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For the week of 12/24:

Syrian Military: Militants Using Chemical Weapons – by Tony Cartalucci, TheIntelHub.com

Gun Re-Education Programs In Public Schools – by Brandon Smith, TheIntelHub.com

ViaSat Military Communications and US Ignite Ensure Government-Controlled Internet – by Susanne Posel, ActivistPost.com

2013 Resolution – by Dean Henderson, DeanHenderson.wordpress.com – “The first resolution to make this year is to get out of completely out of debt. Debt is the main tool of the Illuminati in keeping us docile, quiet and scared – Next, consider moving to the country and becoming more self-sufficient.”

Geoengineered Snow Storms Wreaking Havoc around the Globe – by Dane Wigington, GeoEngineeringWatch.org

Video: The Turning Point – Public awareness of the Bilderberg group is finally emerging – http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DcHszo89ugc

Sandy Hook massacre: Evidence of official foreknowledge? – by Niall Bradley, VeteransToday.com

Did Mossad death squads slaughter American children at Sandy Hook? – by Jim Fetzer and Press TV, VeteransToday.com

Directed History is Not Conspiracy Theory – by Steven Yates, Ph.d, WarIsCrime.com – A long, well written article from before the nomination of Mitt Romney, covering the hidden-in-plain-sight development of “Global Governance” through the ministrations of people under the auspices of the British and American “super elites.”

United Nations Global Warming Propaganda Exposed – by Andrew Puhanic, TheGlobalistReport.com

The Children In Connecticut; Not In Iraq – by Nesreen Melek, Opinion-Maker.org

The Sandy Hook School Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information – Inconsistencies and anomalies abound when one turns an analytical eye to news of the Newtown school massacre – by Prof. James F. Tracy, GlobalResearch.ca

US Attempting “Regime Change” in Malaysia: Fact or Fiction? – by Nile Bowie, GlobalResearch.ca

Russia Warns of ‘Bloody Chaos’ in Syria – should a proposal from Lakhdar Brahimi, the international envoy, to set up a transitional government fail – by Damien McElroy, Ruth Sherlock and Robert Tait in Jerusalem, InformationClearingHouse.info

Facebook Purges Pro-Gun Accounts – Massive act of censorship sees alternative media pages disappeared – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com

Sandy Hook: Huge Hoax and Anti-Gun “Psy Op” – by Jim Fetzer and Dennis Cimino, VeteransToday.com

Media Quiet About San Antonio Theater Shooting – “There was an off duty county deputy at the theater. SHE pulled out her gun and shot the man 4 times before he had a chance to kill anyone.” – The guy she shot went into a restaurant, supposedly to shoot his ex-girlfriend. The people in the restaurant fled into a theater next door, and the shooter followed. WHY? Not covered by national media. – from BeforeItsNews.com

Sweden’s War on Cash Runs Into a Wall – and a Heroic Bank – by Joseph T. Salerno, LewRockwell.com – by Joseph T. Salerno, LewRockwell.com

Fed members gave their own banks $4 trillion during bailout – from RT.com

UN Syria ‘Peace Plan’ a Fraud – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

Council on Foreign Relations Plan for Global Governance in 2013 – by Nicholas West, ActivistPost.com

Fund Set Up to Help Save Drakes Bay Oyster Company – from ActivistPost.com

Video (2 1/2 min.): Gravity Powered Light Has Other Applications – from ActivistPost.com

Syria faces Humanitarian Catastrophe – by Bill Van Auken, GlobalResearch.ca

Oliver Stone: ‘US has become an Orwellian state’ – by Russia Today, from GlobalResearch.ca – An interview with Stone and filmmaking partner Peter Kuznick

America’s Descent into Deception and Tyranny: Agenda Prevails Over Truth – by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, GlobalResearch.ca

Orwell in the Electronic Age: Phone Calls, Facebook, Emails. Congress Extends Warrantless Spying – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca

US-Russia Relations: Cold War Politics Heats Up – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca

Video Shown of Apparent Execution of Afghan Soldier – by Rod Nordland, NYTimes.com – “It was yet another example of a terrible truth, one that has been a commonplace for so long that it is seldom commented upon: insurgents in Afghanistan rarely take any prisoners.”


Letter from Chinese Laborer Pleading for Help Found in Halloween Decorations – by Jessica Ferri, Shine.Yahoo.com

For the week of 12/17:

QE 4: Folks, This Ain’t Normal – What You Need To Know About The Fed’s Latest Move – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com

Syria’s VP acknowledges crisis deepens: paper – from XinhuaNet.com

The Great Social Security Robbery – by James Petras, Rense.com

Newtown shooting: police warn of prosecutions for misuse of social media – Connecticut police lieutenant Paul Vance says those responsible for misinformation on could be subject to arrest – from Guardian.co.uk

TNT after all – from SmolenskCrash.eu – “Jan Bokszczanin, a producer of devices detecting explosives, who was present during the justice committees hearing, said that it was impossible that the devices pointing to TNT traces could have been mistaken with anything else. ‘In factual conditions […] if the device indicated the presence of the TNT particles, the possibility that they were anything else are zero.’ ”

Vaccine Bombshell: Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After This Vaccine – by Christina England, VacTruth.com – “In addition to these 36 deaths at least 37 other deaths (sudden death mainly), bringing the total to at least 73 deaths since the launch of the vaccine in 2000, and again, this concerns only the death by sudden death, no further recovery of under-reporting.”

US backed “Free Syrian Army” has “Crossed the Line”: Threatens to Kill Russians and Ukrainians in Syria – from GlobalResearch.ca – “They are demanding 50 million U.S. dollars for her life. The ultimatum that was signed by the field commanders of the paramilitary wing of the opposition Free Syrian Army expires on December 13th.”

New IPCC Climate Fraud Evidence Leaked Along with Geoengineering Admissions – by Sheppard Ambellas, TheIntelHub.com – “The IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s) 5th Assessment Report due for release in September of 2013, has now been leaked publicly over 9 months in advance on an internet publication called ‘Stop Green Suicide‘. – One of the reports 800 expert reviewers, a man by the name of Alex Rawls, apparently leaked the report and is backing it with written evidence that cosmic rays are actually the cause of climate change and warming patterns, thus possibly blowing the lid off the whole entire global warming fraud pushed by figureheads such as Al Gore and others.”

The Woes of an American Drone Operator – Dreams in Infrared – by Nicola Abé, Spiegel.de

The Deep Background of the Sandy Hook bloodbath: Intelligence analyst – from PressTV.ir – “Days later, the Sandy Hook Massacre, the iconic slaughter of twenty small children, is now looking like a terrorist attack, not a “murder suicide.” Was “lone gunman” Adam Lanza a “patsy,” the same word Lee Harvey Oswald used to describe himself before being “silenced” in November 1963?”

Canadian Human Rights Commission: Gag Lemire Now – Who cares whether or not Section 13 is constitutional? – from FreedomSite.org

I am “Adam Lanza’s” Doctor – by Dr. Rima Lebow, SaveMyLifeDrRima.com

Snap Out of It! – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com – “How much longer will these covert agencies be allowed to waltz in and stage terrorist events and blame it on some patsy and imply it’s some “social problem” that needs ‘meaningful action’?”

How the Newtown Massacre Became a Mind-Control Television Event – by Jon Rappoport, BeforeItsNews.com

Drakes Bay Oyster Farm closure by Ken Salazar – with Dr. Corey Goodman’s complaint with the Commerce Department Inspector General regarding misconduct related to the closure and Petition to Save Drakes Bay Oyster Co. – from DefendRuralAmerica.com

Remarks by the Vice President at a Meeting With Law Enforcement Leaders – from BeforeItsNew.com – “And so with that, I’d like to disinvite the press out of the room. (Laughter.) We’re going to have a frank discussion, and as these women and men in uniform around this table know, we are never not frank with one another. So I’m anxious to get to a discussion.”

Remarks by the President at the Diplomatic Corps Reception – from BeforeItsNews.com

The “Fiscal Cliff” Is A Diversion: The Derivatives Tsunami and the Dollar Bubble – by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, GlobalResearch.ca

Mayan calendar, Sandy Hook, Peace Prize Obama: Your entire reality has been scripted by the manipulation masters – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control – by Niall Bradley, VeteransToday.com

Agenda 21 and the New World Economy: where happiness ‘matters’ – by Julie Beal, ActivistPost.com

For the week of 12/10:

New Evidence of Voting Fraud with Prop 37 Initiative to Label GMO’s – from TheIntelHub.com – “…news of this unfinished count has never hit the mainstream, leaving many to think that this effort has already been lost.”

Proof that Morgellons is MAN MADE! Government stonewalls investigation – from BeforeItsNews.com

UN Summit: Transforming Your Kids into “Climate Change Agents” – by William F. Jasper, TheNewAmerican.com

US Imperialism, International Law and the United Nations – by Julie Lévesque, GlobalResearch.ca

If you won’t get scanned, you won’t be catching your flight – by Charlie Osborne, SmartPlanet.com – “Not every passenger passing through Melbourne Airport will be required to undergo body scanning. A random selection process is part of the deal, but if you are picked and have no “valid, medical or physical condition” which stops you — refusal notwithstanding — then you will not be permitted to fly.”

Dehydrating the Palestinian People – by John Glaser, AntiWar.com – ‘…Israel is destroying the water reserves of Palestinians in the West Bank as part of an intentional policy to ethnically cleanse the occupied territories “and thus make it easier to annex these areas to Israel.” ‘

Public Buses Across Country Quietly Adding Microphones to Record Passenger Conversations – by Kim Zetter,Wired.com

As American commanders target Afghan children Karzai offers immunity for continued US occupation – by Bill Van Auken, Uruknet.info

Secret Meeting in London: Plotting to Wage War on Syria without UN Authorization – Britain’s “Duplicity, treachery and infidelity.” – by Felicity Arbuthnot, GlobalResearch.ca

Lawsuit: Use of “Taser is not unconstitutional when used to compel obedience” – Cop fired weapon into chest of handcuffed woman at point blank range – by Steve Watson, PrisonPlanet.com

Feds Say Oakland Can’t Block Seizure of Harborside Medical Pot Dispensary – from ActivistPost.com

TSA Moves to Sovietize Internal Travel – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com

Congress outraged by the secrecy beind Obama’s drone war – from RT.com – ” ‘My concern is not why drones are used, or when drones are used but the legal authority for the use of drones,’ added Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas). ‘I hope the committee will use this opportunity to take the issue up.’ ”

For the week of 12/3:

Convergence: Globalists Push Russia-EU Merger – by William F. Jasper, TheNewAmerican.com

30 Year Cover-Up of Vaccine Dangers Exposed in UK Government Transcripts – by Apollo, TheArrowsOfTruth.com

Bolivia cuts ties with Israel, seeks genocide charges against Israeli officials – Bolivian President Evo Morales says Israel’s ‘attacks against humanity’ in Gaza threaten world peace – by Reuters, Haaretz.com

Drake’s Bay Oyster Co. Put Out of Business by Agenda 21 – by James Bennett, ActivistPost.com

Anti-Drone Activists Could Get 7 Years for ‘Irritating’ US Air Force Colonel – Judge’s signed protection order against peaceful protest called an ‘escalation’ and an ‘absurd’ threat to free speech – from CommonDreams.org

Mumps Outbreak Involved 97% Vaccinated Children – by Kenny Valenzuela, ActivistPost.com – “The results covered in the video report below indicate that 97% of the cases tested involved students who have been previously vaccinated against the mumps; and even more overwhelming is that 89% had received two doses of the MMR vaccination…”

Seismic Evidence Implies Controlled Demolition on 9/11 – from Washingtonsblog.com – “André Rousseau is a Doctor of Geophysics and Geology, a former researcher in the French National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS), who has published 50 papers on the relationships between the characteristics of progressive mechanical waves and geology. (He) says that the seismic waves measured on September 11th prove that the 3 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition.” – From a new scientific article (pdf) published by the Journal of 9/11 Studies.

Tax eats into 70% of UK families income – A new study has found that families in Britain pay some of the highest tax rates in the developed world, compared to other nations like Ireland, Canada and Chile – from PressTV.ir

Operation Sandy – “Sandy was not a natural disaster. No, it was created by the U. S. Chemtrails Air Force and by those at the highest positions in the government who command it.” – by Les Crane, HenryMakow.com

Mayor Bloomberg Orders Raid on Occupy Sandy Disaster Relief Shelter – by JG Vibes, TheIntelHub.com

Article and Video: Frequently Unanswered Questions of the “Australian Government” – A probing documentary that dares to ask vital questions: Is Luxury Car Tax lawful? Is Goods & Services tax lawful? Are they pretend laws? Which Parliament did those laws come from? Which Commonwealth do those laws belong to? Why is there a Commonwealth of Australia registered in Washington DC? – from Truth-Now.net

Our Collapsing Economy and Currency – by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, GlobalResearch.ca

US-NATO Sponsored Crimes against Humanity in Syria. Coverup by UN Human Rights Council – Why is the UNSMIS Houla Report Missing? – by Ronda Hauben, GlobalResearch.ca

Bankers, Bradburys, Carnage And Slaughter On The Western Front – A little known historical fact that will collapse even further the reputation of the City of London – by Justin Walker, UKColumn.org

The Geopolitical Chess Game behind the Israeli Attack on Gaza – by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, GlobalResearch.ca

Washington Floats Chemical Weapons Charge as Pretext for Syria Buildup – by Bill Van Auken, GlobalResearch.ca

Israel To Deploy Drones in Azerbaijan. Preemptive Strike on Iran? – by Xinhua News Agency, GlobalResearch.ca

Susan Rice’s Imperial Credentials – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca

Colorado Business Groups Ask Feds to Enforce Marijuana Laws Against Amendment 64 – from TheDailyChronic.net

Comprehensive Scientific Study Calculates the Cost of Geoengineering – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “…studies such as the one detailed in this article only add more evidence to the mounting heap of previous other documents and admissions relating to geoengineering projects the world over.”

Eight-year-old girl to be given forced vaccinations against mother’s will after court ruling (in Australia) – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

US Court Lets Big Pharma Sail, Cracks Down on Natural Health – by Lisa Garber, TheIntelHub.com

URGENT: NATO Preparing Psy-Op in Syria – by Tony Cartalucci, LandDestroyer.blogspot.com

Pentagon secretly flying drones in US airspace – from RT.com

HAARP Unleashes Tesla Death Ray – from BeforeItsNews.com

Shock Video Shows ‘Syrian Rebels’ Testing Chemical Weapons – Clip shows gas killing lab rabbits as rebel threatens Alawite population – by Paul Joseph Watson, PropagandaMatix.com

Israel to join US-led military coalition against Syria: Report – from PressTV.ir

US Sponsored Genocide Against Iraq 1990-2012. Killed 3.3 Million, Including 750,000 Children – Statement by Professor Francis Boyle, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal – by Sherwood Ross, GlobalResearch.ca

Syria: EU Nobel Winners, Dodgy Deals, Clinton and Osama bin Laden’s Ally – by Felicity Arbuthnot, GlobalResearch.ca

US Imperialism, International Law and the United Nations – by Julie Lévesque, GlobalResearch.ca

Court Rules Feds Can Vaccinate Kids Without Consent Under Public Health Emergency – by Heather Callaghan, ActivistPost.com

It is sanction time for Israel – Israel fell into a carefully laid trap today by refusing to allow inspections of its weapons of mass destruction facilities. This has opened the door for the only possible response. It is sanction time for the Israelis. Let them reap what they have sown. And let us do what we must do. – by Jim W. Dean, MyCatbirdSeat.com

For the week of 11/26:

Al Qaeda “Virtue Police” Show up Along NATO Protected Turkish-Syrian Border – NATO-backed terrorists along Turkish-Syrian border establish Al Qaeda-style “Virtue & Vice Police,” heralding the West’s true designs for Syria – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

Video (5:40) – A New Breed of Internet Surveillance Emerges – by Mick Meaney, ActivistPost.com

Surveillance Grid Moves Ahead With VoIP Spy Technology – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com

NYU professor plows her way through 663-page farm bill – by Lynne Rossetto Kasper, SplendidTable.org – “..it’s so astonishingly irrational it just takes your breath away.”

Symantec discovers new malware destroying Iranian data – by Aatif Sulleyman, ITProPortal.com – “Narilam is said to share some similarities with Stuxnet, the malware that attacked Iran and disrupted its nuclear program”

Andrew Gavin Marshall on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), from AndrewGavinMarshall.com: Part 1– This is What Corporate Governance Looks Like; Part 2– Why So Secretive? The Trans-Pacific Partnership as Global Corporate Coup; Part 3– What “Free Trade” Actually Means

Christian Worship & Hypnotic Manipulation – By Michael Sherlock, MichaelSherlockAuthor,blogspot.ca

Breaking: Western-backed Terrorists in Syria Slaughter Christians in Bombing – by Tony Cartalucci, TheIntelHub.com

First Amendment Win: Supreme Court Rejects Attempt to Block Recording of Police Officers – from CommonDreams.org

Struggles, New and Old, Emerge in Sandy’s Wake – by Peter Rugh, NationOfChange.org

Fracking the Great Lakes – by Lois Gibbs, NationOfChange.org – “It is against the law to frack under the lakes but there are no laws about fracking near streams, creeks, rivers that empty into the lakes…”

States’ reaction to Obamacare gives president dose of his own medicine – The Oklahoman Editorial, NewsOK.com – “Obamacare is the law of the land, but this doesn’t make opponents responsible for doing all the heavy lifting of implementation”

Goldman Sachs: A Criminal Enterprise – by Dean Henderson, DeanHenderson.wordpress.com

Endtime Madness: A Condition To Be ‘Reckoned’ With – by The Health Coach, WakingTimes.com

Brzezinski: “Populist Resistance” is Derailing the New World Order – Rise in “populist activism” a threat to “external control” – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com

Israel’s Transportation Ministry mulling separate buses for Palestinians – by Mairav Zonszein, Uruknet.info

The Osama bin Laden Myth – by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, GlobalResearch.ca

Israeli Terror: The “Final Solution” to the Palestine Question – by Prof. James Petras, GlobalResearch.ca

US to supervise building a secret underground military facility in Israel – from PressTV.ir

Why Are Cows Tails Dropping Off? – by Elizabeth Royte, The Nation via Truth-Out.org – hint: They were all healthy before fracking began around them…

Actually, The Newest Version Of NDAA Makes It EASIER To Detain Citizens Indefinitely – by Michael Kelley, BusinessInsider.com

Benghazi: Behind the scenes (Part II) – by Doug Hagmann, CanadaFreePress.com

Agenda 21: Revealing The Next U.S. Land Grab, The Trojan Horse, Heritage Areas – by and with video interview of Tom DeWeese, BeforeItsNews.com

EU rejects French report linking GM maize to cancer – from Agence France Press, France24.com

Recent Evidence Shows Vaccinated Kids Account For 90 Percent of Cases of Whooping Cough – by Dave Mihalovic, PreventDisease.com

A Second Wave of Genocide Looms in Congo, with Susan Rice on Point – by Glen Ford, Uruknet.info

For the week of 11/19:

97 Percent of Our DNA Has a Higher Purpose And Is Not ‘Junk’ As Labeled By Scientists – by Michael Forrester, PreventDisease.com

World has put up with Zionist apartheid for too long – by Finian Cunningham, PressTV.ir

Israeli minister vows Palestinian ‘holocaust’ – by Tim Butcher, Telegraph.co.uk

Grantham: Biggest Housing Bubble Since 807 A.D. Has Burst – by Washington’s Blog via GlobalResearch.ca

NSA Refuses To Release Secret Obama Directive On Cybersecurity – Order may allow military takeover of internet – by Steve Watson, Infowars.com

DHS to more than double number of its Predator Drones – from PressTV.ir – “DHS signed a contract that could be worth as much as $443 million with General Atomics for the purchase up to fourteen additional Predator drones to fly near the border of Mexico and Canada”

United Nations Moves to Impose International Treaties On States Legalizing Marijuana – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com

Israeli Aggression: Dress Rehearsal for Iran? – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca

Xbox Kinect Cameras and Smart TVs – Who is Watching Whom? – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com

Geithner unveils his true agenda: Infinite debt means infinite economic enslavement of America – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

Big Brother, Kill Lists, and Secrecy: What to Expect from Obama’s Second Term – by Christian Stork, WhoWhatWhy.com

California Gets Face Scanners To Spy On Everyone At Once – by Russia Today, from GlobalResearch.ca

Bad News for Africa: 3,000 More U.S. Soldiers are on the Way – by Mark P. Fancher, GlobalResearch.ca

Don’t Think The US Military Is Concerned With The Climate? Think Again – by Dane Wigington, ZenGardner.com

The Dark (Pool) Truth About What Really Goes On In The Stock Market – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com

Colorado Congress Reps Introduce Bill to Respect States’ Rights For Marijuana Use – from ActivistPost.com

Malaysia: Victim of America’s “Irregular Warfare” Ops? – by Nile Bowie, TheIntelHub.com – TC 18-01 SPECIAL FORCES UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE is a secret political policy doc that describes the type of destabilizations now being used by “U.S. interests” in creating regime change around the world.

United Nations ‘Should Not Control The Internet’ Say EU MPs – by Michael Rundle, HuffingtonPost.co.uk

Pentagon Wants to Keep Running Its Afghan Drug War From Blackwater’s HQ – By Spencer Ackerman, Wired.com

WMD-free Middle East conference cancelled for Israeli worries – from PressTV.ir

America’s New Proxy, The Syrian National Coalition: The Many Faces of its Leader, Sheikh Ahmad Moaz Al-Khatib – by Thierry Meyssan, GlobalResearch.ca ‘ “…he is in truth a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and an executive of <Shell Oil>”

Google and Microsoft Investing in a Future of Augmented Reality – by Nicholas West, ActivistPost.com

Healthcare Workers Fired for Failing to Get Flu Vaccinations – by Melissa Melton, Infowars.com – “A Cincinnati-based health system has reportedly fired 150 of its 10,800 employees because they would not get vaccinated against the flu.”

Obamacare’s Real Costs – by Bob Livingston, PersonalLiberty.com

Post election flip-flopping: Plans to cripple Americans – by Marti Oakley, PPJG.me

Turkey-Syria Standoff: NATO Missiles Readied, Kurdish Fighters On Border – by Russia Today, from GlobalResearch.ca

An Anti-Drug Treaty Cannot Authorize the Feds to Make States Ban Marijuana – by Jacob Sullum, Reason.com

AIPAC, decapitators inside US government: Intelligence analyst – by Gordon Duff, PressTV.ir – “The question of the moment, however, is this: How can a President of the United States announce that the government is infiltrated with terrorists and spies and no newspaper, television network or other form of media notices?”

Seaside Heights (NJ) Gives Victims 15 Day Notice on Demolitions; Threatens Fines – from TomsRiverOnline.com

Russian expert warns of possibility of large-scale war in Middle East – from English.ruvr.ru

Drums Of More War – by Stephen Lendman, Rense.com – Priceless quotes from Heinz Kissinger

Once-vibrant Cyprus strikes EU-IMF bailout deal – Assistance estimated to be as much as €17.5bn as Cyprus becomes fourth country to apply since debt crisis erupted – by Helena Smith, Guardian.co.uk

US National Guards and reservists face unemployment crisis – Nearly 20 percent of US National Guards returning from military deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan are jobless because they generally have no ‘civilian experience.’- from PressTV.ir

For the week of 11/12:

RAF SET FOR SYRIA NO-FLY OP – from DailyStar.co.uk

Bill Gates’ Malaria Vaccine Flops In African Trials – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com

Huge fluoride victory in Wichita: Voters put their foot down and say no to the water supply chemical additive – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com

Military Escalation: Israel launches missile strike against Syria – by Niall Green, GlobalResearch.ca

Super Storm Sandy: Katrina Redux? – by Stephen Lendman, ActivistPost.com

San Diego Residents Face 6 Years In Prison For Washing Their Car – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com – “New environmental water rules enforced by citizen snitch program”

Non-GMO Verified Products – from NonGmoProject.org

Was Tectonic Weaponry Deployed During the Super Storm to Trigger a Future Event? – by Shepard Ambellas, TheIntelHub.com

(People in) 20 states now working on process to secede from the union – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com

Israeli Defense Minister Approves Summons of 30,000 Soldiers for Gaza Operation – Report – from RT via TheIntelHub.com

Obama Supporters Call For Secessionists to be Deported – Leftists want to characterize secession as a thought crime – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

FEMA shelters in northeast resemble police state prison camps – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com

Obama, congressional leaders begin ‘fiscal cliff’ talks – by Zachary A. Goldfarb and William Branigin, WashingtonPost.com

The Economic Illusion Laid Bare – by Dan and Sheila Gendron, ActivistPost.com – A nice and concise explanation of the current “financial” realities

32 Questions That All Americans Must Answer – from ActivistPost.com – “Ron Paul, in his historic farewell speech to Congress this week, asked 32 thought-provoking questions addressed to his fellow Americans – It’s very clear upon examination of these questions that something is very wrong with our government. Below are his questions…

The coming EBT riots: What will happen when government entitlements stop? – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

For the week of 11/5:

Homeschoolers Flee Persecution in Germany and Sweden – by Alex Newman, TheNewAmerican.com

New Jersey Contracted RFID Evacuee Tracking Tech Just Days Before Sandy Formed – by Aaron Dykes, Infowars.com

Hospital Errors Kill Well Over 180,000 Americans Annually – Why are Super-Safe Supplements and Natural Health Under Attack? – by Dr. Mercola, Mercola.com

Baltimore announces city-wide surveillance roll out that records passenger conversations on city buses – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com

Irish ‘Children’s Rights’ referendum poses major threat to families/parents, say critics – by Hilary White, LifeSiteNews.com

Video: Children Under Threat from the Irish State AGAIN

“Take more children into care,” say (British) MPs despite 20% rise since death of Baby P – Social workers hesitant to act, says year-long inquiry – Authorities too ready to believe parents will improve, according to Commons Education Committee – from Dailymail.co.uk

$43 Trillion + $36.5 Trillion + 1 Computer Virus = 1 Big Fraud – from VidRebel.wordpress.com

Total hypocrisy: Monsanto, agribusiness and big food companies spent more than $45 million to kill ‘costly’ Prop 37 GMO labeling bill – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

British poor lose homes to austerity policies – from PressTV.ir

The Lull Before the Storm – by Jack D. Douglas, WarIsCrime.com – “Vast social revolutions and wars are often preceded by periods of giving up on reforms, despairing withdrawal from public life by the best and brightest, and even peacefulness which seems to have become the normal condition in spite of deep conflicts and growing crises beneath the surfaces of public life.”

16 Million Missing White Votes! Where Did They Go? – from NesaraNews.blogspot.com – This is a post from the GodLikeProductions forum: ” The loss of 16% of the white voting population WOULD NOT HAPPEN”

For the week of 10/29:

Nervous-System Damage From the Sky – from WeMustKnow.wordpress.com – Cites the work of Russell Blaylock, M.D. (retired) documenting the pervasive and cumulative effects of nanoparticulate aluminum on the body and brain.

“Rogue” U.S. General Arrested for Activating Special Forces Teams; Ignoring Libya Stand-Down Order – by M. Frank Drover, TheDailySheeple.com

Behind Imran’s Hounding – by Craig Murray, Uruknet.info – “Pulling Imran Khan off a plane in Canada, and making him miss his Eid fundraising lunch in New York, is pretty crass of the United States, a country that claims its foreign policy is motivated by freedom.”

Obama Justice Department Set to Overrule any State that Legalizes Marijuana – by Noel Brinkerhoff, AllGov.com

America vs. Bank of America Lawsuit: “Spectacularly Brazen” Fraud. No Criminal Charges – by Barry Grey, GlobalResearch.ca – “Meanwhile, as is well known on Wall Street and in Washington, the same types of fraud and swindling that triggered the crisis more than four years ago continue unabated today.

The Relentless Evil of Goldman Sachs – Dave Hodges, TheCommonSenseShow.com

Caged in the USA: Torture in America’s many prisons – by Aviva Stahl, PressTV.ir

Israel’s ‘Bomb Iran’ Timetable – by Ray McGovern, GlobalResearch.ca

The Virtual Economic Recovery – Rigged Inflation Measure Understates Inflation – by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, GlobalResearch.ca – Roberts also discusses possible outcomes in the U.S. economy from all the deception and manipulation.

NHS millions for controversial care pathway – The majority of NHS hospitals in England are being given financial rewards for placing terminally-ill patients on a controversial “pathway” to death, it can be disclosed – by John Bingham, Telegraph.co.uk

A roll call of corporate rogues who are milking the country – The scale of unpaid tax now outstrips the entire deficit. Forcing the elite to pay up is a matter of both justice and necessity – by Seumas Milne, Guardian.co.uk

‘Smart City’ Failures Dumped on Taxpayers – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com

Drone Wars from Britain: How Many More? – by Deepak Tripathi, Uruknet.info – “Now we know that not only did the United Kingdom already have drones, but more are coming to join the Royal Air Force for surveillance and combat operations in foreign lands.”

DHS Takeover: Newly Released DHS Manual Reveals Advanced Surveillance and Tactical Network – by JG Vibes and Alex Thomas, TheIntelHub.com

US to Focus Exclusively on Arming Al Qaeda in Syria – by Tony Cartalucci, TheIntelHub.com

Predicting Protracted Hard Times – by Stephen Lendman, TheIntelHub.com

Grand Jury Witch Hunt Expands While Two Activists Remain in Jail Without Trial – by JG Vibes, TheIntelHub.com – A fourth activist, 23 year old Maddy Pfeiffer of Olympia, WA, has been subpoena’d to appear before the unlawful federal grand jury on Nov. 7, has stated that he will not cooperate with the secret questioning and so anticipates that he will be imprisoned with two comrades already in custody.

Greece Suppresses Free Expression – by Stephen Lendman, TheIntelHub.com

Police Can Install Hidden Cameras on Private Property Without a Warrant, Judge “Rules” – by Bob Tuskin, TheIntelHub.com

Nurses Are Are Losing Faith In Vaccines, Becoming Distrustful of Health Authorities – by Dave Mihalovic, PreventDisease.com

Monsanto Funded Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign Gets Away with Impersonating Govt. Agencies – by Anthony Gucciardi, PrisonPlanet.com

SWAT Teams Arrest Peaceful People Resisting Eviction in Idaho Springs, CO – by Margaret Flowers, October2011.org

For the week of 10/22:

Plan for Hunting Terrorists Signals U.S. Intends to Keep Adding names to Kill Lists – by Greg Miller, InformationClearingHouse.info

Will the U.S. Take On the Russians to Take Out Assad? – by Shoshana Bryen, AmericanThinker.com

What is Health Canada up to? – by Nick Mancuso, NaturalHealthFreedomCanada.com – “Since 2010, over 20,000 herbs, vitamins and food supplements have been removed from shelves in natural health stores across Canada. In some cases, SWAT teams raided the premises of Canadian naturopaths and healers and removed safe and effective healing products. Some practitioners have even been indicted and face criminal charges…”

Eugenics in education: Healthy boy banned from public school due to genetic makeup – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

U.N. calls for worldwide internet surveillance and data retention in the name of fighting terrorism – by Madison Ruppert, ActivistPost.com – The same thing as Obama’s National Counterterrorism Center, at an international level…

CIA chiefs face arrest over horrific evidence of bloody ‘video-game’ sorties by drone pilots – by David Rose, Uruknet.info

The Slow Drip – by ggita32, Tipggita32.wordpress.com – “Most people do not pay conscious attention to the things that affect them subconsciously….It’s the slow drip.”

Obama moves to make the War on Terror permanent – by Glenn Greenwald, Uruknet.info – The National Counterterrorism Center has become the inquisitor, judge and executioner of an expanding “disposition” list as they continue to create permanent databases on the American people.

A “Common Purpose” for Libya – by Maha Ellawati, LibyaHerald.com – “Almost a thousand Libyans have so far attended courses designed to help them better understand the working of civil society in a democracy.” – “Common Purpose is a UK-based Charity, established in 1989, which …delivers its leadership programmes in 46 cities across 18 countries.”

Globalist Dirty Tactics: War Crimes Are Now Opinions – Lines of human rights violations no longer seem to exist – by Bernie Suarez, ActivistPost.com

EXCLUSIVE: CIA operators were denied request to go to aid of Ambassador Stevens during Benghazi attack, sources say – from WhatReallyHappened.com

WHO Urges People to Reveal Depression, Goal is to Pump Up Big Pharma Medication Sales – by Elizabeth Renter, ActivistPost.com – “On World Mental Health Day (October 10), the World Health Organization (WHO) let it be known that more than 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression…”

NATO Using Al Qaeda Rat Lines to Flood Syria With Foreign Terrorists – 2007-2008 US West Point reports reveal Al Qaeda network behind NATO’s so-called “freedom fighters” – Extremists were behind Iraq War foreign terrorist influx, not the Syrian government – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

Hospitals bribed to put patients on pathway to death: Cash incentive for NHS trusts that meet targets on Liverpool Care Pathway – Some hospitals set target of two thirds of all deaths should be on LCP – At least £30m in extra money handed to hospitals to achieve these goals – Critics warn financial incentives could influence the work of doctors – by Steve Doughty, DailyMail.co.uk

For the week of 10/15:

Obama’s War Record – by Jack A. Smith, GlobalResearch.ca – “…most Americans don’t think twice about paying an annual national fortune to maintain the most powerful military machine in the world to deal with a few thousand opponents with relatively primitive weapons many thousands of miles away.”

Global Economic Outlook Worsens: Friction at IMF Meeting – by Nick Beams, GlobalResearch.ca

UN Security Council Seeks Mali Invasion Plan – Wants Specifics of Azawad Invasion Within 45 Days – by Jason Ditz, AntiWar.com

Obama Executive Order Allows Seizure of Americans’ Bank Accounts – From PressTV.ir

Majority in Turkey against war with Syria: Opinion poll – A recent opinion poll has revealed that more than 75 percent of the Turkish people are against a war with neighboring Syria – from PressTV.ir

GMO “Collateral Damage”: Food Soaked With Toxicity – by Colin Todhunter, GlobalResearch.ca

The IMF and World Bank Use Arab Uprisings to Expand Control Over Nations – by Susanne Posel, ActivistPost.com

Jury Nullification Continues to Gain Traction Across the United States – by Brent Daggett, TheIntelHub.com

Catalonia Independence from Spain: When Will We See Tanks in Barcelona? – by Esther Vivas, GlobalResearch.ca

Breaking The Zombie Programming: We Can Become Conscious! – by Steve Watson, Infowars.com

A Page Has been Turned: Western Retreat from Syria – NATO Packs It In. Turkey on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown – by Thierry Meyssan, GlobalResearch.ca

The Four Horsemen of Banking – by Dean Henderson – from May 2011, DeanHenderson.wordpress.com

The REALLY inconvenient truths about global warming. Last week we explosively revealed a 16-year ‘pause’ in rising temperatures – triggering a bitter debate. You decide what the real facts are… – by David Rose, DailyMail.co.uk

Romney family buys voting machines through Bain Capital investment – by itobin53, AllVoices.com

For the week of 10/8:

9/11 criminals running Romney campaign: Analyst – from PressTV.ir

NATO Designed Mortar Used in Attack Blamed on Syria – from Infowars.com

REPORT: The EU Is Designing ‘Binding Contracts’ With Detailed Austerity Plans For Member States – by Matthew Boesler, BusinessInsider.com

Coming Next: TSA Taser Bracelets? – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

Birthing the Divine Warrior – by Julian Rose, ActivistPost.com – One view that perhaps offers some clarity about the present confusion waiting for the other shoe to drop…

Found: Secret CIA Bin Laden Training Facility…or Stage? – from ZenGardner.com – CIA mocks up the “Bin Laden compound” from the infamous “murder raid” in Virginia, then cleans up the evidence.

EU-Funded Group Outlines Draconian Population Control Scenarios For The Next Forty Years – by Jurriaan Maessen, Infowars.com

Warning! NYPD Issues ‘False Flag’ Attack Alert! – NYPD concern about ‘Iran terror’ should put U.S. security on alert – by Maidhc Ó Cathail, BeforeItsNews.com

10 Years in Prison for Legally Growing Medical Pot? The Feds’ Insane Assault on Perfectly Legal Activity – The DOJ is aggressively pursuing medical marijuana cases in direct contravention of earlier pronouncements on the issue – by Barry Scott Sussman, ActivistPost.com

The mysterious decision to destroy the tunnels – by Fahmi Howeidi, Uruknet.info – Mohamed Morsi, “Muslim Brotherhood” president of Egypt, seems to be following the dictates of the Globalist Zionist program.

France loots Africa, liquidates dissidents – by Finnian Cunningham, PressTV.ir

New Border Regime is Taking the U.S.-Canada Partnership to the Next Level – by Dana Gabriel, BeYourOwnLeader.blogspot.ca

Pay in Blood: The Bipartisan Terror Machine Stripped Bare– by Chris Floyd, Chris-Floyd.com – “Thus the new report, by the law schools of New York University and Stanford (a famously if not notoriously conservative institution) should be, in a sane and rational world, a case of carrying coals to Newscastle or selling ice to the Inuit: an exercise in redundancy. – But instead, sadly, the report, “Living Under Drones,” is a very, very rare instance of speaking truth to the power that is waging a hideous campaign of terror — there is no other word for it — against innocent people all over the world.”

DHS To Test Spy Drones For “Public Safety” Applications – RAPS system will keep tabs on Americans – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com

Provocation: Syrian Passenger Plane Intercepted by Turkey – “Close to Disaster” due to Turkish F-16’s close fly-by – Turks force Syrian crew to sign ’emergency landing, no F-16s’ statement according to witnesses, threaten to hold plane’s captain hostage if he doesn’t sign – from Global Research.ca

“I Am Ready To Go To Prison” – by Will Potter, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Note: Leah Lynn Plante was sentenced to prison yesterday afternoon after refusing to answer questions to a grand jury in Seattle. The following article was posted yesterday before Leah went to court. This witch-hunt style grand jury is unacceptable. Leah and her comrades are tremendously brave for standing up to state repression of anarchists by refusing to cooperate.”

Shale Gas Industry Brings PSYOPs and Spy Ops to Poland – by Steve Horn, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Roughly a year ago in Houston, the shale gas industry was caught red-handed discussing its use of military tactics and personnel on U.S. soil to intimidate and divide communities in order to continue its fracking bonanza.”

US supreme court finalizes gift of immunity to the telecom giants – Yet again, the Congress, courts, executive branch and the establishment media work together to protect the nation’s most powerful actors – by Glenn Greenwald, Guardian.co.uk

U.S Military Plans to Prevent Veteran Suicides by Taking Away their Guns – by JG Vibes, TheIntelHub.com

Government Sponsored Mind Control In America: The Teen Screen Scam – by Dave Hodges, TheCommonSenseShow.com – INCREDIBLE article by Hodges. Please read the entire piece, you won’t be disappointed!

To Stop WW III Just Tell The Truth About Epicyte And GMO Corn – from Vidrebel.wordpress.com – Another amazing article

Nonviolent Protester of Drone Wars Sentenced to Federal Prison – by David Swanson, GlovalResearch.ca – Includes the full statement 0f non-violent protester prior to sentencing for 6 months to Federal Prison for peaceful demonstration against Predator Drone warfare.

Man held in mental health detention to finally get a trial — or will he? – by Janet Phelan, ActivistPost.com – Charlie Castle has been held for over a year without due process since he was grabbed off the streets by mental health court workers in San Bernardino, California.

Cyber Attacks on Banks Inspire Secret Technocratic Network to Protect Financial Information – by Susanne Posel, ActivistPost.com

Powerful Court Quietly Takes Marijuana Case That Could Shatter Federal Prohibition Laws – For the first time in two decades federal courts will consider the science behind medical marijuana — and today there is more evidence than ever – by Steven Wishnia, AlterNet.org

JPMorgan Chase’s Debt Collection Agency’s Sleazy Tactics to Squeeze Student Loans Debtors of Their Last Cash – First, the big banks create debt. Then they get paid to collect it. – by Sarah Jaffe, AlterNet.org

For the week of 10/1:

New Study Highlights Scientific Rejection of Human Nature Corruption Theory – by JG Vibes, TheIntelHub.com

Beyond the Propaganda: The Real Reason Why The U.S. and Israel Do Not Want a Nuclear Iran – by Brandon Turbeville. ActivistPost.com – Very fine article by Turbeville on the unmentionable aspects of the push for a war on Iran

Leading World Bank Demographer: Vaccination Campaigns Part Of Population Reduction Policy – by Jurriaan Maessen, Infowars.com

Warnings That A Massive Stock Market Crash Is Imminent – by Michael Snyder, TheIntelHub.com – Major experts are warning that the conditions for a collapse exist. Major investors are cashing out of the markets and moving into gold. The derivatives market has already shown its dangers with the multi-billion ongoing losses at J.P. Morgan.

German state TV reports: Syrian rebels claim responsibility for attack on Turkey – by R. Teichmann, GlobalResearch.ca

Senate Report: “Fusion Centers” Meant to “Combat Terrorism” Spy on U.S. Citizens – by Alex Kane, GlobalResearch.ca

Nonlocality and Quantum Entanglement – from AtlanteanConspiracy.com

‘Let me go, I want my mum!’ Four girls are dragged kicking and screaming on to aeroplane in Australia after judge rules they must return to father in Italy – by Richard Shears, DailyMail.co.uk

Hillary Clinton: Population Control Will Now Become The Centerpiece Of U.S. Foreign Policy – by Michael, HowToHelpSaveTheEnvironment.com – ‘The following is an excerpt from Clinton’s remarks…”In addition to new funding, we’ve launched a new program that will be the centerpiece of our foreign policy, the Global Health Initiative, which commits us to spending $63 billion over six years to improve global health by investing in efforts to…prevent millions of unintended pregnancies…” ‘

US Prepares for Overthrow of Venezuela – Rigged polling, coordinated Western propaganda campaign, and open conspiracy to install Henrique Capriles Radonski as head of new Western client-regime – by Tony Cartalucci, LandDestroyer.blogspot.co.uk

What You Need to Know About Obama and the Social Security Sell-Out – The Raiders of Your Lost Retirement are busy laying plans in Washington. Will Obama help them if re-elected? – by Lynn Parramore, Alternet.org

Turkey Scorched Earth Policy On Syrian Border to Establish FSA Protected Corridor – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com

Empire building, NATO style: Welcome to the billion-dollar Temple of Madness – by Richard Cottrell, EndTheLie.com

For the week of 9/24:

Homeland Security is Working for Monsanto – by William Kincaid, ActivistPost.com – The World turned on its head as DHS raids small natural farmers to force poisoned and denatured food on “consumers.”

Apple’s secret plan to join iPhones with airport security – by Thom Patterson, CNN.com


Syrian rebels defect to government forces – from RT.com

The Alarming Ties Between Debt Collectors and District Attorneys – by Adam Levin, HuffingtonPost.com


How the Norwegian Government Brought an End to My Iraq Research – Police Stalking, Police Criminality, and Human Rights – How new policing methods can undermine the rule of law and modern liberal judicial philosophy – by Reidar Visser, PoliceStalking.wordpress.com

For the week of 9/17:

Infinite quantitative easing (QE3) now initiated; the final chapter of America’s financial blowout has begun – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

Selling War to the Public – Interview with James Corbett on the Role of the “Real Alternative Media” – by James Corbett and Devon DB, GlobalResearch.ca – Very clear and concise answers by Corbett, including a vest-pocket presentation of Corbett’s take on what he has been calling “The Global Enslavement Grid”

The Basis of Mass Mind Control – by Jon Rappoport, Infowars.com


Banks Are Setting Us Up Again, This Time The Fall Could Be $2.6 Trillion or More – from BlackListedNews.com – Investment Banks have created new mechanisms to treat toxic “assets” as real securities for derivatives transactions, so that derivatives can continue to mount up in the world economy.

Young Persons Called to Private Grand Jury for Owning Books – from FromTheTrenchesWorldReport.com


Gov’t Guarantees 90% Occupancy Rate In Private Prisons – by Kevin Johnson, GovtSlaves.info – For a “quick cash infusion” (what about the CAFRs?) Corrections Corporation of America is demanding from 48 “states” a 20 year guarantee that they’ll continue to enslave their people under the “legal” system…

Checkpoint Trouble – by Joharah Baker, Uruknet.info – Everyday life for Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem…

Unlike Afghan leaders, Obama fights for power of indefinite military detention – by Glenn Greenwald, Uruknet.info – “…Obama’s vigorous fight to preserve the power of indefinite detention will provoke so little objection: among Americans, that is – though obviously not among Afghans, who seem to have an actual understanding of, and appreciation for, the value of due process.”

Terrorism: Never what you think – by Gordon Duff, PressTV.ir


Our Disgraceful Minimum Wage – by Jim Hightower, Creators.com

For the week of 9/10:

The Sterling Stamos Moment Opens Hell’s Floodgates – from PsychopathicEconomics.com


US Governments Secret Army: Foreign Troops To Be Deployed After Martial Law Is Declared – by Susanne Posel, BeforeItsNews.com


Sniper Ammunition Being Ordered By Homeland Security As Ammo Buildup Continues – by James Smith, TheIntelhub.com

Rule Of Law Abandoned For Bradley Manning – by Nathan Fuller – Uruknet.info

For the week of 9/3:

NATO Terrorists to Target Syria’s Civilian Airports – by Tony Cartalucci, GlobalResearch.ca

75 Year Old Grandmother Held Down At Gunpoint As Police Shoot & Kill Her Dog – by Davy V., InformationLiberation.com


Leaked Troika Letter Demands Greek Workweek Be Expanded To Six Days – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com

Al-Qaeda Leader Strikes Deal With U.S., Saudis To Send 5,000 Fighters to Syria – Yemeni Jihadist personally trained by Bin Laden – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

Secret Warfare: Operation Gladio and NATO’s Stay-Behind Armies – from GlobalResearch.ca


LAPD Now Arresting Photographers – by Linda West, Infowars.com


“A Lot of People Believe This Stuff”: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Politics of Public Relations – by Andrew Gavin Marshall, AndrewGavinMarshall.com – A fantastic article on political communication as propaganda!

For the week of 8/27 ~ 8/30:

NATO Plot To Use Ambulances As Cover For Humanitarian Invasion of Syria – False flag chemical weapons attack to frame Assad finalized – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

VIDEO: TSA Takes Over Bus Station In Tampa, DHS Agents Threaten Journalists – Reporters forced to show papers or be “detained for 72 hours” by Homeland Security – by Steve Watson, Infowars.com

Israel angered over IAEA vote on nuclear arsenal – Israel has become infuriated by a fresh initiative of Arab member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which seeks to launch a global campaign to slam Israel’s possession of nuclear stockpile – from PressTV.ir

NATO secretly authorizes Syrian attack – On Monday, August 27, 2012, in a meeting in Brussels, NATO military leaders in consultation with “telephonic liaison” with officers of military forces in several former Soviet Republics, major African states, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf states came to a combined decision to act against Syria – by Gordon Duff, PressTV.ir

For the week of 8/20 ~ 8/25:

Another Veteran Raided & His Firearms Confiscated – Must Appear Before Judge For Mental Evaluation/Alert – from BeforeItsNews.com

Due process under duress: Detaining citizens under NDAA – Activists retaliate against the US government by suing them for signing a bill they say goes against the Constitution – by Jennifer “Tangerine” Bolen, Aljazeera.com

Carbon tax now destroying Australian economic prosperity – from HangTheBankers.com

“Two Cheers” for Terrorism: US Mainstream Media Applauds Syria’s Al Qaeda Rebels – by Tony Cartalucci, GlobalResearch.ca

“No Fly Zone” War for Syria: Replicating The “Libya Scenario” – by Konstantin Garibov, GlobalResearch.ca

For the week of 8/13:

The NWO Agenda Would Move Forward with This One Simple Act – by Howard Beale, ActivistPost.com – How about a little CYBERWAR, Scarecrow? – One that will finally bring about the Great Global Financial Apocalypse?

Mega-Banks Plan for Collapse with Contingency Plans and Private Police Force – by Susanne Posel, ActivistPost.com

DHS to purchase another 750 million rounds of ammo – from HangTheBankers.com – When is ’nuff enough?

Total assault on medical free speech as British authorities threaten vaccine-autism website over its content – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

Judge: 90% of Credit Card Lawsuits Can’t Prove Borrower Owes Money – by Yves Smith, Alternet.org

Put the Drones on Trial! – by Brian Terrell, Uruknet.info

Hague’s ‘non-lethal’ support for al-Qaeda in Syria is absolutely lethal; British tax-payers become incriminated in war crime – from Luikkerland.com

“A Shift Towards a Gold Standard”? The FDIC-Fed’s “Proposed Rulemaking” regarding Basel III Capital Requirements – by Bryant Brown, GlobalResearch.ca


Chemtrail Whistleblower Allan Buckmann: Some Thoughts on Weather Modification – by Allan R. Buckmann, ActivistPost.com

New research – Morgellons proven to be a real disease – by Dr. Gregory Damato, NaturalNews.com

For the week of 8/6:

Friday’s Jobs Report: More Lies From “our” Big Brother – by Paul Craig Roberts, InformationClearingHouse.info – “ ‘Your’ government lies to you, because ‘your’ government has an agenda that it most certainly will not tell you about, because if you knew what it is, you would revolt.”

Massacres in Aleppo, Syria – by Tony Cartalucci, LandDestroyer.blogspot.mx – “Responsibility to Protect” crumbles as Western-armed terror front slaughters civilians while foreign sponsors attempt to tie hands of Syrian security forces.

West setting stage for Syria invasion – by Ismail Salami, InformationClearingHouse.info


Pre-Crime Software Moves One Step Closer to Reality – by Nicholas West, ActivistPost.com – “Big Data” and facial recognition are coming to a state near you, and soon.

Obama Does Syriana – by Pepe Escobar, InformationClearingHouse.info – “The NATO-Gulf Cooperation Council “secret base” in Turkey, plus free-for-all weaponizing, are empowering an extremely nasty mix of unemployed, semi-illiterate young Sunni Syrians, sectarian born to kill army defectors, assorted criminals and multinational Salafi-jihadis.”

None of insurgents were Syrian: UK journalist – from PressTV.ir – “Not a Syrian in sight. This wasn’t what I had expected”, Cantile added. “Two of them were so Anglicised they couldn’t speak Arabic.”

Pensions face ‘death spiral’, says Ros Altmann – The Bank of England’s policy of quantitative easing has done “irreparable damage” to Britain’s final salary pension schemes, a leading economist has said – by Richard Evans, Telegraph.co.uk


The Ascendancy of a Criminal Financial Elite – The Two Faces of a Police State: Sheltering Tax Evaders, Financial Swindlers and Money Launderers while Policing the Citizens – by Prof. James Petras, GlobalResearch.ca


DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law – by Susanne Posel, ActivistPost.com

‘A sudden increase in extreme weather events’: the new Big Lie – by James Delingpole, Blogs.Telegraph.co.uk

Google complies with FDA demands to secretly disable Adwords accounts of nutritional detox companies – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

Amnesty International: An Instrument of War Propaganda? – by Felicity Arbuthnot, GlobalResearch.ca

The Great Impostors – In the name of saving the natural world, governments are privatising it – by George Monbiot, Uruknet.info

For the week of 7/30: ~ 8/4:

Criminal banking cartel dominates US, British governments – by Webster Tarpley, PressTV.ir

FBI Agents Raid Homes in Search of “Anarchist Literature” – from FromTheTrenchesWorldReport.com

Martial law shakes hands with the US vaccine program – by Jon Rappoport, NaturalNews.com

U.S. Drought 2012: Half Of Nation’s Counties Now Considered Disaster Areas – by Jim Suhr, HuffingtonPost.com – Question: Can this “eco-disaster,” being blamed on the ubiquitous “climate change,” have anything to do with the (non-existent) Aerosol Geoengineering program, AKA Chemtrails?

Cold-blood massacres in Syria exemplifies West’s ‘Pro-Democracy Movement’ – from PressTV.ir

They Really Do Want To Implant Microchips Into Your Brain – Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com

Al-Qaeda Directs Free Syrian Army in Controlled Demolition of Syria – by Susanne Posel, GlobalResearch.ca

For the week of 7/23 ~ 7/25:

US Prepares For Direct Intervention in Syria – As FSA proxies fail and psychological operations falter, US prepares more direct (and desperate) approach for long-sought regime change – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

Shock claim – NaturalNews exclusive – LA ‘authorities’ in Rawesome raw milk raids were impersonating public officials – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com


U.S. Writing New Syrian Constitution – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “…US State Department-funded US Institute for Peace (sic) plans on releasing a report soon, detailing the US-crafted government being planned”

President Putin signs Russia into World Trade Organization – from PressTV.ir


Authorities Seek to Destroy Couple’s Immaculate Edible Landscape – Will international activism save this couple’s garden from a town code? – by Heather Callaghan, ActivistPost.com

BBC Rides with Al Qaeda in Aleppo, Syria – BBC Covers Up War Crimes, Misleads Over Syrian Security Operations – by Tony Cartalucci

Just Say No to Privatization – Privatizers take charge in Greece – by Theodoros Patsatzis, WinterEnds.net – “The history of privatization demonstrates that consumers and workers are harmed. Everyone loses, except the new owners, who fill their pockets.”

Webster Tarpley: US using al-Qaeda to overthrow Syrian government – from PressTV.ir


The Rise Of The Police State …And The Absence Of Mass Opposition – by James Petras & Robin Eastman Abaya, Rense.com

For the week of 7/16:

Israel Invents Syrian WMD Threat, IDF Commanders Threaten Intervention – by Richard Silverstein, RichardSilverstein.com

Congress Now Trying To Outlaw Reporting On Government Corruption – by Alexander Higgins, AlexanderHigginsBlog.com


‘Here in Israel’: In Jerusalem, Clinton Breaches U.S. Policy – by Patrick Goodenough, CNSnews.com

China’s Catastrophic Deleveraging Has Begun – Dee Woo, Beijing Royal School, BeforeItsNews.com


(Video w/audio- 30 min.) Mysterious Currency Transfers Before 9-11 – Bill Bergman, formerly of the Chicago Fed, on the Robert Wenzel radio show


The “Green” Agenda Is All About Mass-Sacrifice – by Jurriaan Maessen, ExplosiveReports.Com


Drones which “make their own decisions”: Towards Global Unmanned Warfare? – From GlobalResearch.ca


Video: Weather Modification and Tornado Mitigation by Electromagnetic Satellite Beam – from GeoEngineeringWatch.org

For the week of 7/9 ~ 7/10:

Video: ‘Nazi’ Checkpoints All Over California: Welcome To The Police State! – from BeforeItsNews.com

Video: ‘After 9/11 NSA Had Secret Deal With White House’ – RT talks to Andrew Drake, a former National Security Agency executive in the US who sacrificed his career to blow the whistle on wrong-doings inside the NSA. – from RT.com via BeforeItsNews.com

When The Derivatives Market Crashes (And It Will) U.S. Taxpayers Will Be On The Hook – from TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com

Researchers change shape of aluminum nanoparticles to produce hydrogen at room temperature – by Garry Golden, from Chemistry Times via MemeBox.com/FutureBlogger


Inside The Minds Of Psychopaths: “Almost Like You And Me” – from BeforeItsNews.com

Fukushima Radiation Release is Worse than You Have Been Told [What You Can Do to Protect Yourself] – by Steve Hickey, PhD; Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, PhD; Andrew W. Saul, PhD; Gert E. Schuitemaker, PhD; Damien Downing, MD, LateNightInTheMidlands.com

The Real Libor Scandal – by Paul Craig Roberts and Nomi Prins, InformationClearingHouse.info

Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away – by Gizmodo, InformationClearingHouse.info

For the week of 7/2:

Purge of High-Level Ministries Started in China, Says Magazine – from BeforeItsNews.com

The Sharp, Sudden Decline of America’s Middle Class – They had good, stable jobs – until the recession hit – Now they’re living out of their cars in parking lots – by Jeff Tietz, RollingStone.com

The Illumination Merchants — A concise overview of the global power-structure, royals and secret societies – by Dean Henderson, DeanHenderson.wordpress.com

NATO War Council To Target Syria – by Rick Rozoff, GlobalResearch.ca

Balochistan: Crossroads of Another US Proxy War? – by Eric Draitser, GlobalResearch.ca


Evidence Suggests NATO Tied To Srebrenica Massacre – from BeforeItsNews.com


New (Unnumbered) Obama Executive Order – Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions – from WhiteHouse.gov

“It’s Final” U.S. Will Strike Iran, Says Saudi Informant – posted by Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul, beaconequity.com

For the week of 6/25:

Feds Jail New Mexico Family, Seize Everything They Own for Being Honest Legal Firearms Dealers – from FromTheTrenchesWorldReport.com


Russia reiterates opposition to foreign interference in Syria – Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again warned against any foreign intervention in Syria while on a rare visit to the Middle East – From PressTV.ir

Google Vows Full Service to Israeli Mossad – by Soren Dreier, Zen-Haven.dk

Legislation to Ban Chemtrails Gets Huge Public Support – Citizens’ Initiative to Ban Chemtrails – Suffolk County, Long Island – from BeforeItsNews.com


Transition Towns: Agenda 21 Comes to Life – by Susanne Posel, ActivistPost.com

Mind Control And The New World Order – by Glenn Krawczyk, BeforeItsNews.com


Australia: Warning issued over anti-carbon tax posters – by chief parliamentary correspondent Simon Cullen, ABC.net.au – “Labor is warning small businesses against displaying the Coalition’s anti-carbon tax posters, saying they risk million-dollar fines if the information is found to be misleading”

For the week of 6/18 ~ 6/23:

Mexico and Canada Invited to Join the Secret TPP (“Trans-Pacific Partnership”)Negotiations – by Joe Wolverton, II, TheNewAmerican.com

Mofaz tells Obama: If all else fails, US must strike Iran – Vice Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz meets U.S. President Barack Obama and thanks him for standing by Israel – Mofaz: Iran must understand that if Israel feels its existence is threatened, it will act alone if necessary – by Shlomo Cesana, IsraelHayam.com

Yes, The EPA Is Using Spy Drones To Monitor Farms – Federal agency developed UAVs years ago to keep tabs on land use – by Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet.com

For the week of 6/11:

Earth At Tipping Point Of Planet-Wide Destruction Say Scientists – from BeforeItsNews.com & UC Berkeley’s Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (& The Ministry of Truth)

POLICE STATE USA: The Paranoid Style of American Governance – by Prof. James F. Tracy, GlobalResearch.ca

Insurgents Named Responsible for Syrian Massacres – by Stephen Lendman, InformationClearingHouse.info

Over 30 training camps in Afghanistan fuelling Balochistan unrest: IG FC – from Dawn.com


Lebanese tradesmen in Tripoli protest deadly Syria-related clashes – from PressTV.ir

Syrian conflict getting worse – from English.RUVR.ru (The Voice of Russia)


Lunar Nano Soil – More Evidence of Alien Engineering? – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com

EPA Drones Now Spying On Midwest Farmers Livestock Activity – by Alexander Higgins, blog.AlexanderHiggins.com


Obama War Machine Announces Invasion of Syria – from Infowars.com


German finance minister threatens Greek voters – by Ulrich Rippert, WSWS.org


Report: Germany Considers Military Coup In Greece; Greece Preparing For War? – from BeforeItsNews.com

Syrian rebels’ arsenal includes remote-controlled truck bombs – by Austin Tice, McClatchDC.com

For the week of 6/4:

Timeline to Tyranny – By Steve Nolan with M.S. Wall, SurvivalWeek.com – The seamless flow from the first year of Bush II to today…

US Announces Plans To Arm Domestic Surveillance Drones With Missiles – by Alexander Higgins,AlexanderHiggins.com – “The drones would be armed with live ordnance only when used at firing ranges at Fort Drum near Watertown”

West Desperately Attempts to Spin Syrian Crisis with Blatant Fabrications – Latest fabrications includes defected “air force officer” with superhuman hearing and sight, and miraculous satellite imaging – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com


Obama Has Signed 923 Executive Orders In 40 Months – Video – BeforeItsNews.com


Army tests ravaged family’s land – Military blasted mines owned by Utahns with tons of chemical agents – by Lee Davidson, DeseretNews.com – 2004 article outlines the spider’s web of power relations surrounding government use of land for military and secret programs.

For the week of 5/28:

FBI secretly creates Internet police – from RT.com


The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves – The Slaves That Time Forgot – by John Martin. GlobalResearch.ca

Security backdoor found in China-made US military chip – from Information-Age.com

11yr Old Boy Now Dictating US Policy as Gen. Dempsey Calls for ‘Use of Force’ in Syria – by Patrick Henningsen, Infowars.com

The Rule of Oligarchy Law – From Boris Yeltsin’s Russia to Aubrey McClendon’s Oklahoma – by Mark Ames, TheDailyBanter.com

“Militants” = media propaganda – To avoid counting civilian deaths, Obama re-defined “militant” to mean “all military-age males in a strike zone” – By Glenn Greenwald, Salon.com


Buy gold after it crashes – by Patrick Wood, Editor, AugustReview.com

For the week of 5/21~5/24:

The Rap Music Conspiracy – by Anonymous, WarIsCrime.com


The Masked Morphing of the Chemtrail Cover-up – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com

Defense Department Seeks Legal Authority to Deploy Reservists onto American Streets – by Susanne Posel, ActivistPost.com


As Commandos Raid Tampa, US State Dept Demands Power to Declare War – by Anthony Wile, BeforeItsNews.com

Legitimizing Global Tyranny: Moving Towards World Government – by Jurriaan Maessen, GlobalResearch.ca

Obama Operatives Will Commit ‘Reichstag’ Event to Trigger Martial Law, (anonymous) DHS Whistleblower Reveals – from TheComingAttack.com

Syria Under Attack by Globalist Death Squad Experts – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com

Syrian Opposition Officially Abandons UN Peace Plan – UN fails to condemn rebel army’s pledge to expand violence – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

UN finally realizes terrorist groups responsible for Syrian bombings – by Madison Ruppert, ActivistPost.com

Death Squads Ravage Syrian Town – West Calls For ‘Action’ – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

THE FRAMEWORK FOR SUPPRESSING INFORMATION: Public Opinion in America’s 21st Century Police State – by Prof. James F. Tracy, GlobalResearch.ca

Police Brutality During Chicago NATO Summit – by Stephen Lendman, ActivistPost.com

For the week of 5/14:

Hopeville camp for homeless is razed – by Jesse Bogan, STLToday.com – St. Louis camp (second of three to go) for Homeless, many with mental disabilities, is destroyed “because of health and public safety concerns.”

Plume-gate: Secret documents prove global cover-up of continued Fukushima radiation pollution – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

Syrian War – The Prequel: 2007 New Yorker Article Exposed US-Israeli-Saudi Conspiracy to Overthrow Assad – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

Israeli police brutally arrest hunger strike demonstrators, threaten them with rape – by Sawsan Khalife’, Uruknet.info

Why is the New York Times enabling a U.S. government smear campaign against reporters exposing the drone wars? – by John Hanrahan, Uruknet.info


The US military option for Iran is ‘ready,’ American ambassador to Israel says – Daniel Shapiro’s comments, made at closed forum in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, broadcast on Channel 2 news – by Michal Shmulovich and Greg Tepper, InformationClearingHouse.info

US DEA Kills Innocent Civilians in Honduras — US Media Silent – by Dan Kovalik, InformationClearingHouse.info

The Plan to Kick Greece Out of the Eurozone – by Mike Whitney, InformationClearingHouse.info

Preying on the Poor – How Government and Corporations Use the Poor as Piggy Banks – by Barbara Ehrenreich, InformationClearingHouse.info

For the week of 5/7~5/10:

Utah Woman Has Son Stolen by DCFS Agent Despite Declaration of Innocence by Court and Social Services – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com

How the Goldman Vampire Squid Just Captured Europe – by Ellen Brown, Truth-Out.org

Obamacare Hubs Coming to the Nation’s Schools – by Susan Jones, CNSNews.com

Brookings Announces Next Move in Syria: War – After admitting UN peace plan was a ploy, Brookings predictably scraps it and begins promoting expanded military conflict – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

Re-Education Camp Manual Includes Rules On Isolating Political Prisoners – Document also describes forced labor – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com


It’s Official: Economy Heading Down – by Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog.com

CIA Bomb Plot: Get Ready for New Intrusive Airport “Security” – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com

UK aims total “Police State” by Olympics – by Peter Eyre, PressTV.ir

Panetta: Climate Change is Compromising National Security – Susanne Posel, ActivistPost.com

Group That Admitted Manufacturing Global Warming Threat Still Pushes Same Hoax – Club of Rome wants new “system of governance” to enforce eco-fascism – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

TSA Toddler Terror: Family Marched Off Plane; 18-Month-Old On No Fly List – by Steve Watson, Prisonplanet.com

Fresh Food Moms Threatened With Criminal Charges Scheduled to Disobey – by Heather Callaghan, ActivistPost.com

Chemtrails, Nanoaluminum and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Effects – by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., TheNHF.com

Syrian War – The Prequel: 2007 New Yorker Article Exposed US-Israeli-Saudi Conspiracy to Overthrow Assad – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com


Effort to abolish local sheriffs a stealth federal power grab? – by Anthony Martin, Examiner.com

For the week of 4/30:

Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring International Law for the United States – by Henry Shivley, FromTheTrenchesWorldReport.com – At what point does the word Treason come into the equation? Along with Obama’s National Defense Resources Preparedness order and the recently leaked Military PDF document on detention and re-education, it could be argued that a plan for “International Governance” has come into view.


The New World Order: Paranoia Or Reality? – by Brandon Smith, ActivistPost.com

Is Our Sun A Massive UFO Stargate? – from BeforeItsNews.com

Kindergartner Charged with Battery. Why Are We Criminalizing Kids? – by Piper Weiss, Shine.Yahoo.com


Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America – by Paul Joseph Watson, PropagandaMatrix.com – This 326 page “field manual,” released within the military more than 2 years ago, shows detailed planning that has taken place over years (the handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is mentioned, for instance) – Every aspect of “imprisonment” and “detention,” including re-education and release-into-the-“community” are covered – Note: This begs the question as to whether this has been released now for a purpose. “Show them the instruments.”

Canadian Press Tells Us What Really Happened in Cartagena – And It Wasn’t About Prostitutes and Secret Service – by JEB, OBRag.org – “…the Latin American nations and Caribbean islands have formed a new network, ‘The Community of Latin America’. It is the Organization of American States (OAS) excluding the U.S. and Canada, the only two supporters of the Cuba policy. By every indication Latin America is ready and now willing break with the U.S. And by many indicators, they are able.”

US military-industrial giant KBR in bidding to privatize British police forces – from myFoxDFW.com

UN Mute Over NATO’s Syrian Death Squads – UN’s silence over Syrian opposition terrorism lays bare the illegitimacy of “international law.” – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

Operation: Entrapment – Cleveland bomb “plot” masterminded by FBI agents – from RT.com

Chicago Summit: NATO To Announce Activation Of European Missile Shield – by Rick Rozoff, GlobalResearch.ca – “…Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov spoke to one of his nation’s newspapers and warned, ‘When the Americans begin constructing the third stage of their missile defense plans in Europe and the effectiveness of our strategic nuclear forces is jeopardized, serious issues will arise regarding Russia’s appropriate reaction.’ ”

Russia ‘retains right’ to pre-emptive strike on US-backed missile system in Europe – from PressTV.ir – “…if Washington refuses to engage in constructive dialog over the issue”

Israel destroys dairy farm in occupied Palestine – by Annie Robbins, Uruknet.info

Zionism Is Dead And Kicking – by Gilad Atzmon, Gilad.co.uk


Replay from Feb. 2011: George Soros, Nazi Obsessed – by Kyle-Anne Shiver, KyleanneShiver.com

Tennessee Sheriffs Cracks Down On Obama Federal Agents Gone WIld: NDAA Nullified And Kidnapping Charges Against Feds.. – from VaticProject.blogspot.com – “The Tennessee legislature will consider HB1629 and SB2669 in the 2012 session. The legislation would effectively nullify the detention provisions in the NDAA and would also require federal agents making an arrest in the Volunteer State for any reason to first obtain written permission from the county sheriff.”

Yes, The Re-Education Camp Manual Does Apply Domestically to U.S. Citizens – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

Eurocrats’ secret plan to abolish EU sovereignty – from Express.co.uk (Uk Express)

The Worst Yet to Come? Why Nuclear Experts Are Calling Fukushima a Ticking Time-Bomb – Experts say acknowledging the threat would call into question the safety of dozens of identically designed nuclear power plants in the U.S. – by Brad Jacobson, Alternet.org

Israeli police use new force on Palestinians as protests mount in support of hunger strikers – by Allison Deger, Uruknet.info

For the week of 4/23:

State Threatens to Shut Down Nutrition Blogger – Nutrition board says he needs a license to advocate dietary approaches – by Sara Burrows, CarolinaJournal.com

Ambitious UN Sustainability Conference in Rio (will) Avoid Climate Talk – by Alex Newman, TheNewAmerican.com

Proposed UN Environmental Constitution For The World Would Establish An Incredibly Repressive System Of Global Governance – from EndofTheAmericanDream.com – PDF file of this heinous document is linked off the article.


Obama Invokes Holocaust to Ratchet up War Threats on Iran, Syria – by Bill Van Auken, GlobalResearch.ca

Military judge dismisses motion to drop charges against Manning – from PressTV.ir

‘I made a mistake’: Gaia theory scientist James Lovelock admits he was ‘alarmist’ about the impact of climate change – British scientist admits he had ‘extrapolated too far’ in earlier book – Claims other environmental commentators such as Al Gore did the same – by Lydia Warren, Dailymail.co.uk

Iran not pursuing nuclear weapons: Israeli Cmdr. – Israel’s Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz says he does not believe Iran will pursue nuclear weapons after years of efforts made by Tel Aviv and its allies to convince the world otherwise – From PressTV.ir

Recolonization of Syria 20 Years in the Making – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com


THE GLOBAL SPY APPARATUS: You Are All Suspects Now. What Are You Going To Do About It? – by John Pilger, GlobalResearch.ca

AP: US Soldiers Promised Massacre, Including Children, Days Before Bales’ Alleged Rampage – by Ralph Lopez, Uruknet.info

Israeli police barricade and arrest activists attempting to commemorate the Nakba (with video) – by JerusalemDay2011, Uruknet.info – “Israeli police besieged the offices of Zochrot at the heart of Tel-Aviv in order to prevent the activists present from holding a very symbolic memorial activity

Russia condemns Syrian opposition’s resort to terror – Russia has condemned the armed opposition in Syria for using terror and embarking on a campaign to kill as many civilians as possible despite a UN-backed ceasefire – from PressTV.ir

Syria, Waco, Occupy, and Los Angeles: Correlations They Hope You Never Make – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

Home Owners Across the Nation Sue All Bank Servicers and Their Offshore Havens; Spire Law Officially Announces Filing of Landmark Lawsuit – Largest International Money Laundering Network in History Formed During Obama Administration; U.S. Banks’ Theft of Home Owners’ Money Laundered Through Cayman Islands, Isle of Man and Numerous Offshore-Based Affiliates – from MarketWatch.com

Israeli police to activist reciting names of destroyed Palestinian villages: If you keep reading you will be arrested – by Leehee Rothschild, Mondoweiss.net

Monsanto and ArborGen set their sights on GM trees and grasses – by Tony Isaacs, NaturalNews.com – “Not satisfied to own or control our food crops, Monsanto and its spinoff ArborGen have also set their sights on genetically modified trees and grasses. Despite a groundswell of objections by scientists and activists, the USDA has turned a deaf ear to their concerns and has instead aided and abetted Monsanto’s plans.’

Feds criminalizing small family farms under ridiculous ‘labor laws’ that target children – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

When It Looks and Feels Like Totalitarianism… – by Jemima Pierre, Uruknet.info


New Mexico: City Shuts Off Water, Sewer for Photo Ticket Nonpayment – Las Cruces, New Mexico is threatening to cut off water, gas and sewer service over unpaid red light and speed camera tickets – from TheNewspaper.com – and the “It-Just-Gets-Better” desk

Woman with cerebral palsy arrested in foreclosure fight with Wells Fargo – by Joe Wright, ActivistPost.com

Mother Wins Top Environmental Award for Beating Monsanto – Mother Wins Top Environmental Award for Beating Monsanto – by Anthony Gucciardi, ActivistPost.com

Michael Krieger On The Rebirth Of Barter – via Zerohedge.com

Netherlands: Court Bans Foreigners Buying Pot In Coffee Shops – by Esther Tran Le, IBTimes.com

For the week of 4/16:

US Attempting to Trigger Color Revolution in Pakistan – As Pakistan reasserts national-sovereignty, the US responds with arming and backing Baluchi terrorists – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com


Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA – by James Bamford, Wired.com

Big Sis Launches Undercover TSA Spies To Ride Houston Buses – Feds to watch for suspicious activity, pre-crime behavior – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com


Hungarian PM attacks EU ‘blackmail’ over IMF loan – from Agence Franc Press and Yahoo.com

Operation Sarkozy : how the CIA placed one of its agents at the presidency of the French Republic(2008) – by Thierry Meyssan, GlobalResearch.ca

UK aid helps to fund forced sterilisation of India’s poor – Money from the Department for International Development has helped pay for a controversial programme that has led to miscarriages and even deaths after botched operations – by Gethin Chamberlain, Guardian.co.uk

The election of active domestic enemies – by Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette, PPJG.me

The Banksters Ultimate Dream: A Cashless Society, Starting With the Military – from IntelHub.com – “They already are using them (the ‘Eagle Cash Card). I know this because I have one and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston manages it…I have been using it for more than three years now at an undisclosed location in the Middle East. A quick search on the Internet and you will find what I am saying is true or you can ask a returning Soldier, Airman, Sailor or Marine and now “a Contractor”

‘We have cancelled your booking’ — the criminalization of travel to the West Bank is laid bare to the world – by Laura Durkay, Uruknet.info – “In accordance with Article 26.3 of its Terms and Conditions, Jet2.com is a non-refundable airline and we will therefore be unable to offer any refund…Jet2.com would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the cancellation of your booking, which we hope you will appreciate is totally beyond our control.


No Good Cops Go Unpunished When They Stop a Beatdown – from RefreshingNews99.blogspot.in – “After physically intervening against two violent colleagues-in-blue, Tasca’s job is at stake. She faces a departmental trial on charges that she’s “psychologically unfit” to be a police officer.”

Welcome to Crazy Town – by Charlie McGrath, ActivistPost.com – Chicago “readies” for NATO conference…


Press Targeted By DHS – by Ralph Forbes, AmericanFreePress.net

For the week of 4/9:

Fear of Tyranny Is Now Treated As A Psychiatric Disorder In The West – by Saman Mohammadi, Infowars.com

Delaware’s Biden Takes Away Sheriff Arrest Powers! – Sheriffs Bushwhacked – by Pat Shannan, Rense.com – and from the “You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up” desk

Saudi Arabia to execute 25 Indonesian maids for alleged crimes – from PressTV.ir

Paris claims Syrian demand for halt of violence unacceptable – France has denounced Syria’s demand for guarantees by armed gangs to halt their violence within its borders, describing it as an ‘unacceptable’ demand – From PressTV.ir

Germany throws weight behind Iran’s nuclear energy program – German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle – German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has underlined Iran’s right to develop its nuclear energy program as a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) – from PressTV.ir


City of Roswell, GA, bullies Andrew Wordes to death over his backyard chickens – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

Proposed ‘Natural Health Products Bill’ in New Zealand would fine individuals $50,000 for making a cup of unapproved herbal tea – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

Unregulated Fracking for Decades? Why California May Be a Disaster Waiting to Happen – It appears fracking has gone virtually unregulated in California for decades and now lawmakers are pushing back with legislation to expose the truth – by Scott Thill, Alternet.org

Obama Wreaks Duplicity – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca

Hundreds of armed men surrender to Syrian army in Idlib – At least 227 armed men wanted by the Syrian government have surrendered to the army in the northwestern city of Idlib – From PressTV.ir

Mystery of the disappearing bees: Solved! – by Richard Schiffman, blogs.Reuters.com

The True Cause of the Death of David Kelly – by Dr. Michael Powers, GlobalResearch.ca

What Is ObamaCare? – by Paul Craig Roberts, InformationClearingHouse.info – “ObamaCare is high-cost privatized medicine that guarantees billions of dollars in profits to private insurance companies.”


The Guantanamo war crimes tribunal is worse than a Bush-era horror show: it reminds me of Chinese ‘justice’ – by Peter Foster, InformationClearingHouse.info

Shocking Facts About Who’s Arming Human Rights Abusers [INFOGRAPHIC] – from AmnestyUSA.org – Interestingly, Amnesty uses this graphic to indict Russian for “fueling” violence in Syria. Hmmm.

Green Police? DHS Launches ‘Environmental Justice’ Units – Homeland Security commits to fight climate change and “melting Arctic ice” – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com – and from the “It-Just-Gets-Better” desk

Stop the open-air release of GM Wheat that contains genes ‘most similar to that of a cow’ – from TakeTheFlourBack.org

Bernanke to Congress: We’re Much Closer to Total Destruction Than You Think – by John Carney, CNBC.com – Note: If you read between the lines here, what is Bernanke talking about? Apparently, impending events of a dramatic nature. He seems to be proposing some kind of program of “responsibility,” i.e. austerities similar to those being imposed on European nations. What “looming or actual fiscal crisis” is he hinting at? Is Congress being called upon to act as “responsible” enforcers of the interests of banks and bondholders as the appointed banker-allied governments of Greece and Italy are currently? Is it fair to speculate – without being branded a pie-eyed loon – that unprecedented financial turmoil is proximately potential? – Bruce

Kids Say Fresno Cops Tasered & Drowned Dad – by Matt Reynolds, CourthouseNew.com – “By now there were in excess of 15 deputies and officers on the scene. – “After some time passed, decedent had clear spit bubbles coming out of his mouth. – “Witnesses yelled at officers that decedent was not breathing and pointed to the clear spit bubbles but again were ignored. Doe officer claimed decedent was ‘faking it.'” (He was dead.)

Obama’s Drones Threaten World Civilization – by Glen Ford, BlackAgendaReport.com

Guinea-Bissau military seizes capital, national radio – from PressTV.ir – Can you say “Africom?”

SPYING ON AMERICANS: Obama’s Backdoor “Cybersecurity” Wiretap Bill Threatens Political and Private Rights – Spying on Social Media – by Tom Burghardt, GlobalResearch.ca


QE3: The Fed Entrapped in the Perpetual issuance of Money – by Bob Chapman, GlobalResearch.ca

Children stolen by The State needlessly, causing utter misery in one of Britain’s most disturbing scandals – by Christopher Booker, Dailymail.co.uk – This certainly begs the question of who, exactly, “The State” is.

Child Paralyzed By Vaccinations And Stolen From Mother By State – by Christina England, VacTruth.com – “The State,” through its minions, offered opinion that natural mother couldn’t adequately care for daughter, now allows her at most one supervised visit per week and has banned her from photographing her child.

NATO Reports: Syria at Any Cost – But prefers “cheapest” method possible – exposes Annan “peace deal” as insidious gambit to “buy time.” – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com

For the week of 4/2:

A Cashless Society May Be Closer Than Most People Would Ever Dare To Imagine – from TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com

Investors Are Looking to Buy Homes by the Thousands – by Motoko Rich, NYTimes.com

U.S. ambassador: al Qaeda could plan other 9/11 from Afghanistan unless we keep fighting – by Madison Ruppert, ActivistPost.com – and from the “Pull-The-Other-Leg-It’s-Got-Bells-On-It” desk


Calling the police to account – From today (in the UK), it is illegal to photograph the police, despite the fact that they use increasingly aggressive techniques to record us – by Henry Porter, Guardian.co.uk

Treacherous Treaties: American Imperialism, World Government and the Bilderbergers – by Prof. John Kozy, GlobalResearch.ca


Keeping the Slaves on the Plantation: Senate Says No Passport if You Owe Taxes – by Eric Blair, ActivistPost.com

CIA Home Invasion: Smart TVs and the ‘Internet of Things’ – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com

Earth Summit 2012 Promoters Call For Implementation Of “Personal Carbon Quotas” – by Jurriaan Maessen, Infowars.com

Government Surveillance Crackdown On Internet Goes Into Overdrive – Cyber bills legislate for mass surveillance; Former Cybersecurity Czar calls for Homeland Security data “customs inspections” – by Steve Watson, Prisonplanet.com

Is Your Favorite Ice Cream Made With Monsanto’s Artificial Hormones? – by John Robbins, HuffingtonPost.com

The Second Foreclosure Tsunami Is Coming, And Is About To Kill Any Hopes Of A “Housing Bottom” – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com

Video: Collapse, then the Crackdown – Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News on the rapid movement toward Austerities and Control in the U.S. One of his more coherent and directly to the point…

Surgery bans elderly patient over her carbon footprint – An elderly woman was ordered to find a new GP because the “carbon footprint” of her two-mile round trips to the surgery where she had been treated for 30 years was too large – from Telegraph.co.uk

Donald Trump publicly links vaccines to autism – by Rosemary Mathis, NaturalNews.com – A publicity bombshell drops on Fox network.

East Timor: A Lesson in Why the Poorest Threaten the Powerful – by John Pilger, GlobalResearch.ca

Destruction of Spain’s Economy Duplicates Greece – by Jeff Nielson, Uruknet,info

“The Great Depression II: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” – By James Quinn, BeforeItsNews.com

Our Men in Iran? – by Seymour M. Hersh, InformationClearingHouse.com, from the New Yorker


10 Unbelievably Sh**ty Things America Does to Homeless People – by Tana Ganeva, AlterNet.org

Syria says terrorist acts on rise despite Annan plan – from PressTV.ir

For the week of 3/26:

Tungsten Filled 1 kilo Gold Bar Discovered in UK – from SilverDoctors.blogspot.de

REPORT: Iran Tried To Bomb An Israeli Ship As It Passed Through The Suez Canal – by Robert Johnson, BusinessInsider.com – from the “If-You-Believe-This-I-Have-A-Bridge-You-Might-Be-Interested-In” desk

US, Turkey agree to send aid to rebels in Syria – from PressTV.ir – “Friends of Syria II” meeting scheduled for April 2 – from the “With-Friends-Like-These” desk

Video: R2P: Imperial Conquest by Another Name – James Corbett interviews Pepe Escobar on global use of the concept of “Responsibility to protect” – from Global Research TV


CNN Loses Half Its Viewers: Corporate Media Downhill Plunge Continues As Alternative Media Explodes – from TheIntelHub.com

Drone strikes in Yemen soar as U.S. stokes ‘secret war’ – from StratRisks.com

‘Pratnav’ will track electronically tagged hooligans by satellite to enforce pub and football bans – by Suzannah Hills, Dailymail.co.uk

CDC: U.S. kids with autism up 78% in past decade – by Miriam Falco, CNN.com – 1 in 88 U.S. children is now diagnosed with autism

Legislating Greater Wall Street Theft – by Stephen Lendman, ActivistPost.com – “…the imminent JOBS Act passage (is) reminiscent of the ‘worst anti-regulatory travesties in the financial sphere (that) had broad, bipartisan support.’ Don’t they all, especially in recent decades.”

Australian Globalist Senator Bob Brown Calls for World Government – by Andrew Puhanic, ActivistPost.com

Why Does The Department Of Homeland Security Need 450 Million Hollow Point Bullets? – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com

Hospital workers call police to seize newborn baby, throw momma out of the building, assault child with dangerous vaccines – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

Juicing cannabis miraculously saves lives after physicians declare the battle lost – by Raw Michelle, NaturalNews.com


Racially-Motivated Killing the Media Missed? NY Police Called Out on Medical Alert Shoot Dead 68 Year Old Black Veteran – from Alternet.org and DemocracyNow.com

MKO is US’ only hope to stop Iran nuclear program: NY ex-mayor – from PressTV.ir

UK to sabotage Annan’s peace plan for Syria? – from PressTV.ir – “British Foreign Secretary William Hague is to announce Britain’s plans for training armed rebels inside Syria while Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has accepted UN envoy Kofi Annan’s peace plan”

For the week of 3/19:

Scoundrel Media Afghan Massacre Cover-Up – by Stephen Lendman, Uruknet.info

FEMA Corps To Be Brownshirts For Homeland Security Emergency Response? – by Aaron Dykes, Infowars.com

Afghan Massacre: Mass Murder By 2 Death Squads With Air Support – by Alexander Higgins, blog.alexanderhiggins.com

Leon Panetta confirms U.S. will ‘take action’ if Israel strikes Iran – by Madison Ruppert, ActivistPost.com

Solar power station in Spain works at night – by Katell Abiven, Agence France Press, Yahoo.com

New study: Radiation treatments create cancer cells 30 times more potent than regular cancer cells – by Tony Isaacs, NaturalNews.com

Of Statesmen, Bankers, and Long-tongued Liars – from PPJ Gazette – “London’s international bankers who own and control the Bank of England (BOE), the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland—where the world’s central banks draw—as well as the rest of the world’s central banks, are rapidly consuming what few independent central banks remain.”

Cancer industry trying to co-opt most recent potential natural cure – frankincense – by: Paul Fassa, NaturalNews.com

US builds world biggest spy center – The facility is “the most covert and potentially most intrusive intelligence agency ever.” – The United States National Security Agency (NSA) is building the biggest spy center for intercepting and storing electronic communications collected from all over the world and American citizens – from PressTV.ir – “A new report published by the monthly magazine Wired, said that the centre located in Bluffdale, a remote valley in the state of Utah, can process yottabytes (a million billions of gigabytes) of data.”

The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say) – by James Bamford, Wired.com


Big Brother is Back – ID Cards Were Nothing Compared to This Government’s Snooping Plans – by JohnnyVoid.wordpress.com

Wave of Banking Resignations Likely Foreshadows Financial Collapse – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com

Sacked for eating a grape: Britain’s health and safety police state strikes again – by Peter Mullen, Telegraph.co.uk – “What will become of his wife and children?…Look, Mr Bus Boss, that driver did not get out the Primus stove and sit there at the wheel cooking himself a full English breakfast while his hapless passengers were plunged to their untimely deaths over a precipice owing to his neglect.”

Are Police Building a Massive DNA Database? – by Scott Lemieux, Alternet.org

US WAR ON IRAN: “THE WORST MISTAKE IN AMERICAN HISTORY”: The Road to Disaster – by Fidel Castro Ruz, GlobalResearch.ca

Big Banks Continue to “Suck at the Government” With Never-Ending Stealth Bailouts – by Washington’s Blog, GlobalResearch.ca

US war game foreshadows Israeli attack on Iran – by Peter Symonds, GlobalResearch.com

For the week of 3/12:

Fracking Democracy: Why Pennsylvania’s Act 13 May Be the Nation’s Worst Corporate Giveaway – Pennsylvania’s Republican leaders have given the natural gas industry unprecedented power to overrule local government and drill anywhere – by Steven Rosenfeld, Alternet.org

US assassination drone strikes kill 64 in Yemen in 3 days – from PressTV.ir

A force for good? the rise of private police – Constabularies are paying firms billions to run services for them – when many of those companies employ their old colleagues – by Paul Peachey & Nina Lakhani, Independent.co.uk

Israelis build the world’s biggest detention centre – Thousands of African asylum-seekers fleeing persecution could end up in Negev desert camp – by Catrina Stewart, Independent.co.uk

Cyber False Flag to Push for More Restrictive Laws? – LulzSec’s FBI Informant Leader Hinted at CIA Connection – by Kurt Nimmo, GlobalResearch.ca

Evolving Global Financial Crisis. Selling “Foreclosed Homes” – by Bob Chapman, GlobalResearch.ca

The Contradictions of Modern Feminism: The Triumph of Machine Politics Over Feminism – by John Pilger, GlobalResearch.ca

The Bloody Road to Damascus: The Triple Alliance’s War on a Sovereign State – by Prof. James Petras, GlobalResearch.ca

Gold and Silver: Crisis of the Fractional Banking System – by Bob Chapman, GlobalResearch.ca


EFF warns of Big Brother biometrics time bomb – from Siliconrepublic.com

CCTV at petrol stations will automatically stop uninsured cars being filled with fuel – Downing Street officials hope the hi-tech system will crack down on the 1.4 million motorists who drive without insurance – by Martin Fricker, Mirror.co.uk

Pot Legalization Foe Getting Rich off the Drug War — by Josh Harkinson, MotherJones.com

Russia and China block British attempts at UN to end Syria bloodshed – British attempts to seek an end to the bloodshed in Syria were rebuffed by Russia and China on Monday as international divisions appeared to have grown over how to tackle the crisis – by Rosa Prince, Telegraph.co.uk, – Simply the language in the Telegraph’s headlines should be enough to show how the wind is blowing…

Washington Plans War On Syria – by Stephen Lendman, Rense.com

DOJ Asks Court To Keep Secret Any Partnership Between Google, NSA – from LegalTimes.typepad.com

Unsafe Levels of Glyphosate(RoundUp) Found in the Urine of City Dwellers – from OccupyMonsanto360.com

Girl, 12, ‘interrogated’ by school staff until she gives up Facebook password – by Laura Cox, Dailymail.co.uk

Robert Fisk: Condemn me, but get your facts right first – from Independent.co.uk


There Must Be War Before The Dollar Crash – by Rick Gedeon, ActivistPost.com

White House Says Child Soldiers Are Ok, if They Fight Terrorists – by Michelle Chen, AlethoNews.wordpress.com

For the week of 3/5:
NGO Monitor Denies Truth for Israel – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca
The Great Stalinist Purge of Media Critics On Obama’s Reported Enemies List – Is the reported 2009 Obama enemies list a road map for a great purging of critics in the lead-up to the 2012 elections? – by Aaron Dykes, Infowars.com
Olympic brands caught up in abuse scandal – While Adidas, Nike and Puma make millions out of the Games, their employees are claiming exploitation – by Gethin Chamberlain, Guardian.co.uk
Cash-strapped Britain: One in five has to borrow money to buy food ? One in four people used their savings to buy household essentials while one in five needed to borrow money to afford groceries ? Only 43 per cent feel they can afford to live on their salaries and 36 per cent admit to finding things difficult financially ? Money worries led to a third suffering from anxiety and a fifth admitted feeling depressed – in the Which? survey – by Sean Poulter, Dailymail.co.uk
Bureaucrats and Other Pesky Critters on the Road to Food Freedom – by Michael McCarty, ActivistPost.com – “What I can say now is that, with rare exception, I have confronted a nearly impenetrable wall of mind numbing and intimidating legalese, wrapped in doublespeak, and spouted gleefully by a largely incompetent army of naysayers and useful idiots. I hate to say it that way folks, but I have to call it like I see it.”
Netanyahu Wags the Dog – “Yes and No; Attack and Don’t Attack” – by Roy Tov, RoyTov.com

RAF accused of covering up almost 150 airstrikes on Taliban by unmanned drones – by Ian Drury, Dailymail.co.uk


Former Manitoba AG on secret internment list – from CBC.ca – This article from 2010 documents a hidden program of the Police Authorities that is most likely related to Rex84, Project Gardenplot, etc., in the U.S.


CDC Calls Morgellons Nanoworms A Delusion, Protects DARPA – by Rady Ananda, BeforeItsNews.com

Mysterious Siberian Blasts Warned Point To Rapid Pole Reversal – from PakAlertPress.com

Unrelenting Global Economic Crisis: A Doomsday View of 2012 – The economic, political and social outlook for 2012 is profoundly negative – by Prof. James Petras, GlobalResearch.ca

Smart Meters Being Funded by the US Military? – from StopSmartMeters.org

Electropollution and the Decline in Health of a Nation – by Alex Richards, JustProveIt.net


The Resistance Rises: Reinstating the “Castle Doctrine” – by William N. Grigg, PeaceInOurTime.blogspot.com

Copyright Kings Are Judge, Jury and Executioner on YouTube – by POPEYE, FederalJack.com

MKO helps Israeli agents in covert war with Iran: Ex-member – from PressTV.ir

Ex-London police chief warns of massive unrest – from PressTV.ir – “Lord Stevens, the head of the Metropolitan Police Service from 2000 until 2005 and a writer for the now-defunct News of the World, has said that Britain would once again witness “massive public disorder” if the media is not used to justify police’s indiscriminate shootings…”

Israel asks US for bunker-buster bombs, refueling aircraft – from PressTV.ir

Wikileaks document reveals: US-led NATO troops operate inside Syria – from PressTV.ir

Documents Reveal Rockefeller Foundation Actively Engaged in Mass Mind-Control – by Jurriaan Maessen, Infowars.com

Gareth Porter: Delhi Bombing Was Not An Iranian Revenge Operation, But An Israeli False Flag Operation – by Saman Mohammadi – PoorRichardsBlog.blogspot.com

US to Attempt Overthrow of Putin Government – Wall Street & London elite lay groundwork to justify large scale destabilization in Russia. – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com


EU accused of hypocrisy for £1 billion in arms sales to Greece – After EU demands for greater austerity, as Greece debt has deepened despite multi-billion bailouts, Greek social spending has been cut by nine per cent while military budgets have risen, by as much as 18 per cent – by Bruno Waterfield, Telegraph.co.uk

“Planetary Genocide”: Fukushima One Year Later : The Poisoning of Planet Earth – by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, GlobalResearch.ca

Syrian armed groups snub Annan’s offer to end clashes – UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan at the Arab League – Armed groups in Syria have rejected a proposal by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan to renounce violence and seek a political solution to the Syrian unrest – from PressTV.ir

Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera Syria tolls differ by 100s – Syrians protest outside Al Jazeera offices in Damascus, accusing it if of lies and exaggeration in its coverage of the developments in Syria – Contrasting figures of the mortalities have raised doubts about the validity of news reports released by anti-Damascus media outlets about the developments in Syria – from PressTV.ir

UK seeks China, Russia’s cooperation in anti-Syria move – Russia has dismissed the west’s hopes for a change in its stance on Syria as “wishful thinking.” – The British foreign secretary has urged Russia and China to support a new anti-Syria United Nations Security Council resolution, saying the two countries’ previous opposition to one such resolution had incurred them ‘a diplomatic price.’ – from PressTV.ir

Syria and “Conspiracy Theories”: It is a Conspiracy – by Felicity Arbuthnot,GlobalResearch.ca


Mossad, CIA and Blackwater operate in Syria – report – from PressTV.ir, 07 March

Will A Sitting President Finally Be Held Accountable For High Crimes and Misdemeanors? – Impeachment proceedings begin in the House and the Senate over Obama’s brazen use of aggressive military force without congressional authority.- by Eric Blair, ActivistPost.com

65-year-old California ‘milk man’ subjected to extreme torture, hypothermia, raw sewage in LA County jail – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

Banks are using government loans to repay TARP – by Suzy Khimm, WashingtonPost.com

Did BP Cause Damage to the Gulf Sea Floor? Ever-Larger “Natural” Oil Seeps from the Giant Macondo Reservoir – by Washington’s Blog, GlobalResearch.ca

Why Putin is Driving Washington Nuts – by Pepe Escobar, VeteransToday.com

Gaza still under Israeli attacks, 16 killed – by Omar Ghraieb, Uruknet.info

UK govt. lies about use of DU in Libya – Britain has violated at least four chapters of the Geneva Convention, after it used Depleted uranium weapons during aerial bombardment of Libya – by Peter Eyre, PressTV.ir – “Do you think we will again use these WMD’s on Syria and Iran? You bet and they will also throw in the odd tactical nuclear weapon (up to a yield of 5kt) to spread even more radioactive fallout around the entire Middle East and the World beyond. Our leaders are so thoughtful and compassionate in trying to save lives on humanitarian grounds!”

Russian, Arab foreign ministers negotiate Syrian crisis – Russia and the Arab League reach an agreement to settle the ongoing crisis in Syria, which rejects any foreign military intervention in the country – from PressTV.ir

Vast Increase in ‘Star Bubbles’ Proof of Energetic Change? – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com – “These findings make us suspect that the Milky Way is a much more active star-forming galaxy than previously thought…”

Olympics security bill: how it soared to more than £1bn – Organising committee’s failure to estimate number of staff needed at London 2012 venues set off panic in Westminster – by Nick Hopkins and Owen Gibson, Guardian.co.uk

TSA Threatens MSM Reporters Over Coverage Of Body Scanner Story – Agency spokesperson “strongly cautioned” journalists to back off – by Steve Watson, 12160.org

Goldman Sachs told U.S. (when push comes to shove) they WILL BE Paid for Debt BEFORE Social Security and Medicare Recipients! Forget citizens PAY BANKS! – from SherrieQuestioningAll.blogspot.com

US senator urges naval blockade of Iran oil – The chairman of the US Senate Armed Services Committee (Carl Levin) has put forward a proposal to impose an international naval blockade of Iran’s oil exports prior to any military strike against the country – from PressTV.ir

For the week of 2/27:

A Biocratic Feeding Frenzy: Economists and Biologists Weigh In – by Jurriaan Maessen,Infowars.com – The Technocratic mindset and the justification of Agenda 21

Angelina Jolie Conscripted To Sell Genocidal ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ War Doctrine – by Martin Iqbal, EmpireStrikesBlack.com

Iran refuses to deliver 500k-barrel oil shipment to Greece – from PressTV.ir

Syria violence reports fabricated by UK? – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is a major source of western reports about Syria, has turned out to be linked to the British government and its allies through a misleading network of NGOs. – from PressTV.ir

UK prepares for military strike against Iran: The Sun – The United Kingdom has reportedly drawn up plans to send hundreds of troops and an extra nuclear submarine to the Persian Gulf amid escalating war threats against the Islamic Republic. – from PressTV.ir

Video: Open Seeds: Biopiracy and the Patenting of Life – 15 min. – James Corbett & Vandana Shiva, TV.GlobalResearch.ca

Gasoline Prices Are Not Rising, the Dollar Is Falling – by Louis Woodhill, Forbes.com


If We Thought Chemtrails Were Dangerous, Here’s The Killer Blow: Sulphur Spraying – from BeforeItsNews.com

Greece sinks to its knees – The recent bail-out, which imposes strict new austerity measures on the Greeks, will deepen a crisis that has already driven up the suicide rate by 40 per cent – by David Blair, Telegraph.co.uk

Judge Sides with Monsanto Over Small Organic Farmers – from ActivistPost.com – “(Judge Naomi Buchwald’s) failure to address the purpose of the Declaratory Judgment Act and her characterization of binding Supreme Court precedent that supports the farmers’ standing as ‘wholly inapposite’ constitute legal error.”

VIDEO: CNN Silences War-Skeptical Soldier – by Ray McGovern, GlobalResearch.ca – The video McGovern presents is, as he says, “worth 1000 words,” but McGovern’s article is as clear and alive as a mountain stream.

The Myth of Israel’s Liberal Supreme Court Exposed – by Jonathan Cook, Uruknet.info


Readying the Greek Corpse for Burial – by Stephen Lendman, Uruknet.info

US makes abrupt volte face on Iran – from PressTV.ir – “To deny Iran the ‘capability’ would almost surely require a war between the United States and Iran, a course that some neocons have been quietly desiring for at least the past decade,” (journalist Robert) Parry added.

US preparing plans for possible Syria attack: CNN Report – from PressTV.ir – ‘The Pentagon has prepared “detailed plans” for a military strike against Syria in case President Barack Obama issues an attack order… According to an unnamed senior US official, the plans include several different kinds of operations, number of personnel as well as the type of military equipment needed, CNN reported.’

Anti-Austerity Protests Sweep Across Europe – from PressTV.ir

Scores killed in US drone attack in Somalia – from PressTV.ir

NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate by a Veto-Proof 39-1 Vote – by Michael Boldin, TenthAmendmentCenter.com – “…codifies in law that no agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia – including defense forces and national guard troops, will comply with or assist the federal government in any way under it’s newly claimed powers to arrest and detain without due process.”

‘Euthanasia Rollercoaster’ Hailed by Anti-Human Scientists – by Anthony Gucciardi, NaturalSociety.com – from the It-Just-Gets-Better desk

WW3 Trigger: US To Implement Syria Aerial Blockade – by Alexander Higgins, Blog.AlexanderHiggins.com – Fine article by Alexander, recommended.

Draghi buries European social model– by Philippe Mabille, PressEurop.eu – “…over-indebted countries will have no option but to implement draconian austerity policies if they are to overcome the crisis.”


Netanyahu: No Lebanon will be on the map – from Pravda.ru

Turning the tables on Big Brother: Now internet users can watch who is spying on them in blow against Google’s new snooping policy – by Rob Waugh, Dailymail.co.uk

They Love Death – from EndOfTheAmericanDream.com

The Mossad Role in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy – by Michael Collins Piper, RedactedNews.blogspot.com – While I’ve heard about Final Judgement, this (760 page) highly documented book before, this very long article by the author, Michael Collins Piper, seems to convey much of the key information in this, I think, valuable book.

Obama Birth Certificate and Selective Service Card Faked, Joe Arpaio Concludes – by Carol Bengle Gilbert, Yahoo.com – see also video of Arpaio’s press conference HERE.

For the week of 2/20:

New Research: GMO Food Far Worse Than We Think – by Sayer Ji, ActivistPost.com

Lord James of Blackheath: Mystery 15 Trillion Dollars Transferred to HSBC For Royal Bank of Scotland Connected to JP Morgan and Federal Reserve – from TheIntelHub.com – “In stunning testimony before the UK Parliament, Lord James of Blackheath expounded on his previous testimony about “Foundation X” and its connections to at least 15 trillion dollars in money transfers.”

Afghan drug war debacle: Blair said smashing opium trade was a major reason to invade but 10 years on heroin production is up from 185 tons a year to 5,800 – by David Williams, Dailymail.co.uk

Washington DC: FBI Foils Own Terror Plot (Again) – FBI’s nation-wide stable of patsies can be switched “live” at any moment – by Tony Cartalucci, BushStole04.com

The Global Land Grab – from FreedomInOurTime.blogspot.com – Regimes ALL OVER THE WORLD are using administrative law to deprive their people of their lawful property rights.

Obama sends top security aide to Israel as tension builds over nuclear Iran – from Telegraph.co.uk

The Street Corner Wisdom of Foreclosure Fraud: It Wasn’t Me – by Kai Wright, ColorLines.com – (In San Francisco) “About 84 percent of the files contained what appear to be clear violations of law, it said, and fully two-thirds had at least four violations or irregularities.”

US Gen. Dempsey: Iran rational actor, not after nukes – from PressTV.ir – “We also know, or we believe we know that Iran has not decided to make a nuclear weapon”…“It’s not prudent at this point to decide to attack Iran,” General Dempsey said, adding that the US government is confident the Israelis “understand our concerns.”

UK in anti-Syrian conspiracy – from PressTV.ir – “[British Prime Minister David]Cameron said last week “we need to take all the action we can” to ‘get rid of this brutal dictator [Assad]’ ”

Senators: US should arm Syria opposition – from PressTV.ir – “So I am not only not opposed, but I am in favor of weapons being obtained by the opposition,” [McCain] added…Graham said, “If the Syrian regime is replaced with another form of government…the world is a better place.”

Israel teams with terror group to kill Iran’s nuclear scientists, U.S. officials tell NBC News – by Richard Engel and Robert Windrem – NBC News – RockCenter.msnbc.msn.com

A US government program secretly injected people with plutonium – from io9.com (and the WTF!? desk)


34 Questions About Australia’s Censored Corruption Crisis in the Schapelle Corby Case – Simon Langford, ActivistPost.com – Note: See the documentary “Expendable” on Australian government corruption allowing massive injustice against Schapelle Corby HERE

California family ambushed by school officials, TV news crew after they refused to vaccinate their daughter – by Jonathan Benson, NaturalNews.com

U.S. Rejects Karzai’s Demand to End Raids – by Gareth Porter and Shah Nouri, GlobalResearch.ca


Unvaccinated kids banned from Indiana school due to measles ‘outbreak’ – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com

Top Social Media Websites Caught Censoring Controversial Content – by Washington’s Blog, GlobalResearch.ca


U.N. Panel Accuses Syrian Government of Crimes Against Humanity – by Alan Cowell and Steven Lee Myers, NYTimes.com – The MSM reporting through the looking glass?

Police in riot gear break up shoe melee at Florida Mall – by POPEYE, FederalJack.com – from the It-Just_Gets-Better desk

Greece: The Epicenter of Global Pillage – by Stephen Lendman, PoorRichards-blog-blogspot.com

Video – Declassified: documents from US Senate investigation into Israeli influence over US media finally released by the National Archive.

Intel Exclusive: Trillion Dollar Terror Exposed – Bush, Fed, Europe Banks in $15 Trillion Fraud, All Documented – by Gordon Duff, VeteransToday.com

Scandal: Greece To Receive “Negative” Cash From “Second Bailout” As It Funds Insolvent European Banks – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com

USDA to Give Monsanto’s New GMO Crops Special ‘Speed Approval’ – by Anthony Gucciardi, ActivistPost.com – “…the USDA says that it is changing the rules so that genetically modified seed companies like Monsanto will get ‘speedier regulatory reviews’.”

Argentine Advice for Greece: ‘Default Now!’ – by Adrian Salbuchi, TheIntelHub.com

Why the medical establishment will never find a cause or cure for autism – by Jonathan Benson, NaturalNews.com

Made in Jordan: Thousands of Gunmen Preparing to Enter Syria? – from reports in European and Middle Eastern media via GlobalResearch.ca

Americans Abandon International Law: 70% Approve Guantanamo – by Nat Parry, GlobalResearch.ca

City Mayor Gives Endorsement to Soviet-style Checkpoints in South Carolina – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com


FBI Turns Off Thousands of GPS Devices After Supreme Court Ruling – from the Wall Street Journal, blogs.wsj.com – “…the court ruling prompted the FBI to turn off about 3,000 GPS tracking devices that were in use.” – from the OMG desk

Silencing The Critics – by Paul Craig Roberts, PaulCraigRoberts.org

For the week of 2/13:

DARPA Set to Drop Computer “F-Bombs” to Spy on Public – by Nicholas West, ActivistPost.com

Colonial Elite Rules China for the Illuminati – by St. John Bartholomew, HenryMakow.com

How does the State get away with grooming 13-year-old girls for illegal underage sex? – by Peter Hitchens.Dailymail.co.uk

Shock study shows Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice over the last decade – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com – From the “I’m Shocked…” desk


Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks – by Pete Papaherakles, AmericanFreePress.net


European Super State One Step Closer or Approaching Imminent Collapse? – by Julian Rose, ActivistPost.com

South Carolina Sheriff Adds Round-the-Clock Checkpoints to Growing Police State – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com

Video: CNN Catapults the propaganda against Iran in a fierce way – Link – And Rep. Peter King calls Iran a menace…

Green companies with political ties to Obama receive billions in federal funds – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com

Turkish activists: NATO radar aimed at protecting Israel – from PressTV.ir

PM (David Cameron) proud of UK role in deadly Libya war – from PressTV.ir

Deepening Greek Tragedy – by Stephen Lendman, Uruknet.info

For the week of 2/6:

White House Insider: Obama Complains – I Wanna Be Cool Again! – by Ulsterman, TheUlstermanReport.com – “The poor bastard wants to be cool again. Hours and hours spent preparing to sing a few words. Many more hours spent by the campaign spreading the video of that moment…”

Record 1.2 Million People Fall Out Of Labor Force In One Month, Labor Force Participation Rate Tumbles To Fresh 30 Year Low – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “This is the largest absolute jump in ‘Persons Not In Labor Force’ on record…and biggest percentage jump in 30 years.” (orig. emph.)


Bill Gates Pours Millions Into Geoengineering – Billionaire funds projects aimed at injecting upper atmosphere with sulphur particles – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

Greece agrees to cut state jobs – Move to eliminate 15,000 civil service jobs signals major shift in policy in run-up to crucial coalition meeting – from Aljazeerah.com

Chemotherapy Negatively Impacts Genetic Coding for Future Generations – by Andre Evans, ActivistPost.com – “Three common drugs used for chemotherapy have been found to cause DNA mutations within the users. This is already highly dangerous, but according to new research, this damage may have the ability to pass into future generations.”

Profit Driven Prison Industrial Complex: The Economics of Incarceration in the USA – For every 100,000 Americans, 743 citizens sit behind bars – by Nile Bowie, GlobalResearch.ca

US scenario in Syria: Turkish incursion, Israeli invasion – from PressTV.ir – This article does not name any sources, but lays out a plausible scenario within the current circumstances and recent past history.


From Washington this looks like Syria’s ‘Benghazi moment’. But not from here – Look east and what does Bashar see? Iran standing with him and Iraq refusing to impose sanctions – by Robert Fisk, InformationClearingHouse.info

SYRIA: CIA-MI6 Intel Ops and Sabotage – by Felicity Arbuthnot, GlobalResearch.ca – CIA/MI6 planning from the 50’s looks eerily familiar…

US Republican John McCain calls for arming Syria opposition – from PressTV.ir

Russian FM Sergei Lavrov says Syria meeting ‘very useful’ – from PressTV.ir – “According to Russian media reports, Lavrov said President Assad will “in the nearest future” meet with a commission that has been preparing the “draft of a new constitution” and the schedule of a referendum on the draft ‘will be announced.’ ”


Neotame the next aspartame? FDA doesn’t require labeling of latest chemical sweetener from Monsanto – by Jonathan Benson, NaturalNews.com – Approved by FDA in 2002(!) & can be included in organic products without being put on ingredients lists

Report: British Special Forces Enter Syria To Aid Rebels – Foreign boots on the ground in repeat of Libya – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com

Crimes against Humanity: The Torture of Palestinian Children – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca – “solitary confinement is routinely used.”

World War and the Russia-China Veto: Towards a Break Point at the UN Security Council? – by Carla Stea, GlobalResearch.ca

Keeping the Global Monetary System Afloat, Postponing Massive Debt Default – by Bob Chapman, GlobalResearch.ca

Why Is Global Shipping Slowing Down So Dramatically? – from TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com


US Congress passes bill to ban insider trading by lawmakers – from PressTV.ir – Why is it that we need to go to a website from (axis of evil) Iran to read about this? – from the Rearranging the Deckchairs desk

For the week of 1/30:

Cell Phones, EMF Negatively Altering Important Regions of the Brain – by Mike Barrett, NaturalSociety.com

European Parliament Official In Charge Of ACTA Quits, And Denounces The ‘Masquerade’ Behind ACTA – from the Wow! desk at TechDirt.com

State Emergency Managers Usher in IMF-style Austerity and Soviet-style Governance – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “In what can easily be described as a Soviet-style law, Michigan’s Emergency Financial Management Law which was passed in March, 2011, essentially gives the Governor the authority to take over local governments and municipalities and appoint his own directors in place of elected leaders.”

How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans – by Heather Carlini, Bibliotecapleyades.net

Turkey to broadcast pro-Holocaust film – from PressTV.ir


In The Assange Case We Are All Suspects Now – Washington’s enemy is not “terrorism” but the principle of free speech and voices of conscience within its militarist state. – by John Pilger, InformationClearingHouse.info

Fukushima – What Really Happened – As a hypothesis, Stuxnet explains why the generators failed. It explains how the valves in the passive cooling systems got shut off. – by James Farganne, HenryMakow.com

CFR and Neocons Work Together to Hype al-Qaeda Iran Link – by Kurt Nimmo,Infowars.com – Quite a good and lucid little article from Nimmo

Water industry, World Bank pilot new scheme to drive public water into private hands – World Economic Forum to feature progress report from Nestlé-led initiative – from StopCorporateAbuse.org

Breaking: Oakland Arrestees Tortured. UPDATED – from TheDailyKos.com – Is anybody watching what’s going on here?

HPV vaccines (Gardasil) now pushed onto boys in Canada – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com – “The announcement comes just months after a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) committee also recommended that boys get jabbed with the HPV vaccine, despite the fact that nearly 25,000 children have had serious adverse events as a result of the vaccine, and more than 100 have died ” (http://sanevax.org/)

Bill Gates funds technology to destroy your sperm – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com – from the “You can’t make this stuff up” desk


US Warns Iran Not To Fight Back Against Israeli Attack – US warship remains in Strait Of Hormuz amidst simmering tensions – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

Israel: Iran’s Nukes Complete, Its Missiles Can Reach US – from Debka File via BeforeItsNews.com – Nooks comin’ from Eye-ran toot sweet!

Mossad boss secretly in US over Iran – from PressTV.ir

Do You Like Online Privacy? You May Be a Terrorist – from PublicIntelligence.net


UN Wants World Tax To ‘Help The Poor’ – Global levy needed to aid “needy people” get free housing, education and healthcare – Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

flashback: UN Calls For Eco-Fascist World Government At Durban Summit – “International Climate Court of Justice” would force western nations to pay “climate debt” – Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com

Gould-Werritty: the Continuing Cover-Up – by Craig Murray, craigmurray.org.uk – “Evidence continues to mount that, rather than simply pursuing commercial interests with then Defence Secretary Liam Fox, Adam Werritty was involved centrally in working with the British and Israeli intelligence services to try to engineer war against Iran. His official contact in all this was Matthew Gould, now British Ambassador to Israel.”

U.S. Prison Business: Privatize Profits, Socialize Losses – Getting rich off taxpayers by building cages – by Joe Wright, ActivistPost.com

‘Everyone step on his toes!’ Gingrich security harasses Ron Paul supporter – by Chris Moody, News.Yahoo.com

Libya: Diplomat Dies from Torture in Militia Custody – from Human Rights Watch via Uruknet.info

Bill will turn Bedouin dispossession into Israeli law – by Dr. Yeela Raanan, Uruknet.info – “If the Knesset passes the legislation, it will pave the way for Israel to step up its efforts to disposess the Negev’s Bedouin and relocate them to impoverished townships. This bill has gone totally ignored by both local and international media.”

U.S. Preparing Military Action Against Iran – by Gen. Gennady Yevstafyev, GlobalResearch.ca

Massive U.S. Military Buildup Reported Around Iran; Up to 100,000 Troops Ready By March – by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan.info

Western troops, firepower being moved to Persian Gulf: Report – by Madison Ruppert, EndTheLie.com

Congress Welcomes Drones Into American Skies ASAP – by Michael Edwards, ActivistPost.com

FDA Whistleblower Lawsuit Sparks Congressional Investigation – from ActivistPost.com

For the week of 1/23:

Trillion dollar lawsuit exposes secret Bilderberg Gold Treaty & funding of extraterrestrial projects – by Michael E. Salla, MA., Ph.D., Exopolitics.org – Everything you EVER wanted to know about International Gold Transfers and the mysterious impounding of 134 billion in (supposedly forged) Federal Reserve bearer bonds in Italy in 2009

Aluminum + Fluoride = Alzheimer’s and Dementia – by Barbara H. Peterson, Farmwars.info – “The presence of fluoride enhanced the bio-availability of aluminum (Al) causing more aluminum to cross the blood-brain barrier and become deposited in the brain. The aluminum level in the brains of the fluoride-treated group was double that of the controls.”

Health insurance company preys upon the poor with junk food reward program for vaccinating your baby– by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “The letter declares “Get a FREE $20 McDonalds, Rite Aid, Target or Meijer Gift Card when your child gets recommended shots before their second birthday.” It even goes on to offer a “FREE ride to the doctor” for those who are so poor that they don’t own cars.”

Refineries facing heavy government fines for not blending a biofuel that doesn’t exist – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – One from the “You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up” desk

‘Israel to Give Obama 12 Hours Notice on Attacking Iran’ – Israel told visiting US Gen. Dempsey that Obama would get no more than 12 hours notice before an attack on Iran, the London Times reports – by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, IsraelNationalNews.com

‘US posts elite commandos near Iran’ – from PressTV.ir – The US-based Wired magazine says Washington has stationed a special team of highly trained commandos near Iran’s border for possible sabotage operations


EU Hits Iran With Oil Ban, Asset Freeze Over Nuclear Effort – by Ewa Krukowska and Gregory Viscusi, (Bloomberg)BusinessWeek.com- “The EU will freeze assets in Europe of the Iranian central bank as well as of eight other entities and ban trade in gold, precious metals, diamonds and petrochemical products from Iran…”

Davos 2012: From Capitalism to Fascism – by Robert Wenzel, WarIsCrime.com – “Economic and political elites meeting this week at the Swiss resort of Davos will be asked to urgently find ways to reform a capitalist system that has been described as ‘outdated and crumbling.’ “(author’s emphasis)

Soros Mouthpiece Calls On Google To Police “Conspiracy Theories”Stanford scholar wants search engines to flag global warming, vaccine skepticism as thought crimes – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com

Monsanto: ‘There is no need for, or value in testing the safety of GM foods in humans’ – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com – (of course not…)

Obama to Use Pension Funds of Ordinary Americans to Pay for Bank Mortgage “Settlement” – from NakedCapitalism.com

US-NATO war crimes in Libya – by Barry Grey. Uruknet.info – “The report (“Report of the Independent Civil Society Fact-Finding Mission to Libya”) on US-NATO war crimes is also a further indictment of the assortment of “left” parties, intellectuals and academics who parroted the human rights pretexts of Washington and NATO and thus gave open or backhanded support to the war in Libya.”

Soros Warns of Violent Riots In America, Financial Collapse, Government Clampdown – “Survival Is The Most Important Thing” – by Mac Slavo,Infowars.com


LAPD joining in “multi-agency tactical exercises” in Los Angeles – by Madison Ruppert, EndTheLie.com – These “exercises” are specifically with the US Military. LAPD issued a cryptic press release only a day after they started, and Madison states that he can get no information about them from headquarters.

Elites Pushing Class Warfare is Just Another False Paradigm – by Eric Blair, ActivistPost.com

A Web of Financial Fraud and Criminality: America’s Shadow Banking System – by Ellen Brown, GlobalResearch.ca – “…a system that requires the slicing and dicing of mortgages behind an electronic smokescreen so they can be bought and sold as collateral for the pawn shop of the repo market is obviously fraught with perils…”


Monsanto buys bee-friendly pesticide researcher – from (Bloomberg)BusinessWeek.com – What are the odds that this little company was formed by people who want to help the bees and found evidence that “colony collapse disorder” is caused by genetically modified crops?

Whistleblower: Monsanto Wants to Kill The Bees To Make Way For Its Super-Bee – from BeforeItsNews.com – Only a cryptic snippet “Soon to be whistleblower who worked for Monsanto will be releasing documents detailing how Monsanto planned to kill off bee colonies in order to introduce a “new and improved” species of bee that will only pollinate Monsanto crops.”

New drone has no pilot anywhere, so who’s accountable? – from the L.A.Times via Stratrisks.com


United Nations Preparing to Manage Global Mental Health – Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “…the Psychiatric/Psychological complex has vastly more authority that it needs or deserves. When one multiplies that oppressive authority with the global jurisdiction of the United Nations, as well as the U.N’s tendency to introduce tyrannical guidelines in its own right, we can see a clear recipe for disaster. ”

Why does the military seem to be preparing for urban warfare in the United States?– by Madison Ruppert, EndTheLie.com – “It is quite unlikely that these preparations are totally irrelevant and will not be used in any way.”

Crushing the disinformation surrounding indefinite detention of Americans under the NDAA – by Madison Ruppert, EndTheLie.com

ACTA: The Corporate Usurpation of the Internet – by Nile Bowie, ActivistPost.com

UK Bioethicist: Pregnancy and Natural Birth Should Not Be Tolerated – from 12150.info

New Study Reveals How Aluminium Promotes Cancer Growth – Andrew Puhanic, Contributing Writer, ActivistPost.com – This article doesn’t mention Chemtrails as a vector of aluminum exposure.

Nation of 65 Million Gets Lesson on Globalist Agenda – Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – Thailand Media mogul Sondhi Limthongkul, who survived an assassination attempt in 2009, made a 2 hour presentation on Thai TV explaining the Western Intelligence/NGO operations to subvert national governments under the the cloak of “democratization.”

For the week of 1/16 ~ 1/17:

CDC Increases Pressure on Parents to Vaccinate Kids with Deadly Toxins – by Curt Linderman Sr., Infowars.com

“The Vicious Domestic Enemy of Rural America!” – from the PPJ Gazette, PPJG.Wordpress.com – Another fine article from PPJG, with shocking examples of current “government actions”

Drone Disasters – by Nick Turse, TomDispatch.com – The Crash and Burn Future of Robot Warfare – What 70 Downed Drones Tell Us About the New American Way of War

After Fukushima, fish tales – by Alex Roslin, MontrealGazette.com – The levels of radionuclides found in Pacific fish in the wake of the disaster remain seriously dangerous, and information about it is scarce.

Radiation poisoning? Homeopathic and other natural remedies provide protection and treatment – by JB Bardot, NaturalNews.com

Alan Dershowitz, amoral and impotent dwarf – by nicholas, NicolasUrie.com – Dershowitz, writing in the NYT, demands the cancellation of a MLK day concert because he detests the saxophone soloist (Gilad Atzmon) – from Urie’s letter to the Times: “One might ask why Mr. Dershowitz would trouble himself with a concert produced by an independent Jazz Orchestra that chose to feature a musician of international renown intended solely to raise money for New York’s poor. A fair question, indeed.”

Breaking: Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research – by Anthony Gucciardi,NaturalSociety.com – “Researchers found that fluoride consumption directly stimulates the hardening of your arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis…”

MEDIA DISINFO: British journalist: The Image of events on the ground in Syria is completely contrary to media depictions – from GlobalResearch.ca


Translating Zero Hedge: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half – from VidRebel.wordpress.com – “…after the 2012 elections the Russians, the Chinese, Iran, Venezuela plus their clients states and a few other nations can and will force a devaluation of the dollar by refusing to accept Federal Reserve Notes in international trade.”

Get A Grip: The Zionist Agenda Is-Real – by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com – Zen in top form…

Baby Dies After 9 Vaccines in One Day – by Christina England, VacTruth.com – Doctors deny the vaccines played any part in the death.

Escape in Prison – by Ghis, WarIsCrime.com – Excerpt from Ghis’ book, Escape in Prison, on her awakening and work to free herself from slavery under The Law Society – a fine overview of the process of understanding your sovereignty.

Local governments consolidating into one merged power hub – by Walter Burien, CAFR1.com

Iran Signs Own Death Warrant – The Iran Attack is On. Which Weapons Group to Use? – by Bob Nichols, VeteransToday.com – A raft of info on nuclear reality in Iran, and the rest of the world…

“Mash’al’s Gambit” The Stolen War – by Uri Avnery- Counterpunch.org – good article on Israel’s current military dilema


Federal-State Meeting Planned to Rally for Foreclosure Accord – from (Bloomberg)BusinessWeek.com

Obama Pushes Hard to Protect Big Banks from Fraud – by Washington’s Blog, BlackListedNews.com – Hint: Call your State Attorney General to demand they don’t let the Banks off the hook.

For the week of 1/9:

Hidden FDA Studies Show Aspartame Causes Birth Defects – Open Letter to EFSA – More FDA Hidden Studies showing aspartame causes birth defects: Parliament informed – from Dr. Betty Martini, Rense.com

The media consensus on Israel is collapsing – Across the political spectrum, once-taboo criticism is now common – By Jordan Michael Smith

Publicly funded GMO research in India exposed as fraud to secretly sneak in Monsanto seeds – by Jonathan Benson, NaturalNews.com

Juicing medical marijuana the latest trend in amazing cures – by PF Louis, NaturalNews.com


Dude, That Isn’t Wax On Your Apple! – Big Ag is now using hi-tech coatings on your fruits and vegetables that are toxic and enable the unseen growth of serious pathogens under refrigeration – by Clint Richardson, RealityBloger.wordpress.com

Homeland Security monitors journalists – from RT.com – “Under the National Operations Center (NOC)’s Media Monitoring Initiative that came out of DHS headquarters in November, Washington has the written permission to retain data on users of social media and online networking platforms.”

Drones cleared for domestic use across the US – from RT.com – “An article published Tuesday in the Los Angeles Times reveals that new drone planes could be coming domestically quite soon…”

Exposing Monsanto’s Financial Interest in Government – by Mike Barrett, ActivistPost.com

Cannabis Treatment Threatens Deadly Painkiller Industry – by Anthony Gucciardi, ActivistPost.com

Iran: a quickly evolving geopolitical imbroglio, pt.1 – by Madison Ruppert, EndTheLie.com – Link to pt.2 , Link to pt.3

In Case You Missed It: The Global Warming Petition Project – 31,487 American scientists have signed this petition disputing the “science” around “Man-Made Global Warming,” including 9,029 with PhDs. – Among other things, this very brief petition states: “There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.”


Alert: Iran Crisis Headed For World War III – from BeforeItsNews.com – with a interesting short video interview with Pepe Escobar

How to Start a War: The American Use of War Pretext Incidents. – by Richard Sanders, GlobalResearch.ca – From 2002!

2012: Evidence Suggests Defeat For The New World Order – by Paul Adams, J.D., ActivistPost.com


$134 billion US Bond Mystery – solved (note: sorta) – by GrandeLander, grandelander.newsvine.com – “Since June 8, 2009 when 2 Japanese were caught at the border between Italy and Switzerland with $134 billion worth of US bonds, there have been numerous speculations of all sorts but no logical answers…What good would these fake bonds be if they are valued at such huge denominations ($500 million and $1billion)? Yet the counterfeits were of such high quality, they could only have been produced by the US Treasury itself.”

Monsanto Now Owns Blackwater (Xe) – by “a researcher at ETC Group”, from Pravda via darkgovernment.com – “Blackwater, Monsanto and Gates are three sides of the same figure: the war machine on the planet and most people who inhabit it, are peasants, indigenous communities, people who want to share information and knowledge or any other who does not want to be in the aegis of profit and the destructiveness of capitalism.”

Will Jerusalem fall in 2012? – Does a high budget Hollywood film predict the end? – by Jay Weidner, JayWeidner.com

Police State Gadgets and the Technology of Enslavement – by James Corbett, TheCorbettReport.com – (read full transcript at bottom of page)

‘A slippery slope’: U.S agents HELPED Colombian drug lord ‘The Rabbit’ to launder millions of dollars – by Wil Longbottom, Dailymail.co.uk

Lieberman’s Bill to Kick Off Internment Camps – by Joe Quinn, Sott.net – Despite the usual SOTT swipes at “those who are born genetically predisposed to crave absolute power over others,” Quinn’s analysis of the devolution of the Security State is quite good, drawing on Hannah Arendt’s “The Origins of Totalitarianism”


Corrupt Regimes Crumble When the Foot Soldiers Refuse to Carry Out The Tyrant’s Draconian Orders – by Washington’s Blog via Infowars.com – With info from and video with Chris Hedges. – Also with video of Alex Jones interviewing Gunter Spens, a former East German soldier, now a member of Oath Keepers in Texas, who says that the U.S. police state is now worse that East Germany’s was.

‘Neocons, Zionists out to topple Assad’ – from PressTV.ir – “Michael Weiss, Director of Communications and Public Relations for the Henry Jackson Society, suggested in a policy paper that a military intervention in Syria to topple the government of Assad was necessary. – “The paper is called Safe Area for Syria – An Assessment of Legality, Logistics, and Hazards. ”

Beyond the Cashless Society: IBM’s Vision for the Future – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – Biometric IDs for the entire population of India, the human medium of exchange completely computerized! IBM’s Holorith machines to count the cattle! Freedom IS Slavery.

Syria and Iran: The Great Game – Regime change in Syria is a strategic prize that outstrips Libya – which is why Saudi Arabia and the west are playing their part – by Alastair Crooke, InformationClearingHouse.info

IRAN: The Next War on Washington’s Agenda Politics (sic) – by Dr Paul Craig Roberts, GlobalResearch.ca

NATO used its forces to the maximum to take Tripoli – by Sergei Balmasov, Uruknet.info – “However, the above-mentioned stories also mean that the West is ready to use its pros against other regimes as well – in Syria, Iran, etc….Will Teheran and Damascus be able to set anything against mercenaries and commandoes who are capable of changing the course of any conflict?”

Police, protesters clash in Bucharest – from PressTV.ir – “The incident occurred on Saturday after hundreds of people took to the streets of Bucharest for a demonstration against the austerity measures and the planned healthcare reforms.

US deploys 15,000 troops in Kuwait – from PressTV.ir – “(Marine General James) Mattis says the deployment aims to keep Iran in check and keep the US prepared for threats in the region. ”

For the week of 1/2 ~ 1/6:

U.S. Strategic Drone Fleet Infected by Stealthy Keylogger Malware – by Fahmida Y. Rashid, eweek.com – “No one appeared to know how the malware got into the system, or what its purpose was…officials are not sure how far the infection has spread. Sources told Wired they believe the malware is “benign,” but admitted that didn’t know…”We keep wiping it off, and it keeps coming back,” a source told Wired.”

Obama’s Justice Department joins Britain’s ‘Climategate’ leaker manhunt– by Christopher C. Horner, WashingtonExaminer.com – ‘The hunt involving U.S. and UK law enforcement agencies is now escalating. On Wednesday night UK time, six detectives with the UK police (Norfolk Police Department) raided the home of at least one blogger, removing his equipment to look for clues to the identity of leaker “FOIA 2011.” ‘

Oath Keepers Launches Effort to Recall Members of Congress – by Bob Adelmann – TheNewAmerican.com

Has Drug-Driven Medicine Become A Form of Human Sacrifice? – by Sayer Ji, GreenMedInfo.com/blog/

Former SS Boss Proposes Global Email Fusion Center – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com – “Ronald Noble – the former head of the Secret Service, the BATF, and secretary general of Interpol – wants to create a fusion center with the ability to track and trace your email.”

The Failure of the Euro – The Little Currency that Couldn’t – by Martin Feldstein, ForeignAffairs.com – The CFR couldn’t make it more plain where they’re going…

US oil giant must pay $18bn to Ecuador – from PressTV.ir

Forced Military Testing in America’s Schools – by Pat Elder, CommonDreams.org

MSM Propaganda on Syria: Now Comes the Silent Treatment – from BoilingFrogsPost.com

Losing your right to grow, harvest and consume your own food – by Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette (ppjg.wordpress.com)

New Nationwide FEMA Camps Should Raise Eyebrows – by Alan P. Halbert, AmericanThinker.com

Lagos Dissents Under IMF Hegemony – Nigeria: The Next Front for AFRICOM – by Nile Bowie, nilebowie.blogspot.com – “Christine Lagarde ordered the governments of Nigeria, Guinea, Cameroon, Ghana and Chad to relinquish vital fuel subsidies. Much to the dismay of the population of these nations, the prices of fuel and transport have near tripled over night without notice…”

FINANCIAL WARFARE: US Sabotage of Iran’s Currency: A New Twist of the Screw to War – by Finian Cunningham, GlobalResearch.ca


Secret justice: How Cameron and Clegg vowed to hand back our liberties but are instead planning illiberal changes to justice system – by David Rose, Dailymail.co.uk – As more and more people are beginning to understand the hidden nature of administrative law, it just gets worse…

Transcending The American Lockdown – a nice little essay by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews.com

Congressmen are Paid to Vote for War – by David Richards, HenryMakow.com

Obama Administration Gives Birth to New Agents of Tyranny: The Bureau of Counterterrorism – by Joe Wright, ActivistPost.com – one from the “It-Just-Gets-Better” desk

Training excercise startles locals – by Millard K. Ives, DailyCommercial.com – Armed Federal Protective Service officers with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security “raid” Social Security office in Leesburg, VA, “to test the effectiveness of contract guards, or protective security officers — ‘detecting the presence of unauthorized persons and potentially disruptive or dangerous activities.’ ” – “their blue and white SUVs circled around the Main Street office…”

SYRIA: British Special Forces, CIA and MI6 Supporting Armed Insurgency. NATO Intervention Contemplated – by Michel Chossudovsky, GlobalResearch.ca

Iraqi Torture Scandal Touches Highest Levels of NATO – by: Jeffrey Kaye, Uruknet.info – “A scandal unfolding in Denmark over the transfer of Iraqi prisoners by Danish forces to Iraq authorities, even as they knew they would be tortured, threatens to implicate the current Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen, formerly prime minister of Denmark from 2001-2009.

Big Brother in St. Louis: Schools Plan to Monitor Student Activity at Home – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com

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