Proposed Core Values and Mission Statements for Occupy Santa Cruz

These documents I composed were intended to work together to give OSC some kind of real sense of purpose and scope, something it lacks, in common with much of the seemingly co-opted Occupy movements. After the formation of a Mission Statement Committee by Occupy Santa Cruz, these documents were passed over in the creation of a “consensed” (sic) non-offensive and non-descript statement.

Proposed Statement of Our Movement’s Core Values (revision of existing statement by OSC Philosophy and Strategy Committee)

We each address this statement to our Self.

I accept responsibility to open my awareness to the interconnectedness of all life, observing that nothing manifested in the world of form is separated from the Whole, and that every apparently distinct being, from the Universe down to subatomic particles and the ethereal realms, affects every other aspect of the Web of Life in the process of living and fulfilling its essential needs.

I see that my happiness and well-being are dependent on the well-being of all that is, and I therefore commit my Self to nurturing all living systems, to honoring the sacred space of every member of the human family and of all living things, to not doing anything that might harm other beings, and to keeping my heart open to all others despite any fears that may arise.

Our observance of these principals, as it spreads by attraction through the whole of humanity, will bring about a shift in the basis of all human affairs at every level of society, and will naturally and non-violently bring about a new social ethic that supports the well-being and freedom of all.

Proposed Mission Vision Statement for Occupy Santa Cruz (rev. 1.1, Oct. 19, 2011):

Our worldwide movement* is the response by humanity to the widespread perception that something has gone very wrong here, and that to avoid further degradation of our lives and society a new, clear and transparent social contract is needed.

In order for our local movement* to grow and thrive, and contribute to the larger movement*, we need a clear statement of our core needs and values, and these must be values that are fundamental and universal enough to include all people, including the marginalized and disenfranchised who are suffering without recourse for their grievances, under a system that is falling into corruption and invading the lives of the common people.

We invoke the language of the Declaration of Independence where it expresses its revolutionary principals of Freedom. In particular, the idea that humans are endowed with unalienable rights simply by being present in the unified living field of existence, which idea absolutely nullifies the legitimacy of any government that acts without recognition of the peoples’ innate sovereignty, and of the people’s inviolability whenever they are not violating other beings and, specifically, other humans.

We assert our freedom from illegitimate authority, unequivocally and non-violently. In this, we have the right to make our own determinations of what is illegitimate based on our own reason, intuition and understanding.

We recognize the right of anyone to be heard, and for their grievances to be recognized and heard with deep listening. We recognize the right of any member of society to know the truth about any matter or so-called contract that affects them. We resolve that our movement* will remain open and transparent, and that no secret agreements or hidden leadership will be tolerated.

We recognize that world society is now under tremendous stresses, and look to and support a transformation of society to a new model of organization based on our sovereignty, on non-interference by anyone through manipulation and fear, and on equal justice.

We support the development and implementation of unbiased communications media, that are accessible to all, as a fundamental requirement of informed decision-making by society.

If we do nothing in the face of increasing tyranny, we and the generations to come will live in slavery. It is our sacred charge to chart a course to a world that works for all and allows all humans to express themselves fully without being suppressed. We don’t now know how this will unfold, but we pledge ourselves to each other in support as we find the way ahead, in peace.

*We may want to consider substituting  “the Occupy Movement” or “Occupy Santa Cruz” in these places to benefit from the worldwide recognition of these names and added attention and publicity.

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