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Breaking – New Zealand covid whistleblower’s house surrounded by police –
Winston Smith, the Whistleblower of the New Zealand Covid vaccination fatalities, and a woman who is his backup support person, have had their houses surrounded by massive numbers of armed enforcement officers, and are now incommunicado to the people of New Zealand and the world. Video (5min 29sec):

New Trans Textbook for Psychiatrists Could Harm Millions of Kids, Critics Say – by Darlene McCormick Sanchez – https://www.theepochtimes.com/article/new-trans-textbook-for-psychiatrists-could-harm-millions-of-kids-critics-say-5533713 – “Note: this article is behind a paywall. To access it, click This Link, and put the URL above into the search bar… A new “cutting-edge” textbook on transgenderism written with the help of activists will be used to train psychiatrists and could harm millions of children in the future, some experts have warned.“Gender-Affirming Psychiatric Care,” just released on Amazon at $58, is a textbook printed by American Psychiatric Association (APA) Publishing.The textbook signals early on that it’s more subjective than objective, quoting a feminist studies professor saying, “Scientific neutrality is a fallacy.” – The content has prompted some critics to question the textbook’s reliance on a mix of transgender-identifying professionals writing about their experiences, limited scientific studies, and neo-Marxist critical theories… “This is a huge issue; millions more kids will be harmed,” said Dr. Lauren Schwartz, a psychiatrist in Oklahoma speaking out against the rush to “transition” children… The textbook’s introduction says the book is based on an “evidence-informed approach” instead of an evidence-based approach, which is more scientific, she told The Epoch Times… The 26 chapters are written by 56 authors, 50 of whom are in the transgender community, according to the textbook’s foreword… Chapters include affirming “two-spirit people,” a term used to refer to someone who believes he or she is both sexes, and one about “double queer” people—or people who identify as transgender and have a mental disability… The book’s editors are listed as an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and investigator at the National LGBT Health Education Center; and a transgender-identifying psychiatry resident at the University of Pennsylvania, whose work is influenced by her background as a “non-binary/trans, queer, neurodivergent, chronically ill, Jewish person.” – Dr. Schwartz noted that the authors were chosen by “prioritizing lived experience, diversity of perspectives, and community impact of prior work over academic titles.” – ‘Disturbing Gibberish’ – The problem is the textbook will be perceived as authoritative because it was printed by the APA’s publishing arm, she said… “Anyone wanting to practice gender-affirming care, any attorney wanting to defend it, and any legislator who wants to protect it, now they have a new peer-reviewed textbook, not just ‘evidence’ in a journal or a study,” she said… Alan Hopewell, a prescribing neuropsychologist in Texas who saw transgender-identifying patients decades ago, called the textbook “disturbing.” – “This is nonsensical gibberish which has no foundation whatsoever in science,” he told The Epoch Times… Hospitals could demand doctors go by the textbook because the APA put it out, or it could even be used to remove the license of doctors who don’t go along with it, he said… “This reminds me of brain-damaged hippies free-associating at a commune,” Mr. Hopewell said… The book foreword says that most of the contributing authors recognize they are “obscenely privileged” as English-speaking doctors with access to elite schools… It asserts that the psychiatric field was built on “the work [and assumptions] of European, white, cisgender men, including their colonial, Anglo-centric, cis-heteropatriarchal worldview and pathologization of experiences that did not fit their own ‘norm.'” – “For millennia, outside of European colonial influences, gender diversity has flourished to varying degrees among hundreds of indigenous communities around the world,” the foreword reads… The idea that Western countries were colonizing land stolen from indigenous people is part of critical race theory (CRT), which critics say is rooted in neo-Marxism… Straight White Bias: CRT and gender theories see white people and heterosexuals in Western civilization as “oppressors” of minority identity groups, who are viewed as victims… Activists are encouraged to dismantle oppressive societies in order to right discrimination of the past, according to ideology architects such as Ibram X. Kendi, who wrote “How to Be an Antiracist.”.. Proponents of CRT and gender theories contend that discrimination against identity groups such as white people and heterosexuals is needed to right the wrongs against racial and sexual minorities… “The entire document is predicated on an uncritical acceptance of queer theory, which is more accurately queer Marxism,” conservative author James Lindsay told The Epoch Times… Queer theory is a gender ideology advocating the destruction of traditional sexual norms; some queer theorists support sexual acts such as pedophilia and bestiality that aren’t accepted by society… Dallas attorney Ron Miller agreed that a textbook affirming gender transitioning could lead to the harming of millions of children through sterilization and side effects from hormones and surgery… He started a boutique law firm to represent de-transitioners, who no longer identify as the opposite of their birth sex. His clients are suing doctors who prescribed hormones and surgery for gender dysphoria… Like Dr. Schwartz, he told The Epoch Times that he sees danger ahead if the textbook is universally adopted… Mr. Miller pointed to the American Academy of Pediatrics, which came out with guidance on “gender-affirming care” for children in 2018… “We’re already in a world where thousands of kids are at risk of this ideology or this practice,” he said… According to the group’s website, the organization supports the affirmation model. The guidance “aims to help pediatricians and parents navigate health concerns of gender-diverse youth while advocating for ways to eliminate discrimination and stigma.”… Likewise, a textbook put out by a professional psychiatric organization such as the APA is seen as credible, Mr. Miller said… However, studies referenced in the textbook have come under fire for being flawed, such as the Dutch Protocol studies that are the basis of the affirmation model used today.”Did Israel Plan Disease in Gaza as the Next Phase of Genocide? – “Untreated diseases will likely end up killing more Palestinians in Gaza than Israel’s bombings, reports have said – w/Video (27min) Gerald Celente interviewing Judge Andrew Napolitano on U.S. “law” and the war in Israel – https://trendsinthenews.substack.com/p/did-israel-plan-disease-in-gaza-as -Israel has indicated that the spread of preventable diseases in the bombed-out coastal city of Gaza would be the next genocidal step in its war effort against Hamas… At least 15,000 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes since the start of the war campaign — about 40 percent children… Giora Eiland, the former head of the Israeli National Security Council, spoke about how rampant disease could benefit the military campaign… WSWS quoted her article: Who are the “poor” women of Gaza? They are all the mothers, sisters or wives of Hamas murderers… The international community warns us of a humanitarian disaster in Gaza and of severe epidemics. We must not shy away from this, as difficult as that may be. After all, severe epidemics in the south of the Gaza Strip will bring victory closer and reduce casualties among IDF soldiers… The BBC ran a headline yesterday: “Untreated Diseases Could Eventually Kill More People in Gaza Than Bombings”West Admits Ukraine is Losing Proxy War – by Brian Berletic –  https://journal-neo.su/2023/11/27/west-admits-ukraine-is-losing-proxy-war/ – “After nearly 2 years of portraying the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as unfolding in Kiev and the collective West’s favor, a sudden deluge of admissions have begun saturating Western headlines noting that Ukraine is not only losing, but that there is little or nothing its Western backers can do to change this fact… What had been a narrative of Ukraine’s steady gains and indomitable fighting spirit has now been replaced by the reality of Ukraine’s catastrophic losses (as well as net territorial losses) and a steady collapse of morale among troops. What had been narratives of Russian forces poorly trained and led, equipped with inadequate quantities of antiquated weapons and dwindling ammunition stockpiles, have now been replaced by admissions that Russia’s military industrial base is out-producing the US and Europe combined while fielding weapon systems either on par with their Western counterparts, or able to surpass Western capabilities entirely… Ukraine’s Catastrophic Losses – Ukrainian losses, especially after 5 full months of failed offensive operations, are almost impossible to hide now… The London Telegraph in its article, “Ukraine’s army is running out of men to recruit, and time to win,” published as far back as August of this year admitted: The war in Ukraine is now one of attrition, fought on terms that increasingly favour Moscow. Kyiv has dealt admirably with shortages of Western equipment so far, but a shortage of manpower – which it is already having to confront – may prove fatal. – The article also claimed: It’s a brutal but simple calculation: Kyiv is running out of men. US sources have calculated that its armed forces have lost as many as 70,000 killed in action, with another 100,000 injured. While Russian casualties are higher still, the ratio nevertheless favours Moscow, as Ukraine struggles to replace soldiers in the face of a seemingly endless supply of conscripts… The article paints a bleak picture of continued Ukrainian military operations that are almost certainly unsustainable… The claim of 70,000 killed in action among Ukrainian troops is a gross underestimate, while claims that “Russian casualties are higher still” are not only unsubstantiated, but contradicted elsewhere among Western sources… Mediazona, a media platform maintained by US government-backed Russian opposition figures, has tracked Russian casualties from February 2022 onward by allegedly tracking public information regarding the death of Russian soldiers… Its numbers cannot be entirely verified, but on the few occasions the Russian Ministry of Defense released Russian casualty numbers, they were relatively close to Mediazona’s claims versus the cartoonish claims made by Ukraine’s General Staff – claims that are often unquestionably repeated by Western governments and media organizations… A more recent article published by Business Insider in late October titled, “Ukraine official says it can’t properly use its Western kit because it has so few soldiers left, report says,” confirms that Ukraine’s losses and resulting manpower crisis is only getting worse… The article reports: A Ukrainian official said Ukraine’s army is suffering a manpower shortage that is hampering its ability to use Western-donated weapons, Time magazine reported. Since the start of the war, several Ukrainian officials have blamed their difficulty repelling Russia’s invasion on the slow pace of deliveries by its allies… However, in the Time report, an unnamed source identified as a close aide to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy highlighted a different problem. “We don’t have the men to use them,” the aide said in reference to the Western weapons. Although Ukraine doesn’t give public figures, Western estimates suggest it has suffered in excess of 100,000 casualties… In addition to irreversible losses in manpower, Ukraine is also losing territory despite 5 months of intensive offensive operations and the fact that the Russian military leadership has repeatedly stated Russia’s goal is to eliminate Ukraine’s military, not take territory… The New York Times in a September article titled, “Who’s Gaining Ground in Ukraine? This Year, No One,” would note: Ukraine’s counteroffensive has struggled to push forward across the wide-open fields in the south. It is facing extensive minefields and hundreds of miles of fortifications — trenches, anti-tank ditches and concrete obstacles — that Russia built last winter to slow Ukrainian vehicles and force them into positions where they could be more easily targeted. When both sides’ gains are added up, Russia now controls nearly 200 square miles more territory in Ukraine compared with the start of the year. – Along with steep losses in manpower and a net loss in territory, Ukraine suffers from an equally damaging loss of equipment. Compounding materiel losses is the fact Western military industrial production is incapable of replacing these losses… Military Industrial Production: West Running Out as Russia Ramps Up – Last year, Western politicians and the Western media promoted the idea that superior Western military equipment would easily sweep aside Russia’s dwindling numbers of supposedly antiquated weapon systems. One article published by the London Telegraph in early June of this year was even titled, “British-made tanks are about to sweep Putin’s conscripts aside.” – Nothing could have been further from the truth… Instead, Russian military equipment has proven itself capable if not superior to Western weapon systems and, together with Russia’s massive military industrial base, it has both outnumbered and outfought Ukrainians trained and equipped by the West… This was admitted in the New York Times’ September article, Russia Overcomes Sanctions to Expand Missile Production, Officials Say,” which noted: Russia is now producing more ammunition than the United States and Europe. Overall, Kusti Salm, a senior Estonian defense ministry official, estimated that Russia’s current ammunition production is seven times greater than that of the West. – The article admits that Russia has doubled tank production, increased missile production, and is producing at least as many as 2 million artillery shells a year – more than the US and Europe combined currently produce and more than the US and Europe combined if and when they meet increased production targets between 2025-2027… A more recent article published by The Economist titled, “Russia is starting to make its superiority in electronic warfare count,” admits that Russia has developed an “impressive range of EW [electronic warfare] capabilities to counter NATO’s highly networked systems.” It explains how Russian EW capabilities have rendered precision-guided weapons provided by NATO to Ukraine ineffective, including GPS-guided Excalibur 155mm artillery shells, JDAM guided bombs, and HIMARS-launched GPS-guided rockets… The article also discusses the impact Russian EW capabilities have on Ukrainian drones which are lost by the thousands week-to-week. And as Russian EW capabilities disrupt Ukraine’s ability to use guided weapons and drones on and over the battlefield, the article admits Russia is able to produce at least twice as many drones as Ukraine giving Russia yet another quantitative and qualitative advantage… Despite much of the hype surrounding talk of equipping Ukraine with NATO-provided F-16 fighter aircraft, more sober Western analysts have gradually admitted that between Russia’s vast and growing aerospace forces and its superior integrated air defense systems, NATO-provided F-16s will fare no better than the Soviet-era aircraft Ukraine had and lost throughout the duration of the Special Military Operation… After months, even years of “game-changers” sent to Ukraine only to prove incapable of matching let alone exceeding Russian military capabilities, the game is indeed revealed to have been changed – in favor of Russia and a military doctrine built on vast military industrial production, cheap-but-effective weapon systems, and most importantly, a doctrine built to fight and win against a peer or near-peer adversary… This stands in stark contrast to a West who has shaped its military for decades to push over developing or failed states around the globe in military-mismatches, atrophying the technological, industrial, and strategic capabilities the US and its allies would have needed to put in place years ahead of time to “win” their proxy war against Russia in Ukraine… The “solution” to Russia’s now admitted advantage in terms of quality and quantity on and over the battlefield is to “increase production” and “collect data” on Russian capabilities to then “develop counters to them.” However, these are processes that could take years to yield results, all while Russia continues expanding its capabilities to maintain this qualitative and quantitative edge… And as this process continues to unfold, the US continues simultaneously seeking a similar conflict with China, which possesses an even larger industrial base than Russia… One wonders how many lives could have been spared had these recent admissions across the Western media regarding Russia’s actual military capabilities been presented long before provoking conflict with Russia in the first place through Washington and Brussels’ long-standing policy of encroaching upon Russia’s borders. One wonders how many lives may yet be saved if the collective West learns from its current mistakes before repeating them all over again in a senseless conflict triggered by efforts to likewise encroach upon and provoke China.”Number Of Kids Put On Puberty Blockers Doubles Despite NHS Promising To Stop – The number of children placed on puberty blockers for ‘gender affirming care’ has doubled in the UK in a year despite the government run National Health Service saying it would stop the practice outside of clinical trials. – by Steve Watson – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/number-kids-put-puberty-blockers-doubles-despite-nhs-promising-stop – “The Telegraph reports that at least 100 children, some as young as 12, have been given the drugs since July 2022 regardless of the NHS’ decision that month to stop doing so based on a damning review by Dr Hilary Cass, former president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health… Dr Cass warned that puberty blockers could permanently disrupt the brain development of adolescents, and irreversibly rewire neural circuits… Cass also charged that Tavistock clinic, where the ‘treatment’ is carried out, operates an “affirmative, non-exploratory approach”, diagnosing children with gender dysphoria without proper oversight… NHS England agreed with Cass’ findings and announced that “due to the significant uncertainties surrounding the use of hormone treatments” puberty blockers for children would be halted… The report notes that Freedom of Information requests for referrals from the Tavistock’s Gender Identity Development Service have revealed that hasn’t happened… The figures also do not include those given the drugs by GPs or privately, and are likely to be much higher… Commenting on the findings, Psychotherapist Stella O’Malley charged that “This demonstrates that the culture war is more important than the medical war.” – Consultant psychiatrist Dr David Bell commented that the drugs cause “considerable damage,” adding “There are serious concerns about bone mineralisation and long-term cognitive effects.” – “We know 98 per cent of children starting puberty blockers go on to take opposite-sex hormones, and a very significant proportion of those go on to have surgery,” he continued, adding “They are being started on a pathway which is highly likely to be irreversible. Once you start them on that path, it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.” – Bell also noted that “autism, depression, family trauma or sexuality” are not considered as factors which goes “completely against the Cass recommendations”… Stephanie Davies-Arai, director of Transgender Trend, which campaigns for evidence-based healthcare, said “How many more children will be given blockers before they stop?” adding “I don’t understand how the NHS can sit back and let this continue when they know the harms that were described in Dr Cass’ interim report.” – As we highlighted earlier this week, NHS midwives have revealed that they are being forced to assign gender identities to new born babies on a new computer system, rather than register their biological sex.”US Government Prints 756,096,000 $50 Bills As Americans Begin Hoarding Physical Cash: Report – by Alex Richardson – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/us-government-prints-756096000-50 – “The Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the agency in charge of money printing operations in the US, created 756.09 million new $50 bills in 2022, reports CNN… The pile of fresh cash is worth about $37.8 billion… According to the San Francisco Fed, the printing is due to a rise in demand for physical cash in the US, despite a decreasing use of cash for payments… Citing results from the Fed’s Diary survey, which attempts to understand consumer payment habits in the US, the Fed finds that the demand for physical cash is likely due to economic uncertainty following the pandemic… “While the average number of cash payments remained below pre-pandemic levels, aggregate demand for cash continued to increase. As of October 2022, the value of currency in circulation passed $2.23 trillion, a 28 percent increase compared to February 2020,17 but with slower growth since 2021.18,19… The Diary studies since 2020 show a significant factor for this increased demand is consumer cash holdings, both on-person (cash in one’s pocket, purse, or wallet) and store-of-value holdings (cash held in one’s home, car, or elsewhere). Both measures remained elevated compared to pre-pandemic levels and emphasized that demand for cash increases during times of uncertainty.” – In a survey conducted as part of the same report, an overwhelming 93% of respondents declared they had no intentions to stop using cash.”TEXIT Progress: Secession Question Expected To Appear on 2024 Texas Primary Ballot – by Tyler Durdenhttps://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/texit-progress-secession-question – “As the US government hurtles toward insolvency while political and cultural divisions intensify across the country, Texans are poised to take their long-simmering flirtation with secession to the next level, as a non-binding proposition is expected to appear on the statewide GOP primary ballot in March 2024… On Friday, the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) announced that it had obtained the number of signatures required to compel the Republican Party of Texas to include this question on the primary ballot: “Should the State of Texas reassert its status as an independent nation?” – The party’s State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) is meeting this weekend to finalize the list of ballot propositions. According to TNM, the SREC’s wishes are not relevent, as the Texas Election Code empowers voters to place a proposition on a ballot by collecting the signatures of 97,709 Texans who want the question to appear. TNM says it has more than 102,000…  BREAKING: TNM has secured more than the required amount petition signatures to get TEXIT on the ballot this March! – RT NOW to spread the word! pic.twitter.com/ndqd8S8cDi — Texas Nationalist Movement (TEXIT) (@TexasNatMov) December 1, 2023“We could actually bypass the SREC’s ballot proposition process and compel the party to place the question on the ballot,” said TNM President Daniel Miller in a Friday letter submitted to the SREC in support of the proposition. He emphasized that including the proposition doesn’t equate to a Texas GOP endorsement of secession. Rather, he wrote, ballot propositions serve as a means of pursuing clarity as to the “greatest concerns of Republican voters.” – The drive for statewide votes on secession has spanned several years. While the SREC’s resolutions committee added it to a preliminary list in 2015, the SREC struck it. At the party’s 2016 convention, a plank calling for a statewide referendum of all voters was forwarded for inclusion in the Texas GOP platform, only for it to be struck down by the Permanent Platform Committee… ICYMI: I spent some time last month with the TEXIT folks at their first-ever conference — which featured a sitting state senator. They told me they feel more emboldened than ever about the potential for a secession vote. #txlege https://t.co/yL2PPQAJEe — Robert Downen (@RobertDownen_) December 1, 2023 – Later Republican plank attempts were successful. The SREC will be under greater pressure to green-light the primary ballot proposition on Saturday, given presence of two planks in the current Texas GOP platformPlank 33, addressing “state sovereignty,” asserts that “Texas retains the right to secede from the United States, and the Texas Legislature should be called upon to pass a referendum consistent thereto.” – Plank 225, “Texas Independence,” urges the legislature to require a general election referendum “for the people of Texas to determine whether or not the State of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation.” – “Whether you are for, against, or undecided TEXIT, we should all be able to agree that the platform matters, the Texas Bill of Rights matters, and the Republican voters matter,” said TNM’s Miller in his letter to the SREC.””Gold Spikes To Record High Over $2,130, Bitcoin Soars Above $40,000 As Market Calls Powell’s Bluff – by Tyler Durden – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/gold-spikes-to-record-high-over-2130 – “On Friday, shortly after Powell failed to hammer the hawkish case in his “fireside” chat with stocks eager to take out 2023 highs, we said that Powell has a big problem on his hands not so much because if the market was indeed correct about imminent easing that only assures that inflation will come back with a vengeance and Powell would indeed be the “second coming” of a former Fed Chair – only Burns not Vlcker  – but because the kneejerk surge higher in gold (and digital gold) meant that the once again deathwatch for the dollar – and fiat in general – had resumed… Well, with futures having opened for trading on Sunday night, what we joked about on Friday, namely that Powell – having seemingly once again lost control of the hawkish narrative – may be leaking emergency rate hikes though Nick Timiraos on Dec 12, ahead of the December FOMC (now that the Fed is in blackout mode)… … is all too real because suddenly everything that is non printable is soaring, starting with gold, which has exploded as much as $60, spiking to a new all time high of $2,135…”US Signs New Climate Pact To Shut Down All Coal Plants – by Tom Ozimek via The Epoch Times – “John Kerry, special presidential envoy on climate matters, announced Saturday that the United States has “proudly” committed to not to build any new coal plants and to get rid of existing ones entirely… “To meet our goal of 100 percent carbon pollution-free electricity by 2035, we need to phase out unabated coal,” Mr. Kerry said in a Dec. 2 statement, in which he announced that the United States had officially joined a coalition of 56 other countries who all plan to ditch coal in the name of climate change… “We will be working to accelerate unabated coal phase-out across the world, building stronger economies and more resilient communities,” Mr. Kerry said in his statement… “The first step is to stop making the problem worse: stop building new unabated coal power plants.” – While no specific date was given for when the Biden administration plans to nix America’s existing coal plants, other regulatory actions by the administration zero in on 2035 as the year when coal ends… Just under 20 percent of U.S. electricity was powered by coal as of October 2023, according to the Department of Energy (DOE)… Anti-Coal Alliance… The anti-coal pact that Mr. Kerry said Washington had just joined is called the Power Past Coal Alliance, which was started six years ago and had 50 members until Saturday, when the United States, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Iceland, Kosovo, and Norway joined bringing the total to 56… Citing IEA’s Net Zero Roadmap, the Power Past Coal Alliance said in a Dec. 2 statement that, in order to “keep the 1.5°C goal within reach,” advanced economies like the United States need to immediately end the construction of new coal power plants and phase out existing plants by 2030, and by 2040 in the rest of the world… The 1.5°C threshold, first established in the Paris Agreement in 2015, aims to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2100… In 2022, coal-fired plants generated 36 percent of global electricity, outstripping all other sources. Over half of this output was in China, which is building new coal plants at a fast pace, undeterred by various climate pledges and goals that the country’s leadership has paid lip service to… The next three largest contributors to global coal-fired electricity are India, the United States, and Japan, which jointly account for around 25 percent of the total.”Nuclear fusion breakthrough: World’s biggest reactor is switched on – by Jonathan Chadwick For Mailonline – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/nuclear-fusion-breakthrough-worlds -“Fusion involves placing hydrogen atoms under high heat and pressure until they fuse into heavier helium atoms… When deuterium and tritium nuclei – which can be found in hydrogen – fuse, they form a helium nucleus, a neutron and a lot of energy… This is done by heating the fuel to temperatures in excess of 150 million°C, forming a hot plasma… Strong magnetic fields are used to keep the plasma away from the walls so that it doesn’t cool down and lost it energy potential… These are produced by superconducting coils surrounding the vessel, and by an electrical current driven through the plasma… For energy production. plasma has to be confined for a sufficiently long period for fusion to occur… Built and operated jointly by Europe and Japan, JT-60SA will be the world’s largest fusion reactor until the completion of ITER in France… Other smaller reactors are being built and tested – including the ST40 in Oxfordshire – in an initial step towards what could be nuclear fusion power plants around the world, supplying electricity for homes… For now, JT-60SA’s primary focus is as a research facility and to investigate how fusion power plants that are one day built will actually operate… According to experts, it will take another two years before JT-60SA produces the long-lasting plasmas needed for meaningful physics experiments. “At an inauguration ceremony for JT-60SA on Friday, deputy project leader Sam Davis said the Japanese device will ‘bring us closer to fusion energy’… ‘It’s the result of a collaboration between more than 500 scientists and engineers and more than 70 companies throughout Europe and Japan,’ he said… EU energy commissioner Kadri Simson said JT-60SA is ‘the most advanced tokamak in the world’, calling the start of operations ‘a milestone for fusion history’… ‘Fusion has the potential to become a key component for energy mix in the second half of this century,’ Simson said.”Microsoft Inked Deals With Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Outlets, Documents Show – by Joseph Simonson – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/microsoft-inked-deals-with-chinese -“Microsoft helped Chinese state-run media outlets disseminate propaganda as part of previously unreported partnership agreements, documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show… The nation’s second largest corporation signed collaboration deals with state-run Chinese media outlets including China Daily and People’s Daily, the latter of which is the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Chinese government. Summaries of the deal state Microsoft would provide China Daily with technology that lets the paper target potential readers and gave the People’s Daily access to an artificial intelligence bot specially designed to be controlled and censored by the Chinese Communist Party… The deals have not been widely reported outside of China, nor have the financial terms been disclosed. A spokeswoman for Microsoft said both agreements “expired years ago and were not renewed.” But experts say the fact that Microsoft inked the deals at all is a major win for the Chinese Communist Party… “These are major propaganda outlets that publish outright falsehoods attacking the ideas of democracy, attacking the very concepts that undergird our society, and yet an American company is working to spread this,” said Geoffrey Cain, policy director at the Tech Integrity Project, which fights Chinese Communist Party influence in American tech companies. “The purpose of all this is to show the Chinese Communist Party that it’s firmly on the side of China and the Chinese system,” Cain added… Both the China Daily and the People’s Daily are widely considered propaganda tools for the Chinese Communist Party. China Daily is published by the party’s Central Propaganda Department. The State Department in 2020 determined the People’s Daily’s parent company was “substantially owned or effectively controlled” by the Chinese government. In an announcement for the designation, then-secretary of state Mike Pompeo referred to the paper as one of the “mouthpieces of the Chinese Communist Party.” – Microsoft struck the agreement with China Daily in September 2016, according to a news release from the outlet. China Daily said Microsoft would provide technology to help enable the outlet to target and profile users and establish the “Media Smart Cloud Innovation Technology Laboratory.”Important Whistle-Blower information coming out of New Zealand – 30th November 2023 – https://fixvx.com/_aussie17/status/1730151291937280468 – Transcript of 9 minute video of “Winston” included in X/Twitter post linked above:
—-“I was involved with building a project, helped with implementing a vaccine payment system for our providers. It’s called a pay per dose system. So that means that every time someone gets vaccinated, they get a payment for it as a provider. And I helped build it, I implemented it. And when I was looking at the data, which is part of my job, I noticed some discrepancies with the dates of death, people getting people dying within a week of being vaccinated… “The chances of that occurring naturally by chance is almost impossible.” – “Well, as soon as the system went live, we noticed that people were dying almost straight away after being injected. So that sort of prompted my curiosity a bit, and so I dug a little deeper. And I am a scientist by nature. I love science. It’s my all time favorite. I’ve got a master’s degree in science.” “Because it’s a payment system and I’m the database administrator for it. I’m the only one. Because New Zealand is a small country, you can get away with one database administrator to do this. So I’m in a unique position in the world. And because New Zealand is a tier one country with really good in I.T., I was able to manage and build the system and be the only database administrator needed to look after it. In other countries like America or Britain, you’d need a whole team of people. So it would be very difficult for one person to get access to all of this information. But in New Zealand, because of its size and because it’s got really good I.T, I happen to be the one.” ——————————————————- Please note that this will likely be “community noted” because (as of 30 Nov 2023), the existing “official” COVID guidelines appear to still be significantly influenced by major pharmaceutical entities, and regulatory bodies continue to be potentially compromised… Twitter post includes a Video link (1hr 4min) from Liz Gun with “Winston Smith,” outlining how she met him and why he decided to take the risk to act as a whistleblower with the data he’s shared with the world. He also talks about the nature of the data, and they go over the Plandemic operation as they understand it. From Liz: “It’s an hour long clip but I edited some highlights and key analysis. Please watch!” – Video of heinous New Zealand newscast about charges against “Winston” in the wake of his arrest. – https://www.bitchute.com/video/cExrA2w0OtPF/New Zealand Jab Data Whistleblower, Barry Young, Released from Prison, Makes First Statement – w/Counterspin Video, 29 minutes – from InfoWars – https://www.infowars.com/posts/breaking-new-zealand-jab-data-whistleblower-released-from-prison/ – “Also tune into The Alex Jones show on Tuesday at 11 am Central Time in US or 6 am NZDT to hear interviews with Barry Young, Liz Gunn, as well as the journalist and politician who arranged the release! – WATCH & SHARE! – Over the weekend, Barry Young was raided and arrested after revealing the spike in deaths associated with the Covid-19 jab campaign… Currently, the New Zealand government is claiming and charging Young with ‘accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes.’ – However, the data itself was carefully analyzed, anonymized, and time-shifted to prevent personal information from being released into the public domain… The data has already been handed over to a multitude of research organizations and is reportedly the best trove of official government data on the COVID scandal released so far… Also, catch up on this ongoing saga with the following videos: Why Global Governments are Targeting COVID Whistleblowers for Arrest – Desperate Deep State Begins The Arrest Of Covid-19 Government Whistleblowers – Meet The Real HeroesHunter Biden Sent ‘Direct Monthly Payments’ To Joe Via Account Paid From ‘China And Other Shady Corners Of The World’ – by Tyler Durden – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/hunter-biden-sent-direct-monthly – Hunter Biden sent monthly payments to his father out of a bank account he used to receive money from Chinese business associates, according to newly released bank records revealed by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, who shared a Monday video on X detailing redacted bank transfers to Joe Biden from Hunter’s Owasco P.C. bank account… “Today, the House Oversight Committee is releasing subpoenaed bank records that show Hunter Biden’s business entity, Owasco PC, made direct monthly payments to Joe Biden. This wasn’t a payment from Hunter Biden’s personal account but an account for his corporation that received payments from China and other shady corners of the world,” Comer says in the video, adding that the payments began in September 2018 – six months before Biden announced his candidacy in the 2020 election… “Payments from Hunter’s business entity to Joe Biden are now part of a pattern revealing Joe Biden knew about, participated in and benefited from his family’s influence peddling schemes.” – “Payments to Joe Biden from Hunter’s Owasco PC corporate account are part of a pattern revealing Joe Biden knew about, participated in, and benefited from his family’s influence peddling schemes. As the Bidens received millions from foreign nationals and companies in China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kazakhstan, Joe Biden dined with his family’s foreign associates, spoke to them by speakerphone, had coffee, attended meetings, and ultimately received payments that were funded by his family’s business dealings,” reads an accompanying release from the Oversight Committee.”Billionaires Propose $50M Media Blitz to Portray Hamas as Terrorists and Enemy of US – by Fox News – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/billionaires-propose-50m-media-blitz – “Several weeks ago, Wall Street and Hollywood billionaires discussed a plan to spend as much as $50 million on a media campaign to “define Hamas to the American people as a terrorist organization.” The funds would be used for a media campaign aimed at portraying Hamas not only as an enemy of Israel but also as an enemy and threat to the United States. The action is organized by American billionaire Barry Sternlicht, who founded Starwood Capital Group… A media ‘influencer’, known as Really Graceful, who has over 400,000 Youtube subscribers, made a video showing that she was contacted by an Israeli advertising company to promote Israel in the wake of widespread criticism for its war in Gaza. Another influencer said that he was offered $5000 to promote Israel… Real-estate billionaire Barry Sternlicht is trying to organize support and spend as much as $50 million on a media campaign targeted at defining Hamas as a terrorist organization, according to a report… Sternlicht began the campaign just days after the Oct. 7 terrorist attack in Israel committed by Hamas, according to an email viewed by online news site Semafor. He initially sought $1 million in donations from a group of the business world’s richest individuals… The campaign would “define Hamas to the American people as a terrorist organization.” – In the email, Sternlicht wrote he had “a great conversation” with Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav about the campaign, adding that Endeavor CEO and talent agent Ari Emanuel agreed to coordinate it. According to the report, however, spokespeople for both men said they are no longer involved… Sternlicht wrote in the email that the aim of the campaign would be to “distinguish between anti-Semites and the Palestinian situation.”Brazillian city enacts an ordinance that was written by ChatGPT – Legislation binding on humans written by Artificial Intelligence. What could go wrong? – by Diane Jeantet and Mauricio Savarese – https://apnews.com/article/brazil-artificial-intelligence-porto-alegre-5afd1240afe7b6ac202bb0bbc45e08d4 – “RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — City lawmakers in Brazil have enacted what appears to be the nation’s first legislation written entirely by artificial intelligence — even if they didn’t know it at the time… The experimental ordinance was passed in October in the southern city of Porto Alegre and city councilman Ramiro Rosário revealed this week that it was written by a chatbot, sparking objections and raising questions about the role of artificial intelligence in public policy… Rosário told The Associated Press that he asked OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT to craft a proposal to prevent the city from charging taxpayers to replace water consumption meters if they are stolen. He then presented it to his 35 peers on the council without making a single change or even letting them know about its unprecedented origin… “If I had revealed it before, the proposal certainly wouldn’t even have been taken to a vote,” Rosário told the AP by phone on Thursday. The 36-member council approved it unanimously and the ordinance went into effect on Nov. 23… “It would be unfair to the population to run the risk of the project not being approved simply because it was written by artificial intelligence,” he added… The arrival of ChatGPT on the marketplace just a year ago has sparked a global debate on the impacts of potentially revolutionary AI-powered chatbots. While some see it as a promising tool, it has also caused concerns and anxiety about the unintended or undesired impacts of a machine handling tasks currently performed by humans… Porto Alegre, with a population of 1.3 million, is the second-largest city in Brazil’s south. The city’s council president, Hamilton Sossmeier, found out that Rosário had enlisted ChatGPT to write the proposal when the councilman bragged about the achievement on social media on Wednesday. Sossmeier initially told local media he thought it was a “dangerous precedent.” – The AI large language models that power chatbots like ChatGPT work by repeatedly trying to guess the next word in a sentence and are prone to making up false information, a phenomenon sometimes called hallucination… All chatbots sometimes introduce false information when summarizing a document, ranging from about 3% of the time for the most advanced GPT model to a rate of about 27% for one of Google’s models, according to recently published research by the tech company Vectara… In an article published on the website of Harvard Law School’s Center of Legal Profession earlier this year, Andrew Perlman, dean at Suffolk University Law School, wrote that ChatGPT “may portend an even more momentous shift than the advent of the internet,” but also warned of its potential shortcomings… “It may not always be able to account for the nuances and complexities of the law. Because ChatGPT is a machine learning system, it may not have the same level of understanding and judgment as a human lawyer when it comes to interpreting legal principles and precedent. This could lead to problems in situations where a more in-depth legal analysis is required,” Perlman wrote… Porto Alegre’s Rosário wasn’t the first lawmaker in the world to test ChatGPT’s abilities. Others have done so in a more limited capacity or with less successful outcomes… In Massachusetts, Democratic state Sen. Barry Finegold turned to ChatGPT to help write a bill aimed at regulating artificial intelligence models, including ChatGPT. Filed earlier this year, it has yet to be voted on… Finegold said by phone on Wednesday that ChatGPT can help with some of the more tedious elements of the lawmaking process, including correctly and quickly searching and citing laws already on the books. However, it is critical that everyone knows ChatGPT or a similar tool was used in the process, he added… “We want work that is ChatGPT generated to be watermarked,” he said, adding that the use of artificial intelligence to help draft new laws is inevitable. “I’m in favor of people using ChatGPT to write bills as long as it’s clear.” – There was no such transparency for Rosário’s proposal in Porto Alegre. Sossmeier said Rosário did not inform fellow council members that ChatGPT had written the proposal… Keeping the proposal’s origin secret was intentional. Rosário told the AP his objective was not just to resolve a local issue, but also to spark a debate. He said he entered a 49-word prompt into ChatGPT and it returned the full draft proposal within seconds, including justifications… “I am convinced that … humanity will experience a new technological revolution,” he said. “All the tools we have developed as a civilization can be used for evil and good. That’s why we have to show how it can be used for good.” – And the council president, who initially decried the method, already appears to have been swayed… “I changed my mind,” Sossmeier said. “I started to read more in depth and saw that, unfortunately or fortunately, this is going to be a trend.”What is smart dust and how is it used? – a valuable primer – from Nanotechnology 101 Explainers – https://www.nanowerk.com/smartdust.php – “Imagine a cloud of sensors, each the size of a grain of sand or even smaller, blown aloft by hurricane winds and relaying data on the storm to weather stations below. Picture an invisible sensor network embedded into a smart city’s roads to monitor traffic, road surface damage and identify available parking spaces – all in real time. Or billions of nanosensors distributed over forests and other areas with fire hazards to detect a fire at its very beginning. Or envision programmable smart dust that triggers an alarm signal when invisible microcracks are detected in a turbine blade… Smart dust refers to wireless networks of sub-millimeter-scale autonomous computing and sensing platforms not larger than a grain of sand. Smart dust senses and records data about its environment such as light, temperature, sound, presence of toxins or vibrations, and transmits that data wirelessly to larger computer systems… Smart dust is a vision of the networked future where intelligent networks of trillions of miniscule sensors continuously feel, taste, smell, see, and hear what is going on in their surrounding environment, communicate with each other and exchange information. Smart dust networks are the ultimate Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices… Smart dust is revolutionary because the sensors are small enough to be put anywhere, even in narrow and difficult areas. Another huge advantage is that these devices work without any human intervention as they are pre-programmed and, notwithstanding their tiny size, have their own power supply… This technology is expected to not only monitor building controls, pipelines, factory equipment and drug-making processes, but it will also lead to ubiquitous autonomous artificial intelligent computation near the end user, such as authentication, medical procedures and health care monitoring, sensing and tracking, industrial and supply chain monitoring, and defense applications… Although smart dust devices are not quite in dust-size territory, researchers hope to shrink these devices to the size of a speck of dust via nanotechnology… To be economically feasible, such single-use devices have to be cheap (we are talking pennies or even fractions of a penny), even cheaper than the radio-frequency identification tags currently used to track the inventory of warehouses, for example… How does smart dust work and what does it do? – Smart dust networks contain nodes (called ‘mote’) that combine sensing, computing, wireless communication capabilities and autonomous power supply in a tiny package with a volume of few cubic millimeters or even less… Smart dust is based on microelectromechanical systems, or MEMS. MEMS consist of any combination of mechanical (levers, springs, membranes, etc.) and electrical (resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc.) components to work as sensors or actuators. In the future, as fabrication technologies advance, this will shrink further down in size to NEMS – nanoelectromechanical systems… Motes are constructed using conventional silicon microfabrication techniques and can remain suspended in an environment similar to dust (hence the name)… Each mote can be left unattended to collect environmental data such as light, temperature, pressure, vibrations, the existence of toxins, etc., and transmit this data wirelessly to larger, remote computer systems – or, depending on the mote’s computing power, processes it directly at the point of data collection… For instance, in an industrial setting, smart dust sensors relay signals back to a command computer, which then compiles the data to give feedback to plant managers. Or the results could trigger an automatic response, such as turning down a building’s temperature or reducing the flow of water… Another example is DARPA’s SHIELD program that plans to use microscale chips to track and authenticate the supply chain of computer chips for defense applications. The goal is to eliminate counterfeit integrated circuits from the electronics supply chain by making counterfeiting too complex and time-consuming to be cost effective. SHIELD aims to combine NSA-level encryption, sensors, near-field power and communications into a tiny chip capable of being inserted into the packaging of an integrated circuit… Origin of the smart dust concept – ‘Smart Dust’ was first conceived in the 1990s by Dr. Kris Pister while a professor of electrical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, as a simple way to deploy intelligent wireless sensors.
At the time, Pister imagined a world in which ubiquitous sensors could measure everything that could be measured. Immediately, he thought about environmental applications such as weather tracking (read his concept paper from 2000: Emerging challenges: Mobile networking for “Smart Dust”).
But it doesn’t come as a surprise that it was the military that gave the impetus, and financing, for developing smart dust. In 1992, DARPA funded Pister’s research in the Smart Dust project (you can read the original proposal here as PDF)… (Much more in the original article)”Biden Impeachment Inquiry Vote Will Come Next Week: Speaker Johnson – by Catherine Yang – https://www.theepochtimes.com/us/biden-impeachment-inquiry-vote-will-come-next-week-speaker-johnson-5541625 – “Note: this article is behind a paywall. To access it, click This Link, and put the URL above into the search bar… House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) announced Tuesday that a vote to authorize an inquiry into the impeachment of President Joe Biden will happen next week, before the House breaks for the holidays… “The House has no choice if it’s going to follow its constitutional responsibility to formally adopt an impeachment inquiry on the floor so that when the subpoenas are challenged in court, it will be at the apex of our constitutional authority,” he said during a press conference… “This vote is not a vote to impeach President Biden. This is a vote to continue the inquiry of impeachment, and that’s a necessary constitutional step.” – House Republicans have been investigating allegations that the Biden family profited from foreign nationals through the use of Joe Biden’s office as Vice President of the United States and later a leading candidate for the president of the United States, as well as allegations that the Biden administration hampered efforts to investigate this claim… Top Republicans have said an impeachment inquiry will help further the investigation, granting subpoena power and access to additional materials. The White House has pushed back, stating it has been cooperative in turning over more than 35,000 pages of private financial records… The first impeachment inquiry hearing was held on Sept. 28, with experts testifying that there were signs of misconduct but more evidence was needed… On Monday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told reporters that an impeachment inquiry could proceed the way Republicans have already been conducting it, but a vote to cement its official nature was better… “According to the Constitution, you don’t need it, you can start an impeachment inquiry the way we’re doing it,” he said. The impeachment of President Donald Trump had also proceeded the same way, following the authorization of then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)… “[Former] Speaker of the House [Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)] said it three months ago, but we think it always helps if the full House of Representatives on the record, a majority of that body, has said this is an official impeachment inquiry,” Mr. Jordan said, adding he expected court challenges to the impeachment inquiry as well… House Republicans Double Down on Impeachment Inquiry Into Biden – Mr. McCarthy had on Sept. 12 authorized the impeachment inquiries to be conducted by the judiciary panel, as well as the House Oversight and Accountability Committee chaired by Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) and the House Ways and Means Committee chaired by Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.)… Mr. Johnson has said that a vote is a “necessary step,” responding to White House allegations that the inquiry was “illegitimate” and politically motivated… On a Saturday appearance on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” he revealed discussions to bring a vote had already taken place with Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), chairwoman of the House Republican Conference. He pushed back on the claim that the inquiry was politically motivated, saying they would “follow the facts.” – He noted that Democrats had not done the same when impeaching President Trump.”Elise and I both served on the impeachment defense team of Donald Trump twice when the Democrats used it for brazen, partisan political purposes. We decried that use of it. This is very different. Remember, we are the rule-of-law team. We have to do it very methodically,” he said… Last week, Ms. Stefanik announced a new website tracking the impeachment inquiry and investigations from the House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means committees… Several witnesses have already been subpoenaed, including Hunter Biden, the president’s son, and James Biden, the president’s brother… Financial Dealings – According to House investigation records, Biden family members and associates earned millions from foreign nationals in countries such as China, Russia, and Ukraine during the time President Biden had been campaigning or serving as vice president… IRS whistleblowers had testified that subsequent attempts to investigate Biden family finances were purposefully delayed for political reasons… Hunter Biden has been the at center of such investigations. He has been recently been charged with illegal possession of a gun while he was a drug addict, after he revealed this fact in a memoir, but has not been charged for any financial crimes. He had been under investigation for tax related crimes since before 2020, and special counsel David Weiss has suggested he may pursue charges in California or Washington after dropping charges in Delaware.”Canada Reports 135% Spike in Deaths from ‘Unspecified Causes’ – by Frank Bergman – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/canada-reports-135-spike-in-deaths – “Statistics Canada, an agency of the Canadian government, has just published a new report revealing that the nation smashed records for deaths in 2022… Aside from soaring numbers of Canadians dying from “unspecified causes,” the nation recorded a record number of Covid deaths, despite high vaccination uptake and the pandemic being over… A report released by Statistics Canada last week admitted that deaths due to COVID-19 in Canada rose by 36% last year… According to the government, Covid caused 19,716 deaths in total… However, deaths due to “Other ill-defined and unspecified causes of mortality” rose by a shocking 135% from 2020 to 2022… Statistics Canada blames the increase in Covid deaths on the relaxing of the tyrannical mandates, masking, and lockdowns… The government agency also argues the “new highly transmissible COVID-19 variants” are causing deaths to spike… Additionally, the report reveals that Canadian life expectancy dropped for the third year in a row… The falling life expectancy trend coincidentally started in 2020… Maxime Bernier, the leader of the conservative-populist People’s Party of Canada (PPC),  took to Twitter/X to blow the whistle on this development.”Damning Analysis: Short-Selling Deluge Points to Foreknowledge of October 7 Attacks – by Ben Bartee – https://www.globalresearch.ca/damning-analysis-short-selling-deluge-points-foreknowledge-october-7-attacks/5842432 – “The results of a statistical analysis below, published in the Social Science Research Network, point quantitatively to prior knowledge among certain actors of the impending October 7 attack who, working on apparent inside knowledge, engaged in the short-selling of various stocks to a windfall of millions of dollars… (“Short selling,” for the uninitiated, is the act of “borrowing” a stock from a broker and selling it with the expectation that the price will drop and then buying and returning it at a lower price for profit. In simpler times, it had a simpler name: usury. Jesus tossed with extreme prejudice the “money-changers” out of the temple because he recognized them are degenerate scum who produce nothing of value to society but parasitically suck up its capital with their various sordid schemes. Were I coronated, these people would be the first on the wall, which is why they’d have me killed before I got close to power. Alas, this tangent is a story for another day.) – Via Social Science Research Network: “Recent scholarship shows that informed traders increasingly disguise trades in economically linked securities such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Linking that work to longstanding literature on financial markets’ reactions to military conflict, we document a significant spike in short selling in the principal Israeli-company ETF days before the October 7 Hamas attack. The short selling that day far exceeded the short selling that occurred during numerous other periods of crisis, including the recession following the financial crisis, the 2014 Israel-Gaza war, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, we identify increases in short selling before the attack in dozens of Israeli companies traded in Tel Aviv. For one Israeli company alone, 4.43 million new shares sold short over the September 14 to October 5 period yielded profits (or approximates avoided losses) of millions on that additional short selling for one out of hundreds of securities traded on the TASE… Our findings suggest that traders informed about the coming attacks profited from these tragic events, and consistent with prior literature we show that trading of this kind occurs in gaps in U.S. and international enforcement of legal prohibitions on informed trading. We contribute to the growing literature on trading related to geopolitical events and offer suggestions for policymakers concerned about profitable trading on the basis of information about coming military conflict.” – It should be noted that the authors of this study, Robert J. Jackson, Jr. and Joshua Mitts, are the Former Commissioner of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and a respected scholar at Columbia Law School — hardly what one might call your typical “right-wing domestic terrorist conspiracy theorist” or whatever… Given the damning implications, the narrative control coming out of Israel appears frenzied and contradictory… Via Reuters: “The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange said on Tuesday a report by U.S. researchers suggesting there were investors in Israel who may have profited from prior knowledge of Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack was inaccurate and its publication irresponsible.” – The Times of Israel, alternatively, suggests that all of the short-selling was conducted by Hamas-affiliated operatives: “A recent study found that the Hamas terror group may have tried to profit off its October 7 assault on Israel, using advance knowledge of the attack to short-sell Israeli companies in the days leading up to the massacre.” – Even if one accepts the narrative that Hamas and its allies let in on the plan were entirely responsible for the nearly unprecedented short-selling (surpassing that of various other crises in recent history, as explained by Jackson and Mitts) — even though there’s no evidence of that — one would expect that Israeli intelligence, were it vigilant, would have pricked its ears up in the many days of the short-selling bonanza starting as early as September 14… Instead, there are no reports of any investigations into the short-selling leading up to October 7, nor any official inquiry since…The totality of evidence, as it mounts, which I have diligently chronicled, continues to make mincemeat of the official story that the Israeli government — home of arguably the most vaunted national security apparatus on Earth, engaged in constant, near-total surveillance of the Gaza Strip — was caught unawares on October 7.”December Update on Corona Committee Lawyer, Reiner Fuellmich – by Patricia Harrity – https://expose-news.com/2023/12/06/december-update-on-corona-committee-lawyer-reiner-fuellmich/ – “Update – Distinguished lawyer Reiner Fuellmich is still in prison 6 weeks after being arrested. Dr Fuellmich, known for his involvement in high-profile legal cases is a key figure in the Corona Investigative Committee, which he has dedicated the last few years to due to his scrutinising of the corporate agenda surrounding the Covid plandemic… On October 13, 2023, Dr Fuellmich was apprehended at the German consulate in Tijuana, Mexico, where he was escorted to Germany and subsequently arrested. There is speculation, that Reiner Fuellmich was arrested in an attempt to deliberately silence him and put a stop to any Corona Committee legal proceedings, termed Nuremberg 2, and of course, this has succeeded… However, there are allegations centered on Fuellmich “misappropriating funds” as the managing director of the “Corona Committee Foundation,” which over the years has garnered significant donations from the global COVID “truther” movement… The Gottingen, public prosecutor’s office in Germany, has accused Fuellmich of diverting funds intended for the foundation’s mission and that disturbing evidence pointed to substantial transfers from the foundation’s accounts into the personal accounts of his wife Inka… Allegedly among these transactions was a series of 20 transactions with payments totaling €200,000 to Inka in November 2020 and another alleged transaction involving €500,000 reportedly occurred in May of the following year… These charges implicated Fuellmich in financial misconduct and have cast a shadow over his role as a global figure in the COVID investigation and quite clearly the arrest and legal proceedings will have been a pivotal moment in his legal career… The uncertainty surrounding the allegations has left his future in legal circles shrouded in ambiguity, with repercussions for both his reputation and professional standing, according to author Utsav Shrestha who cited German site Tagesspiegel for the above information… Many readers have shown concern for him and the Expose has attempted to keep everyone updated on his situation whenever there has been any news… November 27th – Still in Prison – Still Strong – Before the arrest of Reiner Fuellmich, Roger Bittel of Biettel Tv aired a one-hour summary from him. Now he does a “ThoughtSending for Reiner Fuellmich.” He keeps the time and space free for Reiner Fuellmich, and a few thousand people are there live every time” according to lawyer/friend Elsa Scheider… Roger Bittel shared the following update on the 27th of November… “He is doing well considering the circumstances… He has become more sensitive, but he is still strong! – He has now received a mechanical typewriter… He will comment on all the allegations… He is very happy to receive mail from people… He has noticed that a few people hold a vigil outside the prison every Thursday and Saturday at 11 a.m. with banners saying “Thank you, Reiner, for your work for the Corona Committee” and “Freedom for Reiner Fuellmich”. – It does him a lot of good to know that people are thinking of him and have not forgotten him. ” – Bittel said that he has an idea for his next sending. “By next week Dr. Reiner Fuellmich will have been a prisoner for 49 days!  He can’t get used to the idea – and many thousands of other people can’t get used to the idea either! On the one hand, it is enough to bring one to tears. On the other hand, he keeps telling himself over and over again: “It is all supposed to be so!  Who knows what it’s good for…” SourceDecember 3rd and Six Weeks in Prison – Yesterday there was a message published from Reiner, which was read by Roger Bittel on bittel.tv on Sunday night. In German: www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8asxqlFWl0 From 5:00 to 7:40.) – English translation of the Message From Reiner Fuellmich – Hello everyone, After six weeks of imprisonment, I would like to deeply thank all the people who write to me. There are thousands. I read everything. Everything in those letters from appreciation of the quality of the work done and above all the positive energy sent to me is a rescue boat that will bring me to freedom so we can continue to bring forward our joint work. Because it isn’t over… The corona pandemic was only the test run to find out what people will go along with when we put them into panic through psycho-terror. We must look behind the panic propaganda, so we can see the truth. Without justice there is no peace and no returning to a humane world… That also holds for my case… Today for the first time I want to address the charges against me that are meant to damage my international reputation as a lawyer but also me as a person. I will together with my legal team ensure that the full truth comes to light, and that those who have done this are brought to justice… I will go into the background of everything and show how the money from the sale of the house of myself and my wife were simply taken from us – that is, our entire financial existence was taken and that is how the entire Mexican plot was created which led to my arrest and much more… I thank all of you, Reiner Fuellmich”



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Web Research Links for the Week of 11/27/23

Fair Use Notice: This site may contain some copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of vital issues which already exist in the public domain. – Note: These links are posted at the top of the page as the week progresses. Links from previous weeks can be found under the “Current Quicklinx” button.

US Government in Full Scale Implosion Because of Corruption – Catherine Austin Fitts – Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog.com (1hr 5min) – MUST WATCH INTERVIEW – Get ready for what is ahead

The Video that Mike Maloney – of GoldSilver.com, Creator of The Hidden Secrets of Money Series on YouTube, Author of the best selling Guide To Investing in Gold & Silver: Protect Your Financial Future, and The Great Gold & Silver Rush of the 21st Century, – Calls “This is My Most Important Video In Years,” and He isn’t kidding. (45 min)

UN & Bill Gates Launch “50in5” Global Digital Infrastructure Plans – by Kit Knightly – https://off-guardian.org/2023/11/16/un-bill-gates-launch-50in5-global-digital-infrastructure-plans/ – “Last week the United Nations Development Program officially launched their new initiative promoting “Digital Public Infrastructure” (DPI) around the world… The “50in5” program – so-called because it aims to introduce DPI in fifty countries in the next five years – began with a live-streamed event on November 8th… For those of you unsure what “Digital Public Infrastructure” is, the 50in5 website is quite clear: ‘Digital public infrastructure (DPI) – which refers to a secure and interoperable network of components that include digital payments, ID, and data exchange systems.’.. There’s nothing new there, for anyone who has been paying even the slightest bit of attention. Digital identity and digital payment systems are self-explanatory (and we’ve covered them before). “Data Exchange Systems” essentially means national governments will share identity and financial records of citizens across borders with other nations, or indeed with global government agencies… The key word is “interoperable”… As we have written before, the “global government” won’t be one single health care system, identity database, or digital currency – but dozens of notionally separate systems all carefully designed to be fully “interoperable”… As well as being a project of the UNDP, UNICEF, and the Inter-American Development Bank, the 50in5 is funded by various globalist NGOs and non-profits including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and (indirectly through an NGO called “Co-Develop”) the Rockefeller Foundation… The eleven counties taking part in the program so far are Bangladesh, Brazil, Estonia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Moldova, Norway, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Togo. A careful spread from every continent, including first, second, and third-world nations… It is a list noteworthy for including NATO, EU, and BRICS members. Interesting implications on supposed “multipolarity” there… In related news, on the exact same day the 50in5 program launched, the European Parliament and Council of Europe agreed on a new framework for a region-wide European Digital Identity (eID) system… According to the official press release [emphasis added]: ‘The revised regulation constitutes a clear paradigm shift for digital identity in Europe aiming to ensure universal access for people and businesses to secure and trustworthy electronic identification and authentication. Under the new law, member states will offer citizens and businesses digital wallets that will be able to link their national digital identities with proof of other personal attributes (e.g., driving licence, diplomas, bank account). Citizens will be able to prove their identity and share electronic documents from their digital wallets with a click of a button on their mobile phone.’.. This comes on the back of announcements that the European Central Bank is moving on to the “next phase” of its Digital Euro plans this month. The digital euro will – according to former IMF (and apparent numerology nut) Christine Lagarde – afford some “limited control” over people’s spending… India, another BRICS nation, has been at the forefront of DPI development for years, and now articles are appearing in publications like Forbes, claiming “India Has A Digital Infrastructure, America Needs One”… At the same time, China is making strides toward ending online anonymity, while Western politicians like Nikki Haley say we should be doing the same… As the world focuses on Hamas and Israel, the global re-organization phase of the Great Reset is just quietly going about its business. Building a net and waiting to tighten it.”

Coming Soon: Your Travel Will Be Restricted By Personal Carbon Allowances“Experts suggest” your standard of living be reduced by over 85% – bMark E. Jeftovic – https://bombthrower.com/coming-soon-your-travel-will-be-restricted-by-personal-carbon-allowances/ – “A report on the future of travel and tourism, co-authored by a travel agency called Intrepid Travel and The Future Labs Institute, posits a future deeply impacted by climate change and restrictions on tourist travel to combat it… “A Sustainable Future for Travel”, warns of “travel extinction”, where some areas suffer such radical climate change that all tourism there ceases, and “personal carbon allowances” that will restrict how often one is permitted travel… From the report (pardon the length, emphasis added): “Carbon Passports” A personal carbon emissions limit will become the new normal as policy and people’s values drive an era of great change… As demonstrated by a worldwide tourism boom, the frequency at which we can fly is once again seemingly unlimited… Conscience and budgets permitting, we feel free to hop on planes from one place to the next. But this will change. ‘On our current trajectory, we can expect a pushback against the frequency with which individuals can travel, with carbon passports set to change the tourism landscape,’ says Raymond [Martin Raymond, Future Laboratories co-founder] – Personal carbon allowances could help curb carbon emissions and lower travel’s overall footprint. – These allowances will manifest as passports that force people to ration their carbon in line with the global carbon budget, which is 750bn tonnes until 2050… By 2040, we can expect to see limitations imposed on the amount of travel that is permitted each year… Experts suggest that individuals should currently limit their carbon emissions to 2.3 tonnes each year – the equivalent of taking a round-trip from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. However, the average carbon footprint in the US is 16 tonnes per person per year, 15 tonnes in Australia and 11.7 tonnes in the UK. This is in stark contrast to where we may find ourselves in the future, with 2040’s travellers forced to forgo the horizon-expanding experiences so readily embraced by today’s tourists… For all practical purposes, your carbon emissions will line up with your energy usage, give or take a relatively narrow band of efficiencies (unless we have some kind of clean energy breakthrough, and the only viable one we have, nuclear, is not considered clean energy by the climate cult)… Said differently: Your standard of living is your energy usage. Reducing a society’s energy usage is the same as reducing its living standards…  With this in mind, let’s look at the numbers cited by the Sustainable Future for Travel report: “Experts suggest that individuals should currently limit their carbon emissions to 2.3 tonnes each year.” – The table below lays out exactly how much the standard of living for the residents of each country will have to be reduced in order to meet the recommended carbon quota set by unelected experts. This is the level of “degrowth” it will take to satisfy the objectives of climate alarmists relying on unfalsifiable premises, arbitrary computer models, and who are deliberately ignoring and suppressing countervailing data.

How serious are our leaders and policymakers about reducing the citizenry’s living standards by upwards of 85%?..  Here is Canada’s Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, rather blithely confirming that the government will limit natural gas usage in order to fight climate change: Reporter: There will be limitations on how much natural gas you can use in the winter? – Full clip on X/Twitter: https://twitter.com/StuntPope/status/1728247679170281835Why are we talking about carbon passports in the section on Central Bank Digital Currencies? (Today’s post is an excerpt from the “Eye on Evilcoin” section of this month’s Bitcoin Capitalist macro overview)… Because we think CBDCs will invariably launch as, or morph into, personal carbon footprint quotasRight now, what we call “the fiat money system” uses debt for money. That’s no longer sustainable, so what we’re expecting is an attempt to switch what we loosely identify as “money”, away from symbolic tokens backed by debt, to social credit scores, backed by personal carbon footprint quotas... In the future, what we loosely identify as ‘money’ will switch from being symbolic tokens backed by debt, to social credit scores, backed by personal carbon footprint quotas. Click To TweetExpanding on this theme, probably, is another report from Future Labs on “Neo-Collectivism”, which may give us a hint at how the policymakers of late stage globalism will seek to preempt free markets and universal human rights with a “we’re all in this together” retread of what is essentially, communism.”

Are COVID Jab Deaths Being Covered Up? – by Dr. Joseph Mercola – https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid-jab-deaths-being-covered-up/5841251 – “The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) does not meet its own standards, and safety signals are not being addressed… Before the COVID pandemic, VAERS received an average of 60,000 adverse event reports after vaccination each year. In the first year of the rollout of the experimental gene therapies against COVID (2021), reports skyrocketed to 1 million. By the end of October 2023, the number of reports associated with the COVID shots was 1,605,764, and nearly 1 in 5 of those reports involves a “serious” adverse event… The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which share responsibility for VAERS, insist these data in no way reflect a potential problem with the COVID shots… Filing a VAERS report is a time-consuming process. It can take several hours for a trained medical professional to fill out a single report, and this is time that cannot be billed to anyone. As a result, side effects, including deaths, are massively underreported… VAERS has a public front end and a private back end that public users aren’t allowed to see. The public database only contains the initial reports. Corrections and updates on outcomes go into the private-facing end. As a result, we have no idea how many of the injuries have resulted in death after an initial report was filed. The death count we see when we look at VAERS is the number of reports filed where death was the reason for filing the report in the first place. This “dual system” can leave the public with the false impression that deaths are less common than they are. We also don’t know how many injuries end up progressing and resulting in permanent disability, or how many of them resolve”

Estonia notifies WHO that it rejects the Pandemic Treaty and amendments to International Health Regulations – by Rhoda Wilson – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/estonia-notifies-who-that-it-rejects – “Last month we published an article explaining that in May 2022 the World Health Assembly (“WHA”) quietly agreed to reduce the period during which nations have to opt out of future amendments to the International Health Regulations. For nations to retain the longer 18-month period previously allowed for nations to opt-out, countries need to send WHO a short note that they are opting out of the amendments decided by the WHA in 2022 before 1 December 2023… The letter from the Estonian MPs is dated 22 November 2023, 8 days before the 1 December deadline.  The MPs haven’t simply opted out of the amendments decided by the WHA in 2022, they have gone much further and rejected both the proposed Pandemic Treaty and the IHR amendments in their entirety as well as additional funding to WHO… Kalle Grünthal, one of the MPs who signed the letter, broke the news on Facebook. The letter begins: Hereby, the Republic of Estonia, based on Article 22 of the Statute of the World Health Organisation, declares that it rejects and does not consent to the international agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response as well as complementary amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) and to improving the sustainability of WHO funding… Estonia Said No to the Implementation of Forcing MeasuresKalle Grünthal on Facebook, 23 November 2023″ – As Estonian alternative media site Telegram.ee noted, this contradicts a decision made early last year.  On 4 March 2022, the Estonian European Union Affairs Committee (“EUAC”) held a meeting to vote on whether the European Commission was authorised to negotiate WHO’s two instruments on behalf of Estonia… The EUAC is a standing committee of the Parliament of Estonia (the Riigikogu) and has a deciding and coordinating role on issues relating to the European Union. The Estonian government is bound by EUAC’s decisions and uses these decisions in its discussions in Europe.  If the Government does not follow EUAC’s decisions then it must provide EUAC with the reasons for not doing so… At the March 2022 meeting, three members of the EUAC voted against and nine voted in favour of giving the European Commission the authority to open negotiations on a Pandemic Treaty, IHR amendments and improving the sustainability of WHO funding on behalf of the Republic of Estonia…  Now the Parliament of Estonia has spoken.  Below is a copy of the letter from the parliamentarians to WHO rejecting its Pandemic Treaty and IHR amendments.

Kamikaze drone takes out missile factory in major blow for Putin – by Katie Boyden – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/kamikaze-drone-takes-out-missile  -“Ukrainian kamikaze drone has hit a Russian missile factory, causing an explosion and fire to rip through the building… Footage shows the blast ripping through the roof of a workshop at the Smolensk Aviation Plant in western Russia, where Kh-59 missiles are reportedly produced… This is the second time Ukraine has targeted this specific factory – though Russia claims to have suppressed the most recent drone before it hit its target… Local sources claim the fire is now under control… Another drone was reportedly shot down in the Zadneprovsky district of Smolensk… Kh-59 missiles are among the most heavily used by Vladimir Putin to attack Ukraine… Ukraine claimed its early October strike disrupted production of the cruise missile at the plant… The plant is currently used to repair military equipment for use in Putin’s war against Ukraine, it is understood… Separately, a major explosion and fire hit a Russian plant making engines for Vladimir Putin’s tanks and armoured vehicles… Footage showed the inferno at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant in the Urals, after a powerful ‘explosion’ was reported by locals… The Chelyabinsk plant is under US and Ukrainian sanctions as ‘an enterprise specialising in the production of diesel engines for military equipment for the needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation’… The factory is a key supplier for a range of key military firepower such as the T-72, T-90 Proryv tanks, the BMPT Terminator, Akatsiya self-propelled artillery units, and the Msta-S and Koalitsiya-SV complexes… The initial Russian explanation was a transformer explosion caused by a ‘short circuit’ – which is currently used to explain any fire at a key installation in Russia.”

Watchdog to Fed: JPMorgan Is Controlling Fossil Fuels Empire, Which Just Spilled a Million Gallons of Oil in Gulf of Mexico – by Pam Martens and Russ Martens – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/watchdog-to-fed-jpmorgan-is-controlling – “The formidable Washington watchdog, Public Citizen, has trained its sights on JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon’s house of serial frauds and felony counts that is allowed to also operate as the largest federally-insured bank in the United States… Public Citizen’s pursuit of JPMorgan Chase began in 2019 when its Energy Program Director, Tyson Slocum, began investigating a hodge podge of private equity shell companies using the name Infrastructure Investments Fund (IIF). At the time, IIF was in the process of buying El Paso Electric and Public Citizen smelled something rotten and started digging. Public Citizen concluded that JPMorgan Chase was controlling IIF. Public Citizen then filed a series of complaints in the matter with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)… FERC is not a federal agency that JPMorgan Chase should be riling up again. In 2013, FERC fined the bank $410 million for rigging electric markets… In September of this year, FERC sided with Public Citizen, issuing a finding that JP Morgan Chase’s subsidiary, JP Morgan Investment Management, Inc., is an affiliate of IIF, and that their contractual relationship “undermines any potential for independence between the two entities.” – With that finding in hand, Public Citizen sent a letter on September 25 to Michael Barr, the Vice Chair for Supervision at the Federal Reserve. The letter asked the Fed to “initiate a formal investigation to determine whether JP Morgan Chase has violated the Bank Holding Company Act in its creation, operation and control over IIF and its sprawling network of energy companies and utilities, and whether it has violated the Volcker Rule’s prohibitions of banks sponsoring private equity funds.” – The Public Citizen letter to Barr described the massive fossil fuels holdings of JPMorgan as follows: “…JP Morgan Chase is now affiliated with and has some level of control over a nuclear power plant in Arizona; four different electricity, natural gas and water utilities across the United States with over 3 million captive customers; an extensive network of petroleum storage facilities in 11 U.S. states and Canada; six natural gas storage facilities in the U.S.; two deepwater offshore oil/gas production platforms and 1,900 miles of subsea and onshore pipelines connecting offshore Gulf of Mexico oil/gas production to several U.S. states; at least 13 natural gas power plants with nearly 5,000 MW of capacity across the United States; an airport in Toronto, Canada; and the official natural gas supplier to the NFL’s Buffalo Bills. Outside of North America, JP Morgan, through IIF, is affiliated with extensive oil and gas operations in the North Sea; railroads; marine cargo shipping; a natural gas utility in Spain; airports in Australia; and a UK water utility. In almost every instance, JP Morgan executives serve on IIF’s portfolio companies.” – This is not the first time that Wall Street mega banks have been investigated over their secret holdings of physical commodities… In November 2014 the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, chaired by the late Senator Carl Levin, released a stunning report detailing how Wall Street’s too-big-to-fail banks had stealthily, through shell companies, gained ownership of a massive amount of the nation’s critical industrial commodities like oil, aluminum, copper, natural gas, and even uranium. The report said the scale of these bank holdings “appears to be unprecedented in U.S. history.” – The Wall Street mega banks are holding trillions of dollars in FDIC insured deposits. If they experience a catastrophic commercial accident through a ruptured pipeline, tanker oil spill, or power plant explosion, it could once again put the taxpayer on the hook for a bailout or cause another banking panic and bank runs.”

The Feds’ Vehicle ‘Kill Switch’ Mandate Is a Gross (and Dangerous) Violation of Privacy – by Jon Miltimore – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/the-feds-vehicle-kill-switch-mandate – “In November 2021, former US Representative from Georgia Bob Barr wrote a little-noticed political column claiming that buried inside President Joe Biden’s $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure legislation was a dangerous provision that would go into effect in five years… “Marketed to Congress as a benign tool to help prevent drunk driving, the measure will mandate that automobile manufacturers build into every car what amounts to a ‘vehicle kill switch,’” wrote Barr, who was the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president in 2008… Like most Americans, I had never heard of this alleged “kill switch” until a few days ago when Representative Thomas Massie, a libertarian-leaning Republican, proposed to strip the mandate’s funding… “The right to travel is fundamental, but the government has mandated a kill-switch in new vehicles sold after 2026,” said Massie. “The kill-switch will monitor driver performance and disable cars based on the information gathered.” – Nineteen Republicans joined all but one Democrat in opposing Massie’s amendment, which failed… True or False? – The claim that the feds would mandate that every new motor vehicle include technology that could disable the vehicle seemed ludicrous. So I started Googling… To my relief, I saw several fact-checkers at legacy institutions had determined the “kill switch” mandate was not true… “Our rating: False,” said USA Today… “ASSESSMENT: False,” said the Associated Press..“We rate it Mostly False,” concluded PolitiFact… (Snopes, a reliably left-leaning fact check group, was a little less conclusive, saying the claim was a “mixture” of true and false.) – Unfortunately, my relief evaporated once I looked at the bill itselfSec. 24220 of the law explicitly states: “[T]o ensure the prevention of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities, advanced drunk and impaired driving prevention technology must be standard equipment in all new passenger motor vehicles.” – The legislation then goes on to define the technology as a computer system that can “passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle” and can “prevent or limit motor vehicle operation if an impairment is detected” (emphasis added)…  How the system will make this determination is unclear, as is the government’s potential role in apprehending suspected drunk drivers (more on that later)… But the law’s language could not be more clear: New motor vehicles must have a computer system to “monitor” drivers, and the system must be able to prevent vehicle operation if it detects impairment. “

Is the US’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System Broken? –by Jennifer Block – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/is-the-uss-vaccine-adverse-event – “Three weeks after receiving a second dose of a covid vaccine, Robert Sullivan collapsed at home on his treadmill. An anaesthesiologist in Maryland, USA, he was a particularly fit 49 year old: the week before falling ill, he’d been happily skiing at altitude in Colorado… Sullivan was given a diagnosis of sudden onset pulmonary hypertension, which is generally progressive, can be fatal, and in most cases can’t be cured. The condition is rare, especially in middle aged men. Sullivan decided to file a report in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which collects reports of symptoms, diagnoses, hospital admissions, and deaths after vaccination for the purpose of capturing post-market safety signals… But the submission process was a glitchy race against the clock. “The format is cumbersome and it times you out,” he tells The BMJ. For his troubles, Sullivan received a confirmation by email and a temporary “e-report” number. He learnt from his doctor’s office that a VAERS representative had requested medical records. Then he didn’t hear back for a year… VAERS is supposed to be user friendly, responsive, and transparent. However, investigations by The BMJ have uncovered that it’s not meeting its own standards. Not only have staffing levels failed to keep pace with the unprecedented number of reports since the rollout of covid vaccines but there are signs that the system is overwhelmed, reports aren’t being followed up, and signals are being missed… The BMJ has spoken to more than a dozen people, including physicians and a state medical examiner, who have filed VAERS reports of a serious nature on behalf of themselves or patients and were never contacted by clinical reviewers or were contacted months later… Our investigation has also found that, in stark contrast to the US government’s handling of adverse reaction reports on drugs and devices, the publicly accessible VAERS database on vaccines includes only initial reports, while case updates and corrections are kept on a separate, back end system. Officials told The BMJ that this was to protect patient confidentiality—but this means that patients, doctors, and other public users of the database have access only to an incomplete and uncorrected version… Understaffed… Co-managed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration, the VAERS reporting system relies on a mixture of voluntary adverse event reports from doctors and patients and mandatory reporting from vaccine manufacturers, which are required by law to report all adverse events they become aware of.”

“It’s A Powder Keg”: Steve Bannon Warns Tucker Ireland’s Post-Stabbing Anti-Immigration Crisis Is “Coming Here, At Scale” – by Tyler Durden –
https://www.zerohedge.com/political/ireland-powder-keg-tucker-carlson-and-steve-bannon-ireland-stabbing-insanity-and – “Tucker Carlson sat down with Steve Bannon to discuss last week’s terrorist incident in Ireland – where an Algerian immigrant went on a stabbing spree in downtown Dublin, attacking five people – including three children. Following the stabbing, anti-immigrant riots broke out across the country over the government’s general pro-immigrant policies… “Several days ago, a man in his 50s for reasons that are still not clear stabbed five people outside a school in Dublin, Ireland, including three children, and then almost immediately after, parts of that City erupted into rioting,” said Carlson, adding “The Washington Post stepped in helpfully to explain, here’s the Tweet The Washington Post sent out quote ‘online rumors claimed the perpetrator of a stabbing attack was an immigrant’.” – “Actually, the man was an immigrant,” Carlson continued. “He was from Algeria and as it turns out he’s been living in Ireland for 23 years at public expense, he has never had a job.” – Ireland’s Transformation and the Role of Immigration… The conversation quickly pivoted to the broader implications of immigration in Ireland, with Carlson criticizing the country’s significant transformation due to immigration, suggesting a deliberate plan. “That country has been completely transformed by immigration,” he argued… Bannon echoed Carlson’s sentiments, criticizing the Irish political class for “selling out” the people and compared the situation in Ireland with the rest of Europe, particularly with the policies of Victor Orban in Hungary and the general trend in Germany… “Ireland’s probably one of the worst if not the worst because the political class has totally sold out the people,” said Bannon, adding “Ireland is a powder keg and I think what you saw the other day in the response by the Garda, the response by the authorities was immediately to go after Conor McGregor and other folks who were saying hey we need to address this.”

The bigger picture – Going beyond Ireland, Carlson and Bannon discussed the situation in the United States and other Western countries – with Bannon voicingconcerns about increasing immigration and its impact on native populations, drawing parallels with Ireland’s situation. “The political class is very tied to Brussels,” Bannon noted, implying a disconnect between the governing elite and the populace… “The Germans and the people in Brussels, the party of Davos just doesn’t think the working-class European population is very controllable, they think they’re dangerous,” said Bannon… The pair also touched on future concerns, including rising national debt and the potential for social unrest… Bannon in particular warned about the financial implications of immigration policies was stark: “We are Beyond broke; we are technically in bankruptcy right now.”

The ADL Has Been Sending Top US Cops To Israeli Terrorism Seminars Blamed For ‘Militarizing’ Police – With the Anti-Defamation League making recent headlines over a (seemingly de-escalated) ongoing public spat with X owner Elon Musk… – by Tyler Durden –https://www.zerohedge.com/political/adl-has-been-sending-top-us-cops-israeli-terrorism-seminars-blamed-militarizing-police

“many have highlighted the ADL’s nearly two-decade sponsorship of a program which sends US law enforcement officials to Israel for various training seminars which several organizations have blamed for the ‘militarization’ of US police… This is also set against the backdrop of the post-9/11 ‘war on terror’ era trend of local police departments gaining access military gear and equipment. Heavy armored vehicles like MRAPs have now become a fixture of even small town police departments.”A lot of the policing that folks are observing and being talked to about in these trips is policing that happens in a nondemocratic context,” Alex Vitale, a sociology professor at Brooklyn College and author of a forthcoming book on global policing, told The Intercept in 2017… “The kinds of training police are given in Israel is actually part of the problem because it encourages a warrior mindset in police and exposes them to practices that would be unconstitutional in the U.S.,” he told the outlet earlier this year… The FBI has also participated in the program, which was launched by former FBI official Steven Pomerantz… Did you know the ADL has been sponsoring very expensive police training trips to Israel for top American police departments? pic.twitter.com/UajBNSiSfT — The_Real_Fly (@The_Real_Fly) November 29, 2023 – In the summer of 2020 as the George Floyd BLM protests raged across the United States and ‘defund the police‘ became a national refrain which liberal cities across the country actually instituted (with much regret), ADL senior VP of programs, George Selim, and another top ADL official, internally questioned the group’s support of the Israeli training program. – “In light of the very real police brutality at the hands of militarized police forces in the US, we must ask ourselves difficult questions, like whether we are contributing to the problem,” wrote the officials in a June 9, 2020 memo to CEO Jonathan Greenblatt which suggests ending the program. “That is, we must ask ourselves why it is necessary for American police, enforcing American laws, would need to meet with members of the Israeli military. We must ask ourselves if, upon returning home, those we train are more likely to use force.” – According to Amnesty International in 2016, When the U.S. Department of Justice published a report opens in a new tab Aug. 10 that documented “widespread constitutional violations, discriminatory enforcement, and culture of retaliation” within the Baltimore Police Department (BPD), there was rightly a general reaction of outrage… But what hasn’t received as much attention is where Baltimore police received training on crowd control, use of force and surveillance: Israel’s national police, military and intelligence services… Baltimore law enforcement officials, along with hundreds of others from Florida opens in a new tabNew Jersey opens in a new tab, Pennsylvania, California opens in a new tabArizona opens in a new tab, Connecticut, New York opens in a new tab, Massachusetts, North CarolinaGeorgia opens in a new tabWashington state opens in a new tab as well as the DC Capitol police have all traveled to Israel for training. Thousands of others have received training from Israeli officials here in the U.S... Durham bans it – In 2018, five years after former Durham, North Carolina Chief of Police Cerelyn Davis attended a 2013 training session with the Israel National Police, the North Carolina city banned the exchange program. Davis, now the chief of Memphis PD, seemed “to have changed her tune” according to The InterceptBy the time she became chief in Durham, Davis seems to have changed her tune on such programs. The apparent coolness on the police-Israeli relationships came following pressure from local activists and a national campaign to end U.S.-Israel police exchanges… In 2018, Durham became the first city in the U.S. to ban police trainings and exchanges involving Israel’s military. At the time, Davis wrote in a memo that she had “no intention to participate or initiate an exchange with Israel,” which prompted two Israeli volunteer police officers to sue her and the Durham police department for discrimination… Davis’s predecessor, Larry Godwin, also trained in Israel as part of a  Homeland Security International Conference… While the ADL has oddly scrubbed the exchange program’s main page from their website (now archived here), the organization has defended the program in response to previous questions, writing: There has been systematic racism in the U.S. for centuries, and it exists within our law enforcement and criminal justice systems. These problems were not imported to the U.S… Blaming Israel for these grave and serious issues only serves as a distraction from legitimate problems that we as a nation need to confront… This charge has been propagated by ideological critics of Israel who seek to inject alleged Israeli – and at times American Jewish – complicity into issues of American societal injustice. Those who make this spurious argument have focused more on tarring Israel than promoting real solutions to confronting and transforming systemic American inequities and abuses… The self-proclaimed ‘architect’ of the US-Israel police exchange noted above, Steven Pomerantz – who heads the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA), a Washington DC Think Tank, wrote in a lengthy June 19, 2020 statement (10 days after ADL officials raised the notion of the organization’s complicity in police violence) that the training courses don’t involve ‘field training,’ work on “building trust with minority communities,” and therefore couldn’t possibly translate to reports of increased police brutality in the US… The letter then pivots to how “Israel’s unfortunately extensive experience in the counterterrorism field” can benefit US police… “Importantly, both American and Israeli police agencies operate under similar conditions, with judicial and public oversight and an aggressive free press,” writes Pomerantz. “There is value in learning how Israel fights terrorism while preserving its democratic institutions and the individual rights of citizens — challenges facing all democratic societies.” – Meanwhile, the American Jewish Committee has criticized the ‘deadly exchange’ as a ‘trope’ which ‘directly compares U.S. police actions against Black Americans with the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) treatment of Palestinians.” – Users of this trope argue Israeli and U.S. law enforcement exchange security practices and ideologies to purposely target people of color. This false equivalence appeared in demonstrations in the summer of 2020 when protesters chanted “Israel, we know you, you murder children, too” -AJC – The AJC says that “Accusing Israel or Zionists of complicity in the murder of Black people is malicious, perpetuates antisemitism, and blames Jews for societal ills.”

Confetti Dollar End of Ponzi Scheme – Bill Holter (w/Video 40min)- by Greg Hunter – https://usawatchdog.com/confetti-dollar-end-of-ponzi-scheme-bill-holter/  – “Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter says the recent underreported announcement by the UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti in Switzerland that his bank might need a “rescue” is yet another sign on the short road to the end of the global Ponzi scheme backed by the US dollar reserve currency.  Holter points out, “You’ve got a sick bank (Credit Suisse) that is being bailed out by another bank (UBS) that may turn out to be sick.  My question is who is going to bail out these central banks?  You have got the Fed with a $9 trillion balance sheet.  The last time, the Fed went from $900 billion to $9 trillion.  Can the Fed now go from $9 trillion to $90 trillion?  Who is going to bail out the Fed?  Who is going to bail out the US Treasury?  Who is going to bail out the Bank of England, the ECB or the Bank of Japan?  These central banks have completely blown up their balance sheet and have no ability to save anything.  My question is who is going to save them?” – Can’t they cut interest rates again like they did in 2009?  Holter says, “If they cut interest rates from here, you would see the dollar absolutely crash.  The only reason the dollar has not crashed is interest rates have basically gone from 0% to 5%.   They have done that in a year and a half which is the fastest increase in interest rates in all of history.” – So, rate cuts will devalue the dollar.  Can you pay trillions of dollars borrowed in Treasury Bond back in confetti dollars?  Holter says, “Yes, you absolutely can pay back your debt in confetti.  It’s been done many, many times before as currencies get lost.  The US Treasury can certainly pay back in dollars, confetti dollars that certainly will have no purchasing power.  What that does is it shuts the credit spigot off to the biggest debtor in the world.  The biggest debtor in the world is the US Treasury.  They owe more than any other entity anywhere. . . . I have long said this is going to be a credit event. . . . People are not going to buy Treasuries and be paid back in monkey money.  The world is going to shun dollars and shun US Treasuries. . . . In short, confetti dollars are going to shut the credit markets down. . . .  Then, it’s game over because everything runs on credit.  The financial markets run on credit, and the real economy runs on credit.  If there is no credit, nothing works.” – Holter is not surprised by the recent rise in gold.  He also says “watch silver, it is being suppressed because if silver rises uncontrollably, it will be like pulling the silver pin in the gold grenade.” – Comment: Sadly, everything that Holter is saying is nothing more than common sense… There is much more in the 40-minute interview… Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter for 11.28.23… After the Interview: Bill Holter’s new website is still growing in a big way.  It’s called BillHolter.com... If you need to contact Bill Holter, his email is bholter@hotmail.com… This segment is sponsored by Discount Gold and Silver Trading. Ask for Melody Cedarstrom, the owner, at 1-800-375-4188.”

Is China’s ‘mystery pneumonia’ (same old script) sweeping Europe ? Netherlands sees alarming surge in similar illness among children – as terrifying video shows hazmat-clad workers in China disinfecting schools – by Neil Hague – https://davidicke.com/2023/11/28/is-chinas-mystery-pneumonia-same-old-script-sweeping-europe-netherlands-sees-alarming-surge-in-similar-illness-among-children-as-terrifying-video-shows-hazmat-clad-workers-in-china-disinfe/ – “An alarming spike in pneumonia cases among children has been detected in the Netherlands, mirroring a similar surge in ChinaDutch health experts say a striking number have been sickened since rates began soaring in August, with most cases among those aged five to 14… Surveillance data shows rates of the illness, which can prove life-threatening, are already nearly twice as high as the peak recorded last year… It comes as China battles its own ‘mystery’ pneumonia cluster, with media stating hospitals as being ‘overwhelmed with sick children’… Terrifying footage reminiscent of scenes during Covid’s darkest days shows health workers in hazmat suits, gloves and masks spraying disinfectant through schools, hallways and outdoors… Beijing officials have ruled out a new virus as being to blame for the spike. Instead, they insist the rise is down to a surge in seasonal illnesses as the country faces its first full winter without Covid-era curbs.”.. Read more: Is China’s ‘mystery pneumonia’ (same old script) sweeping Europe ? Netherlands sees alarming surge in similar illness among children – as terrifying video shows hazmat-clad workers in China disinfecting schoolsComment: Shields Up!

The White House Goes Rogue: Secret Surveillance Program Breaks All the Laws – by John & Nisha Whitehead – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/the-white-house-goes-rogue-secret – “We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times; where there are no secrets from government.” — William O. Douglas, dissenting in Osborn v. United States (1966)… The government wants us to believe that we have nothing to fear from its mass spying programs as long as we’ve done nothing wrong… Don’t believe it… It doesn’t matter whether you obey every law. The government’s definition of a “bad” guy is extraordinarily broad, and it results in the warrantless surveillance of innocent, law-abiding Americans on a staggering scale… For instance, it was recently revealed that the White House, relying on a set of privacy loopholes, has been sidestepping the Fourth Amendment by paying AT&T to allow federal, state, and local law enforcement to access—without a warrant—the phone records of Americans who are not suspected of a crime… This goes way beyond the NSA’s metadata collection program… Operated during the Obama, Trump and now the Biden presidencies, this secret dragnet surveillance program (formerly known as Hemisphere and now dubbed Data Analytical Services) uses its association with the White House to sidestep a vast array of privacy and transparency laws… According to Senator Ron Wyden, Hemisphere has been operating without any oversight for more than a decade under the guise of cracking down on drug traffickers… This is how the government routinely breaks the law and gets away with it: in the so-called name of national security… More than a trillion domestic phone records are mined through this mass surveillance program every year, warrantlessly targeting not only those suspected of criminal activity but anyone with whom they might have contact, including spouses, children, parents, and friends… It’s not just law enforcement agencies investigating drug crimes who are using Hemisphere to sidestep the Fourth Amendment, either. Those who have received training on the program reportedly include postal workers, prison officials, highway patrol officers, border cops, and the National Guard… It’s a program ripe for abuse, and you can bet it’s getting abused… Surveillance, digital stalking and the data mining of the American people—weapons of compliance and control in the government’s hands—haven’t made America any safer, and they certainly aren’t helping to preserve our freedoms… Indeed, America will never be safe as long as the U.S. government is allowed to shred the Constitution… The Fourth Amendment was intended to serve as a protective forcefield around our persons, our property, our activities, our communications and our movements. It keeps the government out of our private business except in certain, extenuating circumstances.”

Israeli Intelligence Knew of Hamas Plans for Attack, But Stopped Monitoring Hamas – by Haaretz – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/sraeli-intelligence-knew-of-hamas – “Israeli Intelligence Knew Attack Was Coming but Didn’t Know How Big Because It Stopped Monitoring Hamas Radio Traffic: Report… Israel had been lulled into the false belief that the threat of Hamas was contained, according to a new account of the country’s intelligence failures… Israel’s intelligence service Shin Bet knew Hamas fighters were active hours before the Oct. 7 attack — but failed to predict the scale of the incursion, in part because Israel no longer monitored the terror group’s handheld radio traffic, according to a new report… The Israel Defense Forces Unit 8200 had stopped eavesdropping on the Hamas conversations because they believed it was a “waste of effort,” the New York Times reported on MondayThe report chronicles the intelligence failures that left Israel unprepared for the massive Hamas attack, which saw thousands of terrorist pour into southern Israel, killing 1,400 people and kidnapping more than 200… Israel’s security chiefs concluded that the Hamas activity would likely result in a small-scale assault, the Times reported… They ordered the Team Tequila counterterrorism unit to southern Israel, but decided not to wake up Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to the newspaper, which cited three unnamed Israeli defense officials… The report in the Times echos much of the reporting by Israel’s Channel 12 news on Oct. 20, which also reported that the country’s security apparatus knew Hamas was planning something, but predicted it would be small.”

Nobody wants U.S. Treasury bonds – by Liz Hoffman – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/nobody-wants-us-treasury-bonds – “Nobody wants U.S. Treasury bonds… Once a symbol of America’s economic might and accepted as a global coin of the realm, they have fallen badly out of favor, with serious consequences for taxpayers, investors, and financial markets… Elementary economic forces — too much supply and not enough demand — have collided to create the worst stretch for U.S. government bonds since the Civil War. The government keeps borrowing to cover its budget deficits, while once-reliable buyers of that debt, both at home and abroad, have pulled back… The result: Investors are demanding the steepest yields since 2007. Auctions of fresh bonds that were once routine are now going terribly. And bond portfolios are getting absolutely hammered. The longest-dated Treasury bonds are in a bear market worse than the dot-com bust and almost as bad as 2008… The government is borrowing more than expected, increasing the supply of Treasurys and dinging their value. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is selling down its own holdings, dumping yet more bonds into a market that doesn’t really want them… “There’s just a lot less demand than there was even six months ago,” Goldman Sachs’ Jim Esposito said last week. “You can buy a 6-month T-bill that’s yielding north of 5%. Why wouldn’t you buy that instead of a long bond that’s yielding 4¾?”… Already 2.5% of the U.S.’s economic output is going to service its existing debts, a number that some analysts expect to hit 4% by 2030. Already running huge deficits, the only way for Treasury to pay the interest — along with ambitious spending programs like the CHIPS Act and student-loan forgiveness — is to keep borrowing.”

Pending home sales drop to a record low, even worse than during the financial crisis – by Diana Olick – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/pending-home-sales-drop-to-a-record – “Pending home sales, a measure of signed contracts on existing homes, dropped 1.5% in October from September… They hit the lowest level since the National Association of Realtors began tracking this metric in 2001, meaning it’s even worse than readings during the financial crisis more than a decade ago. Sales were down 8.5% from October of last year… Because the index measures signed contracts, it is the most recent indicator of housing demand. It reflects the buyers who were out shopping in October, which was when the popular 30-year fixed mortgage rate briefly shot higher than 8%… Rates have since pulled back to around 7.3%, according to Mortgage News Daily. The realtors continue to say it’s not just high rates but still very low supply of homes for sale that is deflating activity… “Recent weeks’ successive declines in mortgage rates will help qualify more home buyers, but limited housing inventory is significantly preventing housing demand from fully being satisfied,” Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the NAR, said in a release. “Multiple offers, of course, yield only one winner, with the rest left to continue their search.” – Pending sales fell in all regions month to month except in the Northeast. They fell most steeply in the West, which is where homes are most expensive. Sales were down everywhere compared with a year ago… Tight supply and still-strong demand have kept pressure on home prices, which not only continue to hit new highs but appear to be accelerating in their gains… The Realtors noted that sales of homes priced above $750,000 have been increasing simply because there is more supply on the high end of the market.”

Texas Sues Pfizer Over Covid-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Claims – by Madlin Mekelburg – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/texas-sues-pfizer-over-covid-19-vaccine – “The representations made by the company about its COVID-19 vaccine have been accurate and science-based,” Pfizer said… Paxton is focusing on a claim touted by Pfizer in 2020 that its Covid vaccine was 95% effective, leaving the impression that the vaccine “would end the coronavirus pandemic and lift the omnipresent veil of fear and uncertainty from an anxious public.” – “Contrary to Pfizer’s public statements, however, the pandemic did not end,” Paxton said in the suit… In contrast to Paxton’s suit, however, medical experts largely believe Covid vaccines have helped prevent millions of deaths and are both safe and effective. But no pharmaceutical intervention is without risks, and in rare cases, the shots have been linked to complications such as heart inflammation… The lawsuit says Pfizer sought to silence people who questioned its vaccine online, in some cases directly emailing leaders at Twitter to complain. It also points to a Nov. 9, 2021, social media post where the company tried to reassure people about the safety of the product… The representations made by the company about its COVID-19 vaccine have been accurate and science-based,” Pfizer said… Paxton is focusing on a claim touted by Pfizer in 2020 that its Covid vaccine was 95% effective, leaving the impression that the vaccine “would end the coronavirus pandemic and lift the omnipresent veil of fear and uncertainty from an anxious public.” – “Contrary to Pfizer’s public statements, however, the pandemic did not end,” Paxton said in the suit… In contrast to Paxton’s suit, however, medical experts largely believe Covid vaccines have helped prevent millions of deaths and are both safe and effective. But no pharmaceutical intervention is without risks, and in rare cases, the shots have been linked to complications such as heart inflammation… The lawsuit says Pfizer sought to silence people who questioned its vaccine online, in some cases directly emailing leaders at Twitter to complain. It also points to a Nov. 9, 2021, social media post where the company tried to reassure people about the safety of the product… The suit is the second case Paxton has filed against Pfizer this month. He also accused the drugmaker of distributing ADHD medication to children that was “adulterated” due to deficient manufacturing practices. Pfizer said the allegations had no impact on the product’s safety.”

Drivers would pay $15 to enter busiest part of Manhattan under plan to raise funds for mass transit – by Associated Press –https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/drivers-would-pay-15-to-enter-busiest – NEW YORK — Most drivers would pay $15 to enter Manhattan’s central business district under a plan released by New York officials Thursday. The congestion pricing plan, which neighboring New Jersey has filed a lawsuit over, will be the first such program in the United States if it is approved by transportation officials early next year… Under the plan, passenger car drivers entering Manhattan south of 60th Street during daytime hours would be charged $15 electronically, while the fee for small trucks would be $24 and large trucks would be charged $36… Cities such as London and Stockholm have similar programs in place, but New York City is poised to become the first in the U.S… Revenue from the tolls, projected to be roughly $1 billion annually, would be used to finance borrowing to upgrade the city’s mass transit systems… The proposal from the Traffic Mobility Review Board, a New York state body charged with advising the Metropolitan Transportation Authority on the tolls, includes discounts for travel between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. and for frequent low-income drivers. Government vehicles such as municipal garbage trucks would be exempt… Taxi drivers would pass a $1.25 surcharge onto their passengers for entering the congestion zone, while app-based ride-hail passengers would see a $2.50 surcharge… Officials say that in addition to funding needed transit improvements, congestion pricing will result in improved air quality and reduced traffic… “Absent this we’re going to choking in our own traffic for a long time to come and the MTA is not going to have the funds necessary to provide quality service,” Carl Weisbrod, chair of the traffic review board, said in presenting the report to MTA officials… Opponents include taxi drivers, who had pushed for a full exemption… “The city has already decimated the taxi industry with years of unregulated, unchecked competition from Uber and Lyft, and the MTA seems poised to land a final blow to the prospect of stability and modest survival,” Bhairavi Desai, executive director of the New York City Taxi Workers Alliance, said in a news release. “If this proposal is implemented, thousands of driver families will get dragged back into crisis-level poverty with no relief in sight.” – New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy criticized the traffic mobility board’s proposal after some news organizations reported on it Wednesday ahead of its official release.”

NYT: Israel Had Hamas’s Attack Plan For Over a Year – by Chris Menahan – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/nyt-israel-had-hamass-attack-plan – “Israel had Hamas’s Oct 7 attack plan for more than a year but didn’t believe Hamas would carry it out, according to a bombshell report from the New York Times… We were all told last month that any notion Israel had prior knowledge of the attack was an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory” but now the media is just outright admitting it… From The New York Times: Israel Knew Hamas’s Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago… A blueprint reviewed by The Times laid out the attack in detail. Israeli officials dismissed it as aspirational and ignored specific warnings… By Ronen Bergman and Adam Goldman | Reporting from Tel Aviv | Nov. 30, 2023, 7:16 p.m. ET… Israeli officials obtained Hamas’s battle plan for the Oct. 7 terrorist attack more than a year before it happened, documents, emails and interviews show. But Israeli military and intelligence officials dismissed the plan as aspirational, considering it too difficult for Hamas to carry out… The approximately 40-page document, which the Israeli authorities code-named “Jericho Wall,” outlined, point by point, exactly the kind of devastating invasion that led to the deaths of about 1,200 people… The translated document, which was reviewed by The New York Times, did not set a date for the attack, but described a methodical assault designed to overwhelm the fortifications around the Gaza Strip, take over Israeli cities and storm key military bases, including a division headquarters… Hamas followed the blueprint with shocking precision. The document called for a barrage of rockets at the outset of the attack, drones to knock out the security cameras and automated machine guns along the border, and gunmen to pour into Israel en masse in paragliders, on motorcycles and on foot — all of which happened on Oct. 7… The plan also included details about the location and size of Israeli military forces, communication hubs and other sensitive information, raising questions about how Hamas gathered its intelligence and whether there were leaks inside the Israeli security establishment… The document circulated widely among Israeli military and intelligence leaders, but experts determined that an attack of that scale and ambition was beyond Hamas’s capabilities, according to documents and officials. It is unclear whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or other top political leaders saw the document, as well… Last year, shortly after the document was obtained, officials in the Israeli military’s Gaza division, which is responsible for defending the border with Gaza, said that Hamas’s intentions were unclear.”

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Web Research Links for the Week of 11/20/23

Fair Use Notice: This site may contain some copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of vital issues which already exist in the public domain. – Note: These links are posted at the top of the page as the week progresses. Links from previous weeks can be found under the “Current Quicklinx” button.

Beyond Orwell’s 1984, 5G and the Launching of 6G: “Easy to Take Down a Society that Is Digital” – by Peter Koenig – https://www.globalresearch.ca/pretty-easy-take-down-society-digital-tucker-carlson-%E2%80%A8unctad-attempts-accomplishing-doom-scenario/5840406 – “We, the People, are in a race against the Globalists committed to Depopulation; control the survivors, exploit us, dehumanize us, and ultimately digitize us, so that we can be remotely controlled by 5G; And, now, just “launched” by China, 6G. See China launches ultra-high-speed next-generation Internet backbone – SHINE News…  Nobody really knows, or at least has not publicly said what 6G is meant to do, what 5G cannot already do. Incidentally, has the health impact of 6G been studied? Maybe. But nobody divulges the results…. This is how Qualcomm describes 5G: ‘5th generation mobile network. It is a new global wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. 5G enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices.’ See thisNobody has openly spoken about the health impact of 5G, though, that has been studied. Yet, the studies are not revealed to the public… Beyond George Orwell’s 1984 – There is “guessing”; and scientists who come forward with the truth depicting the impact caused on wildlife and humans by these ultra-microwaves, are most often labeled “conspiracy theorists.”..  This is the “shut-up” phrase for everything the mainstream, the Cabal, the Matrix, the Globalists do not want the public to know. We are way beyond George Orwell’s “1984.”.. The 6th Generation Mobile Network or 6G is about 100 times faster, more powerful, than 5G. It will be able to digitize everything… This is what RantCell has to say about 6G: ‘It is Operating at terahertz frequency bands, 6G will deliver a peak data rate of 1,000 gigabits/s having air latency less than 100 microseconds. When we talk about 5G vs 6G network speed, 6G speed is expected to be 100 times faster than 5G with enhanced reliability and wider network coverage. See this…  We, the People, are in a race – life against death. If we wake up and counteract, the Globalist’s, namely the project of the diabolical protagonists of UN Agenda 2030 and The Great Reset will “be doomed”… But if we keep letting us being duped, We, the People, “Will go to Hell”… This is the reason why the entire UN system is desperate to get the world digitized. The faster the better so, there may be not enough time for We, the People, to wake up in masses to take our world, our lives back before it is too late… The Financial, Military, IT, Media, Pharma Complex Nominates UNCTAD – Therefore, the United Nations, the political body under full control of the Globalist Cabal (openly led by Washington), but really, by the powerful Financial, Military, IT, Media, Pharma Complex (FMIMPC), has nominated one of its under-agents, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) as the flag-carrier – at least for now – for the deadly onslaught of All-Digitization… UNCTAD –in blatant derogation of its historical mandate on behalf developing countries, namely the Global South–, will level the playing field, as the saying goes, on behalf of the entire UN System by announcing in a Press Release in Geneva on 15 November 2023, its e-Week from 4 to 8 December 2023, in a major revamp of its annual e-Commerce Week series which began in 2016… UNCTAD’s Secretary-General, Rebecca Grynspan said, ‘The digital economy plays a critical role in advancing development goals at all levels. Through inclusive and multi-stakeholder discussions, we can together build a global digital future that works for all.’.. UNCTAD’s infamous e-Week is called: “UNCTAD e-Week 2023 to Mobilize Global Support for a More Inclusive Digital Economy.” (Sub-titled): ‘More than 3,000 stakeholders from 130 countries will examine how to turn digital opportunities into shared development gains and close existing divides for a sustainable future.’.. The text of the Press Release abounds in sloganism, niceties and “noneties” (senseless talk for the “sold to the system gnomes”)… For example…. ‘The Conference is themed for “Shaping the Future of the digital economy.“ The topics will feature over 150 sessions focused on tackling pressing issues related to digitalization. Key topics will range from platform governance, the development impact of artificial intelligence (AI), eco-friendly digital practices, to empowering women through digital entrepreneurship and accelerating digital readiness in developing countries.’..  This intro-phrase hardly misses one of meaningless globalist jargons, that are now current and circulate in the minds of people, without them giving a second thought of what they really mean… Wait a minute, they forgot the term “sustainable”. Surely, it will appear later in the text… UNCTAD and the “Digital Playing Field” – Very Important Persons (VIP) attending. They also talk about several high-level speakers like Amandeep Sing Gill, the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Technology; Nizar Ben Neji, Tunisa’s minister of communication and technologies; as well as Henry Puna, Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum; and many more IT-VIPs… The AI Potential. They are not missing out on Tapping the Artificial Intelligence (AI) potential, reminding the world that time is of the essence as the world navigates uncertainties surrounding emerging technologies, including the rapid uptake of AI, which is increasingly revolutionizing the digital economy… It is clear – our future, the People’s future, is being planned as a digital future. And that, without any consultation. The UN body and those who pull its strings are planning to decide for We, the People. But only if we let them… Leveling the digital playing field will concentrate on the massive data flows from the digital economy, call for global governance responses to market concentration and unequal distribution of benefits… They say that over 70% of the global digital advertising revenue goes to just five digital platforms… So, what are they planning to do about it? Nothing. Because these five digital platforms control already the world – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta and Microsoft. These behemoths control about 9 trillion dollars-worth of IT communication. And now add “X” (former Twitter) and the horizon for change looks ultra-bleak, especially not by a minor UN body, called UNCTAD… This is by far not all. – On the agenda also is another slogan: Harnessing the digital promise, which predicts and promises that the data-driven digital economy holds vast potential for countries to spur economic growth, foster innovation and reduce geographic and physical barriers to inclusive development… Here is the final icing on the cake: Digitalization for development – the UNCTAD e-Week platform for constructive and inclusive dialogue is to generate insights and actions that can feed into global efforts, particularly the ongoing UN Global Digital Compact, aimed at catalyzing an open, free, and secure digital future for all, leading up to the UN’s 2024 Summit of the Future… And for all of that, they need Stronger partnerships; especially with multiple global crises unfolding on geopolitical, economic and climate fronts, countries must make critical decisions to chart digitalization paths for equitable and sustainable development… They may be talking about the unethical and illegal 2019 compact between Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations as well as the wantonly man-made worldwide wars and conflicts, chaos, and killings, just to keep the population at bay, confused and distracted… This completes the sloganism: Equitable and sustainable is not forgotten. “Taking Down a Society That Is Digital” – When reading between the lines and beyond the slogans and digital jargon propaganda, it is not difficult to see that we are ever-more rapidly moving towards digital enslavement… Consider what Tucker Carlson has to say in a recent interview that it is easy to “Take Down a Society That is Digital.”.. Think about it… If everything around us is run by digital signals that are controlled by the “Globalist Cabal” (namely the FMIMPC) one or a few switches can turn off our different networks: water supply, electricity, gas, all kinds of energy, food supply, fuel deliveries, traffic signals, all transportation, all communication, the money in our accounts, and much more… The impacts on people’s lives are beyond description. It does not need a nuclear explosion to implement its depopulation agenda, or the so-called “useless eaters” (a quote from WEF’s Israeli Yuval Noah Harari), that could also endanger those who control the switches… And We, the People, would be completely powerless… Listen to Tucker Carlson’s interview (start at 05:00): https://youtu.be/9RlFI3u8PwU – By now, it should be clear to all of us what is being gradually and, in many ways, imperceptibly prepared for us, We, the People, is “Pure Evil”… It is, We, who are in the Matrix. The Elites that control the few switches to run the End Game are outside the Matrix. They will keep their supply lines open – of everything, hoping to live in paradise where, We, the People, own nothing but are happy… They remote control the Matrix. We self-proclaimed “red-pilled” people thought we were outside and could watch the chaos being created inside… It is the other way around… People, do not be fooled. It is a confrontation between the powerful elites, namely the Financial, Military, IT, Media, Pharma Complex (FMIMPC) and the We the People, namely Humanity acting Worldwide at the Grassroots of Society.”

RAP NEWS | Israel v Palestine – feat. DAM & Norman Finkelstein – (8 minutes) – 9 Year Old Rap News Video on Israel vs. Palestine Still Hysterical and Pertinient

A Message From Reiner Fuëllmich – by Patricia Harrity – https://expose-news.com/2023/11/19/a-message-from-reiner-fuellmich/?cmid=3cdb44fa-eb81-4d42-adc9-2cf88935dba6 – “As has been reported in the Expose, attorney Dr. Reiner Fuëllmich was arrested on Friday the 13th October while trying to renew a passport. He was detained in Mexico and escorted back to Germany where he was rearrested and imprisoned. There has been very little publicity surrounding his arrest and current situation, however, we have previously published an update on Dr. Fuëllmich that had been shared by his friend Dr. Elsa Schieder and attorney Dagmar Schoen on the 28th October. The video and transcript can be seen here… Last week Elsa Scheider again, shared an update, this time with a very short message from Dr. Fuëllmich. It is very short, however, I thought it worth sharing here as it confirms, if not a lot else, that after a month, Reiner Fuëllmich is still in prison! – On the 9th November ELSA wrote… I know you want to know. So here is the update from Bittel.tv. There was a personal message from Reiner… He is doing well, is thankful for all of you for being there… He has a TV and has now had contact with other prisoners and knows the stories of several of them… Letters take about 2 weeks to get screened. He gets only 30 a day, and is grateful for each and every one… There were also messages from Roger Bittel (of bittel.tv) that we can now make donations to a German bank account… I (Elsa) will get the details and send them to you as soon as I have the exact information. For any donation, you need to specify what it is to be spent on: legal costs, etc. Everything must go to the designated expense… Roger also gave details about the arrest. As the passports of Reiner and his wife had been lost somehow, new ones had been requested, along with an extension of their visas. This had all been done uneventfully. They were to pick them up from the airport, as the consulate was closed. But instead of being given the papers, they were taken into custody for not having the papers they were supposed to be picking up. Reiner was told there were also matters relating to him in Germany… Reiner’s wife was eventually released, but not Reiner. He was flown first to the States and from there to Frankfurt, where the file was opened and his attorneys were able to see the charges against him… Roger closed with a thank you to everyone for being there – over 8000 people were listening on the Telegram channel alone. He asked that we continue to keep Reiner in our thoughts… He hoped to have more news for Sunday, but stressed that at a time like this, sometimes we need to be patient. (has not happened as yet).”

U.S. Taxpayer Funded Initiative Trains Dentists to Push HPV Vaccine – https://thevaccinereaction.org/2023/11/u-s-taxpayer-funded-initiative-trains-dentists-to-push-hpv-vaccine/ – “In recent years, government health agencies, cancer societies, as well as the American Dental Association (ADA), have attempted to recruit dentists to advocate for patients to get the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to prevent oral cancers. An HPV Vaccine Roundtable initiative, funded largely by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), advises dentists to “know their unique role” and “capitalize on adolescent patient visits” to “strongly and clearly” promote HPV vaccination to all eligible patients… Last month, the taxpayer-funded National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) awarded over $685,000 to the Health Partners Institute to research and test strategies to persuade dentists to advocate for the HPV vaccine for patients ages 11 to 26… No Randomized Clinical Trials to Prove Effectiveness of HPV Vaccine in Preventing Oral Cancers – The justification for this push comes partially from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which added the prevention of oropharyngeal cancer to the list of indications for the HPV vaccine in June 2020, despite a lack of scientific evidence.  Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association looking at rates of HPV in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals from 2009 to 2016 concluded that, “Prevention of oral HPV infections and oropharyngeal cancers is not a vaccine indication because of lack of randomized trials.” – The initiative is likely also part of the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) aggressive goal to achieve an 80 percent HPV vaccine uptake rate among children by 2026… In 2018, the ADA adopted a policy urging dentists to support and promote the administration of the HPV vaccine. Last year, the association approved a new insurance billing code for oral health providers to also administer the vaccine… Dentists Reluctant to Market HPV Vaccine, Government Officials Want to Convince Them to Change Their Minds.. However, dentists remain largely reluctant to recommend or administer the HPV vaccine to patients. Researchers have found a general lack of knowledge about HPV vaccine among oral health care professionals, as well as general “discomfort in initiating a sensitive conversation about HPV.” – The $685,000 federal funding initiative aims to change the reluctance among dentists to recommend and give the HPV vaccine to patients… The taxpayer-funded money will be used to experiment with training dental providers to become more confident in their knowledge and deliver scripted messages about why patients should get the HPV vaccine. HealthPartners, the agency being paid to run the trial, will start the HPV vaccine marketing initiative in 21 dental clinics, with the goal of successfully implementing behavior modification among dentists… According to to Children’s Health Defense (CHD), who acquired the documentation, the grant is one of nearly 50 total grants that combined, total more than $40 million awarded by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to increase HPV vaccine uptake. Funding was provided to universities, healthcare systems, and public health departments… Gardasil Vaccine Controversial Since It Was Fast Tracked to Licensure in 2006 – HPV is the most commonly transmitted sexually transmitted infection in the United States. The HPV vaccine known as Gardasil is manufactured by Merck and is recommended to begin by age 11 or 12, but children as young as nine years old can get the shots according to the CDC… Most sexually active people will get the HPV infection at some point in their lives. In most cases, the body clears the virus on its own with no complications, although a small minority can go on to have a chronic HPV infection that, after many years, can lead to cancer… Gardasil was the first “fast tracked” vaccine, and it has been controversial since it was licensed by the FDA in 2006. From the outset, there were concerns about the fast-tracked designation and reported clinical trial data that was selectively chosen to increase the appearance of positive results. For example, the FDA allowed Merck to use an aluminum-containing placebo as a control, even though an aluminum adjuvant is an ingredient in the vaccine… Reports of serious complications following Gardasil shots were reported throughout the world shortly after its licensure in 2006 and continue… More Parents Rejecting HPV Vaccine for Their Children – More and more parents are rejecting the HPV vaccine for their children and teens, according to the June 2023 edition of the Pediatrics journal. Researchers found that the number of parents citing “safety or side effects” as a reason to decline uptake increased by 15.6 percent from 2010 to 2018… Other cited concerns with lack of necessity, lack of recommendation, lack of knowledge, or that their children were not sexually active.”

Pentagon Publishes Proposal For Ethnic Cleansing and Colonization of Gaza; Destruction of Lebanon – “The call for genocide was written on behalf of the Department of Defense and published in the “US Army’s premier multimedia organization.” – by Dan Cohen from Uncaptured Media – https://www.uncaptured.media/p/pentagon-publishes-proposal-for-ethnic – The official U.S. military publication Army University Press published an article written on behalf of the Department of Defense calling for the ethnic cleansing of Gaza and destruction of Lebanon in a November 2023 online exclusive… This outlet is described on its website as  “the US Army’s premier multimedia organization”, and an “entry point for cutting-edge thought and discussion on topics important to the Army and national defense”, which “makes timely and relevant information available to leaders in the military, government, and academia.” – While the article notes that “the views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the U.S. Army, Department of Defense, or any other agency of the U.S. government.” the fact that such a radical proposal was published in the top U.S. Army publication, demonstrates that explicit support for ethnic cleansing and genocide is well accepted in its intellectual and policy-making circles… The article’s publication comes amid Israel’s unprecedented genocidal assault on the besieged Gaza Strip following the October 7 Hamas attack. Israeli occupation forces have targeted residential buildings, schools, hospitals, ambulances, medical personnel, rescuers and first response teams, journalists, United Nations employees, mosques, churches, infrastructure, and have cut off electricity and of communication services. On November 10, the Gaza Health Ministry announced it had lost the ability to track casualties, with its last official count at 11,078 deaths, including 4,506 children, 27,490 injuries and an additional 2,700 people trapped under the rubble. An estimated 1.7 million people are displaced, including 900,000 in 154 UNRWA shelters, some of which have been bombed by Israel… The article (archived) was written by Omer Dostri, a former Likud apparatchik who is now a national security strategist at the hawk Jerusalem Institute For Security and Strategy think tank and researcher at the Israel Defense And Security Forum. (Continued)”

Airline Mayday Radio Calls Up 386% in 2023 – by John Leake – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/airline-mayday-radio-calls-up-386 – “Obviously Captain Murdock’s research should be the subject of a massive, international inquiry conducted by official aviation regulators… Large commercial airliners are always flown by a Captain and First Officer. If one of them has a cardiac issue in flight, the other pilot can (in theory) fly the plane. Nevertheless, the stunning increase in mayday calls should be rigorously scrutinized… Is this alarming trend juke a fluke or gross overstatement? How many of these Code 7700s are for medical emergencies on board, and how many are a result of mechanical issues? Was the supply chain for aircraft spare parts and electronics disrupted during the pandemic, resulting in an increase in mechanical glitches? – I strongly welcome reader feedback about this story. Is Captain Murdock the only airline industry veteran who is talking about this? – Obviously Captain Murdock’s research should be the subject of a massive, international inquiry conducted by official aviation regulators… Large commercial airliners are always flown by a Captain and First Officer. If one of them has a cardiac issue in flight, the other pilot can (in theory) fly the plane. Nevertheless, the stunning increase in mayday calls should be rigorously scrutinized… Is this alarming trend juke a fluke or gross overstatement? How many of these Code 7700s are for medical emergencies on board, and how many are a result of mechanical issues? Was the supply chain for aircraft spare parts and electronics disrupted during the pandemic, resulting in an increase in mechanical glitches? – I strongly welcome reader feedback about this story. Is Captain Murdock the only airline industry veteran who is talking about this?”

Visualizing the Pyramid of Global Wealth Distribution – by Dorothy Neufeld – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/visualizing-the-pyramid-of-global – “Etienne Note: The Scam of this chart is that they didn’t break it down by billionaires, which make up a small but amazingly disproportionate number and the percentage of those tied to “Government” fractional reserve banking (Rockefeller), monopolies (Fink, Schwartzman, , unnecessary military-industrial complex spending, monopolized media (Turner, Murdoch) , monopolized AMA Rockefeller medicine (Pfizer, Moderna, Baxter, Lilly, Merck) , and privatizing DARPA technologies developed on the tax-payer nickel (Musk).  Please let me know if there is anyone in our audience who would like to do the math and break it down by Billionaires? – Who controls global wealth? – In 2022, the world’s millionaires held nearly half of net household wealth. Decades of low interest rates led equities and real estate values to soar, and these assets are disproportionately held among the world’s wealthiest… While a steep rise in interest rates decreased these fortunes in 2022, the share of wealth controlled by the global millionaire population remains substantial… The above graphic shows the distribution of global household wealth, based on the annual 2023 UBS Global Wealth Report… The highest wealth rung controls $208.3 trillion in wealth, or 45.8% of the global total. Just 1.1% of the world adult population fall in this bracket… Those with $100,000 to $1 million have the next greatest share, at 39.4% of net household wealth… We can see that wealth ownership begins to decline dramatically in the next bracket. People with $10,000 to $100,000 control just 13.6% of global wealth. However, the number of people in the global middle class have more than doubled over the last two decades, driven by the rapid expansion of China… Interestingly, the lowest segment of wealth has shrunk considerably since 2000. Between 2000 and 2022, it fell from 80.7% to 52.5% of the global population, and is projected to keep decreasing. Despite this, the total share of wealth controlled by this rung is just 1.2% of the global total.

Who Is Behind the Public Globalists -by Dr. Peter And Ginger Breggin – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/who-is-behind-the-public-globalists – “What entities are behind the more obvious global predators like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab? What are their characters, and how do they think? What levels of technology are being brewed at the highest levels? Where do the satellites circling the world fit into their control system? – You probably have not heard of James FitzGerald, a writer, journalist, and profound thinker who has given us a rare interview and helped lead the edges of our thinking in several fascinating, challenging arenas. For sure, James FitzGerald will stimulate your thinking. A hint: relax and let yourself get into the interview flow… James FitzGerald is a former Sunday Times and Financial Times journalist and public relations executive who now writes for film and television. He has developed insider contacts over the years in Wall Street, military special forces, the scientific community, and the space industry. We were delighted and fascinated to spend an hour with him”

IMF Releases Digital Currency Handbook For World’s Central Banks – by Tyler Durden – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/imf-releases-digital-currency-handbook – “The IMF’s “Central Bank Digital Currency Virtual Handbook” published last week pointed out that the increased use of CBDCs can “reduce dollarization” of the global economy—a situation where countries move away from relying on the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency. De-dollarization would push up borrowing costs in the United States, making loans expensive for businesses and individuals, thus affecting economic growth. Stock market values can also crash, reducing the savings and investments of Americans… In addition to de-dollarization, a CBDC “could increase risks of flight to safety from retail bank deposits in periods of market stress.” During times of market volatility, customers withdraw their deposits and move it into safe assets to avoid losing money in scenarios like bank collapses… If CBDCs were available, pulling out funds from a bank and putting them in such assets will come across as a safe option for many people, thus triggering a bank run… The organization pointed out that CBDCs could offer “a safe store of value and efficient means of payment, which can increase competition for deposit funding, raise banks’ share of wholesale funding, and lower bank profits.” – The IMF handbook was published as the organization’s Director Kristalina Georgieva promoted the use of CBDCs during the Singapore FinTech Festival on Nov. 15, arguing that such digital currencies could bring an end to the cash-based economy… “CBDCs can replace cash, which is costly to distribute in island economies,” she said during a speech. “CBDCs would offer a safe and low-cost alternative to cash. They would also offer a bridge to go between private monies and a yardstick to measure their value, just like cash today, which we can withdraw from our banks.” – Back in May, Ms. Georgieva said that the world was heading towards widespread CBDC adoption without considering the risks involved in such a transition… “What we are careful about is the choice between wholesale and retail CBDCs. We think that wholesale CBDCs can be put in place with fairly little space for undesirable surprises. Whereas retail CBDCs, they completely transform the financial system in a way that we don’t quite know what consequences it could bring,” she said during a discussion… Wholesale CBDCs are meant to be used in interbank settlements as well as transactions between institutions and other market participants, while retail CBDCs are for use by the general population and other institutions… A potential risk of retail CBDCs is that funds get pulled out from traditional commercial banks and deposited as CBDCs in central banks. The depletion of deposits will affect the lending ability of commercial banks, possibly worsening any banking crisis.”

A Message From Reiner Fuëllmich – by Patricia Harrity https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/a-message-from-reiner-fuellmich – “As has been reported in the Expose, attorney Dr. Reiner Fuëllmich was arrested on Friday the 13th October while trying to renew a passport. He was detained in Mexico and escorted back to Germany where he was rearrested and imprisoned. There has been very little publicity surrounding his arrest and current situation, however, we have previously published an update on Dr. Fuëllmich that had been shared by his friend Dr. Elsa Schieder and attorney Dagmar Schoen on the 28th October. The video and transcript can be seen here… Last week Elsa Scheider again, shared an update, this time with a very short message from Dr. Fuëllmich. It is very short, however, I thought it worth sharing here as it confirms, if not a lot else, that after a month, Reiner Fuëllmich is still in prison! – On the 9th November ELSA wrote… I know you want to know. So here is the update from Bittel.tv. There was a personal message from Reiner… He is doing well, is thankful for all of you for being there… He has a TV and has now had contact with other prisoners and knows the stories of several of them… Letters take about 2 weeks to get screened. He gets only 30 a day, and is grateful for each and every one… There were also messages from Roger Bittel (of bittel.tv) that we can now make donations to a German bank account… I (Elsa) will get the details and send them to you as soon as I have the exact information. For any donation, you need to specify what it is to be spent on: legal costs, etc. Everything must go to the designated expense… Roger also gave details about the arrest. As the passports of Reiner and his wife had been lost somehow, new ones had been requested, along with an extension of their visas. This had all been done uneventfully. They were to pick them up from the airport, as the consulate was closed. But instead of being given the papers, they were taken into custody for not having the papers they were supposed to be picking up. Reiner was told there were also matters relating to him in Germany… Reiner’s wife was eventually released, but not Reiner. He was flown first to the States and from there to Frankfurt, where the file was opened and his attorneys were able to see the charges against him… Roger closed with a thank you to everyone for being there – over 8000 people were listening on the Telegram channel alone. He asked that we continue to keep Reiner in our thoughts… He hoped to have more news for Sunday, but stressed that at a time like this, sometimes we need to be patient. (has not happened as yet)”

Bill Gates buying up land, threatening small farms under guise of saving planet, author claims- by Brianna Herlihy Fox News – https://dailynewsfromgaolf.substack.com/p/bill-gates-buying-up-land-threatenin – “A new book aimed at “exposing the billionaire class” says Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ investments in patented fertilizers, fake meat and U.S. farmland aren’t saving the planet but rather enriching his bank account… “Controligarchs,” which hits bookshelves Tuesday, examines billionaires like Bill Gates and how their wealth controls the levers of power that dominate the everyday life of average Americans… Author and investigative journalist Seamus Bruner — who led teams whose findings sparked multiple FBI investigations and congressional probes into the Clinton and Biden families — says that his research uncovered Gates’s efforts to buy up American farmland and invest in synthetic dairy and lab-grown meats in the name of preventing climate change. In the process, Bruner says, Gates is doing more to inflate his net worth than eliminate carbon emissions… “First, it was patented seeds and patented fertilizers, and now they are patenting meat alternatives. Banning cattle would grant effective monopolies to the alternative protein companies and benefit investors such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and even BlackRock. Fake meats are about controlling the food market, not saving the planet,” Bruner said in an interview with Fox News Digital… Gates speaks during the White House Climate Leaders Summit on April 23, 2021. (AP) – Peter Schweizer, author of “Red-Handed,” “Clinton Cash” and “Profiles in Corruption,” wrote the forward to “Controligarchs” in which he said the book “peers into the future and provides a haunting and revelatory exposé of the leftist elite’s playbook for the next five years.” – One chapter of the book focuses on “the war on farmers” and makes the case that tech giants like Gates are monopolizing the nation’s food supply… “The takeover of the food system, like so many other control schemes in this book, began with the Rockefellers and was advanced by Bill Gates. Like most of their monopolies — from oil to software and eventually biotechnology — the takeover of food is all about controlling the intellectual property of food production through trademarks, copyrights, and patents,” the book states… Bruner outlines Gates’ connection to “the Green Revolution” – a series of agricultural advances made possible by Rockefeller-funded research and design in the 1940s to help solve the crises of poverty and starvation at the time… “The Green Revolution was simultaneous proof that problems like poverty and famine could be solved through human innovation and that the solutions, such as genetically modified pesticide-resistant crops, can present new problems like pollution, resource exhaustion and the consolidation of small-scale and family-owned farms into giant corporate-controlled farms,” it reads.”

26 Labor Organizations Tell U.S. DOT and NHTSA to Immediately End the Operation of Autonomous Vehicles on American Roads – by B.N. Frank https://www.activistpost.com/2023/11/26-labor-organizations-tell-u-s-dot-and-nhtsa-to-immediately-end-the-operation-of-autonomous-vehicles-on-american-roads.html – “All autonomous vehicles (AVs) have been plagued with serious problems (see 12345678) not just GM Cruise robotaxis which were recently banned in California (see 12345).  Perhaps because of the ban (and the bad publicity), GM decided to pause Cruise robotaxi operations in 3 other cities and then pause production altogether.  26 American labor organizations say that’s not enough… From Smart Cities Dive: ‘End the unsafe operation’ of autonomous vehicles, union leaders tell US DOT – Federal oversight and more investigations into AV companies are urgently needed as robotaxis wreak chaos in public spaces, said 26 labor unions in a Wednesday letter… Dan Zukowski Reporter – On Nov. 8, 26 labor organizations asked the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in a six-page letter to “take immediate action” to “end the unsafe operation of [automated driving system]-equipped vehicles on our roads.” – Greg Regan, president of the Transportation Trades Department of the AFL-CIO, told Smart Cities Dive that there is a need for federal leadership “as opposed to a patchwork of state and local laws” governing autonomous vehicles. Labor leaders also asked the DOT to update the department’s automated vehicle policy and to “reject the Trump Administration’s hands-off approach to regulating automated vehicles.” – In 2021, NHTSA ordered manufacturers and operators of vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems, such as lane-centering and adaptive cruise control, to report all crashes involving these technologies. The following year, NHTSA reported 367 collisions, including six fatalities, over a 10-month period – 26 Labor Organizations Tell U.S. DOT and NHTSA to Immediately End the Operation of Autonomous Vehicles on American Roads

Fifth circuit appeals court strikes down ATF ‘ghost gun’ rule –  by Jack Birle – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/fifth-circuit-appeals-court-strikes – “Only Congress may make the deliberate and reasoned decision to enact new or modified legislation regarding firearms based on the important policy concerns put forth by ATF and the various amici here. But unless and until Congress so acts to expand or alter the language of the Gun Control Act, ATF must operate within the statutory text’s existing limits. The Final Rule impermissibly exceeds those limits, such that ATF has essentially rewritten the law,” the ruling continued… The rule, which was proposed by President Joe Biden in April 2022, has faced numerous legal challenges, with this recent ruling coming on the heels of a lower court opinion which had ruled against the Biden administration on the matter… Biden has been an advocate for restricting and regulating so-called “ghost guns,” including through this ATF rule. With a Republican majority in the House of Representatives and a narrow Democratic majority in the Senate, getting legislation similar to the ATF rule based appears unlikely.”

EXPOSED: Meta’s $36 Billion Plot to Reengineer Society and Mark Zuckerberg’s Dangerous Future Plans for Tech Addiction – by Seamus Bruner – https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/11/14/exposed-metas-36-billion-plot-to-reengineer-society-and-mark-zuckerbergs-dangerous-future-plans-for-tech-addiction/  –  This comes just weeks after dozens of state attorneys general (AGs) filed suit against Facebook’s and Instagram’s parent company, Meta Platforms Inc. (Meta), and three of its subsidiaries, for harming children by addicting them to the social media platforms. Forty-two states, including California and New York, allege that billionaire creator Mark Zuckerberg’s company “knowingly designed and deployed harmful features on Instagram and Facebook to purposefully addict children and teens.” – Previously, Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen claimed that Meta targeted children and teens for monetary reasons and a leaked document showed that the youth demographic was “a valuable but untapped audience.” – Just weeks after Haugen blew the whistle on Facebook’s tactics, Zuckerberg unveiled his plan to release what may prove to be Meta’s most addictive product yet: Facebook Horizon. Zuckerberg’s October 2021 virtual tour of the new product, which was panned as “super weird,” was his coming-out party for what has become known as “the metaverse”—a digital world that users can essentially live in and access via a virtual reality (VR) headset such as Facebook’s Oculus Quest… Zuckerberg’s metaverse launch was a conveniently timed and thinly veiled rebranding effort to distract from whistleblower documents and allegations that, according to the Associated Press, show that “Facebook ignored or downplayed internal warnings of the negative and often harmful consequences its algorithms wreaked across the world.” – Controligarchs reveals that Zuckerberg’s $36 billion (and growing) metaverse efforts are only just the beginning. The book documents Zuckerberg’s ongoing efforts to make the most addictive product in history: the metaverse… One of the first virtual shops in the metaverse was a cannabis store. But it is not the tangible drugs that are the most dangerous of Meta’s offerings. The metaverse brings new consumer product offerings—including physical and biotechnological upgrades for the human body… Meta has already filed a patent for bionic eyeballs so that users can bring their virtual reality with them everywhere and never have to leave. Zuckerberg is tinkering with other brand-new technologies, including a synthetic skin prototype called ReSkin and pneumatic “haptic gloves,” so that users could literally feel and grasp the metaverse.”

Pentagon Publishes Proposal For Ethnic Cleansing and Colonization of Gaza; Destruction of Lebanon – by Dan Cohen – https://www.uncaptured.media/p/pentagon-publishes-proposal-for-ethnic – “The official U.S. military publication Army University Press published an article written on behalf of the Department of Defense calling for the ethnic cleansing of Gaza and destruction of Lebanon in a November 2023 online exclusive… This outlet is described on its website as  “the US Army’s premier multimedia organization”, and an “entry point for cutting-edge thought and discussion on topics important to the Army and national defense”, which “makes timely and relevant information available to leaders in the military, government, and academia.” – While the article notes that “the views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the U.S. Army, Department of Defense, or any other agency of the U.S. government.” the fact that such a radical proposal was published in the top U.S. Army publication, demonstrates that explicit support for ethnic cleansing and genocide is well accepted in its intellectual and policy-making circles… The article’s publication comes amid Israel’s unprecedented genocidal assault on the besieged Gaza Strip following the October 7 Hamas attack. Israeli occupation forces have targeted residential buildings, schools, hospitals, ambulances, medical personnel, rescuers and first response teams, journalists, United Nations employees, mosques, churches, infrastructure, and have cut off electricity and of communication services. On November 10, the Gaza Health Ministry announced it had lost the ability to track casualties, with its last official count at 11,078 deaths, including 4,506 children, 27,490 injuries and an additional 2,700 people trapped under the rubble. An estimated 1.7 million people are displaced, including 900,000 in 154 UNRWA shelters, some of which have been bombed by Israel… The article (archived) was written by Omer Dostri, a former Likud apparatchik who is now a national security strategist at the hawk Jerusalem Institute For Security and Strategy think tank and researcher at the Israel Defense And Security Forum.”

Ukraine spent nearly half of Washington’s aid on US debt bonds – media – by RIA Novosti – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/ukraine-spent-nearly-half-of-washingtons – “Ukraine has significantly boosted its holdings of US government debt since the start of the conflict with Russia, the news agency RIA Novosti reported on Wednesday, citing data from the US Treasury and the Ukrainian Finance Ministry… From February 2022 through the end of September of this year, Kiev’s investment in US debt jumped 1.8 times, or by $10.7 billion, according to RIA. The country’s current holdings of $24.5 billion are the highest since at least 2011. At the end of last winter, Ukraine’s US Treasury portfolio amounted to $13.8 billion, whereas at its lowest level, in mid-summer 2022, it stood at $7.9 billion, RIA’s data shows… During the same period, the Ukrainian government received $22.9 billion in financial assistance from Washington. RIA’s calculations show that Ukraine invested roughly half of the American aid in US debt bonds, thus effectively recycling half of what it received back to the US government… Meanwhile, Kiev has also been getting billions in US military aid, with yet another package worth around $100 million announced on Tuesday. However, the Pentagon warned earlier this month that it was running critically low on funds allocated to Kiev and would soon be forced to begin reducing the tranches… READ MORE: US offers ‘sedative pill’ to collapsing Ukraine – MoscowRussia has repeatedly accused the US of ratcheting up the conflict with its aid to Ukraine, urging both Washington and its Western allies to instead focus on facilitating peace talks between Moscow and Kiev… For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

Donor allegedly offered $20M to recruit a Tlaib primary challenger – by Ursula Perano And Nicholas Wu https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/donor-allegedly-offered-20m-to-recruit – “A Michigan businessman called Democratic Senate candidate Hill Harper to offer $20 million in campaign contributions if he agreed to drop out and instead mount a primary challenge to Rep. Rashida Tlaib, according to a source with direct knowledge of the call… The source added that Harper declined the alleged Oct. 16 offer from donor Linden Nelson — which would have split the campaign money between $10 million in bundled contributions directly to Harper’s campaign and $10 million in independent expenditures. Harper declined to comment on the record about the alleged call from Nelson, a Michigan entrepreneur and past donor to candidates in both parties, but he recounted the call in the same terms as the source in a post on X after this story’s publication… But the episode illustrates the intensity of the blowback toward Tlaib, the only Palestinian American in Congress, in response to her outspoken criticism of the Israeli government since its war with Hamas began. More than 20 Democrats joined Republicans in voting to censure Tlaib earlier this month after she invoked a pro-Palestinian slogan that’s widely seen as calling for the eradication of Israel, and pro-Israel Democrats are still searching for a candidate to primary her… POLITICO reached Nelson briefly to seek comment on the alleged call to Harper, but he ended the call after a few seconds and did not respond to subsequent calls, texts and emails seeking comment… Three of Tlaib’s fellow progressive critics of Israeli government policy, Reps. Summer Lee (D-Pa.), Cori Bush (D-Mo.) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), are facing their own Democratic challengers who are touting their more pro-Israel rhetoric and voting records. Harper, an actor and business owner, has also positioned himself as a progressive in the primary to succeed retiring Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) — but he’s struggled to gain traction as Senate rival Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.) leads in polling and fundraising… Harper also might not have proven the most ideal recruit to challenge Tlaib with a more pro-Israeli government approach. Harper called for a “humanitarian ceasefire” in Gaza, largely echoing the ceasefire support from a few dozen congressional Democratic progressives; he did so on Nov. 10, well after the alleged call from Nelson… “The answers to ensure long-term peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians are neither simple nor pain-free, but one truth stands firm: violence against defenseless children, trapped and frightened, is abhorrent, regardless of who is behind it,” Harper wrote in a statement calling for the ceasefire earlier this month.”

Connecticut City Rejects 5G Citing Evidence of Health Risks – by Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D. – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/connecticut-city-rejects-5g-citing – “Miss a day, miss a lot. Subscribe to The Defender’s Top News of the DayIt’s free… The Board of Representatives in Stamford, Connecticut, earlier this month voted to reject a model agreement that would have allowed AT&T and Verizon to install 5G equipment on city-owned utility poles… In a bid to get 5G swiftly installed in his state, Gov. Ned Lamont’s office created a template contract between the nation’s top two telecommunication carriers and the state’s five major cities… Stamford, the state’s second-largest city, is the only city so far to have voted against using the contract. Twenty-one representatives voted against the pact. Five were in favor and eight abstained… Commenting on the city’s decision, W. Scott McCollough, chief litigator for Children Health Defense’s (CHD) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) cases, told The Defender, “I applaud Stamford’s principled stand.” – Advocates for the contract said Stamford’s rejection might bring a lawsuit against the city, but McCollough disagreed… “The wireless companies do not have a case yet. It is too early,” he said. “This was merely a decision to reject a model agreement. Federal and state law allow the city to instead negotiate individual terms, and that is what Stamford has chosen to do.” – The 21 representatives were largely persuaded by presentations by six independent experts on the scientific evidence of harm from radiofrequency (RF) radiation, including 5G, according to a local media report… The experts, including toxicologist and epidemiologist Devra Davis, Ph.D., MPH, said there were many documented health and environmental impacts of wireless radiation, including brain damagememory lossdecline in reproductive functionDNA damage and harm to insects.”

Age of Electric Jet Planes – by Brian Wang-https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/age-of-electric-jet-planes – “The Duxion eJet motor, an electric jet engine will enable electric aviation by using permanent magnet technology to deliver unprecedented power-to-weight ratios within a compact design… Rim Driven Fan Technology attaches the blades directly to the rim, creating a complete rotor, and moves the electro-mechanical elements to the periphery. The result is a system that is more efficient, quieter, simpler and cheaper​​… RDFs provides a boost in thrust, while the motor’s rim distribution enhances torque and cooling efficiency. The lower RPMs and high solidity ratio blades lead to a quieter and more environmentally resilient system. The simplicity of the design also translates to reduced maintenance and certification demands, making RDFs highly scalable and versatile for various aerospace applications​​… Duxion’s chairman and CEO, Rick Pilgrim, says that his company is now in the lead regarding the future of electric jet engines… In 2022, St. John’s, Newfoundland-based Duxion Motors Inc. announced that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Dymond Aerospace Inc. to supply 200 patented eJet motors™ for use in Dymond’s new fleet of 100 unmanned cargo aircraft… Under the terms of the MOU, Duxion will supply 20 eJet motors™ per year for ten years starting in 2026 for a total purchase of $500 million CAD. Each eJet motor™ will be built using Duxion’s patented technology incorporating a rim-driven motor which utilizes permanent magnet technology in a novel manner to deliver a world class thrust to weight ratio. The eJet motors™ for this application will be capable of producing 8,000+ lbs of thrust, similar to the thrust produced by the engines of 50-passenger CRJ100 aircraft. Each of Dymond’s aircraft will be outfitted with two Duxion eJet motors™, powered by hydrogen fuel cells.”

BREAKING NEWS: Appellate Court Paves the Way for Quarantine Camps! – by Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox – https://attorneycox.substack.com/p/breaking-news-appellate-court-paves?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email – “If you feel like you just got sucker-punched in the gut, join the club, my friends… The court has dismissed our lawsuit, not because we are wrong in our arguments… no, no, indeed we are dead-right. In fact, the court did not even touch the merits of the case. How could they? Instead, the court unbelievably ruled that my plaintiffs somehow do not have standing to sue! If your brain is racing a hundred miles an hour right now trying to figure this out, don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. Every single person I have told about this court ruling, from my plaintiffs, to fellow attorneys, to family members, and so on, has been downright flabbergasted. Rightfully so. One of my family members told me I needed to break it down for her, like she was a Kindergartener. I’ll do the same for you now, because this issue is so crucial for you to understand, and then for you to explain to others… What the Appellate Division court is saying by reversing the lower court and then dismissing our case for lack of standing is that they believe that Senator George Borrello, Assemblyman Chris Tague, Congressman Mike Lawler, and the citizens’ group Uniting NYS did not have the right to bring this lawsuit last year against the Governor and her DOH for their heinous “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures” regulation. Why not? Because according to this court, my plaintiffs were not injured by the regulation. Why not? Because the court seems to insinuate that the only person with the right to sue is someone who has been forcibly locked in their home against their will, or ripped from their home, taken from their loved ones, and thrown into a quarantine detention center, facility, institution, camp, etc. (pick your noun, doesn’t matter). The court insinuates that apparently only that person would be injured. Not my plaintiffs. The reason their “logic” is flawed is because we sued pursuant to the separation of powers doctrine, arguing that the Governor and her DOH lacked the constitutional authority to make that horrendous regulation in the first place. In other words, in short, my legislator-plaintiffs were injured because Hochul and her DOH (Executive Branch) stole the legislators’ power to make law (Legislative Branch) when they created the quarantine reg which was a law (despite the fact that the DOH called it a regulation). The trial court correctly ruled in our favor last summer, and struck the reg down for that exact reason, amongst others… If you are still scratching your head wondering how on earth is it possible that the Executive Branch stealing a power from the Legislative Branch does not constitute an injury to the members of the legislature, then join the club! Of note, it was so obvious to the trial court judge last year that my plaintiffs had standing, that he didn’t even discuss it in his decision. You can read that decision here if you’re interested.”



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Web Research Links for the Week of 11/13/23

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Insurance Industry Execs ‘Alarmed’ by Surge in Deaths Among Young People — But Stop Short of Blaming COVID Shots – According to InsuranceNewsNet, insurers are especially concerned by data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that show “mortality rates alarmingly rising for different categories,” including younger adult mortality rates that are up more than 20% above historic norms in 2023 – by Influencers – https://vigilantnews.com/post/insurance-industry-execs-alarmed-by-surge-in-deaths-among-young-people-but-stop-short-of-blaming-covid-shots – “Executives at the largest insurance companies in the United States are alarmed that teenagers, young and white-collar Americans in the prime of life are inexplicably dying at a record pace, causing a “monumental outflow” of death claims and drag on profits that is shaking the industry and causing some to take a fresh look at the problem… According to an Oct. 26 report in InsuranceNewsNet, U.S. insurance companies expected higher-than-normal payouts from excess deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic… Insurers saw death benefits rise 15.4% in 2020, the biggest one-year increase since the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, followed by a record $100.28 billion — nearly double the historic norm — in total death benefits paid out by the industry in 2021… ‘The numbers were naturally forecasted to climb during the pandemic, but some industry and health authorities are concerned the rates haven’t greatly diminished as COVID infection rates have declined,’ InsuranceNewsNet reported… According to InsuranceNewsNet, insurers are especially concerned by data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that show “mortality rates alarmingly rising for different categories,” including younger adult mortality rates that are up more than 20% above historic norms in 2023… The CDC numbers reported in August show the death rate for Americans ages 15-45 rose 20-24% above normal in 2020, and soared in 2021, to a nearly 30% death increase for 15-year-olds and a more than 45% increase for 45-year-olds… Surge in excess deaths ‘caught carriers off guard’ – Most troubling to insurers, CDC data reported in August showed that Americans in the period January-May 2023 were still dying at abnormally high rates with the pandemic long over. Mortality rates were 25% higher than normal among 15- to 19-year-olds and 20% higher among 45-year-olds considered in the prime of life… Even twenty-somethings were dying at a rate nearly 15% above normal and thirty-somethings at a pace 20% higher than usual, the CDC data show… Samantha Chow, global leader for Life, Annuity and Benefits Sector at Capgemini, a large, multinational Paris-based consulting company, told InsuranceNewsNet, ‘The surge in excess deaths caught carriers off guard’ and the issue demands urgent attention by the industry… The issue is, ‘Can the industry handle a sudden spike in claims?’ She added, ‘The real concern for life insurers lies in preparing for an unexpected wave of death claims and the impact on their assets under management.’.. ‘Do they have enough reserves to weather these outflows, given the excess deaths? It’s not just about death or health,’ Chow said. ‘It is about the industry’s ability and readiness to manage this monumental outflow.’.. The excess deaths and the record drag on insurance company revenue and the predictive chaos in actuarial tables they represent, alarmed the Society of Actuaries (SOA), the world’s largest professional actuarial organization… Excess mortality is defined as excess deaths in a given population and time period above the expected number… The SOA has conducted ongoing research since 2021 to gather ‘a high-level view of U.S. Group Term Life Insurance mortality results during the COVID-19 pandemic’ compared to prior baseline results… The SOA Research Institute studied more than 2.7 million claims and over $120 billion in earned premiums reported by “20 of the top 21 U.S. group term life insurers” in the U.S., representing approximately 90% of the employer-based group term life insurance industry… In an August 2022 poll among its more than 30,000 members worldwide, the SOA found that 85% of members thought excess mortality rates would continue to 2025. In August this year, the same poll found 79% believed excess mortality rates will continue through 2026… Life insurance executives and actuaries told InsuranceNewsNet, ‘The numbers are alarming and could continue to drag earnings and surge death claims for years to come.’.. Society of Actuaries: no connection between historic death rates and COVID shots – Yet in its latest report issued in May, the SOA Research Institute found no connection between the historic U.S. death rates and insurance payouts starting in 2021 and COVID-19 vaccine mandates that rolled out the same year… Chow blamed the excess deaths and claims on ‘the ripples of COVID-19 and its varying impacts, leading to higher rates of depression, suicide, and increased substance abuse.’.. Other insurance executives told The Wall Street Journal they blamed ‘delays in medical care as a result of lockdowns in 2020, and then, later, people’s fears of seeking out treatment and trouble lining up appointments’ for a surprising surge in non-COVID-19 death claims, especially heart and circulatory issues and neurological disorders… But Dr. Pierre Kory, president and chief medical officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), who treats long COVID and vaccine-injured patients in his practice, called on insurance companies to work with media and governments and investigate the powerful evidence that countless deaths and disabilities are temporally linked to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and read the exploding science that pinpoints mRNA technology lethality… In an interview with The Defender, Kory cited the more than 1 million COVID-19 vaccine-linked injuries, disabilities and more than 30,000 deaths reported by doctors, nurses and others to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)… VAERS, run by the CDC and U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is the government’s “early warning system” to detect vaccine harms… Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the most highly published cardiologists in the world, pointed to a study of deaths after vaccination with detailed autopsies in Heidelberg, Germany. “Of 35 fatalities within 20 days of injection, 10 were ruled out as clearly not due to the vaccine (eg drug overdose). The remaining 25 (71%) had final diagnoses consistent with a vaccine injury syndrome including myocardial infarction, worsening heart failure, vascular aneurysm, pulmonary embolism, fatal stroke, and vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia,” McCullough wrote… He also cited his own systematic review of “all autopsy studies that include COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis as a possible cause of death” that found that ‘all 28 deaths were causally linked to COVID-19 vaccination by independent adjudication.’.. Kory said a large and expanding volume of scientific literature has described the pathogenicity of the artificial spike protein, unleashed by the mRNA injection into the body… ‘We know from research on autopsy series that among those who died from the vaccine, spike protein was disseminated to all organs and vessels of the body,’ he told The Defender… ‘Spike-induced damage occurs by numerous mechanisms, including necrosis of vessel walls leading to things like aortic dissection, inflammation of important organs, including the heart and brain causing myocarditis and cognitive deficits respectively,’ Kory said… He also also cited ‘fibrinoid aggregates circulating in the blood causing poor perfusion in the microcirculation as well as hypercoagulability in the blood causing strokes and heart attacks, immunosuppression causing increased risk of infectious illnesses, and/or reactivation of latent viruses.’.. Edward Dowd, the former BlackRock fund manager who oversaw $14 billion in assets on Wall Street for the largest asset manager in the world, exposed the excess-death crisis in insurance-industry data in his December 2022 book, ‘ ‘Cause Unknown’: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022.’.. Dowd told The Defender that according to insiders at one of the biggest insurance companies in the U.S., ‘People in the industry know what’s going on but nobody at the top” is yet prepared to recognize it. “The CEOs and CFOs don’t believe it’s the vaccine. It’s not that these people are evil. They’re not separating facts from emotion.’.. Dowd added: ‘It’s not just that there’s a vast conspiracy. There was this fear that generated a destruction of critical thinking. My ethics professor at Indiana University said you can’t rationalize facts with someone whose position is based on emotion and ego.’.. ‘We don’t have proof’ yet — but data are ‘persuasive’ – In his book, Dowd reported on insurance industry research in 2016, which found that group life policyholders, whose health insurance is covered by Fortune 500 companies and tend to be younger and well-educated, were the healthiest Americans, dying at one-third the rate of the general U.S. population. The trend of greater white-collar health continued through 2020… But in 2021, after the COVID-19 jabs were mandated across the Fortune 500, the trend flipped. Ages 25-64 of the group life policyholders suddenly experienced 40% excess mortality, compared to 32% in the general population… Disabilities also soared after the COVID-19 shots, from an annual U.S. baseline of 29-30 million disabled to 33.2 million… Dowd, who continues to research excess deaths and disabilities for his Humanity Projects, told The Defender his new research, drawn from U.K. government statistics, shows deaths of schoolchildren went down in the U.K. in 2020 during the pandemic because the leading cause of death for children ages 1-14 is accidents… With lockdowns and school closures, ‘Deaths went down. But then they started to go up again in 2021, and they’ve reached a new high in 2023 of 20%’ above normal, he said… Dowd told Russel Brand that such a huge jump in childhood deaths is ‘a six-standard deviation from the norm. A standard deviation is basically a probability from normal. It’s very unlikely.’.. A five-standard statistical deviation is so remarkably far outside the norm it ‘would be the equivalent of a 7-foot giant being born, or many of them,’ he said. ‘This is a six-standard deviation.’.. Dowd said he believes the COVID-19 vaccines are causing widespread, otherwise inexplicable, excess deaths. ‘We don’t have proof. It’s our thesis,’ he said. But ‘if you have a brain in your head,’ the data are persuasive, he said. ‘Obviously I think it’s the vaccines.’.. Mathew Crawford, a Texas-based statistician and finance specialist who spent years analyzing COVID-19 data for his Substack newsletter, told The Defender the insurance industry has been in denial over growing evidence for vaccine-induced excess deaths for more than a year… In March 2022, he said, the CEO of German health insurance giant BKK ProVita presented evidence that the vaccines had already killed tens of thousands of Germans. He was fired the next day, as the story vanished from the news… In June 2022, Lincoln National reported a 163% increase in death benefits paid out under its group life insurance policies in 2021… In August 2022, Reinsurance Group of America’s (RGA) financial reports showed massive 2021 losses downplayed by the report authors, ‘plus plans for new accounting methods that we should all be worried are designed to sweep iatrogenocide under the rug,’ Crawford said… The SOA Research Institute report that claims to exonerate the COVID-19 vaccines in excess deaths actually does the opposite, Crawford said. Among other evidence, he said, it ‘shows group life insureds — particularly of working age — are seeing even more excess mortality than the larger U.S. population,’ and ‘the sharp numbers during Q3 2021 coincide with vaccine mandates for working age individuals.’.. The ‘worm is turning’ – But Dowd said he believes “the worm is turning” on denial of vaccine harms… He said he was optimistic that the work of Josh Stirling, founder of the Insurance Collaboration to Save Lives, a nonprofit that aims to reduce mortality by providing life insurers with tests to screen policyholders for health problems, shows a “big tent” is forming in the industry to tackle the problem… ‘I think the truth is coming out,’ Dowd said. ‘The stocks of Pfizer and Moderna continue to go lower. More and more people are getting disabled and injured over time.’.. He cited the Rasmussen poll released Nov. 2 that found 24% of Americans ‘believe someone they know died from COVID-19 vaccine side effects, and even more say they might be willing to become plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against vaccine makers.’.. The poll also found ‘There are almost no political differences on these questions,’ said Dr. Robert Malone. ‘For example, 25% of Republicans say they know someone personally who died from side effects of COVID-19 vaccine, as do 24% of Democrats and those not affiliated with either major party. This is important – because this shows it is not a ‘tribal’ response. People from all walks of life are waking up.’.. Kory said insurance executives need to ask themselves, What explains ‘the sudden, unprecedented rise in life insurance claims in the 3rd quarter of 2021 among the healthiest sector of society?’.. Why were ‘working age, white collar Americans with group life insurance policies (i.e. largely Fortune 500 corporate employees)’ suddenly dying at rates significantly higher than before?.. ‘What happened in the white-collar workplace at that time?’ he asked… Kory said the answer is clear: ‘I will give you the only possibilities that could explain such a sudden rise: a series of terrorist attacks, wartime mobilization, or the proliferation of corporate vaccine mandates. As far as I can remember, only one of those events actually took place… Kory and investigative reporter Mary Beth Pfeiffer in October published an op-ed in The Washington Examiner, ‘What’s behind the spike in deaths among younger, working people?’ and another, in August, in USA Today titled, “More young Americans are dying — and it’s not COVID. Why aren’t we searching for answers?’.. ‘Deaths among young Americans documented in employee life insurance claims should alone set off alarms,’ they wrote in USA Today. ‘Week in, week out, this unnatural loss of life is on the scale of a war or terrorist event.’.. ‘Life insurance data show a massive spike in excess deaths among younger, working-age people that began in 2021, even as COVID-19 deaths decreased, and continues today,’ they wrote in The Examiner. ‘So far, good explanations are elusive. A concerted, bipartisan investigation should explore this threat to America’s economic future and recommend a course of action…5 Takeaways from Mortality Report – If the worm is turning, it’s not evident in major media or government policy… Associated Press fact-checkers rated as “false” Kory’s claim that ‘an increase in death benefits paid out by life insurance providers in the third quarter of 2021 in the U.S. provides evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines, which became widely available in 2021, led to a spike in deaths.’.. The AP said the vaccines are proven safe and effective and ‘insurance industry leaders say the delta variant of the coronavirus and deferred medical care during the pandemic likely contributed to the increase in deaths.’.. The CDC says there is no evidence that excess deaths are linked to vaccines. “These vaccines are safe and effective and have undergone the most extensive safety monitoring in U.S. history,” a CDC public affairs specialist said… The AP reported that death after vaccination remains extremely rare, dismissing as not causally linked to the vaccines the unprecedented toll of deaths and injuries reported to VAERS… Kory cited five takeaways that challenge that assumption from the mortality report on excess U.S. deaths by the SOA Research Institute: 1) Among working people 35-44 years old, “a stunning 34% more died than expected in the last quarter of 2022, with above-average rates in other working-age groups, too,” Kory said, quoting data from the SOA Research Institute report. “COVID-19 claims do not fully explain the increase,” the SOA report noted. 2) From 2020 through 2022, there were more excess deaths proportionally among white-collar than blue-collar workers: 19% versus 14% above normal. The disparity nearly doubled in the fourth quarter of 2022, U.S. actuaries reported. 3) The executive of a large Indiana life insurance company was clearly troubled by what he said was a 40% increase in the third quarter of 2021 in those ages 18-64. ‘We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business — not just at OneAmerica,’ CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference in January 2022. ‘The data is consistent across every player in that business.’ 4) Excess deaths are a global phenomenon. The U.K. also saw “more excess deaths in the second half of 2022 than in the second half of any year since 2010,” according to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. In the first quarter of 2023, deaths among people 20-44 years old were akin to ‘the same period in 2021, the worst pandemic year for that age group, U.K. actuaries reported. In Australia, 12% more people died than expected in 2022, according to that nation’s Actuaries Institute. A third of the excess was non-COVID deaths, a figure the institute called “extraordinarily high.’ 5) Death rates are lower than in 2020 and 2021, but they are far from normal. In the year ending April 30, 2023 — 14 months after the last of several pandemic waves in the U.S. — at least 104,000 more Americans died than expected, according to Our World in Data. In that period, 52,427 excess deaths were reported in the U.K., 81,028 in Germany, 17,731 in France, 10,418 in the Netherlands, and 2,640 in Ireland… Kory said the major media silence on the issue and the SOA’s “strong desire to not be drawn into any debates regarding” COVID vaccine lethality,” despite evidence unearthed by the society’s research, is why he and Pfeiffer wrote the USA Today op-ed in the first place… “Unsurprisingly,” Kory said, ‘the SOA does not attempt to interpret or even specifically mention the timing, suddenness, and magnitude of the rises in death claims of young, white-collar workers.’.. ‘I would agree that it is not their job to do this, so the rest of us will,’ he said. The way forward is ‘simply to ask if there were any other events preceding and during those massive spikes that could explain the rises. I can find no other rational explanation than the roll-out of vaccine mandates as the cause’.”

The First Thing You Should Do After Martial Law Is Declared – by Rich M. – https://www.askaprepper.com/the-first-thing-you-should-do-after-martial-law-is-declared/ – “Our government declaring martial law is one of the scarier scenarios that we might be faced with… There’s no saying just how thoroughly our civil rights might be violated during such a time, as the declaration of martial law carries with it the unwritten right for the government to do pretty much anything it wants… It’s the ultimate totalitarian government situation. Some people complain about the violations of our rights that happened during the COVID-19 pandemic; that would be nothing in comparison to the atrocities that could happen during a time of martial law… Actually, what martial law is supposed to be and what it often is are two entirely separate things. According to the legal definition, martial law is the military supplanting the duly elected government, for a short time, when the government is unable to fulfill its obligations to the citizens… This has been very rare in US history. On the other hand, the government using troops, usually National Guard troops, to control the population and uphold the law is much more common, even though it is still somewhat rare. If martial law is declared, this is what we are more likely to see, even though it doesn’t fit the actual definition of martial law… With that in mind, we need to prepare ourselves for that eventuality… After the abuses of power that were perpetuated during the pandemic, I have a sneaking suspicion that there are those in Washington who are hungry to use… or should I say misuse… their power to control our lives again… They will grasp any excuse that chance offers them or that they can create, in order to take that power and we will have no other option than to put up with it… For many of us, our first reaction might very well be to ignore martial law and go on with our lives as normal. The problem with that, is that doing so just might put us in jail… I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to have to go to jail for my actions, I want to make sure it’s for more than just thumbing my nose at some power-hungry politician. Martial law is not the time for taking such a stand… There are a lot of things we could say that we should do, in preparation for the eventuality of our government declaring martial law; but in reality, they are things that we, as preppers, are already doing… So, I’m not going to talk about them. We’re dealing with a different question; assuming that martial law is declared, what should we do?… Our Most Important Protection… The real key to surviving through martial law is making ourselves invisible to the authorities… While there is always a possibility that they will go door-to-door, looking for anyone who might cause trouble; that’s unlikely. If it does happen, it will be after a while, when things settle down… At first, they’ll be more than busy, just trying to put martial law in place. That includes rounding up those who have a demonstrated criminal history, indicating that they might cause trouble for the authorities. As law abiding citizens, we don’t fall into that category… Ok, so how do we make ourselves invisible to the authorities? The simple answer is to bug in, staying in our homes. But before we do that, we need to make sure that we’re ready… That’s the most important thing we have to do, as soon as martial law is declared. Fortunately, it takes some time to put martial law in effect; at least a day or two… That’s time we can use to do our last-minute preparations. Those preparations are our first priority; the things that we should do as soon as possible after martial law is declared… What We Should Do… So, just how do we make the most of that time, preparing ourselves to “go underground” per-se, in the little time that we have available to us?… Before we make sure that everyone is inside and lock the doors, we should ensure that we are ready to stay there for a few months, without having to go out in public. That means making sure that we have enough food, water, fuel, and other supplies to keep us going… In other words, we need to spend that little time we have available, before they really clamp down on civilians being out in public, getting our hands on all the supplies we can, which we might be short of… Putting that simply, we need to make a supply run to top off our existing stockpiles, focusing on picking up:
1) Food, especially fresh food that we might be short of (we should have plenty of non-perishable food in our stockpile).
2) Bottled water.
3) Fuel, especially gasoline.
4) Firewood.
5) Plastic bags (useful for a lot of things).
6) Batteries.
7) Disposable items, such as dishes, cups, TP, paper towels.
8) Personal hygiene supplies, including feminine hygiene supplies.
9) A radio (for picking up the news).
These are all things that we should already have in our survival stockpile; so, what I’m really saying is to take that little bit of time and use it to top off your survival stockpile… We don’t know how long martial law will remain in effect, so we need to be ready to stay inside for an extended period of time… Notice that I didn’t mention anything about guns and ammunition in that list. That was intentional… The confiscation of firearms is one of the many things that commonly go with martial law… As part of that, I expect that the ATF will be visiting licensed arms dealers to see who has bought recently. Those would be the first people visited and you don’t want to end up on that list… Hunkering Down… Once you’ve done your last supply run, which should be no more than 24 hours after first hearing about martial law and hopefully a lot shorter, get everyone into the house and lock the doors… Gather your family together, give each other a hug, let them know what’s going on and what you expect from them, specifically that everyone is to stay home for however long the emergency lasts… This may be more challenging than it sounds. Our lives are incredibly complex, involving activities in a variety of places. Staying home means curtailing those activities, with the exception of those which can be done online… We’ve already experienced this during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, I guess we can call that a dress-rehearsal for martial law… As we lock ourselves in our homes, the two biggest challenges we’ll have to work through is working remotely and having our children do their schoolwork from home… How easy those will be to accomplish will depend largely on the type of work we do and whether our employer is prepared for us to work from home… As for school, anyone can homeschool their children and many people do. There are curriculums available for homeschooling and a host of resources available online… There are also some excellent websites, which can give you some good advice about how to homeschool and what resources are available. Homeschooling has been around for quite a while and the pandemic gave it quite a boost… Remember, out of sight, out of mind.”.

Found on Telegram: VLADIMIR PUTIN’S LETTER TO THE WORLD 💥- Found on the Slavyangrad channel on Telegram by Bruce Tanner – “Dear inhabitants of our beautiful planet Earth – `I, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, decided to address all of you directly, bypassing diplomats, your leaders and journalists. In Russia there is a so-called “oral surrender”, where it is forbidden to lie, cheat and exaggerate. That’s why I’ll speak very honestly so that everyone knows the truth of my words… Russia is a great and rich country, its most important value is more than 150 peoples who live in a territory where justice is above all. We don’t need new territories… We have energy and all other resources are in abundance… Since the times of Great Tartar and the Great Mughals, the peoples of Northern Europe have not developed due to the onslaught of crusades and colonization of America, Africa, India or China’s drug addiction, but thanks to their hard work and pacifism… Those who know the Russian language understand that “Russian” is an adjective that indicates all the peoples of our country. Russian Slavs, Russian Tatars, Russian Jews, Russian Evans, etc. all Russians in the heart, even if their culture, their language and way of life differ. We salute this diversity of unity… Once again, the Russian people of Russia are forced to sacrifice their lives to protect the world from Nazism and Fascism. We have exchanged 50 of our prisoners of war for 50 Ukrainian soldiers. Ukrainian soldiers were treated in our hospitals,n received three full meals a day and returned home… We received Russian soldiers whose fingers and genitals were cut off. Even the Nazis didn’t do that in the last war… We will present this evidence in a future trial. It will be disgrace for anyone who supports these scum now… Your leaders in the USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, and elsewhere sided with these scoundrels who put civilians, pregnant women, and children above themselves in battle and deliberately want POWs. It’s hard for me to imagine a sane person supporting these monsters… *And your Bidens, Schultz, Macron and other dark skin Democrats* not only protect criminals, they actively arm them, provide them with money that is not enough to lower prices in your countries… Prices are rising, the world is collapsing, but not because the Russians are cleaning Europe of Nazi evil spirits, but because you are silent and even supporting a new wave of Nazism… This time we will not go to Berlin, we will stop at our historical borders, and all the Nazi evil spirits, to whom your leaders will open doors, will give you a new “crystal” life, as the Nazi’s did, adding to it the circumcision of reproductive organs… I appeal to all those who want to live and work in the world, raise children and socialize with people all over the world. Help Russia fight the new cancer – Ukrainian Nazism. Not Ukraine, where peaceful and hardworking people live, but Nazism, fueled by your taxes by the USA and NATO hawks… If your leaders are supporting Nazism, push them to the limit, take power into your own hands… Ukrainian Nazis protect civilians from bullets, your rulers have, under the pretext of terrible Russia, also decided to transfer the burden of high prices and future troubles to the population. In Ukraine, as in you, the Nazis live well behind the backs of ordinary citizens, and ordinary citizens have to suffer – these are the same crimes in Ukraine as in the West… We did not break any of our promises, and your leaders stole 300 billion dollars and euros from Russian people. They steal property of citizens of our country around the world, deliberately hide our soldiers, prohibit Russian language, attack Church of God… I see how in countries where leaders are tightening sanctions, Russia’s awareness of what is happening and the wave of protests is growing… You must rethink and replace the politicians who hide behind your back with bullets and awards. And don’t put it off any longer… If we unite, then in another week there will be no more Nazis in Ukraine, normal life will be restored in Europe, the USA and other countries and together we will judge Ukrainian Nazis and all leaders who support Nazism in the new tribunal… Our goal is righteous… We will defeat nazism. I want to share this victory with everyone, together and as soon as possible… Vladimir Putin… president of Russia.”
(In order for this letter to spread worldwide, share it on the networks all over the world. ).”.

Gaza Conflict: Is the Ben Gurion Canal Project a Factor? – by BNN Correspondents – https://bnn.network/politics/gaza-conflict-and-the-shadow-of-the-ben-gurion-canal-project/ – “Tel Aviv, Israel – The landscape of the Middle East is once again the backdrop for heightened speculation as recent attacks in Gaza bring into focus the potential ramifications for the Ben Gurion Canal Project—a strategic endeavor steeped in historical significance. The unfolding events have prompted a closer examination of Israel’s strategic and economic objectives and how these may be driving the tension in the region… Historical Context: Ben Gurion Canal Project… This ambitious project aims to chart a course from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, echoing the historic initiatives such as the Suez Canal, which has long been a pivotal maritime route since its completion in the 19th century. The proposed Ben Gurion Canal not only signals Israel’s aspirations to claim a stake in global trade dynamics but also reflects the ongoing quest to expand its geopolitical influence, a narrative that has been part of the region’s history since Israel’s establishment in 1948… A Rivalry Revived… The Ben Gurion Canal, if completed, would challenge the supremacy of the Suez Canal, potentially diverting commerce and reshaping economic currents. The strategic move can be seen as a continuation of the historical tensions that saw Israel and Egypt at odds during the Suez Crisis in 1956, where control over this critical passageway was a central issue… Economic and Military Ambitions Amidst Historical Shadows… The canal project, with American and Israeli support, resonates with the historical patterns of military and economic alliances in the region. The potential storage of nuclear weapons in the Negev Desert could be interpreted through the prism of Israel’s longstanding policy of maintaining a qualitative military edge, which has historical roots in the country’s defense doctrine since its early years… Security Concerns and Legacy of Conflict… The recent attacks by Hamas have cast a spotlight on Israel’s intelligence and defense capabilities—areas that have been honed in the shadow of historical conflicts and the constant threat of regional adversaries. These recent incidents have put the spotlight back on Israel’s preparedness and the delicate balance of power that it has sought to maintain in a historically volatile region… Geopolitical Chess Moves… The involvement of regional powerhouses like Saudi Arabia, with its oil-based influence, and Egypt, with its control over the Suez Canal, adds layers of complexity reminiscent of past Arab-Israeli conflicts. These nations have been central to the historical ebb and flow of Middle Eastern geopolitics, often finding themselves in the midst of the region’s persistent state of flux… A Unified Response to a Historical Cycle of Conflict… The Gaza conflict, persisting through decades, continues to call for a concerted response from Arab and Muslim nations. The potential influence of the Ben Gurion Canal Project on this conflict underscores the enduring nature of geopolitical strategies that have long shaped the history of the region… Intersecting Paths of Progress and Peril… As the world watches the latest developments, the intricate connections between the Ben Gurion Canal Project and the longstanding Israel-Palestine conflict become apparent. These events are unfolding in a region where history is not just remembered but is a living force that continually informs and shapes the present geopolitical narrative.”.

Israel is behind serial assassinations of Kennedy brothers – by Laurent Guyenot – https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/454926/Israel-is-behind-serial-assassinations-of-Kennedy-brothers-Laurent – TEHRAN – “Laurent Guyenot, who has co-authored a new documentary on Israel’s role in the assassinations of both John and Robert Kennedy, tells the Tehran Times that the “true American Deep State” is Israel, which had a crucial role in the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers… “There are indeed in the United States, as in most democracies, hidden centers of power, totally immune from democratic accountability, capable of steering the country’s foreign and military policy by various means such as corruption, propaganda, blackmail, and other more criminal means, but the most influential of these power centers are not ‘American’ in any real sense: the true American Deep State, if you will, is Israel,” notes says Guyenot, author of JFK-9/11: 50 Years of Deep State… Guyenot, who is a French author and anthropologist, says, “Israel has lodged itself like a parasite in all of America’s power structures. And it is precisely Israel that, in my opinion, is behind the serial assassinations of the Kennedy brothers.” … Here is the text of the interview with him :
Q: Today is the 57th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. You have directed a French documentary on the assassinations of both John Kennedy and his brother Robert, which is now available in English. Can you first tell us how your research began?…
A: My view of the world was turned upside down in 2011 when I realized that the founding event of the 21st century, the 9/11 terror attacks, was a Big Lie designed to start a new world war. I wanted to understand the background of this operation and studied what I call the “deep history” of the United States, which is basically the history of State lies, false flag attacks, and other conspiracies. And whoever digs into that field has to come to grisp with the JFK assassination. It was a real turning point in U.S. history, although few people realized it. Somehow, on November 22nd, 1963, America was assassinated in Dallas, and a satanic demon took possession of its corpse, and it now roams the earth, sowing deception and terror everywhere.
Q: What is the role of the Deep State in the assassination of President Kennedy?
A: I have used the phrase “Deep State” in my book JFK-9/11 published seven years ago. But I now find it problematic. The perpetuation of the official lie for more than 50 years shows that those who assassinated Kennedy wield great occult power. But what is important is to specify the identity of the men who hold it. The phrase ‘Deep State'” is a bit like the Freudian unconscious: it is a deliberately vague expression, which reveals nothing. It is actually deceptive because it evokes some kind of national level of commandment. But the “deep power” that killed Kennedy, or that orchestrated the 9/11 false flag attacks, is not “national” power, it is a foreign power… There are indeed in the United States, as in most democracies, hidden centers of power, totally immune from democratic accountability, capable of steering the country’s foreign and military policy by various means such as corruption, propaganda, blackmail, and other more criminal means, but the most influential of these power centers are not “American” in any real sense: the true American Deep State, if you will, is Israel. Israel has lodged itself like a parasite in all of America’s power structures. And it is precisely Israel that, in my opinion, is behind the serial assassinations of the Kennedy brothers.
Q: Investigation by the U.S. government concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin of President Kennedy. What can you tell us about him?
A: Lee Harvey Oswald is a multi-faceted character. In a sense, we can distinguish three Oswalds, and all of them are fake. Upon his arrest in the afternoon of November 22, 1963, he was presented to the world as a Marxist who had renounced his American citizenship after defecting to the USSR and, after returning to the U.S., campaigned in favor of the regime of Fidel Castro. That is the first Oswald. The underlying message was that Kennedy’s assassination had been ordered by Castro or the Soviets. However, the new President Lyndon Johnson stifled this lead by raising the specter of nuclear war, and imposed, in agreement with FBI director Edgar Hoover, the alternative theory that Oswald was a “lone nut”. This is the second Oswald. But research has shown that Oswald’s communism was fake and that he was an undercover agent for U.S. Secret Services. This is the third Oswald, the one endorsed by most Kennedy researchers… The most widespread conspiracy theory is that those who organized the Kennedy assassination wanted to blame it on Castro and trigger U.S. retaliation against Cuba, but that Johnson thwarted this plan. This is, for example, the theory of James Douglass inThe Unspeakable. I have shown that this theory does not stand up to the evidence of Johnson’s deep involvement in the conspiracy. My theory is that Oswald’s Communist panoply was meant, not to start a war against Cuba, and therefore against the USSR, but to provide Johnson with a means of intimidating all officials and institutions and demanding that the investigation be quickly closed, for fear that discoveries about Cuba’s involvement lead to a global nuclear war “that could kill 40 million Americans,” as Johnson kept repeating. By the threat of nuclear war, the majority of Americans, although they felt that they were being lied to, accepted that it was probably for their own good… In any case, Oswald’s role in the plot is accessory, since he was “just a patsy,” as he once declared to journalists. In most probability, he did not even shoot at the president. Abraham Zapruder’s amateur film, which captured the assassination, proves by the movement of Kennedy’s head that the fatal bullet hit him in the face, which clears Oswald who was behind the presidential limousine… Given that Oswald was liquidated two days after his arrest, the first thing to do in order to solve the case is to follow the trail of the man who “silenced” Oswald in order to prevent a judgment that might have shed some light on the truth. Oddly, however, Oswald’s killer received very little attention. Even his real name is unknown to the general public. He is known as Jack Ruby, but his real name was Jacob Rubenstein, and he was linked to the Jewish underworld. His mentor was gangster Mickey Cohen, the successor to Murder Incorporated’s godfather, Benjamin Siegelbaum, known as Bugsy. Cohen himself was in contact with Menachem Begin and heavily involved in arms trafficking on behalf of the Irgun, the Israeli terrorist organization, as he actually brags in his memoir.
Q: You have said that the Dallas Jewish community was deeply involved in organizing the president’s visit to Dallas and in the ambush of Dealey Plazza.
A: Indeed, Kennedy’s trip to Dallas was sponsored by an organization called the Dallas Citizens Council, a group dominated by Jewish businessmen — a kind of front for the local B’nai B’rith section. Kennedy’s welcoming committee in Dallas was chaired by Sam Bloom, a prominent member of the Texan Jewish community, whose name was found in Jack Ruby’s address book. It was Bloom who intervened with the Dallas Police Department to allow the press allowed to film Oswald’s transfer, which gave Ruby an opportunity to shoot him dead.
Q: Your conclusion is that Israel orchestrated the killing of Kennedy. What was Israel’s motive?
A: I am walking in the footsteps of the late Michael Collins Piper, who was the first to blame Israeli networks for the assassination of John Kennedy, in his book Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy. To understand Israel’s motive, Piper relied on several studies that have revealed that Kennedy was determined to stop Israel from developing nuclear weapons. Global nuclear disarmament was Kennedy’s dearest project. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, he had initiated a promising dialogue with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev on this issue. So, when the CIA informed him of the nuclear program carried out by the Israelis in their Dimona laboratory, he engaged in a standoff with David Ben-Gurion, who was both prime minister and minister of defense of Israel. Ben-Gurion was convinced that by trying to prevent Israel from acquiring the bomb, Kennedy was endangering the very survival of the Jewish state, to which he had devoted his entire life… Dimona was certainly Israel’s major reason for eliminating Kennedy and replacing him with Johnson. But there were others. The Kennedy brothers were at the origin of a procedure to reduce the influence of the American Zionist Council by the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938. In October 1963, Attorney General Robert Kennedy gave the AZC a 72-hour notice to register as a “foreign agent.” After John Kennedy’s assassination, the AZC escaped this procedure, and its lobbying division, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (or AIPAC), became the most powerful lobby in the United States, and an indispensable tool for the corruption and intimidation of American elected officials, and for the control of American foreign policy. A third likely motive for the Dallas coup was Kennedy’s support for the Palestinian cause and his sympathy for Egyptian President Abdel Nasser. As late as November 20, 1963, Kennedy’s representative at the United Nations demanded the implementation of Resolution 194 and the return of the 800,000 Palestinian refugees, causing strong protest in Israeli circles. After Kennedy’s death, American foreign policy in West Asia was radically reversed again, without the American public realizing it. Johnson cut economic aid to Egypt and increased military aid to Israel to 92 million in 1966, more than the total of all previous years combined.”.

EXCLUSIVE: Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney On DANGERS Of Zionism, WW3, & Printing Money – Stew Peters (Video 58 minutes) – https://stewpeters.com/video/2023/11/exclusive-former-congresswoman-cynthia-mckinney-on-dangers-of-zionism-ww3-printing-money/

MEP Breaks ‘Very Bad News’ About Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies – by Patricia Harrity – https://expose-news.com/2023/11/09/mep-breaks-very-bad-news-about-digital-ids-and-central-bank-digital-currencies/ – “I just left the room where we had negotiations about the digital identity—and I have bad news. The member states and the European Parliament came to an agreement. That means that probably not far from now, the digital identity will be [in] effect in the European Union. Right after this agreement, Commissioner Breton said, “Now, we have the digital identity wallet; we have to put something in it.” And what he meant was the digital Euro, also known as a central bank digital currency… And this is a very bad development. They always promise us not to make this connection. And even a lot of experts, privacy experts, and security experts, warned also last week [that] this is a very bad idea for our privacy and our freedom. And still, this digital identity is pushed through… MEP Roos offered a glimmer of hope in a call to action, urging voters to write their representatives: But it’s not too late because we still have to vote on this in the plenary (meeting). So what you can do: send your MEP from your member state an email and tell him or tell her that you are against this tool… Total Control… Catherine Austin Fitts, financial expert and Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Bush (H.W.) administration, has long warned about the dangers of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies)… Access Denied: Implementing Complete Control Through Centralized Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)… Let’s say I want to mandate a vaccine. Your financial transaction ability can be turned off; your access to your financial assets can be denied or stopped if you don’t do what you’re told… Do Not Comply… As George Orwell, Author of 1984, once said, “Real power is achieved when the ruling class controls the material essentials of life, granting and withholding them from the masses as if they were privileges.”… If this doesn’t end now, what you know as freedom will be turned into privileges that can be turned on and off in an instant. Look to China; that’s what they intend to bring to the West. And digital IDs + CBDCs are the exact tools needed to make it a reality… As Catherine Austin Fitts said, “Your access to your financial assets can be denied or stopped if you don’t do what you’re told.” So rather than waiting for complete tyranny to hit you upside the head, it’s more important than ever to start resisting now… Originally Published on Vigilant News.”.

Israel’s free speech crackdown: ‘War inside of a war’ – by Loveday Morris – https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/israel-s-free-speech-crackdown-war-inside-of-a-war/ar-AA1jMN7f – “NAZARETH, Israel — The 21-year-old computer science student was beamed into the small wood-paneled courtroom from jail via video link. She had dark circles under her eyes after 11 nights in detention…. To save on personnel during Israel’s war against Hamas, defendants are no longer transported from their cells. Only urgent court cases are being heard. The prosecution of Rita Murad, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, is deemed to be one of them… Her alleged crimes of “identifying with a terrorist organization” and “incitement to terrorism” center on three Instagram posts that she shared on Oct. 7 when Hamas militants rampaged through communities in southern Israel… One of the images used in the prosecution of Murad showed Palestinians using an earthmover to pull down parts of the barbed wire-topped barrier between Israel and the Gaza Strip. “While the ‘invincible army’ was sleeping,” read the message in Arabic across the image… A second showed a montage of Palestinian children: “Where were the people calling for humanity when we were killed?” it read. A third post to her 1,100 Instagram followers showed a group of jubilant Palestinians on a captured Israeli military vehicle. “Gaza today,” read the caption with an emoji of the Palestinian flag… In “normal times” such posts wouldn’t even warrant a trip to the police station, said Murad’s defense lawyer, Ahmad Massalha, as he waited for her hearing on Thursday… But these aren’t normal times. Murad faces up to five years in jail if convicted, while a new draft law seeks to strip citizenship for those convicted in cases like hers. In court in the northern Israeli city of Nazareth, she has made accusations of being beaten in prison… As war expands, Israel’s endgame is no clearer… Murad is one of at least 56 people indicted on similar charges. Israeli authorities say they are fighting a second front in the war against Hamas, one set on rooting out anything that could be perceived as sympathy or “incitement” among the population. Rights groups say as many as 100 others have been arrested or detained in the “zero tolerance” crackdown, including one of Murad’s acquaintances who posted an Instagram video about cooking “victory” shakshuka… According to the Mossawa Center, a rights group in Haifa, Israel, at least 350 Palestinian Israelis have been called to hearings at their workplace and 120 university students are in disciplinary hearings. Meanwhile, ad hoc groups of civilians trawl through social media posts and flag them to the police… Defense lawyers and human rights advocates describe the moves as a McCarthy-style clampdown focused on the 20 percent of the Israeli population that has Palestinian heritage. In the current climate, posting anything that does not sit staunchly with the Israeli state’s framing of the war can lead to arrest… The groups foresee profound implications for freedom of expression, but also for the fabric of Israeli society as even expressing pro-Palestinian sentiment appears enough to be criminalized in some cases… “It’s McCarthyism on amphetamines,” said Ari Remez, a spokesman for Adalah, an Israeli legal rights organization tracking 215 cases of arrests and investigations, drawing a comparison to the “Red Scare” in the United States in the 1950s when public figures and others were screened for loyalty and sometimes blackballed for any hints of Communist sympathies… “The criminalization is on a totally different level,” he said… In photos: Israel-Gaza war and reactions… Spearheading the effort is Itamar Ben Gvir, Israel’s far-right national security minister, who has been convicted himself for inciting racism and supporting a Jewish extremist terrorist organization. Even in the emotionally charged atmosphere post-Oct. 7 — that has brought crowds to the streets chanting “Death to Arabs!” — none of the 56 indictments on alleged incitement cover accusations of hate toward Palestinians… Ben Gvir’s task force, formed in February to tackle online incitement, has been expanded, said Mirit Ben Mayor, a spokeswoman for Israeli police. Police also are being handed new powers. A law passed by the Israeli parliament last month makes even passively looking at content that praises or calls for terrorist attacks online “in a way that indicates identification with the terror group” punishable by a year in prison… “It’s a war inside of a war,” said Ben Mayor. “We have one war that’s going on physically, with our soldiers there. And while that war is going on, there’s another war that goes on on the net.”… But Israeli authorities contend that free speech is being upheld. “Freedom of expression and criticism will be preserved even when the guns are roaring,” said Shlomi Abramson, head of security at the State Attorney’s Office… The investigations are all “clear cases of support for horrible and horrific acts of terrorism or identification with a terrorist organization that has committed criminal acts against the citizens of the country,” he said. “One publication, even a status or a story that is deleted after 24 hours, is enough for us to open an investigation and prosecute in the appropriate cases.”… ‘Israeli narrative’… The corridors of the district court in Nazareth, a city largely populated by Palestinian Israelis, are filled with lawyers and family members of those facing the full weight of the Israeli law for their posts… On a bench outside a courtroom on the first floor, Maisa Abd ElHadi, a Palestinian Israeli actress who has been indicted in connection with two Instagram posts, waits nervously. She says she can’t speak to journalists. Murad’s family also declined to comment; too scared in an environment where many fear that a wrong word can lead to jail… Even the owner of a hummus restaurant — where some of the defense lawyers regularly grab lunch — spent a night in jail late last month over a WhatsApp status picture that showed a fist with a Palestinian flag, and was eventually released without charge… On Thursday, Murad blew kisses to family and friends before an expected hearing on whether she’d be released on bail. The proceeding was postponed until Sunday. She is one of three students from Israel’s prestigious Technion in Haifa — the oldest university in Israel — to be arrested in connection with their social media posts and appear via video link to the courtroom in Nazareth in recent weeks… The cases are a “blatant abuse of the criminal procedure” said Nareman Shehadeh, a defense lawyer with Adalah, who said that people can face prosecution “merely for not adopting the Israeli narrative on the events that led up to it.” She called it part of a “campaign aimed at sending a threatening message against these students.”.. Their posts were flagged by other students who compiled a presentation of social media messages and images they found problematic for university and police authorities. Jewish students say they are scared. The “Israeli army won’t be able to protect us within the campus. They can’t put soldiers into the campus,” said a 21-year-old physics student who spoke on the condition of anonymity amid fears of reprisals… One Technion student, a 21-year-old woman who studies data science, shared a single Instagram post to 20 friends of a captured Israeli military vehicle. The post added an Arabic turn of phrase used on birthdays and holidays… The student was arrested at her home and was handcuffed and blindfolded, according to family members and her lawyer. “It’s something you’d expect to see for a murderer, not an Instagram post,” said a cousin, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect his privacy. Police later returned for a night raid on her family home, emptying drawers and cupboards and leaving the contents strewn across the house… “It’s a witch hunt,” said Shehadeh, who is representing the student. She said the image was deleted when the details of the killings emerged. Detaining suspects during the investigation has become the norm rather than the exception, she said… Ben Gvir has publicly berated the judge who released the actress ElHadi to house arrest last month. “This is what domestic enemies look like,” Ben Gvir tweeted of the judge… The third Technion student, Bayan al-Khateeb, 23, was the one who posted about cooking shakshuka, a popular egg-and-tomato dish. She added it to Instagram Stories with a soundtrack that’s been widely used on posts about cooking successes. “Today we eat victory shakshuka,” she wrote on the clip of a bubbling skillet… “Everybody knows I’m a bad cook,” she explained. “And on the 8th of October, I succeeded to make a shakshuka. What I meant was it was a victory in cooking, not a victory happening in the country.”… Khateeb was suspended from university pending an investigation, and arrested two weeks later. She described being held in a cell that was designed for four people but had nine. “All were there for social media cases,” she said. She said she was strip-searched three times over the course of her detention, and was woken up every hour to be counted… Investigators asked why she’d put a Palestinian flag on her post. She said she opposed violence… Inside the horrific hours of the Hamas rampage… “It hurts all of us that innocent people were murdered,” Khateeb said, adding that some of her closest friends are in the Israeli army. “I feel like now I’m in a different war. One where I have to defend myself and my identity.”… Khateeb had hoped to attend Murad’s hearing on Thursday, but was caught up in her own six-hour hearing at university, where she is fighting to continue her studies… “In the immediate aftermath of the deplorable events of October 7th, and facing allegations of social media posts condoning terrorism, Technion officials promptly denounced such expressions in the strongest terms,” the university said in a statement, saying that three individuals have been suspended “pending a conclusive judgement.”… Khateeb is afraid, though, of returning to campus and of being rearrested… “I sleep in my clothes,” she said. “I’m afraid that at any moment they can come and take me away.”… Not far from the Nazareth courtroom on Thursday were more reminders of the constraints. Mohammad Barakeh, chairman of the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee, which consists of parliamentarians and political representatives, was detained on the way to a downtown demonstration calling for an end to the war. Four other prominent Palestinian political leaders in Israel were arrested… “We used to know where the line was, and the line was the law,” Mudar Younis, head of the National Council of Arab Mayors in Israel, said at a meeting Thursday… “We can’t understand what’s happening with our students, with our employees,” said Younis, fearing far-right groups in Israel seek to stir up communal strife between Jews and Arabs. “We are very worried about what is happening but even more about what tomorrow will bring.”… ‘There is no freedom of speech,’ he said.”.

Video: Laura Dodsworth’s ‘Free Your Mind’ explores government psychological manipulation – By DailyNewsofArtofLiberty – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/video-laura-dodsworths-free-your –

Description: Author Laura Dodsworth discusses her new book, ‘Free Your Mind‘, which looks at how psychology is increasingly used to “predict and manipulate us”, especially by the government. “What’s different about the times we live in is that governments all around the world, including in Australia, are using behavioural scientists and increasingly sophisticated psychological techniques to control populations,” she told Sky News Australia…”.

The Great Reset Exposed: Schwab, Gates, and the Sinister WEF & WHO Plot to Depopulate the World using COVID Vaccines, Climate Change Lies & a One-World “Government” – By The Exposé – https://expose-news.com/2023/11/14/the-great-reset-exposed/?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=emailh – “In a world shrouded in suspicion and scepticism, where power seems concentrated in the hands of a privileged few and giant corporations, critical thinkers are raising questions about the intentions and actions of prominent entities such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and renowned figure Bill Gates… Whispers of a grand conspiracy suggest that under the guise of “saving the planet,” a dark agenda to depopulate the world may be unfolding… In this in-depth analysis, we embark on a thought-provoking journey to uncover the alleged hidden motives behind the actions of these influential forces, exploring the claims and counterclaims while addressing the concerns of those seeking to change the world for the better… At the centre of the controversy lies the WEF’s “Great Reset” initiative, a bold plan to reshape economies and societies post-pandemic. Advocates argue that it represents an opportunity to address pressing global challenges, while sceptics perceive it as a Trojan horse veiling a more sinister agenda… The Great Reset’s core principles revolve around rethinking capitalism, improving global governance, and addressing environmental and social challenges. Proponents argue that it is a necessary response to the interconnected crises we face, such as climate change, income inequality, and healthcare disparities. They believe that by aligning economic systems with environmental sustainability and social equity, we can create a more resilient and just world… However, sceptics correctly raise concerns about the perceived overreach of the Great Reset. They question the motives behind its proposals, particularly the potential erosion of individual freedoms and the concentration of power in the hands of a few global elites… The calls for increased regulation and Government intervention will lead to a loss of personal liberties and economic autonomy… To understand the hidden messages within the Great Reset, a closer analysis of its language and proposals is necessary… Critics highlight certain phrases and concepts that raise red flags, such as “stakeholder capitalism,” which suggests a shift towards a more collectivist economic model. They argue that this could pave the way for increased Government control and diminish the role of free markets… Moreover, sceptics point to the involvement of influential figures like Bill Gates, who has advocated for population control measures in the past… This connection fuels suspicions that the Great Reset may be a vehicle for implementing population control strategies under the guise of sustainability..”

Biden’s Plan for ‘Digital Equity’ Will Soon Lead to Government Micromanaging ‘Nearly Every Aspect’ of the Internet, FCC Commissioner Warns – By Maggie Hroncich – https://www.nysun.com/article/bidens-plan-for-digital-equity-will-soon-lead-to-government-micromanaging-nearly-every-aspect-of-the-internet-fcc-commissioner-warns – “The Biden administration may soon implement sweeping regulations that would give it control of the internet, analysts are warning ahead of the Federal Communications Commission’s November 15 vote on the proposed rules… “In the guise of ‘digital equity,’ President Biden has called for the FCC to exercise a degree of control over Internet services and infrastructure that we have never seen before,” an FCC commissioner, Brendan Carr, tells the Sun in an email… “It will give the Administrative State the power to micromanage nearly every aspect of how the Internet works,” he adds. “These types of command and control regulations will only make it harder for Internet infrastructure and services to be built out and could make our networks look more like the sluggish networks that consumers in Europe have to deal with.’The Democratic-controlled FCC says the new rules would’ ‘prevent discrimination in access to broadband services brd on income level, race, ethnicity, color, religion, and national origin.’ ‘We recognize that the ultimate goal of this proceeding is to facilitate equal access to broadband just as the law says,’ the FCC chairwoman, Jessica Rosenworcel, says… Yet the rules, which would regulate internet service providers’ infrastructure, network maintenance and upgrades, speeds, use of customer credit and account history, and more, read like ‘a planning document drawn up in the faculty lounge of a university’s Soviet Studies Department.’ Mr. Carr said in a statement earlier this week… ‘Never before, in the roughly 40-year history of the public Internet, has the FCC (or any federal agency for that matter) claimed this degree of control over it,’ Mr. Carr adds… The rules promise to expand the FCC’s reach beyond typical communications industries, Mr. Carr notes, covering construction crews, banks, marketing firms, and other government agencies… The FCC says the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which Mr. Biden signed in 2021, requires the agency to “‘prevent’ and identify necessary steps to ‘eliminate’ digital discrimination.’Yet Mr. Carr contends the regulatory regime is far beyond “the one-page section” of the Infrastructure Act.’.. ‘Congress never contemplated the sweeping regulatory regime that President Biden asked the FCC to adopt — let alone authorized the agency to implement it,’ he says… The rules don’t reflect the ‘next generation of satellite internet, mobile wifi, 5G, and more,’ an analyst at the Consumer Choice Center, Elizabeth Hicks, tells the Sun. The rules will also be burdensome and costly to abide by, she says.”

Rebuild The Turtle Sanctuary & Bonfil Beach from Hurricane Otis – Syndicate By TheDailyNewsFromArtofLiberty – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/rebuild-the-turtle-sanctuary-and – “From givesendgo.com – https://www.givesendgo.com/Turtle-Sanctuary… Campamento Tortuguero Playa Hermosa is a turtle sanctuary on Bonfil  Beach outside of Acapulco that rescues sea turtle eggs that would be likely destroyed by vehicles on the beaches or pilfered by tourists… The sanctuary protects the eggs, hatches them and releases the babies into the ocean while protecting them from seagulls and other winged predators.  …. The 35-year-old sanctuary is run by the mother/daughter duo of Monica and Michel Vallarino, who have helped educate the community and the tourists on the ecology of the turtles while simultaneously providing a refuge for puppies, kittens, ducks,  rabbits, and other wayward animals… The Art of Liberty  Foundation hosted an annual fundraiser from 2018-2020 called the Art of  Liberty on the Beach (aKa The Turtle Party), where many of the leading artists in the liberty movement have rocked the sanctuary, including Grant “Prezence” Ellman, Truniversal/Free Willow, Alais Clay, the  Freenauts, DJ Koala, DJ Ramiro Romani and ELA-mental among others.  …. The sanctuary was devasted by Hurricane Otis, a category five hurricane that hit Acapulco and Bonfil Beach on November 2nd 2023… 25% of Funds Raised Will Benefit Other Residents of Bonfil Beach… The Art of Liberty Foundation is organizing a fundraiser where 100% of the proceeds will go to direct relief.  The Vallarinos have agreed to share 25% of the proceeds with other Bonfil Beach residents in need to be distributed at their discretion. Please donate directly at https://www.givesendgo.com/Turtle-SanctuaryReuters Article on the Destruction of the Sanctuaryhttps://www.reuters.com/world/americas/hurricane-otis-leaves-acapulco-sea-turtle-refuge-ruins-2023-11-04/.”

Bill Gates buying up land, threatening small farms under guise of saving planet, author claims – By Brianna Herlihy Fox News – https://www.foxnews.com/us/bill-gates-buying-up-threatening-small-farms-guise-saving-planet-author-claims – “A new book aimed at “exposing the billionaire class” says Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ investments in patented fertilizers, fake meat and U.S. farmland aren’t saving the planet but rather enriching his bank account… “Controligarchs,” which hits bookshelves Tuesday, examines billionaires like Bill Gates and how their wealth controls the levers of power that dominate the everyday life of average Americans… Author and investigative journalist Seamus Bruner — who led teams whose findings sparked multiple FBI investigations and congressional probes into the Clinton and Biden families — says that his research uncovered Gates’s efforts to buy up American farmland and invest in synthetic dairy and lab-grown meats in the name of preventing climate change. In the process, Bruner says, Gates is doing more to inflate his net worth than eliminate carbon emissions… “First, it was patented seeds and patented fertilizers, and now they are patenting meat alternatives. Banning cattle would grant effective monopolies to the alternative protein companies and benefit investors such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and even BlackRock. Fake meats are about controlling the food market, not saving the planet,” Bruner said in an interview with Fox News Digital… BILL GATES-FUNDED EDUCATION ‘EQUITY’ GROUP MAINTAINS DIRECT PIPELINE TO BIDEN ADMINISTRATION, EMAILS SHOW… Bill Gates speaks during the White House Climate Leaders Summit on April 23, 2021. (AP)… Peter Schweizer, author of “Red-Handed,” “Clinton Cash” and “Profiles in Corruption,” wrote the forward to “Controligarchs” in which he said the book “peers into the future and provides a haunting and revelatory exposé of the leftist elite’s playbook for the next five years.”One chapter of the book focuses on “the war on farmers” and makes the case that tech giants like Gates are monopolizing the nation’s food supply… “The takeover of the food system, like so many other control schemes in this book, began with the Rockefellers and was advanced by Bill Gates. Like most of their monopolies — from oil to software and eventually biotechnology — the takeover of food is all about controlling the intellectual property of food production through trademarks, copyrights, and patents,” the book states… Bruner outlines Gates’ connection to “the Green Revolution” – a series of agricultural advances made possible by Rockefeller-funded research and design in the 1940s to help solve the crises of poverty and starvation at the time… “The Green Revolution was simultaneous proof that problems like poverty and famine could be solved through human innovation and that the solutions, such as genetically modified pesticide-resistant crops, can present new problems like pollution, resource exhaustion and the consolidation of small-scale and family-owned farms into giant corporate-controlled farms,” it reads.”

EXPOSED: Meta’s $36 Billion Plot to Reengineer Society and Mark Zuckerberg’s Dangerous Future Plans for Tech Addiction – By Seamus Bruner – https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/11/14/exposed-metas-36-billion-plot-to-reengineer-society-and-mark-zuckerbergs-dangerous-future-plans-for-tech-addiction/ – “This comes just weeks after dozens of state attorneys general (AGs) filed suit against Facebook’s and Instagram’s parent company, Meta Platforms Inc. (Meta), and three of its subsidiaries, for harming children by addicting them to the social media platforms. Forty-two states, including California and New York, allege that billionaire creator Mark Zuckerberg’s company “knowingly designed and deployed harmful features on Instagram and Facebook to purposefully addict children and teens. “Previously, Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen claimed that Meta targeted children and teens for monetary reasons and a leaked document showed that the youth demographic was “a valuable but untapped audience.”. Just weeks after Haugen blew the whistle on Facebook’s tactics, Zuckerberg unveiled his plan to release what may prove to be Meta’s most addictive product yet: Facebook Horizon. Zuckerberg’s October 2021 virtual tour of the new product, which was panned as “super weird,” was his coming-out party for what has become known as “the metaverse”—a digital world that users can essentially live in and access via a virtual reality (VR) headset such as Facebook’s Oculus Quest… Zuckerberg’s metaverse launch was a conveniently timed and thinly veiled rebranding effort to distract from whistleblower documents and allegations that, according to the Associated Press, show that “Facebook ignored or downplayed internal warnings of the negative and often harmful consequences its algorithms wreaked across the world.”In October 2021, Zuckerberg changed the name of the Facebook Inc. family of companies to Meta Platforms Inc. to signal the direction his social media empire would be heading. And Zuckerberg has pumped more than $36 billion into making his metaverse ambitions a reality… Controligarchs reveals that Zuckerberg’s $36 billion (and growing) metaverse efforts are only just the beginning. The book documents Zuckerberg’s ongoing efforts to make the most addictive product in history: the metaverse… One of the first virtual shops in the metaverse was a cannabis store. But it is not the tangible drugs that are the most dangerous of Meta’s offerings. The metaverse brings new consumer product offerings—including physical and biotechnological upgrades for the human body… Meta has already filed a patent for bionic eyeballs so that users can bring their virtual reality with them everywhere and never have to leave. Zuckerberg is tinkering with other brand-new technologies, including a synthetic skin prototype called ReSkin and pneumatic “haptic gloves,” so that users could literally feel and grasp the metaverse..”

CDC Runs Two VAERS Systems — The Public Can Access Only One of Them – audit by React19 – https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/cdc-fda-vaers-vaccine-adverse-event-reporting/?utm_source=luminate&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=defender&utm_id=20231114 – “When Dr. Robert Sullivan collapsed on his treadmill three weeks after his second COVID-19 vaccine in early 2021, he fell into a “nightmare” ordeal that he said exposed glaring deficiencies in the nation’s vaccine safety monitoring system… Diagnosed with sudden onset pulmonary hypertension, the healthy and fit 49-year-old anesthesiologist from Maryland attempted to file a report through the government-run Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)… But like others interviewed in a recent, Sullivan hit barrier after barrier when trying to submit and update his report… Almost three years later, still grappling with debilitating symptoms, Sullivan’s experience highlights the systemic problems with the U.S. adverse events monitoring system run jointly by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)… From doctors unable to file reports to disappearing data, limits on transparency and lack of resources to follow up on concerning vaccine reactions, experts warn VAERS is failing to detect critical safety signals… According to one of those experts — VAERS researcher Albert Benavides, whose experience includes HMO claims auditing, data analytics and revenue cycle management — VAERS’ failure isn’t accidental… “It is not broken,” Benavides wrote in his Substack coverage of The BMJ investigation. “VAERS runs cover for the big pharma cabal.”… ‘They even delete legitimate reports’… Like others interviewed by The BMJ, Sullivan experienced limited follow-up after submitting his VAERS report. He received only a temporary report number months after his initial submission… A physician named “Helen” (pseudonym) told The BMJ that fewer than 20% of concerning reports get follow-up, including many deaths she reported… In consultation with Benavides, an found that 1 in 3 COVID-19 vaccine adverse events reports in VAERS were either not posted publicly or were deleted. React19 is a nonprofit that collects stories of people injured by the mRNA vaccines… According to The BMJ, of those queried by React19, “22% had never been given a permanent VAERS ID number and 12% had disappeared from the system entirely.”Benavides, who publishes the VAERSAware dashboards documenting many of the problems with VAERS, said there is even deeper dysfunction in the VAERS system — from inventing symptoms to deleting reports… ‘VAERS does not publish all legitimate reports received,’ Benavides told The Defender. ‘They throttle publication of reports. They even delete legitimate reports.’.”

Billions Unaccounted for at 25 US Government Agencies – By Martin Armstrong – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/billions-unaccounted-for-at-25-us – “Twenty-five agencies in total failed to properly report their expenditures to USAspending, which is intended to act as American’s guide to where their tax dollars are going. The GAO is now urging Congress to hold these agencies accountable… To the surprise of no one, COVID related spending reports contained the largest errors. In fact, the Treasury stated $231.5 billion was budgeted for the pandemic in their annual report, but only $36 billion was reported to USAspending. Health and Human Services (HHS) stated they were spending $85.7 billion on the pandemic response, but reported spending $91.7 billion to USAspending. Homeland Security (DHS) had a $10 million discrepancy in reporting as well. Numerous entries totaling $1.2 trillion did not contain sources and did not state where the money was spent… Government’s spending problem is far worse than anyone could imagine. Considering that no one wants to purchase US debt, the problem is becoming a crisis. The fact of the matter is that the people are not supported by their representatives who allow government agencies to rob citizens. This account only notes the agencies required to report their spending as almost a third (49 of 152) did not bother reporting at all. The checks and balances on government are simply gone but this will completely backfire as their reckless spending will soon catch up with them.”

War Criminal Tony Blair is working with the WEF & Bill Gates to make Digital IDs Mandatory to Live a “Normal” Life around the World –  by The Expose – https://expose-news.com/2023/11/15/blair-wef-digital-id-mandatory-to-live-life/ – ‘Tony Blair is a multi-millionaire former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom with a track record of lying and was convicted in absentia as a war criminal. He was also named in the Pandora Papers in 2021.  Despite all of this, on 31 December 2021, the Queen announced that Blair would be given the most senior knighthood.  Now he’s travelling the world trying to resurrect and peddle his digital IDs… Further reading: Tony Blair prosecution over Iraq war blocked by judges, The Guardian, 31 July 2017; ‘War criminal’ Tony Blair’s knighthood branded as a joke, TRT World, 2021;  The British Public Has Not Forgotten the Iraq War, Proven by The Fact 1.2 million People Signed a Petition Against His Knighthood, Stop War, 1 June 2022 – In February of 2023, former Labour and Conservative Party leaders, Tony Blair and William Hague, called for the rollout of digital identification (“ID”) as part of a “fundamental reshaping of the state around technology.”.. In a joint report published by the two former Party leaders titled ‘A New National Purpose: Innovation Can Power the Future of Britain, they also called for the acceleration of the implementation of a single digital ID system for all UK residents, in the form of a digital wallet that can be accessed from a personal device… The report states that ‘rather than creating a marketplace of private-sector providers to manage the government-issued identity credentials of citizens, the government should provide a secure, private, decentralised digital ID system for the benefit of both citizens and businesses.’.. However, private corporations are attempting to wrestle control of the system out of the Government’s hands and place the system under their control.  Katherine Holden said: “Instead of placing an additional burden on government to create a digital ID system, it’s essential that we lean on the deep-rooted expertise and cutting-edge solutions that already exist within the UK’s digital identity market.  Industry has invested heavily in developing and deploying robust technological solutions.”  Holden is the Head of Data Analytics, AI, and Digital Identity for techUK, “the UK’s technology trade association” with almost 1,000 members… Whether it is the Government that has access and control over all our data – and so what we can or cannot do – or whether it is privately owned companies, makes little difference.  With the global push for private-public partnerships, the result is the same – Big State control… For a good example of this merging of private and public interests, we need to look no further than Fabian Society member Tony Blair.  The former British Prime Minister joined the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) in 2007, the same year his position as UK’s Prime Minister came to an end.  Although WEF’s website no longer lists Blair as a board member, in January 2023 The Guardian reported that while an anonymous group was planning to oust Klaus Schwab as WEF’s head honcho, Blair was one of the leading international figures who was being linked with taking over Schwab’s role… He also established the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, with teams in more than 30 countries around the world, working to “support governments.”  Blair’s Institute is an Associate Partner of WEF.  The description for the institute on WEF’s website states: ‘It works with political leaders and governments worldwide on strategy, policy and delivery – with technology as an enabler of all three.’.. Digital ID is nothing new. Blair tried to introduce it during his time as Prime Minister but was blocked by parliament. As it was back then, it is still controversial today. Its critics are concerned that it would represent a breach of civil liberties, an offensive intrusion by the Big State… Silkie Carlo, director of the campaign group Big Brother Watch, said the “sprawling digital identity system” proposed by the pair “would be one of the biggest assaults on privacy ever seen in the UK”… ‘Sir Tony and Lord Hague are absolutely right about the need for the UK to take leadership in technological innovation, but this means protecting people’s rights and privacy, not reviving failed proposals for an intrusive mass digital identity system and a database state,’ Carlo said… Related: Corporate Fascism kills freedom; and it’s already here – Not to be deterred by public opinion or the resistance to mass surveillance and control, in June Blair’s Institute for Global Change released a second report: ‘The Great Enabler: Transforming the Future of Britain’s Public Services Through Digital Identity’.  The report heralds digital ID as the “great enabler”: ‘It is the great enabler of modern government and has been within leaders’ reach for some time, but until now politics has stood in its way.’.. On the report’s release, Blair told Metro.co.uk: “The ID is a simple identifier on your phone, accessed using biometrics.” And, as another selling point, Blair said that a single digital ID on our smartphone will help streamline access to public services.  To those who understand where this is all heading, Blair’s comments are not selling points – they are threats to our freedoms and, ultimately, our survival… Further reading:  Dystopian Consequences of the Social Credit Score System, Digital ID, & Cashless Society that Schwab’s WEF are lobbying to put in place as part of the plan for The Great ResetBlair Spreading Digital ID Propaganda Around the World – During an interview, South African political analyst Rob Duigan said that Blair runs the civil service for more than a dozen African countries.  ‘His wife has gone out of her way to defend war criminals in Rwanda while most of the civil service is directed and their agenda is set by Tony Blair.  You have this very peculiar situation where you have a left-wing, mostly white organisation [the Fabian Society] running a sort of colonial governance system across most of Africa,’ he said… An article ‘What is Tony Blair doing in Africa?’ published by The Voice concluded: ‘Tony Blair is on his way to becoming the new King of Africa, and possibly amassing riches in the process.’.. One of the things that Blair wants poorer nations to embrace is digital IDs.  How digital IDs will feed and house those who need it most is never mentioned.  But according to Blair, embracing technology will help health and education – most likely because without it, access to those services will be restricted… India’s flagship conference on geopolitics and geo-strategy, Raisina Dialogue, was held from 2 to 4 March.  The more than 2,500 participants included representatives from over 100 countries.  One of those participants was Tony Blair… During a panel discussion, wannabe African King and multi-millionaire Blair was pontificating about why digital IDs benefit the poor… Right after admitting that he didn’t understand anything about cryptocurrency, even after taking advice from his son shortly before he was due to give a speech at a conference about it, Blair said: ‘[The] technology revolution is central and it’s one of the reasons why India’s done so well in these last years.’.. Technologically advanced {sarcasm} Blair then said: “Prime Minister Modi has understood the importance of [the technological revolution] and your digital ID programme, I think. I think it’s one of the most important programmes… ‘I keep saying to people around the world if you want to see an example of a reform that leads to real results and shows that government can work for people, look at India’s digital ID programme. It’s been a remarkable transformation.’.. ‘That’s where, by the way, if you want to help some of the poorest countries in the world today … [blah blah blah]’..  How is technologically inept Blair so sure that his digital IDs can “save the poor”? Perhaps, even though he failed to help his father understand cryptocurrencies, Blair’s son gave him some last-minute advice about India’s technological revolution and how digital IDs could help the 1.9 billion people who live in impoverished conditions and dire circumstances.”


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Web Research Links for the Week of 11/6/23

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Towards a Global Holodomor – Dutch Farmers and Fishermen: The People Who Feed Us Note: Extremely long and detailed article, extensively footnoted -by Elze van Hamelen – https://peoplewhofeedus.solari.com/dutch-farmers-and-fishermen-the-people-who-feed-us/ – “Introduction – In 2022, Dutch farmers made worldwide news when they began protesting government plans to move them off their lands. Less known to the outside world is the fact that Dutch fishermen, too, are being driven out of their centuries-old fishing grounds, as wind farms and “protected natural areas” take their place. For the current political class at the local, national, and global levels, and for the uninformed public at large, farmers and fishermen stand accused of damaging nature—with officials claiming that policies to “restore” nature and keep it free from human activity are necessary… How did this false dichotomy of “man versus nature” arise and come to the forefront of policymaking? To answer that question, one has to dive into the history of industrial agriculture and the rise of global agribusiness (see Some Post-WWII Historical Background). That history shows that United Nations (UN) treaties to “protect” nature—such as Habitat I (1976), Agenda 21 (1992),2 and the Convention on Biological Diversity (1992)—have encouraged rapid urbanization while emptying out the countryside. Even more significantly, these treaties are a direct (albeit stealthy) attack on private property and the sovereignty of nation-states… Currently, the land grab is speeding up. The UN agenda to expand the amount of land set aside for “protection” is accelerating, and simultaneously, BlackRock and other asset managers and private equity investors are buying up large tracts of land worldwide. Meanwhile, the cities created through engineered urbanization are rapidly turning into open-air prisons—heavily surveilled “smart cities” divided into 15-minute zones… To understand the challenges that Dutch farmers and fishermen are facing—and learn from their experiences—the Solari Report wanted to speak to them directly. In the spring of 2023, I conducted in-depth interviews with eight Dutch farmers and fishermen. (In this report, we provide bios for the two farmers and two fishermen interviewed on camera.) The interviews furnish a “from the horse’s mouth” picture of the tsunami of policies that are making it increasingly impossible for farmers and fishermen to keep producing food. Their sobering words form a centerpiece of this 2nd Quarter 2023 Wrap Up. They warn that the means of food production are being undermined, moved abroad, or in other ways concentrated in the hands of multinational corporations… As people around the world grapple with the importance of building and strengthening local food systems, the observations of Dutch farmers and fishermen, and their assessment of how current developments may impact their—and our—future, provide vital intelligence. Historically, the move from privately owned land and food production to centralized systems has led to famines, including the greatest famines of the 20th century. However, centralization is neither a necessity nor, if we take action, a foregone conclusion. In my conversations with farmers and fishermen, I encountered courage, resilience, creativity, entrepreneurship, and a real passion for the work that they and their families and communities have performed for generations. The interviews also reminded me that farming and fishing communities do more than just provide our food—they maintain a cultural thread that keeps us rooted in history and to the land. As consumers, investors, and citizens, it is high time that we support the people who feed us… This report: Describes the policy tsunami that has hit Dutch farmers and fishermen (Parts II and III); Outlines the coercive “solutions” proposed by the government and their consequences (Parts IV and V); Discusses the Netherlands as an industrial agriculture case study and cautionary tale; Considers globalists’ long-standing plans for controlling land, people, and the seas (Parts VII, VIII, and IX); Examines the control grid and the economic and energy warfare and control of food supplies that it facilitates (Part X); Considers the larger endgame (Part XI); Proposes solutions (Part XII)… Some Post-WWII Historical Background –  The narrative that underpins many of the policies that are driving people off the land and sea is that man is “bad for nature” and that nature needs to be saved from man. To understand how this narrative came to the forefront of regulations, we have to go back to the period after WWII. During this post-war period, agriculture in many parts of the world underwent a fundamental transformation from the traditional farming practices used for thousands of years to an industrialized model of agriculture. This shift, which was top-down, could not have been achieved without state intervention… When Britain’s position as a global hegemon started declining in the period after WWI, power brokers at the U.S. State Department started planning to take over its role. That group recognized, however, that it would not be sustainable to occupy colonies through direct rule, as Britain had done. Instead, they gradually constructed a system of economic colonization, whereby countries had ostensible political independence but were controlled by debt bondage and forced liberalization and globalization policies. The new global governance architecture was run by, among others, the UN, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Trade Organization (WTO)… As geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl explains in his 2007 book Seeds of Destruction, “Under the banner of ‘free trade’ and the opening of closed markets around the world, US big business would advance their agenda, forcing open new untapped markets for cheap raw materials as well as new outlets for selling American manufactures after the war” (p. 106)… In essence, free-trade policies meant that to a large extent, countries lost control over their economies. International corporations—not beholden to national boundaries—have a very advantageous position in this system… Among the hegemonic aspirations of the U.S. was the explicit policy goal of dominating global agricultural markets. To achieve this, the U.S. government worked hand in glove with the Rockefeller family and its foundation, whose members had influential positions in every imaginable area of the establishment—from political circles to academia, business, finance, and think tanks. Engdahl writes (p. 114): “The Rockefeller group wielded tremendous influence on the State Department. Every man who served as Secretary of State in the critical Cold War years ranging from 1952 to the end of Jimmy Carter’s Presidency in 1979 had formerly been a leading figure from the Rockefeller Foundation. [They] all understood the Rockefeller views on the importance of private sector activity over the role of government, and they understood how the Rockefellers viewed agriculture—as a commodity just like oil, which could be traded, controlled, made scarce or plentiful depending on foreign policy goals of the few corporations controlling its trade.”.. A cornerstone of the strategy to dominate agriculture was the worldwide deployment of the industrial agricultural model developed by the Rockefeller Foundation. In the global south, this model was implemented as the Green Revolution; in Western Europe, the makeover of agriculture was financed with Marshall Plan investments. For the first several decades of the 20th century (1906–1935), the Rockefeller Foundation had financed agricultural programs in the U.S. South and conducted crop enhancement research in China, and in 1941, it started experimenting with agricultural science methods in India and Mexico. Also in the 1940s, Nelson and Laurance Rockefeller bought large swaths of Latin American farmland to expand the family’s influence in agriculture.The Rockefellers’ overarching message was that agriculture needed to become more “efficient,” rationalized, mechanized, and otherwise improved through technological and chemical means… The proponents of industrial agriculture sold it as a path to alleviate hunger, quell civil unrest and communist sympathies, and produce food surpluses for a burgeoning population; however, domination of global agricultural markets forced countries to give up their self-sufficiency and allowed food to be used as a strategic weapon, as it was, for example, during the Cold War. Under the “Food for Peace” program that started in 1954, the U.S. made the sharing of its food surpluses part of its foreign aid. Rockefeller protegé Henry Kissinger asserted that “food aid should be considered an instrument of national power” and stipulated that such aid should be conditioned on recipient countries opening up their markets for free trade and taking population control measures.”

Zionist Support of Hamas – Mainstream media caught embedded with Hamas (Video 4 minutes) – by Greg Reese – https://gregreese.substack.com/p/zionist-support-of-hamas

Why is Robert Malone disrespecting Dr. Michael Yeadon? – By NEVERMORE MEDIA – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/cp/138741906 – “In 2009, Albert Zeufack, the World Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa, commented at a WEF event that “having a youthful continent is a huge opportunity”, if only he and his colleagues could “get that population to start really working”. Malone’s call for African women’s labour to be “put to better and more productive uses” therefore does not challenge the&… I’ll be honest – Robert Malone and Michael Yeadon have long been associated in my mind. Both worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years before becoming whistleblowers, and both have extremely impressive CVs… For me, that’s where the similarities end. I consider Dr. Yeadon extremely trustworthy and Robert Malone significant less so… I won’t go into all the red flags about Malone, but to me this picture says more than ten thousand words could… If people are interested in looking into some critiques of Malone, I’ll refer them to a July 2022 piece called Robert Malone: An Enigma Wrapped in Many Unanswered Questions… Anyway, to be honest, I didn’t delve as deeply into “the Science” as some COVID skeptics did, because I didn’t see ANY evidence of a pandemic in my own life. To this day, I still don’t know a single person who died of COVID. … Dr. Yeadon, who I consider a paragon of integrity, eventually concluded what I suspected from the beginning – there never was a such a thing as a virus called SARS-CoV-2 or a novel disease called COVID. … Anyway, it seems like Malone has made a major misstep. Not only did he recently publicly insult Dr. Michael Yeadon, he also disappointed Margaret Anna Alice in the process. … It seems to me like it’s time for the truth movement to take another look at Malone… Should we really trust this guy? I guess we’ll see how he responds&.”

CIA Google Spent $26 Billion to Hide This Phone Setting From You – By Geoffrey A. Fowler – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/cia-google-spent-26-billion-to-hide – `Etienne Note: Check out our Dropbox of evidence that CIA Google is 1. the CIA 2. Controlling the information you receive algorithmically: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/96la75qcmxmv7dd/AADhQE6ELizA430kh6ZSC5GBa?dl=0… “There’s a setting on your phone and web browser that Google is desperate to keep you from discovering. How desperate? In 2021 alone, Google paid Apple, Samsung and others $26.3 billion to keep it buried… That’s more money each year than McDonald’s makes selling burgers… This setting affects who gets to track your location and watch what you look up online. It affects the usefulness of the information you see and how much of your screen is taken up by ads… I’m talking about your search engine – what pops up the answers when you type into the search bar. Google pays the makers of phones, laptops and browsers to be your default and to stop them from even presenting you other options during setup. It’s billions for a favor… Most people haven’t thought much about the search function on their devices, much less how Google got there. But this default funny business might make you take a second look at not only Google, but also your trust in Apple, Samsung and other companies for selling you out… The reason we’re able to pull back the curtain on the big business of default settings is because of an antitrust trial against Google underway in Washington, one of the largest in decades. The U.S. has accused Google of illegally using payments to phone makers and others to deter people from trying alternatives like the privacy-focused DuckDuckGo and or Microsoft-made Bing. We expect a verdict early next year… You might be wondering: So what? Google has a reputation for good results, in part because it has data from so many users. What’s so bad about making Google the default?… What we’re learning from the trial flips that question on its head. If Google’s so good, then why does it need to spend as much as all the Big Macs combined to make sure we never even consider the alternatives? What have we been missing while Google has been our default? And how would we know if something better came along?”

The Plan Is To Kill The (Palestinian) Children – By The Burning Platform Administrador – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/the-plan-is-to-kill-the-palestinian – “This chart fully supports Jim Kunstler’s theory that Israel is purposely targeting civilians, including women and children, as a way of leveling out the fertility playing field. Israel vaccinated 90% of their population, so their excess mortality and decline in fertility due to the toxic jab are accelerating. Meanwhile, the fertility rate of Muslim countries is off the charts compared to the Western world, where fertility rates aren’t high enough to replace the dying. Karl Denninger is certainly on target that demographics are destiny… By killing Palestinian women and children, Israel is able to accomplish multiple objectives. They reduce the number of young Palestinians and the number who have yet to be born. When they kill their the fathers, mothers and children they insure that the children don’t grow up to seek revenge on those who killed their parents. It’s a method to reduce the “blowback”, as Ron Paul described during the 2008 GOP debate. To the warmongering neo-cons like Graham, Haley, and Cheney, this is just collateral damage to be expected when ruling the world… US politicians and their regime media mouthpieces have no qualms about their blatant hypocrisy when supporting the slaughter of innocents when it is done by countries they support, but scream bloody murder when their “evil” enemy Putin even kills one child when trying to liberate the Donbas, where Zelensky and his nazi battalions have been slaughtering women and children since 2014… The deaths of women and children in Gaza is purposeful and planned. Don’t let the unceasing propaganda from the regime media and the Biden administration override the facts.”

Gallbladder Cancer: Why Are COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated Getting These Types of Turbo Cancers? – Global Research – By Dr. William Makis – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/gallbladder-cancer-why-are-covid – “Sep. 20, 2023 – Carrie Carlson had Colon Cancer in July 2022 and was cancer free May 2023. In June 2023 she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Gallbladder cancer which has spread to her liver after 2 months in Sep. 2023… Sep. 7, 2023 – 52 year old Melissa Williams died on Sep.7, 2023. She died 3 months after diagnosis. ‘We found out that chemo DID NOT WORK’ ‘Tumors have grown larger & there are new growths.’… … … Aug. 15, 2023 – Knoxville, TN – 35 year old Melissa Blom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Gallbladder cancer “two surgeries&both of which turned out to be unsuccessful”, now ‘receives immunotherapy every 3 weeks.’… … Aug. 3, 2023 – Cape Coral, FL – Julia Ringenberger McKinnon, Gulf Elementary School teacher died after 2 month battle with Stage 4 Gallbladder Cancer… July 22, 2023 – Worcester, MA – 45 year old Sheri Degre died on July 22, 2023. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Gallbladder cancer in Sep. 2022, which was RESISTANT to chemotherapy. She died 10 months after diagnosis.”

What They Didn’t Want Us Reading: The Nashville Transvestite Shooter Manifesto – By Tom Woods – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/what-they-didnt-want-us-reading-the – “We were never supposed to read these pages… Our betters had given us a series of convoluted reasons for keeping them secret from us… But they got out anyway… I’m talking about the manifesto of Audrey Hale, the trans shooter who was going by the name “Aiden Hale” when she shot three nine-year-old children and three adults at The Covenant School in Nashville… We had heard that Hale had some kind of “manifesto,” but – what a surprise – the authorities decided we didn’t need to see it… One alleged reason it was never disclosed is that the parents of the deceased were said not to want it released, but we found out today that in fact they’d never even seen it… Popular podcaster Steven Crowder released three pages from the manifesto today after they were leaked by an unknown source… Nashville authorities aren’t happy. According to the city’s NewsChannel 5, “The Nashville mayor’s office has confirmed they are working with Metro legal to determine how those images were released to anyone.”… So I guess that means they’re real; if they were fake, nobody would be trying to figure out how they’d been released… The real investigation should be into why the manifesto hadn’t been made public all along… Everybody knew why the manifesto wasn’t being released: it was obviously a rhetorically violent left-wing attack on people whom the official victimology considers to be oppressors, and our betters don’t want leftism getting a bad image… Had it been a race-based manifesto attacking a racial minority, it would have been released right away. (I’m sorry for insulting your intelligence by pointing out something so obvious.)… But white people being attacked in a psycho’s manifesto? Keep that secret!… We read this on Wikipedia: ‘As of April 14, 2023, the motive for the shooting remains unclear. Hale’s surviving writings, including diaries and a planning document, initially called a ‘manifesto,’ were described by police as ‘rambling’ and did not reference any specific political or social issues’.”

Italy becomes first nation to BAN Bill Gates’ fake meat due to “serious health concerns” – By Ethan Huff – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/etienne-on-the-exploration-of-consciousness – “In a first for the developed world, the European nation of Italy has decided to ban all fake meat from the country, citing “serious health concerns.”… Numerous recent studies show that lab-grown synthetic meat of the kind being promoted by billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is triggering the formation of turbo cancers in humans – Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” are doing the same thing, by the way… In contrast to a recent decision by the Biden regime to fast-track the approval of synthetic meat here in America, Italy is taking the opposite approach by banning the stuff outright before it gets the chance to harm the Italian people… “Italy is the first nation to say no to synthetic food, to so-called ‘synthetic meat,'” announced Health Minister Orazio Schillaci. “It does so with a formal and official act.”… “The resolution calls for a commitment to ban the production, marketing, and import of synthetic foods within our territory.”… According to Schillaci, Italy’s new regulations against synthetic meat aim to protect the general public against any situation in which “the environmental public health could be at risk, or when there is uncertainty regarding the effects of certain products that are being or will be introduced to the market or consumed.”… “It is crucial to have measures in place to address these potential risks and ensure the safety of the environment and public health in such cases,” he added – watch the video below… Much of the push in favor of synthetic meat comes not only from Gates but also other globalists such as Klaus Schwab, the goon in charge of the World Economic Forum (WEF), who claim it is necessary to stop “global warming” and “climate change.”… Back in 2021 in promotion of his book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” Gates told MIT Technology Review that “all rich countries should move to 100 percent synthetic beef.”… Gates’ dream for the world probably will not come to fruition, at least as he envisioned it, because science continues to show that synthetic meat consumption is linked to cancer via the immortalized cell lines that the body uses to manufacture cancer cells in the presence of a provoking substance, in this case fake meat.”

We know it’s been happening in at least one state and several other states have been caught trying, so this may be more widespread than we thought – by Leo Hohmann – https://leohohmann.substack.com/p/is-the-government-secretly-stealing – “There’s something sinister about that little “heel-prick” test that hospitals routinely do on newborns. They say it’s to detect disease but, if that’s the case, why do some states try to keep the DNA samples taken during these procedures and store them for decades without ever telling the parents?…Some parents are wising up and going on the offensive… A lawsuit has been filed by the Institute for Justice over a state program in New Jersey that has been obtaining, and secretly holding onto, blood from newborn babies… The Institute for Justice explained in a press release it is representing two sets of parents in the case… The state claims it can use the DNA from the babies’ blood samples for any reason, without informed consent from parents… The case charges that state law in New Jersey demands that when babies are born, blood be taken and tested for various diseases. This same demand exists in all states… But, according to the attorneys representing the parents, what makes New Jersey different is that, “after the testing is over, New Jersey’s Department of Health keeps the leftover blood for 23 years. The state does not ask parents for their consent to keep their babies’ blood, failing to even inform parents that it will hold on to the residual blood. The only way parents could learn about such retention is by proactively looking it up on one of the third-party websites listed on the bottom of the card they’re given after the blood draw… “And, once the state has the blood, it can use it however it wishes, including selling it to third parties, giving it to police without a warrant, or even selling it to the Pentagon to create a registry—as previously happened in Texas.” (emphasis mine)… That bit about selling it to the Pentagon “to create a registry” jumped out at me… It’s a documented fact that part of United Nations Agenda 2030 is to create a birth registry for all people. Look it up… Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 of Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development states, “Create a legal identity for all, including birth registration, by 2030,” and this “has been acknowledged as crucial for advancing the 2030 Agenda commitment to leave no one behind,” according to the website of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). On that same web page, they state:

Article 6 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights states that everybody has the right to a legal identity. Sustainable Development Goal Target 16.9 (“legal identity for all, including birth registration, by 2030”) has been acknowledged as crucial for advancing the 2030 Agenda commitment to leave no one behind. However, hundreds of millions of people still lack proper identification, and about half of the world’s countries do not have a universal system for registering births and deaths.

The United Nations Legal Identity Agenda Task Force, co-chaired by UNDP, UNDESA, and UNICEF, is working with Member States to ensure that more than 300 million people acquire a legal identity by 2025.  UNDP is strengthening the capacity of Member States to develop holistic, country-owned, sustainable and interoperable civil registration, vital statistics and identity management systems. UNDP  is working to increase the number of countries that address legal identity issues as a foundational pillar of national development plans and strategies and ensure that everyone, without exception, has access to essential public goods and services.

The UNDP site then steers those wanting more information “On UNDP’s work in this important area,” to visit the following websites:

So, with just a little researching we find that this drive to scoop up DNA from newborns is tied to creating a global ID system, and a global digital ID at that… It’s highly likely that the overarching reason this DNA is being taken and secretly stored has little or nothing to do with fighting disease and everything to do with fulfilling the U.N. mandate for all nations to create a unique biometric identifier on every person, which then can be digitized and filed away for future use in a fully digitized society. With every newborn having a DNA sample already on file with the government, think how easy it would be to create a biometric digital ID for all humans, in full compliance with U.N. Agenda 2030 and a future global government…If New Jersey has a program to turn over DNA to the federal government, you can bet it’s happening in other states as well. We just haven’t found out about it yet. And why would the U.S. Department of Defense, of all agencies, want to get its hands on this DNA from every newborn baby?…In fact, similar lawsuits already have been brought against Texas, Minnesota and Michigan, and in those cases settlements have ordered the destruction of blood samples held by the states, or the state has voluntarily destroyed them… The New Jersey Monitor reports that more than 100,000 babies are born each year in New Jersey, meaning the state has stockpiled millions of blood spots from its decades-old newborn screening program. Yet a handout given to new parents doesn’t divulge that the state stores the samples for 23 years, nor explains why… Rob Frommer, a senior lawyer for the Institute for Justice, stated:

“Parents have a right to informed consent if the state wants to keep their children’s blood for decades and use it for purposes other than screening for diseases. New Jersey’s policy of storing baby blood and DNA and using that genetic information however it wants is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment rights of all New Jersey parents and their newborns.”

The plaintiffs are two Boonton, N.J., parents, Erica and Jeremiah Jedynak, and the Rev. Hannah Lovaglio, a mother of two sons in Cranbury, N.J… Lovaglio told the Monitor, “It’s not right that the state can enter an incredibly intimate moment, the tender days of childbirth, and take something from our children which is then held on to for 23 years. The lack of consent and transparency causes me to question the intent and makes me worried for my children’s future selves’.”

Aloha Coffee of Monterey CA’s Richard Dunnuck $10MM Lawsuit on Lockdown Idiocy Goes to Trial Toda – By ETIENNE DE LA BOETIE2 – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/aloha-coffee-of-monterey-cas-richard – `Etienne Note:  If you have ever heard Etienne discuss organizing resistance to the Lockdowns and Mask Mandates after exposing empty hospitals in the “Epicenter of Covid in California”, many of our superstar activists continue to rock on including stained glass artist… Tune in to proceedings at 1:30 PM PST to let the judge know we are watching: https://www.courts.ca.gov/11670.htm… Find out more on Richard’s case here: https://www.ksbw.com/article/aloha-coffee-owner-intends-to-sue-monterey-county-as-they-pull-health-permit/35069372… Find out more about Theresa’s on-going successes here:… www.theresabuccola.com… https://www.youtube.com/@TheresaBuccola… https://www.crrow777radio.com/episode-522-5-theresa-buccola-free/…

Quantum Computing: Taking Over The Universe – a note from Patrick Woodhttps://patrickwood.substack.com/p/quantum-computing-taking-over-the
“I wrote on August 17, 2017, “Proponents of Technocracy are counting on the coming-of-age of quantum computers to enable their science of social engineering and world control. However, this leading physicist says that quantum computers will be ‘tools of destruction, not creation,’ and I think we should be asking some hard questions.” You may think this is over your head, but it’s not a stretch for you to see the train about to hit us…In 1998, the first 2-qubit computer was demonstrated. In January 2019, IBM released a commercially usable quantum computer called System One that was based on 20 qubits. By November 2021, IBM released a 127-qubit computer called Eagle. The first attempt to break the 100-qubit barrier was in November 2022. IBM unveiled the Osprey in November 2022, based on 433 qubits. In October 2023, Atom Computing leapfrogged over IBM with its 1180-qubit quantum rendition but with a twist: Atom’s version runs at room temperature. Note in the video below that Atom sees its technology scaling to “tens of thousands of qubits & beyond.”

  • 1988 – 2-qubit
  • 20 qubits – January 2019
  • 127 qubits – November 2020
  • 433 qubits – November 2022
  • 1,180 qubits – October 2023
  • 5,000 qubits (estimated) – November 2024
  • 10,000 qubits (estimated) – November 2025

Thus, in sixty months, this capacity has multiplied by almost 60 times. It will continue this exponential curve in the future… In terms of processing power, we can compare it with what we know today: bits vs. qubits. A “byte” has 8-bits. A megabyte has 1,000,000 bytes. A gigabyte is 1,000 megabytes. A terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes or roughly 1 trillion bytes. So, if you have one of those modern stone-age marvels that sports 64MB of RAM and 1TB of disk space, you will get the picture here… Time Magazine wrote this in January 2023: In November, IBM unveiled its new 433-qubit Osprey chip—the world’s most powerful quantum processor, the speed of which, if represented in traditional bits, would far exceed the total number of atoms in the known universe… What? Further, the director of research at IBM added, “We now have a way to engineer machines that will have tens of thousands of qubits.”… God help us!…What is the top application for quantum computing? ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. The Technocrat hoards in the AI universe are lusting to get their hands on it… This technology is orders of magnitude larger than the atomic bomb. The end of the Internet, as we know it today, is over. Privacy is over. When AI gets scaled into oblivion on quantum computers, reality will be over. Indeed, EVERYTHING could be over… Technocrats build things because they can, not because there is a demonstrated need to do so. Now, they are on a trajectory to literally destroy the world… See the freight train a-comin’. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Record-breaking quantum computer has more than 1000 qubits – by Alex Wilkins – https://www.newscientist.com/article/2399246-record-breaking-quantum-computer-has-more-than-1000-qubits/ – “The world’s first quantum computer to exceed 1000 qubits has more than double that of the previous record holder, IBM’s Osprey machine, which has 433 qubits. Though having more qubits doesn’t necessarily mean better performance, large numbers of them will be needed for future error-free quantum computers that are useful, unlike today’s noise-filled research machines… The largest quantum computers, such as those from IBM and Google, use superconducting wires cooled to extremely low temperatures for their quantum bits, or qubits. But the record-breaking machine from California-based start-up Atom Computing, which has 1180 qubits, uses neutral atoms trapped by lasers in a 2-dimensional grid… One advantage of this design is that it is easy to scale up the system and add many more qubits into the grid, says Rob Hays, CEO of Atom Computing. Any useful quantum computer in the future that is free of errors, a feature called fault tolerance, will need at least tens of thousands of dedicated error-correcting qubits working alongside the programmable qubits, he says… “If we’re only going to scale by dozens of qubits, like most of the trapped ion and superconducting systems have been scaling up until now, it’s going to take a very long time to get to the fault tolerant era,” says Hays. “With the neutral atom approach and the speed of scaling that we have, we will be able to get there much more quickly.” Hays says the team aims to multiply the amount of qubits in the machine by around 10 every couple of years or so… Unlike conventional computing bits, which can have a value of 1 or 0 and are largely interchangeable, qubits are more varied, having a range of different properties depending on how they are made… Neutral atom qubits lend themselves better to quantum entanglement, a strange quantum effect where qubits are linked so that measuring a property of one qubit reveals that of the other. They are also more stable, with qubits in Atom Computing’s machine keeping their quantum state from collapsing – a feature called fault tolerance, which is essential for error correction – for almost a minute. IBM’s Osprey, for example, has coherence times of around 70 to 80 microseconds… These long coherence times are due to the ytterbium atoms that Hays and his team use as qubits. Most neutral atom machines use an atom’s electron as the quantum element with which to do computing, but this can be easily affected by the powerful lasers used to hold it in place. With ytterbium, a quantum property of the atom’s nucleus called spin can be used, which is much less sensitive to disturbances. “The nucleus just doesn’t interact with the outside environment as strongly as the electron does,” says Ben Bloom at Atom Computing… Because qubits have so many different features, it can be difficult to compare across different machines, but Bloom says Atom Computing’s machine is comparable in processing ability to IBM’s, though the company has yet to release figures on this… The team hopes to offer the machine to customers next year for cloud computing applications, similar to what companies like IBM do today. “Atom Computing’s machine can’t currently perform computing operations on all the qubits at the same time, which will be required for fully error corrected machines,” says Bloom… “There’s multiple groups now building systems that will have 1000, and even several thousand, atomic qubits,” says Mark Saffman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “This is really where the frontier of the field is now, with this 1000-plus scale that people are developing.”… However, more details of how the machine works will need to be released by Atom Computing before it can be properly assessed, says Saffman, such as how many of its qubits can be used and have logical operations performed on them… Comment: Technocracy goes on steroids.”

Will the Internet as We Know It Disappear in the Next Year? – By Dr. Joseph Mercola – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/will-the-internet-as-we-know-it-disappear – “In my mind Whitney Webb is one of the best investigative journalists on the web and does meticulous research on the topics she focuses on. In the video above, Marty Bent of the TFTC Bitcoin podcast interviews her about how the central bankers plan to use artificial intelligence (AI) to control the lives of everyone on earth… This is one of the most shocking and concerning interviews I have heard in a long time as it has a dismal prediction as to how it is likely we may have only a year at best and maybe half a year to enjoy the internet as we know it now. Even though it is heavily censored it is still usable. This basic functionality may disappear if her predictions are accurate… If that is the case, you will not have access to this site or the daily newsletters we provide and all the updates we will issue if this scenario happens. So, to guard against this scenario, I would suggest making sure you sign up to receive messages by texts on your cell phone… You Need to Connect With Us on Mobile in Case Internet Is Gone… As Whitney explains in her interview above, it is likely that in the next year there will be a false flag cyberattack on the banks similar to 9/11. They will then use this attack to shut down the internet and implement a draconian Cyber Patriot Act… We have no idea of how long the internet will be down, but it could be weeks or longer. We will be unable to provide you with important updates if this happens and we only have your email. That is why I am urging you to please sign up in the form below so we can connect with you by messaging your phone. (U.S. phone numbers only.)… Divide and Conquer… As noted by Webb, the string-pullers always seek to divide people using emotional appeals, and this situation is a classic case of that. Are you with Hamas, or with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)? It’s a false choice. The side we should be on is the side of innocent civilians, regardless of where they live. “We should just step off the chessboard and stop playing their game,” she says..”

Be All You Can Be: join the Army and get free transgender surgery – By John Rappoport – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/be-all-you-can-be-join-the-army-and – “Insane? Yes. Revolting? Yes. On the taxpayer’s dime? Yes… “Want to go full Trans? Join the Army and get the surgery&and THEN you’ll be ready to defend the nation.”… Here’s a passage from a 2021 Military.com piece:… The Pentagon has spent $15 million in the past five years to treat 1,892 transgender troops, including $11.5 million for psychotherapy and $3.1 million for surgeries, according to Defense Department data provided to Military.com… Of the 243 gender reassignment surgeries performed on military personnel since 2016, 50 took place between Jan. 1, 2016 and Dec. 31, 2017, and 193 occurred from Jan. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2019-the two years after President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he would bar transgender individuals from serving in the U.S. military… According to the Defense Health Agency, the surgeries were performed in military health facilities and included removal of breasts or testicles, hysterectomies and labiaplasty-creation of or reshaping the flesh around a vagina… The total number of transgender persons serving in the armed forces across all three components-active-duty, Reserve and National Guard-is not known as not all likely have sought treatment… For some reason, I’m not seeing TV ads for the Army featuring these benefits:… WANT TO HAVE YOUR BALLS CUT OFF? JOIN UP TODAY… But don’t worry. I’m sure the Pentagon is fully prepared to launch a ground war-as long it mainly involves drag queen shows and PRIDE parades… Because the whole point of war is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion… That’s the new definition of winning… And you can be sure liberals everywhere are firmly on board with this change… When will the Air Force’s Top Gun School go all Trans? Give it time. Clearly, no one needs testicles for high altitude combat…”

Secession from Tyranny and Statism – By Liberty Uncesored Newspaper – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/secession-from-tyranny-and-statismBreaking “Away: On Secession and Small States… “(In a large centralized state) there is no escape, at all, anywhere”… -Ryan McMahon… Could Secession be the Answer to Fix America… The negative aspects of large states are innumerable and obvious to any clear thinking man. The benefits of no state are equally as numerous and apparent… Let’s consider some basic principles that I would contend all sane and reasonable men could agree upon… We all want the ability to have economic success. We all want the freedom to move our bodies from place to place unimpeded. We all want to maximize the security of our households and environs for ourselves, our families, and our communities. We all want the option to explore our interests and desires beyond simple survival needs. We all want to be free to express ourselves without censorship of our words. We all want to be free from surveillance without our consent. We all want to maximize ease of access to abundance in our lives. We all want to be masters of our own lives… Now let’s apply these simple agreements to the conditions we are currently in… Under the corporate United States regime, where plutocrats rule a central government, often from an even greater centralized body, whether that be the WEF, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, or the UN, the ability to have economic success is obviously and apparently limited by design. These limits are imposed through taxation and regulation of small independent businesses, and monopolization and subsidization of multinational plutocratic run corporations that uphold the status quo of global economic control. Small businesses were explicitly attacked during the Coronavirus Scamdemic, where the monopolist parasites enforced closures of businesses that did not follow lockdown, masking, or distancing demands. Businesses that don’t abide by the disproportionate regulations placed upon them are faced with economic and physical attack by the IRS, which is itself an unlawful entity.”

Excess mortality in the 20 most vaccinated highly developed countries almost triples! – By BEN – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/excess-mortality-in-the-20-most-vaccinated – “In 2020 median excess mortality in the top 20 highly developed countries was +4.5%, with the mass vaccine rollout in 2021, it increases to +9.9% and even further deteriorated in 2022 to +11.2%… S How many countries saw an improvement of relative excess mortality with mass vaccination?… =É 3… =È 17… ¡ Only three countries saw an improvement in excess mortality, 17 had their excess mortality increase… S How many countries achieved normal excess mortality levels (<1%) with vaccination?… =É 0… =È 20… ¡ None of the countries saw a return to negative or close to zero excess mortality levels… Here are the individual excess mortality charts for all 20 countries:… The 20 most vaccinated countries of the @OurWorldInData COVID-19 dataset were selected (min. 1 dose) and filtered by a very high Human Development Index (HDI) >=0.8 value. (1)… Excess Mortality was assessed by age-standardized mortality rates, where available, otherwise crude mortality rate (CMR) was used. A conservative pre-pandemic three-year average 2017-2019 (as used by Levitt et al. (9)) of the mortality rate was used as baseline, except for the United Arab Emirates, where the average of 2018-2019 was used, due to limited data availability… Relative excess mortality was calculated by the @MortalityWatch tool, all links to charts can be found in the provided spreadsheet. (2)… In contrast to general expectations, excess mortality continued and almost tripled with global mass vaccine rollouts… Considering, that:… 1) The COVID-19 vaccines are said to offer a protection against death of up to 94%, according to the CDC, this should have led to a massive reduction in overall excess mortality, not an increase. (3)… 2) 2020 IFR estimates by Ioannidis et al., already demonstrated a moderate IFR for all age-groups of 0.23%, and 0.05% for <70-year-olds. (6)… 3) Subsequent virus variants decreased in CFR/IFR, a drop of 79% in IFR from previous variants was reported for the Omicron variant in 2022. (8).”

France Proposes Bill to Punish Critics of Israel With Prison Time & Massive Fines – By InfoWars and TVP World – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/france-proposes-bill-to-punish-critics – “Members of the French Senate have introduced a bill to criminalize criticism of the state of Israel punishable by up to 5 years in prison and hefty fines as high as 100,000 euros. There are three tiers of punishments that include up to one year in prison for those who contest the existence of the State of Israel, up to two years in prison for insulting the the State of Israel, and up to five years in prison for those who directly provoked hatred or violence against the State of Israel… Senator Stephane Le Rudulier claimed that the bill was necessary because “anti-Zionism” is linked to the increase in anti-Semitism… Members of the French Senate have introduced a bill to criminalize criticism of the state of Israel punishable by up to 5 years in prison and hefty fines… 16 French Senators proposed a law that seeks to punish critics of Israel with three tiers of prison time and fines up to 100,000 euros… Members of the French Senate have introduced a bill to criminalize criticism of the state of Israel punishable by up to 5 years in prison and hefty fines… 16 French Senators proposed a law that seeks to punish critics of Israel with three tiers of prison time and fines up to 100,000 euros… The tiers are as follows:… Those who contest the existence of the State of Israel by one of the means set out in Article 23 shall be punished by one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros… Insult committed against the State of Israel, by any of the means set out in Article 23, shall be punishable by two years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros… Those who, by the same means, have directly provoked hatred or violence against the State of Israel shall be punished by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 euros… Read full article here&…”

The Non-Citizen Voting Scam – by Betsy McCaughey via The Epoch Times – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/the-non-citizen-voting-scam – “Democrats are pushing to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections in New York City, Boston, and other municipalities, and statewide in Connecticut… The number of migrants pouring across the southern border has hit a record high, according to data released on Oct. 21. Illegal immigrant crossings soared 21 percent over the previous month. On a yearly basis, the figure hit 2.48 million… Democrats may feign shock and distress. Don’t be fooled. Democrats see these newcomers as their guarantee of a permanent voting majority in local elections. Not years from now, after the newcomers become citizens. Right now… New York Mayor Eric Adams’s rhetoric is typical. He warns that the overwhelming number of migrants arriving-currently 16,000 to 17,000 a month-“will destroy New York City,” but he’s also leading the legal effort to turn migrants into voters… Mr. Adams and other New York Democrats pushed President Joe Biden to expedite work authorizations for them. They said it’s about making migrants self-sufficient. Maybe, but Democrats have another powerful motive… If you read the fine print of New York City’s “Our City, Our Vote” law, enacted in December 2021, it says that anyone with a work authorization who has been in the city for a mere 30 days can vote, even if they entered the country illegally… President Biden’s recent action fast-tracking work authorizations for Venezuelan border crossers, who make up about 41 percent of recent arrivals in New York City, will make tens of thousands of them eligible to vote under New York City’s new law, as soon as they obtain their working papers… That is, if New York City’s voting law is allowed to go into effect-a big “if.” The law is tied up in court… A group of Republicans led by Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella sued, arguing the state constitution grants the right to vote to “every citizen.” A Staten Island judge bought that argument and struck down the law, but Mr. Adams’s law department is appealing that ruling in a higher court, arguing that the state constitution does not specifically prohibit noncitizens from voting..”

The US is quietly arming Taiwan to the teeth – By Rupert Wingfield-Hayes – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/the-us-is-quietly-arming-taiwan-to – “When US President Joe Biden recently signed off on a $80m (£64.6m) grant to Taiwan for the purchase of American military equipment, China said it “deplores and opposes” what Washington had done… To the casual observer it didn’t appear a steep sum. It was less than the cost of a single modern fighter jet. Taiwan already has on order more than $14bn worth of US military equipment. Does a miserly $80m more matter?… While fury is Beijing’s default response to any military support for Taiwan, this time something was different… The $80m is not a loan. It comes from American taxpayers. For the first time in more than 40 years, America is using its own money to send weapons to a place it officially doesn’t recognise. This is happening under a programme called foreign military finance (FMF)… Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, FMF has been used to send around $4bn of military aid to Kyiv… It has been used to send billions more to Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and Egypt and so on. But until now it has only ever been given to countries or organisations recognised by the United Nations. Taiwan is not… After the US switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China in 1979, it continued to sell weapons to the island under the terms of the Taiwan Relations Act. The key was to sell just enough weapons so Taiwan could defend itself against possible Chinese attack, but not so many that they would destabilise relations between Washington and Beijing. For decades, the US has relied on this so-called strategic ambiguity to do business with China, while remaining Taiwan’s staunchest ally… But in the last decade the military balance across the Taiwan Strait has tipped dramatically in China’s favour. The old formula no longer works. Washington insists its policy has not changed but, in crucial ways, it has. The US State Department has been quick to deny FMF implies any recognition of Taiwan… But in Taipei it’s apparent that America is redefining its relationship with the island, especially so given the urgency with which Washington is pushing Taiwan to re-arm. And Taiwan, which is outmatched by China, needs the help..”

Tattoo Toxicity – By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/tattoo-toxicity – “When I started to do the research for this article, I was jaw-dropped at the amount of available information that has been published about tattoos, including history, equipment, ingredients, contaminants, regulations, cosmetic vs medical applications. There are specific applications for various body parts including eyelids, lips, nipples and for medical conditions such as vitiligo, burns, and stretch marks. There is an entire industry built around tattoo removal using YAG lasers, alexandrite lasers, and high-frequency focused ultrasound machines… I even found an entire textbook, called Cosmetic and Medical Tattoos: Technique and Application. Published in 2023, it has 30 chapters and costs $233!… The art of tattooing goes back to ancient Egypt, at least 3000 BC.  Other ancient cultures wore body figures as a symbol dedicating one to a certain god. It apparently was used as a ‘brand’ or symbol of servitude. Some tattoos represented a profession (such as a prostitute) or were used to encourage fertility or protection… Mummies of Egyptian royalty were tattooed, indicating a cosmetic practice. Based on mummy tattoos, the artists used dark pigments, usually black, blue, or green, with little variation. Egyptians tinted their eyelids black with kohl (powdered antimony) or green with copper salts. The lips and cheeks were tinted red. Henna gave a golden red hue to the nails and the soles of the feet. The same apothecaries who prepared medicines for physicians prepared substances and treatments to be used in perfumes and cosmetics… According to WorldHistory.com,… No written work on the subject of tattoos survives from ancient Egypt, so interpretation is always speculative. But it seems likely these tattoos were not simply adornments to make a woman more attractive to a man but served a higher purpose… Again, a lot has been written about why people choose to get – or not get – tattoos. Although they have been around for more than 5,000 years, body art has exploded in both popularity and acceptance over the last 25 years. Tattoos are becoming more popular, with more than 50% of Americans under the age of 40 sporting tattoos. .”

New J6 Footage Shows Ray Epps Whispering To ‘Baked Alaska’: “We’re Here To Storm The Capitol” – by Debra Heine via American Greatness, – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/new-j6-footage-shows-ray-epps-whispering – “Anew report provides fresh evidence that infamous January 6 provocateur Ray Epps may have been an FBI plant… In the first of a two-part series, “Truth in Media” host Lara Logan spoke with Anthime Gionet, also known as “Baked Alaska,” a right-wing influencer formerly associated with the “alt right.” Video footage from January 5, 2021 and earlier indicate that Epps appeared to be particularly interested in Gionet, who was later sentenced to two months in prison for his participation in the riot at the US Capitol… Gionet (Baked Alaska) was one of several people who filmed Epps on the evening of January 5, 2021 outside BLM Plaza as he told Trump supporters “we need to go into the Capitol!”  At first, Gionet said he was amused by Epps’ exhortation to breach the Capitol, and yelled ‘let’s go!’ in response, but after he saw him repeat the line several times to different groups that night, he became convinced the “boomer” was an FBI plant and was up to no good… Gionet is the one who started the “Fed! Fed! Fed!” chant that went viral on social media… “I’m someone who creates funny content so I just like to agree with everyone and if someone’s saying something crazy, a lot of times, I’ll just agree-say yeah, yeah,” Gionet said, explaining that he does it to encourage a subject  to keep talking… But the activist said he felt “weirded out” by Epps and quickly moved on to another group… “I’m like, I’m getting away from this creep, he’s weirding me out,” Gionet said… “I’m getting weird vibes-something’s off.”… Gionet told Logan that everyone else who heard Epps talking about going into the Capitol were also taken aback… “I go to another group way far away from him, he follows me, and that’s when he begins instructing the crowd,” Gionet said. That’s when Epps was caught on tape again saying “we need to go into the Capitol.”… “Right when he said that, something clicked in my head,” Gionet said… “It was like, whoa! This is scripted because he said the same exact line word for word three times and that’s not natural.”.”

How Pfizer Hid Nearly 80% of COVID Vaccine Trial Deaths From Regulators ” Children’s Health Defense -By Angelo DePalma, Ph.D- https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/how-pfizer-hid-nearly-80-of-covid – “Pfizer-BioNTech delayed reporting vaccine-associated deaths among BNT162b2 clinical trial participants until after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the product… The vaccine makers also failed to account for a large number of subjects who dropped out of the trial… Together, these strategies kept regulators and the public ignorant of a 3.7-fold increase in cardiac deaths among subjects who received the vaccine, according to analysis in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research… The authors of the paper described it as a “forensic analysis,” defined by the U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology as “the use of scientific methods or expertise to investigate crimes or examine evidence that might be presented in a court of law.”… What the analysis shows… Corinne Michels, Ph.D., retired distinguished professor of biology at Queens College, New York, led the DailyClout Pfizer/BioNTech Documents Investigations Team on what the authors claim was the first independent examination of original data from the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (BNT162b2) clinical trial… Investigators looked at each of the 38 deaths occurring between July 27, 2020, the start of phase 2/3 of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine trial, and March 13, 2021, the end date culminating in Pfizer-BioNTech’s 6-month interim report… This trial phase involved 44,060 subjects. Half received a dose of BNT162b2, half got a placebo consisting of an inactive sterile salt solution… The trial was unusual because at week 20 after the FDA issued the EUA for the vaccine, trial subjects in the placebo group were allowed to switch to the vaccinated group and receive their first BNT162b2 shot… Switching from the placebo to the vaccinated group – or “unblinding” – normally occurs when the benefit of the drug is so great that not treating subjects becomes unethical. For example, investigators might consider unblinding a cancer trial if at some point all untreated patients deteriorated or died but all treated patients improved..”

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Web Research Links for the Week of 10/30/23

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Reiner Fuëllmich’s Attorney Dagmar Schön Shares an Update on His Pending Court Case – w/Video interview, 1hr 6min, & detailed written summary by TruthComesToLight – https://truthcomestolight.substack.com/p/reiner-fuellmichs-attorney-dagmar – “Dagmar met with on Reiner on Monday and Tuesday of last week. On Monday, her colleague, Katja Woermer, was also there.  Dagmar describes Reiner as being in good spirits and looking well. She explains that she and Reiner have been friends for a very long time and that this is important because he can trust her… Dagmar moves on to describe the series of events around his arrest, as they unfolded… Dagmar: ‘So Reiner was arrested in Frankfurt on October 12th on a warrant dated March 15th, this year, ’23, which had been an European arrest warrant since May 24th. First it was a normal warrant, and then from end of May it was a European warrant.;.. ‘Yes, that was an excellent means of coercion, this arrest warrant. Nevertheless, unfortunately, not enforceable in Mexico since Mexico is not part of the EU.’.. ‘And therefore, the enlightened citizen asks himself, how could Reiner Fuëllmich be arrested then? Was he really arrested only in Frankfurt or perhaps already in Tijuana?’.. ‘I wish that many first class lawyers, the stars among the international law experts, would engage with this case and send us their analysis. This case must cause concern among all lawyers worldwide.’.. ‘Mr. and Mrs. Fuellmich had lost their German passports. They had reported this to the consulate in Tijuana and applied for new passports with a new visa. On October 12th, they were registered at the consulate to pick up their new temporary passports and visas.’.. ‘The consul himself wanted to receive them at the airport. However, it was not the consul who was waiting at the airport, but six officials from the Mexican Immigration office who were only looking for Reiner Fuëllmich, and took him in. After that, there was no escape for him anymore.’.. ‘He found himself in state custody. The only question is which state? It may be that the obvious answer to this is not the right one at all. This is a question that many experts in international law should look at very closely. Which state was acting here?’.. ‘Normally, no one is expelled from Mexico because they no longer have a valid visa, especially if they didn’t have one because their passports had been lost, and they had just applied for and were supposed to get a new one. It was the case with Mrs. Fuëllmich. She got visa and passport without any problems. She could stay in the country and was not taken into custody.’.. ‘Reiner Fuëllich was first flown to New Mexico, and from there by Lufthansa to Frankfurt. There, he was met by the German police upon landing. And one day later on October 13th, the grounds for this action, the European arrest warrant, was disclosed to him. His two lawyers, Katja Woermer from Essen and I from Munich, both were present.’.. Reiner was accompanied on the flight from Mexico to Germany by two Mexicans, one of whom spoke English. Reiner asked him… (He’s a person who talks with everyone you know. You know him.) And asked him, who actually pays for these flights because that was quite a costly action which was taken here. You know, three flights from Mexico to Germany and then two flights back for the two Mexicans. The answer, one could guess, was Germany. Germany has paid for these flights… ‘The question for the experts of international law is, therefore, could there be a legal basis for the actions of the German public prosecutor’s office in Göttingen? Is it the determined state for such an action or was it an illegal kidnapping, as some international articles have already suggested.’.. ‘The public prosecutors office in Göttingen based his arrest warrant on a criminal complaint filed by three young Berlin lawyers, two of whom were even members of the Corona Committee — had been.’.. […] ‘…This criminal complaint is 30 pages long and is indeed a remarkable piece of writing, but not because of its legal brilliance. Prosecutors to whom we gave it to read were surprised that an investigation had been initiated at all on the basis of this document and the accusations formulated in it — other prosecutors told us… ‘These facts also fueled a suspicion Reiner Fuëllmich’s arrest may have been motivated by political, rather than legal, considerations.’.. ‘We need international support through articles, legal analysis and also financial support. In fact, the money that Reiner Fuëllmich is accused of collecting is not with him but, hard to believe, with the person who filed a criminal complaint — at least with one of them. Because over one million euros were transferred to his account, which actually had to be transferred to an account of Reiner Fuëllmich. There he should have been transferred to, but he somehow managed that it was transferred to his account. It’s a bit [of] a complicated thing. So this is not easy to explain in this situation.’.. ‘The criminal complaint is dated on September 2, 2022. September 2, 2022 was exactly the day on which Viviane Fischer, together with Wolfgang Wodarg, announced Reiner’s departure from the Corona Committee, into the camera, allegedly because of financial irregularities.’.. ‘So it was 30 pages long, this complaint. That means nobody could write this in one day, so they have probably worked on it for several weeks already. So communicating with Reiner and, behind his back, they were planning his execution. It’s amazing.’.. ‘And all people who somehow he still considered as friends. Anyone who has watched the Corona Committee since 2020 could see that Reiner Fuëllmich did 90% of the work here. Because during this time he also created a network of international lawyers and initiated various class actions.’.. ‘If he had billed his legal work, which he certainly could have done, he would probably have been entitled to far more than the 700,000 euros that he’s now being accused of being illegally collected by him.’.. ‘Everyone who knows Reiner knows that his work is not about money and fame. He received a lot of letters in which people confirmed that he has saved their lives — actually really their lives — with the Corona Committee during the Corona measures. And it’s really what we should keep in mind.’.. ‘This one person wrote in a comment, I think it was on the Bittel broadcast. “Reiner carried us through dark times. Now we carry Reiner.”.. ‘I hope that many people hear this and follow it.’..” – While this case is ongoing you can send a message to Reiner via Dagmar: rainschoen@kanzlei-schoen.deConnect with Elsa Schieder

New Zealand is a Crime Scene: In one clinic, in one day 30 people were covid injected and all 30 have died (w/Video 8min) – Former TV presenter Liz Gunn published a video update yesterday describing an instance of one clinic in New Zealand where 30 people received a covid injection and all 30 of them have died, within the same time frame – by Rhoda Wilson – https://expose-news.com/2023/10/22/new-zealand-is-a-crime-scene/ – “Liz Gunn (Elizabeth Cooney) became internationally renowned for her support for the family in the Baby W case, where two parents objected to the use of covid-vaccinated blood in transfusions. The parents were unsuccessful in their court action to oppose health authorities seeking guardianship to allow surgery to go ahead.  At the end of June 2023, Gunn launched a political party called the New Zealand Loyal Party(Related: Discrimination and Harassment of Baby in New Zealand Shows There Is No Limit to Covidians’ Intent on Death and Destruction and Baby W’s case raises critical questions: What is science and who is an expert?)… Before the recently held elections, Gunn was contacted by a whistle-blower and given documentation showing that tens of thousands of New Zealanders’ deaths are linked to the injections. ‘This is just one of the sites recording this type of information in New Zealand,’ she said. ‘We don’t know how many further databases like this are in the country,’ she added… She explained that because the number of deaths is usually less than the number of those suffering from ill effects of the injections, then the extrapolation of the numbers that have been injured and killed ‘starts to become, frankly, eye-watering.’… The data shows that there are clusters of deaths. ‘People who attended the same jab site, and were jabbed one after the other, at consecutive times on the same day.  We saw their jab date and we saw their date of death,’ Gunn said… She gave one of many examples to illustrate the point… ‘On one day, 30 people were jabbed on the same day, at the same location.  All are now deceased.  And their deaths are in close temporal, time, proximity to each other,’ she said… ‘We are calling for an inquiry.  Not just any inquiry.  A full-blown criminal investigation leaving no stone unturned.’… ‘New Zealand is a crime scene’.”

Proposed Declaration of Need for Self-Defense Against Israel – Scott Ritter – https://realtruthblog.com/proposed-declaration-of-need-for-self-defense-against-israel-scott-ritter – “In light of the US veto of a ceasefire resolution in the UN Security Council, and noting that the UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly voted in favor of an immediate ceasefire that Israel is ignoring, and further noting that the Israeli Defense Force is actively carrying out military operations in Gaza that can only be described as genocidal, and further noting that the Israeli Defense Force is actively preparing to expand the scope and scale of its regional aggression, it is time for Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran, along with any other like-minded nations, to declare that Israeli actions in Gaza and in general represent an imminent risk to the security of all Palestinian people, and the Middle East as a whole and, in light of this threat, that a collective security arrangement is being entered to by Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran which, under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, will initiate preemptive self defense operations against Israel with the goal of neutralizing the threat posed by Israel to Gaza, the Palestinian people, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and the Middle Eastern region as a whole… Hezbollah and Syria should immediately begin military operations designed to relieve the pressure from Gaza and the West Bank by seeking to expel Israel from the Golan Heights and Shebaa Farms, and occupy northern Israel. Hezbollah and Syria should begin a general bombardment of Israeli leadership and military targets, with an emphasis on destroying Israeli airfields and military concentrations. Iran should refrain from attacking unless Israel escalates by bombing civilian targets in Lebanon and/or Syria, or if the United States enters the conflict on the side of Israel. If either or both of the conditions arises, Iran should use the totality of its longe-range strike capabilities to neutralize US military capabilities in the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean Sea, and to eliminate Israeli military capabilities to project power outside the borders of Israel. Pakistan should announce as formal policy that it will retaliate with nuclear weapons against Israel should Israel use a nuclear weapon. All military operations will continue until which time either Israel is defeated or Israel agrees to unconditionally adhere to the will of the United Nations General Assembly regarding the implementation of a ceasefire… Of course, this will never happen, which is why Israel will probably end up prevailing over the long run… This is the time for decisive action to eliminate the threat of Israel to the collective security of the Middle East… Golda Meir forever regretted not launching a preemptive attack against Egypt and Syria in 1973… Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran will likewise regret not launching a preemptive strike against Israel now.”… Scott Ritter.

Supposedly confirmational evidence that Malaysian flight MH-370 was rescued using secret technology – Ashton Forbes – ‘My name is Ashton Forbes and I am currently disclosing the most important videos in the history of the world. All of this information is publicly available. I would like to state that I have a Top Secret US Government clearance as part of my job as a contractor. My job has nothing to do with advanced technology, I am only stating this to establish my credibility. I am not bound by an NDA. This is not a hoax, disinformation, or misinformation. You don’t need to believe me because everything is verifiableI am requesting a public hearing. I am willing to testify in front of congress as to the authenticity of these videos and explain every aspect of them. I would also invite physics experts to validate the science on display… The videos in question are that of the true fate of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, on March 7th, 2014 at 18:40UTC at the Nicobar Islands. One is of an MQ-1C Gray Eagle with a thermal layer added by the leaker, and the other is a 3D battlespace produced by the SBIRS (Space Based Infrared System), via SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) using data from Spy Satellite USA-229 which has a sister satellite next to it classified as debris. This allows for the proven 3D stereoscopic imagery we see in the Satellite video… The oldest archived versions of the videos we could find come from ‘RegicideAnon’ a UFO video uploader, who uploaded unrelated videos previously, indicating they are not the source. Higher quality versions were released by other UFO uploaders on youtube later on, indicating neither is the original source. The dates are damning… Satellite Video (Received: March 12, 2014, Uploaded May 19, 2014) – web.archive.org/web/2017060618 MQ-1C Gray Eagle (Received: June 5, 2014, Uploaded June 13, 2014) – web.archive.org/web/2014082706 So why now, many ask? Because only in 2023 do we have the basis to understand these videos to be real. We needed the 2017 DoD Navy UAP videos to understand what FLIR footage looks like, the 2019 Trump satellite leak to understand those capabilities, 2020 scientific papers that show `wormholes` are humanely traversable, LK-99 that shows the emergence of superconductivity and finally AI in daily use as ChatGPT… Without all these things the MH370 videos seem like magic.’…”.

China’s Belt-And-Road Rescue Lending Soars – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/chinas-belt-and-road-rescue-lending-soars – “As China’s Belt and Road Initiative enters its second decade, the country has been celebrating with much pomp and many global leaders in attendance… But, as Statista’s Katharina Buchholz details below, China’s high-level infrastructure and international development program has not been free of controversyThe Kiel Institute for the World Economy has identified a major rise in emergency loans to countries having difficulty repaying debt taken on as part of Belt and Road projects…Between 2015 and 2021, China extended substantial emergency lines of liquidity swaps to Belt and Road countries like Mongolia, Egypt, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Turkey, many of them being rolled over and often increased for several years in a row. Oman, Angola and Venezuela as well as some of the countries mentioned above also received medium-term loans of at least $1 billion each as balance-of-payment support in that time frame… Mongolia’s high debt to China became a problem when the mineral-rich country fell on hard times after the 2000s commodities boom fizzled out. In 2021, its external debt to China still stood at 24 percent of gross national income, one of the highest ratios in the world. Both big Belt and Road borrowers, Pakistan and Egypt had to accept large-scale bailouts from China while their economies have been flailing. The share of China’s borrowers in distress has increased so steeply in recent years that 60 percent of the country’s overseas lending portfolio supported these countries in 2022, up from just 5 percent in 2010… In 2015, bailouts from China shot up to almost $30 billion, from just around $11 billion the year before, as China upped its emergency loans to distressed Argentina by more than $8 billion. The country only joined Belt and Road in 2022 but did borrow from Beijing before that. The same year, China also provided $10 billion as a balance-of-payment support to Venezuela… While going into debt to finance large-scale infrastructure projects is not unusual for countries around the world, China’s development loans have less favorable conditions than those of other available sources, for example the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank or Paris Club countries. This includes higher interest rates and shorter repayment windows, which can become a problem especially for poorer countries. The same is true for Chinese bailout loans, which the IFW Kiel found to typically carry an interest of 5 percent as opposed to the 2 percent rate the IMF charges.”

Time Magazine: ‘Zelensky Aids Now Believe He’s Delusional’ – The Ukrainian leader is now reportedly looking for scapegoats after his failed counteroffensive – from RT.com – https://21stcenturywire.com/2023/10/31/time-magazine-zelensky-aids-now-believe-hes-delusional/ – “Top officials in Kiev believe that the increasingly ‘messianic’ President Vladimir Zelensky has become delusional, Time magazine reported on Monday… The Western-backed leader is expected to launch a ‘major shake-up’ of the country’s military and political leadership, the US publication added, citing his aides… The looming reshuffle is intended to demonstrate ’accountability’ for the lack of progress in the stalled counteroffensive against Russia, as well as deal with the apparently growing opposition to Zelensky’s desire to continue the hostilities no matter what… Zelensky remains adamant in his desire to ‘defeat’ Russia on the battlefield, but his ’stubbornness’ has become borderline ’messianic,’ one of the president’s advisers said, on condition of anonymity. ’He deludes himself. We’re out of options. We’re not winning. But try telling him that.’… The reality on the ground, however, is very different from Zelensky’s vision of scoring an ultimate victory over Moscow, and dissent is apparently growing. According to one of his aides, ’some front-line commanders … have begun refusing orders to advance, even when they came directly from the office of the president.’… ‘They [the military] just want to sit in the trenches and hold the line. But we can’t win a war that way,’ the aide said, admitting the troops were not actually ’moving forward.’… In addition, the country is not very well-prepared for the upcoming winter, the aides suggested, adding that pinning failing infrastructure and other hardships exclusively on Russia might not work this time… ‘Last year, people blamed the Russians,’ one of them said. ’This time, they’ll blame us for not doing enough to prepare.’… To fix the situation, Zelensky is expected to launch a major reshuffle of his team shortly, with the ’shake-up’ affecting both military and civilian leadership. ’At least one minister would need to be fired, along with a senior general in charge of the counteroffensive,’ the article suggested, citing the aides, who did not provide the exact names of the potential scapegoats. The move is primarily meant to create ’accountability’ for the lack of progress on the frontline, they said… Kiev launched its counteroffensive against Russian forces in early June, but it has so far neglected to achieve any tangible results. In September, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the counteroffensive had effectively failed, resulting in minor gains and heavy losses for the Ukrainian military. According to Moscow’s estimates, the push cost Kiev more than 90,000 troops, as well as hundreds of military hardware, including assorted Western-supplied tanks and armored vehicles.”

There Is No Legitimate Role for any Government or Rule – By Gary D. Barnett – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/there-is-no-legitimate-role-for-any – “Albert Parsons, Autobiography… Recently I wrote about a “World Gone Mad,” and I now understand that my title was a gross understatement. Madness indicates psychotic behavior, but what is going on today, while most assuredly psychotic, is also intentional, completely planned, and being implemented with full consciousness by evil forces. To make matters worse, the pathetic masses are taking sides, fomenting hate, supporting their chosen masters, and tearing apart all that is right; thus allowing this insane tyranny and carnage to continue unabated. If one was to step aside, and take stock of this insanity, he would at once be faced with the reality of the heinous agendas being pursued, but few are willing to take that step. Most all continue to look toward the complicit and abhorrent State to save them from the premeditated and monstrous policies being pursued by all governments at the behest of their controlling overlords…. Religion has always been a control mechanism used to subdue the crowd, so it is no surprise that the worship of the State by its subjects is reverent in nature. The State and the church throughout time have acted as one; both seeking compliant and devoted followers. This was the plot all along, as history will certainly support. This is why the ruling class through its controlled government, has always been the people’s church, and the government agents have always sought to be seen as gods by the collective hordes of votaries. All power seekers have to destroy the idea of individualism, self-sufficiency, critical thinking, and independent sovereignty, in order to be seen as superior to the members of the dependent herd. This tenet is mandatory for rule of one over another to exist, and it has been accomplished throughout time…. One of the main goals of government is to place itself and its illegitimate authority above all others in ‘society,’ thereby eliminating the possibility of critical scrutiny or prosecution from immoral and illegal acts. Government does not only rule, they make and enforce all the ‘laws,’ laws that are meant only for the lowly people, not for those in power. Many of those who pretend to be anti-state, will preach that all in government should be held to the same standard as the plebiscites, but they completely disregard reality. Government always and forever protects itself at all costs by controlling every aspect of what is referred to as law and ‘justice.’ Government controls the Executive, (king) the Congress, the courts, including what is referred to as the “Supreme Court,” the police, the military, and all aspects of total regulation of people and commerce. Those involved in this fraud will rarely if ever be investigated, or held to account for criminal activity, because they own and control all the judicial systems.”

Mobs In Russia Yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ Hunt Down Jews, Storm Airport After Flight From Israel Arrives: Reports – By Womensystems.com – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/mobs-in-russia-yelling-allahu-akbar – “Large mobs in Russia yelling “Allahu Akbar” hunted down Jews in Dagestan on Sunday and stormed an airport, making their way onto the tarmac to attack Israelis who had just arrived from Tel Aviv, according to multiple reports…. The North Caucasus Republic of Dagestan is a majority-Muslim region in southwest Russia that borders Azerbaijan and Georgia. It is an autonomous republic within the Russian Federation…. “In Muslim areas of Russia’s north Caucasus, mobs raid hotels looking for Jews after rumors spread that some Israelis had moved there to flee the war,” said Yaroslav Trofimov, chief foreign affairs correspondent of The Wall Street Journal. ‘This video is from Dagestan, but similar incidents happened in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia.’… Trofimov highlighted signs that were seen in the region that said: ‘Entry to citizens of Israel (Jews) strictly forbidden.’.. ‘A Jewish cultural center under construction in Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria region of Russia, went up in flames,’ Trofimov added. ‘Death to Yahoods (Jews),’ the graffiti says. ‘Northern Caucasus has its own autochthonous Jewish community that lives there for millennia.’.. Trofimov then highlighted a serious situation that was unfolding at an airport in the Dagestan city of Makhachkala where rioters chanting “Allahu Akbar” reportedly stormed an airport hunting for Jews… ‘Mobs break into the Makhachkala airport, in Russia’s north Caucasus, looking to lynch Jews after rumors spread about the arrival of Jewish refugees from Israel,’ he wrote.”

New Jersey Democrats Face New Charges Over Election Fraud Involving Mail-In Ballots and Voter Registrations – By Jim Hᴏft – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/new-jersey-democrats-face-new-charges – Etienne Note: This article also appears in “Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed, A digest of HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of articles exposing and suggesting inter-generational organized crime’s control of the “Government,” Media and Academia by the Art of Liberty Foundation. You can view the other articles or subscribe on Telegram: https://t.me/Government_Scams … “New Jersey’s Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin has added new charges to an ongoing election-fraud case involving Democrat Alex Mendez, the Paterson City Council President, and several alleged co-conspirators. According to the Attorney General, the defendants are accused of attempting to rig the election, tampering with ballots, and obstructing the course of justice through witness tampering…. Mendez was initially indicted on election fraud charges in 2021. Now, fresh charges have been brought against him, his wife Yohanny Mendez, and two other Paterson residents, Omar Ledesma and Iris Rigo. The revelations came after an extensive investigation by the Office of Public Integrity and Accountability (OPIA), which itself was prompted when the U.S. Postal Inspection Service found hundreds of mail-in ballots for the May 2020 Paterson municipal election suspiciously stashed in a mailbox in a neighboring municipality…. The crimes took place during the COVID-19 pandemic where mail-in ballots played a crucial role for Democrats to steal the election. New Jersey allows a voter to give a completed ballot to a “bearer,” who can then submit the ballot on behalf of the voter. The law explicitly prohibits a candidate from acting as a bearer for other voters in the district where they are a candidate. It seems Mendez exploited the mail-in system, disregarding these rules entirely…. Read the full press release below:… Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin announced today that the Paterson City Council President, Alex Mendez, has been brought up on new charges in connection with an election-fraud case, after investigators determined the defendant personally collected ballots and oversaw the fraudulent mailing of ballots, while members of his campaign stole ballots from residential mailboxes and discarded several that did not cast a vote for their candidate.  It is also alleged that defendants tampered with witnesses to avoid prosecution.”

How the New York Times Lies – By Eric Zuesse – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/how-the-new-york-times-lies – “Since on international matters the New York Times lies systematically in order to support the U.S. Government against all Governments (and others) that the U.S. Government wants to eliminate or overthrow, such as in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine before America’s 2014 coup there, and the Palestinians, only one example will be analyzed here, to show the general method by which it deceives its readership…. Nicholas Kristof is as much a part of the New York Times U.S. Establishment as anyone except the family who own the newspaper, and has worked there for 39 years in many capacities, including as economics reporter, Managing Editor for the Sunday Editions, and now, columnist. He, like his friend Bill Clinton and many others at top levels in the U.S. Government, was a Rhodes scholar studying at Oxford with only fellow-supporters of U.S. and UK imperialism and support of and by the CIA and MI6, as well as of other agencies of regime-change (by coup or else invasion) for the spread of ‘democracy’ by the U.S./UK empire that had started its control over America on 25 July 1945 and that has continued expanding this empire ever since except for the final two years of the JFK Presidency. (Is it a democracy? No empire can even possibly be a democracy, because its vassal-nations or colonies — ‘allies’ — are subordinates to the imperial regime, and are actually its slave-nations. So, Rhodesism, commonly called “neoconservatism,” like any other imperialistic ideology, is a dictatorship, never a democracy. However, America’s empire promotes itself as ‘spreading democracy’. That’s its “brand.”)… Part of the Rhodes doctrine was introduced actually after Rhodes’s 1902 death, by his followers who saw in zionism an opportunity to use a Jewish-controlled state in the Middle East as a beach-head for themselves (the “Special Relationship” UK/U.S.) to continue controlling the Arab states after Britain’s direct control of them would wind down. When U.S. President Harry Truman on 25 July 1945 accepted the advice from both the plain imperialist General Eisenhower, and the committed Rhodesist imperialist Winston Churchill, for the U.S. Government to take control over the entire world because otherwise the Soviet Union would take it over (which was actually a lie, but Truman fell for it), that was the big Rhodesist (or commonly called “neoconservative”) win, which actually started the Cold War. And the lie that it actually was, became clear after the U.S./UK regime secretly continued the Cold War on its side after the Soviet Union ended it on its side in 1991.”

Hunter Biden got $250k loan from Chinese exec during 2020 election, later his lawyer assumed debt – By Steven Richards – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/hunter-biden-got-250k-loan-from-chinese” – Etienne Note: This article also appears in “Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed, A digest of HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of articles exposing and suggesting inter-generational organized crime’s control of the “Government,” Media and Academia by the Art of Liberty Foundation. You can view the other articles or subscribe on Telegram: https://t.me/Government_Scams – “Hunter Biden received a $250,000 loan from a Chinese businessman just three months after his father launched his 2020 presidential campaign, and he later transferred the debt to a Hollywood lawyer he befriended, according to evidence gathered by federal and congressional investigators…. The House Oversight Committee first disclosed a few weeks ago that Hunter Biden had gotten a $250,000 wire in July 2019 and used his father’s address in Delaware for the transfer. It was one of the later known foreign payments that Hunter Biden received before he fell on hard times…. Documents gathered by federal law enforcement and reviewed by Just the News show Hunter Biden considered the wire to be a July 25, 2019 “loan” from Xiangsheng. “Jonathan” Li, a Chinese businessman whom he had been doing business with for over a decade when they created an investment fund under the name Bohai Harvest RST (BHR)…. After Joe Biden became president, the records show, Hunter Biden transferred the debt to Kevin Morris, a Hollywood lawyer whom he befriended after they met at a November 2019 Joe Biden campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles…. The debt was “assumed” by Morris on Nov. 17, 2021 when the lawyer acquired Hunter Biden’s stake in the BHR partnership and a separate company called Skaneateles, LLC, according to one record reviewed by Just the News. Hunter Biden ‘is no longer the primary obligor’ as a result of the transaction with Morris, that memo stated…. Morris’ assumption of the debt obligation is only part of millions of dollars in assistance the lawyer, a Democrat donor, has given Hunter Biden since the two met…. The relationship is now under investigation by Congress. Most of Morris’ assistance is in the form of loans, according to a source close to Hunter Biden. Morris has also been a member of Hunter Biden’s legal team from time to time.”

“War Is A Racket” For These 25 ‘Defense’ Companies – widely used by major carriers – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/war-is-a-racket-for-these-25-defense – By Tyler Durden – “But what often goes unsaid are his next sentences: ‘It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.’.. And indeed, every year, the world’s most powerful countries spend billions of dollars on so-called ‘defense’…. But where does this money actually flow?… To gain insight, Visual Capitalist’s Marcu Lu and Bhabna Banerjee ranked the world’s top 25 defense companies by 2022 revenues, using data from Defense News…. Note that their graphic shows each company’s revenues from defense, and not total revenues. This is because many companies such as Boeing also generate revenue from non-defense related industries and sectors…. The data we used to create this graphic is listed in the table below…. CompanyRevenues from Defense (USD billions)Defense share of total revenue (%)🇺🇸 Lockheed Martin$63396%🇺🇸 RTX Corp (formerly Raytheon Technologies)$39659%🇺🇸 Northrop Grumman$32489%🇨🇳 Aviation Industry Corporation of China$31037%🇺🇸 Boeing$30846%🇺🇸 General Dynamics$30477%🇬🇧 BAE Systems$25296%🇨🇳 China North Industries Group$18022%🇺🇸 L3Harris Technologies$13982%🇨🇳 China South Industries Group$13531%🇮🇹 Leonardo$12983%🇳🇱/🇫🇷 Airbus$12020%🇺🇸 HII$106100%🇫🇷 Thales$9652%🇨🇳 China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation$9621%🇺🇸 Leidos$9566%🇺🇸 Amentum$6070%🇺🇸 Booz Allen Hamilton$5964%🇩🇪 Rheinmetall AG$5175%🇫🇷 Dassault Aviation$5076%🇮🇱 Elbit Systems$5090%🇬🇧 Rolls-Royce$4931%🇺🇸 Honeywell$4613%🇫🇷 Naval Group$46100%🇺🇸 General Electric$446%… The U.S. and China are the most represented countries on this list, with 12 and four respective companies in the top 25…. The U.S. consistently has the world’s largest military budget, so it’s no surprise that American companies dominate this ranking. Here are some interesting facts about the top three:… Lockheed Martin… Formed in 1995 by the merger of Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta.”

Canada: State-Sanctioned Euthanasia Accounted for over 4% of All Deaths in 2022 – By Unherd and Daily Caller – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/canada-state-sanctioned-euthanasia – Etienne Note: Euthanasia as “government” policy is eugenics,  as are the engineered wars, and “The Covid.” Check out our monograph: Solving Covid – The Covid 19 Vaccine Drug Scam Timeline at https://artofliberty.substack.com/p/solving-covid-the-covid-19-eugenics and its companion article: The Covid 19 Suspects and Their Ties to Eugenics and Population Control/Reduction at https://artofliberty.substack.com/p/the-covid-19-suspects-and-their-ties to understand who is behind “The Covid” and euthanasia: … Euthanasia accounted for 4% of all deaths in Canada in 2022, a total of 13,241 people who died from the MAID program last year, marking a 31% rise on the previous year. Federal guidelines stipulate that clients must have a grievous and irremediable medical condition, make a voluntary request for medical assistance in dying that is not the result of outside pressure or influence, and give informed consent to receive medical assistance in dying. However, the program was accused of driving citizens into assisted suicide on the grounds of poverty or lack of healthcare. Next March, the program will again be expanded further to include anyone whose sole underlying issue is a mental illness…. VICE reported that Canada is on track to expand its MAID law in March to include those suffering from substance abuse disorder…. Last year 4.1% of all deaths in Canada were due to MAiD (medical assistance in dying), according to the country’s health ministry. This amounts to a total of 13,241 people who died under Canada’s MAiD programme in 2022, marking a 31% rise on the previous year…. These findings provide succour to claims made by MAiD critics that the programme has become too permissive. Federal guidelines stipulate that clients must have a grievous and irremediable medical condition, make a voluntary request for medical assistance in dying that is not the result of outside pressure or influence, and give informed consent to receive medical assistance in dying…. But towards the end of last year, the programme was criticised for allegedly driving citizens into assisted suicide on the grounds of poverty or lack of healthcare. Stories included two separate cases of cash-strapped women suffering from chronic health conditions who successfully applied to end their lives. Elsewhere, four Canadian military veterans were allegedly “pressured” to opt for medically-assisted death by a now-suspended Veterans Affairs Canada caseworker.”

Australian Banks and ATMs Close as It Is Set to Go Completely Cashless within 5 Years – By Revolver – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/australian-banks-and-atms-close-as – “As banks and ATM machines have closed across Australia and the population is becoming more dependent on digital payments, economist Richard Holden predicted the country will become cashless within the next five years. Despite Australia removing 11% of its ATM machines, Aussies still withdraw 8 billion Australian dollars per month from banks…. The public fails to grasp the danger of government having full access to all of their financial transactions…. Sweden tried to go cashless, but elderly people had difficulty processing payments on the internet and some remote areas of the country have limited internet, so laws were put in place requiring banks to offer ATM services….  If there’s a hill to die on, politically speaking, it’s the “cashless society” issue. There’s no move the globalists could make that’s more powerful than eliminating cash from our lives. It’s a “nuclear” move; it will change the entire landscape of the earth in short order. Imagine how easy it will be to control the masses when all our “Dear Leaders” need to do is flip a switch to cut off a “dissident” from all his finances, effectively destroying his life. Do that a couple of times, and it’s likely everyone will quickly fall in line, don’t you think? This is why we must resist the globalist plan for a cash-free society, or “digital currency,” as they like to call it…. One individual who truly grasps the alarming implications of a “cashless society” is Joe Rogan. He recognizes that he’d likely be among the first they’d target and totally wipe out—with a flip of the switch. It’ll be so damn easy for world regimes to silence and destroy all dissenters this way…. ‘How long before we’re a cashless society? This is where I get scared, because it is too similar to the mark of the beast.’ – Joe Rogan 🚨🚨🚨… 🔊… sound on pic.twitter.com/8shvg81knn… — Wall Street Silver (@WallStreetSilv) September 5, 2023… The reason we’re discussing this today and sounding the alarm on a cash-free society is because the globalists need to implement this to further their agenda. On the flip side, patriots must resist it to remain free. It’s a significant standoff right now, but the concerning part is that the globalists are gaining ground. They’re convincing many that electronic currency is all about progress and technology. However, that’s far from the truth. It’s all about power and control. Unfortunately, this message hasn’t reached many who are either unaware of the underlying motives or simply indifferent.”

The Disturbing Truth About Oral Contraceptives – By Dr. Joseph Mercola – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/the-disturbing-truth-about-oral-contraceptives

“The video above reviews the shady backstory of the birth control pill, the roots of which can be traced back to the eugenics and population control movements. As noted in this video, birth control pills do not ‘just prevent ovulation by mimicking hormones.’ They do a whole lot more. They also destroy women’s health…. Estrogen and Progesterone… Chapter 1 of the video reviews the biological roles of estrogen and progesterone, the two sex hormones associated with contraception. While estrogen is routinely referred to as “the female hormone,” this is misleading, as it’s not exclusive to women. Moreover, there’s not just one estrogen but several…. Estrogens do play a role in female sexuality and reproduction. The word originates from “estrus,” which signifies an animal’s receptivity to being mounted by a male…. In the early 1900s, the use of animal tissues and substances to correct deficiencies in humans started taking off. For example, we discovered we could use insulin from dogs and thyroid hormones derived from porcine tissue to treat diabetes and hypothyroidism…. Estrogen and progesterone were also initially isolated from animal tissue, but it was difficult, time-consuming and costly. One ton of animal organs were required to obtain a single gram of progesterone, forcing researchers to start looking for alternatives, as a therapeutic daily dose of progesterone is typically 30 mg. As explained in the video:… “In the coming decades, the pursuit to create synthetic analogues of these hormones was driven by the pharmaceutical industry’s idea that they would have many beneficial effects for women: restoring their youth and fertility and, of course contraception, just to name a few…. However, various esteemed academics warned about the potential of estrogens to cause cancer and other health issues, heavily cautioning its use even at low doses…. It was already shown in the 1930s that the very estrogen that was set to be marketed as a method to prevent miscarriages, known as DES [diethylstilbestrol, a synthetic estrogenic compound], was capable of inducing miscarriage or abortion in animals even at small doses … It was also known to cause a host of other problems, including cancer, in animals as well.”

FiveMemeFri – Prosecutor Livid After FBI Refused To Pursue ‘Credible’ Biden-Ukraine Corruption Allegations, Grassley Reveals 40 Informants – Etienne talk about the plan to accelerate this dynamic by dropping 100,000 copies of “Government”, the 64GB Liberator and a TBD documentary to the influential in the state – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/fivememefri-prosecutor-livid-after – “Dear Subscribers,  this weekend on Nov 3rd-5th, we will be hosting a conference in Sedona, Arizona entitled: Liberty on the Rocks.  We hope you can join us in-person or on live stream to learn about SOLUTIONS and how to create or accelerate a Liberty group in your town.  Sedona.ArtOfLiberty.org… We are also in the exact middle of a fund raising campaign for the Art of Liberty Foundation.  I haven’t been doing a very good job of promoting it, BUT if you like what we do and value it, would you please consider becoming an annual sponsor of the Art of Liberty Foundation.  We simply couldn’t do what we do without the generosity of our sponsors and we have some great perks to say: Thank You! ArtOfLiberty.org/Sponsor… Please check out my video message and consider helping our fundraising drive at ArtOfLiberty.org/Sponsor… Enjoy these pokes at the powers that shouldn’t be…. The Art of Liberty Foundation and Etienne de la Boetie2 bring you 5 fresh and dank memes every Friday, delivered right to your inbox.” – Why (and How!) You Should Help Your Kids Steal Their Student Council Election… by Etienne de la Boetie2, Founder of the Art of Liberty Foundation… Years ago, one of my kids wanted to run for student council… When he announced it, I laughed and told him two stories:… 1. The Ridiculousness of “Student Government” – Ed Crane, the founder of the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, used to tell the story of running for student government while attending the University of California – Berkley on a platform of eliminating “student government.” One of his arguments was that it was ridiculous on its face. While student-athletes and student-musicians really are athletes and musicians, “student government” is a completely pretend position. There is no actual authority or mandate to do anything other than maybe decide how to spend a token budget on pizza parties and events. The decisions of “student government,” whether at the high school or college level, can be immediately revoked at any time. It is all pretend and simply instituted by the government’s mandatory schools and rip-off universities to indoctrinate the kids into an easily rigged system that is actually against their own interests.”

Russia inflicting HEAVY DAMAGE against Ukrainian Air Force using innovative long-range air-to-air missile – By Arsenio Toledo – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/russia-inflicting-heavy-damage-against – “The Russian Air Force’s effectiveness in battling Ukrainian air assets during its special military operation has been increasing rapidly, so much so that military analysts at the American Department of Defense are also becoming increasingly concerned…. This is according to Vladislav Shurygin, a Russian military expert who notes that there is “a real massacre in the Ukrainian sky.” (Related: Ukraine conducts first strike using U.S.–supplied ATACMS missiles, allegedly destroying 9 Russian helicopters and 2 airfields.)… Shurygin noted that, in the span of two weeks, the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost between 10 to 14 aircraft. All of them were shot down far from the frontlines and outside the radius of Russian air defense systems and even outside the range of standard Russian fighter jet missiles. It is believed they were destroyed using Russia’s new hypersonic R-37M air-to-air missile, which sports a range of up to 400km…. Shurygin added that, while most of the pilots of the Ukrainian fighters were able to eject, they said that they were unable to detect warning information about the attack on their planes from the appropriate warning systems until it was too late…. The Pentagon believes that Russian air defense systems have been upgraded with new missiles capable of not only hitting targets at far greater distances but also of independently pursuing targets after launch while remaining undetected from enemy radar systems through the use of radio signature guides…. If these claims are confirmed, it means that Russia has acquired the means of neutralizing most modern anti-air-to-air missile defense systems, including those present in the U.S. Air Force’s vaunted F-35…. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, within a span of 24 hours, the country’s air defense system infrastructure placed all along the frontlines took down seven Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29s…. During this same period, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that its air defense systems targeted a total of 12 military aircraft belonging to Ukraine. Moscow is uncertain whether it was able to successfully take down the other 3 aircraft attacked by Russian missiles.”

US To Borrow $1.5 Trillion In Debt This & Next Quarter, After Borrowing A Massive $1 Trillion Last Quarter – By Tyler Durden – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/us-to-borrow-15-trillion-in-debt – “One quarter ago, when reporting on the Treasury’s latest marketable debt issuance forecast, we pointed out something striking which sparked a historic selloff in Treasuries over the next 90 days: the US Debt Tsunami had Begun as the “US Was Set To Sell $1 Trillion In Debt in Q2, 2nd Highest In History, As Budget Deficit Explodes”, while the forecast debt sale for Q3 was also an eye-watering $852 billion. The numbers were big enough that even the bond market – which had long since habituated to seeing huge debt issuance forecasts every quarter without batting an eyelid – cracked.”

Fluoride Toxic at Low Levels & Chat GPT Lying About Fluoride’s Danger – By Mike Dolan – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/fluoride-toxic-at-low-levels-and – “The inclusion of research data from over 800 mother-child pairs in Odense, Denmark, when merged with data from comparable studies from Mexico and Canada, has led scientists to conclude that a level of just 0.45 milligrams of fluoride per liter (mg/l) of pregnant mother’s urine showed a statistically significant association between urine-fluoride and decreased child IQ. Generally, urine fluoride concentration is similar to the level of fluoride found in drinking water. The standard for fluoride added to drinking water supplies is 0.7 mg/l…. While the Odense cohort study did not find a statistically significant association between pregnant mother’s urine and child IQ at 7 years old, the authors discuss how the analysis could underestimate the fluoride association with the neurotoxicity outcome…. The Danish study did not find boys to be more vulnerable than girls, as had been found in the Canadian study…. The authors, writing in the European Journal of Public Health, report, “The combined data showed that an increase in maternal pregnancy urinary fluoride by 1 mg/l significantly predicted an IQ decrease by 2.06 points.”… They concluded that their findings have important public policy implications, writing, “Given the combined observations on more than 1500 mother–child pairs, the overall BMC [benchmark concentration] results likely reflect a threshold for adverse cognitive effects of prenatal fluoride exposure that occur at levels prevalent in many countries.”… ‘These findings support that fetal brain development is highly vulnerable to fluoride exposure,’ they note…. The authors point out the limitation of the current internationally recommended maximum concentration, concluding, ‘The pooling of results from three prospective cohorts conducted in areas with wide ranges of overlapping exposure levels offers strong evidence of prenatal neurotoxicity, and these findings should inspire a revision of water-fluoride recommendations aimed at protecting pregnant women and young children. For example, the World Health Organization’s recommendation of 1.5 mg/l as an upper limit for fluoride in drinking water does not consider developmental neurotoxicity’.”

Many Jewish people now turning AGAINST the Israeli government, which they accuse of committing war crimes and genocide – By Ethan Huff – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/many-jewish-people-now-turning-against – Etienne Note: I was raised Jewish and Bar Mitsvahed, now self-describe as spiritual. Love my family, the Jewish people, and am not the least bit “anti-semitic” BUT am 100% against the organized crime system running the Israeli “government” using the exact same playbook of unethically manipulative techniques I expose in “Government – The Biggest Scam in History.. Exposed!” on the Israeli people as the Nazi and Soviets used on their tax slaves…. One of them is Benjy Sherer, a Jewish young man who helps people deal with and overcome trauma and pain, and who also says he does not stand with Israel on this matter because his heart is with the people of Gaza who now face genocide at the hands of Israel and the West…. ‘I do not stand with Israel at all on what’s going on,’ Sherer stated in a recent video he shared to TikTok that is also available for viewing on X – watch below. ‘And I’m finally starting to realize, for lack of a better term, how brainwashed I’ve been.’.. As a Jewish man, Sherer was raised and taught to “love Israel.” He attended both Jewish elementary and Jewish high school, and was raised with a mindset that Israel, whoever and whatever that actually means in the modern context, is the rightful owner of all that land…. ‘You know, we’re singing the Hatikvah, the national anthem, or we’re singing all these Jewish songs, and we’re taught this one very specific view of history,’ Sherer says about what he was taught…. ‘We were taught, basically, that … the land was ours. We were taught that’ … ‘Well, we tried to offer them a solution. We tried to offer them peace, and they kept on attacking us. It’s the reason why we kept on gaining more and more land was because they would start wars with us, and we would defend ourselves, and we would just end up with more land, and so we would try to give it back to them every once in a while, but they wouldn’t accept it.’.. Sherer is now a grown man, and he says he has grown out of what he was taught after witnessing first-hand how his own government is viewing the people of Gaza: as nothing more than “human animals,” to quote several Zionist leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog.”

“Biggest Blunder In The History Of The Treasury” – Druck Dunks On Yellen (& Her Husband Appears To Agree) – By Tyler Durden – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/biggest-blunder-in-the-history-of – “Billionaire hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller pulled no punches during a fireside chat with legendary trader Paul Tudor Jones at a recent Robin Hood Foundation event, slamming Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen…. In his view, Yellen made the worst mistake in the history of the Treasury, by not issuing more long-dated government bonds before the Fed began hiking rates early last year. And that, Druck believes has helped pave the way for a debt disaster…. ‘When rates were practically zero, every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Mary in the United States refinanced their mortgage,’ Druckenmiller said…. ‘Unfortunately we had one entity that did not, and that was the US Treasury.’.. ‘Janet Yellen — I guess because political myopia, whatever — was issuing two years at 15 basis points when she could have issued 10 years at 70 basis points or 30 years at 180 basis points,’ Druckenmiller continued…. But he wasn’t done, making it clear the scale of the problem she has created:… ‘I literally think if you go back to Alexander Hamilton, it was the biggest blunder in the history of the Treasury. I have no idea why she’s not been called out on this, she has no right to still be in that job after that,” Druckenmiller said…. Who could have seen that coming?… “Every caddy I knew, every locker-room person, everybody in America was refinancing their mortgages, every corporation was extending their debt,’ he added…. One look at the market’s perception of USA’s sovereign credit risk tells you all you need to know about Yellen and her inane sponsorship of Bidenomics… wrecking America’s financial situation – evidenced by UST yields are rising along with USA sovereign risk’s sudden surge…… And, as Rabobank’s Michael Every noted, it appears Yellen is at it again based on yesterday’s announcement on Treasury’s borrowing target (and the make-up of that debt issuance being more bill-based once again)… Yes, more bill issuance might take upwards pressure off longer-dated bond yields…. However, Yellen would be doing it to splurge on spending over the next 12 months to try to ensure she stays in the job for another 62.”

World War III Watch: Yemen’s Houthi Officially Declares War on Israel, Launches Large-Scale Ballistic and Drone Strikes – – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/world-war-iii-watch-yemens-houthi – “In an alarming development, the Iranian vassal state of Yemen, run by Tehran’s Houthi proxy group, has officially declared war on Israel…. Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi currently controls the country’s capital Sanaa, and all of the former North Yemen except eastern Marib Governorate…. Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces and also the spokesperson for Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, announced that they have launched massive military strikes against Israeli targets in the “occupied territories.”… In response to the missile strikes, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been on high alert. They reported the successful interception of a surface-to-surface missile in the vicinity of the Red Sea…. “The [Israeli Air Force] intercepted a surface-to-surface missile in the area of the Red Sea. This is the first operational interception by the Arrow Aerial Defense System since the beginning of the war. An additional aerial threat was successfully intercepted by IAF fighter jets in the area this morning. No infiltrations into Israeli territory were identified.”… The @IAFsite intercepted a surface-to-surface missile in the area of the Red Sea. This is the first operational interception by the Arrow Aerial Defense System since the beginning of the war…. An additional aerial threat was successfully intercepted by IAF fighter jets in the…… — Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) October 31, 2023… The Yemeni armed forces have not only claimed responsibility for these attacks but have also issued a warning that such assaults on Israeli soil will persist…. In a statement on Houthi-owned Al-Masirah TV, Saree announced that the Yemeni Armed Forces launched ballistic missiles and drones against targets in Israel…. Additionally, there are reports suggesting that the Iranian-backed Houthis had previously launched a missile directed at Israel approximately ten days ago. This missile was intercepted by the American military…. “With the help of God Almighty, our [Yemeni] armed forces launched a large number of ballistic and winged missiles, as well as drones at various targets of the #Israeli enemy in the occupied territories,” said Saree during the televised announcement.”

Eye Drops That May Blind Users Recalled; Sold At CVS, Target, Rite Aid – By Tyler Durden – By Patch.com – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/eye-drops-that-may-blind-users-recalled – “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said the products were marketed under CVS, Target and Rite Aid brands, as well as Velocity Pharma and Leader and Rugby, both under Cardinal Health…. “Patients who have signs or symptoms of an eye infection after using these products should talk to their health care provider or seek medical care immediately,” a recall notice on the FDA’s website said…. Regulators said these products are meant to be sterile. Ophthalmic drug products potentially create a heightened risk of harm as they are applied directly to eyes and bypass some of the body’s natural defenses…. The FDA recommended that the manufacturer recall all lots Wednesday, Oct. 25, after investigators found unsanitary conditions in the manufacturing facility, and positive bacterial test results from environmental sampling of vital drug production areas in the facility…. Consumers should properly discard these products, the FDA said. That means taking them to a drug take-back site, or ensuring the eye drops aren’t included on the agency’s so-called “flush list.”… CVS, Rite Aid and Target are removing the products from shelves and websites. Products branded as Leader, Rugby and Velocity may still be available to buy in stores and online, but should not be purchased, the FDA warned…. The agency said it has not received any reports of eye infections associated with the eye drops…. Rite Aid confirmed to The New York Times it was removing applicable Rite Aid branded products from shelves. A CVS spokeswoman told the newspaper it “immediately stopped the sale in-store and online of all products supplied by Velocity Pharma within the CVS Health Brand Eye Products portfolio,” and that customers can return the eye drops for a refund…. Below are the affected products in the recall…. CVS Health… Lubricant Eye Drops 15 ml (single pack)… Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium Eye Drops 0.5% w/v… Lubricant Eye Drops 15 ml (twin pack)… Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium Eye Drops 0.5% w/v… Lubricant Gel Drops 15 ml (single pack).”

After Two Years, There’s Still No Law Enforcement Report on Former Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan’s Trading Like a Hedge Fund Kingpin – – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/after-two-years-theres-still-no-law – Etienne Note: This article also appears in “Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed, A digest of HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of articles exposing and suggesting inter-generational organized crime’s control of the “Government,” Media and Academia by the Art of Liberty Foundation. You can view the other articles or subscribe on Telegram: https://t.me/Government_Scams... “To understand how truly bizarre and alarming the trading scandal case involving former Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan is, some important background is necessary:… Kaplan didn’t just trade in and out of stocks while a voting member of the interest-rate setting committee of the Fed (known as the Federal Open Markets Committee or FOMC); Kaplan also traded in and out of $1 million+ lots of S&P 500 futures. That is astonishing; unprecedented; and lacks any viable justification for a sitting Fed official.  (See Kaplan’s financial disclosure forms from 2015 through 2020 while employed at the Dallas Fed.) Kaplan resigned from the Dallas Fed in September 2021, the same month that the trading scandal went viral in the news…. S&P 500 futures allow an individual to trade almost around the clock from Sunday evening to Friday evening, unlike stock exchanges in the U.S. which are open only on weekdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET. S&P 500 futures gave Kaplan access to making directional bets on where the market would go after the stock market closed, which is typically when the Fed makes market-moving announcements. The most popular and liquid S&P 500 futures contract is the E-mini. A trader can obtain as much as 95 percent leverage on this contract – far more than the 50 percent leverage that is available for stock trades…. Kaplan was a sophisticated Wall Street veteran who would have known how to turn inside information at the Fed into highly profitable trades. Kaplan had worked at Goldman Sachs for 22 years, rising to the rank of Vice Chairman. As such, he would have certainly understood that the type of trading he was doing while employed as President of the Dallas Fed could subject him to an investigation for insider trading. (Goldman Sachs has declined to tell Wall Street On Parade if Kaplan did his trading at Goldman Sachs. The fact that Kaplan lists proprietary products from Goldman Sachs as “GS” on his financial disclosure forms that he filed while employed at the Dallas Fed suggests that he did at least some of his trading through Goldman Sachs.).”

Supercritical CO2 pilot aims to make steam turbines obsolete – By Loz Blain – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/supercritical-co2-pilot-aims-to-make – “Steam turbines still produce most of the world’s power, but supercritical carbon dioxide promises to be much cheaper, and 10% more efficient as a medium than water, using 10X smaller turbines. A US$155-million pilot plant is now complete in San Antonio…. Ribbons were cut at the Supercritical Transformational Electric Power (STEP) pilot plant in Texas on October 27 as it was declared “mechanically complete” by project partners Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), GTI Energy, GE Vernova, and the U.S. Department of Energy…. The device in the image above is the world’s first supercritical carbon dioxide turbine. Roughly the size of a desk, is a 10-megawatt turbine capable of powering around 10,000 homes. Ten megawatts is pretty small potatoes in the energy business, but to do it with a turbine this tiny? That could prove to be a revolutionary feat…. Carbon dioxide goes supercritical when the temperature and pressure are above about 31 °C (88 °F) and 74 bar (1,070 psi), respectively. At this point, it stops acting like a gas or a liquid, and instead starts acting something like a gas with the density of a liquid. Past this point, relatively small changes in temperature can cause significant changes in density…. Water can of course go supercritical too – it just takes a lot more energy, requiring a temperature and pressure over 373 °C (703 °F) and 220 bar (3,191 psi)…. The properties of this supercritical CO2 fluid make it ideal for energy extraction in a closed-loop system, and back in 2016, General Electric announced it would start building a pilot plant to prove the idea in a commercially relevant installation, expecting to achieve 10 MW at an extraction efficiency of 50% – around 10% better than current steam turbines, which operate in the mid-40s – using a turbine about one-tenth the size…. Such a turbine could significantly reduce the capital cost of setting up any power generator reliant on heat and turbines; not only will the smaller turbines be cheaper, but they’re so much more compact that you’ll need less land for a given power plant. It’d also produce more power from a given heat source, and by default reduce the per-unit carbon emissions even of coal and gas-based generators.”

Report Sheds Light On NATO Crimes In Europe: Murders, Rapes, and Pedophile Networks – – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/report-sheds-light-on-nato-crimes – “(Foundation to Battle Injustice) Human rights defenders of the Foundation to Battle Injustice have collected facts and evidence shedding light on the atrocities that NATO soldiers have committed and continue to commit in the occupied territories of Europe. The Foundation’s investigation made it possible to find out which of the high-ranking officials of the Alliance is involved in the organization of pedophile networks in EU countries. Thanks to information and materials obtained from sources close to NATO, the Foundation to Battle Injustice found out the details of the revival of the secret Gladio program, which previously operated under the auspices of the North Atlantic Alliance. According to the Foundation and its sources, this program poses a serious danger to some prominent European politicians and EU citizens…. Contrary to popular myth, the beginning of the NATO bloc was laid not by the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty in April 1949, but by the landing of the US and British armies on the territory of Italy and France in 1942-1944. Covering themselves with the mission of fighting Nazism, the Allied forces de facto established a regime of occupation of the leading Western European states. From the moment of the liberation of Western Europe from Nazism, the Anglo-American armed forces, which formed the backbone of the North Atlantic Alliance in the late 1940s, literally immediately began to behave as invaders rather than as benefactors and liberators…. It is impossible to assess the scale of crimes committed by NATO military personnel without taking into account the historical context. By the end of the Second World War, about 1.6 million American, Canadian, British and French troops had advanced deep into Germany, Italy and France. Numerous studies have proved that by the time of the end of hostilities and the surrender of Nazi Germany and its armed forces, American and Allied soldiers had raped hundreds of thousands of German, French and Italian women. Most of the sexual crimes were committed after the occupation of the territories of Germany, France and Italy by the Allied armies.”

Boston Children’s Hospital given $1.4 MILLION in taxpayer money for child sex changes – By Katie Daviscourt – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/boston-childrens-hospital-given-14 – “The state of Massachusetts issued a $1.4 million reimbursement to Boston Children’s Hospital for providing sex change procedures to minors, according to records obtained by the Daily Caller.The children’s hospital performed 204 “gender-affirming surgeries” on minors between 2017 to 2020, which included 65 chest surgeries. The youngest patient was 15-years-old, records show. The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) of Massachusetts told the outlet that the more than one million dollar reimbursement was for the hospital’s “gender transition services” between 2015 and 2023. The services provided included surgical procedures, prescription drugs, therapies, physician and hospital services, and inpatient and outpatient treatments.Boston Children’s Hospital came under fire in 2022 after it was revealed that it performs sex change procedures on minors. The world-renowned hospital proudly boasts that it became the first in the country to create a pediatric and adolescent transgender health program. However, due to backlash, the hospital removed its webpage which included videos about sex change surgeries, gender dysphoria, and steps on how to talk to family and friends about wanting to transition, according to the outlet…. While the hospital removed the website, it has been archived and the hospital explains when parental or nonparental consent is needed to transition genders.The hospital requires patients as young as 15 years of age who want to have top surgery to have parental consent or a letter from a “medical doctor or nurse practitioner stating that you have ‘persistent, well documented, gender dysphoria,'” the website states.Patients ages 17 can receive vaginoplasty without parental consent, but the hospital will not perform penis construction surgeries (phalloplasty or a metoidioplasty) until they reach 18 years of age.Boston Children’s Hospital currently offers a “Transgender Reproductive Health” program which includes “gender-affirming hysterectomies” on patients when they reach the age of 18, and provides resources to trans-identified biological teenagers on how they can get the appearance of a vagina by using duct tape for “safe tucking.”Sex change procedures have tripled over the years with data from the JAMA Network medical journal showing that Americans between the ages of 12 to 40 seeking gender transition treatments between 2016 and 2019 jumped from 4,552 to 13,011. More than 3,000 of those are minors that sought out sex changes, according to the outlet. As a result of the increase in child multilation at the hands of the radical gender ideology movement, Republican-controlled states have banned or are working to ban sex change procedures for minors.”

Blacklisting and Censorship Violates Freedom of Thought, Speech and Conscience – By Barbara Loe Fisher – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/blacklisting-and-censorship-violates – “This is a commentary about a special report that was researched and written on the systematic abuse of parents with vaccine injured children and the silencing of information published by NVIC… Entitled “The Silencing of Barbara Loe Fisher and the National Vaccine Information Center in the Digital Public Square: A Violation of Freedom of Thought, Speech and Conscience,” the report is anchored with more than 300 live linked references… In my report, I take the reader on a chronological step-by-step journey from 1982 through 2023, giving an overview of the history of the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in America against the backdrop of the creation of a global mass vaccination infrastructure facilitated by public-private business partnerships encouraged and funded by Congress… I have connected the dots so the reader can appreciate the scope and influence of the great wealth and political power held by those who have built the spider web of a global infrastructure institutionalizing censorship of freedom of thought, speech and conscience about vaccination and health, especially in the new digital public square… Please read my report and share it with everyone you know. Join NVIC’s mission and take action to educate your friends, family and community about vaccination, health and autonomy… Freedom of thought, speech and conscience are inalienable natural1 and civil rights recognized in America and in countries where respect for autonomy2 and protection of bodily integrity3,4,5 places limits on the power of the state. Under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Americans have the legal right to peacefully dissent and “petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”6… The freedom to use our intelligence and follow our conscience7,8,9 is absolute when we make a decision that involves taking a risk of injury or death for ourselves or on behalf of our minor child,10 and the freedom to speak in the digital public square about what that means should be absolute as well.”

Did Liberalism Fail? – By Robert W Malone MD, MS – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/did-liberalism-fail – “Today, Jill and I are in Los Angeles for a press conference regarding legal options available to parents who object to school mandated modified-mRNA injection of their children. We have some important essays in development, but under the tyranny of the urgent have turned to re-posting an important essay just published at the Brownstone Institute under a creative commons. As we both read the essay this morning, we were struck by how closely the author’s (Toby Rogers) thinking aligns with our own. I hope that his provocative essay triggers you to critique and expand on his points in the comments section…. Toby Rogers has a Ph.D. in political economy from the University of Sydney in Australia and a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of California, Berkeley. His research focus is on regulatory capture and corruption in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Rogers does grassroots political organizing with medical freedom groups across the country working to stop the epidemic of chronic illness in children. He writes about the political economy of public health on his Substack titled “uTobian”…. by Toby Rogers… if we are going to survive we need a coherent political philosophy. I’m not convinced that we have one right now. In the movement for medical freedom we’ve gotten really good at describing the current crisis and critiquing the other side. But our platform seems to be: ‘Please stop poisoning and killing us.’ If that were enough, we would have already won by now…. Underneath our pleas for bodily autonomy, I think that we’re actually arguing for a return to political and economic liberalism (free people and free markets). But I think that we need to have a conversation about the limitations and contradictions of that approach. The question I would like for us to discuss is…… Let’s start by defining some terms:… Liberalism has two branches — political liberalism and economic liberalism…. Most everyone likes political liberalism (or at least they did, before Covid).”

Joe Biden Snagged Another $40K In ‘Laundered’ Chinese Money From Brother’s CEFC Payment: Comer – By Tyler Durden – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/joe-biden-snagged-another-40k-in – `Etienne Note: This article also appears in “Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed, A digest of HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of articles exposing and suggesting inter-generational organized crime’s control of the “Government,” Media and Academia by the Art of Liberty Foundation. You can view the other articles or subscribe on Telegram: https://t.me/Government_Scams… Remember when Democrats insisted that Trump was compromised by Russia because of some alleged loan he had in the early 90’s according to ‘several sources with knowledge’ (who never materialized)?… The same Democrats – and the same media, are of course dead silent over what’s now grown to $240,000 in laundered Chinese that ended up in Joe Biden’s pocket via his brother. We know, we know – huge shock…. On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee revealed that President Biden received $40,000 in Chinese funds which were “laundered” through his brother, James Biden, in a “complicated financial transaction” marked as a ‘loan,’ which took place just weeks after Hunter Biden threatened the Chinese with his father’s wrath in a July 30, 2017 text message to a CEFC China Energy employee…. The alleged 2017 transfer from first brother James Biden to the future president involves the same business deal in which Joe Biden was called the “big guy” and penciled in for a 10% cut — and would be the first proven instance of the commander-in-chief getting a piece of his family’s foreign income…. The money ended up in Joe Biden’s bank account on Sept. 3, 2017, via a check labeled “loan repayment” from his younger brother, who partnered with Hunter in the venture. -NY Post… ‘Remember when Joe Biden told the American people that his son didn’t make money in China?” asked Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) in a video posted to X.’  ‘Well, not only did he lie about his son Hunter making money in China, but it also turns out that $40,000 in laundered China money landed in Joe Biden’s bank account in the form of a personal check’.”

MSU Professor Mark Skidmore was exonerated by MSU; his landmark paper showing over 250,000 killed by the COVID vaccine is now back in the peer-reviewed literature – Etienne de la Boetie2 – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/cp/138512076 – `Check out our monograph: Solving Covid – The Covid 19 Vaccine Drug Scam Timeline at https://artofliberty.substack.com/p/solving-covid-the-covid-19-eugenics and its companion article: The Covid 19 Suspects and Their Ties to Eugenics and Population Control/Reduction at https://artofliberty.substack.com/p/the-covid-19-suspects-and-their-ties to understand who is behind “The Covid” – Etienne de la Boetie2 … “Mark Skidmore wrote a paper that showed that 217,000 Americans were killed in 2021 by the COVID vaccine. … The journal retracted the article and Mark’s university commenced a 7-month investigation into unethical behavior by Professor Skidmore…. Today, I’m pleased to announce that Professor Skidmore has been exonerated on all charges and his paper, with some helpful additions suggested by Dr. Susan Oliver (and her dog, Cindy), has now been published in another peer-reviewed journal…. See this press release that Mark sent me. … The press release was drafted by the Liberty Counsel who was instrumental in defending Mark in the investigation by Michigan State University. If you want to support their work, please donate here…. Bottom line: After a 7-month ethics investigation, Michigan State University found that Mark did nothing wrong!… Note: What this really means is that they tried for 7 months to find something they could nail him on, and they failed…. COVID-19 Illness and Vaccination Experiences in Social Circles Affect COVID-19 Vaccination Decisions…. Here is an excerpt:… With these survey data, the total number of fatalities due to COVID-19 inoculation may be as high as 289,789 (95% CI: 229,319 – 344,319). The large difference in the possible number of fatalities due to COVID-19 vaccination that emerges from this survey and the available governmental data should be further investigated…. Let me translate that for you. Here’s the “plain English” version (my embellished interpretation):… “Our survey showed that there’s a good chance that 290,000 Americans (and maybe as many as 344,000) may have lost their lives due to taking the COVID vaccine and that’s in 2021 alone! That’s a lot of people and it’s a lot more than the US government claims. And for the record, this isn’t the only survey that found this. For example, the Rasmussen survey found a similar number of people were killed by the vaccine and the virus. So did other firms. So how come there isn’t an investigation to determine conclusively who is telling people the truth here? What’s wrong with you people? Instead of trying to censor the data, maybe it is high time we started talking about it so we can finally determine who is telling the truth and who is lying to you.”

TOP-6 EVTOLs | Future Electric Flying Taxis – By Freedomsphoenix Readerfour – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/top-6-evtols-future-electric-flying – “Dozens of new companies are fighting for the opening trillion dollar market (by 2035), developing their unique designs and entire ecosystems…. In this part – the leaders of the new industry, companies that received the most investments, and therefore have the greatest chance of success…. Top 6 electric flying taxis of the future for 2022.”

THEY LIED TO YOU!: NHS Director confirms Hospitals lied about Cause of Death to create illusion of COVID Pandemic – By The Explore – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/they-lied-to-you-nhs-director-confirms – “Before the alleged emergence of Covid-19, four types of pneumonia grouped together were the highest cause of death in the UK. … But a former Director of End-of-Life Care has confirmed that following the alleged emergence of Covid-19, a new Medical Examiner System to certify deaths was implemented which meant Medical Examiners were certifying ALL types of pneumonia deaths as Covid-19…. This means hospital staff were instructed to lie about the actual cause of death to create the illusion of a deadly pandemic and maintain a state of fear and fake crisis across society…. Sai, a former NHS Director of End-of-Life Care, wrote a Twitter thread which, amongst other things, gave a personal account of the changes to the system of reporting deaths implemented in the NHS:… “When four different diseases [are] grouped and now being called covid-19, you will inevitably see covid-19 with a huge death rate.  The mainstream media was reporting on this huge increase in COVID-19 deaths due to the Medical Examiner System being in place…. “Patients being admitted and dying with very common conditions such as old age, myocardial infarctions, end-stage kidney failure, haemorrhages, strokes, COPD and cancer etc. were all now being certified as COVID-19 via the Medical Examiner System…. “Hospitals were switching to and from the Medical Examiner System and the pre-pandemic system as [and] when they pleased. When covid-19 deaths needed to be increased, the hospital would switch to the Medical Examiner System.”.. In addition, ‘hospitals were incentivised to report covid-19 deaths over normal deaths, as the government was paying hospitals additional money for every covid-19 death that was being reported,’ Sai said. ‘I have no doubt in my mind, that the Government has planned the entire pandemic since 2016 when they first proposed the change to medical death certification.’.. You can read Sai’s thread on Twitter HERE or Thread Reader App HERE.  In the event it is removed from Twitter we have copied the thread below and attached a pdf copy at the end of this article. In the following, the number at the beginning of a paragraph relates to the number of the tweet within the thread.”

Is Jordan Peterson’s ARC WEF 2.0? – By The Explore – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/is-jordan-petersons-arc-wef-20 – “The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) which Jordan Peterson has said is an alternative to the apocalyptic World Economic Forum, has just held it’s inaugural conference at the O2 arena in London. The ARC (Alliance for Responsible Citizenship) conference that was attended by over 1500 people, set out to be an alternative to gatherings such as Davos and the World Economic Forum. However, the ARC according to David Icke, is blatant Pied Piper controlled opposition full of fake ‘alternatives’, investment bankers, globalists and elitists, and funded by the owners of fake ‘alternative’ GB News. Hijackers of the REAL alternative media now on public display…. This is ten months after Peterson announced on the Joe Rogan show on January the 27th 2023 that he’d been working with a group of people in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S. to organise a series of questions about how we might want to conduct ourselves and what we might want to happen collectively as we move forward in to the future. Peterson, said that “from the level of the individual all the way up to the level of the universal collective, Peterson claimed to want to know what kind of planet do we want to inhabit? Sounds a bit WEF to me…. Peterson’s vision for ARC “it is existentially perilous to insist upon the impending end of the world in this doomsaying manner — lest the ensuing panicked tyranny produce exactly the result that is, in principle, most feared.” … Peterson uses a lot of religious themes and keywords, starting with the ARC obviously, but he said this is not something he wanted to bring across in the ARC narrative…. “We at the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship, we at ARC do not believe that humanity is necessarily and inevitably teetering on the brink of apocalyptic disaster. We do not believe that we are beings primarily motivated by lust for power and the desire to dominate. We do not regard ourselves or our fellow citizens as destructive forces living in an alien relationship to the pristine and pure natural world. We posit instead that men and women of faith and decisiveness made in the image of God.” says Jordan “give em hell” Peterson. Who clearly failed in keeping religious, apocalyptic themes out of his monologue…”

“A Disaster Guaranteed To Happen” – Japan’s Slow-Motion Train Wreck – by Tyler Durden – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/a-disaster-guaranteed-to-happen-japans – “Japan is in the midst of a slow-motion train wreck. The country has a massive national debt and it is starting to feel the pressure of rising interest rates. In his podcast, Peter Schiff talked about the situation in Japan and pointed out some disturbing parallels to what’s happening in the US…. The Japanese yen against the dollar has fallen to the lowest level in more than 20 years. The yen is tanking because of the ongoing money creation program by the Japanese central bank. It is still running quantitative easing in order to support its bond market…. The national debt in Japan is around $9 trillion. That is well over 200% of the country’s GDP. Interest payments on the debt make up about a quarter of the country’s government expenditures. But that’s with extremely low bond yields. If yields were to increase to 4%, the debt payment would grow larger than the current expenditures for the entire government. Peter called it a “slow-motion train wreck.” Obviously, this is a disaster not just waiting to happen, but it is guaranteed to happen.”

The Japanese central bank carefully controls bond yields. It is currently targeted at 100 basis points. While still a low yield in the big scheme of things, it is high for Japanese bonds. Peter said the problem is that 100 basis points aren’t going to work any better than 50…. Nobody in their right mind is going to lend the Japanese government money for 10 years for 1% when inflation is already 3% based on the way they measure. it.”… Ironically, the Japanese government and central bank view this higher inflation as a victory over “too low” inflation…. They’ve already lost. They’re not victorious over anything. Because, remember, low inflation was never the problem that Japan had. They had problems, but low inflation wasn’t one of them. But now they have a high inflation problem. This is a real problem, especially when you have as much debt as the Japanese government does, and the market is starting to adjust because interest payments are going to skyrocket.”

The Plastic Heat Map – By RAW EGG NATIONALIST – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/the-plastic-heat-map – “A comprehensive new open-access database reveals just how much we already understand about the damaging effects of plastic chemicals on human health — and just how much we don’t know…. Since the 1960s at least, there have been thousands of studies of the effects of plastics and plastic chemicals on human health. Identifying, let alone accessing, all of these studies is a monumental task in itself, and that’s before we even get down to the vital business of trying to draw together all the different findings in a comprehensible way that allows us to do something about the plastic problem…. Thankfully, the good people at the Minderoo Foundation have created an open-access database called the Plastic Heat Map that contains the findings of 3,500 studies on plastic chemicals published between 1961 and 2002. My hope for the project is that it will finally allow people to build a comprehensive and indisputable case that many, if not most, of the chemicals involved in the manufacture of plastics are harmful to us, and that this, in turn, will help us to raise awareness, get many of these chemicals banned or more tightly regulated and clean up the environment…. The researchers behind the project began by identifying a significant subset of chemicals involved in the manufacture of plastics. Experts believe there may be as many as 10,500 or more chemicals involved in the manufacture of plastics today. The researchers took around 1500 of these chemicals and collected all the papers they could on them. The chemicals chosen include bisphenols, PFAS, flame retardants and phthalates…. You can use the database to build complex “maps” of chemicals, cross-referencing and plotting chemicals by type, health outcomes and geography, as well as adding in other variables like year of publication, population and the age of research subjects…. Another valuable contribution of the creation of this database is to highlight the extent of our ignorance about plastics. As I said earlier, there are maybe 10,500 chemicals involved in the manufacture of plastics today. The researchers discovered that, of the sample of 1500 they chose to investigate, just 30% have been investigated for health impacts. As the researchers say in an accompanying journal article for the project (link at the bottom).”

17 Attorneys General and Two Claimants File Objections to JPMorgan Chase’s Tricked Up Settlement with Jeffrey Epstein Victims – By Pam Martens and Russ Martens – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/17-attorneys-general-and-two-claimants – Etienne Note: This article also appears in “Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed, A digest of HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of articles exposing and suggesting inter-generational organized crime’s control of the “Government,” Media and Academia by the Art of Liberty Foundation. You can view the other articles or subscribe on Telegram: https://t.me/Government_Scams… “The Attorneys General of 16 states and Washington, D.C. are challenging the settlement crafted by Big Law firm WilmerHale on behalf of JPMorgan Chase and by the high-profile lawyer, David Boies, on behalf of the sex-trafficked victims of the late Jeffrey Epstein…. The class action settlement agreement was filed with the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York in June. The court set a date of November 9 for the final Fairness Hearing – a legal requirement for class action settlements where the court must hear from any objectors impacted by the agreement. Depending on the strength of those objections, the Court could decide to reject the settlement as not “fair, adequate and reasonable” as required under Rule 23 for class actions, and ask the parties to go back to the drawing board…. The state Attorneys General filing the objection with the court represent two states where much of Epstein’s sex trafficking of minors occurred – New York and New Mexico – as well as those from Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah and Vermont. Noticeably absent is the Attorney General for Florida, the state where Epstein was able to turn local underage school girls into his sex slaves for years and get a sweetheart 13-month work release deal from prosecutors…. Under the federal law known as the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), Attorneys General have the right to bring claims on behalf of sex trafficked victims. The language in the JPMorgan Chase settlement proposes to extinguish those rights according to the State Attorneys General. ”

The Great Reset Part 1: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – By Simon Elmer – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/the-great-reset-part-1-the-four-horsemen – “The Wikipedia entry for the Great Reset, the first part of which is quoted in a blue panel as a corrective to any mention or discussion of this term on YouTube, reads as follows:… The Great Reset Initiative is an economic recovery plan drawn up by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project was launched in June 2020, with a video featuring the then Prince of Wales Charles released to mark its launch. The initiative’s stated aim is to facilitate rebuilding from the global COVID-19 crisis in a way that prioritizes sustainable development…. The initiative triggered a range of diverse conspiracy theories spread by American far-right and conservative commentators on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Such theories include that the COVID-19 pandemic was created by a secret group in order to seize control of the global economy, that lockdown restrictions were deliberately designed to induce economic meltdown, or that a global elite was attempting to abolish private property while using COVID-19 to enslave humanity with vaccines…. I am not an American, have never belonged to any far-right organisation, my views are not conservative with either a big or a little ‘c’, and I have published a number of articles arguing against the conspiracy theory of history; but I have also argued that a virus with the infection fatality rate of seasonal influenza never constituted anything approaching a ‘pandemic’; that lockdown restrictions were imposed not to induce the ‘meltdown’ of the economy but, to the contrary, to insulate the real economy from the $12 trillion of quantitative easing created to bail out the collapsing financial sector between September 2019 and April 2022; and that, far from attempting to ‘abolish’ private property, the stakeholder model of capitalism promoted by the World Economic Forum and implemented by its corporate partners under the umbrella of ‘sustainable development goals’ is designed to privatise national assets, natural resources and, ultimately — as Klaus Schwab openly advocates — the existing system of governance in the West.”

MASSIVE: Secret Storage of Baby Blood Spots & 23andMe New Data Licensing – By Freedomsphoenix Readerfour – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/massive-secret-storage-of-baby-blood – “A new federal class-action-lawsuit has been filed against the state of New Jersey that accuses state health officials of violating millions of babies and parents constitutional rights by secretly storing the blood spots in “a creepy database” without their informed consent. Meanwhile the DNA genetic collection company 23andMe has just announced a collaboration extension with anew data licensing agreement with the vaccine manufacturer GSK. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers this latest bombshell information about secret government blood storage facilities and ties between Big Pharma and companies like 23andMe.”

BREAKING: Multiple New Jersey Dems charged with election fraud crimes involving mail-in ballots… – By BellaVita on revolver.news – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/breaking-multiple-new-jersey-dems – Etienne Note: I just covered how easy it is to hijack elections by mail-in ballot fraud and today we have TWO proven examples. Check out my article: Why (and How!) You Should Help Your Kids Steal Their Student Council Election here: The media and the uni-party regime have repeatedly assured us that our elections are “fair and free,” dismissing any notion or whisper of election fraud. And they claim that even if such fraud exists, it’s so insignificant that it couldn’t possibly sway a national election. Yet, it’s clear that a vast portion of the US population isn’t buying what the regime is peddling; as numerous polls show, a majority of Americans believe there was some form of cheating that impacted the 2020 election…. And now, with time bringing more clarity, we’re seeing an increasing number of fraud cases emerging across the country. In one instance, a judge in Connecticut recently ordered a new Democrat primary for a mayoral race, shining yet another spotlight on “ballot stuffing.”… READ MORE: Judge orders new election after ballot-stuffing video surfaces…… But this issue isn’t confined to Connecticut, Michigan, or any of the other states where serious election fraud has been exposed. A major story is now unfolding in New Jersey, where Democrat operatives have been arrested for election fraud involving mail-in ballots—the Dems’ new favorite tool…. Here’s what Collin Rugg reported on X:… NEW: Multiple New Jersey Democrats have been charged with election fraud crimes involving mail in ballots…. Paterson City Council President Alex Mendez was indicted for alleged crimes committed during the 2020 election…. Mendez allegedly supervised an operation that stole mail in ballots from mailboxes and replaced the ones that were not for him…. His wife and two others were also charged…. New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin says Mendez was seen emptying a “large, heavy bag, completely filled with ballots” into a mailbox…. ‘The defendants are accused of attempting to rig an election in their favor and to deprive the voters of Paterson of having their voices heard,’ Platkin said.”

Bridgeport Election Overturned After City Official Pleads 5th To Ballot Harvesting – By Tyler Durden – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/bridgeport-election-overturned-after – Etienne Note: I just covered how easy it is to hijack elections by mail-in ballot fraud and today we have TWO proven examples. Check out my article: Why (and How!) You Should Help Your Kids Steal Their Student Council Election here:  “In a 37-page ruling, Judge William Clark ordered a new Democratic primary based on 180 pieces of evidence presented by legal council for mayoral candidate John Gomes – who posted the following video to Facebook on September 16, and was seen by the court…. “Mr. Ganim was also correct to be ‘shocked’ at what he saw on the video clips in evidence that were shown to him while he was on the witness stand,” wrote Judge Clark, referring to incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim. “The videos are shocking to the court and should be shocking to all the parties.”… Ganin was one the many city officials called to the Fairfield Judicial District Superior Courthouse for questioning, along with Wanda Geter-Pataky, vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee and operations specialist for the city, and Eneida Martinez, a former City Council member accused by Gomes of stuffing ballot dropboxes…. At the witness stand, Ganim told the court he was “shocked” by an 18-minute video – subpoenaed by Gomes from Bridgeport police – that appeared to show 12 instances of Geter-Pataky either depositing stacks of ballots herself or handing ballots to others from behind her reception desk, and four instances of Martinez dropping off ballots…. Asked about the footage during the hearings, both Geter-Pataky and Martinez asserted their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination . Ganim, who appeared to win the primary by 250 votes after a count of absentee ballots, denied any involvement in the alleged fraud. -CT Examiner… Under Connecticut state law, absentee ballots may only be submitted by the applicant, a family member, a police officer, an election official or a caretaker. According to Clark, the footage is direct evidence that state law was violated when “unauthorized partisans” engaged in ballot stuffing.”

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Proposed Declaration of Need for Self-Defense Against Israel – Scott Ritter

Originally posted at the Telegram Channel of Vanessa Beeley – https://t.me/VanessaBeeley, Oct.28, 12:01 PM

“In light of the US veto of a ceasefire resolution in the UN Security Council, and noting that the UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly voted in favor of an immediate ceasefire that Israel is ignoring, and further noting that the Israeli Defense Force is actively carrying out military operations in Gaza that can only be described as genocidal, and further noting that the Israeli Defense Force is actively preparing to expand the scope and scale of its regional aggression, it is time for Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran, along with any other like-minded nations, to declare that Israeli actions in Gaza and in general represent an imminent risk to the security of all Palestinian people, and the Middle East as a whole and, in light of this threat, that a collective security arrangement is being entered to by Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran which, under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, will initiate preemptive self defense operations against Israel with the goal of neutralizing the threat posed by Israel to Gaza, the Palestinian people, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and the Middle Eastern region as a whole.
Hezbollah and Syria should immediately begin military operations designed to relieve the pressure from Gaza and the West Bank by seeking to expel Israel from the Golan Heights and Shebaa Farms, and occupy northern Israel. Hezbollah and Syria should begin a general bombardment of Israeli leadership and military targets, with an emphasis on destroying Israeli airfields and military concentrations. Iran should refrain from attacking unless Israel escalates by bombing civilian targets in Lebanon and/or Syria, or if the United States enters the conflict on the side of Israel. If either or both of the conditions arises, Iran should use the totality of its longe-range strike capabilities to neutralize US military capabilities in the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean Sea, and to eliminate Israeli military capabilities to project power outside the borders of Israel. Pakistan should announce as formal policy that it will retaliate with nuclear weapons against Israel should Israel use a nuclear weapon. All military operations will continue until which time either Israel is defeated or Israel agrees to unconditionally adhere to the will of the United Nations General Assembly regarding the implementation of a ceasefire.
Of course, this will never happen, which is why Israel will probably end up prevailing over the long run.
This is the time for decisive action to eliminate the threat of Israel to the collective security of the Middle East.
Golda Meir forever regretted not launching a preemptive attack against Egypt and Syria in 1973.
Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran will likewise regret not launching a preemptive strike against Israel now.”

Scott Ritter

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The Severely Persecuted Mark Grenon Speaks about the Lawless Treatment of Him and His 3 Sons

Unveiling Injustice: A Call for Urgent Review – Oct. 18, 2023
Why is America in the State it is in Today? – Part 26 (Judicial Injustice) – by Bishop Mark Grenon of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. Mark is now locked up in Federal Prison by the Ultra-Corrupt U.S. Court system. This is essentially for helping people to heal with Chlorine Dioxide, a simple molecule forbidden by the conspiracy of Pharma Corporations and the Federal so-called “Agencies” which are supposed to regulate Big Pharma. Mark has been imprisoned for over 1,170 days, and faces a drastic sentence of another 5 years.

The Following is Mark’s article: “Last Friday, my three sons and I were brought in front of Judge Cecilia Altonaga, the Chief Justice of the Federal Southern District of Florida for sentencing. The sentencing was based on a guilty verdict from a trial that we DID NOT participate in for a number of reasons in July of this year. Here is some of the reasons why we DID NOT participate: #1, The MAIN reason why was the FACT that we demanded a 7th Amendment, “trial by jury” under Common Law which is the RIGHT of every man and women as Americans. In Fact, “Common” Law is Natural Law which is based on God’s Law that applies to everyone on this earth! (The trial that took place was NOT a Common Law Trial)… #2, The MAXIM of Common Law demands a “valid” claim be filed by a man or woman that we had harmed. ( A “valid” claim was never brought forth at the trial even to this date!) See also Deuteronomy 19:15-21… #3, The court we were in was completely disregarding Supreme Court Decisions in regard to the Supreme law of the land, the Constitution, and basing the life changing decisions of men and women on codes, statutes, regulations, guidelines and NOT REAL LAW!.. Look at the following Supreme Court  and lower court decisions that are clearly stated but ignored!.. Note: I read these to the judge that day as a man defending himself and the judge said because I didn’t have a law degree she would not consider what I was reading. I told her that I have the right to defend myself and I can read, comprehend without having a law degree what these decisions say. She DENIED ALL my objections!.. * US. Supreme Court Decision: “The common law is the real law, the supreme law of the land, the codes, rules, regulations, policy and statutes are not law” Self v Rhey… Note: The whole attack against my sons and I was started from a “code” (“Regulations”) of the FDA and the DOJ was used to enforce this unconstitutional code!.. * Another Supreme Court Decision states “All codes, rules and regulations are for government authorities ONLY (emphasis mine) not humans/creators in accordance with God’s laws. All codes, rules and regulations are unconstitutional and lack due process” Rodriquez v Ray Donovon 1985 ( A 5th Amendment violation of “due process”?).. * “Every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature (i.e. Common/Natural law emphasis mine). He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellow man without his consent” (Cruden V Neale)… (We did not consent to any of the court proceedings)… * Look at what the Supreme Court warned the people of America back in 1956! Is this happening today?.. “Because of what appears to be lawful commands (Statutory rules, regulations and codes, ordinances and restrictions) on the surface, many citizens, because of their respects for what appears to be law, are cunningly coerced in wavering their rights, due to ignorance, deceptive practices, constructive fraud, barratry, legal plunder, conversion, and malicious prosecution in inferior administrative courts” United States V Minker (1956)… #4, I kept referring to U.S. v Booker and objected as the prosecution spoke about my sentence needing to be the maximum which he wanted to be between 292 to 365 months which is 24 to 30 years! Judge Altonaga denied my objections! U.S. v Booker clearly states that evidence that was not proven in a trial cannot be used during sentencing. The prosecution was allowed to continue as I kept repeatedly objecting!.. Note: Again it was NOT proven in the trial that we harmed another man or woman and there was NO CLAIM brought forth in trial or at sentencing yet we have to pay “restitution”! To whom the U.S. govt? Did we harm them?.. #5, I mentioned to the judge THE FACT that my sons and I do NOT have a criminal record whatsoever which she did NOT consider in the sentencing due to the fact that it should be a reduction and she gave all of us the maximum sentence!.. #6, I told the judge that we solicited the US Supreme Court to address the violation of our Constitutional Rights that was happening to us before the trial. As well as after the trial that took place and a guilty verdict sentenced, we again notified the US Supreme Court… Note. After the verdict was given we sent a habaeus corpus appeal to the 11th district court and their response was “Get a lawyer”! We also have NOT heard from the U.S Supreme Court either! You see the judicial injustice here? Is the Judicial branch of Govt. weaponized against it’s own people?.. #7, I asked the judge how she could justify going forward with sentencing when we NEVER were given a 7th Amendment  “Trial by Jury” we demanded and there has NEVER been a valid claim brought forth? She ignored what I said!.. #8, Judge Altonaga sentenced me to 60 months which was the max by the statutory limitations she had to follow in the original charge of conspiracy… Note: The two charges of contempt I did have were dropped ONLY because of the Treaty the U.S has with Colombia when extraditing anyone to the States that was looking at a life sentence or I would have had a life sentence! In fact, when I arrived in July of 2022, Judge Altonaga said to me that she could give me TWO LIFE SENTENCES!.. Was she trying to get me to get a lawyer? Trying to force me to make a plea deal? Scare me? Is a Judge supposed to be impartial and not be threatening or practicing “law” from the bench?.. #9, I then told the judge the reason why I always refer to myself as “a living man” and do NOT respond to Mr. Grenon or MARK SCOTT GRENON as the case is titled, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v MARK SCOTT GRENON case # 1:21cr20242 is because I am NOT that ALL CAPITAL NAME! I am though the beneficiary of that trust MARK SCOTT GRENON created soon after my birth when my mother signed the birth certificate form. The name my parents gave me was stolen and made into a Legal TRUST without my consent or agreement because I was an infant! I then stated, and you judge are a Trustee of that Legal Trust. I asked her to indemnify me the living man mark-scott of the grenon family for 5,000 dollars a day for 1152 days of being unlawfully imprisoned, cruel and unusual punishment, pain and suffering, and the crimes of “Personage” and “Barratry in the amount of 5,000,000 dollars. I asked Judge Altonaga to charge the Trust and indemnify me. I told her it was a yes or no answer. She responded by saying, “I will not answer you. That is a nonsensical question” I then asked her why was the name and the case all written in caps? She would NOT respond. Here the definition of those CRIMES that have been committed against my sons and I by the US Govt and the Federal Judges… “Personage” – The crime of knowingly misrepresenting a LIVING man or woman as a Legal Fiction – some form of corporation such as a TRUST, public utility or foundation… “Barratry” – The crime of knowingly bringing false claims and charges based on Personage in order to use FOREIGN Statutory law against a living man or woman. Yes, it is named after the BAR association for a good reason!.. #10, I have NOT mentioned the FACT that Judge Altonaga was asked by us in a past hearing to produce her oath and affirmation to support the Constitution which she did NOT answer us, which is a requirement for a judicial officer in Article 6 of the Constitution. Does she have one? If she does and did NOT support our Constitutional Rights then is she in violation of Rights under Color of Law under Title 18 Section 242 or Conspiracy Against Rights title 18 section 241? Those are Treasonous acts!.. If she did NOT make an oath or and affirmation to support the Constitution then why is she sitting as a judge sentencing me? Was I in an Unconstitutional court? Was it an administrative court run by a corporation using Statutory Law? Why does the DOJ have a DUNN and BRADSTREET number as a Corporation? Is that why she did NOT and could NOT give us a 7th Amendment Trial by Jury under Common Law? Why did Altonaga tell the jury the 1st Amendment did not apply here? So my RIGHT to the 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Amendments were violated?.. #11, Other questions we need answered: *Why weren’t we given a Fair and Speedy Trial according to the 6th amendment? We waited 3 years!.. * Why was the Persecution given a default judgement by Judge Kathleen Williams on the contempt charges against my sons? The default judgement of guilty was given to the prosecutor, “the court”, my sons not bring present? THEY WERE RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE COURT LOCKED UP AT FDC MIAMI! Why weren’t they brought in? Does that sound Just and Lawful to you?.. * Why was the criminal indictment not given for 9 months when I believe it has to be 30 days?.. * Why were my son Joseph and I held in Colombia for almost 2 years? To delay a fair and speedy trial or have an excuse to continue?.. * Why were my son Joseph and I sent to Texas for 3.5 months by Judge Altonaga for a competency evaluation when our first trial date was in September 2022 and my other two sons were supposed to be evaluated in Miami where we all were? She had already stated we were competent! Is that a delay tactic to not give us a fair and speedy trial?..  * Why was the media told that Joseph and I fled to Colombia after my sons Jonathan and Jordan were arrested in July 2020 when we had been living there for 9 years with residence since 2015?.. * Why weren’t any of us given bail or house arrest as non-violent and NO Valid claims against us?.. * Why have we been treated guilty without any victims that still have not come forward? Is it true that every man and women accused of a crime are innocent until proven guilty in the U.S? Or is this a Tyrannical government like Nazi Germany?.. * Why was my house raided at 6 in the morning in Colombia when I gave the US embassy my address and phone number in case anyone wanted to speak with me two weeks before we were being taken captive i.e. KIDNAPPED?.. * Why was the Colombian government paid approx. 1 million dollars to capture and hold us? There are many more questions we have and one day they all will be answered and the answers revealed for the world to know!.. The biggest question from last Friday’s sentencing is: * Why were my sons given 91 months 7.5 years for two contempt charges that should have been at most given 6 months to 1 year? The Prosecution asked the Judge to give them that sentence as a DETERRENT to stop anyone from doing what we were doing. Then Judge Altonaga added the 60 months for conspiracy charge for a total of 151 months or 12.5 years!.. You see the injustice here?.. Is the fraud being perpetuated by the corporate US government against it’s people really happening today by charging corporate Legal Trusts and acting like these trusts are living men and women and charging money to enrich themselves by the BIGGEST FRUAD ON EARTH? This is a crime of Personage and Barratry not to mention UNJUST and PURE EVIL and the people don’t even know what is happening to them. You decide? Read research and pray!

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Web Research Links for the Week of 10/23/23

Fair Use Notice: This site may contain some copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of vital issues which already exist in the public domain. – Note: These links are posted at the top of the page as the week progresses. Links from previous weeks can be found under the “Current Quicklinx” button.

The Wise And Brilliant Israel Apologist – by Caitlin Johnstone – https://www.caitlinjohnst.one/p/the-wise-and-brilliant-israel-apologist – “I used to be pro-Palestinian, you know. I thought Israel was wrong for carpet bombing Gaza and using siege warfare on civilians… But then I ran into a very wise Israel apologist who changed my way of looking at things forever… I was walking down the street and I saw him leaning against a lamp post, smoking a pipe as wise men do… “Your shirt says Free Palestine,” he said from behind a plume of smoke… “Yep!” I replied… “So I guess that means you love Hamas then?” spake he… I stopped in my tracks. I’d never thought of it that way before… Could it be? Could my opposition to murdering civilians really be indicative of a deep affection for a Gazan militant group? Maybe I really did love Hamas and think everything it did on October 7 was great and wonderful? – “Is this really how I want to live my life?” I thought to myself… “I — I — I…” I said out loud… “Or perhaps,” he said with a raised eyebrow, “you just HATE JEWS??” – I fell to my knees… Oh my God. He really had a point. What possible reason could anyone have for opposing military explosives being dropped on buildings full of children besides a seething lifelong hatred of adherents to the religion of Judaism? How could anyone possibly oppose siege warfare tactics which cut off civilians from food and water and electricity and fuel and medical supplies unless they harbored dangerously negative opinions about members of a small Abrahamic faith? – “Who… who are you?” I asked. – “That’s of no consequence,” he said, casually blowing a smoke ring through another larger smoke ring… “But… but the children,” I stammered as my entire worldview crumbled before my eyes. “The civilians! They’re dying! Isn’t it bad that they’re dying?” – And then he delivered the coup de grâce… “Have you considered,” he said before a pregnant pause, “… that all of those deaths are the fault of Hamas?” – It was like a 50 megaton nuclear explosion went off inside my brain… I fell flat on my back. The world was spinning. A trickle of blood ran down into my hair from my ear… I felt all the anti-colonialism leaving my body. I suddenly could no longer remember why I thought it was bad to rain down military explosives on a densely populated concentration camp… Everything went black… When I finally came to, the mysterious stranger was gone. But his wisdom and profound insights into Israel and Gaza will always live on in my heart.”

List of war crimes and crimes qualifying as genocide committed by Israel in Gaza between 7th & 14th October 2023 – by Yanis Varoufakis – https://www.yanisvaroufakis.eu/2023/10/15/list-of-war-crimes-and-crimes-qualifying-as-genocide-committed-by-israel-in-gaza-since-7th-october-2023/ – “Defenders of Israel’s bombing and invasion of Gaza have challenged me to offer a ‘chapter-and-verse’ list of war crimes that Israel has committed since the Hamas Offensive of 7th October. Here is an indicative, but not exhaustive, list. There is no doubt: Israel is investing in war crimes to effect its recapture and ethnic cleansing of Gaza while, at the same time, practising similar tactics in the West Bank and East Jerusalem… Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court – Genocide – Article 6(c): Deliberately inflicting on a group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part… Imposition of a complete siege of the Gaza Strip, totally depriving Gazans of electricity, food and fuel, and tightening even more the existing 16-year-old blockade thereof.[1] – Article 25(3)(c): For the purpose of facilitating the commission of such a crime, aids, abets or otherwise assists in its commission or its attempted commission, including providing the means for its commission… Israel purchases 10,000 riffles for Israeli settlers[2] – Article 25(3)(e): Directly and publicly Incites others to commit genocide – “We are fighting human animals, and we act accordingly” (Israel’s Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant)[3]War crimes – Grave breaches of the Wilful killings of the 1949 Geneva Conventions – Article 8(2)(a)(i): Wilful killing – Israel’s targeting of the “Shaban family home, killing all six members, two parents and their children”.[4]… Article 8(2)(a)(ii); Torture and inhuman treatment… Severe psychological suffering inflicted on Palestinians who, every night, without electricity, fear for their life as bombings continue[5]… Article 8(2)(a)(iii): Wilfully causing great suffering and serious injury to body and health… Combined effect of the partial blockade, the total block of Gaza and the war on the mental health of children: “children who survive wars do not emerge unscathed and can pay a high price psychologically, emotionally, or behaviourally”, including “symptoms of anxiety, depression and trauma”.[6] These traumas can go as far as “lack of interest in everyday life” and “nightmares are frequently experienced”, as well as bed-wetting.[7] In 2022, concerns were raised on the ability of children to cope with this situation and the rising number of suicidal thoughts.[8] While these patterns have been noticed and documented after the May 2021 Israeli military offensive against the Gaza Strip but before the one that arose on 7 October, they are still relevant for the purpose of this material. Indeed, this attack is far more devastating than the precedent, as the Palestinian death toll reaches now 1,900 Palestinians.[9] – Article 8(2)(a)(iv): Extensive destruction and appropriation of property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly… From 7 to 12 October 2023, “Israeli raids have destroyed thousands of housing units, and private and public properties”[10] – Article 8(2)(a)(vii): Unlawful deportation or transfer or unlawful confinement… 423,00 Palestinians “forced to flee their homes in Gaza due to the continuous and heavy indiscriminate Israeli strikes”. Subsequently, on 13 October 2023, Israel ordered the evacuation of “1,1 million Palestinians in Gaza”. [11]Other serious violations of the laws and customs applicable in international armed conflict, within the established framework of international law… Article 8(2)(b)(i)): Intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population as such or against individual civilians not taking direct part in hostilities… Entire families targeted and under the rubble: “[t]he Abou Dan family was holed up at home, in the Bureij camp in the center of the enclave. Everyone kept checking their phones to make sure that no message had been sent from the Israeli army telling them to evacuate their home. “There was no warning shot, no text message, nothing. All of a sudden, a bomb fell, then two,” said Ahmed Abou Dan over the phone”.[12]… Article 8(2)(b)(ii): Intentionally directing attacks against civilian objects, that is, objects which are not military objectives… Between 11 October midday and 12 October midday, “Israeli warplanes carried out dozens of airstrikes, destroying two houses in Beit Lahiya owned by the Nsair and Al-Bes families […]. They also targeted residential areas in Jabaliya, Al-Tawam, Al-Amoudi, and Al-Karama neighborhoods […].”[13]… Article 8(2)(b)(iii): Intentionally directing attacks against personnel, installations, material, units or vehicles involved in a humanitarian assistance or peacekeeping mission in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, as long as they are entitled to the protection given to civilians or civilian objects under the international law of armed conflict… At least “12 UNRWA employees have been killed since the start of hostilities.”[14]… Article 8(2)(b)(iv): Intentionally launching an attack in the knowledge that such attack will cause incidental loss of life or injury to civilians or damage to civilian objects or widespread, long-term and severe damage to the natural environment which would be clearly excessive in relation to the concrete and direct overall military advantage anticipated… From 11 October midday to 12 October midday, Israeli warplanes carried out dozens of airstrikes, alongside “intense shelling by filed artillery and naval vessels in Gaza District, targeting residential neighborhoods”, resulting in 78 Palestinians killed.[15]… Article 8(2)(b)(ix): Intentionally directing attacks against buildings dedicated to religion, education, art, science or charitable purposes, historic monuments, hospitals and places where the sick and wounded are collected, provided they are not military objectives… “The Israeli bombardment has rendered the Beit Hanoun hospital inoperative and damaged Al-Shifa hospital’s neonatal unit.”[16]… Article 8(2)(b)(xii): Declaring that no quarter will be given… “[a]ll the places where Hamas is deployed, hiding in and operating from […] we will turn them into rubble. I say to the residents of Gaza: Leave now because we will operate forcefully everywhere”.[17]… Article 8(2)(b)(xiv): Intentionally directing attacks against buildings, material, medical units and transport, and personnel using the distinctive emblems of the Geneva Conventions in conformity with international law… “Israel “directly targeted a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance in northern Gaza” on Wednesday, killing paramedics Khalil Al-Sharif, Yasser Al-Masri and Ahmed Dahman”[18]… Article 8(2)(b)(xviii): Employing asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases, and all analogous liquids, materials or devices… Israel’s use of white phosphorus on 10 and 11 October 2023[19]Article 8(2)(b)(xx): Employing weapons, projectiles and material and methods of warfare which are of a nature to cause superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering or which are inherently indiscriminate in violation of the international law of armed conflict, provided that such weapons, projectiles and material and methods of warfare are the subject of a comprehensive prohibition and are included in an annex to this Statute, by an amendment in accordance with the relevant provisions set forth in articles 121 and 123… Article 8(2)(b)(xxv): Intentionally using starvation of civilians as a method of warfare by depriving them of objects indispensable to their survival… “Imposing a total closure of the Strip amounts to a collective punishment of an unprecedented scale […]. All crossings between Gaza and Israel have been closed since Friday, 6 October. Since then, no people or goods have left or entered Gaza via Israel […].”[20]… War crimes are an everyday occurrence in the West Bank. From the Observer/Guardian: ‘They want revenge. They’re saying, either we die or you die’: West Bank residents fear rising tide of violence”

Mathematically, Financial System Is Going Down – Bill Holter (w/Video 44min)| by Greg Hunter –https://usawatchdog.com/mathematically-financial-system-is-going-down-bill-holter/ –  “Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter warned in August of financial trouble coming to America sooner than later.  He gave a long list that now includes a global war. Even without war, there is no stopping the financial fall that is coming. Central banks are, once again, the biggest buyers of gold this year. What is going on? Holter says, “The central banks fully understand the math behind the financial system of the West is broken.  The Western financial system cannot survive the math. . . .Once we got to 0% interest rates on the bottom, the rates could not go down any further, and the debt continued to pile up. The U.S. Treasury is going to be paying $1.5 trillion a year just in debt service. That number, a few years ago, had been around $400 billion a year. So, the debt service has quadrupled, and there are no more tricks in the bag… Holter thinks the Fed is being forced to prop up the dollar and explains, “They have to keep interest rates up; otherwise, the dollar is going to be sold.  You are already seeing that in the Treasury markets. . . . That is the reason you are seeing interest rates spike as hard as they have. We are up to about 5% on a 10-year Treasury. . . . Because interest rates are going higher, banks are losing deposits. JPMorgan Chase has lost over a quarter of a trillion dollars in deposits. The whole banking system has lost over a trillion dollars.” – Holter points out that interest rates were effectively 0% not that many years ago. That has changed dramatically with dramatic consequences. Holter says, “We are in the biggest bear market in credit in the history of the world. In other words, we have had more losses in the credit markets than there has ever been in the history of history. The credit bubble has popped.” – Holter goes on to say, “What happens to the dollar if an aircraft carrier goes down? The value of the U.S. dollar will absolutely collapse. The credit markets will collapse. I do not want to downplay a nuclear war. It is unthinkable, but if you just look at the financial markets, it’s system over. The system is done . . . . Without credit . . . Everything runs on credit. Everything you do and everything you buy runs on credit. If credit stops, the real economy completely stops. That’s where your ‘Mad Max’ scenario comes in. . . .Everything stops once credit stops.” – Holter thinks commercial real estate is a monster problem, and, now, with 8% 30-year mortgage rates, residential real estate is going to start tumbling. This is just one of many headwinds sinking the economy. Holter predicts, “Mathematically, from a financial standpoint only, forget about geopolitical events.  Mathematically, the financial system is going to come down. I think the odds are very good that this is going to happen before the end of this year. Add in the geopolitical events, and that’s just another spark that will create fire underneath the paper the system is.” – There is much more in the 44-minute interview.”

Gaza/Palestine “Conflict” – Major Related developments –  1) Partially truncated Tik Tok video from former IDF soldier who served on the Gaza boarder, saying that the “Hamas Invasion” was an inside job (false flag) – and for what?https://twitter.com/Tmason117/status/1716143635853410355 – As I suspected. Personally, I think the Palestinians are on the verge of being entirely ethnically cleansed from Palestine (the heart of “Eretz Israel”). – Sent to me by a friend… 2) “Wiping Gaza Off The Map”: Big Money Agenda. Confiscating Palestine’s Maritime Natural Gas Reserves – By Felicity Arbuthnot and Prof Michel Chossudovsky – https://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-gas-oil-and-trouble-in-the-levant/5362955Comment: IMO this is highly significant, and on a tight timeline for the Israeli government.

New Study: Fluoridated Water Weaken’s Children’s Bones – by fluoridealert – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/new-study-fluoridated-water-weakens – “For over fifty years, there have been concerns that fluoridated water and fluoride from other sources may weaken bones and increase the risk of bone fractures. To date, scientific studies have focused on bone fractures in the elderly, especially hip fractures in older women, which are a leading cause of disability and death. This week, the first scientific study of artificial water fluoridation and broken bones in children was published. The article’s title is “Community Water Fluoridation and Rate of Pediatric Fractures” (Lindsay et al 2023)… Researchers from Oregon Health & Science University found that US states with a high proportion of their population receiving fluoridated water averaged twice the rate of common types of childhood bone fracture as states with relatively little fluoridation. They also looked at the level of fluoride in the water and found that in the group of states with an average concentration of around 0.7 mg/L – the level used in artificial fluoridation – rates of child forearm fractures were 2.5 times greater than in the group of states with the lowest average concentration, which was about 0.4 mg/L… The study used nationwide bone fracture data from over 100,000 children aged 4 to 10 years old, at the state level, obtained from insurance records.  Water fluoridation information came from CDC public data. The authors concluded, “community water fluoridation proportion by both state and fluoridation levels are associated with the increased rate of fracture in children” – The graphs show highly significant large-magnitude associations between child forearm fractures and the percent of people fluoridated (left graph) and the average state water fluoride concentration (right graph)… While the study was a relatively simple design, based on state-level rather than individual-level exposure data, it raises new red flags about fluoride’s effect on skeletal development in young children… FAN’s Michael Connett predicted back in 2012, based on a study in Iowa, that fluoride may increase risk of bone fractures in children [Connett 2012aConnett 2012b]. The Iowa study found evidence of decreased Bone Mineral Density (BMD) in girls in fluoridated areas, especially cortical bone which is the outer layer that gives structural strength to long bones like those in the forearm. Connett said the finding was: “… particularly significant when considering that reductions in cortical bone density are a key mechanism by which fluoride can increase fracture rates.” – Twenty-one years ago, long before recent higher-quality studies became available, FAN’s Paul Connett made broader predictions of the effects of fluoridated water on bone.”

The Gaza Rebellion – an Alternative View – by Richard Hugushttps://truthcomestolight.com/the-gaza-rebellion/ – “The media magicians certainly know how to keep us guessing. From 9-11, to Covid, to Ukraine, and now Gaza — just as we were piecing together the puzzle of the last world-shaking event, a new one is thrown on the table. It’s as if there were scriptwriters whose job is to keep us on the edge of our chairs, so occupied with new dramas that we have no time to think.  The difference is, the story-makers here are using the real world as their stage… The October 7, 2023 Gaza rebellion against Israel has led to a whirlwind of discussion. Some speculate that it was a plan which would give Israel a justification to invade Gaza, which would in turn bring in Hezbollah, which would bring in Iran, which would bring the US and NATO to attack Iran, which would bring Russia in to defend Iran, and then China to defend Russia. In other words — World War III as a desired goal. This scenario involves secret societies with the power to orchestrate world events down through the centuries, as if they were gods. Indeed, many of the major players in the Great Reset have already shown that they feel that they are gods and can shape the world as they see fit. It will be a hard fall for them — the very definition of hubris, and of insanity… Others say October 7 was a successful prison break which caught the zionist entity completely off guard. In this scenario, the zionists will be desperate for revenge but will only be further humiliated when they invade Gaza on the ground. When this happens world opinion will be so horrified by the carnage that it withdraws all support, leaving the Palestinian resistance to force the child killers of the IDF into final defeat. The zionist project launched by Theodore Herzl in 1897 will then reach its shameful end. We can only hope… Still others say that Netanyahu is enough of a psychopath to bring all this about in order to maintain power. In this scenario, Netanyahu solves his domestic political problems with the diversions of martial law and war. But 80% of the Jewish population of Israel reportedly believe there is no way the security breach at Gaza could have happened without his connivance. This leads to a general lack of support for war, mass desertions from the military, and the end of Netanyahu. We will have to wait until next week’s episode to see whether it’s the Talmud-thumping Orthodox crazies or someone else who takes Netanyahu’s place… The Orthodox crazies also have a scenario — namely, the End Times, in which we will see the sacrifice of a red heifer, destruction of the Al-Aqsa mosque, construction of the Third Temple, blood sacrifices, the appearance of the long-awaited  Messiah, and a world ruled from Israel under Noahide law. Only hard-core viewers will be interested in this episode, but Christian zionists will certain to be watching because they are heavily into this scenario. These people are so impatient to see prophecy fulfilled that they can’t wait for God to carry it out, so they’re doing it themselves… It’s hard to miss the thread of Jewish involvement running through 9-11, the covid psy-op, Ukraine, and the push for wider war being made out of Gaza. Consider what history would have been like if we hadn’t been manipulated by patently obvious schemes carried out by Jewish actors. Wolfowitz and Perle would have been forced to drop their plan to attack a long list of Israel’s enemies. Albert Bourla and Rochelle Walensky would have been denied permission to inject poisonous “vaccines” into two thirds of the world’s population. Blinken, Nuland, and Zelensky would have been thrown out for betraying agreements to stop attacking the Donbass and to keeping Ukraine neutral.  Israel would have been forced to let up on Gaza and, for that matter, its entire project in Palestine. These steps could have prevented our reaching the dangerous situation we’re in today, yet tremendous effort was put in by these busy people to make sure war and suffering would go forward. Why is so much space being taken up by the needs and anxieties of such a small group? – For the sake of humanity, the world must stop the disasters Jewish messianism is drawing us into. Genocide is now being carried out in Gaza with the whole world watching. The resistance in Palestine and in the region have always had, and have now, every right to fight back. There is no equals sign between Palestinians and Israel. Israel is the oppressor; the Palestinians are the oppressed. Free Palestine!”

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants ATF Agents Arrested, Prosecuted After Raid On Gun Dealer – by Tyler Durden – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/oklahoma-lawmaker-wants-atf-agents – “Humphrey says that the document he filed – which he collaborated on with the Pushmataha County Sheriff’s office – focuses on the agents who raided the home of FFL holder Russell Fincher… According to the affidavit, the ATF agents should be investigated for extortion, terroristic threats and misuse of their authority as law enforcement officials, among other charges… What’s more, weeks after the raid the ATF sent Fincher a list of the 50 confiscated firearms, marked each one down to $10, and allegedly offered him the option of forfeitting them in exchange for a check… “When you abuse your law enforcement position, I think you ought to be arrested,” Humphrey told the Epoch Times… Fincher told the outlet: “I just want them to really investigate it,” adding “I feel like there’s no accountability for the ATF.” – An ATF spokesman, Ashley Stephens, told the outlet that the assertion that the ATF is confiscating guns for no reason or offering to sell them back to owners for pennies on the dollar is “a mischaracterization of what happened.”… More via The Epoch Times; Handcuffed in Front of Son… Mr. Humphrey worked for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for 20 years as a probation officer. He said that as a former law enforcement officer, he believes the ATF agents abused their power to intimidate and coerce Mr. Fincher into giving up his property and federal firearms license… He is accusing the ATF of not clearly stating what crime, if any, Mr. Fincher is accused of and of pressuring him to give up guns and his FFL by handcuffing him and searching his property in front of his 13-year-old son… I’ve looked up all the statutes that I believe were violated,” Mr. Humphrey said.”

World’s largest quadcopter drone takes flight – by Loz Blain – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/worlds-largest-quadcopter-drone-takes -“University of Manchester engineers set themselves the task of building and flying the biggest quadcopter drone in history, and to keep things legal with aviation authorities, they made some interesting materials choices… The UK Civil Aviation Authority allows UAVs with a takeoff weight under 25 kg (55 lb) to fly without special dispensations, so the Manchester team came up with a design that weighed 24.5 kg (54 lb) to sneak under the limit… The giant quad project started as “a curiosity-driven venture to inspire students’ creativity in design by utilizing a suitable alternative low-cost material for lightweight aerospace structures that is more environmentally friendly than the usual carbon fiber.” – With strong, lightweight carbon off the table, the students settled on a hollow box-frame design built from 5-mm (0.2-in) thick foamboard, which consists of a foam core with paper skin. Sheets of foamboard were laser-cut and hot-glued together to build the frame. – “Foamboard is an interesting material to work with,” said research engineer Dan Koning, design and build team leader. “Used in the right way, we can create complex aerospace structures where every component is designed to be only as strong as it needs to be – there is no room for over-engineering here. Thanks to this design discipline and after extensive background research, we can say with confidence that we have built the largest quadcopter drone in the world.” – Corner to corner, the drone measured an enormous 6.4 meters (21 ft). “There is no record of a purpose-built uncrewed quadcopter (four rotors) of any weight class which is larger than the Manchester vehicle as of the time of writing,” reads a University of Manchester press release… Of course, there are electric VTOL aircraft prototypes much larger – but those use more than four propellers. The team’s self-imposed no-carbon restriction means there’s presumably a reasonably easy path to a world record available to anyone that feels like putting in the time! Watch this big bird take off in the video below.”

World’s most water-repellent surface surprises its own inventors – by Michael Irving – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/worlds-most-water-repellent-surface -“The team says that some versions of their SAM surfaces are the most water-repelling materials ever reported – superhydrophobic surfaces usually boast sliding angles (the angle at which water will roll off) as low as 5°. But the Aalto team reports that theirs can be an astonishing 0.01°, meaning water will run off basically any surface that’s not perfectly level… The more common measure of hydrophobicity is what’s called the contact angle, which is given by how sharp a curve water droplets form on the surface. But it’s hard to apply that measure here when the SAM surfaces allow water to spread into a film but still roll off easily… Scientists have developed what they call the most water-repellent surface ever. By giving it a liquid-like coating that defies usual designs, water will roll off the surface at angles 500 times shallower than other superhydrophobic materials… The ability to repel water is important for many materials, particularly in the automotive, marine and aerospace industries. Many superhydrophobic surfaces work by trapping a layer of air or liquid, which causes any water that lands on it to ball up into droplets and roll off more easily. But an emerging technology creates what are called liquid-like surfaces (LLS), which have layers of highly mobile molecules that act like liquids but are tethered to substrates so they don’t escape. The end result is like a lubricated surface that water slides right off… In the new study, scientists at Aalto University in Finland developed a new LLS out of molecules called self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) coating a silicon substrate. By tuning conditions like the temperature and water content in the reactor during production, the team could control how much of the silicon the SAMs covered… When the SAMs covered much of the surface, it became superhydrophobic, causing water to form droplets and roll off. That in itself was to be expected – but to the surprise of the researchers, low SAM coverage also made for a slippery surface. And it did so without the water beading, which has long been thought to be necessary for superhydrophobicity… “It was counterintuitive that even low coverage yielded exceptional slipperiness,’ said Sakari Lepikko, lead author of the study. “We found that, instead, water flows freely between the molecules of the SAM at low SAM coverage, sliding off the surface. And when the SAM coverage is high, the water stays on top of the SAM and slides off just as easily. It’s only in between these two states that water adheres to the SAMs and sticks to the surface.”

Free Palestine, Free Israel, Free Us All – Truth Comes to Light – A thoughtful article by Truth Comes to Light editor Kathleen Stilwell. And, I think, well worth considering… https://truthcomestolight.com/free-palestine-free-israel-free-us-all/ – “Yesterday I published an article titled “The Gaza Rebellion” by Richard Hugus. His closing sentence is the simple statement: “Free Palestine!”… Last night and this morning, I received a number of emails from highly intelligent, aware readers who expressed disappointment that I would publish something where someone had taken a “side” in the Israeli/Palestinian situation… A few told me they thought the article was hate speech. Others told me I was stuck in duality. Some, standing with Israel, sent Bible quotes and predictions from prophets. Others were dismayed that the article didn’t point out that both sides of the conflict are being played… As I read their words, I could see why some of them challenged the publishing of this article at Truth Comes to Light. I appreciate and respect that they took the time out to let me know how they perceived the article… From Richard’s previous writing, it’s clear that he understands the globalist agenda — that the globalist puppetmasters are manipulating the entire situation, not just with Israel and Palestine but throughout the world. As reference, see some of Richard’s work herehereherehere and here.  (I’ve since gone back and added a “see related” section under the “The Gaza Rebellion” article so that readers can easily find his other work.)… For those new to Richard’s work, this awareness admittedly wasn’t shared in that recent article. To get a context for where Richard is coming from, see his other works related to Palestine at his website… I don’t know Richard personally. My perceptions of his point of view come from his writing. And it’s likely that Richard will disagree with some of the things I will say in this essay… As I read Richard’s article, I perceived something different than that of some readers. I saw that he was standing for the Palestinian people. And that he was addressing the issue of Zionism… I did not sense that Richard was defending Hamas. Whatever Hamas is, it is likely the tool of that mess of controllers that includes agents of assorted nation states who are puppets to heaven knows what. No doubt Hamas is also supported by Palestinians who don’t see that they are being manipulated. And if Hamas is controlled by forces that control the U.S. and Israel (which it does appear to be) then the Palestinians are being set up to be wiped off the map… When I read Richard’s article, I saw that he was taking a stand by defending the Palestinian rebellion. He was defending the right of any people to fight back when outsiders try to push them out of their home. And he was saying that there is no question that the powerful nation state of Israel with its globalist connections easily overpowers Palestine in terms of military might… I saw that Richard was identifying specific individuals (and their philosophies or chosen ideologies) who have committed great crimes against humanity as well as their own people. This evil must be acknowledged for what it is… We’ve seen it happen again and again throughout history, as one group overpowers another to claim their land, their natural resources, their money or possessions, or even to claim the conquered as slaves”

“The Hamas Attack”: What Really Happened on October 7? – by Robert Inlakesh and Sharmine Narwani – https://www.globalresearch.ca/what-really-happened-october-7/5837833 – “Evidence is now emerging that up to half the Israelis killed were combatants; that Israeli forces were responsible for some of their own civilian deaths; and that Tel Aviv disseminated false ‘Hamas atrocities’ stories to justify its devastating air assault on Palestinian civilians in Gaza… Two weeks after the Hamas breakout assault on Israel on 7 October, a clearer picture of what happened – who died, and who killed – is now beginning to emerge… Instead of the wholescale massacre of civilians claimed by Israel, incomplete figures published by the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz show that almost half the Israelis killed that day were in fact combatants – soldiers or police… In the interim, two weeks of blanket western media reporting that Hamas allegedly killed around 1,400 Israeli civilians during its 7 October military attack has served to inflame emotions and create the climate for Israel’s unconstrained destruction of the Gaza Strip and its civilian population… [Click below to Access Haaretz article] – Accounts of the Israeli death toll have been filtered and shaped to suggest that a wholesale civilian massacre occurred that day, with babies, children, and women the main targets of a terror attack… Now, detailed statistics on the casualties released by the Israeli daily Haaretz paint a starkly different picture. As of 23 October, the news outlet has released information on 683 Israelis killed during the Hamas-led offensive, including their names and locations of their deaths on 7 October… Of these, 331 casualties – or 48.4 percent – have been confirmed to be soldiers and police officers, many of them female. Another 13 are described as rescue service members, and the remaining 339 are ostensibly considered to be civilians… While this list is not comprehensive and only accounts for roughly half of Israel’s stated death toll, almost half of those killed in the melee are clearly identified as Israeli combatants… There are also so far no recorded deaths of children under the age of three, which throws into question the Israeli narrative that babies were targeted by Palestinian resistance fighters… Of the 683 total casualties reported thus far, seven were between the ages of 4 and 7, and nine between the ages of 10 and 17. The remaining 667 casualties appear to be adults… The numbers and proportion of Palestinian civilians and children among those killed by Israeli bombardment over the past two weeks – over 5,791 killed, including 2,360 children and 1,292 women, and more than 18,000 injured – are far higher than any of these Israeli figures from the events of 7 October… Revisiting the Scene – The daring Hamas-led military operation, codenamed Al-Aqsa Flood, unfolded with a dramatic dawn raid at approximately 6:30 AM (Palestine time) on 7 October. This was accompanied by a cacophony of sirens breaking the silence of occupied Jerusalem, signaling the start of what became an extraordinary event in the occupation state’s 75-year history… As per the spokesperson of Hamas’ armed wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, around 1,500 Palestinian fighters crossed the formidable Gaza-Israel separation barrier… However, this breakout was not limited to Hamas forces alone; numerous armed fighters belonging to other factions such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) later breached the armistice line, along with some Palestinians unaffiliated with any organized militia… As it became apparent this was no ordinary resistance operation, hundreds of videos quickly flooded social media, most of which have been viewed by The Cradle, depicting dead Israeli troops and settlers, fierce gunfire battles between various parties, and Israelis being taken captive into Gaza… These videos were either taken on the phones of Israelis, or were released by Palestinian fighters filming their own operation… It wasn’t until hours later that more gruesome and downright dubious allegations began to surface… Unsubstantiated Allegations of ‘Hamas Atrocities’ – Aviva Klompas, a former speechwriter for the Israeli mission to the UN, was the first Israeli of note to spread the claim that there were reports of “Israeli girls being raped and their bodies dragged through the street.” – She posted this on X at 9:18 PM (Palestine time), on 7 October, although an op-ed Klompa published with Newsweek at 12:28 AM (Palestine time), on 8 October, made no mention of any sexual violence… Klompas is also the co-founder of Boundless Israel, a “think-action tank” that works “to revitalize Israel education and take bold collective action to combat Jew-hatred.” An “unapologetically Zionist” charitable group that works to promote Israeli narratives on social media… The one case touted as proof of rape was that of a young German-Israeli woman named Shani Louk, who was filmed face down in the back of a pickup truck and was widely assumed dead… Remembering the 2014 Israeli Offensive Against Gaza – It was unclear whether the fighters filmed with Louk in the Gaza-bound vehicle were members of Hamas, as they do not sport the uniforms or insignia of the Al-Qassam troops identifiable in other Hamas videos – some even wore casual civilian clothing and sandals… Later, her mother claimed to have evidence that her daughter was still alive, but had suffered a severe head wound… This rings true with information released by Hamas that indicated Louk was being treated for her injuries at an unspecified Gaza hospital… Complicating matters further, on the day these rape allegations arose, Israelis would not have had access to this information. Their armed forces had not yet entered many, if not most, of the areas liberated by the resistance and were still engaged in armed clashes with them on multiple fronts… Nevertheless, these rape claims took on a life of their own, with even US President Joe Biden alleging, during a speech days later, that Israeli women were “raped, assaulted, paraded as trophies” by Hamas fighters. It is important to note that The Forward‘s article on 11 October reported that the Israeli military acknowledged they had no evidence of such allegations at that point… When the army later made its own allegations of decapitations, foot amputations, and rape, Reuters pointed out that “the military personnel overseeing the identification process didn’t present any forensic evidence in the form of pictures or medical records.” To date, there is no credible evidence of these atrocities that has been presented… Other outrageous allegations, such as the story of Hamas “beheading 40 babies‘ made headlines and the front pages of countless western news outlets… Even Biden claimed to have seen “confirmed photos of terrorists beheading babies.” The claims trace back to Israeli reserve settler and soldier David Ben Zion, who has previously incited violent riots against Palestinians and called for the West Bank town of Huwara to be wiped out. No evidence was ever produced to support these claims and the White House itself confirmed later that Joe Biden had never seen such photos… The Hamas Plan – There is little to no credible evidence that Palestinian fighters had a plan to – or deliberately sought to – kill or harm unarmed Israeli civilians on 7 October… From the available footage, we witness them engaging primarily with armed Israeli forces, accounting for the deaths of hundreds of occupation soldiers. As Qassam Brigades’ Spokesman Abu Obeida made clear on 12 October: “Al-Aqsa Flood operation aimed to destroy the Gaza Division (an Israeli army unit on Gaza’s borders) which was attacked at 15 points, followed by attacking 10 further military intervention points. We attacked the Zikim site and several other settlements outside the Gaza Division headquarters.” – Abu Obeida and other resistance officials claims that the other key objective of their operation was to take Israeli prisoners that they could exchange for the approximately 5,300 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli detention centers, many of whom are women and children… Hamas Deputy Head of the Political Bureau of Saleh Al-Arouri, in an interview after the operation, stressed: “We have a large and qualitative number and senior officers. All we can say now is that the freedom of our prisoners is at the doorstep.” – Note: This article continues with much more careful reporting.”

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The Thin Edge of the Wedge for (Unconstitutional) Federal Reserve CBDC’s is NOW

FedNow – Thin Edge of the Wedge for (Unconstitutional) Federal Reserve CBDC’s is NOW

I asked the teller at my bank (US Bank) if she knew if they were connecting to FedNow. She said it “sounded familiar” and looked it up on her workstation, where she found a 2-sided flyer, which she printed out for me. (scans below)

Then she said that they had been running it in “pilot” mode since July. The Fed announced thay had gone live on July 20 – https://frbservices.org/news/press-releases/072023-fednow-live-announcement

There is an episode in The End of Covid series, A Common Law Approach to Justice, in which they lay out how a critical mass of people can rise up and say no to unlawful and draconian measures. I’m going to contact Christiane Northrup about how this can be done with CBDC’s. If we don’t, it may be game over for the Freedom of Americans.

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