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RealTruth is a Weblog dedicated to supporting seekers (and finders!) of the truth about their essential natures, and about the nature of the world of form (same things, actually…), and to supporting them in developing the capacity to respond to what is fearlessly and without reservation or resistance. In our quest of reawakening, it is vital to affirm our determination and willingness to see ourselves just as we are, our behaviors and tendencies, and accept everything seen fully, bringing healing awareness to all that is unmet. When this is done without reaction, judgement and attachment (aversion), any action that follows emerges naturally from the unmanifested whole in which we have our being. As such, it’s not bound to the second-guessing and strategizing of our imaginary selves, with the attendant waves of confusion and suffering that acting out of such bindings makes inevitable. So, let us look without flinching, yet with the eyes of Love.

“Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.”
-Robert Graves, I Claudius

Bruce Tanner, Santa Cruz, California

contact: brtanner (at) brucetanner dot info

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