“Awakening” – Posted to the Rigorous Intuition message board 9/9/06

(orig. published) November 9th, 2006 (http://rigorousintuition.ca/board/)

Just Wake Up…

Hi, I just want to dip my toe in here – I’m at work and can’t wax too eloquent, but will take a trial stab at what I’m seeing in the face of the apparently WAY DIRE situation we’re all facing in the world now.

The US Bi-election has gone off pretty much as expected, and in all the talk of a sea-change, I see no indication that any alteration in our descending spiral will eventuate. I see speculation on this board that the American Sheeple seem cowed (to mix metaphors), but that some final straw could awaken a sleeping rage within them (us) and bring about something to confound the puppet masters feverish drive toward ultimate control.

But from my POV it seems that another kind of awakening is more realistically potential in the foreseeable future, one that could really start a movement toward global (in multiple senses) healing. Eckhart Tolle, particularly in his most recent book, A New Earth (which I can’t recommend too highly) speaks of two simultaneous movements occuring in human consciousness now – a ratcheting madness that I think no one on this board would dispute, and a countervailing exponential flood of awareness, an unprecedented awakening. In some sense, this awakening may be driving the desperation of the madness, as the self-styled ruling elites sense that the jig is up for their programs of domination.

This awakening, which is possible individually in each of us, involves bringing our awareness into each moment, to each problem that arises, to every thought that arises in our minds, to everything in our perceptual field. Tolle’s A New Earth describes in practical detail the functioning of the ego-structure each of us lives, and tends to totally misidentify, with. Only by seeing the operation of this structure in its gritty detail, and beginning to release what can be characterized as an addiction to feeding it, can we begin to uncover the formless, timeless, peaceful, alert beingness that is at the core of each of us, as it always been. Even while seemingly entirely drowned out by our habitual mental noise.

This is our mission, should we choose to accept it. This calm, peaceful awareness, brought into each moment, can radically change our responses to the challenges we face.

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