On the High Strangeness surrounding Andrea Rossi’s e-cat technology

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Bruce, can you help me understand this:


Hi John,

Actually, I don’t understand it myself, from a quantifiable, linear approach. We have here the writer from Forbes, Mark Gibbs, producing a steady stream of articles questioning the reality of e-cat with high skepticism and damning speculation. He states in one place that Rossi, who had announced that his “mystery customer,” who he’d announced had accepted the evidence of the vaunted 6-hour demo and taken delivery of one of 14 rumored 1 megawatt steam systems he supposedly had tentative orders for, and had accepted delivery, now has not accepted it or agreed on payment. This I had not heard. There could be a number of explanations.

Gibbs says he simply does not believe in any conspiracy theory that suppression is taking place, with a caveat that it is conceivable that there could be a “push back” where “known principles (sic)” are called into question.

What is not mentioned anywhere is that such a technology, if real, would threaten not only the sacred laws of thermodynamics and the revenues of Big Oil (which Lovins says are unreal and no-doubt shortly doomed), but the entire control system of the oncoming Technocratic order, which plans to make energy the basis of its economic system, and, therefore, necessarily scarce. From my perspective, the signs of a major damage control and information-muddying operation from the outset of the emerging publicity about Fleishman and Pons’ work are easily apparent.

text below from: Dick Smith: “Rossi E-CAT … too fantastic to be true”:

“I said to my friends at the time, “if Mr Rossi is genuine, he will jump at this chance of proving that his equipment works, however I think it’s most likely that he will answer by saying, ‘this is just a joke, I don’t want to be involved in circus activities’”.  I predicted this because this is what has happened with other scamsters who have tried to get money from me when I have come up with a very fair offer to check that their claim actually works.

“I predict that Mr Rossi will delay and delay in producing machines or in getting a proper scientific test done, while behind the scenes more and more people will be investing.

“In many years to come we will hear from Mr Rossi that he is still trying to have the unit finalised, but “big business” has somehow managed to hijack his efforts.  This, or other similar excuses, will be used by him to ‘explain’ why his device doesn’t appear on the market.”

(and below from same article, from Forbes’ Mark Gibbs: “Smith’s letter raises some interesting questions including why has Rossi set up an investor trust if he’s not taking any money?

“Moreover, at what point will Rossi have made us wait too long? When do you think that will be? And will we just forget about Rossi and the E-Cat whenever that point comes to pass?”

“Will we just forget?”… Well, so far, in the face of what seems to be some convincing anomalous evidence, we have. Ten years ago, as evidenced by legacy YouToobs, there were several systems ready for market that disappeared without a whimper. What’s up with that?

Even the guys at MIT, who held a “funeral” for cold fusion in the year after Fleishman and Pons announcement, did not dispute that people repeating their experiment were getting heat and molecular evidence that something inexplicable was happening in 10% of the experimental runs. How is that insignificant? Mark Gibbs rails that “The scientific method demands verifiable results…” – Well, why have multiple companies gone to the extent of major investments, tooling up for production, doing marketing promotion, etc., only to “make us wait too long?”

Gibb wonders “…how so many people are convinced that the device really works despite anything that might be considered evidence.” I guess they’re (I am) just too credulous, wanting to believe in something that can’t be evidence because it violates one or other of the laws of thermodynamics.

The Japanese water car (one of two that had seemingly convincing YouToobs up promising upcoming production) that used a catalytic converter to run an electric motor, also vanished, taking down their website with an unexplained demurer that anything further was happening – Like the Australian manufacturer of the scalable magnetic motor system that was soliciting investment before their website went dormant with a cryptic notice that a “technology transfer” was in process. Now, there are rumors that the aforementioned water car is actually delivering product quietly behind the scenes. Wars and rumors of wars.

This is from the article linked to regarding “the demos have, so far, been inconclusive:”

I find the Big Business conspiracy theory to be unconvincing. No one can show any evidence as to which organizations might be involved and it’s hard to believe that, for example, the oil companies or the power utilities would have that much fear of something that has never been proven to actually work on a commercial scale (some would go further and argue that cold fusion never been proven to even work at all).

“As for the idea that Big Science is protecting the status quo, well, sure, of course there will be push back when something comes along that defies all known principles. But if someone was to produce a demonstration that could be reliably replicated by others or, at the very least, could be evaluated by independent observers to perform as claimed, then there would be something the scientific community couldn’t ignore. Such demonstrations have yet to appear.

“One of the most persistent claims by CF believers is that cold fusion has, in fact, been duplicated thousands of times and that the perceived problems with reliably reproducing the results is due to subtle and poorly understood aspects of the materials used. These people could well be right but what they refuse to recognize is that the scientific method matters.

“The scientific method demands verifiable results so if you haven’t got any then all you do have is, at best, a theory and the problem with a theory is that if you want people to believe it, it has to extend observable facts into the realm you’re trying to explain.”

So, I will indulge in my own speculation. What if this whole process of shifting the human paradigm around scarcity vs. plenitude of energy is surrounded by a mysterious veil which makes any firm Cartesian fix on a certain “truth” largely impossible. Perhaps the world-views of different perceivers governs what each of us sees about it.

Perhaps this area of inquiry comprises such a massive third rail that the sovietized, compartmentalized elite consensus understands either directly or through the grapevine that whatever needs to happen to obscure the possibility of the new paradigm must not fail come about. The tipping point must be staved off at any cost, until the eternal incontestability of the new feudalism is firmly in place.

It is about the hearts and minds, only in sense of the magic that informs the consensus reality. Back in the late 70’s I had the intuition that the new, game changing technologies will not emerge until we collectively make a quantum leap spiritually. More than ever, this makes the best sense for me.

The great shift is not going to come until there is a ineffable change away from what I see as a general state of unending, implacable egoic struggle, amounting now to a state of eternal warfare. When peace begins to have an unquestioned place in our hearts (a new heaven), solutions we can taste and see emerging (a new earth) will manifest.

My 2 cents,

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