The Mechanical Nature of the Powers That Be, part deux

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This is a second post to the Our Orwellian World forum at SOTT in reply to one by Anders to the
post from yesterday. As a sidenote, this was apparently removed from the forum thread by a moderator:

Anders wrote:
I noticed that you wrote that it is not conscious on the part of the self-identified elites. Being conscious is linked to knowledge, as I understand it. So just as knowledge is necessary to move ‘up’ on the creative STO path, so is knowledge equally necessary to move ‘up’ on the entropic STS path. Graduation from 3rd D STO/STS to 4th D STO/STS
depends on knowledge.[end quote]

Hi Anders,

IMO, it is possible to spend an endless amount of time studying the array and strategies of “the enemy,” i.e. those darn STS entities, particularly those of “higher densities.” My point would be that they couldn’t/can’t do what they do if they were aware of the whole of their actions, and the implications for their “small selves” therefrom. As to their “moving up” in knowledge and control, as the Grateful Dead put it:

When I was just a little young boy,
Papa said “Son, you’ll never get far,
I’ll tell you the reason if you want to know,
’cause child of mine, there isn’t really very far to go” (Dupree’s Diamond Blues)

Lester Levenson, an American spiritual teacher, now deceased, after discovering how to heal his own body and mind, posited that the habits and misidentifications of the ego-structure were driven by the repression/resistance to the innate energies of the deep Self which he experienced as flowing from “within” his body from the gut-heart-solar
plexus region. He taught that by learning to release these energies we can disarm our misidentifications with thought forms trapping this energy and creating a reality in which we need the illusory ego-structure trapping the energy to defend ourselves and to fight against/resist external dangers. From this viewpoint, observing the operation of the structures in us that are empowered to trap this energy by our activation of them through mechanical misidentified actions (i.e. addiction to thinking), enables us to awaken from the egoistic dream-like state.

I don’t think that working with this approach obviates understanding the pathology of entities busy using stolen and toxic energies to feed their illusions and to trap and control others. Ultimately, I suspect it may be the key to effective solutions.

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