Off to “Conscious Beyond Chemtrails Conference”

Cynthia and I leave tomorrow morning, very early, for the Conscious Beyond Chemtrails Conference at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. The conference runs from 1 pm Friday to Sunday evening.

Along with watching the many lectures from veteran Chemtrails researchers like Clifford Carnicom, Sofia Smallstorm, and Dane Wigington, Alternative media luminary Kerry Cassidy, outspoken celebrities Rosanne Barr and Cynthia McKinney, the conference will show the World Premiere of Michael Murphy’s chemtrails sequel film, Why In The World Are They Spraying. The film is slated to be available on YouTube after the screening.

We’re going with audio and video recording equipment to document the event to the extent possible, and hope to be able to do pocket interviews with some of the presenters.

After wrapping up around 5 pm Sunday, we’ll hit the road again for the trip home. We look forward to an exciting (and challenging) three days!

Do check out the possibility of watching the streaming video online (only $40 for the 3 days, with a 10% discount with the discount code “Connection”). The link for the event is

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