The Severely Persecuted Mark Grenon Speaks about the Lawless Treatment of Him and His 3 Sons

Unveiling Injustice: A Call for Urgent Review – Oct. 18, 2023
Why is America in the State it is in Today? – Part 26 (Judicial Injustice) – by Bishop Mark Grenon of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. Mark is now locked up in Federal Prison by the Ultra-Corrupt U.S. Court system. This is essentially for helping people to heal with Chlorine Dioxide, a simple molecule forbidden by the conspiracy of Pharma Corporations and the Federal so-called “Agencies” which are supposed to regulate Big Pharma. Mark has been imprisoned for over 1,170 days, and faces a drastic sentence of another 5 years.

The Following is Mark’s article: “Last Friday, my three sons and I were brought in front of Judge Cecilia Altonaga, the Chief Justice of the Federal Southern District of Florida for sentencing. The sentencing was based on a guilty verdict from a trial that we DID NOT participate in for a number of reasons in July of this year. Here is some of the reasons why we DID NOT participate: #1, The MAIN reason why was the FACT that we demanded a 7th Amendment, “trial by jury” under Common Law which is the RIGHT of every man and women as Americans. In Fact, “Common” Law is Natural Law which is based on God’s Law that applies to everyone on this earth! (The trial that took place was NOT a Common Law Trial)… #2, The MAXIM of Common Law demands a “valid” claim be filed by a man or woman that we had harmed. ( A “valid” claim was never brought forth at the trial even to this date!) See also Deuteronomy 19:15-21… #3, The court we were in was completely disregarding Supreme Court Decisions in regard to the Supreme law of the land, the Constitution, and basing the life changing decisions of men and women on codes, statutes, regulations, guidelines and NOT REAL LAW!.. Look at the following Supreme Court  and lower court decisions that are clearly stated but ignored!.. Note: I read these to the judge that day as a man defending himself and the judge said because I didn’t have a law degree she would not consider what I was reading. I told her that I have the right to defend myself and I can read, comprehend without having a law degree what these decisions say. She DENIED ALL my objections!.. * US. Supreme Court Decision: “The common law is the real law, the supreme law of the land, the codes, rules, regulations, policy and statutes are not law” Self v Rhey… Note: The whole attack against my sons and I was started from a “code” (“Regulations”) of the FDA and the DOJ was used to enforce this unconstitutional code!.. * Another Supreme Court Decision states “All codes, rules and regulations are for government authorities ONLY (emphasis mine) not humans/creators in accordance with God’s laws. All codes, rules and regulations are unconstitutional and lack due process” Rodriquez v Ray Donovon 1985 ( A 5th Amendment violation of “due process”?).. * “Every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature (i.e. Common/Natural law emphasis mine). He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellow man without his consent” (Cruden V Neale)… (We did not consent to any of the court proceedings)… * Look at what the Supreme Court warned the people of America back in 1956! Is this happening today?.. “Because of what appears to be lawful commands (Statutory rules, regulations and codes, ordinances and restrictions) on the surface, many citizens, because of their respects for what appears to be law, are cunningly coerced in wavering their rights, due to ignorance, deceptive practices, constructive fraud, barratry, legal plunder, conversion, and malicious prosecution in inferior administrative courts” United States V Minker (1956)… #4, I kept referring to U.S. v Booker and objected as the prosecution spoke about my sentence needing to be the maximum which he wanted to be between 292 to 365 months which is 24 to 30 years! Judge Altonaga denied my objections! U.S. v Booker clearly states that evidence that was not proven in a trial cannot be used during sentencing. The prosecution was allowed to continue as I kept repeatedly objecting!.. Note: Again it was NOT proven in the trial that we harmed another man or woman and there was NO CLAIM brought forth in trial or at sentencing yet we have to pay “restitution”! To whom the U.S. govt? Did we harm them?.. #5, I mentioned to the judge THE FACT that my sons and I do NOT have a criminal record whatsoever which she did NOT consider in the sentencing due to the fact that it should be a reduction and she gave all of us the maximum sentence!.. #6, I told the judge that we solicited the US Supreme Court to address the violation of our Constitutional Rights that was happening to us before the trial. As well as after the trial that took place and a guilty verdict sentenced, we again notified the US Supreme Court… Note. After the verdict was given we sent a habaeus corpus appeal to the 11th district court and their response was “Get a lawyer”! We also have NOT heard from the U.S Supreme Court either! You see the judicial injustice here? Is the Judicial branch of Govt. weaponized against it’s own people?.. #7, I asked the judge how she could justify going forward with sentencing when we NEVER were given a 7th Amendment  “Trial by Jury” we demanded and there has NEVER been a valid claim brought forth? She ignored what I said!.. #8, Judge Altonaga sentenced me to 60 months which was the max by the statutory limitations she had to follow in the original charge of conspiracy… Note: The two charges of contempt I did have were dropped ONLY because of the Treaty the U.S has with Colombia when extraditing anyone to the States that was looking at a life sentence or I would have had a life sentence! In fact, when I arrived in July of 2022, Judge Altonaga said to me that she could give me TWO LIFE SENTENCES!.. Was she trying to get me to get a lawyer? Trying to force me to make a plea deal? Scare me? Is a Judge supposed to be impartial and not be threatening or practicing “law” from the bench?.. #9, I then told the judge the reason why I always refer to myself as “a living man” and do NOT respond to Mr. Grenon or MARK SCOTT GRENON as the case is titled, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v MARK SCOTT GRENON case # 1:21cr20242 is because I am NOT that ALL CAPITAL NAME! I am though the beneficiary of that trust MARK SCOTT GRENON created soon after my birth when my mother signed the birth certificate form. The name my parents gave me was stolen and made into a Legal TRUST without my consent or agreement because I was an infant! I then stated, and you judge are a Trustee of that Legal Trust. I asked her to indemnify me the living man mark-scott of the grenon family for 5,000 dollars a day for 1152 days of being unlawfully imprisoned, cruel and unusual punishment, pain and suffering, and the crimes of “Personage” and “Barratry in the amount of 5,000,000 dollars. I asked Judge Altonaga to charge the Trust and indemnify me. I told her it was a yes or no answer. She responded by saying, “I will not answer you. That is a nonsensical question” I then asked her why was the name and the case all written in caps? She would NOT respond. Here the definition of those CRIMES that have been committed against my sons and I by the US Govt and the Federal Judges… “Personage” – The crime of knowingly misrepresenting a LIVING man or woman as a Legal Fiction – some form of corporation such as a TRUST, public utility or foundation… “Barratry” – The crime of knowingly bringing false claims and charges based on Personage in order to use FOREIGN Statutory law against a living man or woman. Yes, it is named after the BAR association for a good reason!.. #10, I have NOT mentioned the FACT that Judge Altonaga was asked by us in a past hearing to produce her oath and affirmation to support the Constitution which she did NOT answer us, which is a requirement for a judicial officer in Article 6 of the Constitution. Does she have one? If she does and did NOT support our Constitutional Rights then is she in violation of Rights under Color of Law under Title 18 Section 242 or Conspiracy Against Rights title 18 section 241? Those are Treasonous acts!.. If she did NOT make an oath or and affirmation to support the Constitution then why is she sitting as a judge sentencing me? Was I in an Unconstitutional court? Was it an administrative court run by a corporation using Statutory Law? Why does the DOJ have a DUNN and BRADSTREET number as a Corporation? Is that why she did NOT and could NOT give us a 7th Amendment Trial by Jury under Common Law? Why did Altonaga tell the jury the 1st Amendment did not apply here? So my RIGHT to the 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Amendments were violated?.. #11, Other questions we need answered: *Why weren’t we given a Fair and Speedy Trial according to the 6th amendment? We waited 3 years!.. * Why was the Persecution given a default judgement by Judge Kathleen Williams on the contempt charges against my sons? The default judgement of guilty was given to the prosecutor, “the court”, my sons not bring present? THEY WERE RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE COURT LOCKED UP AT FDC MIAMI! Why weren’t they brought in? Does that sound Just and Lawful to you?.. * Why was the criminal indictment not given for 9 months when I believe it has to be 30 days?.. * Why were my son Joseph and I held in Colombia for almost 2 years? To delay a fair and speedy trial or have an excuse to continue?.. * Why were my son Joseph and I sent to Texas for 3.5 months by Judge Altonaga for a competency evaluation when our first trial date was in September 2022 and my other two sons were supposed to be evaluated in Miami where we all were? She had already stated we were competent! Is that a delay tactic to not give us a fair and speedy trial?..  * Why was the media told that Joseph and I fled to Colombia after my sons Jonathan and Jordan were arrested in July 2020 when we had been living there for 9 years with residence since 2015?.. * Why weren’t any of us given bail or house arrest as non-violent and NO Valid claims against us?.. * Why have we been treated guilty without any victims that still have not come forward? Is it true that every man and women accused of a crime are innocent until proven guilty in the U.S? Or is this a Tyrannical government like Nazi Germany?.. * Why was my house raided at 6 in the morning in Colombia when I gave the US embassy my address and phone number in case anyone wanted to speak with me two weeks before we were being taken captive i.e. KIDNAPPED?.. * Why was the Colombian government paid approx. 1 million dollars to capture and hold us? There are many more questions we have and one day they all will be answered and the answers revealed for the world to know!.. The biggest question from last Friday’s sentencing is: * Why were my sons given 91 months 7.5 years for two contempt charges that should have been at most given 6 months to 1 year? The Prosecution asked the Judge to give them that sentence as a DETERRENT to stop anyone from doing what we were doing. Then Judge Altonaga added the 60 months for conspiracy charge for a total of 151 months or 12.5 years!.. You see the injustice here?.. Is the fraud being perpetuated by the corporate US government against it’s people really happening today by charging corporate Legal Trusts and acting like these trusts are living men and women and charging money to enrich themselves by the BIGGEST FRUAD ON EARTH? This is a crime of Personage and Barratry not to mention UNJUST and PURE EVIL and the people don’t even know what is happening to them. You decide? Read research and pray!

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May the Lord guide us all! – mark – Proverbs 3:5-6

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