On the Sea Change

(orig. published) January 31st, 2007

Well, I have thrown all my thinking regarding what the heck I’m up to with this blog into the great mix-master in the sky. My friend Evelyn, ace blogger since the dawn of social media, has been chatting me up about what the blog thing is really about, and what I have been up to (not much) is totally not it. Wah. So, there’s that.The other small thing is that I am going through what I am still somewhat hesitant to claim is a major awakening experience, following a weekend retreat with Adyashanti earlier this month. This is fomenting basically a moment to moment reassessment of what I think I am doing here (apparently) in the world, and communication with my fellow inmates in the asylum is way up there in the What Was I Thinking? category. There is work to do, and change is afoot. Coming soon: an open letter to Jeff Wells, Canadian novelist, iconoclast and bleeding edge thinker, regarding the somewhat despairing tone I am detecting in his recent excellent post (1/30/07):

“I’ve been having a hard time lately, and it’s largely because of the times. I don’t think I’ve ever regarded this world, or even any other, with less hope than I do now, and frankly it’s costing me. Though bearing the cost feels like an indulgence, because it seems so superfluous to the everyday business of just getting on with things.

Know what I mean? Life goes on regardless of what states we worry ourselves into, and all our effort to understand the forces at play does nothing to keep them in check. However much we know – and who can know how much that is? – knowledge does not change our condition, but adapts us to its accommodation. Charles Fort said “I think we are property.” If so, what becomes of property when it knows it’s property? More pointedly, would it be better if it never knew?”

I’m going to try to express the big news, to whit, the war is over and peace has already done won. Hard to swallow, perhaps, anyway it is for the ME (or imaginary self, as Adyashanti terms it). Adya’s name is way better name than ego, IMO, as it (correctly) has the connotation of some kind of small dream rather than as the ultimate worthy adversary. All we have to do is get over ourselves. Easy.

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