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THE END OF HUMANITY – As Planned By The Global Leaders (41 minutes) – by David Sorensen of EndWorldControl – “Did you know there is an official agenda to replace the human race with robots, cyborgs and AI? This agenda is being heavily promoted by the World Economic Forum. Their plan is to end the era of humanity and usher in a new era of neo-humanity, in which people are a mix of man and machine. They also state that our thoughts and emotions will be monitored by AI in order to combat climate change. Is that the world you want for yourself and your children? – Ending humanity to ‘save the planet’ ”

EXCLUSIVE: The Roots of U.S. Corruption in Ukraine – Interview with Andriy Derkach by Patrick Henningsenhttps://21stcenturywire.com/2024/05/02/the-roots-of-u-s-corruption-in-ukraine-interview-with-andriy-derkach/ – “Recently, I had an opportunity to sit down with former Ukrainian parliamentarian Andriy Derkach to discuss his thoughts and insights regarding the historic developments which are taking place in his home country. His long career in Ukrainian politics and established body of work in investigating and tracking financial corruption has given him a unique inside perspective on a number of timely stories, including the role of the Biden family and US government agencies in fostering a culture of corruption in Ukraine. Because of his work in this area, he has been sanctioned and forced to flee his country. During a recent interview with Italian-American journalist Simona Mangiante, Derkach revealed the existence of an extra-budgetary fund that was being used to fund international terrorist activities. Not long after that interview, a serious terror attack took place in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall. We initially pick up on this point of the financing of terrorism, as well as new revelations regarding the 2022 attack on the Nord Stream pipelines. Our discussion then moves on to the beleaguered state of Ukraine, chronicling its political fragmentation and economic collapse following the Maidan coup and leading to the current NATO proxy war against Russia, followed by the government’s attack on the Orthodox Church, and the likely fate of the country’s embattled president Volodymyr Zelensky.” – Note: This is a very long interview (and more than worth the effort to read). To read in its entirety, please click through to the source.
Former Ukrainian parliamentarian Andriy Derkach in the capital city of Minsk, Belarus, speaking with journalist Patrick Henningsen on April 25, 2024 (Image credit: BELTA Agency)

On the recent terror attacks in Russia and the funding of terrorism –

Patrick Henningsen: The terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow was a tragic and shocking event. Recently, information has appeared in the international media about a collective statement, signed by a number of high-ranking officials, including you, regarding the planning and financing of acts of terrorism. This document has already made a noticeable impact in the West, especially after the statement by the Russian Federation’s Investigative Committee on the initiation of a criminal case. Now that a legal procedure has been initiated, what will be its scope, and in your opinion, will this effort end with formal charges?..  Andriy Derkach: Statements are only a statement of the amount of information, documents, direct and indirect evidence obtained during its preparation. Some of them are already at the disposal of law enforcement officers, some are still preparing for transfer. We receive information every day, complementing the facts we have presented. Our main requirement for law enforcement agencies in the United States, Germany, France, Cyprus and Russia is to conduct an objective investigation, publicize the results of the investigation, and bring real charges against persons organizing, carrying out and financing terrorism, regardless of which jurisdictions they are in, or what positions they might hold. This is all in accordance with the international obligations assumed by the above-mentioned countries to combat terrorism and its financing…  In this case, special attention is paid to financing. Sometimes a hidden, non-direct form of participation in terrorist activities carried out by individuals requires no less detailed attention, since it is impossible to carry out terrorist acts without proper funding…  For all of us involved in the investigation who are preparing documents and a statement, the fact that the Biden partners, represented by the owner and employees of Burisma, financed terrorism is a documented fact. Now it is up to law enforcement agencies to legally confirm by investigative means and procedurally bring to justice participants and sponsors of terrorism. For example, the heads of the GUR (Defense Intelligence) of the Ministry of Defense and the SBU (Security Services) of Ukraine do not hide the fact that they carry out terrorist actions through an extra-budgetary cache. Check out a recent interview with the head of the SBU, Vasily Malyuk. Look at the synchronization of political and technological support for terrorism under the leadership of the United States in the recent New York Times article dated February 25, 2024, which describes the direct leadership of the CIA over the actions of the GUR and the SBU. Information is being thrown into American society about the possibility and effectiveness (and acceptability) of terrorism as a way to somehow harm and deter Russia. Then, a month later, Sullivan’s first visit to Ukraine takes place. And a few days later, we see the attack on Crocus City Hall. And the actions of the GUR and the RDC in the Belgorod region. Then attacks on the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. Note Sullivan’s ridiculous comments about the United States’ non-involvement in these events and the assessment of the ‘absurdity of the initiation of a criminal case by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.’..  If you look closely at that NYT article, “The Spy War. How the CIA secretly helps Ukraine fight Putin” from February 25th, it describes in detail the chronology and details of the creation of the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine as a separate CIA unit on the borders with Russia and Belarus. The CIA provides financing, equipment and advanced training for individual units of the GUR MO, is in direct contact with its head, his protégé and pupil Kirill Budanov. GUR MO’s terrorist methods of action did not arise for nothing, the CIA has extensive experience in conducting such operations “under a false flag” in the locations it needs around the world. The Ukrainian special services turned out to be very useful and showed their readiness for any degree of “controlled” escalation, which we can observe now…  The collective West, led by the United States and Britain, uses the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for its own purposes and at its discretion. Sometimes directly, as a performer, and sometimes as a cover. One such example is the undermining of the Nord Stream gas pipeline between Russia and Germany. A strategic international project for the whole region. We have studied in detail the facts, documents and statements preceding the events of the explosion of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, and reasonably stated, referring to the documents and facts, in our statement. The text of the Statement clearly traces the line of accusations regarding the undermining the “Northern Streams” to the United States and NATO allies. But in Western official and journalistic investigations, except for Seymour Hersh, for a long time, everyone has been leaning towards the version of the “Ukrainian trace” plot. So why wouldn’t you agree with this version of events?..  Having studied the materials of independent journalistic investigations on this issue, we plunged in detail into the version favoured by the collective West and their mainstream media – about the involvement of the Ukrainian special services in the terrorist act on the Nord Stream pipelines. Having certain capabilities, we were able to identify the exact group of people who were said to have been “identified” as responsible for this bombing. We know everyone by name. They are as follows: Oleg Yuryevich Varava, Sergey Anatolyevich Kuznetsov, Ruslan Anatolyevich Rudenko, Andrey Anatolyevich Burgomistrenko, Marina Alexandrovna Sitalo, these are the persons who really have the experience and skills of deep-sea diving, and who were even trained for this in the most approximate conditions. This is the so-called “Chervinky group” which, without specific data, according to a prepared template, was mentioned by all the world’s media: Washington Post, New York Times, The Hill etc. They established that this group of people trained at the Sokolovsky deep-water quarry, which has a depth of 100-110 meters, located in the Zhytomyr region in Ukraine. The quarry belongs to a company affiliated with a company close to Sergey Slyusarenko, the head of the Incompas company, which also supplies weapons, including for the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Slyusarenko is a partner in corrupt procurement of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and Budanov’s wallet. After that, with the support and coordination of the CIA, and C.W. Smith responsible for the US State Department, they were taken to a NATO military base in Romania to continue training in as close conditions as possible near the South Stream pipelines. We know that the same group carried out dives near to the Nord Stream pipelines. They were used blindly, as a cover, in a planned operation to deflect charges. We even know that less than half of the promised reward of $1 million was reported to them.”Beware the 7 Requirements of Technocracy (w/Video 13 minutes) – by Makia Freeman – https://thefreedomarticles.com/beware-the-7-requirements-of-technocracy/ – “Note: I think it’s helpful to be aware of (subscribe to) Makia Freeman’s volume of work. He covers essential material… The 7 requirements of technocracy are being played out. Learn what they are and how they will affect you. Find out how the aims and methodology of technocracy are similar to Communism, how “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” says the same thing, and how the Smart Grid, CBDCs, 5G and IoT fit into this… Shownotes


Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles. He is author of the books Break Your Chains and The International Satanic Network Exposed, the book series Controversial Truths Revealed (Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and 40 Incredible Real Life Alien Abductee and Contactee Experiences) and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com. Makia is on RumbleBitChute and Odysee.”Sabbatean Cult of Zion Tightens its Noose on America (w/Video 12 minutes) – by Makia Freeman – https://thefreedomarticles.com/sabbatean-cult-of-zion-tightens-noose-on-america/ – “The real power behind the USA has been rearing its monstrous head recently: the Sabbatean-Frankist or Rothschild-Zionist Cult, a Satanic Cult to its core. It has the power to pass laws in its favor, suppress students’ free speech and many other things in the US… With extensive Show Notes.”Michael Shellenberger Attacked by Congressional Democrats for Writing about Repression by Brazil’s Lula – https://substack.com/@shellenberger/note/c-55872047 – “Substack Note: Going into yesterday’s Congressional hearing on Brazil’s crackdown on free speech, I expected Democrats would at least express some amount of concern for what is happening in that country… It’s not just that Brazil’s President Lula is seeking to impose Cuban-style speech restrictions on the largest economy in Latin America, complete with secret thought police… It isn’t just that Brazil’s Supreme Court is demanding that every major social media platform permanently ban independent journalists and politicians… It’s also that the Brazilian government is poised to file criminal charges against an American citizen, the author of this article, for publishing entirely accurate and legal information in the form of the Twitter Files – Brazil, last month… After all, at one heated Congressional hearing on censorship, Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) at least complimented my choice of necktie… Surely a Democrat would have the decency to say something even mealy-mouthed, e.g., “While I vehemently disagree with your views on the environment and homelessness, I don’t think that what the Brazilian government is right, either to its own people or to me, an American citizen and journalist….” That didn’t happen… Instead of raising even a peep about the politicians and journalists being arrested, thrown in prison, and having their bank accounts frozen, Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA), the Democratic ranking member on the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations, defended, at length, Brazil’s turn toward authoritarianism as necessary to saving democracy in that country… Wild’s remarks were followed by Rep. Sydney Kamlager-Dove (D-CA), who attacked the witnesses, who included a Brazilian journalist, the CEO of a social media company, and me, for having allegedly spread disinformation about Brazil’s government to destabilize its democracy, and used McCarthyite line of questioning to support the Brazilian government’s anticipated criminal case against me… “Mr. Shellenberger,” she said to me yes or no? Is it true that you have repeatedly published false information that defamed public figures who are dedicated to combating disinformation?”Blame Canada? Justin Trudeau Creates Blueprint for Dystopia in Horrific Speech Bill -Life sentences for speech? Pre-crime detention? Ex post facto law? Anonymous accusers? It’s all in Justin Trudeau’s “Online Harms Bill,” a true “threat to democracy”- by Matt Taibbi – https://www.racket.news/p/blame-canada-justin-trudeau-creates – “On February 21st, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave a press conference in Edmonton, announcing his government’s decision to introduce the Online Harms Act, or Bill C-63. It was described in Canadian media as a “bill to protect kids” that would stop the “exploitation of children,” and Trudeau’s curt speech focused solely on minors. The scarf-clad PM angrily dismissed criticisms the bill might have a broader focus… “I look forward to putting forward that Online Harms bill, which people will see is very, very specifically focused on protecting kids, and not on censoring the Internet,” he said sharply. “I think everyone, wherever they are in the political spectrum, can agree that protecting kids is something governments should be focused on doing.” – Soon after, on February 26th, Trudeau’s government introduced the bill. Canada’s stable of retreating, credulous on-air personalities announced its rollout like the arrival of penicillin. “Tonight, Web of Harm,” gushed CTV’s Omar Sachedina. “Tackling online dangers and safeguarding children… The long-awaited framework for protecting the vulnerable…” – There was little initial uproar. What could be wrong with increasing child safety, or “protecting the vulnerable”? – Then people read the bill… “If you look at the purpose of this law, it’s actually quite noble and most lawyers would agree with it,” says Canadian attorney Dan Freiheit. “Online safety, protecting children’s physical and mental health.” But the actual text? – “It’s wild,” Freheit says… Trudeau was lying when he said C-63 was “very, very specifically focused on correcting kids.” The purview of the Online Harms Act extends far beyond speech, reimagining society as a mandated social engineering project, creating transformational new procedures that would: enlist Canada’s citizens in an ambitious social monitoring system, with rewards of up to $20,000 for anonymous “informants” of hateful behavior, with the guilty paying penalties up to $50,000, creating a self-funded national spying system; introduce extraordinary criminal penalties, including life in prison not just for existing crimes like “advocating genocide,” but for any “offence motivated by hatred,” in theory any non-criminal offense, as tiny as littering, committed with hateful intent; punish Minority Report pre-crime, where if an informant convinces a judge you “will commit” a hate offense, you can be jailed up to a year, put under house arrest, have firearms seized, or be forced into drug/alcohol testing, all for things you haven’t done; penalize past statements. The law gets around prohibitions against “retroactive” punishment by calling the offense “continuous communication” of hate, i.e. the crime is your failure to take down bad speech; – force corporate Internet platforms to remove “harmful content” virtually on demand (within 24 hours in some cases), the hammer being fines of “up to 6% of… gross global revenue.” – Things you’re saying, things you’ve already said, things an administrative judge thinks you might say, all barred, with neighbors deputized as enforcers? Good times. Leave it to Trudeau, a frequent trailblazer in new forms of illiberalism in the digital age, to come up with this quantum leap downward on the rights front. C-63 is a Frankenstein’s Monster combining the worst censorship ideas already deployed by supposed ally government-in-laws like Europe’s Digital Services Act, Australia’s updated Australian Communications and Media Authority Act (ACMA), and Scotland’s Hate Crime and Public Order Act, which saw 7,152 complaints in its first week when the law took effect last month… Trudeau’s creation is a turbo-charged social surveillance law aimed first at forcing big platforms like Facebook and Twitter to “self-police,” but secondarily targeting individuals and doling out civil and criminal penalties for speech and thought on a scale not seen anywhere. What constitutes hateful conduct? While the bill newly defines hate speech as “likely to foment detestation or vilification” of Canada’s growing list of protected groups and individuals, Canadian lawyers interviewed were generally unsure of what the standard might look like in practice… “It’s impossible to know what exactly it’s going to mean,” says Bruce Pardy, Executive Director of Rights Probe. “So you’re going to have to rely upon the court in a criminal prosecution, or the human rights tribunal in a human rights proceeding, to put their own interpretation on that, and figure out where the line is.” – Despite being split on how serious the immediate impact might be (“We’re not looking at prisons full of people doing life for misgendering” said one), most attorneys seemed to agree C-63 will be a game-changer if passed, aimed beyond speech at the very concept of individual rights, chipping away at ideas like the presumption of innocence and the right to face one’s accuser, and using traditionally dubious tools like ex post facto laws… On one level, it’s not surprising, given Canada’s historically diffident attitude toward rights — the first section in the country’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, ironically introduced when Trudeau’s father Pierre was Prime Minister, is essentially a giant loophole — but this Prime Minister appears determined to swap out Canada’s reputation for brotherhood, humor, and generosity for a new one based on rigidity and collective paranoia.

There’s a long backstory of important recent laws and Supreme Court cases that helped push Canada down a path toward C-63, but this bill still stands apart as a unique problem, and only a few domestic media outlets have been willing or able to criticize it. One of those is Rebel News, whose founder Ezra Levant says Canadians could really use America’s help in sounding the alarm. “Canadians need to fight for our own freedom, but the Canadian political and media establishment are obsessed by what U.S. journalists and politicians have to say about us,” Levant says. “So any attention Americans can bring to this civil liberties bonfire really makes a difference. Frankly, we need your help.” – How bad is C-63? See for yourself, in a tour through its key sections:The biggest headline-grabber in C-63 involves new provisions for life imprisonment for speech offenses. There are really two. “Advocating genocide” is already a crime in Canada, but C-63 boosts its maximum penalty from five years to life. “Life sentences for sending out some words. That’s heavy,” Canada’s former Supreme Court Chief Justice, Beverley McLachlin, told journalist Edward Greenspon… Andrea MacLean of the Calgary-based JSS Barristers is among the lawyers who don’t necessarily foresee an avalanche of life sentences for speech offenses, but does worry the draconian life sentence provisions might have serious downstream effects… “They might encourage people to take plea deals they wouldn’t otherwise take,” MacLean says.

Advocating genocide is already a crime in Canada, but the new maximum punishment is life… As bad as the “sending out some words” portion is, a more frightening provision prescribes potential life sentences for any “offence motivated by hatred.” This is a difficult concept, but what the law proscribes is any violation of any “Act of Parliament,” no matter how minor, combined with hateful motivation. One example given was crumpling up an anti-gay flier and throwing it out the window in a national park, which would combine a federal littering prohibition with hate speech. Another attorney suggested this could refer to something like denial of restaurant service, and marveled that “this takes civil offenses and makes them into crimes.” – I heard conflicting takes on this section, and it’s worth noting that Justice Minister Arif Virani has repeatedly described this “offence motivated by hatred” section as hateful intent mixed with a “criminal” offense like theft, assault, or murder. But the text reads like a parody of the American “hate crime enhancement” idea:

ANY OTHER ACT OF PARLIAMENT: Combining hate with any federal violation, no matter how minor, results in potential life sentences.

The “prior restraint” portion of C-63 describes the process by which a person can be punished preemptively if an informant convinces a judge that either a “hate propaganda offence” or the aforementioned “offence motivated by hatred” has a “reasonable” chance of occurring… This clause might particularly affect a high-profile person like J.K. Rowling who’s already declared an intention to keep saying things deemed offensive to Canadians, who in 2017 passed a law (C-16) forbidding “gender identity” discrimination. Pardy, who described the 2017 measure as a “weaponization of human rights law,” says C-63 is like that act “on steroids.” This pre-crime provision includes a long list of potential punishments, ranging from house arrest, scheduled exit and entry from the home, ankle monitoring, and seizure of firearms. MacLean pointed out that this guts Canada’s Section 11 guarantee of presumption of innocence unless guilt is proven “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Again, a “reasonable” chance the crime will occur is sufficient to justify detention – (Note: There is much more to this article at the original source)”

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