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Agenda 21 Earth MotherThese are comments that I made to a post on Joshua Hart’s – – and to Foster Gambles’s Thrive Movement blog at – – both of these comments are made in the hope of enrolling these people, who are working influentially to bring about shifts in human society,¬† in spreading the word about the global control program represented by Agenda 21. If you’d like to follow the link to Foster’s blog, you can register a “like” for my comment…

Hi Josh,

I’m including a link to what is a sort of review of a YouTube video I wrote – “The Cloud Mystery.” In the light of this research, which was recently confirmed by work of scientists at CERN, and the correlated research, it no longer makes any sense, in my opinion, to speak of carbon footprints and often-draconian green house gas mitigations.

I would urge you to do some research into U.N. Agenda 21 – “Sustainable Development” and, among other things, on its self-expressed goals of developing massive data files on everyone under the administrative jurisdiction of what is rapidly taking shape as global governance. The Smart Meters are an essential part of this information-control¬† system. It is spoken of, unequivocally in such sources as Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “Between Two Ages – America in the Technotronic Era” where he says bureaucrats will have instant access to detailed files of the common citizens.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with ICLEI – International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives – “Local Governments for Sustainability,” which Santa Cruz City and County were charter members of, having joined under contract something like fifteen years ago. ICLEI’s principle activities with their hundreds of member cities and counties in the U.S. involve helping them with “green house gas inventories,” and with planning for reducing carbon emissions. It’s now mandatory under federal programs that cities, counties and “regions” in possibly most of the U.S. have these kinds of initiatives, in order to receive federal funding at a minimum.

ICLEI works with numerous associated NGO’s, which are accredited with the U.N., for which Agenda 21 is official policy since it’s highly manipulated “adoption” at the Rio Summit in 1992. Incidentally, there was a co-conference to the Rio Summit attended by government and corporate representatives, including among them PG&E.

You may want to consider the possibility that not only corporations and corrupt governments, but the United Nations are part of an increasingly seamless system of administration and control that is hidden from the average human-being, is not subject to any transparency to us, and is certainly not accountable to our input. Much of the information given out by main-stream and even by often NGO-influenced alternative media is driven by strategies that promote the largely obscured objectives promoted through the U.N., which is often extolled as a democratically responsive force for peace.

I posted this as a comment on your article on the Silver Spring Networks IPO.


Hi Foster, my partner Cynthia and I met you briefly at the screening of Thrive in Half Moon Bay last month, and my intuitive sense is that you’re totally sincere and committed to helping us make the transition we’re facing in a good way. I want to bring your attention to the following post on the Project Avalon (Bill Ryan sponsored) forum, which is linked on the Homepage “Quicklinks” of Red Ice Creations (….

In the top post on the linked page, a forum user, user name Maria Stade, correctly points out that on the Thrive Movement “study” page you’re endorsing the services of Gaia University for education on the issues brought forth in Thrive. The post then links to the “founders” page at, where in the profile of Andrew Langford, it states “He is the author of Designing Productive Meetings and Events, a field manual for UN Agenda 21 facilitators.”

This book, a pdf version of which is available at the Gaia University website – (… – was created in collaboration with Heather Saunders, who is identified as a “Local Agenda 21 co-ordinator.” It covers what are clearly techniques for running meetings designed to achieve a manufactured consensus, often called the Delphi Method, which is frequently used by people promoting initiatives under U.N. Agenda 21 – “Sustainable Development.”

I have looked through the Thrive Movement website for any mention of Agenda 21, and though you feature many perspectives on the generic Global Agenda of Control, there was no mention I could find of A21. Are you familiar with it? If not, you may find it to be of great pertinence to understanding how the Agenda of Control is being implemented today all over the world.

It seems obvious to me that Agenda 21 in an extension and implementation of the elitist control philosophy called Technocracy, which originated in the U.S. in the early 1930’s, around the same time that Franklin Roosevelt was overseeing an administrative overhaul of the U.S. government under which the U.S. Constitution was essentially superseded.

This is at the heart of a very long-term plan for changing human society worldwide in radical and shocking ways. Almost every aspect of life, banking, our food, education, where we live, where we work, whether we can travel, and, critically, energy, which you cover so thoroughly, are to be decided for the common people by a “soviet” style consensus top-down process by technicians and bureaucrats for the ultimate benefit of a very small group of elite insiders.

I’d also be interested to know what Gaia University’s thinking about this is – are they committed to Agenda 21’s goals, which are under the auspices of the U.N.? Do they believe in consensus management as an educational technique? When you advance the primacy of the principle of non-violation of others, the ethics of managing meetings to overcome the objections of “stakeholders” who might see problems with your (radical) program and to maneuver attendees into a pre-determined consensus might seem to violate that principle.

That manipulation is what we face on an epic scale with Agenda 21. People have no understanding what is behind the warm and fuzzy language and the administrative soft-law under which A21 advances. The true goals are hidden in plain sight, however. I urge you to read the documentation in Agenda 21 (300 pages) and the UN Convention on Biodiversity (1992), the Global Biodiversity Assessment (commissioned by UNEP 1996), The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide, “Our Common Future” – the report of the Brundtland Commission in 1987, the report of the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements in 1976, etc. Also, the ways that Agenda 21 has been and is being implemented are completely undemocratic and hidden from view. The violation of the will and of the well-being of the mass of humanity has been dressed up in emotionally ambiguous, sweet-sounding rhetoric, much of it passing now for our childrens’ education. It has to be camouflaged, because if people had an idea of where the agenda wants to take us they’d never stand for it.

I think this would be worthy of coverage in the Thrive Movement and the website. There is a lot of great coverage of Agenda 21 at:

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