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Is Zelensky Really Out of Control? With the Endorsement of Washington. What is The End Game? The Privatization of Ukraine? – by Drago Bosnic and Prof Michel Chossudovsky – https://www.globalresearch.ca/zelensky-really-out-control/5846803 – “On January 18, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that the political West is trying to exert greater control over the increasingly unhinged Kiev regime frontman Volodymyr Zelensky. According to Lavrov’s assessment, the US-led power pole’s puppet is trying to expand his grip on power by eliminating any form of dissent, including canceling this year’s presidential election. The increasingly out-of-control Zelensky has become a nuisance for the United States, prompting it to insist on “more flexibility” from him, Lavrov said, adding that “all the latest rhetoric coming from [Zelensky’s] office only reflects the wish of that individual and his associates… to keep power as much as they can”. Russia’s top-ranking diplomat also stated that ‘having Zelensky run a re-election campaign would put him more in line with Western interests’… Lavrov’s comments come at a time when the puppet of the belligerent US-led power pole is indeed coming off as a “proxy” dictator. Terrified of the prospect of becoming (geo)politically obsolete, Zelensky is trying to stay relevant for as long as possible. From a purely logical point of view, this is rather understandable, as Washington DC has a long history of abandoning its puppets whenever they outlive their purpose. Needless to say, Zelensky wants to avoid this unflattering fate. In the initial stages of the special military operation (SMO), he and his entourage, amply aided by the mainstream propaganda machine, fought bitterly to ensure that the image of “united Ukraine standing in the face of Russian aggression” is spread across the world. The illusion held initially, but it was only a matter of time before this false sense of unity faded away for good… Zelensky’s effort to seize his “Churchill moment” by using the ongoing conflict as a way to “legally” stay in power and continue hoarding whatever’s left of Western funds is slowly coming to an unceremonious end. Battlefield failures led to the plummeting of the already low morale, leading to even more factionalism and fault lines within the Neo-Nazi junta, amplifying its troubles both at home and abroad. Zelensky’s publicly declared “optimism” is being pushed only by his most loyal propagandists, while any attempt to criticize him is decried as supposedly “unpatriotic”, stifling any chance to get accurate information about the situation on the frontlines and in the country itself. Alternative sources are the only way to get bits and pieces of the truth, but using them can be quite dangerous and even deadly nowadays… And yet, even in such a political climate, Zelensky is still afraid to allow elections to be held. By keeping only those unequivocally loyal to him, he became accustomed to having no competitors or critics. This sort of grip on power has made him increasingly delusional and unable to process the Kiev regime’s grim reality. In recent times, Zelensky even turned on some of his closest backers, as evidenced by Igor Kolomoisky’s arrest back in early September. Before that, the pompously announced counteroffensive resulted in complete failure. Disappointed, the political West increased pressure on Zelensky who was already in an unflattering position as he previously pledged to “liberate the whole country (including Crimea)”. Giving such grossly unrealistic promises is yet another confirmation of Lavrov’s claims… All this also drew a wider wedge between the Kiev regime and the military, particularly between Zelensky and General Valery Zaluzhny. Thus, the Neo-Nazi junta frontman managed not only to antagonize the top military leader, but also got another strong political opponent, as Zaluzhny has repeatedly hinted at his presidential ambitions. In addition, Zelensky’s old rivals are still very much active, prompting him to start using the state apparatus against them, usually by prosecuting them for corruption, a fact recently revealed by former Ukrainian parliamentarian Andrii Derkach who is also actively being hunted by the Kiev regime’s special services. However, it’s important to note that Zelensky still hasn’t outlived his usefulness for the political West, at least until the belligerent power pole finds an “adequate” successor… This is evidenced by the mainstream propaganda machine’s effort to justify the repeated postponing of elections, insisting that it would be impractical and even logistically impossible due to ongoing hostilities. Simultaneously, the political West is trying to keep the Neo-Nazi junta geopolitically relevant by organizing historically unprecedented unilateral “peace talks” that are completely inconsequential to the actual strategic situation. Zelensky himself is still at the center of this PR show, particularly when taking into account that he refuses to give up on his absurd “peace plan” that effectively amounts to Russia’s unconditional capitulation. On the other hand, while Zelensky and his backers keep shooting their mouths off about supposed “peace”, there are talks of delivering ever more advanced NATO weapons to the Kiev regime… Namely, NATO countries are actively breaking international arms control agreements by supplying long-range missiles and even nuclear-capable fighter jets, a fact that Lavrov has been warning about for months at this point… When taking into account the Neo-Nazi junta’s disastrous policies, worthy of an international war crimes tribunal (which immediately disqualifies the so-called ICC in Hague), as well as the fact that the political West wants to continue supporting this monstrosity (despite the political crisis in the US), it can easily be argued that Zelensky is indeed out of control. However, the same applies to his entire entourage and the rest of the Kiev regime. On the other hand, its US/NATO overlords are in no way better. Terrified of the multipolar world, they’re actively pushing for destabilization on a global scaleWhat is the End Game? The Neo-Colonial Privatization of Ukraine – by Prof Michel Chossudovsky – As outlined in Drago Bosnic‘s careful documented article, Zelensky is “Out of Control” with the full Support of U.S.-NATO… What is the Hidden Agenda?.. This “Engineered Chaos” –which consists in deliberately prolonging an unwinable war, to the detriment of the people of Ukraine–, creates conditions which favour the Neo-Colonial Privatization of An Entire countryThe Privatization of Ukraine was launched in November 2022 in liaison  with BlackRock’s  consulting company  McKinsey, a public relations firm which has largely been responsible for co-opting corrupt politicians and officials Worldwide not to mention scientists and intellectuals on behalf of powerful financial interests… For  details see: The NeoCons’ Proxy War “Against Ukraine”: Nuclear War is On the Table. The Privatization of UkraineBy Prof Michel Chossudovsky, September 30, 2023 – BlackRock, which is the World’s largest portfolio investment company together with JPMorgan ‘has come to the rescue of Ukraine’. The Ukraine Reconstruction Bank. was set up. The stated objective was ‘to attract billions of dollars in private investment to assist rebuilding projects in a war-torn country’. (FT, June 19, 2023)… … BlackRock, JP Morgan and private investors, aim to profit from the country’s reconstruction along with 400 global companies, including Citi, Sanofi and Philips. … JP Morgan’s Stefan Weiler sees a “tremendous opportunity” for private investors. (Colin Todhunter, Global Research June 28, 2023)… The Kiev Neo-Nazi regime is a partner in this endeavour. War is Good for Business. The greater the destruction, the greater the stranglehold on Ukraine by “private investors”: ‘BlackRock and JPMorgan Chase are helping the Ukrainian government set up a reconstruction bank to steer public seed capital into rebuilding projects that can attract hundreds of billions of dollars in private investment.’ (FT, op cit)… ‘The Kyiv government engaged BlackRock’s consulting arm in November to determine how best to attract that kind of capital, and then added JPMorgan in February 2023.’  Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced last month that the country was working with the two financial groups and consultants at McKinsey… BlackRock and Ukraine’s Ministry of Economy signed a Memorandum of Understanding in November 2022… In late December 2022, president Zelensky and BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink agreed on an investment strategy.”Reinette Senum’s Foghorn Express – 2024 Davos Summit: The Essential Recap (1 hour, 4 minutes) – https://reinettesenumsfoghornexpress.substack.com/p/2024-davos-summit-the-essential-recapEbola Vaccine That ‘Sheds’ Onto/Infects Others 31% of the Time Given to Colorado Healthcare Workers Just Down the Road from New Ebola Bat Lab – by Jon Fleetwood – https://jonfleetwood.substack.com/p/ebola-vaccine-that-sheds-onto-infectsIn November of last year, Colorado healthcare workers at Denver Health received doses of the live Ebola vaccine… Hospital officials said the Regional Emerging Special Pathogen Treatment Center team became some of the first to receive Merck’s ‘ERVEBO’ Ebola jab, for “preventative measures in case of a future outbreak.” – ERVEBO Ebola Vaccine’s ‘Shedding’ Problem – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) package insert for ERVEBO states that the vaccine “shed[s]” onto others 31.7% of the time and for up to 20 days after vaccination.Screenshot from fda.gov taken January 16, 2024… This means that vaccinated individuals can spread the disease to those around them… “Vaccine virus RNA has been detected in blood, saliva, urine, and fluid from skin vesicles of vaccinated individuals,” the insert reads. “In Study 6, 31.7% (19/60) of participants 12 months through 17 years of age enrolled in a substudy shed vaccine virus in saliva following vaccination.”… This shedding problem could explain why Africa’s 2016, 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Ebola outbreaks occurred after vaccination campaigns were carried out in those areas… Given the established record of Ebola outbreaks following earlier vaccination campaigns in the same regions, concerns are raised about a future outbreak in Colorado—situated in the central U.S.—spreading across the country and perhaps the world.”

“Dean Henderson: Discusses Ukraine-Russia SMO & Israel-Hamas War” – Actually, Dean lays out basically his entire world view in 56 minutes – https://youtu.be/ltfFgXAn5I0 – “Substack link: https://deanhenderson.substack.com/p/dean-henderson-war-and-the-bloodline

Dean, Juan, and James discuss current events and take a whack at the global oligarchy. Topics include the history of the Royal Crown, City of London Bankers, the wars in Gaza and Ukraine and much more. Check out more videos and interviews by Juan at RealTruthTalk, and James at Angry Warhawk… Dean Henderson is the author of seven books, including, Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian GulfIlluminati Agenda 21Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse and Royal Bloodline Wetiko & The Great Remembering. Subscribe free to his Left Hook column at deanhenderson.substack.comHitler, flying saucers and the fourth reich of the rich – by Chris Everard – https://chriseverard.gumroad.com/p/hitler-flying-saucers-and-the-fourth-reich-of-the-rich – “In December 1919, the Vril Society met at a house near Berchtesgaden, Germany. An Austrian psychic-medium named Maria Orsitsch transmitted a series of messages allegedly from the ‘Secret Chiefs’. Maria was an Austrian – like Hitler and his multi-billionaire school chum, Herr Wittgenstein… This séance made the announcement that the ‘saviour’ of Germany would soon come… The medium declared that the new Nazi ‘Messiah’ was ‘hard by the door’ and that he would be the next owner of the Spear of Destiny – part of the Imperial Regalia of Austria currently housed in the Hofburg Museum in Vienna.

That ‘messiah/saviour’ turned out to be the grandson of Madame Schicklegruber – otherwise known as Adolf Hitler. His side-kick was to be a chicken farmer and god son of Prince Heinrich – psychopath Heinrich Himmler – this was the curious and weird beginnings of the Third Reich…However, the mystics and psychics of the Veil society who recommended the development of ‘flying saucer’ weapons dubbed the ‘HANEBU’ did not have sufficient funding – the millions of Reich Marks were eventually provided by a network of ROYAL PRINCES & DUKES throughout Germany and even from Britain – CLONING CHRIST is the first in a series of films investigating the occult, supernatural and extraterrestrial aspects to the ‘Third Reich’.A sequel to CLONING CHRIST is already streaming entitled FOURTH REICH OF THE RICH which traces the Nazis and their death squads to Latin America, and another related sequel is our film THE TOXIC KINGDOM… More episodes in our Third Reich CLONING CHRIST series are coming for the Enigma Channel’s autumn/fall/Christmas season to keep all our viewers around the world entertained on the dark northern hemisphere winter nights…
The Spear of Destiny was a very important relic/symbol to the occultists who groomed Hitler. And in our film CLONING CHRIST we reveal why. Now streaming direct from our Gumroad platform. Just click your Gumroad receipt to start watching our series of films investigating the Third Reich – frankly there is NOTHING on the mainstream media, nor YouTube which goes as deep as our investigative documentaries.Way back in 1917, during the first engineered world war, In Vienna’s Schopenhauer cafè, occultist Karl Haushofer, Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf, WWI ace pilot Lothar Waiz, bishop Gernot of the secret “Societas Templi Marcioni” (The Inheritors of the Knights Templar), and Maria Orsitsch met. Maria believed that her long blonde hair was a ‘cosmic antenna’, allowing communication with aliens from beyond…They were all associates of the Golden Dawn cult. Their conversation whirled around Karl Haushofer, who had formed relations with the Tibetan ‘Yellow Hats’, considered to be ‘black yogis’… But that’s just the beginning of our film series which starts with CLONING CHRIST… Here is the subscription link to the Enigma Channel’s Gumroad streaming and membership platform:  https://chriseverard.gumroad.com/l/zzBZyFrom Alexander Dugin’s Twitter/X feed : The Events in Texas: A New Civil War? https://twitter.com/Agdchan/status/1750919009602572449  – “In America, the birthplace of pragmatism, pragmatism has vanished. The globalists, especially under the Biden regime, represent an extreme form of a globalist dictatorship, severing ties with the typically American tradition established by Charles Peirce and William James. The tradition of pragmatism was based on a complete indifference to the prescription of normative content for both the subject and object. For a true pragmatist, the perceptions of the subject about itself, the object, or another subject are irrelevant — what matters is that everything functions effectively upon interaction. However, globalists differ significantly, aligning more closely with British positivists and French fervent materialists. They persist with totalitarian brutality, dictating who and what should conform to their prescriptions… To a pragmatist, it is inconsequential whether one changes their gender or remains the same, as long as it works for them. In contrast, globalists mandate gender changes, enforcing this through law and promoting it as a universal, progressive value. Anyone who opposes this view is labelled a ‘fascist’, or likened to Trump or Putin. They will insist on this approach, irrespective of its efficacy or self-defeating nature. Surprisingly, globalists share many traits with Ukrainians — an unsettling resemblance… When globalists decide to increase illegal immigration, they relentlessly pursue this agenda, branding those advocating regulated immigration or border control as ‘fascists’, Trump supporters, or Putin agents. They press on with their prescriptive policies to the extreme, even if they prove utterly ineffective. For a globalist, anyone who disagrees with their viewpoint effectively does not — and should not — exist… Hence, one can be certain that the progressives from the Democratic Party and the neoconservatives from both parties — just as obstinate and disconnected from pragmatism, realism, or traditional conservatism, thus alienating America’s true essence – are steering the country towards an inevitable civil war. They refuse to engage in meaningful dialogue, disregarding whether their policies work or not. Their focus remains fixated on enforcing their ideals: transgender rights, illegal immigration, pro-choice stances, open borders, green energy, and artificial intelligence. This represents a profound philosophical contradiction within the American system. Today, America is governed by those deeply out of touch with its identity, and thus, a new civil war in the USA seems inevitable. The globalists are set to ensure its outbreak.”
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