About Mark Grenon and His Sons, Imprisoned Unlawfully for Nearly 3 Years for Nothing

by Bruce Tanner – In early April, 2020, Donald Trump, at a Presidential press conference made some strange remarks about a “disinfectant” that “by injection… …kills (covid) in one minute.” The MSM, of course, went thermonuclear about this, and Trump’s remarks were debated for weeks.

I’m probably one of a small few who were told by people inside the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, then under the leadership of former Christian Minister Mark Grenon, that they had a connection in Donald Trump’s administration, whom they had been able to give information about Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) the primary “Sacrament” of the Church, used as a human health “jack-knife” for promoting healing through cleansing the body and oxidizing pathogens and parasites. There have, in the past, been patents issued for using ClO2 intravenously to purify blood.

What this awkward statement by Trump led to could not have been anticipated. Mark Grenon and his sons, Jonathan, Jordan and Joseph, the main staff of Genesis II, formed in 2010, had been harassed for several years for the “Church” not only providing information about the healing properties of Chlorine Dioxide, but for providing it to people for donations (which was then not, technically, illegal. By early August, concerned about the impact of Donald Trump’s strange statement on people learning about ClO2, sometimes known as “MMS” finally, after years, got a Federal Judge to issue an injunction against possessing and distributing ClO2 or its precursors.

So, in August 2020, Jonathan and Jordan Grenon were arrested in a Swat Raid on their home in Florida. A few months later, Mark and his son Joseph, who had actually gone to the U.S. Consulate in Columbia where they were working, to offer not to resist extradition back to the United States if they were wanted, were Swatted by the Columbian military and put in a High Security Prison in Columbia, full of prisoners mostly from drug cartels.

No charges were filed against the Grenons for many months, and it took a long time for Mark and Joseph to extradicted by to the U.S.. They were all finally charged, but they were held for many months before their trial was actually scheduled. Just today (July 20), I read, the Grenons were finally convicted of fraud, which I believe was for “claiming” that ClO2 had healing properties, and Jonathan and Jordan were also convicted of violating the court order against distribution. I don’t know when sentences will be passed.

In dejecting corespondance to the convictions, I got an email a few days ago from Mark Grenon, subject: “We will have a verdict this week, and we will be free!” The title was “Jury Trial is around the corner!”

From the body of Mark’s email: “To be continued next week. Again pray for my three sons and I NOW HELD AS POLITICAL PRISONERS FOR OVER 1080 days without a victim (injured party,) without a speedy 7th Amendment trial by jury, without bail and unlawfully imprisoned by a treasonous ACT of the DOJ.”

I am a “bonafied” Minister of Health of Mark Grenon’s Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, trained by him, actually… Mark and his sons were attacked and unlawfully imprisoned soon after the emergence of the Covid 19 Plandemic, as their primary “Sacrament,” Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) was being used successfully, with great publicity, in Ecuador and Bolivia to end the symptoms of the supposed disease. –Bruce

More from Mark Grenon’s email:

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you with a heavy heart and a great sense of urgency as I am facing an important trial tomorrow. I’m reaching out to seek your support and encouragement during this challenging time.

The impending trial has left me feeling anxious and apprehensive, but knowing that I have the support of caring friends like you brings me a ray of hope and strength. Your friendship and positive energy have always been a source of comfort to me, and I can’t express how much it means to have you by my side, even if it’s just in spirit.

Tomorrow’s trial will determine the course of my future, and I’m trying my best to stay strong and focused. I believe in my innocence, but the uncertainty of the outcome weighs heavily on me. Your words of encouragement, prayers, or even just a reassuring message would make a world of difference right now.

If you find it in your heart to send positive thoughts my way or say a prayer for me, I would be forever grateful. Your support means more to me than words can convey, and knowing that you are rooting for me will give me the courage to face whatever comes my way.

Please keep me in your thoughts and wish me strength and clarity for tomorrow’s trial. I truly appreciate your friendship and all the love you have shown me throughout the years.      

Join us in supporting justice and making a difference! We are currently facing a crucial legal battle that requires financial assistance. Your generous donation can help ensure fair representation and access to legal resources. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, makes a significant impact on our fight for justice. Together, we can overcome this challenge and pave the way for a fair and just resolution. Your kindness and support are deeply appreciated. Please consider donating to our cause and help us achieve a better tomorrow through the power of justice.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With heartfelt gratitude,

To be continued next week. Again pray for my three sons and I NOW HELD AS POLITICAL PRISONERS FOR OVER 1080 days without a victim (injured party,) withouta speedy 7th Amendment trial by jury, without bail and unlawfully imprisoned by a treasonous ACT of the DOJ.

May God help us all!  mark Proverbs 3:5-6


Because He lives  mark Proverbs 3:5-6 *Our Documentary we did in 2016:Https://redpilluniversity.org/chlorine-dioxide-the-universal-remedy-that-drug-companies-hate/ * Other Documentary done in 2020: www.theuniversalantidote.com If you would like to help please donate to our paypal or purchase the ebooksat: https://g2church.ecwid.com/All-Three-Volumes-E-books-of-Imagine-A-World-Without-DIS-EASE-p203756591 Paypal: bishopmark@protonmail.com or https://paypal.me/jestblacktower?country.x=CO&locale.x=en_US Bitcoin 1FLTwA3TfBXADnEmErUcFnXah3y5sM6rY5   Also here is the recent interview that Jonathan and I did:  https://wwwbrighteon.com CLO2TV:

Mark May the Lord Guide us all to stand for the Truth. mark-scott:grenon Proverbs 3:5-6

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