Paul Craig Roberts: “That’s Right, We’re BAD”

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Paul Craig Roberts, in his recent article “Morality versus Material Interests: Myths of Our Time” argues that “the United States is an immoral country.” This, because we tolerate the actions of “our” government in the illegal and brutal colonial enterprises in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, not to mention incidental uses of political violence throughout the globe and possible impending actions in Iran, Georgia, etc.

Yet, “Authoritative Rejection of Afghanistan War,” another current article on Global Research, argues that “American” elites (including, notably, Zbigniew Brzezinsky) are rejecting the voice of the U.S. people, as expressed according to the best information available in what passes for public media now. It seems clear that the actions of the U.S. military are supported by some confluence of elite planning worldwide. If that is the case, such a hypothesized consensus is making use of these amoral actions to advance their interests, which I believe involves ongoing centralization of decision-making powers, frequently publicly characterized by these planners themselves as a New World Order.

It may ultimately be convenient for international oligarchs to project blame for the horrors inflicted on millions of people in the domination of Central Asia on the United States, a “rogue nation” and classic example of why national sovereignty must be reigned in by the lofty wisdom of impartial global elites. Then we, the people of the United States, who despite the best mind-control that money and technology can provide, still oppose the violence of the U.S. war machine, will arguably deserve whatever repression befalls us, after having served as the cats-paws of advancing global destabilization so admirably.

Let’s look with clarity at who promotes and benefits from violence, repression, and murder. “Immorality” is really lack of skillful recognition of our connections with others and with all of Life. It calls for correction, not punishment, and for seeing precisely who those embodying it are.

Bruce Tanner
Santa Cruz, California
3 Lamat

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