Proposed Declaration of Need for Self-Defense Against Israel – Scott Ritter

Originally posted at the Telegram Channel of Vanessa Beeley –, Oct.28, 12:01 PM

“In light of the US veto of a ceasefire resolution in the UN Security Council, and noting that the UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly voted in favor of an immediate ceasefire that Israel is ignoring, and further noting that the Israeli Defense Force is actively carrying out military operations in Gaza that can only be described as genocidal, and further noting that the Israeli Defense Force is actively preparing to expand the scope and scale of its regional aggression, it is time for Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran, along with any other like-minded nations, to declare that Israeli actions in Gaza and in general represent an imminent risk to the security of all Palestinian people, and the Middle East as a whole and, in light of this threat, that a collective security arrangement is being entered to by Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran which, under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, will initiate preemptive self defense operations against Israel with the goal of neutralizing the threat posed by Israel to Gaza, the Palestinian people, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and the Middle Eastern region as a whole.
Hezbollah and Syria should immediately begin military operations designed to relieve the pressure from Gaza and the West Bank by seeking to expel Israel from the Golan Heights and Shebaa Farms, and occupy northern Israel. Hezbollah and Syria should begin a general bombardment of Israeli leadership and military targets, with an emphasis on destroying Israeli airfields and military concentrations. Iran should refrain from attacking unless Israel escalates by bombing civilian targets in Lebanon and/or Syria, or if the United States enters the conflict on the side of Israel. If either or both of the conditions arises, Iran should use the totality of its longe-range strike capabilities to neutralize US military capabilities in the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean Sea, and to eliminate Israeli military capabilities to project power outside the borders of Israel. Pakistan should announce as formal policy that it will retaliate with nuclear weapons against Israel should Israel use a nuclear weapon. All military operations will continue until which time either Israel is defeated or Israel agrees to unconditionally adhere to the will of the United Nations General Assembly regarding the implementation of a ceasefire.
Of course, this will never happen, which is why Israel will probably end up prevailing over the long run.
This is the time for decisive action to eliminate the threat of Israel to the collective security of the Middle East.
Golda Meir forever regretted not launching a preemptive attack against Egypt and Syria in 1973.
Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran will likewise regret not launching a preemptive strike against Israel now.”

Scott Ritter

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