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Murdering a corpse. – by clif high – A fantastic jaunt through how the Human Mind is organizing our reality at this time. – https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/murdering-a-corpseMurdering a corpse. Rene Descartes’ double death is necessary. – Rene Descartes, along with Spinoza, and Liebnitz, is credited with beginning the Age of Reason in the 1600s. In a very real sense, this is a true appraisal of the situation. These were great thinkers. Brilliant. They left their imprint on our science and math which still influence us to this day. They were there at a pivotal point in history and the development of humanity… Another perspective is that humanity was going to enter the Age of Reason at that time as we were coming out of the Kali Yuga. In this view, these individuals were filling roles that would have emerged with other personalities, had Descartes and his bros not existed… The Age of Reason was foretold by the astronomy, as concluded by Sri Yukteswar. He was a mathematician in India, and an astrophysicist, who derived that the most recent Kali Yuga ended in the year 1700. Yukteswar believed the Yugas were controlled by the influence of another mass on the orbital path of our solar system. The current thinking is that our solar system trajectory is affected by the central mass of our galaxy as a whole, and that sinusoidal nature of the orbital mechanics are the proximate cause of the effects that humanity perceives as the Yuga cycle… Further, the postulate is that the Yuga cycle is more than mere perception, in that the energy flow to our solar system, and thus to earth, and Humanity, are altered by where we are in our path around the edge of the galaxy. This understanding has Humanity encountering increased energies from the uncountable number of suns at the center of the galaxy as we rise up from the obscuring mass of the galactic equatorial plane. The Yuga cycle, as described by Sri Yukteswar, does indeed have archaeological support, as well as recent history in its favor… Humanity did enter the Age of Reason in 1700. That Descartes and crew were labeled as the ‘cause’ of that development is actually a hold over from the Kali Yuga in which all things, and all change, were attributed to the personalities of the gods, and ‘natural forces’ were taken as direct actions of the divine by humans… The postulate is that human mental capacity is affected by the increasing emanations from galactic center coming into our solar system since 1700. The corollary is that humanity was in a degraded mental state due to being deprived of these extra energies, both individually, and collectively, during the Kali Yuga as the galactic plane was an obscuring mass for 2400 years… Now that we are in the Ascending Dwapara (Bronze Age) Yuga, which is coincident with the Age of Aquarius, humans have the benefits of this more energetic state of mind… Just because we are more energetic, mentally, does not mean we don’t have to murder Rene Descartes. This is necessary… Descartes died in 1650, at the age of 53. When he died, he left behind lots of discoveries in math, physics, philosophy, thinking, methodology, and other interesting areas of thought. Our problem, and the reason we are here to dig up his corpse, even as dust, to kill him again, is that Descartes saddled his Age of Reason with a huge mistake, that of ‘Cartesian freedom’… Descartes was a Catholic. A serious Catholic believer, and adherent. Even though he would work for Protestant organizations, he remained clear that his thinking and precepts for that thinking were Catholic (writ large) in origin… He invented much of our exploratory approach to science. Well, rather he adapted, and claimed the techniques and methods of the ancient Greeks as his own, and updated their labels and methods to his time. But he is credited with the creation of the ‘rationalist’ approach to science… Descartes (in my opinion), was able to create and maintain his rationalist stance entirely due to the philosophical ‘out’ he had stumbled across as a young man in a discussion with a slightly older, priest/teacher in which he was pressed on his beliefs, and came to the realization that he, Descartes, was an ‘absolutist’. In Descartes philosophy, he decided that “god’s creatures” had “absolute freedom” within Creation (their term for the Matterium). In Descartes understanding, much like dumping fish into a pond, Life had been dumped in to the Matterium to fend for itself, with basically no interference from ‘divine’ interventions. It was this idea that created the ‘Cartesian space’ that sent science and discovery down this particular path ever since… It was Descartes’ idea of ‘absolute freedom’ of action, and processes, that removed consciousness from science, other than as the presumed goal of the creation of matter, that is, the ‘grit’ of Universe. From this idea, all of science went towards the ‘grit only, grit always, and grit supremacy’ that actually arose within the Kali Yuga. In this concept, the philosopher thinks that by proper procedures in gluing grit together, consciousness will arise, spontaneously. That humanity does not know (yet) these proper procedures and protocols for creating consciousness (aka Life) from grit is merely, according to the Descartesian view, merely a issue of our currently limited knowledge, and that we will achieve this understanding… Descartes saddled science with this view. Then the rest of us have been blinded by (this) science ever since… There is an alternative view. In this view, Consciousness, writ large, is everything. In this view, all Life is Consciousness expressing itself bound in matter, and constrained by time. This view existed within the previous, descending phase, of the Yugas, that is, back perhaps 10,000 years. This perspective comes down to us in many different cultures which implies it was pan-global in nature. This understanding has Consciousness inviolate, and the creation of Life outside of existent biological processes it totally beyond human ability… The major problem with the Descartisian point of view is that it leads to the domination of science by reductionism. Every thing within the Matterium can be reduced to its constituent grits in order to explain it. Consciousness, writ Large, or small, is deliberately excluded from all considerations in all the sciences due to this structure of grit first, grit only, and grit always… Reductionism, by its very nature, and certainly by its practice is only providing an exclusionary focus for your science. The basic, unacknowledged process is that you are making your science explorations easy for your mind by removing the difficult from consideration… Consciousness is difficult, so it must be removed from science. Then we can have progress… The idea of evolution predates the age of reason by thousands of years. It can be found, along with much of the ‘logic’ for the Descartes position of ‘absolute freedom of creation’, within the Talmud. This idea predates even its encapsulation in rabbinical writings as both surviving versions of the Talmud have references to the concept being imported by way of the ‘Elohim’ (the gods of the Torah)… In my opinion, it is from Talmudic conquering, and domination, of jewish society, that the religion of Grit arose within Science. In my opinion, this was a deliberate hobbling of human science by the Elohim (space aliens) after they conquered vast parts of Earth in the most recent, descending Treta Yuga, some 8000 years back. This imposition of the Grit religion into science, in my opinion, was for the same goal as the reputed ‘destruction of the tower of Babel (Babylon)’, and the ‘confusing of the languages’. We have proof that the Elohim want to curtail human capacity. This is merely another point of attack… The Grit religion has been in charge of science since the 1880s. It has cemented its hold since the 1920s, and basically everything except incremental progress has been halted. No real new science emerging in over 100 years. This has occurred as the Grit religion sucked all the funding into their explorations which all, inevitably, are dead ends… Consider that modern science is expending vast amounts of Earth’s treasures with such as the LHC at CERN with the nominal, and notional, goal of finding ‘the god particle’. This idea only arises due to the grit view of our reality that is factually able to be debunked… Many sub sets of human activity within our social order actually acknowledge the Consciousness Origin (ontological origin) perspective in their daily activities though it may be done so without any acknowledgment of this reality. A notable example is the area of ‘quantum computing’. Quantum computers are large, hand made, devices which must be isolated from ALL outside forms of energy in order to function. So is the claim. There are lots of claims made about this technology, most of which are false, and fall flat. But it is factual that the quantum computer, no matter how poorly it functions, MUST be completely isolated from all forms of external vibration in order to have even a hope of working… These machines are run as a batch process. That is to say, much like Tarot cards, a question is programmed, and then the machine is prepared, and it is ‘fired off’ to induce a change of state. In that sense, the machine actually only operates a for a brief few seconds, and then the answer is extracted…  As the last part of that preparation, the machine is separated from its environment as much as possible. This includes separating it from nearby humans, and their thoughts. Yes, they work to deliberately exclude the potential for nearby humans thoughts to affect the outcome of the process, thereby explicitly indicating that consciousness is an ‘affective’ and ‘affecting’ part of our reality. They use steel doors, physical separation, and even temporal separation in the firing trigger so no human can tell exactly when the machine will activate. This is done with a physical process, random determinate, trigger that is activated by the human, and it sets off the quantum computer at some time later. The human can’t even suspect that he knows when the machine will activate, or it won’t be a valid run… The grit only foundation of science is explicitly a case of consciousness, examining a reality that includes itself, but examining that reality without taking itself into consideration. Yeah, that makes all kinds of sense (comment: Not)… All of science, since the Age of Reason origination, has been tainted by the Grit Religion domination… ALL of our experimentation is affected by consciousness, yet none of our science (outside quantum computing, and analog computing) address this… ALL of biology excludes consciousness from consideration in their examination of Life, yet all of Life, is explicitly involving consciousness to some degree and level… ALL of biology, and most of physics fails to acknowledge the existence of ‘ki energy’, aka ‘prana, chi, anime, Life force’, yet it clearly can be invoked, trained, and controlled by consciousness that is aware of its existence within their bodies/environment… At this point in time, in the Yugas, our solar system, our earth, and our humanity is being affected by more emanations from the galactic center. These are having an effect on humanity. Thus the chaos of our times. Thus the emergence of hypernovelty during this time… Consciousness exists. To exclude it from our thinking is absurd. Those people with the UFOs are using it to traverse our Matterium. Humanity will never learn to travel this universe as long as we keep our focus on the grit… Thus the need to dig up Rene Descartes and kill him once and finally. Then we can get onto the real deal, the exploration of Ki science… References: https://www.vedanet.com/keys-to-the-yugas-or-cycles-of-the-ages-subyugas-in-the-sri-yukteswar-yuga-cycle/https://www.originsofconsciousness.com/origins-of-consciousness/experiments-reveal-mind-affects-realityhttps://builtin.com/hardware/quantum-computingRussia’s victory over Ukraine is drawing near – by Scott Ritter – https://informationclearinghouse.blog/2024/06/04/russias-victory-over-ukraine-is-drawing-near/09/ –  “As Russia’s military operation in Ukraine enters its 28th month, the conflict can be said to have gone through several distinct phases, all but one (the opening gambit) of which prioritized attritional warfare as the principal guiding military philosophy. For Western military observers, schooled as we are on what we deem the ‘modern’ military philosophies of maneuver warfare, the Russian approach to fighting appears primitive, a throwback to the trench warfare of conflicts past, where human life was a commodity readily traded in exchange for a few hundred meters of shell-pocked landscape…  Upon closer scrutiny, and with the benefit of 27 months of accumulated data, the Russian approach to warfare emerges as a progressive application of military art that considers the totality of the spectrum of warfare – small-unit tactics, weapons capability, intelligence, communications, logistics, the defense economy and, perhaps most importantly of all, political reality. It is critical to keep in mind that while Russia may have entered the conflict facing a single adversary (Ukraine), within months it became clear that Moscow was confronting the cumulative military capability of the collective West, where NATO’s financial, material, logistical, command and control, and intelligence support was married to Ukrainian manpower resources to create a military capacity designed by intent to wear Russia down physically and mentally, to strategically defeat Russia by promoting the conditions for its economic and political collapse…  That Russia recognized this strategic intent on the part of its declared and undeclared adversaries early on is a testament to the patience and vision of its leadership. Outside military observers criticized Moscow’s inability to deliver a knockout blow against Ukraine early on, attributing this failure to poor leadership and even poorer military capacity on the part of a Russian military machine suddenly deemed incompetent. However, the reality was far different – Moscow was making the strategic transition from a peacetime military posture. It initially intended a brief conflict by compelling the Ukrainian government to the negotiation table (only to be thwarted by Ukraine’s Western partners, who chose to sacrifice Ukraine in the hope of strategically defeating Russia instead of opting for a peaceful resolution), to a posture capable of wearing down both Ukraine’s ability to resist and the collective West’s ability to sustain Kiev economically and politically…  From a military perspective, Russia’s strategic goal has always been the ”demilitarization” of Ukraine. Initially, this could have been achieved by defeating the Ukrainian military on the field of battle. Indeed, Moscow was well on the path toward achieving this goal, even after it pulled its forces back from around Kiev and the other Ukrainian territories it had occupied in the initial phases of the conflict. When Russia moved over to Phase Two, the objective was to complete the liberation of the Donbass region. The battles fought in May and June 2022 nearly brought the Ukrainian military to the breaking point – slow, grinding operations where Russia exploited its firepower superiority to inflict massive casualties on army with finite ability to sustain itself. Only the decision by the collective West to provide massive infusions of military resources – equipment, training, logistics, command and control, and intelligence – saved the Ukrainians. With NATO’s assistance, Kiev was able to rebuild its depleted military and go over on the counterattack, pushing Russian forces back in the vicinity of Kharkov and Kherson…  This military success proved to be the undoing of Ukraine and its Western allies. The impressive territorial gains achieved in the Kharkov and Kherson offensives that took place between late August and the middle of November 2022, proved to be a narcotic. While Russia adjusted to the new realities of an expanded conflict, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of troops, building strong defenses, and putting its defense industry on a wartime footing, the Ukrainians and their NATO advisers assumed that they would simply be able to repeat the successes of summer-fall 2022 through a grand summer counteroffensive in 2023… This hope proved to be in vain… It was at this juncture that the principles of attritional warfare began to be applied by the Russians in a more comprehensive form. While Ukraine and its NATO allies assembled a massive offensive strike capability which married the last of Ukraine’s trained manpower reserves with billions of dollars of Western equipment and training, Russia continued to engage in so-called ”meatgrinder” operations in and around the city of Artyomovsk (known in Ukraine as Bakhmut). These battles produced massive casualties on both sides. Russia, however, was able not only to absorb these losses, but to continue to accrue strategic reserves. Ukraine, on the other hand, squandered tens of thousands of troops and billions of dollars of hard-to-replace military materiel which had been earmarked for the summer 2023 counteroffensive. As such, when the Ukrainians finally kicked off their counteroffensive, in early June 2023, they did so with forces insufficient to the task. Over the course of the next several months, extending into fall, the Ukrainian army ground itself down in the face of Russian defenses, which were optimized to defeat the attackers… By the time the counteroffensive ground to a halt, in December 2023, Ukraine was a spent force militarily. Its armed forces had used up their reserves of manpower. NATO had depleted its stocks of available military materiel. And the West had become politically exhausted at the prospect of a never-ending conflict which seemed destined to result in an endless cycle of throwing good money after bad, all the while failing to bring about the strategic goal of defeating Russia…  Moscow, on the other hand, emerged from the 2023 Ukrainian counteroffensive in a good position. From a military perspective, the Russians had won the war of attrition with Ukraine and the collective West – basic military math had Ukraine consuming manpower and material resources at a far greater rate than they could be replenished, making Kiev grow physically weaker every day the conflict dragged on, while the Russians were able to accumulate manpower and material resources at a rate far greater than Ukraine was able to destroy, meaning Russia grew stronger every day the conflict continued… Economically, Ukraine and its Western backers were exhausted. The blowback from the aggressive anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the West had severely curtailed the industrial capacity of the European members of the NATO alliance to sustain the scope and scale of its military support to Ukraine, while domestic political realities in the US, amplified by the fact that it was engaged in a hotly contested presidential election cycle, paralyzed the American ability to sustain Ukraine financially. The military and economic exhaustion of Ukraine and the collective West severely impacted the ability of this coalition to politically sustain support for a war that had no discernable prospect of ending well…  While the conflict has not, by any stretch of the imagination, been without cost to Russia, the approach taken by the leadership, to create conditions on the battlefield designed to maximize enemy losses while minimizing their own, meant that Moscow entered 2024 in a much stronger position militarily, economically, and – perhaps most importantly – politically. War, it has been said, is an extension of politics by other means, and this is no exception to the age-old adage. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest electoral victory has provided the leadership in Moscow with a political mandate that strengthens Russia’s hand considerably, especially contrasted with the weakened posture of Ukraine…  It is within such a context that the Russian offensive north of Kharkov must be evaluated. From a military-political standpoint, the operation has a specific objective – to push Ukrainian forces back from the border with Russia so that Ukrainian artillery and rocket systems can no longer strike Russian territory. But there is a larger purpose for this offensive – to continue the process of grinding down the Ukrainian military, to complete the larger task of ”demilitarization” set by the Kremlin…  In this, Russia is succeeding. First and foremost, by attacking north of Kharkov, Moscow has compelled Kiev to commit not only the last of its mobile strategic reserves in response but, because these forces are inadequate in strength, to force Ukraine to strip away units on the eastern line of contact, in Kherson, Zaporozhye and Donbass, and to divert them to the Kharkov direction. The depletion of reserves is part and parcel of the overall Russian strategy of attrition. Moreover, as these forces displace to the Kharkov region, they are being interdicted by Russian air, missile, and drone strikes, further eroding their combat power. The result is that Ukraine is now defending a longer line of defense with even fewer forces than it started with…  One should not expect the Russian efforts to stop in the Kharkov direction. Reports indicate that Moscow is amassing significant forces opposite the Ukrainian city of Sumy. If Russia were to open a new direction of attack there, Ukraine would struggle to find forces sufficient to mount a viable defense. And at some point, one should expect additional reserves to make their appearance on other parts of the battlefield, maybe in Zaporozhye, or Donetsk, or Lugansk, where Ukrainian forces have been stretched to breaking point…  The goal of a war of attrition is to wear your enemy down to the point where continued resistance is impossible. This has been Moscow’s goal since April 2022. And it is the goal today. The Kharkov offensive is simply the current manifestation of the continuation of this strategy, and the clearest indication yet that the Russian endgame in Ukraine is drawing near.

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