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Fair Use Notice: This site may contain some copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of vital issues which already exist in the public domain. – Note: These links are posted at the top of the page as the week progresses. Links from previous weeks can be found under the “Current Quicklinx” button.Populist Revolt Spreading Across the West – by Alex Newman – https://libertysentinel.org/populist-revolt-spreading-across-the-west/All over the world, the peasants and the tax serfs are getting restless. That is the message that voters are sending loud and clear. From Argentina, Brazil, and India to the United States, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, and beyond, politically incorrect populist leaders and political parties are surging at the polls. In many cases, they are becoming the dominant political force as awareness grows surrounding the “Great Reset” and other totalitarian schemes from Big Business and Big Government elitists… Consumers are revolting against the Zeitgeist, too. Just consider the powerful messages being sent to “woke” companies like Target, Bud Light, Disney, and BlackRock, among others, in the form of boycotts, withdrawing investment, and more. In short, Americans and people around the world are sick and tired of having anti-social ideas shoved down their throats. And the trends look set to accelerate in the years ahead… The signs were already obvious in 2016 — at least to those paying attention. It began in the summer in Britain when voters, in defiance of the entire political and media class, voted to secede from the increasingly aggressive superstate known as the European Union. After decades of abuse at the hands of EU bureaucrats and uncontrolled immigration, voters had enough and said so, risking the doom and gloom predicted by disgraced Prime Minister David Cameron and others… Next, it was Americans’ turn. Despite well over 90 percent of network news coverage being negative and unprecedented opposition from the Republican establishment and the Democrats, Donald Trump cruised toward a massive victory that shook elitists in the press and government to their core. Trump ran on an openly populist platform, vowing to return power to the people and crush the Deep State that had been spitting on Americans for generations. And he won… The establishment fought back, of course. One of the key reasons why the Deep State believed it was losing the narrative war was the proliferation of competing views online. And so, censorship and rigging of algorithms would quickly become the next major tool in the establishment’s war against the public uprising that was spreading like wildfire on both sides of the Atlantic… No single voice was more prominent than Alex Jones and his media empire, Infowars. To get a sense of his influence, consider that when he was banned in 2018, the year after Trump took office, in addition to the millions listening via his nationally syndicated radio program or his millions followers on social-media platforms, Jones had 2.5 million subscribers just on YouTube… For perspective, that was about a million more than Fox News, the leading cable news station, and almost 2 million more than legacy networks CBS News or NBC News had attracted so far. The Washington Post had fewer than 400,000 subscribers a week after the purge of Jones began, while the New York Times had fewer than 1.5 million. Jones’ election coverage was often getting more views online than all the legacy media — combined! And so, one day, every major online platform banned him… But censoring Jones — and later Trump himself — would not stem the tsunami of awakening sweeping the United States and the Western world. As current events show clearly, that stunning revolt against the elitist plan for humanity is growing stronger by the minute. In fact, virtually every credible poll shows Donald Trump crushing every Republican and Democrat challenger in the 2024 election, despite the endless stream of politically motivated felony charges… This awakening is hardly limited to the United States. What follows is a round-up of some of the major developments in the populist wave sweeping the globe — especially in Latin America and Europe, nations that have historically been considered part of the West, also known as the “Free World” or Christendom in earlier generations… After almost a century of socialism, big government, corruption, and globalism, the people of Argentina decided late last year they were fed up. In one of the most stunning victories of a political outsider in recent memory, Argentina voted overwhelmingly for populist Javier Milei. This bomb-throwing libertarian with disheveled hair vowed to cut his nation’s bloated government down to size — and to do it quickly. Ignoring their wannabe superiors in the media and politics, with help from hand-counted paper ballots, the people of Argentina launched a political earthquake… On his very first day in office, Milei delivered on his signature “AFUERA” promise to slash the number of government ministries. Using an executive order, he eliminated more than half of all the government ministries. Among those on the chopping block: Ministries of education, science and technology, culture, environment, social development, and more. Next up, Milei has planned enormous decreases in taxes and spending… Milei was not the first Latin American populist to defy the powerful far-left cabal that dominates regional politics and win. In 2018, former military man and hardcore conservative Jair Bolsonaro cruised to victory in Brazil by promising to stop the Marxist takeover of his country, expand personal freedom, and return to the Christian values that have always underpinned Western civilization. While Bolsonaro’s enemies were able to steal the 2022 election and stage a replica of the January 6 “attack” to take down his supporters, every honest analyst understands that the movement Bolsonaro leads is not going anywhere… The year after Bolsonaro’s victory in Brazil, conservative populist Nayib Bukele won a landslide victory in El Salvador. Right away, he got to work cleaning up the corruption and crime that has plagued his nation for generations. And analysts expect voters to reward him with another major victory in the 2024 election as works to continue the policies that have made him so popular… Even before any of those victories, populist Rodrigo Duterte won a crushing victory in the Philippines on a non-traditional platform. From blasting the United Nations and globalism to taking on the entrenched political establishment and devolving power through a federal system of government, Duterte truly shook up the nation’s politics. While he was unable to run again in 2022 due to the new federal Constitution that handed power to regional and local governments, the popular leader ended his term with a shocking 81 percent approval rating… Europe is also seeing an unprecedented wave of populism and conservative candidates dedicated to defeating globalism, mass migration, social engineering, “green” schemes, and other policies peddled by elitists in Big Business and Big Government. At the European level, more and more parties that oppose even the EU’s existence are being elected to the largely impotent European “Parliament,” signaling a growing dissatisfaction with the whole globalist project. But at the national level, the trends are even clearer, with Hungary’s anti-globalist Viktor Orban merely the tip of the spear… Most recently, populist firebrand Geert Wilders of the Netherlands and his Party for Freedom (PVV) delivered a crushing blow to the establishment. In the latest parliamentary elections, PVV won more seats than any other party by far, right after the farmers’ party won a previous election for the upper house of parliament by vowing to stop the war on farmers… The victorious PVV, long on the fringes, ran on its traditional platform of stopping mass migration, resisting Islamization, giving voters a choice on getting out of the EU, and defending Christian values. Voters decided they liked what they heard. As this is being written, Wilders is on the verge of becoming the next prime minister, something the establishment regarded as unthinkable just a few years ago. And polls show he is even more popular now than when he won the election just a few months ago… A similar landslide for anti-establishment and populist forces occurred in Switzerland’s October election. The Swiss People’s Party, which supports guns and reversing mass migration while preserving individual liberty and Switzerland’s independence from globalist institutions such as the EU, dominated the polls with almost 30 percent of the vote. The next closest contender was the left-wing party that won 18 percent of the vote… In Europe’s far North, Swedish politics — long dominated by the left and the far-left — has seen an incredible surge of support for populist anti-establishment forces. The “Sweden First” Sweden Democrats, who are now finally part of the coalition government with other “conservatives” parties after many years of mainstream ostracism, are by far the most popular members of the coalition with voters. And they are determined to reverse the mass migration, wage war on the EU’s power grabs, and much more… Italy, too, has seen populist forces take power. In Italian election results that shocked the world, populist firebrand Giorgia Meloni with the “Brothers of Italy” party became prime minister on a platform of rolling back immigration, supporting the family and traditional Christian values, and stopping the spread of “woke” and LGBT extremism. She has also spoken out clearly and directly against the globalist threat to nations and Christian civilization…”You see, political correctness is a shockwave, a cancel culture that tries to upset and remove every single beautiful, honorable and human thing that our civilization has developed,” she wrote in her autobiography. “It is a nihilistic wind of unprecedented ugliness that tries to homogenize everything in the name of One World. In short, political correctness – the Gospel that a stateless and rootless elite wants to impose – is the greatest threat to the founding value of identities.” – Even Germany, long cowed into submission to globalism and leftwing extremism due to its Nazi history, is slowly breaking the establishment stranglehold on its politics. In October’s state elections, the anti-establishment, pro-Germany “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) trounced the “mainstream” establishment parties in what was seen as a sign of looming disaster for the ruling coalition that has imported millions of Islamic migrants, shredded the nation’s energy infrastructure, sold out its sovereignty, and trampled on the fundamental liberties of Germans… The notoriously dishonest fake media has portrayed all these populist victories as part of a sinister “far-right extremist” threat to “democracy.” But even two seconds of thinking about this will reveal the deception. By referring to small-government, pro-freedom and anti-establishment parties as “far right,” the goal is to dupe voters into thinking of Adolf Hitler — the far-left leader of Germany’s National Socialist (Nazi) party. Of course, the voices and parties smeared as “far right” today stand for the exact opposite of Hitler’s Big Government control… But voters are seeing through that deception, too. Even the Germans are no longer being terrorized into shying away from pro-freedom parties and rallies for freedom with the fraudulent abuse of language. Polling data suggest that across Latin America, Europe, and the United States, the shift toward populism is only in its early stages. Unless the establishment is able to crash and burn everything, its days may be numbered. Now, to maintain the momentum, populists must beware of establishment wolves in populist sheep’s clothing… How this will all play out in the years ahead remains to be seen. The establishment does not intend to relinquish power easily. But one thing is certain: Politics is going to get interesting — and intense — in the coming years. As voters do everything they can to protect their liberties and civilization from the globalist establishment seeking to destroy them, the battle is set to intensify going into 2024. Hang on to your seats!”Elon Musk introduces his new right-wing fans to a carbon tax; goes as well as you’d expect (WARNING: May contain faulty reasoning)- by Fred Lambert –  https://electrek.co/2024/02/05/elon-musk-introduces-right-wing-fans-carbon-tax-goes/

“Elon Musk is introducing his new right-wing fans to the idea of implementing a carbon tax, and it goes about as well as you would expect… Over the last few years, Musk has become a sort of hero of the right… Regardless of where you stand politically, it is a fascinating situation. I remember not too long ago when the right consistently attacked him for taking advantage of government subsidies at his companies… A few years later, he buys Twitter, reinstates some previously banned conservative accounts, makes fun of Joe Biden and other democrats, starts to talk about “wokeness” and illegal immigration consistently, and now he is loved by the right… Through this period, the once zealot climate change warrior who quit President Trump’s business council because he withdrew the US from the Paris Agreement, started talking a lot less about climate change and Tesla’s mission to accelerate to world’s transition to renewable energy… On top of running six different companies, Tesla’s CEO is virtually a full-time political influencer now… It is creating an interesting situation. For the first time in a while, Musk decided to use his massively popular X account to promote an idea perceived as left-wing (even though it shouldn’t be political): a carbon tax… Musk wrote:

Musk has been pushing the idea of a carbon tax for a long time, and it’s interesting to see him introducing the idea to his new right-wing fans… As you can imagine, it didn’t go too well… Most of the top-voted comments underneath his post were responses that were quite negative. Here are a few examples: (a bunch of memes in original article) I had to go down about 50 responses to see a positive response to Musk’s comment. It appears that for better or worse, Musk’s X profile is now dominated by his new right-wing fans –  Electrek’s Take – I am the first to admit that a carbon tax is difficult to implement correctly. In theory, it makes a ton of sense. In fact, free-market conservatives should love it since it fixes the market… A free market only works if it’s fair and all external costs are accounted for. If external costs are not accounted for, the market becomes inefficient and fails… A carbon tax accounts for the external costs of emitting carbon. It fixes the market inefficiency – making the true costs (including environmental) accounted for in the costs of the products. The products best for the environment would come up on top… Now, to agree with that, you need to agree with the vast majority of environmental scientists who say that humanity’s carbon production is contributing to the acceleration of the Earth’s warming… Yes, the climate has always naturally changed for billions of years, but it doesn’t mean that humans starting to pump billions of metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year is not accelerating it. The data looks clear… For example, the amount of solar energy the earth is receiving has followed the natural cycle of the sun, and yet, global temperature has increased massively amid increased industrialization: (Underline added) Comment: Underlined text is just more catapulted propaganda of the totally erroneous “Climate Emergency… Therefore, at the very least, we can agree that products emitting less carbon over their entire life cycle are less risky of negatively affecting the environment. So why take more risk? – So, a carbon tax would, at the very least, help reduce the risk of this crazy experiment that humanity is conducting by unearthing carbon and burning it into the atmosphere in incredible amounts… Now, I agree it’s hard to implement correctly. There are a lot of different aspects to it. For example, it works best if it’s global. Everyone needs to get on board. There’s the idea that the US shouldn’t get involved unless everyone gets involved, but that’s a decision between being a positive leader or accepting to be part of the problem because others don’t want to be part of the solution. I don’t like that mentality… Also, it needs to be meaningful with a fair price. There have been carbon taxes before, but they had minimal impact because they haven’t really accounted for the trillions of dollars that burning fossil fuels costs worldwide every year… It’s an incredibly difficult tax to make it fair, but I think it’s one worth doing. There could be a way to do it while reducing other taxes and encouraging people to live lifestyles that emit less carbon. And if you want to keep doing it, you can. It’s just that now it will reflect the true costs of the products.”

The Illegal Kidnapping and Persecution of Reiner Fuëllmich – from Mark Crispin Miller – Two videos make clear how far they’ve gone—in full collusion with his quisling “partners”—to shut down Nuremberg 2.0 – https://markcrispinmiller.substack.com/p/now-that-theyve-smeared-kidnapped – With link to video by Greg Reese – The Illegal Kidnapping and Persecution of Reiner Fuëllmich (7 minutes): https://banned.video/watch?id=65cb6acb0d63da299ec90b5fLegal experts weigh in on this travesty (Video 58 minutes): https://zeeemedia.com/interview/important-update-reiner-fuellmich-legal-expert-panel-reveals-all/
Tucker, Putin, and the Apocalypse – by Alexander Dugin – https://twitter.com/Agdchan/status/1755636653513683022 – “Why is Tucker Carlson’s interview considered pivotal for both the West and Russia? – Let us start with the simpler part: Russia. Here, Tucker Carlson has become a focal point for two polar opposites within Russian society: ideological patriots and elite Westernisers who nonetheless remain loyal to Putin and the Special Military Operation. For patriots, Tucker Carlson is simply ‘one of us’. He is a traditionalist, a right-wing conservative, and a staunch opponent of liberalism. This is what twenty-first-century emissaries to the Russian tsar look like… Putin does not often interact with prominent representatives of the fundamentally conservative camp. The attention the Kremlin pays him ignites the patriot’s heart, inspiring the continuation of a conservative-traditionalist course in Russia itself. Now it is possible and necessary: Russian power has defined its ideology. We have embarked on this path and will not deviate from it. Yet, patriots are always afraid we will. No… On the other hand, the Westernisers sighed with relief: see, not everything in the West is bad, and there are good and objective people, we told you! Let us be friends with such a West, think the Westernisers, even if the rest of the globalist liberal West does not want to be friends but only bombards us with sanctions, and with missiles and cluster bombs, killing our women, children, and the elderly. We are at war with the liberal West, so let there at least be friendship with the conservative West. Thus, Russian patriots and Russian Westernisers (increasingly more Russian and less Western) come to a consensus in the figure of Tucker Carlson… In the West, everything is even more fundamental. Tucker Carlson is a symbolic figure. He is now the main symbol of the America that hates Biden, liberals, and globalists and is preparing to vote for Trump. Trump, Carlson, and Musk, plus Texas Governor Abbott, are the faces of the looming American Revolution, this time a Conservative Revolution. To this already powerful resource, Russia connects. No, it is not about Putin supporting Trump, which could easily be dismissed in the context of war with the United States. Carlson’s visit is about something else. Biden and his maniacs have effectively attacked a great nuclear power through the hands of Kiev’s unleashed terrorists, and humanity is on the verge of destruction. Nothing more, nothing less… The globalist media continue to spin a Marvel series for infants, where Spider-Man Zelensky magically wins with superpowers and magical pigs against the Kremlin’s ‘Dr. Evil’. However, this is just a cheap, silly series. In reality, everything is heading towards the use of nuclear weapons and possibly the destruction of humanity. Tucker Carlson conducts a reality check: does the West understand what it is doing, pushing the world towards the apocalypse? There is a real Putin and a real Russia, not these staged characters and settings from Marvel. Look what the globalists have done and how close we are to it! – It is not about the content of the interview with Putin. It is the fact that a person like Tucker Carlson is visiting a country like Russia to meet a political figure like Putin at such a critical time. Tucker Carlson’s trip to Moscow might be the last chance to stop the disappearance of humanity. The gigantic billion-strong attention to this pivotal interview from humanity itself, as well as the frenzied, inhuman rage of Biden, the globalists, and the world’s citizens intoxicated with decay, testify to humanity’s awareness of the seriousness of the situation… The world can only be saved by stopping now. For that, America must choose Trump. And Tucker Carlson. And Elon Musk. And Abbott. Then we get a chance to pause on the brink of the abyss. Compared to this, everything else is secondary. Liberalism and its agenda have led humanity to a dead end. Now the choice is this: either liberals or humanity. Tucker Carlson chooses humanity, which is why he came to Moscow to meet Putin. The whole world understood why he came and how important it is… by Alexander Dugin – @ArktosJournal”Michael Mann v. Mark Steyn: The Criminalizing Of Free Speech In Americaby Patrick Wood – https://www.technocracy.news/michael-mann-v-mark-steyn-the-criminalizing-of-free-speech-in-america/ – “Climate “scientist” Michael Mann, inventor of the discredited “hockey stick,” just won a $1 million judgment from popular conservative commentator Mark Steyn in a U.S.  court, effectively criminalizing Free Speech. Mann sued the late Dr. Tim Ball in Canada over his authoritative criticism of the hockey stick. Ball cleaned Mann’s clock in the Canada Supreme Court… I wrote in Global Warming Activist Michael Mann Demands Censorship Of Dissenters in 2021, Michael Mann is the discredited climate scientist who fabricated the infamous “hockey stick” model of global warming. His answer to critics like Dr. Tim Ball is to sue them. Now he wants all dissenters forcibly censored and removed from public discussion. This is how the “science is settled” by pseudo-science ideologues… Climate alarmists like Mann cannot stand up to the traditional rigor of scientific debate, so their only defense is to simply shut critics out of the discussion. This is why Mann repeatedly attacked Dr. Tim Ball, an eminent climate scientist in Canada. Mann lost his defamation lawsuit against Ball in the BC Supreme Court in 2019… That’s right. This was already decided in the BC Supreme Court in 2019. Mann was also held in contempt of court for REFUSING TO SURRENDER HIS DATA proving his Hockey Stick theory. Why would he withhold data? Because it is fraudulent, as Dr. Tim Ball said along.

In 2017, Principia Scientific wrote about Mann: Penn State climate scientist Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann commits contempt of court in the ‘climate science trial of the century.’ Prominent alarmist shockingly defies judge and refuses to surrender data for open court examination. Only possible outcome: Mann’s humiliation, defeat and likely criminal investigation in the U.S. – The defendant in the libel trial, the 79-year-old Canadian climatologist, Dr Tim Ball (above, right) is expected to instruct his British Columbia attorneys to trigger mandatory punitive court sanctions, including a ruling that Mann did act with criminal intent when using public funds to commit climate data fraud. Mann’s imminent defeat is set to send shock waves worldwide within the climate science community as the outcome will be both a legal and scientific vindication of U.S. President Donald Trump’s claims that climate scare stories are a “hoax.” – I carefully followed the court proceedings because Ball was a personal friend and his case was pivotal in disproving the climate hoax. My conclusion in Inventor Of Fraudulent Temperature ‘Hockey Stick’ Is Humiliated In Canadian Court, Michael Mann is an unrepentant and belligerent Technocrat who deceived the whole world with his so-called ‘hockey stick’ temperature model. His humiliation in a Canadian court should be a fatal blow to the entire climate change scam. Defying a judges direct order, Mann has refused to provide his data for public scrutiny… But Mann is as petulant as he is unrepentant and belligerent… Last Thursday, a jury Superior Court of the District of Columbia awarded $1 million to Mann as a result of a another lawsuit started 12 years ago. Mark Steyn pledges to appeal the judgement. If it ends up in the Supreme Court, Mann will be again humiliated like he was in the BC Supreme Court… Emboldened by his temporary victory, AP noted, On Thursday, Mann said he would be appealing a 2021 decision reached in D.C. Superior Court that held National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute not liable for defamation in the same incident… “We think it was wrongly decided,” Mann said. “They’re next.” – All I have to say is that grifters have to grift and in this case, it is now all about Free Speech as well as global warming.”Mind Control and Engineering a Gay Society – by Jason Christof – https://courses.jchristoff.com/blog/mind-control-and-engineering-a-gay-society – “Before I’m presumed to be anti-gay, I would like to remind readers that I’ve been interviewed on an LBG podcast, in regards to me trying to save members of that community from the many forms of medical euthanasia heaped at them by government and media. You can listen to that podcast by clicking here… You can listen to the podcast where I was interviewed by a member of the gay community, regarding me trying to save members of that community from a gay euthanasia/medical cull psy-op…..by clicking here. This will not be an anti-gay article or an anti-gay discussion. There are things the gay community needs to know, things that are the kept purposely from them. As with all my articles, this is about making the unseen seen….. for people who are curious about what’s really going on down here, in our rapidly changing world… Is mind control really that powerful? Can mind control actually make people become gay, when if left alone, they would not become gay? Let’s review some concepts, which are purposely hidden from everyone, not just the gay community. Let’s first take a look at many examples, which demonstrate the power of mind control to change human behavior. These examples clearly demonstrate the extreme power of mind control. Some of these displays of mind control will shock you to the core and that’s not an exaggeration, merely placed out there to add effect to this article. Some of these videos are beyond shocking, even for me, someone who researches mind control for a living (especially example #8 below). Saying that, if you’re new to this sort of material, all the videos below will mesmerize you in one way or another… 1. Mind control is used here to make someone forget their own name. (this mind control hack took 15 seconds) (Note: followed by 9 more examples of mind control “experiments.”..  …These are only 10 examples of hundreds I could provide. In each mind control hack, regardless if it’s listed above or not, the victim of mind control always believes that they’re in full control of their behavior. They also believe that every behavior they’re acting out comes from deep down inside their intellectual reservoir of logical options, for each life scenario they’re facing at the time. As you can clearly see in each of the 10 examples above, everything the person or persons are doing, was actually placed into them by the mind controller. The mind control victim believes that they’re in full control, while the mind controller understands concretely that they’re actually in full control of the other person’s behaviors, beliefs and ideas. In this way, the more someone believes they’re immune to mind control, the easier they are to place under mind control, because mind control victims simply believe that they could never be hacked in this very simple way. Many people believe homosexuality is purely genetic and that is where the story of homosexuality ends. Social engineers and mind control experts want that hypothesis standing as long as possible. Homosexuality may be genetic but are simple mind control tactics, chemical tinkering and social engineering also factors?.. Can mind control make someone murder another person LIVE on video? Absolutely, it’s clearly documented in the 10-point example list above. Can mind control make people forget a movie that they just watched….via a mind control hack that only takes 1 tenth of 1 second? Absolutely. It’s demonstrated clearly above. Can mind control make two entire studio audiences all do the same thing, all at the exact same time? Absolutely. That’s documented above as well. Can mind control turn people gay? Absolutely not most people say, but is something going on here that’s operating outside our field of view, like in all magic shows? What sleights of hand and sleights of mind are we missing here, if any?.. How exactly are the 10 mind control hacks listed above accomplished? It’s more than simple really and I explain these simple mind control techniques in this presentation (click here). I also go a little deeper into the dark side of mind control in this presentation. (click here)… In regards to changing people’s preferences, thoughts, ideas and beliefs overtime…..that process is called social engineering. There are actual groups called “think tanks” that decide what socially engineered agendas will be executed next in our world. This all occurs at the exact same time when the public believes that the same social engineered changes are natural or organic and that these changes reflect the positive progression of our society, as a whole. If you click here you can view a short video about this social engineering process, proving that the transformation of our society overtime is far from natural……but completely planned out long in advance. If you click here, there’s another great scholar talking about the social engineering of our world and our daily reality… With these 10 examples above, it’s easy to see the power of mind control. It’s also easy to observe that social engineering is indeed a strong force that’s shaping our world every single day……but is there any evidence that social engineers have been using these simple mind control tactics to turn people gay? Oddly enough, there is. We have hard evidence. The evidence is irrefutable… If we click here, we can visit a summary of what are called “The Richard Day Tapes“. These recordings are from a meeting in 1969, where a “think tank” insider shared the upcoming agendas with 80 of this closest doctor friends, in order to try and protect them from what was coming. Now the summary is one thing and it’s easier to learn from this short summary……..but if you actually want to listen to the original recordings yourself, you can also do so by clicking here. As you can clearly hear in the summary of these recordings (or in the original recordings themselves) the social engineering end goal was to install a sexless/genderless society……with the first step on this long-term road being the goal of turning people gay and encouraging every other form of non-reproductive sexual activity under the sun. There are many other agendas discussed in these recordings, all of them coming true right now. All these agendas talked about in these recordings have been in full gallop over the last 30 years, if not longer… We also have The Jaffe Memo. This memo was formulated by the infamous Planned Parenthood, a notorious eugenic and depopulation-based organization, driven by long term social engineering goals. And of course in the Jaffe Memo, we clearly see the socially engineered objective of “increased homosexuality” is front and center. Does it still sound like our current explosion of homosexuality is a natural progression or is it safe to assume that our social engineers can indeed mind control people to behave in any way that suits their long-term agendas? Maybe a little bit of both? Regardless, something more is occurring outside our field of view… Chemicals are also fingered in increasing gay tendencies within the general population. For example, in the famous Pottenger’s Cat experiments, the cats fed unhealthy and unnatural diets started to develop increased homosexual activity, compared to healthy cats fed their natural healthy diets. Atrazine is one of the leading chemical pesticides sprayed on our non-organic produce worldwide. Atrazine was also found to turn test animals gay. When this was discovered, the scientist who was working with this data was viciously attacked by the company who produced Atrazine, which was also the company funding his research. Click here. Mercury is also proven to make animals gay and of course there’s lots of mercury in people’s teeth fillings today and many vaccines still contain dangerous levels of mercury. BPA, a common chemical in many food containers and products today, also forced male turtles to take on female behaviors. The lady at this added link believes another very dangerous toxic medical drug caused her to transition from male to female. Circumcision is also believed to have a positive correlation to homosexual behavior in men.  This medical doctor explains the link between vaccines, toxicity, inflammation and sexual confusion. In the end, all the data points to a direct link between increased poisoning, toxicity and resulting inflammation to increases in sexual confusion or direct increases in homosexual behavior. The mass poisoning of our world and our living environments have also been socially engineered. Our social engineers know exactly what they’re doing. This is not a misunderstanding of the science, this is a weaponization of the known science against the general public. Our social engineers demand depopulation through every channel possible and of course one channel is what’s being described here today… There’s also something in mind control called “flooding the zone“. Flooding the zone simply involves using all arms of media and government to drown the public under one particular tsunami of mind control simultaneously. Today we are getting flooded with “everything gay” out of every media and government channel in our society. From gay pride parades to gay XXX sex scenes in movie productions (like Broke Back Mountain and Rocket Man) to the TD bank in Canada now offering gay businesses preferred financing packages to our children getting absolutely brainwashed in this direction, within government schools, the zone is certainly being flooded in one particular direction and one particular direction only……as our social engineers openly brag about in the Richard Day Tapes, in  the Jaffe Memo and in many other documents I haven’t cited here today… As was clearly demonstrated in my presentations on mind control linked above….humans mimic, copy, emulate and mirror the repetitive content of their environment, as a way to bond with the bigger herd, in order to find increased safety and security.  Not only are modern children getting drowned in a tsunami of repetitive content regarding “homosexual” behavior as the safe card to play in life, my entire generation was exposed to gay character after gay character in many Hollywood TV and movie productions… This sort of repetitive content has a direct impact on human behavior, as is recounted here by Dr. Jerry Kroth, a psychology professor at Santa Clara University. From Jack on Will and Grace, to Jack Tripper on Three’s Company (who had to pretend he was gay to live with Janet and Chrissy) and from the gay assistant in Beverly Hill’s Cop to the gay army commander in Kevin Spacey’s American Beauty… Has our society been exposed to media imprints that far outweigh the true percentage of gay people in our real world populations? Has this been done purposely, in order to activate group pressure based genetic impulses in the public? If you do the research, we certainly have and if you research how repetitive based mind control can impact the behaviors of people exposed to that repetitive content, it’s safe to assume that everything reviewed above is quietly in play…..based on the end goals of the social engineers terraforming our societal and cultural norms… What’s even more odd is that when I was interviewed by a member of the LGB community, about my podcast designed to help the gay community avoid vaccine based euthanasia, the person interviewing me said he had used a particular supplement (called bio-medic by Puriumthat’s designed to remove glyphosate from the body. Glyphosate appears as an endocrine disruptor, just like BPA and Atrazine, which have been proven to turn test animals gay. The gay man interviewing me actually said during the interview that he felt “less gay” and “more attracted to females” after taking this supplement that removed this toxic chemical glyphosate from his system. Straight from the horse’s mouth as they say… In the end, if you’re gay, that’s fine with me. What I do care about are social engineers turning people gay purposely (without their knowledge) through chemical intervention and simple mind control tactics, in accordance with their publicly stated long-term goals of depopulation and societal collapse. The group we’re all dealing with have stated publicly that they want to turn the population gay….and that’s exactly what’s happening because that’s exactly what they’re doing. This doesn’t discount the genetic aspects of this sexual preference but are our social engineers purposely activating these genetic changes purposely? When our social engineers write these goals down and publish them for all to see, it’s no longer a conspiracy theory. What’s also hidden are the very dark and devilish end goals of depopulation, various forms of medical genocide (including vaccine genocide models heavily pushed on the gay community in particular), removing sexual drive or sexual function altogether plus stealing the wealth and freedom of everyone, including gay populations… Whatever’s happening, this evil group has admitted that this is only the beginning. They openly admit that only evil awaits everyone, regardless of what flag they’re flying. As I recounted in the podcast referred to at the beginning of this article, the group we’re dealing with despise the gay community potentially more than any population and our social engineers only pay lip service to the gay community, in order to accomplish these dark long-term goals. When the gay community becomes surplus to requirement, they’ll also get flushed into the sands of time. Gay community members are preferred targets for the “you will own nothing and be happy goals” of the WEF, because gay households have more stored wealth than average households. The people ruling all of us intend to steal all the wealth of the gay community, no exceptions. The gay community have been baited into loving government, trusting government and swooning over the big box institutions that will eventually destroy the gay community farther down the line. Evil spares no one and uses everyone. This is why we all need to start paying closer attention here. We’re all in this together, against this one common enemy. We don’t need to fight each other, which is one of their primary divide and rule tactics. We need to focus on the hidden forces behind media and government, because they intend grave harm for us all… Thank you for reading this article.David Rogers Webb on how to stop “The Great Taking” (Video 59 minutes) – Interview by Paul Buitink – https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/358099-2024-02-13-david-rogers-webb-on-how-to-stop-the-great-taking.htm -” Feb 13, 2024 ALKMAAR Paul Buitink interviews David Rogers Webb, former hedge fund manager of Varus and author of “The Great Taking”. David states in his book that there is a global elite implementing a system to take everything from everyone. David emphasizes that this agenda is particularly evident in the realm of property rights concerning securities… According to him, a closer examination of the terms and conditions, such as those of a bank or stockbroker, reveals that individuals are not the rightful owners of their securities. Paul asks David about the motivations driving these “elites” and when they will execute the great taking? – Paul thinks that the people will revolt when everything will be taken from them and asks David to reflect on that. And finally, what can be done to stop the great taking.”Russian Army Now Using Musk’s Starlink On Front Lines, Ukraine Says – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/russian-army-now-using-musks-starlink-front-lines-ukraine-says – “The Russian military is now using Starlink communications terminals along the front lines of the war in Ukraine, according to claims by the Ukrainian military seemingly corroborated by images posted on social media… Ukraine’s military intelligence agency on Sunday said it had intercepted radio traffic that confirms Russia’s use of the terminals, which provide broadband internet access via a constellation of low-orbit satellites. “Yes, there have been recorded cases of the Russian occupiers using these devices,” Ukrainian intelligence officer Andriy Yusov told RBC-Ukraine. “This is starting to take on a systemic nature.” – Starlink, a product of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, has been used by the Ukrainian military since Musk enabled the service in the country soon after Russia invaded in 2022. It’s been considered a strategic advantage for Ukraine, which has used the high-speed service for secure communication and for running targeting and other military software… On Friday, Defense One was first to report on the development. In addition to insights from Ukrainian sources, the report included a screenshot from Ukrainian drone video that seems to show the distinctive profile of a Starlink terminal on a targeted Russian position… Meanwhile, KatyaVayla, a Russian volunteer group based in the contested Donbas region, posted a video on Telegram in which it proudly displayed five Starlink terminals it procured for the Russian military… To this point, Russia may only have dozens of the Starlink terminals. “When they have hundreds, it’ll be hard for us to live,” a Ukrainian source told Defense One. .. Responding to the report, Starlink said it “does not do business of any kind with the Russian government or its military. Starlink is not active in Russia, meaning service will not work in that country.” It’s one thing to prevent Starlink from working in Russia. However, any attempt to prevent Russian use of Starlink along the shifting front lines inside Ukraine would almost certainly have collateral effects on the Ukrainian military… This growing loss of a technological advantage over Russia is just the latest bad news for the Ukrainian military, which is increasingly under-gunned and under-manned. “Ukrainian artillery units…are firing around 2,000 shells per day, barely a fifth as many as their Russian counterparts,” reports Defense One. The sorry state of affairs follows a highly-touted 2023 counteroffensive that ultimately did next to nothing to change the battle lines… Last week, fulfilling a ZeroHedge prediction made in January, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fired the country’s top general, saying “The time for…renewal is now.” – Some Ukrainian outlets have raised the possibility that the Russian Starlink units were obtained in Dubai. SpaceX was quick to note on X that “Starlink also does not operate in Dubai. Starlink cannot be purchased in Dubai nor does SpaceX ship there.” – SpaceX’s provision of Starlink terminals to Ukraine has been a thorny undertaking from the start. The firm said it hadn’t intended for the system to be weaponized. “Ukrainians have leveraged it in ways that were unintentional and not part of any agreement,” said President Gwynne Shotwell in 2023… Last year, SpaceX ruffled feathers when it said it could no longer provide the service to Ukraine for free; the Pentagon stepped in to pick up the bill and act as a middleman to ease Musk’s concern over being directly involved in the conflict… Musk says he earlier refused a Ukrainian request to activate the service in Crimea, as he feared Ukraine would use the product to sink Russian warships docked at Sevastopol and potentially spark a major escalation of the war — perhaps even a nuclear one… We’re glad someone with influence on the war takes that threat seriously.”Campaign Season: 3 MAJOR Breaking Stories All At Once! – by Jon Rappoport – https://jonrappoport.substack.com/p/campaign-season-3-major-breaking-stories-kennedy – “By one slim vote, the House impeached DHS Secretary Mayorkas, for his purposeful no-action on the sieve that is the southern border. (*) – Millions of illegal aliens have come up into the US under Mayorkas’ watch, including violent criminals from around the world, human traffickers, cartel thugs, and people bringing in enough fentanyl to kill every person in the world. No, that’s not an exaggeration… Mayorkas will certainly evade impeachment when the case goes to the Senate, but still the House message was clear—the leader of Homeland Security is a criminal. He is ripping National Security to shreds… I would add: that’s exactly why Mayorkas is there. To destroy National Security… At the same time, Judicial Watch has obtained records that show Mayorkas himself denied Secret Service protection to Robert Kennedy Jr., in the face of threats against Kennedy’s life. (*) —Another crime committed by Mayorkas. In a half-sane country, he would be in prison for the rest of his life. But he remains in his position, wreaking havoc… Meanwhile, Kennedy’s website, Children’s Health Defense (CHD), is presenting evidence that the National Institutes of Health (NIH), an agency under the President, abruptly stopped investigating and communicating with victims of COVID vaccine damage—at the height of the COVID fear porn operation. (*) – It’s obvious the NIH investigation was cut off and canceled because…imagine what would have happened, when the Biden regime started laying on vaccine MANDATES… FORCING people to take the shot, if at the same moment NIH was revealing the true scope of vaccine injuries and deaths… Mayokas’ attack on Kennedy—endangering his life by denying him Secret Service protection—had and has everything to do with Kennedy’s stance on vaccines and particularly the COVID kill shot… Mayorkas is an agent of the Mob that wants to do whatever it can to stop Kennedy from spreading the truth about vaccines… THIS is exactly why I’ve hammering on Kennedy to become a single-issue candidate. Campaign every day all day on VACCINES and nothing else… Double down. Triple down. Millions and millions of people will come forward and support him and support the truth… THAT revolution will exceed anything Kennedy can do by speaking about other issues… The Biden puppet and his handlers and THEIR handlers, all the way up the line don’t give a damn about Kennedy talking about other issues. Their fear centers on the VACCINES… Kennedy is too clueless to see this. He’s in his “Presidential bubble… “His own website, CHD, just broke a huge story on the NIH suppression of COVID vaxx damage. Mayorkas denied him Secret Service protection. The handwriting is on the wall: It’s THE VACCINE ISSUE, KENNEDY! That’s why they want to stop you… That’s why you’re dangerous… That’s why you should be campaigning on vaccines and nothing else… Take this issue to the streets, to every town and village and city you can visit between now and Election Day. Live stream vaccine truth every day… Stop screwing around. THE BAD GUYS can see why you’re a major threat. WHY CAN’T YOU? — Jon Rappoport – (*) SOURCES: “[House] Republicans impeach [DHS Sec] Alejandro Mayorkas over the border… (link) – Judicial Watch reveals Mayorkas was the one who personally denied RFK Jr Secret Service protection, despite threats on Kennedy’s life (link) – Kennedy’s website, Children’s Health Defense (CHD), shows NIH abruptly stopped investigating COVID vaccine injuries after initially communicating with victims (link)”The CBDC Indoctrination Has Begun – by James Hickman via SchiffSovereign.com –
https://www.zerohedge.com/political/cbdc-indoctrination-has-begun – “I imagine life can often feel pretty difficult for today’s high school students… On top of dealing with classic teenage drama like homework, hormones, pimples, parents, driving, dating, university selection, and more, students these days have to contend with a host of new challenges… They suffered long periods of brutal Covid lockdowns. Active shooter drills are a normal part of student life. And, of course, there’s the nonstop anxiety and peer pressure of social media… Plus, on top of everything else, students today have also been force-fed some pretty bizarre ideas… Classical literature, advanced mathematics, and hard sciences have taken a back seat to social justice, climate justice, economic justice, etc. (as defined by the woke, fanatical left)… But there are early signs that this indoctrination is starting to break new ground… Yesterday a close friend of mine who lives in Spain told me that his son, a high school senior, has been getting lessons in school about Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs… If you’re not familiar with the concept, a CBDC is essentially a cryptocurrency that is controlled by the government and central bank. And so far, at least half a dozen CBDCs have been rolled out around the world, including in Russia, China, and India… Now, governments already have the means to track you and monitor your finances… They can force financial institutions and credit card issuers to turn over your entire financial history. They can order banks and brokerage firms to freeze your assets… And if you remember what happened in Canada during the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests, Justin Trudeau Castro used his ’emergency powers’ cut the protestors off from the financial system… They had no access to their bank accounts, ATMs, or even crowdfunding platforms… Governments already have the power to do all of these things… But CBDCs take this power to a much higher level… because there’s no more middleman. Government authorities wouldn’t have to bother going to banks, brokerages, and credit card companies; they could simply deactivate your funds with a mouse click… Have fun trying to buy groceries… Now, even though only a handful of CBDCs have been rolled out around the world, there are over 100 central banks that are developing their own CBDCs. And that includes both the United States and the European Union… My friend’s son (again, a high school senior in Spain) explained that his teachers are absolutely gushing over the idea of CBDCs… In a class which covers banking, mortgages, and the financial system, they’re telling the kids that, probably within a year, the new ‘digital euro’ will be rolled out. And eventually it will become mandatory… Cash will cease to exist, and all money will be registered with the European Central Bank… Europe’s army of bureaucrats will know what’s happening, in real time, to every single euro in existence. And there will be no way of getting around it. Financial privacy will be a thing of the past… The teachers expressed utter joy about this, and the curriculum seems designed to get the kids excited about it too… They say the digital euro represents incredible progress, and that it will make life easier and simpler… Businesses will be able to collect payments more easily. You’ll be able to spend everywhere directly from your phone, and maybe cut out the need for credit cards or even traditional bank accounts… They also say that CBDCs will be an effective way to control money laundering, criminal activity, and terrorist financing. That’s why, they explain to the students, the EU has already begun to crack-down on cash and crypto transactions over €1,000… According to my friend’s son, most students in his class appear pretty excited about CBDCs. Hardly anyone seems fazed by the loss of privacy or increased government authority over their lives… But intelligent people—including my friend and his son— clearly see where this is going… We’ve already seen people lose their jobs and be canceled off the Internet for wrongthink. We’ve seen people frozen out of their bank accounts for standing up for their rights… Frankly, the brutal use of the Prime Minister’s emergency powers against the Freedom Convoy protestors in Canada should have served as a giant wake-up call: if you hold your life’s savings in the financial system of your home country, you’re already taking an unnecessary risk… And that’s regardless of what happens with CBDCs… This means that having some savings outside of the financial system is a completely sensible idea. And fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways to do this, including liquid assets like physical gold and silver, cryptocurrency, and cash… It’s hard to imagine there’s any downside for having direct access to some emergency savings. And this is one of the core principles of any Plan B: it makes sense, regardless of what happens (or doesn’t happen) next… The CBDC trend is obviously nascent… so it’s not like the Federal Reserve or ECB is going to roll out their CBDCs tomorrow morning and make them mandatory. The sky is not falling, and there’s no reason to panic over this development… But independent, thinking people ought to understand where this trend may lead… and more importantly, to take rational steps to minimize the consequences.”The background and hidden elements of the “Hamas Surprise Attack” on Oct. 7, 2023 (English language) – a fairly comprehensive primer on this Deep Event – Monica Berchvok interviews Thierry Meyssan (transcript – 6 pages, 2,600 words): https://thealtworld.com/thierry_meyssan/thierry-meyssan-interview-with-monika-berchvok – The Opening Page: Monika Berchvok: You find the theory of a surprise attack on October 7 hard to believe… What are the inconsistencies that make you think of a “September 11” scenario? – Thierry Meyssan: Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government had been alerted by an Intelligence services report a year earlier, as reported in the New York Times. It did not react. When, this summer, his Minister of Defense called him to order in the Council of Ministers, he dismissed him, as Haaretz revealed. However, under pressure from his party, he reinstated him shortly afterwards… Subsequently, reports piled up on his desk. Among them was one from Intelligence, which he returned to its author as implausible, and which was credible, and which was sent back to him twice more with introductions from different officers… Or again two CIA reports. And yet another approach from one of his friends, the director of Memri. And as if that weren’t enough. a phone call from the Egyptian Minister of Intelligence… Not only did the Prime Minister do nothing, he acted to make the attack easier: he took it upon himself to demobilize the border guards so that no one could intervene when the attack began… Please note that I have the same reading of events as Pope Francis: in his Christmas message, the Holy Father twice described the war in Gaza as “inexcusable madness”. However, shortly thereafter he referred to the “odious attack of October 7”, meaning that he did not think the war was a response to that attack. He then called for a halt to the fighting and a resolution of the Palestinian question… MB: So, within the Israeli government, is there such a major rift? What is the Netanyahu clan’s aim in this operation? – TM: In the months leading up to the attack by the Palestinian Resistance, Israel was the scene of a coup d’état. This country doesn’t have a constitution, but it does have fundamental laws. They manage a balance of power by entrusting the judiciary with the ability to neutralize rivalries between the government and the Knesset… Under the impetus of the Law and Liberty Forum, funded by the by the US-Israeli Straussian Elliott Abrams, the Knesset Law Committee chaired by Simtcha Rothman, also president of the Law and Liberty Forum, unravelled Israel’s institutions. During the summer, monster demonstrations multiplied. But nothing helped… The Netanyahu team changed the rules for passing laws, eliminated the “reasonableness” clause in judicial decisions, strengthened the Prime Minister’s power of appointment, and weakened the role of legal advisors in the ministries. In the final analysis, the Fundamental Law on Human Dignity and Liberty became a mere regulation. Racism became an opinion like any other. And the ultra-Orthodox were able to gorge themselves on subsidies and privileges… Israel today is not at all the same country it was six months ago.”Biden Greenlights Netanyahu to Exterminate the Gazans – by Erick Zuesse – https://theduran.com/biden-greenlights-netanyahu-to-exterminate-the-gazans/Eric Zuesse (blogs at https://theduran.com/author/eric-zuesse/) – “On February 13th, Politico headlined that “US won’t punish Israel for Rafah op that doesn’t protect civilians” and said that the Biden Administration has informed the Netanyahu Administration that if it decides that it has no practicable way to expel the Gazans to foreign lands (which Israel’s Government — assisted by America’s Government — has been trying to do ever since October 16th) then the U.S. Governemt will not punish Israel if it simply slaughters all of them. “No reprimand plans are in the works, meaning Israeli forces could enter the city and harm [Politico’s euphemism for slaughter] civilians without facing American consequences [meaning punishment]. More than half of the enclave’s 2.3 million population has fled to Rafah.” So: that would entail slaughtering 1.15 million Gazans there. The Politico article makes no mention of what would be done with the 1.15 million survivors, the Gazans who haven’t yet gotten to Raffah, but if Netanyahu would halt the extermination program at that point, a rationale for discontinuing the operation there would be hard if not impossible to imagine — at least inasmuch as half of Gazans would then already have been slaughtered by Israel… And this slaughter of Gazans is being done with U.S.-made weapons and military intelligence, and so it is actually a joint U.S. and Israeli operation. Israel’s Jewish News Service reported on November 27th: Israel’s dependence on the United States was stated bluntly by retired IDF Maj. General Yitzhak Brick in an interview earlier this week… “All of our missiles, the ammunition, the precision-guided bombs, all the airplanes and bombs, it’s all from the U.S. The minute they turn off the tap, you can’t keep fighting. You have no capability. … Everyone understands that we can’t fight this war without the United States. Period.”.. From 7 October 2023 up through 23 December 2023, the U.S. Government shipped to Israel 10,000 tons of U.S. weaponry and ammunition; and Biden has pressed harder on Congress to authorize an additional $14 billion of such assistance to be donated to Israel in order to complete what it’s doing to Gaza — whatever that may turn out to be — than he has ever pressed Congress to approve anything (except donating even more weapons and intelligence to Ukraine too). Throughout this operation, Biden has made clear that the U.S. Government backs Israel’s decisions on it 100%… The core of the Politico report is that Biden has now even greenlighted Israel’s extermination of Gazans, if Netanyahu decides to do that… This news displays that the United States Government is willing to become despised worldwide right along with Israel’s if Israel turns out to be willing to treat Palestinians in the way that Hitler treated Jews during WW2. Biden has thus handed to Netanyahu the ability to destroy not only any good reputation that Israel still has, but also any good reputation that America still has. Biden is now enabling Netanyahu to control not only Israel’s reputation, but America’s. Perhaps only a psychiatrist — or else Biden’s billionaire donors — can explain why… If Netanyahu chooses to complete the job, that would probably reduce Biden’s chances of re-election down near to zero, but then what would be the impact upon the campaigns of Biden’s electoral competitors, such as Trump, Biden, RFK Jr., and Cornel West? Dr. West, alone among the four, condemns Israel’s genocide against Gazans, but he is blacklisted by U.S. media so that his political impact thus far has been virtually nil… RFK Jr. was shown in a tweeted video from RT, which mysteriously was never otherwise at RT nor anywhere else, as saying: “Israel is critical, and the reason it’s critical is that it’s the bulwark for us in the mid-east; it’s almost like an aircraft carrier in the mid-east, Israel is our ambassador, it’s our presence, it’s our beachhead in the mid-east; it gives us ears, eyes in the mid-east, it gives us intelligence; it gives us the capacity to take influence in affairs in the mid-east. If Israel disappeared, Russia and China would be controlling and they’d control 90% of the world’s oil supply, and that would be cataclysmic to national security.”.. And I discussed and linked to it twice at several sites, on 17 November 2023 and 23 November 2023, and never got a denial from RFK Jr. that it’s authentic, but it is blatantly neoconservative, which he has at least pretended to oppose. So, if anyone who reads this article can get through to him, please ask him where and when he said that. If it’s not really a video of him speaking, it certainly is an extremely sophisticated fraud, and from RT — which I’ve never yet known to broadcast a fraud. But if it really is authentic, then a genocide by Netanyahu/Biden would likewise greatly reduce Kennedy’s voters… Trump’s statements about Israel’s campaign in Gaza have been aimed only at fools because they say nothing. But he himself started the Abraham Accords which were extremely pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian and importantly helped to produce the 7 October 2023 Hamas attack against Israel; so, his position on this matter is dubious at best… In other words: the only reasonably decent person who is in the U.S. Presidential contest is Cornel West, whom all of the billionaires are blacklisting — which maybe is proof that he is the only candidate that Americans should consider voting for to become President. After all: voting for a decent loser is far better than voting for an indecent winner. And it is undeniably better than to not vote for anyone — especially if there is only one candidate who is decent.”Fading Empire: The Delusional Aid Crusade and NATO’s Existential Moment in Ukraine – Death of a Hegemon? – by Gerry Nolan – https://islanderreports.substack.com/p/fading-empire-the-delusional-aid – “In an audacious moment of geopolitical theater, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s declaration that Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping would come to regret challenging American might not only borders on the brink of hubris but also signals the twilight of Western dominion. As the Senate rallied in a theatrical bipartisan moment to funnel billions in aid towards Ukraine and Israel, Schumer’s words echoed not as a testament to American resolve but as the last gasps of a fading empire, desperately clinging to the vestiges of a unipolar world order it can no longer claim… This grandstanding comes at a time when the globe trembles on the cusp of epochal change, with the tectonic plates of power shifting beneath our feet. The approval of a staggering $95 billion “national security” budget, ostensibly to bolster Ukraine against Russia and support Israel, is less a measure of strength than it is of the deep-seated anxiety permeating the halls of American power. Here lies the crux of an unfolding saga: a once unassailable superpower grappling with the reality of its own diminishing supremacy, as adversaries and allies alike recalibrate their stances in a rapidly evolving world stage… As Schumer boasted of sending “a clear, bipartisan message of resolve” to NATO allies and foes, the irony of his position could not be starker. This isn’t the demonstration of an indomitable fortress of freedom; it’s a spectacle of political theatre, masking the vulnerabilities and internal divisions that plague the United States. Far from intimidating Moscow or Beijing, this move reveals the cracks in the façade of American exceptionalism, with each billion pledged to the conflict zones serving as a testament to the desperation of a superpower witnessing its own strategic encirclement… “Today we make Putin regret…” Schumer proclaimed, yet the sentiment betrays a profound misunderstanding of the modern geopolitical chessboard. The real regret may well belong to those who fail to recognize the dawn of a multipolar era, heralded not by the thunderous applause of senators but by the quiet, strategic maneuvers of those they seek to deter. As America pours its treasure into the abyss of perpetual conflict, it finds itself at a crossroads, facing a world increasingly impatient with its pretensions to moral authority… The Paradox of American Resolve and the Echoes of a Bygone Era.. The grand theatre of bipartisan support, as touted by Schumer, masks a profound paradox at the heart of American foreign policy. While proclaiming the defense of democratic values, the U.S. commits vast resources to conflicts that bear the hallmark of Cold War tactics—proxy wars, the trampling of self-determination and the quest for military hegemony. This discrepancy between purported ideals and actions not only undermines the credibility of the US on the global stage but also underscores its strategic dissonance within its corridors of power… The allocation of $61 billion to Ukraine, with additional billions to Israel and Taiwan, is emblematic of a strategy ensnared in antiquated thinking. Rather than showcasing strength, this reveals a palpable sense of vulnerability and insecurity —an acknowledgment of America’s eroding influence in a world that no longer acquiesces to a dying hegemon’s dictate… Enter Elon Musk: A Contrarian Voice in a Chorus of Conformity – In this context of geopolitical sanity amidst, utterly insane ideological and strategic missteps, Elon Musk’s dissenting voice emerges not as an outlier but as a beacon of pragmatism. Musk, transcending his technological empire, critiques the endless funneling of resources into the Ukrainian conflict with a clarity that cuts through the political threatre of the absurd. His assertion that “no way in hell” Russia will lose to Ukraine, articulated amid a broader discussion on his social media platform, X, underscores a critical perspective sorely missing from the mainstream, drive-through narrative… Musk’s skepticism about the efficacy and morality of the U.S.’s continued financial hemorrhage into the conflict zones challenges the prevailing wisdom. His call for a reassessment of American interventionism, especially in the context of the Senate’s latest funding extravaganza, invites a crucial conversation about the true cost of these engagements—not just in dollars but in human lives and global stability… In stepping into the geopolitical fray, Elon Musk does more than merely voice opposition to further funding for Ukraine; he embodies the intersection of technology and diplomacy in the modern age. Musk’s critical stance on the Senate’s lavish aid package is rooted in a pragmatic understanding of warfare’s changing face, where digital battlegrounds and space-based communication networks play pivotal roles. His contributions through SpaceX’s Starlink, ensuring Ukraine’s partial connectivity amidst Russia’s SMO, juxtapose sharply against his cautionary stance on the war’s prolongation. This dichotomy presents Musk not as a detractor but as a pragmatic realist, wary of the unintended consequences of a war that extends beyond conventional battlefields… “Spending doesn’t help Ukraine. Prolonging the war doesn’t help Ukraine,” Musk asserts, challenging the narrative that financial and military aid equates to effective support. This perspective, shared during a discussion on his platform X, not only questions the sustainability of U.S. involvement but also the ethical implications of fueling a conflict with no winnable endgame for the US. Musk’s call to halt the “meat grinder” of warfare is a stark reminder of the human cost that often becomes obscured behind the cynical political and strategic (mis)calculations… Moreover, Musk’s reflections on the potential for regime change in Russia—a wet dream for many Western politicians—serve to underscore the utter lunacy of wishing for Putin’s ouster. Suggesting that any successor might be “even more hardcore,” Musk injects a dose of reality into the overly simplistic Western discourse, reminding stakeholders of the careful balance required in international relations. His commentary extends beyond the immediate context of the Ukraine conflict, touching upon the broader ramifications of destabilizing a nuclear-armed superpower. In this sea of delusional, suicidal oversimplification predominantly echoing from the corridors of Western power, Musk emerges not merely as a contrarian but as a voice of sanity amidst the sea of strategic miscalculations. His critique transcends the typical partisan rhetoric, positioning him as a beacon of pragmatism in a landscape marred by ideological rigidity and a dangerous refusal to confront the realities of a changing world order… The Spectacle of a Dying Hegemon: A Folly Wrapped in Denial – In a theatre of the absurd that could only be conceived by a dying hegemon in denial, the United States, under the comic guise of bolstering democracy and countering authoritarianism, continues to hemorrhage its wealth and moral standing on the global stage. This grand illusion, sustained by a bipartisan consensus in Washington, stands in stark contrast to the crumbling edifice of American society, beset by internal schisms and a populace weary of forever wars. The latest congressional extravaganza—funneling billions into made-by-the US catastrophes in Ukraine and Israel—serves not as a testament to American strength but as a damning indictment of a superpower in spiralling decline… This grotesque spectacle unfolds against the backdrop of a nation grappling with crises of historic proportions: a border crisis, sky high crime rates, failing infrastructure, immense poverty, amid whispers of civil war brewing beneath the surface, and an electorate polarized to the point of paralysis, by design. A 2024 election campaign that is pouring gasoline to the fire with a delusional and highly divisive Biden administration facing down a resurgent Trump campaign poised to fracture any veneer of “united states” Yet, amidst these tempests, the American political machine, with almost comedic irony, chooses to pour its dwindling resources into the bottomless pit of wars that it will not win, that most Americans stand in opposition to… The absurdity of this situation cannot be overstated. At a time when American infrastructure crumbles, poverty escalates, and the social fabric tears at the seams, the decision to escalate involvement in unwinnable proxy wars is not just misguided; it’s a tragic comedy of errors. This is a nation that, rather than addressing the glaring disparities and injustices within its own borders, opts to engage in the cynical machinations of regime change and enabling genocide, exporting chaos in the name of democracy, all while its own democratic institutions teeter on the brink… The tragic irony here is palpable. The United States, once a beacon of hope and tasked as a guarantor of global stability, now plays the role of an arsonist, igniting fires it cannot extinguish. The American populace, already disillusioned by the endless cycle of conflict and intervention, finds itself caught in a Kafkaesque nightmare: their voices ignored, their needs sidelined, and their futures mortgaged to the ambitions of an elite class obsessed with maintaining a façade of global dominance and relevance… Moreover, the schism within American society is not just a domestic issue; it has profound implications for its standing on the world stage. Allies and adversaries alike watch with a mix of bewilderment and opportunism as the U.S. struggles to reconcile its internal contradictions. The promise of American leadership, once a lighthouse of stability, now flickers uncertainly, as the nation’s priorities become increasingly inscrutable to any rational observer… In this context, the relentless pursuit of a failed strategy in Ukraine and beyond is more than a policy misstep; it is a glaring symbol of a superpower in rapid decline. The billions allocated to these conflicts—funds desperately needed at home—represent not just a fiscal drain but a moral bankruptcy. The United States, in its obstinate refusal to heed the lessons of history, marches inexorably toward a precipice of its own making. The dogged insistence on fighting to the last Ukrainian, on propping up regimes and conflicts that offer no benefit to the American people, is a clarion call of a dying hegemon too blinded by hubris to see the writing on the wall… The Final Stand: Where Hegemonic Ambitions Meet Their Death in Ukraine – In the shadow of a staggering $61B a top 223 billion already pledged to Ukraine, the irony of NATO’s predicament is laid bare, with Britain’s military disarray serving as a poignant emblem of the alliance’s broader malaise. As billions are poured into the Ukrainian conflict, a question looms large: what utility do these funds serve when the manufacturing backbone of NATO’s second most formidable army, the United Kingdom, is ensnared in a quagmire of incompetence and woke-induced paralysis? This assessment as to the state of Britain’s armed forces comes not via Russian media, but from the Daily Telegraph, a stalwart of the Western client media, traditionally a mouthpiece for NATO’s agenda. When such an establishment pillar as the Daily Telegraph gazes inward at a crumbling state of readiness, one better take notice. This financial largesse, intended to bolster Ukraine against its adversary, seems a Sisyphean endeavor when the donor’s own military fabric is threadbare, riddled with recruitment woes, and a military-industrial complex that limps rather than leaps… The spectacle of Britain’s defense unraveling—ships mothballed before their time, a scant number of operational tanks, and an Army halved by medical downgrades—casts a long shadow over NATO’s collective might. With such endemic debilitation at the heart of its second pillar, the alliance’s capacity to project power or even sustain its logistical lifelines is cast into doubt. The infusion of $61 billion into Ukraine, under these circumstances, appears less a strategy for victory than a testament to the West’s delusional grandeur, a facade of support propped up by nations struggling to muster their own martial strength… This financial outpouring, juxtaposed against the backdrop of Britain’s defense quandaries, prompts a deeper interrogation of the efficacy and aim of such support. With NATO grappling with its own existential challenges—dwindling arsenals, a beleaguered supply chain, and a military ethos under siege by the very ideologies it purports to defend—the allocation of such vast sums to Ukraine rings hollow. The heart of NATO itself, the US is staring down it’s own recruitment debacle, coupled with industrial capacity woes, with vast shortages of ammunition, amidst high demand (in Ukraine and Israel). It begs the question: To what end are these resources deployed when the foundations of the alliance itself are fraught with vulnerabilities and a creeping obsolescence? – The contrast between the urgency of funneling funds into Ukraine and the neglect of NATO’s internal decrepitude underscores a strategic myopia. It reflects a geopolitical theatre where the West, led by a flailing superpower, clings to the vestiges of influence through fiat might, even as its military edifice crumbles. In this context, the $61 billion a top 223 billion dollars already donated to Ukraine, becomes a symbol not of unwavering support for Ukraine but of a desperate bid to assert relevance in a multipolar world order that increasingly questions the West’s role… As NATO stares into the abyss of its own making, the predicament of its once vaunted military powers—exemplified by Britain’s decline—serves as a cautionary tale. The alliance’s readiness to bankroll a conflict on the Eastern front, while its own arsenals and forces wane, speaks volumes of a strategic dissonance, a disjuncture between aspiration and capability. In this grand narrative of support for Ukraine, the tragic irony is that the very sinews of Western military might are fraying, leaving unanswered the poignant query: What can Ukraine, or indeed its patrons, hope to achieve with $61 billion when the very sinew of their martial strength is atrophied by neglect and ideological schisms? – In the final analysis, the flood of aid to Ukraine does nothing to shift the stark reality on the battlefield—an inevitable, total Russian victory, signifying not merely a staggering blow to NATO but, to paraphrase the immortal Pepe Escobar, the battleground where the hegemon came to die. This deluge of assistance, disguised as a beacon of hope, merely prolongs the suffering of Ukrainians, the same Ukrainians the West purports to protect. Yet, they are relegated to mere pawns, sacrificed on the altar of a cynical wet dream to weaken Russia, willfully fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian, with a cold-blooded apathy for their anguish. The West’s strategy is not a crusade for democracy but a harrowing tale of using Ukrainians as expendable assets in their quest to confront Russia, showcasing criminal contempt for the lives they vowed to defend. It is on Ukraine’s black soil that the hegemon’s ambitions have come to die, a somber finale to a once-unassailable empire’s quest for dominance… Some final thoughts… In the grand tapestry of our times, where geopolitical currents shift with the ferocity of a tempest, the narrative unfolding before us is not merely a story of conflict but a profound testament to the end of an era. The echoes of Schumer’s delusional declarations, amidst the specter of NATO’s disarray and Britain’s military woes, reverberate not as a clarion call of unyielding might but as the haunting dirge of a dominion facing its dusk. The staggering sum of $61 billion atop more than 223 billion already poured into the quagmire of Ukraine, emerges not as the lifeline it was intended to be but as the last act of a strategy mired in delusion and denial. This isn’t just expenditure; it’s the West’s final tantrum to cling to the shadows of a fading unipolar world, even as the dawn of multipolarity breaks… The unfolding drama, set against the backdrop of Britain’s dwindling martial prowess and the internal contradictions tearing at NATO’s seams, paints a vivid picture of an alliance at odds with itself. This is not the steadfast coalition of lore, but a fragmented entity, grappling with its relevance in a world that no longer orbits around a single hegemonic power. A world no longer intimidated by the protection racket of NATO. The tragedy playing out on the black soil of Ukraine, far from being a mere battleground, becomes the grim tableau where the ambitions of a once-untouchable empire come to their inevitable end… As we peer into the heart of this geopolitical earthquake, it becomes evident that the path forward demands not just a reevaluation of strategies but a fundamental reassessment of what constitutes true leadership on the global stage. The future beckons with the promise of a multipolar world order, one where cooperation supersedes confrontation, and mutual respect for sovereignty forms the cornerstone of international relations. In this new era, the true measure of strength lies not in the ability to dominate or intimidate but in the capacity to build bridges and forge a shared path toward collective security and prosperity… Thus, as we stand at this pivotal juncture, the lessons etched into the very fabric of this crisis offer a clarion call for a departure from the zero-sum games that have defined international politics for too long. The black soil of Ukraine, marked by the struggles and sacrifices of its people, serves as a poignant reminder of the futility of hegemonic pursuits. Here, on this hallowed ground, the aspirations of a bygone empire meet their denouement, underscoring the urgent need for a new paradigm of global engagement.”Climate Professor Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann Won His Defamation Case Against Mark Steyn (w/Video by David Knight, 9min) – Summary by JW Williams – https://needtoknow.news/2024/02/climate-professor-michael-hockey-stick-mann-won-his-defamation-case-against-mark-steyn/ – “A Washington, DC jury found that journalists Rand Simberg and Mark Steyn made false statements against Michael Mann, who was a professor of climate science at the University of Pennsylvania 12 years ago when they made the statements. Mann is the creator of the contested ‘hockey stick’ graph. The jury ordered $1 in compensatory damages from each writer and awarded punitive damages of $1,000 from Simberg and $1 million from Steyn… Simberg wrote: “Mann could be said to be the Jerry Sandusky of climate science, except for instead of molesting children, he has molested and tortured data.” Steyn wrote that he was “Not sure I’d have extended that metaphor all the way into the locker-room showers with quite the zeal Mr. Simberg does, but he has a point.” Mark Steyn referred to Mann as “the man behind the fraudulent climate-change ‘hockey-stick’ graph, the very ringmaster of the tree-ring circus.” – Steyn represented himself in the defamation case and lost. The verdict is a strike against free speech… Dr. Mann’s lawyer used his closing argument to urge the jury to punish Steyn and Simberg to stop “attacks on climate scientists.” – Steyn plans to appeal the decision. Steyn is currently in a wheelchair following a series of heart attacks… Dr. Abraham Wyner, a renowned statistician, testified that Dr. Mann made numerous choices regarding data selection along the way to producing the hockey stick chart. And Mann consistently—deliberately—chose options that produced the startling hockey stick graph. Another witness, Steven McIntyre, testified that he repeatedly asked for the data supporting Mann’s hockey stick chart but that Mann (and others) were hiding the data, along with their computer coding… Journalist David Knight said Mann’s hockey stick model is “bogus” and that Michael Mann fought to keep the data that he used to create it hidden while working for a public institution (Penn State)… Mann’s model was used to craft climate/ global warming policies… Washington, DC residents consistently vote for Democrats over 90% of the time. Most DC residents are either government employees or big government advocates in some way. Knight said that prosecutors and plaintiffs know they are virtually guaranteed a victory whenever they prosecute or sue conservatives or libertarians… Sources… CBC:  https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/us-trial-mann-defamation-steyn-simberg-1.7110203Australia Plots Digital ID Launch For This Year – by Cindy Harper (thanks to NeedToKnow.news) – https://reclaimthenet.org/australia-plots-digital-id-launch-for-this-year -“The Australian government is planning a nationwide digital ID launch, which is tentatively set for this year… While it could be delayed for logistical reasons, it’s clear that the government is fully intent on pushing a new digital ID agenda in the country… Having first entered Parliament last year, the Digital ID Bill in Australia finished its final stage at the end of January, garnering input from business and finance groups. The country’s authorities are currently communicating with the individual states… An announcement from the Department of Finance revealed that the novel system would empower users to select their preferred digital ID provider for the accessibility of both government and private services. Private entities can apply for accreditation to provide digital ID services under the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF), which is the government’s recognition framework… As stated by an official spokesperson, the legislative step will set in motion the enlargement of the Australian Government Digital ID System to encompass state, territory and private sector organizations opting to participate… The national digital ID will essentially serve as a comprehensive version of MyGovID that Australians currently utilize for the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink and Medicare access. The strategy to retain other digital IDs issued by other state governments… An individual user will have the capability to create a multipoint image on a device, to be validated against their passport photo or eventually, their driver’s license. Officials state that users need only establish their credentials once… Digital IDs often involve the collection and storage of personal data, including biometric information such as fingerprints or facial recognition data. This concentration of sensitive data can be a tempting target for hackers and cybercriminals. A successful breach could lead to identity theft, fraud, or even blackmail. Moreover, there is the risk of unauthorized surveillance and tracking. Governments or other entities could potentially misuse digital ID systems to monitor individuals without their consent, infringing on personal freedoms and privacy.”BioNTech and Moderna lobby the EU, Swiss and UK regulatory agencies to stop mRNA injections being classified as gene therapy – by Rhoda Wilson –        https://expose-news.com/2024/02/15/biontech-and-moderna-lobby-the-eu/ – “BioNTech and Moderna are frantically lobbying the European Parliament to stop a reclassification of mRNA injections as “gene therapy” in the upcoming revision to the European Union’s (“EU’s”) pharmaceutical legislationModerna is also lobbying the European Medicines Agency (“EMA”), the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (“MHRA”) and the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products (“Swissmedic”) to urgently “rethink their gene therapy definition.” – According to an article published last year in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, the mode of action of covid-19 mRNA injections should classify them as gene therapy products but they have been excluded by regulatory agencies. The wide and persistent biodistribution of mRNAs and their protein products, incompletely studied due to their classification as vaccines, raises safety issues… Moderna and BioNTech expected to have their products regulated as gene therapies. Moderna, Inc. acknowledged in its Q2 2020 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing that “currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA.” Furthermore, BioNTech founder, Ugur Sahin, in a 2014 article, stated “One would expect the classification of an mRNA drug to be a biologic, gene therapy, or somatic cell therapy.” – mRNA: Vaccine or Gene Therapy? The Safety Regulatory Issues, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22 June 2023 – That Big Pharma is now lobbying the European Parliament to not classify mRNA as gene therapy was raised by a Member of the European Parliament (“MEP”), Virginie Joron, who submitted a written question to the European Commission on 2 February: On 17 January 2024, BioNTech and Moderna lobbyists hosted a lunch in the European Parliament with Members to discuss the forthcoming revision of the pharmaceutical legislation… Their main objective was to change the legislation’s definition of ‘gene therapy’. At present, mRNA vaccines (like the COVID-19 vaccine) are to be classified as gene therapy. However, they felt that only products that modified the genome should be classified as gene therapy. [Emphasis added] – 1. Do EMA and the Commission classify Comirnaty and Spikevax mRNA vaccines as gene therapy? If so, what are the corresponding regulatory consequences? – 2. Has EMA carried out DNA integration assessments or is it going to request them from independent laboratories? – 3. What is the Commission’s position on this opaque lobbying without debate? –Lobbies calling for mRNA vaccines not to be classified as gene therapy, Question for written answer, European Parliament, 2 February 2024.. The lunch hosted by BioNTech and Moderna on 17 January was held under the auspices of the “Kangaroo Group,” a MEP-industry group providing extracurricular contact between corporate industry lobbyists and MEPs… The invitation to BioNTech-Moderna’s Kangaroo Group lunch stated: BioNTech and Moderna are leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in mRNA Platform Technology. Both companies recognise the importance of the overall objectives of the European Commission’s proposal for a reform of the EU General Pharmaceutical Legislation (GPL), creating an innovative and competitive EU healthcare ecosystem at a global level, investing in R&D, increasing equal access to and availability of innovative medicines to patients across the EU… As demonstrated during the covid-19 pandemic, mRNA is an agile and flexible platform technology, enabling faster provision of vaccines and treatments to patients. mRNA-based products for disease prevention or treatment are under development for cancer, rare diseases, HIV, malaria, mpox and priority pathogens as well as other life threating [sic] conditions… In this context, it is important that the GPL provides a clear and broad scope for the definition of Platform Technologies, as well as a clear demarcation between Gene Therapies Medicinal Products that alter human genomes, and those that do not (e.g. mRNA)… The establishment of a legal basis for a “Platform Technology Master File” and the development of accompanying scientific guidance by the European Medicines Agency is needed to ensure global regulatory alignment, enable and strengthen the development of platform technologies in Europe and to realise their public health potential. [Emphasis added] –1st  Strasbourg Lunch Debate 2024, Wednesday, 17 January 2024 at 13.00 hrs, Kangaroo Group… It’s not the first time that more than one Big Pharma company has joined forces to lobby European officials.  In 2021, the research and campaign group Corporate Europe Observatory highlighted a worrying “high level of unity among Big Pharma.”  The subject of the article was lobbyists defending Big Pharma’s monopoly on intellectual property (patent) rights on vaccines… EFPIA (The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) … is Big Pharma’s main lobby group in Europe… The internal documents released to Corporate Europe Observatory show that several branches of the [European] Commission have stayed in close contact with EFPIA since the outbreak of the pandemic… In connection with the meeting [in early December 2020], EFPIA left the Commission with a document outlining the position of the pharmaceutical lobby. The document was authored by the pharmaceutical sectors’ global association, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA), which shows a high level of unity among Big Pharma. All the more worrying. [Emphasis our own] –Big pharma lobby’s self-serving claims block global access to vaccines, Corporate Europe, 19 April 2021 – Lobbying members of the Kangaroo Group to not classify mRNA injections as gene therapy were Moderna’s Dr. Maren von Fritschen, who used to work for lobbying company Kalms Consulting, and BioNTech’s Head of Regulatory Affairs Dr. Constanze Blume.  They were listed as giving an introduction at the event… Further reading: BioNTech, Moderna Lobby To Stop EU ‘Gene Therapy’ Classification, The Daily Beagle, 13 February 2024

In a post on LinkedIn, von Fritschen declared her pleasure about the opportunity to lobby the Kangaroo Group about a definition of gene therapy medicinal products that excluded mRNA products.

Maren von Fritschen on LinkedInretrieved 14 February 2024 – Within weeks of the Kangaroo Group lunch, von Fritschen chaired a “crucial regulatory session” at the 3rd mRNA Hanson Wade Health Summit to lobby regulatory bodies about the “urgent need” to “rethink their gene therapy definition.”  In this case, those being targeted were members of EMA, MHRA and Swissmedic… “Our collective goal: To strengthen public trust in mRNA medicines.” -Maren von Fritschen – “Strengthen public trust” – there is no trust to strengthen. It is not possible to strengthen something that does not exist.  Someone may have to inform EMA, MHRA, Swissmedic and von Fritschen that by their actions they are not, if they ever could, “strengthening trust” in mRNA products… What is the Kangaroo Group? – There are three decision-making bodies in the EU: the European Parliament, which is the only one whose members are directly elected by citizens; the European Commission, which proposes legislation and manages the day-to-day business of the bloc; and the European Council, which is made up of member states… In 2015, Corporate Europe Observatory highlighted the “murky channels for corporate influence in the European Parliament” and warned that “unofficial cross-party groups of MEPs and industry are a stark illustration of continued lobbying under the radar… What differentiates MEP-industry forums – as unofficial cross-party groups – from official intergroups is that they are not subject to the same transparency rules and safeguards. “In fact, [MEP-industry forums] are not subject to any rules at all, and can keep their members, funding and even existence hidden from public view,” Corporate Europe Observatory wrote… “All 15 MEP-industry forums we looked at in 2011 still appear to be active (or have been active in the last year or so), with at least four more identified, and who knows how many more we are unaware of,” they said… One of the 15 MEP-industry forums was the Kangaroo Group.  In 2015, the corporate backers of the Group included Volvo, Phillip Morris, BAT, Deutsche Bank, BP, ACEA, CEFIC, Unilever and Roche… The group is incorporated under Belgian law as a non-profit organisation and has been entered into the EU Transparency Register as a think tank. Its president is MEP Michael Gahler and its board members include the vice-president of the European Parliament, Rainer Wieland.”It’s time to limit how often we can travel abroad – ‘carbon passports’ may be the answer – by Ross Bennett -Cook (thanks to Technocracy News) – https://theconversation.com/its-time-to-limit-how-often-we-can-travel-abroad-carbon-passports-may-be-the-answer-216503 – The summer of 2023 has been very significant for the travel industry. By the end of July, international tourist arrivals globally reached 84% of pre-pandemic levels. In some European countries, such as France, Denmark and Ireland, tourism demand even surpassed its pre-pandemic level… This may be great news economically, but there’s concern that a return to the status quo is already showing dire environmental and social consequences… The summer saw record-breaking heatwaves across many parts of the world. People were forced to flee wildfires in Greece and Hawaii, and extreme weather warnings were issued in many popular holiday destinations like Portugal, Spain and Turkey. Experts attributed these extreme conditions to climate change… Tourism is part of the problem. The tourism sector generates around one-tenth of the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving the climate crisis… The negative impacts of tourism on the environment have become so severe that some are suggesting drastic changes to our travel habits are inevitable. In a report from 2023 that analysed the future of sustainable travel, tour operator Intrepid Travel proposed that “carbon passports” will soon become a reality if the tourism industry hopes to survive… What is a carbon passport? – The idea of a carbon passport centres on each traveller being assigned a yearly carbon allowance that they cannot exceed. These allowances can then “ration” travel… This concept may seem extreme. But the idea of personal carbon allowances is not new. A similar concept (called “personal carbon trading”) was discussed in the House of Commons in 2008, before being shut down due to its perceived complexity and the possibility of public resistance… The average annual carbon footprint for a person in the US is 16 tonnes – one of the highest rates in the world. In the UK this figure sits at 11.7 tonnes, still more than five times the figure recommended by the Paris Agreement to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C… Globally, the average annual carbon footprint of a person is closer to 4 tonnes. But, to have the best chance of preventing temperature rise from overshooting 2°C, the average global carbon footprint needs to drop to under 2 tonnes by 2050. This figure equates to around two return flights between London and New York… Intrepid Travel’s report predicts that we will see carbon passports in action by 2040. However, several laws and restrictions have been put in place over the past year that suggest our travel habits may already be on the verge of change… Targeting air travel – Between 2013 and 2018, the amount of CO₂ emitted by commercial aircrafts worldwide increased by 32%. Improvements in fuel efficiency are slowly reducing per passenger emissions. But research from 2014 found that whatever the industry’s efforts to reduce its carbon emissions, they will be outweighed by the growth in air traffic… For emission reductions to have any meaningful effect, ticket prices would have to rise by 1.4% each year, discouraging some people from flying. However, in reality, ticket prices are falling… Some European countries are beginning to take measures to reduce air travel. As of April 1 2023, passengers on short-haul flights and older aircraft in Belgium have been subject to increased taxes to encourage alternative forms of travel… Less than two months later France banned short-haul domestic flights where the same trip can be made by train in two-and-a-half hours or less. Spain is expected to follow suit… A similar scheme could also be on the horizon for Germany. In 2021, a YouGov poll found that 70% of Germans would support such measures to fight climate change if alternative transport routes like trains or ships were available… Cruises and carbon – It’s not just air travel that’s being criticised. An investigation by the European Federation for Transport and Environment in 2023 found that cruise ships pump four times as many sulphuric gases (which are proven to cause acid rain and several respiratory conditions) into the atmosphere than all of Europe’s 291 million cars combined… Statistics like these have forced European destinations to take action against the cruise industry. In July, Amsterdam’s council banned cruise ships from docking in the city centre in a bid to reduce tourism and pollution – an initiative that has shown success elsewhere… In 2019 Venice was the most polluted European port, due to large numbers of cruise ship visits. But it dropped to 41st place in 2022 after a ban on large cruise ships entering the city’s waters reduced air pollutants from ships in Venice by 80%. – Changing destinations – Intrepid Travel’s report also highlights that not only how we travel, but where we travel will soon be impacted by climate change. Boiling temperatures will probably diminish the allure of traditional beach destinations, prompting European tourists to search for cooler destinations such as Belgium, Slovenia and Poland for their summer holidays… Several travel agencies reported seeing noticeable increases in holiday bookings to cooler European destinations like Scandinavia, Ireland and the UK during 2023’s peak summer travel months… Whatever the solution may be, changes to our travel habits look inevitable. Destinations across the globe, from Barcelona to the Italian riveria and even Mount Everest are already calling for limits on tourist numbers as they struggle to cope with crowds and pollution… Holidaymakers should prepare to change their travel habits now, before this change is forced upon them.”Over a Million Palestinians Are About to be Forced Into Egypt at Gunpoint – by Mike Whitney – https://www.globalresearch.ca/over-million-palestinians-about-forced-egypt-gunpoint/5849595 – “It must be clear that there is no room in the country for both peoples…. If the Arabs leave it, the country will become wide and spacious for us…. The only solution is a Land of Israel…without Arabs. There is no room here for compromises… (Yosef Weitz (1890-1972) former director of the Jewish National Fund’s Land Settlement Department) – The IDF’s recent airstrikes on civilian areas in Rafah mark the beginning of the final phase of Israel’s massive ethnic cleansing project. On Monday, Israel bombed a number of locations where Palestinian refugees were huddled in tents after fleeing Israel’s onslaught in the North. Videos of the destruction appeared on a number of Twitter-sites which showed a deeply-cratered wasteland in the middle of makeshift encampments. Not surprisingly, women and children made up the bulk of the casualties with no evidence of Hamas to be found anywhere. According to a witness at the site, body parts and carnage were strewn across the landscape. This is from an article at the World Socialist Web Site: Israel launched a massive aerial bombardment of Rafah, the southernmost city in Gaza, on Sunday night into Monday morning, killing over 100 people. As the sun came up, the world was horrified by images of the mangled bodies of children, in a chilling demonstration of what is to come in the weeks ahead… Over the weekend, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to carry out a full-scale military onslaught against the besieged city, declaring, “Our goal … is total victory.” For the Israeli regime, “total victory” means killing as many Palestinians as possible and driving the rest from their homes. With a green light from Biden, Israel commencing Rafah massacreWorld Socialist Web Site


Image: Theodor Hezl (From the Public Domain)- Israeli spokesmen and members of the western media provided the perfunctory justification for Monday’s attacks by reiterating the fiction that Israel is trying to eradicate Hamas. What is obscured by this obvious deception is the fact that the basic plan for expelling the Arab population from their native land dates back to the origins of the Jewish state. Indeed, the founder of the modern Zionist movement, Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), wrote the following: “We shall try to spirit the penniless population across the border by procuring employment for it in the transit countries, while denying it any employment in our own country… expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.” – Shockingly, Herzl wrote those words in 1895, 50 years before Israel declared its statehood. So, the problem was fully understood even back then. In order to establish a Jewish homeland, Jews would have to maintain a sizable majority, which means Palestinians would have to be evicted. That is the niggling issue that has bedeviled Israeli leaders from 1948-on; how to ‘disappear’ the native population. Here’s a blurb from Israel’s first prime minister David Ben-Gurion who said: “You are no doubt aware of the [Jewish National Fund’s] activity in this respect. Now a transfer of a completely different scope will have to be carried out. In many parts of the country new settlement will not be possible without transferring the Arab fellahin.” He concluded: “Jewish power [in Palestine], which grows steadily, will also increase our possibilities to carry out this transfer on a large scale.” (1948) – The War in Gaza: It’s Not About Hamas. It’s About DemographicsThis same line of reasoning has persisted through the decades although today’s Zionists tend to express themselves more brashly and with less restraint. Take, for example, popular conservative pundit Ben Shapiro who presented his views in an article titled “Transfer is Not a Dirty Word”. Here’s what he said: If you believe that the Jewish state has a right to exist, then you must allow Israel to transfer the Palestinians and the Israeli-Arabs from Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Israel proper. It’s an ugly solution, but it is the only solution. And it is far less ugly than the prospect of bloody conflict ad infinitum…. The Jews don’t realize that expelling a hostile population is a commonly used and generally effective way of preventing violent entanglements. There are no gas chambers here. It’s not genocide; it’s transfer…. It’s time to stop being squeamish. Jews are not Nazis. Transfer is not genocide. And anything else isn’t a solution. Transfer is Not a Dirty Word, Narkive – “Squeamish”? Shapiro thinks that anyone who recognizes the appalling moral horror of driving people off their land and forcing them into refugee camps is squeamish? – This is the essence of political Zionism and it dates back to the very beginning of the Jewish state. So, when critics claim that Netanyahu has assembled the “most right-wing government in Israel’s history”, don’t believe them. Netanyahu is no better or worse than his predecessors. The only Prime Minister who veered even slightly from this ‘iron law’ of Zionism, was Yitzhak Rabin who was (predictably) assassinated by an opponent of Oslo. What does that tell you? – It tells you there was never going to be a “two-state” solution; it was a charade from the get-go. And (as Netanyahu intimated recently) Israeli leaders merely played along with the hoax in order to buy-time to prepare for the solution that is being imposed today… Have you ever wondered why so many Israelis support Netanyahu’s murderous rampage in Gaza? – (Hint) It’s not because Israeli Jews are homicidal maniacs. No. It’s because they know what he is doing. They’re not taken-in by the “Hamas” diversion, that is merely propaganda pablum for the West. They know that Netanyahu is implementing a plan to seize all the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. And, in doing so, he is achieving the territorial ambitions of his Zionist ancestors. So, even though the majority of Israelis despise Netanyahu and think he should be prosecuted for corruption, they are willing to look the other way while he does their bidding… What onlookers need to realize is that the current strategy is not new at all, in fact, it has a 75 year-long pedigree that aligns with the demographic objectives of the Zionist leadership… None of this of course has anything to do with Hamas which is merely the pretext for the eradication of the indigenous people. What we are seeing is the actualization of the Zionist dream, the modern version of Plan Dalet, the original roadmap for ethnic cleaning that was drawn up in 1948… So, what is Plan Dalet? – Plan Dalet was the blueprint used by the ..Israeli army… to expel Palestinians from their homeland during Israel’s establishment in 1948. As…Israeli historian Benny Morris noted in his landmark book on the events of 1948, Plan Dalet was “a strategic-ideological anchor and basis for expulsions by front, district, brigade and battalion commanders”… Today, this act of mass expulsion would be called ethnic cleansing… Officially adopted on March 10, 1948, Plan Dalet specified which Palestinian cities and towns would be targeted and gave instructions for how to drive out their inhabitants and destroy their communities. It called for: “Destruction of villages… especially those population centers which are difficult to control continuously… the population must be expelled outside the borders of the state.” – Three quarters of all Palestinians, about 750,000 people, were forced from their homes and made refugees during Israel’s establishment. Their homes, land, and other belongings were systematically destroyed or taken over by Israelis, while they were denied the right to return or any sort of compensation. More than 400 Palestinian towns and villages, including vibrant urban centers, were destroyed or repopulated with Jewish Israelis.” Plan Dalet & The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, IMEU So, what have we seen over the last four months? – We’ve seen the terrorizing of an entire population that has experienced relentless bombing, destruction of vital infrastructure, a full blockade of food, water and medical supplies, and a mass exodus to the southernmost city in Gaza at gunpoint… Is This Not Plan Dalet? – It is. It’s a modern version of the original plan. That is why the IDF is bombing tent cities full of unarmed civilians who pose no threat to Israeli security. It’s not to fight Hamas but to terrorize the population into fleeing the city. That’s the goal. Israel knows that if they bomb the refugees, they will storm the border, breach the wall, and stream into Egypt en masse. That’s the plan in a nutshell… And the plan appears to be succeeding. In fact, Netanyahu might be just days-away from finishing the work that was begun by Ben-Gurion. He has already started to increase the airstrikes on Rafah while a full-blown ground assault could be launched at any time. As the humanitarian crisis intensifies, the desperation and fear will grow eventually triggering a massive stampede for the Egyptian border. Once the Palestinians leave Gaza, they will fall under the guardianship of representatives of the international community who will transfer them to nations around the world. This is how Netanyahu intends to seize the land he will incorporate into a Greater Israel, by driving unarmed civilians out of their homes and into the desert… The expulsion of the Palestinians shows that –behind the moral pontificating about human rights and ‘the rule of law’– the United States and Israel are capable of the most barbarous cruelty imaginable. It is truly shocking that the two nations can execute a filthy plan like this in broad daylight while the rest of the world sits on their hands… We should all feel ashamed of ourselves.”

New Report Says Obama CIA Worked With International Spy Agencies to Get Trump – by Victoria Taft – https://pjmedia.com/victoria-taft/2024/02/13/taibbi-and-shellenberger-five-eyes-n4926413 – “When the Trump-Russia operation began unraveling, it was clear that there was an international cast of characters involved in the frame-up. The operation to get Trump — in time to torpedo his election in 2016 and then subvert his presidency — involved the Hillary Clinton campaign, the CIA’s John Brennan, who informed President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden of the operation, the FBI, which appeared to cover it up, a reputed Russian spy working for a Democrat think tank, a mysterious Maltese professor, an international honeypot, an Australian diplomat, and a British spy…  It was the earthly equivalent of the Star Wars cantina scene. The “Six Ways from Sunday” crowd tried to trap Trump World into revealing that they were working with the Russians to win the election. When Trump won, the FBI continued the frame-up and attempted to hog-tie the Trump campaign in investigation after investigation during his presidency. Indeed, the Durham special counsel report said that the FBI had no — zero — reason to open the investigation into Trump but did it anyway…  “Witch hunt” doesn’t begin to do this operation justice…  Those are some of the broad strokes of what we know. Now here’s more of the story…  An investigative report from Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger, and reporter Alex Gutentag reveals that the Five Eyes spy agencies were tasked to spy on Team Trump to connect him to the Russians to defeat him in the 2016 election…  The report appears to confirm previous reports that Western World’s spy agencies were tasked by the CIA’s Brennan to spy on “26 Trump associates” to ‘”bump,” or make contact with or manipulate. They were targets of our own IC [Intelligence Community] and law enforcement — targets for collection and misinformation.’.. It eventually became a frame-up. It was all an information operation run by our own clandestine spy agencies as well as used by the FBI to investigate, and it was, needless to say, all likely unconstitutional. The idea of using other spy agencies to spy on U.S. citizens without justification is still illegal…  The report, which will be revealed over the next couple of days on Racket and Public Substacks and behind paywalls, reveals that Trump ordered the details of the Intelligence Community operation against him declassified before he left office… Unknown details about the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign and raw intelligence related to the IC’s surveillance of the Trump campaign are in a 10-inch binder that Trump ordered to be declassified at the very end of his term, sources told Public and Racket… If the top-secret documents exist proving these charges, they are potentially proof that multiple US intelligence officials broke laws against spying and election interference…  Let’s go to the tote board: The IC interfered with the 2016 and 2020 elections, and now the Biden Administration is interfering with the 2024 election. Obama had a hand in all of this interference. Gee, if this keeps up, Americans may lose faith in our law enforcement and other institutions. Kidding. We know they already have. And with good reason… Americans need an apology and for room to be made at the Washington, D.C., Gulag for this treason. I suggest we start with these three.


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