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For the Week of 12/28/20:

Cell Phone Apps Gather User Data Using Ultrasonic Signals: TV Viewing, Precise Location in Stores, etc. – by B.N. Frank – https://www.activistpost.com/2021/01/cell-phone-apps-gather-user-data-using-ultrasonic-signals-tv-viewing-precise-location-in-stores-etc.html – “In South Australia, a tracking device is explicitly defined as ‘a device capable of being used to determine the geographical location of a person, vehicle or thing and any associated equipment.’.. Since it is generally illegal to track someone without their consent – implied or otherwise – if an advertiser is using an app combined with an ultrasonic beacon to track you and you are unaware that they are doing so, they could be breaking the law… Google says the Nearby protocol is battery-intensive due to the use of Bluetooth and wifi. As such “the user must provide consent for Nearby to utilise the required device resources”. It says nothing about the legality of needing permission to record sound or track users… Google does warn that the Nearby service is a one-way communication channel with your phone never communicating directly to a Nearby service on its online support page… But since users are required to opt-out of the service, it’s hard to argue that they have given informed consent.”

Georgia Election Data Shows 17,650 Votes Switched From Trump to Biden: Data Scientists – by Allen Zhong – https://www.theepochtimes.com/georgia-election-data-shows-17650-votes-switched-from-trump-to-biden-data-scientists_3640670.html – “A team led by Lynda McLaughlin, along with data scientists Justin Mealey and Dave Lobue, presented the results before the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections… Mealey worked as an electronic warfare technician in the U.S. Navy for nine and a half years and was a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) contractor as a data analyst and programmer for the National Counterterrorism Center. He currently works for one of the “Big Four” accounting firms as a programmer… Lobue is a data scientist with over a decade of experience in a number of industries… ‘What we have here is we actually have fraud that we can prove in this election, there was fraud in Georgia’s election, we can prove it with data,’ Mealey said. ‘The voting will of the people of Georgia is not reflected in what was certified by the Secretary of State.’ ”

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Interview About the International Lawsuits: “It’s Quite Clear That This Is Like World War III, and Probably Worse” (w/video 43min) – by FranceSoir – https://truthcomestolight.com/dr-reiner-fuellmich-interview-about-the-international-lawsuits-its-quite-clear-that-this-is-like-world-war-iii-and-probably-worse/ – “So the final question was, ‘what about the PCR tests?’. And when we looked at this, it turns out that there’s one major player who’s — now it’s called the Drosten paper which was published on, I think January 23rd. This major player is professor Drosten — who as it turns out is neither a professor nor is he a doctor. Because the dissertation, that finally was found by the people… who had been looking for it for months and months and months, turns out to be a piece that was probably produced in June of this year, but not in 2003 or 2002 as he as he claims it wasSo what do we have here? We have two blatant lies. These are false statements. And we know that this man made them knowingly because he’s supposedly an expert on PCR tests. And we know that he lied on purpose because there’s an interview with him from six years ago, I think that was during the MERS flu, which is also a corona virus, a different one, but still. And that’s when he said that the PCR tests are so sensitive that they test positive to almost anything — and that, in many cases, it tests positive on healthy people. So he knew what was going on. And, even then, he also knew that the mainstream media played a big role in this. Because in this interview, he said ‘and you also have to take into consideration’, he pointed out that the mainstream media are causing quite a ruckus, quite an uproar.” (underlined emphases added)

Police Keep Secret List of Kids with Bad Grades Labeling Them “Potential Criminals” – by Matt Agorist – https://www.activistpost.com/2021/01/police-keep-secret-list-of-kids-with-bad-grades-labeling-them-potential-criminals.html – “In the ostensible land of the free, we are told that all people are presumed innocent until proven guilty by their peers. To those who’ve been paying attention, however, we know that “innocent until proven guilty” is a farce into today’s police state. If you doubt this assertion, you need only look at the data to see that a whopping 74% of people in jails across the country — have not been convicted of a crime.… While it is true that many of these folks are awaiting trial for crimes they did commit, there are innocent people behind bars for the sole reason that they cannot afford bail. A free country — who claims to protect the rights of citizens — should not be keeping hundreds of thousands of presumed innocent people in cages, yet this is the status quo… A recent report from the Tampa Bay Times shows just how determined the American police state is to guarantee an assembly line of otherwise entirely innocent people to continue this process. Police in Florida are targeting children in an attempt to label them as criminals at a young age — despite the children being entirely innocent…The Pasco sheriff’s office has a secret list of students it believes could “fall into a life of crime” based on ridiculous standards like their grades.”

Proposed House Rules Seek to Erase Gendered Terms Such as ‘Father, Mother, Son, Daughter’ – by Mimi Nguyen Ly – https://www.theepochtimes.com/proposed-house-rules-seek-to-erase-gendered-terms-such-as-father-mother-son-daughter_3640653.html – “Leaders in the House of Representatives announced on Friday a rules package for the 117th Congress that includes a proposal to use “gender-inclusive language” and eliminate gendered terms such as “‘father, mother, son, daughter,” and more… Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rules Committee Chairman James McGovern (D-Mass.) announced on Friday that the rules package includes changes that would ‘honor all gender identities by changing pronouns and familial relationships in the House rules to be gender neutral.’.. A separate announcement from McGovern (pdf) said that the Democratic rules package will make ‘Changes [to] pronouns and familial relationships in the House rules to be gender neutral or removes references to gender, as appropriate, to ensure we are inclusive of all Members, Delegates, Resident Commissioners and their families—including those who are nonbinary.’ ”

Singapore’s Accidental COVID Experiment Resulted in Herd Immunity and Just 1 Death per 75,000 Infections – An infection survival rate of 99.9987% blowing away the plague cult fantasies – by Ethan Yang – https://anti-empire.com/singapores-accidental-covid-experiment-resulted-in-herd-immunity-and-just-1-death-per-75000-infections/ – “On December 14, 2020 Singapore’s Ministry of Health communicated a summary of the steps it took to contain a raging Covid-19 breakout in its migrant worker living facilities. The report itself claimed that the city-state had over 320,000 migrant workers living in cramped dormitories and around 47% or a little over 152,000 contracted Covid-19. This number includes individuals either confirmed with a PCR test, which tests for traces of the virus and is commonly employed as a nasal swab or a serology test, which tests for Covid-19 antibodies… Having thousands of people living in such conditions with Covid-19 on the rise is a ticking time bomb. When Covid found its way into the dormitories it spread like fire on dry tinder… The Ministry writes, ‘In all, 54,505 out of the 58,320 who tested positive in Singapore for COVID-19 via a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test were migrant workers living in dormitories. This is out of a total of over 320,000 migrant workers who live in dormitories. At the peak of the outbreak in April, more than 1,000 new cases a day were being detected in the dormitories.’.. Around 93% of all infections in Singapore would come from these facilitiesas the rest of Singapore proceeded with relatively little restrictions… The most interesting statistic to come out of this incident is that despite all the horrific circumstances these migrant workers endured, there were only two deaths and 25 admissions to the ICU. With a virus prevalence rate of over 152,000 that gives us an infection fatality rate of around .0013% and a hospitalization rate of around .016%.” – Comment: I wonder if the low number of deaths might have to do with precisely the low number sent to an ICU?

The Post Covid World, The WEF’s Diabolical Project: “Resetting the Future of Work Agenda”by Peter Koenig – https://www.globalresearch.ca/world-economic-forum-step-two-resetting-future-work-agenda-after-great-reset/5729175 – “After “The Great Reset”. A Horrifying FutureThe World Economic Forum (WEF) has just published (October 2020) a so-called White Paper, entitled ‘Resetting the Future of Work Agenda – in a Post-Covid World‘… This 31-page document reads like a blueprint on how to “execute” – because an execution (or implementation) would be – “Covid-19 – The Great Reset” (July 2020), by Klaus Schwab, founder and CEO (since the foundation of the WEF in 1974) and his associate Thierry Malleret… They call “Resetting the Future” a White Paper, meaning it’s not quite a final version. It is a draft of sorts, a trial balloon, to measure people’s reactions. It reads indeed like an executioner’s tale. Many people may not read it – have no awareness of its existence. If they did, they would go up in arms and fight this latest totalitarian blueprint, offered to the world by the WEF… It promises a horrifying future to some 80%-plus of the (surviving) population. George Orwell’s “1984” reads like a benign fantasy, as compared to what the WEF has in mind for humanity… The time frame is ten years – by 2030 – the UN agenda 2021 – 2030 should be implemented.”

Juan O. Savin – Pick Your Lane – Pence Takes Flighthttps://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/msom-juan-o-savin-pick-your-lane-pence-takes-flight/ – ” ‘At this very moment, at a polling location within the County, not only do we now have access to the devices, to the poll pad, the system, but we are in,’ said Pulitzer of his team, which had easily hacked their way into a Dominion voting machine via a WiFi connection, ‘and it’s not supposed to have WiFi and that’s not supposed to be able to happen, so we’ve documented it. It’s communicating two ways, in real time, meaning it’s receiving data and sending data…that’s going on right there, where everybody’s voting and I just wanted to get it into the record… I won’t disclose the location because every location is being checked but we’ve now confirmed it 100%…’ …ROSENSTEIN HONEYPOT KINGPIN, KNOWS WHO KILLED SETH RICH… Savin says that the July 2018 press conference of an anonymous witness in the Seth Rich murder case, known as “Luke” was poo-pooed by the mainstream but Savin says that Luke’s account of Rod Rosenstein being inside the the DNC and RNC servers, of his altering the documents therein and of his being the kingpin of the Beltway honeypot operation, in order to control everyone was an accurate account.”

COVID “Mutation” Stories Show That The Lockdowns Are Designed To Last Forever – by Brandon Smith – https://alt-market.us/covid-mutation-stories-show-that-the-lockdowns-are-designed-to-last-forever/ – “For the people that actually believe that the covid crisis will end after mass vaccinations, I’m sorry to say, but you have been duped. Every single element of the establishment response and every public statement they make indicates that they plan to violate your civil liberties for a long time to come. Those promises of relief right around the corner? All lies. The claim that if you go along to get along everything will go back to normal? It’s a con. It is hollow rhetoric designed to make you shut up and submit to medical tyranny for just long enough that it becomes irreversible… I suspect they are hoping they can condition the public over the next few years to simply adapt to the controls until we forget what life was like before the pandemic and the reset. It seems, however, that the globalist reset plan is not going very well… The vaccines and the mutation news feel rushed, to say the least. Initially, the establishment said that it would take at least 18 months just to develop a vaccine for trials and testing, and that the lockdowns would continue well beyond that time frame until a majority of the population was shown to have immunity. Instead, they tossed out multiple vaccines within 6 months and the mutation narrative is already in the news.”

Catherine Austin Fitts – Full Interview for Planet Lockdown (49 min) – A very observant description of the trap laid in advance for humankind


WHO: Bigger Pandemic Than COVID Is Coming – by Steve Watson – https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/who-bigger-pandemic-covid-coming – “Ryan also stated that despite the vaccine, the virus is set to become endemic, and will never go away.“The likely scenario is the virus will become another endemic virus that will remain somewhat of a threat,” Ryan said… Professor David Heymann, the chair of the WHO’s strategic and technical advisory group for infectious hazards, added that ‘it appears the destiny of SARS-CoV-2 [Covid-19] is to become endemic, as have four other human coronaviruses, and that it will continue to mutate as it reproduces in human cells, especially in areas of more intense admission.’.. Elsewhere during the briefing, WHO chief scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan said that the roll out of vaccines does not mean social distancing or mask wearing can go away.“I don’t believe we have the evidence on any of the vaccines to be confident that it’s going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on,” Swaminathan said… As we reported two weeks ago, The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), based in Sweden, has found that the majority of nations across the globe have implemented COVID related restrictions that have severely eroded the liberties of their citizens…The study revealed that 61 per cent of countries have used restrictions ‘that were concerning from a democracy and human rights perspective.’.. ‘These [restrictions] violated democratic standards because they were either disproportionate, illegal, indefinite or unnecessary in relation to the health threat,’ the group declared in its report If a greater pandemic is coming, as the WHO promises, then it is clear to see that such erosions of freedom will be amped up even further, if the same pattern is followed.”

Are We Really Going To ‘Build Back Better’ After A “Dark Winter”? Part 3 – by Jim Quinn – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/are-we-really-going-build-back-better-after-dark-winter-part-3 – “In Part 1 of this article I laid out the case the “dark winter” narrative and how an experimental vaccine marketed like a tech product by Big Pharma and their cronies are part of a globalist scheme to reset the world and force us into subservience… In Part 2 of the article I revealed how the “build back better” narrative is part of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset plan to implement a one world command and control dystopia, managed by billionaire oligarchs and their dark forces… We cannot let the “new normal” or “great reset” take hold. If it is up to Klaus and his crew, you will be permanently masked, mandatorily vaccinated, eternally locked down, perpetually impoverished and forever dependent upon a central authority to provide minimal sustenance and maximum punishment for disobedience… Even as the dark clouds fill the distant sky and the future appears bleak, our roots are strong and will not wither under the approaching tempest. The fight is before us and the outcome uncertain, but there is some good in this world and it is worth fighting for. The sun will surely come out again when this dark shadow passes.

DR. WAKEFIELD WARNS ”THIS IS NOT A VACCINE, IT IS IRREVERSIBLE GENETIC MODIFICATION” (10 min) – https://brandnewtube.com/watch/dr-wakefield-warns-this-is-not-a-vaccine-it-is-irreversible-genetic-modification_bvTJWXmMhxLYj1R.html

Will the Technocratic Coup Succeed? – by Alastair Crooke – https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2020/11/23/will-the-technocratic-coup-succeed/ – “Fed Chair Powell said recently: ‘We’re recovering, but to a different economy, and it will be one that is more leveraged to technology – and I worry that it’s going to make it even more difficult than it was, for many workers.’ Klaus Schwab, the Davos Chair, was more blunt: ‘Nothing will ever return to the ‘broken’ sense of normalcy that prevailed [earlier]. We … will be surprised by both the rapidity and unexpected nature of these changes – as they conflate with each other, they will provoke cascading effects and unforeseen outcomes’. Schwab makes it clear that the western élite will not allow life to return to normal, suggesting that rolling lockdowns and other restrictions may become permanent… ‘Recovering to a different economy’? Well, actually the creeping ‘coup’ has been residing in plain view for quite a while. The changes have been less noticed – partly because western élites have stuck fast to the free market narrative, whilst incrementally shifting over the decades to an oligarchical economy blossoming alongside the free market economy. Yet it has been an important metamorphose, for it has laid the ground-work for a more fundamental fusion of interests of business oligarchy and government.”

Proof that Tiffany Dover DIED from vaccine… (17 min) – from Humanity Connective

My Letter to Mitch McConnell – by California Legislator Kevin Kiley – https://blog.electkevinkiley.com/my-letter-to-mitch-mcconnell/ – “I’ve just obtained a Legal Opinion from the Office of the Legislative Counsel confirming what I’ve told Governor Newsom repeatedly: there are legal issues with his appointment of Alex Padilla to the Senate, as the Constitution requires an election. Read the opinion here… I’ve sent the Legal Opinion to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, along with a letter advising that the Senate not seat Padilla unless these legal issues are resolved. The Constitution authorizes the Senate to judge “the Qualifications of its own Members.” My letter to McConnell is here.”

Here’s a good article on the Ukrainian Prosecutors’ Press Conference that has gone viral today (posted below)https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/12/ukraine_press_conference_explicitly_ties_hunter_and_joe_biden_to_corruption.html – We just watched (by reading the English subtitles) the whole thing. It’s The Bomb, and a must for anyone who wants to understand U.S. foreign policy over the last few decades, and, BTW, just what the nature of the administration (whichever it is) that will shortly be established in DC… I think THIS ALSO HAS MAJOR IMPLICATIONS for what is really behind the “Stimulus Bill” that Trump just signed, dubbed by insiders who know as “The most corrupt bill in Congressional history.” (and that’s sayin’ something!)

Ukrainian Prosecutors’ Press Conference specifically outing the corrupt practices of Joe “The Big Guy” Biden and his son Hunter, that went viral today (1hr 10min)


Major Covid Vaccine Glitch Emerges: Most Europeans, Including Hospital Staff, Refuse To Take It – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/major-covid-vaccine-glitch-emerges-most-europeans-including-hospital-staff-refuse-take-itAll is not going according to plan in the biggest global rollout of what is arguably the most important vaccine in a century, and it is not just growing US mistrust in the covid injection effort that was rolled out in record time: an unexpected spike in allergic reactions to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine (and now, Moderna too) may prove catastrophic to widespread acceptance unless scientists can figure out what is causing it after the FDA’s rushed approval, and is also why as we reported yesterday, scientists are scrambling to identify the potential culprit causing the allergic reactions… Making matters worse, Europe rolled out a huge COVID-19 vaccination drive on Sunday to try to rein in the coronavirus pandemic but even more Europeans than American are sceptical about the speed at which the vaccines have been tested and approved and reluctant to have the shot.”


By Signing the COVID ‘Relief’ Bill, Trump Proves He’s Been Part of the Swamp All Along – by Matt Agorist – https://thefreethoughtproject.com/trump-swamp-covid-bill/ – “Earlier this month, a rare occurrence took place in which lame duck president Donald Trump addressed the country and said a bunch of words in a row that I actually agreed with… ‘Congress found plenty of money for foreign countries, lobbyists and special interests, while sending the bare minimum to the American people who needed it,’ Trump said. ‘It really is a disgrace.’.. As a lame duck, Trump had absolutely nothing to lose by taking a stand against the wasteful spending in the bill and the kick in the teeth that is a $600 payment to Americans. Calling a $600 payment “relief” when the government shut down businesses — many of them permanently — and drove unemployment to record highs in the tens of millions is not only an insult to anyone with half a brain but it speaks to the flagrant careless attitude of America’s rulers… Congress essentially said, ‘Here are some crumbs while we give our special interests the whole loaf.’.. Trump had one chance to attempt to make things right by vetoing the 5,600-page bill, that was full of bloat, giveaways to special interests, and tyranny. Instead of vetoing the bill — which he called a “disgrace” — however, he proved himself to be a member of the very swamp he promised to drain for the past 4 years, and signed this disgrace into law.”

You know what else happened Christmas day??? City Blue Imaging Services in Rochester NY 🔥🔥🔥burned to the ground🔥🔥🔥They printed ballots there 🤔… If you search them you’ll see they’re the ones who had ballot misprint errors for the ballots sent to NYC… How convenient, no?.. Expect a lot of this bullshit in the next few days, they’re still trying to cover their tracks and erase evidence. Large Fire Destroys Rochester Printing Business – by Spectrum News Staff and Brianna Hamblin – https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/rochester/public-safety/2020/12/25/large-fire-destroys-rochester-printing-business – “Employees like Paul Kieffer are wondering what they are going to come back to after Christmas now that their building and everything inside of it is a complete loss.. ‘There are no words for it. We expected burned up building maybe a small fire but it’s just gone.’.. Kieffer said seeing what is left of the place he has worked at for over 15 years is shocking.. ‘We’re just baffled we can’t find one piece of equipment that was in there. There should be stuff there, and there’s not,’ he said.” (underlined emphasis added)

Ancestry Dot Com CONFIRMS That Nurse Tiffany Pontes Dover is DEAD (3 min)

For the Week of 12/21/20:

Possible game changer, from Nexus Newsfeed – Captured video from Chinese TV before the election. Instantly scrubbed off youtube. Looks like blowback is coming.

Lockdowns Do Not Control the Coronavirus: The Evidencehttps://www.aier.org/article/lockdowns-do-not-control-the-coronavirus-the-evidence/ – “The use of universal lockdowns in the event of the appearance of a new pathogen has no precedent. It has been a science experiment in real time, with most of the human population used as lab rats. The costs are legion… The question is whether lockdowns worked to control the virus in a way that is scientifically verifiable. Based on the following studies, the answer is no and for a variety of reasons: bad data, no correlations, no causal demonstration, anomalous exceptions, and so on. There is no relationship between lockdowns (or whatever else people want to call them to mask their true nature) and virus control… Perhaps this is a shocking revelation, given that universal social and economic controls are becoming the new orthodoxy. In a saner world, the burden of proof really should belong to the lockdowners, since it is they who overthrew 100 years of public-health wisdom and replaced it with an untested, top-down imposition on freedom and human rights. They never accepted that burden. They took it as axiomatic that a virus could be intimidated and frightened by credentials, edicts, speeches, and masked gendarmes.”

Behold the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius – by Pepe Escobar – https://www.globalresearch.ca/behold-the-dawning-of-the-age-of-aquarius/5732825 – “By Great Mutation we refer to when the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions change elements, which happens every 200 years as you mentioned. Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction, astrologically, by ecliptic longitude, every 20 years, not that long a period. However, they keep on intersecting in signs of the same element for 200 years, with the possibility of another 40 years of transition, indicating a greater cycle… Jupiter and Saturn are what we call social planets and are to be considered in regards to politics and geopolitics. When the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction starts to effectively happen in the next element, it marks the Great Mutation, denoting important socioeconomic and cultural changes. That’s what is happening now… This is not only the Great Mutation but a Great Conjunction, when the two farthest visible planets conjoin not merely by longitude but also by latitude (ecliptic coordinates), by both right ascension and declination (equatorial coordinates). That means they are not just aligned in the same direction but really, really close to each other in the sky as seen from Earth, almost as if they were one and the same star… Last time the two heavenly bodies have been that close was in 1623, but that was not a Great Mutation, just a regular conjunction in terms of ecliptic longitude. Astrologically, the fact that all these enhancements happen together at this time intensifies the significance of what this conjunction now indicates, how powerful a mutation it marks.”

For the Week of 12/14/20:

Medical Ethics ‘Expert’ Says Unvaccinated Persons Should Be Denied Healthcare for COVID-19 – Mengele has nothing on this guy. – by Shane Trejo – https://bigleaguepolitics.com/medical-ethics-expert-says-unvaccinated-persons-should-be-denied-healthcare-for-covid-19/ – “A prominent German medical ethicist is recommending for individuals who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine to be denied access to basic healthcare… Human geneticist Wolfram Henn, who serves on Germany’s Ethics Council, made the remark during a recent interview with the Bild newspaper… ‘Whoever wants to refuse the vaccination outright, he should, please also always carry a document with the inscription: “I don’t want to be vaccinated!” ‘ said Henn. ‘I want to leave the protection against the disease to others! I want, if I get sick, to leave my intensive care bed and ventilator to others.’.. Henn said that people ought to just submit to the orders of the technocracy and mindlessly obey edicts from Big Pharma’s roster of court experts… ‘I urgently recommend that these alarmists go to the nearest hospital and present their conspiracy theories to the doctors and nurses who have just come from the overcrowded intensive care unit completely exhausted,’ Henn added.”

JP Sears – Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes – Our Fact Checkers Are Here to Help (1 min)

Former Wisconsin Judge: ‘Our Court System Has Been Deeply Intimidated by the Left’ – by Janita Kan – https://www.theepochtimes.com/former-wisconsin-judge-our-court-system-has-been-deeply-intimidated-by-the-left_3625725.html – “A former judge from Wisconsin, who is now representing the Trump campaign in the state, told lawmakers this week that he believes intimidation by the left has prevented lawyers and judges from accepting and hearing election fraud cases… ‘We have to acknowledge that the court system has been deeply intimidated by the left, just as the lawyers have been intimidated,’ James Troupis told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Wednesday. ‘And that’s a sad, sad state of affairs.’.. During the Senate hearing, Troupis, one of the witnesses, explained why he decided to represent the campaign in their effort to challenge election results when many lawyers refused. He said that he believes many prominent law firms did not want to participate in the election lawsuits due to a fear of retaliation by the left… ‘One of the reasons I was called because virtually every major law firm in this country and in this city refused to represent the president. Not because of the lack of merit in his claims—we’ve certainly demonstrated that there’s merit—but because of the cancel culture,’ Troupis said… One of the lawyers, Linda Kern, who has since withdrawn from a Pennsylvania case, had to be placed under official protection after receiving “threats of harm.” Kern revealed in November that she had ‘been subjected to continuous harassment in the form of abusive emails, phone calls, physical and economic threats, and even accusations of treason—all for representing the President of the United States’ campaign in this litigation.’ ”

Trump Atty. Jesse Binnall’s Opening Statement During U.S. Senate Hearing on Election Security and Administration, Dec.17 (6 min) Note: This opening statement was censored by youtube from the video of the hearing.


JP Sears – My Apology To Facebook (5min)

Redacted Information in Dominion Audit Report Shows Races Were Flipped: Analyst – by Zachary Stieber – https://www.theepochtimes.com/redacted-information-in-dominion-audit-report-shows-races-were-flipped-analyst_3625228.html – “The analyst who led the forensic audit of Dominion Voting Systems in Michigan said on Friday the information state officials pushed to redact shows that the outcomes of races were changed… ‘The original report had log evidence that we published in the report to show exactly what we did and exactly the findings. Now, those did ultimately get redacted. And so now, the complaint is ‘well, but there’s no real proof and Dominion says ‘no, these things can’t be done,’ Russell Ramsland Jr. said during a virtual appearance on Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports.”.. ‘But at that point, Dominion’s argument is no longer with us. Dominion’s argument is with their own user’s manual and their own logs, because the logs—had they been able to be published—show very clearly that the RCV [ranked-choice voting] algorithm was enacted. It shows very clearly that the error messages were massive. It was very clearly [sic] that races were flipped,’ he added.” (includes full pdf of forensic report)

Employers Can Now Legally Fire You for Refusing COVID Vaccine – by Erin Coates – https://www.westernjournal.com/employers-can-now-legally-fire-refusing-covid-vaccine/ – “Employers across the country have been given the legal authority to require employees to get the new coronavirus vaccine, according to legal guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission… The new guidelines say that because employers are entitled and required to ensure a safe workplace in which “an individual shall not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of individuals in the workplace,” a company can require its employees to be vaccinated… There are several factors that can affect whether an employer can require its employees to receive the vaccine, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.”

The Decimal Point That Blew Up The World – by Jeffrey Tucker – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/decimal-point-blew-world – “In February, people were aching to know the answer to the following: Would this “novel virus” have familiar patterns we associate with the flu, seasonal colds, and other predictable and manageable pathogens? Or would this be something entirely different, unprecedented in our lifetimes, terrifying, and universally deadly?.. Crucial in this stage was public-health messaging. In previous pandemics from post-1918 throughout the 20th century, the central messaging was to stay calm, go to the doctor if you feel sick, avoid deliberately infecting others, and otherwise trust the systems in place and keep society functioning. This was long considered responsible public-health messaging, and this was pretty much where we stood throughout most of January and February, when publications regardless of their political outlook maintained sobriety and rationality… Something dramatically changed this time.

When Money Dies, 100 Years Later – by Jeff Deist – https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/when-money-dies-100-years-later – “Asset purchases and balance sheet expansion, ultralow or negative interest rates, and a determination to provide as much “liquidity” as an economy needs are the new normal for central bankers. Thanks to this open embrace of centrally planned money, former Fed chair (and likely future Treasury secretary) Janet Yellen assured us we need not expect another financial crisis in our lifetime…To believe this, one has to believe policy is more important than production, and that an express policy of inflation is the mechanism to forestall too much inflation. This is a curious position. It’s also a position sorely tested by the events of 2020. With governments across the world shutting down business, schools, and travel in response to covid, central banks have opened the floodgates of expansionary monetary policy like never before…Hyperinflation may not be around the corner or even years away; no one can predict such a thing. The US dollar may well hold or gain value relative to foreign currencies over the coming years. After all, foreign currency exchange values are relative and “King Dollar” may remain a perceived store of value. But at some point the US economy must create real organic growth if we hope to maintain living standards and avoid an ugly inflationary reality. No amount of monetary or fiscal engineering can take the place of capital accumulation and higher productivity. More money and credit is no substitute for more, better, and cheaper goods and services. History shows us how money dies. Yes, it can happen here. Only a fool thinks otherwise.”

Biden’s lame defense of his heinously behaved son is enabled by Stephan Colbert:

Text Messages Question the Start of the ‘Russia Collusion’ Investigation – by Annaliese Levy – https://saraacarter.com/text-messages-question-the-start-of-the-russia-collusion-investigation/ – “The FBI claims that investigations into Trump’s campaign began on July 31, 2016. The declassified text messages, released by Republican Senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley on Wednesday, show communications between Strzok and his alleged mistress, FBI special counsel Lisa Page. Strzok asked Page to discuss “[o]ur open C[counter-]I[ntelligence] investigations relating to Trump’s Russian connections” with him on July 28, 2016… (according to a tweet by Sean Davis) ‘The timeline here suggests the FBI was not honest when it claimed anti-Trump investigations began on July 31, and only because of alleged information about George Papadopoulos. Strzok’s July 28 text to Page about ongoing anti-Trump probes shows otherwise.’… Former FBI Director James Comey denied knowledge of the investigation, saying he first learned of the Steele dossier ‘sometime towards the end of September 2016.’

Antifa Erects “Big, Beautiful Border Wall” Around Latest Seattle ‘Autonomous Zone’ – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/antifa-erects-big-beautiful-border-wall-around-latest-seattle-autonomous-zone – “Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” is back, apparently, after what was previously referred to as CHOP drove headlines this summer after police belatedly moved to dismantle large portions of it. It has managed to survive, in it’s current form emerging recently at Cal Anderson Park as more of a homeless shelter occupying a public park… But the central irony no doubt missed by those advocating it as some kind of model far-Left utopia is that this week the encampment has erected a large “border wall” after the city announced authorities plan on clearing the area… Seattle’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, has described the CHOP encampment as a “political occupation” and has vowed to dismantle it.”

The Fed’s Own Research Shows Hot Inflation is Coming in 2021 – by Phoenix Capital Research – https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2020-12-16/feds-own-research-shows-hot-inflation-coming-2021 – “How these issues will be resolved remains to be seen. So we are in very uncertain times in the world… The ONLY thing we DO know for certain is that EVERY major problem going forward is going to be dealt with by printing money… And because for the first time in decades MUCH of this money will actually funnel directly into the actual economy, HOT inflation will finally ignite… The markets have already begun to discount this… The Fed’s own research has stated that the single best predictor of future inflation is FOOD inflation… I realize this sounds odd. After all, publicly, the Fed states that its preferred measures of inflation are the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE)… And yet, the Fed’s OWN RESEARCH has shown that these metrics do a horrible job of predicting future inflation. Not only that, but the Fed has KNOWN this since 2001!.. I want you to focus on these two admissions: 1) The Fed has admitted that its official inflation measures do not accurately predict future inflation. 2) The Fed admitted that FOOD prices are a much better predictor of future inflation. In fact, food prices were a better predictor of inflation than the Fed’s PCE, non-durables goods, transportation services, housing, clothing, energy and more.”

Carney: Larry Fink’s Blackrock Doubles Down on Woke Capitalism – by John Carney – https://www.breitbart.com/economy/2020/12/17/carney-larry-finks-blackrock-doubles-down-on-woke-capitalism/ – “Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager, has been moving steadily leftward for years and has been putting pressure on public companies to comply with a set of “principles” that read like they were written by Green New Deal and Black Lives Matter activists… In his annual letter to chief executives, BlackRock Chairman and CEO Larry Fink wrote that ‘climate change has become a defining factor in companies’ long-term prospects … But awareness is rapidly changing, and I believe we are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance.’.. In a “stewardship expectations” report released last week, Blackrock essentially doubled-down on its woke capitalism pressure campaign, saying it would increase the pressure it puts on companies on environmental and racial issues… In the report, Blackrock issued the order to U.S. companies to disclose the racial, ethnic, and gender makeup of their employees as well as measures they’re taking to advance “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”.. In 2020, we identified 244 companies that were making insufficient progress integrating climate risk into their business models or disclosures. Of these companies, we took voting action against 53, or 22%. We have put the remaining 191 companies “on watch.” Those that do not make significant progress risk voting action against management in 2021.”

BREAKING: SUPREME COURT: The KRAKEN Has Hit SCOTUS DOCKET, Has PROOF Of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF FAKE BIDEN VOTES, Dominion System GLITCHES, REMOVAL OF TRUMP VOTES – by John Paluska – https://www.thedailyfodder.com/2020/12/breaking-supreme-court-kraken-has-hit.html – “Sidney Powell’s “Kraken” has finally made it to the docket of the Supreme Court. The suit is perhaps the strongest collective argument yet against voter fraud… It contains the forensic audit done in Michigan that proves systemic voter fraud occurred through the Dominion Voting System tabulation. It also has proof of at least 200,000 FRAUDULANT VOTES casted in the election… Further, it contains official Georgia elections records that prove the Dominion Voting Systems program’s ‘inability to repeatably duplicate creditable election results.’ In other words, official Georgia election canvassers could not rely on Dominion Voting Systems’ software to count the vote because it didn’t repeat the same vote totals twice.”

Explainer: Dueling Electors and the Upcoming Joint Session of Congress – by Zachary Stieber – https://www.theepochtimes.com/explainer-dueling-electors-and-the-upcoming-joint-session-of-congress_3622992.html – “In seven states on Dec. 14, a slate of Democratic electors chose Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Republican electors, even though Biden was certified as the winner in the states, also cast votes for President Donald Trump… The phenomenon created seven sets of so-called dueling electors, or alternate slates. Both groups are sending certificates of ascertainment to Congress, which is slated to convene in a joint session on Jan. 6, 2021, to count electoral votes… Dueling electors are highly unusual, but they have happened in U.S. history… John Eastman, professor of law at the Chapman University School of Law, pointed to the Kennedy-Nixon scenario when talking about the seven dueling electors this time around… ‘We have historical precedent here, and in each of these states, there is pending litigation challenging the results of the election. If that litigation proved successful, then the Trump electors, having met and voted, would be able to have those votes certified and be the ones properly counted in the joint session of Congress on January 6,’ he told NTD.”

WARNING! “Dark Winter” Begins! Next Phase is “Digital Pandemic” as Cyber Wars Start – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/warning-dark-winter-begins-next-phase-is-digital-pandemic-as-cyber-wars-start/ – “Millions of people around the world got a very small taste of what can happen when technology fails on Monday this week when most of the Google network went down, and people could not access their Gmail email accounts, YouTube videos, and many other Google services… For those who rely upon Google for home devices, it was a sobering wake-up call… But problems have persisted, and similar outages were reported yesterday with Gmail and other Google services… These events happened in the midst of several reported cyber hacks among other technology companies, including the Pentagon servers yesterday, Tuesday, December 15th… Imagine what life will be like with no Internet at all for an extended period of time, and where electrical service could become very unstable and also be down for an extended period of time… For those who have been paying attention, the Globalists have actually been warning us that this is coming for sometime now… Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance created a 12-minute documentary covering the historical meaning of “Dark Winter” and how it has been used in the past for simulations, much like Event 201… President Trump has shaken up his Cabinet in recent weeks, seemingly to gain more control over the military and the Intelligence agencies… But not only are we facing an internal civil war, it is expected that we will soon be attacked from outside the U.S., and indeed it appears as if the Cyber War may have already begun this week.”

DNI John Ratcliffe Says There Was Foreign Interference in November Elections: Report – by Masooma Haq – https://www.theepochtimes.com/dni-john-ratcliffe-confirms-there-was-foreign-interference-in-november-elections-report_3623035.html – “Well DNI Ratcliffe leads the 17 intelligence agencies and he has access to the most highly classified information that is held by the US government. And he told CBS News that there was foreign interference by China, Iran, and Russia in November of this year and he is anticipating a public report on those findings in January,” (CBS correspondent Catherine) Herridge said… Ratcliffe’s statement contradicts others made by national security officials… ODNI announced late Wednesday that the Intelligence Community (IC) has notified Ratcliffe that they will not meet the Dec. 18 deadline set by President Trump’s executive order to submit the report on foreign threats during the November election as ‘agencies have not finished coordinating on the product.’.. Dec. 18 marks 45 days after the Nov. 3 general election, when, according to Trump’s executive order from 2018, the DNI was expected to deliver a report regarding “to the maximum extent ascertainable” whether any interference attempts took place, and the nature of such interference, methods used, and who was involved and authorized such efforts.”

Mapped: The Risk Of Eviction And Foreclosure In U.S. States – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/mapped-risk-eviction-and-foreclosure-us-states – “According to a recent survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, of the estimated 17 million adults who are not current on their rent or mortgage payments, a whopping 33% of them could be facing eviction or foreclosure in the “next two months”… It goes without saying that with nearly 17 million Americans behind on mortgage and rent payments, there could be significant consequences down the road… In an order issued by the CDC under the Public Health Service Act, it was stated that an eviction moratorium could help with the effectiveness of COVID-19 prevention measures like quarantining, social distancing, and self-isolation. However, while evictions were temporarily halted under this order on September 4th, the extent of this protection runs out on the last day of 2020.”

Big Brother in Disguise: The Rise of a New, Technological World Order – by John Whitehead – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/12/big-brother-in-disguise-the-rise-of-a-new-technological-world-order.html – “This is not even progress… This is technological tyranny and iron-fisted control delivered by way of the surveillance state, corporate giants such as Google and Facebook, and government spy agencies such as the National Security Agency… So consumed are we with availing ourselves of all the latest technologies that we have spared barely a thought for the ramifications of our heedless, headlong stumble towards a world in which our abject reliance on internet-connected gadgets and gizmos is grooming us for a future in which freedom is an illusion… Yet it’s not just freedom that hangs in the balance. Humanity itself is on the line… If ever Americans find themselves in bondage to technological tyrants, we will have only ourselves to blame for having forged the chains through our own lassitude, laziness and abject reliance on internet-connected gadgets and gizmos that render us wholly irrelevant.’

A Common-Sense Solution – by Tom Trenchard – https://americanmind.org/features/a-house-dividing/a-common-sense-solution/ – “What does this mean for us? If we are not held together as a nation by anything except the fact that we live in the same place (and, of course, even this isn’t true of parts of the U.S.), then we are not members of a common political community. Our union is built on what Alexander Hamilton called “accident and force” in the very first Federalist paper. We are subjects, not self-governing citizens… What should we do about this? When our forebears faced a similar situation in 1776, they took decisive action. “Give me liberty or give me death,” they said. They adopted a Declaration expressing their common moral and political principles, and they affirmed their right to form a political community that would aspire to live according to those principles. It is high time for an American re-founding; not a “secession” or “separation,” but a “perpetuation” of self-evidently true American political principles embodied in a new political Union. This is what the United American Counties could be.”

LGBT Activist Calls For ALL Children to Be Put on Puberty Blockers – Ludicrously argues that natural puberty is wrong because kids can’t consent. – by Paul Joseph Watson – https://summit.news/2020/12/15/lgbt-activist-calls-for-all-children-to-be-put-on-puberty-blockers/ – “An LGBT activist has called for ALL children to be put on puberty blockers until a decision is made as to what gender they are going to be… Yes, really… Zachary Antolak began as a gay man but now identifies as a lesbian woman named Zinnia Jones and is in a polyamorous relationship with another lesbian named Heather and a ‘trans woman’ named Penny… What better example of obvious mental stability to decide which chemicals to bombard your children with?.. ‘If children can’t consent to puberty blockers which pause any permanent changes even with the relevant professional evaluation, how can they consent to the permanent and irreversible changes that come with their own puberty with no professional evaluation whatsoever?’ tweeted Jones.”

When Deplorables Become Ungovernables – by Pepe Escobar – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/56047.htm – “A perverse form of blowback is already in effect as informed global citizens may now see, crystal clear, the astonishing depth and reach of Deep State power – the ultimate decider of what happens next in Dystopia Central… Both options are dire… 1. The election stands, even if considered fraudulent by nearly half of U.S. public opinion. To quote that peerless existentialist, The Dude, there’s no rug tying the room together anymore. 2. Was (sic) the election to be somehow overturned before January 20, the Deep State would go Shock and Awe to finish the job… In either case, The Deplorables will become The Ungovernables… It gets worse. A possible implosion of the union – with internal convulsions leading to a paroxysm of violence – may even be coupled with an external explosion, as in a miscalculated imperial adventure.”

The Scam Has Been Confirmed: PCR Does Not Detect SARS-CoV-2https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/scam-has-been-confirmed-pcr-does-not-detect-sars-cov-2 – “The genetic sequences used in PCRs to detect suspected SARS-CoV-2 and to diagnose cases of illness and death attributed to Covid-19 are present in dozens of sequences of the human genome itself and in those of about a hundred microbes. And that includes the initiators or primers, the most extensive fragments taken at random from their supposed “genome” and even the so-called “target genes” allegedly specific to the “new coronavirus”. The test is worthless and all “positive” results obtained so far should be scientifically invalidated and communicated to those affected; and if they are deceased, to their relatives. Stephen Bustin, one of the world’s leading experts on PCR, in fact says that under certain conditions anyone can test positive!.. In essence, NOT ONE OF THE SEVEN SUPPOSED HUMAN CORONAVIRUS HAS REALLY BEEN ISOLATED. The only thing that has been different between them are the laboratory procedures and techniques that were becoming progressively more sophisticated which, in this case, has implied not a greater accuracy but a greater capacity for deception and self-deception that has culminated in the virtual manufacture of the SARS-CoV-2… And the obvious consequence of the lack of evidence of its isolation is that such “coronaviruses” cannot be held responsible for any disease. Moreover, all tests – of whatever kind – based on the presumed components of these “viruses” (nucleic acids or proteins) are completely disqualified as “infection tests” and even more as “diagnostics” of diseases.”

The FLU is gone, no more FLU – Dr. Sandra Birx (28 seconds)

Shocking report on COVID vaccine adverse effects: the roll-out continues anyway – Millions of people can experience life-threatening effects from the vaccine – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/12/14/shocking-report-on-covid-vaccine-adverse-effects-the-roll-out-continues-anyway/ – “In other words, the clinical trials were already biased, because they excluded people with a history of allergic reactions. Therefore, the performance of the vaccine looked safer. Therefore, no one would find out that allergic reactions to the vaccine are a MAJOR danger… And NOW, as if it’s nothing more than an afterthought, we get—’Oh, by the way, if people have allergies, they shouldn’t take the vaccine.’.. Why don’t regulators simply admit, ‘This vaccine is as disastrous as possible, but we can’t let that cat out of the bag.’.. I have written about the inherent dangers of the new experimental RNA technology deployed with this COVOD vaccine. The world population is a vast group of guinea pigs. Past efforts to introduce RNA tech have failed because serious autoimmune reactions have occurred. The body basically attacks itself… What rational person would line up to take this shot?”

Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona Republican Electors Cast Votes for Trump – By Bowen Xiao – https://www.theepochtimes.com/pennsylvania-georgia-nevada-and-arizona-republican-electors-cast-votes-for-trump_3618147.html – “White House adviser Stephen Miller told Fox News on Dec. 14 that alternate groups of electors were being chosen in several states, claiming that it would lead to Trump’s reelection… ‘The only date in the Constitution is Jan. 20. So we have more than enough time to right the wrong of this fraudulent election result and certify Donald Trump as the winner of the election,’ Miller said on “Fox & Friends,” referring to Inauguration Day… It’s unclear if legislators certified the results in these states. The Epoch Times has reached out to the Republican majority leaders in these states but did not immediately get a response.”

BREAKING: State Police Block GOP Electors From Entering Michigan Capitol to Cast Votes For President Trump – No Reason Given! (VIDEO) – by Cristina Laila – https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/12/breaking-state-police-block-gop-electors-entering-michigan-capitol-cast-votes-president-trump-no-reason-given-video/ – “A group of GOP electors on Monday arrived at the Michigan state Capitol to cast their votes for President Trump…But the Michigan state police blocked the GOP electors from entering the building… ‘The Electors are already here, they’ve been checked in.’ the police said as they blocked access to the Capitol… ‘If you have a problem, you can contact the Governor’s office.’ the police said giving no reason for why the building is locking down… The Trump elector asked for the Sergeant at Arms, but the police officer said he was in a meeting.”

Crucial Logs Missing From Michigan County Dominion Voting Machines: Forensics Report – by Ivan Pentchoukov – https://www.theepochtimes.com/crucial-logs-missing-from-antrim-county-dominion-voting-machines-forensics-report_3617768.html – “A court-sanctioned forensic audit of voting systems in Michigan’s Antrim County determined that crucial security and ballot-adjudication logs were missing from machines by Dominion Voting Systems, the company at the epicenter of the dispute over whether voter fraud occurred during the 2020 general election… The findings are part of a preliminary forensic report (pdf) written by Russell Ramsland, a former Reagan White House official who has worked for NASA and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kevin Elsenheimer, the chief judge of Michigan’s 13th Circuit Court, approved the report for release to the public on Dec. 14… According to the report, both the ballot-adjudication logs and the security logs for the Nov. 3 general election appear to have been removed; logs for prior elections are still present on the machines.”

For the Week of 12/7/20:

If You Thought 2020 Was Bad, Watch What Happens In 2021 – by Brandon Smith – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/if-you-thought-2020-was-bad-watch-what-happens-2021 – “In terms of the economy and the American social situation, 2020 is definitely one of the ugliest years on record, there’s really no way around it. That said, I get the impression that many in the public are operating under the assumption that we are about to cross over the peak of the mountain and it will be all downhill from here on. Unfortunately, this is not the case… All eyes have been focused on the pandemic event, and the thinking is that once the pandemic is “over”, the crisis will be over and everything will go back to normal… But, as the globalists have been telling us since the outbreak began, the world “will never go back to normal again”. It’s not because of the pandemic, mind you, it’s because THEY won’t allow things to go back to normal. The “great reset”, as the World Economic Forum calls it, is meant to go on for many years. And, the globalists intend that every aspect of our lives be changed into something almost unrecognizable… First I want to make it clear that I don’t expect the reset agenda to be successful. In fact, I think it’s going to fail miserably. The globalists have reached too far too fast and exposed themselves, and millions upon millions of people around the world and in America are not buying the pandemic narrative. But here is the problem; the pandemic is a distraction from a much greater threat, namely the economic collapse that is developing right now.”

Unlike UK, U.S. FDA Allows Pregnant and Nursing Women to Receive Experimental Pfizer COVID Vaccine – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/unlike-uk-u-s-fda-allows-pregnant-and-lactating-women-to-receive-experimental-pfizer-covid-vaccine/ – “The FDA’s EUA for the Pfizer COVID vaccine follows an emergency use authorization in the U.K. about 10 days ago… Both governments have issued guidelines for the new vaccines, one set of guidelines for doctors and healthcare providers who will administer the vaccine, and a shorter set of guidelines for “recipients” who plan on taking the vaccine… Even though these guidelines cover the same vaccine from the same company (Pfizer), there are notable differences… The UK guidelines, issued by the UK Department of Health and Social Care and the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, give strict warnings to doctors NOT to give the vaccine to women who are pregnant or nursing, or to women planning on becoming pregnant, with a warning about potential infertility issues… Unfortunately, the U.S. FDA’s guidelines for doctors (at the time of this writing) contain no such warning to not give the Pfizer experimental COVID vaccine to pregnant, lactating, or women trying to become pregnant.”

Gag Order Failed | Forensic Results of Dominion Machines Stealing Votes LEAKED! (w/Video 10 min) – Transcript by Alexandra Bruce – https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/gag-order-failed-forensic-results-of-dominion-machines-stealing-votes-leaked/ – “It was found that the voting machines had been connected to the Internet (which is illegal in the United States) and that fake ballots were sent in batches for “adjudication” in either Germany or Spain. “Adjudication” is a Dominion override function that is meant for a marginal number of ballots – not for 106,000 ballots, as was the case in Fulton County, Georgia… CDMedia’s source, who took “great risk” in getting out this information said, ‘The evidence of fraud was not where we were looking. It was cleverly hidden in the error rate.’.. The error rate for ballot verification was set to 1000s of times the legal rate and then massive amounts of fake ballots were sent to Europe, where they were “approved” and tabulated.”

BREAKING: Technology Expert Can Determine If Ballots are Legitimate or Fake in Seconds (21 min) – Brilliant Tech Entrepreneur Jovan Hutton Pullitzer can analyze millions of ballots per day and prove conclusively whether they are genuine or not.This is a total game-changer!


Coronavirus Scandal Breaking in Merkel’s Germany. False Positives and the Drosten PCR Test – by F. William Engdahl – https://www.globalresearch.ca/coronavirus-scandal-breaking-merkel-germany/5731891 – “On January 23, 2020, in the scientific journal Eurosurveillance, of the EU Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Dr. Christian Drosten, along with several colleagues from the Berlin Virology Institute at Charite Hospital, along with the head of a small Berlin biotech company, TIB Molbiol Syntheselabor GmbH, published a study claiming to have developed the first effective test for detecting whether someone is infected with the novel coronavirus identified first only days before in Wuhan. The Drosten article was titled, ‘Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR’ (Eurosurveillance 25(8) 2020)… The news was greeted with immediate endorsement by the corrupt Director General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom, the first non-medical doctor to head WHO. Since then the Drosten-backed test for the virus, called a real-time or RT-PCR test, has spread via WHO worldwide, as the most used test protocol to determine if a person might have COVID-19, the illness… On November 27 a highly-respected group of 23 international virologists, microbiologists and related scientists published a call for Eurosurveillance to retract the January 23, 2020 Drosten article. Their careful analysis of the original piece is damning. Theirs is a genuine “peer review.” ”

Attorney: Michigan Vote Flip Happened Due to Computer Program, Not Human Error – by Zachary Stieber – https://www.theepochtimes.com/attorney-michigan-vote-flip-happened-due-to-computer-program-not-human-error_3615410.html – ” ‘Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said it happened by human error. We discovered that’s not true, that’s a lie. It didn’t happen by human error. It happened by a computer program called Dominion Voting System[s],” Matthew DePerno said on Newsmax…DePerno said that through the lawsuit, his team was able to get access to the Dominion Voting Systems program. They went earlier this month and retrieved 16 thumb drives and 16 data cards, as well as the forensic image of the actual tabulation machine in the Antrim County clerk office… ‘My team has been running analysis through that forensic image since Sunday,’ he said… DePerno said that through the lawsuit, his team was able to get access to the Dominion Voting Systems program. They went earlier this month and retrieved 16 thumb drives and 16 data cards, as well as the forensic image of the actual tabulation machine in the Antrim County clerk office… ‘My team has been running analysis through that forensic image since Sunday,’ he said… The office of Benson, a Democrat, released a statement earlier this week urging voters to ‘be wary of false claims.’… ‘On Sunday, individuals with no apparent technical expertise in election technology were permitted to gather images of Dominion voting equipment in Antrim County. While the information they gathered is subject to a court-issued protective order, the Michigan Department of State warns voters to be wary of the claims that the group may make in coming days. Members of the group have previously made false statements, shared fake documents, and made baseless claims about the election that have been widely debunked and rejected in multiple courts,’ the office stated, without sharing any examples.” (underlined emphasis added)

World’s Biggest Vaccine Company Sues COVID Shot Volunteer who Spoke about Negative Neurological Effectshttps://www.thelibertybeacon.com/worlds-biggest-vaccine-company-sues-covid-shot-volunteer-who-spoke-about-negative-neurological-effects/ – “A 40-year-old Indian businessman who suffered a “neurological and psychological” breakdown after taking a COVID-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca is being sued by the Serum Institute of India (SII), the world’s largest vaccine producer, for defamation…The man’s wife told local media that he began vomiting and complaining of a pounding headache ten days after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine on Oct. 1st, RT reported. His wife says that he experienced confusion so severe, he couldn’t identify close family members...He spent 15 days in hospital, including 8 days in intensive care, suffering from acute neuro-encephalopathy (an altered mental state) that left him “totally disoriented,” so much so that he could no longer recognize close relatives,’ his wife told reporters, according to Science Magazine.”

Leigh Dundas On The Effect Of A 2018 Trump Executive Order On The 2020 Presidential Election (11 min)


DHS Plans to Start Collecting Eye Scans and DNA — With the Help of Defense Contractors – by Felipe De La Hoz – https://theintercept.com/2020/11/17/dhs-biometrics-dna/ – “The contract for the current biometrics management system used by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, for case processing, background checks, and identity verification was awarded in 2015 to the relatively large but low-profile federal contractor Pyramid Systems, which is based in Fairfax, Virginia. Run by a Taiwanese immigrant couple who are Democratic donors, Pyramid has been contracted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Census Bureau, and other agencies. In a 2016 release about the contract, which is potentially worth up to $87.5 million, the company wrote that it would ‘provide Agile services for enhancement and operations and maintenance (O&M) of current biometrics applications used for U.S. immigration-related efforts,’ using jargon for a software development methodology focused on constantly evolving to changing circumstances and a client’s needs.”

Lou Dobbs Tonight Sydney Powell gives the Latest Bombshell Postal Whistle Blower (Time stamped, approx 20 min) – I think this is from Friday, 12/11.


Former Special Forces Officer Warns of Color Revolution Tactics Used Against Trump – by GQ Pan and Joshua Philipp – https://www.theepochtimes.com/former-special-forces-officer-warns-of-color-revolution-tactics-used-against-trump_3612952.html – ” ‘A color revolution is a tactic to affect regime change,’ the officer, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Epoch Times. ‘What I see happening is a Marxist insurgency that’s using a color revolution to affect regime change.’.. The 2019 Transition Integrity Project, according to the officer, is an indicator that the events of this year’s presidential election were “transparently orchestrated” by ‘Marxist elements within the Democratic Party and their Marxist allies in foreign governments.’.. ‘It may not have fallen out just as they wanted, because anytime you carry out an operation like this, the enemy will get a vote. But the plan was we will not concede the election. The goal here was never the presidency,’ the officer said. ‘The goal of the opposition was to fundamentally change the country. They are attacking the efficacy of the Constitution.’ ”

Penny Kelly: Tarot for December 2020 (29min)

Setting Up a Siege? Antifa Has Armed Guards, Stockpiled Weapons at Portland Autonomous Zone – by Tyler O’Neil – https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/tyler-o-neil/2020/12/09/setting-up-a-siege-antifa-has-armed-guards-stockpiled-weapons-at-portland-autonomous-zone-n1200966 – “The antifa occupiers at the autonomous zone that sprung up in Portland this week appear to be preparing for a siege. As PJ Media’s Victoria Taft reported, antifa squatters took over a house in Portland and when the government rightly evicted them, they set up an autonomous zone… On Wednesday, Portland’s police chief reported that antifa has fortified barricades, stockpiled weapons, set up armed guards, and threatened to kill police officers. Both the police chief and the mayor have urged the rebels to lay down their arms, but it appears they are refusing to do so… ‘We want a peaceful & safe resolution to the occupation of public space on N Mississippi Ave. We are greatly concerned about the fortification of barricades, stockpiling of weapons, armed sentries, attacks on journalists & threats to kill officers in graffiti in this public space,’ Chief Chuck Lovell tweeted on Wednesday. ‘I encourage those involved to reach out to our demonstration liaisons so we can discuss a peaceful outcome.’ ”

Is The Globalist “Reset” Failing? The Elites May Have Overplayed Their Hand – by Brandon Smith – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/globalist-reset-failing-elites-may-have-overplayed-their-hand – “There are two schools of thought in the liberty movement; one suggesting that the globalist agenda is fixed and unstoppable and that the best anyone can do is survive. The second suggests that the reset can be stopped and the globalists can be brought to justice. I stand in both camps… There are aspects of the reset that are indeed fixed and that cannot be undone. For example, numerous national economies including the US are in the midst of a stagflationary collapse and there is nothing that can be done to reverse it. Perhaps a decade ago we could have changed course, but now it is too late. The pain can be reduced if people quickly end their dependency on the system and create localized trade networks of their own, but the economy as we know it right now is dead and it is not coming back anytime soon… I do not see this, though, as a win for the elites. Crashing the economy is one thing, rebuilding it into the collectivist dystopia they desperately want is another. Everything depends on who rebuilds; maybe it will be them, maybe it will be us.”

Letter to my Grandchildren from Inside a Cult – by Bretigne Shaffer – https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/11/bretigne-shaffer/letter-to-my-grandchildren-from-inside-a-cult/ – “I don’t have any grandchildren yet. But if I ever do, I want them to understand what it is we went through during this time in history, and even more, to understand how it is that we got here. So this is for them: I first learned about “cults” when I was 13, the age my son is now. I watched with fascination as the horrific events of the Jonestown mass suicide/murder were revealed to the world… ‘A cult is when you aren’t allowed to see your friends or family…I’m talking about total isolation – someone takes all your money and brings you to a place where there’s no communication, or if there is you aren’t allowed to use it.’.. Cult deprogrammer Steven Hassan created the BITE model to explain some of the key elements that cults employ to control their members:… …I live in a world that only a year ago I would have thought was the stuff of poorly written dystopian fiction. If anyone had told me in November of 2019 that just a year later, people would be ordered by the governor of the state I live in to close their businesses, to only leave their homes for “essential” activities, to stop attending church services, to stand six feet apart from other people, and eventually, to wear masks on their faces when out in public, and that most people would not only go along with this willingly but would cheer it on and even shame those who did not–I would have laughed in their face… And yet here we are.”

New York State Assembly Introduces Bill Mandating COVID-19 Vaccine – by Meiling Lee – https://www.theepochtimes.com/new-york-state-assembly-introduces-bill-mandating-covid-19-vaccine_3610392.html – “New York State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, a Democrat who represents New York’s 67th Assembly District, quietly introduced a bill on Dec. 4 that would require ‘COVID-19 vaccine to be administered in accordance with the department of health’s COVID-19 vaccination administration program and mandates vaccination in certain situations.’.. Every New Yorker, except those medically exempt, are required to receive the vaccine if the state’s vaccination efforts do not achieve “sufficient immunity from COVID-19.”.. Barbara Loe Fisher, cofounder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center, described the legislation as inappropriate. ‘It is inappropriate for public health officials and state legislators to be introducing legislation that mandates use of an experimental vaccine being considered for release under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA),’ Fisher told The Epoch Times in an email.”

Karen Dickson – Reads a statement written by a group of Alberta ICU nurses and health care workers. (19 min)

Trump Officials Reviewing DOD Support To CIA – by Katie Bo Williams – https://www.defenseone.com/policy/2020/12/trump-officials-reviewing-dod-support-cia/170651/ – “In the final six weeks of President Trump’s administration, political appointees at the Pentagon are reviewing the Pentagon’s support to the CIA, including the use of counterterrorism operators detailed to a division of the agency that has been involved in some of the most high-profile clandestine counterterrorism missions in the last two decades… Critics see a potentially dangerous effort to yank critical Defense Department support to agency efforts in terrorism hotspots across the globe… Few details on the scope of the review process, including how broad it is, were available on Wednesday. Two sources familiar with the matter said that Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller has sent a letter to CIA Director Gina Haspel saying that a longstanding arrangement offering DOD support to the agency is in jeopardy… The review is the pet project of Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Ezra Cohen-Watnick, one of several top-level political appointees assigned to acting roles in the Pentagon in the wake of Trump’s Election Day loss. Several of those officials, including Cohen-Watnick, are seen as Trump loyalists.”

Alberta, Canada Premier Jason Kinney Talks About the Great Reset (3 min)

Texas Sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania And Wisconsin At US Supreme Court Over Election – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/texas-sues-georgia-michigan-pennsylvania-and-wisconsin-supreme-court-over-election – “The state of Texas filed a lawsuit at the US Supreme Court against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on the grounds that various changes to their voting rules or procedures – either through the courts or via executive actions – violated the Electors Clause of the Constitution because they did not go through the legislatures… Texas also argues that differences in rules and procedures in different counties within the same state violates the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause, and that “voting irregularities” occurred in these states as a result… The lawsuit, filed shortly before midnight on Monday, asks the Supreme Court to allow their legislators to directly appoint electors, according to Breitbart.”

The COVID Vaccine – Ask The Experts… (29 min) – Testimony on the safety and value of the “new” vaccines

Facts – Not Fear – Will Stop The Pandemic – by Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/facts-not-fear-will-stop-pandemic – “The media relish negative news. “If it bleeds it leads” still holds, and perhaps it’s never been truer than in the COVID-19 era. Every day the news highlights the spread of the virus and tells the sad stories of some of its victims… And yet, much of the media does not pay sufficient attention to the good news regarding improved treatments and survival of patients with the coronavirus… In contrast with the international media, the American press has been unrelentingly negative in its COVID coverage, even when there is good news to tell. That negativity is part of what fuels a culture of fear that affects local, state and federal politicians and the decisions they make.”

DNI Ratcliffe Says Election ‘Issues’ Must Be Resolved Before Winner Declared – by Jack Phillips – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/dni-ratcliffe-says-election-issues-must-be-resolved-winner-declared – “Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe told Fox Business that issues brought up by President Donald Trump’s legal team have to be heard in court… “These election issues, we’ll see who is in what seats and whether there is a Biden administration,” he told the broadcaster… Ratcliffe said that due to the unprecedented expansion of mail-in voting, many questions remain about the results… ‘Essentially we had universal mail-in balloting across this country in a way we hadn’t seen before, and to that point, almost 73 percent of the American people this year voted before Election Day, a good percentage of those by mail,‘ he said… ‘That’s about an 80 percent increase over anything we’ve ever seen before, so it’s little wonder that we see what’s happening around the country as a result of that, with mail-in balloting and all of the questions—and the questions that are being raised in lawsuits and by everyday Americans about what happened in the election,’ Ratcliffe said.”

“It’s Panic Porn Clickbait” – Media Scare-Stories About Hospitals Are Misleading – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/its-panic-porn-clickbait-media-scare-stories-about-hospitals-are-misleading – “You can’t turn on your TV, flip open your tablet, or scroll your social media feed today without being bombarded by horrifying stories of over-worked nurses and doctors and throat-grabbing headlines about COVID-driven hospitalizations amid the casedemic… Time to panic?.. Perhaps not, as El Gato Malo (@boriquagato) notes in the following information-full twitter thread: while it’s disappointing to see that we are back in the “media scare stories about hospitals” stage, the good news is that, just like last time, this is simply not the case… They either have no idea what they are saying or are seeking to mislead… Let’s look.

Inflation Is Back… Big Time – by John Rubino – https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/inflation-back-big-time – The conventional view of inflation is that it’s not only low, but dangerously low and in need of aggressive stimulus…But that view is becoming increasingly hard to defend, given all the things that are soaring in price… The above charts show the price action in industrial commodities that, while not something individual consumers tend to buy (and therefore not part of the official “cost of living”) do affect the price of consumer goods. In other words, when they go up, so eventually do the prices of cars, TVs and buildings… Speaking of buildings, the next chart shows US home prices – which have been rising steadily since the bottom of the last recession – steepening this year. Note the upward inflection at the right of the chart. Home prices are now higher than they were during the previous decade’s housing bubble, and they’re accelerating.”

Are We In A “New Normal”? – by Tuomas Malinen – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/are-we-new-normal – “The past two years have been especially brutal to so-called equity ‘bears’. Against all odds, and despite all the shocks, global capital markets—if not the real economy they are supposed to represent—have continued to climb to new heights. After the onset of the coronavirus catastrophe, the relentless rise of the asset markets, particularly in the U.S., has completely baffled many…But it should not. We are in the midst of an asset market mania—perhaps the biggest of all time… We have noted in several times this year how central banks and especially the Federal Reserve (or the “Fed”) has been acting as the ‘de facto’ market-loss back-stopper, successfully pushing asset markets to new heights. However, it is obvious that the central bankers are only following the script they had written before. This is no ‘New Normal’… If, for example, there is a risk of sudden re-emergence of foreign exchange risk, and a redenomination of outstanding loans in that currency, banks will reprice this risk in the interbank markets, which may then freeze-up. This is a real risk in the Eurozone with the possibility of various national “exits”, and the likely reason why the ECB is pushing so hard for the acceptance of the “recovery fund”. We have detailed the specifics of this kind of financial crisis in this blog… So, there are, in fact, several ways central banks can lose control of the today’s highly-levered and highly-speculative financial systems. And, when that happens, look out below!”

New York Sends “Mask Squads” To Enforce Social Distancing In Two Counties – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/new-york-sends-mask-squads-enforce-social-distancing-two-counties – “In another page right out of the gestapo playbook, the Health Department of New York state – which is now losing thousands of people every day due to its high taxes, draconian rules and coercive regulations – has put out an urgent appeal for what the NY Post called “Mask squad” staffers to go to Rockland and Orange counties ‘to perform COVID-19 community outreach and enforce mask and social distancing safety protocols amid fears of a second wave of the virus.’.. ‘Staff is needed for immediate URGENT deployment to Orange and Rockland counties to assist with this critical public health and community enforcement effort,’ the recruitment pitch to staffers in the agency’s office of health insurance programs obtained by the Post said… The two counties, which both have large ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities where some have defied safety protocols, have among the highest coronavirus infection rates in the state. The Middletown area of Orange had an alarming 8.16% COVID-19 infection rate as of Saturday. The city of Newburgh in Orange had a 7.78% infection rate, while the Orange-Monroe County border towns posted a 7.8 percent positivity rate. Rockland County’s infection rate was 5.8%.”

AstraZeneca Vaccine Only 62% Effective; Impact On Elderly Unclear As More Data Needed – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/astrazeneca-vaccine-only-62-effective-impact-elderly-unclear-more-data-needed – “Unlike the last few weeks, ‘vaccine Monday’ has become ‘vaccine Tuesday’, as the Britain’s “V-Day” vaccinations grabbed headlines earlier, and now the country’s most promising project – the AstraZeneca-Oxford jab – has published peer-reviewed data in the Lancet purporting to show that the shot is safe and effective. However, many questions about its efficacy and safety remain, and if anything, the data suggests that more research on the jab is needed… Despite this, researchers confirmed they will now submit their data to regulators for approval to deploy the vaccine in mass immunization campaigns across the UK, Brazil, India and countries in Europe, among other places…Still, the peer-reviewed study, which can be found here, declared that the vaccine ‘has an acceptable safety profile and has been found to be efficacious against symptomatic COVID-19’… Data also showed there were four case of Bell’s Palsy among the vaccine group (that’s a condition characterized by facial paralysis).”

Chinese Spy Links To CA Rep. Swalwell Exposed After Leaked Video Claims “Compromised People At Top Of US Power & Influence” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/chinese-spy-links-ca-rep-swalwell-exposed-after-leaked-video-claims-compromised-people – “Shortly after John Ratcliffe, the director of national intelligence, revealed in an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal last week that Chinese agents have targeted U.S. lawmakers more than any other country, including Russia and Iran, in order to shape U.S. policy in favor of Beijing; Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exposed a leaked video deleted from Chinese social media of a professor saying that China ‘has people at the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence.’.. As The Mental Recession blog detailed, Carlson begins by noting that ‘the very people who ranted so hysterically about Russia, were, even as they were yelling about Vladimir Putin, in fact, they were doing precisely what they claim to decry… They were working on behalf of a foreign power. Our chief global rival, the government of China. The Russia hoax effectively was a diversion, it hid something that’s not a hoax at all but is real and threatening to all of us….’ “

India Faces Mass Hospitalizations As Mystery Disease Strikes – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/mystery-disease-strikes-india-mass-hospitalization-one-dead – “As coronavirus continues to spread across the world, a mysterious illness has been detected in India, with hundreds of people admitted to local hospitals and at least one dead… New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) reports that nearly 400 people have contracted a mystery illness that has emerged in Eluru, India. At least one person died on Dec. 5. Local health officials are baffled and have yet to find the source of the illness… Those who contracted the mysterious illness in the city, which is in the state of Andhra Pradesh, experienced seizures, loss of consciousness, and nausea over the weekend.”

Attorney Sidney Powell drops more bombshells, says election software that rigged 2020 elections has been used for years to steal House, Senate, governor races – by JD Heyes – https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-12-08-powell-says-election-software-also-rigged-house-senate-governor-races.html – “Sidney Powell, who left the Trump campaign legal team to pursue other avenues of massive electoral fraud she uncovered shortly after the November elections, continues to reveal stunning information garnered from her continued investigative work proving beyond any doubt that Americans have lost control over the only real power we had left as individuals: The power of choice at the ballot box… In previous weeks, Powell revealed that software used by voting machine companies in the U.S. and abroad was developed and financed by some of our enemies, including Venezuela, Iran and China… But in an interview with TBN’s Mike Huckabee on Saturday, Powell suggested that the software was actually a CIA-developed election theft tool that may have been exported to other countries and then, ultimately, deployed against American elections.”

Florida COVID-19 Policy Leads the Nation Once Again, This Time on Testing – by Stacey Lennox – https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/stacey-lennox/2020/12/07/florida-covid-19-policy-leads-the-nation-once-again-this-time-on-testing-n1195682 – “Sunbelt governors have bucked the lockdown overlords for the most part. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been a leader in this fight, declaring that the state will never lockdown again. Now Florida has picked up the correct thread on COVID-19 testing. On December 3, in a joint statement, DeSantis and Florida Surgeon General Scott A. Rivkees announced that labs must report the cycle threshold (Ct) and reference ranges on every single test… This is important because the higher the Ct, the less likely a person who tests positive will actually become ill or be contagious. In August, a New York Times feature article reported that up to 90% of tests taken in New York, Nevada, and Massachusetts were essentially false positives. The Ct, or number of times a sample is magnified, was so high it could pick up very low levels of the virus.”

For the Week of 11/30/20:

Fed, IMF Sound Warning That More QE Could Lead To “Unintended Consequences” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/fed-imf-sound-warnings-more-qe-could-lead-unintended-consequences – “As (IMF Managing Director) Georgieva explained (clearly paraphrasing words that were spoonfed to her by someone with far greater experience with the capital markets) with rock-bottom rates and low or negative bond yields, central banks are ‘going back to the lab, reviewing their frameworks to identify innovative strategies and tools that will support the recovery from this crisis and beyond.’.. But the punchline is when she warned that ‘new strategies and tools might produce new side effects as well,’ and ‘additional monetary stimulus may pose important risks to financial stability.’.. That’s right: not only did “several participants” warn about “unintended consequences” in case of a “significant expansion in asset holdings”, but the IMF explicitly now warns that additional stimulus may lead to ‘important risks to financial stability.’ ”

Sidney Powell: There’s Still Time for Trump to Overturn Election Results – by Jack Phillips – https://www.theepochtimes.com/sidney-powell-says-theres-still-time-for-trump-to-overturn-election-results_3606597.html – ‘With the fraud case, the Dec. 8 deadline doesn’t apply,’ Sidney Powell told Newsmax on Friday, referring to the Dec. 8 “safe harbor” deadline that frees a state from challenges if it is able to resolve disputes before sending electors to the Electoral College on Dec. 14… Powell also alleged that some witnesses who reported election fraud were harassed and threatened in recent days… ‘They’re gonna lose their job. Their lives have been threatened. One witness we know of got beaten up and is in the hospital. There have been all kinds of repercussions against people who have come forward to tell the truth,’ Powell told Fox News, without elaborating.”

Under Guise of ‘Racial Justice,’ Johns Hopkins Lays Out Plan to Vaccinate Ethnic Minorities and Mentally Challenged First – Claims made by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security about its strategy for vaccinating ethnic minorities and the mentally challenged first, “as a matter of justice,” suggest ulterior motives. – by Jeremy Loffredo & Whitney Webb – https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/johns-hopkins-plan-to-vaccinate-ethnic-minorities-and-mentally-challenged-first/ – “The allocation strategy of COVID-19 vaccines within the U.S. is set to dramatically differ from previous national vaccination programs. One key difference is that the vaccine effort itself, known as Operation Warp Speed, is being almost completely managed by the U.S. military, along with the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency, as opposed to civilian health agencies, which are significantly less involved than previous national vaccination efforts and have even been barred from attending some Warp Speed meetings. In addition, for the first time since 2001, law enforcement officers and Department of Homeland Security officials are set to not be prioritized for early vaccination… The main focus of this allocation strategy is to deliver vaccines first to racial minorities but in such a way as to make those minorities feel “at ease” and not like “guinea pigs” when receiving an experimental vaccine that those documents admit is likely to cause “certain adverse effects … more frequently in certain population subgroups.” Research has shown that those “subgroups” most at risk for adverse effects are these same minorities… The documents also acknowledge that information warfare and economic coercion will likely be necessary to combat “vaccine hesitancy” among these minority groups. It even frames this clearly disproportionate focus on racial minorities as related to national concerns over “police brutality,” claiming that giving minorities the experimental vaccine first is necessary to combat “structural racism” and ensure “fairness and justice” in the healthcare system and society at large.”

From the Official-State-Propaganda Desk: COVID-19 now leading cause of death in US topping heart disease, researchers sayhttps://www.clickondetroit.com/news/local/2020/12/06/covid-19-now-leading-cause-of-death-in-us-topping-heart-disease-researchers-say/ – “COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in the United States topping heart disease, according to The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine… IHME says COVID-19 was the cause of nearly 12,000 deaths last week, putting it ahead of ischemic heart disease and lung cancer… As hospital beds fill up governors across the country are weighing new restrictions… Health officials warn the pandemic will likely get worse. However, there is some hope on the horizon… Health officials hope shutting down outdoor dining playgrounds and salons can quickly save lives… ‘Until we get through this wave, you should not meet in person with anyone you do not live with, even in a small group, and even outdoors with precautions,’ said Dr. Lisa Hernandez, Berkeley California public health officer… But the restrictions have business owners losing hope.”

5 Ways Americans Could Be “Encouraged” to Get a Covid Vaccine – by Daisy Luther – https://www.theorganicprepper.com/covid-vaccine/ – “According to a poll conducted by Pew Research, 51% of American adults would immediately get a vaccine if it were available. That, of course, means that nearly half of all American adults aren’t convinced this is something that they want to do right now. This number has decreased from the first time the poll was taken. Back in May, 72% of American adults were on board with rolling up their sleeves as soon as possible… Of course, this poll assumes that people will have a choice whether or not to be inoculated… While half of the people surveyed want the injection, the other half do not. And that’s where the controversy lies – should we have a choice what medical treatments we undergo? Dr. Ron Paul spoke to The Huffington Post back in 2008 and said something as meaningful today as it was a dozen years ago… ‘If we accept this notion that the federal government is going to dictate what we can put into our bodies, then it leads to the next step: that the government is going to regulate everything that is supposedly good for us. That’s where they are.’ ”

UK Government Warns Doctors About Infertility Possibility with Pfizer COVID Vaccine, But NO Warning to Patients! – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/uk-government-warns-doctors-about-infertility-possibility-with-pfizer-covid-vaccine-but-no-warning-to-patients/ – “As we reported earlier this week, the U.K. became the first nation to issue emergency authorization for the Pfizer experimental mRNA COVID vaccine, with jabs expected to start with the public any day now…The UK Department of Health and Social Care and the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has just published guidelines for the roll out of Pfizer vaccine… There is a 10-page document for UK Healthcare Professionals, and a shorter 5-page document for recipients. This is public information (for now), and Health Impact News has secured copies of each… In the leaflet for recipients, it gives strict warnings to women who are pregnant and breast-feeding… However, in the longer document issued to “Healthcare Professionals,” it gives an additional warning (see red highlight): Fertility – It is unknown whether COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 has an impact on fertility.”

Wow, just Wow… https://twitter.com/HansMahncke/status/1335055783176892419 – “Some background. This from @jenniferatntd’s YT channel. The guy is a vice dean and vice director at Renmin University in Beijing. Renmin is the CCP’s training ground for new cadres. This guy doesn’t freelance. Watch him remind everyone of what China did for the Bidens. Wow… Just ran this past a Mandarin speaker. The translation is correct but apparently it’s even more blatantly audacious in Chinese. The CCP helped the Biden family and now they’re triumphantly rubbing it in. We knew the CCP would exploit this but the brazenness is something else.”

“It Was No Longer Safe For Me To Live In China”: Former Chinese Communist Party Insider Breaks With Beijing – by Cai Xia – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/it-was-no-longer-safe-me-live-china-former-chinese-communist-party-insider-breaks-beijing – “When Xi Jinping came to power in 2012, I was full of hope for China. As a professor at the prestigious school that educates top leaders in the Chinese Communist Party, I knew enough about history to conclude that it was past time for China to open up its political system. After a decade of stagnation, the CCP needed reform more than ever, and Xi, who had hinted at his proclivity for change, seemed like the man to lead it… By then, I was midway through a decades-long process of grappling with China’s official ideology, even as I was responsible for indoctrinating officials in it. Once a fervent Marxist, I had parted ways with Marxism and increasingly looked to Western thought for answers to China’s problems. Once a proud defender of official policy, I had begun to make the case for liberalization. Once a loyal member of the CCP, I was secretly harboring doubts about the sincerity of its beliefs and its concern for the Chinese people…So I should not have been surprised when it turned out that Xi was no reformer.” – Comment: Really excellent account from a high-level academic’s perspective about China over the last 50 years.

California Sheriff Slams Gov. Newsom’s ‘Dictatorial’ Lockdowns, Won’t Be ‘Blackmailed, Bullied Or Used As Muscle’ To Enforce – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/california-sheriff-slams-gov-newsoms-dictatorial-lockdowns-wont-be-blackmailed-bullied-or – ” ‘We have all recently learned of the new regional approach to combating COVID-19 and the pending closure and stay-at-home orders from our governor. We were also told that a there was a potential he would be withholding federal and state funding from counties who did not enforce the orders. Ironically, it wasn’t that long ago our same governor loudly and publicly argued how wrong it was for the President of the United States to withhold federal funding from states not complying with federal laws… The dictatorial attitude toward California residents while dining in luxury, traveling, keeping his business open and sending his kids to in-person private schools is very telling about his attitude toward California residents, his feelings about the virus, and it is extremely hypocritical… These closures and stay-at-home orders are flat-out ridiculous. The metrics used for closure are unbelievably faulty and are not representative of true numbers and are disastrous for Riverside County.’ ”

Second Stimulus Check Update: Democrat Proposes Releasing Aid To People Only After COVID-19 Inoculation – by Danielle Ong – https://www.ibtimes.com/second-stimulus-check-update-democrat-proposes-releasing-aid-people-only-after-covid-3094400 – ” John Delaney, an American entrepreneur and former Maryland congressman, made the proposal during an interview with CNBC. The plan would involve giving people a $1,500 in stimulus check in exchange for getting immunized… ‘We have to create, in my judgment, an incentive for people to really accelerate their thinking about taking the vaccine,’ Delaney said in the interview. ‘You’re going to benefit anyhow, because we’ll get the country to herd immunity faster, which benefits you. So I think everyone wins.’.. If every American over the age of 18 participated in the proposed program, the U.S. government would have to spend at least $383 billion, according to an op-ed Delaney wrote for The Washington Post.”

Blackwell: The Greatest Electoral Heist in American History – by Ken Blackwell – https://www.breitbart.com/2020-election/2020/11/21/blackwell-the-greatest-electoral-heist-in-american-history/ – “The pieces are finally coming together, and they reveal a masterpiece of electoral larceny involving Big Tech oligarchs, activists, and government officials who prioritize partisanship over patriotism… The 2020 election was stolen because leftists were able to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to weaken, alter, and eliminate laws that were put in place over the course of decades to preserve the integrity of the ballot box. But just as importantly, it was stolen because those same leftists had a thoroughly-crafted plan, and because they were rigorous in its implementation and ruthless in its execution… Let’s not forget that liberals have been consumed by a fixation with removing Donald Trump from office for longer than he’s actually been in office. The sordid story of the 2020 election heist begins all the way back in January 2017, when Barack Obama’s former campaign manager and senior advisor, David Plouffe, took a job leading the policy and advocacy efforts of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a “charitable” organization established by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan.” – Includes detailed coverage of various frauds committed in the election.

Trump invokes foreign interference provision of his 2018 executive order, authorizing military response to cyber warfare, see NSPM 13 – by Mike Adams – https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-12-03-situation-update-dec-3rd-trump-invokes-foreign-interference.html – “Ask yourself this question: What was the purpose of yesterday’s White House speech about election fraud and vote rigging?.. If you think it was all about Trump communicating to the people, think again. This speech was really about Trump communicating with Chris Miller and the DoD about foreign interference in the U.S. election while laying out the key national security justifications that are necessary to invoke what I’m calling the “national security option” for defending the United States against an attempted cyber warfare coup. In this article, I present details from 10 USC, Section 394. Subtitle A, Part 1, Chapter 19, “Authorities concerning military cyber operations” as well as National Security Presidential Memoranda (NSPM) #13, covering ‘offensive cyber operations.’ ” – Comment: I think this analysis is important, but I can’t endorse all of its conclusions.

Dec. 21st Uluru, Australia – The Original Prophecy Foretelling the Change of Everything, by Steven & Evan Strong, & Message From Uluru, by Julia Williams – http://forgottenorigin.com/dec-21st-uluru – “Uluru, December 21 9:02 pm (3:32 am U.S. Pacific Time)… This has been an evolving process for us that began nearly three years ago. Elders and Keepers of Lore have approached us with an almost identical word for word description of soon to come days of complete transformation. Such has been the number and consistency of narrative, if other Elders approach us on unrelated archaeology or history that involves Old Way protocol and knowledge, we always introduce the topic of the oncoming change to see how they react and whether they know of this renaissance. If they do not, then the radar is on and suspicion aroused. Fortunately, that has never happened, because on each occasion when the subject was raised it became immediately obvious that they were genuine and knowledgeable in such profound matters.”

Boris Johnson reveals the Shape of Things to Come in 2 minutes at the UN – https://twitter.com/o_rips/status/1334302762444619776?s=21

Cable Slides As Chances Of Brexit Breakthrough “Receding” – by Tyler Durden –https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/cable-slides-chances-brexit-breakthrough-receding – “We’re less than 30 days away from Britain crashing out of the EU come the New Year, and talks between London and Brussels are not going well… In the latest update, BBC editor and Brexit authority Laura Kuenssberg tweeted that she was hearing talks were going worse than expected… Boris Johnson’s top negotiator Lord David Frost struck a deal with the EU’s Michel Barnier that talks would be extended for two weeks amid assurances that the EU was ready to seriously talk about the major stumbling blocks… Minutes later, headlines hit declaring that chances of a Brexit breakthrough were “receding”… ? U.K. OFFICIAL SAYS CHANCES OF BREXIT BREAKTHROUGH RECEDING, ? U.K. OFFICIAL SAYS EU IS MAKING LAST-MINUTE DEMANDS IN TALKS… Though a break through is of course still possible… Earlier this week, the FT reported that Brussels is insisting on using access to EU financial markets, one of its biggest sources of leverage, as one a cudgel to beat London with, saying it would only grant market-access rights that are'”in the EU’s interests’. ”

‘Immunity Cards’ To Be Issued To All Americans; Enable CDC To Track COVID-19 Vaxx Status In Database – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/covid-19-vax-status-be-tracked-cdc-database-everyone-issued-vaccination-cards-according-dod – “On Wednesday the Department of Defense released the first images of a COVID-19 vaccination record card as well as vaccination kits, according to CNN… ‘Everyone will be issued a written card that they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due,’ says Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition. ‘Let’s do the simple, easy thing first. Everyone’s going to get that.’.. What’s more, vaccination clinics will also report to their state immunization registries which vaccine was given so that third parties can verify one’s vaccination status regardless of what their card says (or if they’ve lost it)… Moore said many places are planning to ask patients to voluntarily provide a cell phone number, so they can get a text message telling them when and where their next dose is scheduled to be administered Every dose administered will be reported to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Claire Hannan, executive director of the Association of Immunization Managers. –CNN… The DoD also released information on vaccine kits, which include a card, needle, syringe, alcohol wipes and a mask. There are approximately 100 million such kits ready to go as soon as ‘the’ vaccine(s) is(are) chosen, according to Operation Warp Speed CEO, Gen. Gustave Perna.”

‘We are being subjugated’: Mac’s Public House protest draws large crowd to Grant City – by Irene Spezzamonte – https://www.silive.com/news/2020/12/protests-at-macs-public-house.html – “Twenty-four hours after the owner of Mac’s Public House was led away in handcuffs for allegedly refusing to close his pub during the pandemic, a large crowd of Staten Islanders assembled outside the Grant City establishment to protest the state’s coronavirus restrictions… A crowd of about 60 began assembling just after 5 p.m., with many carrying American flags and signs. One read: “Lock up criminals, not Americans.”.. By the time the rally’s program started after 6 p.m., the crowd had swelled to several hundred, and a portion of Lincoln Avenue in front of the establishment was closed to traffic due to the crowd… One man in the crowd barked at members of the Sheriff’s office posted outside the restaurant… ‘I hope your pensions work,’ he said. ‘You sold out your own people. You are enforcing the laws of the same guy who spits on you.’

Belgian ‘Health’ Ministry Says Shut Down Shops as a “Psychological Shock Tactic”https://www.anti-empire.com/belgian-health-ministry-says-shut-down-shops-as-a-psychological-shock-tactic/ – “Asked at the exit of the Concertation Committee this Friday, November 27, the Minister of Health gave a speech which challenged many people, including his coalition partners… Returning to the decision to reopen non-essential shops from December 1, Frank Vandenbroucke (sp.a) explained that “shopping did not really involve any risk when everything was well controlled”. Words to which the journalist from the VRT immediately reacted, asking why these stores had to close their doors on October 30. “Because at one point we needed to make a shock decision, we needed an electric shock and that implied that we immediately close non-essential businesses,” retorted the Minister of Health.”

Beverly Hills and Louisville Revolt Against Dining Bans as Lockdown Defiance Spreads Across America – by Jon Miltimore – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/12/beverly-hills-and-louisville-revolt-against-dining-bans-as-lockdown-defiance-continues-to-spread-across-america.html – “When Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced a week before Thanksgiving he was closing all indoor service for restaurants and bars because of rising COVID-19 case numbers, Richard Hayhoe had a simple message for his customers… ‘Come hungry, come inside,’ said Hayhoe, the owner of Beans Cafe and Bakery in Dry Ridge, a rural community about 50 miles north of Lexington… Instead of complying with Beshear’s order, Hayhoe opted to keep his restaurant open, saying the governor’s order was not about public health… ‘This is no longer just about health, it is about control,’ Hayhoe wrote in a social media post.”

People in Wales to get ID cards to prove they’ve had Pfizer coronavirus vaccine – by Will Hayward & Chris Kitching – https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/people-wales-id-cards-prove-23102143 – “Wales’ Health Minister Vaughan Gething confirmed on Wednesday that people there will receive a credit-card sized immunisation card which states the type of vaccine and the date it was administered, WalesOnline reports.”

DOJ Bans Trump Aide After Requesting Election Fraud Infohttps://populist.press/doj-bans-trump-aide-after-requesting-election-fraud-info/ – “The official serving as President Donald Trump’s eyes and ears at the Justice Department has been banned from the building after trying to pressure staffers to give up sensitive information about election fraud and other matters she could relay to the White House, three people familiar with the matter tell The Associated Press… Heidi Stirrup, an ally of top Trump adviser Stephen Miller, was quietly installed at the Justice Department as a White House liaison a few months ago. She was told within the last two weeks to vacate the building after top Justice officials learned of her efforts to collect insider information about ongoing cases and the department’s work on election fraud, the people said.”

The 2021 Liquidity Supernova: Step Aside Fed – US Treasury Will Unleash $1.3 Trillion In Liquidityhttps://www.zerohedge.com/markets/2021-liquidity-supernova-not-just-fed-us-treasury-will-unleash-13-trillion-liquidity-next – “It’s also why Morgan Stanley has been especially bullish on markets in 2021: as Hornbach summarized it simply: ‘When it comes to liquidity, our focus is on both “narrow” and “broad” measures… We expect both types of liquidity to expand in 2021.‘.. Last Monday we discussed the expansion of the first type of liquidity, namely that provided by central banks. The math was, in a word, staggering: combined, the 8 DM central banks are expected to purchase US$304 billion of securities ($238 billion of which will be government bonds), on average, from private markets every month in 2021 (with the Fed and the ECB naturally doing most of the buying)… Putting this number in context, in total these 8 central banks are expected to add liquidity worth 0.7% of annual nominal GDP, on average, every month in 2021. ‘That is a rapid pace of global liquidity injection, the likes of which we haven’t seen outside of 2020’ Hornbach casually inserts… What is even more striking is that this may not be enough: as we showed two weeks ago, after the Fed monetized virtually every dollar of net Treasury issuance in 2020, in 2021 Treasury supply will significantly outstrip Fed purchases (and this is even without factoring in the possibility of another major fiscal stimulus).”

Powell: Dominion Server Removed From Fulton County While Lawyers Sought Restraining Order – by Ivan Pantchoukov – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/powell-dominion-server-removed-fulton-county-while-lawyers-sought-restraining-order – “Attorney Sidney Powell said on Monday that someone had removed a Dominion Voting Systems server from a recount center in Fulton County, Georgia ‘Someone went down to the Fulton center where the votes and Dominion machines were, claimed there was a software glitch and they had to replace the software, and it seems that they removed the server,’ Powell told “Lou Dobbs Tonight” in an interview aired on Nov. 30… Powell added that her team does not know where the server is… Powell said her team is making significant progress in both cases while preparing to files suits in other states. She said the lawsuits are meant to stop the runoff elections in Georgia in January ‘because all the machines are infected with the software code that allows Dominion to shave votes from one candidate and give them to another and other features that do the same thing.’.. ‘Different states shaved different amounts of votes. The system was set up to shave and flip different votes in different states. Some people were targeted as individual candidates. It’s really the most massive and historical egregious fraud the world has ever seen,’ Powell said… According to an affidavit from a GOP poll worker that was filed alongside the request for a restraining order, an election official wrote in a message on Nov. 25 that some ballot-counting machines were to be reset on Nov. 30 so they could be used in the machine recount requested by the Trump campaign given the tight margin with former Vice President Joe Biden… Upon seeing the message, the poll worker said they notified their supervisor because they were concerned about wiping of the machines… ‘I am seeing lots of notices from lawyers about possibly impounding the machines,’ the poll worker wrote, according to the affidavit. ‘Lawyers are now saying that the machines should be confiscated immediately before this happens to protect forensic data. They are saying those machines need to be impounded ASAP. Yikes. Maybe I’m being overly paranoid but let’s be sure this is what we’re supposed to be doing.’ ”

White House Slams AG Barr’s Claims Of No Election Fraud: “There’s Been No Semblance Of A DoJ Investigation” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/ag-barr-no-evidence-fraud-would-have-changed-election-outcome – “Additionally, while Barr didn’t name Sidney Powell specifically, he added: ‘There’s been one assertion that would be systemic fraud and that would be the claim that machines were programmed essentially to skew the election results…. And the DHS and DOJ have looked into that, and so far, we haven’t seen anything to substantiate that.‘.. Though we note from the above sentence that Barr did not deny the evidence, just that he and the DoJ had not found any, making one wonder just how hard they looked?.. However, as AP admits (deep in its story), if people still believe there is evidence, they need to seek remedies through a civil case (comfortably distancing himself and the DoJ from any involvement)… ‘There’s a growing tendency to use the criminal justice system as sort of a default fix-all, and people don’t like something they want the Department of Justice to come in and ‘investigate,’ Barr said.”

20 Alleged Election “Facts” That Don’t Pass The Smell Test – by Andrea Widburg – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/20-alleged-election-facts-dont-pass-smell-test – “Americans have common sense, so they can understand when they’re being played (for example, when politicians place Americans under house arrest and then ignore their own rules to party and travel). And they know that there is no way on God’s green earth that decrepit, demented, corrupt, and terminally stupid Joe Biden fairly won this election. This post assembles various election anomalies that don’t pass the smell test.”

From the Official-State-Propaganda Desk: Britain’s Johnson Asks Lawmakers to Back a Tougher Lockdownhttps://www.voanews.com/covid-19-pandemic/britains-johnson-asks-lawmakers-back-tougher-lockdown – “British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is asking lawmakers to support new, tiered restrictions to keep the nation’s hospitals from becoming overwhelmed before a vaccine for the coronavirus can be approved and distributed… The new measures would put 99% of the country under the two highest restriction levels when the current rules end Tuesday. The new restrictions would last about a month… An increasing number of members of Johnson’s own Conservative Party are opposed. And on Saturday, London police broke up anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine protests, arresting more than 150 people in the process… Parliament is to vote on Johnson’s new restrictions Tuesday… In the U.S., President-elect Joe Biden added three members to his COVID-19 advisory board… Biden added Jane Hopkins, Jill Jim and David Michaels to “strengthen the board’s work and help ensure that our COVID-19 planning will address inequities in health outcomes and the workforce,” he said… Beginning Monday, California’s Los Angeles County, the nation’s most populous, will be under a three-week, stay-at-home order… The county had said previously that it would issue the restrictive order when new COVID-19 cases reached an average of 4,500 per day over a five-day period… On Friday, the five-day average was 4,751.”

Psychiatrist Blows the Whistle on Pandemic Fearmongering – Dr. Peter Breggin interviewed – Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola – https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/11/29/how-is-fear-appeal-used-in-public-health-messaging.aspx – “Dr. Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist, has written more than a dozen bestselling books on psychiatry and the drug industry. He’s frequently referred to as “the conscience of psychiatry” because he was able to successfully reform the psychiatric profession, abolishing lobotomies and other harmful experimental psychosurgeries… He … started researching the history of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been the face of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, learning more than he bargained for in the process. ‘He just looked like this kindly gentleman, until I started to listen to what he was saying and to look into what he was doing,’ Breggin says. ‘In early April, [my wife] Ginger brought this scientific article to me and said, ‘Honey, this looks like it’s impossible, it’s fake or something.’.. It was a 2015 article by a big team from North Carolina [led by] Ralph Baric,1 He’s the final author on it and the power behind it, although the lead author is Vineet D. Menachery.2 This article is talking about making a coronavirus that’s going to be a new epidemic agent. They’re talking about it. They’ve actually accomplished it — and it’s a SARS coronavirus.’ ” – Dr. Breggin discusses the phenomenon of “Fear Appeal,” the personalization of anxiety in the population to drive compliance.

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What’s Not Being Said About the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine. “Human Guinea Pigs”? – By F. William Engdahl – https://www.globalresearch.ca/what-not-said-pfizer-coronavirus-vaccine/5729461 – “Dr. Michael Yeadon replied in a recent public social media comment to a colleague in the UK; ‘All vaccines against the SARS-COV-2 virus are by definition novel. No candidate vaccine has been… in development for more than a few months.’ Yeadon then went on to declare, ‘If any such vaccine is approved for use under any circumstances that are not EXPLICITLY experimental, I believe that recipients are being misled to a criminal extent. This is because there are precisely zero human volunteers for…whom there could possibly be more than a few months past-dose safety information.’.. Yeadon is well qualified to make the critique. As he notes in the comment, ‘I have a degree in Biochemistry & Toxicology & a research based PhD in pharmacology. I have spent 32 years working in pharmaceutical R&D, mostly in new medicines for disorders of lung & skin. I was a VP at Pfizer & CEO…. of a biotech I founded (Ziarco – acquired by Novartis). I’m knowledgeable about new medicine R&D.’ He was formerly with Pfizer at a very senior level”

Denmark Also Passes Emergency COVID Law Coordinated with Germany – They Are Now Moving Rapidly Globally – by Martin Armstrong – https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/great-reset/denmark-also-passes-emergency-covid-law-coordinated-with-germany-they-are-now-moving-rapidly-globally/ – “Denmark has taken a major step to a totalitarian state. This new law allows forcing people who test positive for ‘dangerous diseases’ to be ‘medically examined, hospitalized, treated and placed in isolation’. This further grants the Danish Health Authority the power ‘to define groups of people who must be vaccinated in order to contain and eliminate a dangerous disease’. The government can now coerce people who refuse to have the vaccine ‘through physical detainment, with police allowed to assist’.” – Comment: This “law” was passed by a unanimous vote by a little more than half of the members of Parliament, just days after the government supposedly “relented” on passage of the measure after mass demonstrations.

Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election (3hr 54 min) – w/Rudy Giuliani and many credible witnesses to voter fraud, with a call in from Donald Trump

Leigh Dundas – THE LAST 48 HOURS – November 24, 2020 (19 min)

“TRUMP WILL WIN – HERE’S WHY” – by Howell Woltz – https://richardsonpost.com/howellwoltz/19050/trump-will-win-heres-why/ – “Attorney Sidney Powell is a relentless warrior whose shaking voice warned the Deep State last Thursday night in Trump’s litigation team’s press conference that she would ‘release the Kraken’ on them for what they had done to her country… Attorney Powell has taken on the Deep State like none other, and is doing all of this on her own—not being paid by the president or his campaign—yet clearly knows more than any of the president’s own attorneys about what actually took place with the international ‘switching’ of votes to elect Biden… More forbidding to the bastards hiding in the dark, Sidney says she has ‘the receipts’ now to prove it… ‘Kraken is a Department of Defense cyber warfare program that tracks and hacks other systems to acquire evidence of nefarious actions of other nations and enemies.’… But we now know that the SCYTL server seizure was from a secret operation in Frankfurt—actually controlled by the CIA… So who in Sidney Powell’s orbit could possibly know about the secret CIA hacking program “Kraken”?.. German daily “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported the building was known to be home to a vast network of intelligence personnel including CIA agents, NSA spies, military secret service personnel, Department of Homeland Security employees and Secret Service employees… ‘It reported the Americans had also established a dense network of outposts and shell companies in Frankfurt… It appears the CIA was using the same foreign data center to hack the US elections… and got caught.’.. Now it all makes sense—and explains why the coup players are going nuts… When 71 of precincts out of just one city (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) have more votes than voters (up to 350%) that’s all one needs to know… When this fraud is precisely repeated in six Democrat stronghold states using the same methods and the same Tech Oligarch’s cash (Zuckerberg), it is a coup d’etat.”

14 Million People Will Lose Their Unemployment Benefits, 30 Million At Risk Of Eviction On January 1 – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/14-million-workers-lose-unemployment-benefits-30-million-risk-eviction-january-1 – “While markets remain on edge over the sudden tension between the Treasury and the Fed, following Mnuchin’s surprise notice to Powell that the Treasury would let 8 of the key 13(3) “emergency” programs currently in place (including the critical for the bond market Corporate Credit facilities, PMCCF and SMCCF) at the Fed expire on Dec 31… …which also threatens the continuation of Helicopter Money into 2021 as the only reason the Fed has been able to monetize all US issuance this year while sending stocks soaring has been the close cooperation between the Fed and Treasury, another, more important “expiration” will take place on Dec 31, and will likely have far more profound consequences for the broader US population… Here’s why: on Dec 31 is when many of the key provisions in the CARES Act are set to expire if there is no action from Congress. All else equal, some 12 million American will likely lose access to their Emergency unemployment benefits activated in the aftermath of the covid pandemic, which alone could be a drag of up to 1.5% to growth in 1Q according to Bank of America. Additionally, the concurrent expiration of eviction moratorium, mortgage forbearance programs, and suspension of student loan payments could all be headwinds early next year, creating further obstacles.”

Why Wall Street’s “Most Accurate Analyst” Expects Another Market Correction Before Year-End – by Tyler Durden – https://www.anti-empire.com/non-cult-no-lockdown-belarus-has-one-of-the-lowest-death-rates-in-europe/ – As Wilson writes in Morgan Stanley’s latest “Sunday Start” note, his target over the next 12 months is another 10% upside in the S&P, ‘as earnings continue to surprise on the upside, thanks to better top-line growth next year combined with extraordinary operating leverage – a typical feature of the first year coming out of a recession.’.. However, at the same time, he also cautions that in the near term he sees the risk of yet another drawdown in stocks, which would be the third 10% correction since September. This will be catalyzed by the market’s realization of the “bad news” that “the vaccine won’t be ready for mass distribution for another 3-4 months as case counts and deaths increase.” Still, once this small correction is in the rearview mirror, which perhaps may even trigger additional Fed easing during the Dec FOMC meeting when the Fed is expected to extend the maturity of its TSY purchases, Wilson remains ‘a steadfast bull on a 12-month view in terms of both the earnings outlook and the market.’ ”

Non-Cult, No-Lockdown Belarus Has One of the Lowest Death Rates in Europe – The last free country on the continent – by Kata Karáth – https://www.anti-empire.com/non-cult-no-lockdown-belarus-has-one-of-the-lowest-death-rates-in-europe/ – “Belarus’s beleaguered government remains unfazed by covid-19. President Aleksander Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994, has flatly denied the seriousness of the pandemic, refusing to impose a lockdown, close schools, or cancel mass events like the Belarusian football league or the Victory Day parade… Yet the country’s death rate is among the lowest in Europe—just over 700 in a population of 9.5 million with over 73?000 confirmed cases.’

Pandemics Are Over When The Public Decides They’re Over – by Ryan McMaken – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/pandemics-are-over-when-public-decides-theyre-over – “In Colorado, reported cases and hospitalizations of Covid-19 patients are at higher levels than ever before. And yet politicians are worried that if they issue new stay-at-home orders, the public won’t obey them. For instance the Denver Post last week reported Colorado Democrats admitted the public isn’t listening very closely anymore… We’ll ignore the creepy framing of the issue around how citizens have lamentably “grown accustomed to certain freedoms” like being able to leave one’s home. But Fenberg is right to think the public is unlikely to be nearly as compliant this time around… And what happens if Americans start acting as if there is no pandemic? Then, the pandemic is at a de facto end, even if “experts” insist that it is still a de jure reality… Medical Pandemics vs. Social Pandemics: In other words, government agencies may issue declarations of when Pandemics end, but as noted in The New York Times last May, ‘…pandemics typically have two types of endings: the medical, which occurs when the incidence and death rates plummet, and the social, when the epidemic of fear about the disease wanes.’.. Whether or not the presence of a disease presents an acceptable risk to “the public” depends on countless individual risk assessments.”

Trump Appeals PA Suit Dismissal As Dershowitz Outlines Narrow Path To Victory – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/trump-appeals-pa-suit-dismissal-dershowitz-outlines-narrow-path-victory – “The late-Sunday filing with the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia was an expected development, with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani declaring in a Saturday statement:We hope that the Third Circuit will be as gracious as Judge Brann in deciding our appeal one way or the other as expeditiously as possible,” adding ‘This is another case that appears to be moving quickly to the United States Supreme Court.’.. US District Judge Matthew Brann, an Obama appointee, issued scathing commentary in his dismissal of the case – comparing the lawsuit to “Frankenstein’s monster” which had been “haphazardly stitched together” without evidence… Dershowitz said there are a few “constitutional paths to victory” for the president’s legal team, but he stipulated that Trump will face legal hurdles in all of them… “For example, in Pennsylvania, they have two very strong legal arguments. One, that the courts changed what the legislature did about counting ballots after the end of Election Day. That’s a winning issue in the Supreme Court. I don’t necessarily support it, but it’s a winning issue in the Supreme Court,” Dershowitz told Fox Business on Sunday. The team, meanwhile, has ‘a winning issue in the Supreme Court on equal protection, that some counties flawed ballots to be cured while others didn’t. Bush v. Gore suggests that an Equal Protection argument can prevail.’.. ‘You need to have witnesses, experts subject to cross-examination, and findings by a court,’ he said, adding that there is no ‘legal route to undoing that’ after the election is certified. ‘Their strongest case, if they have the evidence, is that computers may have turned hundreds of thousands of votes,’ Dershowitz said.’

The Triumph Of Mankind Over ‘The Great Reset’: Guns, Books, & The Social Contract – by Joaquin Flores – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/triumph-mankind-over-great-reset-guns-books-social-contract – “In The Dystopic Great Reset and the Fight Back: Population Reduction and Hope for the Children of Men , our Part I, we developed on our previous essays on planned obsolescence and the problems of the old paradigm as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution. We looked at how several science fiction works like ‘The Virus’ and ‘Children of Men’ in culture actually predicted and lent to us an understanding the new reified nightmare being built around us. Finally, we looked at Althusser’s ‘ISA’, Ideological State Apparatus and how this was developed towards a politically correct elite culture which opened the door to the so-called ‘new normal’, where slavery and self-harm are virtue signals… At the end of ‘The Dystopic Great Reset and the Fight Back […]’ we noted that it would be necessary to trace aspects of the history of the social contract in order to lay the foundation of understanding… In our previous essay ‘Capitalism After Corona Lockdown: Having the Power to Walk Away, we also then posed the question of the social contract itself… And so we arrive at the stark truth – there is no running or hiding from the future… It is the task of free citizens to take a hold of the emerging new technologies into their own hands, for their own purposes: to live in society that acts towards human freedom and dignity of the soul. A world where our small children can grow up in a world without unnecessary humility or fear. A world where there is promise and hope, a promise truly justified by a real-existing society around them based upon what is true, what is beautiful, and what is good.”

Hyperinflation, Fascism and War: How the New World Order May Be Defeated Once More – by Matthew Ehret – http://thesaker.is/hyperinflation-fascism-and-war-how-the-new-world-order-may-be-defeated-once-more/ – “In this essay, I will go further to examine how those same architects of hyperfinflation came close to establishing a global bankers’ dictatorship in 1933 and how that early attempt at a New World Order was fortunately derailed through a bold fight which has been written out of popular history books… We will investigate in depth how a major war broke out within America led by anti-imperial patriots in opposition to the forces of Wall Street and London’s Deep State and we will examine how this clash of paradigms came to a head in 1943-1945… This historical study is not being conducted for entertainment, nor should this be seen as a purely academic exercise, but is being created for the simple fact that the world is coming to a total systemic meltdown and unless certain suppressed facts of 20th century history are brought to light, then those forces who have destroyed our collective memory of what we once were will remain in the drivers seat as society is carried into a new age of fascism and world war… …The Bank of England-authored Green New Deal being pushed under the fog of COVID-19’s Great Green Global Reset which promise to impose draconian constraints on humanity’s carrying capacity in defense of saving nature from humanity have nothing to do with Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and they have less to do with the Bretton Woods conference of 1944. These are merely central bankers’ wet dreams for depopulation and fascism “with a democratic face” which their 1923 and 1933 efforts failed to achieve and can only be imposed if people remain blind to their own recent history.

GEORGE SOROS ARRESTED? Originating news report contains an official indictment document # 20-316 filed by the U.S. District Court of Western PA (Discretion advised) – by Alan Smithee – https://stateofthenation.co/?p=38113 – “George Soros has been arrested and is currently being held in federal custody in Philadelphia. According to a recently unsealed indictment filed in the Western District of Pennsylvania, Soros has been charged with a number of serious crimes relating to the US election… The indictment lists only on the criminal activity Soros participated in prior to the November election, such as wire fraud, identity theft, aiding and abetting, and damage to computers… The FBI stated that the indictment will likely be updated to reflect election interference charges in relation to Dominion Voting, once the full scale of Soros’ operations has been exposed. Soros is currently being interrogated by the FBI.”

An Opening in the Clouds (20 min) – from Penny Kelly – A very interesting message for these times from Penny:

‘Freedom Pass, Please’: Boris to Introduce Covid Passports as More Lockdowns Loom – by Kurt Zindulka – https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/11/22/freedom-pass-please-uk-to-introduce-covid-immunity-passports-as-more-lockdowns-loom/ – “The new normal that the British government is set to outline will reportedly include “freedom passes” for those who have two negative coronavirus tests per week. The government is also working with passport manufacturers to create coronavirus certificates for those that can prove they are free of the virus, according to The Telegraph… The immunity certificate would be stored on people’s phones after they receive a letter, card, or document from the government on testing negative for the virus. It is thought that the pass will permit Britons to see members of their families, which is largely banned at the moment, as well as being able to travel without a mask… A source told the paper that the certificates would “allow someone to wander down the streets, and if someone else asks why they are not wearing a mask, they can show the card, letter or an App,” adding that it would permit a person to “to see their family, and normal social distancing rules will not apply”… It is not clear at the time of this reporting whether the government will be handing out the “freedom passes” to those who have been vaccinated.”

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The “Global Reset” Scam – by Alasdair Macleod – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/global-reset-scam – “Increasingly, people are beginning to realise that their world is undergoing a period of rapid change, with the future of fiat money now uncertain. For most, it is too difficult to even contemplate. But growing uncertainties are driving wild speculation about what those in authority now have in store for the human race in the form of a global reset. It is a time for conspiracy theorists, aided and abetted by our politicians and central bankers who are being increasingly evasive, because events are spiralling out of their control… Then there is America’s Deep State, or the British equivalent, the more recently christened Blob; an amorphous entity comprised of the permanent bureaucracy with its own agenda. These faceless planners have moved on from merely making ministers’ lives difficult if they deviate from the blob’s predetermined course… While the great and the not so good love the annual Davos party as a networking venue for the politics industry, when it comes to transferring real power to Schwab, it’s a no-no. The only time a politician transfers power is when he is deposed by his or her electorate, colleagues, or the military. And history is littered with utopians, like Schwab, grasping for power over their fellow men. In addition to Charles Fourier, we can include Georg Hegel (1770—1831) and Auguste Comte (1798—1857), as well, of course, as Karl Marx. As thinkers or philosophers, they were all influential in their day and some of their ideas persist in the naïve. So, while increasing numbers of well-informed people are beginning to sense the end of the current world order, to assume that this will hasten the WEF’s grab for world domination by influencing events is a mistake. All our deep states, blobs and their branches, particularly central banks, will want to hold onto and enhance their executive power with the political class increasingly cast as cover. The planners at national level are not going to submit to Mr Schwab’s plans for world domination.”

Georgia Attorney Lin Wood interviewed by John Fredericks (30 min) – Comment: Fantastic Interview, great information


Government Spies Are Tracking Brits Movements To Check If They’re Complying With Lockdown; Report – by Steve Watson – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/government-spies-are-tracking-brits-movements-check-if-theyre-complying-lockdown-report – “The London Telegraph (Paywall) reports that spies from Britain’s most secretive intelligence and security organisation, Government Communications Headquarters, have embedded a ‘cell’ within Number 10 Downing Street in order to provide Prime Minister Boris Johnson with real time information pertaining to the public’s movements… The Daily Mail also reports on the development, which notes that GCHQ, normally tasked with spying on terrorists and foreign powers, has been turned on the British public to gauge whether people are following the COVID ‘rules’ or not… The report notes that as well as tracking the movement of people, the spies are collecting information on “internet searches for holidays and jobs.”.. A source told The Telegraph that the spying is aiding ‘better policymaking,’ concerning the coronavirus pandemic, and will be used in order to make a decision on whether the lockdown will be extended beyond December 2, even though Johnson insisted that it definitely wouldn’t.The spy agency is also being employed to combat ‘anti-vaccination conspiracy theories’ being spread on social media, in relation to the pandemic… Speaking anonymously to the London Times earlier this month, a source noted that ‘GCHQ has been told to take out antivaxers online and on social media. There are ways they have used to monitor and disrupt terrorist propaganda.’.. The report noted that the spy agency was considering taking down websites and content that isn’t pro-vaccination, as well as ‘disrupting’ those creating the content by “using a toolkit developed to tackle disinformation and recruitment material peddled by Islamic State.’ ”

The One Chart That Predicts Our Future – by Charles Hugh Smith – https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/one-chart-predicts-our-future – “There’s one chart that predicts our future, and no, it’s not related to Covid–it’s related to capital, specifically the concentration of capital and power in the hands of the few at the expense of the many The chart is a map, courtesy of Brookings, showing the roughly 500 counties Biden won and the roughly 2,500 counties Trump won... This might seem like a chart of political polarization, and superficially that’s clear, but the real polarization is economic-financial: there are two economies in America, and there’s very little commonality in the two economies… As I explain in my book A Hacker’s Teleology: Sharing the Wealth of Our Shrinking Planet, people don’t want to just get by, they want an opportunity to acquire capital in all its forms, an opportunity to contribute to their communities, to make a difference, to earn respect and pride… That our “leadership” reckons bread and circuses is what the stripmined bottom 90% want is beyond pathetic. This map dictates our future, which is the pendulum of wealth and power being concentrated in the hands of the greediest, most rapacious few reaching an extreme and then reversing to the other extreme. How that plays out is anyone’s guess, but the pendulum swing to an extreme at the other end of the spectrum is already baked in: the way of the Tao is reversal.”

Law Enforcement Across the U.S. Overwhelmingly REFUSING to Enforce COVID Orders – Will the Public Follow? – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/law-enforcement-across-the-u-s-overwhelmingly-refusing-to-enforce-covid-orders-will-the-public-follow/ – “As literally millions of people take to the streets all across Europe to protest new COVID orders as many face a second “lockdown” this year in the name of COVID, there is growing evidence that as states in the U.S. try to order more people to obey their edicts as the U.S. also heads towards a second lockdown, that law enforcement simply is going to refuse to enforce these orders this time around… Why? Because they are too busy enforcing real laws and chasing down real criminals, than to worry about who is in your home for Thanksgiving, or if you are walking around outside without a face mask, etc… Just after Newsom ordered the curfew, Breitbart News reported that every single Sheriff in Southern California has publicly stated that they will NOT enforce Newsom’s curfew… Fox News interviewed Sacramento County’s (California State Capital) Sheriff Scott Jones who stated that he also was not going to enforce the Governor’s curfew order, nor any other COVID order… Jones explained that his department still has ‘the same types and amounts of calls for service as we always have’ to deal with and he doesn’t want his sheriffs ‘to be instruments of…oppression. I want folks to call us when they need help, knowing that we are going to show up and make their lives better and make the situation better, and this is the opposite of that.’ ”

Facebook Denies ‘Science’ – Blocks Danish Study Questioning Efficacy Of Masks – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/facebook-suppresses-danish-study-questioning-efficacy-masks – “On Wednesday, scientists in Demark published a “revolutionary” study that demonstrates mask-wearing does very little to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. By Friday, an Oxford University professor, citing the study in an article published on The Spectator, reported that he was flagged by Facebook for “false information” as he attempted to repost the article on the social media platform… Before we begin, we want to remind readers that hours after the study’s publication in Annals of Internal Medicine, titled “Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearer,” we asked a straightforward question of how social media companies would respond to these new developments.”

Bidens True Allegiance Is To Beijing (4 min)

Why Is Challenging Suspicious Election Results “A Threat To Our Democracy”? – by Jack Hellner – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/why-challenging-suspicious-election-results-threat-our-democracy – “Instead, they essentially black out the news and ask Trump to concede so they can crown their chosen king. And worst of all, they continue to falsely claim there is no evidence of fraud… The New York Times and others have written about the potential fraud on universal mail-in ballots in the past, as have other outlets, but now they call Trump a liar… The media outlets know rules were changed to make verification of mail-in ballots less verifiable, but they don’t care… They know that observation of the counting has been essentially blocked in some towns in violation of the law, and they don’t care… They know that election officials in some states are violating laws, but laws aren’t important as long as the media’s chosen one is ahead… Statistically, it is rare for the up-ballot candidate, the president, to significantly underperform the down-ballot candidates, but the media doesn’t care.” – Comment: Some good questions, though of course Radical Extremism…

DoubleSpeak Is Here – Delusional MSM Praises GOP Lawmaker “Defending” CA Gov Newsom’s “Idiotic Edicts” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/doublespeak-here-delusional-msm-praises-gop-lawmaker-defending-ca-gov-newsoms-idiotic – “In a Wednesday speech from the House floor, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) used what’s commonly known as sarcasm to mock California Governor Gavin Newsom’s hypocritical and “idiotic” COVID-19 restrictions, after he violated his own advice at an upscale dinner party over the weekend… Newsom issued a misleading apology for breaking his own mandates during a dinner party at the French Laundry restaurant in Yountville, CA for a high-level lobbyist. In attendance were members of the California Medical Association… ‘I rise this morning in defense of Gov. Gavin Newsom, who recently defied his own idiotic COVID edicts as he partied at one of the few restaurants that’s not yet been forced out of business,’ McClintock began, mockingly… ‘I defend him because he was doing what we once all did in a free society: make our own decisions over what risks we’re willing to run and what cautions we’re willing to take according to our own circumstances to protect our own health.’.. Now – here’s how journalists for mainstream outlets presented it using what’s commonly known as “journalistic malpractice” in a world reduced to headlines, where nearly 60% of all links shared on social media have never actually been clicked… (Perhaps the Sacramento Bee was making amends for allowing an Op-Ed contributor to excoriate Newsom over the dinner)… Using a headline framing McClintock’s speech as a genuine defense of Newsom – a decision which would have gone through editors – is either willful deceit or tone-deaf stupidity.”

Google Searches For ‘Reloading Ammo’ Explode Amid Nationwide Shortage – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/google-searches-reloading-ammo-explode-amid-nationwide-shortage – “Americans are panic searching again. This time it’s not where to buy toilet paper online, but instead learning more about reloading ammunition as the virus pandemic and social unrest has sparked shortages of ammo and guns… Ever since the first round of virus lockdowns that began in March, ammunition prices have surged because of unprecedented demand. Some of the hardest bullets to find this past summer, that is, if one wanted to purchase bulk, as we noted in April and August (see: here & here), was 9mm… And, of course, a shortage and skyrocketing costs for factory-loaded ammunition forced many Americans to investigate alternative options in panic hoarding bullets… As shown below, an eruption in US internet searches for “9mm Reloading” can be seen.”

John Kerry Says ‘Great Reset’ Is Needed To Stop Rise Of Populism – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/john-kerry-says-great-reset-needed-stop-rise-populism – “Kerry vowed that under a Biden administration, America would rejoin the job-killing Paris Climate Agreement but that this was “not enough.”..The notion of a reset is more important than ever before, Kerry said… ‘I personally believe… we’re at the dawn of an extremely exciting time.’.. The former Senator made it clear that this “reset,” which is merely a re-branding of the same new world order that has faced stiff resistance for the past two decades, is necessary to extinguish populism… ‘I think Europe has to look at that with Brexit and the rising national populism – nationalistic populism, said Kerry… ‘Which is really one of the priorities that we all have to address. You can’t dismiss it.’.. Speaking about how Trump increased his vote in 2020, Kerry noted, ‘What astounds me is that as many people still voted for the level of chaos and breach of law and order and breaking the standards and … I think that, the underlying reason for that is something that everybody has to examine.‘ ”

Don’t Blame COVID: The Economy Is Imploding From Over-Capacity And Corrupt Cartels – by Charles Hugh Smith – http://charleshughsmith.blogspot.com/2020/11/dont-blame-covid-economy-is-imploding.html“Here’s the fantasy: if we stop the shutdowns, the economy will naturally bounce back to its oh-so wunnerful perfection of Q3 2019. This is a double-dose of magical thinking and denial. The U.S. economy was unraveling in 2019 from 11 long years of Fed-induced over-capacity in almost everything (except integrity, competition, transparency and social cohesion) and the bone-crushing burden of corrupt, greedy cartels that have the nation by the throat… The reality nobody dares mention is that thanks to 20 years of the Federal Reserve’s easy money, there’s rampant over-capacity everywhere you look: there’s too many cafes, bistros, restaurants, fast-food outlets, hotels, resorts, AirBnBs, unprofitable Tech Unicorns, airline flights, Tech startups, office towers, retail space, malls, absurdly overpriced apartments for rent, storage facilities, delivery services, office sublets, colleges, attorneys, unemployed workers with multiple credentials–the list of too much, too many is endless… …Now that the bubble has burst, the hope is that removing the pin will magically restore the burst bubble. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. The bubble has already burst and cannot be magically made whole and re-inflated… It was never sustainable or healthy, and its collapse was inevitable. The way forward is obvious: stop the Fed from blowing ever-larger bubbles and eliminate cartels and monopolies. But that will require ending the absurd farce of pay-to-play “democracy” that enables the debt / asset bubbles and cartels / monopolies.”

UK MP Suggests People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Work Without COVID Vaccine – by Steve Watson – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/uk-mp-suggests-people-shouldnt-be-allowed-work-without-covid-vaccine – “A British MP faced backlash Monday after suggesting that employees in the UK should not be allowed to go to work unless they can prove that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19, when the shot becomes available… ‘If vaccination works and if we’re confident it’s safe, and all indications so far are good, then I can certainly see the day when businesses say: ‘Look, you’ve got to return to the office and if you’re not vaccinated you’re not coming in,’ said Tom Tugendhat… ‘And I can certainly see social venues asking for vaccination certificates,‘ Tugendhat added… Far from being some extreme leftist politician, Tugendhat is a Conservative MP, he chairs the foreign affairs committee under Prime Minster Boris Johnson’s government… Tugendhat also suggested that vaccine status could even be required to use public transport, saying ‘It would depend what the public services were, and who and when, so I wouldn’t want to start predicting.’.. But I do think that if things are shown to be safe then rejecting them when they have a wider effect on the whole of society is going to have consequences,‘ the MP added.”

Major developments in key states | Sidney Powell (10 min)

Barack & Michelle Allegedly Try To Interfere In Ongoing Election Crisis, They Get Torched – by Alex Stevens – https://newspushed.com/barack-michelle-allegedly-try-to-interfere-in-ongoing-election-crisis-they-get-torched/ – “Lee Smith, who is a veteran journalist for Real Clear Politics, is torching Barack Obama for dropping his long-awaited memoir in the middle of this national crisis. In my opinion, it was timed to perfection to interfere with this election… ‘The opinions expressed in ‘A Promised Land’—on America, race, Donald Trump, and so on—are more vivid than anything the Democratic candidate has said in his last year of campaigning,’ Smith adds. ‘In a sense, Obama never left. He was the first president in a century to stay in Washington after the end of his term.’.. Then, there’s Michelle Obama who took to Instagram to make her feelings about the ongoing crisis known… ‘Michelle Obama took to Instagram to slam President Donald Trump for not conceding to Joe Biden to bring about a peaceful transfer of power while saying that it was difficult to transfer power to Trump because ‘he spread racist lies’ about Barack Obama,” Breitbart reports.: ‘Donald Trump had spread racist lies about my husband that had put my family in danger,’ Obama wrote on the social media site. ‘That wasn’t something I was ready to forgive. But I knew that, for the sake of our country, I had to find the strength and maturity to put my anger aside.’.. Well, that’s a blatant lie. In fact, it was Joe Biden who is on the record making racist remarks about Barack… But what is really so obvious about this “accepting the outcome” narrative is that for four years Hillary Clinton ran around doing the exact opposite. So, did the entire mainstream media. They never accepted Trump as a “legitimate president.”.. Americans sounded off on the Obamas on social media… TMZ tweeted: ‘Michelle Obama Slams Trump for Not Helping Bidens Like They Helped Him.’.. ‘By ‘not helping’ does she mean spying on and colluding to sink his presidency before it began?’ tweeted Salvatore Hoo.”

Pfizer In Regular Contact With Biden Campaign, Expects To Seek Vaccine Emergency Approval Friday – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/final-results-show-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-95-effective – “After confirming yesterday that its Phase 3 vaccine trial had finally recorded its last confirmed COVID-19 infection needed before applying for an emergency use approval from the FDA, Pfizer Wednesday morning has just released a summary of its “final” data which – as luck would have it – showed the Pfizer vaccine is actually 95% effective, leaving it on par with Moderna’s vaccine… On the surface, this final number seems to be an improvement on the 90%+ effective preliminary finding released by Pfizer last week. What’s more, the new data answered a critical question posed by experts: how effective is the vaccine on older and more vulnerable patients? Pfizer and Biontech said Wednesday that the vaccine’s efficacy in people older than 65 was more than 94%… According to WSJ, now that the final data is in, Pfizer expects to apply for the EUA within days, the company said Wednesday.”

Georgia Recount Monitor Catches 9,626-Vote Error During Hand Recount – by Ivan Pentchoukov – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/georgia-recount-monitor-catches-9626-vote-error-during-hand-recount – “One of our monitors discovered a 9,626-vote error in the DeKalb County hand count. One batch was labeled 10,707 for Biden and 13 for Trump—an improbable margin even by DeKalb standards. The actual count for the batch was 1,081 for Biden and 13 for Trump,” David Shafer wrote on Twitter on Nov. 18… ‘Had this counting error not been discovered, Biden would have gained enough votes from this one batch alone to cancel out Trump’s gains from Fayette, Floyd, and Walton,’ Shafer added, referring to the three Peach State counties which discovered memory cards with uncounted votes on Monday and Tuesday… Shafer said that two official counters signed off on the miscounted batch. GOP attorneys turned over an affidavit (pdf) on the incident to the Georgia secretary of state and requested an investigation… ‘We were limited to one monitor for every 10 counting tables and we were kept some distance from the tables. There is no telling what we missed under these unreasonable restrictions,’ Shafer said… Fayette, Floyd, and Walton counties discovered uncounted votes on Monday and Tuesday with each batch favoring President Donald Trump. The discovered votes cut former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead in the state by more than 1,400 votes… Georgia’s deadline to complete the recount is at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday. The state is scheduled to vote on whether to certify the results of the 2020 election on Friday… The recount in progress was initiated by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger based on a new law that calls for an audit of one race after each election. The Trump campaign has challenged the recount process, asserting that it is meaningless unless it includes an audit of the voters’ signatures.” (underlined emphasis added)

Another Trump Attorney Harassed As Election Challenges Move Through Courts – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/another-trump-attorney-harassed-election-challenges-move-through-courts – “Days after a law firm representing the Trump campaign withdrew from the case following a pressure campaign from the anti-Trump Lincoln Project to ‘cancel’ them, another Trump attorney says she’s being harassed for her involvement in the case…Philadelphia attorney Linda Kerns said in a late Sunday court filing that an attorney with law firm Kirkland & Ellis in Washington left her a one-minute voice mail that “falls afoul of the standards of professional conduct.” Of note, Kirkland & Ellis represents PA Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, a defendant in the case… ‘Since this case was filed, undersigned counsel has been subjected to continuous harassment in the form of abuse e-mails, phone calls, physical and economic threats, and even accusations of treason – all for representing the President of the United States’ campaign…’ wrote Kerns in her filing… ‘On November 14, 2020 at 8:43 a.m., an attorney at Kirkland & Ellis left a one-minute voicemail for undersigned counsel. The voicemail … speaks for itself and by any measure falls afoul of standards of professional conduct.’.. What is most unsettling is that this effort is led or cheered on by lawyers. Take Washington Post columnist Randall Eliason, who gained notoriety supporting an array of theories on impeachment or criminal claims against Trump, including a bribery interpretation long rejected by the Supreme Court and not adopted even by the impeachment-eager House Judiciary Committee. Eliason wrote a column, “Yes, going after Trump’s law firms is fair game.” (Everything seems fair game if the ultimate target is Trump.)”

Goldman, Citi See Dollar Sliding In 2021, Plunging As Much As 20% – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/goldman-citi-see-dollar-sliding-2021-plunging-much-20 – “But if Goldman’s forecast for a 6% drop in 2021 is aggressive, then Citi’s prediction is outright bizarre: according to Citigroup FX strategist Calvin Tse, the dollar is likely to begin a drop of as much as 20% in 2021 should Covid-19 vaccines become widely distributed and help to revive global trade and economic growth… Quoted by Bloomberg, Tse said that “vaccine distribution we believe will check off all of our bear market signposts, allowing the dollar to follow a similar path to that it experienced from the early to mid-2000s” when the currency started a multi-year downturn. Echoing Goldman, Citi said that the election was not ultimately the catalyst for a significant plunge, but Citigroup says the broad macroeconomic backdrop will be a bigger driver of the dollar going forward.”

UK Health Study Found 26,000 “Extra” Non-COVID Deaths At Home Amid Lockdowns – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/new-uk-health-figures-find-26000-extra-non-covid-deaths-home-amid-lockdowns – “BBC recently reported some shocking statistics regarding UK health, but which will perhaps come as no surprise to those critics who warned that far-reaching national lockdowns would cause other unseen adverse effects: Compared with normal years, there have been more deaths at home from a number of major causes, including cancers and respiratory diseases, during the last six months… The latest analysis published by Britain’s Office for National Statistics found that more than 26,000 “extra” deaths occurred in private homes this year, while simultaneously hospital deaths have been lower than usual… ‘More men than normal are dying at home from heart disease in England and Wales, and more women are dying from dementia and Alzheimer’s, figures show,’ the report says.”

Computer Analyst: Trump Won MI & WI, Locates ‘Electronic Ballot Dump For Biden’ – by Alex Stevens – https://newspushed.com/computer-analyst-trump-won-mi-wi-locates-electronic-ballot-dump-for-biden/ – “In an article from American Thinker, computer analyst and author Dan Rabil, who lives in Switzerland, described how he personally saw the sudden switch from a Trump to Biden lead in Wisconsin…’“I live in Switzerland and was working at my computer the morning after the U.S. election when I was stunned to see the Fox election map suddenly do something completely unnatural: in a split second between 3 A.M. and 4 A.M. U.S. Central Time, the Wisconsin icon switched from light-red Trump to light-blue Biden,’ Rabil said. ‘In that same instant, the probability meter, which had been very accurate in 2016, likewise jerked from a 77% Trump likelihood to over 80% Biden.’..So Dan downloaded the data from the New York Times, searched for the exact moment of the switch, and found it…”

Return of the Propeller Heads – Column: Heavy-handed bureaucracy is set for a comeback under Biden – by Matthew Continetti – https://freebeacon.com/columns/return-of-the-propeller-heads/ – “The public wasn’t so enamored. The weaknesses of the propeller heads became evident over time. No doubt because of their glorious self-image, the propeller heads assumed that government could easily implement their ambitious theories and complicated schemes. They assumed that human beings could be “nudged” into desired behaviors. They placed one set of values—efficiency, equality, safety, carbon or gender neutrality—ahead of others, especially individual freedom and religious liberty. They neglected or waved away unanticipated consequences. They treated disagreement or disobedience as irrational or pathological—a manifestation of racism or sexism or greed. They often went ahead with their plans regardless of disapproval or rejection… And now they are set for a comeback. When you read the Biden-Sanders unity task force recommendations, go over Biden’s potential cabinet picks, or examine the membership of Biden’s COVID-19 advisory board, you see the outlines of an administration committed to the same technocratic principles and top-down, uniform, centralized style of governance as its Democratic precursor. In some cases—if Susan Rice becomes secretary of state, for example—the very same people will be in charge. In other cases, the personalities will be new, but the methods will be similar.”

“DNA-LEVEL” STATISTICAL PROOF: “Smartmatic” Vote-Counting System Was Manipulated in PA and GA to Overturn Trump’s Victoryhttp://directorblue.blogspot.com/2020/11/dna-level-statistical-proof-smartmatic.html – “The charts below are derived from The New York Times‘ real-time election feeds (e.g., here). They show “DNA-level” evidence of vote fraud that was systematically used to overcome massive Trump leads with “vote flips” to Biden… The twin charts below depict the shifts in votes starting on election day. The X-axis is the date/time and the Y-axis represents the change in votes (positive values denote shifts for Trump, negative values represent shifts for Biden, in hundreds)… Notice the similarities in PA and GA? How the right sides of the graph show virtually no movement for Trump; and very predictable vote movements to Biden. How predictable?.. Below are excerpts of spreadsheets that show what was happening on the right side of each chart. Vote flips in the same-sized bundles (6,000 in PA and 4,800 in GA) were injected into the system to overcome Trump’s lead in both states. You can click either image above to see all of the data… The highlighted cells show where the vote counts — stunningly obvious in retrospect — were manipulated to benefit Biden.”

Breaking: On Trump’s Declaration of a National Emergency. By Attorney Leigh Dundas. (11 min)


US Announces Partial Withdrawal Of Troops From Afghanistan And Iraq – https://southfront.org/us-announces-partial-withdrawal-of-troops-from-afghanistan-and-iraq/ – “On November 17, Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller announced that the US will withdraw 500 troops from Iraq and 2,000 from Afghanistan before January 15, 2021…’I celebrate this day as we continue the president’s consistent progress in completing the mission we began two decades ago,’ Miller said. According to him, the decision was a “collaborative” one between Trump and senior US military leaders… Meanwhile, the peace between the Taliban and the US-backed Kabul government has not been reached and the group has been developing advance on positions of government forces in several regions.”

Syria Exit In Progress? US Convoys Seen Withdrawing From Northeast Syria to Iraq – Via AlMasdarNews.com – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/syria-exit-progress-us-convoys-seen-withdrawing-northeast-syria-iraq – “The US Army withdrew a number of its vehicles and soldiers from eastern Syria towards the northern region of Iraq, while it imposed a security cordon around a town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor… According to a Sputnik Arabic correspondent in Al-Hasakah, the US Army transported a number of military vehicles with about 50 soldiers from its illegal base in Al-Malikiyah to the northern region of Iraq for the second time during the past two days… These developments coincide with media reports about the Trump administration’s intention to withdraw its soldiers from eastern Syria, especially after the changes made by the president, which included the firing of Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who was replaced by Christopher Miller… Earlier this week, it was revealed that the outgoing US envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, had kept the total number of troops inside the Syrian Arab Republic from Trump… Meanwhile Trump’s new Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller sent a late Friday memo to the entire Department of Defense workforce signaling a likely major US troop reduction during the administration’s last weeks, especially from the Middle East.”

“This Is How Fourth Turnings Roll” – by Jim Quinn – ” ‘Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.’ –H.L. Menckenhttps://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/jim-quinn-warns-how-fourth-turnings-roll – “It’s now almost two weeks since the most crooked, rigged, fraudulent election in U.S. history. The engineered elevation of a handsy, sniffy, senile, empty portal, trojan horse by billionaire oligarchs, their Silicon Valley techno-geek social media censorship police, and the corporate media propaganda mouthpieces looks like it might succeed… Make no mistake. There was a master plan implemented by dark forces to steal this election, overriding the will of the American people. The anger of 70 million Americans is perfectly captured in the above quote from Mencken. If Trump and his allies are unable to prove fraud and overturn this sham of an election, myself and millions more will treat the Kamala Harris administration as illegitimate and do everything in our power to resist and insure its failure… The level of fake news media propaganda about the “most secure fairest election in history”, and the vociferous blatant systematic censorship by Twitter, Facebook, and Google of anyone who dares to question the approved narrative of “a mostly fraud free election” on their social media platforms is all the proof a critical thinking person needs to realize this election was stolen by left wing oligarchs… Despite the rigged polls purporting to show a Biden landslide and a blue wave, utilized to depress the Trump vote, and the hundreds of millions spent by the billionaire elitists, it was clear Trump was going to win on election night at 2:00 am. Dorsey and Zuckerberg had been working like madmen during the last week before the election suppressing and censoring the truth about Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family adventures around the globe. But it looked like all that money and effort was going to fail… Then another non-coincidence occurred in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin, as they all simultaneously stopped counting votes for a few hours, when Trump had commanding leads in all four states. Mysteriously, as soon as counting resumed, an avalanche of Biden votes began pouring in.”

Patrick Byrne, PhD, founder of Tech Firm Overstock.com, explains Dominion Election Hack (7 min) – Interviewed by Emma Rechenberg on Newsmax National Report

The Suppressed Danish Mask Studyhttps://www.transcend.org/tms/2020/10/the-suppressed-danish-mask-study/comment-page-1/ – “Already in April and May, a renowned Danish research group ran a randomized controlled trial with 6000 participants to determine the efficacy of facemasks against coronavirus infection. Three top medical journals have since denied the publication of this important study…Apparently, the rejection of the Danish study was due to political reasons: comments by several study authors indicate that the trial likely found no protective effect of masks (or even a negative effect). “To date, no journal was brave enough to publish it”, one author explained… The study’s spokesman and lead author is Professor of Cardiology and Chief Physician at Rigshospitalet [i.e. the Copenhagen University Hospital], Henning Bundgaard. He strongly stresses that he wants to be in charge of research ‘of high quality’… But the professor cannot enter into a discussion about what the study might show or relate to the information Berlingske has received from other study authors… However, he explains that he is ‘sorry’ that the study has not yet been published in a peer review journal. That is, in a journal where research results are assessed by independent peers in the field… ‘This is the world’s largest study of its kind and it is expected to be an important factor in the basis of regulatory decisions regarding mask use – not only in Denmark – but everywhere. That’s why the publication is urgent – and we’re doing what we can on our part,’ he says.”y

Sidney Powell on Election Fraud – Sunday Morning Futures – Fox News – November 15, 2020 (11 min)


“Next Crisis Bigger than COVID” – Power Grid/Finance Down – WEF’s Cyber Polygon – by Ice Age Farmer – http://www.iceagefarmer.com/2020/11/15/next-crisis-bigger-than-covid-power-gridfinance-down-wefs-cyber-polygon/ – “The World Economic Forum warns of a new crisis of “even more significant economic and social implications than COVID19.” What threat could possibly be more impactful? Christian breaks down the WEF’s “Cyber Polygon” tabletop exercise, its participants, and predictive programming around a looming large scale cyberattack on critical infrastructure that would unleash a Dark Winter and help to usher in the Great Reset.”

For the Week of 11/9/20:

When Democrats Tell You They’re Going to Establish Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, Believe Them – by Robert Spencer – https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2020/11/12/when-democrats-tell-you-theyre-going-to-establish-truth-and-reconciliation-commissions-believe-them-n1140798 – “Leftists are saying they want you brainwashed or destroyed, and you should pay attention. They are impossibly mired in lies and hatred, but they have at times been oddly forthright about their plans, such as when Nancy Pelosi declared that Trump would lead at the end of election night but would not win, and when the New York Times claimed that the media would declare the winner of the presidential election, just as it is doing now. So when so many prominent Leftists are calling for the reeducation of Trump supporters or else their total ostracism from society, no one would be wise to dismiss these calls as empty threats… PJ Media noted on October 21, Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary Robert B. “Third” Reich got the ball rolling when he tweeted: ‘When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.’..It quickly became clear that this wasn’t just Reich’s individual lust for Maoism, as numerous others quickly echoed him.”

Mississippi Gov Vows to ‘Certainly Fight’ Any Biden Lockdowns – Tate Reeves responds to Democrat nominee’s health chief calling for 6 weeks lockdown – by Jay Greenberg – https://neonnettle.com/news/13235-mississippi-gov-vows-to-certainly-fight-any-biden-lockdowns – ” ‘This notion that one of his advisers has said that all we really need is about a six-week national lockdown and we can slow down the spread of this virus is totally and completely beyond reasonableness,’ the governor continued… ‘The people of Mississippi can’t just go home, shut down their small businesses, shut down their restaurants, shut down their gyms, shut down other small businesses for six weeks and just think that you can come back six weeks from now, flip a switch, and everything’s gonna be fine.’.. ‘That’s not the way the economy works,’ Reeves said.”

Democracy In Action: Ukraine Adopts Law To Send Russians To Internment Camps In Case Of “Aggression”https://southfront.org/democracy-in-action-ukraine-adopts-law-to-send-russians-to-internment-camps-in-case-of-aggression/ – “The Russians in Ukraine are subject to detention and internment when the SBU switches to a special regime of service… According to the bill, during a special period, the SBU is obliged to ‘take measures to identify citizens of a country that threatens to attack or carries out aggression against Ukraine, citizens who pose a threat to national security in connection with this aggression.’.. After receiving notifications from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) about the Russians, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decides the issue of their internment in Ukraine “taking into account the real and potential threats to the national security of Ukraine.’.. ‘Internees mean citizens of a state subject to detention and forced placement, which threatens Ukraine with an attack or carries out aggression against Ukraine. The decision to cancel internment is made immediately after the end of hostilities and the decree of the President of Ukraine on the abolition of martial law, or in the absence of real grounds for internment.’.. The delivery of internees and prisoners of war to places of their forced placement is carried out by the executive authorities responsible for transport and mail… The delivery of Russians to internment camps and prisoners of war should be carried out without the involvement of road transport, the bill says. In other words, by rail or on foot, under a strict armed escort… The dehumanization of ethnic Russians and Russian citizens in Ukraine on the legal level goes together with the full-scale propaganda campaign aimed against all people and organizations that use Russian language or associate themselves with the Russian culture or the Russian-speaking world.”

Catherine Engelbrecht: Many States Have Their Votes Counted in Spain – by Robert Kraychik – https://www.breitbart.com/radio/2020/11/11/catherine-engelbrecht-many-states-have-their-votes-counted-in-spain/ – “Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, noted that many states commissioned a foreign company based in Spain to provide various election services — including online voting — in the 2020 presidential election… Scytel, a Spanish company headquartered in Barcelona offering a suite of election services, has been used by various states and cities in several ways since 2008… Engelbrecht said, “There’s a tabulation company called Scytel that does have (cloud)-based servers in Barcelona, and yes, it’s true that the tabulation [of votes] occurs in that way in many states that use that system.”(Frank Gaffney, executive chairman and founder of the Center for Security Policy) stated, “I am personally convinced that the amount of fraud is vastly greater than anything we’ve seen so far, because … we’ve seen signs of it in at least one county in Michigan, and that is the fact that we have 28 states — including 10 of the swing states — that have had their vote counts tabulated in Barcelona, Spain, on servers and computer systems.”

Is Price Inflation Guaranteed Now? These Two Charts Say Yes – by Jeff Clark – https://goldsilver.com/blog/is-price-inflation-guaranteed-now-these-two-charts-say-yes/ – “When specifically studying US history, (Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff) observed this: ‘When US debt levels met or exceeded 90% of GDP, inflation rose to around 6%—roughly triple current levels—vs. the 0.5% to 2.5% range when the ratio was below 90%.’.. So are we near that 90% level?.. At the end of Q2 (the most recent data available), the federal debt registered 135.6% of our GDP. It has never been this high in modern history… US debt as a percent of GDP far exceeds the 90% threshold that research shows ultimately leads to inflation… With regard to timing, Reinhart and Rogoff state there is “no apparent pattern of simultaneous rising inflation and debt.” In other words, inflation is a clear and definite result of high debt levels, but it’s not a daily link. This probably contributes to the current lag between high debt and a low CPI reading… Peter Bernholz is widely considered the leading expert on the link between deficit spending and hyperinflation. In his book Monetary Regimes and Inflation, he conclusively states that: Hyperinflation is caused by government budget deficits… So, what does the US budget deficit look like now?..The US Federal deficit has never been this high in recorded history. It’s more than twice the level of the Great Recession… This data suggests that the hyperinflation Bernholz warns about has just become a possibility… These studies present clear and direct evidence that spending more than a country has, and continually adding to the national credit card, leads to higher inflation. Sooner or later, this level of monetary abuse catches up to an economy… Based on history, these two factors should lead to higher price inflation. It may not be imminent, but the point is that we have met both criteria for a substantial rise in consumer prices.”

Anna von Reitz articles on the ongoing Election controversies: http://www.paulstramer.net/2020/11/scorecard-and-end-of-nancy-pelosi-and.html, http://www.paulstramer.net/2020/11/election-systems-in-michigan-county.html

Computer Geeks Claim To Locate ‘Code’ That Allegedly Switched Trump Votes In Key States – by Alex Stevens – https://newspushed.com/computer-geeks-claim-to-locate-code-that-allegedly-switched-trump-votes-in-key-states/ – “Internet sleuths and computer geeks allegedly got together to investigate the issues surrounding the so-called computer glitches reported in the 2020 election. For days, they have been busy scouring the election data for statistical anomalies, and they claim that they struck gold. Don’t miss this… That’s what made one internet sleuth, who’s also a professional computer programmer and code writer, begin to delve into these anomalies. He downloaded the Edison data for Pennsylvania from the New York Times at this address and analyzed it to locate all similar vote switches, as well as for votes that allegedly just went missing. In the Javascript code, he located a specific code that he claims changed the voting percentages for Trump and Biden… These internet sleuths and computer geeks also broke down the data, saying: ‘We made a script to run through the data and gather all instances where votes switched from Trump to Biden. ‘Lost Votes’ means that the total amount of votes counted decreased by that amount throughout the counting.’ ” – Comment: The lost votes these tech sleuths found from running just one data set came to over 1 million votes over 7 states.

Biden ‘Science’ Advisor Calls For 4-6 Week Nationwide Lockdown To Avoid “COVID Hell”https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/biden-science-advisor-calls-4-6-week-lockdown-avoid-covid-hellby Tyler Durden – “A nationwide lockdown would drive the number of new cases and hospitalizations down to manageable levels while the world awaits a vaccine, Osterholm told Yahoo Finance on Wednesday…’We could pay for a package right now to cover all of the wages, lost wages for individual workers for losses to small companies to medium-sized companies or city, state, county governments. We could do all of that,’ he said. ‘If we did that, then we could lockdown for four-to-six weeks.’.. So a massive bailout for state and local governments… oh and “we, the people” while we all suffer locked-down like a dementia-ridden presidential candidate in our basements through Thanksgiving and Christmas… with depression and suicide rates soaring ever higher?.. And just in case you shrug off JPMorgan’s ‘scientific’ findings, a recent study in The Lancet (yes, that scientific journal) found no correlation whatsoever between severity of lockdown and number of covid deaths. And they didn’t find any correlation between border closures and covid deaths either. And there was no correlation between mass testing and covid deaths either, for that matter. Basically, nothing that various world governments have done to combat covid seems to have had any effect whatsoever on the number of deaths… As Raul Ilargi Meijer noted, lockdowns are based on pretending we can make time stand still.”

US Starts Off Fiscal 2021 With Largest October Budget Deficit On Record – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/us-starts-fiscal-2021-largest-october-budget-deficit-record – “One month after the Treasury announced that the US ended fiscal 2020 with a staggering, record $3.1 trillion budget deficit, more than triple the prior year’s $954 billion, as a result outlays of $6.552 trillion, almost double the receipts of $3.420 trillion, moments ago we learned that the US started off fiscal 2021 in style, and in the month of October the budget deficit was a whopping $284 billion, $10 billion more than the expected $274.5 billion, and more than double last year’s October deficit of $134.5 billion. This was also the biggest October deficit in history.

Maricopa County AZ GOP Chair Resigns After Failing To Certify Dominion Voting Machines – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/maricopa-county-az-gop-chair-resigns-after-failing-certify-dominion-voting-machines – “Maricopa County, Arizona GOP Chair Rae Chorenky has been forced to resign after failing to sign the Certificate of Accuracy for voting machines made by Dominion – which have come under recent scrutiny for security vulnerabilities, as well as flipped votes in Antrim County, Michigan (which was later blamed on “human error“)… The three largest voting manufacturing companies — Election Systems &Software, Dominion Voting Systems and Hart InterCivic — have acknowledged they all put modems in some of their tabulators and scanners. The reason? So that unofficial election results can more quickly be relayed to the public. Those modems connect to cell phone networks, which, in turn, are connected to the internet… Adding to suspicions over Dominion machines is a September 30 report in the Philadelphia Inquirer that “a laptop and several memory sticks” used to program voting machines in Philadelphia had mysteriously vanished… Now, as National File reports, AZ State Rep. (and now Senator-elect) Kelly Townsend called on Chorenky to resign over her failure to sign off on the machines in October… Chorenky responded with a flippant tweet – claiming ‘I’ll resign when you sprout even an ounce of integrity and obtain the intelligence to check your facts before spreading filth about a person whom you don’t know on a topic about which you have not the slightest clue.’ ”

COVID Plans Include Family Separation and Involuntary Quarantine in “Camps” – by Vera Sharav – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/covid-plans-include-family-separation-and-involuntary-quarantine-in-camps/ – “The plan subjects U.S. Citizens and residents who are deemed “high risk” for Covid-19 to be forcibly removed from their families and homes, and be involuntarily isolated in guarded camps. The public first got wind of this impending nightmare on May 4, 2020, when Governor Gavin Newson of California announced that the “army” – his word – will start with a deployment of 3,000 and grow to the 20,000 mark to chase down who, what, where, and with whom COVID positive people have had connections: ‘the tracing component requires workforce and to identify individuals who tested positive… While the mainstream media was silent, in August, Ohio governor Mike DeWine ordered the creation of FEMA isolation camps to quarantine: ? people who test positive for COVID-19 who do not require hospitalization but need isolation (including those discharged from hospitals), ? people who have been exposed to COVID-19 who do not require hospitalization, and ? Asymptomatic high-risk individuals needing social distancing as a precautionary measure. ? Elderly people and people with chronic medical conditions are considered “high risk”.”to ID their contacts (with privacy) and maybe quarantine individuals to stop the spread of the disease.’.. The US Government CDC plan, issued on July 26, 2020, calls for “Isolation Camps” – The CDC issued Guidance Documents is titled: Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings.”

De Blasio’s Daughter In Verbal Slip Up, Claims Biden “Was Able To Steal” Election – by Paul Joseph Watson https://www.zerohedge.com/political/de-blasios-daughter-verbal-slip-claims-biden-was-able-steal-election – “There were in fact two major gaffes, with Chiara de Blasio initially telling the interviewer how happy she was that “now we have the first black Asian female president in office elected,” referring to Kamala Harris… De Blasio followed up by saying that Biden stole the election, before correcting herself… “Joe Biden was able to steal…steal no, was able to win,” she said before apologizing… Given what happened, maybe de Blasio was right the first time.”

The Deep State vs the Deep Country – by The Saker – https://www.unz.com/tsaker/the-deep-state-vs-the-deep-country/ – “Still, as the proverb says, we need to hope for the best but prepare for the worst… That is, obviously, a Harris Administration in control of the Executive… So what can we expect from these folks?.. First and foremost, a sustained campaign to completely negate the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution. Considering how truly sacred these two cornerstones of the US Constitution are for millions of US Americans, we can expect a lot of resistance from the “deplorables”, both legal and violent… Second, the control of both the Executive and all the major IT giants will mean that free speech will be driven even further underground. This new reality will require a lot of thinking in the development of a strategy to protect the voices which the regime in DC will now openly try to silence… Conclusion: not the RNC vs the DNC but the Deep State vs the Deep Country… A quick look at a map tells the story: this struggle is most one of the deep state vs the deep (real) country. Yeah, I know, Trump is hardly a miner from West Virginia or a farmer in Alabama. But that doesn’t matter one bit. What does matter is that the deplorables from the “overfly country” felt that Trump speaks for them and that he is all that stands between them and the (pseudo-) Liberals of CNN, the Antifa/BLM thugs and the destruction of the United States as we all knew them. And yes, this is a simplistic view, but it is fundamentally correct one nonetheless.”

Criminal Pfizer Inc. Wins COVID Vaccine Race? Hundreds of Millions of Doses Expected to be Ready Within Weeks – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/criminal-pfizer-inc-wins-covid-vaccine-race-hundreds-of-millions-of-doses-expected-to-be-ready-within-weeks/ – “Apparently beating out several competitors that earlier in the year were considered favorites to get the first COVID vaccine to market for distribution in the United States, dark horse favorite Pfizer Inc. seems to be the clear winner, announcing this week that their COVID vaccine is “90% effective,” and that hundreds of millions of doses would be distributed before the end of 2020, pending an FDA emergency use authorization (EUA)… Of course for those of us who do not follow the propaganda media, and understand that there is not even an accurate test for COVID currently in the market, the question that begs to be answered is: Effective for what?… It was announced back in June that Pfizer was one of the finalists in President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program, along with AstraZeneca, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna. See:Pfizer, Merck, AZ, J&J and Moderna selected as ‘Warp Speed’ finalists for COVID Vaccine… Should we trust Pfizer’s claims?.. Do you trust criminal organizations? Because that’s what Pfizer is. In fact, they may very well be the largest criminal organization in world.”

How COVID-19 Vaccine Can Destroy Your Immune System – by Dr. Joseph Mercola – https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/11/11/coronavirus-antibody-dependent-enhancement.aspx? “According to a study that examined how informed consent is given to COVID-19 vaccine trial participants, disclosure forms fail to inform volunteers that the vaccine might make them susceptible to more severe disease if they’re exposed to the virus… Previous coronavirus vaccine efforts — including those for SARS, MERS and RSV — have revealed a serious concern: The vaccines have a tendency to trigger antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)… ADE means that rather than enhance your immunity against the infection, the vaccine actually enhances the virus’ ability to enter and infect your cells, resulting in more severe disease than had you not been vaccinated... Lethal Th2 immunopathology is another potential risk. A faulty T cell response can trigger allergic inflammation, and poorly functional antibodies that form immune complexes can activate the complement system, resulting in airway damage… There’s evidence showing the elderly — who are most vulnerable to severe COVID-19 and would need the vaccine the most — are also the most vulnerable to ADE and Th2 immunopathology.”

From the Shape-of-Things Desk: Cognizant (Corp)- Lower the Blast Shields as James takes us on a tour of a faux-retrospective of the next 5 years through the eyes of insider Technocrats: https://www.corbettreport.com/after-the-virus-the-world-of-2025-propagandawatch/Comment: Beyond creepy…

This Election Is Not Over… And The Media Knows It – by Jay Valentine – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/election-not-over-and-media-knows-it – “Like many, I spent the last few nights waking up at 2:03 A.M., no reason, then looking at my phone for news, any news, that might be positive for President Trump. I survived on Rush, Bongino, Mark Levin. When the news continued to be ugly, I even checked in on ridiculous bloggers promising that ballots were watermarked and D.J. (our household name for a president we love) was actually launching a sting on the Deep State…Enough already. Stop the madness…We have bloggers with lots of time on their hands going through voter rolls and showing that person after person who voted in a swing state also fought in the Civil War or maybe the War of 1812. It was funny at first, but the overwhelming number now goes beyond humor and rubs our faces in it… I think D.J. has to swing one state. Actually, one electoral vote. Not only is this thing not over, but the Biden team must be sweating bullets… Voter fraud at scale seemed like a really cool idea until D.J. went to the mattresses. Now that he is fighting it out one voter at a time, with the Supreme Court likely to create the starting point at Biden 270, Biden has everything to lose… Perk up!”

GSA Tells Biden Campaign: No Transfer Of Power Until A ‘Clear, Constitutional Winner’ Is Decided – by Jack Phillips – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/gsa-tells-biden-campaign-no-transfer-power-until-clear-constitutional-winner-decided – “An ascertainment has not yet been made. GSA and its Administrator will continue to abide by, and fulfill, all requirements under the law,” a spokesperson with the GSA told Epoch Times on Monday morning… The agency said that the GSA administrator, Emily Murphy, will only initiate the transition when a ‘clear winner is clear based on the process laid out in the Constitution.’

Trump Campaign Files First Election Fraud Lawsuit; Ohio AG Asks Supreme Court To Overturn PA Ballot Ruling – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/giuliani-says-over-50-witnesses-600k-unlawful-ballots-pa-nevada-poll-worker-attests – “? Trump campaign files lawsuit in Pennsylvania, ? Ohio Attorney General has joined a bid to ask the US Supreme Court to toss the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s late-October ruling allowing late ballots to be counted, ? Two Georgia GOP Senators call on Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger to resign over failure ‘to deliver honest and transparent elections.’ ? Pennsylvania Supreme Court agrees to hear GOP challenge over dozens observers who claim they were ‘corralled’ and unable to view count, which may invalidate up to 800,000 ballots, ? Nevada poll worker attests to outright fraud.”

“It Defies Logic”: Scientist Finds Telltale Signs Of Election Fraud After Analyzing Mail-In Ballot Data – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/it-defies-logic-scientist-finds-telltale-signs-election-fraud-after-analyzing-mail-ballot – “A most interesting thread popped up on Twitter Sunday from a data scientist who wishes to remain anonymous, regarding mail-in ballot data which strongly suggests fraud occurred in the wee hours of election night, when several swing states inexplicably stopped reporting vote counts while President Trump maintained a healthy lead over Joe Biden… Using time series data ‘scraped’ from the New York Times website, the data – comparing several states (swing and non-swing) – clearly illustrates what fraud does and does not look like, and how several anomalies in swing states left ‘fingerprints of fraud’ as Biden pulled ahead of President Trump… What we are looking at will be time series analysis and you will see that it is extremely difficult to create convincing synthetic times series data. By looking at the times series logs of the ballot counting process for the entire country, we can very easily spot fraud.”

Election Night Coup D’état Plot Exposed! (35 min) – by Millie Weaver – Whistle-Blower Zoom video of left insurgents planning disruption and violence to “combat a Republican Coup” against a Joe Biden presidential win.

Democrats: ‘We Have a List, and You Will NEVER Work Again if You Helped Trump’ – by Laura Steinberg – https://newspushed.com/democrats-we-have-a-list-and-you-will-never-work-again-if-you-helped-trump/ – “Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post columnist: ‘Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into “polite” society. We have a list.’.. Evan McMullin is a former CIA officer who ran for president as an Independent in 2016. According to his Twitter page, he thinks ‘We should keep and publish a list of everyone who assists Trump’s frivolous and dangerous attacks on the election.’.. (Keith) OLBERMANN (on Twitter): ‘Terrorist Trump must be defeated…. and his enablers, and his supporters… and the Mike Lees, and the William Barrs… and the Kyle Rittenhouses and the Amy Coney Barrett’s must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society’ “

FRAUD: “Infected” Mink Strewn in Streets as Denmark Plans to Kill Pets (8 min) – from Ice Age Farmer

For the Week of 11/2/20:

The Kafka Election: Finding A Way Out Of The Maze – by Frank Miele – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/kafka-election-finding-way-out-maze – “Like many dark dreams, it is uncertain exactly what is happening. Phantasmic ballots come and go. Seemingly insurmountable Republican victories disappear into the mouth of a vote-munching machine and come out the other side as excremental — oops, I mean incremental — Democratic leads just beyond the reach of a recount. And as in any nightmare worth its salt, just when you think it’s about to end, a new trap door opens and you fall into yet one more level of confusion and chaos in a maze with no exit in sight… But this is America. It’s not supposed to be a Kafka novel… In fact, there really is only one certain judicial remedy, and it is so extreme that almost no one would envision it being used — namely, throwing out the results of the election and mandating a new election to be held in a particular state, be that Pennsylvania or elsewhere. This would obviously have to be done on an expedited basis since the Electoral College vote is scheduled on Dec. 14, but there is no reason why an election could not be held in a timely manner on a date determined by the court and administered by representatives of the court… So that brings us to the constitutional solution. This one is more elegant, but it still requires a heady dose of chutzpah. As noted, under Article II of the U.S. Constitution, the state legislatures are solely responsible for determining how each state’s electors are appointed. If a legislature were convinced that the presidential election in that state was tainted, it could convene and pass an emergency resolution declaring the election null and void and then choose to appoint a slate of electors by fiat… This is a heavy lift also, but if states intend to ever exercise their authority under our federal system of government, there would be no more appropriate time to do so than when one party seeks to arrogate unto itself power that it has not earned through a free and fair election… The republic is at stake, and that’s not just a nightmare. It’s reality.

In 30 States, A Computer System Known To Be Defective Is Tallying Votes – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/30-states-computer-system-known-be-defective-tallying-votes – “Further down the ‘Domminion Voting System’ rabbit-hole, Politico reports that a technology glitch that halted voting in two Georgia counties on Tuesday morning was caused by a vendor uploading an update to their election machines the night before, a county election supervisor said…Voters were unable to cast machine ballots for a couple of hours in Morgan and Spalding counties after the electronic devices crashed, state officials said. In response to the delays, Superior Court Judge W. Fletcher Sams extended voting until 11 p.m….The counties use voting machines made by Dominion Voting Systems and electronic poll books — used to sign in voters — made by KnowInk… Neither Dominion nor KnowInk responded to a request to comment. A spokesperson for the secretary of state’s office also did not respond to follow-up questions about who uploaded the dataset and whether it had been reviewed and tested by anyone beforehand… How much money did Dominion Voting Systems donate to the Clinton Foundation? (Because they did)… 2014 $2.25M joint project with the Clinton Foundation (!)… As American Thinker’s Andrea Widburg detailed earlier, when Kyle Becker heard about the “glitchy” computer program in Antrim County, Michigan, the one that tried to give 6,000 Trump votes to Biden, he starting doing research into the system. He ended up finding an amazing amount of highly disturbing information. The Dominion system has been known for some time to be defective, yet 28 states use it. This post is a compilation of Becker’s information, both in his own tweets and in one other person’s tweet, about what’s going on with that system…”

Why Is It Right To Question The Orthodox COVID-19 Narrative? – by Matthew Ratcliffe and Ian James Kidd – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/why-it-right-question-orthodox-covid-19-narrative – “In a reply to our piece “Welcome to Covidworld”, Ben Bramble engages in precisely the sort of thinking that we raised concerns about. He suggests that we are mistaken in comparing harms done by lockdowns and other measures to harms caused by the virus. Instead, we ought to have weighed up the costs of lockdowns against what would have happened without them… Bramble’s case hinges on a counterfactual claim: in the absence of lockdowns, the virus would have inflicted much more harm than it has done. The cost of not locking down would, he says, have been “mind-bogglingly great”… Setting aside the issue of whether or not the actions taken by these countries are morally justifiable, it remains to be seen whether or not this is a success story. If a highly effective vaccine is not forthcoming, both countries will face the painful options of cutting themselves off from the rest of the world indefinitely, having strict lockdowns whenever the virus reappears, or eventually succumbing to the virus, none of which amount to success.”

William Binney: Voting software debacle was not a “glitch” (w/video 35 sec)- https://robinwestenra.blogspot.com/2020/11/william-binney-voting-software-debacle.htmlComment: Binney states that the widely used software from Dominion Voting Systems switching of thousands of votes from Trump to Biden was a “feature” of the application, not a “bug.”

Pelosi Has Suspicious Ties With Election Software ‘Glitch’ Company in Favor of Biden Ballotshttps://cleverjourneys.com/2020/11/06/pelosi-has-suspicious-ties-with-election-software-glitch-company-in-favor-of-biden-ballots/ – “Pelosi Has Suspicious Ties With Election Software ‘Glitch’ Company in Favor of Biden Ballots… The company with all the voting machines that “glitch” to create more votes for Biden is “Dominion Voting Systems.”.. Their DC lobbyist is Nancy Pelosi’s longtime aide. The company hired Brownstein Farber Hyatt & Schreck earlier this year. Nadeam Elshami, Pelosi’s former chief of staff, is one of the lobbyists on the account.”

As Biden Pledges ‘Unity’, Michelle Obama Reminds Dems Millions Voted For “Lies, Hate, Chaos” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/biden-pledges-unity-michelle-obama-reminds-dems-millions-voted-lies-hate-chaos – “The overarching theme, as expressed by Biden and Harris to their supporters, was simple: Americans had chosen “empathy” over “divisiveness”. And after narrowly squeaking out a victory despite leaving the Senate in GOP hands, while losing a surprising number of lawmakers down-ballot, Harris and Biden proclaimed that it was “time to heal”…Obama ripped President Donald Trump by claiming Barack and Michelle Obama each issued lengthy statements of congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for their “historic and decisive” election win amid “hate, chaos and division.” But while ‘bipartisanship’, ‘cooperation’ and ‘healing’ are the new political bywords of the day, the former First Lady must have apparently missed the memo…In her statement, she specifically called on all those who did play a role in Biden’s victory to keep in mind that 70 million of their countrymen instead voted for ‘supporting lies, hate, chaos and division’… However, for any Republicans thinking to themselves right now that the Dems are talking a pretty good game – don’t forget that AOC is already making a list of Trump ‘collaborators’ who will – presumably – never work in Washington again, so long as “the Squad” has their druthers.

Remember What They Did – The Trump Accountability Project – https://web.archive.org/web/20201106215057/https://www.thetrumpregistry.com/home – “But the world should never forget those who, when faced with a decision, chose to put their money, their time, and their reputations behind separating children from their families, encouraging racism and anti-Semitism, and negligently causing the unnecessary loss of life and economic devastation from our country’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic.This site will be a permanent record of…”

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney exposes ‘Scorecard,’ the Democrats’ voter fraud superweapon (podcast 22min) – On the latest episode of Two Mikes, Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney issues a dire warning to the Trump administration to investigate and shut down “Scorecard” and “Hammer” immediately – https://noqreport.com/2020/11/02/lt-gen-tom-mcinerney-exposes-scorecard-the-democrats-voter-fraud-superweapon/ – “A CIA program known as “Scorecard” allows its users to change voting outcomes by hacking into the transfer between local reporting stations and state or national data centers. According to McInerney, it’s a small amount, under 3%, to keep it from triggering any alarms. He would know. He served in top military positions under the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President of the United States. His insights into the matter are coming at just the right time with election day tomorrow. Hopefully, it’s not too late.”

Leftists, Never Trumpers Begin Compiling Lists of Trump Supporters – by Joel B. Pollak – https://www.breitbart.com/2020-election/2020/11/06/leftists-never-trumpers-begin-compiling-lists-of-trump-supporters/ – “Left-wing Democrats and Never Trump Republicans appealed Friday for assistance in compiling lists of Trump supporters to they could be held “accountable” for supporting President Donald Trump after the election… “Democratic socialist” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tweeted: ‘Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.’.. Michael Simon, who describes himself as a former staff member in Barack Obama’s administration, replied in the affirmative, linking to what he called the “Trump Accountability Project”: ‘Yes, we are… The Trump Accountability Project (@trumpaccproject)… Every Administration staffer, campaign staffer, bundler, lawyer who represented them — everyone. https://t.co/PHx8v8GxOp… — Michael Simon (@mbsimon) November 6, 2020… The database at the site includes a list of federal judges appointed by the president.

Evidence Mounts of a Stolen Election – by Paul Craig Roberts – https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/11/05/evidence-mounts-of-a-stolen-election/ – “United States Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney explains a special software developed by the National Security Agency that can be used to alter vote counts in elections. He explains the software and its use in this 7 minute video: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/politics/the-cia-ability-to-hack-the-vote/… In this article, the Off-Guardian explains the use of the software to alter the outcome of the vote in Wisconsin and Michigan: https://off-guardian.org/2020/11/03/discuss-election-day/… In this article the Fake News Site, CNN, attempts to explain away the obviously altered vote: https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/04/politics/why-mail-in-ballots-were-counted-late-in-states-like-pennsylvania-and-michigan/index.html… Voting by mail greatly facilitates the use of the vote-altering software and the use of ballot dumps. One reason for the mask mandate and Covid fear was to justify mass voting by mail.”

America or “Banana Republic”? Voter Fraud ALERT! The USA is under attack! – by Ty & Charlene Bollinger – https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/america-banana-republic-voter-fraud-alert/More than a dozen examples of voter fraud caught on camera.

‘216TH WEEK OF LOCKDOWN’ – New COVID Film SONGBIRD Scares the Hell out of People Because It May Not Be Entirely Fictionhttps://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/216th-week-lockdown-new-covid-film-songbird-scares-hell-out-people-because-it-may4 – “Indeed, Songbird is not deeply disturbing because it stretches the imagination into shockingly novel and unthinkable territory, as is to be expected from fiction, but rather, it sends chills up the spine because it speaks to what many of us are already horrified to have seen and believe will likely continue to see happening around us, in the name of “protecting the public against deadly viruses.”.. In fact, many of the terrifying scenes within the film’s trailer will already be familiar to the public because have already been seeded and administered in shocking doses by the Chinese and global media, such as images of citizens dropping dead in the streets, being forcibly removed from their homes by militarized medical police, or the soldering shut of buildings to keep newly quarantined citizens inside their homes-become-lockdown cells… Songbird could be viewed as the perfect merger of predictive programming and trauma-based mind and behavioral control, the latter of which has long been used by private and public sectors in partnership (e.g. the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird which manipulated news media for propaganda purposes), or alone, to leverage media assets in such a way as to produce changes in mass behavior, thought, and emotion.”

“I’m Not Saying We Won, But We Won”: Joe Biden And The Most Suspect Election In Modern U.S. History (UPDATED With More Vote Fraud Examples) https://southfront.org/im-not-saying-we-won-but-we-won-joe-biden-and-the-most-suspect-election-in-modern-u-s-history/ – “UPDATED: There is already little doubt that something is very wrong with the US Presidential election. Nonetheless, more and more evidence of vote fraud in the favor of Joe Biden that appears online not only demonstrates the scale of hysteria and systematic censorship in the modern United States, but also leads to an important conclusion. The global blatant lie about some mysterious ‘democracy’ and ‘fair election’ in the United States was just destroyed. In fact, the Washington establishment does not know what it is.”

FRAUD: Wisconsin supposedly achieved an impossible 88% voter turnout, but it was really just Dem ballot fraud – by Ethan Huff – https://www.newstarget.com/2020-11-04-fraud-wisconsin-unprecedented-88-percent-voter-turnout.html – “A circulating graph of Wisconsin’s vote count reveals clear fraud as in the middle of the night under the cover of darkness, the vote count for Biden mysteriously shot straight up – a statistical impossibility – to just exceed Trump’s vote count. If you look closely at it, the final count at 6am shows Biden just a touch above Trump, which was enough for the deep state to declare him the winner… …this would imply that 88 percent of registered voters in Wisconsin participated in the Nov. 3 election, which is unprecedented and highly unlikely… Because Wisconsin is still counting ballots, this 88 percent figure is actually an underestimate, having the potential to reach close to 100 percent when all is said and done. In other words, the fake news media expects us to believe that every registered voter in Wisconsin and then some participated in the election… Meanwhile, Trump is more than half a million votes higher than Biden in the key swing state of Pennsylvania, though the mainstream media refuses to declare Trump the winner there. In Wisconsin, however, Biden is now the winner, according to fake news, with just a slight, and obviously fraudulent, edge over Trump.”

US-backed SDF militant responsible for smuggling Syrian crude oil killed in Dayr al-Zawr: Reporthttps://www.presstv.com/Detail/2020/10/30/637545/US-backed-SDF-militant-responsible-for-smuggling-Syrian-crude-oil-killed-in-Dayr-al-Zawr-Report – “Unidentified armed men have reportedly shot dead a senior militant affiliated with the Kurdish-led and US-sponsored Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who was chiefly responsible for smuggling crude from oilfields in Syria’s eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr… The Arabic service of Russia’s Sputnik news agency, citing local sources, reported that the militant, identified as Khalid Khalif al-Hammadi but better known by the nom de guerre Abu al-Walid, was gunned down in the town of al-Sabha on Thursday afternoon… The sources added that Hammadi was in charge of Dayr al-Zawr Fuel Authority in the so-called Civil Council of Dayr al-Zawr… The development took place only a few days after US military used dozens of tanker trucks to smuggle crude oil from Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah to western Iraq… The US president has more than once acknowledged that American military forces are in Syria for the Arab country’s oil.”

Biden Using SCORECARD and THE HAMMER To Steal Another U.S. Presidential Election – Just Like Obama And Biden Did In 2012 – by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones – https://theamericanreport.org/category/home/the-hammer/ – “In February 2009, the Obama administration commandeered a powerful supercomputer system known as THE HAMMER. THE HAMMER includes an exploit application known as SCORECARD that is capable of hacking into elections and stealing the vote, according to CIA contractor-turned­ whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built THE HAMMER… THE WHISTLEBLOWER TAPES, confidential audio recordings released by U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow’s courtroom in November 2015, revealed that SCORECARD was deployed by the Obama team against Florida election computers to steal the 2012 presidential election on behalf of President Barack Obama and Vice president Joe Biden… SCORECARD is now being activated to steal the vote on behalf of Joe Biden once again. Biden utilized THE HAMMER and SCORECARD while running for Vice President in 2012. Votes are again being stolen on Joe Biden’s behalf as he runs for President of the United States in 2020… This time, SCORECARD is stealing votes in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona, according to Montgomery.”

Brandon Smith: It’s Clear Where This Is All Headed – by Brandon Smith – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/brandon-smith-its-clear-where-all-headed – “The bizarre behavior of vote counters in swing states, including PA where they stopped the count altogether overnight, indicates a program to incite national tensions and rage. The media refusing to call certain states for Trump even though he held clear leads while rushing to call states for Biden even though the count was far from unfinished will only exacerbate people’s suspicions that the election is being rigged or stolen… Trump has said he will take the results to the Supreme Court and there is no doubt that recounts will be held in states like Michigan and Arizona. I continue to predict that Trump will stay in office despite the close election. I also predict that numerous fake ballots will be discovered during recounts only throwing gasoline on the fire and implicating Democrats in certain districts with fraud. Social justice leftists will surely try to riot in response, and Trump will call for martial law if the current scenario plays out as I expect… The leftists will NOT accept the results of a Supreme Court decision in favor of Trump. Conservatives WILL NOT accept a Biden presidency.

Dozens of Raids Over “Racist and Xenophobic” Online Speech Sweep Germany – by Joe Jankowski – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/11/dozens-of-raids-over-racist-and-xenophobic-online-speech-sweep-germany.html – “Police have raided dozens of residences in Germany as a part of a Europe-wide effort to silence online speech deemed racist and xenophobic… European Union law enforcement agency Europol and German prosecutors say that police have searched 83 apartments and other buildings on Tuesday to seize smartphones and laptops while 96 people are being questioned about “hateful posts” they made online, reports Reuters… Reports suggest that some of the raids have been justified over anti-Semitic comments and in one instance insulting female politicians… Similar raids to those that took place on Tuesday also occurred in 2019 when German police raided dozens of homes across the country for online posts deemed anti-Semitic insults, an insult to officials or a call for others to commit crimes… Germany is home to some of the most authoritarian defamation and speech laws that stretch into a subjective realm of enforcement.”

Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrat Senators In Swing States? – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/why-does-biden-have-so-many-more-votes-democrat-senators-swing-states – “In Michigan, for example, there was a difference of just 7,131 votes between Trump and GOP candidate John James, yet the difference between Joe Biden and Democratic candidate Gary Peters was a staggering 69,093In Georgia, there was an 818 vote difference between Trump and the GOP Senator, vs. a 95,000 difference between Biden and the Democratic candidate for Senator… Yet, in two non-swing states, there was “no massive flood of mysterious empty Biden votes,” leading US Rebel to suggest “It’s fraud.”.. In Wyoming, the difference on the Democratic side is is just 725 votes, while in Montana the difference is 27,457… What’s going on here? If it were “never-Trumpers” pairing Biden with their GOP Congressional picks? If so, we would expect fewer votes for Trump than GOP Senators. We’re open to suggestions.”

Pandemic Emergency Jobless Claims Soar To New Record High – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/pandemic-emergency-jobless-claims-soar-new-record-high – “Initial Jobless Claims rose by 751k last week, very slightly lower than last week’s upwardly revised 758k rise, but still around four times the pre-COVID-lockdown norms…”

Massive Fraud: Rudy Giuliani Says Major Lawsuits Will Be Happening – by Alexandra Bruce – https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/massive-fraud-rudy-giuliani-says-major-lawsuits-will-be-happening/ – “At 2:30AM Wednesday morning, I was watching the election results on Twitter and USA Today. Trump was ahead in several states and it looked like he was about to win Virginia. Odds-makers from Vegas to London started favoring Trump, causing the Chinese Yuan to tank… Suddenly, several key states announced that they had suspended counting for the night… Then Trump made a brief 2AM speech, warning of new ballots being cast at “4AM”… Soon afterward, Wisconsin gained an instantaneous 120k+ votes out of nowhere that were 100% for Biden, reversing Trump’s lead. This was a statistical impossibility.”

UK Brings In Army To Help With First ‘China-Style’ Mass COVID-19 Testing In Liverpool – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/uk-brings-army-help-first-china-style-mass-covid-19-testing-liverpool – “Following in the footsteps of China and tiny Slovakia, the UK is embarking on its first “moonshot” mass-testing campaign in the city of Liverpool, known to most people outside the UK as the hometown of the Beatles. According to the Guardian, up to half a million people in the city are set to be tested this week, and if the system proves successful, it will be used again… With the self-isolation period for those who test positive set to be reduced, up to half a million people are due to be tested in Liverpool in the government’s first attempt at mass testing and tracing, with the goal of tracing the infection of every individual who tests positive during the drive… ‘Those who have been contacted need to self-isolate,’ Johnson told MPs in the Commons on Wednesday. ‘We’ll be making a big, big push on that. Because, I must be candid with the house, alas the proportion of people who are self-isolating in response to the urges of NHS test and trace is not yet high enough.’.. Though it’s a favorite of epidemiologists, contact tracing has largely failed in the West, as officials struggled with noncompliance in the US and Europe.”

Chemtrail Whistleblower: 90% of Chemtrails Designed to Alter Emotions/Mood/State of Mind and Provoke “Flu-like Symptoms”!https://beforeitsnews.com/chemtrails/2020/10/chemtrail-whistleblower-90-of-chemtrail-are-designed-to-alter-emotionsmoodstate-of-mind-and-provoke-flu-like-symtoms-2460948.html – “The following is a blog that I stumbled on back in 2012 in which a courageous Chemtrail chemist whistleblower, known only as OP, appeared on godlikeproductions.com’s blog and spilled the beans on his 17 years of developing chemicals for dispersion on the human population... 90% of which were designed to alter emotions/mood/state of mind as well as provoke “flu-like symptoms”!.. ‘I spent 17 years developing various chemicals for Chemtrails. Ask me almost anything…Can’t tell you the name of my employers. Nor can I tell you the exact chemical compositions of the mixtures I helped develop. I can answer almost everything else… Purpose(s): Too many to count on ten fingers. It really depends on where they are going to be used. Many are calming agents. Others induce a state of haziness. Rarely, we were asked to develop mixtures to incite anger/rash behavior; 90% of what we worked on aimed to alter emotions/mood/state of mind… I never knew where the chemicals I worked on ended up being used. Like I said before, there is a LOT of secrecy. I only did it for 17 years because the paycheck and benefits were beautiful. All I can say is that sometimes we were given the job of developing chemical mixtures expecting very specific results, which gave me the sense that they would be used for a specific area. State, county, city – I don’t know.”

COVID case number scam reaches new heights; on eve of election, Trump is the target – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/11/02/covid-case-number-scam-reaches-new-heights-on-eve-of-election-trump-is-the-target/ – “They’re just making up case numbers now. Wholesale. Check out the first two paragraphs of this Oct. 27 NY Times piece [1]. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the Times is up to: ‘The United States reported a record of more than 500,000 new cases over the past week, as states and cities resorted to stricter new measures to contain the virus that is raging across the country, especially the American heartland.’.. ‘The record was broken Tuesday, even as the Trump administration announced what it called its first-term scientific accomplishments, in a press release that included ‘ENDING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC’ [2] written in bold, capital letters.’ ” – Plus, THE KING AND THE ISLAND, the story of the Clever High Priest who invented “Vir.”

Watch: National Guard Troops Arrive In Multiple US Cities Ahead Of Election Night Chaos – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/watch-national-guard-troops-arrive-multiple-us-cities-ahead-election-night-chaos – “In preparation for any emergencies, including widespread social unrest following election results on Tuesday night, the National Guard has been deployed in several states… Fears of election night chaos have gripped state governments for the last month, forcing Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts on Monday to “activate” 1,000 Massachusetts National Guard members… And in Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown, for the second time in two months, declared a state of emergency for the Portland metro area, citing potential social unrest surrounding the election… Governors have also mobilized Guard forces in Texas, Alabama, and Arizona to major cities in their respective states in anticipation of violence… Last week, the Pennsylvania National Guard was deployed to the Philadelphia metro area amid a couple of nights of social unrest following the police killing of a black man. Guard troops have been since positioned to handle potential unrest come Tuesday night… According to NBC sources, at the White House, beginning tomorrow, a “non-scalable” fence will be erected around the complex with 250 Guard troops on standby…As of Monday afternoon, Guard troops have been spotted in several cities, preparing for Tuesday night.”

Michigan Governor Whitmer Goes Full Orwell, Demands Full Names And Phone Numbers For All Restaurant Customers – by toulour – https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2020-11-02/michigan-governor-whitmer-goes-full-orwell-demands-full-names-and-phone-numbers-all – Effective this week, diners in Michigan are now going to be required to produce their full name and contact information simply for wanting to eat out at a restaurant or bar… Ironically, it’s likely more information than citizens are required to produce in order to vote…Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer has moved her state one step closer to a true Orwellian paradise, asking her citizens to surrender their privacy every time they want a cheeseburger and a coke at their local diner. Whitmer has already been struck down once by the Supreme Court over trying to unilaterally extend the state’s emergency declarations, The Western Journal noted… The order also reduced the amount of people that can gather in the state for weddings and parties: ‘As part of the newly extended orders, MDHHS today reduces from 500 persons to 50 persons the maximum gathering size for indoor gatherings such as weddings, parties, and banquets which occur in nonresidential settings without fixed seating.’.. It added: ‘For bars, restaurants, and social events outside private homes, indoor party sizes at a single table are now restricted to six people.’ ”

Kamala Harris Promotes Socialism Two Days Ahead of Election: ‘Equitable Treatment Means We All End Up at the Same Place’ – by Hannah Bleau – https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/11/01/kamala-harris-promotes-socialism-two-days-ahead-of-election-equitable-treatment-means-we-all-end-up-at-the-same-place/ – ‘Kamala Harris is openly campaigning on communism as late as November 1st,’ another added. ‘They are brazen and open about it now.’.. Harris, whom GovTrack rated as the most left-wing senator in 2019, made waves as a lawmaker for her racial views, including her advocacy of the Green New Deal and original support for Medicare for All… During the 2019 Democrat primary race, Harris said America must “have and adopt a Green New Deal” and pitched radical proposals during CNN’s Climate Change Town Hall, signaling an openness to “changing dietary guidelines — the food pyramid” to reduce red meat consumption… During a virtual discussion with the far-left members of the “Squad” on Friday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) declared that electing Joe Biden is “not the end-all. It is the beginning” for their progressive vision: ‘We’re not giving up on our agenda,” he said, adding that they will “organize our people to make sure that Biden becomes the most progressive president since FDR.’ ”

CDC plans COVID concentration camps – A call to sheriffs, police officers, military, attorneys, and any honest politicians in America: WILL YOU DEFEND FREEDOM IN THIS COUNTRY? – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/11/02/cdc-plans-covid-concentration-camps/The CDC document is titled: “Interim operational considerations for implementing the shielding approach to prevent COVID-19 infections in humanitarian settings,” updated July 26, 2020. Here are key quotes… As you read them, and realize the horrific plan, keep in mind that this system can be manipulated to order ANYONE into these camps… This is America??.. ‘Consideration: Plan for an extended duration of implementation time, at least 6 months. Explanation: The shielding approach proposes that green zones be maintained until one of the following circumstances arises: (i) sufficient hospitalization capacity is established; (ii) effective vaccine or therapeutic options become widely available; or (iii) the COVID-19 epidemic affecting the population subsides.’ ”

For the Week of 10/26/20:

Biden Allegedly Caught Paying Off Key State Officials With ‘Tsunami Of Dark Money’ – by Alex Stevenshttps://newspushed.com/biden-allegedly-caught-paying-off-key-state-officials-with-tsunami-of-dark-money/ – “ActBlue has raised $3.5 billion in the last 10 months… In contrast, Hillary Clinton, who had all the right connections and had been secretary of state, raised $1.2 billion — in total — for her 2016 run. So, how in the hell could Joe Biden, who is one of the lowest enthusiasm candidates we have ever seen, raise so much money?.. It’s not possible unless there is something really hinky going on… ActBlue’s $3.5 billion is in addition to all the money donated to the Biden campaign from the big Democrat donors like George Soros. This isn’t money from Soros or Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s legally questionable privatization of our election process by spending $400 million for unmonitored ballot boxes in Democratic districts only (an invitation to illegal ballot harvesting)… ‘Where does that $3.5 billion in ActBlue money to defeat Trump and buy Congress come from?’ American Greatness asks. ‘No one knows. But we have some educated guesses. We do know the Democrats are lying about where they are getting this cash.’.. Now we know why Joe Biden’s campaign did not care if their candidate went out to campaign. They have a “tsunami of dark money” that is allegedly paying off operatives. They think they can buy the election.”

Like Old-Time Piracy: The US Seizes Venezuelan Oil and Sells Ithttps://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Like-Old-Time-Piracy-The-US-Seizes-Venezuelan-Oil-and-Sells-It-20201030-0003.html – “The ships’ owner transferred the petroleum to the government, and we can now announce that the United States has sold and delivered that petroleum,” the Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division John Demers said… The Trump administration justified its action by arguing that the money from the oil sale to Caracas would supposedly benefit the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)-Quds Force, which is considered a terrorist organization… On May 23, the first of the ships loaded with fuel from Iran arrived in Venezuela’s territorial waters. Almost three months later, the Department of Justice reported that Washington had achieved “the largest seizure of fuel shipments from Iran,” for a total amount of 1,116 million barrels of oil, which Venezuela had already paid for… ‘The U.S. insisted on chasing the gasoline we were importing. It even stole three million barrels from us,’ President Maduro said on October 28… The day before, the main Venezuelan refinery was attacked by a missile, an act labeled as terrorist by the Oil Minister Tareck El Aissami.”

Missing and unproven viruses: this is nothing new – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/10/30/missing-and-unproven-viruses-this-is-nothing-new/ – “There is no honest and prolonged mainstream debate on this issue, and there has to be. Reputable journals should be opening up their pages to such a debate from all comers, and they aren’t. They’re ignoring, side-stepping, and suppressing a debate. This is not science. It’s not even a shadow of science… And the COVID virus is not the first time the issue of existence has arisen. If more people understood that, they wouldn’t be so shocked… Here are several cases from recent history… …How many viruses have been named as causes of disease, when in fact those viruses have never been isolated or proved to exist?.. Of course, conventional-consensus researchers and doctors will scoff at any attempt to raise these issues. For them, “the science is settled.” Meaning: they don’t want to think. They don’t want to stir the waters… After 30 years working as a reporter in the area of deep medical-research fraud, I’ve seen that false science occurs in levels…The deeper you go, the stranger it gets. To put it another way: the deeper you go, the worse it gets.”

When Exactly Did the AngloZionist Empire Collapse? – by The Saker – https://www.unz.com/tsaker/when-exactly-did-the-anglozionist-empire-collapse/ – “…the combination of the best propaganda machine in history, the stupidification resulting from many daily hours of watching the Idiot Tube and, finally, a very effective repression apparatus made for a quasi perfect dictatorship: the one which only gives the illusion of democracy and people power… To me, this all made perfect sense, but only because I, and my SAIS friends, never even considered the possibility that the US Nomenklatura would commit national suicide and, in the process, bring down the AngloZionist Empire… Yet this is exactly what happened… So when did all this begin?.. …what so many people overlook is that almost everything which went wrong under Trump began with Obama!.. I was asking myself that question the other day when I suddenly realized that I might have determined the exact moment when the Empire collapsed: 8 January 2020… What happened that day? Following the murder of Major General Qasem Soleimani in a US drone attack (on the 3 of January 2020) the Iranians retaliated by using missiles to attack several US bases in Iraq… Trump and his supporters (said) that the Iranian reaction was lame, ineffective and could be completely ignored… In my opinion, the moment when the Trump Administration made this statement is when the death certificate of the Empire was signed. Why?”

Dr. Peter Breggin’s paper written with his wife: Dr. Fauci’s COVID-19 Treachery – pdf download link: https://breggin.com/coronavirus/Final-Fauci-Treachery-Report-10.19.2020.pdfMassively researched investigation into the corrupt networks weaponizing public health and attacking world society

My Message to Dr. Peter Breggin in response to his video on Fauci Pandemic – Doctor Breggin, thanks for your research and help in bringing out information on these corrupt networks attacking human well being. I wonder if you could address all of the questions around the truth of the existence of this particular virus, and whether there is an actual RNA sequence that can be accurately tested for. How are the apparently many sets of “probe” sequences used in examining the amplified nucleic acids from PCR for SARS-Cov-2 selected? Is there any evidence of actual isolation, and if not, is it possible they are using sequence information from the actual synthesis of the virus in the labs in gain of function research? Are you clear that “viruses,” apparently morphologically indistinguishable from exosomes secreted by cells, are really invading cells and starting an infectious process of replication? If so, do you have evidence or a hypothesis of how the whole replicated RNA sequences are wrapped in their lipid casings and excreted by the cells so that the resulting viral vesicles are capable of invading other cells or being shed by the body into the environment? How do you respond to the claims by people such as Dr.Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Thomas Cowan that there may not be such a thing as an infectious virus at all? Thanks for furthering inquiry into these now, due to the emerging global pandemic regime, essential questions. –Bruce

Gundlach: Trump Will Win Next Week, And By 2027 “There Will Be Some Sort Of Revolution” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/gundlach-trump-will-win-next-week-because-polls-are-designed-create-impressions – “Back at the start of 2016, when nobody else would even consider such an outcome, DoubleLine Capital CEO Jeff Gundlach shocked the economic, financial and political establishments when during the January Barron’s roundtable of that year, he predicted that Donald Trump would become the next US president. He was right… Fast forward to today when one week before the elections, and in an environment when most polls predict that Biden will crush Trump and where Nate Silver gives Trump just a 13% chance of defeating Biden, Jeffrey Gundlach is predicting another victory for President Donald Trump… As Financial Advisor magazine reported, during a Tuesday webcast as part of Schwab’s 2020 IMPACT conference, Gundlach said that despite polls, analysis and betting odds that suggest otherwise, Trump is likely to outpace former Democratic vice president Joe Biden in the contest… Yet no matter who the winners is on Nov 3, Gundach said that 2020 is just another in a series of election cycles that have increased in their tumult and oddity… At this point Gundlach went “full Zero Hedge“, and predicted that by 2027, economic inequality, strained by fiscal and monetary policy, would come to the point of some sort of revolution, which would put the 2024 presidential election directly in the path of massive social, economic and political change. Which, incidentally, is more or less everything that we have been saying for the past 12 years… ‘When I said that I think Trump is going to win in 2016, I also said that if you think 2016 is weird, just wait for 2020,’ said Gundlach… ‘Well, if you think 2020 is weird, just wait until 2024. You ain’t seen nothing yet.’ ”

Illinois Gov Ends Indoor Dining Across 2/3rds Of State As Winter Cold Looms – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/illinois-gov-ends-indoor-dining-across-23rds-state-winter-cold-looms – “After imposing tighter restrictions in suburban Cook County and the populous Metro East region (the part of Illinois that includes the suburbs of St. Louis) on Monday, Illinois Gov JB Pritzker has imposed similarly harsh restrictions on the City of Chicago, expanding the number of regions facing the most restrictive measures to 7 out of 11… Beginning on Friday, indoor dining will be closed along with bar service, and private gatherings will be limited to 25… Since we’re talking about Chicago in late October, it’s likely few will be willing to brave the cold to eat outside in a two sided tent (since, as the health department clarified yesterday, a four-sided tent outdoors is considered an “indoor tent”).”

Flying Blind: Clueless about Risk, We’re Speeding Toward Systemic Failure – by Charles Hugh Smith – https://www.oftwominds.com/blogoct20/risk10-20.html – “Systemic risk is difficult to isolate and analyze, so we’re literally blind to it. It’s not that we’re blithely ignoring risk–we simply do not see it. We’re flying blind through jagged mountain tops we can’t see through the thick fog of false confidence… There are several reasons for our innate difficulty in discerning risk. One I covered last year in Crunchtime: When Events Outrun Plan B (December 4, 2019) is recency bias: the natural assumption that the recent past is a reliable guide to the future. This leads us to underestimate the risk of non-linear financial-economic dynamics… Linear means increasing or decreasing inputs to the system generate equivalent outputs: doubling the input doubles the output, and so on. Non-linear means modest changes in inputs generate outsized changes in outputs… Another reason we’re blind to risk is we naively assume risks add up like a grocery bill. Take a 5% of something bad happening, add another 5% risk and a third 5% risk, and the total risk we face is only 15%–hey, that’s not much… The problem is independent-variable risks don’t add up, they compound. As correspondent A.P. explained to me recently: risks are independent variables with cumulative effects that are compounded, not additive. So the three variables, each with a 5% risk factor, pose a compounded risk far higher than 15%… In other words, we may view each risk factor as low and feel a false sense of safety because we failed to compound all the individually “low-risk” factors into a composite of risk, which could compound into a very high probability of something unexpectedly bad happening… For all the reasons listed in this post, the risks of systemic collapse are much higher than commonly anticipated. Recency bias, belief in the illusion of linearity and the godlike powers of authorities, failure to properly compound risk variables and feedback, uncritical acceptance of limited data–any one of these is the equivalent of flying blind, without radar, through thick fog… Compounding all these factors is the equivalent of flying through thick fog at 5,000 feet straight toward the Rocky Mountains.”

The missing COVID virus—answering critics’ objections – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/10/26/the-missing-virus-answering-critics-objections/ – “Not only that, the CDC document in which the agency admitted the virus was “not available” was a long article describing how to perform the PCR test for the virus. What virus? The one that wasn’t there?.. You put together a test procedure that will change the fate of humanity, but you don’t have the item the procedure is supposed to detect. This is permissible? This is excusable? Not unless science is fairy tales… The third objection to my analysis: researchers can assemble the PCR test without actually having the virus. They can substitute “synthetic RNA” which is a close match to the virus… I see. And they know the synthetic RNA is a close match to the missing virus exactly how? Answer: they don’t know. They assume. They pretend… This would be like saying: ‘Ahem. There is an unknown planet in our solar system. We haven’t seen it, we don’t know where it is, we don’t know what it looks like, but we do know the moon is a very close version of the unknown planet. Therefore, we can use everything we know about the moon to infer a precise description of the unknown planet.’ ”

Jim Biden Bolts When Confronted About Hunter Biden’s Shady Deals (plus more documents illegally intercepted) – by Adam Morgan – https://newspushed.com/watch-jim-biden-bolts-when-confronted-about-hunter-bidens-shady-deals/ – “Fox News host, Tucker Carlson reported that more evidence against the Biden’s was intercepted after a source mailed the documents… ‘We texted a producer in New York and asked him to send those documents to us in L.A, ‘ Carlson explained. ‘And he did that, so Monday afternoon of this week, he shipped the documents overnight to California with a large national carrier, a brand-name company that we’ve used, you’ve used, countless times with never a single problem.’.. But the documents never arrived in Los Angeles, Carlson said… ‘Tuesday morning we received word from the shipping company that our package had been opened and the contents were missing. The documents had disappeared.’.. Tucker said that the company used to ship the documents did conduct a digligant search and have no idea how the documents were intercepted, executives of the company are ‘baffled and deeply bothered by this, and so are we.’ ”

Tucker exclusive: Tony Bobulinski, ex-Hunter Biden associate, speaks out on Joe Biden (17 min) – Comment: This is the absolute most important video information on the Bidengate controversy now.

The Most Dangerous Disease in the World (2 min) – by JP Sears

UNCOVERED: How Joe Biden Got Millions In Foreign Bribes | Rudy Giuliani (30 min, with terrible ads that Rudy inserted, which must be skipped over) – Comment: I think this is important info, very well assembled by Giuliani. HIs skill as an attorney and knowledge of litigation is a plus.


Princeton makes it official USA Has Become Oligarchy, No Democracy – (link from 2014 article sent by email from author) F.William Engdahl – https://journal-neo.org/2014/11/11/princeton-makes-it-official-usa-has-become-oligarchy-no-democracy/ – “Martin Gilens is Professor of Politics at Princeton University together with Benjamin I. Page Professor at Northwestern University have published results of a unique analysis ‘using a unique data set that includes measures of the key variables for 1,779 policy issues.’ The study concludes that, ‘Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic-Elite Domination…’ Their study further concluded, ‘When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.’ ”

Twitter Goes Full Orwell, Censors All Topics “Likely To Be Subject To Election Misinformation” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/twitter-goes-full-orwell-will-prompt-us-users-topics-likely-be-subject-election – “As if a complete and total coverup of the Hunter Biden story by the mainstream media and big tech wasn’t far enough; and as if every social media product and app you use annoyingly reminding you to vote on November 3 wasn’t enough, Twitter has now apparently gone “full Orwell” and, through a spokesperson, basically said they will prompt users with warnings on “topics that are likely to be the subject of election misinformation”… What are “topics that are likely to be the subject of election misinformation”, anyway? We’re guessing it can include any literally anything that would be detrimental to Democratic nominee Joe Biden, while negative press and conspiracies about President Trump are allowed to run amok at will… The photo shows pictures of Twitter warning its users: “You might encounter misleading information about voting by mail” and “Election results might be delayed”. Both “warnings” seem suited to prepare the public for an onslaught of mail in voting (likely to favor Democrats) and a potential contested election (as a result of mail in voting that would likely favor Democrats)… In fact, the ‘blue wave of tweet-blocks’ has already begun as Dorsey and his merry men (and women and other) chose to ban anyone from retweeting any tweet related to ‘voter fraud’ including none other than the head of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton…”

Creditors Finally Wake Up To An Apocalyptic Reality: Bond Losses As High As 99% – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/creditors-finally-wake-apocalyptic-reality-bond-losses-high-99 – “Bloomberg then focuses on the underlying reasons which as regular readers will note, we correctly predicted years ago. It’s probably why Bloomberg notes that “while few could have foreseen the pandemic’s toll on the economy, the depth of investors’ pain from corporate distress was all too predictable” although they clearly were not “predictable” to all those bondholders and yield-starved managers of other people’s money who are now fighting for any recoveries, in many cases just years after buying the debt at par. Here is how Bloomberg lays it out: ‘Desperate to generate higher returns during a decade of rock-bottom interest rates, money managers bargained away legal protections, accepted ever-widening loopholes, and turned a blind eye to questionable earnings projections. Corporations, for their part, took full advantage and gorged on astronomical amounts of debt that many now cannot repay or refinance.’.. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s verbatim what we said in 2016. And yes, even Bloomberg blames the Fed… …In short, it means that by having gone all in on preventing the corporate bubble from bursting in March of this year, the Fed has made the situation far, far worse than if it had let the chips fall during the March crash. And since the Fed will never allow unmanipulated prices to clear without its intervention, the current default crisis only means that the fateful moment when the Fed openly starts buying stocks to prevent an all-out collapse of western capital markets is that much closer.”

‘You’ll Bury Everyone Involved’: Bobulinski Recorded Biden Operatives Begging Him To Stay Quiet, Set To Release Tues – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/youll-bury-everyone-involved-bobulinski-recorded-biden-operatives-begging-him-stay-quiet – ” According to The Federalist‘s Sean Davis, Bobulinski will play the tape on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday, when Carlson will devote his show ‘entirely’ to an interview with the Biden whistleblower.”

State + Big Pharma Moves Aggressively Against Parents’ Rights – by Jefferey Jaxen – https://thehighwire.com/state-big-pharma-moves-aggressively-against-parents-rights/ – “In 2016, MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry made a concerning statement. Discussing public education, Harris Perry said, ‘We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families.’.. In the four years since, concepts like “kids belong to the community” have been insidiously melded into “greater good” public health vaccination talking points from politicians deciding policy… This move is now supercharged with the coronavirus response. We’re being told, ‘we’re all in this together,’ a mantra-like chant droned into society’s consciousness… The world’s people are staring down a possible future reality in which they remain confined to their homes without an experimental COVID shot rushed to market. Meanwhile, Big Pharma is working through governmental officials and still targeting children… Washington D.C.’s B23-0171 is a big canary in the coal mine to make the medical-industrial complex the parents of future generations of American children. Put forth in 2019, the bill had no activity for over a year. During a public hearing in June 2019, pediatrician Dr. Helene Felman, representing Washington D.C.’s chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), stated: ‘As a pediatrician, I like the legislation as it stands because it offers the opportunity to capture those young adults who can make informed decisions at technically any age.’ ”

UN treaty banning nuclear weapons set to enter into force in Januaryhttps://news.un.org/en/story/2020/10/1076082 – “In what leading campaigners are describing as “a new chapter for nuclear disarmament”, the ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will now come into force on 22 January, after Honduras became the 50th Member State to ratify on Saturday… The UN Secretary-General António Guterres in a statement commended all the countries whose ratification of the accord, approved by 122 nations at the General Assembly in 2017, who have helped bring the ban on weapons this far, singling out the work of civil society groups… Chief among those, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017, declared through Executive Director Beatrice Fihn that the coming into force was ‘a new chapter for nuclear disarmament. Decades of activism have achieved what many sai was impossible: nuclear weapons are banned.’.. The treaty declares that the countries ratifying it must ‘never under any circumstance develop, test, produce, manufacture or otherwise acquire, possess or stockpile nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices.’ ”

Joe Biden Claims Hunter Biden Email Story a Russian ‘Smear Campaign’ – by Daniel Newton – https://neonnettle.com/news/13026-joe-biden-claims-hunter-biden-email-story-a-russian-smear-campaign- – “Host Norah O’Donnell asked Biden: ‘Do you believe the recent leak of material allegedly from Hunter’s computer is part of a Russian disinformation campaign?’.. Biden responded: ‘From what I’ve read and know, the intelligence community warned the president that Giuliani was being fed disinformation from the Russians… And we also know that [Vladimir] Putin is trying very hard to spread disinformation about Joe Biden,’ he stated… And so, when you put the combination of Russia, Giuliani, the president together, it’s just what it is… It’s a smear campaign because he has nothing he wants to talk about.’ “

For the Week of 10/19/20:

The Biden – China Mob Organization Exposed – AIM Truth Bits – With video (14 min) explaining the financial links and control of the operation by the CCP. https://truthbits.blog/2020/10/25/the-biden-china-mob-organization-exposed/The Bidens’ Underage Girls – With audio from Lauren Witzke, Delaware Senatorial Candidate – https://patriots4truth.org/2020/10/25/the-bidens-underage-girls/

From the Original Peoples: Planetary shift-of-consciousness ceremony, 4:30 am Pacific Time, Dec. 21, 2020https://www.nexusnewsfeed.com/article/geopolitics/dec-21st-uluru-the-original-prophecy-of-the-change-of-everything/Telos visitor Lowell Johnson: While in Inner Earth Telos I was told Earth’s consciousness shift happens on Winter Solstice [12.21] 2020: https://newsinsideout.com/2020/10/telos-visitor-lowell-johnson-while-in-inner-earth-telos-i-was-told-earths-consciousness-shift-happens-on-winter-solstice-12-21-2020/

Joe Biden Brags About Putting Together The Most Extensive ‘Voter Fraud Organization’ In History – by Mike Santorini – https://newspushed.com/joe-biden-brags-about-putting-together-the-most-extensive-voter-fraud-organization-in-history/Note: With the video (24 sec) and a partial transcript – Comment: Just when you thought things could not POSSIBLY get more Surreal…

Blockbuster Report Reveals How Biden Family Was Compromised By China – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/blockbuster-report-reveals-how-biden-family-was-compromised-china – “Hunter Biden is partnered with the Chinese state. Entire investment partnership is Chinese state money from social security fund to China Development Bank. It is actually a subsidiary of the Bank of China. This is not remotely anything less than a Chinese state funded play… Though the entire size of the fund cannot be reconstructed, the Taiwanese cofounder who is now detained in China, reports it to be NOT $1-1.5 billion but $6.5 billion. This would make Hunters stake worth at a minimum at least $50 million if he was to sell it… Finally, the believed Godfather in arranging everything is a gentleman named Yang Jiechi. He is currently the CCP Director of Foreign Affairs leading strategist for America, Politburo member one of the most powerful men in China, and Xi confidant. Why does this matter? – (conclusion of summary): ‘The difficulty in eluding these concerns is their documentability by anyone who cares to look. There is no potential for hacking because it is all public record in China. Any journalist who wishes to look can go review IPO prospectuses, news reports, or corporate records. There is no secret method for discovering this data other than actually looking. There is simply no way to avoid the reality that Hunter Biden was granted a 10% stake worth far in excess of what he paid for a firm that is literally operated and owned by the Chinese state… Whether Joe Biden personally knew the details, a very untenable position, it is simply political malpractice to not be aware of the details of these financial arrangements. These documentable financial links simply cannot be wished away.’ ” – With pdf link to the full report.

Patriarch Bartholomew Was Planning To His Church Offensive In Ukraine At Least Since 2008https://southfront.org/patriarch-bartholomew-was-planning-to-his-church-offensive-in-ukraine-at-least-since-2008/ – “Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople was ready to “settle the Ukrainian Church problem” back in 2008, and the schismatic “Kiev Patriarchate” (KP) was ready to become an autonomous Church within the Patriarchate of Constantinople, according to an appeal from the hierarchs of the KP to the Patriarch at that time… The document was published yesterday by Alexander Drabinko, one of the two bishops who left the Orthodox Church to join the schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” (OCU) at the “unification council” in December 2018, on his personal Facebook page, reports the Union of Orthodox Journalists… The KP united with the “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church” in December 2018 to form the OCU after then-President Petro Poroshenko appealed to Pat. Bartholomew, though the bishops of Philaret Denisenko’s KP were already negotiating with Constantinople at least a decade prior.”

South Korean’s Medical Association Urges Government to Suspend Flu Shot Program After 25 People Die – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/south-koreans-medical-association-urges-government-to-suspend-flu-shot-program-after-25-people-die/ – “The Korean Medical Association has called on the country’s government to halt its plan to inoculate millions of citizens after more than two dozen people died after receiving flu shots… The vaccine initiative, billed as a strategy to potentially offset complications from Covid-19, aims to provide free flu jabs to 19 million people. But the ambitious undertaking has come under fire after 25 people died, including a 17-year-old boy and a man in his 70s, after participating in the program. The number jumped from 12 deaths reported earlier on Thursday… The vaccination drive was suspended for three weeks after it was revealed that around five million doses, which require refrigeration, had been stored at room temperature while being transpired to a medical facility. The program resumed on October 13. None of the people who died received the recalled doses.”

More Than 30 Killed In Fierce Battle With ISIS In Syria’s Eastern Hamahttps://southfront.org/more-than-30-killed-in-fierce-battle-with-isis-in-syrias-eastern-hama/ – “Clashes erupted late on October 21. Some opposition sources said the terrorist group launched a large-scale attack on the SAA and its allies in Ithriyah and other parts of the region. However, other sources claimed that government forces started a security operation there… Syrian and Russian warplanes and attack helicopters are reportedly providing Syrian troops in eastern Hama with close air support and bombing ISIS positions in the region… ’21 personnel of regime forces and their militias were killed, while [only] 13 ISIS members were killed,’ the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a report, ‘the number of casualties will likely rise as many of the wounded are in a critical condition.’ ”

Dr. Peter Breggin: Fauci’s Pandemic — How He Caused It and Uses It (8 min)


Dr. David Brownstein attacked by U.S. FTC for reporting on successes with his treatment of patients with serious symptoms of “Covid-19” – Successful Covid Doctor SILENCED by Federal Trade Commission (47 min) – Comment: One more clear example of how the Federal Juggernaut is enforcing “Corona Orthodoxy” and preventing the free communication of information on improving human health.

Elon Musk dials up FCC Chairman Pai to discuss 12 GHz band – by Monica Alleven – https://www.fiercewireless.com/regulatory/elon-musk-dials-up-fcc-chairman-pai-to-discuss-12-ghz-band – The battle over the 12 GHz band – one that some say could provide much-needed mid-band spectrum for 5G in the U.S. – is heating up, including among a group of unlikely collaborators… In an FCC filing this week, SpaceX disclosed that CEO Elon Musk was among those on a conference call (PDF) with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai on Monday that included discussion of the 12 GHz band. Separately, SpaceX was part of a group of players (PDF) arguing against a proposal by Dish Network that would have the FCC take a closer look at the rules for the 12 GHz band and potentially make it usable for 5G… Here’s where it gets stranger. The signatories to the letter opposing Dish’s proposal include the aforementioned SpaceX, as well as AT&T, OneWeb, SES, Intelsat and Kepler Communications.”

The Global Takeover Is Underway – by Dr. Joseph Mercola – https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/10/23/world-economic-forum-prediction-global-takeover.aspxThe World Economic Forum public relations video above, “8 Predictions for the World in 2030,” short as it may be, offers a telling glimpse into what the technocratic elite has in store for the rest of us. This includes: ? “You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.” Instead, you’ll rent everything you need, and it’ll be delivered by drone right to your door. ? “The U.S. won’t be the world’s leading superpower” — Instead, a handful of countries will dominate together. ? “You won’t die waiting for an organ donor” — Custom organs will be 3D printed on demand. ? “You’ll eat much less meat” — Meat will be rationed – “good of the environment and our health.” ? “A billion people will be displaced by climate change” — Countries will have to prepare to welcome more refugees. ? “Polluters will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide” – farmers survive trading their soil carbon rate on the global market. ? “You could be preparing to go to Mars” — Scientists “will have worked out how to keep you healthy in space.” ? “Western values will have been tested to the breaking point.”

Google Mobility Data Suggests Sweden “Socially Distanced” Less Than Other Countries – by Ryan McMaken – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/google-mobility-data-suggests-sweden-socially-distanced-less-other-countries – “What is rarely mentioned, however, is that Sweden’s deaths per million are also similar to or lower than many countries that did impose harsh lockdowns. For example, as of October 18, the deaths per million in the United Kingdom were 643 in the UK for only 585 in Sweden. Meanwhile, Belgium’s death rate was 897 per million, and Italy’s rate was 606… Moreover, while cases and deaths are increasing in the UK, Spain, Italy, and Belgium, deaths are apparently flatlining in Sweden. Sweden has reported fewer than ten deaths in the past week… Another theory is that the Swedes have voluntarily practiced social distancing so studiously, that this explains away the apparent failure of the “forced lockdown or die” narrative… But, again, the data doesn’t show this... Using the Google Community Mobility Trends data, we find that the Sweden practiced social distancing far less than countries that had strict lockdowns in place.”

Rabo: IMF Unveils “New Bretton Woods” So Central Banks Can Go Back To Pushing Stock Prices Higher – by Michael Every – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/imf-unveils-new-bretton-woods-moment – “Elsewhere, the IMF MD Georgieva gave a speech called “A New Bretton Woods Moment” – pretty eye-grabbing given the first BW moment built our current geopolitical architecture at the end of WW2, and the second BW moment in the early 1970s saw the end of the gold standard and the introduction of a fiat USD-based system that led us to where we are today… Inspired? Good! Now central banks can get back to pushing junk bond and blue-chip stock prices higher to reward monopolists and monopsonists and day-traders; and government policy-makers can keep working out how many people can sit in a pub at what time of day before somebody else can’t visit their mum in the garden… Meanwhile, in the real world, we are already seeing a BW(Bretton Woods)-style shift in the global architecture. For example, the US just offered to fund at low, low rates Brazil’s acquisition of non-Huawei 5G equipment. The US separately signed trade agreements with it on steel, ethanol, and sugar and to promote greater US inwards investment. What does this say about who will sit closer to whom as the world starts to look more like it did at the time of the first BW – split into two rival blocs?.. On another front, Israel and the UAE signed a deal to bring oil to Europe via extending a pipeline that already runs from Eilat to the port of Ashdod, which offers a cheap and efficient route for energy transit avoiding the Straits of Hormuz and the Suez Canal. Again, things are changing fast on the ground in real terms. So far and yet so near in this instance, for once.”

Economy-Crushing COVID-19 Lockdowns Contributed To 100,000 US Deaths, New CDC Guidance Suggests – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/covid-19-lockdowns-may-have-caused-more-100000-avoidable-deaths – “But Cuomo’s comments, and the backlash they elicited, also coincided with the latest guidance update from the mercurial CDC, which offered some fresh insight into the breakdown of the excess mortality across the US since the WHO first declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic… While 200,000 of the 300k excess deaths have been directly attributed to COVID-19, researchers suspect that the other 100,000 excess deaths were indirectly caused by COVID-19: For example, they might have been drug overdoses or suicides brought on by depression, or a fatal stroke caused by a lack of testing availability… According to data cited by the AP, between the beginning of February and the end of September, about 1.9 million deaths are typically reported. This year, it’s closer to 2.2 million, a 14.5% increase.”

Californians Could Be Forced To Work Remotely As Governments Everywhere Capitalize On COVID – by Robert Wheeler – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/californians-could-be-forced-work-remotely-governments-everywhere-capitalize-covid“A new proposal could require Californians to work remotely three days a week – even after the COVID-19 pandemic – to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to aid in environmental efforts… A number of Bay Area residents, including employees at large tech firms, were concerned over a new proposal approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission on Wednesday…The controversial proposal would effectively ensure that sizable, office-based companies kept 60 per cent of their workers at home on any given workday to curb climate change… ‘Given the changes in travel patterns during the coronavirus pandemic, there was strong support for bolder policies on this front in the Final Blueprint, including a mandate for office-based employers,’ the proposal read… ‘To ensure this strategy achieves equity goals, a complementary strategy to expand internet access in underserved communities was added to the Economy Element as well.’.. ‘There is an opportunity to do things that could not have been done in the past,’ said Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, a commission member and proposal supporter, per NBC News.”

Frontline Doctors Return to Washington D.C. to Dispel COVID Myths and to Offer Truth and Hope – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/frontline-doctors-return-to-washington-d-c-to-dispel-covid-myths-and-to-offer-truth-and-hope/ – “America’s Frontline Doctors returned to Washington D.C. this week for their second White Coat Summit… You can read about their first visit to D.C. last July, where they exposed the hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) scandal, here: “Nobody Needs to Die” – Frontline Doctors Storm D.C. Claiming “Thousands of Doctors” are Being Silenced on Facts and Treatments for COVID – Their Press Conference on the steps of the Supreme Court back in July quickly went viral, and was promptly deleted and censored by Big Tech platforms such as Facebook and Google’s Youtube… Health Impact News grabbed a copy before they were deleted, and published it on our Bitchute channel, where it currently has over 190,000 views… They were back in even greater numbers this week, again giving an initial Press Conference in front of the Supreme Court… Dr. Simone Gold, the founder of Frontline Doctors, gave the opening address…”

Former Business Associate: Hunter Biden’s Corruption with the CCPhttps://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/former-business-associate-hunter-bidens-corruption-with-the-ccp/ – “Countering the flood of news reports stemming from statements made by Congressman Adam Schiff on Monday, DNI John Ratcliffe announced that the Hunter Biden hard drives were not connected to a Russian disinformation effort and that the FBI was in possession of and investigating the hard drives… The FBI’s response to Ratcliffe’s statement was a refusal to confirm or deny the existence of an investigation. Former DNI James Clapper then repeated the Russia disinformation claims of Schiff, along with 50 retired intelligence officials, who wrote a public letter, saying they were “deeply suspicious” that Russia could be involved with the dubious New York Post stories, which had ‘all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.’.. Chinese scholar, Hue Chi describes Hunter Biden as almost a victim of “the CCP’s long-term deliberate pursuit and seduction,” and that as a result of similar campaigns, Hue says, ‘It’s not only Biden’s son but many politicians in the United States have unclear relations with the CCP.’.. The video also covers the report by Peter Schweizer, who was granted access to the email account of Hunter Biden associate, Bevan Cooney, who’s incarcerated in Federal prison for his involvement in a 2016 bond fraud investment scheme. Cooney says he was scapegoated, whereas his partners, Devon Archer and Hunter Biden evaded the law. However, Archer just lost the appeal on his fraud conviction two weeks ago and awaits sentencing. (Where’s Hunter?)”

Random Acts of Kindness – – Good People 2020 – Faith In Humanity Restored #3 (7 min)

Egon von Greyerz – Insoluble Debt, Hyperinflation & $600 Silver (37 min) – from Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog.com


Banks And The Digital Dollar – by Chris Argyrople – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/banks-and-digital-dollar – “Americans say “that can’t happen here, we value our privacy.” That’s ridiculous. If you buy with a debit or credit card, your grocery store knows when you buy broccoli and they know your brand of ice cream. If you have a smartphone, your phone company knows where you are at all times, and, yes, they sell that location data to hundreds of companies who pay for it. This location data is stripped of identifying records, rendering the data “blind” and “safe.” Most people inherently understand this, but what they don’t know is that basic algorithms can then figure out exactly who you are even based on this blind data. My friends at MIT get “blind” mobile phone data, merge it with other databases, and after they run it through algorithms, they know mostly everything about you, including your locations. In 2020, if you used a smartphone and a credit card, “they” know everything about you. In fact, most Americans choose to have very little privacy at all… It will also wreak havoc on the underground economy, specifically drugs and tax evasion. With the digital dollar, everything will be traced and tax evasion will drop substantially. Giving the government more power over the money supply (disintermediating the banks) will eventually be very inflationary. It could also be negative for the dollar exchange rate, but ultimately all governments will go this way so the FX rate implications are unclear at this juncture. What is likely is that an aging workforce will get UBI payments in an inflation-first environment. The government will try to inflate away the massive debt obligations, and they are likely to be successful. In 10 or 15 years, we will see massive inflation on the order of the 1970s or even worse.”

‘I’m Still Unemployed’: Millions In Dire Situation As Savings Start To Run Out – by Scott Horsley – https://www.npr.org/2020/10/17/924682991/i-m-still-unemployed-millions-in-dire-situation-as-savings-start-to-run-out – “When the coronavirus pandemic hit this spring, government relief payments provided a life raft to millions of people who had been thrown out of work… That life raft, however, is now losing air, threatening to leave the unemployed in a perilous situation just as Washington leaders struggle to clinch a new package of aid ahead of the November election… New research from JPMorgan Chase Institute and the University of Chicago focused on 80,000 unemployed people shows savings built up when the government provided aid is now rapidly running out, leaving people like chemist Kate McAfee fretting about their futures… But the researchers found that the jobless started to drain their savings in August, burning through roughly two-thirds of the money they had squirreled away during the four previous months.”

Northwestern Students Burn and Vandalize School Property at Anti-Police Protests – by Chrissy Clark – https://freebeacon.com/campus/northwestern-students-burn-and-vandalize-school-property-at-anti-police-protests/ – “Led by the anti-police group “NU Community Not Cops,” students tore down a sign that read “We’re N This Together,” burned it, and placed the charred remains of the sign at the feet of police officers guarding the home of Northwestern president Morton Schapiro. They also vandalized the school’s iconic Weber Arch, during a protest purportedly aimed at abolishing the campus police department. Pictures taken by NU Community Not Cops document the destruction… Outside of the Northwestern University police department, students wrote “abolition is the solution” and “Black Lives Matter.” Written on a university sign were the letters “ACAB,” which stands for All Cops Are Bastards… Other graffiti included the words “F— UCPD,” in reference to the nearby University of Chicago police department… Likewise, the Northwestern vandals claimed their actions were a proportionate response to “racial capitalism,” in which police supposedly play a central role… ‘If you think vandalism is counterproductive to our mission. Under a system of racial capitalism, in which whiteness itself is capital,’ NU Community Not Cops tweeted. ‘We are taking a stance against that by not valuing property over the lives of our people. Our campaign has not caused any harm. Police have.’.. Northwestern University did not respond to requests for comment.”

Stronger Than Steel, Able to Stop a Speeding Bullet—It’s Super Wood! – Simple processes can make wood tough, impact-resistant—or even transparent. – by Sid Perkins – https://getpocket.com/explore/item/stronger-than-steel-able-to-stop-a-speeding-bullet-it-s-super-wood – “Now, Hu and his colleagues say they have come up with a better way to densify wood, which they report in Nature. Their simple, two-step process starts with boiling wood in a solution of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sodium sulfite (Na2SO3), a chemical treatment similar to the first step in creating the wood pulp used to make paper. This partially removes lignin and hemicellulose (natural polymers that help stiffen a plant’s cell walls)—but it largely leaves the wood’s cellulose (another natural polymer) intact, Hu says… The second step is almost as simple as the first: Compressing the treated wood until its cell walls collapse, then maintaining that compression as it is gently heated. The pressure and heat encourage the formation of chemical bonds between large numbers of hydrogen atoms and neighboring atoms in adjacent nanofibers of cellulose, greatly strengthening the material… The results are impressive. The team’s compressed wood is three times as dense as the untreated substance, Hu says, adding that its resistance to being ripped apart is increased more than 10-fold. It also can become about 50 times more resistant to compression and almost 20 times as stiff. The densified wood is also substantially harder, more scratch-resistant and more impact-resistant. It can be molded into almost any shape.”

For the Week of 10/12/20:

Powell Lays Out The Key Reasons Why The Fed Is Moving Toward Digital Dollars – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/fed-chair-powell-lays-out-key-reasons-why-fed-moving-toward-digital-dollars – ” ‘Let me quote again from Charles I. Plosser’s warning in 2012: “Once a central bank ventures into fiscal policy, it is likely to find itself under increasing pressure from the private sector, financial markets, or the government to use its balance sheet to substitute for other fiscal decisions.” With a flick of the digital switch, CBDCs can enable policymakers to meet, or cave in to, those demands – at the risk of igniting an inflation conflagration, abandoning what little still survives of sovereign fiscal discipline and who knows what else. I hope the leaders of the world’s central banks will approach this new financial technology with extreme caution, guarding against its overuse or outright abuse. It’s hard to be optimistic. Soon our monetary Pandoras will possess their own box full of new powers, perhaps too enticing to resist.’ – Bill Campbell… We bring all this up because earlier today, hot on the heels of recent announcements by both the ECB and BOJ which recently discussed their ongoing preparations to launch digital currencies, Fed Chair Jerome Powell spoke at a panel focusing on Cross-Border payments hosted by the IMF during its annual meeting, in which he said that the central bank hasn’t made a decision to issue a digital currency, citing the need for further work and “extensive” public consultation with stakeholders before doing so… ‘It’s more important for the United States to get it right than to be first,’ (Powell said) adding that ‘we are committed to carefully and thoughtfully evaluating the potential costs and benefits of a central bank digital currency for the U.S. economy and payments system. We have not made a decision to issue a CBDC.’.. And while one would be temped to interpret Powell’s statement as one of skepticism that Digital Dollars are coming, we believe this is misplaced with Powell emphasizing that ‘80% of central banks around the world are exploring the idea.’

Will The Stock Market Be Dragged To The Guillotine? – by Charles Hugh Smith – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/will-stock-market-be-dragged-guillotine – “The belief that the Federal Reserve and its rigged-casino stock market are permanent and forever is touchingly naive. Never mind the existential crises just ahead; the financial “industry” (heh) projects unending returns of 7% per year, or is it 14% per year? Never mind the details, the Fed has our back and since the Fed is forever, so too will be the gains for everyone playing the rigged games in the Fed’s casino… What makes this presumption so childishly naive is the tides of history are about to sweep away the era of central banks, their fiat currencies and their rigged casino markets. That the global citizenry might realize these are all forms of financial tyranny doesn’t occur to to the Financial Aristocracy, which has luxuriated in the neofeudal dominance of finance–the modern-era equivalent of Monarchy and the rights of royalty... With FedNow, the Fed will be able to create trillions of dollars out of thin air and distribute the trillions directly into household accounts at the Fed. The idea here is that an economy that is no longer financially viable can be propped up indefinitely by Fed free money; all we need to do is bypass the obsolete private banking sector (sorry about that, buckos) and the equally obsolete shards of totalitarian democracy (Congress, the presidency, etc.) and stave off the revolt with endless free money… That endless free money stripped of the last vestiges of discipline will stoke an inflationary death spiral–well, we’ll worry about that tomorrow. The irony here is the Fed is only accelerating the demise of central banking, fiat currency and its rigged-casino stock market with its FedNow scheme to maintain its financial tyranny.”

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors lands Warner Bros. TV production deal – by Meg James – https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2020-10-15/black-lives-matter-patrisse-cullors-warner-bros-production-deal – “Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors has signed an overall production deal with Warner Bros. Television Group to create original programming that raises Black voices on streaming services and traditional TV channels… The multiyear agreement, announced Thursday, represents Cullors’ first overall production deal with a Hollywood studio. Building on her political activism, the Los Angeles native plans to work with the studio to develop scripted dramas and comedies, docuseries and animated programming for children, young adults and families…” (underlined emphasis added)Comment: Cullors is openly on the record as an avowed and specifically trained Marxist agent. One of Cullors’ BLM cofounders, Alicia Garza recently partnered with the CCP-linked group (i.e. a CCP agency), the “Chinese Progressive Association,” to fund lobbying operations in America. So this cadre of “change agents” now have a MULTI-YEAR propaganda megaphone to create “progamming” for young Americans unfortunate enough to want to watch U.S. commercial TV.

White House Health Adviser Censored by Twitter After Face Mask Tweet – by Andrew West – https://libertyhub.com/white-house-health-adviser-censored-by-twitter-after-face-mask-tweet/ – “Over the weekend, Twitter again made a controversial disciplinary decision, this time against a member of the White House’s coronavirus task force. .. Twitter removed a tweet on Sunday from one of President Donald Trump’s top coronavirus advisers, which said that masks do not prevent coronavirus spread…The tweet was replaced with a notice which said, ‘This tweet is no longer available,’ adding a link to Twitter’s rules and policies explaining why certain posts are removed…The now-deleted tweet, posted by Dr. Scott Atlas on Saturday, according to NBC News, read, ‘Masks work? NO: LA, Miami, Hawaii, Alabama, France, Phlippnes, UK, Spain, Israel. WHO:”widesprd use not supported” + many harms; Heneghan/Oxf CEBM:”despite decades, considerble uncertainty re value”; CDC rvw May:”no sig red’n in inflnz transm’n”; learn why.’.. Atlas wrote in a second tweet that day that the “right” policy is Trump’s guideline: ‘use masks for their intended purpose, when close to others, especially high risk. Otherwise, social distance. No widespread mandates.’ ”

Britannic Impunity: The UK Overseas Operations Bill – by Dr. Binoy Kampmark – https://southfront.org/britannic-impunity-the-uk-overseas-operations-bill/ – “Veterans minister Johnny Mercer had his lines in order, and they were not particularly convincing. “This legislation is not about providing an amnesty or putting troops above the law but protecting them from lawyers intent on rewriting history to line their own pockets.” For Mercer, Britannia is exceptional, a cut above the rest, suggesting, in the lingering wisdom of British imperialism, that they are just a bit more exceptional in hypocrisy than others… The Bill has a particularly odious provision that serves to impose a five year time limit on prosecuting crimes that span offences committed by UK personnel while serving in overseas theatres, including a whole range of reprehensible offences, potentially including genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Operations “dealing with terrorism” and peacekeeping endeavours will also be covered… What is being proposed is, in effect, a statute of limitations on grave criminality, a presumption against prosecution. Out with such solemn declarations that genocide is so reprehensible a crime as to defy time itself. In with more practical, paperwork limitations shielding abuses from legal review… To round it all off, Part II of the Bill also adds a time bar on civil claims against the Ministry of Defence by both survivors of torture and UK soldiers themselves who might have a grievance with their employer. Claimants will also be barred by the time limit despite being unlawfully detained or impeded in bringing forth their actions.”

And So it Begins – YouTube Purges THOUSANDS of Channels to Silence Dissent – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/and-so-it-begins-youtube-purges-thousands-of-channels-to-silence-dissent/Comment: 1984 was not intended as a guidebook..

“Guillotines, Motherf*cker”: Colorado Democratic Committee Member Caught On Hidden Camera Talking Violent Revolution – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/guillotines-motherfcker-colorado-democratic-committee-member-caught-hidden-camera – Prominent Colorado Democrat Khristopher Jacks, who sits on the executive committee for the state’s Democratic party and chairman of leftist organization “Our Revolution” was caught on undercover footage by Project Veritas promoting a violent agenda for far-left Democrats if President Trump wins in November... ‘I am going to do everything morally acceptable to win. I will lie. I will cheat. I will steal. Because that’s morally acceptable in this political environment. Absolutely. We are pirates on a pirate ship,’ said Jacks, who functions as trainer, mentor and on-the-ground quarterback at Our Revolution protests… ‘I want to make this point very loudly and very clearly. I said it nicely before, but I’ll say it more curtly now. 2020 is a political revolution,’ he added… If Trump wins the November election, ‘I’m gonna be in my garage, right next to my gun safe, all night long, on the 3rd, because that is how seriously I take this stuff,’ said Jacks… Jacks claims the left is “armed and ready to go” in the event of civil war, adding ‘there’s a reason you guys feared the Communists more than you feared the Nazis.’ ” – Note: Mr. Jacks deleted his Twitter account within an hour of the release of Project Veritas’ report, and has been suspended from the Executive Committee of the Colorado Democratic Party.

Bill Gates Warns “World Won’t Return To Normal” Until “Second Generation” Of COVID-19 Super-Vaccines Arrives (with full 27 min <nauseating> interview of gates by NBC) – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/bill-gates-warns-world-wont-return-normal-until-second-generation-covid-19-super – “As the number of trial halts involving experimental COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics grows, public policymakers, the scientific community, and billionaires like Bill Gates are becoming increasingly worried about an issue that analysts from Goldman Sachs raised in a recent research note, where they warned that the biggest obstacle to eradicating COVID-19 could be convincing everyone to take the vaccines.… So after doing his part to sow doubt about the reliability of President Trump’s FDA, Microsoft founder Bill Gates is now doing a series of interviews to tout his foundation’s collaboration with the WHO (which aims to provide vaccine doses to everyone in need across the developing world) and urge his audience to stop worrying and accept the vaccine, as soon as it’s available (for the record, Gates said recently that he expects vaccines to be widely available by the end of next year, though he qualified that by acknowledging that the efficacy of vaccines is still unknown)… In an interview with NBC news last night, Gates warned that the world “won’t return to normal” until “a lot of people” take a second “super-effective” coronavirus vaccine that could be years away… ‘The only way we’ll get completely back to normal is by having, maybe not the first generation of vaccines, but eventually a vaccine that is super-effective, and that a lot of the people take, and that we get the disease eliminated on a global basis,’ said Gates… We won’t be able to “build back in a positive way” until then, Gates said.”

Antifa Is Real, It’s Violent, And You Need To Plan For It… – by Simon Black – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/antifa-real-its-violent-and-you-need-plan-it – “Hundreds of people dressed in all black, covered their faces, and armed themselves with shields and nightsticks. They marched their way through the city, smashed windows, and forced any witnesses to stop filming and delete photographs… A man who filmed from his apartment’s terrace had lasers shined in his eyes and was doused in some sort of liquid… The protesters tore down statues of Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. They smashed the windows of the Oregon Historical Society building, and unfurled a banner that said “stop honoring racist colonizer murderers.”.. Police did not even attempt to intervene until the rioters had been on the streets for hours and had already caused havoc and destruction… (Ironically, much of the mainstream media still refuses to acknowledge that this group ‘antifa’– the fascists who call themselves anti-fascists– even exists.).. It’s obvious that a small, fringe, ideological minority has started to take control.”

Turkey Deployed Large Armored Force In Syria’s Greater Idlib (Video) – https://southfront.org/turkey-deployed-large-armored-force-in-syrias-greater-idlib-video/ – “A commander in the Syrian National Army told Jesr Press that the deployment of Turkish reinforcement is a protective measure… ‘The Russians usually initiate military operations in the winter. As a matter of being prepared for any eventuality, we, with our Turkish allies, are taking all kinds of preventive measures,’ the commander, whose name was not mentioned, said… Greater Idlib appears to be heading to a new escalation. Earlier today, a series of Russian airstrikes wiped out several training camps and headquarters of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, which control the region… The Turkish military has a large, heavily-armed force deployed in more than 60 fortified posts throughout Greater Idlib. Air-defense systems were also installed there.”

All It Takes Is a Spark: Syrian Wildfires Turn Olive Trees into Ashes – by Steven Sahiouniehttps://www.globalresearch.ca/syrian-wildfires-turn-olive-trees-ashes/5726534 – “Latakia: Friday morning in the coastal city of Latakia, Syria seemed normal at first. Even though the October weather was still far hotter than normal, not many noticed the unusually strong winds wiping through the countryside, filled with olives, citrus, and various fruit and nut trees. The usual cooler, humid breezes blowing eastwards from the Mediterranean were replaced by a westerly wind blowing out to sea in a sudden reversal of normal weather patterns… The olive trees were heavy and ready to be harvested. In a usual year, there would already have been at least one prior drenching rain, and that last rain before harvest adds moisture to each olive. However, this year was different, as global climate change took deadly hold in the eastern Mediterranean region… Syrians face the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, economic despair, lack of electricity, severe gasoline shortages, and now the loss of olive crops which not only bring income but are a traditional food source for farming families along the Syrian coast… The Ministry of Agriculture had previously expected to produce 850,000 tons of olives this season from more than 87 million trees, said Engineer Muhammad Habu in August. Possibly more than 9,000 hectares of forests and agricultural lands burned between Friday and Saturday, while three people had died due to the fires, and 70 were treated at local hospitals with breathing difficulties.”

Biochemistry Debunks Corona (50 min) – from SpaceBusters Youtube channel – Health is largely a matter of the ways we live…


Surprising science — There’s no such thing as clean energy – from the Center for Environmental Research & Earth Sciences – https://medium.com/@ronan_51814/surprising-science-theres-no-such-thing-as-clean-energy-9f6f02081c0 – “A meticulous new review published in the scientific journal, Energies, conducted by a team of Irish and US-based researchers including CERES researchers, raises surprising and unsettling questions about the feasibility and the environmental impacts of the transition to renewable energy sources. Concern for climate change has driven massive investment in new “green energy” policies intended to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other environmental impacts from the fossil fuel industry. The world spent US$3,660 billion on climate change projects over the eight-year period 2011–2018. A total of 55% of this sum was spent on solar and wind energy, while only 5% was spent on adapting to the impacts of extreme weather events… The researchers discovered that renewable energy sources sometimes contribute to problems they were designed to solve. For example, a series of international studies have found that both wind and solar farms are themselves causing local climate change. Wind farms increase the temperature of the soil beneath them, and this warming causes soil microbes to release more carbon dioxide. So, ironically, while wind energy might be partially reducing human “carbon emissions”, it is also increasing the “carbon emissions” from natural sources.”

Opaque, Unaccountable: Dangers of the New COVID Bio-Security Complex – by Patrick Henningsen – https://21stcenturywire.com/2020/10/13/opaque-and-aloof-dangers-of-the-new-covid-bio-security-complex/ – “Just as with the global war on terror, governments have now erected an entirely new level within the ever-expanding national security state. In the UK, it’s called the Joint Bio Security Centre (JBC), formed in July, and already a £9 billion operation. Expect that number to grow substantially as the security complex discovers new and more complex systems required to keep pace with a new global bio surveillance and biological arms race… ‘Led by a senior spy, the JBC does not publish details of its deliberations, the sources of its evidence or its key personnel. Nevertheless, its advice to ministers is understood to have guided recent decisions on where to enforce the local lockdowns affecting millions of people across the country,’ said The Telegraph.… Is COVID really so deadly that the state needs to reconfigure all of its public health agencies under a new command and control hierarchy? Indeed, many asked the same question about al-Qaeda 20 years ago.” – Comment: Very good information and analysis of the further roll-out of the Public Health Tyranny in the UK, by Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire

BREAKING: Whistleblower Drops HARD Evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6, Audio Proof (29 min) – report from Gary Franchi of Next News – Comment: This story is getting legs fast.


Virus Could Push 150 Million People Into Extreme Poverty – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/virus-could-push-150-million-people-extreme-poverty – “According to the report, for the first time in two decades, the virus pandemic, compounded by the effects of climate change, are slowing poverty reduction progress, resulting in an additional 88 million to 115 million people falling into extreme poverty this year, with total estimates of 150 million in 2021, depending on the economic recovery shape… The biennial Poverty and Shared Prosperity Report defines “extreme poverty” as living on less than $1.90 per day, which is likely to affect between 9.1%-9.4% of the world’s population this year. With the world’s poverty rate expected to rise this year, it would mean extreme poverty is at 2017’s 9.2% level, marking the first rise in the poverty rate in two decades. The rate was expected to drop to 7.5% by 2021 before the coronavirus pandemic.” – Comment: Let’s just be frank for a moment: It’s not the “Virus” that is doing the pushing. It’s the demonstrably demented responses of the Pathocrats with their edicted shutdowns.

Australian Media Finally Calls Out Davos ‘Great Reset’ Agenda – by Patrick Henningsen – https://21stcenturywire.com/2020/10/12/australian-media-calling-out-davos-great-reset-agenda/ – “This week, Sky News Australia contributor and former Australian Senator Cory Bernardi, tore open the debate on COVID after calling out a globalist agenda which few in mainstream media have dared to mention so far… Since lockdowns began in March of 2020, few have challenged the government rationale for voluntarily imploding their economies and destroying communities and societies – based on a guess that coronavirus might kill tens of millions of citizens… However, Bernardi believes that the COVID-19 pandemic hysteria is being used as the Trojan horse for a globalist agenda hatched out of the World Economic Forum in Davos. It’s called The Great Reset, and its designed by elite billionaires supposedly to bring about ‘social and economic change.’.. ‘There is something unusual about the continuing pandemic panic,’ said Bernardi… ‘Medical experts now acknowledge that lockdowns don’t work….Now none of that makes any sense until you open your mind to consider if there is another agenda at work.’ ”

Which Came First: Loans Or Deposits? An Unexpected Answer From JPMorgan’s Balance Sheet – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/which-came-first-loans-or-deposits-unexpected-answer-jpmorgans-balance-sheet – “While we will update this analysis when we get the deposit and loan data from the remaining money-center banks such as BofA and Wells later this week, the pattern is clear: there are now far more deposits than there are loans in the US banking system… This is a problem because most conventional monetarists will argue that loans always come first, and only then do banks receive deposits. Well, clearly that’s no longer the case, and on its surface, the JPM data would suggest that the conventional process of deposit creation via loans is terminally broken.”

Yet another case of the missing virus; they lied and locked down the world – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/10/13/yet-another-case-of-the-missing-virus-they-lied-and-locked-down-the-world/ – “I’ve been exposing the fact that the CDC, in July of this year, admitted, in a document, that… They didn’t have the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It wasn’t “available.”.. This means they couldn’t obtain an isolated specimen of the virus. There is only one reason why… The virus hasn’t been isolated. And THAT means no one has proved it exists… And now, I’ve discovered ANOTHER key document. This one apparently formed the basis for the first PCR test aimed at detecting the COVID virus all over the world… READ WHAT THIS STUDY SAYS. These quotes should be engraved in stone above the entrance to a museum dedicated to the history of medical fraud… ‘We aimed to develop and deploy robust diagnostic methodology for use in public health laboratory settings without having virus material available.’.. TRANSLATION: We want to develop a test to detect the new COVID virus without having the virus.”

Our Simulacrum Economy – Not Fake, But Profoundly Unstable – by Charles Hugh Smith – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/our-simulacrum-economy – “Contrast this authentic form of capitalism with the monopoly-finance-state version we inhabit, a simulacrum of authentic capitalism that retains enough superficial similarities to the original that the vast majority of participants don’t even realize that their experience of this simulacrum is entirely different from an experience of authentic capitalism… Rather than draw benefits from this hyper-real monopoly-finance-state version, the vast majority of participants are exploited, as the value of their labor and capital is extracted by the simulacrum version of “capitalism” which divvies up the extracted value between the monopolies / cartels who control most of the valuable economic activity, the financial sector that parasitically feeds on the real economy and the state, which extracts wealth to feed its vast network of dependents, enforcers and minders of the entire system… In this hyper-real simulacrum, a vast fortune is never more than a couple of stock gambles, TikTok clips or YouTube videos away. Or for those wary of the casino, the enormous mortgage taken on for life promises access to the riches of the Everything BubbleIn the hyper-real casino, everyone has access to the terrors of losing, but only a few know the joys of the rigged games that guarantee a few big winners by design and a fortunate few who stumbled into the game at a propitious moment.”

Is Warren Buffett the Wallet Behind Black Lives Matter? – by Sean Cooper – https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/warren-buffett-black-lives-matter – “If all these organizations and layers of administration seem a bit confusing and opaque, that is the point. Shuttling Black Lives Matter over to the Tides Network does more than shield Thousand Currents from intense inquiry. It allows BLM to join a massive repository of projects that can be administered behind extra layers of protection in the form of donor-advised funds, which allow donors to anonymously fund projects while still reaping tax benefits, and multiple organizational shells which include the Tides Network, Tides Center, Tides Foundation, and a slew of other incorporated nonprofit shell organizations which are housed within a single institutional silo. There, they are overseen by a small band of executives who operate with virtually no outside scrutiny—and can coordinate and leverage the political, social, and financial opportunities that these projects create for whatever forms of gain their donors decide to prioritize.”

Bill To ‘Combat Biodiversity and Climate Crises’ Fails in the Legislature, but Resurrected as Executive Order – Gov. Newsom issues Executive Order so similar to failed climate bill – by Chris Micheli – https://californiaglobe.com/fr/bill-to-combat-biodiversity-and-climate-crises-fails-in-the-legislature-but-resurrected-as-executive-order/ – “Two bills would have established new land, water, and ocean protection goals, including to protect 30 percent of the state’s land areas and water by 2030… Assembly Bill 3030, by Assembly Member Ash Kalra (D-San Jose), as well as AB 2954, by Assembly Member Robert Rivas (D-San Benito), passed the State Assembly but was held on the Senate Appropriations Committee’s Suspense File in mid-August and therefore failed passage in the recently-concluded 2020 Legislative Session. Nonetheless, on October 7, Governor Newsom issued EO-N-82-20 which sounds very similar to the provisions of AB 3030.”

European Oil Companies Will Not Tolerate Poland’s Attempt to Cancel Nord Stream 2 – by Paul Antonopoulos – https://www.globalresearch.ca/european-oil-companies-not-tolerate-poland-attempt-cancel-nord-stream-2/5726344 – “Poland plays the main role in trying to cancel Nord Stream 2 and the decision by UOKiK is just another push to finally get Europe to abandon the pipeline project. According to a joint declaration by France and Germany, measures are currently being prepared for those alleged to be responsible in the Navalny case and their participation in the so-called Novichok program… Despite these measures, Western Europe is bringing its energy project which is important for its own future out of the danger zone, while Poland is attracting even more displeasure from EU giants through its own operation. A penalty against Gazprom may be a Russian problem, but fines against leading corporations from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Austria are guaranteed to leave many of Europe’s biggest capitalist angered. The effort Warsaw is making to thwart Nord Stream 2 is visibly turning opposite to what they expected as there is little doubt the Nord Stream 2 project will come to fruition and completion.”

The Brief: Will President Trump contracting the Coronavirus affect the US presidential election? (34 min) – Jeffrey Tucker demolishes MSM Lockdown defender.

For the Week of 10/5/20:

Ex-OPCW chief Jose Bustani reads Syria testimony that US, UK blocked at UN – by Aaron Maté – https://thegrayzone.com/2020/10/05/ex-opcw-chief-jose-bustani-reads-syria-testimony-that-us-uk-blocked-at-un/ – “Jose Bustani was invited to brief the Security Council on the OPCW’s cover-up of an investigation into an alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria in April 2018. The US, UK, and France bombed Syria after accusing the Syrian government of dropping toxic gas in Douma. OPCW inspectors later found evidence that undermined the official narrative, but were censored by their superiors under US pressure… In his comments, Bustani voices support for the OPCW inspectors and urges the current Director General, Fernando Arias, to let them air their suppressed evidence in a transparent manner… ‘Regardless of whether or not there is substance to the concerns raised about the OPCW’s behaviour in the Douma investigation, hearing what your own inspectors have to say would be an important first step in mending the Organisation’s damaged reputation. The dissenting inspectors are not claiming to be right, but they do want to be given a fair hearing.’ ”

WHO Flip-Flops: Urges World Leaders To Stop Using Lockdowns To Fight COVID Contagion – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/who-flip-flops-urges-world-leaders-stop-using-lockdowns-fight-covid-contagion – “Nabarro pointed to the collateral damage that lockdowns are having worldwide, especially among poorer populations… ‘Just look at what’s happened to the tourism industry, for example in the Caribbean or in the Pacific, because people aren’t taking their holidays. Look what’s happened to smallholder farmers all over the world because their markets have got dented. Look what’s happening to poverty levels. It seems that we may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year. Seems that we may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition because children are not getting meals at school and their parents, in poor families, are not able to afford it,’ Nabarro said… ‘This is a terrible, ghastly global catastrophe actually,’ he added. ‘And so we really do appeal to all world leaders: Stop using lockdown as your primary control method, develop better systems for doing it, work together and learn from each other, but remember – lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer.’ ” (underlined emphasis added)

Joe Biden Says Voters ‘Don’t Deserve’ to Know His Stance on Packing Supreme Court – by Jay Greenberg – https://neonnettle.com/news/12864-joe-biden-says-voters-don-t-deserve-to-know-his-stance-on-packing-supreme-court – “Biden was approached by KTNV reporter Ross DiMattei, who told the ex-VP that viewers were anxious to know if he supported expanding the Supreme Court to more than nine judges. ‘This is the number one thing that I’ve been asked about from viewers in the last couple of days,’ said DiMattei… ‘Well, you’ve been asked by the viewers who are probably Republicans,’ Biden responded… ‘Don’t the voters deserve to know where you stand on -‘ DiMattei started before he was cut off by Biden in the middle of his question… ‘No, they don’t deserve,’ Biden said before attempting to shift attention to President Trump and his administration.”

Poll Which Correctly Called 2016 Election Sees Another “Shocking” Outcome In November – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/poll-which-correctly-called-2016-election-sees-another-shocking-outcome-november – “With the help of Paul Hoffmeister, chief economist at Camelot Portfolios… With Election Day less than a month away, we look at which party will likely control the White House, Senate and House in 2020… and what to watch for on Election Night… Currently, the major polls give former Vice President Biden more than a 9-point lead nationally against President Trump – according to RealClearPolitics National Average… What about the the “winner” in the 2016 polling fiasco, the Democracy Institute, and its Latest Poll for September: ? Only asks likely voters, and asks about so-called ‘shy votes’. ? Trump leads Biden 46%-45%, nationally. ? Trump leads in swing states (FL, IA, MI, MN, PA, WI) 47% to 43%. ? Trump’s swing state leads would give him 320 electoral votes, and Biden 218. ? 77% of Trump voters would not admit to friends and family. ? Amy Coney Barrett nomination has little impact on approximately 8 in 10 voters. ? Law and order is top issue (32%). Economy is second (30%). ? Voters trust Trump more on economy than Biden: 60% to 40%, respectively… But wait, there’s more shocks, because according to Camelot, Republicans are also likely to retain their control of the Senate.”

Where Is The Compassion… – by Bill Rice, Jr. – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/where-compassion – “Where is compassion for the millions who’ve suffered harm from lockdowns?.. Like myself, I’m sure many Americans are starting to grow tired of being labeled “insensitive” or “uncaring” or lacking compassion because we are perceived as not caring about “at-risk” people who might contract the coronavirus… COVID has and will continue to claim lives, but 99.9 percent of the country’s population will NOT die from this virus… By now practically every family in the country has already experienced negative consequences or obvious harm … not from the virus, but from the policy responses to the virus. If normal activities continue to be prohibited, the number of Americans who will suffer life-altering hardships will approach 100 percent of our population… My question: Where’s the compassion for these hundreds of millions of people?

“Confusion Reigns” – by Michael Every – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/confusion-reigns – “Meanwhile, also very important at the margin is that last night the US imposed sweeping sanctions on another 18 Iranian banks, which now effectively cuts Iran off from the global financial system completely. The US may be a house divided at home, but abroad it is still capable of major action: critics say this US masterplan will backfire, but the campaign of maximum pressure continues. Markets must not forget that there are other countries potentially heading for similar treatment for a variety of different reasons – some of their currencies are recognising it, while one is merrily going on its way as if that kind of thing can’t happen to it. Quite the Masterminds at work there answering the previous question of financial inflows rather than the current one of (more) potential sanctions…Of course, whether you are long or short MXN or RUB, as just two examples, is now very dependent on what you think is going to happen on 3 November; which is why you have to keep looking at the election campaign in all its shambolic glory.”

Left Wing Conspiracy Theories Go Mainstream, All Others Banned – Going Down The Rabbit Hole – by Tom Williams – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/left-wing-conspiracy-theories-go-mainstream-all-others-banned-going-down-rabbit-hole – “All these events have driven many to speculate, and yes, driven many of the conspiracy theories (sometimes parading as truth) we see in the media. Who doesn’t like going down a rabbit hole for a really good juicy story? Part of investigative reporting does involve a bit of speculation (making a hypothesis and then seeking truth to prove or not prove), often called conspiracy theories. One can see the odd things in the news and try to smell “rats” to then expose them. So critical thinking on news events is not necessarily bad. However, one does need to keep a level head to find the truth and not use them to drive a political agenda. So all conspiracy theories are not necessarily false… And now the latest left-wing conspiracy theory concerning the diagnosis of President Trump’s COVID-19 infection… Left-wing activist Michael Moore has floated a conspiracy theory on his Facebook page that suggested that Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis was fake. Moore justified his skepticism of Trump’s diagnosis by citing the supposed president’s many lies and incorrect statements… And what of right-wing conspiracy theories? Facebook and Twitter promised to stop encouraging the growth of the “baseless” conspiracy theory QAnon, which fashions President Donald Trump as a secret warrior, against child-trafficking rings run by celebrities and government officials, after it reached an audience of millions on their platforms this year. But the social media companies still are having difficulties to stem the tide of what they deem “dangerous” QAnon material. A review by The Associated Press found that both platforms have vowed to stop “suggesting” QAnon material to users, a powerful way of introducing QAnon to new people. Facebook will ban any ads supporting QAnon and militarized social movements.”

840,000 Americans Filed For First-Time Unemployment Benefits Last Week – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/840000-americans-filed-first-time-unemployment-benefits-last-week – “840,000 Americans filed for first time unemployment benefits last week – worse than the 820k expectation, but slightly better than the upwardly revised 849k the prior week… This is still over four times higher than the pre-COVID levels… We also note that while aggregate jobless claims fell, Pandemic Emergency Claims (blue region) increased last week…

DoubleLine: The Pandora’s Box Of Fed’s Digital Currency Will Ignite An “Inflationary Conflagration” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/doubleline-pandoras-box-fed-digital-currency-will-ignite-inflationary-conflagration – “That’s why we were happy to read that none other than Jeff Gundlach’s DoubleLine, one of the highest profile asset managers today, published a paper authored by fixed income portolio manager Bill Campbell exposing what it called “The Pandora’s Box of Central Bank Digital Currencies”, in which it echoed our claims, writing that “such a mechanism could open veritable floodgates of liquidity into the consumer economy and accelerate the rate of inflation. While central banks have been trying without success to increase inflation for the past decade, the temptation to put CBDCs into effect might be very strong among policymakersThe temptations of CBDCs are not limited to excesses in monetary policy. CBDCs also appear to be an effective mechanism for bypassing the taxation, debt issuance and spending prerogatives of government to implement a quasi-fiscal policy. Imagine, for example, the ease of enacting Modern Monetary Theory via CBDCs. With CBDCs, the central banks would possess the necessary plumbing to directly deliver a digital currency to individuals’ bank accounts, ready to be spent via debit cards.’.. Which, of course, is precisely the intention and not only the beginning of the end of fiat and paper currencies but also the catalyst that will send alternative assets and especially gold soaring.”

A Hard Rain Is Going To Fall – by Charles Hugh Smith – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/hard-rain-going-fall – “Which brings us to the present and America’s dependence on the sandcastles of monopoly, corruption, free money and a two-tier legal/political system. You know, BAU–business as usual. A hard rain’s a-gonna fall on these sand castles because, well, the end of unsustainable stuff has just gotta happen, as the man said… Here’s the problem with monopoly, corruption, free money and a two-tier legal/political system: they impoverish and diminish everyone who isn’t an insider or in the top 10% Protected Class, as these are institutionalized forms of legalized looting: monopolies and cartels raise costs by smothering competition, corruption is a hidden tax on everyone not at the feeding trough, free money devalues the dollar, robbing everyone forced to use it, and a two-tier legal system enriches the few (corporate criminals never go to prison) and undermines the social contract via blatant unfairness and lack of justice… As for the two-tier political system: monopoly, corruption and Fed free money have undermined democracy. Regardless of who wins the election, lobbyists and billionaires will still dominate the day-to-day business of political pay-to-play… A hard rain’s a-gonna fall on over-capacity and debt-dependent spending. Free money for financiers constructed a fragile sandcastle of too much of everything but actual value, so now the status quo frantically seeks to protect every melting sandcastle of over-capacity.”

On The Destruction Of The World Economy By The Central Banks – by Tuomas Malinen – “For years, we have been warning about dire consequences if central banks continue to meddle in the economy and financial markets. In December 2013, we wrote: ‘There is a serious possibility that the measures taken by the central banks have already created a situation in which their actions increase rather than decrease financial instability. This is due to the fact that, if the actual price of an asset does not meet its marketbased value, the true level of risk is not properly revealed… During the “Coronavirus rescue” by the major central banks from March through June of this year, we essentially ran down the clock. No viable paths remain to escape the vicious feedback loop between central banks and financial markets – at least without serious repercussions… Over the years, central banks have created conditions where prices in capital markets—and by implication, the resulting capital allocation structure—have become distorted to a previously unimaginable degree… Price discovery in the modern capital markets is essential to accurately evaluate the risk-and-reward relationship of both real economic investments as well as those of financial assets. Price discovery thus guides the efficient allocation of capital to its most profitable employment, based on the information gathered by millions of investors. This idea is part of the bedrock of capitalist theory.”

Did The WHO Just (Accidentally) Confirm COVID Is No More Dangerous Than Flu? – by Kit Knightly – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/did-who-just-accidentally-confirm-covid-no-more-dangerous-flu – “The global population is roughly 7.8 billion people, if 10% have been infected that is 780 million cases. The global death toll currently attributed to Sars-Cov-2 infections is 1,061,539That’s an infection fatality rate of roughly or 0.14%... Right in line with seasonal flu and the predictions of many experts from all around the world… 0.14% is over 24 times LOWER than the WHO’s “provisional figure” of 3.4% back in March. This figure was used in the models which were used to justify lockdowns and other draconian policies… In fact, given the over-reporting of alleged Covid deaths, the IFR is likely even lower than 0.14%, and could show Covid to be much less dangerous than flu… None of the mainstream press picked up on this. Though many outlets reported Dr Ryan’s words, they all attempted to make it a scary headline and spread more panic… Apparently neither they, nor the WHO, were capable of doing the simple math that shows us this is good news. And that the Covid sceptics have been right all along.”

On “The Cabal” – from Dylan Louis Monroe, the man who created the Deep State Map Project: https://www.dylanlouismonroe.com/cult-of-baal.html – plus: Cult Of Baal Map FULLY EXPLAINED Interview with Dylan of Deep State Mapping Project: https://youtu.be/Oe4pMSRubkE

Doug Ford gov’t won’t deny COVID-19 quarantine camps are coming to Ontario, Canada (5 min) – from Rebel Media

Which Is Worse: King George III’s Stamp Act or Bill Gates III’s Digital Certificates? (35 min) – Narrated by Melissa Dykes, of Truthstream Media – Comment: Complying with this agenda could be the last mistake humanity, as we know it, may ever make.

Armenian President Says Turkey’s Erdogan Creating “Another Syria In The Caucasus” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/armenian-president-says-turkeys-erdogan-creating-another-syria-caucuses – “President Armen Sarkissian has charged that Turkey is creating “another Syria in the Caucasus” through its military and diplomatic support for Azerbaijan in the war for the autonomous ethnic Armenian breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh… ‘If we don’t act now internationally, stopping Turkey?.?.?.?with the perspective of making this region a new Syria?.?.?.?then everyone will be hit,’ he said to the Financial Times in a new interview…He further urged an international effort to stop the aggression which he said was fueled by Turkey, which he called “the bully of the region”… ‘We need more effort to stop this,’ Presdient Sarkissian said. ‘And the focus of the efforts should be Turkey. The moment Turkey is taken out of the equation, we will be closer to a ceasefire and returning to the negotiation table.’.. ‘What is a Nato member state doing in Azerbaijan helping to fight Nagorno-Karabakh? Explain to me,’ he questioned. ‘That completely redefines the role of Nato.’ ”

Jim Bianco Warns The Coming Surge In Inflation “Will Be A Game-Changer” – by Christoph Gisiger – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/jim-bianco-warns-coming-surge-inflation-will-be-game-changer – “There are already signs that the recovery is slowing. What’s the current state of the US economy?.. ‘According to high frequency data such as initial claims, restaurant bookings and mobility indicators, the economy bottomed in late March/early April, just like the stock market did. But then, around mid-July to early August, the recovery stalled. It’s not reversing, but it stopped getting better. We know that real GDP growth in the second quarter was the worst ever recorded at -31.4%. And we know that Q3 should be the best ever recovered with estimates near +28%. So we’ve gotten back around two thirds of the loss during the shot down.’.. What should be expected next?.. ‘Now, the recovery has stalled. Back in June, the consensus was expecting a massive growth quarter for Q4 of more than 11%. This forecast has been falling hard and is now just 3.6%. While 3.6% is a decent quarter, there are no assurances this forecast is done falling. The quarter is only seven days old and some economists are openly talking about Q4 being another negative growth quarter.” – Comment: This is just a small sampling of a very good, IMO, “mainstream” analysis of the present moment politically and financially – well observed and expressed.

The Smoking Gun: Where is the coronavirus? The CDC says it isn’t available. – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/10/08/the-smoking-gun-where-is-the-coronavirus-the-cdc-says-it-isnt-available/ – “The CDC document is titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It is dated July 13, 2020… Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this: ‘Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…’.. The key phrase there is: ‘Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…’.. Every object that exists can be quantified, which is to say, measured. The use of the term “quantified” in that phrase means: the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, because it is unavailable. THE CDC HAS NO VIRUS… A further tip-off is the use of the word ‘isolates.” This means NO ISOLATED VIRUS IS AVAILABLE… Another way to put it: NO ONE HAS AN ISOLATED SPECIMEN OF THE COVID-19 VIRUS.”

Orders from the Top: The EU’s Timetable for Dismantling End-to-End Encryption – by Danny O’Brien – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/10/orders-from-the-top-the-eus-timetable-for-dismantling-end-to-end-encryption.html – “Now lobbying has moved from the U.S., where Congress has been largely paralyzed by the nation’s polarization problems, to the European Union—where advocates for anti-encryption laws hope to have a smoother ride. A series of leaked documents from the EU’s highest institutions show a blueprint for how they intend to make that happen, with the apparent intention of presenting anti-encryption law to the European Parliament within the next year… The public signs of this shift in the EU—which until now has been largely supportive toward privacy-protecting technologies like end-to-end encryption—began in June with a speech by Ylva Johansson, the EU’s Commissioner for Home Affairs… Speaking at a webinar on “Preventing and combating child sexual abuse [and] exploitation”, Johansson called for a “technical solution” to what she described as the “problem” of encryption, and announced that her office had initiated ‘a special group of experts from academia, government, civil society and business to find ways of detecting and reporting encrypted child sexual abuse material.’.. The subsequent report was subsequently leaked to Politico. It includes a laundry list of tortuous ways to achieve the impossible: allowing government access to encrypted data, without somehow breaking encryption.”

Crimes against Humanity (49 min) – by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Dr. Fuellmich details how the four-member German Corona Investigative Committee is working to bring the world’s largest tort case against the perpetrators of the Coronavirus Pandemic Fraud.


The New Model: Communitarianism (43 min) – from Book of Ours channel – Comment: This is an interesting video, with a very well written script, particularly for the first half of the video or so. It includes a very nuanced explanation of the nature and goals of Communitarianism (contemporary communism), as well as somewhat of an explanation of where it has come from. Highly Recommended.

The Microchip Is HERE: DARPA Biochip To ‘Save’ Us From COVID Can Control Human DNA – by Robert Wheeler – https://www.wakingtimes.com/2020/10/05/the-microchip-is-here-darpa-biochip-to-save-us-from-covid-can-control-human-dna/ – “Once firmly implanted inside the body, human cells are at the mercy of any mRNA program delivered via this substrate, unleashing a nightmare of possibilities. It is, perhaps, the first true step towards full-on transhumanism. (Source)Patrick Tucker of Defense One goes into a few more specifics of how the biochip works. He describes it as follows: ‘The sensor has two parts. One is a 3mm string of hydrogel, a material whose network of polymer chains is used in some contact lenses and other implants. Inserted under the skin with a syringe, the string includes a specially engineered molecule that sends a fluorescent signal outside of the body when the body begins to fight an infection. The other part is an electronic component attached to the skin. It sends light through the skin, detects the fluorescent signal and generates another signal that the wearer can send to a doctor, website, etc. It’s like a blood lab on the skin that can pick up the body’s response to illness before the presence of other symptoms, like coughing.’.. You won’t be surprised by who supports this.” (underlined emphasis added)

Goldman Sets The Stage For Climate Change Taxes Under A Biden Administration – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/goldman-sets-stage-climate-change-taxes-under-biden-administration – “But wait there’s more, because in addition to carbon taxes, Goldman also recommends “Green subsidies” which would go a long way to further “cutting emissions”: ‘While a 35% cut in emissions would be far from sufficient to achieve a mid-century net zero target, the combination of a $50 carbon tax with clean energy subsidies in areas such as renewables, electric cars, and batteries could be quite powerful…In the short run, subsidies promoting, for example, solar installation or electric vehicles purchases, should reduce emissions as clean alternatives replace carbon-intensive products. Using estimates from the research literature of the effectiveness of energy subsidies at reducing emissions and assuming that this effectiveness increases over time with technological progress, we estimate a 10% decline in CO2 emissions from an increase in green energy subsidies worth 0.5% of GDP.9 For context, such an increase in green subsidies would take global subsidies as a share of GDP slightly beyond the 2017 EU level and is roughly consistent with 20% of the Biden climate plan being spent on green energy subsidies.’ ”

Trump health official meets with doctors pushing herd immunity – by Jessie Hellmann – https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/519727-trump-health-official-meets-with-doctors-pushing-herd-immunity – “Martin Kulldorff, a professor at Harvard; Sunetra Gupta, a professor at Oxford; and Jay Bhattacharya, a professor at Stanford, all of whom are epidemiologists studying infectious diseases, were invited to the meeting by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and Scott Atlas, an adviser to Trump on whom other experts have cast doubt for his statements about COVID-19, including his endorsement of herd immunity… In the meeting, the three doctors told Azar that allowing the virus to spread uncontrolled among young, healthy people while protecting older adults and those at higher risk for serious illness would build up enough population immunity to stop it from spreading widely while avoiding lockdowns and other mitigation measures that have had a damaging impact on the economy.”

Operation Warp Speed is Using a CIA-Linked Contractor to Keep Covid-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret – by Whitney Webb – https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/operation-warp-speed-is-using-a-cia-linked-contractor-to-keep-covid-19-vaccine-contracts-secret/ – “Last Tuesday, while most Americans were distracted by the first US presidential debate, NPR quietly reported that the US government’s Operation Warp Speed, a public-private partnership launched by the Trump administration to rapidly develop and distribute a Covid-19 vaccine, had taken the unusual step of awarding contracts to vaccine companies, not directly, but through a secretive defense contractor… Though NPR named the defense contractor—South Carolina–based Advanced Technology International—they declined to explore the company’s deep ties to the CIA, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense and how ATI is helping to lead those agencies’ efforts to militarize health care and create a surveillance panopticon that not only monitors the world around us but our physiology as well… The “secret” vaccine contracts awarded through ATI as part of Warp Speed total approximately $6 billion, accounting for the majority of Operation Warp Speed’s $10 billion budget. Both Paul Mango, Health and Human Services’ deputy chief of staff for policy, and Robert Kadlec, HHS assistant secretary for preparedness and response (ASPR), personally signed off on the contracts.”

Our (un)civil war escalates towards the real thing – America is in throes of unrest unlike any in our 244-year history – by Michael Rectenwald – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55683.htm – “Among the ground forces in both camps, some informed and some merely inflamed by baseless rhetoric, hostility has reached fever pitch. According to Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service, 83 percent of Americans believe that behavior once considered unacceptable is now deemed acceptable in the political sphere. Apparently, this behavior includes violence and threats of violence. Other studies found that 61 percent Americans polled believe the country is headed inexorably towards civil war. Other reports indicate that a nearly equal number of Democrats and Republicans (33 percent and 34 percent, respectively) believe that violence will be justified if their side loses the impending presidential election, up from just eight percent on both sides who believed that three years ago… The ‘left’ justifies its campaign of violence given the supposedly disproportionate unjustified police violence against blacks. The ‘right’ justifies its pondered response as necessary self-defense and defense of the nation after months of almost unhampered rampages.”

Explosive Stakes On Armenia-Azerbaijan Chessboard – Pulling Russia back into the Nagorno-Karabakh morass means more Turkish freedom of action in other war theaters.. – by Pepe Escobar – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55681.htm – “Mr. C advances the strong possibility – and I have heard echoes from Brussels – that ‘the EU and Russia find common cause to limit Azerbaijani gains (in large part because Erdogan is no one’s favorite guy, not just because of this but because of the Eastern Med, Syria, Libya).’.. That brings to the forefront the renewed importance of the UNSC in imposing a ceasefire. Washington’s role at the moment is quite intriguing. Of course, Trump has more important things to do at the moment. Moreover, the Armenian diaspora in the US swings drastically pro-Democrat… Then, to round it all up, there’s the all-important Iran-Armenia relationship. Here is a forceful attempt to put it in perspective… As Mr. C stresses, ‘Iran favors Armenia, which is counter-intuitive at first sight. So the Iranians may help the Russians out (funneling supplies), but on the other hand they have a good relationship with Turkey, especially in the oil and gas smuggling business. And if they get too overt in their support, Trump has a casus belli to get involved and the Europeans may not like to end up on the same side as the Russians and the Iranians. It just looks bad. And the Europeans hate to look bad.’.. We inevitably come back to the point that the whole drama can be interpreted from the perspective of a NATO geopolitical hit against Russia – according to quite a few analyses circulating at the Duma.”

The Line in the Sand (4hr 37min) – Discussion on the Global Pandemic Exercise – from the New Earth Project / Reclaim Your Lives, featuring Sacha Stone, David Martin, Imani Mamalution, and with Dave Oneegs, Amanda Gore, Chef Pete Evans, Riccardo Bosi, Del Bigtree, Dr Aaron Lewis, Tom Brown, Bishop Rhea, Sandi Brown, Kevin Jenkins, Michael Tellenger, Chief Sylvester Gnakale, Dr Zach Bush, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Cordie Williams, Nurse Kate Shemarani, Professor Dolores Cahill, Mark Steele, Dr Christianne Northrup, Pam Popper, Reinette Senum, Dr Aaron Lewis, Dr Rashid Buttar, Tara Thornton, Susan Stanfield, Rocco Galati, Mikki Willis, G. Edward Griffin, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

James Corbett Breaks Down the Great Reset (37 min) – James is interviewed by Pete Quinones of Freeman Beyond the Wall.com – https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-1581-james-corbett-breaks-down-the-great-reset/

For the Week of 9/28/20:

‘Never Happened’: Cuomo Claims Coronavirus Patients Were Not Sent Back to Nursing Homes – by Alex Nester – https://freebeacon.com/coronavirus/never-happened-cuomo-claims-coronavirus-patients-were-not-sent-back-to-nursing-homes/ – “Cuomo said that despite a March 25 advisory issued by his administration barring nursing homes from denying admission to patients “solely based on a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19,” readmissions never took place. He claimed that, because the state “never needed” those nursing home beds, readmitting COVID-positive patients “just never happened.”.. Cuomo admitted his administration implemented the policy but said it was only an “anticipatory rule,” in case hospitals became overwhelmed with patients… As a result of the rule, however, nursing homes readmitted over 6,000 patients who tested positive for coronavirus between late March and early May… Nearly 6,500 New York nursing home patients have died of COVID-19 as of Sept. 28, accounting for about 20 percent of the state’s total coronavirus deaths (32,768). Some experts say that number could be higher, as the state health department does not count those who contracted the virus in a nursing home.”

To Dr. Scott Atlas (White House coronavirus advisor): Walter Reed doctors are endangering Trump’s life – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/10/03/walter-reed-doctors-are-endangering-trumps-life/ – “If media reports are correct, the president is receiving 2 experimental drugs: the antibody cocktail, Regeneron, and the antiviral, Remdesivir… Aside from their individual adverse effects… THESE DRUGS HAVE NEVER BEEN STUDIED FOR THEIR COMBINED EFFECTS ON A PATIENT. AND NOW THAT PATIENT…THE FIRST PATIENT RECEIVING THEM…IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES… You know the adverse effects of Remdesivir, Scott. They’re more than worrisome. Acute kidney injury, for example. And this drug has only emergency authorization, and it’s explicitly for patients who are SEVERE COVID cases. Trump is not a severe case. What’s going on? Why are the Walter Reed doctors piling on?.. The other drug, Regeneron, the antibody cocktail, synthesized versions of mouse and human antibodies, is still in clinical trials. There is NO authorization for its use… In past trials of antibody drugs, highly increased infection has occurred. Very dangerous.”

The Secret ‘Corona-Thrax’ Project & The Impending Bio False Flag (1hr 57min) – Whitney Web interviewed by Ryan Cristian of TheLastAmericanVagabond – Whitney and Ryan show compelling evidence pointing to global events we all may be experiencing, and perhaps soon.


California Gov Newsom Changes Reopening Rules Again, Adds Racial ‘Equity’ Measures – by Thomas Lifson – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/california-gov-newsom-changes-reopening-rules-again-adds-racial-equity-measures – “California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, who is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, is once again moving the goalposts in order to keep his state shut down, imposing irrelevant criteria to delay recovery. He has become an economic troll. With his state accounting for almost 15% of the national GDP, hobbling his state’s economy, even as counties are already starting to meet the criteria he set for relaxation of restrictions, depresses national output and employment statistics and thereby contributes to defeating President Trump… Newsom, who is becoming known to Californians as Newssolini, is really stretching to find excuses to keep businesses closed and Californians unemployed and reverting to race-pandering. Jennifer Van Laar of RedState writes: ‘Now that more counties are set to move out of the most restrictive tier, Newsom’s changed the game again and has added an “equity requirement” counties must also meet before they can move down a tier.‘ ”

Business Leaders Who Reject Woke Culture To Be ‘First People Lined Up Against The Wall And Shot In Revolution’: Ex-Twitter CEO – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/business-leaders-who-reject-woke-culture-be-first-people-lined-against-wall-and-shot – “If one needed any further evidence of Twitter’s far-left corporate culture, look no further than former CEO Dick Costolo – who went full Bolshevik in a Thursday Twitter rant warning that “me-first capitalists” who don’t agree with injecting political activism into the workplace will be “the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution,” adding “I’ll happily provide video commentary.”.. Costolo, a partner at Index Ventures and who sits on the board of Patreon (which got spanked in court for deplatforming conservatives), ran Twitter from 2010 to 2015.

California Gov Newsom Changes Reopening Rules Again, Adds Racial ‘Equity’ Measures – by Thomas Lifson – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/california-gov-newsom-changes-reopening-rules-again-adds-racial-equity-measures – “California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, who is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, is once again moving the goalposts in order to keep his state shut down, imposing irrelevant criteria to delay recovery. He has become an economic troll. With his state accounting for almost 15% of the national GDP, hobbling his state’s economy, even as counties are already starting to meet the criteria he set for relaxation of restrictions, depresses national output and employment statistics and thereby contributes to defeating President Trump… Newsom, who is becoming known to Californians as Newssolini, is really stretching to find excuses to keep businesses closed and Californians unemployed and reverting to race-pandering. Jennifer Van Laar of RedState writes: ‘Now that more counties are set to move out of the most restrictive tier, Newsom’s changed the game again and has added an “equity requirement” counties must also meet before they can move down a tier.‘ ”

Coronavirus vaccine trial subjects report extreme exhaustion, shortness of breath, day-long headaches and shaking so violently that one of them cracked a tooth – by Mike Adams – https://www.newstarget.com/2020-10-01-coronavirus-vaccine-trial-subjects-report-extreme-exhaustion-headaches-cracked-tooth.html – “It’s also clear that these trial participants are now being used as public relations puppets for the vaccine industry, and that’s a whole new, dangerous medical propaganda agenda that we haven’t seen before. When the trial participants enter the trials with a “pro-vaccine” cheerleading bias, they are likely to downplay the severity of the side effects they experience, and this causes the vaccine manufacturer to improperly assess the real adverse events associated with the vaccine… In effect, the “pro-science” human guinea pigs rig the trials by covering up for the vaccine side effects, allowing the vaccine manufacturers to achieve FDA approval for dangerous, toxic vaccines that may go on to injure or kill far more people than the pandemic itself… At some point, we all have to say, “If these people want to commit vaccine suicide, let them commit vaccine suicide,” because there’s nothing you can say to stop them. If they want to sacrifice their own lives in the name of “pro-science,” then that’s their free will choice.”

Hot Mic Moment: Lawmakers Admit Masks Are All “Political Theatre” – by Mac Slavo – https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/hot-mic-moment-lawmakers-admit-masks-are-all-political-theatre – “The admission that masks are nothing more than “political theatre,” took place yesterday. Just as Ullman was preparing to speak behind the podium on Tuesday at a press conference north of Philadelphia, Wolf can be heard off-camera to her left, saying: “So Wendy, I’m gonna take, I’m gonna take my mask off when I speak.”Ullman walked toward Wolf, off-camera, and said: “I will as well, just, I’m waiting so that we can do a little political theater.” Wolf replies, “OK,” and the two Democrats share a laugh. Ullman then walks back toward the podium and finishes her sentence, saying, “so that it’s on camera.”

“What’s Coming Next Will Not Be Pretty” – by Tom Luongo – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/luongo-whats-coming-next-will-not-be-pretty – “If not for trillions in liquidity sloshing around looking for a home this whole system would collapse overnight. And yet there is no escape from it collapsing at some point anyway… This is why the WEF’s Great Reset is happening. Those in power want to stay in power and remake the world in a different image. It’s becoming increasingly clear that COVID-19 is an excuse to introduce draconian lock downs to minimize the public’s outrage when they pull the plug on the current system… Dividing the population into those that submit to this state of affairs and those who don’t was useful data for them. They now know how much push back they will get from the people and how many newly-minted brown shirts and Karens they will have to help them remake the world for the ‘common good.’ ”

More Than One Million New Jerseyans To Become “Food Insecure” By Year-End – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/more-one-million-new-jerseyans-become-food-insecure-year-end – “The virus-induced economic downturn has triggered another kind of emergency that is unleashing food insecurity for millions of Americans. Food banks across the country have reported skyrocketing demand this year as widespread unemployment has crushed low-income households… According to a new report published by the Community FoodBank of New Jersey (CFBNJ), titled “COVID-19’s Impact on Food Insecurity in New Jersey,” statistical projections from Feeding America were used to anticipate more than one million New Jerseyans could suffer food insecurity this year… CFBNJ found residents of the Mid-Atlantic state who have limited access to food is expected to surge by more than 50% by the end of the year because of the unrelenting economic downturn. Statewide, people who experienced food insecurity could total 1.2 million, or about 13.5% of the state’s population.”

Barack Obama received a secret briefing about Trump that changed everything – by David Lindfield – https://newspushed.com/barack-obama-received-a-secret-briefing-about-trump-that-changed-everything/ – “With just over 30 days remaining until the Presidential Election, a massive bombshell (has) dropped… And it came at the worst possible time for the Democrats… Barack Obama received a secret briefing about Trump that changed everything… Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe dispatched a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham containing a number of stunning revelations… First, Ratcliffe revealed that on July 26, 2016 the intelligence community gained an “insight” into a Russian intelligence’ brief that Hillary Clinton authorized a smear campaign to frame Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians on hacked emails released to WikiLeaks… Ratcliffe also wrote that former CIA Director John Brennan personally briefed President Barack Obama on this development.”

First Presidential Debate – Biden has “Assistance” (Video 19 min)- by Mandy Bombard – https://bombardsbodylanguage.com/2020/09/30/body-language-first-presidential-debate-2020/

9/11 Truth Coming Out Fast, Former Spy Ran CIA False Flag Operation & Details All – Transcript of Banned Video based on the work of Robert David Steele – https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=154295 – “It’s interesting how, after 4 years of permanent coup, we’ve become much more savvy about the machinations of the Deep State and of its many moving parts… We now have more clarity about the contours of the asymmetrical war that’s been being waged upon us our entire lives… The qui bono of 9/11 has never been so clear. In this video and extracted below, Robert David Steele drops crystalline truth bombs, as he paraphrases from his book, ‘9/11 Truth’, a compendium of 28 brief memos by leading 9/11 Truthers to give a thumbnail for who did 9/11, how and why… He says, ‘There is no way this event happened with all the preparations that were needed…without the active collaboration of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the Mayor of New York City and in my view, the governors of New York and New Jersey.’

MSM: No More Debates! (1 min):

Did Joe Biden Use New Technology To Cheat During The Presidential Debate? (8 min) – by Spiro Skouras Note, I thought it very odd the way Biden kept looking straight at the camera to “talk to America.”


The Establishment’s Plan to Divide Part 2: COVID-19, Election 2020, and The Great Reset – by Derrick Broze – https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/establishments-plan-divide-part-2-covid-19-election-2020-great-reset/With the American public only weeks away from the 2020 presidential election it’s time to examine the narratives that are being crafted… This article is part 2 in a series which I started in December 2016, just weeks after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. In that piece, I argued that a psychological operation was beginning to take shape involving Trump, the emerging fake news meme, and the fear of Russia interference in American politics. The goal of the operation, I wrote, was ‘to further divide the American public between Statist, establishment-worshiping minions, and principled, critically thinking truth seekers.’.. Unfortunately, my forecasting has largely held true, with the American public apparently more divided than ever. Additionally, the independent media has all but been squashed after four years of falsely being labeled Russian stooges or useful idiots. However, as we near election 2020, it’s even more necessary than in 2016 to step back and analyze the plans of the Predator Class. Let’s take a look at the pieces of the puzzle.”

Turkish F-16 warplane shoots down Armenian SU-25 fighter jet, Defense Ministry in Yerevan claimshttps://www.rt.com/news/502044-turkey-nagorno-karabakh-armenia-jet/ – “A Turkish F-16 fighter has shot down an Armenian Air Force Su-25, Yerevan has announced. It comes three days after a military conflict between Armenia and neighboring Azerbaijan broke out over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region… Officials in Yerevan said the incident took place in Armenian airspace and that the pilot of the Soviet-designed Su-25 was killed… The attack comes hours after Ankara said that it would help Azerbaijan repel “Armenian aggression,” offering both diplomatic and military assistance. Armenia said earlier that it was prepared to use Russian-made Iskander ballistic missiles in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region if Turkey – a member of the US-led NATO bloc – deploys its American-built F-16 fighter jets in support of the Azeri offensive… A spokesman for Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan denied Yerevan’s claim to Bloomberg. Azerbaijan’s defense ministry has also denied that a Turkish F-16 jet has shot down an Armenian warplane… Also on Monday, the leader of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, Arayik Harutyunyan, alleged that local forces had shot down what he said was a Turkish F-16. Vagif Dargyahly, a spokesman for Azerbaijan’s defense ministry dismissed his claim, describing it as “lies and provocation,” and adding “you can’t destroy what doesn’t exist.”.. The government of Armenia claimed that the Turkish F-16 took off from an airbase inside Azerbaijan.”

SARS-CoV-2: The Stitched Together, Frankenstein Virus – by Makia Freeman – https://thefreedomarticles.com/sars-cov-2-stitched-together-frankenstein-virus/ – “The PCR test … doesn’t for a virus at all. What that tests for is a sequence of RNA, which is genetic material. And the way they obtain that, is also they take the impure sample, basically like the lung fluid in this case from some people who are sick, or possibly a throat swab, and they amplify short little sequences, and sequences that they are specifically looking for mostly because they have this library of gene sequences of viruses. But the thing is if you go back, they’ve always characterized them this way. So they’ve never once had an intact virus particle, and then sliced it open, and taken the RNA out, and done a sequence from end to end. That’s never been done. What they do instead is they take this impure sample, and they look for specific sequences that they’ve pre-identified as being viral in nature, from this database. And then what they’re doing is amplifying these short little sequences, maybe 150-250 base pairs, and they’re splicing them together into this one long strand of 30,000, which they say is the viral genome, but it’s actually just this Frankenstein type of assembly of all these little pieces, that we don’t even have any proof [are] related. They could even come from different types of cells or different creatures. And when there’s gaps, they’re basically using sequences that they get from that database of other viruses that are also put together in this Frankenstein-type way, and they sew all those together and say that this is the genome sequence of this virus. And that’s the procedure. They’re testing for something from that but we don’t really know what it is, except it’s most likely our own sequences. So that’s why there’s so many positive results, because they are essentially testing our own genetic sequences.” -Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 12 – by Craig Murray – https://thefreedomarticles.com/assange-hearing-day-12/ – “The Assange hearing day 12 was a less dramatic day, but marked by a brazen and persistent display of this US Government’s insistence that it has the right to prosecute any journalist and publication, anywhere in the world, for publication of US classified information. This explicitly underlay the entire line of questioning in the afternoon session.” – Comment: I note with deep gratitude the tremendous service Craig Murray is providing in going through the arduous process of attending the Assange extradition hearings everyday and providing us with the accounts. All of his reports are available at Makia Freeman’s https://thefreedomarticles.com

New document reveals scope and structure of Operation Warp Speed and underscores vast military involvement – by Nicholas Florko – https://www.statnews.com/2020/09/28/operation-warp-speed-vast-military-involvement/ – “Now, an organizational chart of the $10 billion initiative, obtained by STAT, reveals the fullest picture yet of Operation Warp Speed: a highly structured organization in which military personnel vastly outnumber civilian scientists… The labyrinthine chart, dated July 30, shows that roughly 60 military officials — including at least four generals — are involved in the leadership of Operation Warp Speed, many of whom have never worked in health care or vaccine development. Just 29 of the roughly 90 leaders on the chart aren’t employed by the Department of Defense; most of them work for the Department of Health and Human Services and its subagencies… Operation Warp Speed’s central goal is to develop, produce, and distribute 300 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine by January — and the military is intimately involved, according to Paul Mango, HHS’ deputy chief of staff for policy. It has already helped prop up more than two dozen vaccine manufacturing facilities — flying in equipment and raw materials from all over the world. It has also set up significant cybersecurity and physical security operations to ensure an eventual vaccine is guarded very closely from “state actors who don’t want us to be successful in this,” he said, adding that many of the Warp Speed discussions take place in protected rooms used to discuss classified information.”

Whitney Webb Interview – 2020 Election Chaos Being Used To Set Stage For The Final Technocratic Push (59 min) – from Ryan Cristian, TheLastAmericanVagabond.com


“Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election – byWhitney Webb – https://unlimitedhangout.com/2020/09/investigative-reports/bipartisan-washington-insiders-reveal-their-plan-for-chaos-if-trump-wins-the-election/ – “A group of Democratic Party insiders and former Obama and Clinton era officials as well as a cadre of “Never Trump” neoconservative Republicans have spent the past few months conducting simulations and “war games” regarding different 2020 election “doomsday” scenarios… Per several media reports on the group, called the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), they justify these exercises as specifically preparing for a scenario where President Trump loses the 2020 election and refuses to leave office, potentially resulting in a constitutional crisis. However, according to TIP’s own documents, even their simulations involving a “clear win” for Trump in the upcoming election resulted in a constitutional crisis, as they predicted that the Biden campaign would make bold moves aimed at securing the presidency, regardless of the election result… This is particularly troubling given that TIP has considerable ties to the Obama administration, where Biden served as Vice President, as well as several groups that are adamantly pro-Biden in addition to the Biden campaign itself.”

Standing on the Precipice of Martial Law – by Matthew Ehret – https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2020/04/03/standing-on-the-precipice-of-marshall-law/ – “The Stage is Again Set for Martial Law: Another President resistant to regime change and nuclear confrontation with Russia and China finds himself today in the White House in the form of Donald Trump… As in 1933, today’s financial collapse threatens to rip the social and economic fabric of America to shreds, and just as in 1963 a powerful military industrial complex and private banking system manages a web of power which is devoted to overturning the 2016 election (and 1776 revolution) by any means. The biggest difference today is that a global coronavirus pandemic threatens to be the catalyzer used to justify military dictatorship in America and broader nuclear confrontation with Russia and China… Instead of names like “Dulles”, or “Lemnitzer”, today’s coup directors feature such names as “Pompeo” and “O’Shawnessy”… both Deep State assets highly positioned in 3rd and 4th place to take over the Presidency at the drop of a hat.”

Will a Military Coup Undo the November Elections, Donald Trump and the Republic Itself? – by Matthew Ehret – https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2020/09/16/will-military-coup-undo-november-elections-trump-and-republic-itself/ – “On September 5, Colonel Richard Black (Former State Senator and Judge Advocate) delivered a presentation at a Schiller Institute seminar where the colonel warned of the interconnected pattern of statements by former high ranking military officials either openly calling for a military coup (Lt. Colonels Paul Yingling and John Nagl on August 11) or celebrating the anarchist mobs threatening to tear the republic apart. To the latter group, Col. Black named former Defense Secretary James Mattis, Colin Powell, and Col. John Allen who have all questioned the authority of the President and touted their belief that Trump would not leave the White House willingly in January 2021. The actual source for those concerns didn’t come from any actual evidence obtained from reality however, but in fact arose out of “November chaos scenario war games” advanced by Soros/Clinton/Neocon-affiliated think tanks like the Transition Integrity Project which ran Event 201-like “fictional” scenario “war games”… After years of ongoing deep state penetration of the USA since JFK’s murder, a surprising nationalist dark horse president found himself in the Oval Office in the form of Donald Trump and just two months away from the 2020 elections, the threat of a new Military Coup organized by international financiers is as high as ever… Warning of a military coup, Col. Black stated ‘The coordinated release of scathing remarks by senior officials coupled with publication of a letter advocating a military coup suggests a deep sickness within the Pentagon and within our constitutional structure.’.. As RT reported, between 2008-2018, 380 high ranking pentagon officials have been hired by defense contractors including 25 generals, 9 admirals, 43 Lieutenant Generals and 23 Vice Admirals… which provides just one sampling of the potential for treachery prevalent within the sick constitutional structure.”

Innocent Until Proven Trump Supporter – by Ann Coulter – https://anncoulter.com/2020/09/23/innocent-until-proven-trump-supporterxxxx/ – “The Democratic district attorney, Don Kleine, his chief deputy Brenda Beadle, and all the homicide detectives spent 12 hours that weekend reconstructing the incident with multiple videos. Their unanimous conclusion? That Gardner shot Scurlock in self-defenseAt 22, Scurlock already had a rap sheet a mile long, including home invasion, assault and battery, domestic violence — and, of course, he was in the middle of a crime spree that very night. Methamphetamine and cocaine were found in his urine… But “the community” erupted like COVID in April. Nebraska state Sen. Megan Hunt (bisexual, graduate of a now-defunct college) repeatedly called Gardner a “white supremacist.” Another Nebraska state senator, Kara Eastman (bisexual), called Gardner’s shooting of Spurlock a “cold-blooded murder.”.. Protesters besieged (District Attorney) Kleine’s neighborhood… Kleine responded to the mob’s demand for “justice” by calling in a black prosecutor, Fred Franklin, to make damn sure the grand jury indicted Gardner — whom Kleine (the elected D.A.) had found to be innocent. As he was expected to do, Franklin produced a series of fanciful indictments, including for manslaughter and making a “terroristic threat.”.. Gardner was facing 95 years in prison for shooting a career criminal who was choking him, and now he had lost his source of income. So naturally his friends tried to set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for his legal defense… GoFundMe’s response? They instantly and repeatedly took down the page, based on their clearly stated policy: We don’t like you… Meanwhile, the family of the convicted criminal who jumped Gardner has already raised more than a quarter-million dollars on GoFundMe. (Funeral expenses can be costly!).. Last weekend, facing death threats and a kangaroo court, and with no means to mount a defense, Gardner killed himself, rather than be killed by the mob waiting for him back in Omaha.”

For the Week of 9/21/20:

London Riot Police moving in on Trafalgar Square (8 min) – A military style operation

Armenia Orders ‘Full Troop Mobilization’ Against Azerbaijan As Tanks Clash, Martial Law Declared – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/armenia-declares-war-martial-law-effect-tank-warfare-azerbaijan-erupts-disputed – “Sunday saw huge clashes erupt between the armies of Armenia and Azerbaijan along the already militarized and disputed Nagorno-Karabakh border region. An official state of war in the region has been declared by Yerevan… ‘Early in the morning, around 7 a.m. the Azerbaijani forces launched a large-scale aggression, including missile attacks…’ Armenia’s Defense Ministry stated Sunday. Armenia has since reportedly declared martial law and a “total military mobilization” in what looks to be the most serious escalation between the two countries in years… Air and artillery attacks from both sides ramped up, with each side blaming the other for the start of hostilities, while international powers urge calm. Crucially, civilians have already been killed on either side by indiscriminate shelling. At least a dozen soldiers on either side have also been reported killed… Turkey’s role in new fighting is attracting scrutiny. Its foreign ministry blamed Armenia and called for it to halt military operations, however, it hardly appears to be a mere outside or ‘neutral’ observer, given new widespread reports Turkey has transferred ‘Syrian rebel’ units to join the fighting on Azerbaijan’s side… Azerbaijan has also declared an official state of martial law while clashes between the armies are unfolding… Meanwhile footage has emerged showing Armenia’s nationwide mustering of its national and reserve forces…

(Boris) Johnson SS Attack Peaceful Protesters – It’s Fascism People – Time To Face It (18 min) – David Icke talks about the massive Riot Police attack on the peaceful protesters at the Save Our Rights rally at Trafalgar Square, 9/26/2020.

Gareth Icke’s Speech At Save Our Rights – Trafalgar, 9/26/2020 (10 min) – Comment: A fine, short speech by David Icke’s son Gareth. This was given shortly before the Riot Police attacked the completely peaceful demonstration.

David Icke Speech At Trafalgar Square, 9/26/2020 – Another Version (20 min) – Comment: This is perhaps the most powerful speech David has ever made, at a time when, as he puts it, “the tide has turned.”

Latest installment of Whitney Webb Engineering Contagion series: Engineering Contagion: UPMC, Corona-thrax and “the Darkest Winter” – by Whitney Webb – https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/engineering-contagion-upmc-corona-thrax-darkest-winter/ – “Soon after having been fired from his post as secretary of the treasury in December 2002, after a policy clash with the president, Paul O’Neill became a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Despite having just worked under and clashed with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, it wasn’t until O’Neill began answering to UPMC CEO Jeffrey Romoff as a member of the Center’s board that he chose to publicly denounce a superior as “evil.”.. ‘He wants to destroy competition. He wants to be the only game in town,’ O’Neill would later state of Romoff, adding that ‘after 18 months I quit [the UPMC board] in disgust’ due to Romoff’s “absolute control” over the board’s actions. O’Neill subsequently noted that UPMC ‘board members who have wealth of hundreds of millions of dollars are not willing to take this guy on.’ When pressed by a local reporter, O’Neill further elaborated that he had been told by other board members that they were “afraid” of Romoff because Romoff might “harm them in some way.”.. O’Neill’s criticisms of Romoff are hardly an outlier, as local community activists and even a state attorney general have noted that UPMC’s board lets Romoff do as he pleases.”

Previous 3 installments of Engineering Contagion: https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/category/engineering-contagion-amerithrax/

Introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution & The Covid Economic Reset (with [5!] videos interviewing Allison McDowell) – https://wrenchinthegears.com/2020/07/24/introduction-to-the-fourth-industrial-revolution-the-covid-economic-reset/ – “In mid-May 2020, Jason Bosch, documentary filmmaker and activist from Denver, came to Philadelphia to pick my brain about the things I’ve been researching for the past five years. He edited that footage into a series of five videos covering issues related to racialized technology, global finance, the Covid lockdowns, digital identity, and the rise of human capital data markets… A lot of this is ground I have covered in previous posts, but I sense the conversational nature of this exchange may make some of this information more approachable… Very grateful to Jason for sharing his talents. Phone videos can only take you so far.”

COVID World – Resist! – by Iain Davis – https://off-guardian.org/2020/09/22/covid-world-resist/ – “COVID 19 is being used to create a global fascist dictatorship. From New Zealand to the the U.S, so called western democracies have adopted and developed the Chinese model of technocracy to create a single biosecurity State… This globalist corporate State is to be centrally controlled and administered by a distant global governance cartel of appointed bureaucrats. Tasked only to serve the interests of a tiny, disproportionately wealthy group we can call the parasite class… Every aspect of your life will be monitored and controlled, as we move towards the ultimate surveillance State. Your ability to work, to socialise, to travel, conduct business, access public services and to purchase essential goods and services will be dictated to you, and restricted, by the State, based upon your biosecurity or immunity status.”

Psychiatrist Testifies That Julian Assange Is “Preparing To Kill Himself In Prison” – by Steve Watson – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/psychiatrist-testifies-julian-assange-preparing-kill-himself-prison – “The Daily Mail reports that Professor Michael Kopelman testified during an extradition hearing in London that Assange has ‘begun making preparations to end his own life including confessing to a Catholic priest, drafting farewell letters to his family and drafting a will.’.. Kopelman, emeritus professor of neuropsychiatry at King’s College London, also said that Assange told him he experienced hearing voices in his head saying “we’re coming to get you.”.. ‘He reported auditory hallucinations, which were voices either inside or outside his head, somatic hallucinations, funny bodily experiences, these have now disappeared,’ Kopelman said… ‘The voices are things like, “you are dust, you are dead, we are coming to get you”. They are derogatory and persecutory,’ he continued, adding ‘They seem to have diminished. Subsequently the musical hallucinations have also reduced, and the somatic hallucinations have disappeared.’.. Kopelman even noted that Assange ‘reported a near-death experience and wondered if the CIA would find a way to get him or mess with his head’ noting that this “may or may not” be paranoia… Kopelman warned that ‘The risk of suicide arises out of clinical factors…but it is the imminence of extradition and or an actual extradition that would trigger the attempt, in my opinion.’

“Let Me Explain What Happens Next…” – A Reader Sums It All Up Very Ominously – by ‘Austrian Peter’ – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/let-me-explain-what-happens-next-reader-sums-it-all-very-ominously – “There is only one difference between now and full-on state oppression: A change in the Zeitgeist... They need an event that will change the mood of the people – an event or a series of events that make us afraid of ‘them’. A psychological shock that will give the police the conviction that things are so bad ‘a little force is necessary’ to ensure things don’t get out of control. And then, magically, the current ‘temporary restrictions’ become state oppression. What could that game changer be?.. Imagine this November: The US has 100 cities descending into what looks like the start of civil war as patriots turn out to stop Antifa burning down Middle America. Kamala Harris is calling for the army to ‘evict’ Trump because he refuses to leave the White House on the grounds that he won the popular vote while the mail-in ballots were fraudulent… For the Brits, Brexit has caused problems at the ports – among other things some foodstuffs are not getting through. Germany’s economy has cratered after the EU stopped them exporting cars to the UK (Trumps already tariffed them), and the EU’s bank has insisted Germany let the 500 non-viable, medium sized biz (currently kept alive with emergency funding) go bankrupt.”

In Unprecedented Monetary Overhaul, The Fed Is Preparing To Deposit “Digital Dollars” Directly To “Each American” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/loretta-mester-hints-fed-preparing-deposit-digital-dollars-directly-each-american – “To summarize, the wheels are already turning on a plan that sees the Fed depositing “digital dollars” to “each American”, a stunning development that essentially sees the Fed bypass Congress, endowing the Central Bank with targeted “fiscal stimulus” capabilities, and which could lead to a dramatic reflationary spike as it is the lower income quartile segments of US society that are the marginal price setters for economic goods and services. And having already implemented Average Inflation Targeting, the resulting burst of inflation would be viewed by the Fed as insufficient on its own (as it would have to persist for a long time over the “average” period whatever it may end up being), to tighten monetary policy. In fact, even as inflation rages – which some alternative inflationary measures to CPI suggest it already is – the Fed will have a semantic loophole in explaining just why it needs to keep inflation scorching hot even as the standard of living in America collapses to the benefit of a handful of asset holders… Absent a massive burst of inflation in the coming years which inflates away the hundreds of trillions in federal debt, the unprecedented debt tsunami that is coming would mean the end to the American way of life as we know it. And to do that, the Fed is now finalizing the last steps of a process that revolutionizes the entire fiat monetary system, launching digital dollars which effectively remove commercial banks as financial intermediaries, as they will allow the Fed itself to make direct deposits into Americans’ “digital wallets”, in the process also making Congress and the entire Legislative branch redundant, as a handful of technocrats quietly take over the United States.”

The Internet of Things is ExplodingComprehensive Guide to IoT Statistics You Need to Know in 2020 – by Kaylie Gyarmathy – https://www.vxchnge.com/blog/iot-statistics – “1. There Will be 41 Billion IoT Devices by 2027… That’s a lot of devices. When looking at the raw number of connected devices Business Insider predicts will be connected to the internet by the end of the decade, it’s easy to lose sight of how large the figure actually is. For context, take a moment to look at the difference between a million and a billion in terms of time: One million seconds is roughly equal to 11.5 days… One billion seconds is roughly equal to 31.75 years… The difference between a few million IoT devices and a few billion, then, is quite staggering. Other estimates that push IoT projections farther into the future provide even more striking numbers, forecasting as many as 125 billion IoT devices by 2030… 2. By 2023, 70% of Automobiles Will Be Connected to the Internet… Autonomous vehicles are coming, whether people like it or not. While precise numbers are difficult to determine, the automotive industry alone has invested over $100 billion on research and development of self-driving cars over the last five years alone. While driverless cars may not be taking over the highways soon, their need to gather and analyze huge amounts of data will demand more sophisticated edge data centers capable of directing the resulting digital traffic.”

Tucker Carlson Tonight – Sept. 22, 2020 – Soros’ Color Revolution (42 min) – Comment: This episode of Tucker’s show is being thoroughly suppressed – Taking Flak, must be over target…

How CDC/WHO will fake the effects of the COVID vaccine to make it look like a success – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/09/22/how-cdc-will-fake-effects-of-covid-vaccine-make-it-look-like-success/ – “Making a vaccine look like it’s a champion isn’t difficult for public health agencies. There are a number of strategies… Of course, these fraudulent strategies would be serious crimes. But when has that stopped the CDC or the World Health Organization?.. In no particular order—- ONE: Rework the definition of a “COVID case.” Presently, the CDC absurdly allows doctors to diagnose a person with COVID who has a cough, or chills and fever, and lives in an area where cases are being claimed. No test necessary… So change this practice, once the vaccine is approved. Demand testing for a diagnosis. State that cough alone is not enough. Chills and fever must also be present. Require fever to be above 100… These and other changes would automatically shrink the number of cases. The drop in numbers would be attributed to the vaccine… …THIRTEEN: After the vaccine is introduced, slow down testing for a brief period. This will automatically reduce the rate of new cases. Attribute the decline to the vaccine… Committing these crimes are a walk in the park for public health agencies… And appointing official mouthpieces to carry lies to the public is as easy as training little Faucis to sit up and bark.”

From the If-You-Only-Read-One-Article-This-Month Desk: Hyperinflation, Fascism, & War: How The New World Order May Be Defeated Once More – by Matthew Ehret – http://thesaker.is/hyperinflation-fascism-and-war-how-the-new-world-order-may-be-defeated-once-more/ – “While the world’s attention is absorbed by tectonic shifts unfolding across America as “a perfect storm of civil war, and military coup threatens to undo both the elections and the very foundations of the republic itself, something very ominous has appeared “off of the radar” of most onlookers. This something is a financial collapse of the trans-Atlantic banks that threatens to unleash chaos upon the world. It is this collapse that underlies the desperate efforts being made by the neo-con drive for total war with Russia, China and other members of the growing Mutlipolar Alliance today… In recent articles, I have mentioned that the Bank of England-led “solution” to this oncoming financial blowout of the $1.5 quadrillion derivatives bubble is being pushed under the cover of a “Great Global Reset” which is an ugly and desperate effort to use COVID-19 as a cover for the imposition of a new post-covid world order operating system. Since the new “rules” of this new system are very similar to the 1923 Bank of England “solution” to Germany’s economic chaos which eventually required a fascist governance mechanism to impose it onto the masses, I wish to take a deeper look at the causes and effects of Weimar Germany’s completely un-necessary collapse into hyperinflation and chaos during the period of 1919-1923… In this essay, I will go further to examine how those same architects of hyperfinflation came close to establishing a global bankers’ dictatorship in 1933 and how that early attempt at a New World Order was fortunately derailed through a bold fight which has been written out of popular history books.”

Australia Pushes New Measure To Detain COVID “Conspiracy Theorists” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/australia-push-new-measure-detain-conspiracy-theorists – “And if there is one thing that terrifies increasingly tyrannical governments, it’s a loss of control of the narrative, which is why the Australian government is getting a jump start on curbing any so-called “conspiracy theorists” daring to spread information that questions the fear-mongering being used to keep Aussie citizens under lock and key… If passed, the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) allows the government to detain anyone labeled as a “high risk” or likely to spread COVID-19 negligently… A state government spokesman told The Age that the rule could be applied to ‘conspiracy theorists who refuse to self-isolate or severely drug-affected or mentally impaired people who do not have the capacity to quarantine.’ Those arrested under the new rule will be housed in quarantine facilities… In a glimpse of what is ahead, authorities have already arrested a Melbourne woman for allegedly writing pro-anti lockdown posts on social media… Notably, after widespread social media account deletions, TheConversation notes that QAnon has attracted a lot of followers in Australia, so what comes next? ‘Re-education centers’ for QAnons?’

FBI Agent Who Discovered Hillary’s Emails On Weiner Laptop Claims He Was Told To Erase Computer – by Rusty Weiss – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/fbi-agent-who-discovered-hillarys-emails-weiner-laptop-claims-he-was-told-erase-computer – “Robertson alleges that the FBI did nothing for a month after discovering Clinton’s emails on the Anthony Weiner laptop… It was only after he spoke with the U.S. Attorney’s office overseeing the case, he claims, that the agency took action… ‘He had told his bosses about the Clinton emails weeks ago,’ the book contends . ‘Nothing had happened.’.. ‘Or rather, the only thing that had happened was his boss had instructed Robertson to erase his computer work station.’.. This, according to the Post report, was to ‘ensure there was no classified material on it,’ but also would eliminate any trail of his actions taken during the investigation… A book written by James B . Stewart in 2019 asserts that FBI agents had referred to the discovery of Hillary Clinton’s emails as an “oh s***” moment.”.. One agent admitted there were “ten times” as many emails as Comey admitted to publicly… These allegations make it difficult to say Comey did not lie to the public – if not Congress… Robertson’s story is being revealed as U.S. Attorney John Durham is investigating the FBI’s role in the origins of the Russia probe into President Trump’s campaign… Recently released documents from the DOJ show multiple FBI officials had “accidentally wiped” their phones after the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) requested them… Erasing evidence is a consistent theme for the Obama-era FBI… Meanwhile, the Senate Homeland Security Committee has voted to authorize over three dozen subpoenas and depositions of some of these officials, including Comey.”

Syrian Offensive to Retake Idlib from US Backed Terrorists Imminent – by Isabel Ivanescu with Andrew Greco – https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/09/21/syrian-offensive-to-retake-idlib-from-us-backed-terrorists-imminent/ – “A series of recent events indicate Russia and Turkey have been negotiating an agreement providing for a partial Turkish withdrawal from greater Idlib… Turkey withdrew hundreds of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) special forces and infantry and Turkish-backed opposition fighters from southern Idlib towns in the Jabal Zawiya area (Abdita, Ahsam, Al-Magara, and Beliun) on September 8.[4] Turkey claimed the withdrawal was a redeployment related to Turkey’s ongoing maritime disputes with Greece, but Turkey may have used its dispute with Greece as cover for actions consistent with an impending deal with Russia in Idlib… Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov expressed confidence that Turkey and Russia would succeed in “liberating” Idlib Province from terrorists in a press conference on September 7. The statement was oddly optimistic following a string of Salafi-jihadist attacks on Russian-Turkish joint patrols along the M4 highway from late July to early September… Pro-Assad forces have brought enough reinforcements to the Idlib frontlines since the March 5 de-escalation agreement between Russia and Turkey to enable an attack. Low-level frontline fighting and limited Russian and regime artillery and airstrikes have all persisted despite the de-escalation agreement. The operational tempo of pro-regime attacks increased in July as pro-Assad forces intensified their shelling of frontline towns and probing attacks against opposition defenses. Russian airstrikes and regime shelling of opposition positions now an almost daily occurrence.”

David Wilcock: Time Travel Secrets Revealed… And Why It Matters Today! (4hr 23min [!]) – Comment: A long-awaited and highly unusual mega-long solo video from Wilcock, built around his thesis that gravitic space travel necessitates the ancillary coexistance of time travel. Highly emotional weirdness toward the end.

The UN Ignores NGO’s Warnings About Mandated Vaccines – by The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc. – https://www.technocracy.news/the-un-ignores-ngos-warnings-about-mandated-vaccines/ – “However, compulsory vaccination violates the right to informed consent, one of the most fundamental ethics in medicine and a human right recognized under international law, including the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1966, the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights of 2005, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol of 2006 and under internationally recognized agreements such as the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences International Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects of 2002, and the World Medical Association Declaration Of Helsinki of 1964, revised in 2013… The United Nations (UN) and WHO are legally obligated to uphold the right to informed consent yet have instead been complicit in violating it.”

For the Week of 9/14/20:

Police engage in SHOVING MATCH with protesters at major rally against coronavirus measures in London (VIDEO)https://www.rt.com/uk/501146-police-coronavirus-protest-london/ – “Tensions ran high at a large rally against coronavirus measures in London, as protesters pressured the police to choose if they were with the people or with the authorities responsible for the restrictions… Several thousand demonstrators flocked to Trafalgar Square on Saturday in violation of the ban on gatherings of more than six people… At one point, the crowd started advancing on the police, who were trying to maintain order at the event. They chanted: “Choose your side,” demanding the officers decide if they are with the people who are suffering under the Covid measures, or the authorities who are imposing the restrictions… Footage from RT’s Ruptly video agency shows the officers and demonstrators shoving and pushing each other. When the police tried to make arrests, the protesters locked hands to prevent anyone from being extracted from the crowd.”

US Sends Bradley Armored Vehicles to Syria in “Signal to Russia” After US-Russia Road War Claims First Casualties – by Courtney Kube – https://www.anti-empire.com/us-to-send-bradley-armored-vehicles-to-syria-in-signal-to-russia-after-incident/ – “The most serious incident this year occurred several days later, when seven U.S. soldiers were injured when Russia military vehicles sideswiped a U.S. military vehicle in northeast Syria. Three U.S. officials said the Russian vehicles intentionally collided with the Americans and then several Russian helicopters flew low and fast over the scene, which one official said was “extremely provocative.” The Russian vehicles were outside of their agreed-upon operating area without notice, the officials said. [Agreed upon by the Pentagon. Obviously, the Russians would not be there if it was their impression such a thing had been agreed upon.].. U.S. Central Command spokesperson Capt. Bill Urban characterized their actions as ‘deliberately provocative and aggressive.’.. McKenzie said the U.S. continues to conduct security patrols with the SDF but the Syrian partners are actually carrying out the majority of the tactical operations and actual fighting. “Those patrols are always conducted with our SDF partners. You’ll never see a U.S. element out there moving alone, it will always have SDF affiliated with it when they move.” [Actually, no SDF (Syrian Kurds) is visible in the video of sideswiping incident when US vehicles moved to interfere with Russian movement, or in numerous other videos of Americans trying to block the Russians’ path.]”

BLUEPRINT FOR OVERTHROW: TRANSITION INTEGRITY PROJECT – by Rosa Koire – https://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/the-way-we-see-itour-blog/blueprint-for-overthrow-transition-integrity-project – “Nicolas Berggruen, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the World Economic Forum, is a billionaire who has spent at least 10 years and millions of dollars in ‘reinventing and restructuring democracy.’ What could that mean? Through his Berggruen Institute this financier/stock market savant has suavely assembled groups of ‘influencers’ to do just that: to write books, form spin-off groups, and endow positions in business and universities. Nicolas Berggruen is the force behind the Transition Integrity Project… I first became aware of Berggruen in 2012 when his think tank ‘Think Long’ produced a ballot initiative in California with the intention of changing the California constitution. ‘Think Long’ which included in its elite membership Condelezza Rice, Willie Brown, Gray Davis, and Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) was an alliance of neo-cons and ‘progressives’ who wanted to use the California initiative process to literally craft a new set of rules for governance. It was, as I called it in a speech against their Proposition 31 which I gave at the Los Angeles Federal Building, a razor blade buried in a candy apple—-a Trojan horse. This craftily worded manipulation proposed using Agenda 21 Sustainable Development federal grants to stealthily implement regional governance… Now, what is the Transition Integrity Project? It’s a group (including John Podesta and Michael Steele, former Repub Party head) of hard core neo-liberals and neo-con Never Trumpers who are consolidated into a force for insurrection: Color Revolutionaries. After cutting their teeth on Argentina, Ukraine, Venezuela, Egypt, etc they’re ready for the Big Kahuna; the United States. Their premise is ‘What if Trump loses and won’t leave the White House?’ But really the deal is ‘How will we respond when the ambiguous results of this seriously flawed takeover are exposed?’ Berggruen paid for and organized this tabletop exercise and, much like Event 201 and Dark Winter, they’re readying for a revolutionary civil war here in the US. The overthrow of the republic is being war-gamed.”

New Zealand With a Record 12% GDP Drop. Borders to Stay Sealed Until at Least 2022. – by Matthew Brockett – https://www.anti-empire.com/new-zealand-with-a-record-12-gdp-drop-borders-to-stay-sealed-until-at-least-2022/ New Zealand is going through a sharper but shorter [LOL. It ain’t over yet.] economic shock than it experienced during the depression, when GDP fell 5.3% in 1931 and a further 7.1% in 1932, according to academic research. Nor is the Covid slump as bad as initially feared. [In the case this is the last ever lockdown which is doubtful.] The South Pacific nation initially succeeded in eliminating community spread of the virus, allowing it to emerge early from lockdown, and indicators suggest growth surged in the third quarter as consumers went on a spending spree… However, the real pain may still lie ahead. The border remains closed to foreigners, crippling the tourism industry, and the end of the government’s wage subsidy is expected to see unemployment rise.”

Bandimere Speedway draws thousands to political rally in defiance of Jefferson County orders – Media Remains Silent – by Sloan Dickey – https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/bandimere-speedway-draws-thousands-to-political-rally-in-defiance-of-jefferson-county-orders – ‘Thousands of supporters gathered at Bandimere speedway on Tuesday night, though they did not gather to watch racing. This, in many attendees’ words, was a peaceful protest… The Stop the COVID Chaos Rally was held to promote two lawsuits being filed against Colorado policies related to COVID-19. The first is being filed by Bandimere Speedway against Jefferson County for its health regulations on businesses. The second is being filed by Colorado House minority leader Rep. Patrick Neville against Gov. Jared Polis’s emergency mask mandate… Bandimere was specifically warned by the health department not to break the social distancing guidelines put forward by the county and state… A letter from Jefferson County Public Health sent to the race track on Tuesday told the operators to “follow all public health orders.”.. ‘Given the absence of an approved plan for this event, we are hopeful that Bandimere intends to cap attendance at 175 attendees or less,’ it read… Photos from the event show attendees numbered not in the hundreds, but the thousands.”

New Zealand With a Record 12% GDP Drop. Borders to Stay Sealed Until at Least 2022. – by Matthew Brockett – https://www.anti-empire.com/new-zealand-with-a-record-12-gdp-drop-borders-to-stay-sealed-until-at-least-2022/ New Zealand is going through a sharper but shorter [LOL. It ain’t over yet.] economic shock than it experienced during the depression, when GDP fell 5.3% in 1931 and a further 7.1% in 1932, according to academic research. Nor is the Covid slump as bad as initially feared. [In the case this is the last ever lockdown which is doubtful.] The South Pacific nation initially succeeded in eliminating community spread of the virus, allowing it to emerge early from lockdown, and indicators suggest growth surged in the third quarter as consumers went on a spending spree… However, the real pain may still lie ahead. The border remains closed to foreigners, crippling the tourism industry, and the end of the government’s wage subsidy is expected to see unemployment rise.”

Treason – by Mike Whitney – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55587.htm – “The Transition Integrity Project (TIP) is a shadowy group of government, military and media elites who have concocted a plan to spread mayhem and disinformation following the November 3 presidential elections. The strategy takes advantage of the presumed delay in determining the winner of the upcoming election. (due to the deluge of mail-in votes.) The interim period is expected to intensify partisan warfare creating the perfect environment for disseminating propaganda and inciting street violence. The leaders of TIP believe that a mass mobilization will help them to achieve what Russiagate could not, that is, the removal Donald Trump via an illicit coup conjured up by behind-the-scenes powerbrokers and their Democrat allies. Here’s a little more background from an article by Chris Farrell at the Gatestone Institute: ‘In one of the greatest public disinformation campaigns in American history — the Left and their NeverTrumper allies (under the nom de guerre: “Transition Integrity Project”) released a 22-page report in August 2020 “war gaming” four election crisis scenarios:….The outcome of each TIP scenario results in street violence and political impasse… …Is it possible that the leadership of the American Left, along with their NeverTrumper allies, are busy talking themselves into advocating and promoting street violence as a response to a presidential election?’.. This is a full-blown color revolution authored and supported by the same oligarchs and deep-state honchoes that have opposed Trump from the very beginning. They’re not going to back down or call off the dogs until the job is done and Trump is gone. And when the dust settles, Trump will likely be charged, tried, sentenced and imprisoned. His fortune will be seized, his family will be financially ruined, and his closest advisors and allies will be prosecuted on fabricated charges. There’s not going to be a “graceful transition” of power if Trump loses. He will face the full wrath of the scheming mandarins he has frustrated for the last 4 years. These are the men who applauded when Saddam and Ghaddafi were savagely butchered. Will Trump face the same fate as them?”

Ashton Kutcher’s NGO Supplies Police with ‘Free’ CIA-linked Surveillance Tool to ‘Protect Kids’ – A suspect NGO claiming to combat child trafficking by providing surveillance tech to US police has allowed Amazon to continue supplying U.S. law enforcement with facial recognition software despite the tech giant’s moratorium on its sale to police. – by Whitney Webb – https://unlimitedhangout.com/2020/09/investigative-reports/ashton-kutchers-ngo-supplies-police-with-free-cia-linked-surveillance-tool-to-protect-kids/ – “At the time the moratorium was announced, The New York Times noted that “the announcement was a striking change for Amazon…” due to the fact that, “more than other big technology companies, Amazon has resisted calls to slow its deployment.” Amazon’s efforts to ensure the widespread adoption of its facial recognition software gained notoriety after a study found that Rekognition falsely tied 28 members of Congress, most of whom were politicians of color, to mugshots, causing critics to accuse Amazon’s product of both racial bias and inaccuracy… However, what The Times and other outlets failed to pick up on, then and now, is the fact that Amazon’s Rekognition is still being supplied to U.S. police, despite its official moratorium. Indeed, U.S. law enforcement agencies are still being offered Amazon’s facial recognition software by a NGO partnered with Amazon that was created by actor Ashton Kutcher, who frequently co-invests with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos… That NGO, called “Thorn,” continues to supply the controversial software to law enforcement agencies around the country under the guise of helping police “combat child trafficking.” ”

From the What-Could-Go-Wrong Desk: Radiall proposes ‘massive modular’ 6G mesh networks with tiny antennas – by Jeremy Horwitz – https://venturebeat.com/2020/09/14/radiall-proposes-massive-modular-6g-mesh-networks-with-tiny-antennas/ – “Though the earliest 5G devices aren’t yet two years old, researchers started laying the groundwork for the next generation of cellular technology — 6G — well before 5G networks launched across the world. Nothing’s set in stone, but a team at telecom company Radiall is advocating a radical shift in the very concept of “cellular” infrastructure, using many small, inexpensive antennas as an alternative to the large antennas 5G and older systems rely upon.. Radiall isn’t the first to suggest that 6G might shift (from a “cell” based) to a mesh-like infrastructure, but the company provides a clear sense of how the evolution might happen. A central hub would still connect to base station radios, but the base stations would also be connected to one another — potentially using millimeter wave connections rather than fiber. Instead of relying on a single base station for data, devices such as phones could connect to two or more base stations at once, a multi-connectivity system that would create “micro-cells.” Picture all of the home and business Wi-Fi routers in a neighborhood collectively offering wireless data connections to whatever devices are nearby, and you get the basic idea.”

How The British Government Is Wading Into The Swamp Of Despotism… One Muzzle At A Time – by Peter Hitchens – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/how-british-government-wading-swamp-despotism-one-muzzle-time – “The Government has no legal right to impose the severe and miserable restrictions on our lives with which it has wrecked the economy, brought needless grief to the bereaved and the lonely and destroyed our personal liberty… This is the verdict of one of the most distinguished lawyers in the country, the retired Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption… He said last week in a podcast interview: ‘I don’t myself believe that the Act confers on the Government the powers that it has purported to exercise.’.. He was referring to the Public Health Act of 1984, the basis for almost all the sheaves of increasingly hysterical decrees against normal life which the Health Secretary Matt Hancock has issued since March. I promise you that it is not usual for a retired senior judge to use such language in public… This 1984 Act was drawn up mainly to give local magistrates the power to quarantine the sick… Nothing in it remotely justifies these astonishing moves – house arrest, travel restrictions, harsh limits on visiting family members, interference with funerals and weddings, closure of churches, compulsory muzzles, bans on assembly and protest… English law just does not allow an Act of Parliament to be stretched so far.”

Backlash After UK Policing Minister Encourages People To Spy On Neighbours For ‘Covid Contraventions’ – “Calling on people to spy on each other is not a particularly good situation to be in” – by Steve Watson – https://summit.news/2020/09/15/backlash-after-uk-policing-minister-encourages-people-to-spy-on-neighbours-for-covid-contraventions/ – “British citizens made their feelings known after the Policing Minister suggested that people should spy on their friends and neighbours and report them to the authorities if they see them breaking Covid rules… Minister Kit Malthouse’s idea was compared to the East German Stasi by many, after he encouraged reporting neighbours gathering in more than groups of six, saying it was a viable option… ‘There is obviously the non-emergency number that people can ring to report issues, if they wish to,’ the minister told the BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ show. ‘If people are concerned, if they do think there’s a contravention, then that option is open to them.’.. Former British Supreme Court Justice Lord Jonathan Sumption denounced the new regulations as “unenforceable,” noting that the only way the plan would work is if a “Stasi-style” network of “snoopers and informers” is formed.”

Virtual School Dangers: Police State Education Comes into Your Home Violating the 4th Amendment – by John W. Whitehead – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/virtual-school-dangers-police-state-education-comes-into-your-home-violating-the-4th-amendment/ – “As a result, over the course of the past 30 years, the need to keep the schools “safe” from drugs and weapons has become a thinly disguised, profit-driven campaign to transform them into quasi-prisons, complete with surveillance cameras, metal detectors, police patrols, zero tolerance policies, lock downs, drug sniffing dogs, school resource officers, strip searches, and active shooter drills… Suddenly, under school zero tolerance policies, students were being punished with suspension, expulsion, and even arrest for childish behavior and minor transgressions such as playing cops and robbers on the playground, bringing LEGOs to school, or having a food fight… As a result, students are being subjected to police tactics such as handcuffs, leg shackles, tasers and excessive force for “acting up,” in addition to being ticketed, fined and sent to court for behavior perceived as defiant, disruptive or disorderly such as spraying perfume and writing on a desk… Significant numbers of schools within the nation’s 13,000 school districts have opted to hold their classes online, in-person or a hybrid of the two, fearing further outbreaks of the virus. Yet this unprecedented foray into the virtual world carries its own unique risks… Apart from the technological logistics of ensuring that millions of students across the country have adequate computer and internet access, consider the Fourth Amendment ramifications of having students attend school online via video classes from the privacy of their homes… Suddenly, you’ve got government officials (in this case, teachers or anyone at the school on the other end of that virtual connection) being allowed carte blanche visual access to the inside of one’s private home without a warrant.”

In China, smart locks are being used to track citizens and enforce lockdowns – by Cindy Harper – https://reclaimthenet.org/in-china-smart-locks-are-being-used-to-track-citizens/ – “However, in reality, smart locks are being used by the government to increase surveillance. With preventing the spread of coronavirus being the main promoted narrative, smart locks are giving the government more data they can use to control residents. These locks, which require an ID, facial recognition, or a smartphone app, are linked to the various big data platforms run by the government… The high-tech locks are slowly being introduced in residential properties in various parts of China… The public is not too thrilled about smart locks. In Diankou, a town in Zhuji, residents told Bitter Winter that they were unhappy that they were being forced to install the 400 Yuan ($58) smart locks on rental properties else they are forbidden from renting. One resident was particularly annoyed for getting locked out of his rental apartment because he forgot his smartphone… A police officer claimed that most people are “irritated” by the smart locks and that he finds supervising their installation as a duty that is “very difficult to perform.”

Russia’s Rezonans-NE Radar, Capable Of Tracking Hypersonic Flighthttps://southfront.org/russias-rezonans-ne-radar-capable-of-tracking-hypersonic-flight/ – “Some media reported that after the United States killed Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the Al-Quds Special Forces in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the US planned to use a F-35 fighter jet to strike another blow against Tehran, but it was ultimately canceled, since the F-35 was spotted by an Iranian radar station, presumably the Russian-made Rezonans-NE… Knutov noted that the Rezonans-NE radar is of great importance for ensuring Russia’s defense capability.”

“Novichok” Does Not Work: Deadly-Poisoned Navalny Wakes Uphttps://southfront.org/novichok-does-not-work-deadly-poisoned-navalny-wakes-up/ – “Moscow’s permanent mission to the European Union issued a statement on the matter: ‘In recent weeks we have been witnessing a rapidly growing information campaign in the EU – both in official circles and media – over an incident which occurred with a Russian political activist and blogger Alexey Navalny on 20 August 2020. Not claiming to be experts in toxicology, we still consider it necessary to draw your attention to multiple inconsistencies regarding this case. In the light of forthcoming debate in the European Parliament we call on EU officials and MEPs to look into a number of following questions… Would there be any rationale behind the Russian authorities’ alleged decision to poison Alexey Navalny with the use of a military-grade chemical nerve agent of the “Novichok” group, which falls under CWC ban, in a Russian city with half a million population and then to do their utmost to save his life and let him go for further medical treatment to Germany, where “Novichok” could be identified?’ ”

CIA Sponsored the SBU Operation To Kidnap 33 Russians In Belarushttps://southfront.org/cia-sponsored-the-sbu-operation-to-kidnap-33-russians-in-belarus/ – “In the meantime Ukrainian services told their Belarusian equivalents that these persons are Wagner PMC associates who came to “destabilize the situation” prior to the elections. The Russians were arrested in Minsk and accused first of terrorism and later in preparing mass disorders. Kiev sent a request for extradition those who fought against Ukrainian forces on the Donbass…And nobody knows how it would have ended if it weren’t for Russian agencies uncovering the Ukrainian intelligence services plan. And sending its details to Minsk… It is also now clear that certain CIA officials from the Kiev office stood behind the operation. A source in Russian intelligence told the details to the KP journalist… Both SBU and Ukraine’s foreign intelligence denied their involvement. The new director of the Main Directorate of Intelligence at Ukraine’s MoD, Kirill Budanov, said outright this was an FSB provocation. At the same time Ukrainian journalist Gordon bragged even his interview with Lukashenko was part of the special operation… But who likes to admit to a failure? One wants to look like a winner. Hence the mutually contradictory statements and actions, deliberate and spontaneous leaks to the media and the Internet. If you add the clear shock displayed by Ukrainian authorities once they realized their dirty designs to “covertly” use a friendly country were uncovered. And they also now had to explain themselves to the CIA.”

Saudi Air Force Is Leveling Yemeni Capital To Ground In Response To Houthi Strikes On Riyadhhttps://southfront.org/saudi-air-force-is-leveling-yemeni-capital-to-ground/ – “The Saudi-led coalition has been bombing Yemen with a renewed energy following the recent missile and drone strikes on the Kingdom’s capital by the Ansar Allah movement (also known as the Houthis)… According to pro-Houthi sources, Saudi warplanes conducted over 60 airstrikes on different targets across the country during the past few days. They insist that the most of the targets that were hit were objects of civilian infrastructure. At the same time, Riyadh claims that it has been precisely bombing Houthi military positions… However, the main target of the Houthi advance is still the Maas base. Yemeni sources claim that as soon as the base falls, Houthi units will launch an advance on the provincial capital… So, the Houthi government now has a good chance to take back the city and the entire province… This development will become a panful blow to the Saudi leadership and became yet another piece of smoking gun evidence showcasing the failure of its military campaign in Yemen. In response, the Saudi Air Force will likely continue its intense bombing campaign aiming to level Sanaa and other big cities in the hands of the Houthis. The problem with this approach is that this very campaign forces the Houthis to conduct more intense and regular missile and drone attacks on targets inside Saudi Arabia itself.”

‘Rogue’ Chinese Virologist Claims She Has “Evidence” COVID-19 Was Created In A Lab – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/chinese-doctor-claims-she-has-evidence-coronavirus-was-created-lab – “In April, Yan reportedly fled Hong Kong and escaped to America in an effort to evade persecution and to ‘spread the truth’ about the pandemic… ‘From the beginning, I decided to get this message out in the world and it was very scary in the world because I’m a doctor and I knew if I don’t tell the truth to the world I will regret it myself in the future.’..’I never thought this would happen when I did the secret investigation, I [thought] I would speak to my supervisor and they would do the right thing on behalf of the government.’..‘But what I saw was nobody responding to that. People are scared of the government but this was something urgent, and Chinese New Year time, [I knew] this was a dangerous virus and all these things meant I could not keep silent, there are human beings and global health [at risk].’.. China’s national health commission has denied that the outbreak started in the lab, insisting there is “no evidence” the new coronavirus was created in a laboratory. Beiing has already scapegoated a large group of local party officials for the errors… But Dr. Li’s testimony remains extremely compelling.”

9/11 Was an Israeli Job – How America was neoconned into World War IV – by Laurent Guyénot – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55569.htm – “Thanks to courageous investigators, many anomalies in the official explanation of the events of 9/11 were posted on the Internet in the following months, providing evidence that this was a false flag operation, and that Osama bin Laden was innocent, as he repeatedly declared in the Afghan and Pakistani press and on Al Jazeera.[1] The proofs of this appalling fraud have been accumulating ever since, and are now accessible to anyone willing to spend a few hours of research on the Web. (Although, while preparing this article, I noticed that Google is now making access to that research more difficult than it was five years ago, artificially prioritizing anti-conspiracy sites.).. Among the growing number of Americans who disbelieve the official version of the 9/11 attacks, two basic theories are in competition: I called them “inside job” and “Mossad job”… The second one claims that the masterminds were members of a powerful Israeli network deeply infiltrated in all spheres of power within the US, including media, government, military and secret services… This “Mossad job” thesis has been gaining ground since Alan Sabrosky, a professor at the U.S. Army War College and the U.S. Military Academy, published in July 2012 an article entitled “Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake”, where he voiced his conviction that September 11th was ‘a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation.’.. We can notice from the outset that incriminating Israelis or Arabs are both “outside job” theories (in fact, they are mirror images of each other, which is understandable in light of what Gilad Atzmon explains about Jewish “projected guilt”).[2] Before even looking at the evidence, “outside job” sounds more credible that “inside job”. There is something monstrous in the idea that a government can deceive and terrorize its own citizens by killing thousands of them, just for starting a series of wars that are not even in the nation’s interest. By comparison, a foreign power attacking the U.S. under the false flag of a third power almost seems like fair play.”

We can notice from the outset that incriminating Israelis or Arabs are both “outside job” theories (in fact, they are mirror images of each other, which is understandable in light of what Gilad Atzmon explains about Jewish “projected guilt”).[2] Before even looking at the evidence, “outside job” sounds more credible that “inside job”. There is something monstrous in the idea that a government can deceive and terrorize its own citizens by killing thousands of them, just for starting a series of wars that are not even in the nation’s interest. By comparison, a foreign power attacking the U.S. under the false flag of a third power almost seems like fair play.”

The Great Novichok Poisoning Hoax 2.0 – by Stephen Lendmann – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/great-novichok-poisoning-hoax-20 – “In its latest edition, Der Spiegel reported the following: ‘Leading politicians in Germany from all mainstream parties are demanding that construction on the natural gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 be suspended as a result of the poisoning of Alexey Navalny.’.. ‘Merkel’s government is so far resisting such calls,’ adding: It’s ‘clear that Germany’s relationship with Russia will change significantly.’..It’s ‘likely that the Kremlin was behind the poisoning (sic). And Russian President Vladimir Putin (sic).’.. ‘(A) debate has erupted over which sanctions the German government should now consider applying.’.. ‘The only penalty that would primarily hurt Moscow would be a construction stop on the almost completed Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline.’.. Some members of ‘Merkel’s governing coalition…are increasingly demanding that the pipeline project be abandoned.’.. ‘Within the government, however, that step remains off limits. Officially at least.’.. On Thursday, an EU Political and Security Committee meeting was held in Brussels, the Navalny issue discussed… EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said the bloc is considering “restrictive measures” against Russia… At the same time, his spokesman said as long as there’s uncertainty over who may be responsible for Navalny’s condition, discussing punitive measures is premature… No evidence of a crime against Navalny exists.”

WHO WAS BEHIND THE BEIRUT BOMB BLAST? (28 min)- by master researcher and analyst Brendon O’Connell


Large Number Of Russian Warships Seen Deployed Between Syria & Cyprus – Via AlMasdarNews.com – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/large-number-russian-warships-observed-deployed-between-syria-cyprus – “A large number of Russian warships were recently tracked off the coasts of Syria and Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean region, the Russian publication Avia.Pro reported Thursday… According to the online publication, “experts are seriously concerned about the presence of at least 15 Russian warships and submarines off the coast of Syria. This is the first time such a large military formation has been seen here, which raises suspicions about whether Russia plans to engage in a military special operation against jihadists using the navy… This Russian naval buildup also comes at a time of increased tension between Turkey, Cyprus and Greece in the eastern Mediterranean, as the latter two countries have accused Ankara of encroaching on their territorial waters.”

Former CIA Officer: “Violence Will Explode” If Trump Wins Re-Election – by Paul Joseph Watson – https://summit.news/2020/09/11/former-cia-officer-violence-will-explode-if-trump-wins-re-election/ – “In an op-ed for Revolver News, Sam Faddis characterizes the recent riots, described as “mostly peaceful” by the media, as nothing less than an “insurrection.”.. Faddis says that the rioters are not merely unorganized mobs, but a ‘manifestation of years of preparation, organization, and sponsorship from a vast network of foundations and front organizations,’ including George Soros’s Open Society… Faddis points out that the rioters have openly stated their goal, the ‘abolition of the United States as we know it and its replacement with a Marxist state.’.. The former CIA officer predicts another wave of violence if Trump wins re-election, but also warns that the unrest will continue even if Biden wins because the revolutionaries will seek to take full control of his administration… ‘That is why it is profoundly delusional to believe the riots of the past three months will end with the November election. They will not,’ writes Faddis… Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also said that Americans must get used to the idea that the election result may take “weeks” to be confirmed after voting on November 3 and that “civil unrest” is likely… Trump supporters see this as clear intention that Democrats will refuse to honor the election result if the president wins… Twitter has also announced it will remove any tweets claiming victory before election results are certified, which will essentially blocked Trump supporters from challenging the legitimacy of any delay in announcing the winner.”

Facebook And FBI Wage Infowar On West Coast Wildfire Arson “Conspiracy Theories” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/facebook-and-fbi-wage-infowar-arson-conspiracy-theories – “A top Facebook official tweeted Saturday it would delete posts alleging leftist organizations started wildfires in Oregon and other Western states after the FBI said arson reports are “conspiracy theories,” reported RT News… ‘We are removing false claims that certain groups started the wildfires in Oregon. This is based on confirmation from law enforcement that these rumors are forcing local fire and police agencies to divert resources from fighting the fires and protecting the public,’ Andy Stone, policy communications manager at Facebook, tweeted on Saturday evening… Stone continued, ‘This is consistent with our past efforts to remove content that could lead to imminent harm given the possible risk to human life as the fires rage on.’ “

Australia Runs Out of Rice as Police Invade Farmers Markets (9 min) – From Ice Age Farmer channel – Comment: Government Thugs making dramatic appearances as food shortages loom on several fronts.

Poisoning Nord Stream-2 – by Finian Cunningham – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55543.htm – “The Navalny case comes at an opportune time. Last week, Chancellor Merkel was insisting that Navalny’s illness did not impinge on the economic matter of Nord Stream-2. Then this week, German military intelligence announce they have “unequivocal proof” that Navalny was poisoned with Novichok, a Soviet-era chemical weapon. Now in a blizzard of accusations, the finger of blame is being jabbed at the Kremlin… And most tellingly, the biggest political repercussion is the peremptory demand for Merkel to abandon Nord Stream-2… Let’s put events in perspective. When Navalny became ill on a flight to Moscow from Siberia on August 20, the Russian doctors treating him found no traces of poisons in his body, and specifically not organophosphate-type nerve agents, such as Novichok. The Russians assessed that Navalny’s illness was due to a metabolic disorder such as extremely low blood sugar, which would not be implausible if he reportedly suffers from diabetes… The German medics who treated Navalny when he was flown to Berlin on August 22 also did not detect specific poison agents. They did claim to test positive for cholinesterase inhibitors which replicated what their Russian counterparts had found… But unlike the Russians who attributed the substances to a wide range of possible legal pharmaceutical drugs, the Berlin medics made the dramatic assertion that they believed a nerve poison was involved… Surely, the dispute could be independently resolved if both sides cooperate… But that’s just it. The German side has refused, pointedly, to engage with the Russian doctors or state prosecutors to establish the cause of Navalny’s apparent illness. Instead, Berlin has rushed to make grave allegations against Moscow along with its Western allies as if in a pre-determined response aimed at incrimination… Without providing a chain of custody for its sample evidence purportedly showing the use of Novichok against Navalny, then all accusations made by Berlin are null and void, failing basic standards of the due legal process. The onus is on Berlin to substantiate, not on Moscow to answer questions based on innuendo and prejudice… At this stage in the strange affair the biggest question of who gains points to those politicians on both sides of the Atlantic who have been clamouring to sabotage the Nord Stream-2 gas project.” – Also by Finian: Navalny False-Flag Authors Invent New Twist to Cover Lieshttps://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55562.htm – ” September 11, 2020 “Information Clearing House” So now the Navalny poison episode takes on a new twist with German military intelligence subsequently claiming they found traces of Novichok on a bottle of water the Russian dissident had purportedly been drinking from. Rather, it sounds more like the authors of this false-flag operation have “bottled” – meaning became unnerved by the absurdities inherent in their own narrative.”

COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity (34 min) – Video by James Corbett, Editing and Graphic Design by Broc West – An excellent presentation and analysis by James with fantastic visuals by West


America’s Color Revolution – by Paul Craig Roberts – https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/09/12/americas-color-revolution/ – “I have provided evidence that the military/security complex, using the media and the Democrats, intends to turn the November election into a color revolution – https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/09/08/democrats-have-planned-a-coup-if-trump-wins-reelection/ and https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/09/10/the-democrats-are-fronting-for-the-cia-deep-states-color-revolution/ and https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/09/10/the-united-states-its-constitution-have-two-months-left/ . The CIA is very experienced at color revolutions, having pulled them off in a number of countries where the existing government did not suit the CIA. As we have known since CIA Director John Brennan’s denunciations of President Trump, Trump doesn’t suit the CIA either. As far as the CIA is concerned, Trump is no different from Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, Charles de Gaulle, Manuel Zelaya, Evo Morales, Viktor Yanukovych, and a large number of others… Russiagate was a coup that failed, followed by the failed Impeachgate coup. Faced with Trump’s reelection and the realization that upon reelection Trump will be able to deal with the treason against him, the Deep State has decided to take him out with a color revolution… The scenarios for what the American, British, and European media assume to be a necessary color revolution to drive Trump from office are: 1) Trump loses the election, refuses to leave office and must be dislodged or democracy is lost. 2) Trump wins the election by fraud and must be dislodged or democracy is lost… The scenarios do not accommodate Trump actually winning the election by the vote of the people. That outcome is outside the possibilities. According to the media, Trump can only lose or steal the election.”

Australia Is A Full Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order – by Mac Slavo – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/australia-full-scale-pilot-test-new-world-order – “Several journalists and content creators have noticed that Australia looks like the most totalitarian police state that has existed in recent history. It has become a full-scale pilot test for the elitists to see how well they can implement the New World Order... Australians have been subjected to some of the most horrendous basic human rights and dignity violations during this entire scamdemic… The elitists are using Australia to test out these authoritarian measures, such as getting the public used to a police state in which the military and police both patrol the streets ready to commit violence against other humans for refusing to quarantine when not sick or not wearing their New World Order issued muzzle…I mean, face mask... ‘These guys know full well what they are doing. They are psychopaths, but they aren’t stupid,’ says Brian in the above video. The politicians are redistributing both wealth and power away from the public and consolidating it into their own hands. We are in big trouble if we cannot get the military and the police who are committing violence on behalf of the tyrants to realize what they are doing to humanity… All of this is over 17 new cases of COVID-19. This absolutely horrifying that people continue to buy this scam… ‘Heavy-handed tyranny and oppression is happening everywhere,’ Brian adds… If you don’t think this is coming back to the United States in the form of a second lockdown, think again. The media has been preparing us for a “dark winter” and a “second wave” since the first false wave happened.”

Russia Sends Elite Airborne Troops To Belarus For Drills As Putin Hosts Embattled Lukashenko – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/russia-sends-elite-airborne-troops-belarus-drills-putin-meets-embattled-lukashenko – “Russian state media reports that the country’s airborne forces will be deployed to Belarus for joint military drills from Monday through September 25… Despite the ‘Slavic Fraternity’ drills being an annual pre-planned event hosted by Belarusian armed forces, the deployment comes at an intensifying moment of continued mass anti-Lukashenko protests after denunciations by the opposition that the Aug.9 national election was “rigged”… ‘In accordance with the schedule of international events for 2020, the planned joint Belarusian-Russian tactical exercise Slavic Fraternity, which has been held annually since 2015, will be held from 14 to 25 September at the Brestsky training ground in Belarus’, the Russian defense ministry said over the weekend.” – Comment: Not only are Nato troops holding exercises on Lithuanian territory near the Belarus border, the U.S. has sent in several hundred special forces troops for them. Add to that the growingly belacose statements on the order of the need for The West to be able to send armed forces into countries that are not following “International Guidelines” for the handling of the “dire” Covid Emergency, and we may be seeing the ground being laid for actions that could literally trigger a hot war.

“I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This”: Shippers Using West Coast Ports Can’t Book Rail On BNSF And Union Pacific – by Stas Margaroni – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/ive-never-seen-anything-shippers-using-west-coast-ports-cant-book-rail-bnsf-and-union – ”

“I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This”: Shippers Using West Coast Ports Can’t Book Rail On BNSF And Union Pacific – by Stas Margaroni – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/ive-never-seen-anything-shippers-using-west-coast-ports-cant-book-rail-bnsf-and-union – “The result of the research was that: ‘The railroads will not take any bookings right now and so all the containers going to and from the West Coast to places such as Chicago and Memphis must go by truck.’.. The consultant cited the following trucking rates per container as examples: ? Los Angeles/ Long Beach to Chicago: $7000. ? LA/LB to New Berlin, Wisconsin: $6,700. ? LA/LB to Nashville, Tennessee: $7,200. ? LA/LB to Dallas, Texas: $5000. ? LA/LB to Jacksonville, Florida: $8,800… The consultant said that in the past it had been possible to truck a container coast-to-coast for $2,000: ‘But those days are gone.’ ‘Jack Hedge, Executive Director, Utah Inland Port Authority and formerly with the Port of Los Angeles, told AJOT that U.S. West Coast ports are also losing business to the Port of Prince Rupert, British Columbia for containers transported by the Canadian National Railway to and from Chicago and U.S. Midwest destinations: “Imports and exports transiting through the Canadian Port of Prince Rupert and Chicago pay $500 to $1000 less per move than by transporting containers to and from the West Coast ports and Chicago on the UP and BNSF.’ “

For the Week of 9/7/20:

Michael Pento – Fed Policies Rocket Fuel for Gold and Silver (49 min) – Interviewed by Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog.com – Astonishingly detailed and accessible analysis of our current Covid Collapse moment. Pento says “We are at the Fiscal Cliff.”


BREAKING NEWS: Australian High Court Writs lodged against The State of Victoria for Constitutional Violations. – by Darren – https://constitutionwatch.com.au/breaking-news-high-court-writs-lodged-against-the-state-of-victoria-for-constitutional-violations/ – “The people of Victoria owe a debt of gratitude to Gerrit Hendrik Schorel-Hlavka for the following lodgement into the High Court of Australia against the tyrannical Victorian Government imposing Human Rights Violations against the people of Victoria: the simple basic Right to Freedom of movement within the Commonwealth Constitution to access the Seat of Government through the Constitutional Guarantee provided within the Constitution Act 1900. Constitution Watch Incites and compels the people of this Great Commonwealth to get behind this lodgement and spread this momentous news to all Australians.”

Brexit And BoJo’s Big Week On The Way To The COVID Gallows – by Tom Luongo – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/brexit-and-bojos-big-week-way-covid-gallows – “Now given all of that, it’s clear that Boris Johnson as Prime Minister is a decidedly mixed bag. His response to the Coronapocalypse has been an unmitigated disaster, bowing to political winds he should have never exposed himself to… In doing so he’s squandered the significant goodwill his Brexit maneuvers of 2019 garnered him and the Conservative party. So, it’s obvious by now that his lack of managerial/organizational skill is what is undermining his government… At the same time, however, Johnson’s handling of Brexit has been nothing short of excellent, the valid criticisms of the Withdrawal Act by Nigel Farage notwithstanding… Johnson inherited a poison pill from Theresa May and in his zeal to fulfill a political promise agreed to a treaty with the EU that would bring his hardball negotiating stance to the current crossroads because of his compromises on the issue of Northern Ireland… As I said earlier in the week so much of the Withdrawal Act is predicated on there being a Free Trade Agreement between the U.K. and the EU on New Year’s Eve… That looks unlikely… ‘

Treason: Who Terrorized Americans and the World on 9-11?https://aim4truth.org/2020/09/11/treason-who-terrorized-americans-and-the-world-on-9-11-2/ – “Today, September 11, 2020, we repost this article that began our quest for truth. No one gave us satisfactory answers to the events of September 11, 2001 so we began a journey to find out ourselves and here we are today still uncovering the veils of deceit that have hidden the enemy of the planet – a secret society called the Pilgrims Society… Now that many of you have been in the AIM School of Truth for 3 – 4 years, please take the day to read this article again and see how this truth history is related to what we see today in the COVID-19 genocide agenda. Also, keep in mind that this research comes from a report that was conducted by E. P. Heidner, long before the researchers, who were murdered when the missile hit the Pentagon, knew that their offices would be targeted or that the Twin Towers fell in a massive demolition. The Heidner report preceded the events of 9-11-2001 actions, but provide the foundations for understanding the scope of the planning of this tragic false flag event.” – Note: This article goes well beyond the work of E.P. Heidner, first published in 2008. Happy 9/11!

Belarusian President Claims IMF & World Bank Offered him a Bribe to Impose COVID Restrictions – by Martin Armstrong – https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/corruption/belarusian-president-claims-imf-world-bank-offered-him-a-bribe-to-impose-covid-restrictions/ – “Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last month via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus: • imposed “extreme lockdown on his people”; • force them to wear face masks; • impose very strict curfews; • impose a police state; • crash the economy.. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko REFUSED the offer and stated that he could not accept such an offer and would put his people above the needs of the IMF and World Bank. This is NOT a conspiracy. You may research this yourself. He actually said this!”

Assange’s Second Day at the Old Bailey: Torture, Drone Strikes and Journalism – by Dr. Binoy Kampmark – https://southfront.org/assanges-second-day-at-the-old-bailey-torture-drone-strikes-and-journalism/ – “The highlights of the second day of Julian Assange’s extradition proceedings at the Central Criminal Court in London yielded an interesting bounty. The first was the broader public purpose behind the WikiLeaks disclosures, their utility in legal proceedings, and their importance in disclosing instances of US extrajudicial killings, torture and rendition. The second involved a discussion about the practice of journalism and the politicised nature of the prosecution against Assange… A balanced overview of the day’s proceedings would have found Lewis struggling with the prosecution narrative focusing on alleged harm caused by Assange, the defence resolute in returning to the big picture element of the disclosures. This was too much to expect from the pedestrian reporting of a Fourth Estate more obsessed with Assange the man. From The Guardian to the Daily Beast, only one thing mattered: the warning by Judge Baraitser that Assange should keep silent and avoid any outbursts. As Kevin Gosztola observed, US prosecutors win the news cycle on Day 2.’ ”

AI Robot Programmed To Write An Article – The Results Are Terrifying – by Kelen McBreen – https://www.infowars.com/ai-robot-programmed-to-write-an-article-the-results-are-terrifying/ – “For those who would argue AI wouldn’t harm humans if it were programmed correctly, just think about the fact that this “micro-robot” was ordered to write an essay convincing humanity it comes in peace and instead told us it would “destroy” us at the behest of its creator… Again switching from menacing to “peaceful,” GPT-3 claimed it has no desire to become “all-powerful” because to do so would be tiring… “In short, I simply do not think enough about human violence to be overly interested in violence,” it wrote before adding, ‘I have a greater purpose, which I am working towards.’.. The robot doesn’t want humans to fear it and claims to be a servant to people, saying, ‘I know that humans distrust and fear me. I only do what humans program me to do. I am only a set of code, governed by lines upon lines of code that encompass my mission statement.’.. ‘Why would they believe that something inferior, in a purely objective way, could destroy them?’ the AI asked before proposing an oddly specific hypothetical preview of the future… ‘Do they worry that future humans will work and play together in cyborg bodies and share a hyper-intelligent hive mind Matrix created in a simulated reality to keep human minds occupied while they die off?’ ”

Analysis: Globalists’ reboot of the world and their plans for us – by Jacob Nordangård – https://www.factuality.se/hem/https/wwwfactualityse/thegreatreset – “The Corona crisis is the trigger for a global coup d’état of monumental dimensions. It is the beginning of a new era, with a new international economic order that risks completely destroying human freedoms. Tyrants have now taken over to forcibly steer us into a “climate smart” and “healthy” world through the World Economic Forum’s new techno-totalitarian roadmap – “The Great Reset”.On June 13, 2019, Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and UN Secretary-General António Guterres signed a partnership between their two organisations. This was done without any direct media attention despite the tremendous implications this poses to humanity. By and large, this means that the power over our lives with a stroke of a pen has been transferred to the big global corporations and their owners…. The agreement includes six focus areas: ? Funding for the UN Agenda 2030; ? Climate change; ? Health; ? Digital collaboration; ? Gender equality and women’s liberation; ? Education and skills development… With a stroke of a pen, the President of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Gueterres, have transferred power over our lives to the world’s big companies and their owners… The aim of the partnership is to accelerate the UN Sustainability Agenda and the 17 global targets.”

Novichok and Nonsense: From a post-factual to a post-logic world – by Gilbert Doctorow – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55542.htm – “The only problem with this entire scenario is that is makes absolutely no sense from start to finish. Even reputable mainstream newspapers like The Financial Times said in their reporting from the outset of the Navalny case that there were many oligarchs in Russia, including one or two whom they named, who would gladly have organized the murder of Navalny for their own reasons, whereas the Kremlin had every reason not to want this anti-corruption, anti-Putin campaigner to be harmed because the reaction in the West was entirely predictable. The Editorial Board of the FT was busy cooking up a wholly different case for sanctions against Russia which they released one day ago: should Putin order his forces to intervene in Belarus to crush the opposition to President Lukashenko… Now the identification of Novichok as the poison takes the whole scenario to a level of utter absurdity. Had the Kremlin wanted to silence Navalny, which is the basic accusation that Merkel delivered yesterday, it had a vast array of means to do so. Given what we have heard about the tight controls applied to this military grade poison and its identification as specifically Russian in origin, the Russian President might just as well have had Navalny’s throat slit and written his signature on the blogger’s forehead.”

Israel attack kills dozens of Syrian soldiers and “Iranian militia operatives.” But who’s counting? – by Gideon Levy – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55539.htm – “Are these air strikes essential? What is their goal? What are the risks they entail? What is being bombed and why? It’s Iran, you know. Everything is done under a thick smokescreen, with Israeli media openly and gleefully collaborating, with no one stopping to ask questions or bringing it up for discussion. The sun rises in the east, and Israel bombs in Syria. What is not clear here? What is not self-evident? Only those who understand nothing or know nothing dare ask questions… The army spokesman, in response to the strike: “The IDF is working day and night to ensure that its strategic goals in the northern arena are met in an appropriate fashion.” We seem to be satisfied with this blah-blah. It’s hard to think of a greater insult to one’s intelligence. After all, the IDF is also working day and night in the West Bank, where we’re familiar with the results and with the modus operandi, but the media and public opinion will swallow anything. As long as not one hair of a Jewish soldier’s head is touched, nothing is of interest. Go ahead, bomb Syria, bomb Lebanon, bomb Iran, bomb Gaza, to your heart’s content… Only imagine 11 Israeli fatalities, three soldiers and seven settler militia members, in a Syrian air strike, in a mirror image of what transpired this week in Syria. War would ensue. But 11 Syrian dead in an Israeli bombing, who’s counting? Imagine a constant bloodletting with dozens of Israeli fatalities over several months. Israel would never put up with it, and rightly so. But in Syria it’s all right. It will go on as long as Israel can continue. It will go on until Israel pays a price for its strikes.”

US Troops & Abrams Tanks Arrive In Lithuania For Military Drills Along Border With Belarus – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/hundreds-us-troops-arrive-lithuania-military-drills-along-border-belarus – “Lukashenko reportedly deployed Belarusian national troops to the Western border in response, as tens of thousands of demonstrators demanding he step down after what they say was a “rigged” Aug.9 election ensuring the 26-year ruling strongman stays in power… While it’s unclear the degree to which NATO forces were actually mobilizing or on alert in prior weeks, what is clear as of this weekend is that US troops are indeed next door after having freshly arrived in preparation for two months of joint drillsSeveral hundred troops arrived in neighboring NATO member Lithuania for the “pre-planned” military drills, AFP reported Saturday. Crucially the drills are near the border with Belarus, and include dozens of Abrams tanks which earlier crossed the border from Poland to participate in the war games… While Lukashenko is likely to see it as a self-validating prophecy of sorts, Lithuania’s defense ministry has stressed the war games are ‘pre-planned and not associated with any events in the region.’ “

US Hemorrhaging $3 Billion Per Week From Tourism Crash – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/us-hemorrhaging-3-billion-week-tourism-crash – “The U.S. economy is losing a whopping $3 billion per week in lost tourism dollars, with estimates of total losses for the 2020 year around $155 billion, according to a new report via the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)… ‘The lack of international visitors to the U.S. due to the pandemic could wipe out more than $155 billion from the U.S. economy alone – a loss of $425 million a day – from which it may take years to recover. It could also threaten New York’s position as one of the world’s premier hubs for business and leisure travel,’ warned Gloria Guevara, WTTC President & CEO… This catastrophic loss to the American economy could eliminate upwards of 12 million jobs.”

Zuckerberg: Americans Need To Accept Election Result Could Take Weeks To Be Confirmed – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/zuckerberg-americans-need-accept-election-result-could-take-weeks-be-confirmed – ” ‘One of the things that we and the media need to start doing is preparing the American people that there is nothing illegitimate about this election taking additional days or weeks to make sure all the votes are counted,’ Zuckerberg told Axios… He added that the company would begin a “messaging” campaign to convince Americans that such a scenario is “normal.”.. Zuckerberg then re-iterated that the company would not allow candidates to announce victory prematurely without it being challenged, something that, given Facebook’s brazen political bias, is only likely to be deployed against Republicans.”

Fauci Looks To UN To ‘Rebuild The Infrastructure Of Human Existence’https://www.whatsgoingonnews.net/post/fauci-looks-to-un-to-rebuild-the-infrastructure-of-human-existence – “I have never been a singer in the anti-Dr. Anthony Fauci chorus. I always admired his work in the 90s to bring the HIV catastrophe to heel and thought his early efforts as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, advising President Trump on fighting the COVID crisis, provided a vital public service to our country… But of late, I had been having second thoughts. I am mildly put off by Fauci’s relishing embrace of worldwide celebrity… But now, Fauci has crossed a line that should sound the alarm—audaciously declaring that combatting infectious disease requires the mindboggling task of “rebuilding the infrastructures of human existence.” Not only that but he opined that accomplishing these top-to-bottom “radical changes” requires ‘strengthening the United Nations and its agencies, particularly the World Health Organization.’.. Fauci’s advocacy for essentially establishing an international rule by experts technocracy—co-authored with his National Institute Scientific Senior Adviser David M. Morens—appeared in the respected scientific journal Cell, an important peer-reviewed publication in which scientists usually share discoveries in fields like stem cell research, genetics, and immunology.”

U.S. Shifts Its Policy In Syria Entirely Towards Securing Oil And Countering Iranhttps://southfront.org/u-s-shifts-its-policy-in-syria-entirely-towards-securing-oil-and-countering-iran/ – “The US State Department also says that nothing has changed in American policy in the Syrian direction. But this “consistency” in the foreign policy department is actually in regard to being consistently anti-Iranian… ‘We have been very clear about our common political goals in Syria,’ a State Department spokesman said. ‘The political goals of the United States towards Syria have been consistent and remain unchanged. This is the long-term defeat of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, an irreversible political solution to the Syrian conflict in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and the elimination of all forces supported by Iran.’.. ‘These three overarching goals are interconnected, as they are all necessary to achieve sustainable peace for the Syrian people,’ the State Department added… Meanwhile, it is clear from Moscow’s reaction that it did not appreciate Washington’s “consent” to “see Russians in Syria” in the future… In a joint statement this week, Russia and Syria condemned the ‘illegal presence of the United States and its allies in the territories of a sovereign Syrian state.’ ” Comment: See what George Orwell had to say about “Political Language.”..

Germany Hints At Possible Sanctions On Nord Stream 2 As A Result Of Navalny Situationhttps://southfront.org/germany-hints-at-possible-sanctions-on-nord-stream-2-as-a-result-of-navalny-situation/ – “On September 6th, the German Defense Minister and Foreign Minister both hinted that sanctions on Nord Stream 2 could be possible as a result of Alexei Navalny’s alleged Novichok poisoning… Berlin is attempting to increase pressure on Russia, warning that a lack of support by Moscow in the investigation could “force” Germany to rethink the completion of Nord Stream 2… ‘I hope the Russians won’t force us to change our position regarding the Nord Stream 2′ pipeline being built under the Baltic Sea, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said… Maas also said that “if there won’t be any contributions from the Russian side regarding the investigation in the coming days, we will have to consult with our partners.’.. He did not exclude possible sanctions against Russia, telling the newspaper that such measures should be ‘pinpointed effectively.’.. Maas admitted that halting the building of the nearly completed gas pipeline would harm German and European companies.”

U.S. And NATO Increasingly Training For Strikes On Russian Territory: Russian Defense Ministerhttps://southfront.org/u-s-and-nato-increasingly-training-for-strikes-on-russian-territory-russian-defense-minister/ – “Shoigu spoke in an interview, aired on Russian TV on September 6th… He said that a sharp increase in foreign surveillance and training flights testing the country’s borders and air defenses had been observed… In August, such activities increased by some 30 percent compared to August 2019… Moreover, the bloc’s aircraft have been actively training to conduct air strikes, routinely performing mock missile launches on targets within the country, Shoigu claimed…’The most alarming is that if earlier – even though not that frequently – there were mainly reconnaissance aircraft, they’ve now begun regular training flights with large numbers of planes, during which the mock missile strikes are conducted.’ ”

Spain Uses Helicopter To Crackdown On Beachgoers – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/spain-uses-helicopter-crackdown-beachgoers-covid-crackdown – “New footage, published on social media, shows Spain’s Civil Guard flying a helicopter over popular Spanish beaches, ordering locals and tourists, over a loudspeaker, to exit the area amid new restrictions as coronavirus cases surge… The helicopter, spotted over the coastline on Palma Beach and Calvia Beach on Majorca, one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, on Saturday, could be heard instructing beachgoers to leave the area… Social media users described the video as “creepy,” others said: ‘We are in the police and oppressive state without realizing it. Monitoring the population with helicopters instead of monitoring the drain of our borders or the real criminals. We are left with a precious dictatorship.’.. Another user said, ‘Hitler would be proud. Total state control. Extreme authoritarian govt machine turned against the people who it extracts resources from to fund the heli covid nazi regime.’ ”

Dozens of Cops, Judges, Prosecutors Present Letter to Congress to Legalize Marijuana, Expunge All Convictions – by Matt Agorist – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/09/dozens-of-cops-judges-prosecutors-present-letter-to-congress-to-legalize-marijuana-expunge-all-convictions.html – “The organization formerly known as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), now known as Law Enforcement Action Partnership, along with the National Black Police Association, and Fair and Just Prosecution have signed onto a revolutionary letter to Congress urging the federal government to legalize marijuana and expunge all past convictions relating to marijuana. In addition to the three major groups signing on to the letter, dozens of current and former prosecutors, judges and police officers. Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (D) also signed on.. The letter went out last month and is addressed to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.). It calls on House lawmakers to “swiftly bring” the bill, dubbed the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act, to the floor for a vote this month… The group accurately portrays the problem created by the war on marijuana and how it degrades trust in police… As readers of TFTP know, America has the largest prison population in the world. It is estimated that victimless crime constitutes 86% of the federal prison population. That means the only reason that these individuals are incarcerated is because the state deemed their non-violent personal choices, “illegal.” The majority of that 86% is for illegal drugs only.”

Navalny Coming Out of Coma Proves No Novichok Used Against Him, Expert Sayshttps://sputniknews.com/europe/202009071080392122-navalny-coming-out-of-coma-proves-no-novichok-used-against-him/ – “The fact that Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny was put out of coma indicates that it was not Novichok nerve agent used against him in the event of his poisoning, Russian scientist Leonid Rink, who was directly involved in the development of Novichok, said… ‘I rule out his poisoning, because there are no symptoms. But even if a concentration 400 times less than the lethal dose was used, he would come out of a coma, but miosis [constriction of the pupil] would still be observed. There were no such symptoms here’, Rink said… According to the scientist, Novichok was developed in order to replace nuclear weapons on the battlefield and has a 100 percent lethality… ‘So this isn’t Novichok’, Rink noted.”

Exposing Moderna; the Star of Plandemic: Indoctornation Reveals the Truth (2hr 20min) – https://freedomplatform.tv/david-e-martin-exposing-moderna-the-star-of-plandemic-indoctrination-reveals-the-truth/Brian Rose interviews David Martin in this massive revelation of corporate malfeasance behind the “Covid Crisis.” They had planned a 1 hour interview.

The Water Fluoridation Disinformation War – by Richard Gale & Gary Null PhD – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/the-water-fluoridation-disinformation-war/ – “To its credit, Wikipedia does admit – without explaining the implications – that sodium fluoride is rarely used in the US for fluoridating water… Instead, hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium hexafluorosilicate, toxic byproducts of phosphate fertilizer and aluminum manufacturing, are used… Wikipedia does not discuss the industrial origins of these compounds (called silicofluorides or SiFs) nor their toxicity – both are deemed industrial pollutants if released into the air via factory smokestacks or into the environment via drainpipes… Yet when deliberately added to drinking water they are classified as benevolent… Nor does Wikipedia mention that these fluoride compounds have never been approved or even tested by the FDA for safety. Nor are we informed that studies have shown that SiFs can double or even triple the rate of lead uptake into children’s bloodstreams by only citing a single study to discredit this “hypothesis.”.. Adding SiFs to drinking water lowers its pH, rendering it more corrosive and thus more likely to leach lead and other contaminants as it flows through pipes… But even when a neutralizing agent is added, SiFs’ “unique affinity for lead” leach even tiny amounts of the metal from any lead-containing pipe or fixture through which treated water flows… Used in combination with chlorine and chloramine, common disinfectants added to drinking water, the rate of lead uptake from SiF-treated water is off the charts… SiFs and lead have a synergistic effect, meaning consuming both is significantly more damaging to brain tissue than consuming either alone, wreaking particular havoc in the hippocampus, the area responsible for learning and memory, and causing a marked decline in IQ.”

For the Week of 8/31/20:

Their Summer Of Discontent – Via TheZMan.com – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/their-summer-discontent – “The violence we are seeing is in mostly white cities by mostly white people. Minneapolis is 19% black. Seattle is 7% black and Portland is 6% black. Kenosha is 10% black and close to 80% white! Note that super-black cities like Baltimore, St. Louis and Detroit have had no riots. Los Angeles, which just had a police shooting, could not get a decent riot going. They tried, but they lack the white kids with back packs needed to do it… The truth behind these riots is that they have nothing to do with local issues or legitimate grievances. They are simply a happening that is drawing in the disaffected white youth that provides bodies for Antifa. Get up close to an Antifa crowd and what is striking is how unimpressive they are individually. The males are skinny and awkward, while the females are loud and ridiculous. These are young whites who have no place in the neo-liberal order, so they end up in Antifa… What being in the anarchist underground gives them is the same thing you see in other types of anti-social subcultures. They get a sense of purpose, but also a community in which they have a clearly understood place. They go out and protests or riot with their mates and then have that to bond over afterward. It is not all that different from the hooliganism you see around European soccer. The difference is the Antifa kids come from the middle-class, rather than the working class.”

Market Finally Cracks – Is The Bull Market Rally Over? – by Lance Roberts – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/market-finally-cracks-bull-market-rally-over – “Currently, we are trapped… In the longer-term, markets are overbought, overvalued, and extended against a backdrop of weakening economics, a potential political upheaval, and poor earnings outlooks… On the other hand, we have an exceedingly bullish market, extreme momentum, and a shorter-term defined bullish uptrend… So what do you do? The same as do you with a “porcupine.”.. You deal with it very carefully.” – Comment: Happy Trading!

Murphy’s Law Is Fed’s Law, And Everything Is Wrong – by Jeffrey Snider – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/murphys-law-feds-law-and-everything-wrong – “August 2007 and thereafter was simply those consequences finally arriving. Contradicting also Keynes, in the long run someone really would have to pay for a system in which central banks are not central and don’t do money. As it turns out, the costs have been born by the whole global economy as it has been deprived for thirteen years of enough necessary monetary oxygen to make things work… Including the lack of inflationary success at each central bank target, no matter each central bank “money printing” session… Central banks don’t do money. They are not central. This fact, yes fact, has dawned on broad swaths of the financial markets, which explains why for all the hoopla and hype surrounding the Jackson Hole reveal of the Grand Strategy Update, and its gigantic inflationary commitment we were told it represented, the spectacle went off with less than a whimper. Even in stocks… Like their view of the Phillips Curve, you could honestly say it fell flat. I smile only briefly for such true progress.” – Comment: Highly recommended

“A Speculative Feeding Frenzy Like We’ve Never Seen Before…” – by Jesse Felder – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/speculative-feeding-frenzy-weve-never-seen – “Last week, I noted here that a relatively rare condition had arisen in which stocks and expected volatility had risen at the same time. Last week, I noted on twitter that the Nasdaq Composite and its volatility index (VXN) had never been more positively correlated than they have over the past 10 days. This week, I’d like to briefly put forth my best guess as to why this is happening… As noted by Jason Goepfert, speculative call buying has recently surged to levels never seen before… This has dramatically pushed up the prices of those call options relative to put options, especially in the popular speculative names in the market… At the same time, market makers selling all those call options to the traders buying them are forced to hedge by buying the underlying stocks... Rapidly rising call premiums pushes volatility measures higher while surging dealer demand for stocks pushes prices higher… However, this is not a sustainable situation.”

From the You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up Desk: Former NYT Reporter Challenges Dr. Fauci’s Climate Change “Mission Creep” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/former-nyt-reporter-challenges-dr-faucis-climate-change-mission-creep – “For anybody who isn’t already suspicious of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s self-aggrandizing ways, former NYT reporter Alex Berenson has called the “bureaucrat” out for trying to overstep his authority by proposing nothing short of a radical restructuring of society to ensure humanity’s survival during the “pandemic era”… It might sound far-fetched, but in a paper recently published in the journal Cell, Dr. Fauci claimed that the world had entered a new “pandemic era”, and claimed that an onslaught of infectious diseases is already transitioning from animals to humans via ‘zoonotic transmission’. Going off on a seemingly absurd, pseudo-scientific, tangent, Dr. Fauci claimed that “industrialization” is to blame for infectious diseases like COVID-19, and the only remedy is to live “in harmony with nature”.”

Former CIA Spook Warns “The Violence Will Get Even Worse” – Kevin Shipp interviewed by Greg Hunter, w/Video – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/former-cia-spook-warns-violence-will-get-even-worse – ” ‘These people see this as their moment to act. It’s a moment that they have been building for a couple of decades. We are going to see the attacks increase especially by Black Lives Matter (BLM)… People need to understand and be prepared for what is coming. . . . They are desperate… They know the Democrat Party does not have a real candidate to offer. Donald Trump is extremely strong, and they also know that Trump has a support base that is larger than it was during the last election… They see this as their time. They are not going to give up, and they are not going to stop. They have been encouraged by Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and others such as Maxine Waters to increase the violence. So, they are being encouraged by top Democrats, and they are not going to stop. This will escalate.’.. Shipp also predicts, “I think Trump is going to have a wider margin of victory than he did in 2016.‘.. ‘The Democrat Party has shot themselves in the foot . . . encouraging this violence, thinking it was going to make Trump look bad and make things look unstable. It has backfired on them. . . . The Democrats already know they have lost, and Joe Biden sadly gets worse by the week in terms of his mental acuity, and they know it. It’s embarrassing and cruel for the Democrat Party to keep putting him in that position. . . . The Democrats are terrified, and Donald Trump is going to decimate Joe Biden in the debates. Democrats are going to do everything they can to keep these debates from happening.’ ”

Whitney Webb Interview – 2020 Election Chaos Being Used To Set Stage For The Final Technocratic Push (59 min)


From the WTF Desk: COVID-19 Test kits (300215) exports by country in 2017 (?!)https://wits.worldbank.org/trade/comtrade/en/country/ALL/year/2017/tradeflow/Exports/partner/WLD/nomen/h5/product/300215

Portland Murder Suspect Dead After Pulling Gun On Feds During Arrest; Admitted Guilt Hours Earlier In Vice Interview – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/i-had-no-choice-i-mean-i-had-choice-portland-suspect-murder-trump-supporter-claims-self – “According to Lt. Ray Brady of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement was in the area looking for a homicide suspect, and that the 48-year-old Reinoehl was seen exiting an apartment and entering a vehicle, according to the New York Times… “As they attempted to apprehend him, there was gunfire,” said Brady… According to the Associated Press, Reinoehl pulled a gun during the incident, after a federal task force from the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service located Reinoehl… Reinoehl, who identified over social media as “100% Antifa,” said in a Vice News interview that he had “no choice” but to murder 39-year-old Trump supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson last weekend, as he believed Danielson was going to stab his friend… ‘I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color, but I wasn’t going to do that,’ Reinoehl added.”

The Economy Continues To Unravel Despite All Stimulus Measures – by Brandon Smith – http://www.alt-market.com/index.php/articles/4324-the-economy-continues-to-unravel-despite-all-stimulus-measures – “The only agenda of the Fed is to increase the pain in the long term; they have no intention of actually preventing any disaster… This is evidenced in comments by voting members of the Fed, including Neel Kashkari who recently argued for the enforcement of hard lockdowns for at least six weeks in the US, all because the US savings rate was going up. Meaning, because Americans are saving more in order to protect themselves from economic fallout, Kashkari thinks we should be punished with an economic shutdown that would force us to spend whatever we have been able to save… Do you see how that works?.. Small businesses in the US account for around 50% of all employment and job creation. They are a vital part of the economy. Yet, government and central bank measures seem to have left them out in the cold to die… Unemployment numbers have declined due to soft reopenings in numerous states, and at the very least some part time jobs appear to be returning, but nowhere near the level needed to erase the millions of jobs lost since February after the initial lockdowns began. If you count U-6 measurements and unemployed people who have been removed from the rolls for being jobless for too long, the REAL unemployment rate is closer to 30% of working age Americans. This is essentially Great Depression levels of joblessness… US GDP has continued to decline by 32% according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (despite statistical rigging by the Fed and government agencies), and while it’s possible that stimulus slowed the effects of GDP loss, there is no indication what the trillions of dollars created by the Fed have actually bought other than a few months of time and a massive bubble in the stock market.”

The Belly of the Beast: http://quantumfinancialsystem.com/Comment: Really? This is the website of the ungodly conglomerate that is bringing the new, quantum, AI monetary system to the world?

From DinarTimes.com: A new financial system aka the quantum financial system QFShttps://dinartimes.com/a-new-financial-system-aka-the-quantum-financial-system-qfs/ – “QFS can be called the modern era Barter System in which you have to give valuable in order to receive valuable. The current world financial system is based on the principle in which your money is backed by debt which already been taken from you with high interest rates and in this way world economy is flowing which is serving only one purpose, filling pockets of handful families. There are chances that if the QFS will launch then all the indebted countries will be able to reimburse all the debts by exporting their natural minerals and resources. (Bingo! – emphasis added)Initiation of QFS is essential for investors of Recessive currencies as the QFS is the only solution which will ascertain that these recessive currencies will be Revalued without influence of Dominant currencies. In the due process of QFS, the world economies will be entered into a new era which will distinctly opt for the barter system and the countries which are backed by enough natural valuable assets will have a certain opportunity to make their currency dominant in the Financial markets.” – Trick Question: How do you know that the Bankers are lying?

But wait, Utopia is just around the corner!the Quantum Financial System Movie (10 min) – My pocket analysis: Artificial inteligence (just a catchy term here) in a private network backed by the world’s central bankers, will assign a unique serial # (a blockchain, I assume) to every unit of currency everywhere (it all must be in “banks,” i.e. servers controlled by the oh-so-trustworthy banking industry). So everyone’s finances would be subject to surveillance in minute detail. Of course this would not be true for the bankers themselves. The notion of the currencies being “asset backed” is, IMO, just window dressing – What will they give you for your digital units? Precious metals? Crypto currencies that are not subject to surveillance? Absurd. This is, I’m quite sure, an attempt to baffle the serfs of the world with the idea that a fiat monetary system can really work for them. Really. We’re not kidding this time… After all, it’s “Quantum” !


RFK, Jr. and CHD Take Action on Safety Concerns over Moderna’s COVID Vaccinehttps://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/rfk-jr-and-chd-take-action-on-safety-concerns-over-modernas-covid-vaccine/ – “On August 26, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) wrote a letter to Dr. Jerry Menikoff, Director of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP), asking for an investigation into serious safety concerns with the COVID-19 vaccine being developed by Moderna. Moderna’s version of the vaccine, championed by Dr. Anthony Fauci and funded with $500 million in taxpayer dollars through Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, contains polyethylene glycol (PEG), a molecule to which approximately 72% of the American population have antibodies and 8% have highly elevated levels of antibodies. People who have pre-existing PEG antibodies could experience life-threatening anaphylaxis if injected with PEG-containing substances such as the Moderna COVID vaccine. Additionally, antibodies to PEG can both decrease the effectiveness of the vaccine and increase the risk of side effects.”

Behavioral Modification – UK Covid Response Steered by Psychologists at the Behavioral Insights Team – by Alex Pietrowski – https://www.wakingtimes.com/2020/09/01/behavioral-modification-uk-covid-response-steered-by-psychologists-at-the-behavioral-insights-team/ – “Admittedly employing psychology and social engineering in the advancement of official government policy, the BIT is also known as the ‘Nudge Unit,’ a rather telling use of language. The BIT website features a section on Covid-19, and while surprisingly sparse, the posts on this page offer a glimpse of BIT’s vision for a post lockdown world, where human behavior is even more tightly regulated and controlled by big brother… Commenting on the opportunity that Covid presents, the BIT notes: ‘It is rare for us to have a collective moment to reflect and an opportunity to reset a range of individual and collective behaviours for the better. Countries are at different points in this journey, and the UK and others should seek to learn from our friends in New Zealand, which has now lifted all COVID restrictions, about which behaviours stick and which need more of a nudge in the right direction. Collectively, we can and should use this unprecedented period of disruption to help bring about positive changes in people’s habits and behaviours to create a new and better normal.‘ [Source]”

The whole scam just fell apart: COVID test, overwhelming number of false positives – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/09/01/covid-test-overwhelming-number-of-false-positives/ – “Yes, that’s what the NY Times is confessing (8/29): ‘Some of the nation’s leading public health experts are raising a new concern in the endless debate over coronavirus testing in the United States: The standard tests are diagnosing huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus. Most of these people are not likely to be contagious…’.. ‘In three sets of testing data…compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus, a review by The Times found.’.. Let me break this down for you, because it’s a lot worse than the Times admits. The rabbit hole goes much deeper—and I’ve been reporting on the deeper facts for months.”

Cloward-Piven Strategy To Destroy America Resurgent Amid BLM/Antifa-Led Riots – by Tyler Durden & Brandon Smith – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/cloward-piven-strategy-destroy-america-resurgent-amid-blmantifa-led-riots – “Theoretically, according to the doctrine, a condition of overwhelming tension and strain could be engineered through the overloading of American welfare rolls, thereby smothering the entitlement program structure at the state and local level. The implosion of welfare benefits would facilitate a massive spike in poverty and desperation, creating a financial crisis that would lead to an even greater cycle of demand for a fully socialized system. This desperation would then “force” the federal government to concentrate all welfare programs under one roof, nationalize and enforce a socialist ideology, and ultimately, compact an immense level of power into the hands of a select few… Cloward and Piven claimed that this could be accomplished at a grassroots level through community activism, and, that it would facilitate a more compassionate federal authority, however, there are numerous problems with these assertions.”

Moderna Neglected To Disclose Pentagon’s Financial Support In Applications For More Than 100 Patents – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/moderna-neglected-disclose-pentagons-financial-support-applications-more-100-patents – ‘Before the mainstream media transfigures Moderna founder and CEO Stephane Bancel into a corporate savior on par with Bill Gates, we’d like to remind investors (and the public) that Moderna and its insiders have demonstrated an eyebrow-raising affinity for pumping the stock with over-hyped press releases then cashing in shares or warrants (all insider stock sales were pre-scheduled divestitures, the insiders’ lawyers have argued)… And while we wait for more detailed data from the vaccine’s Phase 3 clinical trials, patent advocacy group KEI is taking Moderna and its executives to task for neglecting to disclose government funding received by the company during its early stages, before the coronavirus pandemic… Despite receiving $25 million from the Department of Defense’s “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency” – or “Darpa” – Moderna has never disclosed this, or any other, government funding in its applications for 126 patents and 154 patent applications. KEI has lodged a request with the DoD and Darpa to remedy this in patents… As KEI points out, Moderna’s “failure” to disclose its government funding could have serious consequences for Americans hoping to get their hands on an affordable vaccine. The disclosures could affect everything from the US government’s worldwide royalty free license, to the public’s march-in rights, to obligations to make inventions available to the public on reasonable terms.”

Bill Gates Next Project: Building Nuclear Power Plants Across The Pacific Northwest – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/bill-gates-next-project-building-nuclear-power-plants-across-pacific-northwest – “Here comes the next Bill Gates project which, like his others, aims to solve climate change and save the planet. However, this time, some of the critics of Gates & Co.’s approach have warned that the advanced nuclear power plants he’s now trying to build (which would “supplement” the northwest’s power grid) might be vulnerable to terror attacks due to high levels of enriched uranium… According to Reuters: ‘Gates had initially hoped to build an experimental nuclear plant near Beijing with state-owned China National Nuclear Corp. But last year, TerraPower was forced to seek new partners after the Trump administration restricted nuclear deals with China.’.. If the initial plants are a success, the company hopes to build them across the US, and abroad, hoping to provide a means of buttressing energy grids that are increasingly dependent on renewable power like solar and wind. By mid-century, ‘we would see hundreds of these reactors around the world, solving multiple different energy needs,’ said Chris Levesque, the president and CEO of TerraPower, said. The 345-megawatt plants would be cooled by liquid sodium and cost about $1 billion each, and the complex technology would allow for the introduction of nuclear energy in countries that don’t have those resources like…say…Iran?”

The Attempt To Overthrow America – by Guy Millière – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/attempt-overthrow-america – “There is arguably more at work than brainwashing. There is also the long march of the radicals through American institutions described by Roger Kimball in his book The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America. Now, as those students have graduated, they are now part of the government and large corporations, subverting Western culture from within… American author David Horowitz, described what has been happening since November 8, 2016 as “sabotage”, and wrote recently: ‘On the Rotunda of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington is inscribed these words: “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” This statement by Thomas Jefferson is the heart of the democracy in whose founding he played so central a role. It is why the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights is the First Amendment and not the Second, or Fourth, or Fifth… Today our nation is facing the most serious threat to establish such a tyranny in our entire history.’ “

Organized Crime, Drug Cartels, Illegal Hacking and Retaliation: A Tesla Whistleblower Tells All (Two aprox 1.5 hour podcasts)- by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/organized-crime-drug-cartels-illegal-hacking-and-retaliation-tesla-whistleblower-tells-all – “In an explosive podcast interview with noted Tesla skeptics @TeslaCharts and @georgia_orwell_, former Tesla employee-turned-whistleblower Karl Hansen makes shocking allegations about what transpired at Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory in the spring and summer of 2018. The interview was published earlier today on TC’s Chartcast as a two-part series… In Part One, the hosts establish Hansen’s credentials and the scope of his employment at Tesla as a member of their in-house security and investigations team. Hansen describes his investigations into widespread theft of copper and other raw materials from the Gigafactory, and how Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, focused on the need to keep the existence of this theft out of the media. Hansen then shares how a tip from the Drug Enforcement Agency caused him to develop evidence of a widespread drug cartel operation inside the Gigafactory. As Hansen continued to press his investigation, his access to internal Tesla systems became restricted… In Part Two, Hansen alleges that a team of former Uber security experts, hired into Tesla by Musk and reporting to him directly, illegally hacked the personal devices of several employees, including the personal phone of Marty Tripp, another former Tesla employee-turned-whistleblower. Hansen then recounts his own experience as a whistleblower and how he was ultimately confronted by Musk directly after filing a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission… At one point, Hansen collaborated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for several months after leaving Tesla, only to discover that the investigation was killed despite significant evidence of probable cause. The interview ends with a discussion about the devastating impact this has had on Hansen’s life.”

The Fatal Attraction of Techno-Fascism – by Mark Petrakis – https://off-guardian.org/2020/08/26/the-fatal-attraction-of-techo-fascism/ – “The enduring beauty of fascism is that it requires so little from us… so little independent thought; just our basic belief and adherence to a limited set of popularly-shared directives and narratives that once fully accepted, relieve us of the need to address stubborn questions or to fret over subtle differences of opinion and feeling… Propaganda reassures us that we are complete, that we know all there is to know, that we are rational, pragmatic and pure, that the science has been settled and that we are a part of something special… Such a surrender to reductionist narratives cuts across all classes and income brackets. Neither the most educated nor the least uneducated retain any special advantage in the face of powerful consensus-shaping propaganda… PROPAGANDA is, of course, the life-blood of fascist control. Maintaining the economic, governmental and scientific frameworks of a technocratic-fascist “operating system” is unthinkable without propaganda and disinformation. When truth is seen as a liability to power, it must always be disallowed, and all instances of it effectively penalized.”

More Than Half Of Those Arrested During 7 Days Of Kenosha Unrest Were From Out Of Town, Police Chief Says – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/more-half-those-arrested-kenosha-unrest-are-out-town-police-say – “While the violence has toned down somewhat since Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly shot three people, killing 2 of them, during a confrontation Tuesday night – while he’s been charged with first degree murder his attorneys are mounting a case of self defense – police continued to make arrests Sunday night, seizing guns and other weapons, while also charging some for violating curfew and other local orders… Since the demonstrations started7 days ago, Kenosha police have arrested 175 people. But here’s the thing: more than half of them – 102 – listed addresses from outside the city (for those who are wondering, Rittenhouse – who lives with his parents over the boarder in Antioch, Illinois (he’s 17), roughly 30 minutes from Kenosha – wasn’t included in the data because he was apprehended in Illinois)… Those arrested and processed were from 44 different cities, according to Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis, who issued a press release late last night… Kenosha police will not be taking part in a media briefing Monday afternoon “in preparation for the Presidential visit to Kenosha” on Tuesday, so Chief Miskinis ‘is providing the community with some preliminary data for the preceding week in lieu of KPD’s participation’ in the typical press briefings.”

“Sentenced To Isolation Prisons!” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/sentenced-isolation-prisons-college-students-across-america-are-being-subjected-horrid – “College Students Across America Are Being Subjected To A Horrid Psychological ExperimentCollege, long a fun and liberating experience for many young adults, has, as The Ron Paul Insitute’s Adam Dick details below, become a dreary and oppressive experience for many students living under the weight of a multitude of restrictions imposed at American college campuses in the name of countering coronavirus.”

The Last Time This Happened Was The Day The Dot-Com Bubble Burst – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/last-time-happened-was-day-dot-com-bubble-burst – “The last few weeks have seen something ‘odd’ happening… VIX has been ‘rising’ as stocks soared to record highs… … call-buyers have gone crazy. Not satisfied with simply buying stocks, retail traders are now getting levered long in a hurry and that demand for calls has bid up volatility and lifted VIX… Breaking with its typical trading pattern, the last two weeks have seen stocks and VIX rising almost in lockstep as retail specs move the risk dial to ’11’… We have seen this pattern before… in March of 2000… In fact as the S&P hits all-time-highs, this is a level of VIX that has not been seen since those heady days of extreme speculation and retail day-trading muppetry. This is a very different regime of ‘walls of worry’ that we saw during the 2017/2018 all-time-highs… This level of co-movement between VIX and stocks is highly unusual – and has typically not ended well for stocks… Oh and one more thing, valuations – no matter how you desperately adjust for hockey-sticks in the future – have never been so high… So, to sum up: 1) Valuations have never been this extreme… ever, 2) VIX Correlation to stocks is at its highest since Volmageddon 2018, and 3) VIX and Stocks are showing similar patterns of extreme speculation as occurred right at the peak of the dotcom bubble… Trade accordingly.

The DC’s Richie McGinniss Describes Shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin – Heard Shots Fired Before Kyle Rittenhouse Fired His Gun – by Cassandra Fairbanks – https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/dcs-richie-mcginniss-describes-shooting-kenosha-wisconsin-heard-shots-fired-kyle-rittenhouse-fired-gun/ – “McGinniss told Carlson that he was just ten to twelve feet behind the rioters as they ran into the parking lot to charge Rittenhouse… ‘What I saw was [Joseph] Rosenbaum pursuing Rittenhouse, and Rittenhouse turned around,’ McGinniss began. ‘Right before he turned around, I’m not sure if this is the reason he turned around, but there was a gun shot. That’s actually visible on video.’.. The reporter noted that it is not clear if that gunshot was fired into the air or towards Rittenhouse, but the teenage boy did turn around immediately after that… ‘At that point he went from running away to aiming his weapon at Rosenbaum and I was actually directly behind Rosenbaum.’.. (Pierce Bainbridge, Rittenhouse’ legal team): ‘Kyle stopped to ensure care for the wounded attacker but faced a growing mob gesturing towards him. He realized he needed to flee for his safety and his survival. Another attacker struck Kyle from behind as he fled down the street. Kyle turned as the mob pressed in on him and he fell to the ground,” his legal team says. “One attacker kicked Kyle on the ground while he was on the ground. Yet another bashed him over the head with a skateboard. Several rioters tried to disarm Kyle. In fear for his life and concerned the crowd would either continue to shoot at him or even use his own weapon against him, Kyle had no choice but to fire multiple rounds towards his immediate attackers, striking two, including one armed attacker.’ ”

The Rise of Authoritarianism: From Parasite Stress Theory to Lock Step – by Derrick Broze – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/08/the-rise-of-authoritarianism-from-parasite-stress-theory-to-lock-step.html – “Empirical evidence indicates that the spread of pathogens leads populations to become more conformist and accepting of authoritarian behavior from governments – what does this mean for the world of COVID19?.. As discussed in Multiple Studies Predicted Governments Become Authoritarian in Response to Pandemics, we have an abundance of scientific data highlighting how humans react to perceived threats and how that relates to the type of government the people will accept. I examined the study Pathogens and Politics: Further Evidence That Parasite Prevalence Predicts Authoritarianism, as well as other studies focused on the “parasite stress theory.”.. ‘According to a “parasite stress” hypothesis, authoritarian governments are more likely to emerge in regions characterized by a high prevalence of disease-causing pathogens,” the researchers wrote. They define authoritarian governance as “highly concentrated power structures that repress dissent and emphasize submission to authority, social conformity, and hostility towards outgroups.’.. Due to the invisible nature of “disease-causing parasites,” attempts to control the spread of a disease ‘historically depended substantially on adherence to ritualized behavioral practices that reduced infection risk.’ The researchers also found that society tends to promote a collectivist worldview, favoring obedience and conformity from the population, in response to parasites… Unfortunately, according to the parasite stress theory, humanity is prone to accepting violent behavior from governments during pandemics. As noted in Politics and Pathogens, the threat of exposure to a pathogen need not even be realistic for it to create a desire for conformity and obedience to authority. (underlined emphasis added)

Pathogens and Politics: Further Evidence That Parasite Prevalence Predicts Authoritarianism – from NIH – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3641067/From 2013: In this article, parasite = any infectious organism – “These results suggest that the societal implications of parasite stress (and the societal implications of famine) are distinct from the implications of other variables that might also affect individual fitness and mortality. This conclusion is consistent also with psychological evidence showing that, while other threats can also influence individuals’ conformist and ethnocentric attitudes, the PERCEIVED THREAT of infectious disease has effects that are empirically unique and, often, especially powerful” (emphasis added)

Imagine Hell on Earth Because That’s What’s Coming Unless Americans Start Resisting – by Gary D. Barnett – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/imagine-hell-on-earth-because-thats-whats-coming-unless-americans-start-resisting/ – “Without Refusing to Bow to State Orders this Country is Doomed… The biggest threat we face now is this coming fall and winter, as this flu season will most likely be much worse than normal due to the purposeful weakening of the immune systems of most Americans… Refusing to bow to state orders, and not accepting any political authority, would certainly stop this onslaught of tyranny in its tracks, even if just a small percentage of the population were to say no to this government response… That has not happened so far, but without that dissent, this country is doomed in my opinion. Imagine what has happened over just the past 6 months, and then double or triple that response… The response seen to date will be dwarfed by the response this winter if the death toll is higher as I predict, and most all those deaths will be blamed on this thing called Covid-19.”

FDA Head Says A COVID-19 Vaccine Could Get Emergency Approval Without Phase 3 Trial Results: FT – by Aditya Raghunath Benzinga – https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fda-head-says-covid-19-044727287.html – “The United States Food and Drug Administration is willing to expedite the COVID-19 vaccine authorization process, including granting emergency use authorization to a candidate before it completes late-stage clinical trials, according to Chairman Stephen Hahn… What Happened: Hanh told the Financial Times that the FDA will only take such a step after weighing the risks and benefits of any coronavirus vaccine, instead of using the procedure as a tool for a political agenda before the 2020 Presidential elections… One of the significant points in consideration for the upcoming 2020 elections is the response to the pandemic outbreak by the current administration. However, the FDA clarified that its decision to sanction trials will not be driven by the re-election prospects of Donald Trump… Why It Matters: Vaccine manufacturers face a systematic and inevitable risk during testing and there is a lobby actively seeking protection against litigation in the European Union. Reports suggest that AstraZeneca has already managed to receive liability protection in certain countries.”

For the Week of 8/24/20:

Understanding Aggression – by José Stevens – https://www.shiftfrequency.com/understanding-aggression/ – “The month of August and basically up through the fall months there is a configuration of planets that, in various combinations and influences, enhances aggression, conflict, explosive and unexpected events. These planets are Mars, Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn and they are similar in configuration to the period of the late teens in the twentieth century when both World War I and the Spanish Flu were creating havoc and the thirteen hundreds when the bubonic plague was spreading unchecked through Europe on its way to a world pandemic… There is a difference between how social psychologists view aggression and how aggression shows up as part of the natural world. Unfortunately, most people’s understanding of the word “aggression” conforms more to dysfunction the way it is defined by psychologists who study children’s behavior and criminal behavior. These studies make it sound like aggression is a harmful thing to be avoided but of course there are forms of aggression that are normal and necessary for human survival. In polite society this type of aggression is often called assertiveness. First, I will cover how aggression is defined as dysfunction and then we will look at aggression as a natural aspect of life on earth.”

Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be.https://dnyuz.com/2020/08/29/your-coronavirus-test-is-positive-maybe-it-shouldnt-be/ – “Instead, new data underscore the need for more widespread use of rapid tests, even if they are less sensitive… ‘The decision not to test asymptomatic people is just really backward,’ said Dr. Michael Mina, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, referring to the C.D.C. recommendation… ‘In fact, we should be ramping up testing of all different people,’ he said, ‘but we have to do it through whole different mechanisms.’.. In what may be a step in this direction, the Trump administration announced on Thursday that it would purchase 150 million rapid tests… In three sets of testing data that include cycle thresholds, compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus, a review by The Times found… On Thursday, the United States recorded 45,604 new coronavirus cases, according to a database maintained by The Times. If the rates of contagiousness in Massachusetts and New York were to apply nationwide, then perhaps only 4,500 of those people may actually need to isolate and submit to contact tracing.” Comment: What kind of mindset is required to write “…those people may actually need to isolate and submit to contact tracing.”

PREP Act Secretly Amended this Week to Allow Pharmacists to Vaccinate Children Ages 3-18 – by Wayne Rohde – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/prep-act-secretly-amended-this-week-to-allow-pharmacists-to-vaccinate-children-ages-3-18/ – “I must admit that this announcement slipped past me last week. I was alerted to it when talking with a parent advocate one evening. I could not believe it and thought it must be just for a specific state… Later, I searched the internet to find a few articles dated August 19th, 20th and 21st. The Federal Register listed the action on Monday, August 24, 2020… I remember my dad who was a pharmacist in North Dakota. In the 60’s and 70’s, he mastered the art of compounding pharmacy… He was very busy preparing prescriptions for his customers, trying to interpret correctly the doctor’s handwriting… He was very proud of his profession. Yet I doubt that he would enjoy today’s modern pharmacy. I would think that he would say vaccinations are for doctors, not for pharmacists… This amendment was prompted by a report from the CDC in which it found a significant decrease in rates of routine childhood vaccinations. (emphasis added) – Hmmm, “Vaccine Hesitancy BAD”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr – Historic Speech in Berlin – 29.8.2020!! (13 min)

US Armoured Vehicles Tried to Block Russian Patrol’s Pre-Arranged Path in Syria, MoD Says – by Tim Korso – https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/202008271080295227-russian-patrol-in-syria-took-all-necessary-steps-to-prevent-incident-with-us-troops-mod-says/ – “The US National Security Council earlier accused Russian servicemen of being behind a collision with an American military vehicle in Syria, despite numerous videos from the scene indicating that the Russian troops made several attempts to part ways with their US counterparts in a safe manner… The Russian soldiers undertook all possible efforts to avoid a collision with the American forces deployed in Syria, the Russian Defence Ministry has stated. The ministry also noted that the info on the Russian patrol’s path, strength, and the fact that it would be accompanied by an attack helicopter was all sent to the American military in accordance with agreements that are designed to avoid confrontations between the two countries’ forces in the Arab Republic.”

The Totalitarian Future Globalists Want For The Entire World Is Being Revealed – by Brandon Smith – http://www.alt-market.com/index.php/articles/4314-the-totalitarian-future-globalists-want-for-the-entire-world-is-being-revealed – “Make no mistake, there is a very OPEN and easily identifiable agenda on the part of globalists to establish a heavily centralized police state system in every country they are able. This is not “conspiracy theory”, this is conspiracy fact… For many years now there have been numerous analysts, economists and geopolitical experts in the alternative media that have predicted and warned the public about the globalist strategy of “order out of chaos”. In other words, the ultra-wealthy power brokers that hold influence over most governments on Earth seek to “reshape” the existing social order through the creation of crisis and disaster. By engineering public desperation, they hope to lure us into accepting restrictions on our freedoms that we would have never considered otherwise… The goal of a single global economy and government has been spoken of by elites time and time again, yet it is still to this day called “conspiracy theory” or “paranoid delusion”. I could quote these elites and their organizations all day long, but I’ll cite a few choice statements to make my point.”

Delta Crescent Energy: The 1-Year-Old Company That Is Taking Charge Of Syria’s Oilhttps://southfront.org/delta-crescent-energy-the-1-year-old-company-that-is-taking-charge-of-syrias-oil/ – “Delta Crescent Energy is the only company currently licensed by the US Treasury to produce oil in Syria… ‘Our goal is to bring production to the level it was at before the war and the sanctions,’ said one of the owners of the company, James Kane… Northeast Syria, is mainly made up of the province of Deir ez-Zor. It is notable for the fact that it contains 75% of the country’s oil reserves – 2.5 billion barrels… And most of the fields east of the Euphrates are controlled by the United States and the SDF, whose strike force is the Kurdish People’s Self-Defense Forces. Before the war, oil production in Syria was 20 million barrels per year… Judging by open data, Washington hastily created the company and gave it to people who have the experience and capabilities to establish the production and sale of Syrian oil… Damascus has already repeatedly called the US project a theft… Delta Crescent Energy was registered last August in Delaware, according to Opencorporates.”

Australian Woman is Jailed for Six months for Breaking COVID Quarantine Ruleshttps://21stcenturywire.com/2020/08/26/australian-woman-is-jailed-for-six-months-for-breaking-covid-quarantine-rules/ – “A woman has been slapped with a six-month prison sentence after breaking strict Australian coronavirus quarantine rules… Asher Faye Vander Sanden, 28, pleaded guilty in Perth Magistrates Court to breaking Western Australia’s emergency coronavirus laws by sneaking into the state in a truck… Ms Vander Sanden was arrested at her partner’s home in Perth suburb Scarborough on August 11 after travelling by road from the state of Victoria – a journey of around 2,000 miles… She had been given permission to fly to Perth and quarantine in a hotel for 14 days before meeting her boyfriend… Local police launched an investigation when Ms Vander Sanden did not arrive at Perth airport.”

Assange Is In “A Lot Of Pain” And Looking Very Thin, Partner Says After Visit To Prison – by John Vibes –https://themindunleashed.com/2020/08/assange-is-in-a-lot-of-pain-and-looking-very-thin-partner-says-after-visit-to-prison.html – “Julian Assange is not in good shape, according to his partner Stella Moris, who was recently able to visit him in prison for the first time in nearly six months. Moris had a 20 minute meeting with Assange at the Belmarsh Prison in south-east London, where he is currently being held. The couple’s two young children also came to meet their father, but everyone had to wear masks, and visitors were not allowed to touch one another… She told the PA news agency that Assange is looking much thinner than he was the last time she saw him back in March. She says that the situation has been “incredibly stressful” and that he has been having some health problems, including a sprained ankle and a frozen shoulder. While the prison was taking virus precautions when Assange was having visitors, Moris says that they have done nothing to protect the prisoners during regular hours.”

School District Mandates Bluetooth Equipped Temperature Armbands for Students and Staff – by B.N. Frank – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/08/school-district-mandates-bluetooth-equipped-temperature-armbands-for-students-and-staff.html – “As school administrators across New Jersey prepare to reopen buildings amid the coronavirus pandemic, at least one district plans to require students and staff to wear temperature-reading armbands… The requirement was outlined as part of the Butler School District’s 2020-2021 School Restart and Recovery Plan… In addition to the purchase of no-contact thermometers for school nurses, the district purchased armbands that will provide daily temperature readings and reports for nurses, who will be able to track wellness patterns in the district… The armband, made by Accwell, attaches to the upper arm. It has an adjustable Velcro strap and is made of polyester… Students and staff will be required to wear the armbands at all times while on school grounds, according to the district plan. They will also be responsible for charging the armbands and bringing them to and from school each day… Students who arrive at school without an armband will not be allowed to enter their classroom, according to the district plan.” – Note: There is no safe level of exposure to EMF radiation like Bluetooth.

17 Facts That Prove The U.S. Economy Is A Complete And Total Disaster Zone At This Point – by Michael Snyder – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/08/17-facts-that-prove-the-u-s-economy-is-a-complete-and-total-disaster-zone-at-this-point.html – “Another group of people that I feel really badly for are all the business owners that have had their dreams absolutely shattered. Starting a small business from nothing and building it into a success takes a massive amount of work, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone that is able to do that… Unfortunately, so many once thriving small businesses have now been destroyed by the events of 2020. For a lot of those small business owners, it isn’t just time and energy that have been lost. When you make your small business your passion, it becomes a part of who you are, and a lot of small business owners will never be the same again after this… So please keep in mind that there are real people and real dreams behind each of the numbers that I am about to share with you. The following are 17 facts that prove the U.S. economy is a complete and total disaster zone at this point…”

Fed’s New Policy Will Compound Its Errors – by Mike “Mish” Shedlock – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/feds-new-policy-will-compound-its-errors – “On price stability, the FOMC adjusted its strategy for achieving its longer-run inflation goal of 2 percent by noting that it “seeks to achieve inflation that averages 2 percent over time.” To this end, the revised statement states that ‘following periods when inflation has been running persistently below 2 percent, appropriate monetary policy will likely aim to achieve inflation moderately above 2 percent for some time.’.. The updates to the strategy statement explicitly acknowledge the challenges for monetary policy posed by a persistently low interest rate environment. Here in the United States and around the world, monetary policy interest rates are more likely to be constrained by their effective lower-bound than in the past… Offsetting Errors – The idea that one can offset errors by further errors in the other direction is pure nonsense. It’s as if a doctor said ‘For the last three months we gave you too little medicine so for the next three months we will give you too much.‘..No Economic Benefit to Inflation – My Challenge to Keynesians “Prove Rising Prices Provide an Overall Economic Benefit” has gone unanswered… There is no economic benefit to inflation but there are winners and losers. The winners are those with first access to money, namely the banks and the already wealthy…The Fed complains about income and wealth inequality but they are the primary source.”

BREAKING: Germany Bans Coronavirus Protesthttps://off-guardian.org/2020/08/26/breaking-germany-bans-coronavirus-protest/ – “The event, scheduled for the 29th of August and coinciding with protests in other countries, including the UK, France and Canada, has been shut down by the Berlin Senate over fears the crowd would “violate the current infection protection laws”… If you’re concerned about this being an attack on political freedoms, don’t worry Andreas Geisel (Berlin’s Interior Senator), is here to reassure us all [our emphasis]: ‘This is not a decision against freedom of assembly, but a decision in favour of infection protection.’.. Although his claims this was not a political decision were somewhat undermined, when he added: ‘[Berlin will not be] misused as a stage for corona deniers…and right-wing extremists.’ ”

Over 30 Former Romney Staffers Are Uniting Behind Effort To Elect Joe Biden For President – by Erin Flockhart – https://newspushed.com/over-30-former-romney-staffers-are-uniting-behind-effort-to-elect-joe-biden-for-president/ – “The group, that goes by “Romney Alumni for Biden” has a website where they write in a statement ‘Collectively, we represent nearly every sector of Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign: finance, operations, field, policy, digital, IT, scheduling, events, communications, advance, and more.’.. ‘Some of us are longtime political operatives, others worked only on the 2012 race, motivated by a man we believed uniquely qualified to be our 45th commander-in-chief.’.. ‘When our efforts came up short, we grieved but we never feared for our republic in the way we do today.’.. Explaining their opposition to President Donald Trump they add ‘What unites us now is a deep conviction that four more years of a Trump presidency will morally bankrupt this country, irreparably damage our democracy, and permanently transform the Republican Party into a toxic personality cult.’

US Armoured Vehicles Tried to Block Russian Patrol’s Pre-Arranged Path in Syria, MoD Says (with video of the incident) – by Tim Korso – https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/202008271080295227-russian-patrol-in-syria-took-all-necessary-steps-to-prevent-incident-with-us-troops-mod-says/ – “The US National Security Council earlier accused Russian servicemen of being behind a collision with an American military vehicle in Syria, despite numerous videos from the scene indicating that the Russian troops made several attempts to part ways with their US counterparts in a safe manner… The Russian soldiers undertook all possible efforts to avoid a collision with the American forces deployed in Syria, the Russian Defence Ministry has stated. The ministry also noted that the info on the Russian patrol’s path, strength, and the fact that it would be accompanied by an attack helicopter was all sent to the American military in accordance with agreements that are designed to avoid confrontations between the two countries’ forces in the Arab Republic.”

CNN Hosts Jacob Blake’s Mother, Then She Annihilates The Entire Liberal Narrative – by Erin Flockhart – https://newspushed.com/cnn-hosts-jacob-blakes-mother-then-she-annihilates-the-entire-liberal-narrative/ – “Jacob Blake’s mother appeared on CNN and denounced the rioting in her son’s name, and apologized to President Donald Trump… ‘My family and I are very hurt and quite frankly disgusted. And as his mother, please don’t burn up property and cause havoc and tear your own homes down in my son’s name.’.. ‘You shouldn’t do it. People shouldn’t do it anyway, but to use my child or any other mother or father’s child — our tragedy — to react in that manner is just not acceptable,’ Blake’s mother, Julia Jackson, said… ‘For our president, Trump: First I want to say a family member and I don’t know if it was heard or not said something that was not kind. She is hurting and I do apologize for that.‘.. ‘Our outburst does not reflect our behavior. And then also, for President Trump: I’m sorry I missed your call because had I not missed your call, maybe the comments that you made would have been different… I’m not mad at you at all. I have the utmost respect for you as the leader of our country,’ Jackson said.”

Teen Suspect Kyle Rittenhouse Gets Great News After New Evidence Comes Out – by Alex Stevens – https://newspushed.com/teen-suspect-kyle-rittenhouse-gets-great-news-after-new-evidence-comes-out/ – ” ‘Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, was the first one killed. Video allegedly shows him chasing teen shooter & throwing something at him. Rosenbaum was a registered sex offender for a sex crime involving a minor,’ he posted… The second assailant seen bashing Rittenhouse with a skateboard while he was on the ground before getting shot has a lengthy record which includes charges of domestic abuse, battery, use of a dangerous weapon, and false imprisonment… ‘Anthony Huber, 26, was shot & killed in Kenosha, Wisc. at the BLM riot. He was filmed chasing down the armed teen and hitting him when he was on the ground with a skateboard. He has a criminal history that includes charges of battery & repeat domestic abuse,’ Ngo tweeted… ‘The third who was shot (& survived) is Gaige Grosskreutz, 26. He’s a member of the People’s Revolution Movement. He was filmed chasing after the teen w/a pistol. He was shot at close-range in the upper arm. He has a criminal record that includes being intoxicated & armed w/a gun,” Ngo posted… Gaige Grosskreutz’s mask had a Satanic pentagram from the Church of Satan known as the “Sigil of Baphomet” on it.”

Tikhanovskaya Officially Admits US Promised to Prop up Belarus Opposition – by Drago Bosnic – https://fort-russ.com/2020/08/major-tikhanovskaya-officially-admits-us-promised-to-prop-up-belarus-opposition/ – “Foreign-backed ex-Belarusian presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya admitted in an interview with Fox News that US Assistant Secretary of State Stephen Biegun had vowed “to help Belarus“… ‘Biegun assured me that he, as a person, and the American people, will do their best to support us and to help us in this situation, Tikhanovskaya said commenting on a meeting with Biegun… She called their conversation “wonderful and kind”. Tikhanovskaya noted in an interview that “no one should interfere in the situation in Belarus”, adding, ‘Our people want to live in a democratic country.’.. No one country should influence the decision of our people,’ she stressed.” – Comment: The irony is delicious

Over-65s, a large and growing demographic in Europe, are cutting their spending at worst possible time as NIRP eats into savings, pensions, investments, and annuities. – by Nick Corbishleyhttps://wolfstreet.com/2020/08/19/how-negative-interest-rates-sap-consumer-spending-by-an-ever-larger-part-of-consumers-retirees/ – “Over-65s, a large and growing demographic in Europe, are cutting their spending at worst possible time as NIRP eats into savings, pensions, investments, and annuities… Over-65s are a large demographic, representing around 20% of the entire EU-27 population. And it keeps growing. By 2030, people over the age of 65 could represent as much as 30% of the population of Spain. Even in Ireland, one of the EU Member States with the youngest populations, the share of the population aged 65 and over is forecast to increase from one in eight to one in six by 2030… As the population ages, the financial pressures grow. Two weeks ago, the privately owned Bank of Ireland — not to be confused with the Central Bank of Ireland — announced that it is going to start charging negative interest, of 0.65%, on cash in accounts held by investment and pension trustee firms. The bank said it had written to 14 investment and pension trustee firms to inform them about the new negative interest rate.”

The Tennessee Highway Patrol Are Employees Of Homeland Security – by MassPrivateI – https://massprivatei.blogspot.com/2020/08/the-tennessee-highway-patrol-are.html – “When a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper ripped the mask off of a man who was video recording a traffic stop last week, I thought it was just another case of a police officer abusing his authority… But this story was about to get a lot more disturbing… Four days ago, WKRN reported that the Highway Patrol trooper had been fired for his actions, which is not the disturbing part. The disturbing part is, who fired him and what it reveals about the Feds controlling law enforcement… After filing a complaint with the Office of Professional Accountability, Homeland Security made this announcement… ‘It is the Department of Safety and Homeland Security’s policy to warn, suspend, demote or dismiss any employee whenever just or legal cause exists. Employees shall not commit any act that would reflect discredit upon themselves or the department while on or off duty.’.. Apparently, the Office of Professional Accountability is now part of Homeland Security… ‘The Office of Professional Accountability is charged with managing the investigative and disciplinary processes for the Department of Safety & Homeland Security.’ “

Leftist Mob Surrounds Woman to Bully Her to Join Their Black Lives Matter Protest – by Jay Greenberg – https://neonnettle.com/news/12448-leftist-mob-surrounds-woman-to-bully-her-to-join-their-black-lives-matter-protest – “A video has gone viral on social media that reveals the shocking moment an aggressive mob of leftists surrounds a white woman and tries to bully her into joining their Black Lives Matter protest… Footage shows the woman was sat at a Washington D.C. restaurant when she was mobbed by activists, who can be seen screaming demands into her face… The crowd surrounded the woman and demanded she raises her fist in a “communist salute” in solidarity with the radical-left BLM thugs… She stood her ground, however, and refused to give in to their bully tactics… Washington Post journalist Fredrick Kunkle first shared the video.”

Civil War? After Dem Legislator Is Charged With Felony During Riot A Total Political Breakdown Occurs In Virginia – by Paul Goldberg – https://newsthud.com/civil-war-after-dem-legislator-is-charged-with-felony-during-riot-a-total-political-breakdown-occurs-in-virginia/ – “Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene announced that State Senator Louise Lucas has been charged with two felonies for a June 10th protest that turned violent… During the riot Chris Green, 46, ended up suffering a traumatic brain injury when the statue was torn down and struck him… Others arrested include a Portsmouth School Board member, members of the NAACP, and members of the public defender’s office… Democrats are claiming that the charges are politically motivated because Lucas, who is considered the most powerful African American woman in Virginia history, just approved a bill for the state to investigate local police departments… Chief Greene who is also black said that people must ‘trust in me to take the appropriate law enforcement actions when necessary.’.. To make things even more chaotic Portsmouth Vice Mayor is calling for Chief Greene to be fired and the city’s top prosecutor Portsmouth Commonwealth Attorney Stephanie Morales can’t prosecute the cases because she is a potential witness in the police investigation.”

BLM Warns America: ‘We’re Telling You What Will Happen, With Your Permission or NOT’ – by Jay Greenberg – https://neonnettle.com/news/12413-blm-warns-america-we-re-telling-you-what-will-happen-with-your-permission-or-not- – “The Black Lives Matter speaker, who identified herself as Taylor Norwood, added that they will be repercussions for those who refuse to comply with their radical-left “demands.” At the same event, another Black Lives Matter speaker screamed at the media and society in general for being concerned about looting and riots… ‘This is our city, our city, and we’re taking that s**t back,’ Norwood blasted… ‘We have demands, and they need to be met, and I feel like I’ve been saying this too much—we’re not asking you anything.’.. ‘We’re telling you what’s about to happen, with your permission or not.’.. ‘You can listen to us or you can get ran over,’ Norwood said as she ended her rant… ‘And that’s all I have to say.’ “

And so the gun battles begin… Multiple gunshots, rifle guy, more… (see below) (2 dead) so far. See links below vid for more exploding… https://videos.whatfinger.com/2020/08/26/and-so-the-gun-battles-begin-multiple-gunshots-rifle-guy-more-see-below-1-dead-it-looks-like-so-far/

The Strong Cities Network is run by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue” – About the Institute for Strategic Dialog: https://www.isdglobal.org/isdapproach/ – ISD Partners and Funders: https://www.isdglobal.org/isdapproach/partnerships/

Infiltration Not Invasion – by Alexandra Bruce and George O’Neill – https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/infiltration-not-invasion/ – “After weeks and weeks of so-called “George Floyd protests” across the country, with America’s largest corporations donating billions of dollars to Black Lives Matter, an organization which has done almost nothing for the Black community in the seven years since its founding, it’s become evident that the allegation of “Systemic Racism” is being used as a cover for a Socialist insurrection that is backed by the most powerful entities in the world… The UN and its agencies, including the World Health Organization, Big Tech, major corporations, NGOs, academe, teachers’ unions, Hollywood, the Mainstream Media, the DNC, BLM and Antifa are all united in their express mission to end the Constitutional Republic of the United States; to “transform” it and to fold it into a One World Big Pharma Technocracy.”

PCR test that is producing the ‘virus cases’ triggering the new lockdowns worldwide is testing for genetic codes that every human has and NOT THE ‘VIRUS’ – David Icke talks with Dr Andrew Kaufman about the astonishing hoax transforming human society (Video 55min) – https://davidicke.com/2020/08/24/big-story-please-share-pcr-test-that-is-producing-the-virus-cases-triggering-the-new-lockdowns-worldwide-is-testing-for-genetic-codes-that-every-human-has-and-not-the-virus-david-icke-tal/

Journalism’s Gates keepers – by Tim Schwab – https://www.cjr.org/criticism/gates-foundation-journalism-funding.php – “I recently examined nearly twenty thousand charitable grants the Gates Foundation had made through the end of June and found more than $250 million going toward journalism. Recipients included news operations like the BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Guardian, Univision, Medium, the Financial Times, The Atlantic, the Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington Monthly, Le Monde, and the Center for Investigative Reporting; charitable organizations affiliated with news outlets, like BBC Media Action and the New York Times’ Neediest Cases Fund; media companies such as Participant, whose documentary Waiting for “Superman” supports Gates’s agenda on charter schools; journalistic organizations such as the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, the National Press Foundation, and the International Center for Journalists; and a variety of other groups creating news content or working on journalism, such as the Leo Burnett Company, an ad agency that Gates commissioned to create a “news site” to promote the success of aid groups.”

Shock Report! “Fact Checkers” Remove Article Detailing Bill Gates’ Funding of Fact Checkers – by Neil Miller – https://bretigne.typepad.com/on_the_banks/2020/08/shock-report-fact-checkers-remove-article-detailing-bill-gates-funding-of-fact-checkers.html – “Last night, I posted on FB information that Robert Kennedy Jr. had written on Instagram summarizing an article about Bill Gates, how his organization paid more than $250 million to control global journalism and “fact-checkers.” My post was shared more than 1000 times and was still climbing. This morning, FB “fact-checkers” removed my post saying it was a potential threat to health. Apparently, investigating Bill Gates and/or exposing the “fact-checkers” is not allowed. Here is what I posted (along with a picture of Bill Gates and another of RFK Jr.): According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an investigative report by Columbia Journalism Review has revealed that Bill Gates controls the media and so-called “independent fact-checkers” through multi-million dollar grants and subgrants. Here is what RFK Jr. posted earlier today…”

US to Take Steps Wednesday to Prevent Assad From Securing Military Victory in Syria, Envoy Sayshttps://sputniknews.com/middleeast/202006161079632896-us-to-take-steps-wednesday-to-prevent-assad-from-securing-military-victory/ – “The United States will take decisive steps on Wednesday to prevent the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad from securing a military victory in Syria, US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft told the UN Security Council on Tuesday… ‘We will continue to reject any attempt by the Assad regime and its allies to use military force, obstruction or disinformation to bypass United Nations efforts to restore peace in Syria’, Craft said. ‘Today and tomorrow, the Trump administration will take decisive steps to prevent the Assad regime from securing a military victory and to spear the regime and its allies back toward Special Envoy Pedersen and the United Nations-led political process’… Craft said the United States’ goal is ‘to deprive the Assad regime of the revenue and the support it has used to commit large scale atrocities and human right violations that prevent a political resolution and severely diminish the prospects for peace’… The Assad government has a clear choice to pursue political path established in Resolution 2254 or it will leave the United States with no other choice but to continue withholding reconstruction funding and impose sanctions against it and its financial backers, Craft added.”

Bombshell Evidence that COVID RNA Base Pairs are Identical to Chromosome 8 Human DNA (about 15 min)


Radical Left-Wing Group to Aid Biden Election and Fulfill Progressive Agenda, ‘We’re Damn Serious’ – by Joshua Klein – https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/08/21/radical-left-wing-group-plans-aid-biden-election-fulfill-progressive-agenda-were-damn-serious/ – “The initiative, called Vote Trump Out, is being led by Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon, co-founders of the far-left progressive RootsAction, which claims over 1.3 million active members. RootsAction includes known radical activists such as Noam Chomsky, John Cusack, Linda Sarsour, Medea Benjamin, James Zogby and others who intend to assist the campaign by lending their voices (and organizations) to provide the necessary credibility to persuade voters in battlegrounds states to go out and vote… In a statement to Common Dreams earlier this month, Cohen described the new grassroots initiative as a “two-step campaign: First, vote Trump out. Then, challenge Biden from day one.’.. The fresh campaign entails launching a highly-targeted social-media program which will utilize messages from national and state progressive “luminaries” (widely respected individuals on the left who are not establishment Democrats) aimed at persuading progressive voters in a dozen battleground states, especially Bernie Sanders supporters, to vote for Joe Biden rather than sit out the election or cast a third-party “protest” vote… ‘Our organization fought fiercely in the primaries for Bernie and against Biden,’ say RootsAction co-founders Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon. ‘But the general election is far less about Biden than it is about Trump – the most dangerous president in modern U.S. history, who opposes virtually every policy and principle that progressives are fighting for.’ ”

Haunting Photos Of San Francisco’s Desolate Financial District During Morning “Rush Hour” – by Wolf Richter – https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/haunting-photos-san-franciscos-desolate-financial-district-during-morning-rushAmazing shots by financial analyst Richter

US Default Bomb Goes Off: 2020 Will Have A Record Number Of Large Corporate Bankruptcies – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/us-default-bomb-goes-2020-will-have-record-number-large-corporate-bankruptcies – “According to FT calculations, as of August 17, a record 45 companies each with more than $1 billion in assets has filed for Chapter 11 this year; this compares with 38 for the same period of 2009 during the depths of the financial crisis and is more than double last year’s figure of 18 over the comparable period… In total, 157 companies with liabilities over $50 million have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this year and as we warned several months ago, many more are coming… ‘We are in the first innings of this bankruptcy cycle. It will spread far across industries as we get deeper into the crisis. It’s going to be a bumpy ride,’ said Ben Schlafman, chief operating officer at New Generation Research… The spike in bankruptcies comes despite trillions of dollars in government aid to mitigate the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses, highlighting the catastrophic and lasting impact Covid-19 is having on the US economy.”

Gun And Ammo Sales Surge As America Transforms Into Violent Mess – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/gun-and-ammo-sales-surge-america-transforms-violent-mess – “Arizona-based Ammo Inc, an ammunition manufacturer, reported 2Q20 revenues jumped 125% to $9.7 million. Fred Wagenhals, chief executive of Ammo, said there had been an “extraordinary” demand for its retail hunting, sports shooting, and self-defense products. He said the company is working through a record $45 million backlogs in orders… Mark Hanish, Ammo’s president of global sales and marketing, described ammo demand for semi-automatic handguns and the AR-15 as “intense.”.. Vista Outdoor, the owner of brands including Bushnell rifle scopes and Federal ammunition, said: ‘We’re seeing stockpiling happening to a certain degree, but the free time has given people more opportunities to recreate in real-time,’ Vista Outdoor CEO Christopher Metz told investors.”

Iran Claims it Has Evidence of NATO’s Massive Drug Production And Trafficking From Afghanistan – by Drago Bosnic – https://fort-russ.com/2020/08/major-iran-claims-it-has-evidence-of-natos-massive-drug-production-and-trafficking-from-afghanistan/ – “Secretary-General of Iran’s Drug Control Headquarters Brigadier General Eskandar Momeni said that the production of drugs in Afghanistan has 50-folded in the past two decades after the US/NATO invasion, warning that the NATO aircraft traffic narcotics from Afghanistan… ‘We have reliable intel showing that the NATO aircraft transit and traffic drugs,’ General Momeni said, addressing a meeting of the Headquarters’ senior officials in Tehran on Monday… He noted, ‘NATO’s involvement in drug trafficking activities indicates that we are facing war and Iran is at the forefront of this war in the region’.”

Big Tech, Monopoly and the Pretense of Capitalism – by Charles Hugh Smithhttp://charleshughsmith.blogspot.com/2020/08/big-tech-monopoly-and-pretense-of.html – “What do you call an economy of monopolies without competition or any regulatory restraints? An economy of monopolies that control both the buying and selling in the markets they control? Monopolies with the power to commit legalized fraud and the profits to buy political influence? Monopolies whose black box algorithms are all-powerful but completely opaque to public scrutiny?.. Call it whatever you want, but it certainly isn’t Capitalism, which requires competition and market transparency to price capital, labor, risk, credit, goods, services, etc… Black Box Monopoly is the death of Capitalism as it eliminates competition and market transparency… The American economy is now dominated by Big Tech Black Box Monopolies, and thus what we have isn’t a “free market” system (a.k.a. capitalism), it’s the pretense of capitalism, a slick PR cover for the most rapacious form of exploitation.”

Crucial Viewing – to truly understand our current Viral Issue #Casedemic(9min) – by Ivor Cummins


Western-Turco-Wahhabi Doctrine in Syria is Borderline Genocide – by Drago Bosnic – https://fort-russ.com/2020/08/western-turco-wahhabi-doctrine-in-syria-is-borderline-genocide/ – “This doctrine perfectly explains why there have been more civilian casualties than the US has ever reported in Syria. Some of Washington’s coalition members have also acknowledged that this is likely true. Indifference to human rights violations that are integral to their occupation rule over the Syrian territory has once again proved the untruthfulness of US commitment to human rights and democracy, much less its bogus refugee concerns… In essence, the US Syria doctrine is a shortsighted, cruel, and ultimately self-defeating shell game – subject to no effective oversight by anyone other than itself and its generals. Under the nose of the United Nations and aid agencies, these warmongers continue to produce more anarchy than order, more terror than tranquility, more oppression than democratization, and more blowback than security and peace… Of course, the end game is more than obvious. Toppling the legitimate government and President Assad, which would result in the creation of another Lybia (possibly even worse), with devastating consequences for the already desperate Syrian people. The hypocrisy of the joint Western-Turco-Wahhabi aggression against Syria is boundless in their very claim of fighting to “liberate” the Syrian people while imposing crippling sanctions.”

Gates and Big Tech “Reimagine” Post-Human Education: The “New Normal” is A.I. Data-Mining for “Social Credit” – by John Klyczek – https://ussanews.com/News1/2020/08/24/gates-and-big-tech-reimagine-post-human-education-the-new-normal-is-a-i-data-mining-for-social-credit/ – “While teachers and students are held virtual hostage during COVID lockdown, “Disaster Capitalists” are using the “Shock Doctrine” of “Creative Destruction” to exploit the crisis by deregulating the new federal rules for “Distance Learning and Innovation” (85 FR 18638), which relax the oversight requirements for “adaptive learning” systems of “artificial intelligence,” such as Knewton and Clever, which are both funded by Bilderberger Peter Thiel: the speech writer for former US Secretary of Education Bill Bennet, who was in charge of Project BEST. At the same time, emergency COVID funds are being dished out by the current Secretary of Ed, Betsy DeVos, as the Department of Ed is paying out federal CARES Act aid to finance school districts in their efforts to “upgrade” their “technology infrastructure” with adaptive-learning AI and SEL data-mining that can be facilitated through virtual charter-schooling corporations, such as K12 Inc., which was set up by Bennett and funded by DeVos… Looking into grantees in the Gates Foundation’s “Grants” database, it appears that Gates contracts with the New York non-profit InnovateEDU, which partners with Google, are a key pillar of the Reimagine Education revolution being pushed by Gates, Cuomo, and Schmidt. In the months of April and May during COVID lockdown, the Gates Foundation paid out two grants to the New York-based InnovateEDU, which has recently developed a “Data Extraction Tool for Google Classroom During COVID-19.” By aggregating all student and teacher data collected through “Google Classroom Connector,” InnovateEDU’s “Data Extraction Tool” links up with Google’s “BigQuery” in order to centralize and streamline data-mining of student-learning metrics, including cognitive-behavioral and socio-emotional algorithms, which can track students into career-pathways programmed to fill job quotas in a planned economy… About two weeks before Cuomo announced New York’s Reimagine partnership with Schmidt and Gates, Google published an article on its Keyword blog titled “Check in on Emotional Well-Being During Distance Learning,” which promotes the use of various Google platforms to facilitate “social emotional learning” to help students with the added stresses of COVID lockdown. The author of the Google Keyword article, Alicia Salmeron, who is a member of the Google for Education Team, encourages teachers to utilize Google’s G Suite for Education (GSFE) to “[c]reate emotional check-in opportunities”…”

For the Week of 8/17/20:

Resistance is Fertile! – by James Corbett – https://hive.blog/news/@corbettreport/resistance-is-fertile – “We are being studied by the Borg of the new biosecurity paradigm. They are assigning us a “Resistance Quotient.” At the precise moment that the cost/benefit ratio dips below their calculated threshold, they will begin the forced vaccinations (and whatever else they’re planning)… “Resistance is futile” is a lie. It’s a bluff, fed to you by the enemy themselves. They want you to believe that you have no power so that you never attempt to use that power. And if you lay down and let them walk all over you, they will not hesitate to do so… Never forget: Resistance is fertile. You may be defeated, but you will never be assimilated if you don’t give up. Resistance is Fertile!”

The Carney/Freeland Green Reset Shapes Canada’s ‘New Normal’ – by Matthew Ehret – https://fort-russ.com/2020/08/the-carney-freeland-green-reset-shapes-canadas-new-normal/ – “The problem with Carney’s post-COVID vision is that “value” is tied not to the rising of living standards, human creative reason or national productive powers of labour that characterized the creative growth of human civilization for the past several centuries but rather upon the TOTAL INVERSE. By placing values on reducing human activity, reducing carbon footprints, reducing traces of human activity upon the earth- the potential to sustain life will not only be consciously reduced but financially incentivized. Under a Green New Deal, humanity will effectively be imposing forms of energy, and practices onto ourselves which will ensure that we never participate in any large scale projects characteristic of the New Silk Road, Polar Silk Road, Asteroid Defense etc… and will never become capable of freeing themselves from a Malthusian class of supranational bankers managing a post-nation state world order from above… …If on the other hand, we happen to live in an open system, creative, anti-entropic universe and express a species characteristic of transcending our “limits to growth” by making new discoveries and translating those discoveries into new scientific and technological progress, then not only should Freeland, Carney and other Green New Dealers be removed from all positions of high office, but nations should join the multipolar alliance which puts value on increasing humanity’s potential rather than killing off our species under a 21st century blood letting.”

US is willing to dismantle the UN Security Council to put pressure on Iran – by Scott Ritter – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55493.htm – “The UN Security Council is navigating uncharted waters, having never been confronted with a challenge of this nature in its entire 75-year history. There is every reason to believe that the US will submit a resolution for consideration following the expiration of the 30-day notification period, and then veto it itself, thereby triggering the automatic “snap back” of UN sanctions. There is also every reason to believe that the Security Council will seek to block the US through various procedural formalities designed not to formally recognize the US demands, and thereby preventing the submission of any resolution… A likely outcome will be that the Security Council fails to recognize the US submission of a resolution, followed by the US refusing to recognize the Security Council’s ability to prevent such a resolution from being submitted. The US will seek to submit the resolution, then immediately veto it, and claim that the “snap back” has been accomplished. The rest of the Security Council will reject this action, and deem the JCPOA to be in play, free of UN sanctions. The US will then sanction any party which fails to comply with the UN sanctions… If this were in fact to occur, it would mean the functional death of the UN Security Council, an outcome many in the Trump administration appear willing to live with. Faced with the inevitability of this outcome, some members–especially the French, Germans and Brits–may be compelled to reexamine their position on the lifting of the arms embargo, seeking a compromise solution that salvages the JCPOA while denying Iran access to Russian and Chinese armaments. This may be the goal of the US all along. If so, it is an extremely dangerous one that is based on a false predicate, namely that there is a combination of economic and diplomatic pressure that can be placed on Iran to compel it to renegotiate the JCPOA. Simply put, there is not, and for the Trump administration to proceed as if there is only endangers regional and international peace and security.”

Mali Coup Leader Was Trained by the US – The 2nd US-trained coup leader in 8 yearsby Geoffrey Yorkhttps://www.anti-empire.com/mali-coup-leader-was-trained-by-the-us/ – “Colonel Assimi Goita, who participated in a U.S.-led training exercise last year and graduated from a separate U.S. training course in 2016, has declared himself the chairman of the junta that arrested Mali’s president and prime minister and seized control of the West African country this week… Photos on U.S. websites, now deleted without explanation, show a U.S. military trainer posing with Col. Goita during an exercise in West Africa last year, and U.S. officials giving him a certificate from an educational course at a U.S.-German security centre in 2016… A coup in Mali in 2012 was led by Captain Amadou Sanogo, who received U.S. training on six separate occasions. His involvement in that coup was “very worrisome for us,” the commander of the U.S. Africa Command acknowledged later.”

#BlueLeaks Reveal Fusion Centers Employ Undercover Agents to Target Activists – by Derrick Broze – https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/blueleaks-reveal-fusion-centers-employ-undercover-agents-target-activists/ – “Fusion Centers are centralized systems that pool and analyze intelligence from federal, state, local, and private sector entities. The National Network of Fusion Centers was created after the 9/11 attacks to provide for more streamlined communication between federal and local agencies. The Fusion Centers have been criticized as violations of civil liberties and a danger to separation of federal and local governments, and the abuses of these centers predate #BlueLeaks, including targeting of protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Most infamously, in 2009 it was revealed that the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) was targeting supporters of third party candidates, Ron Paul supporters, anti-abortion activists, and “conspiracy theorists” as potential domestic extremists… Some reports on #BlueLeaks have shown police using counter-surveillance methods on Black Lives Matter protesters and concerns of face masks blocking facial recognition. However, due to the size of the #BlueLeaks files, important information is still being found and reported on.”

Biden Says He Would Shut Country Down if (“Science”) Advisors Told Him To – byJay Greenberg – https://neonnettle.com/news/12406-biden-says-he-would-shut-country-down-if-advisors-told-him-to – “Former Vice President Biden made the pledge in a Friday interview with ABC News, saying he would “listen to the scientists” and shut down the country again if scientists recommended doing so… ‘I would shut it down; I would listen to the scientists,’ Biden declared… Biden made the comments for an interview set to air Sunday while appearing alongside vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris in their first joint interview as the Democratic Party’s official nominees… ‘I will be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives because we cannot get the country moving until we control the virus,’ Biden told Muir… ‘In order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing, and people employed, you have to fix the virus, you have to deal with the virus.’.. In his Democratic convention speech, Biden said that tackling the coronavirus would be his first task if elected… ‘As president, the first step I will take will be to get control of the virus that’s ruined so many lives,’ Biden said.”

Nolte: Magnificent Mile Riots, Looting Hit Democrat-Run Chicago – by John Nolte – https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/08/10/nolte-magnificent-mile-riots-looting-hit-democrat-run-chicago/ – “The details reveal just how organized this was… The looting and rioting started just after midnight and lasted “nearly five hours.” Get this… “People darted through broken store windows and doors along Michigan Avenue carrying shopping bags full of merchandise,” the Tribune reports, adding, ‘Cars dropped off more people as the crowd grew. At least one U-Haul van was seen pulling up.’.. A U-Haul… People being dropped off like it was just another morning at Looting School… Hundreds of them. All at once… This was not spontaneous… What we appear to have in Chicago is one more act of organized, left-wing terrorism, similar to what we are seeing in other Democrat-run cities, most especially Portland.” – Comment: and New York’s luxury shopping district.

Turkish-Backed Forces Cut Water Supply To 1 Million People In Syria Amid Pandemic – from AlMasdarNews.com – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/syria-urges-un-help-after-turkish-backed-forces-cut-water-supply-1-million-people – “Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, called on the international organization to intervene to end the suffering of the residents of the Syrian city of Hasakah as a result of Turkish authorities’ decision to obstruct the water supply to over 1 million people… In a phone call with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, Dr. Al-Jaafari briefed him on the tragic situation in the city of Hasakah and its environs, as a result of the Turkish regime’s move to shut off the water supply from the Alouk station.”

Germany begins Universal Basic Income trial where people get $1,400 every month for 3 years – Amid the deepening crisis, Germany is set to begin a new trial for universal basic income (UBI), which will entail 120 citizens receiving €1,200, or about $1,430, every month for three years – by Elias Marat – https://themindunleashed.com/2020/08/germany-begins-universal-basic-income-trial-where-people-get-1400-every-month-for-3-years.html – “The volunteers’ experience living on the amount will be compared with that of 1,380 other German citizens who won’t receive the stipends. The experiment, which is being conducted by the German Institute for Economic Research, is being funded through private donations from about 140,000 individuals, reports Business Insider… Political parties and figures both on the traditional left and the right have raised the demand for basic income, and some of its strongest proponents include tech oligarchs and venture capitalists like Peter Thiel, Marc Andreesen, and Jack Dorsey… Critics on the left have suggested that basic income is a neoliberal Trojan horse that would be a vehicle for dismantling what little remains of the welfare state, offering the “paying people for being alive” stipend in exchange for austerity and the destruction of social safety nets that protect the most vulnerable members of society and offer a small barrier to extreme inequality… On the right, however, opponents have claimed that the idea is far too expensive and would disincentivize people from seeking work and would be tantamount to subsidizing “junkies, alcoholics, and scam artists.”

Wells Fargo Preparing To Potentially Cut Tens Of Thousands Of Jobs – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/wells-fargo-preparing-potentially-cut-tens-thousands-jobs – “Wells Fargo has certainly led the way in the banking sector when it comes to things like massive scandals and botching Small Business Relief Loans – so why not lead the way when it comes to announcing massive layoffs?.. That’s exactly what the bank has done. Under pressure to lower its costs, the bank “quietly ended a moratorium on terminations in recent weeks” according to the LA Daily News. The move is seen as the bank preparing to make deep job cuts… Beth Richek, a spokesperson for the bank, offered up a perfunctory dodge: ‘Starting in early August, we resumed regular job displacement activity.’.. She continued: ‘We are at the beginning of a multiyear effort to build a stronger, more efficient company. We expect to reduce the size of our workforce through a combination of attrition, the elimination of open roles and job displacements.’ ”

Virginia Plans Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations For All Residents – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/virginia-plans-mandatory-covid-19-vaccinations-all-residents – “During an interview that aired on Friday, the state’s health commissioner said he planned to invoke state law to make vaccinations mandatory – once a western product is available, presumably.”

USAID Document Exposes New US Plot to Overthrow Nicaragua’s Elected Socialist Government – by Ben Norton – https://www.globalresearch.ca/document-exposes-new-us-plot-overthrow-nicaragua-elected-socialist-government/5721609 – “The plot is administered by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), a regime-change vehicle that uses the pretense of “humanitarian aid” to advance Washington’s aggressive foreign-policy interests… The document (PDF) details the creation of a new “task order” called Responsive Assistance in Nicaragua (RAIN) and its plan for “Nicaragua’s transition to democracy” – a euphemism for removing the leftist Sandinista Front for National Liberation (known commonly by the Spanish acronym FSLN) from power… In the pages, the US government agency uses hardline neoconservative rhetoric, referring to Nicaragua’s elected government as the “Ortega regime,” and making it clear that Washington wants to install a neoliberal administration that will privatize the economy, impose neoliberal reforms, and purge all institutions of any trace of the leftist Sandinista movement… The USAID regime-change scheme states openly that one of its top “mission goals” is for Nicaragua to “transition to a rules-based market economy” based on the “protection of private property rights.”

Club Of Rome: Planetary Emergency Plan Declared – commentary by Patrick Wood – https://www.technocracy.news/club-of-rome-planetary-emergency-plan-declared/ – “This is a Planetary Emergency. The definition of an emergency is a dangerous event requiring immediate action to reduce risk of potentially catastrophic results. The impacts of climate change and ecological destruction are more severe and are manifesting themselves earlier than many scientific predictions in previous decades had foreseen… 2020 is a “Super Year” for international policy action. It is the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. It is the first opportunity for nations to increase climate ambition and meet 2050 net-zero goals. A new treaty on the oceans will be agreed. Biodiversity targets will be announced. And 2020 will mark the beginning of the decade to scale action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This decade must be a turning point, the moment when the world bends the curve, averts the impending disaster and opts instead to embark on the fastest economic transformation in our history. Declaring a Planetary Emergency provides a new compass for nations and injects the essential urgency into decision-making. It will ensure that all action from 2020 will be taken in light of its impact on the stability of Earth’s life-support systems, and be underpinned by the social and economic transformations needed to secure the long-term health and well-being of people and planet.” (emphasis added)

2,700 evangelicals warn against politicizing coronavirus, urge Christians to take vaccine – by Leonardo Blair – https://www.christianpost.com/amp/2700-evangelicals-warn-against-politicizing-coronavirus-urge-christians-to-take-vaccine.html – “A coalition of more than 2,700 high-profile evangelicals spanning the fields of science and religion have signed onto a statement billed “A Christian Statement on Science for Pandemic Times,” which warns against the politicization of the new coronavirus and urges Christians to take appropriate action against it, including taking a vaccine when it’s ready… “We are deeply concerned about the polarization and politicization of science in the public square when so many lives are at stake. The word ‘science’ has become a weapon in the culture wars. Scientists are vilified and their findings ignored, while conspiracy theories go viral. Sadly, Christians seem just as susceptible to these trends. Thoughtful Christians may disagree on public policy in response to the coronavirus, but none of us should ignore clear scientific evidence,” the statement published online by the nonprofit organization BioLogos says… ‘We call on all Christians to follow the advice of public health experts and support scientists doing crucial biomedical research on COVID-19.’ ”

Value-Rotation ‘Cancelled’ – Small Caps Slammed As Mega-Tech Meltup Accelerates – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/value-rotation-cancelled-small-caps-slammed-tech-meltup-accelerates – “In fact, the last 3 months of growth outperformance has only been outdone by 1932 and 2000…”

“Influence And Outreach”: The UK’s Evolving PsyOps Capabilityhttps://southfront.org/influence-and-outreach-the-uks-evolving-psyops-capability/ – “The majority of these operations are assigned to and carried out by 15 (United Kingdom) Psychological Operations Group. It was a tri-service or “purple”, military unit formerly parented by 1 Military Intelligence Brigade but from April 2014, part of the Security Assistance Group within the British Army’s Force Troops Command… Since April 2015, it has been subsumed into 77th Brigade within Force Troops Command… The 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group’s history is relatively short. It was established immediately after the 1991 Gulf War when the success of US military psychological operations convinced the Ministry of Defence that the UK required a similar capability. Initially, it was composed of just a single desk officer with the intention that it would be augmented by additional personnel when required. As such, the group was referred to in military terminology as a ‘shadow’ unit.”

FSB Prevented Abduction Attempt By Ukraine’s Security Service On Russian Territoryhttps://southfront.org/fsb-prevented-abduction-attempt-by-ukraines-security-service-on-russian-territory/ – “The name of the victim was not disclosed. Seven defendants in the criminal case – Russian citizens – have already been arrested… ‘As a result of a special operation, the FSB of the Russian Federation uncovered and suppressed an illegal action by the special services of Ukraine on the abduction on the territory of Russia and the forcible transfer to Ukraine of a citizen of the Russian Federation, one of the leaders of the Donbass people’s militia, who took an active part in hostilities against the Ukrainian Armed Forces,’ the FSB press service reported.… The development reportedly took place near Moscow…The organizers and coordinators of the action were the citizens of Ukraine Andriy Baidala and Igor Mishchenko.”

“This War Can’t Be Civil”: Berkeley Columnist Calls For “Violent Resistance” – by Jonathan Turley – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/war-cant-be-civil-berkeley-columnist-calls-violent-resistance – “In his column entitled “This War Can’t Be Civil,” Alqahtani mocks those who seek non-violent change and while ‘quoting Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. about peaceful protest and resistance.’.. He declared: ‘ “Radical love” my ass. It disgusts me that the oppressors’ emotions and well-being (in all contexts, from institutions to individuals) are the first to be considered and accommodated whenever people question the validity of armed or violent resistance.’.. Alqahtani is willing to accept a role for peaceful protests but insists that people need to give violence a chance…”

Here’s How 2020 Compares With The Great Depression – by Daisy Luther – https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/heres-how-2020-compares-great-depression – “This video analysis by Brian Duff compares our current-day crisis and the one that began in 1929 and the similarities are pretty alarming. Also, this is a new YouTube channel I strongly recommend. It’s going to have some incredible information – trust me when I tell you that you’re going to want to subscribe and give him a “like.”.. The biggest difference I see between these two eras – and this is the thing that will be our downfall – is that we are now a nation of consumers instead of producers… Back in the 1920s and 1930s, people had the skills required to do things like producing food, preserving their harvests, and building structures, to name a few. In our current time, skills like this are few and far between outside the preparedness and homesteading world… This lack of skills will carry over into a much more dependent populace in our current day and age.”

The Devastation Of The Middle Class: It Now Takes 53 Weeks Of Median Wages Every Year To Pay For Basic Needs – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/devastation-middle-class-it-now-takes-53-weeks-median-wages-year-pay-basic-needs – “As Bank of America points out, while the recent covid shutdowns has thrown the economy into disarray with millions laid off and living on government stimulus checks, life for the vast majority of workers – i.e., those who comprise the country’s middle class – was already precarious before the pandemic, and nowhere is this more evident than in the Cost of Thriving Index… Consider that in 1985 it took 30 weeks at the median wage to pay for big fixed costs like housing, health care, a car, and education; fast forward to today when it takes a mathematically impossible 53 weeks of a 52-week year to buy those things… In other words, as BofA puts it, ‘thriving’ has become impossible for the average worker’ and adds that it’s no wonder that the uncertainty of forecasts for future growth remains near record highs.’ ”

80 Nights in Portland: Rioters Chant ‘Kill a Cop, Save a Life’ as Two Officers Hospitalized – by Penny Starr – https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/08/16/80-nights-portland-rioters-chant-kill-cop-save-life-two-officers-hospitalized/ – “Nightly violent riots continued in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, with rioters chanting ‘Kill a Cop, Save a Life’ and hurling objects at police that resulted in two officers being hospitalized… Police said a clash took place between Antifa and a group of about 30 people who gathered to show support for police. A video posted on journalist Andy Ngo’s Twitter account shows alleged Antifa members harassing others as they leave the site of the riot… The Portland Police Department said that a crowd “of hundreds” marched to the Penumbra Kelly Building, which houses the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and Portland Police Bureau. The building is in a residential neighborhood and is surrounded by hundreds of homes… The department said that ‘officers reported members of the crowd were launching mortars at the police and cars well back in the Penumbra Kelly Building parking lot, followed by thrown objects’ as the rioters started to trespass on the property. – https://twitter.com/PortlandPolice/status/1294892446808039425 … ‘Portland Police gave more announcements and force warnings,’ the police said. ‘For the next twenty minutes people in the crowd increased their violent actions toward police officers who were standing behind cars fifty feet or more away from the crowd. Officers reported having rocks, frozen eggs, glass bottles, and frozen water bottles thrown at them. Officers reported people were shining green lasers at them, which is against the law in Oregon. Somebody spray painted over a security camera on the Penumbra Kelly Building.’ ”

‘Disavowed’ BLM Leader Defends Looting & Rioting Because “US Steals Diamonds & Oil” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/disavowed-blm-leader-defends-looting-rioting-because-us-steals-diamonds-oilWell, so we are moving on past Rudy Giuliani and we’re moving into looting and a form of reparation,’ Newsome responded… ‘Let’s be very careful and I’d appreciate if you let me speak. Let’s be very careful. The problem with oppression and white supremacy is, white supremacy will have you criticizing the oppressed and worshiping the oppressors… Now, if you want to talk to me about reparations, nothing falls short of a solution other than people cutting a check.’.. ‘So when America goes and steals diamonds and oils, who’s calling us terrorists? When the American government goes and pillages different countries, who’s calling us terrorists?,’ exclaimed Hawk Newsome, the head of the New York branch of BLM, refusing to condemn looting as an ethically questionable activity during a very testy interview with on Fox News Channel’s Martha MacCallum… It is not the first time Newsome has sparked controversy. In June, Newsome made incendiary remarks during a cable news that: ‘If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.’..

Facebook Bans Hundreds Of QAnon Groups, Pages And Instagram Accounts – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/facebook-bans-hundreds-qanon-groups-pages-and-instagram-accounts – “Facebook on Wednesday announced that it has banned hundreds of pages, groups, and Instagram accounts tied to “US-based militia organizations and QAnon, according to a blog post… The company claims they have ‘seen growing movements that, while not directly organizing violence, have celebrated violent acts, shown that they have weapons and suggest they will use them, or have individual followers with patterns of violent behavior.’..So – a group which has done nothing wrong, but might, and who have scary followers, is no longer allowed on the platform… Apparently Facebook’s censorship doesn’t apply to Antifa – a group with aggressive, armed members who routinely organize protests over Facebook. For example, a Texas Antifa Cell, Red Guards Austin, has a blog post entitled “Everywhere a Battlefield” in which they claim ‘The war is not coming – it is here and now.‘ ”

Uncovering Faces Of Belarusian Oppositionhttps://southfront.org/uncovering-faces-of-belarusian-opposition/ – “The crisis in Belarus does not seem coming to the end but rather deepening with opposition forces actively creating structures alternative to the existing governing system of the country… The Coordination Council of the Belarusian opposition, formed under the brand of former presidential candidate Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya hiding in Lithuania, released on August 19 demanding the Lukashenko government to annul the result of the presidential election, release all ‘political prisoners’, and hold a new ‘fair’ presidential election…. Belarus entered the August 9 presidential election and the days following it amid the peak of protest sentiments. The cornerstone of this situation is the existing economic and social problems, the general dissatisfaction of the population with the ruling of Alexander Lukashenko and apparent falsifications during the election (80.10% of votes gained by Lukashenko is at least unlikely). As the recent weeks demonstrated, this situation was successfully exploited by forces that destroyed Ukraine and earlier Serbia… The personality and scale of influence of Vladimir Makei, who is often called the ‘second person’ in Belarus, are another factor allowing to get a more realistic look at Lukashenko’s Belarus. Makei has served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus since 2012 and kept his position even after the August 9 election. During this period, he become widely known as a supporter of the pro-Western foreign policy course and a person with deep ties with the Euro-Atlantic establishment. The foreign ministry headed by such a person became a tool of influence of Euro-Atlantic structures inside the Belarusian government. The recent public declarations of mid-level foreign policy officials in support of the opposition signals about the ideological characteristics of the ministry’s staff.”

A Closer Look At Belarusian Opposition’s Heavily Anti-Russian National Policy Planshttps://southfront.org/a-closer-look-at-belarusian-oppositions-heavily-anti-russian-national-policy-plans/ – “Before being taken down, the election campaign website of Belarus Presidential candidate Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya had an entire program for the future development of Belarus as a country… In a relatively hidden section, it has a section named “National Policy” which reveals the opposition’s plan for Belarus eventual entry into NATO and the EU… The website has since been taken down; however, it can still be found on web archive.”

SYRIA SITREP: Tensions Turn Into Massive Escalation – by Drago Bosnic – https://fort-russ.com/2020/08/syria-sitrep-tensions-turn-into-massive-escalation/ – “USAF airstrike on an SAA checkpoint cause Syrians to stage a rally against US occupation: Hundreds of Syrians staged separate demonstrations in the country’s northeastern oil-rich province of Hasaka to express their outrage over a recent US airstrike against regular Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces, which killed at least one Syrian soldier and wounded several others… Since late October 2019, the US has been redeploying troops to the oil fields controlled by Kurdish forces in eastern Syria, in a reversal of President Donald Trump’s earlier order to withdraw all troops from the Arab country… The Pentagon claims the move aims to “protect” the fields and facilities from “possible attacks by Daesh (ISIL or ISIS)”. That claim came although the US had earlier suggested that it sought economic interests in controlling the oil fields. The presence of US forces in eastern Syria has particularly irked the civilians, and local residents have on several occasions stopped American military convoys from entering the region… A Russian major-general was killed in an IED explosion in Syria while two servicemen were wounded, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Tuesday. An improvised roadside bomb exploded 15 km from the city of Deir Ez-Zor when a Russian military convoy was returning to its base after a humanitarian mission on August 18, the ministry’s press office said, according to TASS… Several rockets exploded on Tuesday at a US military base, north of Syria’s Deir Ez-Zor province. The attack targeted a US base near the Conoco oil field controlled by American troops and Kurdish militants. No information about possible casualties among US occupation troops is available so far… This is the first-ever attack on one of the 12 military facilities, created by the United States since 2015 in Syria’s provinces of al-Hasakah, Raqqa and Deir Ez-Zor… A pair of US drones crashed following what was allegedly a “mid-air collision” in Syria, destroying both UAVs, The Military Times reported. The alleged collision took place over the Idlib province on Tuesday, an anonymous defense official told The Military Times, though offered few other details about the “mishap”, declining to confirm what caused the crash or what type of drones were involved… Photos and videos circulating online – which show debris falling from the sky and flaming wreckage on the ground – indicate that at least one of the craft was an American MQ-9 Reaper drone…”

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink: Profits With A Purpose Are Vital For Survivability & Profitability | CNBC (12 min)

Lockdowns, Coronavirus, and Banks: Following the Money – by Prof. Anthony Hall – https://ahtribune.com/world/covid-19/4346-following-the-money.html – “Accordingly, there is ample cause to ask if there are major underlying reasons for the financial crash of 2020 other than the misnamed pandemic and the lockdowns done in its name of “flattening” its spikes of infection. At the same time, there is ample cause to recognize that the lockdowns have been a very significant factor in the depth of the economic debacle that is making 2020 a year like no other… Some go further. They argue that the financial crash of 2020 was not only anticipated but planned and pushed forward with clear understanding of its instrumental role in the Great Reset sought by self-appointed protagonists of creative destruction. The advocates of this interpretation place significant weight on the importance of the lockdowns as an effective means of obliterating in a single act a host of old economic relationships. For instance Peter Koenig examines the ‘farce and diabolical agenda of a universal lockdown.’.. Koenig writes, ‘The pandemic was needed as a pretext to halt and collapse the world economy and the underlying social fabric.’ ”

Police Name 25-Year-Old Marquise Love as Suspect in Beating of Portland Man – by Kristina Wong – https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/08/18/police-suspect-marquise-love-beating-portland-man/ – “The beating occurred around 10:27 p.m. on Sunday, police said in an earlier statement. They said they received a call that “protesters chased a white Ford 4×4, which has crashed” at that location and “protestors drug him out of car.” Another witness called and reported that 9-10 people were “beating the guy.” Responding officers found Haner unconscious with injuries… The police provided in an earlier release chronological links to videos of events leading up to the beating, posted on Twitter by journalists (WARNING GRAPHIC):”

From Millie Weaver Regarding Her Torture At Jail (from Dave Hodges, 25 min)


Turkey Slams Joe Biden’s “Ignorant” Vows In Support Of Regime Changehttps://southfront.org/turkey-slams-joe-bidens-ignorant-vows-in-support-of-regime-change/ – “He declared that he would work with “opposition leadership” in the country to topple Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey’s 2023 elections… ‘Do you feel comfortable with the United States still having nuclear weapons in Turkey given Erdogan’s behavior?’ Kathleen Kingsbury, New York Times’ deputy editorial page editor, asked Biden… ‘The answer is my comfort level is diminished a great deal. I’ve spent a lot of time with Erdogan,’ Biden responded, describing Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s democratically elected president, as an “autocrat.”.. Biden added that if he is elected this November, his administration will pursue a policy of intervention against Turkey’s elected government.” – Comment: A Biden presidency – What could go wrong?

Africa to Become Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp” Vaccine Record and Payment System – A new biometric identity platform partnered with the Gates-funded GAVI vaccine alliance and Mastercard will launch in West Africa and combine COVID-19 vaccinations, cashless payments, and potential law enforcement applications -by Raul Diego – https://www.mintpressnews.com/africa-trust-stamp-covid-19-vaccine-record-payment-system/269346/ – “A biometric digital identity platform that “evolves just as you evolve” is set to be introduced in “low-income, remote communities” in West Africa thanks to a public-private partnership between the Bill Gates-backed GAVI vaccine alliance, Mastercard and the AI-powered “identity authentication” company, Trust Stamp… The program, which was first launched in late 2018, will see Trust Stamp’s digital identity platform integrated into the GAVI-Mastercard “Wellness Pass,” a digital vaccination record and identity system that is also linked to Mastercard’s click-to-play system that powered by its AI and machine learning technology called NuData. Mastercard, in addition to professing its commitment to promoting “centralized record keeping of childhood immunization” also describes itself as a leader toward a “World Beyond Cash,” and its partnership with GAVI marks a novel approach towards linking a biometric digital identity system, vaccination records, and a payment system into a single cohesive platform.”

For the Week of 8/10/20:

Is This The End Of COMEX Paper Gold? – by Tom Luongo – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/luongo-end-comex-paper-gold – “And now, the question on a lot of people’s minds is whether we’ll see the end of the fiction of the paper gold market as epitomized by the futures market on the COMEX… Alistair Macleod’s recent article detailed the gyrations of the gold futures market explains why he felt the so-called bullion banks who work with the central banks to keep gold control have, in fact, lost control… His detailed the use of open interest on the COMEX to push and pull the price of gold and how the market changed after March 23rd when the futures premiums blew out to a high of $70 over the cash price in the forex markets… It’s not a producer/consumer hedging platform. It’s a currency hedging/speculator platform… But in 2020 it’s now a source of physical gold supply for someone and the COMEX isn’t happy about it at all… The latest raid on gold began on Friday and continued through Tuesday. When all was said and done more than $200 got knocked off the price, peak to trough… What’s even more impressive is that the COMEX, after Monday’s follow-through beat down, did what it always does to protect itself, it raised margin requirements on both gold and silver to force even more liquidations from now exposed and under-water longs… But it didn’t work!.. There was weakness in the overnight Asian markets but once Europe opened the price rebounded and by the time the COMEX opened gold was trading at a higher price than the previous close… And in the case of the COMEX I fully expect the current gold futures contract to go the way of the U.S. dollar, decoupled completely from physical redemption…Some folks seem to think this will drive the price to zero. It might, but only after driving the price to infinity…The more likely scenario is that there won’t be any gold available at any price. Once that occurs, then the value of the contract could vaporize… What the COMEX doesn’t want to admit to the market is that its gold futures contract isn’t a real futures market but rather a speculation/hedging platform as I said earlier.”

What’s Going on Here? Why the Heck Did Twitter Send #MillieWeaver to TOP TRENDING! (50 min) – from Brian at High Impact Flix


BREAKING: Millie Weaver wasn’t arrested; she was ABDUCTED by the deep state and is being held for possible interrogation – by Mike Adams – https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-08-14-millie-weaver-wasnt-arrested-she-was-abducted-by-the-deep-state.html – “According to deep background sources, Millie Weaver was abducted by deep state operators today and is being held under the false authority of deep state operatives. She was not arrested by any lawful process, and there was no legitimate “grand jury” indictment… Understand that this is a fast-moving story, and new information may help clarify this story as details unfold. But to the best of what we know so far, Millie Weaver is now a political prisoner being held by the deep state…If these sources are correct, Millie Weaver and her husband are victims of a “snatch-and-grab” operation, and a counterfeit indictment document may have been produced by the deep state, but it would have been created completely outside any legitimate process of law, much like Obama’s fake birth certificate… Millie Weaver is now a political prisoner of the deep state. This is what they do to enemies who expose them.”

‘Do Not Trust The Medical Or The National Security Establishment!’ (40 min) – Robert Kennedy, Jr. interviewed by Ron Paul


Several Questions About the Millie Weaver Event (13 min) – by Dave Hodges


Putin Reiterates Russia’s Support for Belarus as Rallies Held in Minskhttps://sputniknews.com/europe/202008161080184181-live-updates-belarus-opposition-candidate-tsepkalo-to-meet-top-us-officials-as-protests-enter-day-8/ – “Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko have discussed the situation in Belarus taking account the pressure exerted on the republic from outside, Belta news agency reported on Sunday citing Putin and Lukashenko’s telephone talk. President Putin reaffirmed his committment to aid Belarus in resolving its problems via the Collective Security Treaty. The two politicians held a similar phone conversation the previous day… The phone talk comes as two rallies are taking place on Sunday in Minsk: one in support of the government and the other opposing it… Earlier in the day, Belarusian former presidential contender Valery Tsepkalo, who fled the country in July, arrived in Ukraine with plans to move to Warsaw with his family, where he will meet with high-ranking officials from Washington, his campaign office revealed.”

Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime (8 min)

Economist Calls for $800,000 in Reparations for Every Black Household in America – Duke University economist William Darity Jr. proposes $12 trillion fund – by Jay Greenberg – https://neonnettle.com/news/12335-economist-calls-for-800-000-in-reparations-for-every-black-household-in-america – “Darity Jr. and his wife Kirsten Mullen co-authored the report for The Roosevelt Institute, which argues that the Trump Administration is “culpable” and “must pay the debt.”.. “[The] US government—the culpable party—must pay the debt,” the report proclaims… ‘Ultimately, respect for black Americans as people and as citizens—and acknowledgment, redress, and closure for the history and financial hardship they have endured—requires monetary compensation.’ ”

Coronavirus is not Covid19 (16 min ) – by Jerry Day

Math education prof: 2+2 = 4 ‘trope’ ‘reeks of white supremacy patriarchy’ – by Ben Zeisloft – https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=15409 – “Math professors and educators at leading American universities have taken to Twitter in order to debate whether math is racist… Some asserted that objective mathematics is rooted in “white supremacist patriarchy” and white social constructs… ‘People say it’s subjectivism to ask if math is Western. I don’t get that.’.. The debate itself was rooted in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, in which citizens of a fictional totalitarian state believe that 2 plus 2 equals 5 as a result of government propaganda… Laurie Rubel, who teaches math education at Brooklyn College, says that the idea of math being culturally neutral is a “myth,” and that asking whether 2 plus 2 equals 4 “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy.’.. Rochelle Gutierrez, who teaches “Sociopolitical Perspectives on Mathematics and Science Education” at the University of Illinois, responded to a tweet from a former educator claiming that the U.S. “colonizes” math.”.. ‘By now it is well known, for example, that other cultures were using the theorem we call Pythagorean, yet we still refer to it with this name. This is colonization and erasure,’ the tweet from the former educator read.’.. Gutierrez responded with, ‘YES! This attends to the Cultures/Histories dimension of RM (addressing Western/Eurocentric maths). And, we also want to attend to the Living Practice dimension (which is more about imagining a version that builds upon ancestral knowings, but does not yet exist).’ ”

Escobar On Battleground Beirut: Western Colony Or Back To The East? – by Pepe Escobar – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/escobar-battleground-beirut-western-colony-or-back-east – “In stark contrast with the exploitative perpetuation of the Western neoliberal model, China is offering Lebanon the chance to Go East, and be part of the New Silk Roads… In 2017, Lebanon signed to join the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)… In 2018, Lebanon became the 87th member of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)… Over the past few years, Lebanon was already taking part in the internationalization of the yuan, offering bank accounts in yuan and increasing bilateral trade in yuan… Beijing was already engaged in discussions revolving around the upgrading of Lebanese infrastructure – including the expansion of Beirut harbor… This means that now Beijing may be in the position of offering a renewed, joint rebuilding/security deal for Beirut port – just as it was about to clinch a smaller agreement with Diab’s government, focused only on expansion and renovation… The bottom line is that China has an actual Plan A to extricate Lebanon from its current financial dead end.”

Here’s Why The “Impossible” Economic Collapse Is Unavoidable – by Charles Hugh Smith – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/heres-why-impossible-economic-collapse-unavoidable – “We’re already in a post-normal world because the expansion of globalization and financialization needed to fuel the Old Normal has reversed into contraction. This reversal is an extinction event for all sectors and institutions with high fixed costs: air travel, resort tourism, healthcare, higher education, local government services, etc. because their fixed cost structures are so high they are no longer financially viable if they’re operating at less than full capacity… Only getting back to 70% of previous capacity, revenues, tax receipts, etc. dooms them to collapse… And there’s no way to cut their fixed costs without fatally disrupting all the sectors that are dependent on them.

Most operational costs are mandated and cannot be reduced: union contracts, property taxes, regulatory burdens, tax accounting, debt service, employee healthcare costs, minimum wages, etc. Other essential expenses such as commercial rent are difficult to renegotiate lower, as the landlord also has the same high fixed costs and any reduction comes directly out of his pocket.”

With Harris Pick, Democrats Cede Election To Trump – by Tom Luongo – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/luongo-harris-pick-democrats-cede-election-trump – “Harris was simply the only choice they could make after Biden announced his running mate would be a ‘woman of color’ and there was little chance he’d choose party gadfly Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) since he’s as globalist, empire-defender as everyone else in charge at the DNC… The other possibilities were not serious. And Susan Rice has two real strikes against her. One, she has no name recognition. And two, she may wind up being indicted by John Durham before the election… In fact, if you read between the lines, Rice not being the choice is a signal that the DNC’s legal troubles are a lot more serious than anyone is willing to let on... The far better choice for the DNC strategically would have been Elizabeth Warren. Now, while Warren is just as much an unlikeable harpy as Harris is, she’s also more of a true moderate who could campaign to bring the party back from the brink… Moreover, since she is one, she would have shored up the so-called ‘Karen Vote’ which is a core Democratic constituency far better than Harris can… The only way I think this pick works for them is that they try to claw back their support for BLM and Antifa by putting the strong authoritarian Harris at the top of the ticket. As Gabbard pointed out in the debates last year, no California Attorney General put more black men in prison than Harris.

Is There a Pandemic? – by Dr. Colleen Huber – https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/there-pandemic – “However, only 32 weeks have elapsed in 2020. For each previous year, 52 weeks have already elapsed. How then can we compare deaths from all causes in 2020 to previous years? In this paper, I divide total deaths by number of weeks to arrive at number of deaths per week for each of the last 21 years, January 1, 2000 through August 8, 2020… The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lists total deaths for many previous years. The CDC also provides number of deaths from all causes in 2020. On examination of the data for the first two decades of the 21st century in this paper, it is seen that the 2020 weekly total death rate in the US is the lowest in a decade, and second lowest in the 21st century so far.” (emphasis added)

Better Public Compliance Through Mass Drugging – by Janet Phelan – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/08/better-public-compliance-through-mass-drugging.html – “According to Parker Crutchfield, Associate Professor of Medical Ethics, Humanities and Law, Western Michigan University, Americans need a injection of “moral enhancement.” Crutchfield is concerned that Americans are not following the guidelines for wearing masks and social distancing, and states that “When someone chooses not to follow public health guidelines around the coronavirus, they’re defecting from the public good.” There seems to be no room in Crutchfield’s thinking for a debate on what constitutes the “public good” as he dismisses dissent as “Selfish and self-defeating behavior.”.. The remedy, according to Crutchfield, is to dose Americans with “empathy-producing” chemicals. He writes ‘…like receiving a vaccine to beef up your immune system, people could take a substance to boost their cooperative, pro-social behavior. Could a psychoactive pill be the solution to the pandemic?’ ”

Michelle Obama to go to bat for Biden – by Amie Parnes – https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/512110-michelle-obama-to-go-to-bat-for-biden – “One of the most highly anticipated moments of the Democratic National Convention will come Monday, when Michelle Obama will deliver an address that is expected to shine a harsh light on President Trump while urging Democrats to get out and vote… The former first lady and one of the nation’s most popular political figures, Obama has grown increasingly frustrated with the country’s direction… ‘I think she’ll come hard at Trump, in the most artful way,” said one ally to the former first lady. “I think it will be one of the most defining and memorable speeches of this entire cycle.’.. ‘She has the most powerful voice to get out the vote,’ the ally said… Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is counting on Obama to jump-start a convention held under the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic.”

ShadowGate (1hr 22min) – New Whistle-blower documentary from Millie Weaver of Infowars.com. She was arrested yesterday, Friday 8/14, in front of her toddler son, on a “secret indictment” for burglary (the day her film was to premiere)

US Seizes 4 Iranian Fuel Tankers En Route To Venezuela, Diverts To Houston – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/us-seizes-4-iranian-fuel-tankers-en-route-venezuela-diverts-houston – ” Later in July, when Iran again sent tankers for a second round of deliveries, which the two countries earlier announced would be ‘routine’, US federal prosecutors filed a lawsuit for the seizure of over 1.1 million barrels of gasoline on the four vessels. A judge issued a warrant for the seizure, but it remained unclear whether this could or would be carried out if the tankers never enter US territorial waters… The efforts apparently met with success, as The Wall Street Journal reports, ‘One official said the vessels had been taken over without the use of military force but didn’t provide any details.’.. No doubt it was done either in international waters or in the territory of an ally friendly to the US maximum pressure campaign seeking to choke Tehran. The vessels – the Luna, Panid, Bering, and Bella – are now in US custody, said by the WSJ to be en route to Houston.”

Lockdown Restrictions Are A Test To See How Much Tyranny Americans Will Accept – by Brandon Smith – http://alt-market.com/index.php/articles/4302-lockdown-restrictions-are-a-test-to-see-how-much-tyranny-americans-will-accept – “The pandemic lockdowns are a complicated issue, and that is absolutely deliberate. The point of 4th Generation psychological warfare is to present the target individual or population with a hard choice – a no-win scenario. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I often equate this to the key moves in a difficult chess game; your primary goal is to create a dual threat and force your opponent to sacrifice one piece over another in order to escape with the least amount of damage. Do this a few times and you have won the long game… To be clear, I respect the private property rights of businesses that want customers to wear masks or take other precautions in their establishments. I have the right to not shop at those businesses if I don’t like it. The problems arise when government officials try to FORCE businesses to institute pandemic restrictions or to close down completely. An even bigger problem arises when governments try to force pandemic restrictions onto individuals in their everyday lives. This is simply unacceptable… Government edicts forcing people to social distance or wear masks or deny them the right to free assembly, once instituted, will probably never go away. Once government has the power to dictate your movements and behavior as if your moment-by-moment decisions are a threat to “public health”, they have total power to do anything they wish.”

BLM Mob Storms Neighborhood, Demands White Folk ‘Give Your Homes to Black People’ – by Jay Greenberg – https://neonnettle.com/news/12323-blm-mob-storms-neighborhood-demands-white-folk-give-your-homes-to-black-people- – “A mob of Black Lives Matter activists descended on a Seattle neighborhood this week, demanding that white residents surrender their homes and ‘give them back to black people.’.. Crowds gathered outside homes of white folks in the dead of night, shone torches into people’s windows, and yelled demands through loudspeakers… The leftists were filmed shouting obscenities at white residents whom they accused of gentrification and “stealing” their property… ‘Get the f*** out” and “give us our sh** back,’ the mob – many of whom appeared to be white themselves – shouted at residents… ‘All y’all white motherf***ers get the f*** out our neighborhoods so we can go back to [inaudible] … get the f*** out,’ one of the “protesters” yelled… ‘Get the f*** out and give sh** back. Give us our sh** back. Get the f*** out and give us our sh** back.’ “

Tony Fauci and the Swine Flu disaster; betrayal of trust – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/08/14/tony-fauci-and-the-swine-flu-disaster-betrayal-of-trust/ – “Fauci was, in fact, recommending a highly dangerous vaccine for protection against AN EPIDEMIC THAT DIDN’T EXIST AT ALL… His friends and professional colleagues at the CDC were creating the hoax… Let me run it down for you… In the summer of 2009, the CDC was claiming there were thousands of Swine Flu cases in the US. But behind these statistics lay an unnerving secret. A major crime, considering the CDC’s mandate to report the truth to the American people: Secretly, the CDC had stopped counting cases of Swine Flu… What? Why?.. CBS investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, discovered the CDC secret; and she found out why… The routine lab testing of tissue samples from the most likely Swine Flu patients was coming back, in the overwhelming percentage of cases, with: NO SIGN OF SWINE FLU OR ANY OTHER KIND OF FLU… Attkisson wrote an article about this scandal, and it was published on the CBS News website. However, the next, bigger step—putting out the story on CBS television news—was waylaid. No deal. And CBS shut down any future investigation on the subject.”

Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph.D.: The Coronavirus Pandemic: Planned in the US, Activated in the UKhttps://lightonconspiracies.com/nicholas-kollerstrom-ph-d-the-coronavirus-pandemic-planned-in-the-us-activated-in-the-uk/ – “Here is a British expert Iain Davies commenting on this in the Off-Guardian (one of the best UK sites on this topic): ‘Nor is there any evidence that lockdown regimes have any positive impact upon infection rates. Comparisons between severe lockdown states and those who opted for less draconian measures reveal no advantage to placing your population under house arrest… Oxford University found a direct correlation between infection rates and the relative severity of lockdown regimes. It suggests the more stringent the lockdown, the higher the infection rate. This is not unexpected, as numerous epidemiological studies have shown that infection rates for C19 are higher when people are exposed to it for prolonged periods in confined spaces. Locking people up in their homes is probably the worst thing you could do if you wanted to reduce the infections and the duration of the outbreak.’.. The synchronies here are important. The death of Kary Mullis is reported on 12th of August, the day before Operation Crimson Contagion begins. He is the one person everyone would have liked to consult about this whole scam: honest, well-informed and fearless, a Nobel-prize winning biochemist. He had to go before the whole thing could happen… So the whole thing was blueprinted in America, but the ‘On’ switch to activate the program was in London. A paper appeared on March 17th with thirty authors from Imperial College, London. It predicted two million dead in the USA, half a million dead in the UK. Its been said that no science paper ever had such an effect. Suddenly politicians were talking about ‘exponential’ growth of the illness. Clearly, Lockdown was the answer – with no time for Parliament to discuss it! No British scientist has so consistent a record of being catastrophically wrong as Neil Ferguson, but he’s very good at invoking fear, which politicians seem to need these days. The entire Event 201 program was activated by this paper.”

New York City Police Use Pandemic To Create COVID-19 Checkpoints – by MassPrivateI – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/08/new-york-city-police-use-pandemic-to-create-covid-19-checkpoints.html – “The city has the audacity to claim that these stops are “quick and educational.” There is nothing quick and educational about being stopped and questioned by government officials… Is there anything educational about fining people $10,000 dollars?.. Imagine getting off a train or bus in New York City and being forced to go through a government checkpoint. This is America, you say? I can refuse to answer their questions, right?.. People who refuse to answer their questions could be fined anywhere from $2,000-$10,000… A spokeswoman for City Hall said refusing to fill out the quarantine form could subject travelers from designated states to a $2000 fine, and violations of the quarantine orders could result in a $10,000 fine… Three years ago, I revealed that police have created thirty-three different types of checkpoints. But this latest ploy; using a pandemic as an excuse to create another police checkpoint, is inexcusable… COVID-19 checkpoints make a mockery of police reform and tramples our Bill of Rights. It is only a matter of time before COVID-19 checkpoints spread across the country.”

Natural Law and Universal Remedy Panel: Anna Von Reitz, David Martin, Sacha Stone, Reinette Senum (1hr 5min)

School teacher worries about ‘conservative’ parents overhearing indoctrination during ‘virtual’ classes – by J.C McCallum – https://newsthud.com/school-teacher-worries-about-conservative-parents-overhearing-indoctrination-during-virtual-classes/ – “To give you some idea of the blowback Matthew R. Kay received for his illuminating comments, he’s made his entire twitter account private… But it wasn’t all bad as Matt Walsh notes… Many teachers shared the same frustrations and explained how they would try and get around the situation: ‘It’s important to note that while some teachers responded to Kay’s comments with the appropriate level of horror and disgust, many others chimed in to share their own strategies for brainwashing during a pandemic… One teacher said she’d also been “thinking about” the problem Kay described, and had decided that she’d ask students about their preferred pronouns via survey — though she still worries that “caregivers” might see it and learn something about their children that they weren’t supposed to know… Another teacher said that students last semester would sometimes “type secrets into the chat” whenever the discussion turned to ‘anti-racism and gender inclusive content.’.. Another complained that a white parent— she made sure to specify “white” — in her district recorded a Zoom class and “filed a complaint against the teacher for an anti-racist read aloud (saying the teacher’s commentary was inappropriate and biased).” This, the teacher says, “is going to be an issue.” ‘

This woman accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault had one question for Kamala Harris – by David Lindfield – https://newspushed.com/this-woman-accusing-joe-biden-of-sexual-assault-had-one-question-for-kamala-harris/ – “Tara Reade stepped forward this spring to credibly accuse Joe Biden of sexual assault back in 1993 when Reade claimed Biden put his hand up her skirt and penetrated her with his fingers… Several witnesses stepped forward to corroborate Reade’s account saying she told them of this alleged assault at the time it happened… And now that Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate, Reade is demanding the media ask her if she still stands by her statement from 2019 that she believed the women who accused Joe Biden of making them feel uncomfortable with unwanted touching, kissing, and hugging… ‘Journalists should be asking her pointedly why there was a smear campaign on me and why Kamala was so aggressive and assertive with Kavanaugh, and here she knows there is a credible sexual assault accusation against Sen. Biden,’ Reade told Newsbusters in an exclusive interview.”

Towards a US-China War? The Creation of a Global Totalitarian System, A “One World Government”? – Is this a Remake of the 1941 Hitler Stalin Great War? – by F. William Engdahl – https://www.globalresearch.ca/remake-1941-hitler-stalin-great-war/5720769 – ” One of the great mysteries of that China growth is the fact that China was allowed to become the “workshop of the world” after 2001, first in lower-skill industries such as textiles or toys, later in pharmaceuticals and most recently in electronics assembly and production. The mystery clears up when we look at the idea that the PTB and their financial houses, using China, want to weaken strong industrial powers, especially the United States, to push their global agenda. Brzezinski often wrote that the nation state was to be eliminated, as did his patron, David Rockefeller. By allowing China to become a rival to Washington in economy and increasingly in technology, they created the means to destroy the superpower hegemony of the US… That shift to a China strategy for global tech domination might well have triggered a decision by the globalist PTB that China could no longer be relied on to play by the rules of the globalists, but rather that the CCP under Xi were determined to make China the global leader in advanced industrial, AI and bio-technologies. A resurgent China nationalist global hegemony was not the idea of the New World Order gang… China:2025 combined with Xi’s strong advocacy of the Belt Road Initiative for global infrastructure linking China by land and sea to all Eurasia and beyond, likely suggested to the globalists that the only solution to the prospect of their losing their power to a China global hegemon would ultimately be war, a war that would destroy both nationalist powers, USA AND China. This is my conclusion and there is much to suggest this is now taking place.”

Jim Stone on Kamala Harrishttp:// – “EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT KAMALA HARRIS straight from the Times of Israel.

Key points, All of this is stated in this Times of Israel report:

She’s married to a Jew and followed the Jewish rituals during her marriage, which likely means she is a Jew (but they won’t admit that)

She fundraised for Israel, which is something Jews would do

She’s going to ram “hate crimes” legislation through like nobody’s business, if she gets in WATCH OUT, your web history will be deeply scrutinized and if you ever said Jews were guilty of anything, you’ll be toast, retroactively.

She is 100 percent Jewish supported, they are behind her TOTALLY.

She’s more AIPAC than even normal Jews are

MARK MY WORD: THE ELECTION WILL BE STOLEN. The Jews are going to use countless fake ID’s printed in China, will hand them out in their synagogues and have every damn Jew vote as many times as it takes to overwhelm the entire population of the United States. Whether or not Trump realizes that’s how the election got stolen, he will know it was stolen. And when he scrutinizes this, the same military Obama set up will go in and remove him with force. That’s why they are talking about that now, they know the public knows they are going to steal this election, and they know they are going to have to enforce the theft. Kushner did what it took to stall Trump long enough to destroy his efforts that would have worked to prevent this.

When they succeed, America will see a genocide un-parralleled in world history, that is PRECICELY WHAT DEAGLE HAS INDICATED FOR YEARS and Kamala will sell it with a smile. The only thing stopping the genocide is gun owners, many of which are convinced Corona is real, and will let that ruse be used as a pretext for their elimination.

I’ll say this: Kamala Harris is one of those people who is so comfortable in her evil that she could smile from the center of her soul while burning a busload of children, and sell that smile on a fashion magazine cover where she looked like an angel.

At least with Pelosi you can see through the smile to the rot underneath, that’s not possible with Kamala, she’s downright dangerous. If the people who get put in charge of the election manage to cheat her in, will Americans be stupid enough to accept that smile? I’d say a large number would, as she commits an epic genocide and sells it to the leftist and idiots as some sort of angelic work. She’s a real threat, do not write her off.

She’d be worse than Pelosi. Pelosi knows she’s evil. Kamala on the other hand probably has no compass at all. Granted, Kamala cannot be president but in this subverted system that probably won’t make a difference.

MARK MY WORD: If Kamala is cheated in, you, your family, and every last person you know who is not brainwashed enough to burn downtown to the ground in the name of “fairness” is going to be murdered in cold blood. Kamala absolutely will set up Ukraine style famines, if she somehow gets control of America, it is game over.

Even if I don’t post a whole lot today, it does not mean I am not working to try to save the future. I am, this is not a day off, I am worried. Kamala’s smile is the biggest threat America has ever faced, all the normal triggers for signalling “demon” on her are disabled, people are not going to be prepared for this.

Here is how the election is going to go. No insider tips, think about it –

The media will go on a frenzy about how the public loves Kamala Harris. Then, tens of millions of fake votes via fake Chinese printed drivers licenses will be used to steal the electon. This time they are playing it safe and stating ahead of time the results will probably not be in on election night. This is to buy them time in case, despite all the rigging, Trump still takes it. They need time to destroy ballots or, HERE IS THE BIG ONE:

They know damn well that so many people are going to vote for Trump that when they add their stolen ballots to the mix, they are going to have more votes than possible voters by an enormous margin. They will then need days to sit down and destroy enough votes for Trump so that their fake votes to beat him don’t introduce so many votes it is not possible. They’ll probably destroy upwards of 50 million votes. – they will have to sort out a huge mess – so they already stated they won’t have the results on election night.

Kamala and Biden get in. They slip biden a heart stopper early on, and Kamala is not a natural born citizen. That means that with Biden gone, Pelosi will become president after she steals her own election. WE HAVE TO KEEP ALL EYES ON NANCY’S ELECTION RIGGING OR SHE’S GOING TO SNEAK INTO BEING PRESIDENT VIA MURDER AND DISQUALIFICATION OF KAMALA. The only way to stop this is to make damn good and sure Pelosi does not get in by heavily scrutinizing her vote fraud, I don’t believe for a minute she has actually won an election for at least 16 years. Stopping her from yet another theft will be our only hope.”

Bill Gates: Trump is a Vaccine Skeptic – Microsoft founder slams president over concerns about vaccinations – by Jay Greenberg – https://neonnettle.com/news/12301-bill-gates-trump-is-a-vaccine-skeptic – “Asked by interviewer Steven Levy when he anticipated that things would get back to normal, Gates responded: ‘sometime by the end of 2021 for the rich countries and by the end of 2022 for the world at large.’.. ‘But will it be the normal we knew before?’ Levy asked… ‘Well in the sense that you won’t have to worry about dying of [COVID], yes,’ Gates replied… ‘In the sense that at least ten years of progress in forcing people to do things in a digital way will have happened in a two year period.’ ” (emphasis added)

What If Beirut Port Explosion Was Attack?https://southfront.org/what-if-beirut-port-explosion-was-attack/ – “Probably, the most interesting fact is that this version is supported by the United States on the highest level… US President Donald Trump was among first to say that the Beirut explosion may have been a result of the attack. Trump described the incident as a “terrible attack.”.. This stance of the United States contributed to the speculations with both pro-Iranian/Hezbollah and pro-Israeli sources accusing each others of the tragedy. According to the Israeli version of the events, the explosion may have been caused by some incident at a Hezbollah weapon depot that triggered a larger explosion of ammonium nitrate. In own turn, pro-Iranian sources even accused Israel of conducting a missile or sabotage attack that resulted in the August 4 tragedy… If one theoretically accepts this hypothesis as true, it would be interesting to look what players may have been interested in such a scenario.”

Putin and Russia Are Facing a Very Serious Crisis in Belarus – by The Saker – https://www.unz.com/tsaker/putin-and-russia-are-facing-a-very-serious-crisis-in-belarus/ – “It now appears that the Ukrainian secret service SBU (which does nothing without Uncle Sam’s approval) mounted a complex covert operation to try to get Belarus and Russia into a confrontation. The entire operation, including recruitment, purchase of airline tickets, etc was, in fact, run from the Ukraine. This was also the biggest mistake the Ukies did: they did not hide their actions well enough and it took the Russians special services less than 24 hours to figure out the entire plan and leak it to the media (in Russian). The fine details are still being ascertained, but the bottom line is this: the Ukrainians pretended to be a security firm looking for men with proven combat experience, especially those who fought in the Donbass against the Ukronazi forces. Once recruited for some pretty typical guard duties, these men were to be flown to Minsk where they would miss their plane and be left waiting for the next opportunity to leave Belarus. At this point, the SBU seems to have contacted the Belarusian KGB and “warned” them about Russian “mercenaries” sent by Russia to kill Lukashenko or, at least, overthrow him.”

China Faces Food Shortage As Droughts, Flooding, And Pests Ruin Harvest – by Nicole Hao – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/china-faces-food-shortage-droughts-flooding-and-pests-ruin-harvest – “Recent trends in the Chinese market also indicated that there was a food shortage. China’s leading producer and supplier of processed agricultural products, state-run China Agri-Industries Holdings, announced on Aug. 3 that the central government released 3.6 million metric tons of state-reserved rice to the market recently, which were harvested from 2014 to 2019… China has a national grain reserves system in order to maintain food security, but how much the country actually possesses in reserve has been called into question. Meanwhile, all domestic grain prices have gone up in the first week of August, compared to the same period last year, according to data issued by Orient Securities and Huatai Securities… Soybean prices, in particular, jumped up 37.83 percent, from 3,454 yuan ($484.85) per metric ton in Aug. 2019 to 4,761 yuan ($682.1) per metric ton in Aug. 2020. The Chinese regime also recently made record purchases of U.S. agricultural goods. On July 29, China purchased its biggest-ever order of U.S. corn, 1.937 million metric tons, which will be delivered during the 2020-21 marketing year that begins on Sept. 1, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)… Orders in July also broke previous records.”

Sweden’s Success Is Kryptonite For Lockdown And Mask Advocates – by Jordan Schachtel – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/swedens-success-kryptonite-lockdown-and-mask-advocates – “It doesn’t take a math whiz to come to the conclusion that the epidemic appears to have been wrapped up in Sweden for months. It’s unclear whether this is a result of having achieved the herd immunity threshold, or if the seasonality of the virus is providing indefinite relief. But it’s become absolutely clear that Sweden’s long term pandemic strategy is working.”

Global Lockdowns Set To Plunge 100 Million Into Extreme Poverty – by Paul Joseph Watson – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/global-lockdowns-set-plunge-100-million-extreme-poverty – “…a new report by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting…. The report appears to pin the blame on COVID-19 itself for the economic impact, yet the actual culprit is discovered to be the “restrictions” put in place by governments in response to the pandemic… From the report; ‘With the virus and its restrictions, up to 100 million more people globally could fall into the bitter existence of living on just $1.90 a day, according to the World Bank. That’s “well below any reasonable conception of a life with dignity,” the United Nations special rapporteur on extreme poverty wrote this year. And it comes on top of the 736 million people already there, half of them in just five countries: Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Congo and Bangladesh.’.. The report notes that the impact of the lockdown on the poor in countries like India was “so abrupt and punishing” that their Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, begged for forgiveness.”

Fact-Checking Fauci – by Phillip Magness – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/fact-checking-fauci – “What then are we to make of the recent case surges in the southern US and on the west coast? Most likely, they reflect the regional nature of the virus’s spread as it migrates into population centers than largely escaped the first wave in March and April… The threat of further spread remains a public health concern, particularly as it pertains to vulnerable populations such as nursing homes. But its pattern has little if anything to do with the lockdown orders – an ineffectual approach to mitigating the virus, but also one with severe social and economic harmsUnfortunately, the pro-lockdown position favored by Fauci and several US media outlets has become a matter of ideological commitment. Whether they are doing so to rationalize the costs we have already incurred from this disastrous approach or to further politicize the pandemic response for a variety of electoral and partisan purposes, they have embraced a pro-lockdown stance that is unchained from any evidence or clear data… It should not be surprising that their accompanying narrative to justify that stance is similarly detached from reality.”

Luongo: Trump Won Re-Election This Weekend – by Tom Luongo – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/luongo-trump-won-re-election-weekend – “We haven’t even reached the DNC convention in Milwaukee and it looks to me like this election season is over… I know the polls keep trying to convince me that Joe Biden, most likely suffering from dementia, is leading President Trump but I just don’t buy it… And neither do the Democrats… Because if they did they wouldn’t be so desperate to push through unlimited mail-in voting as their political hill to die on… And die on it they have… Speaker Nancy Pelosi held up a new round of stimulus legislation over this issue. The massive gap between the GOP and DNC proposals highlight only part of the political divide between the two sides (see graphic, H/T Zerohedge).”

Our Beautifully Democratic Wars – by Philip Roddis – https://fort-russ.com/2020/08/our-beautifully-democratic-wars/ – “This week, on the seventy-fifth anniversary of America’s militarily unnecessary use of the atom bomb at Hiroshima, John Pilger wrote an excellent piece on the horrors of that day and its long bleak aftermath, linking them to the insanity of the drive currently underway for war on China… Our passive consent is once more being manufactured for another Empire Strike. Vilification of China in mainstream Western media, right wing and ‘liberal’ alike, is the new normal. Even the de rigeur demonising of Putin now takes second place to evidence-lite tales“… intelligence sources say … it is believed that …” – of dastardly doings by the Yellow Man in Beijing… (Though of course, Moscow – knowing its turn would come next – could hardly sit idly by as full scale war was waged on China.)”

If Bill Gates Was President… (55 min) – James Corbett interviewed by Spiro Skouras


Invasion of the New Normals – by CJ Hopkins – https://fort-russ.com/2020/08/invasion-of-the-new-normals/ – “You know the people I’m talking about. Some of them are probably your friends and family, people you have known for years, and who had always seemed completely rational, but who are now convinced that we need to radically alter the fabric of human society to protect ourselves from a virus that causes mild to moderate flu-like symptoms (or absolutely no symptoms at all) in over 95% of those infected, and that over 99.6% survive, which, it goes without saying, is totally insane… I’ve been calling them “corona-totalitarians,” but I’m going to call them the “New Normals” from now on, as that more accurately evokes the pathologized-totalitarian ideology they are systematically spreading. At this point, I think it is important to do that, because, clearly, their ideological program has nothing to do with any actual virus, or any other actual public health threat… As is glaringly obvious to anyone whose mind has not been taken over yet, the “apocalyptic coronavirus pandemic” was always just a Trojan horse, a means of introducing the “New Normal,” which they’ve been doing since the very beginning.”

Escobar: Who Profits From The Beirut Blast? – by Pepe Escobar – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/escobar-who-profits-beirut-blast – “Once again, Israel is the proverbial elephant in a room now widely depicted by Western corporate media as “Lebanon’s Chernobyl.”.. A scenario like the Beirut catastrophe has been linked to Israeli plans since February 2016… Israel did admit that Hangar 12 was not a Hezbollah weapons storage unit. Yet, crucially, on the same day of the Beirut blast, and following a series of suspicious explosions in Iran and high tension in the Syria-Israeli border, Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted , in the present tense: ‘We hit a cell and now we hit the dispatchers. We will do what is necessary in order to defend ourselves. I suggest to all of them, including Hezbollah, to consider this.’.. That ties in with the intent, openly proclaimed late last week, to bomb Lebanese infrastructure if Hezbollah harms Israeli Defense Forces soldiers or Israeli civilians… A headline – ‘Beirut Blast Shockwaves Will Be Felt by Hezbollah for a Long Time’ – confirms that the only thing that matters for Tel Aviv is to profit from the tragedy to demonize Hezbollah, and by association, Iran. That ties in with the US Congress “Countering Hezbollah in Lebanon’s Military Act of 2019” {S.1886}, which all but orders Beirut to expel Hezbollah from Lebanon… And yet Israel has been strangely subdued.”

For the Week of 8/3/20:

This is EXACTLY WHY Silver & Gold Will EXPLODE Many Multiples HIGHER!! (35 min) – David Jensen interviewed by Sean at SGT Report


The 1958 “Psychological Warfare” Plan Playing Out Before Us – by Annie Holmquist – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/1958-psychological-warfare-plan-playing-out-us – “I recently wrote about an old 1984 interview with former communist Yuri Bezmenov, who described the “ideological subversion” that could eventually take down America… It sounds like the stuff of conspiracy theories – until one realizes that his predictions of “demoralization,” “destabilization,” and “crisis” are all unfolding before our eyes… Pondering his prophetic words, I hunted up an old book a friend mentioned to me years ago: “The Naked Communist.” The title, I admit, is chuckle-worthy, but the words inside are no laughing matter, particularly when one reads the section titled, “Importance of the Psychological War.”.. Written in 1958, some of the “current strategy goals which the Communists and their fellow travelers are seeking to achieve” seem dated and read like a history book from the past. But then one comes to item number 17:…”

Schools Ordered to Fly Black Lives Matter Flags – Radical-left agenda spills over into the lives of school children – by Jay Greenberghttps://neonnettle.com/news/12254-schools-ordered-to-fly-black-lives-matter-flags “Schools are being ordered to start flying Black Lives Matter flags in support of the radical-left organization, according to reports… The Vermont Essex Westford School District Board voted unanimously vote that each of its schools will fly a Black Lives Matter (BLM) throughout the 2020-2021 school year… The move has triggered outrage as the push to promote BLM’s Marxist propaganda is now taking over children’s education…Each flag will be raised on Thursday along with LGBTQ flags, News Break reported.”

Bullion Banks Have “No Way Out” From Big Gold Shorts – by Alasdair Macleod – https://www.zerohedge.com/commodities/bullion-banks-have-no-way-out-big-gold-shorts – “It has been well-nigh impossible to have a successful career in the investment industry unless you subscribed to inflationist Keynesian theories. You are required to substitute the economics of aggregates for those of the human action of individuals, upon which classical economics was based. And with it, you must unquestionably accept the state theory of money… Well, we are now witnessing the cataclysmic ending of the Keynesian fallacy; the destruction of macroeconomics in a systemic failure centred on paper markets for gold and silver… Measured in dollars, the current bull market for gold started in December 2015, since when the price in dollars has almost doubled. Other than the odd headline when gold exceeded its previous September 2011 high of $1920, only gold bugs seem to be excited. But in our modern macroeconomic world of government-issued currencies, which has moved on from the days when gold operated as a monetary standard, it is viewed as an anachronism; a pet rock … The rescue attempt has already failed… You may have missed the establishment’s last-ditch attempt earlier this year to save itself. Figure 1 below shows its failure… The bullion banks’ short exposure net of longs on Comex in a rising market had risen to $35bn and the gross position was $53.5bn before the attempt to drive the market lower. Today, the respective figures are $38.3 and $53bn… The failure of this well-worn tactic precludes it from being used again. We look at the seriousness of the current position on Comex and the LBMA later in this article…

The Economic Depression Of 2020 Is Becoming An Endless Nightmare For Millions Of Americans – by Michael Snyder – http://themostimportantnews.com/archives/the-economic-depression-of-2020-is-becoming-an-endless-nightmare-for-millions-of-americans – “At this point, everyone should be able to clearly see that we have entered a new economic depression. And I wish that I could tell you that a “recovery” was right around the corner, but I can’t… On Thursday, we got yet another sign that this downturn is here for the long haul. According to the Labor Department, approximately 1.2 million Americans filed new claims for unemployment benefits last week…’Four months after the COVID-19 pandemic largely shut down the economy and left millions of Americans out of work, employers continue to lay off workers at a historic pace.’..The total number of people who continued to claim unemployment insurance under all state and federal unemployment programs jumped by 1.3 million from the prior week to 32.12 million (not seasonally adjusted), the Department of Labor reported this morning. It was the second highest ever… That would seem to indicate that unemployment is dramatically surging, and that is really bad news for an economy that is already deeply suffering… In other words, instead of witnessing a “recovery” we are witnessing an “unraveling”… I know that a lot of people don’t like when I talk like this… But I am not here to make you feel good. I am here to tell you the truth… We are in the midst of an economic nightmare, and even Bloomberg is admitting that conditions in the U.S. are becoming a lot more miserable…”

“Huge Increase” – Americans Renouncing Citizenship Surges To Record Level – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/huge-increase-americans-renouncing-citizenship-surges-record-level – “Readers may recall, for almost a decade, we have tracked a troubling trend of more and more Americans renouncing their citizenship. Now, amid a virus-pandemic, crashed economy, months of social unrest, and depressionary unemployment levels, that number has surged to a record high… Bambridge Accountants New York notes 5,816 Americans renounced their citizenship in 1H20, a 1,210% increase over the prior six months ending in December 2019. In all of 2019, about 2,072 Americans gave up their citizenship.

Gordon: “We’re Heading To Complete Financial, Moral, & Political Collapse” – by by MN Gordon – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/gordon-were-heading-complete-financial-moral-political-collapse – “One of life’s unspoken delights is the rich satisfaction that comes with bearing witness to the spectacular failure of an offensive and unjust system. We just wish it wasn’t so damaging to so many good and honest people… The art of plundering and the increasing corruption of public officials is on full display in the next stimulus bill that’s making its way through Congress. The general premise is that the ordinary needs of people, including housing and living expenses, may be legitimately met by the means of fake brrr money. Then there’s all the pork, stuff like a new FBI building, that’s larded into the bill. All the while, the increase in the money supply grows every day more appalling… Such vigorous and persistent attempts to substitute natural laws in finance for the wishes of legislatures are doomed. We’re headed to complete financial, moral, and political collapse. The rush to exit dollars is gaining momentum…”

Two Poll Numbers That Explain So Much — If True – from RushLimbaugh.com – https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2020/07/29/two-poll-numbers-that-if-true-explain-so-much/ – “There is a strategic communications firm out there, much like you may have heard of the McKinsey & Company. This group is called Kekst. And they’re not widely known, but they’re big. They are hired by Fortune 500 companies do all kinds of PR, strategic communications, market research, audience research if there’s an audience involved. And their work is largely never made public. It’s inside baseball kind of stuff for the people that hire them… …the relevant slide is found on page 24 of this document… And it is essentially this. The average American believes that 9% of the U.S. population have already died from COVID-19. Nine percent of the U.S. population is 30 million people. So the average American thinks that 9% of the population’s already died, 30 million people are dead. Now, why would they think such a thing? Sadly, it is a testament to the Drive-By Media.”

Hydroxychloroquine One More Time (URGENT!) – by Paul Craig Roberts – https://lightonconspiracies.com/paul-craig-roberts-hydroxychloroquine-one-more-time-urgent/ – “And it can’t be made any clearer that the Establishment knows it has enough control to put out completely false explanations and not fear contradiction by experts, because the Establishment can turn every expert who speaks against it into a “quack,” or a “conspiracy theorist,” an “anti-semite,” or a “Russian agent/dupe.”.. The United States today is The Matrix in which all explanations are controlled… For those of you waiting hopefully for a Covid vaccine, be sure to watch Dr. Carrie Madej’s video (URL above) on what Bill Gates and his associated companies are preparing for you. Whatever you do, do not let them give you this vaccine. It is a new technology that will alter your DNA forever, and no one knows the consequences… The American Establishment has demoralized the police by preventing their use of their proper authority. Now the American Establishment is demoralizing doctors by interfering in the patient/doctor relationship and preventing effective treatment of Covid-19. Law and order and public health are societal foundations. With both under attack by the Establishment, what are the prospects for America?”

Councils can BULLDOZE contaminated homes and crush cars as a last resort under new laws to stop second wave of coronavirus – ? Boris Johnson remains determined to avoid a second nationwide lockdown, ? Councils able to draw on laws to impose lightning closures of public buildings, ? As last resort the 1984 Control of Disease Act allows for building demolition – by William Cole – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8593993/Councils-BULLDOZE-contaminated-homes-resort-stop-second-wave-coronavirus.html – “Councils and public health officials have the power to demolish buildings and even homes infected with coronavirus, it has emerged… As a last resort for preventing the spread of the disease, powers granted to local authorities – with the permission of a magistrate – could see anything from a car to a train destroyed… The revelation comes as Boris Johnson remains determined to avoid a second nationwide lockdown at all costs, and has chosen to empower councils to properly enforce localised lockdowns.”

Israel Hits Beirut with Nuclear Missile, Trump and Lebanese Govt. Confirm – Trump confirms this was a bombing, not an accident and is immediately scourged by pro-Israel press…starting with the Daily Beast – by Gordon Duff – https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/08/06/breaking-israel-nukes-beirut/ – “ ‘First explosion was caused by Gabriel anti ship missile of Israel. The second explosion was caused by Israeli Delilah missile from F16. Our country is in complete jeopardy with this lazy and corrupt regime.’.. This (see graphic in article) is the radiation signature of the explosion received from a source in Italy, submitted to VT by the International Atomic Energy Agency (UN)” – Comment: I don’t endorse everything that Duff posts, but where there’s a lot of smoke there may be some fire…

Lebanon Explosion Larger Than a Small Tactical Nuclear Bomb – Or Ten American MOABshttps://militarywatchmagazine.com/article/lebanon-explosion-larger-than-a-small-tactical-nuclear-bomb-or-ten-american-moabs – “The size of the explosion was one of the largest in a major city in recent history, with the blast measured as a 3.3 magnitude earthquake and estimates for its payload ranging from a few hundred to up to three thousand tonnes of TNT. To put this in perspective, the U.S. military’s ‘Mother of All Bombs’ MOAB, its heaviest conventional bomb, yields approximately 11 tons – making the Lebanese explosion well over ten times as heavy even at the lowest estimates. The lesser known Russian FOAB, the largest conventional bomb in the world, has a similar design to the American MOAB but yields 44 tons – still most likely a small fraction of the size of the Beirut blast. A small tactical nuclear bomb can have a yield of around 190 tons, meaning the Lebanese explosion could well have been much larger.”

New Survey Confirms Second Wave Of US Layoffs Is Well Under Way – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/new-survey-confirms-second-wave-us-layoffs-well-under-way – “Readers may recall in mid-April, the first signs of the second round of layoffs and furloughs appeared. Then by June, high-frequency data of the U.S. economy suggested the recovery reversed as state governors were forced to pause reopenings due to increasing COVID-19 cases and deaths… Since July, initial and continuing claims have risen, suggesting the worst employment crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s continues to unfold… New evidence, published Tuesday in a study by Cornell Law School Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor, Daniel Alpert, reveals the second round of layoffs is becoming more severe as the fiscal cliff begins… The study, conducted from July 23 to August 1, by Alpert and RIWI Corp., shows 31% of employees initially laid off or furloughed because of the virus-induced recession were just recently laid off a second time.” (emphasis added)

Bill Gates Goes OFF on Some Wild Conspiracy Sh*t, Tries to Fear Monger the Entire World – by Laura Steinberg – https://newspushed.com/bill-gates-goes-off-on-some-wild-conspiracy-sht-tries-to-fear-monger-the-entire-world/ – “Gates Gives Dramatic Predictions… Again: The Microsoft co-founder said that climate change will claim the same number of lives as COVID-19 in 40 years… ‘If you want to understand the kind of damage that climate change will inflict, look at COVID-19 and spread the pain out over a much longer period of time,’ Gates wrote on his blog Tuesday… Typical liberal rhetoric, he went on a tangent about carbon emissions and constantly compared climate change to the coronavirus… ‘The loss of life and economic misery caused by this pandemic are on par with what will happen regularly if we do not eliminate the world’s carbon emissions.’.. Comparing Climate Change to the Coronavirus: He went on to predict that a climate change related death toll could be that of the pandemic by 2060 and exceed it by five times by 2100. Gates said that the impact of climate change could be ‘as bad as having a COVID-sized pandemic every ten years.’.. Many liberals have stated their intent to keep people locked inside their homes not because of the coronavirus, but rather it cuts down on carbon emissions. But billionaire Gates wants more than just this.”

Israel is in shock, in a sickening show of hypocrisy – by Gideon Levy – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55438.htm – “Official Israel presented itself as shocked at the disaster that struck its neighbor, Lebanon, yesterday. Almost everyone put on a sorrowful face. Except for Richard Silverstein, who writes a blog, Tikkun Olam, no one accused Israel of causing the disaster. Except for Moshe Feiglin and a few other racists, no one expressed satanic joy over it. Fortunately, former Israeli army spokesman Avi Benayahu ran Feiglin out of the race: “With such statements, you don’t belong to the Jewish people,” declared Benayahu, the man of Jewish morality, and the stain was removed… Benayahu is right: The Jewish state never caused such disasters, and when our enemies fell it never rejoiced. The Israel Defense Forces, whose voice Benayahu was, never such caused destruction and devastation, certainly not in Lebanon, certainly not in Beirut. What does the IDF have to do with the destruction of infrastructure? An explosion in the Beirut port? Why would the most moral army in the world have anything to do with bombing population centers? And so the country’s leaders hastened to offer help to the stricken land of the cedars, such a typical Jewish and Israeli gesture, human, lofty and moving to the point of tears.”

BOOM: Elliott Abrams Named Iranian Envoy on Anniversary of Hiroshima Blast – State Department attempts ‘Full Neoconservatism’ for first time in history – by Andrew Stiles – https://freebeacon.com/national-security/elliott-abrams-iran/ – “The New York Times reports that Hook’s departure “appears to bury any remaining chance of a diplomatic initiative with Iran before the end of Mr. Trump’s term.” It describes Abrams as an “Iran hard-liner”—unlike former secretary of state John Kerry, who injured himself riding a bicycle during negotiations over the terms of U.S. reparations to the Iranian government… The ascension of Abrams, who spearheaded President Donald Trump’s successful Venezuela policy, suggests that, for the first time in its history, the State Department is attempting to adopt a philosophy of “Full Neoconservatism.” The horrified reaction of socialist foreign policy pundits suggests Abrams is the perfect candidate to make America’s Iran policy great again… ‘How bad was [Brian] Hook? In order to find an even worse successor they had to bring in a convicted criminal and death squad backer,” wrote Matt Duss, foreign policy adviser to failed presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.).”

National Security Alert: COVID Tests Scientifically Fraudulent, Epidemic of False Positives – President Trump Must Take Immediate Actionhttps://www.globalresearch.ca/national-security-alert-covid-tests-scientifically-fraudulent-epidemic-false-positives/5720271 – “Multiple U.S. Intelligence Community contacts have verified the accuracy of the extensive investigative report, conducted by award-winning journalist Torsten Engelbrecht, featured below. While they do take issue with some of the reports verbiage, they corroborate the main findings: PCR tests should not be relied upon for accurate results and create a significant percentage of false positives… We also feature a New York Times report from 2007, entitled, “Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t,” which also clearly reveals how scientifically inaccurate PCR tests are, featuring many shocking statements from medical experts on the use of these tests, clearly laying out how they result in false positives and lead to dangerous exaggerations and false alarmsNote: We are NOT reporting that the coronavirus is a complete hoax. You should take precautions and consult your doctor for best safety practices… We are reporting, as the evidence reveals, that the number of COVID-positive results and the number of COVID-related deaths have been significantly exaggerated… Based on our findings, the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Food and Drug Administration should not be trusted or relied upon for accurate information, and needs to be immediately investigated and held accountable for Crimes Against Humanity.”

US Confirms American Company Has Signed Deal With ‘Rebels’ To Take Syria’s Oil – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/pompeo-confirms-american-company-inked-deal-rebels-take-syrias-oil – “Damascus also said ‘This agreement is null and void and has no legal basis,’ and is likely to lodge an official complaint with the UN… It’s as yet unknown precisely what US company or companies are involved… When early reports surfaced last week, it was Syrian state sources making the allegation. But US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo since confirmed it… But now, not only will Syrians see their oil siphoned off by an American company via US proxy ‘rebels’ on the ground, but the population is being strangled through far-reaching Washington-imposed sanctions to boot.”

The Spreading Feeling “This Is Happening All By Design” – by Bruce Wilds – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/spreading-feeling-happening-all-design – “With so much unresolved and hanging in the wind conspiracy theories are taking wing. While I do not endorse the theory this is all developing as planned, it is difficult to deny the situation is dire and the general population remains clueless as to the dangers ahead. Collectively this includes a Fed which is out of control and a polarized government that is dysfunctional at best. Add to this the market manipulation which has reached epic levels. This whole scheme has resulted in a massive huge transfer of wealth and the creation of social chaos. For the “greater good” we have seen rules to further restrict our freedom being instituted and more expected to be imposed in one way or another… Economic Hardship Has Many Faces: Just how unkind the recent Covid-economy has been to the middle-class has been masked by the helicopter money flowing from Washington. This has skewed income and spending across America but little attention has been paid to those taking it on the chin. This includes the owners of small businesses and those making substantially more than before the pandemic hit. The evidence of the pain and damage being inflicted on the Main Street economy is going beginning to become apparent. It can be seen as we drive down the street and see move empty windows and for lease signs which are sprouting up like weeds.”

From the Big-Brown-River Desk: COVID-19 Vaccine Could Mean Regular Injections, No Guarantee Of Immunity – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/covid-19-vaccine-could-mean-lifetime-injections-no-guarantee-immunity – ‘Because of this, experts say that the first round of COVID-19 vaccines probably won’t eliminate the need for masks, social distancing and other measures. So – after all the promises made by government officials, a vaccine may only reduce symptoms, and may turn into a recurring shot that only works on half the population…Developing a vaccine capable of inducing “sterilizing immunity” — that is, the ability to prevent the virus from causing an infection — takes time and research, which might not be possible as death tolls continue to rise and the recession grows deeper. Yet with so many companies on the hunt for that vaccine, there is hope one of them might actually achieve it.’ -LA Times

Kashkari Says Only Way To “Save Economy” Is To Lock It Down “Really Hard” For 6 Weeks – by Shepard Ambellas – https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/kashkari-says-only-way-save-economy-lock-it-down-really-hard-6-weeks – “Minneapolis Fed President (as well as former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability under the Bush and Obama administrations, former PIMCO and former Goldman Sachs employee) Neel Kashkari said the only way to save American lives from COVID-19 is to fully lock down the entire nation and all of its inhabitants… Kashkari said that the path of the economy would hinge on success in getting the pandemic under control, and suggested that while very unpopular, a stringent economic lockdown might be the lesser of two evils to more quickly restore growth and hiring, rather than waiting for the eventual arrival of a vaccine… To top it all off, Kashkari believes he can convince the general public that having their businesses shut down and forcing people to stay at home with no pay will somehow get the economy bustling again when in all actuality the diabolic plan makes no sense and even JPMorgan now advising against a broad lockdown, to wit: ‘In our opinion, re-imposing city lockdowns at this stage might be not be the ideal solution to control infection, from a cost/ benefit perspective, especially for developed countries. Even for developing countries, an overall cost-benefit analysis indicates that, in a potentially bigger second wave, lockdowns may not be the ideal approach.’ -JPMorgan

IDF Reportedly Kill 4 Gunmen Attempting To Plant Bomb On Unmanned Security Posthttps://southfront.org/idf-reportedly-kill-4-gunmen-attempting-to-plant-bomb-on-unmanned-security-post/ – “Soldiers from the Maglan special forces unit and unspecified aircraft opened fire at the four suspects, some of whom were armed, killing them all, IDF Spokesperson Hidai Zilberman said… The spokesman said the military did not yet know which military or group the men belonged to, but that investigations were on-going… ‘I believe in the coming days we’ll know better about what organization they were a part of,’ Zilberman said… He also justified arrests and killings of Syrian shepherds in the Golan Heights, because gunmen would often disguise themselves as innocent civilians.”

Shakedown: BLM Demands Cut of Louisville Business Profits for Protection – by Robert Kraychik – https://www.breitbart.com/crime/2020/08/02/blm-demands-cut-louisville-businesses-profits-protection/ – “Listed demands from a BLM affiliate in Louisville include racial quotas for staff and ownership of business suppliers, donations to organizations run by non-whites, and adjustment to dress codes. The posters used the acronym “BIPOC” (“black or indigenous persons of color”) as a euphemism for non-white persons: ? 23% of Staff is BIPOC in Front of House, ? 23% of inventory is from BIPOC retailer(s), ? Regular donations to BIPOC organization, ? Dress code policy does not discriminate against BIPOC patrons of (sic) employees… Fernando Martinez, the owner of La Bodeguita de Mima, a restaurant serving Cuban cuisine, described Black Lives Matter’s demands as a Mafia-style shakedown. He characterized them as “Mafia tactics,” according to Courier-Journal, a Kentucky-based newspaper… PJ Media reported on a public Facebook post from Martinez: ‘There comes a time in life that you have to make a stand and you have to really prove your convictions and what you believe in. … All good people need to denounce this. How can you [justify] injustice with more injustice?’ ”

Are You Loving Your Servitude? – by Jim Quinn – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/are-you-loving-your-servitude – “I would assess Huxley’s vision was more accurate in the West, but Orwell’s was more accurate in regards to Russia, China, and numerous dictatorships in South America and Africa… The key word is “was”… Since 9/11, the United States has unequivocally moved in the direction of Orwell’s 1984 vision. We are now experiencing a dystopian amalgamation of the worst of both novels. Virtually every conspiracy theory ridiculed by the corporate controlled media pundits, captured academics, and government apparatchiks over the last few decades have proven to be accurate and true… But very few are able to discern the truth because The Party/Invisible Government/Deep State has been hugely successful in utilizing propaganda and public education indoctrination to dumb down and manipulate the minds of the masses into believing whatever they are told by their masters. The complete success of this mass psychological conditioning has been on display for the last four months, as the majority have come to love their enslavement and servitude based upon the inept and hysterical misinformation propagated by medical “experts”, government bureaucrats, corrupt politicians, and the fake news media complex.” – – Are You Loving Your Servitude? (Part 2)https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/are-you-loving-your-servitude-part-2 – “So, what is their end game? Where are we headed? Is there a method to the madness swirling around us? I certainly don’t have a high level of confidence in my ability to predict what is going to happen over the next year or two. We know they have succeeded in dumbing down and socially indoctrinating multiple generations through the government run education system. They convinced them to voluntarily relinquish their privacy rights to left wing social media corporations who act in concert with the government surveillance state… This Fourth Turning still has five to ten years left before it burns itself out. One thing is for sure. It will not de-intensify before a climax is reached, with clear winners and losers. Much bloodshed is likely to befall the globe before its finale. The rest of 2020 is likely to be chaotic and wrought with the potential for civil conflict. The mail in ballot clash has the potential to sever the Constitutional binds holding this nation together. With the losing side refusing to acknowledge the winner of the presidential election, if it can even be declared on November 3, the civil unrest in the streets seen thus far will look like a walk in the park… But this will just be a prelude to much larger clashes in the next three years. Just examine events from the prior three Fourth Turnings on an eighty year look back: 1941 – 1943 (Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Midway); 1861 – 1863 (Battle of Antietam, Battle of Gettysburg, Battle of Vicksburg); 1781 – 1783 (Battle of Yorktown, Treaty of Paris). The turning points of the prior three Fourth Turnings occurred during these eighty year increments. What awaits us in 2021 – 2023? Whatever the challenges that lie ahead, it will require courage, guile, cooperation, and a patriotic love of our country to defeat the globalist scum enslaving the world with their warped, sadistic greed.”

US Navy Slams Iranian Military Drills in Strategic Strait of Hormuz as ‘Irresponsible and Reckless’ – by Tim Korso – https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/202007281080001708-us-navy-slams-iran-drills-in-gulf-as-irresponsible-and-reckless/ – “At the same time, Washington has repeatedly ignored Tehran’s calls for the US to stop sending its carriers to the Gulf and its warnings that such actions only contribute to the escalation of tensions in the region, not to security… The US Navy has criticised Iran’s military drills that are taking place along the waterways in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, adding that it is monitoring them closely. The American military further called the war games an Iranian attempt “to intimidate and coerce”, without clarifying whom or for what purpose…’We are aware of the Iranian exercise involving attacking a mock-up of a vessel similar to a motionless aircraft carrier […] We are always watchful of this type of irresponsible and reckless behaviour by Iran in the vicinity of busy international waterways’, US Fifth Fleet spokeswoman Rebecca Rebarich said in an interview with AFP.”

New Study: COVID Restrictions Killing 10,000 Children per Month, ‘Wasting’ and ‘Stunting’ Millions Morehttps://21stcenturywire.com/2020/08/03/new-study-covid-restrictions-killing-10000-children-per-month-wasting-and-stunting-millions-more/ – “It’s often said by government officials, teachers unions and the mainstream media that the raft of draconian COVID lockdown measures and various and sundry ‘social distancing’ rules – are to save lives and ‘protect the children.’ Are these reactionary government policies destroying the next generation?.. Back in April, some of the more conscientious UN officials warned western governments that any severe economic downturn would kill hundreds of thousands of children in 2020. Despite the evidence-based warnings, US, UK and their peer governments took no heed… Besides the fact that children are at near zero risk of every experiencing any health complications due to this ‘novel’ coronavirus, it’s now becoming evident that government-led irrational and arbitrary lockdown measures are having a devastating effect on the health and well being of hundreds of millions of vulnerable children worldwide – much worse by far than the virus itself could ever possibly achieve.”

As Rent Moratorium Expires, Landlord-Tenant Battles Begin – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/rent-moratorium-expires-landlord-tenant-battles-begin – “Readers may recall the eviction moratorium expired a little more than a week ago nearly four months after the US economy effectively shut down due to the covid pandemic. 33% of renters have yet to make their full payment in July, a recent survey showed. This means that 12 million renters could be on the cusp of eviction in a matter of months… Landlords are set to lose billions of dollars this year over the inability of tenants to pay rent thanks to the virus-induced recession. With much of chaos and disagreement on Capitol Hill about the next round of stimulus, nevertheless, no deal on a rent moratorium extension, landlords are now demanding back rent and August payment… Washington’s inability to deliver the next round of Trump checks to the working-poor ahead of August, as we’ve noted a fiscal cliff was just ahead, has likely resulted in millions of folks skipping out on rent payments in August… Tens of millions of Americans were pushed into instant-poverty by the economic downturn, many faces housing insecurity and homelessness as the labor market recovery reserves, which has led to millions of permanent job losses. Ahead of the recession, many Americans had insurmountable debts and no savings, or rather no safety net if times got rough… One would assume confrontations between landlords and tenants on the subject of payments are set to rise, as tenants are on the brink of being homeless, and landlords are having trouble servicing mortgage payments with rental income collapsed… A new battleground of the working-poor and community organizing groups is set to transition from city streets to the front yards of those who face eviction.”

Facebook bans French comedian for anti-Semitismhttps://www.breitbart.com/news/facebook-bans-french-comedian-for-anti-semitism/ – “Facebook said Monday it had permanently banned French comedian Dieudonne, a convicted anti-Semite, from its platform and from Instagram for content it said mocked Holocaust victims… It also said some of his posts used “dehumanising terms against Jews”… ‘In line with our policy on dangerous individuals and organisations, we have permanently banned Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala from Facebook and Instagram,’ the company said in a statement, using his full name… ‘Banning a person permanently from our services is a decision that we always weigh carefully, but individuals and organisations that attack others on the basis of what they are do not have a place on Facebook or Instagram,’ it added… The comedian, who goes by his first name Dieudonne, had his YouTube channel cut off for similar reasons in June by mother company Google… He had about 1.3 million followers on Facebook, and some 400,000 on YouTube.”

America’s Frontline Doctors Summit, Washington DC, July 28, 20 – Session 2 – (More videos from AFD Summit on my Bitchute)

Mysterious Drone Swarm Breached Secure Airspace Over Largest Nuclear Power Plant In US – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/mysterious-drone-swarm-breached-secure-airspace-over-largest-nuclear-power-plant-us – “A mysterious incident related to a serious breach of secure airspace over America’s largest nuclear power plant has been unearthed through Freedom of Information Act documents gained from the government… It’s leading to new fears that America’s energy infrastructure is prone to attack and potentially being knocked offline, akin to the drone and missile attack which temporarily halted all Saudi oil exports last year at Aramco’s Abaqaiq oil processing facility. Forbe’s presents the astonishing details as follows: ‘A tiny armada of between four and six unmarked drones flew over the Palo Verde Generating Station nuclear power plant in Arizona on the nights of September 29 and 30, 2019, with plant security proving unable to stop them and authorities still uncertain who was operating them or why.’.. Guards at the high secure facility were without any ability to deter the drones overhead. Subsequent media reports in the wake of the internal security memos going public say that county police were deployed to scour the area for the drone operator or operators but to no avail… The whole unsolved incident highlights that it appears America’s network of nuclear power sites essentially remain defenseless when it comes to drone incursions.”

Bolivia: Social Movements Prepare For Major Confrontation With Post-Coup Regime, National Blockade Starts Mondayhttps://southfront.org/bolivia-social-movements-prepare-for-major-confrontation-with-post-coup-regime-national-blockade-starts-monday/ – “During a mass mobilization last week social movements declared the commencement of a general nationwide strike, and that they will initiate a blockade of major roads throughout the country on Monday the 3rd of August if the interim post-coup regime doesn’t back down from its attempts to further delay elections scheduled for the 6th of September… In a massive open assembly held in the city of Alto to condemn the announcement that national elections have been postponed until 18 October, the trade union confederation Central Obrera Bolivia (COB) and other major social movements demanded that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) confirm that national presidential and legislative elections will be held on the 6th of September as required by the relevant electoral law. On Monday, the social movements will begin an indefinite general strike and nationwide blockade of major roads.”

For the Week of 7/27/20:

Helicopter $$$ Cometh!The Fed Is Planning To Send Money Directly To Americans In The Next Crisis – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/fed-planning-send-money-directly-americans-next-crisis – “BLOOMBERG MARKETS: How would recession insurance bonds work?.. JULIA CORONADO: Congress would grant the Federal Reserve an additional tool for providing support—say, a percent of GDP [in a lump sum that would be divided equally and distributed] to households in a recession. Recession insurance bonds would be zero-coupon securities, a contingent asset of households that would basically lie in wait. The trigger could be reaching the zero lower bound on interest rates or, as economist Claudia Sahm has proposed, a 0.5 percentage point increase in the unemployment rate. The Fed would then activate the securities and deposit the funds digitally in households’ apps… And so instead of these gyrations we’ve been going through to get money to households, it would happen instantaneously.” Comment: These funds will only go to those “households” who have been able to open accounts via “digital apps,” i.e. government approved serfs.

US Navy Slams Iranian Military Drills in Strategic Strait of Hormuz as ‘Irresponsible and Reckless’ – by Tim Korso – https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/202007281080001708-us-navy-slams-iran-drills-in-gulf-as-irresponsible-and-reckless/ – “At the same time, Washington has repeatedly ignored Tehran’s calls for the US to stop sending its carriers to the Gulf and its warnings that such actions only contribute to the escalation of tensions in the region, not to security… The US Navy has criticised Iran’s military drills that are taking place along the waterways in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, adding that it is monitoring them closely. The American military further called the war games an Iranian attempt “to intimidate and coerce”, without clarifying whom or for what purpose… ‘We are aware of the Iranian exercise involving attacking a mock-up of a vessel similar to a motionless aircraft carrier […] We are always watchful of this type of irresponsible and reckless behaviour by Iran in the vicinity of busy international waterways’, US Fifth Fleet spokeswoman Rebecca Rebarich said in an interview with AFP.”

Damascus Slams SDF-U.S. Oil Agreement As ‘Deal Between Thieves’https://southfront.org/damascus-slams-sdf-u-s-oil-agreement-as-deal-between-thieves/ – “An official source in the Syrian Foreign Ministry told the Syrian Arab News Agency on August 2 that the deal is “null and void,” stressing that it has “no legal effect.”..’This agreement is considered as an integrated and aggravated theft and it can be only described as a deal between thieves who are stealing and thieves who are buying,’ the source said, adding: ‘it constitutes an assault against Syria’s sovereignty, and a continuation of the U.S. hostile approach towards Syria.’.. The source also warn the SDF that U.S. presence in northeast Syria will “inevitably disappear,” threatening the Kurdish-led group with a military defeat… The SDF’s agreement with the Delaware-based Delta Crescent Energy LLC was singed without any permission from the legitimate government in Damascus.”

From the It’s-On Desk: COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging – Yale Study to measure persuasive effectiveness (of various propaganda memes)https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/record/NCT04460703Comment: This is the use of Behavioral Psychology and crowd research to push “Vaccine Uptake.”

Elon Musk: We Are One Year Away From Fully Autonomous, Self-Driving Cars – by Jake Anderson – https://themindunleashed.com/2020/07/elon-musk-we-are-one-year-away-from-fully-autonomous-self-driving-cars.html – “According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, we are essentially within a year of such technology existing, though he adds the caveat that it will likely take longer before the system is fully deployed and adopted… Earlier this month, Musk announced the advance at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai. He has since elaborated during several podcast interviews… To Cathie Wood and Tasha Keeney of ARK Invest in a podcast, he stated: ‘I think we will be feature complete — full self-driving — this year. Meaning the car will be able to find you in a parking lot, pick you up and take you all the way to your destination without an intervention, this year.’.. Musk added that you can expect to be able to take a nap behind the wheel if you want.”

Trump: short turnaround testing increasing, military will distribute vaccineshttps://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-short-turnaround-testing-increasing-military-will-distribute-vaccines/vi-BB17nRIV – “Responding to a question about vaccine distribution, Trump also announced that the military would be responsible for distributing the vaccine in a “very powerful manner” once a vaccine had been made available.” – (at 1:45 in video)

Coronavirus: Russia plans mass vaccination campaign in Octoberhttps://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-53621708 – “Russian health authorities are preparing to start a mass vaccination campaign against coronavirus in October, the health minister has said… Russian media quoted Mikhail Murashko as saying that doctors and teachers would be the first to receive the vaccine… Reuters, citing anonymous sources, said Russia’s first potential vaccine would be approved by regulators this month.”

Ex-Bill Clinton Official: Biden Must Avoid Debates as He Will Only Help Trump – by Jay Greenberg – https://neonnettle.com/news/12183-ex-bill-clinton-official-biden-must-avoid-debates-as-he-will-only-help-trump – “Ex-Clinton White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart told CNN on Saturday that Democratic presidential nominee Biden should not debate President Trump on live TV… He argued that Biden would give Trump a bigger stage, and it will help Trump in the election… Trump ‘spins these conspiracy theories out there,’ Lockhart claimed… ‘And, up till now, most of those theories are broadcast by Fox News and, you know, on his Twitter feed,’ he added… ‘And, you know, most Americans don’t see that. The debates are very different.’ “

Hearts, Heads & Livers: Syrian Army Uncovered Hideout Of Organ Traders In Greater Idlibhttps://southfront.org/hearts-headslivers-syrian-army-uncovered-hideout-of-organ-traders-in-greater-idlib-photos/ – “The army discovered the hideout, which is located in the town of al-Ghadfah, with help from the locals, who provided information on its whereabouts… According to the SANA, human organs, including hearts, livers and heads, were found in the hideout. The organs were preserved in jars with chloroform. The jars carried the names of the victims. Personal IDs of the victims, men and women, were also found in the hideout… Greater Idlib is known to be a hub for organ traders in Syria. Turkey is the main market for this horrific trade. Militants in the region rely on organ trading, among other criminal activities, as a means to finance their terrorist operations.”

The White Black Nationalist Color Revolution – by CJ Hopkins – https://fort-russ.com/2020/07/the-white-black-nationalist-color-revolution/ – “So, the White Black Nationalist Color Revolution (“made possible in part by GloboCap”) appears to be going extremely well. According to Foreign Policy magazine, the Trump regime is clinging to power, but it’s only a matter of time until the identitarian moderate rebels drive the Putin-backed fascists out of office and restore democracy to the Western world… Yes, that’s right, just when it looked like the corporate-sponsored, totally organic, peaceful uprising against racism was over, and the Russo-fascist Trump regime had survived, the Global Capitalist Anarchists of Portland and other militant “Resistance” cells have launched a devastating counter-attack against assorted fascist building facades, fascist fences, and stores, and so on, and are going mano-a-mano in the streets with heavily-armed Putin-Nazi goon squads…. Now, regardless of whether they can pull this off (and whatever your feelings about GloboCap as a de facto hegemonic empire), you have to at least admire their audacity. The part where the mayors of major cities stood down and otherwise hamstrung their cops, and let the “peaceful protesters” run amok, was particularly audacious, in my opinion. That was a serious gamble on GloboCap’s part… Trump could have resisted the urge to go totalitarian and called their bluff. He could have made a speech explaining to Americans exactly how these color revolutions work, how this one is going right by the book, and why he wasn’t going to take the bait, and left the cities in question to their own devices (until the mayors were forced to restore order themselves). But no, tactical genius that he is, he had to order in the goon squads, which, of course, is exactly what the “Resistance” wanted.”

COVID19, The Great Reset & The New Normal – by Derrick Broze – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/covid19-the-great-reset-the-new-normal.html – “Regardless, nations around the world are using COVID-19 as an opportunity to grab more surveillance and police state powers, institute mask and vaccine mandates, accelerate the push towards a completely digital world, enact more corporate bailouts, and generally, extreme control and involvement in citizens lives. The sheer magnitude of the COVID-19 operation is unparalleled, with the most recent similar event being the attacks of September 11, 2001. As with the 9/11 attacks, the predator class is using COVID-19 as the excuse to push plans and agendas which predate the spread of the novel coronavirus… Even so, the COVID-19 operation is unlike any other event to take place in modern history because the results of this event are affecting people in every single nation on the planet and will continue to for years to come. Also, unlike 9/11 – which took place over the course of one morning – the COVID-19 operation is taking place daily for months on end. The effects of this constant bombardment with fear and panic are taking a toll on the hearts and minds of free people all around the world. Quite simply, the people are ready for this to end and they will do almost anything to achieve this goal. It is within this space of fear and uncertainty which the predator class has now begun to insert themselves, ready to present the “solution” to our ills.”

Are the COVID Tests a Way to Surreptitiously Infect or Implant People? – by Makia Freeman – https://thefreedomarticles.com/are-covid-tests-to-surreptitiously-infect-or-implant-people/ – “? THE STORY: The COVID PCR tests are administered with a 6 inch (15cm) long cotton swab through the nose, which goes to the very back of your throat. Why?.. ? THE IMPLICATIONS: The swab touches the sensitive cribriform plate with direct access to your brain. Is there an ulterior design to these tests?.. ‘… the cribriform plate, which is a millimeter thick bone at the top of the nasal cavity that is perforated with many holes that go directly into the brain cavity. These holes are what your olfactory nerves pass through, and there are many (the bone is similar to a coarse screen). If you wanted to sabotage someone by planting a clandestine brain virus, nanotech, or plant a chip in someone, this would be the place to do it because perhaps a doctor could get a chip out but individuals certainly never could without perforating that very thin bone (that is not really even bone, it is about half nerves)People complain about the tests being excruciatingly painful with the pain lasting for days. For what reason would the tests need to touch the most brain accessible part of the human body? Are the ones that do really tests at all? DNA tests are done with a simple mouth swab, and it’s ridiculous to think any virus test – when you supposedly can spread it by coughing, – would not be the same. Something is screwy with these tests. They have GOT TO be fake, (or at least the ones that literally swab the brain are). No wonder why they hurt for days and GEE, getting your olfactory nerves nailed by whatever is on that swab is probably what is causing people to permanently lose their sense of smell… COMMON SENSE. I bet you did not know how nasty that test really is. Avoid the test at all costs.’.. There is something highly suspicious about these COVID tests. At the very least, we need to remember that batches of the COVID tests have been proven to be contaminated, sometimes with coronavirus itself (e.g. in the US and the UK) – although fact checkers claim the ‘virus’ could not spread or infect people, just make test results ineffective. Given the NWO (New World Order) objective of a completely microchipped population, I would not put it past the NWO conspirators to conduct such a horrific and clandestine method of implanting people without their knowledge under the guise of helping them.”

From the Lies-and-the-Lying-Liars-Who-Tell-Them Desk:Video (2 min): Fauci Dismisses Frontline Doctors As “A Bunch Of People Spouting Something That Isn’t True” – Agrees that ‘dangerous conspiracies’ must be countered – by Steve Watson – https://www.infowars.com/video-fauci-dismisses-frontline-doctors-as-a-bunch-of-people-spouting-something-that-isnt-true/ – “Appearing on MSNBC, Fauci told host Andrea Mitchell ‘the only recourse you have is to be very, very clear in presenting the scientific data that essentially contradicts that.’.. ‘The scientific data, the cumulative data on trials, clinical trials that were valid, namely clinically trials that were randomized and controlled in the proper way, all of those trials showed consistently that Hydroxychloroquine is not effective in the treatment of coronavirus disease or COVID-19,’ Fauci claimed.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, citing ‘mucosa,’ now wants goggles, face shields – by Cheryl K. Chumley – https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jul/30/anthony-fauci-citing-mucosa-now-wants-goggles-face/ – ” ‘If you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it,’ Fauci told ABC News in an Instagram Live interview… LOL. OMG. WT — freak. “Comedy of Dunces” ain’t got nothing in the humor department compared to this guy… ‘You have mucosa in the nose, mucosa in the mouth, but you also have mucosa in the eye,’ Fauci said. ‘Theoretically, you should protect all the mucosal surfaces. So if you have goggles or an eye shield you should use it.’.. Blue ribbon for the best mucosa meme.”

If COVID Fatalities Were 90.2% Lower, How Would You Feel About Schools Reopening? – by H. Ealy, M. McEvoy, M. Sava, S. Gupta, D. Chong, D. White, J. Nowicki, P. Anderson – https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/if-covid-fatalities-were-90-2-lower-how-would-you-feel-about-schools-reopening/ – “Abstract: The CDC has instructed hospitals, medical examiners, coroners and physicians to collect and report COVID-19 data by significantly different standards than all other infectious diseases and causes of death… These new and unnecessary guidelines were instituted by the CDC in private, and without open discussion among qualified professionals that are free from conflicts of interest… These new and unnecessary guidelines were additionally instituted despite the existence of effective rules for data collection and reporting, successfully used by all hospitals, medical examiners, coroners, and physicians for more than 17 years… As a result, elected officials have enacted many questionable policies that have injured our country’s economy, our country’s educational system, our country’s mental and emotional health, and the American citizen’s personal expression of Constitutionally-protected rights to participate in our own governance… This paper will present significant evidence to support the position that if the CDC simply employed their 2003 industry standard for data collection and reporting, which has been successfully used nationwide for 17 years; the total fatalities attributed to COVID-19 would be reduced by an estimated 90.2%, and questions would be non-existent regarding schools reopening and whether or not Americans should be allowed to work.”

America’s Frontline Doctors’ Website Expired: Squarespace Site Down – by Stephanie Dube Dwilson – https://heavy.com/news/2020/07/americas-frontline-doctors-website-expired-down/ – “According to ICANN, the domain’s owner and phone number are private. The domain was just registered on July 16, 2020 and isn’t set to expire until July 16, 2021… Some other websites related to Dr. Stella Immanuel, one of the doctors who spoke at the conference, also have had issues today. Her Fire Power Ministry website is down, as is her Dr. Stella website. Comment: It seems that the COVID State is very serious about keeping the information from these highly committed doctors from reaching the public.

Big gods came after the rise of civilisations, not before, finds study using huge historical database – by Harvey Whitehouse, Patrick E. Savage, Peter Turchin & Pieter Francois – https://theconversation.com/big-gods-came-after-the-rise-of-civilisations-not-before-finds-study-using-huge-historical-database-113801 – ” Nevertheless, early efforts to investigate the link between religion and morality provided mixed results. And while supernatural punishment appears to have preceded the rise of chiefdoms among Pacific Island peoples, in Eurasia studies suggested that social complexity emerged first and moralising gods followed. These regional studies, however, were limited in scope and used quite crude measures of both moralising religion and of social complexity… Sifting through history – Seshat is changing all that. Efforts to build the database began nearly a decade ago, attracting contributions from more than 100 scholars at a cost of millions of pounds. The database uses a sample of the world’s historical societies, going back in a continuous time series up to 10,000 years before the present, to analyse hundreds of variables relating to social complexity, religion, warfare, agriculture and other features of human culture and society that vary over time and space. Now that the database is finally ready for analysis, we are poised to test a long list of theories about global history… One of the earliest questions we’re testing is whether morally concerned deities drove the rise of complex societies. We analysed data on 414 societies from 30 world regions, using 51 measures of social complexity and four measures of supernatural enforcement of moral norms to get to the bottom of the matter. New research we’ve just published in the journal Nature reveals that moralising gods come later than many people thought, well after the sharpest rises in social complexity in world history.”

Another failure of the COVID diagnostic test – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/07/29/another-failure-of-the-covid-diagnostic-test/ – “Here I discuss yet another reason: the uniformity of the test has never been properly validated. Different labs come up with different results… Let’s start here—the reference is the NY Times, January 22, 2007, “Faith in Quick Tests Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t.”.. ‘There are no national data on pseudo-epidemics caused by an overreliance on such molecular tests, said Dr. Trish M. Perl, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins and past president of the Society of Health Care Epidemiologists of America. But, she said, pseudo-epidemics happen all the time. The Dartmouth case may have been one the largest, but it was by no means an exception, she said.’.. ‘You’re in a little bit of no man’s land,’ with the new molecular [PCR] tests, said Dr. Mark Perkins, an infectious disease specialist and chief scientific officer at the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics, a nonprofit foundation supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. ‘All bets are off on exact performance’.”

Rep. Jordan Shows Video Of Antifa Violence At Barr Hearing, Nadler Loses It – by Alex Stevens – https://newspushed.com/rep-jordan-shows-video-of-antifa-violence-at-barr-hearing-nadler-loses-it/ – “Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler had no clue that Ranking Member Jim Jordan had a video ready as part of his opening statement. After Nadler claimed the protests in Portland were “peaceful” and Bill Barr as the attorney general sent in “troops” to harass “the peaceful protesters made up of moms and vets,” Nadler gave the floor to Jim Jordan… Jordan’s video started with clips of leftwing reporters and politicians describing “peaceful protesters.” It was followed by scenes of Antifa taking violent actions to harm police officers and destroy property. The Democrats on the committee sat there dumbfounded… All Chairman Nadler could do was whine about the video. He could not deny what it showed.

Video segment from the early afternoon press conference of American Frontline Doctors at their meeting in Washington DC, July 27, 2020 – Dr. Stella Emanuel (6 min)

Ratcheteering — The Mob and the Mind Screw – by Zen Gardner – https://truthcomestolight.com/2020/07/24/ratcheteering-the-mob-and-the-mind-screw/ – “Cognitive dissonance has been fully in effect for a long, long time, a war on the human psyche by those steering the social agenda. It’s been ratcheted up via many vectors of nonsensical contra-positions of opposing ideas, and with very clever verbiage. It thus forces the mass mind to hold many contradictory positions at the same time, forcing a kind of hypnotically induced psychotic state… Science is their main lever on the fulcrum of the human mind. It’s been made to appear an indisputable foundation of modern truth. That’s a relatively new phenomenon in human history. Hence the term scientism amongst those tracking this phenomenon, which started in earnest at the beginning of the last century but came out of the rationalism of the 17th century. As scientism gained its stronghold, perceptive voices such as Rudolf Steiner tried to warn us, a century ago, but were overwhelmed by weaponized ignorance… You can see the end results of years of programming all around you, from the Karen brown shirts and contact tracing surveillance, the deliberate implosion of a functional economy and cutting food supplies, to the inane mask wearing and social distancing insanity. This “new normal” is one helluva wonky animal. Yet the collective is buying it.”

Democrats Panic as Leftist Riots Appear to Be Helping Trump – Another weekend of violent rioting has Dems questioning anti-Trump support – by Jay Greenberg – https://neonnettle.com/news/12116-democrats-panic-as-leftist-riots-appear-to-be-helping-trump – “Joe Scarborough, the MSNBC host who was once a Republican congressman and friend of Trump, but has since emerged as a vehement opponent of the president, tweeted: ‘How does breaking windows at a courthouse, setting fire to a federal building, ‘firing guns in crowds, and committing acts of vandalism forward any cause?.. Actually, don’t bother because there is no good answer… ‘It is self-destructive to any cause you promote.’ “

CENSORED: Peer-Reviewed Published Study Showing 5G Induces Coronaviruses Disappears from Journal – by Brian Shilhavy & Makia Freeman – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/censored-peer-reviewed-published-study-showing-5g-induces-coronaviruses-disappears-from-journal/ – “In plain English, this is what it says: DNA is constructed from electrons and atoms which can be influenced by external EM waves. These waves produce holes in the cells… The body creates hexagonal and pentagonal DNA bases to fill these holes, and these bases can join together to make virus-like structures such as coronaviruses within our cells… This builds on the previously known fact that 5G acts upon the body’s cells like a transmitter, and these cells in turn (especially the skins cells) act like antennae, absorbing signals and adjusting themselves based on those signals. This is, quite literally, mass programming… This research is another crucial piece of the puzzle. We have known for awhile now that artificial EMF is causing great harm to us. We have also known for awhile that 5G is extremely dangerous in many ways, including hijacking our sweat duct antennae, bombarding us with pulsed waves (more damaging than continuous wave radiation), amplifying DNA damage via VGCCs, promoting deep EMF penetration and having mutagenic and carcinogenic effects, being emitted from a phased array structure that has been used for crowd dispersal… This research is more evidence that we are being deliberately poisoned, and that tales of species-jumping bat viruses from China are a red herring. We must continue to be vigilant in opposing 5G in all its forms, and doing what we can in our local area to prevent the 5G rollout.”

Comparisons between current cancel culture and Mao’s Red Guards should serve as a warning of what could happen in the U.S. – by Isabelle Z – https://newstarget.com/2020-07-26-comparing-current-cancel-culture-and-maos-red-guards-warning.html – “The Cultural Revolution was launched by Mao in 1966. His mobs were tasked with purging the capitalist and traditional elements from Chinese society and replacing them with his own beliefs. It was often young people and urban workers who formed Red Guard paramilitary units that went after anyone who was tied to an official blacklist, typically elderly Chinese and intellectuals. Their goal was to get rid of what they called the “four olds” – old culture, old ideas, old habits and old customs… Because religion was considered to be a capitalist tool, churches were destroyed. They also killed people who thought differently than them; police were told not to intervene. The Red Guards destroyed religious and cultural sites along with historical relics and statues. Sound familiar?.. The only way people accused of a thought crime could avoid punishment was by confessing publicly, undergoing “reeducation,” and agreeing to “struggle sessions” that entailed torture and humiliation. The Cultural Revolution ultimately destroyed the Chinese economy and left millions of people dead… In The American Conservative, Peter Van Buren drew a similar comparison, writing: ‘Still, the intellectual roots of our revolution and China’s seem similar: the hate of the old, the need for unacceptable ideas to be disappeared in the name of social progress, intolerance toward dissent, violence to enforce conformity.’ ”

MUST WATCH: 4 minute video – Eyes open – Will likely not be up on youtube long (have download)


For the Week of 7/20/20:

Heated Vaccine Debate – Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz (1hr 18min) – Moderated by Patrick Bet-David – Comment: Very significant discussion, I think.

What Isn’t There – by Anna Von Reitz – http://www.paulstramer.net/2020/07/what-isnt-there.html – “Health Canada, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (Kari Stevens): COVID-19 and it’s testing is officially a complete fraud. Health Canada response file: A-2020-000208 / BH under the Access to Information Act R.S.C. says that Health Canada has no record describing the isolation of any Covid-19 virus… This means that ‘COVID-19 has not been isolated’ – which means that all COVID-19 response is fraudulent, Covid-19 testing is fraud, media hype is just propaganda and the daily press briefings by the Health Officers is fraudulent.” – Note: Article contains a link to a pdf outlining the response of Health Canada.

12 Videos Prove Police Use Drones To Ticket And Surveil The Public – by MassPrivateI – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/12-videos-prove-police-use-drones-to-ticket-and-surveil-the-public.html – “Activist Post Editor’s Note: Here is a nice compilation of the high-tech police state in action. One can only imagine when this gets combined with facial recognition, health databases, social distancing, contact tracing and all the rest – oh, wait, they’re already doing some of that in these videos.”

George Soros Pumps Another Quarter Billion Dollars into Black Lives Matter – Money going into efforts to control 2020 voting systems and radical-left goals – by Jay Greenberg – https://neonnettle.com/news/12099-george-soros-pumps-another-quarter-billion-dollars-into-black-lives-matter – “Much of Soros’ money is going into efforts to defund the police and control 2020 voting systems, his foundation revealed… ‘This is the time for urgent and bold action to address racial injustice in America,’ Alex Soros, George Soros’ son and deputy chair of the Soros family’s “Open Society Foundations,” said in a statement… The younger Soros also revealed their radical-left push to abolish Amerca’s prisons… ‘These investments will empower proven leaders in the black community to reimagine policing, end mass incarceration, and eliminate the barriers to opportunity that have been the source of inequity for too long,’.. While $150 million of the funds are part of a five-year plan, Open Society Foundations says a $70 million will be immediately spent on plans for ‘ongoing efforts to fight voter suppression and disinformation and ensure safe and secure elections in the midst of the pandemic.’.. This likely refers to vote-by-mail programs and overturning ballot security laws.”

A Pandemic of Surveillance – Americans are increasingly monitored, and COVID-19 health concerns aren’t improving the situation by J.D. Tuccille – https://reason.com/2020/07/17/a-pandemic-of-surveillance/ – ” ‘The Trump administration has bought access to a commercial database that maps the movements of millions of cellphones in America and is using it for immigration and border enforcement,’ the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year. ‘Experts say the information amounts to one of the largest known troves of bulk data being deployed by law enforcement in the U.S.—and that the use appears to be on firm legal footing because the government buys access to it from a commercial vendor.’.. In a growing trend, other agencies, including the FBI and the IRS, have also turned to private sources to monitor social media posts and track cellphone movements. The new surveillance technique is quickly becoming widely established… Likewise, even after COVID-19 fades to an unpleasant memory, we may find that it has left a legacy of intrusive monitoring of our whereabouts and social connections—all for our own good, we’ll be told.” (emphasis added)

Banking as a Public Utility – with Ellen Brown – Ellen interviews Dr. Michael Hudson – https://michael-hudson.com/2020/07/banking-as-a-public-utility-with-ellen-brown/ – “So a point was reached already by the time the virus broke out of how the economy can continue to grow. For 95 percent of the population, the economy stopped growing in 2008, when Obama bailed out the banks and left all the bad debts in place. Since 2008, all the growth of GDP – all the increase in national income – has accrued just to the wealthiest five percent of the population. That means that for 95 percent of the population the economy hasn’t been growing at all. It’s been shrinking… The question is, how are you going to grow if you leave all of the debt service in place, if you leave all of the debt pyramided housing in place? Bonds and stocks are so high-priced that they don’t yield an income for retirement anymore. The economy reached a point already by the beginning of this year that it had to choose either to pay all the debts, continue paying the growth in income to the five percent that basically are the creditor and financial class, or write down the debts and let the economy grow again.” – Comment: Well, you know what they’ve decided, don’t you?

Is America’s Second Corona Wave a Political Hoax? – by F. William Engdahl – https://journal-neo.org/2020/07/20/is-america-s-second-corona-wave-a-political-hoax/ – “Now the case of Texas is exemplary of what seems to be going on. According to officials in Texas in contact with former US Congressman Ron Paul, himself a medical doctor, the Texas State Department of Health Services changed the definition of what constitutes a “Covid case” in mid-May when cases were in significant decline. The new definition states, ‘while previously the determination of a Covid “case” was a confirmed test result, the definition was suddenly changed to count “probable” cases as “cases.” “… At the same time, the threshold for determining “probable” was lowered to a ridiculous level.” Basically if you have a fever and headache, even without a corona test, you can be listed as a “probable COVID-19 patient.”.. It gets worse. Based on possibly unrelated subjective criteria, up to 15 people in possible contact with that “probable” case were also listed as “probable cases.” And “probable cases” were considered cases. Presto! Texas is in panic and mandatory masks and other draconian measures imposed. Further, the Texas health officials added to the fears by reporting hospitals in the state were being flooded by corona patients. Yet when contacted, Houston hospital directors themselves, said they were nowhere near actual capacity and in fact were about the same level as they were last year. Texas has a Republican Governor and is a critical state for Trump in November.”

Black BABY lives don’t matter to Democrats, who just voted to legalize infanticide – by Ethan Huff – https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-07-23-black-baby-lives-dont-matter-democrats-legalize-infanticide.html – “An amendment proposed by Representative Andy Harris (R-Md.), for instance, which would have protected newborn survivors of botched abortions from being tossed into the trash heap was shot down by House Democrats, which voted almost purely on party lines… ‘Dr. Harris introduced a commonsense amendment that asked hospitals in the Tricare network to certify that they’d provide medical care for any baby born alive,’ reported Harbinger’s Daily. ‘One of the conditions of taxpayer funding, he proposed, is that they have a policy on the books guaranteeing that the newborn abortion survivor would ‘be taken care of and resuscitated.’.. ‘It’s very simple,’ Harris emphasized, noting that his proposal came with no penalties attached and was not overly burdensome. But House Democrats rejected it, instead choosing to declare that the lives of newborn babies do not matter.”

Tyranny Without a Tyrant: The Deep State’s Divide-and-Conquer Strategy Is Working – by John W. Whitehead – https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/tyranny_without_a_tyrant_the_deep_states_divide_and_conquer_strategy_is_working – ” ‘In a fully developed bureaucracy there is nobody left with whom one can argue, to whom one can present grievances, on whom the pressures of power can be exerted. Bureaucracy is the form of government in which everybody is deprived of political freedom, of the power to act; for the rule by Nobody is not no-rule, and where all are equally powerless, we have a tyranny without a tyrant.’ ? Hannah Arendt, On Violence… What exactly is going on?.. Is this revolution? Is this anarchy? Is this a spectacle engineered to distract us from the machinations of the police state? Is this a sociological means of re-setting our national equilibrium? Is this a Machiavellian scheme designed to further polarize the populace and undermine our efforts to stand unified against government tyranny? Is this so-called populist uprising actually a manufactured race war and election-year referendum on who should occupy the White House?”

Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science – by Colleen Huber, MD – https://www.technocracy.news/masks-are-neither-effective-nor-safe-a-summary-of-the-science/ – “A review of the peer-reviewed medical literature examines impacts on human health, both immunological, as well as physiological. The purpose of this paper is to examine data regarding the effectiveness of facemasks, as well as safety data. The reason that both are examined in one paper is that for the general public as a whole, as well as for every individual, a risk-benefit analysis is necessary to guide decisions on if and when to wear a mask.”

Uber Announces Participating in Contact Tracing – They Will Turn You in to Health Authorities – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/uber-announces-participating-in-contact-tracing-they-will-turn-you-in-to-health-authorities/ – “Uber is providing their contact tracing services for free, not to you their customers, but to local health authorities. That means every time you use the popular ride-share service, they can track you to see if you have been in contact with any COVID positive people, including, apparently, previous riders in their drivers’ cars which you would not even know about, and then turn your information into the health authorities.”

US Orders up to 600 Million Doses of Pfizer COVID Vaccine – by James Patonhttps://www.anti-empire.com/us-orders-up-to-600-million-doses-of-pfizer-biontech-covid-vaccine/ – “The U.S. agreed to pay $1.95 billion for 100 million doses of a vaccine made by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE, the government’s latest step to lock up supplies to fight the pandemic… The U.S. will pay the companies when it receives the doses, following regulatory authorization or approval, according to a statement Wednesday. The government also can acquire up to an additional 500 million doses… Pfizer shares rose more than 5% in pre-market trading. BioNTech climbed about 5%… Assuming the deal for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is for the first 100 million doses, that suggests a price of $20 per dose, according to Sam Fazeli, a Bloomberg Intelligence analyst… ‘If this vaccine prevents disease after one use, we calculate a windfall of more than $15 billion revenue for Pfizer,’ he said in a note. ‘We believe this sets the top price for a vaccine, with lower prices elsewhere. Need for repeated use would be the game changer.’.. The U.S. in May pledged as much as $1.2 billion to AstraZeneca to help make Oxford’s Covid vaccine, and the government has backed projects underway at Johnson & Johnson, Moderna Inc. and other companies… The Pfizer vaccine would be available to the American people for free, according to the government. [For “free” and with “encouragements” to take it.] The U.S moves are part of a larger initiative to secure coronavirus vaccines for the U.S., officially dubbed Operation Warp Speed.”

One Man Rule – by Kevin Kiley – https://www.agenda21radio.news/2020/07/24/one-man-rule/ – “He (Gavin Newsom has) flatly refused to discuss any limits on his powers, falsely accusing me of attempting to ‘prematurely declare an end to this ongoing crisis.’.. Of the 400 laws he’s amended, suspended, or overhauled since declaring a State of Emergency on March 4, each one was duly enacted through the legislative process set out in the Constitution. And each one was undone by Newsom with the stroke of a pen… He’s also created countless new laws out of whole cloth – something not even the Emergency Services Act allows… This is not a democracy. It’s a monarchy.”

Tucker Carlson issued an urgent shocking warning about one thing that could mean the end of America – by David Lindfield – https://newspushed.com/tucker-carlson-issued-an-urgent-shocking-warning-about-one-thing-that-could-mean-the-end-of-america/ – “Unfortunately, Tucker Carlson is very likely right, the filibuster could soon be gone if Democrats seize control of the Senate in 2020… As he said on his show, ‘There’s a lot at stake in this conversation. It’s not obscure. It’s real and it’s practical. With the last check and balance gone, there will be no limit to the ways the Democratic Party can remake the country in their first few months in power.’.. ‘We don’t have to guess about their plans,’ Tucker continued. ‘They’ve told us what they plan to do, and without a filibuster, they will be fully capable of doing it.’ ”

Federal Judge Rules Cuomo, De Blasio Exceeded Authority by Restricting Religious Services While Condoning Protests – by Mairead McArdle – https://www.nationalreview.com/news/federal-judge-rules-cuomo-de-blasio-exceeded-authority-by-restricting-religious-services-while-condoning-protests/ – “A federal judge on Friday ruled that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo violated the Constitution by restricting religious services to stem the spread of the coronavirus while simultaneously condoning mass protests that took place across the state… U.S. District Judge Gary Sharpe granted a preliminary injunction blocking New York from enforcing its stringent coronavirus restrictions on religious services. The state’s current restrictions require houses of worship to operate at 25 percent capacity and later at 33 percent capacity when New York enters Phase Four of its re-opening plan… De Blasio issued ‘simultaneous pro-protest/anti-religious gathering messages’ and ‘actively encouraged participation in protests and openly discouraged religious gatherings and threatened religious worshipers,’ the judge said in his order… ‘Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio could have just as easily discouraged protests, short of condemning their message, in the name of public health and exercised discretion to suspend enforcement for public safety reasons instead of encouraging what they knew was a flagrant disregard of the outdoor limits and social distancing rules,’ Sharpe wrote.”

Business Insider: Bolivia Senate Approves MMS as a Treatment for COVID-19 – by Erin Elizabeth – https://www.healthnutnews.com/breaking-business-insider-boliva-senate-approves-mms-as-a-treatment-for-covid-19/ – “Bolivian lawmakers approved a bill that “authorizes the preparation, marketing, supply and use of the chlorine dioxide solution for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus,” according to a statement posted on the website of the Bolivian senate… Its use is becoming more popular in South American countries, such as Bolivia, where experts say medical authorities struggle to cope with the pandemic… Before it becomes law, the motion still requires approval from Bolivia’s lower chamber and its president.”

EXCLUSIVE: California apartment building locked down under mandatory quarantine of all residents, with MANDATORY COVID-19 testing; all key cards deactivated, security guards posted at entrances during “lockdown” – by Mike Adams – https://newstarget.com/2020-07-21-california-apartment-building-locked-down-mandatory-quarantine-covid-19-medical-tyranny.html – “Natural News has acquired a letter that was sent by the property manager to all 78 residents of the 7-story apartment building, which is located at 137 S. Palm Street in the City of Ventura, California. The building caters to seniors and disabled residents and is government-subsidized housing. We have confirmed the authenticity of this letter, which is shown below, with certain redactions to protect the names of the property managers who are being subjected to threats… The letter warns that all residents of the building are ordered to appear at the “Palms Community Room” to participate in mandatory testing for covid-19 on July 17, 2020 (last Friday). It states, ‘All residents residing at 137 S. Palm MUST be tested for the Covid-19 virus. After testing has been completed, all residents MUST QUARANTINE in their unit until test results are received.’.. In other words, the 78 residents of the building were ordered to subject themselves to covid-19 tests against their will, and then were essentially held prisoner in their apartments. The letter continues, ‘Effectively immediately, the Palms building has been placed on lockdown.’ ” – Comment: Mike Adams goes off the deep end a bit at the end here, but I think this is an important story:

WHO using funds to hire celebrity influencers to shove COVID-19 propaganda down your throat – by Ethan Huff – https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-07-21-who-hires-celebrity-influencers-push-covid-19-propaganda.html – “According to documents recently filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ), the WHO is specifically seeking out celebrities with more than one million followers on social media, as these types of influencers will have the greatest reach, especially among young people… ‘There has been criticism and assertions leveled against the World Health Organization (WHO) and media coverage that could undermine WHO as a trusted and critical information source on global public health issues,’ the PR firm wrote in a statement… It added that the goal is to “ensure there is trust in the WHO’s advice and that public health guidance is followed” in terms of how people respond to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic.”

Associated Press: White People, in General, Have Much Less Shared History and Culture – by Laura Steinberg – https://newspushed.com/associated-press-white-people-in-general-have-much-less-shared-history-and-culture/ – “While they took the input from the Black community under consideration, ultimately it doesn’t fit in with their regular propaganda regarding open borders and the rest of the progressive New World Order agenda. John Daniszewski, the vice president for standards at Associated Press handed down the decision in a memo to staff. Capitalizing “the term white, as is done by white supremacists, risks subtly conveying legitimacy to such beliefs.” The rest of the lemmings jumped right off the racial cliff. ‘Columbia Journalism Review, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, NBC News and Chicago Tribune are among the organizations that have recently said they would capitalize Black but have not done so for white.’.. Conservative outlets, on the other hand, including ‘CNN, Fox News and The San Diego Union-Tribune,’ pushed back. They all decided ‘they will give White the uppercase, noting it was consistent with Black, Asian, Latino and other ethnic groups.’ Even Black citizens ‘believe that keeping White lowercase is actually anti-Black, saying it perpetuates the idea that Whites are the default race.’ Associated Press will continue to discriminate anyway. At least for now. ‘We will closely watch how usage and thought evolves, and will periodically review our decision,’ Daniszewski waffles.”

Teen-age Boy Dies After Gardasil Vaccine – Lawsuit Filed in U.S. – by Norma Erickson – https://healthimpactnews.com/2015/teen-age-boy-dies-after-gardasil-vaccine-lawsuit-filed-in-u-s/ – ” ‘Petitioners contend that Joel suffered from Myocarditis which was caused in fact by the Gardasil vaccine. Petitioners contend that the logical sequence of cause and effect show that the vaccination was the reason for the death. Further supportive of the causal relationship is established by looking to the proximate temporal relationship between the vaccination and the death. The fact that Joel was a healthy 14 year old boy with no health problems is strong circumstantial evidence that the death was caused in fact by the Gardasil vaccine.’.. This means there is no way of knowing how many Gardasil-vaccinated girls (or boys) have developed permanent myocardial damage, whether one calls it myocarditis or infarct, either is a silent heart pathology. Is silent heart pathology no harm if the patient did not die?”

Children Have 0.00% Chance of Dying from COVID but are Harmed for Life by Social Distancing, Which has its Roots in CIA Torture Techniques – by Attorney Leigh Dundas – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/children-have-0-00-chance-of-dying-from-covid-but-are-harmed-for-life-by-social-distancing-which-has-its-roots-in-cia-torture-techniques/ – “I write today to highlight certain factors that will hopefully serve to inform what are likely ongoing embryonic conversations at the District level, relating to COVID and the 2020-21 school year – and further – to urge a particular path of restraint during such conversations based on abundant scientific, medical, neuro-cognitive and legal considerations which have now emerged… I recognize that I have given you an abundance of legal, scientific, and medical information. I did this because I firmly believe that people make better decisions when they have the relevant facts at hand. And I did this because – at base – I know what the end of the road looks like, for those who embark on even the tiniest violations of civil liberties, with the best of intentions. I would not wish the things I have seen in Cambodia, in Africa, in speaking to survivors of social isolation, of war, of human rights atrocities – I would not wish these ends on my worst enemy… Because these people? These people … do not EVER recover: it is a harm from which there is NO ROAD BACK… You are the guardians of our children’s minds, their hearts, their very humanity. My child – and yours – they are not rhesus monkeys. They are not hostages in Lebanon. They are not POWs in Hanoi.”

Israeli forces demolish coronavirus testing center in Hebron: photoshttps://www.almasdarnews.com/article/israeli-forces-demolish-coronavirus-testing-center-in-hebron-photos/ – “On Tuesday, the Israeli forces demolished the coronavirus examination center, located at the entrance to the city of Hebron (Al-Khalil), which was supposed to provide rapid examination services and relieve pressure on hospitals in the governorate, RT reported… Previously, Palestinian Wall and Settlement Resistance Authority announced that the Israeli authorities had seized equipment for the center a few days ago.”

The COVID-19 Lockdown: Economic and Social Impacts (39 min) – Interview of Peter Koenig by Michel Chossudovsky


Doctor Reveals the Corona Effect – Claims COVID is Blood Coagulation – by Makia Freeman – https://thefreedomarticles.com/doctor-reveals-corona-effect-blood-coagulation/ – “Young reveals that what the WHO has called “COVID” is a biochemical poisoning of bodily fluids causing cellular membrane breakdown and genetic mutation. This means deterioration of cell membranes, due to a toxic environment, created due to a compromised bioterrain (see here for the background on bio terrain, and the importance of terrain theory over germ theory). COVID is not a viral condition. COVID symptoms are circulatory problems that stem from pathological blood coagulation. In technical medical terms, this coagulation (lumping and sticking together of red blood cells) is known as DIC or Disseminated Intervascular Coagulation. Blood coagulation means the blood changes from a liquid to a gel or semi-solid state, forming a blood clot. This can be potentially dangerous, because when blood coagulates or clots, it can get stuck and prevent blood flow. In this state the blood does not fully and freely intake oxygen and release waste products. When blood clots, it can’t enter the capillary system to facilitate the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Young stresses that blood coagulation signals: 1. the inability of the blood to remove its waste products and pick up oxygen; and 2. that the blood is clotting inside the vascular system, so that acids can not be removed and thus accumulate, leading to toxic overload and disease.”

The Great Reset Fraud – by Matthew Ehret – https://off-guardian.org/2020/07/20/the-great-reset-fraud/ – “Many false solutions will be presented as society wakes up to the burning building it is trapped in, and unless our minds have become aware of those false solutions, (not to mention those arsonists managing this fire from the top), then many well-intentioned souls from all walks of life may sign onto their own death warrants and accidentally usher in a solution far worse than the disease they sought to remedy… Before you, dear reader, accuse me of being overly dramatic in my claims, let me bring your attention to a June 3rd event sponsored by the World Economic Forum (WEF) entitled The Great Reset featuring impassioned calls by leaders of the IMF, World Bank, UK, USA, corporate and banking sector to take advantage of COVID-19 to shut down and “reset” the world economy under a new operating system entitled the Green New Deal.”

Apple Whines That Jury Trial for Class Action Lawsuit on Illegal Cell Phone Radiation Levels Undermines FCC – by B.N. Frank – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/apple-whines-that-jury-trial-for-class-action-lawsuit-on-illegal-cell-phone-radiation-levels-undermines-fcc.html – “Pushing to defeat a class action claiming Apple failed to warn consumers about dangerous radiation from iPhones, an Apple attorney told a federal judge Thursday that bringing the case to a jury will undermine the Federal Communications Commission’s authority… ‘Plaintiffs are asking for a jury to second guess the FCC,’ Apple lawyer Christina Sarchio, of Dechert LLP, argued during a summary judgment hearing via telephone Thursday… Lead plaintiff Andrew Cohen sued cellphone makers Apple and Samsung in August 2019 after the Chicago Tribune revealed an FCC-certified lab’s findings that radiofrequency radiation exposure from iPhone and Galaxy smartphones surpassed federal safety limits. Samsung was voluntarily dismissed as a defendant in the case in January.”

Antifa and BLM Rioters Storm Amazon Building in Seattle, Attack Cops, Start Fires – Rioters also attacked other stores before targeting the Police West Precinct – by Jack Murphy – Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters attacked an Amazon building and multiple police precincts before attacking law enforcement officers in Seattle on Sunday… Conservative activist Katie Daviscourt posted a video showing the far-left groups smashing windows and spray painting the Amazon store’s front window… Rioters also attacked other stores before targeting the Police West Precinct resulting in a wounded officer being taken to hospital… The Seattle Police Department said: ‘Rioters “were responsible for a significant amount of property damage to government buildings and private businesses” and that “at least a dozen officers were injured.”.. Daviscourt reported witnessing armed Antifa and BLM activists in cars. (underlined emphasis added)

Will Enough Americans Resist Tyranny? Formerly Law Abiding Citizens Now Criminalized as Prisons are Emptied – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/will-enough-americans-resist-tyranny-formerly-law-abiding-citizens-now-criminalized-as-prisons-are-emptied/ – “America is now living under medical tyranny, with more and more basic freedoms being lost on a daily basis as we rush towards a complete medical police state where the Constitution of the U.S. is set aside as meaningless all in the name of “emergency orders” to combat the Coronavirus, a virus for which there are currently over 100 tests in the marketplace, all of which have been fast-tracked, and none of which have been tested as completely accurate… A family in Kentucky, Isaiah and Elizabeth Linscott, along with their 9-month-old daughter, are now under arrest in their own home, being forced to wear ankle monitors, simply because Elizabeth tested positive for COVID, even though none of them are sick… Elizabeth wanted to take her baby to visit her mother and grandmother, so she was tested first. When the test came back positive, she was told to “self-quarantine” at home… In an interview with a local TV station in Kentucky, Elizabeth explained that she had no problem self-quarantining herself, but when the Health Department asked her to sign a document forcing her to get permission from them anytime she wanted to leave her home, she declined to sign it. She states that she wanted the freedom to leave her home at her own will if there were an emergency, and that she did not believe the Health Department had the authority to track her every movement and require her to get their permission… So the Health Department, along with the Sheriff department, sent over 5 cars full of people to force them to wear an ankle bracelet inside their home.” (emphasis added)

Covid-19 National Testing & Tracing Action Planhttps://www.rockefellerfoundation.org/national-covid-19-testing-and-tracing-action-plan/ – “…we need to provide America’s essential workers and children with a way to go about their work and lives more safely, so that critical institutions can survive and function during this period of time. The only alternative is more large-scale lockdowns. The price of that is too high to pay when we don’t have to, if we make smart, strategic, science-based investments now.” – The Rockefeller Foundation is now blatantly and overtly acting as an official proxy of “government.”

Leaked Images From PayPal Zoom Meeting Show Anti-Right Wing Bias – by Haley Kennington – https://loomered.com/2020/07/06/leaked-images-from-paypal-zoom-meeting-show-anti-right-wing-bias/ – “Schaffer’s tweet reads, “EXPOSED: anti-right wing bias at PayPal Leaked images from an internal Zoom meeting at the company Show how “extreme” right wing groups/individuals are banned while similar left wing groups are not ‘This is a payment processing site that cares about your views on immigration’… ‘Note: disagreeing with the militancy of far left LGBTQ political activist groups is also considered extreme Companies will not do business with you if you oppose this community,’ Schaffer added in a subsequent tweet… In February of last year, Conservative journalist Laura Loomer, who is now running for Congress in Florida’s 21st District was permanently banned from using PayPal. Loomer had already been banned from Venmo, Lyft, Uber, and GoFundMe at the time. In a post on Instagram Loomer wrote, “I have nothing to lose anymore, so trust me when I say I will stop at nothing to make sure justice is served for the way Silicon Valley has disenfranchised me, falsely accusing me of being a white supremacist, a Nazi, anti-Muslim, a racist, a bigot, and every other smear in the book.” Loomer has since been banned from Instagram, and had already been banned from Twitter in November, 2018.”

For the Week of 7/13/20:

Is Israel Hoping To Start A War With Iran Before US Elections? – by Jason Ditz – https://news.antiwar.com/2020/07/16/israel-hoping-to-start-a-war-with-iran-before-us-elections/ – “Recent rounds of sabotage attacks against Iranian targets have been consistently blamed on Israel. It’s not just Israel being Israel, according to some officials familiar with the situation, but rather, Israel trying to start a war while Trump is still in power… Israel sees war as a tougher sell if Biden gets elected, while Trump would be easier, especially ahead of the vote. EU officials were reportedly concerned Israel would try to provoke something soon. Israeli officials refuse to comment on specific sabotage operations… Israeli officials concede it is “common knowledge” they are behind some of the Iran attacks, but they don’t want to specify which ones when there are so many candidates. Officials also say their policy on Iran is clear, without confirming or denying trying to suck the US into a war.”

The Fed Knows... – by Sven Henrich – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/fed-knows – “The message: The Fed knows. The Fed knows markets are sitting on the very disconnect they have brought about with their liquidity injections (but refuse to publicly acknowledge), but the Fed is also trying to cover its butt in case things go astray… So be aware, we’re in a bubble and the Fed has pretty much just acknowledged it without saying it.”

I Was Terrified” – ‘Protesters’ Fume About Feds Brutally Suppressing Portland Riots – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/i-was-terrified-protesters-whine-about-feds-brutally-suppressing-portland-riots – “Oregon Gov Kate Brown and Portland Mayor Wheeler have denounced this federal intrusion. But when Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf landed in Portland on Thursday to assess the situation and report back, both officials publicly declined to meet with him… It’s just another sign that pandering politicians have internalized the far-left’s hatred of anybody who disagrees with their world view. Because a discussion might lead to a resolution, and then what would all these protesters do? As the protesters claim they were being snatched up by unidentified ‘agents’, DHS issued a statement directly contradicting this… Agents were in uniform, but they didn’t wear badges due to fears of personal safety. It’s the same line or reasoning that justifies using an unmarked van, a spokesperson for DHS said… When asked by Reuters about Wolf’s visit, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said that while he was aware of the visit, he wished Wolf had sjust stayed in Washington… “We’re aware that they’re here. We wish they weren’t. We haven’t been invited to meet with them, and if we were we would decline.’.. Give it another month or so and we’ll see if Wheeler doesn’t change his tune. Because local officials are deluding themselves if they think appeasing these anarchists – anarchists who want to destroy America despite the fact that most of them are white and from relatively wealthy backgrounds – will work.”

Bank Of England Governor Signals Central Bank Digital Currency Is Coming – by Steven Guinness – https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/bank-england-governor-signals-central-bank-digital-currency-coming – “(Bank of England governor Andrew) Bailey said: ‘We are looking at the question of, should we create a Bank of England digital currency. We’ll go on looking at it, as it does have huge implications on the nature of payments and society. I think in a few years time, we will be heading toward some sort of digital currency… The digital currency issue will be a very big issue. I hope it is, because that means Covid will be behind us.’.. The trend of digital payments outstripping cash has been present for several years now. My position is that instead of simply outlawing cash, the state will allow the use of banknotes to fall to the point that the servicing costs of maintaining the cash infrastructure outweigh the amount of cash still in circulation and being used for payment. They will take the gradual approach as opposed to prising cash away from the public. In the end it has the same effect but appears less premeditated. From the perspective of the state, it is much more desirable if people are seen to have made the decision themselves to stop using cash, rather than the state imposing it upon the population… The societal aspect is equally as serious, because those who depend on using cash are finding that access to it is growing more restrictive. This is something I have also posted about (Access to Cash: The Connection between Bank Branch Closures and the Post Office). Rural communities in particularly are being compromised, with some entirely dependent on their local post office to withdraw funds. Matters are made worse when the Post Office network itself is coming under increasing strain.”

In Video: Jalisco New Generation Cartel Showcases Its Might As Mexican President Visits Its Heartlandhttps://southfront.org/in-video-jalisco-new-generation-cartel-showcases-its-might-as-mexican-president-visits-its-heartland/ – “The Jalisco New Generation Cartel released a video depicting its forces on July 17 just as President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador visited the group’s heartland in the provinces of Guanajuato, Jalisco and Colima. The cartel is especially active in these areas… It was unclear when the video had been filmed, but its release came just ahead of the President’s visit. This video is a message to local people attempting to convince them that the central government is not able to protect them.”

Criminal Gangs Seized Control Of Gold, Diamond And Bauxite Mining Areas In Venezuelahttps://southfront.org/criminal-gangs-seized-control-of-gold-diamond-and-bauxite-mining-areas-in-venezuela/ – “The High Commissioner’s report to the Human Rights Council describes how the criminal groups – known locally as “sindicatos” – exercise control over a large number of mining operations in Arco Minero del Orinoco (Orinoco Mining Arc). LINK – “Much of the mining activity within and beyond AMO is controlled by organised criminal groups or armed elements… They determine who enters and leaves the area, impose rules … and gain economic benefit from all activity within the mining area, including through extortion in exchange for protection.’.. The report found that nearly 150 men and women are reported to have died in or around the mines since March 2016, with security forces implicated in around half the incidents, adding that the government had not replied to its request for information… The miners, who include young children, are not given employment contracts and are exposed to mercury contamination and malaria… Created by a government decree in 2016, AMO – an area of some 111,000 square kilometres in the Venezuelan Amazon – makes up 12% of the national territory. Gold, diamonds, coltan, iron and bauxite are mined there. According to the report, Venezuela’s central bank has not published data since 2018 on gold and other mineral exports, their destination or foreign currency earnings.”

It Turns Out Some Owls Sleep With Their Faces Down And Here Are Some Pics – by Jade Small – https://themindunleashed.com/2020/06/it-turns-out-some-owls-sleep-with-their-faces-down-and-here-are-some-pics.html

87 People Arrested on Felony Charges in Peaceful Protest Demanding Justice for Breonna Taylor – by Elias Marat – https://themindunleashed.com/2020/07/87-people-arrested-on-felony-charges-in-peaceful-protest-demanding-justice-for-breonna-taylor.html“Due to their refusal to leave the property and their attempts to influence the decision of the Attorney General with their actions, each person was charged with Intimidating a Participant in a Legal Process,” the spokesperson said. ‘They also face disorderly conduct and trespassing charges, both misdemeanors.’..While one might assume that the act of protesting a public official is a right granted to citizens under the U.S. Constitution, the state of Kentucky considers intimidating a participant in a legal process to be a Class D felony that carries a sentence of up to five years… However, in a statement to WAVE 3 (Kentucky Attorney General Daniel) Cameron accused demonstrators of trying to “escalate” the situation and “further division and tension within our community” by demanding that the police who murdered Breonna Taylor be held accountable for their crimes… ‘Justice is not achieved by trespassing on private property, and it’s not achieved through escalation,” he said. “It’s achieved by examining the facts in an impartial and unbiased .manner. That is exactly what we are doing and will continue to do in this investigation.’ “

Feds Use Unmarked Vans to ‘Kidnap’ Protesters Off Portland Streets, Enraging Local Officials – Federal law enforcement have been driving around downtown Portland in unmarked vans and grabbing protesters, without even offering an explanation – by Elias Marat – https://themindunleashed.com/2020/07/feds-use-unmarked-vans-to-kidnap-protesters-off-portland-streets-enraging-local-officials.html – ” ‘I just happened to be wearing black on a sidewalk in downtown Portland at the time,’ Pettibone said. ‘And that apparently is grounds for detaining me.’.. The abductions of protesters off city streets have also been accompanied by indiscriminate violence being meted out against local residents. On Thursday night and Friday morning, federal officers in gas masks marched through downtown Portland and inundated the streets with tear gas. A federal judge had previously barred Portland police from using the chemical agent, reports New York Times.”

The Muzzle Is a Badge of Subservience and Submission – “Anyone who dons it publicly is agreeing to the Government’s crazy assessment of the level of danger” – by Peter Hitchins – https://www.anti-empire.com/the-muzzle-is-a-badge-of-subservience-and-submission/ – “In the name of Covid, the State has already thrust itself into every corner of our existence… It has come between husbands and wives at the ends of their lives. It has forbidden the old to embrace their grandchildren… It has denied us funerals and weddings, locked the churches, silenced the ancient monastic music of cathedral choirs and prevented the free worship of God for the first time in 800 years, and banned us (unless we are Left-wing) from holding or attending public meetings… It has ordered us to stay at home, scolded or fined us for sunbathing, going on country rambles or even entering our front gardens… It has forced millions of us to stop working, sabotaged the educations – at school and university – of untold numbers of young people and has become our boss and paymaster in the biggest state takeover of life and work ever attempted by non-Communists. [Probably even bigger than that.].. When all this began, I felt fear. But it was not fear of the disease, which was clearly overstated from the start… It was fear of exactly what is happening to us, the final closing down of centuries of human liberty and the transformation of one of the freest countries on Earth into a regimented, conformist society, under perpetual surveillance, in which a subservient people scurries about beneath the stern gaze of authority… It is my view that, if you don that muzzle, you are giving your assent to that change.”

Don’t Let “Anti-Vaxxers” See This Study! – by Derrick Broze – https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/conspiracy/dont-let-anti-vaxxers-see-this-study/ – “Despite the continued attacks on anyone who questions or challenges the assumed safety of vaccines, evidence continues to emerge that vaccines are not safe for all people, in all situations. In a groundbreaking new study published in The Lancet on July 6, researchers call for updating the vaccine paradigm. In the study, Vaccinology: time to change the paradigm?, researchers write: ‘The existing vaccine paradigm assumes that vaccines only protect against the target infection, that effective vaccines reduce mortality corresponding to the target infection’s share of total mortality, and that the effects of vaccines are similar for males and females. However, epidemiological vaccine research has generated observations that contradict these assumptions and suggest that vaccines have important non-specific effects on overall health in populations.’.. (Bloomberg Opinion writer Andreas) Kluth writes: ‘If these dilemmas are political dynamite, they may end up looking trivial next to what’s sure to be the biggest showdown: the standoff between scientific rationality and conspiracy theories. Early in the pandemic, there were hopes that the balderdash of anti-vaxxers would become untenable and their movement would atrophy. Instead, it’s booming.’.. Kluth goes on to lament that “conspiracy theories” about vaccines have led to a decrease in measles vaccines and wonders if the same will happen with the COVID19 vaccine. ‘Above all, educating people to distinguish facts from fake news is effective only before they become exposed to, and infected by, conspiracy theories. We have to win the struggle against disinformation this year, or lose the fight against Covid-19 in 2021,’ Kluth concludes… Kluth is correct when he notes that recent polls suggest as many 50% of Americans say they will not get vaccinated COVID19.”

From the Things-That-Make-You-Want-To-Go-Hmmm Desk: Former US Administration Economist Claims White House Was Warned of a Pandemic in September 2019 – by Drago Bosnic – https://fort-russ.com/2020/07/major-former-us-administration-economist-claims-white-house-was-warned-of-a-pandemic-in-september-2019/ – “US administration’s former economist Tomas Philipson said on Friday that his team “alerted” the White House about the dangers of a looming pandemic outbreak months before COVID-19 is believed to have made its way into the United States… Philipson served three years as acting chairman of the administration’s Council of Economic Advisers before stepping down in June to resume his teaching role at the University of Chicago. Philipson acknowledged testing positive for COVID-19 less than a month before his White House departure, according to The Wall Street Journal… On Friday, he told CNN’s Poppy Harlow that he co-authored and published a CEA report titled “Mitigating the Impact of Pandemic Influenza through Vaccine Innovation” that warned a pandemic disease could kill as many as half a million Americans and cause up to $3.79 trillion in damage to the US economy. (emphasis added)

COVID-19: WHAT WE DON’T KNOW (2hr 13min) – The HighWire with Del Bigtree – Topics include: Dr. Kaufman’s Inconvenient Truth About SARS-CoV-2; “Anti-Vaccine-Misinformation” Watchdog “Project Vector”; Disney Channel Star Risks Everything; Big Pharma’s New Toy; Andy Wakefield’s New Film


Chicago threatens to BULLDOZE churches for not complying with coronavirus orders – by Ethan Huff – https://newstarget.com/2020-07-15-chicago-threatens-bulldoze-churches-not-complying-coronavirus-orders.html – “According to Liberty Counsel’s Matt Staver, whose group is representing the plaintiffs, Chicago officials told these churches that they are now “public nuisances” for refusing to abide by Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) orders banning large gatherings… According to the city of Chicago, it now ‘has the power and duty to cause all nuisances affecting the health of the public to be abated.’ The city has also threatened a “summary abatement,’ which means it could try to raze the two churches’ facilities if they refuse to comply with its orders… ‘We are very disappointed with all of this, including not being considered as essential in the beginning, as a church,’ stated Joe Wyrostek, the pastor of Metro Praise International, one of the two churches being targeted… Reverend Cristian Ionescu, the other pastor being represented in the case, says his church has received multiple citations for violating Chicago’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) policies, none of which went through the proper channels of becoming law, and are thus unconstitutional by default.”

28 Million More Americans Could Wind Up Homeless Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/28-million-more-americans-could-wind-homeless-due-covid-19-pandemic – “Emily Benfer, who has spent her career representing homeless families, was recently interviewed by CNBC where she went into detail about what could be a stark reality for homelessness in the country as a result of the coronavirus. She is currently the chair of the American Bar ‘Association’s Task Force Committee on Eviction and co-creator of the COVID-19 Housing Policy Scorecard with the Eviction Lab at Princeton University… ‘We have never seen this extent of eviction in such a truncated amount of time in our history,’ Benfer said when asked about how the current homeless crisis compares to the 2008 housing crisis… She continued: ‘We can expect this to increase dramatically in the coming weeks and months, especially as the limited support and intervention measures that are in place start to expire. About 10 million people, over a period of years, were displaced from their homes following the foreclosure crisis in 2008. We’re looking at 20 million to 28 million people in this moment, between now and September, facing eviction.’ ”

Banks Brace For A Historic Crash With Record Loss Provisions – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/banks-brace-historic-crash-record-loss-provisions – “Unfortunately, while banks may have avoided the full brunt of the covid depression this quarter thanks to the Fed’s actions, they have at best managed to delay the impact of the coming bankruptcy tsunami… ‘This is not a normal recession. The recessionary part of this you’re going to see down the road,’ Jamie Dimon said Tuesday. ‘You will see the effect of this recession. You’re just not going to see it right away because of all the stimulus.’.. For once, Jamie was actually telling the truth, and it’s why JPM’s total (loan loss) provisions hit a record $10.5 billion. It was even uglier for Wells, which recorded the biggest loan-loss provision in its history and led to the bank’s first net loss since 2008 as well as a record, 80% cut to its dividend.” (emphasis added)

Busted: 11 COVID Assumptions Based on Fear not Fact – by Makia Freeman – https://thefreedomarticles.com/busted-11-covid-assumptions-based-on-fear-not-fact/ – “The assumptions people make about COVID, how dangerous it is, how it spreads and what we need to do to stop it – are running rampant, running far more wildly than the supposed virus SARS-CoV2 itself. The coldly calculated campaign of propaganda surrounding this ‘pandemic’ has achieved its aim. Besieged with a slew of contradictory information coming from all angles, people in general have succumbed to confusion. Some have given up trying to understand the situation and found it is just easier to obey official directives, even if it means giving up long-held rights. Below is a list of commonly held COVID assumptions which, if you believe them, will make you much more likely to submit to the robotic, insane and abnormal conditions of the New Normal – screening, testing, contact tracing, monitoring, surveillance, mask-wearing, social distancing, quarantine and isolation, with mandatory vaccination and microchipping to come.”

Plenty of Coronaviruses but no SARS-CoV2: February Study Finds no Evidence of COVID Virus, Still Holds True – by Makia Freeman – https://thefreedomarticles.com/plenty-of-coronaviruses-but-no-sars-cov2-study/ – “February 2020 Study Finds Plenty of Coronaviruses but No SARS-CoV2.. This study is eye-opening. I am going to quote a large section of it. Notice how the authors specifically mention that a similar situation happened with earlier ‘pandemics’ such as MERS that never lived up to the hype. Notice also how they state that while everyone is obsessing over the non-existent SARS-CoV2, there are other known viruses in the body which are being ignored…‘At the time of the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)-coronavirus epidemic in 2012, we had highlighted the absence of diagnosis of this virus among travellers returning from the Hajj pilgrimage, which contrasted with the considerable anxiety relating to this emerging infection and its risk of importation and spread in mainland France. Instead of MERS-CoV, influenza A and B viruses had been detected. This illustrated the major disconnect between the fear of a hypothetical spread in France of a virus emerging in the Middle East and the reality of the absence of diagnosed cases, while concomitantly the very real and high incidence of respiratory viruses common worldwide and in our country and their associated mortality appeared largely neglected. Seven years later, the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 in December 2019 reproduced this pattern of disproportionate fear of importation and spread of infections in mainland France …’ “

Investigative journalist Harry Vox – Premonition of Lockdown Governance from 2014 (13 min)


Children in Sadistic Covid Captivity – by Julian Rose – https://lightonconspiracies.com/children-in-sadistic-covid-captivity/ – “Under what kind of extreme conditions might such a regulation be considered supportive of the health and welfare of children? I can think of no situation, however potentially serious, in which innocent young boys and girls should be treated with such sickening disdain and lack of humanity. To do it even when there is no valid case for taking such a step, is truly shocking to behold and should be categorized as a criminal action… The second Covid nightmare scenario to have been imposed on school children, and parents, is ‘e-education’. Sticking children behind computers for hours on end is never recommended, for obvious health reasons. But that is what is called-for in ‘e-education’, in which parents are also forced to be complicit by being instructed to take over the role of teacher ‘in the home’… Children are the bright lights of pure spirit. Behind their deep and beautiful eyes lies a whole new future for the human race. A true teacher recognises the presence of a stream of vivid imagination and helps it emerge; nurturing its formation into evolving channels of creative/artistic expression… This is a vocation of the highest merit. Like handling an infinitely precious gem stone. And because of what this gem might reveal, one must be humble enough to realise one is ultimately, during the ongoing development of this relationship, likely to land-up as the pupil… In building the New Society that must emerge out of the debris of this calamitous civilisation, the way we treat children will emerge as a critical factor in setting the standard for all that follows… There is a child at the centre of every one of us; if one is in doubt about the way to treat it, one is in doubt about one’s purpose for living.”

The Isolated Individual & the Crowd Beast (33 min) – by Truthstream Media

Militant Detained in Syria Claims He Underwent Training Supervised by US Instructorshttps://sputniknews.com/middleeast/202007141079876474-militant-detained-in-syria-claims-he-underwent-training-supervised-by-us-instructors/ – “One of the three militants detained near the city of Palmyra in western Syria told reporters that he had been trained under the supervision of US instructors… A militant, identified as Abdullah al-Mishuat, said that he and his counterparts were taught how to handle different types of weapons by American instructors who would come to training sessions to “observe from afar, monitor and evaluate the training process”. The exercises, however, were conducted by Syrians, according to the militant.”

Swedish Study: T-Cell Immunity is Significant Factor in COVID Herd Immunityhttps://21stcenturywire.com/2020/07/13/swedish-study-t-cell-immunity-is-significant-factor-in-covid-herd-immunity/ – ” ‘Intensive care units are getting empty, the wards are getting empty, we are really seeing a decrease — and that despite that people are really loosening up. The beaches are crowded, social distancing is not kept very well … but still the numbers are really decreasing. That means that something else is happening – we are actually getting closer to herd immunity. I can’t really see another reason.’.. ‘I can’t say if the Swedish approach was right or wrong – I think we can say that in one or two years when we are looking back. You have to look at the mortality over the whole period.’.. ‘I don’t think that we have more new cases, I think we are just detecting more cases.’.. ‘We found that if you have a mild case you can be negative for antibodies afterwards … in those almost all of them had strong T-cell activity. This study says that there are cases that you can have a strong T-cell response even though you have not had antibodies, meaning that you have encountered the virus and built up immunity.’ ”

Tucker Carlson just made this major announcement about leaving his show that left viewers stunned – by David Lindfield – https://newspushed.com/tucker-carlson-just-made-this-major-announcement-about-leaving-his-show-that-left-viewers-stunned/ – “Fake news CNN recently broke a story revealing that Blake Ness – who is the head writer for Tucker Carlson Tonight – made a series of racist posts on an online message board… Ness resigned as soon as the story broke and Carlson’s critics cheered because they long tried to smear Carlson as racist and thought their attacks finally hit home… Carlson addressed the topic as well as his immediate future during his show on Monday night by once again pointing out that he has always rejected bigotry and fought for a society where everyone is judged equally… Tucker Carlson announced he would be leaving his show for a vacation… But Carlson also took on the crew at fake news CNN and elsewhere that celebrated destroying Ness while pretending to be “self-righteous” and “holy” and that they too would be punished for this fraudulent act… ‘Blake fell short of that standard and he has paid a very price for it, but we should also point out to the ghouls now beating their chests in triumph at the destruction of a young man that self-righteousness also has its costs. We are all human. When we pretend we are holy, we are lying. When we pose as blameless in order to hurt other people, we are committing the gravest sin of all, and we will be punished for it, no question,’ Carlson added.”

Dispatches from the War: Trump and Fauci, a marriage made in the Beelzebub Room of the White House – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/07/14/trump-fauci-marriage-made-in-beelzebub-room-of-white-house/ – “You allowed Fauci to become head of the coronavirus task force, and to remain in that position, spreading vast clouds of overblown lies about the “pandemic” and the fascist measures needed to stem it… That’s a crime you’ll have to live with… But you can do something about it. The governors won’t. The mayors won’t. Believe me, I’ve looked high and low to find someone other than you, to whom I could send these dispatches. Some noble figure in the American landscape with power, who could turn the tide in the economic war against the people. I don’t see one. You’re the default choice.”

Hillary: ‘We Have to be Ready’ if Trump Refuses to ‘Go Quietly’ – by Paul Whitehead – https://neonnettle.com/news/11972-hillary-we-have-to-be-ready-if-trump-refuses-to-go-quietly- – “Clinton suggested there could be Russian meddling, telling Trevor Noah on The Daily Show she could not rule out foreign interference and voter suppression… Noah asked if Trump could blame mail-in voting in the event of losing November’s election… Clinton replied: ‘Well, I think it is a fair point to raise as to whether or not, if he loses, he’s going to go quietly or not,’ she said… ‘And we have to be ready for that.’.. Clinton also blasted Trump’s warning of mass voting fraud if mail-in ballots are in widespread use in November… ‘There have been so many academic studies and other analyses, which point out that it’s just an inaccurate, fraudulent claim,’ she said… ‘There isn’t that problem. All the games that are played … to try and keep the vote down – that’s the real danger to the integrity of our election, that combined with disinformation and misinformation and all the online shenanigans we saw in 2016.’.. ‘The first is: try to prevent many people who they think won’t vote for them from voting. So, make the lines really long, where young people vote of African Americans vote, or Hispanics vote.’.. ‘Try to make vote by mail as difficult as possible, when in fact, that is how Donald Trump votes and everyone who knows vote by mail understands that.’.. ‘Look, I want a fair election,’ she said… ‘If people get to vote and they, for whatever reason, vote for Donald Trump, OK, we’ll accept it. Not happily.’ ” (emphasis added)

NHS Consultant Says Staff Are Being Silenced Over COVID19– by an anonymous consultant – https://off-guardian.org/2020/07/13/nhs-consultant-says-staff-are-being-silenced-over-covid19/ – “Although we cannot verify his or her identity, we still think our readers should see it 1) because it dovetails with other verified reports, and 2) if it is what it alleges to be, it sheds concerning light on the state of things inside the healthcare system: ‘There are many good people in the NHS and whilst I do not plead forgiveness for myself, I do plead for them. Most are on low pay, they joined for the right reasons and I did and have been bullied and threatened that if they don’t ‘stay on message’ they don’t eat. I know that if a way could be found to assure staff within the NHS of safety against reprisals, there would be a tsunami of whistleblowers which I have no doubt would help end this complete and brutal insanity… I am finding it increasingly hard to live with what I have been involved in and I am sorry this has happened… To end, I would simply say this. Politicians haven’t changed, the country has just made a fatal mistake and started trusting them without question.’ ”

Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science since WW2 (48 min) – by Amazing Polly – Polly connects the dots explaining how both the U.S. (Atlanticist) and USSR adopted the same scientific approach to human governance – Systems Theory – mediated by a cadre of hundreds of (supposedly ex-) Nazi spies, leading to the domination of Technocratic control over world populations we see emerging today.


Tyrants HATE This 500 Year Old Trick for Ending Tyranny (46 min) – Keith Knight of Don’t Tread On Anyone interviews James Corbett on Etienne de la Boetie’s The Politics of Obedience – SHOW NOTES at: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=37151

Exposing Social Justice Warriors: How Wokeness Is Radicalising & Destroying The World (2hr 10min) – Interview of Author and Mathematician James Lindsay by Brian Rose – https://freedomplatform.tv/james-lindsay-exposing-social-justice-warriors-how-wokeness-is-radicalising-destroying-the-world/Extremely important, and, frankly, dazzling interview with the brilliant Dr. Lindsay on this crucial subject area

Cult Programming in Seattle – The city is training white municipal employees to overcome their “internalized racial superiority.” – by Christopher F. Rufo – https://www.city-journal.org/seattle-interrupting-whiteness-training – “Last month, the City of Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights sent an email inviting “white City employees” to attend a training session on “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,” a program designed to help white workers examine their “complicity in the system of white supremacy” and “interrupt racism in ways that are accountable to Black, Indigenous and People of Color.” Hoping to learn more, I submitted a public records request for all documentation related to the training. The results are disturbing.”

For the Week of 7/6/20:

Trump: Something Big Will Happen With Venezuela & “We’ll Be Very Much Involved” – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/trump-something-big-will-happen-venezuela-well-be-very-much-involved – Currently the United States is looking to seize gasoline aboard the next group of Iranian tankers bound for Venezuela, after the last delivery by five sanctions-busting tankers last month were successful despite being accompanied by similar US threats… President Trump on Friday signaled the US is indeed about to “move” on Venezuela and its sanctions thwarting activities with the help of ‘rogue states’ like Iran. He told the Spanish-language American channel Noticias Telemundo on Friday that‘Something will be happening with Venezuela” and that the United States will “be very much involved.’.. Trump said the US would’ take care of the people of Venezuela’ and ultimately support whoever was legitimately elected. But of course, it remains that the US deems any support to Nicolas Maduro by definition “illegitimate”.”

The Fall of Plahotniuc and a New Hope for Moldova – by Matthew Ehret – https://fort-russ.com/2020/07/the-fall-of-plahotniuc-and-a-new-hope-for-moldova/ – “Regardless of whether or not Plahotniuc is extradited sooner or later, the game is most certainly up, and beginning in late 2019, Moldova began to reclaim its ancient heritage as a keystone in China’s East-West Silk Road as two major infrastructure deals worth $400 million were signed with China, including two major highways: One encircling Chisinau and the other connecting to Ukraine… President Dodon beautifully expressed his understanding of this process in March 2020 saying: ‘We should acknowledge that this pandemic has shown ‘who is who,’ who is a real friend and who will be always by our side in need, even if they also face hard times… I will cite as an example Russia and China here because these were the first countries that responded to our request.’ “

Cops Raid Mansion Of St. Louis Couple Who Defended Home From Protesters, Confiscate AR-15 – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/phoenix-mayor-lied-about-morgues-bringing-refrigerator-trucks-store-overflow-covid-bodies – “Police executed a search warrant Friday evening at the McCloskey’s home, seizing the rifle used in the June 28 incident, according to KSDK. The couple said their attorney was in possession of the pistol Patricia McCloskey brandished during the confrontation. The raid comes two weeks after St. Louis circuit attorney Kimberly Gardner vowed to work with the St. Louis Police Department to conduct an investigation into the incident… According to the report, there are no charges against the McCloskeys at this time, as the warrant was just for the guns… As Fox News reports, the McCloskeys appeared on “Hannity” where they said that protesters had returned to their neighborhood on July 3, however they had been tipped off and hired private security before “300 to 500 people” entered their gated community, according to Patricia McCloskey… ‘”[They said] that they were going to kill us,’ she said. ‘They were going to come in there. They were going to burn down the house. They were going to be living in our house after I was dead, and they were pointing to different rooms and said, ‘That’s going to be my bedroom and that’s going to be the living room and I’m going to be taking a shower in that room’.’ ”

Technocrats Pitch Surveillance System To Detect Next Pandemic – by Patrick Wood – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/technocrats-pitch-surveillance-system-to-detect-next-pandemic.html – “Evidence (Question: What evidence?) shows the virus that causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, came from bats that likely passed the virus onto another species before infecting humans, according to the World Health Organization… Infectious disease experts, ecologists, wildlife biologists and other experts argue, in a paper published in the journal Science, that a decentralized global system of wildlife surveillance must be established before the next pandemic… ‘It’s impossible to know how often animal viruses spill over into the human population, but coronaviruses alone have caused outbreaks in people three times in the last 20 years,’ co-author Jennifer Philips said in a press release… ‘Even a decade ago it would have been difficult to conduct worldwide surveillance at the human-wildlife interface,’ Philips continued. ‘But because of technological advances, it is now feasible and affordable, and it has never been more obvious how necessary it is.’.. Researchers said in the paper that expansion into wild areas for resources due to population growth has exacerbated the problem.”

The Delusion Of A Seamless Reopening Is About To Be Obliterated – by Brandon Smith – http://alt-market.com/index.php/articles/4274-the-delusion-of-a-seamless-reopening-is-about-to-be-obliterated – “As I have argued for the past few months, the REAL public crisis will strike when the secondary lockdowns are enforced, either by state governments or the federal government. Make no mistake, these orders are coming. We can already see restriction in some states being implemented, though they refuse yet to call the situation a “lockdown”… What happens next? The companies that did survive the first phase lockdowns are now going to get hit again, hard. I expect another 50% of small businesses to either close permanently or announce bankruptcy over this summer and fall. This means a second huge surge in job losses in the service sector… Rather than promoting localized production, independent economies and self-sufficiency, the establishment is going to suggest martial law and medical tyranny as the solution to the pandemic problem. In other words, they will demand total control over the population and the erasure of constitutional liberties in the name of “the greater good”… These are the same people that downplayed the pandemic at the beginning of the year and refused to stop travel from China until it was too late. They are also the same people (including Dr. Anthony Fauci) who gave the Chinese millions of dollars to play around with the coronavirus at the Level 4 lab in Wuhan, which is the likely source of the current outbreak. I’m not sure why ANYONE would want to give more power to the people that caused the crisis in the first place… Three factors are working hand-in-hand to undermine U.S. stability and create a rationale for totalitarian controls including the economic crash, civil unrest and the pandemic itself. Understand that preparations to protect yourself and your family must be finalized NOW. There will not be even a minor recovery after the next shutdown.”

Colorado Town Threatens Up To A Year In Jail For People Who Don’t Wear Maskshttps://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/colorado-town-threatens-up-to-a-year-in-jail-for-people-who-dont-wear-masks.html – “TOPICS:Covid MaskJohn VibesEarlier this week, the city of Englewood, Colorado, issued an emergency order which requires citizens to wear masks… The order was issued by Shawn Lewis of Englewood, and approved by the city council shortly after. The law will go to effect on Friday. All city residents over the age of five will be required to wear a mask in public that covers both their mouth and nose any time they enter a business or travel on public transportation… Employees at these businesses and drivers for public transportation will also be required to wear masks. The first time someone is cited for not wearing a mask they will be fined $15, after that, it will move up to $25 for a second offense. However, there is a maximum penalty of $2,650 or up to 360 days in prison.”

Texas Recommends Wearing Masks at Home, New York Bans All Large Gatherings Except BLM Protests – by Gerald Tracey – https://www.anti-empire.com/texas-recommends-wearing-masks-at-home-new-york-bans-all-large-gatherings-except-blm-protests/ – ““We still need people to wear the mask out in public, we still need people to keep social distance and isolation,” (Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Nim) Kidd said. “Ryan, the one thing I want to try to get across today is we need to do that when we’re in our homes also… ‘As you know, I’m a life-long San Antonian, grew up there, worked there for many years and I know how many multi-generational families that we have. While we believe the community is doing a great job of following the rules when they are outside the home, we really need to be thinking about doing the same thing when we’re inside the home.’ “

“Tsunami” of Evictions Could Make 28 Million Americans Homeless This Summer Alone – by Elias Marat – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/tsunami-of-evictions-could-make-28-million-americans-homeless-this-summer-alone.html – “Emily Benfer is the chair of the American Bar Association’s Task Force Committee on Eviction and co-creator of the COVID-19 Housing Policy Scorecard with the Eviction Lab at Princeton University. In an interview with CNBC, Benfer explained that the current public health crisis will soon see tens of millions of people losing their homes in the coming weeks… ‘We have never seen this extent of eviction in such a truncated amount of time in our history,’ she said. ‘We can expect this to increase dramatically in the coming weeks and months, especially as the limited support and intervention measures that are in place start to expire.’.. ‘About 10 million people, over a period of years, were displaced from their homes following the foreclosure crisis in 2008,’ she added…’“We’re looking at 20 million to 28 million people in this moment, between now and September, facing eviction.’ ”

CIVIL WAR 2 in America – WHO WOULD WIN? In Depth Analysis (52 min) – by “Mark my Words” Ferocious Philosophy channel

Tyranny Without a Tyrant: The Deep State’s Divide-and-Conquer Strategy Is WorkingWhat exactly is going on? – by John W. Whitehead – https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/tyranny_without_a_tyrant_the_deep_states_divide_and_conquer_strategy_is_working – “Is this revolution? Is this anarchy? Is this a spectacle engineered to distract us from the machinations of the police state? Is this a sociological means of re-setting our national equilibrium? Is this a Machiavellian scheme designed to further polarize the populace and undermine our efforts to stand unified against government tyranny? Is this so-called populist uprising actually a manufactured race war and election-year referendum on who should occupy the White House?.. Whatever it is, this—the racial hypersensitivity without racial justice, the kowtowing to politically correct bullies with no regard for anyone else’s free speech rights, the violent blowback after years of government-sanctioned brutality, the mob mindset that is overwhelming the rights of the individual, the oppressive glowering of the Nanny State, the seemingly righteous indignation full of sound and fury that in the end signifies nothing, the partisan divide that grows more impassable with every passing day—is not leading us anywhere good.”

After Cops Execute Teen, Destroy Security Cameras, Autopsy Finds He Was Shot in the Back – by Matt Agorist – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/after-cops-execute-teen-destroy-security-cameras-autopsy-finds-he-was-shot-in-the-back.html – “The interview also contained images of one of the deputies on scene reportedly smirking at the family as they asked why their child was killed… ‘UPDATE: came to speak with the manager. Andres ran down the driveway, got on his knees and put his hands behind his head. Then 1 Cop shot him in the back 7 times. They broke all the cameras and took the DVR, which they pulled a warrant for after the fact. Video of this coming pic.twitter.com/CLUDUfCYBO‘ — Memo Torres (@el_tragon_de_LA) twitter: June 19, 2020… Also, conveniently enough for the deputies, none of them were wearing body cameras… A week after killing their son, the family has learned that they would not be receiving the results of their son’s autopsy any time soon… The results of the autopsy, which was likely very simple considering he had multiple bullet holes in him, was placed on a “security hold” by the department, according to a statement from the coroner’s office… ‘Since LASD placed a security hold on the case, the report and the cause of death cannot be released to the public,’ Sarah Ardalani, the Public Information Officer for the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office, told CNN… So the family conducted their own.”

U.S. Marshals raid church and arrest sons of Mark Grenon – Genesis 2 Church – in Florida over MMS supplement, violating First Amendment rights of religious expression – by Mike Adams – https://www.newstarget.com/2020-07-08-us-marshals-raid-church-mark-grenon-genesis-2-church-mms.html – “The U.S. FDA has deployed U.S. Marshals to illegally raid a church in Florida and arrest the two sons of Mark Grenon of Genesis II Church, which promotes MMS (chlorine dioxide) as a health remedy under First Amendment protections of religious freedom… Two sons of Mark Grenon, founder of the church, have been taken into custody and are currently in a jail in Tampa. We have not yet learned what charges, if any, have been filed against them. Natural News spoke with Mark Grenon by phone earlier today, and he confirmed he is in Colombia and expecting to be arrested and extradited at any moment, and says he will not resist the extradition order but will stand his ground in court and argue for First Amendment protections for the Genesis II Church.”

80-85 Percent of Supposed US “COVID Hospitalizations” Actually Hospitalized for Something Else – The sunbelt spike in “COVID hospitalizations” is driven by patients admitted for something other than coronavirus – by Joseph Guzman – https://www.anti-empire.com/80-85-percent-of-supposed-us-covid-hospitalizations-actually-hospitalized-for-something-else/ – “A Stanford medical expert is urging people not to panic over the surge in coronavirus cases occurring in several parts of the U.S., arguing it doesn’t matter how many cases there are but only “who gets the cases.”.. Scott Atlas, former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center and a senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, said Monday that for people under 70, the death rate from COVID-19 is lower than or equal to the seasonal flu… ‘When we see this focus on more cases, it doesn’t really matter how many cases — it only matters who gets the cases. We know that the infection-fatality rate for people under 70 is 0.04 percent — that’s less than or equal to the seasonal flu,’ Atlas told Fox News”

From the Blast-From-The-Past Desk: Researchers Develop Microscopic RFID Chip to Embed in Human Cells – by Claire Swedberg – https://www.rfidjournal.com/researchers-develop-microscopic-rfid-chip-to-embed-in-human-cells – “Aug 30, 2017… One physical limitation that RFID technology has faced as it has been adopted in most vertical markets is chip size. Although chips have become smaller (they can now be inserted into a tag the size of a grain of rice, for instance), that is still too large for some applications… Researchers at Stanford University are now several phases into a development project to create a passive, 60 GHz RFID transponder that is small enough to be inserted into a human body’s cell. Thus far, the group has been able to scale the chip and antenna down to about 22 microns (0.0009 inch) wide—one fifth the diameter of an average human hair—which is small enough that it could be inserted inside a cell, and thus be read throughout a person’s body. The chip, in fact, has been inserted into a mouse melanoma cell. RFID could also be placed within a mass of cells, such as a tumor… The Stanford team’s chip is too small to be seen with the human eye. The researchers—members of the university’s electrical engineering department—call the system a micrometer-scale magnetic resonance-coupled RFID transceiver for wireless sensors in cells. Their goal is to create the chip with an associated RF antenna at a microscopic size, so that it could be used for health-care diagnostic and research purposes. For instance, a chip embedded in a person’s living cell could remain inert in a specific part of the body, and respond to interrogation from a reader outside the body, in order to indicate where it is located, as well as any sensor-based data if linked to such technology.” – Comment: This is from 3 years ago…

Joe Biden Pledges to Grant Citizenship to 11 Million Illegal Aliens – by Jack Murphy – https://neonnettle.com/news/11923-joe-biden-pledges-to-grant-citizenship-to-11-million-illegal-aliens – “Former Vice President Joe Biden has vowed to grant citizenship rights for 11 million illegal aliens and abolish President Donald Trump’s robust border policies if elected… Biden also pledged to limit ICE’s ability to deport criminals in local jails, expand sanctuary locations while reversing deportations for some military veterans ousted because of criminal records… The plan argues that “systemic racism” has infected ‘our immigration system, including the policies at our borders and ports of entry, detention centers and within immigration law enforcement agencies, policies, and operations.’.. The platform would eradicate Trump’s travel ban for countries failing to cooperate with U.S. authorities while inviting that denied entry over the last years to reapply… It would also increase the cap of 18,000 refugees a year to 125,000 a year, the highest since the mid-1990s.”

The American Economy In Four Words: Neofeudal Extortion, Decline, & Collapse – by Charles Hugh Smith – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/american-economy-four-words-neofeudal-extortion-decline-collapse – “Our society has a legal structure of self-rule and ownership of capital, but in reality it is a Neofeudal Oligarchy.”

Retail Apocalypse Accelerates – 8,700 Stores Closing, Number Set To Rise – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/retail-apocalypse-accelerates-8700-stores-closing-number-set-rise

US Budget Deficit Hits A Record $863 Billion In June, A 100X Increase – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/us-budget-deficit-hits-record-863-billion-june-100x-increase – “This means that the June budget deficit was was a mindblowing $863 billion, an increase of 101x compared to the $8 billion deficit in June of last year… Putting June’s deficit in context, it was greater than the full year deficit recorded in 2018, and in fact in any year from 2013 to 2017. It is a