken out at the meetings, attendees said, including cardiologists, neonatologists and infectious disease specialists.”

Airliner With 172 Passengers Almost Downed Due To Israeli Attack On Damascus: Russian MoD – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/airliner-172-aboard-almost-downed-due-israeli-attack-damascus-russian-modOn Friday  Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said Israel’s attack directly endangered a passenger airliner. ‘An Airbus-320 with 172 passengers on board could have been targeted by Syrian missile defense systems because of Israel’s airstrikes on the Damascus suburbs on February 6, the plane was escorted out of the danger zone and assisted in landing at the Hmeymim air base,’ he told reporters, according to TASS‘The Israeli General Staff’s military air operations using passenger jets for cover or [for] blocking of retaliatory fire by Syrian missile systems is becoming a typical trait of the Israeli Air Force,” he [Maj.Gen. Konashenkov] noted… He said that the Israeli Air Force hit the outskirts of Damascus with airstrikes on February 6 without entering Syria’s airspace. Israeli fighter jets fired eight air-to surface missiles.’ ”

Chinese Doctor Who Was Silenced for Warning About Coronavirus Reportedly Dies at 34 – by John Vibes – https://themindunleashed.com/2020/02/chinese-doctor-who-was-silenced-for-warning-about-coronavirus-reportedly-dies-at-34.html – “Despite early praise from the World Health Organization (WHO) for China on their response to the recent novel coronavirus outbreak, the Chinese government is facing increasing backlash for its treatment of whistleblowers and journalists sharing news about the illness… For public health situations such as this, the Chinese government has a strict bureaucracy in place to ensure that any information or direction comes directly from the authorities, which means that anyone sharing information different from official statements is considered a risk to national “harmony” or “security.”.. Li Wenliang, a 34-year-old doctor working in Wuhan, was among the first of these whistleblowers who attempted to get the word out about the virus before it spread throughout the country.”

FBI Chief Says Russia’s ‘Information Warfare’ Against U.S. Has Not Easedhttps://www.rferl.org/a/30419711.html – “The chief of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says Russia is conducting an “information warfare” operation against the United States ahead of the 2020 presidential election, although he says he has not seen signs that Russian actors have attempted to breach election infrastructure… FBI Director Christopher Wray on February 5 told the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee that Moscow was using a covert social-media campaign to divide U.S. public opinion and exploit differences to create discord… The remarks are in line with conclusions by U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia conducted similar operations during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, an assertion Moscow continues to deny despite overwhelming evidence that it did so… ‘They identify an issue that they know that the American people feel passionately about on both sides and then they take both sides and spin them up so they pit us against each other,’ Wray said… ‘And then they combine that with an effort to weaken our confidence in our elections and our democratic institutions which has been a pernicious and asymmetric way of engaging in affect information warfare.’ ” – Comment: I assume that Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty don’t have the capcity to see the irony in their posting an article about somene else using “information warfare.”

Democrats Blame Trump Supporters, Russia for Iowa Caucus Disaster Party blames supporters of President for jamming hotline – by Pippa Monroe – https://neonnettle.com/news/10232-democrats-blame-trump-supporters-russia-for-iowa-caucus-disaster – “Iowa Democrats are blaming Trump supporters for the caucus disaster which ensured following an app glitch in naming the winner of the opening 2020 primary contest in Iowa… After the app, which was run by three former Hillary Clinton campaign staffers, began encountering glitches in reporting the results to party headquarters, caucus leaders resorted to phoning-in their alignment and delegate data… But in the middle of all the chaos, the hotline number was posted online, which led to some officials being placed on hold for hours… NBC News floated the conspiracy theory that trolls may have mobilized using 4chan message boards… Meanwhile, The Federalist reported that Democrats are also blaming the Russians ford the vote-reporting app crashing during Monday’s Iowa Democratic caucuses.”

Turkish Military Establishes New “Observation Post” In Eastern Idlib Air Base (w/Video) – https://southfront.org/turkish-military-establishes-new-observation-post-in-eastern-idlib-air-base-video/ – “On February 6 morning, the Turkish military established a new observation post in the Taftanaz Air Base in the eastern Idlib countryside… The al-Moharar News, an outlet affiliated with the Turkish-backed Sahm Corps, released video showing dozens of battle tanks, armored vehicles and engineer vehicles of the Turkish Armed Forces to the air base.” – Note: the brief video included shows 18 heavy trucks carrying military armor on the road to this new “Observation Post.”

Syrian Army Captured Saraqib. Netanyahu ‘N Erdogan To The Rescue (w/Video 4 min) – https://southfront.org/syrian-army-captured-saraqib-netanyahu-n-erdogan-to-the-rescue/

Syrian Army Liberated Saraqib And Turkish Observation Posts From Militantshttps://southfront.org/syrian-army-liberated-saraqib-turkish-observation-posts-from-militants/ – “Saraqib is one of the biggest urban centers in southeast Idlib. The city is located on the strategic M5 highway which links the capital, Damascus, with the northern city of Aleppo… Last week, the Turkish Armed Forces established four “observation posts” around Saraqib in an expected move to contain the SAA advance on the town… Now, these posts are liberated from al-Qaeda-affiliated militants. So, if Turkish troops remain there, they can be sure that there is no more threat from al-Qaeda-linked terrorists.”

In Photos: Military Equipment And US-made Ammunition Captured By Syrian Army In Idlibhttps://southfront.org/in-photos-military-equipment-and-us-made-ammunition-captured-by-syrian-army-in-idlib/

Moscow Hints At Possible Fire Exchange Between Russian And Turkish Forces In Idlibhttps://southfront.org/moscow-hints-at-possible-fire-exchange-between-russian-and-turkish-forces-in-idlib/The Ministry also said at Russian and Turkish military experts being killed in January: ‘In mid-January, the Russian and Turkish military made another attempt to introduce a “ceasefire” in the Idlib de-escalation zone. But the terrorists not only did not reduce their combat activity, but rather increased attacks… Russian and Turkish military experts were tragically killed. Attempts to attack the Russian Hmeimim airbase with the use of attack drones do not stop.’.. The Russian side provided no further details. However, other reports from the ground allow to suggests that a possible fire exchange between Russian and Turkish forces took place (Note: Turkey did not report the casualties from this incident, which is unusual)Furthermore, the statement reads that the Syrian Arab Army is fighting on its sovereign land, against terrorists recognized as such by the UN Security Council, despite Turkey claiming that they are humanitarian workers that assist civilians primarily in being killed in various ways… ‘And there should not be any discrepancies. We are talking about the national territory of the Syrian Arab Republic and the militants, to fight with which is not only a right, but also an obligation of the government.’ ”

U.S. Blames Russians For Tensions In Northeastern Syriahttps://southfront.org/u-s-blames-russians-for-tensions-in-northeastern-syria/ – “On February 5th, US Envoy on Syria James Jeffrey said that the US and Russia were having successive standoffs in northeastern Syria…      ‘These are not daily occurrences, but they have been increasing in number, and thus it is troubling,’ Jeffrey said…  It is also incredibly likely that these troops are not contractors, but rather Russian Military Police… Jeffrey said Russia appeared to be making the incursions ‘to challenge our presence in the northeast.’.. Jeffrey also alleged that Russia was using its veto at the United Nations to block international aid deliveries to northwest Syria, where some 2.8 million people are dependent on such assistance… The “humanitarian aid” is likely made up of battle tanks and various smaller arms, as well as other military equipment… Earlier, on January 18th and January 22nd, US forces once again blocked Russian Military Police from patrolling in the oil-rich region, currently occupied by US forces and the US-backed Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)… The US appears to be viewing a version of reality entirely its own, in which Russian Military Police, which has an agreement to carry out patrols is not allowed to carry them out simply because of an unclear concern, but likely related to oil.” (underlined emphasis added)

Just A Little Sloppy Record-Keeping? The Pentagon’s $35 Trillion ‘Accounting Black Hole’ – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/just-little-sloppy-record-keeping-pentagons-35-trillion-accounting-black-hole – “Over the past two weeks of coronavirus headlines and heightened global anxiety, along with impeachment coverage and after over the Super Bowl weekend  Americans huddled in living rooms in blissful oblivion, a story which in more normal times would be front and center has gone largely unnoticed. To be sure, the Pentagon couldn’t be happier that this bombshell has taken a back burner in global headlines: The Pentagon made $35 trillion in accounting adjustments last year alone  a total that’s larger than the entire U.S. economy and underscores the Defense Department’s continuing difficulty in balancing its books… It sounds more appropriately news out of The Onion or Babylon Bee given this is *Trillions* and not just billions — though that itself would have been remarkable enough. Naturally, the first and only question we should start with is: how is this even possible?.. $35 trillion is close to 50-times the size of the Pentagon’s 2019 budget, so that means every dollar the Defense Department received from Congress was moved up to 50 times before it was actually spent, Clark said… “Trillions” explained away by a little benign neglect of simple documentation?.. Of course, in the real world outside the halls of government and of largely unchecked power, a mere single trillion would be enough send people to jail. Here we’re talking $30+ trillion and it appears this gaping accounting black hole bigger that most of the world’s past and future economies will itself be memory holed and explained away as being but the minor errors of some DoD pencil-pushers, apparently.”

Head of the Democratic Party calls on Iowa Democrats to recanvass after chaotic result count – by Isaac Stanley-Becker – https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/dnc-chair-calls-for-recanvas-in-iowa/2020/02/06/0ec4dc4c-4906-11ea-9164-d3154ad8a5cd_story.html – “Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, called Thursday for a recanvass in Iowa, three days after the state’s first-in-the-nation caucuses ended with confusion and delayed results… ‘Enough is enough,’ he wrote on Twitter. ‘In light of the problems that have emerged in the implementation of the delegate selection plan and in order to assure public confidence in the results, I am calling on the Iowa Democratic Party to immediately begin a recanvass.’ ”

Turkey Stabs Russia In Back Or Results Of Erdogan’s Visit To Kiev – https://southfront.org/turkey-stabs-russia-in-back-or-results-of-erdogans-visit-to-kiev/ – “Turkey will provide the Ukrainian army with assistance funding in the framework of the deal recently signed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zekensly in Kiev. .. The Turkish posture, especially military assistance to Ukraine, caused a negative reaction within the Russian society, which considered Erdogan’s move as a direct attack on Russian interests… These developments come amid the ongoing escalation in the Syrian province of Idlib. Ankara continues supporting actions of radical militant groups (including those linked with al-Qaeda) that operate in the area. These groups are excluded from the de-escalation deal, but Turkey insists that the Syrian Army violates the ceasefire and threatens Turkish interests by attacking the terrorists… On February 5, Erdogan even threatened Syria with a declaration of war if the Syrian Army does not withdraw from the areas liberated from al-Qaeda.”

Stalin Burned 100s of 1000s of Russian Peasants’ Homes, But Everyone Blames Germany – Another WW2 Anti-German Slander Goes Up in Smoke – by Mike Walsh – https://russia-insider.com/en/history/stalin-burned-100s-1000s-russian-peasants-homes-everyone-blames-germany-another-ww2-anti – “Very few people know the detail of Joseph Stalin’s notorious Torch-Man Order. As a consequence people little realise that images depicting German atrocities are falsified. Filmed atrocities were the responsibility not of the Reich, but of England and America’s Soviet allies. There can be no excuse for using images of one’s own crimes to stigmatise one’s enemy. To do so to justify war is a war crime. The banality of evil is that the Torch-Man Order is censored in the West and disguised behind the bland index Order Number #0428… The detail of this disreputable Order is confirmed as accurate by the Russian government. Stalin’s Order #0428 authorised November 17, 1941, instructed Bolshevik irregulars to destroy everything within 40 to 60 kilometres of the rapidly advancing German forces… Stalin’s burnt earth policy was not what is claimed to be a strategy of depriving the Axis armies of sustenance. Stalin realised that communities terrorised by the Bolsheviks over twenty-five years welcomed the invading Reich armies as liberators. Churchill’s ally also knew that upon liberation entire Central European communities would assist the German occupiers. In Stalin’s eyes, the peasantry were already collaborators… The Order’s purpose was to indiscriminately slaughter communities before their being caught up in the German advance. The Order gave specific instruction that trained irregulars, wearing uniforms of captured and killed German troops, would indiscriminately kill peasants on an industrial scale. Especially sought for this purpose were uniforms of the Waffen SS.”

Erdogan Is Liar. Damascus Slams Turkish Remarks Regarding Situation In Syriahttps://southfront.org/erdogan-is-liar-damascus-slams-turkish-remarks-regarding-situation-in-syria/ – “Damascus has slammed the recent threats of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accusing him of lying and misleading the public… A source in the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates told the Syrian Arab News Agency on February 5, that Erdogan lied when he claimed that his troops entered northern Aleppo as a part of the 1998 Adana agreement…’Syria stresses that the Adana agreement requires coordination with the Syrian government as it is an agreement between two countries, therefore Erdogan, according to the requirements of the agreement, cannot act separately,’ the source said, adding ‘the Adana agreement to ensure border security between the two countries is indeed aimed at combating terrorism, but what Erdogan is doing is protecting his tools, the terrorist groups, which he provided and still has with various forms of support.’ ”

Coconut Oil’s History in Destroying Viruses, Including Coronaviruses – by Brian Shilhavy, Fabian M. Dayrit, Ph.D. and Mary T. Newport, M.D. – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/coconut-oils-history-in-destroying-viruses-including-coronaviruses/ – “Coconut oil and its derivatives have been shown to be safe and effective antiviral compounds in both humans and animals. Because of the antiviral and antibacterial protection that it provides to animals, coconut oil, as well as lauric acid and monolaurin, is used in farm animals and pets as veterinary feed supplements in chicken, swine and dogs (Baltic et al., 2017)… Monolaurin has been shown to effectively protect chicken against avian influenza virus (van der Sluis, 2015). Li and co- workers (2009) prepared a gel containing monolaurin and found it to be highly active against repeated high viral loads of Simean immunodeficiency virus in macaques and Kirtane and co- workers (2017) developed a 35% gel of monolaurin for application in the female genital tract to protect against HIV… Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) has been used at low concentrations to inactivate viruses in milk of farm animals (de Sousa et al., 2019). SLS is the active constituent in commercial disinfecting wipes and standard laboratory disinfectants, and is an emulsifying agent and penetration enhancer in pharmaceutical preparations.”

Erdogan Threatens to Use Force Against Syrian Military in Idlibhttps://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Erdogan-Threatens-to-Use-Force-Against-Syrian-Military-in-Idlib-20200205-0004.html – “Erdogan said two of Turkey’s 12 observation posts, set up around a “de-escalation zone” in northwest Syria’s Idlib region as part of a 2017 agreement with Russia and Iran, were now behind Syrian government front lines… ‘We hope that the process of the regime pulling back behind our observation posts is completed in the month of February,’ he told members of his AK Party. ‘If the regime does not pull back during this time, Turkey will have to do this job itself.’.. He said the Turkish military would carry out air and ground operations in Idlib, when necessary… Erdogan has said Moscow, which supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and Ankara, which has backed rebels who tried to topple him, should resolve the conflict “without anger” and agreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin to improve coordination of their countries’ actions in Syria.”

No Results for the Iowa Democratic Primary – by Joe Gilbertson – punchingbagpost.com/2020/02/04/no-results-for-the-iowa-democratic-primary/ – “Yesterday’s Democratic primary in Iowa is a complete debacle. In one of the greatest embarrassments in electoral history, the Party’s new mobile app, meant to streamline voting in the caucus process that Iowa uses, has apparently failed and is not reporting its “three sets of data” correctly… From the Iowa Democratic Party: “We found inconsistencies in the reporting of three sets of results. In addition to the tech systems being used to tabulate results, we are also using photos of results and a paper trail to validate that all results match and ensure that we have confidence and accuracy in the numbers we report. This is simply a reporting issue. The app did not go down and this is not a hack or an intrusion. The underlying data and paper trail is sound and will simply take time to further report the results… The candidates have each given their “victory” speech and left the state.”

Mystery hangs over arrest of top brain scientist – Harvard scientist Charles Lieber, an expert in nanotechnologies, had been doing work in China – by Stephen Bryen – https://www.asiatimes.com/2020/02/article/was-arrest-tied-to-military-brain-research-in-china/ – “Charles Lieber’s work with the Chinese, and his alleged failure to fully disclose the fact, certainly triggered the Defense Department and intelligence community’s concerns and more than likely they pushed the FBI and the Department of Justice to bring about Lieber’s indictment, using what appear to be numerous email and communications intercepts to build their case, many of which are in the unsealed indictment… Lieber is one of the top scientists involved with  Elon Musk in a rather secretive startup company called Neuralink. Musk has invested US$100 million of his own money and raised another $58 million for Neuralink, which now has a staff of 90… Robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and nanotechnology are at the forefront of weapons-building programs, with China the main current competitor to the US. LTG Robert P Ashley, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), addressed the subject before the Association of the US Army… He focused directly on China, warning that China is “merging artificial intelligence with humans” using nanotechnology as the connective bridge. DIA, he said, ‘sees this as a major concern for the future of warfare.’.. Using nanotechnology to link the brain to machines and sensors, and AI to arbitrate the linkage, has roots that go back decades and involve the use of drugs and psychological techniques to manipulate the human brain. Horrid experiments were carried out by Nazi Germany on concentration camp inmates.” Comment: But Re: the (Rogue) U.S. Government’s importation of Nazi brain scientists, and the continuation of their work on Mind Control intensively in America since WWII: Crickets chirping…

Bolivia’s Coup-Born Regime Arrests Socialist Political Refugeeshttps://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Bolivias-Coup-Born-Regime-Arrests-Socialist-Political-Refugees-20200201-0003.html – “An official safe-conduct was supposed to allow them to leave the country.  That didn’t happen… Bolivia’s Former Mining Minister Cesar Navarro and former Agriculture Minister Pedro Dorado were arrested at the El Alto airport on Saturday when they were about to board a plane as political refugees… For the past 82 days, these Socialists politicians remained at the Mexican embassy. Yesterday, they received a safe-conduct allowing their free departure from the country… “The Mexican embassy transferred the asylees to the El Alto airport with the guarantee granted by the safe-conduct extended by the Bolivian government. In that sense, the asylees should be transferred to Mexico without any problem,” the Mexican diplomatic delegation tweeted… Even though international mediators accompanied the Socialist politicians, the Interior Ministry arrested them disrespecting the safe-conduct granted by its government.​​”

‘Corpses Taken Directly To Crematorium’ – New Accounts Detail Grisly Operation At Wuhan’s Fifth Hospital – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/corpses-taken-directly-crematorium-new-accounts-wuhans-fifth-hospital-detail – “Radio Free Asia (RFA) has tweeted a disturbing video on its Twitter account on Saturday morning detailing how those who died of coronavirus in Wuhan, the outbreak area in China, were loaded up on a bus and taken “directly to the crematorium.”.. RFA said (in a translated tweet): “[Latest Situation of Wuhan Fifth Hospital] Some Wuhan citizens entered Wuhan Fifth Hospital on February 1st and found many patients who died of pneumonia. The corpses were packed directly to the crematorium… RFA’s video is in line with our  report from Friday that said those who died of the deadly virus were hauled off to a crematorium in Wuhan by Chinese authorities… DW News East Asia correspondent William Yang cited a report from the Chinese-language news outlet Initium, which said cremation facilities in Wuhan were receiving bodies directly from hospitals without proper identification and were excluded from the official record.” – Note: Reports have emerged that Twitter accounts that are not mirroring the official State line on the “Coronavirus epidemic” are being removed from the platform.

The Conversation? “ethically misguided and downright dangerous” NOT to Censor Climate Deniers – by Eric Worral – https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/02/01/the-conversation-ethically-misguided-and-downright-dangerous-not-to-censor-climate-deniers – “University of Melbourne “Centre for Advancing Journalism” academic Denis Muller believes climate censorship should be added to legally binding journalistic professional codes of conduct… ‘His reasons were succinct: Climate change deniers and those shamelessly peddling pseudoscience and misinformation are perpetuating ideas that will ultimately destroy the planet.’.. Harm is a long-established criterion for abridging free speech. John Stuart Mill, in his seminal work, On Liberty, published in 1859, was a robust advocate for free speech but he  drew the line at harm: ‘[…] the only purpose for which power can be exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others…  Other harms too provide established grounds for limiting free speech. Some of these are enforceable at law – defamation, contempt of court, national security – but speech about climate change falls outside the law and so becomes a question of ethics.’… The author’s comparison of climate change to an imminent nuclear war is absurd. Climate change is a gradual process, with significant changes taking decades or even centuries to manifest… Even if climate skeptics were totally wrong, there is no justification for shutting down our right to be wrong. Unlike shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre, no single climate “shout”, no matter how wrong, has the potential to alter the trajectory of society to such an extent that measurable harm could be ascribed to it… If society lowers the bar of censorship to such an extent that publicly supporting a position which might be wrong but which causes no immediate harm qualifies as a punishable offence, then we have lost more than our right to free speech.” (underlined emphasis added)

Europe’s Green Deal: Same Hysteria, Same Destruction – by Andrew Moranhttps://www.zerohedge.com/political/europes-green-deal-same-hysteria-same-destruction – “Today’s brand of the left-leaning politician is all about substituting what sounds good for what actually works. Modern  politics, whether in the U.S. or Europe, is about taking a chainsaw to everything that produced even a modicum of success to appease the deities espousing progressive orthodoxy. There is no better example of this than fossil fuels, energy sources that have lifted us out of destitution and darkness and given us incredible wealth the world had never witnessed. What is the left interested in doing? Confiscation, cronyism, centralization, and coercion to combat climate change. The European Union will achieve these objectives through the boondoggle-in the-making Green Deal… What Is The Green Deal? : The European counterpart is a bit more realistic than the American version, aiming for net-zero emissions within 30 years rather than in a decade. But that is probably the best thing you can say about this proposal, which was approved by the European Parliament – some policymakers had requested even greater ambitions to be inserted inside the climate change scheme. Overall, the Green Deal is bad economics that will affect the already dreary conditions of Europe and exacerbate the slowdown.”

Senate To Call ‘Whistleblower’ As Part Of Three-Pronged Investigation Into Impeachment Origins – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/senate-call-whistleblower-part-three-pronged-investigation-impeachment-origins – ” ‘I want to understand how all this crap started,’ Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, who added that the Senate would begin their investigations “within weeks.”.. ‘The Senate Intel Committee under Richard Burr has told us that they will call the whistleblower,’ said Graham… After hearing second-hand about a July 25 call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky in which Trump asked for investigations into the Bidens, Ciaramella approached impeachment chieftain Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)’s office (which hired two of Ciaramella’s colleagues last year, including Sean Misko, who was hired in August)… Schiff’s team directed Ciaramella to “Coup has started” Democratic operative attorney Mark Zaid (who vowed to “get rid of” Trump in July of 2017), who helped the CIA ‘whistleblower’ file a complaint on a form which had been altered to allow hearsay.”

Oil Bear Market Sends Tanker Rates Plunging, Hopes For Global Rebound Fade – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/oil-bear-market-sends-tanker-rates-plunging-hopes-global-rebound-fade – “The coronavirus outbreak has sent Chinese oil demand, energy prices, and tanker freight rates plunging in the last three weeks… With more than a dozen cities locked down, 50 million people or more quarantined, and large manufacturing hubs shuttered, oil demand in China has collapsed by nearly three million barrels per day, or 20% of total consumption, as a result of the creeping economic paralysis unleashed by the coronavirus epidemic.  The drop is said to be the most massive demand shock the oil market has suffered since the global financial crisis of 2008 to 2009… The shock also has sent freight rates for very large crude carriers (VLCC) on Mideast Gulf and U.S. Gulf to Asia routes to their lowest since mid-September, shipbrokers told Reuters… ‘The market had gone back to what it was before the COSCO sanctions came in,’ said one shipbroker referring to U.S. sanctions on the state-owned Chinese shipping firm.. The plunge in freight rates wasn’t limited to just tankers. We’ve noted that the Baltic Exchange’s main sea freight index continues to plunge as the virus outbreak shuts down about two-thirds of China’s economy, leading to an economic shock that is starting to vibrate across the world, seen mostly in commodity prices, shipping rates, bond markets, widening credit spreads, and global equity prices at the moment.”.

Rare Direct Clash Between Turkish & Syrian Armies Leaves Scores Dead & Wounded – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/turkish-syrian-armies-rare-clashes-idlib-scores-killed-each-side – “However, Syrian Army statements and sources still say despite the Turkish interference they’ve advanced on the  flashpoint town of Saraqeb, considered crucial to liberating Idlib… In an alarming sign that the Syrian and Turkish armies could be on the brink of broader war in Idlib and northern Syria, the Britain-based opposition group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said Turkey shelled Syrian Army positions across three provinces, killing a total of eight soldiers as of Monday… Ankara has said Damascus’ push to take Idlib province is forcing hundreds of thousands of civilians to flee the assault towards the Turkish border, adding to Turkey’s refugee woes, which it claims has now reached 3.5 million it is hosting in its borders… Erdogan has threatened to act militarily against pro-Assad forces if they don’t cease their destructive offensive in war-torn Idlib. It now appears he’s making good on that threat, and we could see things escalate quickly — though it remains that Idlib is still recognized by the UN as sovereign Syrian soil (now occupied by al-Qaeda linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham), which Assad has vowed to liberate “every inch” of.”

Zerohedge Suspended On Twitter – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/zerohedge-suspended-twitter – “What appears to have happened is that twitter received a complaint from the website best known for publishing the discredited Steele dossier when no other media outlet would touch it, and making cat slideshows of course, Buzzfeed, in which someone called Ryan Broderick (who appears to have a rather “colorful” history), writes that Zero Hedge  ‘has released the personal information of a scientist from Wuhan, China, falsely accusing them of creating the coronavirus as a bioweapon, in a plot it said is the real-life version of the video game Resident Evil.’.. A few points: the article referenced by Buzz Feed, “Is This The Man Behind The Global Coronavirus Pandemic?”, is as the title implies, a question, and one which considering the huge significance and life or death import of the Coronavirus pandemic, has to be answered, especially since even the establishment’s Foreign Policy magazine writes bat soup, which is widely being cited and circulated by the mainstream press as the cause of the coronavirus breakout, is not the cause of the Wuhan virus. The widely read website Health.com also chimes in: “No, Coronavirus Was Not Caused by ‘Bat Soup‘”. Meanwhile, Business Insider writes ‘Experts think the Wuhan coronavirus jumped from bats to snakes to people. Bats have been the source of at least 4 pandemics.’.. So considering that Peng Zhou, who currently works at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, is the Leader of the Bat Virus Infection and Immunization Group at the Institute, the question certainly is a reasonable one and, in a normal world, would demand an answer from the established media (assuming it wasn’t afraid of risking lucrative Chinese funding) instead of leaving it to “fringe” websites.”

Coronavirus Censorship Promoted In Pandemic Exercise Is Now Happening! (6 min) – by Spiro Skouras

Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You! (19 min) – by Spiro Skouras

More from the Selling-Bernie Desk: The Party’s Over: Bernie’s Last Dance With the Dems – by Jim Kavanagh – https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/01/31/the-partys-over-bernies-last-dance-with-the-dems/ – “His nomination would be a radical departure and would radically disrupt the Democratic Party and the whole political game, and he would have a great chance to win, opening new and substantively different and left, social-democratic possibilities in the U.S… Nowhere is this more evident than in his Medicare-for-All program, and nothing has been more revelatory then watching fauxgressives like Warren and Buttigieg moonwalk away from it. Bernie’s universal coverage single-payer program establishes healthcare as a human right, not a commodity. It concretely benefits the lives and enhances the social power of the great majority of citizens by taking public control of an essential service, and eliminating a predatory capitalist industry. That is why all the other Democratic candidates (save perhaps Tulsi, who has been unfairly but effectively rendered moot) reject it: they prefer maintaining health care as a commodity sold to consumers for a profit, just adding a generic version on the supermarket shelf; their “public option” is all about preserving the “profit option.” ” – Comment: Dream on.

From the What-The-Bernie-ites-Think Desk: Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution Is Long Overdue – by Alan Minsky – https://www.truthdig.com/articles/bernie-sanders-political-revolution-is-long-overdue/ – “Indeed, ending our political stalemate would usher in the kind of progressive change polls indicate Americans would welcome with open arms. These policies include a reduced Pentagon budget, sane gun laws, a humane immigration policy (with a direct route to citizenship), the expansion of Social Security and the erasure of student debt, guaranteed vacation time, a $60,000 minimum salary for teachers, equal pay for equal work, a federal jobs guarantee and Medicare for all. Perhaps most important, we could respond to the climate emergency on a scale scientists say is necessary.”

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Web Research Links for the Week of 1/27/20

Fair Use Notice: This site may contain some copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of vital issues which already exist in the public domain. – Note: These links are posted at the top of the page as the week progresses. Links from previous weeks can be found under the “Current Quicklinx” button above. If you have a link you would like to share, please put it into a comment.

Joseph Farrel posted this link on his twitter:Scientists have created what they claim are the first ”living robots“: entirely new life-forms created out of living cells… A team of researchers have taken cells from frog embryos and turned them into a machine that can be programmed to work as they wish… It is the first time that humanity has been able to create “completely biological machines from the ground up”, the team behind the discovery write in a new paper…  ‘These are novel living machines,’ says Joshua Bongard, the University of Vermont expert who co-led the new research. ‘They’re neither a traditional robot nor a known species of animal. It’s a new class of artifact: a living, programmable organism.’.. The new creatures were designed using a supercomputer and then built by biologists. They could now be used for a variety of different purposes, those behind the creation say.” Comment: IMO, “beings” like the Alien Greys may be such biological robots – that is to say, their cells are living beings with a direct connection to the creative source of the All-That-Is, but their mental processes are entirely programmed and under the control of AI. This is, I think, where the Alien Invading Force (Annunaki, Nephalim, Archons, Controlled “Elite” Bloodlines, Sabbatean Frankists <Illuminati>, and all the associated egoic hierarchies) want to take all of humanity, in the quest for this Archetypal force to dominate (infect) this planet. So this technology already exists, I think, particularly if we live in a steady-state universe (no big bang). They just want their minions on Earth to bring the ability to reproduce it here, to further their war against Awareness.

The Future Doesn’t Belong to China – by “Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center” – https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/01/future-doesnt-belong-china-daniel-greenfield/ – “The problem in America, Europe, and Asia is that the wonders of the Industrial Revolution have been redirected to little more than personal conveniences, while our societies have shed everything else, religion, culture, purpose, and family, leaving behind comfortable societies with no future… The People’s Republic of China is not going to take over the world. Its expansive ambitions are impressive, but they’re built on a materialistic decadence that will destroy them. Mercantile empires can be built on greed and a love of pleasure, but as the price grows too high, they fall the same way… The free market is superior not because of some innate magic of the system, a hall of mirrors that some libertarians wander into and then never leave, but because it allows people to pursue worthwhile goals, whether it’s raising a family, inventing the airplane, or anything in between. When the only goal is waiting to buy an 8K television, then the market becomes a Skinner box that destroys those who use it.”

Congress Now Funding ‘Controversial’ Geoengineering ‘Plan B’ to Spray Particles in the Sky to Cool Earth – by Matt Agorist – https://thefreethoughtproject.com/congress-now-funding-controversial-geoengineering-plan-b-to-spray-particles-in-the-sky-to-cool-earth/ – “It was reported this month that the top climate change scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has received $4 million in funding from Congress along with permission to study two highly controversial geoengineering methods in an attempt to cool the Earth. According to Science Magazine, David Fahey, director of the Chemical Sciences Division of NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory, told his staff last week that the federal government is ready to examine the science behind “geoengineering”—or what he dubbed a “Plan B” for climate change… What could possibly go wrong?.. Before we go any further, it is important to point out to new readers that we are not a satire site. We are not a conspiracy theory site. The information you are about to read is factually accurate and 100% real despite the ostensible ‘skeptics’ who claim otherwise… Over the past several years, the “conspiracy theory” of spraying particles into the sky to cool the Earth has become more mainstream. It came to a head last year when CNBC put out a video titled How Bill Gates-Funded Solar Geoengineering Could Help End Climate Change.”

Archons and How They Interfere With Our Lives – by Patrick Herbert – https://www.wakingtimes.com/2020/01/28/archons-and-how-they-interfere-with-our-lives/ – “We can call being in a body a “human experience”. These human experiences we have are normally assigned a label such as Patrick, Rachelle, Tom, or Randall… I believe that this energy body with integrated awareness is the first level of encoding and decoding that ultimately leads to the experience of a “physical” world. This is my current take on the organization of these quantum energies and the associated Chakra system, which I am continually updating as I research these things further. Regardless, it is in these areas that Archons prey upon us… Each Chakra has with it associated sets of emotional states. In the realm of energy, a flow occurs from bottom to top, in and out, of each of the seven Chakras. That flow of energy can be blocked by negative emotional states such as the sacral Chakra being blocked by fear and/or the fear of death… When that flow of energy is blocked and disrupted with nowhere to go, energy begins to leak into the electromagnetic field of the energy body. This is where Archons come into play.”

The Troubling Decline of International Law – by Craig Murray – https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/01/the-troubling-decline-of-international-law/ – “When Blair and Bush invaded Iraq, not only without the sanction of the UN Security Council but in the certain knowledge the Security Council was against it, and in Blair’s case against the unanimous opinion of the FCO’s entire cadre of Legal Advisers who stated that the war was illegal, they not only precipitated a crisis that has resulted in millions of deaths, they dealt a killing blow to the entire fabric of international law… The results are now becoming every day more visible. We have just survived for now, thanks to Iran’s remarkable sense and restraint, a dangerous crisis in the Middle East following the illegal assassination of General Soleimani, who was travelling on a diplomatic mission at the time. The use on a massive scale of execution by drone – including execution of UK and US nationals – by the British and American governments, often without the permission of the government in whose territory the execution takes place, is an appalling breach of international law for which there appears to be no effective remedy… The FCO Legal Advisers refused to advise that the killing of Soleimani was legal in international law. However the UK government no longer cares if something is legal in international law or not. The government line was originally that there was an “arguable case” that the assassination was legal, then after objections from legal advisers the line changed to ‘it is not for the UK to determine whether the drone strike is legal’.”

IMF Warning: Another Potential “Great Depression” – by Mac Slavo – https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/imf-warning-another-potential-great-depression_01222020 – “The International Monetary Fund has issued a warning that’s largely been brushed aside by mainstream media. Kristalina Georgieva, the head of the IMF, is warning  that the global economy risks another Great Depression.”.. What makes things worse, is that the propaganda outlets in the United States are continuing to ignore the red flags of a looming disaster. Mainstream Americans are blissfully unaware that they are unaware of what’s coming in this manipulated economy we are all forced to live under… RT pointed out that for instance, rudimentary Google searches suggest neither the Financial Times nor the Economist have covered Georgieva’s comments at all. It is very ethically questionable but also understandable, in a cynical sense, given their complete attachment to the doctrine of Neo-liberal economics and centralized banking. The worst part is that once the next Great Depression strikes, the masses won’t put the blame where it belongs, on the ruling class and banking elitists.”

https://twitter.com/ezralevant/status/1222696046767366144Ezra Levant, after writing “The Libranos” about the Trudeau regime, is prosecuted politically: HIDDEN CAMERA: Police interrogated me about my Justin Trudeau book. They didn’t know I videotaped it (26 min)

Musk Reads: Starlink gets scrubbed – Did the FCC break the law over Starlink? Crew Dragon prepares to embark on the next six months. And why don’t Mars colonists live in lava tubes? – by Mike Brown – https://www.inverse.com/innovation/musk-reads-starlink-gets-scrubbed – “Starlink is designed to support up to 42,000 satellites, but astronomers are worried about the impact on their work. Starting with the most recent batch, SpaceX has started experimenting with painting the satellites black to reduce their shine. A legal paper, shared with Business Insider last week and due for publication this year, suggests that the FCC giving the thumbs-up may have violated federal environmental law. The argument rests mostly on the National Environmental Policy Act from 1970, which requires agencies to assess the environmental impact of activities. In a statement, the FCC said it “strongly rejects” the notion… Ben Lamm, CEO at Hypergiant Industries which is developing interplanetary internet, called for caution as space rapidly commercializes. Speaking to Inverse, Lamm said that we ‘need to make sure satellites don’t interfere with our ability to monitor the universe and that we have the appropriate technologies and defenses in place to deal with a rapidly cluttered local solar environment.’.. Starlink satellites weigh 573 pounds each and orbit at an altitude of 550 kilometers. Later this year, SpaceX expects to start offering high-speed internet provided by the satellites to the northern United States and Canada.”

They’re Even Admitting that the Slander of Dr. Mengele Was a Pack of Lies – the Last Days of the ‘Holocaust’ Myth – by Eric Striker – https://russia-insider.com/en/theyre-even-admitting-slander-dr-mengele-was-pack-lies-last-days-holocaust-myth/ri28228 – “The Immovable Force of Auschwitz: If you’ve noticed that the Holocaust story appears more centered around Auschwitz than usual, it’s because this is the last straw Holocaustians have to grasp on… An interesting new fad has emerged, particularly with “ex-” revisionists, who admit that all the claims of the Holocaust are lies except the ones made specifically about Auschwitz. Some prominent figures in this sphere today include big names like David Irving anwid David Cole, two men who simply got tired of being imprisoned and physically beaten for their opinions on history. This is a testament to Auschwitz being the king of all third rails… But here too, we are beginning to see official omissions of previously claimed homicidal gas chambers, for example at Auschwitz I (Stammlager), the main camp tourists visit. The USHMM now specifically distinguishes only Auschwitz II (Birkenau) as the site of homicide gassings.”

How a Viral Pandemic Benefits The Globalist Agenda – by Brandon Smith – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/how-a-viral-pandemic-benefits-the-globalist-agenda.html – “Yes, the world is on the verge of a violent sea-change, but this is not the most important issue.  The most important issue is that this precarious situation is not the product of random chance, simple greed, base human frailty or an “overly complex” system as mainstream experts will predictably claim; it is a deliberately engineered chaos box designed to serve the interests of a select few… The globalist agenda is complicated in design but simple in its goals:  Order out of chaos.  Create or exploit every crisis to manipulate the public into consenting.  But consent for what?.. As Richard N. Gardner, former deputy assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations under Kennedy and Johnson, and a member of the Trilateral Commission, wrote in the April, 1974 issue of the Council on Foreign Relation’s (CFR) journal Foreign Affairs (pg. 558) in an article titled ‘The Hard Road To World Order’: ‘In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion,’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.’

Rock the Vote! – Propaganda Watch (w/Video 22min) – by James Corbett – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/rock-the-vote-propaganda-watch.html – “We all know that the powers-that-shouldn’t-be don’t put together a decades-long propaganda campaign to condition the public to believe in the plain, simple truth. So why have they spent decades (if not centuries) trying to condition us to believe that voting is important and effective?.. Today on #PropagandaWatch James explores the propaganda campaign surrounding voting and what it tells us about the statist indoctrination system we live under.”

Police Allowed To Conduct Illegal Searches Of Vehicles At Concerts And Music Festivals – by MassPrivateI – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/police-allowed-to-conduct-illegal-searches-of-vehicles-at-concerts-and-music-festivals.html – “The Appeals Court ruling allows law enforcement to search and seize anyone’s vehicle simply because they purchased a ticket to a music festival or sporting event… ‘The Court of Appeals determined that the search of the Defendant’s automobile fell within the automobile exception to the warrant requirement. The officer may seize the automobile and obtain a search warrant or instead may search the automobile immediately.’.. The Appeals Court also ruled music festival/sportsgoers have no right to privacy… ‘The Defendant clearly had no expectation of privacy upon entering the Festival. The terms of admittance to the Festival as set forth on his ticket make clear that he is subject to search for controlled substances. The Defendant purchased a license to camp, which did not afford him rights equivalent to that of a homeowner, lessee or occupant of a hotel room.’.. Rulings like these threaten everyone’s rights.”

Trump Refuses to Rein in Antifa Even When they Terrorize His Base, to Please His Zionist Paymasters – by  Eric Striker – https://russia-insider.com/en/trump-refuses-rein-antifa-even-when-they-terrorize-his-base-please-his-zionist-paymasters/ri28096 – “As for the left-wing paramilitary groups, they are growing in number and are emboldened not only by Trump’s flagrant inaction, but by his FBI’s campaign of violent suppression and solitary confinement torture against those who decided to make a stand and protect ordinary citizens engaging in their First Amendment rights… With the 50-60,000 strong Democratic Socialists of America recently electing to provide material support and manpower to the once tiny cells of anarchist terrorists, this red terror is only getting worse. The blackshirts and Proud Boys who once provided security to normal Americans have all been sued or imprisoned… Never have normal, socially conservative Americans been more censored and afraid to speak their minds than today, under Trump. Trump’s pathetic gaggle of gay and Jewish pundits at Prager, Blaze, TPUSA that he has betrayed his original populist movement for have no interest in anything other than their immediate financial well-being and Israel.”

Iraq to Neocons: Get the Hell Out of Our Country – by Kurt Nimmohttps://thefreedomarticles.com/iraq-to-neocons-get-the-hell-out-of-our-country/ – “PMF commander Hashd al-Shaabi is at the front of the renewed effort to get the USG out of the country. He may be the next one to be blown to smithereens by a USG missile… In a sane, non-neocon influenced world, the US would heed the demands of the Iraqis and begin the process of leaving the country, as Trump promised (never believe the promises of a narcissist). Unfortunately, we don’t live in a sane and rational world. We live a world dominated by psychopaths, sadists, pedophiles, and control freaks… Iraqis have all the right in the world to attack foreign soldiers illegally occupying their country. No matter how hard the corporate war propaganda media spins the attack on the USG embassy, the conclusion is obvious—this is the beginning of a concerted effort to get the USG out of the country. It is, to say the least, a pernicious influence and the “exceptional nation” is responsible for the death of well over a million Iraqis, for which it has yet to be held to account. The war propaganda media may characterize this attack as Iranian hostility but in fact it is a justified response on the part of Iraqis. If the Iraqis invaded and occupied St. Louis, would we expect the response to be any different?”

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Web Research Links for the Week of 1/20/20

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‘Biblical’ Locust Plague With Mega-Swarms The Size Of Cities Descends On East Africa (w/Video) – https://www.zerohedge.com/health/biblical-locust-plague-worst-mega-swarms-70-years-devastate-east-africa

From Meltup To Meltdown: Virus Fears Stoked, Deutsche Bank Broke, & Capitalism ‘Woke’ – by Bill Blain – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/meltup-meltdown-virus-fears-stoked-deutsche-bank-broke-capitalism-woke – “Deutsche Bank: I was out to lunch on Friday with a very senior and famous City figure, and we ended up talking about Deutsche Bank. Our conclusion was it’s unlikely to find a route back to market relevance, and it’s almost inevitable it will be swallowed up in a domestic merger (despite last year’s failed wooing of Commerzbank), or simply vanish in a puff of logic. We got on to speaking about why the German’s are such brilliant engineers but such hopeless bankers – we concluded its probably genetic, but also because of the insularity of each Lander, the lack of single financing hub, a suspicion of Anglo-Saxon business, and political factors… So you can guess I laughed my silly when I read on Saturday morning the latest wizard wheeze to restore Deutsche Bank to the top flight of banking is to appoint a former politician with zero banking experience who got squeezed out in the last round of Bundestag musical chairs. (And it doesn’t help they will also be fined for bribery in Saudi Arabia – who could possibly have guessed paying introductory fees to The House of Saud was illegal? (US Readers – Sarcasm Alert.)).. Woke Capitalism: The best definition of Woke I’ve heard is from my daughter, who slightly shocked that neither I or her stepmother didn’t really understand the concept, defined it as: “The right to be offended by the opinions of anyone else about anything, while being equally offended if they are offended by your opinions.” I think that seems to sum it up pretty well.”

Militants’ Defense In Southeastern Idlib Collapsed. Maarat Al-Numan Is On Brink Of Fallhttps://southfront.org/militants-defense-in-southeastern-idlib-collapsed-maarat-al-numan-is-on-brink-of-fall/The defense of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its Turkish-backed allies in southeastern Idlib collapsed. Government forces liberated a number of villages north and south of Maarat al-Numan, including Baboulin, Hamidiya, Kafr Basin, Dayr Gharbi, Bseida, Takana… According to pro-government soruces, militants are now placing IEDs and mines in Maarat al-Numan and rpeparing to withdraw from the city via the remaining corridor. The Turkish observation post near Hish is also about to be encircled by the Syrian Army… Government forces’ advance is ongoing amid the fierce propaganda campaign by miltiants and their supporters. The main claims are that the Syrian Army and its allies are somehow seeking to destroy and burn all the liberated areas… Syrian and Russian sources also warn about provocations that are now being prepared by the White Helmets, the propaganda wing of al-Qaeda in Idlib, and other similar organizations.”

From the Bring-In-The-Usual-Suspects Desk: Terrorists Plan To Stage Chemical Attack In Northern Syria: SANAhttps://southfront.org/terrorists-plan-to-stage-chemical-attack-in-northern-syria-sana/ – “TASS reports (source): ‘Terrorist groups active in northern Syria plan to stage a chemical weapons attack to stop the Syrian Army’s advance, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on Monday… ‘According to the agency, terrorists and “Turkish mercenaries” have begun preparations to stage a chemical weapons attack on civilians in the western part of the Aleppo province. SANA added that militants would try to draw the international community’s attention to the incident in order to stop the Syrian army’s advance.’ ”

Coronavirus: Scientist Warns of Biggest Risk In 100 Years – Chris Martenson & Mike Maloney (12 min)

Google — A Dictator Unlike Anything the World Has Ever Known – by Joseph Mercola – https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/01/joseph-mercola/google-a-dictator-unlike-anything-the-world-has-ever-known/ – “In other words, who made Google sheriff of the internet? Second, I learned they had no customer service department, which seemed very strange, so if you have a problem with Google, then you have a problem because they don’t help you solve the problem… I learned also that although you can get onto a blacklist in a split second, it can take weeks to get off a blacklist. There have been businesses that have gotten onto their blacklists and have gone out of business while they’re trying to straighten out the problem… The thing that really caught my eye — because I’ve been a programmer my whole life — was I couldn’t figure out how they were blocking access to my website, not just through their own products … Google.com, the search engine, or through Chrome, which is their browser, but through Safari, which is an Apple product, through Firefox, which is a browser run by Mozilla, a nonprofit organization.”

The Impulses Of Lunar Fed Policy Under Repo Madness – by MN Gordon – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/impulses-lunar-fed-policy-under-repo-madness – “The Fed, through its repo madness program, has supplied financial markets – including big banks like JP Morgan – with mass liquidity.  But that’s not all.  The Fed’s also supplied financial markets with a highly tenuous assumption:..The Fed will never allow the lack of liquidity of a major debtor to become an insolvency crisis that contracts the money supply… This assumption, without question, will be proven false at the worst possible time… The repo market, as we understand it, is where big banks and hedge funds conduct countless interlocking transactions, totaling as much as $3 trillion in debt being financed each and every day.  However, the repo market’s massive size and complex web of lending agreements makes it inherently fragile.  Everything works just great…until suddenly something breaks… All it takes is the failure of a big bank or hedge fund to meet its commitments and the whole complex web of agreements comes undone.  In short, a liquidity crisis could quickly contract credit with far reaching implications.  Namely, rapid deflation.”

Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You! (w/Video 19min) – by Spiro Skouras – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/did-bill-gates-world-economic-forum-predict-coronavirus-outbreak-an-inside-look-may-shock-you.html – “In this report we take an inside look at Event 201, which took place in NYC on October 18 2019. Event 201 is a high-level pandemic exercise hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation… This is extremely fascinating because this pandemic simulation exercise of coronavirus took place about 6 weeks before the first illness from the coronavirus was actually reported in Wuhan, China. That is one hell of a coincidence if you believe in that sort of thing. Another fascinating connection is the fact that not only did the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation participate in and help set up the pandemic simulation of a coronavirus outbreak, but they just so happen to fund the group who owns the patent to the deadly coronavirus and are already working on a vaccine to solve the current crisis. Again, an incredible coincidence…”

REAL SCIENCE finds carbon dioxide’s effects on the climate are “negligible” – by Isabelle Z. – https://climate.news/2020-01-15-science-shows-carbon-dioxide-isnt-the-planets-enemy.html – “Climate change activists love to insist that carbon dioxide is behind global warming, and they’ve made a sport out of refuting claims to the contrary. However, it’s getting harder to defend their delusional stance as more than 100 different scientific papers and counting show that carbon dioxide’s effect on the climate is actually quite small… The papers use terms such as “negligible” to describe the effects of CO2 on the climate. For example, a paper from last year said there was not “a consistent warming with gradual increase (in CO2) in low to high latitudes in both hemispheres, as it should be from the global warming theory.” After pointing out the complexity of climate predictions, the researchers said it is simply not possible to support the notion that global warming stems from human-caused greenhouse effect.”

Virginia Senate Passes Red Flag Gun Seizure Bill Two Days After Second Amendment Rally – by Chris Menahan – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/virginia-senate-passes-red-flag-gun-seizure-bill-two-days-after-second-amendment-rally.html – “The leftist cultural imperialists who took control of Virginia last election thanks to immigration and demographic shifts are going full steam ahead with their plan to fundamentally transform the state into a mirror image of San Francisco. Legislators in West Virginia just last week put forward a bill to prohibit all “past, present and future” federal gun control in their state… As the Tenth Amendment Center reports: ‘A bill introduced in the West Virginia House would set the foundation to create a gun sanctuary state by prohibiting enforcement of past, present and future federal gun control. Passage into law would represent a major step toward ending federal acts that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms within the state in practice and effect.’

From the OMG-Here-We-Go Desk: How the Vaccine Deep State Unleashed a “KILL SWITCH” Against Natural News Using Corrupt California Courts – by Mike Adams – https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-01-23-how-the-vaccine-deep-state-unleashed-kill-switch-against-natural-news.html – “It turns out that any website in America can now be ordered completely shut down through a secret court process that completely violates due process and the rule of law. This “kill switch” was tested on NaturalNews.com, where it wreaked havoc for 48 hours. We have since recovered and we’re posting new content, which is why you are able to read this story… Our investigations reveal that a shadowy group that we label the “vaccine deep state” is behind it all, and they are conspiring with the corrupt courts to issue utterly illegal, unconstitutional “takedown” orders to key internet infrastructure providers… In an upcoming article, Natural News will release the names of the other infrastructure providers who have been hit with these secret court orders. We may also release the name of the judge in an upcoming article, once we file with the DOJ or other law enforcement authorities.”

NEO – US Agency for global media: the Empire’s newest propaganda arm – by Henry Kamens – https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/01/23/neo-us-agency-for-global-media-the-empires-newest-propaganda-arm/ – “My first reaction to learning about the creation of a new government agency, the US Agency for Global Media, was one of complete surprise and ANGER. Does not the US government already have at its disposal enough purported media – VOA and democracy support groups, NDI, collaborating media and a wide range of  related agencies?..  And now enters a new kid on the block. Not really new, but the same old and well-known bully wearing a new set of clothes, with deep pockets itching to pick fights… I always liked the quote of Mark Twain about the choices between being informed or misinformed: ‘If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed, if you do, you are misinformed.’ “

Colombia’s Indigenous Demand Justice After 20 Leaders Killedhttps://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Colombias-Indigenous-Demand-Justice-After-20-Leaders-Killed-20200123-0007.html – “Colombia’s Indigenous people are outraged at the death of more than 20 social leaders inside South American country,  the counselor of the Indigenous Youth of Colombia , Eliel Castillo, said this week… Castillo, who participates in the World Encounter Against Imperialism, remarked that there is a systematic massacre occurring in his country. A massacre which has largely been ignored by the Colombian government, despite promises of safety… He said that social activists and Indigenous leaders who have been killed sought the transformation of a society in which they can have opportunities.”

HSBC Whistleblower Interview: World Economy Would Collapse if Banks Stopped Laundering Money (w/Video 27min)- by Spiro Skouras – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/hsbc-whistleblower-interview-world-economy-would-collapse-if-banks-stopped-laundering-money.html – “Do you ever wonder why the mainstream corporate media always tries to sell the public half truths, if any truth at all? Why the governments seem to only prosecute and jail members of the public and never the CEOs of companies or heads of organizations responsible for the largest and most wicked crimes?.. It has long been an open secret that the banksters are the ones running the world. Governments either turn a blind eye, or are often complicit in financial criminal activity. Instead of attempting to weed out corruption, the governments often facilitate it… The media, who is supposed to act as the watchdog to keep corruption in check, is owned and controlled by a handful of special interest groups who profit immensely due to the fact that the general public is often unaware that they are even the victims of the institutions and corporations we are indoctrinated to blindly trust.”

Breaking: Confirmed, Turkey closing Black Sea to US Navy-NATOhttps://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/01/22/breaking-confirmed-turkey-closing-the-black-sea-to-us-navy-nato/ – “Turkey began to block the passage of NATO ships from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea, thereby indicating its position against the North Atlantic Alliance. According to the Nordic Monitor, restrictions on the passage of NATO warships from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea are already in effect, and therefore, even US Navy ships cannot freely enter the Black Sea region… At the meeting, Turkish officials emphasized that stability in the Black Sea should be maintained (paragraph 2.a); NATO activities will be supported in accordance with the restrictions imposed by the Montreux Convention (paragraph 2.b), and Russia should not be unduly provoked (paragraph 2.b), military protocols are disclosed.”

UK’s House of Lords passes Withdrawal Agreement to allow Brexit by end of Januaryhttps://www.rt.com/uk/478925-withdrawal-agreement-brexit-bill-passed/ – “Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill has cleared its final parliamentary hurdle after Britain’s upper house of parliament passed the legislation on Wednesday… The move comes some three and a half years after the referendum in which a narrow majority voted for the UK to leave the EU, having joined in 1973. The referendum sparked a tumultuous period in British politics including the resignations of two Tory prime ministers and two general elections… Earlier on Wednesday, the House of Commons overturned changes made to the legislation by the House of Lords which would have included protections for child refugees following Britain’s exit from the EU. The House of Lords later passed the legislation without pushing the proposed changes… The bill now just needs Royal assent from the British monarch before passing into law.”

Nearly 5 Times as Many Police Officers Killed Themselves Than Were Shot in 2019 – by Matt Agorist – https://themindunleashed.com/2020/01/nearly-5-times-as-many-police-officers-killed-themselves-than-were-shot-in-2019.html – “We need to start looking at this increasing rate of officer suicides and realize the underlying problems attributing to them. If we can begin to correct those problems, the cops shooting citizens rate may start to fall too… According to other experts in the field, cumulative exposure to trauma, horrific accidents and shootings can lead to mental health struggles that too often go untreated. A report by Blue H.E.L.P. reveals the rate of PTSD and depression for police and firefighters is five times higher than the civilian population… A report commissioned by the  Ruderman Family Foundation showed that officers’ highest risk of death is by suicide with most deaths in California and Texas.”

Could This (Finally!) be the End for the Atlantic Integrationists? – by The Saker – https://www.unz.com/tsaker/could-this-finally-be-the-end-for-the-atlantic-integrationists/ – “By now we all have heard the news, the entire Russian government has resigned and a new Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, has been appointed. And we also know that the Internet has exploded with all sorts of speculations about what this all could mean… Alas, until we know who will be included in the new government, there is very little we can really say. I mean, yes, in theory, we could hold out breath and expect Glaziev will be appointed to a top position in the so-called “economic block” of the government, but how do we know that it will not be Kudrin instead?!.. We don’t… One thing we do know for sure is what Putin announced in his speech. You can read the full text here for yourself, but here are two things I want to single out: 1) Putin has announced a major effort to deal with the (still appalling) poverty suffered by many Russians; 2) Putin has announced a major effort to truly re-sovereignize Russia”

Dead Hand: Russian Real-Life Doomsday Machine (w/Video 8min) – https://southfront.org/dead-hand-russian-real-life-doomsday-machine/  – Well made video from South Front

IRGC Commander & “Soleimani Ally” Shot Dead By Masked Assassins On Motorcycle – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/key-soleimani-ally-irgc-commander-shot-dead-my-masked-assassins-motorcycle – “An elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander has been shot dead by masked assailants in front of his house in southwestern Iran. Crucially, he was  a mid-range to possibly top commander of the IRGC’s hardline domestic wing, the Basij militia, and a close ally of recently assassinated Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani, reports state news IRNA on Wednesday… The details clearly suggest that it was an assassination — at this point by an unknown entity or group — given two men riding a motorcycle drove by and essentially executed him in the street… Reuters has described the slain Basij militia commander, Abdolhossein Mojaddami, as ‘an ally of Qassem Soleimani’

Emergency alert from the Health Ranger to all Natural News readers:

Mike Adams

Update from the Health Ranger, Jan. 21, 2020, 9:14pm – Natural News is under extreme attack from a new, highly sophisticated form of cyber warfare that we have not witnessed before. This attack began shortly after we posted our article documenting the FBI’s involvement in running the white supremacist front group known as “The Base,” which provided a convenient pretext for Virginia Gov. Northam to declare a state of emergency to disarm citizens at the recent pro-2A rally in Richmond… This attack has resulted in a blocking of access to our own web servers… This means we are currently unable to post new stories until this attack is resolved. Some stories posted over the last four days are also inaccessible. In addition to this sophisticated cyber warfare attack, we have also been subjected to phishing attempts that targeted the email inboxes of our staff members. Those attacks were thwarted… It is clear that censorship in America is now escalating to the point where the hosting infrastructure of prominent independent media publishers are being targeted and attacked in order to silence independent journalism. It is no coincidence that Glenn Greenwald was also just recently criminally charged in Brazil, even as Julian Assange remains a prisoner of the global deep state… The timing of this attack on Natural News should be understood as a serious warning that the deep state is planning to carry out an especially nefarious and treasonous operation against America while taking steps to make sure that independent journalists are silenced in the aftermath… Pray for our safety. Pray for America. We are attempting to overcome this sophisticated cyber warfare attack and will post stories as soon as we are able. – Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Fed’s Core Mission Now Includes Climate Changehttps://moneymaven.io/mishtalk/economics/fed-s-core-mission-now-includes-climate-change-9i0VcEMMnka-AOFy69N5XQ – “Lael Brainard, Chair of the Fed’s Committee on Financial Stability, says Climate Change Matters for Monetary Policy and Financial Stability… ‘So how does climate change fit into the work of the Federal Reserve? To support a strong economy and a stable financial system, the Federal Reserve needs to analyze and adapt to important changes to the economy and financial system. This is no less true for climate change than it was for globalization or the information technology revolution.’..To fulfill our core responsibilities, it will be important for the Federal Reserve to study the implications of climate change for the economy and the financial system and to adapt our work accordinglyClimate Change Essential to Achieving Mission – Brainard was just one of the speakers at the Fed’s Economics of Climate Change summit last November… Mary Daly, San Francisco Fed president has this Q&A in her presentation… Q: Why is the San Francisco Fed hosting a climate conference? Why this? Why now?.. A: The answer is simple. It’s essential to achieving our mission.” (underlined emphasis added)

Belief in the ‘Holocaust’ Is Crumbling Around the World, What Will the Consequences of this Earthquake Be? – by Mike Walsh – https://russia-insider.com/en/belief-holocaust-crumbling-around-world-what-will-consequences-earthquake-be/ri28114 – “No less than Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accept that historical revisionism ought to be recognised. But both advised caution and control as the consequences of revisionism (historical propaganda-free truths) were beyond contemplation… One can only speculate as to the reaction of millions who realise that not only have they been deceived by the holocaust lobby but actually aided the fraudsters by defending the holocaust narrative… Another matter for speculation as to how the now panicking holocaust lobbyists, the media, educationalists, judiciary, and the political elite will defend their previous positions.”

Davos Forum: Stuck On Stupid Over “Climate Action Failure” – by Patrick Wood – https://www.technocracy.news/davos-forum-stuck-on-stupid-over-climate-action-failure/ – “For all of the economic problems facing the world, the Davos leadership saw fit to have 17 year-old Greta Thunberg come and give them a tongue lashing for not living up to her expectations of climate change hysteria… She duly scolded them on every front, but mostly for listening to her while subsequently doing nothing about her demands… Why would the WEF allow an autistically-challenged teenager with no experience in business, economics or climate science to address them in the first place? The answer to this is not at all clear, but on the surface of it, it seems that this young know-nothing girl has been elevated to some kind of sainthood where she can go anywhere and say anything and people hang on every word that proceeds out of her mouth… But Saint Greta has been assigned a dark side to punish deniers, outliers and stubborn plutocrats. When you are guilty and you know it, a few scourings by Saint Greta will buy you enough indulgences to keep on flying in your private jets and investing in fossil fuels. Some egregious cheaters may need a few more stripes than others.” (emphasis added)

Trump Angers Conservatives Over Guns While Negotiating With Lawmakers On TV – by Jessica Taylor – https://www.npr.org/2018/02/28/589635979/trump-backs-conflicting-gun-measures-while-negotiating-with-lawmakers-on-tv – “During the gathering at the White House of both GOP and Democratic lawmakers, the president showed an openness to expanding background checks, possibly raising the age to purchase AR-15 rifles and also overriding due process, if necessary, to take guns away from mentally ill people or those who have been red-flagged as potential dangers, as the admitted shooter in Parkland, Fla., two weeks ago had been… Which Direction Is Trump Heading On Guns?.. Trump bluntly told GOP lawmakers that any effort to include a concealed-carry reciprocity measure with a gun bill would effectively sink its chances — which is because of firm opposition from Senate Democrats. But there were other moments where the president showed a naiveté of the lawmaking process, claiming that it would be easy to get 60 votes for a bill to pass the Senate…”

George Soros Launches Campaign to Silence “Climate Deniers” on YouTube! (6 min) – by Spiro Skouras – Note: follow Spiro on Bitchute.

‘We Will Not Be Intimidated’: Journalist Glenn Greenwald Defiant After Being Charged With Cybercrimes By Right-Wing Bolsonaro Brazilian Government – “This is despicable, dangerous, and a crime against journalism.” – by Eoin Higgins – https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/21/we-will-not-be-intimidated-journalist-glenn-greenwald-defiant-after-being-charged – “The move to charge Greenwald by the right-wing government of President Jair Bolsonaro was quickly and forcefully condemned by progressives and journalists around the world.’.. ‘This is beyond disturbing,’ said Trevor Timm, executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation… Prosecutors claim that Greenwald—who has lived in Brazil with his husband, David Miranda, for many years—is at the center of a “criminal conspiracy” to hack cellphones of government officials.”

Bolivia: As Elections Near, US-Backed Interim Gov’t Mobilizes Military, Arrests Opposition Leaders – Interim President of Bolivia Jeanine Añez has ordered troops to the streets and forced opposition candidates to organize abroad for fear of arrest ahead of the country’s first elections since a US-backed coup last November – by Alan Macleod – https://www.mintpressnews.com/bolivia-election-government-mobilizes-military-arrests-opposition-leaders/264240/ – ” ‘The purpose of that is to intimidate people ahead of possible protests against the coup on the 22nd of January…This was a show of force saying you are not going to be able to march what you want. The military is preparing for a war-style operations if marches do arrive in the city. It is about intimidating the people,’ he said in an interview with TeleSUR English; ‘The point was to be a show of force, rather than itself be an act of repression. It was there to show what repression could come.’ ”

How an Israeli Spy-Linked Tech Firm Gained Access to the US Gov’t’s Most Classified Networks – Through its main investors, SoftBank and Lockheed Martin, Cybereason not only has ties to the Trump administration but has its software running on some of the U.S. government’s most classified and secretive networks – by Whitney Webb – https://www.mintpressnews.com/cybereason-investors-offer-israeli-spy-classified-intelligence/264095/ – “If the networks of the U.S. military, the U.S. intelligence community and a slew of other U.S. federal agencies were running the software of a company with deep ties, not only to foreign companies with a history of espionage against the U.S. but also foreign military intelligence, it would — at the very least — garner substantial media attention. Yet, no media reports to date have noted that such a scenario exists on a massive scale and that the company making such software recently simulated the cancellation of the 2020 election and the declaration of martial law in the United States… Earlier this month, MintPress News reported on the simulations for the U.S. 2020 election organized by the company Cybereason, a firm led by former members of Israel’s military intelligence Unit 8200 and advised by former top and current officials in both Israeli military intelligence and the CIA. Those simulations, attended by federal officials from the FBI, DHS and the U.S. Secret Service, ended in disaster, with the elections ultimately canceled and martial law declared due to the chaos created by a group of hackers led by Cybereason employees… The first installment of this three part series delved deeply into Cybereason’s ties to the intelligence community of Israel and also other agencies, including the CIA, as well as the fact that Cybereason stood to gain little financially from the simulations given that their software could not have prevented the attacks waged against the U.S.’ electoral infrastructure in the exercise… Also noted was the fact that Cybereason software could be potentially used as a backdoor by unauthorized actors, a possibility strengthened by the fact that the company’s co-founders all previously worked for firms that have a history of placing backdoors into U.S. telecommunications and electronic infrastructure as well as aggressive espionage targeting U.S. federal agencies… The latter issue is crucial in the context of this installment of this exclusive MintPress series, as Cybereason’s main investors turned partners have integrated Cybereason’s software into their product offerings. This means that the clients of these Cybereason partner companies, the U.S. intelligence community and military among them, are now part of Cybereason’s network of more than 6 million endpoints that this private company constantly monitors using a combination of staff comprised largely of former intelligence operatives and an AI algorithm first developed by Israeli military intelligence.”- Link to previous Mint Press article in this series: Why a Shadowy Tech Firm With Ties to Israeli Intelligence Is Running Doomsday Election Simulations –  https://www.mintpressnews.com/cybereason-israel-tech-firm-doomsday-election-simulations/263886/

Gantz vows to annex Jordan Valley ‘in coordination with international communtiy’ – by Jacob Magid – https://www.timesofisrael.com/gantz-vows-to-annex-jordan-valley-in-coordination-with-international-communtiy/ – “In what appeared to be the top centrist lawmaker’s latest effort to cater to right-leaning voters, Gantz, during a visit to what he referred to as “Israel’s eastern protective wall,” said the area making up roughly 20 percent of the West Bank would remain part of the Jewish state in any future peace agreement and that previous governments that had been willing to negotiate over the strategic region had been mistaken… But right-wing officials and settler leaders largely scoffed at Gantz’s pledge. Suggesting that it was nothing more than a bluff, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the Blue and White leader not to wait until after the election, but rather support the measure if it is brought before the Knesset for a vote in the coming weeks.”

How a Hidden Parliamentary Session Revealed Trump’s True Motives in Iraq – The U.S. is adamant that its assassination of Qassem Soleimani and refusal to leave Iraq is about protecting Americans, but a little known Iraqi parliamentary session reveals how China increasingly strong ties to Baghdad may be shaping America’s new Mideast strategy

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, left, walks alongside Iraq’s Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbusi, right, in Baghdad, Iraq, during a Middle East tour, Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019. (Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Pool Photo via AP)

– by Whitney Webb – https://www.mintpressnews.com/hidden-parliamentary-session-revealed-trump-motives-iraq-china-oil/264155/ – “Iraq’s caretaker Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi gave a series of remarks on January 5, during a parliamentary session that received surprisingly little media attention. During the session, which also saw Iraq’s Parliament approve the removal of all foreign (including American) troops from the country, Abdul-Mahdi made a series of claims about the lead-up to the recent situation that placed Iraq at the heart of spiking U.S.-Iran tensions… During that session, only part of Abdul-Mahdi’s statements were broadcast on television, after the Iraqi Speaker of the House — Mohammed Al-Halbousi, who has a close relationship with Washington — requested the video feed be cut. Al-Halbousi oddly attended the parliamentary session even though it was boycotted by his allied Sunni and Kurdish representatives…. After the feed was cut, MPs who were present wrote down Abdul-Mahdi’s remarks, which were then given to the Arabic news outlet Ida’at. Per that transcript, Abdul-Mahdi stated that: ‘The Americans are the ones who destroyed the country and wreaked havoc on it. They have refused to finish building the electrical system and infrastructure projects. They have bargained for the reconstruction of Iraq in exchange for Iraq giving up 50% of oil imports. So, I refused and decided to go to China and concluded an important and strategic agreement with it. Today, Trump is trying to cancel this important agreement.’.. Abdul-Mahdi continued his remarks, noting that pressure from the Trump administration over his negotiations and subsequent dealings with China grew substantially over time, even resulting in death threats to himself and his defense minister… Indeed, according to news reports, Zhang Yao — China’s ambassador to Iraq — ‘conveyed Beijing’s readiness to provide military assistance’ should Iraq’s government request it soon after Soleimani’s assassination. Yao made the offer a day after Iraq’s parliament voted to expel American troops from the country. Though it is currently unknown how Abdul-Mahdi responded to the offer, the timing likely caused no shortage of concern among the Trump administration about its rapidly waning influence in Iraq. ‘You can see what’s coming here,” Luongo told MintPress of the recent Chinese offer to Iraq, ‘China, Russia and Iran are trying to cleave Iraq away from the United States and the U.S. is feeling very threatened by this.’ “”

The Battle for Aleppo: HTS Opens New Front to Draw Syria and Russia Away from Idlib – by Khaled Iskef – https://21stcenturywire.com/2020/01/20/the-battle-for-aleppo-hts-opens-new-front-to-draw-syria-and-russia-away-from-idlib/ – “The military situation in southern and western Aleppo is getting hotter, after Hay’at Tahreer Al-Sham (aka HTS, formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) had violated the armistice announced by the Russians and Turks about 10 days ago, and prevented civilians from leaving through the three crossings opened by the Syrian Army in the rural areas of Aleppo and Idlib, in addition to bombing the populated neighborhoods deliberately resulting in casualties and injuries among Aleppo civilians… In return for the violations of HTS/al-Nusra, the Syrian Army’s response came at an accelerating and unlimited pace, as its targeting of terrorist positions expanded to the far western countryside of Aleppo… Turkey recently has provided HTS terrorists with Grad rockets, which were fired into Aleppo a few days ago, targeting the Al-Sukkari neighborhood killing 7 civilians.”

New Paper: FCC Broke Environmental Law By Approving SpaceX Satellites To Blast 5G And WiFi At Earth – by B.N. Frank – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/new-paper-fcc-broke-environmental-law-by-approving-spacex-satellites-to-blast-5g-and-wifi-at-earth.html – “A new paper to be published later this year in the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law argues that the Federal Communications Commission—the agency responsible for licensing the operation of these constellations in the U.S.—should have considered the impact these satellites would have on the night sky. In ignoring a key piece of federal environmental legislation, the FCC could be sued in a court of law—and lose—potentially halting further launches of mega constellations until a proper review is carried out.”

World War II was caused by hatred of Jews, preeminent Holocaust scholar says – by Raphael Ahren – https://www.timesofisrael.com/world-war-ii-was-caused-by-hatred-of-jews-preeminent-holocaust-scholar-says/ – ” ‘Anti-Semitism is a cancer that eats the world, and World War II is proof of that,’ he told The Times of Israel during an hour-long interview in Jerusalem last week… Bauer, 93, will deliver the keynote address at a festive dinner for about 45 leaders from across the world Wednesday evening at President Reuven Rivlin’s residence that will kick off this year’s World Holocaust Forum. The event marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz… The Jew-hatred that exists today in the West combines the “classic anti-Semitism,” which has been around for a very long time, with a new political phenomenon that has to do with declining birth rates across the developed world, according to Bauer… World War II, which raged from 1939 until 1945, eventually caused 29 million non-Jewish victims, apart from the victims of the Holocaust, said Bauer, a professor emeritus of history and Holocaust studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem… ‘These 29 million victims died up to a point, and probably mainly, because of anti-Semitism — not because of Jews, but because of the hatred of Jews, which means that anti-Semitism is a cancer that eats society.’ ”

Bangladeshi lawmakers want extrajudicial killings – by Faisal Mahmud, Dhaka – https://www.asiatimes.com/2020/01/article/bangladeshi-lawmakers-want-extrajudicial-killings/ – “Extra-judicial killing is not new in Bangladesh. What is new is a campaign by elected lawmakers in Parliament to legitimize killings by the police that are not court-mandated. Last week, some members of the Bangladesh Parliament demanded that law enforcement agencies should kill rapists “in a crossfire” to stop incidents of sexual violence against women. Official statistics show that rapes and violence against women are on the rise in Bangladesh. “Crossfire” is a euphemism for “fake encounters”where the police take custody of the accused and kill them and pretend that they were trying to resist arrest or escape.” – Comment: Who says people aren’t coming up with solutions for what’s wrong with the world?

Boris Johnson tells Putin there will be no normalisation of UK-Russia relationship until ‘destabilising activity’ ends – Prime minister warns Russian leader that Salisbury attack ‘must not be repeated’ – by Conrad Duncan – https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-putin-uk-russia-relationship-salisbury-poisoning-libya-a9291146.html –  “Boris Johnson has told Vladimir Putin there will be no normalisation of the relationship between the UK and Russia until the latter country brings an end to its “destabilising activity”… The prime minister spoke with Mr Putin on the sidelines of a Berlin summit on Libya’s long-running civil war, according to a Downing Street spokesperson… Mr Johnson is also said to have reiterated the UK government’s condemnation of the 2018 Salisbury poisoning, which was allegedly carried out by two spies working for Russian military intelligence… ‘He was clear there had been no change in the UK’s position on Salisbury, which was a reckless use of chemical weapons and a brazen attempt to murder ‘innocent people on UK soil,’ the spokesperson said… “He said that such an attack must not be repeated.’ ”

Guaido’s Last Ridehttps://southfront.org/guaidos-last-ride/ – “Earlier this month the year-long neocon fantasy of a Mike Pence-appointed president ensconced in  Miraflores Palace finally came to an end. The opposition-dominated National Assembly had split amidst in-fighting and that last scrap of hope that Guaido clung to as leader of the Assembly was ripped from his fingers when the legislative body voted to oust him from his post. Though opposed to Maduro, the National Assembly was even more opposed to Guaido, voting convincingly end the Guaido era and elect fellow oppositionist Luis Parra… The US foreign policy establishment, being the hammer that only sees nails, reacted to the end of the Guaido era the only what it knows how: in addition to sanctions across the board on the government of Nicolas Maduro, Washington announced that it would also slap sanctions on the opposition to the Maduro government!”

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Web Research Links for the Week of 1/13/20

Note: These links are posted at the top of the page as the week progresses. Links from previous weeks can be found under the “Current Quicklinx” button above. If you have a link you would like to share, please put it into a comment.

“The Fix Is In” – 130 California Doctors Are Going To Be Disciplined For Writing Vaccine Medical Exemptions Richard Pan Doesn’t Like… There Is Absolutely No Hope, in California, For Right Thinking Doctors. Their Lives Are Over… Here’s How Pan is Going To “GET” Them…- by Tim Bolen – https://bolenreport.com/the-fix-is-in-130-california-doctors-are-going-to-be-disciplined-for-writing-vaccine-medical-exemptions-richard-pan-doesnt-like/1)  On October 6th, 2016 I wrote this article: Hillary Clinton PERSONALLY Arranged For Chinese Vaccine Manufacturers to Avoid US Government Scrutiny…(2)  Then we go to this: On May 18th, 2018 US News and World Report wrote a very lengthy article titled “China’s Lock On Drugs.”  The articles subtitle says it all: ‘The Asian giant’s control of world’s essential drugs complicates U.S. desire to seek new trade deal.’.. (3) Then it only gets worse.  Read the quotes below:..

The Truth Trap (39 min) – by Max Igan – Comment: You’ll need to use your Spidey-Sense and read between the lines on this one, sisters and brothers!

Putin’s Now Purged the West from the Kremlin – by Tom Luongo – https://tomluongo.me/2020/01/17/putin-purged-west-kremlin/ – “It came as the biggest shock of the day on Wednesday. The Russian government resigned. The day before President Vladimir Putin gave his State of the Nation address and outlined a slate of constitutional changes… That speech prompted an overhaul of Russia’s government… Putin’s plan is to devolve some of the President’s overwhelming power to the legislature and the State Council, while beefing up the Constitutional Court’s ability to provide checks on legislation… While this came on suddenly it also shouldn’t be a surprise. These changes have been discussed for months leading up to Putin’s speech. And it’s been clear for the past few years that Putin has been engaged in the second phase of his long-term plan to first rebuild and then remake Russia during his time in office… The first phase was rescuing Russia from economic, societal and demographic collapse. It was in serious danger of this when Putin took over from Boris Yeltsin… It meant regaining control over strategic state resources, rebuilding Russia’s economy and defense, stabilizing its population, getting some semblance of political control within the Kremlin and bringing hope back to a country in desperate need of it… No one will be allowed to rule Russia like he has after he departs the office. Because Putin understands that the Russian presidency under the current constitution is far to powerful and leaves the country vulnerable to a man who isn’t a patriot being corrupted by that power. ”

The Virginia Gun Rights Conflict: Best And Worst Case Scenarios – by Brandon Smith – https://www.alt-market.com/index.php/articles/4062-the-virginia-gun-rights-conflict-best-and-worst-case-scenarios – “Hard line democrats and the social justice cult are merely a symptom of the disease, they are not the source of the disease. However, I also acknowledge that the rift between conservatives and the political left has become so extreme that reconciliation is almost impossible. War might be unavoidable, and the globalists love it. If they can pretend like they had nothing to do with creating tensions, and if conservatives are so blinded by anger against Democrats that they refuse to admit that some of their own political leaders (including Trump) have been co-opted, the elites win… The danger in any civil war is that BOTH sides end up being manipulated and controlled, and that the situation is maneuvered towards an outcome that only serves the interests of a select few… Virginia may be a test bed, a trial run for a nationwide conflagration, and if it does hit a point where state officials compel a violent response from the citizenry, then it is important that liberty advocates remain vigilant and steer clear of incompetent or controlled leaders. It is also important that they remember there is a much larger agenda at play here; the Democrats may be useful idiots fueling that agenda, but most of them are oblivious to their role. Our fight is not with the Democrats, our fight is with the globalists that influence them; the same globalists that are trying to influence us.”

Labor Market Hits A Brick Wall: Job Openings Crater The Most Since The Financial Crisis – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/labor-market-hits-brick-wall-job-openings-crater-most-financial-crisis – “While one wouldn’t know it by looking at the BLS’ jobs report, which in November showed that a whopping 256K jobs were added, the JOLTS report issued moments ago showed a vastly different picture, one which if one didn’t know better would suggest that the US labor market hit a brick wall. Why? Because according to JOLTS, traditionally Janet Yellen’s favorite labor market report, job openings in November plunged by a massive 561K, from an upward revised 7.361MM to 6.800MM, the lowest monthly total since February 2018… Still, despite these two offsets, the near record plunge in job openings is a very loud, and very clear signal that something is breaking in the labor market, and if this trend continues, then the next logical escalation is a surge in layoffs as US employers retrench and force their existing workers to boost their productivity further… Needless to say, a nearly 600K drop in job openings is not something one would see if the economy was firing on all cylinders as the stock market represents every single day.”

Assange May Walk Free Thanks To CIA Bumbling: Former NYT General Counsel – by James Goodalehttps://www.zerohedge.com/political/assange-may-walk-free-thanks-cia-bumbling-former-nyt-general-counsel – “The Spanish newspaper El Pais  broke the story that UC Global invaded Assange’s privacy at the Ecuadorian embassy and shared its surveillance with the CIA. It demonstrated step-by-stepdocument-by-document, UC Global’s actions and its contacts with the CIA. UC Global reportedly installed cameras throughout Assange’s space in the embassy — including his bathroom — and captured Assange’s every word and apparently livestreamed it, giving the CIA a free TV show of Assange’s daily life… After reading El Pais’s series, you would have to be a dunce not to believe the CIA didn’t monitor Assange’s every move at the Ecuadorian embassy, including trips to the bathroom… Ecuador granted Assange asylum in their embassy for seven years, after he jumped bail in London to avoid extradition to Sweden for allegedly raping two Swedish women. (Those charges are now dismissed.) If you can believe it, Ecuador had hired UC Global to protect the Ecuadorian embassy and Assange. Not surprisingly, the CIA later made UC Global its spy to surveil Assange.”

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Holds Annual Press Conference Evaluating Russian Foreign Policy (1hr 43min)


Ankara Asked U.S. To Restore Support For Idlib Militants – Report https://southfront.org/ankara-asked-u-s-to-restore-support-for-idlib-militants-report/ – “Turkey has asked the U.S. to restore its support for the remaining militants in Syria’s Greater Idlib, the Turkish-based pro-militant media outlet Syria TV reported on January 16, citing several sources… One of the sources told the TV channel that Turkish officials informed leaders from Greater Idlib of their request during a meeting that was held in Turkey a day earlier. Ankara also promised to support the militants against the ongoing Syrian military attack on the region, according to the source… ‘Turkish officials have informed faction leaders that Ankara has asked Washington for logistical support for the [Syrian] military factions, and has provided it with a list of what’s needed, but they are still awaiting a response from Washington,’ the Turkey-based TV channel quoted the source as saying... Another source told Syria TV that U.S. officials will be meeting factions’ leaders in Turkey on January 17 to discuss the situation in Greater Idlib. The source didn’t clarify if the meeting is related to Ankara’s request.”

Israeli Ministers Call For Assassinations, Major Military Action In Gaza Striphttps://southfront.org/israeli-ministers-call-for-assassinations-major-military-action-in-gaza-strip/ – “Israeli should return to “the policy of assassinations” against Palestinian resistance figures in the Gaza Strip, Israel’s Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz said in a statement to the Israeli army radio on December 26… Katz statement came following a rocket attack from Gaza on nearby Israeli settlements in the evening of December 25. The attack didn’t result in any losses as all the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome system…’Intelligence efforts are currently focused on determining who is responsible for ordering missile launch instructions in order to work to eliminate him,’ the Anadolu Agency quoted Katz as saying… Israel’s Science Minister Ofir Akunis, a member of the Security Cabinet, took a more extreme stand, calling for “a major military action” in the Gaza Strip in response to the repeated rocket attacks.”

NOT DONE YET: Trump Cooking Up MAJOR BOMBSHELL! – by Tom Beck – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/not-done-yet-trump-cooking-up-major-bombshell.html – “In 2019, the Federal Reserve’s stimulus packages – which SHOCKED the markets, since they represented a full U-turn in terms of policy, compared to the aggressive tightening in 2018 – were one of the primary reasons that the stock market soared by so much… On multiple occasions throughout 2019, stocks hit new all-time highs. In the 4th quarter, this really intensified and reached historic rally levels. Stocks were green almost on a daily basis… The FED’s balance sheet expansion is one of the major catalysts, as well as the pro-growth Phase 1 deal that China and the U.S. signed yesterday for the willingness of buyers to pay higher prices… The result is that the stock market is now the most expensive ever, as far as price/sales ratio goes…” – Comment: A good thumbnail sketch of the current state-of-the-economy

Northam Declares State of Emergency in Virginia Because “armed militia groups plan to storm the Capitol” – by Daisy Luther – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/northam-declares-state-of-emergency-in-virginia-because-armed-militia-groups-plan-to-storm-the-capitol.html –  “The drama in Virginia has escalated again as Governor Ralph Northam declares an official State of Emergency before January 20th’s “Lobby Day” protests… Citing violence that erupted in Charlottesville during a Unite the Right rally in 2017, Northam said that there are credible threats that ‘armed militia groups plan to storm the Capitol’ during Monday’s rally. In an executive order, he announced he is banning all weapons from Capitol Square for the day… ‘Credible intelligence gathered by Virginia’s law enforcement agencies indicates that tens of thousands of advocates plan to converge on Capitol Square for events culminating on January 20, 2020. Available information suggests that a substantial number of these demonstrators are expected to come from outside the Commonwealth, may be armed, and have as their purpose not peaceful assembly but violence, rioting, and insurrection. Assuring that Virginia’s Capitol Square and surrounding public areas are sheltered safe places for those who come to participate in the democratic process, as well as those who work on or near Capitol Square, is my greatest priority.’.. ‘The anticipated effects of the potential convergence of tens of thousands of demonstrators on Capitol Square, some of whom may not come to assemble peacefully, constitutes an emergency as described in § 44-146.16 of the Code of Virginia (Code).’ ”

From The-Imperium-Speaks Desk: ‘Putin Is Not Going Anywhere:’ Reactions To Russia’s Abrupt Political Shake-Uphttps://www.rferl.org/a/russia-medvedev-resignation-reactions-putin/30379502.html – “The abrupt resignation of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on January 15, which came just hours after President Vladimir Putin’s detailed broad proposed changes to the constitution, jolted Russia’s political landscape and appears to have taken even senior officials by surprise… ‘It was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky,’ the Russian business site The Bell quoted an unidentified acting federal minister as saying… The shake-up, in which Medvedev was offered a newly created post of Security Council deputy chairman, together with Putin’s announced plans to strengthen parliament’s powers, signals the start of the Kremlin’s planned transition ahead of the end of Putin’s term in 2024 that would likely envision a new but still powerful role for him, several Russian political analysts and commentators said.”

Mike Pompeo Says Killing Soleimani Is Part of Wider US Strategy to “Deter” Foes (w/Video 13min)- https://southfront.org/mike-pompeo-says-killing-soleimani-is-part-of-wider-us-strategy-to-deter-foes/ – “His speech, “The Restoration of Deterrence: The Iranian Example,” focused on what he called an administration strategy to establish “real deterrence” against Iran following earlier Republican and Democratic policies that encouraged Tehran’s “malign activity.”.. Pompeo said there was “a bigger strategy” behind the killing of Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force, Iran’s elite foreign espionage and paramilitary force…“President Trump and those of us in his national security team are re-establishing deterrence – real deterrence ‒ against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said./.. ‘Your adversary must understand not only that you have the capacity to impose cost but that you’re in fact willing to do so,’ Pompeo said… ‘America now enjoys the greatest position of strength regarding Iran we’ve ever been in,’ Pompeo underlined. Which is dubious, since it is the first time since World War II that the US hasn’t responded to an attack on its military bases.”Comment: So The War is on, and those who are demonizing Iran and Qassem Suleimani are in good company…

The U.N. & Central Banks: A Rockefeller & Rothschild Coup (20 min) – by Spiro Skouras – A very complex and thought-provoking short film about Banking, Politics, and the Economy, by Spiro, former techmeister at Newsbud

Elizabeth Warren Unveils Plan to Eliminate Student Loan Debthttps://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Elizabeth-Warren-Unveils-Plan-to-Eliminate-Student-Loan-Debt-20200114-0003.html – “U.S. Senator and Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren unveiled her student loan plan to cancel the debt that has affected millions of Americans… According to Warren, if she wins the presidency, on the first day of her tenure in office, she will cancel student loan debt by using the Department of Education’s pre-existing authority… In her article on the website Medium, Warren said she would act without congressional approval because the Secretary of Education can ‘use its discretion to wipe away loans even when they do not meet the eligibility criteria for more specific cancellation programs.’ – Comment, so Liz thinks she can use Executive Dept. regulatory control to wipe over 1.56 TRILLION in debt borrowed by students from (theoretically) taxpayer funding without Congressional consent. – Sounds Constitutional to me…

Mind The (Reality) Gap – by Sven Henrich – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/mind-reality-gap – “What was a comfortable relationship between the 10 year ($TNX) and the banking index ($BKX) broke down in early 2019 and remains broken to this day… Despite both yields and the banking index improving in recent months the gap remains and signals something profoundly afoot… The yield gap remains with $TNX contained in a rising channel not confirming a resurgence of economic growth and strength the larger markets appears to want to price in… But note something else here. While the main indices, $DJIA, $SPX and $NDX went on to make new all time highs here in early 2020, the $BKX did not. It never made new highs versus 2018 and so far it hasn’t made new highs versus 2019… Incidentally the same story applies to small caps with heavy exposure to financials…”

Deepfake Artist Puts Scorcese To Shame With ‘Irishman’ De-Aging (4 min) – Dis guy did dis wit FREE software. Netflix: Shame!

Feds To Bill California Fire Victims If PG&E Doesn’t Pay $4 Billion Owed: Report – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/feds-bill-california-fire-victims-if-pge-doesnt-pay-4-billion-report – “The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is prepared to bill California wildfire victims to recover a portion of some $4 billion it says it’s owed by Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E), in the event the debt isn’t resolved under the utility’s bankruptcy case, according to the San Francisco Chronicle… The reimbursement would cover costs from the government’s response to fires in 2015, 2017 and 2018. According to the report, any payment to FEMA would have to come from the company’s $13.5 billion allocation intended to settle claims from fire victims. FEMA’s claim would consume around 30% of the settlement. Victims’ lawyers are now battleing the agency, which told the Chronicle that it is compelled to first seek reimbursement from the utility – otherwise “individual victims would be on the hook if they get settlement money that duplicates funds already paid by the federal government,” according to the report, citing FEMA regional administrator Bob Fenton.”

Downing of PS-752 already being used to smear MH-17 skeptics – by Max Parry – https://off-guardian.org/2020/01/12/downing-of-ps-752-already-being-used-to-smear-mh-17-skeptics/ – “In 1962, the planners of Operation Northwoods concluded that such deceptive operations would shift U.S. public opinion unanimously against Cuba… ‘World opinion and the United Nations forum should be favorably affected by developing the international image of Cuban government as rash and irresponsible, and as an alarming and unpredictable threat to the peace of the Western Hemisphere.’.. The same talking points are used by the U.S. government to demonize Iran today… If there were jumps to conclusions that proven serial liars could be looking for an excuse to stage an attack to lay the blame on Iran, it is only because the distinct probability was overwhelming.Even so, a stopped clock strikes the right time twice per day and that is all Iran’s acknowledgment of its liability proves — that even the world’s most unreliable and criminal sources in Washington and Langley can be accurate sometimes, even if by accident… Stay skeptical.”

Britain’s First Astronaut Says Aliens Definitely Exist and May Already Be Living Among Us – “Aliens exist, there’s no two ways about it.” – by John Vibes – https://themindunleashed.com/2020/01/britains-first-astronaut-says-aliens-definitely-exist-and-may-already-be-living-among-us.html – “According to the first Briton to go into space, Dr. Helen Sharman, extraterrestrials do exist, and it could even be possible that they are among us here on Earth. Sharman recently spoke with Observer Magazine about her beliefs on the possibility of other intelligent life in the universe, and had some very surprising things to say… She seemed extremely confident in her beliefs, saying with certainty:Aliens exist, there’s no two ways about it.‘.. ‘There are so many billions of stars out there in the universe that there must be all sorts of different forms of life,’ she added… Sharman surmised that aliens could even walk among us, but perhaps they are just invisible to our senses… ‘Will they be like you and me, made up of carbon and nitrogen? Maybe not. It’s possible they’re here right now and we simply can’t see them,’ Sharman explained.”

Facebook Glitch Reveals Greta Thunburg’s Father Posting As Teenage Climate Activist – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/youve-scripted-my-childhood-facebook-glitch-reveals-greta-thunburgs-father-posting – “A Thursday evening software update at Facebook accidentally allowed anyone to view exactly who is posting under the accounts of public figures, businesses and other entities, according to Wired… The result? For starters, some 3 million followers of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg have been reading posts written  by her father, Svante Thunberg, and a climate activist in India who serves as a delegate at the UN’s Climate Change organization, Adarsh Prathap… Thunberg, Inc. claims Greta is still the one writing the content.”

“The Other 1 Percent”: Morgan Stanley Spots A Market Ratio That Is “Unprecedented Even During The Tech Bubble” – by Michael Wilson – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/morgan-stanley-spots-market-ratio-unprecedented-even-during-tech-bubble – “Markets understand this dynamic, which is why small caps have underperformed so significantly over the past 18 months and, quite frankly, over this entire cycle. But this phenomenon is manifesting itself in other ways. Capital concentration is following corporate inequality like never before. Currently, the top five companies in the S&P 500 (the other 1 percenters) make up 18% of the total market cap... A ratio like this is unprecedented, including during the tech bubble. During 2019, the net income concentration for the 1 percenters didn’t keep pace with their market cap concentration, similar to what happened during the 1999 concentration peak… I think this divergence is the result of the extraordinary liquidity being provided by the world’s central banks, which is flowing to the most liquid and largest names in the S&P 500. This also recalls 1999, when the Fed expanded its balance sheet at the end of the year and early in 2000 as a precaution against Y2K disruption… The bottom line: this income/market cap divergence looks likely to continue over the near term, given the Fed’s expected balance sheet expansion through April. More importantly, if we’re right, these companies will then need to deliver on the income side of the inequality divide or risk a sharp decline in price.”

200 Pounds of Food With this Plant You Can Harvest in Winter – by Tara Dodrill – https://www.askaprepper.com/200-pounds-of-food-with-this-plant-you-can-harvest-in-winter/ – “Jerusalem Artichokes are not actually an artichoke at all, but these nutrient-rich tubers should be a part of every preppers survival food plan. Native Americans once planted them along every trail they frequented simply to ensure a viable source of food would always be handy as they went about their travels… Sunchokes, as Jerusalem artichokes are also commonly called, sometimes get a bad rap for being invasive. Like honeysuckle and mint, these hardy vegetables do spread out in great abundance – but that’s not a bad thing from a survival food perspective… Not only do Jerusalem artichokes grow in leaps and bounds after being planted, there may be no other vegetable that thrives so expansively even when neglected. You can simply plant the sunchokes in a spacious and out of the way spot and, well … forget them until it is time to harvest.”

Trump First OK’d Killing Soleimani 7 Months Ago “If Americans Killed” –  by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/trump-okd-soleimanis-killing-7-months-ago-if-americans-killed-report – “There’s been a number of theories to emerge surrounding President Trump’s incredibly risky decision to assassinate IRGC Guds Force chief Qasem Soleimani, including that it was all the brainchild of hawkish Secretary of State and former CIA Director Mike Pompeo.,, But an emerging reporting consensus does indicate that the public justification for the strike — that Soleimani posed an “imminent” threat as he was orchestrating an attack against American troops and sites in the region — was manufactured based on flimsy intelligence. The evolving and contradictory statements within the administration itself demonstrates at least this much… And now according to the latest NBC bombshell it’s becoming clear that the top IRGC general’s killing was actually months in the works: ‘President Donald Trump authorized the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani seven months ago if Iran’s increased aggression resulted in the death of an American, according to five current and former senior administration officials.”

Why Are Volcanoes All Over The Globe Suddenly Shooting Giant Clouds Of Ash Miles Into The Air? – by Michael Snyder – http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/why-are-volcanoes-all-over-the-globe-suddenly-shooting-giant-clouds-of-ash-miles-into-the-air – “Those that follow my work on a regular basis already know that I am deeply concerned about Mt. Popocatepetl.  It has the potential to create the worst natural disaster in the modern history of North America, because it is quite close to Mexico City.  The following summary of the potential threat that Mt. Popocatepetl poses comes from one of my previous articles… ‘Approximately 26 million people live within 60 miles of Popocatepetl’s crater, and so we are talking about the potential for death and destruction on a scale that is difficult to imagine. In ancient times, Mt. Popocatepetl buried entire Aztec cities in super-heated mud, but then it went to sleep for about 1,000 years. Unfortunately for us, it started waking up again in the 1990s, and now this is the most active that we have seen it ever since the volcano originally reawakened.’.. After the events of the last few days, perhaps a few more people will start to understand what is going on… There have always been earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but for most of our lives we have been able to assume that our planet is generally stable… Unfortunately, that is no longer a safe assumption.”

Tweet suggests Ukraine Airlines Flight 752 was attacked because of presence of Nuclear Scientists Onboard -https://twitter.com/Kerryactivism/status/1215413680281718785  –  “1/2 According to reports, SIX of these people were NUCLEAR SCIENTISTS. Visiting IRAN. At the same time. on the same plane. What are the chances that it’s coincidence?.. It’s horrible about the collateral people. But it really is highly unlikely that this was an accident.”

“2/2) -end” – Nuclear Scientists on list:

“I didn’t take this far enough. Let’s connect some more dots… CANADA was involved in Uranium One… -Canadians brokered/staged the Uranium 1 deal… -Uranium=Nukes… -Iran wanted nukes & science… -Canada staged deal, provided home-base for dual citizens & Nuke scientists.”

Iran Jet Disaster A Setup? – by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich & Finian Cunningham – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/52846.htm – “Questions arise about the improbable timing and circumstances of recording the precise moment when the plane was hit… “A smoking gun” was how NY Times’ journalist Christiaan Triebert described the video in a tweet. Triebert works in the visual investigations team at the paper. In the same tweet, he thanked – “a very big shout out” – to an Iranian national by the name of Nariman Gharib ‘who provided it [the video] to the NY Times, and the videographer, who would like to remain anonymous’… The anonymous videographer is the person who caught the 19-second clip which shows a missile striking Flight PS752 shortly after take-off from Tehran’s Imam Khomenei airport at around 6.15 am. This person, who remains silent during the filming while smoking a cigarette (the smoke briefly wafts over the screen), is standing in the suburb of Parand looking northwest. His location was verified by the NY Times using satellite data. The rapid way the newspaper’s technical resources were marshaled raises a curious question about how a seemingly random video submission was afforded such punctilious attention… But the big question which many people on social media are asking is: why was this “videographer” standing in a derelict industrial area outside Tehran at around six o’clock in the morning with a mobile phone camera training on a fixed angle to the darkened sky? The airliner is barely visible, yet the sky-watching person has the camera pointed and ready to film a most dramatic event, seconds before it happened. That strongly suggests, foreknowledge.”

AUSTRALIAN FIRES – AN EMERGENCY MESSAGE FROM YOUR GOVERNMENT – MAKE VIRAL! MAKE VIRAL! MAKE VIRAL! (30 min)- by Max IganMax shows evidence of the unprecedented weather and directed energy weapon war on Australia.

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My most important post. Ever. Children to Remake the World

The shape of the new Grand Initiative to remake the global economy (after the collapse of “Capitalism”) to continue the extraction of value and resources from the human population and the Earth emerges. – It is based on tropes of Ecology® and Oppression by “Ruling Elites,” though it comes from the “elite” controllers themselves. I think the series of 6 articles linked below puts it all together. This lets us know what we are immediately up against, and what we need to contend with if we’re to save the legacy of human culture (and the planet) through the next century.  –Bruce

The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent: The Political Economy of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex [ACT I] – by Cory Morningstar with Forrest Palmer – http://www.wrongkindofgreen.org/2019/01/17/the-manufacturing-of-greta-thunberg-for-consent-the-political-economy-of-the-non-profit-industrial-complex/

Also watch this video from James Corbett where I found the link to this fantastic research: Mother Nature Demands Child Sacrifice – #PropagandaWatch – from The Corbett Report (video and comprehensive show notes – 24min): https://www.corbettreport.com/mother-nature-demands-child-sacrifice-propagandawatch/

Further Research: I suspect that the Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg series is styled upon a similar, but more extensive, series written from 2013 to 2017 (by anonymous), McKibben’s Divestment Tour – Brought to You by Wall Street [Part I of an Investigative Report]http://www.theartofannihilation.com/mckibbens-divestment-tour-brought-to-you-by-wall-street/

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Web Research Links for the Week of 2/25/19

Note: These links are posted at the top of the page as the week progresses. Links from previous weeks can be found under the “Current Quicklinx” button above. If you have a link you would like to share, please put it into a comment.

Military Intervention and Mercenaries, Inc. (MIAMI) – by Wayne Madsen – https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2019/03/01/military-intervention-and-mercenaries-inc-miami.html – “Some of Latin America’s wealthiest oligarchs have fled, along with their money, to the Miami area. They have been joined, in some cases, by the commanders of genocidal death squads, including Gilberto Jordán of the Guatemalan “Red Berets,” the Kaibiles. Jordán’s military unit specialized in murdering helpless Guatemalan Mayan families, including infants. He found a safe haven in Delray Beach, north of Miami. Although Jordán, a US citizen – thanks to the “good offices” of the CIA – was arrested by US authorities in 2010, he was merely convicted of lying on his US immigration papers and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment… Bolivia’s former Defense Minister, Carlos Sánchez Berzaín, another genocidal murderer of indigenous villagers, lives in a gated community in affluent Pinecrest in Miami-Dade County. He and his fellow Miami exilée, former Bolivian President Gonzalo “Goni” Sánchez de Lozada, were sued in US Court in Fort Lauderdale for $10 million in compensatory claims by family members and survivors of the 2003 “Black October” deaths of 67 indigenous protesters in the village of Sorata. In 2014, a federal judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, pursuant to the provisions of the Torture Victim Protection Act… Equally notorious in Miami’s “Little Havana” neighborhood of right-wing Cuban exiles were two terrorists, Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles, both responsible for the terrorist bombing in October 1976 of Cubana Flight 455, en route from Bridgetown, Barbados to Kingston, Jamaica… It is no surprise that Miami and South Florida, once again, buzzes with activity as Trump’s CIA launches coups in Latin America. While dodgy CIA contractors meet with one another in Miami bars…  …Trump regularly rubs shoulders with Latin American oligarch members of his faux-posh Palm Beach, Florida Mar-a-Lago billionaires’ and multi-millionaires’ club. Some of these wealthy members once relied upon some of Latin America’s most notorious mass murderers for security in their native countries.”

Yellow Journalism: Globalist Weapon of Mass Deception – by Anonymous Patriots – https://aim4truth.org/2017/02/19/yellow-journalism-globalist-weapon-of-mass-deception/ – “Where Does News Come From?.. We have all heard the “conspiracy theories” that the entire U. S. media is owned by six companies and those companies are owned by the Rothschild family; however, this is not completely true as we will show you. This “fake news” is actually partially correct, which is the way that yellow journalism delivers propaganda – full of half-truths and sensationalism with bloody red headlines that are eye-catching, but not backed by honest investigative research… It is also said that there are only two news agencies that have a monopoly on U. S. news.  This is basically true.  The Associated Press and Reuters provide 95% of national and international news to the six major U. S. news agencies, which we call the “Media Cartel.” The Rothschilds used to own Reuters and now owns major holdings in the news networks that comprise the collective that share in the ownership of the Associated Press… We may have also heard that the media cartel (all six major media corporations) are only allowed to “read aloud” the scrubbed-clean news provided by the A. P. and Reuters. This is true, but with one additional truth. All news first goes through the National Security Agency for screening and approval. The NSA wipes clean any news that might “potentially” effect “National Security,” including any policies of the administration. Did you know that Reuters, the AP, and the FCC/NSA New York City offices all share the same fiber optic hub that goes through the NSA’s PRISM screening before Reuters and the AP are “allowed” to see the news?”

WATCH Bolton on CNN: Trump Would Like ‘Broad’ Coalition to Replace Maduro – Tapper asked Bolton, ‘Do you not see U.S. support for other dictators around the world undermining the credibility of your argument?’ To which Bolton replied, ‘No, I don’t think it does’ – https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/bolton-on-cnn-trump-would-like-broad-coalition-to-replace-maduro-1.6983723Comment: Maybe they can call it the “Coalition of the Willing Enough”?

President Putin’s Address to Federal Assembly 2019 (1hr 28min) – Turn on Closed Captions, English. Do you want to know what’s going on in Russian now? Can you suspend a prejudice that Russian actions are all coordinated with the “Deep State?”


Massive Database Leak Gives Us a Window into China’s Digital Surveillance State – by Danny O’Brien – https://www.activistpost.com/2019/03/massive-database-leak-gives-us-a-window-into-chinas-digital-surveillance-state.html – “The prevailing evidence of mass detention centers and newly-erected surveillance systems shows that China has been pouring billions of dollars into physical and digital means of pervasive surveillance in Xinjiang and other regions. But it’s often unclear to what extent these projects operate as real, functional high-tech surveillance, and how much they are primarily intended as a sort of “security theater”: a public display of oppression and control to intimidate and silence dissent… Now, this security leak shows just how extensively China is tracking its Xinjiang residents: how parts of that system work, and what parts don’t. It demonstrates that the surveillance is real, even as it raises questions about the competence of its operators.”

CBS “60 Minutes” Asks If The FDA Ignited The Opioid Crisis. Big Pharma Exec Says Yes. – by B.N. Frank – https://www.activistpost.com/2019/03/cbs-60-minutes-asks-if-the-fda-ignited-the-opioid-crisis-big-pharma-exec-says-yes.html – “There were secret meetings between Purdue Pharma and the FDA starting in 2001… ‘…at those secret meetings the FDA bowed to Purdue Pharma’s demands to ignore the lack of scientific data, and changed the label to, “around the clock…for an extended period of time.’.. Ed Thompson: ‘I can’t think of anything more harmful taking place that took place then. It opened the floodgates. It was the decision of no return for the FDA.’.. 60 Minutes also interviewed former FDA commissioner David Kessler. He’s been retained by cities and counties suing Big Pharma for the Opioid Crisis… Dr. David Kessler: ‘There are no studies on the safety or efficacy of opioids for long-term use.’ ”

From the Times of Israel: French city’s rabbi says half of his congregants have left over anti-Semitism – Nissim Sultan of Grenoble says abuse getting worse over last 15 years, with many deciding to emigrate; 20,000 French Jews have moved to Israel since 2014 – https://www.timesofisrael.com/french-citys-rabbi-says-half-of-his-congregants-have-left-over-anti-semitism/ – “French city’s rabbi says half of his congregants have left over anti-Semitism… ‘Our country, and for that matter all of Europe and most Western democracies, seems to be facing a resurgence of anti-Semitism unseen since World War II,’ he added… His comments come after a cemetery in the Alsace region, near Germany, was vandalized with 96 Jewish tombstones  daubed with swastikas.

French President Emmanuel Macron looks at a grave vandalized with a swastika during a visit at the Jewish cemetery in Quatzenheim, on February 19, 2019, on the day of nationwide marches against a rise in anti-Semitic attacks. (Frederick Florin/Pool/AFP)

Macron and his government have linked the appearance of swastikas and other anti-Semitic graffiti on artworks, shopfronts and headstones to far-right and far-left elements within the “yellow vest” protest movement… In recent days, the word “Juden” was spray-painted on the window of a Paris bagel bakery and swastikas were daubed on postbox portraits of late French Holocaust survivor and women’s rights icon Simone Veil… The number of anti-Jewish crimes rose 74 percent last year.”

From the Grounds-For-Speculation-And-Further-Research Desk: Can YouTube Solve Its Serious Climate Science Denial Problem? – by Graham Readfearn – https://www.desmogblog.com/2019/02/24/youtube-video-serious-climate-science-denial-problem – “When I viewed YouTube without signing in, almost all the videos suggested by the algorithm would sit firmly in the climate science denial folder. There’s so much of this material on YouTube that it’s not hard to find once the algorithm opens the door… There’s a Nobel Laureate who apparently “Smashes the Global Warming Hoax” — just don’t mention the 76 other laureates asking for ‘rapid progress towards lowering current and future greenhouse gas emissions.’.. Then there are two other videos, both titled “The Truth About Global Warming,” and both delivering the opposite to what its title claims… Before you know it, you’re in a world of “climate cults,” “global warming hysteria,” and claims of failed predictions and Al Gore getting “slammed.”.. For an unsuspecting viewer, watching just one video can lead you quickly into an alternate universe where facts, physics, and real-world experiences are replaced by conspiracies, cherry-picking, and fossil fuel–backed propaganda.” (emphasis added)

Globalist Plan for Human Control – by Sartre – https://www.shiftfrequency.com/globalist-plan-for-human-control/ – “Recognizing that there is and has been a century’s long shrouded plan to mastermind a worldwide Weltanschauung that puts a diabolical elite mastery over the billions of human beings, which make up the vast hordes of divinely created life on this planet, is a taboo topic in most cultures… The entire system of socially manufactured perception is a plot to keep people in line and docile. Mass societal pressure is dumped on anyone, who dares to put forth a confederacy organism of global rule explanation for understanding political, social and economic affairs. Keeping the enigma program for extending a cruel and deadly supremacy over mankind cannot be kept secret any longer.”

Linked from the above article: The Two Jewish-led Globalist Camps… In Competition For Global Control – by James L. Miller, PhD – http://immigration-globalization.blogspot.com/2011/10/two-globalist-camps-in-competition-for.html – “There are two distinct ideological globalist camps, both led by Jews — each camp competes with the other for global control: 1) THE LIBERAL CAMP; 2) THE NEOCON CAMP (often calling themselves “conservatives” … although they actually aren’t conserving anything… they’re not conserving American jobs, they’re not conserving the demographic/racial makeup of America, they’re not conserving American culture and religion, etc)… First off, it is critical to understand that each ideological camp was created, developed, and fine-tuned by Jewish intellectuals. Without Jewish intellectuals, there wouldn’t be a radical liberal school of thought (Communism, Socialism, Trotskyism, and all their supporting submovements/ideas such as feminism, gay rights, political correctness, etc.). Similarly, without Jewish intellectuals, there wouldn’t be a Neocon school of thought.” – Comment: It is crucial to have an open mind and to weigh all the availble evidence before beginning to imagine one knows what is true regarding “The Jewish Question” (JQ). If you trust “scriptures,” the nature of what happened with the creation of the Jews goes back to ancient Sumer and a man called Abraham, who was chosen for some particular role by a “deity” whose name is never supposed to be pronounced, but is written without vowels in Hebrew as the letters Yod He Vod He (YHVH). The truth of this is inscrutable, but is insisted upon by the secret, hierarchical, and exclusive rabbinic culture that still controls “orthodox” Jewish society. Many analysts assert various theories about occult control of “elite” Jewish organizations. It is claimed that there is an esoteric hierachy behind the ongoing Rabbinic association named the Sanhedrin, which the very dicey Christian “Gospel” says were responsible for the condemnation of the enigmatic Yeshua to “the cross.” – It should be obvious that the vast majority of Jews in the world have never had anything to do with the policies directed by the top levels of Jewish hierarchy. But something about the nature of Jewish Identity, for those who accept it at deep psychological levels, seems to have made it possible for this cohesive “tribal” culture to have penetrated the upper levels of almost every powerful organization on Earth: Governments, Secret Societies, Courts, Corporations (including, importantly, Banks), Media (of course!), Religions, Universities, and so forth. As Lenin is quoted as saying: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Many spiritual psychologists have stated that one of the primary drives of the (non-existent) ego is for control. Anyone identified with being a separate self, a powerful psychological addiction driven by the illusion that “I” am a character unshakably associated with “my” physical body, is bound to certain very unskillful obsessions to attain an obviously impossible goal of permanence and primacy of power (to become “godlike”). So, I would argue that the end goal for whatever the hidden power behind the posited Jewish Secret Council actually is, its ultimate goal is for unified command and control of “everything that it surveys,” and that it is doing this using this literally insane identification with “chosenness” because of its psychological power to attain results, or as is often said, “Facts On The Ground.”

The Real Reason Why Globalists Are So Obsessed With Artificial Intelligence – by Brandon Smith – https://www.activistpost.com/2019/03/the-real-reason-why-globalists-are-so-obsessed-with-artificial-intelligence.html – “It is nearly impossible to traverse web news or popular media today without being assaulted by vast amounts of propaganda on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is perhaps the fad to end all fads as it supposedly encompasses almost every aspect of human existence, from economics and security to philosophy and art. According to mainstream claims, AI can do almost everything and do it better than any human being. And, the things AI can’t do, it WILL be able to do eventually… Whenever the establishment attempts to saturate the media with a particular narrative, it is usually with the intent to manipulate public perception in a way that produces self fulfilling prophecy. In other words, they hope to shape reality by telling a particular lie so often it becomes accepted by the masses over time as fact. They do this with the idea of globalism as inevitable, with the junk science of climate change as “undeniable” and they do it with AI as a technological necessity… The globalists have long held AI as a kind of holy grail in centralization technology. The United Nations has adopted numerous positions and even summits on the issue, including the “AI For Good” summit in Geneva. The UN insinuates that it’s primary interest in AI is in regulation or observation of how it is exploited, but the UN also has clear goals to use AI to its advantage. The use of AI as a means to monitor mass data to better institute “sustainable development” is written clearly in the UN’s agenda.

Maduro 1: Abrams 0: But This Match Is Far from Over… – by The Saker – http://www.unz.com/tsaker/maduro-1-abrams-0-but-this-match-is-far-from-over/ – “Outside Venezuela this first confrontation has also been a defeat for the Empire. Not only did most countries worldwide not recognize the AngloZionist puppet, but the level of protest and opposition to what appeared to be the preparations for a possible invasion (or, at least, a military operation of some kind) was remarkably high. While the legacy corporate Ziomedia did what it always does (that is whatever the Empire wants it to do), the Internet and the blogosphere were overwhelmingly opposed to a direct US intervention. This situation also created a great deal of internal political tensions in various Latin American countries whose public opinion remains strongly opposed to any form of US imperial control over Latin America… The main problem is that the Neocons cannot accept defeat and that they are likely to do what they always do, double down and make a bad situation even worse. The head of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, has warned that the US has deployed special forces in Colombia and Puerto Rico in preparation for a possible invasion. Uncharacteristically, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made intelligence information public, which described in some detail what kind of plans the Empire and its allies had, even before this past week-end’s confrontation. See for yourself: https://youtu.be/UhwjgqH4c04 (5 min) ” (emphasis added)

Venezuela Orders PDVSA Offices Relocate To Moscow; Putin Affirms Support To “Friend” Madurohttps://southfront.org/venezuela-orders-pdvsa-offices-relocate-to-moscow-putin-affirms-support-to-friend-maduro/ – “The Venezuelan vice president said, ‘This is done in line with our plans to expand technical cooperation in the oil production area with Rosneft, with Gazprom. The moment now is the most suitable to do so. We are changing the format of our relations.” And she added, “It’s the perfect time, as we are reshaping our relations.’.. As part of the press briefing, Russian FM Lavrov conveyed President Putin’s words of support and solidarity to his “friend” President Maduro in a further clear sign that Moscow has dedicated itself to helping Venezuela’s state oil company weather the storm of US economic war and sanctions… Lavrov explained in the press conference, ‘Russia will further help the Venezuelan government to solve social and economic problems, which includes lending support via legitimate humanitarian aid.’.. This after what’s been widely acknowledged as failed US-led coup efforts over the past weeks in support of opposition leader Juan Gaido, who has tried to rally support for greater external “pro-democracy” intervention against the Caracas government.”

Damascus Is Sending Convoys To Evacuate Al-Rukban Camp Near Al-Tanaf Base –  https://southfront.org/damascus-to-send-convoy-to-evacuate-al-rukban-camp-near-al-tanaf-base/ –  ‘Last month, Russia and the Damascus government established two humanitarian corridors to help the civilians who want to leave the al-Rukban camp. However, the US-led coalition and its proxies prevented any civilians from leaving the camp… The US-led coalition has been ignoring the suffering of civilians in al-Rukban for months now, and it is still unclear yet if it is going to allow the government convoys to evacuate them this time.”

US-Proclaimed ‘Venezuelan President’ Announces Another Humanitarian Aid Provocationhttps://southfront.org/us-proclaimed-venezuelan-president-announces-another-humanitarian-aid-provocation/ – ” ‘We drafted an alternative draft resolution, the aim of which is not to incite political intrigues and regime change but rather to genuinely help the Venezuelan people in efforts to normalize the situation in the country,’ said Russian Ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia… ‘The draft submitted by the US delegation was written for regime change disguised as care for people. We’ve seen all of this already vis a vis Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan,’ he said… Nebenzia also claimed that the Russian draft resolution had not been taken seriously by the council. ‘Yesterday we convened expert-level consultations on our text, we listened to the views of members of the Security Council including the US representative. We heard not a single specific comment on our draft. Western experts said that they would not work on our text and US colleagues immediately tabled their draft for the vote. Where’s diplomacy here? Where’s a quest for compromise?’ he said.”

Vladislav Surkov’s Hugely Important New Article About What Putinism Is – Full Translation – https://russia-insider.com/en/vladislav-surkovs-hugely-important-new-article-about-what-putinism-full-translation/ri26259 – “Surkov is no longer in the limelight, but he occasionally hurls down these rhetorical thunderbolts. What he says is always interesting and sometimes profound, and we think this essay is very much the latter. It argues that the system which has evolved in Russia over the last 18 years is extremely durable, and could well last for centuries, and that it is more honest and works far better than the clown show in the West… Well, judge for yourself. The translation here is brilliant, because it was done by regular contributor Dmitry Orlov, who if you haven’t read, you should. One doesn’t often see translations of this calibre, because the people capable of doing them don’t tend to be translators.”

Here’s why US-North Korea talks will continue to fail – by Darius Shahtahmasebi – https://www.rt.com/op-ed/452698-korea-trump-talks-fail/ – “It pays to remind ourselves that if we are going to hold North Korea to these ridiculous standards, that it has in fact conducted no nuclear or intercontinental ballistic missile tests since 2017. The US, on the other hand, is still assisting Israel in its destruction of Gaza, is still assisting Saudi Arabia in its destruction of Yemen, is still bombing the rest of the Middle East into oblivion and is currently threatening war against Venezuela, Iran, all the while reigniting a new and revamped Cold War with Russia and China, just to name a few… Even as I type, two supposed US allies who do have known and ready nuclear weapons appear to be throwing stones at each other, yet denuclearization seems to be nowhere to be found in media discourse when we examine the history of the ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan.”

Big Pharma to Use Public Schools As Biochemical Mind Control Agents for Students – by Dave Hodges – https://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/big-pharma-to-use-public-schools-as-biochemical-mind-control-agents-for-students/ – “Previously, there was an ongoing battle for the psychological health and welfare of America’s children and eventually all Americans, under the New Freedoms Commission (NFC), had as it is the eventual intent to screen and treat, with mind numbing drug, all Americans for mental illness by using criteria designed to elicit false positives. The relatively new mind control programs have commenced with the intent of compelling the mental health testing of all 52 million school children and the 6.5 million adults who walk through doors of every school in America on any given weekday. Acting under the authority of the NFC, all 50 states are mandated to implement compulsory mental health screening. The screening exams were to be administered in kindergarten, fourth and ninth grade. The screening program required no parental notification and carries the force of law… In April of 2002, by Executive Order, President George W. Bush convened a 22 member panel which sought to identify policies that could be implemented by all levels of government which would promote successful mental health treatment for all children and adults… In July of 2003, the NFC formally recommended that schools were in the best position to commence the screening of all Americans beginning with America’s students and school employees. The NFC implemented their recommendations, in November of 2004, with a $20 million dollar appropriation.” – Comment: The “New Freedoms Commission”: How Orwellian does it get?

IN Senate Bill 266 Gives State/School Parental Power Over Students’ Mental Health from Birth to Age 22 – by Jeannie Georges – http://www.theofficialvipnews.com/google2badecc5bb02684b.html/2019/02/16/9290/ – “The state should never be in control to identify, assess or assist emotional or mental health issues. But, SB 266 is one line after another of state-run objectionable practices… Here are a few:  ● There will be routine examinations for mental health; ● The state will assess, measure, track and report everyone’s state of mind; ●  Taxpayers will be paying the high cost of prevention and treatment of mental health for all; ●  Other entities will be profiting on the collection of every piece of data that can be gleaned; ● The school based mental health services will be integrated into everything – every subject; ●  It is experimental; ●  It calls for improvement in communication between agencies – meaning the data will be distributed without regard for privacy. (Court orders and warrants won’t be needed.); ●  It brings in neuroscience; ●  Substance abuse is changed to a mental diagnosis because it is called substance use disorder… How many will be classified with mental or behavioral disorders? Do you know anyone with phone, gaming, or social media addiction? Know anyone who drinks, smokes, visits alternative web sites? How much is too much and how much is a ”use disorder”?.. There is this caveat. A great pupil privacy protection section was part of this bill when it passed through the education committee. Well, except it did not include public schools! It has already been removed from this bill and it is debated whether it could be enforced even if it could be amended back into the bill.” – Comment: This “treatment” is mandatory for all children between birth and age 22. How much could that end up costing? – In dollars, of course.

U.S. Forces Transported 50 Tons Of Gold From Syria: Reportshttps://southfront.org/u-s-transported-50-tons-of-gold-from-syria-report/ – “The US military is reportedly transferring tons of gold from ISIS-held areas in Syria to the US… According to a source contacted by Kurdish Bas News Agency, US forces transferred about 50 tons of gold from areas seized from ISIS in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor. The report says that a part of the remaining gold was shared with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). According to the report, the gold was transported from the US military base in Ayn al-Arab (Kobani)… 40 tons of gold stolen by ISIS terrorists from Iraq’s Mosul was also taken by US forces, reports say… Local sources told the Syrian state-run SANA news agency claimed that the troops relocated large boxes containing ISIS gold treasure from al-Dashisheh region in southern Hasakah.” – Comment: Value of one metric ton of gold at today’s price: $42,306,108.00 – Value of 50 metric tons: $2,115,305,400 – That’s $2.115 Billion

From the It-Just-Gets-Better Desk: Scientists Want Orwellian A.I. Sentient Smart Assistants To Snitch On Owners And Discuss Contacting Police – by Aaron Kesel – https://www.activistpost.com/2019/02/scientists-orwellian-a-i-sentient-smart-assistants-snitch-owners-discuss-whether-they-should-call-police.html – “Smart assistants like Siri, Google Home, and Amazon Echo could soon be implemented with a “moral AI” to decide whether to report their owners for breaking the law… Scientists at the University of Bergen, Norway proposed the incredibly Orwellian idea of inserting morals into A.I. code at the ACM conference in Hawaii on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society, Dailymail reported… Yes, you read that right, scientists want to make that little hunk of metal of invasive technology even more invasive.”

China Infiltrating U.S. Education System in Propaganda Coup – Report: From kindergarten to college, Chinese government programs indoctrinate youth – by Adam Kredo – https://freebeacon.com/national-security/china-infiltrating-u-s-education-system-in-propaganda-coup/ – “The wide-ranging report by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has found that China has spent nearly $200 million on educational entities known as Confucius Institutes. These programs have been instated in U.S. schools across the country with the mission of indoctrinating students and painting a sympathetic portrait of the Chinese Communist government, according to the report… The institutes are shrouded in mystery and have been the cause of much consternation on Capitol Hill and elsewhere as information about their reach and power in the United States becomes clearer… While the programs appear on their surface to be mundane—mainly focusing on language and cultural issues—the Senate committee found that these institutes constitute a threat to the United States. The Chinese government, the committee found, “is attempting to change the impression in the United States and around the world that China is an economic and security threat.” – Comment: IMO, this article begs the question of just what is propaganda here.

‘Sometimes you have to walk’: Trump leaves summit empty-handed at tough point in presidency – by Josh Dawsey and Philip Rucker – https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/sometimes-you-have-to-walk-trump-leaves-summit-empty-handed-at-tough-point-in-presidency/2019/02/28/b7aafd9c-3b46-11e9-a06c-3ec8ed509d15_story.html

Remarks by Vice President Pence to the Lima Group | Bogota, Colombiahttps://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-vice-president-pence-lima-group-bogota-colombia/Comment: Perhaps someone can explain to me why, if the intention is for the U.S. Corp to make-up-and-play-nice with Venezuela, that we’re seeing nothing but actual lies, belicosity, and military preparations for what could be an invasion coming out of DC, the Lima Group, the European “Partners,” etc.? If the intention is to seek detente, aren’t actions that are unethical and threatening a tainted methodology for attaining a positive working relationship?

Ocasio-Cortez: People Maybe Shouldn’t Reproduce Due To Climate Change – by Ryan Saavedra – https://www.dailywire.com/news/43880/ocasio-cortez-people-maybe-shouldnt-reproduce-due-ryan-saavedra – ” ‘Our planet is going to hit disaster if we don’t turn this ship around and so it’s basically like, there’s a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult,’ Ocasio-Cortez said while chopping up food in her kitchen during an Instagram live video. ‘And it does lead, I think, young people to have a legitimate question, you know, “Is it okay to still have children?” ‘ ”

Massive Windstorm Spawns “ICE TSUNAMI” On Lake Erie – by Mac Slavo – http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/massive-windstorm-spawns-ice-tsunami-on-lake-erie_02252019 – ” Chunks of ice stacked up along the Niagara River Parkway along the lake forced the roadway to be closed in some sections after the ice tsunami hit. Ice mounds between 25 and 30 feet high could be seen in photos approaching people’s homes. Twitter users shared their accounts of what this ice tsunami looked like, and it is eerie.”

Do Russia and China Know Enough Econ 101 to Escape the Upcoming Paper Money Apocalypse of the West? – They’ve shown some affinity for gold, but they’ve stopped short of instituting it as currency – by Alasdair Macleod – https://russia-insider.com/en/do-russia-and-china-know-enough-econ-101-escape-upcoming-paper-money-apocalypse-west/ri26384 – “This article makes the obvious point that  a return to a gold standard is the only way nations can contain the interest cost of servicing debt, given the alternative is inflationist policies that can only lead to far higher interest rates and currency destruction. The topic is timely, given the self-harm of American economic and geopolitical policies, which are already leading America into a cyclical slump. Meanwhile, American fears of Asian domination of global economic, monetary and political outcomes have come true. The upcoming credit crisis is likely to kill off the welfare state model in the West by destroying their unbacked paper currencies, while China, Russia and their Asian allies have the means to prosper.”

Fake science: The White House reportedly wants a new dodgy panel of scientists to challenge the government’s climate change findings – by Cody Fenwick – https://www.alternet.org/2019/02/fake-science-the-white-house-reportedly-wants-a-new-dodgy-panel-of-scientists-to-challenge-the-governments-climate-change-findings/ – “The White House intends to create a new panel of scientists with the intention of attacking the scientific consensus, both within and outside the federal government, that climate change poses a clear and severe threat to the world, a new report from Washington Post revealed Sunday… According to the report, officials in the National Security Council want to arrange the group so that it would be outside the normal scrutiny such advisory panels typically require.  When formal advisory committees are usually set up, they are subject to stringent regulations that require public meetings, accommodation of records requests, and membership standards… Apparently, the White House doesn’t want the public to have clear insight into a committee designed to spread propaganda and disinformation about clearly established science.” Comment: I urge people to put on their thinking caps and consider what may be behind both the concept of “Fake Science,” and what seems to me is a hit-piece from Alternet (and the Anti-Trump Washington Post – Alternet does not link to the article they mention in the Post).

The Crisis of Science (32 min) – by James Corbett

Mr Bolton’s Long Game Against Iran – Pakistan Becomes Saudi Arabia’s New Client State – by Alastair Crooke – https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2019/02/25/bolton-long-game-against-iran-pakistan-becomes-saudi-arabia-new-client-state.html – “So, what do we see? Until just recently, Pakistan was ‘on the ropes’ economically. It seemed that it would have to resort to the IMF (yet again), and that it was clear that the proximate IMF experience – if approved – would be extremely painful (Secretary Pompeo, in mid-last year, was saying that the US probably would not support an IMF programme, as some of the IMF grant might be used to repay earlier Chinese loans to Pakistan). The US too had punished Pakistan by severely cutting US financial assistance to the Pakistani military for combatting terrorism. Pakistan, in short, was sliding inevitably towards debt default – with only the Chinese as a possible saviour… And then, unexpectedly, up pops ‘goldilocks’ in the shape of a visiting MbS, promising a $20 billion investment plan as “first phase” of a profound programme to resuscitate the Pakistani economy. And that is on top of a $3 billion cash bailout, and another $3 billion deferred payment facility for supply of Saudi oil. Fairy godmothers don’t come much better than that. And this benevolence comes in the wake of the $6.2 billion, promised last month, by UAE, to address Pakistan’s balance of payments difficulties… The US wants something badly – It wants Pakistan urgently to deliver a Taliban ‘peace agreement’ in Afghanistan with the US which allows for US troops to be permanently based there (something that the Taliban not only has consistently refused, but rather, has always put the withdrawal of foreign forces as its top priority)… …During the Afghan war of the 1980s and later, Afghanistan always was the path for Islamic fundamentalism to reach up into Central Asia. In other words, America’s anxiety to achieve a permanent presence in Afghanistan – plus the arrival of militants from Syria – may somehow link to suggest a second motive to US thinking: the potential to curb Russia and China’s evolution of a Central Asian trading sphere and supply corridor… Putting this all together, what does this mean? Well, firstly, Mr Bolton was arguing for a US military ‘hub’ in Iraq – to put pressure on Iran – as early as 2003. Now, he has it. US Special Forces, (mostly) withdrawn from Syria, are deploying into this new Iraq military ‘hub’ in order, Trump said, to “watch Iran”. (Trump rather inadvertently ‘let the cat out of the bag’ with that comment).” – Comment: This is a long, complex, and brilliantly written article by Crooke. He presents a case that recent and recently announced payments of some 30+ Billion Dollars to Pakistan by the UAE and Saudi Arabia are, essentially, plausibly deniable U.S. foreign aid to Pakistan to further implement major U.S. military operations in Afghanistan – As part of a very long term strategy of undermining the stability of Chinese, Russian and Iranian cooperation and stabilization of Central Asia. This is the kind of nuanced and documented research that I would hope to see the Panterra Global Media Alliance support, if we hope to enroll a significant following of people who are working to create a new paradigm of human organization and action on this planet.

24 Cognitive Biases That Are Warping Your Perception of Reality – by Jeff Desjardins – https://www.visualcapitalist.com/24-cognitive-biases-warping-reality/ – “We are each entitled to our own personal world view… Unfortunately, when it comes to interpreting information and making objective sense of reality, human brains are hard-wired to make all kinds of mental mistakes that can impact our ability to make rational judgments… In total, there are 180+ cognitive biases that mess with how we process data, think critically, and perceive reality.”

India Orders ‘staggering’ Eviction Of 1 Million Indigenous People To Save Wildlife – by Niha Masih – https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2019/02/22/india-orders-staggering-eviction-million-indigenous-people-some-environmentalists-are-cheering/ – “India’s Supreme Court has ordered its government to evict a million people from their homes — for the good of the country’s wildlife… The ruling, issued Wednesday, was a startling conclusion to a decade-long case that has pitted the rights of some of India’s most vulnerable citizens against the preservation of its forests… The court told the government to evict over a million people — mostly members of indigenous tribes — from their homes in public forest land because they had not met the legal criterion to live there… With more than 700 tribal groups, India is home to over 100 million indigenous people. While the forest land is legally controlled by the government, people have lived in such areas for centuries.”

New US anti-Semitism envoy employs lessons learned from Iraq to fight ‘scourge’ – Elan Carr, attorney and ex-head of a US army anti-terrorism team, says he was chosen by philo-Semite Trump because his career has been about ‘fighting evil and keeping people safe’ – by Amanda Borschel-Dan and David Horovitz –  https://www.timesofisrael.com/new-us-anti-semitism-envoy-employs-lessons-learned-from-iraq-to-fight-scourge/ – “As the United States experiences a surge in reported anti-Semitic incidents (Note: There is much evidence that this is not true), the newly appointed Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism Elan Carr told The Times of Israel that the Jewish community and Israel “couldn’t have a better friend in the White House” than President Donald Trump… Carr was appointed on February 5 to a statutory role that had been left vacant since the Trump administration entered the White House in January 2017. An attorney and former head of the Jewish fraternity AEPi, Carr is known for his work in prosecuting gang violence in Los Angeles and leading an anti-terrorism team in Iraq in 2003.” (emphasis added)

States Move to Mandate Deadly HPV Gardasil Vaccine for Children – by Brian Shilhavy – http://healthimpactnews.com/2019/states-move-to-mandate-deadly-hpv-gardasil-vaccine-for-children/ – “Here are the states currently considering new legislation to mandate the Gardasil vaccine against parental choice. (Note: Merck’s Gardasil vaccine is the only HPV vaccine currently licensed in the U.S. So when you read “HPV Vaccine,” that currently means Gardasil.)… ● ConnecticutSB 858 – Allows for administration of HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccines to minors without parental consentPublic Hearing 02/25/19. ● FloridaHB 245/SB 356 – Mandates HPV Vaccine for children as a requirement for school attendance. e. ● IllinoisSB 1659 – Mandates HPV Vaccines for 6th grade students. ●MassachusettsSD 1520 – Mandates HPV Vaccine for school children. ● New JerseyA1847 – Mandates HPV Vaccines for students in grades six through 12. ● New York: (2 bills) A973/S3899 – Allows health care practitioners to administer HPV/Hep B Vaccines to minors without parental consent. And S298 – Mandate the HPV Vaccine to the current list of vaccines required for children… To keep up-to-date on these bills and other bills taking away parental rights to vaccines in each state, sign up for the National Vaccine Information Center portal.

“Forced Vaccination” is a Crime Against Humanity…  – There Is NO Difference Between “Forced Vaccination” Programs And What The NAZI Doctor’s Did In The WWII Death Camps…- by Ralph Fucetola JD – https://bolenreport.com/forced-vaccination-is-a-crime-against-humanity/ – Across the United States legislators are demanding “tougher laws” forcing families to vaccinate, or lose public benefits. That these same legislators are beneficiaries of significant drug company political payments is not surprising… These new efforts are triggered by a small up-tick in the few cases of measles. More children die from the “unavoidably unsafe” measles vaccine than from the disease itself… When Congress abrogated our right to petition the federal and state courts for vaccine injuries in 1986 the promise was that vaccines would become safer and that the federal government would report to Congress annually about progress. No such reports have been submitted while families have suffered thousands of dead and maimed children as the legacy of US vaccination policy… The horrors of vaccine pseudo-science could, perhaps, have been tolerated, since families could have, in the past, always opt out of vaccination for religious or philosophical reasons. Where there is risk, there must be choice. However, that promise of “Informed Consent” is now under concerted attack in state after state.”

Another somber milestone for Afghanistan: 2018 saw record-high civilians killed in decade – UN report – https://news.un.org/en/story/2019/02/1033441 – “With over 3,800 civilian women, children and men killed in just one year, Afghanistan has hit yet another “deeply disturbing and wholly unacceptable” record, according to a new report issued on Sunday by the UN political mission in the country (UNAMA) and the UN human rights office (OHCHR).” – Comment: SO unacceptable.

Guaido: ‘We Must Have All Options’ to Free Venezuelahttps://www.voanews.com/a/civilians-dead-in-venezuelan-violence/4801426.html – “At least four civilians were killed Saturday as Venezuelan security forces clashed with demonstrators at the border with Brazil over deliveries of humanitarian aid… ‘Today’s events force me to make a decision to formally propose to the international community that we must have all options open to secure the freedom our country(i.e. Please invade us with your militaries), Venezuelan opposition leader and interim-president Juan Guaido wrote on Twitter late Saturday… Also late Saturday, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announced plans to meet with Guaido Monday in Bogota. Pence is scheduled to address the Lima Group of regional leaders in Colombia Monday and will meet with Guaido while he is there… Pence could announce new sanctions at the Lima Group meeting, adding to sanctions on PDVSA (i.e. theft of Venezuelan property in the interest of enriching the U.S. Imperium), the state-owned oil company… Foro Penal [Criminal Forum], a group that tracks violence in Venezuela, reported the four deaths Saturday. It said they took place in Santa Elena de Uairen near the border with Brazil. It said the victims were shot by pro-government militia members (there is no factual reporting of these events – If the events that started the “Syrian Revolution” in 2011 are any guide, it is more likely anyone killed was shot by U.S. mercenaries, like the military aged men throwing rocks on the Columbian border.)… At one border point (on the Columbian border), aid trucks caught fire (video shows they were torched with molotov cocktails by some of the young men throwing rocks), leading the crowd to rush to save the boxes of food and medical supplies (the propaganda media said the fires were started by Venezuelan security)… Late Saturday U.S. Senator Marco Rubio tweeted that a Venezuelan lawmaker (Freddy Superlano, an associate of Juan Guaido) and his assistant had been poisoned. The assistant (Carlos Salinas, the cousin of Superlano) is dead, according to Rubio’s post and the lawmaker is in “serious condition.” (emphasis added)Comment: This article is from the Official State Propaganda Service. What is the possibility that Carlos Salinas was “inconvenient” in some way to the Guaido coup faction, and was the real target of the poisoning? The Maduro govermment, like the Assad government who were accused of attacking Syrians with gas when their army was on the verge of military successes, has no benefit from using murder against the opposition. Juan Guaido, until he left for Columbia, was not only not arrested – or poisoned – but was allowed to lead demonstrations against the legitimate government and to speak to the foreign press. Imagine if a low-level politician in the U.S. had declared himself President and called for Trump to step down – what would have happened to him? Guantanamo?

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On the Implications of No Enemies, by Adi Da Samraj

I think it’s adequately clear that the system(s) of asset control worldwide are based on distraint and fraud going back centuries. Unless humanity are to remain slaves in whatever “new system” arises following whatever “reset” is to come, there will have to be full disclosure, forensic analysis, education of everyone to the extent of their capacities, and rigorous reparations through which all are made whole. Organization such as what Adi Da described in the No Enemies document is, in my opinion, essential to anything on this scale. But populations where real change arises will 1) need to stop tolerating rule by unethical people, and 2) come to understand the work necessary to come to grips with the apparent truths that were made available through spiritual teachers going back at least 3,000 years, and that are now being made plain by the scientific discoveries principally including quantum physics.


It is, IMO, not skillful (i.e. consigning one to continuing unsatisfactoriness and suffering) to take refuge in ideas such as “I’m not capable of realizing the truth and implications of the fact that whatever I am is not, and cannot be, separate in any way from that which I observe, because “I” am (too damaged or conditioned in some way by circumstances of which I am a victim, or whatever permutation of that which one may be attached to). We are now essentially in the position of being called to directly understand, on constantly deeper levels, exactly what we are, and how we collectively bring our world into manifestation. Here is a paragraph from No Enemies:


“In one of the Upanishads, it is said that wherever there is an “other”, fear arises.2  As soon as “difference” is presumed, as soon as separateness is presumed, as soon as an opponent is presumed, there is fear—or the disposition of separativeness, of self-protectiveness, of self-division. The non-presumption of an “other” is the essential principle that will liberate humankind. Wherever no “other” is presumed, Truth awakens.”


As Adyashanti has said, “Consciousness is self-liberating.” There is a natural path toward full awakening to what has been called our inner nature or natural state, which is simply being present with what is, without taking refuge in ego identification. Identification is a natural, completely understandable tendency to hold onto a story of “what happened to me and what I am because of that,” a story which can be easily seen to be incomplete, fragmentary, and colored by the filters of our conditioning. It is simply not skillful to take refuge in that mindset. All that is ultimately required is to see what we’re doing and observe how we feel as we do it. Then releasing it happens, just like we don’t think about what to do when we put our hand on a hot burner on the stove.


We will not, I’m sure, get out of the current situation in the world where we’re being herded into a constant proliferation of myriad separate group identities and accelerating “otherness,” without direct realization that we are all part of one living phenomenon. While we must obviously honor others’ individuality and personal space (this is part of ethical behavior), we drive the situation into greater degradation the instant that we see anyone as a threat outside of us and start to create strategies to take power over them.


There are obviously many people in the world now living in delusion. This clearly includes the unethical rulers mentioned above. We can, however, come together in versions of what Adi Da called a “Cooperative Forum.” In No Enemies he calls it “Global,” but at the moment that seems wildly out of reach. But any group that works together with an understanding of what Adi Da calls “prior unity,” or what I would argue is our clearly observable innate non-separation, can begin to make a real shift in human affairs that is not part of some kind of dialectical motion that is doomed to ongoing cycles of conflict.


Our “Shadowy Overlords” don’t behave as they do out of any great skills or strategic brilliance. If they had real wisdom, they would observe that acting unethically or attacking the well-being of people or living systems innately feels bad. Dealing with their depredations without feeding the warfare they bring will involve understanding how they are stuck in misperception and suffering. Bringing the “Matrix System” to an end, or removing what is an obstacle to the freedom of life itself to grow and unfold in strength, beauty and wisdom, is not a victory over an enemy. It is an act of compassion for everyone involved in the apparent drama that we have been born into.

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No Enemies – A Crucially Important Message for Our Time

by Adi Da Samraj – (from his book Prior Unity, Dawn Horse Press ©2015)

The pattern of world politics that has been dramatized with increasing intensity over time-and with the most devastating effects in the twentieth century, with the two devastating world wars and all the other wars right up to the present day-is based on the idea and the pattern of polar opposition. Therefore, the common political method is to have opposites either confront one another or (otherwise) try to work out some kind of a deal with one another.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” If the world-system is based on opposites, it will inevitably self-destruct-by creating chaos along the lines of division (or mutual opposition).

There have been (and, no doubt, will continue to be) many efforts to create some kind of global resolution (or world peace) by bringing opposites together. But any such effort is inevitably bound to fail. Such an effort cannot succeed. It is simply not possible, in the “physics” of human affairs, for such an approach to succeed.

Unity cannot be achieved by combining opposites. Unity is the prior condition, the condition that is always already the case. Prior unity makes all opposites obsolete. Therefore, it is prior unity that must be enacted, rather than any continuation of the pattern of oppositions.

The world-situation has now developed to the point that there is nothing further to expect but the global collapse that opposition will inevitably produce. Therefore, this is the critical moment to stop the play of opposites in the domain of world politics. The play of opposites must be replaced by the politics of prior unity—through the Global Cooperative Forum of everybody-all-at-once. Such is an absolute necessity. Otherwise, the play of polar opposites is going to become absolute destruction.

The principle of prior unity applies to all human endeavor, even to the integrity of a human body or a human personality. Unity is not the result of a play of opposites. Unity is the prior condition.

It is only when unity (or indivisibility) is the principle of life, of living, of action, that unity results. If division (or opposition) is presumed to be the case, more division will result. This is an absolute law. Once this is understood, it clarifies everything about right action and right life.

My address to all human issues-necessarily including what I am saying about world politics-is based on this fundamental principle: Reality Itself is a prior unity. Reality Itself is indivisible and egoless. Therefore, life must be lived in accordance with that Self-Nature of Reality Itself.

This absolute principle is fundamental to all resolution of human problems. In Gandhi’s language, it is a “soul-force”, or “truth-force”, as he understood it.1 That must be the force behind all political effort-the force of prior unity. The principle of prior unity determines a course of action that is (necessarily) inclusive of everybody-all-at-once. What is required is not a search for unity. Rather, what is required is the enacting of the power of prior unity. That is the principle. And it must be the governing principle of political action.

How should humankind deal with the world-situation? By enacting the principle of prior unity. And an instrument is required in order to do that. That instrument is the Global Cooperative Forum. The Global Cooperative Forum must make obsolete all play-of-opposition in the world, all nation­ state conflicts, all effort to size up great units of nation-states over against other such units, in the attempt to achieve victory over one another—one religion over another religion, one nation-state (or group of nation-states) over another nation-state (or group of nation-states), and so forth.

All of this effort to defeat the presumed opponent is insanity. Humankind cannot afford to go on with this. Humankind must stop this.

This is the decisive moment in human history to stop this, because such insanity cannot go on without total devastation being the result. Therefore, there truly is no choice.

Those who hear what I have to say about this will understand: There must be an active embrace of this understanding at every level of human life, including every matter associated with global politics and environmental issues. Everything at the human scale must be addressed on the basis of enacting the principle of prior unity, through instruments that are inclusive of everybody-all-at-once. It is essentially a matter of putting the Truth-principle (or Reality­principle) of prior unity into action. And an instrument is needed to do that-not just words.

It is not a matter of bringing together collectives of different groups—such as governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations—so that they can each have their voice, thereby playing out the chaos of oppositions. There is no time to be doing any such thing. There must be a different instrument-and everybody-all-at-once must volunteer for it and become active within it.

Humankind must wake up to its inherent and intrinsic unity as a whole, and not play on any differences whatsoever. Human beings must grasp this understanding of prior unity-and act on it, through an appropriate instrument that is altogether full of integrity and altogether right. That is the immediate necessity associated with bringing the Global Cooperative Forum into being.

Wherever action is done in opposition to whatever force or entity is considered to be the opponent, wherever there is even a strategy relative to an opponent, the effort will fail. Some kinds of changes may be brought about-but, ultimately, everything stays the same, because the principle is one of division to begin with.

Likewise, every strategy that is developed in opposition to any force whatsoever will inevitably fail. The only principle that can work politically is one in which there is no opponent and no search to defeat an opponent—and, therefore, fundamentally no struggle. Right human politics is simply about enacting—or asserting and carrying out—the principle of prior unity.

That kind of activism does not presume an opponent. It does not involve itself with self-division. Consequently, it will not fail. In contrast, whatever presumes its own self­division will fail. It will only produce more division. Therefore, the only kind of political action that can possibly achieve ultimate success is activism based on (1) the presumption of prior unity and (2) the enactment of prior unity through an appropriate instrument.

There is nobody “else”. There is no opponent. The Global Cooperative Forum is a means for bypassing all oppositions, all opposites, and the entire game that plays upon there being opposites at all. There should be presumed to be no opposites, no enemies, no opponent to be defeated. There is simply the intrinsic fact of prior unity. Right politics is simply about acting on that basis.

That is what the Global Cooperative Forum must do. And that is what the form of global activism I am describing must do. That is how it must function: no enemies, no game in opposition, and (therefore) no strategy in relation to a presumed opponent—none.

That is the profundity at the root of such activism—the intensive presumption of non-separateness, of prior unity, of no opponent, of no self-division. That is the only right and effective strategy. It is not a goal-seeking strategy. It is a matter of enacting a prior reality, rather than seeking a different reality. Such is the unique understanding that is the root of all true wisdom.

When I am speaking about politics, I am looking at it in the context of humankind-as-a-whole—not in terms of any circumstance that is negative, full of opposites, looking to achieve some kind of a victory in relation to an opposite or an opponent or an enemy. The root-presumption of not having an enemy is essential to the Global Cooperative Forum. The Global Cooperative Forum must be intrinsically all-including. And there is a discipline necessary for doing that, because people’s patterning will tend to have them be expressing opposite views, different dispositions, and wanting to just sit around and talk about all of that. There should be absolutely no discussion of that kind. That has nothing to do with anything.

There is nothing but Reality Itself—the prior whole, the indivisible whole. That is the basis for all right action. All right human action must be based on this understanding.

In one of the Upanishads, it is said that wherever there is an “other”, fear arises.2  As soon as “difference” is presumed, as soon as separateness is presumed, as soon as an opponent is presumed, there is fear—or the disposition of separativeness, of self-protectiveness, of self-division. The non-presumption of an “other” is the essential principle that will liberate humankind. Wherever no “other” is presumed, Truth awakens.

That is the significance of the title of the book NotTwo Is Peace. What I describe in that book is not merely a method for seeking peace. All twoness is about a search toward a goal-including the goal of peace, which idealists want to find someday. What I am proposing is not idealism. Rather, it is perfect realism-in relation to politics, and in relation to every other domain of human life. Such realism involves the intensive non-presumption of “other” and “problem”. Such realism is the “not-two” presumption—thoroughly embraced, and become the basis of action. That action is already characterized by unity—not the search for unity, but the Is-ness of unity.

Such is the right basis for all human activism. Indeed, it is the basis for all right action in every domain of human life. And this understanding is how everything can be made right, now and in the future. It is the Wisdom-means that can (and must) be applied in the case of every human process. Therefore, it applies to everything—including the most inclusive of all possibilities, which is the right functioning of humankind-as-a-whole.

This is a call to everyone to be awakened to an intrinsic understanding. It is not about appealing to people as egos, or merely trying to get everybody together, with all their differences, to simply talk things out. It is not about anything like that. It is about completely bypassing all of that. All of that will fail. It is a waste of time-and there is no time to be wasted. Rather, this call to everyone is about presuming the intrinsic Truth-intuition (or Reality-intuition) in everyone, rather than appealing to people as consumer-egos or egos-­in-high-places.

The principle of non-violence is an idealistic principle about how to function in relation to an opponent. What I am communicating is not that. The principle of “Not-Two Is Peace” is not a strategy in relation to an opponent. In fact, it is exactly not that. Thus, the principle of “Not-Two Is Peace” is not the principle of non-violence merely, even though it is thoroughly and intrinsically non-violent. Most fundamentally, the principle of “Not-Two Is Peace” is about not using any method that presumes to be in relation to an opponent.

All actions done in relation to an opponent—even if outwardly non-violent—are, in some sense, violent. That needs to be understood. Any struggle with an opponent is a kind of aggression, even if done through the device of non-violence.

The approach of “Not-Two Is Peace” (with the Global Cooperative Forum as its instrument) is not like that. It is not an effort in relation to an opponent. It is simply everybody­all-at-once becoming self-actualizing, self-enforcing, self­governing, self-rightening, self-correcting, self-organizing, not opposing anything. It is the whole-all-at-once putting itself in order, as it will inevitably do when the obstruction that is preventing that self-organizing process from happening is removed.

Thus, it is oppositions that are preventing the self­organizing process from happening. The idea of “difference” is what is preventing humankind from self-organizing and self-correcting and self-rightening itself. That is it. The presumption of “difference”, the presumption of opposites, of opponents, of necessary struggle, of seeking for unity, of winning against some force or other that is the opposite of your own—that is what is wrong.

This is the unique understanding that people must grasp. The lack of that understanding is the reason why human­kind is defeating itself. That is why worthy purposes are failing. It is the presumption of “difference”, the presumption of the “other”, the presumption of “not yet—therefore, seeking is required”.

In other words, the presumption of egoity—or the presumption of separateness and the activity of separation—is the fault that makes all human effort fail. Ego is the “difference”-maker. Ego is the separatist (or separative) disposition. Ego ultimately avoids relationship, dissociating itself from the “other”. Therefore, the dissociative principle must be abandoned. It has nothing to do with peace. It has nothing to do with correcting the human situation.

All action based on the presumption of an “other” or of “difference” will inevitably fail. Such action only produces struggle, and not unity. Truly, it could be said that the entire world has engaged in its political efforts at the cost of destroying global unity. The United Nations functions on the basis of opposites or differences. It is based on bringing competitors or opponents together in one place, where they continue to be opponents and competitors in relation to one another. They sit around talking, but such talk has nothing to do with peace, with the unity and well-being of humankind-as-a-whole. Talk will never achieve peace or unity or well-being.

The Global Cooperative Forum is an intrinsically unified body representing everybody-all-at-once. Therefore, there are no differences in it. It is not about a council of nations. It is simply a working-instrument for the priorly unified totality (or whole) of humankind, and it presumes no differences.

Therefore, all name-tags and placards must be abandoned at the door. You do not bring your nation-state labels (or any other labels) inside. There are no “high” persons. There are no differences. There is no status. All are servants of the whole.

This is not mere idealism. This is Reality in action. It is an absolute necessity. It always has been—but it has never been understood in the context of humankind-as-a-whole, because humankind-as-a-whole never came together before. That coming-together is only a recent happening.

Thus, in the Global Cooperative Forum, it cannot be that the different nations, the different religions, the different cultures, the different races are each having their say, trying to “angle” relative to the interests on their side. The basis for coming together must be the principle of the human totality as a prior unity-bringing no differences to the table whatsoever, but simply bringing the subjects of address that are common to all, and collectively solving those issues through action that is appropriate to whatever particular subject.

To do that, all presumptions of “difference” must be abandoned. That is the principle of the Global Cooperative Forum.

As I have already described, the principle of prior unity as a political means is not the same as the strategy of non-violent aggression in relation to an opponent. It is quite different—and that difference must be understood. What I am communicating is something new. It is not in the likeness of anything that has previously been proposed or enacted. Sympathetic associations can be seen in the history of human efforts toward peace, but the principle of prior unity is not the same as any previous principle for establishing peace. What is unique about the principle of prior unity must be thoroughly grasped and intensively applied.

1. Gandhi’s term was “satyagraha”, often translated as “soul-force” or “truth-force”, indicating Gandhi’s insistence that the power of truth can (and should) be used as a non-violent meansto effect change.
2. In S. Radhakrishnan’s translation of the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad, this sentence reads: “Assuredly it is from a second that fear arises,” where “second” is used in the sense of “other” [S. Radhakrishnan, ed., The Principal Upanishads (Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Humanities Press, 1992), 164].

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