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Louisiana’s bill passed the Senate 37-0, then passed the House 69-22, then went to the Senate again to speed up its entry into force, and passed 37-0 again. – Oklahoma’s House easily passed a nearly identical bill, but it got stalled by Republicans–Republicans!!!–in the Oklahoma Senate – by Meryl Nass –https://merylnass.substack.com/p/louisianas-bill-passed-the-senate – “Why are Republican Senators holding up a law that would protect Oklahomans from the grip of the WHO, when both Oklahoma’s Attorney General and Oklahoma’s Governor have said NO to the WHO?.. It’s wonderful that the A-G and Governor have issued opinions against the WHO, but only a LAW will protect Oklahomans once these public servants are no longer in office… Are these Senators, blocking such a popular law, paid off by big Pharma?.. See what a wonderful, extremely diligent Oklahoma activist has to say about the matter…Intentional w/Mic Meow –An Intentional Opinion – I never would have believed two years ago that a group of concerned citizens with various backgrounds would unite behind a common goal: protect the sovereignty and medical rights of Oklahomans from the overreach of international organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN… Read more – 3 days ago · Intentional w/Mic Meow

Pittsburgh-area hospital mortality rates getting worse – (with Video, 6 minutes) – by Paul Van Osdol –https://www.wtae.com/article/pittsburgh-hospital-mortality-rates/60847348Death rates at some Pittsburgh-area hospitals are going up. At some hospitals, mortality rates for certain conditions more than doubled in five years… Action News Investigates spoke to Jamie Toth, whose father John Cox died at McKeesport Hospital in February 2022… ‘It’s something I’ll never forget, and it’s very hard to speak about, but it’s not right how he was treated,’ Toth said… Cox went to the hospital complaining of chest pains. According to Toth’s lawsuit, he waited 1.5 hours before a doctor saw him… ‘I didn’t understand their lack of urgency to somebody that is sitting here clearly distraught,’ Toth said… When Cox finally saw a doctor, he had a heart attack and died. He was 67… In court papers, UPMC denied any negligence or recklessness and said their records show Cox was treated earlier than the lawsuit alleges… ‘This was his time to be retired and enjoy family and enjoy life and to finally relax and that opportunity was taken from him,’ Toth said… A report by the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council said the hospital mortality rate for 11 conditions, ranging from heart failure and stroke to sepsis and pneumonia, increased from 2017 to 2022, the most recent year data is available. The report did not include COVID-19 cases… Liam Migdail of the Pennsylvania Hospital and Healthsystem Association said: ‘Any increase in in-hospital mortality is concerning and we are working to dig deeper and meet with hospital quality leaders to better understand the cause and what can be done to address it.’.. ‘The mortality data looks like it’s inching in the wrong direction,’ said Dr. Paul Phrampus, UPMC’s medical director of patient safety. One reason, he said, is patients are sicker. – Wait times for medical specialists getting longer – ‘We’re seeing a population that’s sicker because they’ve had things that weren’t caught in screening, or they’ve had little problems that have become bigger problems. So, the people that are actually inside the hospital now are sicker than they have been before,’ Phrampus said… One of the biggest concerns is sepsis, an infection that left untreated can lead to death… ‘The sepsis problem is really challenging,’ Phrampus said… State records show the sepsis mortality rate from 2017 to 2022 doubled at Butler Memorial Hospital and Heritage Valley Beaver and tripled at Heritage Valley Sewickley… Dr. David Rottinghaus, chief clinician at Independence Health, owner of Butler Memorial, said ‘nearly all cases involved patients with severe chronic medical conditions coupled with a sudden affliction. This combination results in a very high severity of illness and an ensuing poor prognosis.’.. Heritage Valley Beaver nurse Lisa Colitruglio said early detection is critical to treating sepsis… ‘The clinical signs that lead to sepsis can be missed if you’re not focusing on essentially the patient’s vitals and looking at the patient and seeing how they’re acting,’ Colitruglio said… Experts said staff shortages can impact sepsis treatment… ‘We’re elevating and putting less experienced people into positions that previously were filled by very experienced people. It makes it very challenging to intervene early when we’re looking for sepsis, for example,’ Phrampus said… Mortality rates for respiratory failure have also increased, up 50 percent at UPMC Mercy and nearly doubling at UPMC Passavant… Phrampus said he and others at UPMC are working on it, using simulations so medical staff can respond to a crisis quickly… ‘We have been as a system looking at all of our protocols, all of our algorithms that do two things. One is, prevent people from getting worse once they have a minor respiratory infection to progress to a significant respiratory infection that lands them in the ICU. And then secondly, adjusting our ICU care to make sure it is always aligned with best practice,’ he said… A Pittsburgh group that monitors patient safety said increased hospital mortality rates are not just a local problem…  ‘Right now, we have somebody dying from a preventable error every minute,’ said Karen Feinstein of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation… The foundation is leading an effort to create a national patient safety board modeled after the NTSB. Instead of failures like the Fern Hollow bridge collapse or the East Palestine derailment, the patient safety board would investigate chronic problems that lead to patients dying… ‘We need to start looking at our major categories of harm and preventing harm before it occurs,’ Feinstein said. ‘It is a moral imperative. Safety isn’t optional. It should be the mission of healthcare.’.. Toth said she likes the idea, especially if it can prevent a death like her father’s… ‘A group or a team to hold hospitals accountable for how they react and how they run their operations would definitely benefit not only the hospital but the patients,’ she said… Republican and Democratic members of Congress have introduced bills to create a national patient safety board.”
Globalists aiming to “peacefully” depopulate six billion people with mass euthanasia (with Video, 11 min) – The powers that be are anxious to finally achieve their long-envisioned new world order, which for them means a whole lot fewer people roaming the planet. – by Ethan Huff – https://www.eugenics.news/2024-02-09-globalists-peacefully-depopulate-six-billion-mass-euthanasia.html – “Over the years, the true plot was buried in all sorts of deceptive narratives ranging from “climate change” and holes in the ozone layer to simple messaging that people are having “too many” babies for the planet to handle. In all of the narratives, the true underlying goal was always the same: mass depopulationOne of the latest more- explicit calls for genocide came from Dennis Meadows of the globalist-led Club of Rome, who stated in no uncertain terms what the globalist plan for the world entails: ‘ We want to have freedom and we want to have high standards, so we’re going to have a billion people. We’re now at seven, so we have to get back down. I hope that this can be slow – relatively slow – and can be done in a way that is relatively equal.’.. In other words, “we,” meaning the top 0.1 percent of the world’s upper crust, want to live in a world without all of the rest of us “useless eaters.” Such a world would have very “high standards,” as opposed to today’s low standards with so many extra people, so something has to change, in Meadows’ view… Not only did Meadows not beat around the bush concerning his intentions with the above statement, he also threw out some precise numerals illustrating just how many people have to go in order for he and the rest of the globalists to achieve their long-awaited paradise on earth… ‘He wants the global population to go from 7 billion to 1 billion!’” writes Daniel Bobinski on his ‘Keep the Republic” Substack. “He wants 6 billion people to disappear – equally. He also said he wants it to happen ‘peacefully,’ as in, ‘without violence’ … Now, how might that happen?(emphasis added)(Related: Canada, which has some of the world’s most liberal euthanasia laws, now allows for the killing of infants and babies through its euthanasia program.) – Ready for the soft kill – Back in 2010, Mark Notaras and Darek Gondor of United Nations University (UNU) wrote a piece about Meadows explaining his plans to limit population growth in order to “save the world.”..  Meadows, a professor and co-author of “The Limits to Growth,” made statements back then about how mass depopulation is the only way to ensure that the planet will remain inhabitable moving into the future…  ‘If the present trends in world population, industrialization, pollution, food production and resource depletion continue unchanged, the limits to growth on this planet will be reached sometime within the next 100 years,’ Meadows said at the time…  ‘Today, we are at a point in human history where habits that once worked well don’t work anymore.’..  It has been nearly 14 years since Meadows was quoted by these two UNU writers as having made such statements, and even back then they said it “sounds reasonable” compared to how it would have sounded back in, say, 1972…  In 2010, much of the West had already been indoctrinated into climate cultism as the “final solution” to the problem of human industrial activity, which is supposedly “melting” the planet – or in today’s vernacular, boiling the oceans. His solution? Kill off billions of people, albeit slowly and peacefully, i.e., through euthanasia…  A computer model developed by Meadows and several of his colleagues argues that the critical line for earth’s human carrying capacity was exceeded back around 1980. Since that time, planetary conditions have degraded to the point that even more severe intervention is needed to fix things…  Mass depopulation is how the globalists intend to complete their endgame, allowing them to inherit the world through murder and force. Find out more at Genocide.news. – Sources for this article include: DanielBobinski.substack.com, NaturalNews.com, UNU.edu

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