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Agenda 21 Earth MotherThese are comments that I made to a post on Joshua Hart’s – – and to Foster Gambles’s Thrive Movement blog at – – both of these comments are made in the hope of enrolling these people, who are working influentially to bring about shifts in human society,  in spreading the word about the global control program represented by Agenda 21. If you’d like to follow the link to Foster’s blog, you can register a “like” for my comment…

Hi Josh,

I’m including a link to what is a sort of review of a YouTube video I wrote – “The Cloud Mystery.” In the light of this research, which was recently confirmed by work of scientists at CERN, and the correlated research, it no longer makes any sense, in my opinion, to speak of carbon footprints and often-draconian green house gas mitigations.

I would urge you to do some research into U.N. Agenda 21 – “Sustainable Development” and, among other things, on its self-expressed goals of developing massive data files on everyone under the administrative jurisdiction of what is rapidly taking shape as global governance. The Smart Meters are an essential part of this information-control  system. It is spoken of, unequivocally in such sources as Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “Between Two Ages – America in the Technotronic Era” where he says bureaucrats will have instant access to detailed files of the common citizens.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with ICLEI – International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives – “Local Governments for Sustainability,” which Santa Cruz City and County were charter members of, having joined under contract something like fifteen years ago. ICLEI’s principle activities with their hundreds of member cities and counties in the U.S. involve helping them with “green house gas inventories,” and with planning for reducing carbon emissions. It’s now mandatory under federal programs that cities, counties and “regions” in possibly most of the U.S. have these kinds of initiatives, in order to receive federal funding at a minimum.

ICLEI works with numerous associated NGO’s, which are accredited with the U.N., for which Agenda 21 is official policy since it’s highly manipulated “adoption” at the Rio Summit in 1992. Incidentally, there was a co-conference to the Rio Summit attended by government and corporate representatives, including among them PG&E.

You may want to consider the possibility that not only corporations and corrupt governments, but the United Nations are part of an increasingly seamless system of administration and control that is hidden from the average human-being, is not subject to any transparency to us, and is certainly not accountable to our input. Much of the information given out by main-stream and even by often NGO-influenced alternative media is driven by strategies that promote the largely obscured objectives promoted through the U.N., which is often extolled as a democratically responsive force for peace.

I posted this as a comment on your article on the Silver Spring Networks IPO.


Hi Foster, my partner Cynthia and I met you briefly at the screening of Thrive in Half Moon Bay last month, and my intuitive sense is that you’re totally sincere and committed to helping us make the transition we’re facing in a good way. I want to bring your attention to the following post on the Project Avalon (Bill Ryan sponsored) forum, which is linked on the Homepage “Quicklinks” of Red Ice Creations (….

In the top post on the linked page, a forum user, user name Maria Stade, correctly points out that on the Thrive Movement “study” page you’re endorsing the services of Gaia University for education on the issues brought forth in Thrive. The post then links to the “founders” page at, where in the profile of Andrew Langford, it states “He is the author of Designing Productive Meetings and Events, a field manual for UN Agenda 21 facilitators.”

This book, a pdf version of which is available at the Gaia University website – (… – was created in collaboration with Heather Saunders, who is identified as a “Local Agenda 21 co-ordinator.” It covers what are clearly techniques for running meetings designed to achieve a manufactured consensus, often called the Delphi Method, which is frequently used by people promoting initiatives under U.N. Agenda 21 – “Sustainable Development.”

I have looked through the Thrive Movement website for any mention of Agenda 21, and though you feature many perspectives on the generic Global Agenda of Control, there was no mention I could find of A21. Are you familiar with it? If not, you may find it to be of great pertinence to understanding how the Agenda of Control is being implemented today all over the world.

It seems obvious to me that Agenda 21 in an extension and implementation of the elitist control philosophy called Technocracy, which originated in the U.S. in the early 1930’s, around the same time that Franklin Roosevelt was overseeing an administrative overhaul of the U.S. government under which the U.S. Constitution was essentially superseded.

This is at the heart of a very long-term plan for changing human society worldwide in radical and shocking ways. Almost every aspect of life, banking, our food, education, where we live, where we work, whether we can travel, and, critically, energy, which you cover so thoroughly, are to be decided for the common people by a “soviet” style consensus top-down process by technicians and bureaucrats for the ultimate benefit of a very small group of elite insiders.

I’d also be interested to know what Gaia University’s thinking about this is – are they committed to Agenda 21’s goals, which are under the auspices of the U.N.? Do they believe in consensus management as an educational technique? When you advance the primacy of the principle of non-violation of others, the ethics of managing meetings to overcome the objections of “stakeholders” who might see problems with your (radical) program and to maneuver attendees into a pre-determined consensus might seem to violate that principle.

That manipulation is what we face on an epic scale with Agenda 21. People have no understanding what is behind the warm and fuzzy language and the administrative soft-law under which A21 advances. The true goals are hidden in plain sight, however. I urge you to read the documentation in Agenda 21 (300 pages) and the UN Convention on Biodiversity (1992), the Global Biodiversity Assessment (commissioned by UNEP 1996), The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide, “Our Common Future” – the report of the Brundtland Commission in 1987, the report of the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements in 1976, etc. Also, the ways that Agenda 21 has been and is being implemented are completely undemocratic and hidden from view. The violation of the will and of the well-being of the mass of humanity has been dressed up in emotionally ambiguous, sweet-sounding rhetoric, much of it passing now for our childrens’ education. It has to be camouflaged, because if people had an idea of where the agenda wants to take us they’d never stand for it.

I think this would be worthy of coverage in the Thrive Movement and the website. There is a lot of great coverage of Agenda 21 at:

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Proposed Core Values and Mission Statements for Occupy Santa Cruz

These documents I composed were intended to work together to give OSC some kind of real sense of purpose and scope, something it lacks, in common with much of the seemingly co-opted Occupy movements. After the formation of a Mission Statement Committee by Occupy Santa Cruz, these documents were passed over in the creation of a “consensed” (sic) non-offensive and non-descript statement.

Proposed Statement of Our Movement’s Core Values (revision of existing statement by OSC Philosophy and Strategy Committee)

We each address this statement to our Self.

I accept responsibility to open my awareness to the interconnectedness of all life, observing that nothing manifested in the world of form is separated from the Whole, and that every apparently distinct being, from the Universe down to subatomic particles and the ethereal realms, affects every other aspect of the Web of Life in the process of living and fulfilling its essential needs.

I see that my happiness and well-being are dependent on the well-being of all that is, and I therefore commit my Self to nurturing all living systems, to honoring the sacred space of every member of the human family and of all living things, to not doing anything that might harm other beings, and to keeping my heart open to all others despite any fears that may arise.

Our observance of these principals, as it spreads by attraction through the whole of humanity, will bring about a shift in the basis of all human affairs at every level of society, and will naturally and non-violently bring about a new social ethic that supports the well-being and freedom of all.

Proposed Mission Vision Statement for Occupy Santa Cruz (rev. 1.1, Oct. 19, 2011):

Our worldwide movement* is the response by humanity to the widespread perception that something has gone very wrong here, and that to avoid further degradation of our lives and society a new, clear and transparent social contract is needed.

In order for our local movement* to grow and thrive, and contribute to the larger movement*, we need a clear statement of our core needs and values, and these must be values that are fundamental and universal enough to include all people, including the marginalized and disenfranchised who are suffering without recourse for their grievances, under a system that is falling into corruption and invading the lives of the common people.

We invoke the language of the Declaration of Independence where it expresses its revolutionary principals of Freedom. In particular, the idea that humans are endowed with unalienable rights simply by being present in the unified living field of existence, which idea absolutely nullifies the legitimacy of any government that acts without recognition of the peoples’ innate sovereignty, and of the people’s inviolability whenever they are not violating other beings and, specifically, other humans.

We assert our freedom from illegitimate authority, unequivocally and non-violently. In this, we have the right to make our own determinations of what is illegitimate based on our own reason, intuition and understanding.

We recognize the right of anyone to be heard, and for their grievances to be recognized and heard with deep listening. We recognize the right of any member of society to know the truth about any matter or so-called contract that affects them. We resolve that our movement* will remain open and transparent, and that no secret agreements or hidden leadership will be tolerated.

We recognize that world society is now under tremendous stresses, and look to and support a transformation of society to a new model of organization based on our sovereignty, on non-interference by anyone through manipulation and fear, and on equal justice.

We support the development and implementation of unbiased communications media, that are accessible to all, as a fundamental requirement of informed decision-making by society.

If we do nothing in the face of increasing tyranny, we and the generations to come will live in slavery. It is our sacred charge to chart a course to a world that works for all and allows all humans to express themselves fully without being suppressed. We don’t now know how this will unfold, but we pledge ourselves to each other in support as we find the way ahead, in peace.

*We may want to consider substituting  “the Occupy Movement” or “Occupy Santa Cruz” in these places to benefit from the worldwide recognition of these names and added attention and publicity.

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The Skill of a High Quality “No.”

I don’t think that many people today have ever been trained in the skill of stating a High Quality “No.” We don’t even have much of a clue of how to do such a thing, politely but firmly.

In about a hundred years, the United States population has been transformed from being extremely diverse and self-reliant to being very similarly conditioned and dependent on experts and managers for nearly everything in our lives, including what to think. We tend to believe what is presented to us in the corporate media. We consign our children to an “educational system” that has more and more obviously failed in preparing us to be responsible stewards of our communities and lives. We accept without questioning the legitimacy of governmental systems. We send our children off to wars we don’t understand, where they kill people for reasons they don’t understand. And we accept, even worship the authority of Medical Professionals.

Almost all of the doctors practicing today have been trained in the modern educational system, where they are made to endure tremendous stresses, memorize a lot of “facts,” and constantly demonstrate their adherence to Allopathic methods and acceptance of conventional medical wisdom. They pledge to work within the constraints of a medical toolbox which, just for starters, has accepted the removal and prohibition of the use of Hemp Medicine, a principal remedy in every pharmacopoeia in recorded history. Now medical professionals, who you would assume were well-trained scientists, are acquiescing to, even participating willfully in, the suppression of simple and powerful substances and methods, including the potential banning by the FDA of MMS/Sodium Chlorite Solution.

I have a friend who is in the last stages of becoming a Veterinarian. When I showed her “anecdotal” evidence in the form of two very similar testimonials describing how MMS had, within about 48 hours, cured cases of Parvo in unimmunized puppies, she flatly said that she would never use it because it was essentially “bleach,” one way the FDA labels MMS. Now, MMS, because it’s a weak oxidizer and will bleach fibers without damaging them, is used as a bleach. But a scientist would know this is about a molecule that, like any molecule, has unique properties that extend far beyond use as a bleach. You’d think that would raise questions.

Though Big Medicine is composed of people who, like all of us, have feet of clay, we’ve elevated them to a godlike status and given away our power over our own wellness. New ways of supporting our health are emerging, but to use them we need to reclaim our responsibility. When offered sure-fire symptom relief from pills and technology, we need to start learning to say “No.” It’s not personal. We don’t need to fight, but we do need to step up to our power.


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What Then?

What Then? – Fear, Control, and the Economic Crisis
© Bruce: Tanner • Dec. 21, 2010

The planet-wide implementation of the Grand Concept of Debt Money is almost complete for most of the human family. The “Global Economy” was already largely non-functional before the onset of the ongoing “collapse.” In the wake of this collapse, not only many, many households and small concerns, but corporations and, in particular, basically every “sovereign” nation on Earth, are in a position of never, ever being able to settle our indebtednesses, never mind how many “austerities” are imposed on us, how hard we work, or how many generations labor to satisfy contracts the authorities say they have with us.

Who are these “authorities?” Just sub-vocalizing the word activates around me a thick and highly articulated “body/emotion/mind-suit.” I see a thicket of more-or-less clear mental images of imagined past experiences, ideas of how I was limited and controlled in imperfectly remembered circumstances. And faces – and the feelings that accompany recalling them – of people I recall as having power over me then. I feel powerlessness, not from those “actual” past situations, but right now, from what is passing in my mind. I observe my mind moving toward elaborating “strategies” about what I can do to free myself from the fear and powerlessness. My thoughts and planning retrigger emotional feelings in my body. My mind becomes more agitated.

How can the world today be so much more dysfunctional than it was three years ago? For reasons that have quite a lot to do with numbers represented by electronic patterns in machines that didn’t even exist a few decades ago, huge parts of the social infrastructure of the human world have been eliminated. These productive organizations and facilities have vanished, taking with them gainful and satisfying work for millions of people. Many millions of these people, their children, and even many still working in “jobs” have also had important areas of their lives, including secure housing and access to healthy foods, thrown into turmoil and uncertainty. Yet, for the most part, the people and physical structures on the planet remain the same as they were then, and human knowledge has no-doubt continued to increase exponentially. Why have we fallen into such apprehension and fear? Why is human cooperation failing on so many levels?

Strategies are built into our emotional defenses against the chronic feelings of powerlessness and fear that are epidemic in the world. I may tend to believe that controlling my life situation will keep things from triggering my feelings. This includes controlling the people around me day to day, at home, work, or perhaps those threatening me some way. If I accept that dream of control, and the many supporting thoughts that create a deeply hypnotic world view around it, then I will tend toward courses of planning and acting that ultimately become unsatisfactory and cause suffering for anyone around me. I will begin to consider taking, for my advantage, actions that might cause harm to others. However, no matter how much advantage I create for myself over others, I’m still stuck in a situation where I’m separate from a threatening world. If “I” want to gain advantage over other people, through projection I axiomatically fear that there are others out there who want advantage over me. I must plan to prevent this.

There are analyses finding that the “Great Depression” that officially started in 1929 and ended with Part 2 of the Great War was caused by a monetary squeeze in which the Federal Reserve reversed policies that were putting massive amounts of debt money into circulation, and instead contracted the money supply by one-third or more. This resulted in a massive transfer of the wealth of the United States of America into the hands of the banks and of insiders who understood the game plan and had access to the artificial liquidity of the fiat money system.

At that time, a much larger portion of the U.S. population lived closer to the land and had the means of surviving impoverishment without needing direct support from the controlled financial/political systems. Information was not as centrally dominated (with the unique exception today – and for the moment – of the Internet). The technologies of social control were crude by comparison with today, with much less potential to instill fears or to actually impact our nervous systems through EMF emissions.

And now we seem to be in a situation where most Americans are acquiescing to the gross manipulation of our collective monetary medium of exchange, which can be seen as a public utility, by what is evidently a mutually cooperative group of insiders. They have seized their manipulative prerogatives by the use of deliberate strategies over the course of more than a century, and possibly hundreds of years. As the masses of Americans who depend on the functioning of the economic system to provide for their needs are faced with more and more dire necessities, most of the remaining wealth, in any form, held by them will be taken by those with access to the system of credit creation.

Most of the population not living in abject poverty are burdened with levels of debt that are unmanageable. And, coincidentally, as people work to retire as much of their indebtedness as possible in the face of diminishing resources, the money paid to their creditors disappears from the real economy, putting increasing pressures on anyone not connected to banking institutions, corporations with access to debt money, or to “the State.” The remaining debts are harder to pay down, and bankruptcy has become controlled by statutes passed at the behest of lobbyists for the creditor institutions. These institutions also hold the “Sovereign Debt” of the truncated and poorly understood “nations” of the world. At the same time, the people who “own” the corporations that control the debt (that we must believe the world owes them) are for the most part completely beyond any considerations of lack of money. As others are forced liquidate their property to survive, the insiders buy that property with essentially unlimited resources while living opulent lifestyles of consumption that they, through the media they own, call “unsustainable” and blame the masses of humanity for aspiring to.

It seems that the strategies of elite controllers may be approaching their final successes within the foreseeable future. When the great masses of human beings have been reduced to, at best, wage slavery, when they have unwittingly fallen under constant surveillance and recording of all aspects of their daily lives, when their access to effective technology has been strictly limited to the point that they will never be able to compete economically with entrenched institutions, when merely questioning the wisdom of social institutions and repressive policies is identified as terrorism, mental illness (ODD), sedition or treason, what then?

Are those I affectionately call The World Management Team (or simply, Them, Inc.) really in control of the world situation? First, many people who I talk to about this stuff indignantly want to know who these people are. Who, who, who? I think this relates to what I was saying above about how the idea of authority is connected to powerful feelings we have about who controls us. I contend that these emotions are shared by any of us when we are seeing ourselves as separate and feel that we are threatened by forces we think of as outside of ourselves. At that point, because our thinking tells us that our situation is inevitably unstable, we can never be at peace with the circumstances we perceive. The strategies we then bring to bear come entirely from our reactivity. Reaction is mechanical, taking place within the context of the level in which the perceived problems were created. This breeds vicious cycles, and conforms to the popular definition of insanity. Control of systems which continue to degrade demands ever-sterner measures by the Powers-That-Be. Meanwhile, despite our best efforts, what continues to arise as the content of “our lives” remains terrifyingly spontaneous and unpredictable, in ways that are never acceptable in our thinking.

So, who is really “doing” the coercive actions that drive the central institutions of America and of emerging Global Governance? Efforts by an individual for bringing her or his life under control include manipulation of the people around them to the extent possible, which explains why human institutions are almost exclusively in the form of hierarchies. The people at the tops of the chains of authority are those who excelled in asserting their wills (sometimes called their “vision”) over others. Institutional hierarchies are not ultimately separate from each other – they have areas where their spheres of interest and influence overlap. For people essentially addicted to attaining advantages, such areas of overlap will be subject to struggling to determine who controls which territories and resources. Over time, elaborate systems and protocols will be established for control in every area that acquisitive people see as worth controlling. Those at the top of the pyramids of domination will be the best practitioners of the control strategies used by people struggling to avoid their denied feelings of powerlessness and fear.

Identifying the people “responsible” is, I think, not vital to the process of awakening to how to re-establish balance and a voluntary social contract among people disinterested in attaining advantages or control over others. Acknowledging people’s memories and understandings of the truths of what they experienced, and helping to protect the unalienable rights of others from usurpers, are other issues that are crucial to honor. Understanding how things fit together, if that’s something you’re drawn to, is a powerful life-calling. However, finding or punishing guilty parties are courses that weaken the energies we can turn to healing ourselves and our relations.

Projecting blame onto others keeps us from seeing how we may share the same tendencies and faults, and the energy we hold against them is blocked within ourselves. This blocked energy feeds the fears we have about our own failures or unworthiness. Seeing through our untrue thoughts about blame and releasing these blocked energies will change our relationships to authority within and without. When those at the bottom of the pyramid stop seeing themselves as under the will of anyone “above,” a shift will have taken place.

Feelings of anxiety and fear are our life-energy coming up to be met. When we don’t turn away from them, but lean in and accept them as they are, then they are simply our energy. When this energy is accepted and reclaimed, we are truly different people. The spontaneousness and unpredictability of life are then part of its joy. Perhaps we will become spontaneous and unpredictable ourselves. Perhaps we’ll discover that we don’t need the debt monetary system that elite institutions have “traditionally” provided us with. What then?


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The Cloud Mystery

Galactic influence on Earth’s multi-million-year climate cycles

Henrik Svensmark

by Bruce Tanner

2007 Documentary Presents Proof that Global Climate is Driven by Galactic Radiation and Solar Magnetic Activity.

In 2006, a scientific team led by Henrik Svensmark, director of the Center for Sun-Climate Research at the Danish Space Research Institute (DSRI), a part of the Danish National Space Center, managed to publish, after more than a year of having it rejected, a peer-reviewed paper culminating their research proving that cosmic rays and solar magnetic activity govern Earth’s climate.

This paper, describing an extremely sophisticated experiment that took eight years to complete, meticulously detailed the energetic and chemical pathways through which cosmic rays create charged particulates, which are the primary cause of low-altitude cloud formation in the atmosphere.

The significance of the chain of discoveries which was capped by the evidence presented from this experiment has extremely far-reaching implications for decision making on issues of climate. The discoveries of Svensmark’s team have been, and are being, resisted and covered up by scientific institutions and in the corporate media.

In 2007, filmmaker Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen produced and directed his 52 minute documentary The Cloud Mystery ( telling the story of how Svensmark first got the idea that cosmic rays affected our climate and went on to make discoveries that have profound implications today. To date The Cloud Mystery has been broadcast only in nine European countries and Israel, with extremely limited exposure. The Cloud Mystery documentary is available on YouTube at:

The Chain of Discovery

In the early nineties, Henrik Svensmark was working with Eigil Friis-Christensen who had discovered a very close correlation between solar magnetic activity and earth temperatures. When someone mentioned cosmic rays to him, he remembered building a cloud chamber as a science project in school and observing the trails of vapor that appeared when cosmic rays struck the chamber. This led to the insight that higher solar magnetic activity suppressed the amounts of cosmic rays penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere, and consequently reduced the cooling effects of clouds forming due to cosmic radiation.

This also possibly explained why earth temperatures had risen during the twentieth century as during that time the solar magnetic field had doubled in strength.

Svensmark then discovered an extremely tight correlation between recorded levels of cosmic rays and planetary cloud cover as seen in satellite photos. In 1996 he published a paper on this. In the film he’s shown presenting this paper at a climate conference in Birmingham, England, where Bert Bolin, who was at the time the Chairman of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), reacted and said that it was “irresponsible” to suggest that something other than CO2 was driving climate change. Svensmark was shocked at the vehement negative reactions of the “climate community” scientists to his work.

After this, Svensmark, with the help of Nigel Marsh, was able to determine that the cloud cover affected by cosmic rays was mainly low clouds, which have the strongest effect on atmospheric temperatures. Richard Turco, at the University of California, became interested in Svensmark’s team’s work, understanding that all clouds are formed on micro-particulates and that cosmic rays “modulate aerosol particles in the lower layers of the atmosphere.” However, he said, it was not understood at that time exactly how and why the clouds are formed. Svensmark developed an ambitious plan for an experiment that could elucidate how this happened.

In the film, Svensmark is shown proposing this experiment at a lecture to an auditorium of scientists, at which Sir (Basil) John Mason, Director of the Royal Meteorological Society, stands and denounces the planned experiment as being “completely misconceived.”

None-the-less, Henrik was determined to see if he could test his theories about cloud formation, and, with no funding, started his experiment on the effects of cosmic rays, for which he had to build an innovative laboratory with an ion control chamber, essentially a  large, sophisticated cloud chamber at the Danish National Space Centre.

Uncovering the Milky Way’s Influence on Earth’s Climate

While this was unfolding, Nir Shaveev, an astrophysicist at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, became interested in Svensmark’s work when doing research to answer a colleague’s question to him about the effects of supernovae on life on earth. He realized that if cosmic rays had observable effects on Earth’s climate, then conditions in the Milky Way galaxy around the solar system must also be involved.

Shaveev knew that our solar system orbits around the perimeter of the Milky Way, and in doing so passes in and out of the spiral arms of the galaxy, in which most supernovae occur. He was able to show that there was a match between the temperature of the planet according to reconstructions from the geological record and the levels of cosmic rays Earth was exposed to. Over the last billion years, periods when it was cold synchronize with astronomical data telling when we should have been passing through the spiral arms. The theorized position of the solar system relative to the spiral arms was experimentally confirmed by studying iron meteorites which hold a record of their exposures to cosmic rays.

Among other things, Shaveev noted that at a time 450 million years ago when cosmic rays were higher due to our presence within a spiral arm, the Earth was going through a period of typical “very cold conditions” despite atmospheric levels of CO2 ten times higher than they are now.

Shaveev heard about work that Jan Veizer, Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa, had done on accurate dating of precise ocean temperatures indicated by the levels of oxygen found in fossil brachiopod shells going back 500 million years. Veizer had found a seemingly regular 140 million year periodicity in the rise and fall of ocean temperatures that dovetailed with Shaveev’s findings and gave a record of exact temperatures on the planet over eons.

Completing the Arc of Research, Awaiting World Recognition

Svensmark was very pleased at the completion of his team’s ion control chamber experiment when it finally came eight years after it was begun. The paths by which ions from cosmic rays created micro-particulates on which clouds form, were determined. The existence of “a new form of atmospheric chemistry” was proven, and the result was a long, complex paper that was rigorously peer-reviewed and sent out for publication. However, disappointingly, the paper was rejected by one scientific journal after another without any clear scientific reason or critique. It was only after more than a year that it was finally accepted and published by the Royal Society in 2006.

Since 2006, we’ve witnessed a crescendo of media and narrow academic publicity for the idea of Man-made (anthropogenic) global warming (AGW), despite such factors as a petition signed by over 30 thousand American scientists including over nine thousand PhD’s, and the leaking of thousands of emails from the East Anglia Climate Research Unit in England, closely allied with the IPCC, NASA, the Royal Meteorological Society, and other institutional adherents to AGW. If it had not been for the leaking of these emails, establishing overt complicity in skewing selection and interpretation of climate data, governmental economic sanctions against activities that increase human “carbon footprint” would have been agreed upon at the Copenhagen Climate Summit (COP15) late last year.

It hardly seems credible that the scientists leading institutions concerned with climate change are unaware of the work of Henrik Svensmark and his team. To what, then can the ongoing attempt to convince the world of the necessity to adopt draconian measures against the production of CO2 be attributed? Why isn’t the world learning about the role of Galactic ecology on our climate and lives?

Update: Henrik Svensmark has written a book on his climate research along with science writer Nigel Calder. The English language title is The Chilling Stars, the second edition came out in 2008 and is available at Amazon here. The book goes into Svensmark’s discoveries and the climate science around them in much greater depth than The Cloud Mystery documentary.

Update (): CERN ‘gags’ physicists in cosmic ray climate experiment – What do these results mean? Not allowed to tell you – by Andrew Orlowski – – “The chief of the world’s leading physics lab at CERN in Geneva has prohibited scientists from drawing conclusions from a major experiment. The CLOUD (“Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets”) experiment examines the role that energetic particles from deep space play in cloud formation. CLOUD uses CERN’s proton synchrotron to examine nucleation… CERN Director General Rolf-Dieter Heuer told Welt Online that the scientists should refrain from drawing conclusions from the latest experiment… “I have asked the colleagues to present the results clearly, but not to interpret them,” reports veteran science editor Nigel Calder on his blog. Why?.. Because, Heuer says, ‘That would go immediately into the highly political arena of the climate change debate. One has to make clear that cosmic radiation is only one of many parameters.’..  …it could be that the experiment invites a politically unacceptable hypothesis on climate.” (emphasis added)

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Is the Calif. “Cracking the Code” discussion list ENTIRELY OFF TOPIC?!

Pete Hendrickson with Tax Refund Checks

This is a post I wrote in response to Gregory, a list member who thought that our list on Pete Hendrickson’s methods of dealing with the (non-existent for working Americans) U.S. “income” tax was migrating into total B.S. in talking about the nature of the “money” system.

Pardon me if I state the obvious. There is, according to many sources, over $1 Quadrillion (1,000 Trillions) of notional value out there in dirivative contracts alone. That’s over 10 times the value of EVERY THING in the entire world, including the real estate. This represents “money” loaned (out of thin air) by the (Rothschild) central banks and the rest of the “banking system” through “fractional reserve” money creation (and not even in accordance with “reserves” – banks have admitted that they create loans with computer bookkeeping entries as long as they have enough confidence that the sucke.. er, debtor has a pulse and the capacity and dim wits to repay the fictional loan with interest).

Then there’s the money loaned out “in the name of the (rogue) governments.” Neil Barofsky, Treasury Inspector General of the TALF (Toxic Asset Lending Facility) testified to “Congress” a year ago that since 2007 this amounted to 23.7 Trillion in the USofA in his estimation, all of which the people of the USofA are on the hook for (something on the order of $100k for every American baby born today), if we go like placid cattle to the abattoir.

Even the (what is in now? – 13 something Trillion) of the “official” national debt consists of taxation without representation and outright fraud. There is no social contract remaining, except for real and threatened violence and high-tech repression. All of the economic experts agree that NONE OF THE DEVELOPED NATIONS OF THE WORLD, not to mention the “emerging nations,” are going to be able to successfully “repay” their “sovereign debt.” What then? If we’re going to default anyway, let’s choose our OWN solutions, including that the debts we “owe,” including Mortgages, credit card debt, student loans, etc. are invalid because there are no valid contracts.

There is no way that we can be enjoined under the jurisdiction of terminally corrupt administrative law if we understand and embody our sovereignty. There will be a shift, and the usurpers will be politely but firmly informed that their money is no longer good here, and that their corporations have no power to contract with real people.

Or, we can let them usher in the long-planned one-world prison planet. Don’t think so, though.

ALL of the governments in the “free” world are privately held corporations operating under commercial law. Peter Dale Scott recently presented research that fairly clearly establishes that the US govt. is operating under Continuity of Government regulations suspending the Constitution by multiple Executive Orders, and that mandatory lawful action to establish the necessity of the suspension of Constitutional authority every 6 months is not being observed. Even Congress can’t get any information about what the exact state of affairs is. We are uniformly lied to and kept amused with Bread (as least for a while longer) and Circuses.

Gregory, I agree that Pete’s analysis of the law is substantially correct. It’s completely missing and avoiding the highly deceptive nature of our present situation, though. 7 or 8 years ago an assistant of Iverson’s said, in answer to a question from a reporter for the NY Times, that IRS was going to answer the questions of the Tax Honesty movement with more enforcement activity. What do you think that means?

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Stillness “R” Us

This is a speech I wrote for a Toastmasters presentation:


This ancient greeting is sometimes translated as “The Stillness within Me greets the Stillness within You.” The word “stillness” is simply a pointer to something much deeper, the ground of our being that can’t be comprehended by our minds, which are tiny fractions of this whole.

It’s a common belief that what sets humanity off from the rest of life on this planet is self-awareness. It seems that at some point in the not-too-distant past, we started using language as a set of pointers to, or symbols for, objects our minds differentiated from the rest of the continuum of the world we perceived. Implicit in this observation was the existence of a separate observer, which eventually became the powerfully held psychological “I” that characterizes modern people. When we put a name on anything, including this “I,” we tend to make an assumption that we then know what it is. If you examine it this is obviously impossible, as the qualities and relationships even the simplest “things” have greatly exceed our capacity to hold them in mind.

Science assures us that the world we perceive is an image assembled in our minds from neural impulses. I’m going to move to phenomena that go along with these apparently real models we all seem to share, referencing the graphic at the top.

The top section is a very crude simplification of how we experience our perceptual field. We model the world of form before our mind’s eye, as a plane with shapes of different colors and different brightnesses on it. The objects may be clearer or more blurry, and may seem closer or farther away, but they’re arrayed on a screen-like plane we conceive of as being seen from a single point of observation. Normally we only pay attention to forms near the center of this plane, but if we “get still” we may notice that forms seem to be at certain angles of arc from the center of this screen up to an extreme of 90 degrees away from center in any direction. We can’t really see at these extreme angles, but we have a conceptual sense of them. Because the mental plane we model our pictures on is infinite in all directions, it takes up 180° from our point of observation no matter how far our point of observation is from the plane.

We have a hypnotic sense of the distances involved in what we see, but these distances are all relative, based on our sense of the scale of our bodies. And they’re finite, there’s always something beyond what we see. Let’s consider distances and how they might relate to something that’s more than relative. Current theories hold that our universe emerged from nothingness on the order of 14.7 billion, that’s with a “Bill,” years ago. It emerged from a dimensionless point in the midst of infinity. And it’s temporal progression commenced from eternity. Infinity and eternity, two concepts that essentially boggle the mind.

The universe emerged from the no-thing thing that sages throughout human history have said is the One Reality, one word for which is Stillness. “A Course in Miracles” famously says that “Nothing real is threatened, nothing unreal exists.” So the universe somehow emerged out of the real, and has, theoretically, been expanding at the speed of light for 14.7 billion years, give or take. It’s expanding into infinity. How much unconditioned space is there still outside of its vastness? An infinity. From this perspective, the 29 billion light-year wide spheroid of the universe can still be seen as a relative dot. All distances in it are relative to time-of-travel. And it’s surrounded and interpenetrated by this infinite no-thing thing, which is present at every point within the unfolding universe right now.

This stillness has no frequency, paradoxically it infinitely pre-existed anything that had any quality of vibration. It’s open to and allows every spacio-temporal phenomenon that’s emerged within it without resistance. Let’s go back to our model of our perception. Everything on “our” side of this plane is the subjective, on the other side, the objective. In a sense, this plane is the first division that takes place in the space of the void, like where it says in Genesis “And God divided the light from the darkness.” We know that looking out at the world of form, there’s light. So, what the heck is back there, behind our visual field? How far does it go? What is happening where we perceive the light striking the plane? Where exactly is our point of observation, and what is right here, immediately where whatever we really are is right now?

A fruitful question to ask is whether this very apparent division between what’s “out there” and what’s “in here” is actually real, or is it perhaps a mental artifact? If it’s in mind, what is the awareness that’s creating the separation?

And if this division is artificial, made by us, then truly, Thou art That, or as said in Sanskrit:

Tat Tvam Asi – Stillness R Us

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Paul Craig Roberts: “That’s Right, We’re BAD”

Bad AmericansTo


Paul Craig Roberts, in his recent article “Morality versus Material Interests: Myths of Our Time” argues that “the United States is an immoral country.” This, because we tolerate the actions of “our” government in the illegal and brutal colonial enterprises in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, not to mention incidental uses of political violence throughout the globe and possible impending actions in Iran, Georgia, etc.

Yet, “Authoritative Rejection of Afghanistan War,” another current article on Global Research, argues that “American” elites (including, notably, Zbigniew Brzezinsky) are rejecting the voice of the U.S. people, as expressed according to the best information available in what passes for public media now. It seems clear that the actions of the U.S. military are supported by some confluence of elite planning worldwide. If that is the case, such a hypothesized consensus is making use of these amoral actions to advance their interests, which I believe involves ongoing centralization of decision-making powers, frequently publicly characterized by these planners themselves as a New World Order.

It may ultimately be convenient for international oligarchs to project blame for the horrors inflicted on millions of people in the domination of Central Asia on the United States, a “rogue nation” and classic example of why national sovereignty must be reigned in by the lofty wisdom of impartial global elites. Then we, the people of the United States, who despite the best mind-control that money and technology can provide, still oppose the violence of the U.S. war machine, will arguably deserve whatever repression befalls us, after having served as the cats-paws of advancing global destabilization so admirably.

Let’s look with clarity at who promotes and benefits from violence, repression, and murder. “Immorality” is really lack of skillful recognition of our connections with others and with all of Life. It calls for correction, not punishment, and for seeing precisely who those embodying it are.

Bruce Tanner
Santa Cruz, California
3 Lamat

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Waking Up Is Hard to Do(?)

There’s Something Happening Here. What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear.”
wakingStephen Stills: For What It’s Worth

Everybody knows, at least at a subliminal level, that humankind are facing a pivotal transition. What this transition is, what’s driving it, and what it means for the shape of the lives ahead are shrouded in mystery, and steeped in fear for most of us. It’s brutally obvious for anyone paying attention that the pipelines into the perceptions of the masses of our sisters and brothers have been bought or co-opted by people who are dedicated to sophisticated control of the understandings we assemble from the words and pictures they present to us.

For the most part, the human family are living in a starkly limited reality-set that hasn’t changed much in the course of recorded history. And according to this picture it seems that we’re fast running out of highway between our speeding Cadillac and the concrete abutment of scarcity, social dissolution and war just ahead. And it seems that the PTB prefer not only to keep it that way, but even to enhance our blinkered tunnel-vision, to take us back to a simpler time, when life was sweet and easy, to a time that never was.

Zbigniew Brzezinski has been talking vehemently for several years about what he keeps calling a “global political awakening”( more links: 2, 3), which he characterizes as “a sudden stirring of political awareness, unleashed passions, fermenting excitement, and escalating aspirations.” Brzezinski, I think, knows very well that this awakening is more than simply political. They know something’s happening, and that explains much of what’s unfolding on the world stage.

“I’m very troubled that a very vague, emotionally stated, semi-theologically defined diagnosis of the central global menace is obscuring our national ability to comprehend the historically unprecedented challenge that is being posed in our time by a massive global political awakening, and thus is obstructing our ability to deal effectively with the global political turmoil that this awakening is generating.” Transcript of Brzezinski quoted in the clip from “Architects of Control: Mass Control…”

This “vague” diagnosis that Zbig is complaining about is at the heart of the human transformation underway. It’s also of note that he gets that it’s semi-theologically defined. What is emerging among the awakening mass of humanity is a direct seeing of the truth that religions have historically tried to co-opt. More and more, we have a sense of what is simply appropriate, and Brzezinski’s “central global menace”  is the mass-delusion standing between us and ourselves. Of course this is obstructing the ability of the PTB to “deal effectively” with the turmoil. We are the turmoil from which something is coming forth. What Brzezinski is saying is that the awakening is confusing to the “national” hierarchy of power.

“Currently, the transnational elite are very aware of the increasing social tensions among the worlds majority. As the crisis deepens, tensions will rise, and the chances of revolt and revolution from below greatly increase. Governments everywhere, particularly in the Western industrialized nations are building massive police states to monitor and control populations, and are actively preparing for martial law and military rule in the event of such a situation unfolding.

“However, the transnational elite are undertaking their own revolution from above. This revolution is encompassing the restructuring of the global political economy through their orchestrated economic crisis.” – Global War and Dying Democracy: The Revolution of the Elites by Andrew Gavin Marshall

Marshall’s thesis is that what he calls the transnational elite have co-opted every significant social unrest in recent history to institute a new elaboration of their systems of control, and that this time we are entering “the final stage in the ‘global control’ strategy” where what he calls a “Global Cartel” are trying to extend their hegemony globally, rendering the “notion of exit” from their system “meaningless.”

Marshall also explicitly outlines how this Cartel primarily represent banking interests behind control of previous social movements. This raises the question of who saw and seized upon the potential for control of finance to be the master lever to drive all sectors of world society toward a unitary regime, and of what motivated them to envision seizing it. Now the central nature of this control has emerged in the autocratic creation of fantastic sums of fiat “money” by the finance sector, transferred to their own interests at a whim, secured by the “full faith and credit” of a nation now revealed as perpetual debt slaves should these policies stand.

In a recent article on Information Clearing House, Bill Noxid writes about how ignorant Americans are being herded into a travesty of so-called “Health Care Reform” by “an almost inescapable indoctrination process” that permeates every level of society. He apparently thinks that people who have been raised under this system are basically morally culpable for remaining “nitwits,” and spends most of the article taking to the woodshed identified moron Katy Abram, who briefly took center stage at an Arlen Specter “Town Hall” propaganda event.

Abram, a self-confessed political neophyte, was, despite her lack of creds, intrepid enough to stand and express her anger and dismay toward the perfidy that she felt Specter represents. She said, “I don’t believe this is just about healthcare, it’s not about TARP,  it’s not about left and right, this is about the systematic dismantling of this country.  I’m only thirty-five years old, I’ve never been interested in politics.  You have awakened the sleeping giant.  We are tired of this.  This is why everybody in this room is so ticked off.  I don’t want this country turning into Russia – turning into a socialized country.  My question for you is what are you going to do to restore this country back to what our founders created according to the Constitution.”

Noxid feels that this is a “meaningless statement,” and that the question it ends with is “unanswerable.” He goes on to quote from a longer interview Abram did with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on Hardball,  unable to conceal his withering contempt for her having slept through the decade leading up to the brazen sacking of our treasury by Goldman Sachs, the Fed, et al. He concludes that her pathetic ignorance is what has allowed the horrendous damage committed by this country against the lands and peoples of the world.

However, from my POV, what Katy said is a clear indication of exactly what she pointed out. “You have awakened the sleeping giant.” There’s something happening that is overturning decades of the best mind-control that money can buy. From every rational indicator, humanity are on the ropes, the walls are closing in, and you can put a fork in us. But Katy Abram, who was never interested in politics, is noticing that it “just seems common place” that “we’ve kind of been at war.” For ever since she can remember.

For a dyed-in-the-wool Progressive®, this is of less-than-no significance. “We” know everything that’s going on, we know in exhaustive detail how bad “They” are, and we’re totally against it. But perhaps the forces that are acting toward this transformation are working on everyone, regardless of their political savvy or correctness, subliminally, below the surface, below even the ravages of MK Ultra and Project Monarch, closer to where we live.

What’s it going to take to get us to awaken collectively, recognize the (should be) obvious insanity, to get it that our Sacred Space has been invaded and is on the verge of being overwhelmed? To see that fighting what truly seems an “evil” force only feeds it like projecting our power out onto a skyscraper-sized Sta-puft Marshmallow Man, is to enter the zone of teachability. We cannot use the force of this denial-of-Life, denial of what is, to bring it back into affirmation, as long as we see it as “other.” As long as we’re stuck in believing that what we see is wrong, and that anything can be out of tune with the rest of the all-that-is, we’re feeding the madness. Which the madness is very good at getting us to do.

“While people are controlled and manipulated through crisis and disorder, so too can people be awoken to seeing the necessity of knowledge and critical thought. When one’s life is thrown into disorder and chaos, suddenly observation, information and knowledge become important in understanding how one got into that situation, and how one can escape it.” Marshall, Global War and Dying Democracy

The understanding of the quantum field that is penetrating and informing our mass consciousness tells us that nothing stands separate from anything else, that all-that-is is a seamless continuum. If we’re gonna make it out of this Tight Spot (damn) and into the Noosphere (whatever that is) we’ll need to let go of the locks we have on the familiar, on all of our ideas about who we are and who others are, and on needing control. And more subtly, we aren’t the one who’s surrendering, we (the ego) are not about that – we’re about control, getting approval, and security. The real “us” must keep seeing what’s being held on to, and noticing that it’s not true, ad infinitum. When we simply see that grasping onto what we fear losing keeps us stuck in repetitious loops that are painful for us and for others, there’s no question about letting go, it just happens.

And meantime, we deal with Life, on it’s own terms, without arguing with it, making ourselves right or others wrong. And let’s do it together, holding out our hands to anyone who has the least desire to get unstuck.

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I Pledge Allegiance

I_Pledge/Obama_JokerA lot of the time recently, I find myself reminded of the Caterpillar/Butterfly metaphor for the transformation the world seems (obviously…or maybe not) to be going through as time races, slouching toward Washington DC to be born.

This has, sadly, penetrated most aspects of my life as well, as I stare amazed at the unfolding images of devolution, florid manipulation, disease and Full-Spectrum Dominance emerging from the liquid crystal display. I am chronically, and seemingly ineffectively “between jobs.” This is a place from which I’ve generally found some kind of semi-creative service to perform for people locally that allows me to sustain a quasi-bourgeois lifestyle for a few years. But with the Mother Of All Bubbles getting ready to bust on the world stage, and with practically every aspect of “my life” sliding into chaos and begging for some kind of upgrade, it mostly seems the best I can do is bring some still attention to the unravelling, the drumbeat of control invading our sacred space, the sound of the caterpillar turning into soup inside.

A few months ago I joined Santa Cruz Downtown Toastmasters, a local branch of the famous 85 year-old organization for helping develop public speaking and leadership skills. Before going, I never actually knew what went on in TM, and suspected that a lot of it was related to career development. But it turns out that it’s a very complex mix of personalities and ideas. Perhaps because we’re in Santa Cruz, there seems to be an iconoclastic bent to the members generally. So, there’s a cross-pollination of viewpoints and styles, and a very creative tension between the belief that its best to do things by the numbers as the system is there for a reason, and the alternative that the highest wisdom is in following your heart.

One of the adamantine traditions of Toastmasters is the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of each meeting. In our club, this is prefaced by a “prayer,” which mostly takes a form like a brief statement about something related to mores or values, a brief annecdote with a message, or, perhaps a poem. Last week I was scheduled to fill the Prayer and Pledge role, and I wrote the following:

It says in the pledge that we pledge allegiance to the Republic for which this flag stands. Why did they put that in there? A Republic is supposed to be a government that draws what Jefferson called its just powers from the consent of the people governed. In a Republic, government only exists for the benefit of a people who are its Sovereigns. The only authority above any Sovereign is the unnameable mystery that brought each of us into being. No lawful Republic ever has more right to invade the lives of its Sovereigns than any Sovereign has to invade the life of anyone else. When this is in balance, something sacred becomes possible among a Sovereign people, something that can sometimes be felt in the stillness behind the words of the pledge.

Now, if you’re so inclined, please stand and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.

I stand up with the other members of the club for the pledge, but merely bow my head in respect and don’t recite it. A friend of mine in the club won’t even stand – he told me how he can’t participate because he feels it’s completely hypocritical. I guess he means for him. I simply can’t pledge allegiance to a bit of hanging fabric, however symbolic of the hypothetical union of free Americans. After all, what kind of loyalty is possible to an inanimate object? Some people no doubt find this offensive, as it may show them that you aren’t hewing to the hive-mind, don’t intend to follow the logic of group-think no matter what.

We’re living in a time when we need to get clear on exactly what we can pledge allegiance to. And I don’t think that following the call of anything that’s less than absolutely essential to our true nature is going to work in negotiating the narrows of this transition. Personally, I think that those of us who are willing to allow the emergence of our natural state of ease, presence and awareness will gravitate without trying into the company of others learning to awaken from the spell of the ego, and that we will wake up together into a new life situation that is unimaginable now from within the context of consensus reality. In this process, we’ll find that our ultimate allegiance is to what’s true.

There’s never any use arguing with anyone about what this is. It can’t be encapsulated into any form that can be held in mind. The moment I call someone else wrong, I start to strengthen the delusion of my sense of an imaginary separate self. That delusional self feeds on the drama of making someone else wrong, of holding energy with them. This is really holding energy within myself, or, as Eckhart Tolle would say, feeding my pain body.

If, instead, my allegiance is to the unnameable mystery that stands behind any conflict without judgment, the formless awareness at my core is in direct non-local connection with the awareness in the obvious phenomenon of another being who is no longer “Other.” My energy is no longer trapped in defending my delusion. My heart is open to life.

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