The Skill of a High Quality “No.”

I don’t think that many people today have ever been trained in the skill of stating a High Quality “No.” We don’t even have much of a clue of how to do such a thing, politely but firmly.

In about a hundred years, the United States population has been transformed from being extremely diverse and self-reliant to being very similarly conditioned and dependent on experts and managers for nearly everything in our lives, including what to think. We tend to believe what is presented to us in the corporate media. We consign our children to an “educational system” that has more and more obviously failed in preparing us to be responsible stewards of our communities and lives. We accept without questioning the legitimacy of governmental systems. We send our children off to wars we don’t understand, where they kill people for reasons they don’t understand. And we accept, even worship the authority of Medical Professionals.

Almost all of the doctors practicing today have been trained in the modern educational system, where they are made to endure tremendous stresses, memorize a lot of “facts,” and constantly demonstrate their adherence to Allopathic methods and acceptance of conventional medical wisdom. They pledge to work within the constraints of a medical toolbox which, just for starters, has accepted the removal and prohibition of the use of Hemp Medicine, a principal remedy in every pharmacopoeia in recorded history. Now medical professionals, who you would assume were well-trained scientists, are acquiescing to, even participating willfully in, the suppression of simple and powerful substances and methods, including the potential banning by the FDA of MMS/Sodium Chlorite Solution.

I have a friend who is in the last stages of becoming a Veterinarian. When I showed her “anecdotal” evidence in the form of two very similar testimonials describing how MMS had, within about 48 hours, cured cases of Parvo in unimmunized puppies, she flatly said that she would never use it because it was essentially “bleach,” one way the FDA labels MMS. Now, MMS, because it’s a weak oxidizer and will bleach fibers without damaging them, is used as a bleach. But a scientist would know this is about a molecule that, like any molecule, has unique properties that extend far beyond use as a bleach. You’d think that would raise questions.

Though Big Medicine is composed of people who, like all of us, have feet of clay, we’ve elevated them to a godlike status and given away our power over our own wellness. New ways of supporting our health are emerging, but to use them we need to reclaim our responsibility. When offered sure-fire symptom relief from pills and technology, we need to start learning to say “No.” It’s not personal. We don’t need to fight, but we do need to step up to our power.


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