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For the week of 12/26:

Mosquito Bioweapons: The History of Testing Inside the United States – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com

New York to Host Israel’s Top Drone Lab – by Max Blumenthal, Uruknet.info

Israel: EU paying lip service over Iran – Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman believes that Europe’s support for the Tel Aviv regime is mere lip service as Europe is not doing anything to prove it is working to stop Iran’s drive for nuclear energy. – from PressTV.ir

IMF (Christine Lagarde) says global economy in danger zone – The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, warns that the European debt crisis has put the world economy in a dangerous situation. – from PressTV.ir – “It would be useful for Europeans to speak with a single voice and to announce a simple and detailed timetable,” she added. – (I’m sure it would be useful for “the people of the world” to “speak with a single voice” as well. Perhaps soon…)

Mentally ill flood ER as states cut services – by Julie Steenhuysen and Jilian Mincer, Reuters, News.Yahoo.com


The World Of Free Energy – by Dr. Peter Lindemann, GlobalResearch.ca – A FANTASTIC article!

Panetta is Raising the Specter of Preemptive War: Avocates of a “Hot War with Iran” Take Some Heavy Media Hits – by Sherwood Ross, GlobalResearch.ca


Illuminati Will Burst China’s Bubble – The Illuminati have chosen China to be the main producer/ manufacturer of the NWO. China’s economy is completely artificial. The stated economic justifications for China’s current rise are lies, and a veil for an agenda. – by David Richards, HenryMakow.com

Israeli FM ‘Enraged’ at EU for Noting Discrimination in Israel – Ministry Spokesman Condemns EU for Investigating ‘Behind Our Backs’ – by Jason Ditz, News.AntiWar.com – “A Foreign Ministry spokesman issued a statement on Lieberman’s behalf condemning the EU and complaining that the memo was written “behind our backs” and without having asked the Israeli government for permission first.

The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies The Iowa Caucus – by Christopher Bollyn, PoorRichards-Blog.Blogspot.com

TEPCO says it ‘no longer owns’ Fukushima fallout – by Rick Wallace, TheAustralian.com.au – IN terms of sheer chutzpah, Tokyo Electric Power Co’s claim that it no longer owns the radioactive isotopes that spewed out of its Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in March takes some beating.

70,000 Palestinian Jerusalemites to be re-classified as West Bank citizens – from AlethoNews.com – The ethnic cleansing proceedeth apace…

Palestinians hoping to leave Gaza Strip asked to collaborate with Israel – Patients in need of treatment across border among those targeted by Israeli intelligence agency, says human rights group – by Phoebe Greenwood, Guardian.co.uk

Grim Economic Prospects for 2012: Social Upheaval, Bank Defaults and Financial Chaos – by Bob Chapman, GlobalResearch.ca

New Guantanamo Commander Seeking to Diminish Detainee Rights Further – by Jason Ditz, Uruknet.info – …the defense lawyers objected. “The review and censorship of legal materials will effectively grind litigation to a halt by barring legally required attorney-client communications”

Greek crisis ups abandoned kids – Economic crisis has risen to new heights in Greece, as some parents are now forced to give up their children and put them in foster care because of poverty. – from PressTV.ir

Israel preparing for another Gaza war – from PressTV.ir – “Marking the third anniversary of Israel’s deadly attack on Gaza, the chief of staff of the Israeli military, Lt. General Benny Gantz, said on Tuesday that Tel Aviv will ”sooner or later” need to launch a large-scale operation against Hamas, the democratically-elected ruler of Gaza because Tel Aviv is losing its grip on the coastal strip.”

Walnuts Are Drugs, Says FDA – by Michael Tennant, TheNewAmerican.com – “…the FDA didn’t approve, it sent the company a letter declaring, “Your walnut products are drugs” — and “new drugs” at that — and, therefore, “they may not legally be marketed … in the United States without an approved new drug application.” The agency even threatened Diamond with “seizure” if it failed to comply.”

Hidden Agenda Behind “War on Terror”: The Conquest of Oil, Gas, Water and Vital Resources – by Pepe Escobar and Lars Schall, GlobalResearch.ca – a fascinating trip through the highly informed mind of Escobar as guided by Schall, covering every aspect of current international politics


Government to government plan to seize control of all foods – by Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette (ppjg.wordpress.com)

Breaking: Patriot Missiles Seized, Sold To China by Israel (Updates) – Iron Dome Defense Missiles Seized by Finland, Labeled “Fireworks” – 69 Newest Patriot Missiles Bound For Reds – by Gordon Duff, VeteransToday.com – “…Thorco Shipping representative, Thomas Mikkelsen said he was unaware any such cargo was on board his vessel”…a statement that categorically “debunks” attempts at denial…

Sacramento Bee Deletes Viral Anti-Monsanto Article Without Warning – by Anthony Gucciardi, ActivistPost.com – “…a popular mainstream media outlet for…readers around the globe, has taken down our highly viral anti-Monsanto article declaring them the Worst Company of 2011.”

Now cops can enter homes to shut off natural gas valves – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “These days, police don’t seem to need a warrant to enter your home without your permission when you’re not there. Well, at least not in Westerly, R.I.”

Snapshots of Washington’s essence – by Glenn Greenwald, Uruknet.info – “In sum: the President can kill whomever he wants anywhere in the world (including U.S. citizens) without a shred of check or oversight, and has massively escalated these killings since taking office…” – “The Most Transparent Administration Ever™ not only prevents public debate by shrouding the entire program in secrecy — including who they’re killing and why, and even including their claimed legal basis for these killings…”

British Government’s appalling decision – by Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant, PressTV.ir – “Britain’s Office of Communications (Ofcom) has moved a step closer to total censorship of the British Media when it decided to remove the Iranian English-language news channel (PressTV) from the Sky platform”


The End of America as We Know It: Obama Signs NDAA Indefinite Detention Bill – from TheIntelHub.com

The History of MIT’s Blatant Suppression of Cold Fusion – By Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan, Pure Energy Systems News, VeteransToday.com – “There were enemies of mankind in 1989 that wanted to prevent the proliferation of cold fusion, and there are still such enemies today.”

28 Signs That US Public Schools Are Rapidly Being Turned Into Indoctrination Centers And Prison Camps – By Michael Snyder, BlacklistedNews.com

Slip-Sliding to War with Iran: The Stage is Now Set for a New War – by Robert Parry, GlobalResearch.ca

Grim Economic Prospects for 2012: How the Federal Reserve Overshadows the European Banking System – by Bob Chapman, GlobalResearch.ca

Ron Paul’s Political Platform for America: A Critical Assessment – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca

A Run On The Global Banking System – How Close Are We? – by Gonzalo Lira, Guest Post, ZeroHedge.com

“Recording Everything” Details How Governments Can Shape the Dynamics of Dissent – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com

For the week of 12/19:

US “Withdrawal” In Iraq Paves Way for US-Israeli Strike on Iran – Global elite maneuver into position for final leg of Middle East campaign, one year into “Arab Spring,” one step closer to global hegemony. – by Tony Cartalucci, Infowars.com

The BBC’s myth-makers serve up a double helping of propaganda – Whether it’s polar bears or social workers, all is not as it seems at the BBC. – by Christopher Booker, Telegraph.co.uk – “…as anyone can see, from satellite-based charts on the Cryosphere Today website, the extent of polar sea ice was last year 1.6 million square kilometres greater than its average over the last 30 years – something which could never have been guessed from Attenborough’s dramatic film sequences, carefully chosen to convey the very different message the BBC wanted us to believe. ” – “What Panorama did not reveal was the real horrors of a “child protection” system out of control, where the number of children seized from their parents soared to record levels this year – nearly 900 a month – while the adoption rate has fallen again, to the point where only 7 per cent are being adopted.”

Elites Launch Another Dystopian Mindbender – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com – Time Magazine honors “The Protestor” as their Person of The Year… – “Our ultimate weapon is to be in tune with the Universe, God, whatever you want to call It, and doing what we’ve been called to do. We need to learn to listen to and heed that Voice in our hearts. There’s no surveilling that one.”

Indefinite Detention: Political Washington Abolishes Due Process Protections – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca

Highly Toxic Mercury Present in Processed Foods, Yet FDA Does Nothing – Anthony Gucciardi, ActivistPost.com

British Media Propaganda Aims at Triggering NATO Military Intervention against Syria – by Tony Cartalucci, GlobalResearch.ca

Kristallnacht in Palestine – by Stephen Lendman, Uruknet.info


IRAN-DRONEGATE: Empires Don’t Apologize: Iran in the Imperial Crosshairs – by Tom Burghardt, GlobalResearch.ca


Retired, Computerless Woman Fined For Pirating ‘Hooligan’ Movie – from TorrentFreak.com

America’s Orwellian Police State Goes Live: US Citizen Convicted of Providing ‘Material Support’ to Terrorists – by John Glaser, GlobalResearch.ca

1500 deaths reported in India custody – A human rights body says more than 1,500 people died in custody in India in 2010, most of them from being tortured. – from PressTV.ir

Return to Sorman – Anatomy of a NATO war crime – by Franklin Lamb, UprootedPalestinians.blogspot.com – from Sorman, Libya, “In an instant Khaled El-Hamedi’s family was dead. The children were crushed, blown apart or shredded into pieces, along with friends and extended family members who had slept overnight.”


1,100-year-old Mayan ruins found in North Georgia – by David Ferguson, RawStory.com

Occupy LA protesters to avoid prosecution by paying $355 for free speech classes – by Nick Allen (from Los Angeles!), Telegraph.co.uk – This gets covered by the UK Telegraph, for cryin’ out loud…

Smart Meters Make Themselves At Home . . . by Force – by Heather Callaghan, ActivistPost.com – “Idaho Electric has been caught installing Smart Meters without permission, despite protest, even hopping fences while residents are away. Whether residents are home or not, IE reps have brought armed law enforcement to make sure the job gets done and police go without questioning or filing paperwork.”

50 US experts implore Obama to press Syria harder – by Oren Kessler, Jerusalem Post – This ‘open letter’ from the bellicose Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (sic) “…criticizes the Obama administration for warning all parties in Syria against “militarizing” the uprising,” saying that these remarks are “counter productive.”

Psychological Preparedness – by Madison Ruppert, EndTheLie.com – “The most important aspect of psychological preparedness is to not live in fear. To be ruled by fear is to give those in power exactly what they want, which is to be easily manipulated and controlled because of it.”

Agenda 21 Total Surveillance Smart Cities are HOT Investments – Smart utility grids are only one portion of a larger, more complex Smart City grid. – by Barbara H. Peterson, FarmWars.info

Italian Senate votes through austerity package – from LATimes.com – “The Italian Senate on Thursday gave final approval to the country’s severe austerity budget and passed a vote of confidence in the newly appointed government of former banker Mario Monti.”

FDA Targets ‘Unproven’ New Supplements While Allowing Harmful GMOs – by Anthony Gucciardi, ActivistPost.com – “…the FDA’s NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) regulations seek to remove your right to freely purchase powerful superfoods, (but FDA) are simply not concerned over the fact that GMO food consumption has been linked with severe organ disruption and other health concerns.”

Crush Labor and Impose Austerity: ECB Head Draghi’s Real Goal for the Eurozone – by Mike Whitney, GlobalResearch.ca

Nov 30, 2005, The Explosion that Shattered Solar Theory – from Thunderbolts.info – While it often takes more than 24 hours for the charged particles of a solar outburst to reach the Earth, this one was a profound exception. Just thirty minutes after the explosion, Earth (some 96 million miles from the Sun) was immersed in what NASA scientists called “the most intense proton storm in decades”.

12/25 (Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays All!):

Something Odd is happening with the Banks in Europe and exchanges Today 12/24/11. – from SherrieQuestioningAll.blogspot.com

Iron Dome Defense Missiles Seized by Finland, Labeled “Fireworks” – 69 Newest Patriot Missiles Bound For Reds – “…Thorco Shipping representative, Thomas Mikkelsen said he was unaware any such cargo was on board his vessel”…a statement that categorically “debunks” attempts at denial – Editor)- by Gordon Duff, VeteransToday.com

‘Afghan civilians killed for no reason’ – from PressTV.ir – “The child’s father rushed to the bombing site with other family members as another chopper of the international forces dropped other bombs,” he added. – The advisor said the child’s father, Abdul Rahim, along with his four relatives, had all died immediately, while his daughter was injured. Three other children from the same village also died.

For the week of 12/12:

Rothschilds Now Own Control of Weather Central! – from ATrueOtt.wordpress.com

How Europhile BBC turned triumph over Britain’s veto into disaster – Tory MPs claim broadcaster’s coverage was biased – by Sam Greenhill, Dailymail.co.uk

The Great War Tour : America’s “Repositioning” of Military Forces – by Manlio Dinucci, GlobalResearch.ca

The people’s verdict: Most Germans and French DON’T want to stay in Euro – Only a third of French and four in ten Germans support single currency – by Jason Groves, Dailymail.co.uk

Senator Levin revealed – It was Obama who required the Indefinite Detainment Bill INCLUDE U.S. Citizens as part of the wording! – from SherrieQuestioningAll.blogspot.com

Wall Street Propagandists Scramble To Cover US Ties to Russian Protesters – by Tony Cartalucci, BlacklistedNews.com – “As the evidence begins to mount pointing the accusing finger at the increasingly illegitimate corporate-financier occupiers of the West’s governments as having built up Russian opposition movements and being behind the current unrest filling Russia’s streets, the corporate media has already started to rewrite events as they unfold.”

White House unleashes new terrorism propaganda campaign – by Madison Ruppert, ActivistPost.com – “The part about “commitment to our fundamental rights and principles” is outright laughable seeing as the Obama administration has trampled all over our fundamental rights and principles with glee.”

In ‘Eisenhower’s Death Camps’: A U.S. Prison Guard’s Story – by Martin Brech – Truthseeker.co.uk

Eisenhower’s Holocaust – His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans – Author Unknown, Rense.com

Police employ Predator drone spy planes on home front

Unmanned aircraft from an Air Force base in North Dakota help local police with surveillance, raising questions that trouble privacy advocates. – by Brian Bennett, LATimes.com


The Council on Foreign Relations and the “Grand Area” of the American Empire – by Andrew Gavin Marshall, TheIntelHub.com

Western Elite Wages Info-war to Justify Syria Invasion? – by Prof. Igor Panarin, GlobalResearch.ca

Euro Crisis: Britain’s Financial Arsonist Returns to the Scene of the Crime – by Finian Cunningham, GlobalResearch.ca

Israel plans expulsion of Bedouin communities… to a rubbish dumping site – by Holly Rigby, Uruknet.info

Obama Seeks to Resume Aid to Repressive Dictatorship in Uzbekistan – Stephen Zunes, Uruknet.info


Three myths about the detention bill – by Glenn Greenwald, Salon.com – “As the New York Times Editorial today put it: the bill contains ‘terrible new measures that will make indefinite detention and military trials a permanent part of American law.’ “


Bankers Rule the World: “The Network of Global Corporate Control” – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca

For the week of 12/5:

BOMBSHELL: US Caught Meddling in Russian Elections! – Putin compares US funded NGOs to Judas the betrayer. – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

Hospitals in Houston requiring unvaccinated employees to wear face masks during entire flu season if they refuse flu shot – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

Western Hemisphere: 33 Latin American countries to form a New Bloc (CELAC)- U.S. and Canada not invited – by Timur Zolotoev, GlobalResearch.ca


The tin blue line: Met unveils revolutionary police barrier to prevent anti-cuts demonstrators marching on the Houses of Parliament – by Chris Slack, Dailymail.co.uk – “Evolutionary” crowd control barriers on linkable trailers, a powerful new tool for government forces with a monopoly on violence…

The Real Reason for Obama’s Threat to Veto the Indefinite Detention Bill (Hint: It’s Not to Protect Liberty) – by WashingtonsBlog.com

How Israeli Occupation Forces, Bahraini Monarchy Guards Trained U.S. Police For Coordinated Crackdown On “Occupy” Protests – by Max Blumenthal, ExiledOnline.com – KILLER well-researched article, goes in great depth on many aspects of police militarization, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Pearl Harbour memo shows US was warned of Japanese attack – On the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbour, the attack that propelled America into the Second World War, a declassified memo shows that Japanese surprise attack was expected. – by Jacqui Goddard, Telegraph.co.uk – “The information, contained in a declassified memorandum from the Office of Naval Intelligence, adds to proof that Washington dismissed red flags signalling that mass bloodshed was looming and war was imminent.”

If the Republic Had Not Died a Long Time Ago, This Would Indeed Be the Death of the Republic, Chapter XLVII; or, That’s the Way the Cornbread Crumbles, That’s the Way the Whole Thing Ends – by Chris Floyd, Chris-Floyd.com – “This is what they believe: the Constitution is a dead letter. The Republic is a dead letter. Might makes right. Mammon is God. Liberty is inconvenient. And any human being who does not belong to the elite or serve it with dog-like devotion is a piece of shit who can be abused, neglected, discarded or eliminated without the slightest shame or consequence. This is the mindset of our elites and their servitors. ”

In Bed With Lola and Gulnara – by Craig Murray, Uruknet.info – Fawning “Western” support for the corrupt regime of Uzbekistan’s strongman “President” Karimov, knows no bounds.

Scotland bids farewell to the UK – Scottish National Party (SNP) leaders have revealed an independent Scotland would shift away from the UK and become affiliated with the Scandinavian circle of countries. – from PressTV.ir – A referendum is to be held on Scotland’s departure from The Union.


Exclusive: Government Activating FEMA Camps Across U.S. – by Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones, Infowars.com – “KBR’s call for FEMA camp service bids arrives soon after the Senate overwhelmingly passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which permits the military to detain and interrogate supposed domestic terror suspects in violation of the Fourth Amendment and Posse Comitatus.”

Nano-Chemtrails – by William Thomas, WillThomasOnline.com – “Under development since 1995, the military’s goal is to install microprocessors incorporating gigaflops computer capability into “smart particles” the size of a single molecule. ”

EU To Seize Control Over National Economies With Stroke of a Pen – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com – “Having repeatedly staged national referendums until they got the vote they wanted, the Lisbon Treaty was passed with a provision, the obscure ‘passerelle’ clause, Art. 126 (14) via protocol 12, that bestowed upon Brussels the power to change its terms without any kind of vote whatsoever – popular or parliamentary.”

Clinton Turns to Naked Corporate-Fascism – Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – Cartalucci names names in the corporate milieu of the “Think Tanks” that Hilary wants to make an official part of State Dept. policy creation.

ALL the Vaccines Are Contaminated – Every Last One of Them – S. Edmonson, Salem-News.com – ‘Nuff said

If You Go to Church, Heed This Warning – by Dr. Mercola, Mercola.com – Church leaders enrolled to aid the vaccine industry: “As an example, they cited a priest who stopped in the middle of mass to roll up his sleeve and get vaccinated, inspiring the rest of his parish to line up behind him. …’As trusted messengers, you’re able to spread messages and help get people vaccinated.‘”

NZ food bill to make growing food a government privilege rather than a human right – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

Using Arable Land for Bio-fuels: Carbon Credits in the ‘Valley of Death’ – The ugly effects of U.N.-backed ‘clean development’ in Honduras – by Jeremy Kryt, GlobalResearch.ca – “Since January 2010, at least 45 displaced peasants have been killed in clashes over land rights in Aguan, and “the actual number of killings is probably much higher…”

Israel stole uranium from U.S., report will show – By Kristin Dailey, Uruknet.info


Invasion of the Vein Scanners for Cashless Society – Biometric Money Coming Soon! – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com

The US Army Now Offers A Prison Guard Specialty Securing ‘Civilian Detainees’ – by Robert Johnson, BusinessInsider.com

Obama: The “Trust-Buster” Who Never Busted a Trust – by Glen Ford (of BlackAgendaReport.com), Uruknet.info

‘US training Syrian rebels in Turkey’ – from PressTV.ir – “Sibel Edmonds also said that she had received information from Turkish and US sources indicating that training Syrian opposition forces, led by defected Syrian colonel Riad al-Assad, had started in May, the Turkish daily Milliyet reported.”

Tyrannical “Health Standards” Of The New World Order – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com

The BBC and an inconvenient truth about climate change– by Christopher Booker,Dailymail.co.uk – “Above all, however, the BBC has betrayed the trust of its audience, by failing to give a fair and balanced picture.


THE CLOCK IS TICKING: “Shadow War” Heating Up. War With Iran: A Provocation Away? – by Tom Burghardt, GlobalResearch.ca

EU summit: This emergency plan is great news – if you’re a bank – Huge question marks remain over how the struggling eurozone countries will finance themselves – by Nils Pratley, Guardian.co.uk

Hair Is An Extension Of The Nervous System – Why Indians Keep Their Hair Long – By C. Young, Rense.com

Broker exposes depth of Corzine theft from MF Global investors – by Jerry Mazza, IntrepidReport.com

UN Climate Draft Text Demands ‘New International Climate Court’ to compel reparations for ‘climate debt’ – Also seeks ‘rights of Mother Earth’ & 2C° drop in global temps – UN Draft Text Demands: The West will pay ‘climate debt’ because of its ‘historical responsibility’ for causing ‘global warming’ — UN seeks ‘end to wars’ to ‘protect the climate system’ – by Marc Morano, ClimateDepot.com – based on a report by Christopher Monckton

Report: Federal Agents Demand Customer Lists From Food Storage Facility – by Mac Slavo, PoorRichards-blog.blogspot.com

Hallmark now distributing vaccine shot compliance cards targeting newborns across America – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – one from the “It-Just-Gets-Better” desk…

For the week of 11/28:

Evidence: non-profit policing organization orchestrating nationwide anti-occupy crackdown – from PrivacySOS.org – Police departments (and Joint Terrorism Task Forces?) are holding conference calls on how to “deal with” Occupy movements across America…

Scientists discover secret of limb regeneration: It’s all down to vitamins – Worked out exactly how zebrafish uses special acid to re-grow body parts – by Simon Tomlinson, Dailymail.co.uk

TEPCO: “Radioactive substances belong to landowners, not us” – by TOMOHIRO IWATA / Asahi Shimbun Weekly AERA – from the “You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up” desk

Paper Ballot Op-Scan Election Results Flipped After Recount Finds New Tally ‘Extremely Favors Opposite Candidate’ – by Brad Friedman, OpEdNews.com – “It became obvious the machines weren’t counting things correctly.”

‘RoboCop’ guards to patrol South Korean prisons – Robot guards with sensors to detect abnormal behaviour will soon begin patrolling South Korean prisons to ease the burden on their human counterparts, researchers said on Thursday. – from Telegraph.co.uk (and the It-Just-Gets-Better desk)

Congress to Vote Next Week on EXPLICITLY Creating a Police State – by WashingtonsBlog – Yet more on S. 1867 “Appropriations Act…”

ANH-Intl e-Alert: Health claims ‘last chance saloon’ and new ANH-Leaks revelation – from ANH-europe.org (Alliance for Natural Health)

$707,568,901,000,000: How (And Why) Banks Increased Total Outstanding Derivatives By A Record $107 Trillion In 6 Months – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com


The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy – The violent police assaults across the US are no coincidence. Occupy has touched the third rail of our political class’s venality – by Naomi Wolfe, Guardian.co.uk

Prepare for riots in euro collapse – Foreign Office warns British embassies in the eurozone have been told to draw up plans to help British expats through the collapse of the single currency, amid new fears for Italy and Spain. – by James Kirkup, Telegraph.co.uk

Syria 101: Syria-Iran-Turkey: New war scenarios in the Middle East – While there were good connections and relations between Syria and Turkey only a year ago, today we … talk (about) different scenarios about the NATO intervention led by Turkey against Syria. – from WorldBulletin.net – In this comprehensive, if somewhat grammatically challenged, analysis, the anonymous authors dig deeply into many of the factors around the ongoing destabilization of Syria.

France training rebels to fight Syria – A Turkish newspaper has unveiled that French military forces (in Turkey) are training armed Syrian rebels to fight the government of President Bashar al-Assad. – from PressTV.ir

Will Global Financial Demolition Lead To New World Order? – by Allen L Roland, VeteransToday.com – A comprehensive overview and speculation on the emergence of the legendary NWO

Medical mafia in Australia to force parents to medicate ADHD children – by Jonathan Benson, NaturalNews.com

Climategate scientists DID collude with government officials to hide research that didn’t fit their apocalyptic global warming – By Rob Waugh, Dailymail.co.uk

Caribou supposedly roasted by global warming found unharmed – by Anthony Watts, WattsUpWithThat.com – “Another one for the Climate FAIL file…”

Treason From Within: The Road towards a Police State in America – Defense Authorization bill allows for military detentions of American citizens in the US. – by Dr. Andrew Bosworth, GlobalResearch.ca


Pakistan: US Attack on Base Lasted ‘Almost Two Hours’ as Calls to Stop Were Ignored – by Jason Ditz, Uruknet.info


Worse Than Fiction – A teenage love story is the fictional plot device in a new Colombian film, Silence in Paradise, about the all-too-real phenomenon of the ‘false positives’ — the euphemism used to describe army killings of young civilians passed off as guerrilla casualties.

CIA ‘Kill List’ Panel Shrouded in Secrecy -“… it is still very unclear what exactly [Obama’s] role is in ordering the assassinations and staffing the “kill list” panel. Thus far, White House officials have not commented on how [he] shapes the program.” – by Joshua Norman, NoOneHasToDieTomorrow.com

Local police chiefs head to Israel for antiterror training – Police chiefs from Newton, Framingham, and Belmont headed off last weekend for a weeklong counterterrorism seminar in Israel, funded by the Anti-Defamation League. – by Evan Allen, BostonGlobe.com

The Serpentine Stealth Of The Long Range Planners – A longish essay by Zen Gardner on the sordid career of the “Illuminated Elites” toward planetary domination, and how they are failing as we wake up. – from BeforeItsNews.com

The Worst Drug Fraud in History? Do You Still Trust Them with Your Life? – by Dr. Mercola, Mercola.com

War on drugs revealed as total hoax – US military admits to guarding, assisting lucrative opium trade in Afghanistan – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

Feds To Test Anthrax Shot on Kids: U.S. panel backs anthrax experiments on children – by William Campbell Douglass II, MD, FederalJack.com – “It’s the biggest medical scandal in U.S. history… and it hasn’t even happened yet!”

‘Super soldiers’: The quest for the ultimate human killing machine – Guilt, tiredness, stress, shock – can specialised drugs help to mute the qualities that make soldiers human?, asks Michael Hanlon, Independent.co.uk

November 29, 1947: War, Ethnic Cleaning Unleashed – by William James Martin, Uruknet.info – The savaging of the Palestinian population of Haifa and David Ben Gurion’s “Plan Dalet” ethnically cleansed “Mandatory Palestine” significantly, before the first regular Arab troops entered the territory on May 15, 1948, the day after Jewish leaders unilaterally declared Israel a state.

Central Banks’ Latest Move Shows Desperation: This isn’t a financial crisis … it’s a bank robbery. – by Washington’s Blog, GlobalResearch.ca – This concise article from WB shows why the “Swap Lines” bailout will likely not work and is a sign of increasing desperation.

Britain’s Sabre Rattling against Iran. The Threat to Global Security is Israel – by Julie Webb-Pullman, GlobalResearch.ca

Obama Issues Ron Paul “Kill Order” As Russia Prepares For War – from EUTimes.net – “[Ron Paul] is about to expose to all Americans what can only be described as the largest mass theft in human history. The “kill order” is a metaphor for silincing down congressman Ron Paul in the mass media as if he doesn’t exist.”


Developing a Casus Belli to Attack Iran: Is the West Hunting for a Pretext for a New War in the Middle East? – by Adrian Salbuchi, GlobalResearch.ca

Why Moscow does not Trust Washington on Missile Defense. Towards a Pre-emptive Nuclear War? – by F. William Engdahl, GlobalResearch.ca

20 Examples of the Obama Administration Assault on Domestic Civil Liberties – by Bill Quigley, ActivistPost.com

Syria military base attacked, 8 killed – Armed groups in Syria have attacked a military intelligence base in the northwestern province of Idlib, killing at least eight soldiers, opposition activist reported. – from PressTV.ir

New WikiLeaks ’spy files’ show global surveillance industry – from RedIceCreations.com

Tracy Lawrence, Notary Public Who Blew The Whistle On Massive Foreclosure Fraud, Found Dead – from HuffingtonPost.com


U.S.-Canadian Border Deal to Streamline GMO Approval: Confirmed – Canada-U.S. Regulatory Co-operation Council under border deal coverage would put Canada under draconian Food Safety Modernization Act, fast track GMO approval. – by Aaron Dykes, Infowars.com

5 popular but harmful drugs that can be replaced with marijuana – This article is dedicated to anyone that struggles with prescription drugs on this list because they are afraid of consuming a plant deemed illegal by the State. – from ActistPost.com

Children of welfare incur debts of parents – by PAUL ELIAS, Associated Press, SignOnSanDiego.com

Border deal fuels concerns in Canada – Armed U.S. police officers will for the first time be allowed to operate in Canada along with the RCMP as part of far-reaching changes in Canadian-American border operations to be unveiled next week… – by Les Whittington, TheStar.com

American Enterprise Institute Admits The Problem With Iran Is Not That It Would Use Nukes – by MJ Rosenberg, PoliticalCorrection.org

Climatologists Trade Tips on Destroying Evidence, Evangelizing Warming – by Jason Mick, DailyTech.com

Radiation From Cell Phones and WiFi Are Making People Sick — Are We All at Risk? – We are now exposed to electromagnetic radio frequencies 24 hours a day. Welcome to the largest human experiment ever. – by Christopher Ketcham, Alternet.org

Global Warfare: Where will Obama Strike Next? “Preplanned Wars” will lead to “Preplanned “Results” – by Rev. Richard Skaff, GlobalResearch.ca

World War III and the “Rumours of War” on Iran – by William Bowles, GlobalResearch.ca

Could scientists reverse global warming? The U.N. discusses plans to reflect the sun to cool the Earth – by Paul Milligan, Dailymail.co.uk – Hey guys, check this out, we could, like, spray stuff in the sky…

Sayanim — Israeli Operatives in the U.S. – by Jeff Gates, CriminalState.com

Who Controls Whom? – by Walter Burien, CAFR1.com – This priceless little article by Burien, popularizer of the information that all Fed, state and local governments lie about the extent of their investment finances, lays out crucial concepts very elegantly.

For the week of 11/21: ~ 11/22:

TSA Claims X-ray Scanners are Safe as Europe Bans Scanners for ‘Health, Safety’ – by Anthony Gucciardi, ActivistPost.com

The Doomsday Project and Deep Events: JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11 – by Prof. Peter Dale Scott – Another very creative piece by an icon in the world of historical analysis

Climategate 2.0: Fresh trove of embarrassing emails – ‘All our models are wrong’, writes Jones – by Andrew Orlowski, TheRegister.co.uk – “The science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it which for all our sakes might not be too clever in the long run…”


Who is really making the decisions in Ireland? – by Fintan O’Toole, IrishTimes.com – “…our system of government has been set aside. This is not a rhetorical exaggeration, but a demonstrable truth.”

US to conduct stress tests against euro collapse scenario – by Leigh Phillips, EUobserver.com – “The tests will assume a rise in US unemployment to 13 percent up from the current nine percent and a fall into recession for the US economy beginning at the end of this year.”

Foster Children Given Harmful Antipsychotics and Tranquilizers as Frequently as Mentally Disabled – by Anthony Gucciardi, ActivistPost.com

11/24: Happy Turnkey Day!

7 billion and counting: Should the world adopt a ‘one-child’ policy? – By Brooke Borel, LiveScience.com – Hmmm, Who’s asking?!


Death of a currency as eurogeddon approaches – It’s time to think what hitherto markets have regarded as unthinkable – that the euro really is on its last legs. – by Jeremy Warner, Telegraph.co.uk

Senators Demand the Military Lock Up American Citizens in a “Battlefield” They Define as Being Right Outside Your Window – from ACLU.org

The Medical Miracle You’ll Get Arrested for Using – by Dr. Mercola, Mercola.com – a very comprehensive concise article on the state of “medical marijuana” (cannabis) healing and illegitimate government enforcement against it now

Soros Celebrates the Fall of Tunisia – More globalist self-aggrandizing as Soros awards foreign-funded sedition for a job well-done. – by Tony Cartalucci, LandDestroyer.blogspot.com

Shamai Leibowitz, a moral giant – by James North, Mondoweiss.net – “Daily newspapers are supposed to put the most important news right at the top. But today’s New York Times article about Shamai Leibowitz leaking documents to blogger Richard Silverstein waits until the 6th paragraph, on an inside page, to tell us why he took the step that landed him in federal prison for 20 months.”

Target Iran: Washington’s Countdown to War – by Tom Burghardt, GlobalResearch.ca – another fine article by Burghardt

Climategate 2.0: Read 20 ‘Juicy’ emails – ‘They validate EVERYTHING the skeptics have been saying’ – from ActivistPost.com


The Government Can Use GPS to Track Your Moves – by Adam Cohen, Time.com

Chinese TV Host Says Regime Nearly Bankrupt – by Matthew Robertson, TheEpochTimes.com

For the week of 11/14: ~ 11/15:

European Ponzi Goes Full Retard As EFSF Found To Monetize… Itself – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com

Guest Post: Euro Double-Bind: Both Paths Lead to Disintegration – by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds, ZeroHedge.com

The ‘Humanitarian’ Road to Damascus – Pro-Israel Groups Outline U.S. Options to Assist Syrian Opposition – by Maidhc Ó Cathail, PoorRichards-Blog.blogspot.com

The age of citizen spies is upon us – by Madison Ruppert, ActivistPost.com – “Citizen spies are the hallmark of totalitarian regimes, fomenting distrust and suspicion between what should be friendly neighbors in order to keep everyone in line.”

Are police becoming militarized? – by Ruben Navarrette Jr., CNN.com

“Vulture Capitalism”: Iceland’s New Bank Disaster – A Dress Rehearsal for Greece and Italy? – by Olafur Arnarson and Michael Hudson and Gunnar Tomasson, GlobalResearch.ca


The Police State Makes Its Move: Retaining One’s Humanity in the Face of Tyranny – by Phil Rockstroh, InformationClearingHouse.info

War Clouds Form over Iran – by Wayne Madsen, GlobalResearch.ca

Cold Fusion/Andrea Rossi/E-Cat Extravaganza – Wikipedia page on “Energy Catalyzer”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_Catalyzer / Andrea Rossi’s Blog: http://www.journal-of-nuclear-physics.com/?p=516#comments / Peswiki page on Oct. 28 test: http://peswiki.com/index.php/News:Archive:Page_4:October_28,_2011_Test_of_the_One_Megawatt_E-Cat / Wired article on the technology:

http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2011-10/06/e-cat-cold-fusion / / E-Cat Fan Page: http://energycatalyzer3.com/

Israeli Secret Service the Mossad Linked to Iran Military Blast – Israeli media report claims the Mossad was behind ‘huge blast’ at Bid Ganeh base that killed leading Iranian missile researcher – by Phoebe Greenwood, Guardian.co.uk – “Israel’s defence minister, Ehud Barak, responded to news of Moghaddam’s death by saying: ‘May there be more like it.'”

How Can The American People Ever Trust Congress Again After Learning Of The Rampant Insider Trading That Has Been Going On? – from EndOfTheAmericanDream.com

Who Is Waging The War On Terra? – by Zen Gardner (Editor), BeforeItsNews.com – Right on, Zen! nails it in this one, highly recommended


EPA targets families that generate heat off the grid using traditional wood-burning stoves – by Jonathan Benson, NaturalNews.com


Police Chief Who Oversaw 1999 WTO Crackdown Says Paramilitary Policing Is a Disaster – The police chief who oversaw Seattle’s crackdown on WTO protesters learned the dangers of militarization. – by Norm Stamper, Alternet.org

EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration – by Victoria Ward and Nick Collins, Telegraph.co.uk – from the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” desk…

Warsaw protester launches drone to spy on police – by David Edwards, RawStory.com

Germany’s secret plans to derail a British referendum on the EU – by Bruno Waterfield, Telegraph.co.uk

UN, Bill Gates Foundation Push Deadly HPV Shots on Poor Nations Under ‘GAVI Alliance’ – by Anthony Gucciardi, NaturalSociety.com

‘Too late’ for Syria reforms, French FM says – from France24.com – “We believe that the (Syrian) regime was not willing to implement a reform programme and now it is too late”

The American Legal System: A Ball Game Played by Lawyers and Jurists – The Why of Not Doing the Right Thing – by Prof. John Kozy, GlobalResearch.ca


EU CHIEF: THE TIME HAS COME FOR A FEDERAL EUROPE – A HUGE European superstate is the only solution to the economic crisis engulfing the continent, Barroso, the President of the European Commission declared today. – by Emily Fox, Express.co.uk

Israel’s Plan to Destroy Iran’s Civilian Infrastructure – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com – On the U.S.’ strategy in the 1st Gulf War: “Bombing of Iraqi cities served no military purpose but was designed to destroy the civilian infrastructure. War games in July 1990 in South Carolina trained pilots to bomb civilian targets and Pentagon statements about plans to bomb civilian targets in August and September 1990 are evidence that these targets were set well in advance of January 15, 1991,”

Germany’s war on the pound: You’ll have to join euro… and sooner than you think, Cameron told – by Jason Groves and Daniel Martin, Dailymail.co.uk

New Law By Obama To Jail 500,000 American Citizens Or More For The Crime Of Opposing Their Government. – from BeforeItsNews.com – The “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act” rears its ugly head in the wake of Obama’s new “National Security Strategy” document

Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack – Moscow in aggressive move to stop another “humanitarian intervention” – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

How To Respond To The Awful Truth – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com – “The big question we’re all faced with is this. Once we’re aware of what’s going on, what do we do? And more importantly, for those not willing to face the truth, what will it take to wake them up?”

United Against Cultural Fascism – a letter to every cultured person in this country – by Gilad Atzmon, Gilad.co.uk – “This week, in an embarrassingly crude attempt to stop my new book The Wandering Who, the JC now appear to be launching an attack on music. Together with the Board of Deputies of British Jews and other Jewish groups they attempted to pressure the British Arts Council to withdraw its funding from a music festival I am playing at.”

What price the new democracy? Goldman Sachs conquers Europe – While ordinary people fret about austerity and jobs, the eurozone’s corridors of power have been undergoing a remarkable transformation – by Stephen Foley, Independent.co.uk

Iran and the IAEA: A Trove of New Fake Evidence. – by Seymour M. Hersh, GlobalResearch.ca


The Coming European Superstate That Germany Plans To Cram Down The Throats Of The Rest Of Europe – Imminent Failures of Currencies and Markets – from TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com – AMAZING, well-sourced and comprehensive A MUST!

Demonstrations ‘to be banned during Olympics’ – Ministers ponder tough new powers to prevent Occupy-style protests interfering with Games – by Brian Brady, Independent.co.uk

Burmese “Pro-Democracy” Movement a Creation of Wall Street and London – Celebrated “Humanitarian” Aung San Suu Kyi Fully-Funded by the Absolute Worst of Humanity. – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

Fascist police state: Cops now arresting journalists at OWS protests – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

The “Free Syria Army”: Placard-Waving Protesters are actually Machine Gun-Wielding Terrorists – by Tony Cartalucci, GlobalResearch.ca

Economic Re-engineering: Does the European Union have an Expiry Date? – by Adrian Salbuchi, GlobalResearch.ca

Ex-Inspector Rejects IAEA Iran Bomb Test Chamber Claim – by Gareth Porter, GlobalResearch.ca

Matthew Gould and the Plot to Attack Iran – by Craig Murray, former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, from Niall Bradley’s column on VeteransToday.com – Highly significant investigation into a vital aspect of the Liam Fox/Adam Werrity Scandal, and the Israel/US/UK planning for war with Iran

For the week of 11/7:

EU accused of Athens coup after threat to end payments – The EU was accused of carrying out a coup yesterday after the head of the European Commission threatened Greece with “paralysis of the country” unless MPs removed their prime minister to form an unelected “national unity government”. – by Bruno Waterfield in Brussels, Telegraph.co.uk

Warning: Obama Ed aims at U.S. takeover – All schools – even parents at home – may be forced to teach gov’t agenda – by Bob Unruh, WND.com


Rothschild-owned Central Banks in ALL BUT THREE countries in 2011 – from MikePhilbin.blogspot.com – Nothing to see here, move along…

Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not – by Deena Stryker, sacsis.org.za

This Is How Israel Runs The British Press – By Gilad Atzmon, Gilad.co.uk – “It seems from the following leaked email as if BICOM (British Israel Communication & research Centre) runs the News desk for the BBC, Sky and the FT. I guess that last week the Guardian also joined the party.”

Russell Tribunal on Palestine finds Israel guilty of the crimes of Apartheid and Persecution – by Dr. Hanan Chehata, Uruknet.info – “While the Tribunal has no legal status and is a purely civil society initiative – “a court of the people” designed to be a “citizen-based Tribunal of conscience” – its jurors are nonetheless made up of individuals of sufficiently high calibre, expertise and experience for its judgment to carry a lot of weight. It is hoped that this judgment will go some way to expose the crimes being committed by Israel; to inform the public who may be unaware of some of the most pertinent issues; as well as to exert pressure on global institutions and decision-makers who have thus far failed to take a strong enough stance in the face of Israeli crimes against humanity.”

US researchers and pharmaceutical companies conducting human experimentation in Africa – by Farid Zakaria, Uruknet.info

‘US involved in bloody events in Syria’ – The Syrian foreign minister has accused Washington of fueling unrest in the country by advising armed groups not to surrender themselves to the government. – from PressTV.ir – “Damascus on Friday offered amnesty to those who surrender their weapons until November 12 as part of attempts to ease months of unrest. Shortly after wards, US State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland advised Syrian gangs to reject the offer and not to hand over their weapons.”

From 9/11 To World War III:Towards The Construction of A Global Fascist State – by Saman Mohammadi, The Excavator, disquietreservations.blogspot.com

Dissecting the Iran ‘Terror Plot’ – by Gareth Porter, GlobalResearch.ca – “As Israel again ratchets up its threats to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities, anti-Iran propaganda, which could rally the American people behind another Middle East war, becomes critical. At this key moment, Gareth Porter takes a deeper look at an alleged Iranian assassination plot.”


U.N. Agency Says Iran Data Points to A-Bomb Work – by David E. Sanger and William J. Broad, NYTimes.com – “A stark contrast” to IAEA report on Iraq weapons? Some smoke, some mirrors – Where’s the Beef?

The IAEA Iran Report Thrives on a Laptop of Lies – Washington produces some invisible documents from an old laptop – by Ismail Salami, GlobalResearch.ca

Occupy the Courts! – by Janet Phelan, ActivistPost.com

From Balfour to Obama: Colonial Thinking on Palestine – by Roger Sheety, Uruknet.info – “The Palestinian people never consented to be occupied.”


NATO, AFRICOM and the New White Man’s Burden – by Harold Green, Uruknet.info

Brainwashed for final ethnic cleansing – by Alan Hart, Uruknet.info

British MP: Drop plans for Iran war now – from PressTV.ir


Out Of The Ashes Of The Collapse Of The Eurozone Will A “United States Of Europe” Arise? – from EndOfTheAmericanDream.com


Will U.S. Army Be Used to Crush Public Resistance? – by Keith Johnson, AmericanFreePress.net

For the week of 10/31:

The Syria Imperative: Military Intervention to Promote Israeli Interests? – by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, GlobalResearch.ca

Libya: Massacre of Black people by « democratic rebels » – Investig’Action had met the victims. – by Investig’Action, Uruknet.info

Did the Age of Enlightenment never occur? – by Nahida Izzat, UprootedPalestinians.blogspot.com – Nahida very courageously exposes the toxicity of the often-closeted superiority contained in much of the modern Jewish identity, while gentiles are subjected to being called “racist.”


“North Carolina Police Warned To Put Their Personal Property Into Someone Else’s Name !” – by Alfred Adask, Adask.wordpress.com – A judge seems to rule officially that police departments in NC are “private” companies…

OCW Primer: Uniformed Thugs Are Not Legally Police – by Gordon Duff, VeteransToday.com

US police officials in Israel for counter-terrorism program – by Yaakov Lappin, JPost.com – “Since 9/11, the Anti- Defamation League and the Israel National Police have worked together to provide opportunities for the Israeli police officers to share their experience in counter-terrorism with their American counterparts,” Phyllis Gerably, director of the ADL Israel office, said. “ADL trainings are conducted regularly in the US and in Israel.”

Libya: “revolutionaries” turn on each other as fears grow for law and order – by Nick Meo, Tripoli, Uruknet.info – “Two people died from bullet wounds and at least seven fighters were injured during a battle that started when militia from the town of Zintan were stopped by guards from the Tripoli Brigade from entering the city’s Central Hospital to kill a patient.”

Revoke Obama’s Peace Prize – by Margaret Kimberley, Uruknet.info


BREAKING – MF Global Admits Using Client Money – from the DailyBail.com – “If Corzine escapes without a Federal ID number and associated orange jumpsuit due to fundraising ties with Obama and Eric Holder, then the game is over.”

Obama Justice Dept. Battles against Freedom of Information Act – by Noel Brinkerhoff, AllGov.com

British police surveillance system can turn off mobile phones – by Stephen C. Webster, RawStory.com – “…sounds like something straight out of science fiction: a mobile GSM device that pretends to be a cellular tower, tricking nearby phones into connecting to it, then intercepting all their communications. ”

A Glimpse into Israeli Nuclear Madness – by Gilad Atzmon, Gilad.co.uk

Exposed: CDC deliberately manipulated, covered up scientific data showing link between vaccines containing mercury and autism – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

Israel punishes Palestine over UNESCO – Israel has announced it will construct thousands of additional settler units and withhold the transfer of Palestinian tax collections in response to UNESCO’s decision to admit Palestine as a full member state. – from PressTV.ir

America’s Death Pornography Culture: Celebrating brutal deaths of Qaddafi and Saddam – by Wayne Madsen, GlobalResearch.ca

The never-ending Eurofiasco – by Mike Whitney, GlobalResearch.com

The Next Stage of the European Debt Crisis; Towards Global Financial Collapse? – by Bob Chapman, GlobalResearch.ca


UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears – British officials consider contingency options to back up a possible US action as fears mount over Tehran’s capability – by Nick Hopkins, Guardian.co.uk

Washington’s Black Ops against Iran – Extensive range of covert operations envisaged by US Congress – by Dr. Ismail Salami, GlobalResearch.ca

Israel attack on Iran military suicide – by Ismail Salami, PressTV.ir

Israeli, UK Media Report Increased Planning for Confrontation with Iran – from MalasianDigest.com

OCW Primer: Oakland Police – Serving the Reptile – by Gordon Duff, VeteransToday.com

“The only way we will ever have free energy is if we give it away.” – “The patent process of a FREE energy device involves different conditions in comparison to patenting other inventions. The inventor must be aware of these specifically – As these conditions can prevent the invention from reaching the public.” – VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION! – from panacea-bocaf.org

Diana Inquest Verdict – ‘Unlawful Killing’. Britain Deceived. – from the-tap.blogspot.com

Saudi monarchy founder assured UK on Palestine – An ancient document has revealed how Sultan Abdul Aziz, the founder of Saudi Arabia assured Britain of creating a Jewish state on Palestinian lands, a news report says. – from PressTV.ir

Scientist who claimed ‘end of scepticism’ on climate change under fire from colleague over ‘huge mistake’ – by Tamara Cohen, Dailymail.co.uk


The Neo-Marxist Globalist Engineers of ‘Leaderless Occupy Wall St.’ – by Robert Beaudine, GulagBound.com – This encyclopedic article by Beaudine covers many of the planning tributaries leading into the cooptational matrix of OWS.

Ordinary Greeks are taking matters into their own hands – Grassroots refusal to put up with austerity is quickly gaining momentum, as people give up on mainstream politics – by Hara Kouki and Antonis Vradis, Guardian.co.uk

Big Brother’s THREE MILLION targets: Massive surge in intrusive surveillance by state snoopers – Fewer than 5,000 of the targets were approved by judges – One family spied on to check they were not cheating on school catchment area rules – by James Slack, Dailymail.co.uk

Fascism Now: Occupy Wall Street’s Call for Transaction Tax Taken Up by Congress – “If there is any single thing that shows Occupy Wall Street is a controlled opposition, the idea that its ideas resonate within weeks with the US Congress and the larger global power structure should at least give one pause.” – from TheDailyBell.com

Rights group: 8 babies die after power cut to Syrian hospital – by the CNN Wire Staff – Hmmm, remember Kuwait? – what about the 1/2 million + Iraqui children dead from U.S. Sanctions?

Will Eurozone Survive… or Humanity? – The Eurozone is dysfunctional but it is a cornerstone of the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) Bankers’ World Government. – They plan to use this crisis – to transform a monetary union into a fiscal and political behemoth ruled by them. – by Anthony Migchels, HenryMakow.com


The New Reality For U.S. Cities: No Money For Street Lights, Roving Packs Of Wild Dogs And Open-Air Drug Markets – from TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com

‘15,000 strong’ army gathers to take on Syria – by Ruth Sherlock, Antakya, Turkey – Telegraph.co.uk

Total surveillance: SMART grid, SMART homes, SMART healthcare and a camera on every corner – by Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette, ppjg.wordpress.com

AIPAC’s “War With Iran” Bill Passes House Committee – by MJ Rosenberg, HuffingtonPost.com

Libya: Nato to be investigated by ICC for war crimes– by Damien McElroy, Telegraph.co.uk

Solyndra Subpoena Rejected By Obama Administration – from HuffingtonPost.com

The EU Debt Crisis has Not Been Solved: If Europe Financially Implodes it could take the Entire Financial World Down – by Bob Chapman, GlobalResearch.com

“Hold Me Back,” Shouts Netanyahu – On Israeli Tactics, Strategies and Indirect Attacks – by Roy Rov, RoyTov.com

Iran to IAEA: Go Ahead and Publish ‘Counterfeit’ Report – Ali Akbar Salehi says crucial IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear programme due in the next few days is based on ‘counterfeit’ claims. – by Farhad Pouladi, InformationClearinghouse.info

For the week of 10/24/11:

Wyoming Sheriffs Told Federal BATF & IRS Agents To Abide By The Constitution Or Face Immediate Arrest. UPDATED! – from PoliticalVelCraft.org

Foreign governments call for building new Libya – from AP

Transitional leader declares Libya ‘liberated’ – from CTV.ca

Science of Revolution- Defeating Wall Street Banks and the Federal Reserve – by MoneyChanges.org

Israel And America Declare Total War on Persia – from The Excavator – “Roasting the public mind is like roasting a pig over an open fire. The heat of propaganda must be consistently applied to the public mind over a closed fire of myths until it is completely cooked. Then it is ready to be carved up and eaten by the wolves of war.”

Rubio to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad: You’re next, buddy – – from the CFR’s Foreign Policy

Monster Prediction From BofA: Another US Debt Downgrade Is Coming In Just A Few Weeks – by Joel Weisenthal, BusinessInsider.com

Robert Fisk: You can’t blame Gaddafi for thinking he was one of the good guys – from Independent.co.uk

Serbian ecology leader arrested for openly defying GMOs and chemtrails – by PF Louis, NaturalNews.org

The End of History – by Paul Craig Roberts, Uruknet.info – “Now that the CIA’s proxy army has murdered Gadhafi, what next for Libya?”


Boomerang! Is the Pentagon Field-Testing ‘Son of Stuxnet’? – by Tom Burghardt, GlobalResearch.ca – “As a declining imperialist Empire possessing formidable military and technological capabilities, researcher Stephen Graham has pointed out in Cities Under Siege: The New Military Urbanism, the United States has embarked on a multibillion dollar program “to militarize the world’s global electronic infrastructures” with a stated aim to ‘gain access to, and control over, any and all networked computers, anywhere on Earth.’ ”

New York cops defy order to arrest hundreds of ‘Occupy Albany’ protesters – by Andrew Jones, RawStory.com

NATO Prepares Global War – Russian and Chinese Military on Highest Alert. – by Christof Lehmann, NSNBC.wordpress.com

‘NATO had boots on ground in Libya’ – from PressTV.ir – “On Monday, the Israeli intelligence news service DEBKA quoted US sources as saying that American drones kept the building in Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte under surveillance, while it was surrounded by US and British forces.”


Roosevelt’s Catos – The U.S.’ Collective Punishment of Germany after WWII – from TruthSeeker.co.uk

10/27: The last day of the last Tzolkin of the Mayan Calendar (according to Carl Johan Calleman) starts at sunset tonight.

Feds Order You Tube To Remove Video For Containing “Government Criticism” – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com

Haitians Suffering Under Imperial Occupation – by Stephen Lendman, Uruknet.info


‘Rogue Websites’ Bill Creates Chinese-Style Ban List – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com


Help us out, Europe begs China: Desperate Euro chiefs look East to fund huge bailout gamble – Further embarrassment as one trillion euro bailout fund announced yesterday does not really exist – by James Chapman, Dailymail.co.uk

Greek protesters call president “traitor”, halt parade – by George Georgiopoulos and Daniel Flynn, Reuters.com

Occupy Oakland: Mayor Jean Quan in Big Trouble After Riot – by Zennie Abraham, SFGate.com

A 51st State for Armed Robotic Drones – by David Swanson, GlobalResearch.ca – “Under this plan, 7 million acres (or 11,000 square miles) of land in the southeast corner of Colorado, and 60 million acres of air space (or 94,000 square miles) over Colorado and New Mexico would be given over to special forces testing and training in the use of remote-controlled flying murder machines. “

BDS Victory: Alstom loses Saudi Haramain Railway contract worth $10B – by the Palestinian BDS National Committee, Uruknet.info

CDC advisory panel declares that young boys should be vaccinated against HPV, cervical cancer – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com – “In a shocking display of utter corruption and ignorance, a US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advisory committee has officially declared that young boys and men between the ages of 11 and 21 should be vaccinated against human papillomavirus (HPV), the viral infection supposedly linked to causing cervical cancer in women.”

U.N. torture investigator says access to Manning denied, condemns solitary confinement – by the Bradley Manning Support Network, BradleyManning.org


Canada warns PA over envoy video tweet – from PressTV.ir – “The video featured an emotionally distressed Palestinian girl reciting a poem in Arabic calling on the world to fight against injustice to and the repression of Palestinians, Fars News Agency reported on Saturday.Shimon Fogel, chief executive officer of the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs, brought the video to the attention of Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.”

November 9th communications shutdown: A system reboot needed to activate new code? – by John Boering, PPJ Gazette

Al Qaeda Plants Its Flag in Libya – by Sherif Elhelwa, Uruknet.info

The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order – by Richard K Moore, GlobalResearch.ca

Building a Pretext to Wage War on Syria: Hidden Agenda Behind UN Security Council Resolution – by Ronda Hauben, Veteran U.N. Correspondent, GlobalResearch.ca

Saving The Eurozone. Will it Work? – by Bob Chapman, GlobalResearch.ca – Plain talk from long-time financial analyst Chapman lays out the essential impossibility of any recovery emerging from current economic policies, and the vulnerability of Western populations.

For the week of 10/17:

Federal Audit Warns FDA Critically Endangers Our Food Supply – by Spence Cooper, FederalJack.com

Gov’t cameras in your car? E-toll patent hints at Big Brotherish future – by Bob Sullivan, redtape.msnbc.msn.com

Portugal unveils tougher austerity cuts – from PressTV.ir

Israel to Build 1,000s More Settler Units – from PressTV.ir

PositiveID Corporation Receives VeriChip Order for Use With Israeli Military – from MarketWatch.com

Cashless payment bracelet allows access to medical records, personal information – by Jonathan Benson, NaturalNews.com

Video (audio clip- 1:22): GOP Rep Peter King: ‘We Can’t Allow More Coverage Of Occupy Wall Street, Or They Will Win’

We fabricated drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas, former detective testifies – BY John Marzulli, NYDailyNews.com

Big Brother bin searches double in a single year as councils snoop through the rubbish of 30,000 families – from DailyMail.co.uk – The U.S. has some catching up to do here…

Four US banks hold a staggering 95.9% of U.S. derivatives: The $600 Trillion Time Bomb That’s Set to Explode – by Keith Fitz-Gerald, GlobalResearch.ca

Syria seizes Israeli weapons – “The Syrian security forces have seized Israeli weapons from armed groups responsible for the killing of hundreds of people across the country.” – from PressTV.ir

War for ‘freedom of speech’ now on – By Patrick Henningsen, Infowars.com – “In case you are not yet aware, OfCom, Britain’s Office of Communications, has decided to take Press TV off air in the UK this week. The significance of this move by the state regulator should not be underestimated.”

Globalist Warlord Obama Moves to Expand Africom Reach – by Kurt Nimmo,Infowars.com – ” …the warlord Obama is now dispatching troops to Uganda to do battle with the wacky yet murderous Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)”


‘Saudi envoy plot suspect is MKO man’ – from PressTV.ir – “Interpol has learned that Gholam-Hossein Shakouri… the second suspect in the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to Washington, is one of the senior members of the MKO, which is an anti-Iranian terrorist group. ”

Libya The Night That Killed The Lies – by Christof Lehmann, NSNBC.wordpress.com

Portuguese unions call for major strike – from PressTV.ir – Two of Portugal’s largest umbrella unions have called for a general strike to protest the government’s plan to impose a new set of austerity measures


How Britain’s Biggest Racists Created Zionism – by Mark Burdman, Campaigner Magazine, 1978

HOLY BAILOUT – Federal Reserve Now Backstopping $75 Trillion Of Bank Of America’s Derivatives Trades – from (what else?) the DailyBail.com


The Son of Africa Claims a Continent’s Crown Jewels – by John Pilger, InformationClearingHouse.org – “Obama’s decision is described in the press as “highly unusual” and “surprising”, even “weird”. It is none of these things. It is the logic of American foreign policy since 1945.”

Let Our Farmers Grow Hemp – by Ralph Nader, GlobalResearch.ca

The destruction of Sirte – by Patrick O’Connor, Uruknet.info

‘Israel planning 3rd Lebanon war’ – from PressTV.ir – “According to…the sources (of an exclusive report by Lebanese Al Joumhouria), Israel sees the ‘regional situation’ as an opportunity to wage the hostilities.”

Seeing through walls – Researchers at MIT’s Lincoln Lab have developed new radar technology that provides real-time video of what’s going on behind solid walls. – by Emily Finn, MIT News Office – (from the It Just Gets Better desk…)

America’s Secret Empire of Drone Bases: Its Full Extent Revealed for the First Time – by Nick Turse, AlterNet.org and TomDispatch.com


Does one ‘super-corporation’ run the global economy? Study claims it could be terrifyingly unstable – Research found that 147 companies formed a ‘super entity’ within group, controlling 40 per cent of its wealth – by Rob Waugh, Dailymail.co.uk


Occupy Wall Street Demands Global UN Tax and Worldwide G20 Protest – from TheDailyBell.com – Oh, is that what “The Occupy Movement” wants? – Full fealty to the New World Order…- “False flag movements generated by the powers-that-be are invariably statist, because that is how they maintain and expand control.”

Gorbachev Calls For American Perestroika – Former Soviet leader says protest movement highlights need for “global governance” – by Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet.com


French Court Orders ISPs to Block Access to Site That “Allow[s] Civilians to Post Videos of Alleged Police Misconduct” – from Volokh.com

Facebook Ireland accused of creating ‘shadow profiles’ on users, nonusers – by Laura Locke, News.CNET.com

Media pushes ‘success’ of experimental GSK malaria vaccine while ignoring deadly side effects – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

For the week of 10/10:

10/10 – the last day of Night 6 of the Universal Time-Wave of the Mayan Calendar (according to the research of Carl Johan Calleman)

Execution by secret WH committee – by Glen Greenwald, Salon.com – Is this, as some have suggested, the official end of “The Rule of Law” in America?

10/11 – Begin Day 7, 18 days to the end of the Mayan Calendar cycles:

Be The Change You Want to See in the World – Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World – from TirnaSaor.com


Where child sacrifice is a business – by Chris Rogers, BBC.co.uk

VeriSign Demands Power To Kill “Abusive” Websites – Manager of all .com internet addresses seeks authority to terminate domains on government order without legal oversight – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com

California Gardasil Law Signed: Children to Receive Deadly Shot Without Parental Consent – by Anthony Gucciardi, Activist Post

Breaking: new evidence shows Hillary a mastermind behind Gunwalker – Ms. Clinton briefed by top aide before “Fast-and-Furious was launched – by Anthony Martin, Examiner.com

Financial Giants Put New York City Cops On Their Payroll – Who Do the White Shirt Police Report to at Occupy Wall Street Protests? – by Pam Martens, Counterpunch.org

Why the Elites Are in Trouble – by Chris Hedges, Truthdig.com – The “Occupy” Movement isn’t something that conventional political repression can “work with.”


The fight against climate change is down to us – the 99% – “Our movement differs from previous anti-globalisation protests. To change society’s values we must stay together for years.” – by Naomi Klein, Guardian.co.uk – Naomi Klein, for all her progressiveness, campaigns for the “Climate” disinfo meme.

Video: ‘Smart’ Meters: More Radiation Than a Cell Tower

Stop the Walgreens flu shot harassment! Employees rewarded with iPads for meeting vaccination recruitment goals? – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

Study: Unvaccinated children far less prone to allergies and disease than vaccinated children – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

Ofcom, British version of censorship – The UK Office of Communications (Ofcom) has succumbed to the British royal family’s demands to ban Press TV activities despite the Iranian news network’s compliance with the law. – from PressTV.ir


Video: Nasa Engineer found Dead in D.C. – Aerospace engineer working on helicopter stealth technology murdered in his own neighborhood – Interesting technological implications.


Cash Transactions Banned by Louisiana: Government Takes Private Property Without Due Process – byThad D. Ackel, Jr. Esq., Sott.net – “Lawmakers in Louisiana have effectively banned its citizens from freely using United States legal tender.”

Do We Need Banks, Or Can We Cut Out the Middleman? – by Washington’s Blog

From Tunisia to “Occupy Wall Street”: Who is the AFL-CIO’s Stuart Appelbaum? – by David Walsh, GlobalResearch.ca

Media hoax exposed: Recent attack on vitamins a fabricated scare campaign – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

The Economic Crisis in Europe; Unpayable Debts. Impending Financial Insolvency – by Bob Chapman, GlobalResearch.ca

Petraeus’s CIA Fuels Iran Murder Plot – by Ray McGovern, BushStole04.com

For the week of 10/3:

Gold Star States – 18 and Counting. – by Lynn Swearingen – The “Real ID” is gradually becoming a fact of life in more and more of the “several (U.S.) states” with the help of “non-profit”s or “NGO”s.

An Oathkeeper’s question: Are you with me? – by John Wallace, PPJ Gazette (ppjg.wordpress.com)

Shadow Government Bunkers: Security Heightened at Underground Storage Facilities – by Mac Slavo of SHTFPlan.com, LewRockwell.com


6 Reasons the ‘Occupy’ Revolution Will Be Difficult to Co-Opt or Defeat – by Eric Blair, Activist Post

Anwar Awlaqi Most Likely Alive – from the Yemen Post

The slaughter in Sirte – by Patrick O’Connor, WSWS.org – “According to NATO’s publicly released figures, their bombers recorded 121 separate “key hits” in Sirte in the last two weeks of September alone. These air strikes are being conducted on the basis of limited or no intelligence and therefore can only be described as indiscriminate and in blatant contravention of international law.”

Video: Civilians under NATO bombing – Bani Walid eyewitness to RT – from RussiaToday, via Uruknet.info

Secret US-Israeli Nuke Transfers Led To Fukushima Blasts – by Yoichi Shimatsu, a Rense.com World Exclusive – POTENTIALLY ONE OF THE BIGGEST STORIES EVER!

Challenge to Masonic Control of Canadian Justice – Canadian courts stonewall a case demanding judges, lawyers and government officials reveal if they are Freemasons. The case claims Freemasons conspire against non-Masons. – by Eva Sydel, HenryMakow.com

Israel Positions Nuclear Subs Off Iran – by Keith Johnson, AmericanFreePress.net

UK rewrites war crimes law at Israel’s request – by Richard Irvine, Uruknet.info

Honduran Farmers Slaughtered In Name Of Global Warming – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com – “Seizing private property and killing those who try to protect their homes and families betrays the fact that while the movement against man-made climate change likes to project an image of itself as a touchy-feely liberal cause, in reality it is a brutal and arcane form of savagery led by eugenicists obsessed by greed who have no concern for human suffering.”

Ibrahim Zaza: The Gaza Boy Newspapers Omitted – by Ramzy Baroud, thecornerreport.com – “Both of Ibrahim’s arms were cut off. He had a hole in his lung. Parts of his legs were missing. His kidney was in a bad condition…we need people to stand with us.’ These were the words of an exhausted man as he described the condition of his dying son in an interview with The Real News, an alternative news source.”


Germany Prepares to Exit Euro as Sovereign Debt Crisis Grows – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com

September 2011 Policy & Markets – by Dr. Pippa Malmgren, pippamalmgren.com – The analysis that Kurt Nimmo based his above-linked article on

Bad Financial News Keeps Pouring In: 14 Facts That Just Might Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You – from TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com


The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are – And Has Covered It Up… (Part One) – by Tim Bolen, BolenReport.com

CPUC and PG&E: Misinformation, misrepresentation and attempted extortion – by Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette, ppjg.wordpress.com

Part 2 – The true story of the USS San Francisco blown hull. – by BK Lim, Newsvine.com

APNewsBreak: Obama to step up power line projects – by Matthew Daly, Associated Press – “…the projects would create thousands of jobs and help modernize the nation’s power grid.”

For the week of 9/26:

War of words over global warming as Nobel laureate resigns in protest – A Nobel laureate has quit one of the world’s leading organisations for scientists in protest at its assertion that the evidence of damaging global warming is “incontrovertible”. – from Telegraph.co.uk

DEADLINE LIVE EXCLUSIVE: CIA Death Squad Responsible For Dumping 35 ‘Dead Zetas’ On Veracruz Highway – from DeadlineLive.com

“9/11 Conspiracy Roadtrip” – A Participant’s Perspective – by Emily Louise Church, 911truthnews.com – All is not as it would seem in Charlie Veitch Land…

Libya: NTC concocts mass grave story in brazen propaganda ploy – by Martin Iqbal, Uruknet.info – “It was unclear, however, whether the site actually was a mass grave, as no excavation has taken place. Members of the media were shown bones at the site, but medics with CNN staffers on the scene said the bones did not appear to be human.”

US drones kill dozens in Somalia – from PressTV.ir

Anti-regime protests resume in Morocco – Thousands of Moroccans have once again taken to the streets to call for deep political changes despite recent reforms aimed at curbing powers of King Mohammed VI. – from PressTV.ir

Bush-Era Admin lied about the USS San Francisco accident to distance its covert involvement with the 26 Dec 2004 9.3 quake offshore Sumatra. – by Geoscientist BK LIM, Newsvine.com – one from the “Don’t-Call-IT-WooWoo” desk

Five Banks Account For 96% Of The $250 Trillion In Outstanding US Derivative Exposure; Is Morgan Stanley Sitting On An FX Derivative Time Bomb? – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com

The Irvine 11 – Guilty Of Being Muslims In America – by Stephen Lendman, Rense.com

Why Troy Davis Wasn’t a Trending Topic: Progressive Email and Twitter Messages Censored in US and UK – from Alternet.org


Are the Tribes of Europe Ready to Explode? – from theDailyBell.com – An EXCELLENT, concise statement of the current zeitgeist in Europe, and, due to the centrality of the upcoming collapse scenarios unfolding with the Euro.

Government Twists Science of 9/11: “New Theory” on the WTC Towers’ Collapse – by Washington’s Blog, GlobalResearch.ca

Obama appoints 9/11 scriptwriter & master criminal Zelikow to Intelligence Advisory Board – by Kevin Barret, truthjihad.blogspot.com

Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy – by Ashton B. Carter, John M. Deutch and Philip D. Zelikow – Originally published in Foreign Affairs, Nov., Dec. 1998 – The essential outline of the project to create the “War on Terror,” with Zelikow at the center of the web again.


The Colossal Deceit Known As The Underwear Bomber Case – by Kurt Haskell (eyewitness to Umar Abdulmutallab being escorted through security without a passport), InformationLiberation.com

PDF diagram of Rothschild financial empire – downloadable

Israel plans 1,100 more settlement units as legislators call for full annexation – by Saed Bannoura, Uruknet.info

The Federal Reserve Plans to Identify “Key Bloggers”, Monitor Conversations about The Fed on Facebook, Twitter, Forums & Blogs – by The Economic Collapse Blog, GlobalResearch.ca


Corruption and Financial Manipulation behind Takedown of Gold and Silver and the Rise of the US Dollar… – by Bob Chapman, GlobalResearch.ca

Bush regime retread, Philip Zelikow, appointed to Obama’s Intelligence Advisory Board – by Atheo, AlethoNews.wordpress.com

(UK) Families face £5,000 bill to bail out debt-stricken Euro nations – Sources in Washington say IMF’s pot of cash could be expanded from £250billion to £2.6trillion – by Hugo Duncan, DailyMail.co.uk

Bankers Torpedoed Financial System — Veteran Trader – by John MacKenzie, HenryMakow.com – “This was clearly the end of a very long cycle. More like the end of an era in human history. The system has no way to recover. It must be scrapped and all the debt that has been put on the backs of ordinary citizens at the demands of private bankers must be repudiated by their governments.

Step Aside BBC “Trader”: Head Of UniCredit Securities Predicts Imminent End Of The Eurozone And A Global Financial Apocalypse – from Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – Are the rats rushing the gangplanks?

Sanctions: Cut the Globalists Off From Humanity – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “UN Sanctioning Sovereign Nations, We the People Sanctioning the Global Elite: Time to cut them off from humanity.” – You Go, Tony! Let’s do this!

Military to Collaborate with Wyoming Cops in Drunk Driving Crackdown – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com

CDC now Calling U.S. Households and Demanding Child Immunization Records as Part of Vaccine Surveillance and Tracking Program – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “What’s clear from all this is that today’s government-run ‘public health’ fiasco is really all about the following: Vaccines – Surveillance – Compliance – Tracking – Military – Weapons” – Can we say “Smart Meters?”

Likud-Republican Alliance – WWIII Scenario? Launching a First Strike on Iran – by “Solomon Davidson,” GlobalResearch.ca

Barack Obama at the United Nations: A Wonderful speech, a beautiful speech… – by Uri Avnery, GlobalResearch.ca – “A work of art. The art of hypocrisy. Almost every statement in the passage concerning the Israeli-Palestinian issue was a lie. A blatant lie: the speaker knew it was a lie, and so did the audience.”

Financial Warfare: “Sheared by the Shorts”. How Short Sellers Fleece Investors – by Ellen Brown, GlobalResearch.ca

Humanity’s Main Event, What a Show! – by Eric Blair, ActivistPost.com – “The showdown will likely culminate in a massive event, probably engineered by the controllers… Three scenarios are being bet on by my meditation pals on the moon: cataclysmic earth changes, global financial meltdown, or global Pearl Harbor event… Significantly, out of desperation to maintain their power, these may be the only moves the controllers have left. But will they be enough to overcome the human world order — a growing conspiracy for love, peace and liberty? Stay tuned!”

NATO Troops in Kosovo Open Fire on Serb Protesters – from GlobalResearch.ca

Obama: $3.4B for ‘smart’ power grid – from WashingtonTimes.com


Psychiatric Oppression Opposed: Albert Haines Is First Man to Get Public Hearing – from Gaia-health.com

TNC In Chaos: 80% of Tripoli under Green Banner. – by Dr. Christof Lehmann, NSNBC-wordpress.com

Wisconsin Judge: No Right to Produce or Eat Food – “no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to consume the milk from their own cow…”

Support from the Tribes of Sahara. Thousands of Tuaregs Join Libyan Resistance Forces. – by Alliby Hassan, GlobalResearch.ca

Israeli parliament approves plans to transfer 30,000 Palestinian Bedouin – by Dr. Mansour Nsasra, Uruknet.info – “The continually shifting policies of the (Israeli) state and its agencies towards the local indigenous Bedouin is a clear sign of their fear of losing more land for Jewish settlements in the Naqab (Negev), and it is a natural reaction to (peaceful) Bedouin steadfastness.”

Am I a threat to national security? – by Justin Raimondo, chroniclesmagazine.org

WARNING: Corporate-Fascist Military Coup Brewing in the United States? – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

For the week of 9/19:

Synchronicity, Myth, and the New World Order – by Charles Eisenstein, Reality Sandwich – The ultra-intellectual Eisenstein tries to deconstruct the conspiratorial view of history, in support of what might be called “perfect equanimity,” while arguing at the same time that one “should do something…” – If you take the time to parse this extensive post, treat yourself to the comments at the end.

European Commission head calls NATO bombing of Libyans a “moral duty” – by Madison Ruppert, ActivistPost.com – “…the West continues to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into a totally incompetent rebel force incapable of enacting any real change except plunging their nation into chaos and perpetual conflict…”

Tapping the Israeli Embassy – Israeli dual-citizen translator Shamai Leibowitz was imprisoned for going public on an “FBI uncovered … massive and highly focused campaign (from the Israeli Embassy along with “the Israeli Lobby”) referred to by the Israelis as “perception management,” but which the CIA would refer to as a covert action.” – “Leibowitz’s concern that the illegal activity would not be prosecuted by the Justice Department proved correct.”

They’re mainstreaming pedophilia – Judith Reisman attends confab pushing orientation ‘Minor-Attracted Persons’

Bush’s Toronto Visit Cancelled Amid Mass Public Pressure for Arrest – Fundraiser for evangelical Christian university scrapped as public awareness of war criminal’s appearance developed.


EU debt crisis being used to consolidate political control – “If the eurozone were to split, it is difficult to imagine for the European Union not to split as well. It is difficult to imagine Europe to be as safe as it is now without the European Union.” — Polish Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski (AP) – by Eric Blair, ActivistPost.com

U.S. Republicans submit resolution supporting Israel’s right to annex West Bank – Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) introduces House resolution that supports annexation if the Palestinian Authority continues to push for UN vote. – from Haaretz.com and the You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up Desk

Avoiding Artificial Sweeteners? This Study Will Surprise You… – by Dr. Mercola, Mercola.com

California Bans Unvaccinated Children from Class – by Anthony Gucciardi, Activist Post – In San Francisco, children without proof of whooping cough vaccination are being sent home.

Pharma-backed legislation to allow secret vaccinations of children without parental consent about to become law in California – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

The Conquest of Thieves – by Stanley Collymore – “Contemporary Frankensteins Nicolas Sarkozy, his co-conspirator David Cameron and their willing apprentices in the United States and the rest of NATO are similarly in for a rude awakening over the creation of their Libyan monster; and you heard it here first!”

U.S. to build new massive prison in Bagram – by Glenn Greenwald, Uruknet.info – (Since dumping Bin Laden’s Corpsicle into the drink)”the U.S. has done the following: renewed the Patriot Act for four years with no reforms; significantly escalated drone attacks in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan; tried to assassinate U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki with no due process; indicted a 24-year-old Muslim for “material support for Terrorism” for uploading an anti-American YouTube clip after he talked to the son of a Terrorist leader; pressured Iraq to keep U.S. troops in that country; argued that it has the virtually unlimited right to kill anyone it wants anywhere in the world; and now finalized plans to build a sprawling new prison in Afghanistan. If that’s winding things down, I sure would hate to see what a redoubling of the American commitment to Endless War looks like.

U.S.-Canada Perimeter Security and the Consolidation of North America – by Dana Gabriel, Infowars.com – final sentence: “With a joint action plan expected to be released soon, it is my hope that Canadians and Americans will reject any perimeter security deal that reduces privacy rights and further puts our sovereignty at risk.”


Collapse Roundup #6: The European Bank Run Has Begun – This Is What a Collapsing Global (Ponzi) Banking System Looks Like – from AmpedStatus.org


Bahrain: New Evidence of Framed-up Death Sentences Against Pro-Democracy Activists– Ministry of Interior Whistleblower Suggests Murder Trial Used For Political Dirty Tricks – by Finian Cunningham, Global Research.ca


Obama Administration to Ban Asthma Inhalers Over Environmental Concerns – from FederalJack.com – one more from the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” desk

Will the Real Culprits of Euro Doom Stand Up? – by Anthony Wile, theDailyBell.com

Libya: Rebels Create Humanitarian Disaster, Then Blame it on Qaddafi – by Tony Cartalucci, Activist Post (BeforeItsNews.com)

The Next Phase of Internet Censorship Has Begun: Man the Battle Stations! – by Number Six, Activist Post (BeforeItsNews.com)

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia – When Georgia murdered Troy Davis, it brought condemnation from around the world. – by Daniel Patrick Welch, GlobalResearch.com – “…there is no time like the present to push back against the powers who inculcate in us such paralyzing self-doubt while excercising absolutely none as they arrogantly plunder and take everthing to which they feel entitled. This is a classic tool of empire, satirized in the old irish revolutionary standard God Bless England. The kids like it for its catchy nonsense refrain, “Whack fol the diddle and the die do day,” but its true message is in the verses: ‘When we were savage, fierce and wild/ She came as a mother to her child/ Gently raised us from the slime/ Kept our hands from hellish crime/ And she sent us to heave in her own good time!/ Whack fol the diddle and the die do day.'”

Palestine Spring, Bibi’s Winter of Discontent – by Richard Silverstein, Uruknet.info – Silverstein gets it wrong, though, when he writes “Both Bibi and Barack said in their speeches that peace cannot be won through UN resolutions. They conveniently forget that national independence can indeed be won through such resolutions, which was how Israel won its recognition as a new state in 1947.” Israel was never given statehood at the U.N., the Security Council never even voted on it. Israel declared its “statehood” itself.

For the week of 9/12:

The War on Terror is a Fraud – A decade of war started, and both fueled & fought by the same corporate-financier interests – by Tony Cartalucci, Activist Post (Cartalucci’s website – http://landdestroyer.wordpress.com)

A Decade After 9/11, Police Departments Are Increasingly Militarized – byRadley Balko, Huffington Post

Mom Says Prickly School Cop Killed Her Son – by Iulia Flip, CourthouseNews.com – 14 year old chased down and shot to death after brief fistfight

Israel and the Upcoming Nuclear War – ‘The “Unthinkable” is Now Inevitable’ – by Gordon Duff, VeteransToday.com

Blogger Describes Armed Arrest By Militarized Cops For “Suspicious Behavior” – by Shoshana Hebshi, Stories from the Heartland

For the week of 9/5:

False Narrative of People’s Revolutions – by Richard Evans, HenryMakow.com – “The formula for “turning over” a target society consists of four stages: 1. Demoralization, 2. Destabilization, 3. Crisis, 4. Normalization” – Can you say Libya, Syria, how about what’s coming to the U.S. of A….?

Panetta: Iran revolution ‘matter of time’ – US Defense Secretary: Reform movement learning from Tunisia, Egypt; says ‘we should try to take every step to try to support effort’

Atlantic Council: Is Libya a “Global Con?” – Globalist organization (the Atlantic Council, actual snookerers) ponders whether Al Qaeda has “snookered” NATO – by Tony Cartalucci, Activist Post

Torture Alleged at Chain of Children’s Homes – by Jonny Bonner, CourthouseNews.com – “Hundreds of parents claim a group of boarding schools tortured their children: locked them in dog cages, forced them to lie in feces and eat vomit, masturbated them and denied the troubled teens any religion ‘except for the Mormon faith.'”

Official 9/11 Fable To Become Part Of School Curriculum – London Mayor Boris Johnson vows to ‘to carry out a “controlled demolition” of conspiracy theories to “remind people of the tragedy of what really happened”.’ – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com

Exclusive: Staging of Major Terror Attack on US Evident – by Gordon Duff, VeteransToday.com

British Medical Journal had secret financial ties to Merck during publication of articles attacking Wakefield – by PF Louis, NaturalNews.com

As wildfires rage across Texas, feds take control and scuttle volunteer firefighter– by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “In other words, if you’re a local Texan and you want to help other Texans save their ranches, or their homes, or their businesses, you need permission from the federal bureaucracy first!”

Greenhouse Gas Theory Discredited by ‘Coolant’ Carbon Dioxide – by John O’Sullivan – “Science professor, a former global warming believer now denier, publishes groundbreaking paper to prove carbon dioxide cools, not warms, our atmosphere.”

News Alert: Dutchsinse Youtube Account Shut Down! – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com

Europe’s “Troubled Assets” Bank Bailout: Germany’s Chancellor Merkel Pushes for a Eurozone “Banktatorship” – by Mike Whitney, GlobalResearch.ca


You must have less so bankers can have more. A lot more. – from vidrebel.wordpress.com

Too Many Inconvenient Truths – by Guy Somerset – “On July 18, 2011, Sean Hoare was found mysteriously deceased by London police. This is notable for two reasons…”

Cell Phone Towers: The 3 a.m. Alarm Clock – by Conrad LeBeau, TownshendLetter.com

Proof Of Fukushima Weapons Program Rests On A Pile Of Manure – Rense.com World Exclusive – By Yoichi Shimatsu, Former editor of The Japan Times Weekly, Studied At UC Berkeley Graduate School Of Journalism.

England Instigated World War Two – Book review by Thomas Dunskus, HenryMakow.com – “Retired German General Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof’s new book supports my view that the Second World War was waged to remove Germany as an obstacle to Illuminati One World Government.”

Mobile Surveillance Towers to be Showcased to Congress – from ActivistPost.com (with video) – “It Just Gets Better TM

U.S. Army orders its first batch of suicide drones – “Small size, quiet motors let aircraft find target, sneak in and deliver knockout blow” – (more from the IJGB desk)

Merck Bankrolled Anti-Parent (Gardasil) Bill – Calif: Jerry Brown Expected to Sign Merck HPV Bill – “Because there will be no parental notification in California, girls could start dropping dead and their grieving parents won’t even know why.”

Humbly Claiming Our Power – by Ken Carey – Ken makes a strong statement regarding his intuitive take on the present moment and the approaching great Shift, in the context of his previous work. Highly recommended.


9/11 Hype: False Flag Programming In Full Bloom – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com

9/11 – Occult Trauma-Based Mind Control – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com

Was September 11 a Cover-up of a Financial Fraud? – “…if the destruction of the World Trade Centre, a segment of the Pentagon, four commercial aircraft and the loss of 2,993 lives is not considered as a “terrorist attack” but rather as a crime with specific objectives, there is a compelling logic to the pattern of destruction, not only of the buildings but of specific offices (and people) within each building.

9/11 Experts Speak Out; UW Profs Cower in Shameful Silence – from the U. of Wisconsin “Sifting and Winnowing” blog

Top US Government Insider: Bin Laden Died In 2001, 9/11 A False Flag – Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations Steve R. Pieczenik says he is prepared to tell a federal grand jury the name of a top general who told him directly 9/11 was a false flag attack – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com

Death Of The Cash Economy – by Jim Kirwan, Rense.com

Walter Fauntroy, Feared Dead in Libya, Returns Home—Guess Who He Saw Doing the Killing (It wasn’t the Libyans)

Obama Style Stimulus – by Stephen Lendman, Uruknet.info

For the week of 8/29:

All in one lump. What a week…

Jakarta: Mossad presence laughing it up after Bali bombing – by Wayne Madsen – Madsen covers many of the anomalies around the Bali false-flag bombing operation.

Michigan Governor Plays Fast and Loose with Democracy, Invokes Radical New Powers – Massively under-reported story on yet more “change” in America, with video with Rachel Maddow

Appeals Court: Arresting Guy For Filming Cops Was A Clear Violation Of Both 1st & 4th Amendments – from the huge-victory-for-free-speech dept

California to make it a felony for MDs to treat cancer without chemo, radiation or surgery – by Dr. Len Saputo – This has got to be lawful…

Libya: Tripoli Stands in Defiance of NATO – by Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer, Activist Post

NWO Plans Exposed By Insider In 1969 – Transcript of tapes recorded in 1988, the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan regarding a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Paediatric Society by Dr. Richard Day (d.1989), a former professor or Dr. Dunegan. Amazing stuff…

Four Years Later: The Kennebunkport Warning of August 2007 Confirmed by Dick Cheney in his New Autobiography – by Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D. – The flight of the “Rogue B-52” from Minot airbase to Barksdale airbase with 6 nuclear-armed cruise missiles on Aug. 29, 2007, still has not been investigated by U.S. authorities.

Anti-Defamation League: Speaking the truth about 9/11 is anti-Semitic – from Mr.Friend’s Blog

25 Signs That The Financial World Is About To Hit The Big Red Panic Button – from EconomicCollapseBlog.com via the It Just Gets Better desk

“Civil War” Erupts On Wall Street: As Reality Finally Hits The Financial Elite, They Start Turning On Each Other – by David DeGraw, GlobalResearch.ca

Syria terrorist admits Saudi, Jordan links – All is not as it may seem in the propaganda onslaught around “Syrian unrest”

Even Goldman Sachs Secretly Believes That An Economic Collapse Is Coming – By Michael Snyder – BlackListedNews.com -The “Too Big to Fail” ream their client-base once again.

Israel At Risk: Fear of Delegitimization Pushes Israeli Terrorism – ISRAEL READY TO PUSH THE “ARMAGEDDON BUTTON” – Turkey Closes Door on Israel’s Planned “Pearl Harbor” on Iran – by Gordon Duff, VeteransToday.com

For the week of 8/22:

9/11/11 – 7 Reasons To Brace For Impact – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.info

Tased From Above! New Robot Copter To Begin Patrolling Our Skies (video) – The ShadowHawk drone is being bought for police in the U.S. by DHS – It can carry launchable Tasers, shotguns, or even a Grenade launcher!

The Great Collapse Has Officially Begun – by Graham Summers, ZeroHedge

NATO SLAUGHTER IN TRIPOLI: “Operation Mermaid Dawn” Signals Assault by Rebels’ Al Qaeda Death Squads – by Thierry Meyssan, GlobalResearch.ca


Robert Fisk: How Long Before The Dominoes Fall?

Order: Kill non-mainstream reporters in Libya, What U.S. is hiding – by Debra Dupre, Examiner.com

10 Things Citizen Spies Should Report to DHS – from Activist Post – Not what you think.


Norway’s Terror as Systemic Destabilization: Breivik, the Arms-for-Drugs Milieu, and Global Shadow Elites – by Prof. Peter Dale Scott, GlobalResearch.ca

Riotgate: Dispatch from East London – by Felicity Arbuthnot, GlobalResearch.ca

New Leaks Reveal Insider Tips on S&P’s U.S. Credit Downgrade to Killer-Drone Firm – by Tom Burghardt, Antifascist Calling blog – Amazing article, puts much of the present moment in context

Qatari Hollywood And The Mercenary Invasion of Tripoli – Movie sets were built in Qatar in preparation for the Nato attacks on Tripoli, where faux news footage of the city’s “invasion” were shot.

21 Signs That The New Reality For Many Baby Boomers Will Be To Work As Wage Slaves Until They Drop Dead – from the Economic Collapse Blog


Lawrence Solomon: Science getting settled – “New, convincing evidence indicates global warming is caused by cosmic rays and the sun — not humans” – from FinancialTimes.com

How Israel takes its revenge on boys who throw stones – Video seen by Catrina Stewart reveals the brutal interrogation of young Palestinians

Market crash ‘could hit within weeks’, warn bankers – A more severe crash than the one triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers could be on the way, according to alarm signals in the credit markets. – from Telegraph.co.uk

Guitar Frets: Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians in Fear – “Federal agents swooped in on Gibson Guitar Wednesday, raiding factories and offices in Memphis and Nashville, seizing several pallets of wood, electronic files and guitars.”


Libya: Tripoli Stands in Defiance of NATO – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

NWO Plans Exposed By Insider In 1969 – from Rense.com – A doctor recalls futurist lecture by his former professor which outlined the transformation of the United States by the end of the 20th Century.

The Sheriff Who Sold His County – from The Reality Blog – An expose on the corporatization of policing in Salt Lake County Utah as part of the ongoing Federalization of police in the U.S.

For the week of 8/15:

UK violence raises questions about American unrest – from the Sheboygan Press, yet another suggestion that Americans may soon be going “out on a rampage.”


As Economy Tanks, “New Normal” Police State Takes Shape – by Tom Burghardt, Global Research – a comprehensive review of the devolving civil liberties situation in the U.S.


Texas governor orders STD vaccine for all girls – Decision comes after maker of cervical cancer shot doubled lobbying efforts – ”



Radiofrequency Radiation: The Invisible Hazards of ‘Smart’ Meters – by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, Global Research

Syria: Obama Threatens U.S. Military Intervention – by Sara Flounders, Global Research

Goldman Sachs VP Changed Name, Now a Top Congressional Staffer – the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” desk is getting swamped…

SEC Destroys 9,000 Fraud Files Involving Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Lehman – from Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis

20 Signs That The World Could Be Headed For An Economic Apocalypse In 2012 – from TheEconomicCollapse blog

For the week of 8/8 ~ 8/9:

Ongoing Observation of Comet Elenin – from NASA’s Stereo observation satellites

Pakistan TV Report Contradicts US Claim of Bin Laden’s Death – by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research

Monsanto’s FDA Goes After the Country’s Only Safe Milk


Chatter: 9/11, Fringe Science and Disclosure – Is Fantasy Now a Reality, Has it Always Been? – by Gordon Duff, Veterans Today

Australia’s repression of BDS movement coordinated with Israel – by Kim Bullimore, Melbourne Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, co-organizer of the first national Australian BDS conference

Leak of a 70 page Criminal NATO Plan to Occupy Libya – UAE Would Occupy Tripoli in Post-Gadhafi Libya – by Jason Ditz, Global Research

Fresh NATO raids kill 85 civilians in Libya


Illinois Shutting Down Artisan Ice Cream Makers for Crime of Using Fresh Fruit – by Dawn Xiana Moon, Infowars.com – “Something’s wrong here, and local ice cream (Nice Cream) may be a casualty of it.”

Libya war lies worse than Iraq – “Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch both had honest observers on the ground for months following the rebellion in eastern Libya and both have repudiated every major charge used to justify the NATO war on Libya.”

FBI Asks Stores To Spy On Survival Gear Customers And Report Them As Potential Terrorists – from Alexander Higgins blog – “If you see something, say something” – and Oath Keepers request information from people who know about these flyers in their own states.

Detroit mother Maryanne Godboldo found in neglect for refusing to medicate daughter with psychiatric drugs – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

America: “A Parasite On The World” – by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (member of Council for National Policy, CNP), Global Research

The Military: Closer to You Than Your Family – by David Swanson, Global Research – “When one family tried to get away from jet noise in Virginia Beach by moving to a rural farm, the military quickly opened a new base right next to them. There is no escape.”

Lebanon intercepts covert arms shipments bound for Syria – by Sahand Avedis, Global Research

For the week of 8/1:

Agenda 21 Coming To A Farm Near You Federal Government Make Move Toward Crippling Family Farms – by Alex Thomas, TheIntelHub.com

Obama Administration’s “Secret Law” to Spy on Americans – by Tom Burghardt, Global Research

The US Debt Ceiling Deal – by Patrick Martin, Global Research

15 Years in Prison For Taping the Cops? How Eavesdropping Laws Are Taking Away Our Best Defense Against Police Brutality – by Rania Khalek, AlterNet

Western-funded groups continue to destabilize Syria – by Madison Ruppert, Activist Post


2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin

Obama’s New 2nd in Command at DOD Ashton Carter – CFR, Aspen Group, Goldman Sachs…Connects to 911 False Flag – by Jack Blood, Deadlinelive.info

11 Occult Secrets Now In the Open – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com

For the week of 7/25 ~ 7/27:

Who Are The Bankers That Benefit From The Norway Terror Attacks? – The inconvenient “terrorist” People’s Progress Party, who are blocking carbon taxes in Norway, are now tarred with the brush of a lone nut “member,” Anders Breivik.

The $1 Billion Armageddon Trade Placed Against The United States – “Someone dropped a bomb on the bond market Thursday – a $1 billion Armageddon trade betting the United States will lose its AAA credit rating – In one moment, an invisible trader placed a single trade that moved the most liquid debt market in the world.

The Political Theater and the Debt Ceiling Crisis: Are We Being Had? – by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research

FDA Copies the European Union and Slips In One of its Deadliest Weapons – “Are the NDI guidelines the ultimate FDA tool to freeze dietary supplement innovation?”

Dissociated State of Mind is Social Necessity – “Without being dissociated, we couldn’t dwell for a day in what we call civilization.”


The Federal Reserve ADMITS that Its 12 Banks Are PRIVATE – Not Government – Entities – by Washington’s Blog

US Grannie Stripped, Jailed At Canada Border

Green agenda has parallels with excesses of communism – Two completely different takes on “Warmism” and carbon taxes

This Is What A Collapsing Ponzi Scheme Looks Like

Housing Market Headed Off A Cliff. 10.8 Million Mortgages At Risk – by David DeGraw, Global Research – The “shadow inventory” of homes essentially “owned” by the banks already exceeds 3 million houses in the U.S.

The Quartzsite, Arizona Police Corruption Scandal – by Rady Ananda, Global Research

6 Ways Food is Being Used as a Weapon – from Activist Post

Earth’s Moon and Human Evolution – by Dr. N Huntley, Ph.D.

America Heading For Tyranny and Impoverishment – by Stephen Lendman, Rense.com

Neutrino Quest II – by Donald Scott, Thunderbolts.info – The number and type of neutrinos observed from Earth do not support the fusion model of solar activity.

“SMART” METERS: A triple threat – by Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette


Only a Domestic Terror Attack Can Rescue Brand Obama – by Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet – Remember the calls for “a new Pearl Harbor?”


NASA Climate Data Challenges Global Warming Alarms

NATO war crime: Libya water supply – NATO targets Khadaffi’s miraculous aquaduct, then attacks the factory that builds the pipes needed to repair it the next day, killing 6 workers.


A disturbing trend: many innocent Americans arrested for legally filming on-duty public servants – by Madison Ruppert, Activist Post

For the week of 7/18:

Experts Warn of al-Qaeda Attack If Debt Ceiling Not Raised – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com – from the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” desk…

POWER GRID TAMPERING WILL END AN ERA – from Jim Stone’s blog – Another happening you couldn’t make up – According to Stone, this constitutes a military-level attack on the U.S.

Canadian Citizen Tortured in Bahrain… But Harper Government Keeps Silent – by Finian Cunningham, Global Research – Arrested at the airport when leaving Bahrain, held incommunicado and tortured for a month, Naser Al Raas (28) faces 20 years in prison for crimes he “confessed” to under torture.

Social Media Targeted by Pentagon for “Strategic Communication” – by Daniel Taylor, OldThinkerNews.com


Masonic Blackmail Behind Murdoch Scandal? – by Henry Makow Ph.D.


CERN Scientists Gagged On ‘Politically Incorrect’ Global Warming Data – Scientists forbidden to interpret data from key cosmic ray/cloud experiment that likely confirms the work of Henrik Svensmark’s team described in the book “The Chilling Stars”

GMO Deregulation: An Act of War – by Barbara H. Peterson, Global Research – “This Kentucky Bluegrass case precedent has the potential to be the single biggest food event on the planet. The complete deregulation of all GMOs means that anything goes.”


Western Hubris on Full Display at So-Called Libya Contact Group – by Peter Lee


Police state insanity: teens arrested while waiting for parents in OKC curfew sweep – by Madison Ruppert, Activist Post

Princess Diana Police Face Arrest – “TWO of Britain’s leading former police officers are wanted for questioning over allegations that they withheld crucial evidence about the car crash which killed Princess Diana.”

Walnuts Are Drugs, Says FDA – by Michael Tennant, TheNewAmerican.com – “Walnuts aren’t the only food whose health benefits the FDA has tried to suppress…”

Sukant Chandan: ‘Rebel Atrocities, Gadaffi Troops Found Dead, Mutilated’ – RT video, 1:28 long

Amid the Murdoch Scandal, There’s an Acrid Smell of Business as Usual – by John Pilger, InformationClearingHouse.info

The California Prison Hunger Strike Opposing Solitary Confinement as Torture — and the Insulting Response of Prison Officials – Andy Worthington, Uruknet.info – Why do we need to depend on sources like RT and Uruknet.info to tell us about what’s happening in our backyard?

Exclusive: U.S. Blocks Oversight of Its Mercenary Army in Iraq – by Spencer Ackerman, Uruknet.info – “By January 2012, the State Department will do something it’s never done before: command a mercenary army the size of a heavy combat brigade. ”

Neocon Jeffrey Feltman Visits Libya Brandishing The Dahiyeh Doctrine and “The New Realities” – by Franklin Lamb LLM, PhD, Activist Post


Shunned For Exemption: No Vaccine? No School, No Doctor

For the week of 7/11:

A Lost World? Atlantis-Like Landscape Discovered – by Wynne Parry, LiveScience

Europe’s Temperatures Show No Evidence Of Warming Since 1998 – from NoTricksZone.com

Bayer and Death: 1918 and Aspirin – Part 1 of 5 – by J. Holcombe, D. Jacobson, and T. Ruhl – This series throws many currently popular ideas about public health into question.


Secret Weapons Now Beaming Into Your Skull – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com

Aristarchus Crater – Electric Blue Gem or Fusion Reactor? – Transient Lunar Phenomena or TLP in the ultraviolet spectrum have been extensively documented in the area of the crater since 1955, by many reliable observers.

The American-Saudi Relationship – An Old Friendship Starts to Crumble – by Rudolph Chimelli – Former 25-year Saudi Intelligence Chief Prince Turki Al-Faisal outlines positions that threaten the balance of power in the Middle East.

The Great Unravelling – by Stephen Lendman – “…it’s hard understanding why Americans so willingly let corrupt government officials steal them blind and destroy their lives. It’s long past time they got mad enough to stop it because nothing will change things otherwise.”


Mass psychosis in the US – How Big Pharma got Americans hooked on anti-psychotic drugs.

What Happened to the $2.6 Trillion Social Security Trust Fund?

Who is Rupert Murdoch? A Word Or Two on What Isn’t Being Said – by Gordon Duff

Executive Order # 13575: The theft of rural and agricultural lands for UN Agenda 21 – by Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette – WTF is Obama’s fiat “White House Rural Council” really?


Predictive Programming: Illuminati Pictures Presents “Contagion” – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com – Matt Damon, Gweneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Directed by Steven Soderburg, who WON’T join the NWO push? Be Scared, be VERY Scared.

For the week of 7/4:

Australian Green Party Leader admits Global Warming is Really all about World Government – by Number 6, Activist Post


Protect IP Act Gives Government Power to Seize Websites On a Whim – by Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet


Prison Inmates Do Jobs Previously Done By Union Workers – from Information Clearing House

Why Do the Police Have Tanks? The Strange and Dangerous Militarization of the US Police Force – The federal government has supplied local police departments with military uniforms, weaponry, vehicles, and training. – By Rania Khalek, Information Clearing House

Why is Greece Blockading Gaza? – by Max Ajl

DEADLINE LIVE EXCLUSIVE – Captured Zeta Leader: We’ve purchased weapons from the “U.S. Government itself – by Supermario, DeadlineLive.info

Riposte Against Zionism: Go Tell It To The People – by Dr. Alan Sabrosky – If Americans want to respond to the inordinate influence of Zionist interests in the U.S. and in the World, it would help to have a workable plan.

Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake – by Dr. Alan Sabrosky – a concise explanation of why the involvement of Israel’s Mossad and Pro-Israeli operatives within institutions in Washington D.C. in the attacks of 9/11 is at the top of probabilities we need to consider.


One of the Most Inexcusable Vaccine Revelations of All… – from Dr. Mercola – It’s finally been admitted that Pharma manufacturers have been culturing vaccines in human fetal cell lines.

Israel’s no fly zone – by Dahr Jamail

The Illegal State Murder of Humberto Leal Garcia – by Bill Van Auken, Global Research

Mounting Public Debt. The Looting of Federal Pensions, Social Security and Medicare – by Bob Chapman, Global Research

For the week of 6/27:

Al Gore, Agenda 21 And Population Control – from EndofTheAmericanDream.com

Monsanto trying to take over world seed supply, nation by nation – by Kaitlyn Moore, Natural News

Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks – by Bill Wilson, Information Clearing House

Does Our Brain Really Create Consciousness? – by Peter Russell, Spirit of Now blog

The true story of SV40, the cancer-causing virus hidden in polio vaccines – by J.D. Heyes, Natural News

KKR to Buy Top Web Hosting / Domain Reg. “Go Daddy”- But who is KKR? – by Jack Blood, DeadlineLIVE.info


Earth’s Core: A Moon-Sized Crystal Ball – Study of seismic waves traveling through the Earth’s core reveal an anomalous solid core.

U.S. Media Imagine Nonexistent Mass Rape in Libya, But are Blind to Mass Murder of Black Africans – by Glen Ford, BlackAgendaReport.com

Punishing Pakistan and Challenging China – Pakistan in Pieces, Part 2 – by Andrew Gavin Marshall, GlobalResearch.ca -(see also Pt. 1 linked of this article)

Empire or Republic. How the Empire Destroys its Own People – From Joplin, Missouri to Kabul, Afghanistan – by Prof. James Petras, GlobalResearch.ca – “The ‘cost’ of building community shelters at the strip malls and trailer parks in Joplin , Missouri is less than a regional training outpost in Kandahar, Afghanistan . It is not a question of money.”

The Electric Comet: The Elephant in NASA’s Living Room? – by Michael Goodspeed, Thunderbolts.info

For the week of 6/20:

Alabama tornado recovery: FEMA rejections vex April storm victims – FYI this house FEMA ruled “not unsafe to live in” was reduced to a concrete slab.


ICE Operates Secret Detention and Courts – from Project Censored

Just another brick in the wall: UN Agenda 21 in US law – from The PPJ Gazette

After Dumping 30% Of Its Treasury Holdings In Half A Year, Russia Warns It Will Continue Selling US Debt – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge

Operation Phantasmagoria Part III – The assassination of Jewish/Palestinian theatrical artist Juliano Mer-Khamis – by Iraqi MC/Poet Jonathan Azaziah


Agenda 21 Indoctrination Going Global at Warp Speed – by Jorge Mascarillo, Activist Post

Mexican Narco-Trafficker’s Revelation Exposes Drug War’s Duplicity – “Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla, the son of Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada Garcia — one of the purported top leaders of the Sinaloa drug-trafficking organization, the Sinaloa “cartel,” claims that he has been working with the U.S. government for years, according to pleadings filed recently in federal court in Chicago.” – (not covered anywhere in the U.S. “press” – big surprise)

2011 – Andrea Rossi Explains His Energy Catalyzer (video) – Demo of Rossi’s commercially installed “cold fusion” system technology


The plan to destabilize Syria – by Thierry Meyssan, voltairenet.org

Every Word He Utters Is a Lie – by Arthur Silber – Obama is the rare politician who has announced “in stark, comprehensive terms that he will lie” about anything and everything. Read also Silber’s cogent post on how the U.S. NOT leaving Afghanistan

New Study Finds Direct Link Between Vaccines and Infant Mortality – by Paul Joseph Watson, Inforwars.com


The Plan – by Dick Eastman – “I am convinced that the world could rally around four interrelated causes Peace, Debt Repudiation, Social Credit and Ending the Zionist Conspiracy You have just been called to participate in the liberation of all mankind.”

Brainwashing the Corporate Way – by John Pilger, Global Research

What’s Really Going On at the Israeli Institute for Biological Research? – Exposing Israel’s Most Dangerous Secret – by Saleh El-Naami, Uruknet.info

Hillary Clinton gives green light for Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla – by Ali Abunimah, Uruknet.info – “…the State Department has apparently threatened that Americans who board boats to Gaza could be jailed or fined for supporting terrorism.”

New Article by Carl Johan Calleman on the Comet Elenin

Mexico Arrests ‘La Familia’ Drug Cartel Leader… Who’s Also a BATF Gun Runner – from DeadlineLive.info

Syrian security seize smuggled weapons – from Press.tv – “The smugglers had planned to transport the shipment to the northwestern city of Jisr al-Shughour.”

For the week of 6/6:

They Call This Justice: Supreme Court Legalizes Torture – by Tom Burghardt, Global Research

Housing Prices Have Fallen More than During the Great Depression – How Much Lower Will They Go? – by Washington’s Blog

Are Nuclear Reactions Still Occurring at Fukushima? – by Washington’s Blog

Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered to produce human fatalities – by Mike Adams, Natural News

New Decentralized Currency Stimulating Underground Barter Economy – Meet the new grassroots cyber currency, the Bitcoin… – by Eric Blair, Activist Post


U.S. Law Allows Testing of Chemicals and Biological Agents on “Civilian Population” – from Chemtrail Truth

S.W.A.T. Team Breaks Down Doors Looking For Student Loan Defaulters – from Alternet (and the “It Just Gets Better” desk)


Report Finds Regulators Knew Monsanto’s Roundup Caused Birth Defects – by Lucia Graves, Huffington Post


Cruel and Unusual Punishment in California Prisons – by Li Onesto, Global Research

The Federal Reserve Cartel: Freemasons and The House of Rothschild – by Dean Henderson, Global Research

Afghanistan: Why Civilians are Killed? A People’s War: Not a “War on Terror” – by Prof. James Petras, Global Research

Deflationary Depression in America: The Double Dip Economic Recession – by Bob Chapman, Global Research – Without a “QE3” the economy will soon deteriorate seriously, and even with it the inevitable approach of a crisis event due to all the failed investments on institutional books, most likely preceded by hyper-inflation, looms.


US Government to Set Up Internet Ministry of Truth as Communist-Style Government-Run Media – from Natural News

Disgruntled neighbor spurs New Jersey town to cite backyard organic farmer for growing vegetables, demands crops be left unattended to die – by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News

Hemp, The Great Green Hope – by Rand Clifford, Global Research

TSA Responds To Viral Screaming Woman Video – by Steve Watson, PrisonPlanet.com

The U.S. Is Developing a Strategic Military Technological Advantage Over Russia – Interview with Leonid Ivashov, President of the Academy on Geopolitical Affairs – from Global Research


E.coli And Radiation – Surprise! Surprise! – by David Temple

Globalist Spin and the Syrian Unrest – Cartoonish propaganda punctuates the last leg of the “Arab Spring.” – by Tony Cartalucci

Is the Dramatic Increase in Baby Deaths in the US a Result of Fukushima Fallout? – by Janette D. Sherman, MD and Joseph Mangano, Counterpunch.org

In the Grip of Mad Scientists: Business as Usual for Monsanto, Fort Detrick, and Atlas Venture – by Barbara H. Peterson, FarmWars

The Moral Hazard of Modern Banking: How Banks Create and Destroy Money – by Robert Bonomo, Global Research

For the week of 5/30 ~ 5/31:

The Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry – ‘The main principles governing the pharmaceutical “business with disease.” It is not in the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry to prevent common diseases – the maintenance and expansion of diseases is a precondition for the financial growth of this industry.’

American Dietetic Association passing legislation to seize control over nutritionists – by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News – Legislative push by “calorie counters” may outlaw all other nutritional approaches

Fukushima: How Many Chernobyls Is It?

SWIPES AT TRUTHERS – AND OUR RESPONSE – by James Hufferd – Inspired by Jonathan Kay’s fact-bereft screed “Among the Truthers.”

God is in the Detail, Jon – Another approach to deconstructing Kay’s insipid tome – Article is followed by a comprehensive set of responses to prominent debunkers efforts and arguments. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to save this list of hyperlinks.


US Supreme Court gives green light to warrant-less searches of homes – by Tom Carter, World Socialist Web Site

EPA and Corps plan to seize control of all water – from PPJ Gazette

GMO created foods may be used as a biological weapon

Nanny State Betrays Decline and Fall of America – by Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet

We’ve Gone from a Nation of Laws to a Nation of Powerful Men Making Laws in Secret – from Washington’s Blog

18 Signs That Life In U.S. Public Schools Is Now Essentially Equivalent To Life In U.S. Prisons


The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families – by Dean Henderson, Global Research


Senators Want To Put People In Jail For Embedding YouTube Videos – from the not-understanding-the-technology dept (hope linking to this article is ok…)

E.coli Superbug Outbreak in Germany Due to Abuse of Antibiotics in Meat Production – by Mike Adams, Natural News

The war in Libya growing more illegal by the day – by Glenn Greenwald

‘Israel attack on Iran means regional war’ – Meir Dagan, former head of Mossad

Israel to Evict 30,000 Palestinians – …Netanyahu has drafted a plan to evict 30,000 Palestinians of the Bedouin community from the Negev desert…”

New house, by Nauhaus, in West Asheville – The emergence of hemp in architecture

For the week of 5/23:

10 Indications The United States Is A Dictatorship – from Alexander Higgins Blog


The Patriot Act: When Truth Becomes Treason – by Susan Lindauer


US Patent 6506148 – Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors – by Barbara H. Peterson, Activist Post


Jobless Discrimination? When Firms Won’t Even Consider Hiring Anyone Unemployed – from Time Online

For the week of 5/16 ~ 5/19:

Spying on U.S Citizens — Uncle Sam turns his multi-billion dollar espionage network on U.S Citizens – by Alexander Higgins, Activist Post – Alexander lays it out – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Government Orders You Tube To Censor Protest Videos – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

We can’t trust our own government – Monolithic Federal control of all food production heading to the U.S. – by Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette

Big Bro BS Alert: ‘US Outlines Global Plan for Cyberspace’ – by Zen Gardner, beforeitsnews.com

Former “alarmist” scientist says Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) based in false science


US Government Spying on Americans, FISA Amendments Act – As Whistleblower Prosecutions Rise, Government Withholds Spy Doc, Fears Lawsuits Against Telecom Partners – by Tom Burghardt, Global Research

Republicans in Congress to Crown Obama King – by David Swanson, Global Research

For the week of 5/9 ~ 5/10:

Anthrax vaccine: Children targeted for testing – by Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette

Deadly Silence on Fukushima – by Vivian Norris, PhD


Irish Bombshell: Government Raids PRIVATE Pensions To Pay For Spending


Globalists’ Pakistan War Plan – Destabilization and invasion long planned – by Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer Report


Vaccines: Human and Animal DNA Contamination – by Marti Oakley, Activist Post

Newt Gingrich, The New Age, Global Civil Society and Global Governance – by Constance Cumby, News With Views

What Else Will The Government’s “Special Chip” In Your Cellphone Do? – by Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet.com

Electronic Surveillance: America’s Secret Domestic Spying Apparatus – by Tom Burghardt, Global Research

For the week of 5/2 ~ 5/4:

Libya: NATO Transitions To Terror Bombing Phase Of War – by Rick Rozoff, Global Research –

Radiation: The Future Children of Fukushima – by Joe Giambrone, Global Research – “Many don’t know, but the IAEA has the authority on all health matters concerning radiation, both military and civil… The World Health Organization can simply be blocked – by the IAEA – from publishing its findings concerning radioactive disasters like Chernobyl. This exact scenario occurred in 1995 under the tenure of WHO Director Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima”

Humanitarian Neo-colonialism: Framing Libya and Reframing War – Creative Destruction Part III – by F. William Engdahl, Global Research


Stephen Harper Seeks Majority to Dissolve Canada in Favor of North American Union – Election of Harper’s new majority government could indicate a renewed push toward formalizing the NAU

EPA Ends Special Monitoring for Fukushima Radiation Despite Continued Rise in Nuclear Fallout, Increased Threats to U.S. – by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News


EPA Whistleblower Criticizes Global Warming in Peer-Reviewed Study – ‘Sam Kazman, CEI General Counsel, stated, “One of the major criticisms of Dr. Carlin’s EPA report was that it was not peer-reviewed, even though peer-review was neither customary for internal agency assessments, nor was it possible due to the time constraints imposed on Dr. Carlin by the agency. For that reason, we are glad to see this expanded version of Dr. Carlin’s report now appear as a peer-reviewed study.”’

US-Pakistani-Chinese Tensions Growing – by Tony Cartalucci, Activist Post

Treasured Landscapes: An Act…to steal land from the states – by Marti Oakley, Activist Post

Property Rights Under Attack In NJ Re-zoning Land Grab – by Michael Edwards, Activist Post


The phenomenon of the so-called Indigo Children

For the week of 4/25:

Short Life Expectancy for BP Whistleblowers? – by Pat Shannon, American Free Press

Britain, the Traitor Nation: Media Disinformation and Crimes against Humanity in Libya – by Dr. David Halpin, Global Research


State Dept. wants to make it harder to get a passport – The proposed new Form DS-5513 asks for all addresses since birth; lifetime employment history including employers’ and supervisors names, addresses, and telephone numbers; personal details of all siblings; mother’s address one year prior to your birth; any “religious ceremony” around the time of birth; and a variety of other information. According to the proposed form, “failure to provide the information requested may result in … the denial of your U.S. passport application.”


Armed agents invade Maxam Nutraceutics and steal natural health products in shocking FDA raid – by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News


4-minute YouTube video: Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization – Major Ninth Wave, Day Two Energy!

The Sun is neutralizing radiation (among other things) ??? – The timing of changes in the supposedly constant speed of radioactive decay seems to correspond to the timing of the rotation of the solar core.

19 Studies Link GMO Foods to Organ Disruption – from Mercola.com


Is Israel Responsible for War Crimes directed against the Palestinian Population of Gaza? – Justice Goldstone’s Bogus Test of War Crime Culpability – by Lynda Burstein Brayer, Global Research – EXTREMELY well conceived and written exposition of the legal principals of the culpability of government and its agents.

For the week of 4/18:

Masters Of The World Meet To Play God With The Climate – by Michael Edwards, Activist Post – “If we could experiment with the atmosphere and literally play God, it’s very tempting to a scientist.”

Tweaking the Climate to Save It: Who Decides? – On secluded country estate, global experts ponder seizing control of Earth’s atmosphere – from AP

Israel Threatens to Destroy 150 Lebanese Villages Over Any Missile Attack

FDA Claims No Need To Test Pacific Fish For Japan Nuclear Radiation – from Alexander Higgins’ Blog

New documentary investigates war being waged by biotechnology companies against scientists who expose the truth about GMOs – from Natural News

20 Signs That A Horrific Global Food Crisis Is Coming

Globalist War Machine Fixates on Syria – Syria told to yield to “peaceful” arsonists or suffer Libya’s fate – Protesters across Syria have been burning both government & commercial buildings – by Tony Cartalucci, Activist Post


Military Surge in Afghanistan Launches Reign of Terror – by Brian Becker, Global Research


Libyan War Gets Weird; Defending the Indefensible – by Tony Cartalucci, Activist Post

Protesting Against Nuclear Radiation – Proposed New Nuke protester murdered in India as police open fire on peaceful crowd – by Rady Ananda, Global Research


Mourners killed as snipers fire on funeral marches– Note: I haven’t been able to find much in the way of eye-witness accounts of who is firing on the protesters in Syria, but this account says that 8 people in a funeral procession were killed by “snipers” – It doesn’t make sense to me that “security forces” would try to control these uprisings by sniping people at a funeral. And from another report in this article: “Snipers also pinned down mourners in the northern Damascus suburb of Douma, killing at least three people on Saturday, a witness and a human rights activist there told AFP. – They opened fire from roof-tops as mourners marched from a local mosque to a cemetery, the sources said, adding that tens of thousands of people took part in the procession. ” – Who gains from this? – Syria is one of the most “spook ridden” countries in the world… see “Unknown Gunmen Filmed at Syria Demo”: youtube (dot) com/watch?v=zJYKLb72Y1k


‘The Palestine Cables’: Obama administration killed off independent U.N. investigation into Israeli war crimes in Gaza – by Alex Kane – U.S. UN ambassador Susan Rice (at whose behest?) heavily pressured Ban Ki Moon to suppress investigations into “Operation Cast Lead”

For the week of 4/11:

Mainstream media regurgitates exact same news on Fukushima, word for word – by Mike Adams, Natural News


North Carolina not the only state trying to criminalize alternative health services – by Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette – “Anytime a legislator introduces a bill that lacks any real substance in the way of defining what the bill will address and is only one paragraph you can take it to the bank that the bill is not intended to do anything other than lay the foundations for agency regulations.”

Treatments for Nuclear Contamination – from Dr. Sircus’ Blog

Migration Of The Black Swans – by Giordano Bruno, Neithercorp – highly recommended

The Prosecution of US War Criminals in Spain: The Justice Department “Objects” – by David Swanson, Global Research

Violating the Digital Privacy Rights of Americans – Pentagon Stonewalls Corporate Spy Probe – by Tom Burghardt, Global Research


Desperate Climate Scientists File Second Lawsuit Against Top Skeptic – Tim Ball, who has been effectively critical of the IPCC science and scientists pushing the now-discredited claims of “Anthropogenic Global Warming” (AGW), has been targeted for punishment, possibly as he has limited resources to fight such a suit.

Libya: All About Oil, or All About Banking? – by Ellen Brown, Global Research

Libya And Obama’s Defense Of The ‘Rebel Uprising’ – by Prof James Petras, (4/4), Global Research

Dr. Chris Busby Believes Fukushima Was A Nuclear Explosion – from Rense.com – (Note: from the peculiar brown/gray color of the clouds that went up from the large explosions at the Dai-ichi plant, I think Busby may be right)

Aborigines to block uranium mining after Japan disaster


Japan, Radiation, and Spiritual Emergence – a different perspective on our collective situation with the nuclear disaster, with good information on supporting our health while it unfolds

For the week of 4/4:

Obama’s New View of His Own War Powers


North Carolina SB 31 bill seeks to turn healers into felons; but the health freedom backlash has already begun – by Mike Adams, Natural News – This could be the Declaration of Independence of the Health Freedom Movement


Highly Contagious AIDS-Like Disease Spreading in China – from Health Freedom Alliance

The Governor Of Wisconsin Has Laws In Place To Rule As Dictator – from Rense.com – Existing Model State Emergency Health Powers laws could enable totalitarian rule tomorrow. Begs the question of what the powers of Obama’s “Council of Governors” may be on paper.

Canada Okays GMO Wheat

Is Japan’s Elite Hiding A Weapon Program Inside Nuclear Plants? – from Rense.com

Bahraini forces attack funeral – “The bodies of the youths, who are being taken out of hospitals and killed, are being returned to their families with their organs missing,” Ralph Schoenman, the author of The Hidden History of Zionism told Press TV.

‘Sudan may retaliate for Israeli attack’ – “The missile attack reportedly destroyed a car, killing both its occupants. Israeli Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Yigal Palmor, however, has declined to comment on the matter. ”


FBI Launches 1 Billion $ Biometrics Project With Lockheed Martin – by Vigilant Citizen

David Cameron’s gift of war and racism, to them and us – by John Pilger


Goldstone’s shameful U-turn – by Ilan Pappe, The Electronic Intifada

The emergence of Vaccine induced Diseases – by Marti Oakley, PPG Gazette

For the week of 3/28 ~3/29:

EPA to Help Mainstream Media Obscure The Truth About Radiation Exposure to Americans

The truth behind the battle of Trafalgar Square March 26th 2011 – Police ignored violent “Anarchists” and arbitrarily “Kettled” hundreds of innocent protesters.

Orwell 2011: Towards a Pervasive “Surveillance State” in America – Biometrics, Facial Mapping, “Computer-Aided ID”…. – by Tom Burghardt, Global Research


Obama administration restricts findings on Gulf’s dead dolphins

Fukushima beyond point of no return as radioactive core melts through containment vessel – from Natural News

Japan To Make Citizens Pay Bill For TEPCO’s Nuclear Radioactive Fallout

Radiation Toxicity Antidotes – The Petkau Effect: “A long term exposure of extremely low radiation (i.e., one-ten millionth of a rad) was found to be 100 BILLION times MORE lethal than a short term exposure to exceedingly high level radiation (i.e., 10,000 rads per minute).

A CIA commander for the Libyan rebels


A silver lining to the Fukushima disaster? – By Philip White, Japan Times

Obama’s Fatal Addiction – by Robert Scheer, Truthdig

Japan nuclear crisis: evacuees turned away from shelters – from telegraph.co.uk

Japan Nuclear Fallout Radiation in US Rainwater Now Several Thousands Times Above Drinking Water Limits – from Alexander Higgins’ Blog

George Soros To Begin ‘New World Order’ In Two Weeks!

Facebook shuts pro-Palestinian page

4/1: (this is not a joke)

Michael Calls Alex Jones About Israeli Telecom Company Comverse and Their Spy System – (Video)


Lawsuit seeks to invalidate Monsanto’s GMO patents – by Rady Ananda, Global Research

Wall Street’s Pentagon Papers: Biggest Financial Scam In World History – $12.3 TRILLION in taxpayers’ money – by David DeGraw, Global Research

The Financial Oligarchy Reigns: Democracy’s Death Spiral From Greece to the United States – David DeGraw’s 6-part mega-expose of the progress of the “Financial Crisis” in exhaustive detail.

Australian home buyers ‘strike’ over inflated house prices – Thousands pledge to stay out of the market until prices come down…

For the week of 3/21:

‘America Wants Full Dominance Over Middle East’ – interview with Stephen Lendman on Libya attacks

Gaddafi’s compound reduced to rubble by RAF blitz as Defence Secretary admits tyrant is a ‘legitimate target’ – from the Daily Mail


Obama’s Bay of Pigs in Libya: Imperialist Aggression Shreds UN Charter – by Dr. Webster G. Tarpley


Fukushima Smoking Gun Emerges: Founding Engineer Says Reactor 4 Has Always Been A “Time Bomb”, Exposes Criminal Cover Up – by Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge


Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy – Left-wing (sic) billionaire’s own experts dominate quiet push for ‘a grand bargain that rearranges the entire financial order.’

Amidst Growing World Doubts About 9/11, Career Army Officer Takes Bush Administration Officials to Court – Pentagon “attack” survivor April Gallop sues Bush administration insiders for offering explanations of 9/11 events that are scientifically not possible, particularly because she would not have survived an actual plane crash at the Pentagon.

The Supreme Court, the Constitution and the First Amendment – by Prof. John Kozy – The Supremes are “re-languaging” the constitution to create deceptive impressions of law and to obfuscate support for abusive power.


IMF Prepares For “Threat To International Monetary System” – by Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge – ‘Well, based on news from Dow Jones we can now safely predict the following: “something bigger must be coming.”‘

Creative Destruction: Libya in Washington’s Greater Middle East Project, Part II – by F. William Engdahl


Israel bulldozes Fayyad’s Freedom Road, again – “The dual system of roads, as correlated with legal regimes, creates two domains in the West Bank: one for privileged Israeli settlers and the other for subjugated Palestinians living under an occupation,” Falk’s report found.

Gates Instructs Syrian Military to Impose Color Revolution – by Kurt Nimmo, Prison Planet

For the week of 3/14:

War Is Illegal – by David Swanson – Global Research

In China, the true cost of Britain’s clean, green wind power experiment: Pollution on a disastrous scale – from the Daily Mail – The production of rare-earth magnets has become a toxic nightmare


Untested nanoparticles showing up in thousands of consumer products – from Natural News

Tokyo Electric to Build US Nuclear Plants: The No BS Info on Japan’s Disastrous Nuclear Operators – by Greg Palast, Global Research

Israeli forces detain over 300 in Awarta – Entire town locked down, homes vandalized as part of search for “terrorists” “believed” to have carried out killings of 5 Israelis.


Class Warfare, the Final Chapter

‘Gaddafi funded Sarkozy’s election bid’ – The son of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi claims Tripoli funded the election campaign of French President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007

In Blow to Press Freedom, Justice Department Moves to Seize WikiLeaks Twitter Accounts – “…the aim” of the Obama administration “is not only to extract revenge for WikiLeaks having published thousands of US Embassy cables detailing Washington’s involvement in spying, torture and assassinations. It is also intended as a warning to any individual or group that tries to expose the dirty reality of imperialist diplomacy.”


The Peacenik’s Payback: Obama Slaughters Pakistani Civilians to Revenge CIA Embarrassment – by Chris Floyd

Secretive Plan For a Global Currency – Excerpt from “The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century” – by Ellen Brown

Former Yugoslavia: Milosevic Put his Accusers on Trial – Milosevic demonstrated lies about the conduct of the international campaign to “help” former Yugoslavia, which were then suppressed, he was denied medical help and died.

Michigan passes ‘financial martial law’ bill – “…approved a bill authorizing state-appointed emergency financial managers to break union contracts…and to nullify elected boards and councils.”


Rothschild Globalist Killers Pour DU On Libyans In Nuclear War – US, UK Butchers Extend Talons Of Death Over Libya – by Peter Eyre, Rense.com

For the week of 3/7:

How to Fight Back Against Sustainable Development – by Tom DeWeese


Newly Obtained Homeland Security Documents Reveal Radical Shift In Internet Policy


A Perfect Storm of GMO’s, Chemicals and Cancer – “Several books, including Seeds of Destruction and Corrupt to the Core, along with the film, The Idiot Cycle, lay out the framework for and evidence of a concerted effort to sicken and then treat humanity, while earning obscene profits”

“Zionism Has Nothing to do With Judaism” – by David Zlutnick – Interview with 86 year-old Holocaust survivor Dr. Hajo Meyer

Hacker Collective Anonymous To Release Documents Proving Bank Of America Committed Fraud This Monday – by Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge

Medical Hemp – Cannabidiol rich strains may become commercial – by Fred Gardner

Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of polio vaccine, exposed as criminal-minded scientist who conducted illicit medical experiments on mental patients – from Mike Adams, Natural News


“Imaginary Panic”: The H1N1 Pandemic was a Multibillion Dollar Fraud…. – from Global Research

New report from NASA finds that nearly 50 percent of the population along the Gulf Coast is experiencing sickness indicative of chemical poisoning related to the BP oil spill

(A financial) Connection Between Zionism & Organized Islamophobia – Aubrey Cherney is funding propaganda against Muslims in the U.S.

Maine town becomes first to declare food sovereignty – from Activist Post

For the week of 2/28:

Fascinating Facts About Lockheed-Martin and The Emerging Surveillance of the Average American Citizen


The Economist: A Powerful Elite IS Secretly Running Things…but You’re Still Crazy – from Vigilant Citizen

May 1933: Hitler Abolishes Unions – by Ole Ole Olson, News Junkie Post


Aussies Ready to Roll Out Deep Penetrating Radiation Scanners at Airports – from Inforwars


Petroleum and Empire in North Africa. NATO Invasion of Libya Underway – Muamar Gaddafi Accused of Genocide – by Keith Harmon Snow, from Global Research

Gordon Duff: Israel Intervenes in Libya…For Gaddafi!


Agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico – from CBS News

The hidden tyranny: children diagnosed and drugged for profit – from Natural News

“Liberation” : Beware the Ides of March. (Part One.) – by Felicity Arbuthnot – Post Script: Al Jazeera asked, randomly, people in Libya, whatever happened, what did they think about US led “humanitarian intervention.” All replied with one word: “Iraq.”

Israel to Sue Bedouin Residents of Demolished Village for Demolition Costs

Judge Orders ‘Expedited Appeal’ of Obamacare for the Good of the Nation

China Takes Giant Step Towards Making the Yuan the World’s Reserve Currency – by Washington’s Blog


Johann Hari: David Cameron’s assault on the homeless is Dickensian

Wars, Rumors Of Wars, Skyrocketing Oil Prices And Global Economic Chaos – Why Is All Of This Happening?

For the week of 2/21:

Mubarak Toppled by CIA Because He Opposed US Plans for War with Iran; US Eyes Seizure of Suez Canal; Was this the Threat that Forced Mubarak to Quit? – by Webster Tarpley


Child brain scans to pick out future criminals – “The seeds of criminal and anti-social behaviour can be found in children as young as three, scientists have claimed.”

The Middle East & then the World – Globalist blitzkrieg signals largest geopolitical reordering since WW2 – analysis by Tony Cartalucci


Democracy promotion: America’s new regime change formula – by Tommy Douglas, 7me Premier Ministre de la Saskatchewan


CIA Agent Caught Red-Handed Aiding Pakistani Terrorism? – Pakistani Tribune: “His close ties with the TTP (The Pakistani Taliban) were revealed during the investigations,” the paper quoted the police official as saying. “Davis was instrumental in recruiting young people from Punjab for the Taliban to fuel the insurgency.”

Australian Legislation proposes prohibition of any plants with minimal psychoactive properties

Pakistan’s intelligence ready to split with CIA – the top of the Pakistani pyramid scrambles to adapt to the growing anger of their people toward NATO’s war of empire against them

Media Demonizes Gaddafi as Pentagon Prepares Attack – from Infowars

No seeds, no independent research – Companies that genetically engineer crops have a lock on what we know about their safety and benefits. – Op Ed from the L.A. Times

Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators – from Rolling Stone

DEA to legalize marijuana chemical for Big Pharma but keep it a crime for everyone else – from Natural News

State Controlled Consciousness – John Taylor Gatto – Mind Control in Education – with video – from Red Ice Creations

Genetic Engineering: Scientists warn of link between dangerous new pathogen and Monsanto’s Roundup – from Global Research

War, Martial Law, and the Economic Crisis – Excerpt from “The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century” – by Peter Dale Scott


Israel-Palestine: Leslie Gelb’s unconventional wisdom – CFR President Emeritus write in “privatized” Foreign Policy magazine of U.S.’ stern measures to push Israel toward peace – from Global Research

Shoppers Wary of GM Foods Find They’re Everywhere – from ABC News

Is Qaddafi Working With Mossad? – by Christopher Bollyn


For chronic truants, a GPS program can help them make the grade – from L.A. Times

The Rosy Crucifixion: Iraqi Reality Behind the Filter – by Chris Floyd

US and Europe step up preparations for intervention in Libya – by Patrick O’Connor

For the week of 2/14:

Ben Fogle: My fight for the forgotten islanders – Forty years after Britain ‘cleansed’ the Chagos Islands of its inhabitants to make way for a US military base in the Indian Ocean, Ben Fogle explains why he’s determined to right a terrible wrong

Obama to Propose More than $1 Trillion in Deficit Reduction – from Global Research – “The gargantuan Pentagon budget would face only a minor trim—$78 billion over ten years…”

Depleted Uranium: Come clean on dirty bombs! – from Global Research – Member of Scottish Parliament sends dossier on depleted uranium to Defense Secretary

Marty: Everybody knew what Thaci did – from Global Research – “Do you really think that Brussels wants to hear something like this?”


The Cat is Out of the Bag – On the 11th January 2011 in the county court of Birkenhead, in front of witnesses, the court conceded to the right of Roger Hayes to act as ‘third party representative’ for MR ROGER HAYES. In essence the court agreed that they they were two entirely separate entities. This is an extraordinary development to put it very mildly.

Israeli Knesset passes law outlawing support for the BDS – “Boycott, Diversify, Sanction” movement by Israeli citizens

At Clinton Speech: Military and CIA Veteran Bloodied, Bruised and Arrested for Standing Silently – Ray McGovern was protesting silently while Hilary gave a speech condemning governments that arrest protestors and do not allow free expression


Witnesses Saw People “Vaporized” on 9/11 – More evidence of inexplicable phenomena

The Corbett Report: Episode 175 – The RAND Corporation Exposed – Listen to or download this PodCast here – page includes documentary links

Egyptian workers step up strike offensive – by Patrick Martin

Sociocide: Iraq Is No More – by David Swanson


Egypt’s revolution and Israel: “Bad for the Jews”– by Ilan Pappe, The Electronic Intifada, 14 February 2011

Egyptian Stolen Treasures – Translation from Arabic of the YouTube interview with an Egyptian Manager of Antiquity Locations, Nour el din Abdel Samad

Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport – Unbelievable abuse of American woman reveals deep pathology of the legal “system” in Eastern Long Island

Social Security is not an “entitlement” program – from Activist Post

George Soros and Egypt’s New Constitution – from Activist Post – “It turns out that the new Egyptian Constitution has already been drafted, not by the Egyptian people…”


A license to parent your own children – “The eventual goal of SACWIS is to have it interlinked from state to state, across the United States of America and to eventually pass a law making it standard to run everyone’s name through the system prior to releasing their newborn child from the hospital to them to decide whether or not they should be permitted to have custody of their child.”

How Britain taught Arab police forces all they know

Army wants rapid-fire rubber bullets for crowd control

Huge New Planet (Brown Dwarf?) Discovered in Our Solar System – Tyche Echoes of Planet X or “Nibiru”

For the week of 2/7:

The Judicial Crackdown on Jury Rights Activists in Florida

E.L. Rothschild LLC Acquires a Majority Stake in Weather Central, LP – from Earth Times

The Vinny Eastwood Show with Guy and Linda of the Family Taylor – mp3 file of a radio interview

Gilad Atzmon: Israeli Economy For Beginners

Infant death rate falls after drug companies stop selling cough medicines for children under two – from Natural News


The Great Global Debt Prison – by ‘Giordano Bruno’

Confirmed: FBI Got Warning Day Before OKC Bombing – by Paul Joseph Watson

Black 9/11: A Walk on the Dark Side

Sec. Clinton admits fraudulent drug war is all about money – from Natural News


Israeli cmdr. urges readiness for war – “Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi has said that given the recent revolution protests across Middle East, Israel must prepare for a battle in several theaters”

The Illuminati’s Secret 20 Trillion Dollar Bank – “Cede & Co.” formally own 99% of all Stocks in the U.S.

The Division of Egypt: Threats of US, Israeli, and NATO Military Intervention? – from Global Research

New drilling method opens vast oil fields in US – “Frakking” with use of solvent could threaten massive pollution

Will the turmoil in the Arab world come to an end? – by Carl Johan Calleman


The Revolt in Egypt is Coming Home – by John Pilger

America’s Legacy of Mutagenic War

America’s Strategic Repression of the ‘Arab Awakening’ – North Africa and the Global Political Awakening, Part 2 – by Andrew Gavin Marshall


Consumer Advocate Target of San Bruno “Explosion”? – from HenryMakow.com

Google’s Revolution Factory; Alliance of Youth Movements: Color Revolution 2.0 – from Activist Post

Globalists Push SDRs as World Reserve Currency – by Kurt Nimmo

“Get Ready For Higher Food Prices” Goes Mainstream – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge

For the week of 1/31 ~ 2/3:

TSA Invades Roads & Highways With VIPR Checkpoints – by Paul Joseph Watson


The Egyptian Tinderbox: How Banks and Investors are Starving the Third World – by Ellen Brown

Google Under Fire for ‘Secret’ Relationship with US Government and National Security Agency

Codex Alimentarius Loves Toxic Fluoride, Part 1 – from Activist Post

Codex Alimentarius: The Global Fallout of Health Tyranny – from Activist Post – Brandon Turbeville on his book “Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom

Wall Street pay hits new record


Chemtrails: Is The Government Poisoning Us From Planes? – Conspiracy Theorists Believe Some Jet Trails Contain Toxic Chemicals Called Chemtrails – (see reassuring linked slideshow of “not chemtrails,” and convenient pdf document “Contrails Facts”) – you are feeling sleepy…

The FBI Has Been Violating Your Liberties in Ways That May Shock YouAs Congress seeks to renew the Patriot Act, new information exposes egregious FBI violations – from Alternet

For the week of 1/24:

Living without money – Former teacher Heidemarie Schwermer has lived without money in Germany for 13 years. Our writer finds out how she does it

U.S. government commits avian holocaust with mass poisoning of millions of birds – from Natural News

Swadeshi: localized economics – …a concept developed by Mahatma Gandhi

British Geological Survey: Magnetic reversal may now be in progress


Ventura Strikes Back with Lawsuit Against TSA – by Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones

Food Freedom Betrayal! – on Activist Post

The Spectre Haunting Europe: Debt Defaults, Austerity, and Death of the “Social Europe” Model – by Prof Michael Hudson and Prof. Jeffrey Sommers


Oil, Oil and More Oil. America Has More Than Any Other Nation.

Italian scientists claim to have demonstrated cold fusion (w/ Video)


USDA National Fluoride Database of Selected Beverages and Foods – pdf file from the USDA, Oct. 2004

$170 million mock city rises at Marine base – Hotels, markets, tunnels — and actors — are part of urban warfare training

Memphis lawmen say high-profile visit to protest was to keep peace center peaceful – A press release promoting the event read, “Demand end to FBI harassment of peace, anti-war, solidarity activists. … Who else is being watched by ‘the thought police?’ ” – from article: “FBI spokesman Joel Siskovic said he, too, doesn’t believe the two agencies coordinated their response. Siskovic said he wasn’t aware of any specific threats, but confirmed that three anti-terrorism agents arrived at the church shortly before the event in an effort to promote security, citing a general concern about rising violence ‘against people expressing their opinions.'” – right

America’s Dirty Secret: How a Psycho-Sexual Cult Holds America Prisoner – by Gordon Duff – the opinions expressed do not reflect those of the RealTruth blog or of its sponsors

Revival of a Military Option: Israel’s Covert War Against Iran Is On – from Global Research


Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down

For the week of 1/17 ~ 1/19:

The Internet ID: Do we have any say in it? – Are you ready to have the government know every time you’re on the ‘net?

EPA Mandated Home Inspections has Begun in the Keystone State. Here Comes the Green Police?

TSA Now Forcing Opt-Outs To Walk Through Body Scanners – by Paul Joseph Watson


The Australian Government Signed Contract to Turn Queensland into a wetland


Health Authorities Want Depression-Causing Drugs Added To Water Supply – by Paul Joseph Watson – Cites 4 instances of “health authorities” advocating putting Statin drugs into the water supply.

Anti-Muslim prejudice ‘becoming acceptable’

European Union Calendar omits Christmas – Cites Moslem, Hindu, Sikh Holidays


HOT: Fed Hides Major Accounting Change – Now Fed losses can be listed as “liabilities to the U.S. Treasury,” instead of drawing down their available capital.

Anarchist Utopia – “If you are someone who typically equates anarchy with chaos, please challenge yourself to open your mind.”

Montana Lawmaker Proposes Bill Where Feds Need Permission From Local Sheriff To Arrest Citizens Or Seize Property

Medvedev recognizes E. Jerusalem as capital of future Palestinian state

Proposed Bill in Colorado Will Make Everyone Who Gets A Drivers License Automatically Consents to Being an Organ Donor

Flu vaccine causing infant seizures; FDA to investigate – from Natural News

Let Aristide Return! – by Stephen Lendman

10 Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced, and Databased

For the week of 1/10 ~ 1/11:

‘Investigative’ Journalist Paid Off By Big Pharma – Government and Business collusion to protect MMR vaccine industry in Britain is “managed” on air by Anderson Cooper

Earth Must Prepare for Close Encounter with Aliens, Say Scientists – One more step in psychological preparation of the population for Project Bluebeam – “…a branch of the UN must be given responsibility for “supra-Earth affairs” and formulate a plan for how to deal with extraterrestrials, should they appear.”

Silent Surge: A Shocking Act of Political Violence – by Chris Floyd – On the cynicism of Obama’s recent troop increase

A Deadly Liar and Manipulator – Blogger Arthur Silber’s heart-felt analysis of Obama’s Dec. 1, 2010 speech on eternity in Afghanistan

Oh, It Was The John P. Wheeler III Who Was Involved In The Barksdale-Minot Incident Who Was Found In A Landfill!


Texas school police ticketing students as young as 6

Terrorist watch list: One tip now enough to put name in database, officials say – from the Washington Post

For the week of 1/3:

Happy New Year all! 2011 will be the Year of the Universal Timewave (March 9 – October 28). The Heavens (Days and Nights) of the Universal Timewave will be 18 days long each according to Carl Johan Calleman. Fasten your seatbelts.

Nudge, nudge, wink wink… How the Government wants to change the way we think – The “choice architects” of Government Agencies and “Quango’s” work toward perfecting psychological manipulation to bring the proles into their version of a “voluntary society.”

Obama Sidesteps Hill With EPA Carbon Limits – A short article noting one more move toward the creation of extra-governmental “Governance.” BTW, there is already a “non-governmental” program to tax and control U.S. business’ carbon use – the “Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative”

Big Brother: America’s Police State Mentality in the Electronic Age – by Prof. Rodrigue Tremblay – “…state bureaucrats and politicians naturally like to be in control; on the one hand, releasing as little information about their own actions through an imposed secrecy, and on the other, accumulating as much information as possible about the citizens.


US state governments prepare attacks on jobs, wages, pensions


Hiding A Depression: How The US Government Does It

10 Modern Methods of Mind Control – from Activist Post

The (Bill) Gates of Hell Foundation

New research: post-9/11 architecture of fear turns cities into police state zones – from Natural News


End Democracy To Save Planet Says IPCC

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