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For the week of 12/29/14:  Happy New Year, Y’all! 2015 will be a Year to Remember, whether fondly or in horror will depend on our outlook and presence…

Arrest_while_travelingSocial Control in America, Police Enforcement of “Minor Crimes” – Broken Countries Policing – by Matt Peppe, GlobalResearch.ca – ” ‘The public is constantly getting out of control,’ Noam Chomsky says. You have to carry out measures to insure that they remain passive and apathetic and obedient, and don’t interfere with privilege or power. It’s a major theme of modern democracy. As the mechanisms of democracy expand, like enfranchisement and growth, the need to control people by other means increases… This is accomplished by employing a police force that operates like an occupying army in poor neighborhoods of color under the guise of crime prevention. It would be impossible to admit publicly that the police mission in these communities is repression and subjugation. The idea of broken windows as a deterrent to violent crime provides cover to justify what is in reality a racist, punitive, paramilitary occupation.”

The Brain of Skynet is Here!


Skull2015From the Welcome-to-2015 Desk: Two from Michael SnyderThe American People Are Utterly Clueless About What Is Going To Happen As We Enter 2015 – from the EconomicCollapseBlog.com – “The American people are feeling really good right about now. For example, Gallup’s economic confidence index has hit the highest level that we have seen since the last recession. In addition, nearly half of all Americans believe that 2015 will be a better year than 2014 was, and only about 10 percent believe that it will be a worse year. And a lot of people are generally feeling quite good about the people that have been leading our nation.” – 11 Predictions Of Economic Disaster In 2015 From Top Experts All Over The Globe – from ActivistPost.com – “#11 Gerald Celente: “What does the word confidence mean? Break it down. In this case confidence = con men and con game. That’s all it is. So people will lose confidence in the con men because they have already shown their cards. It’s a Ponzi scheme. So the con game is running out and they don’t have any more cards to play.

Tribe’s Opinion That ‘EPA’s Clean Power Plan Is Unconstitutional’ Means More Than You Think – by Ron Arnold, blog.Heartland.org – “I cannot see Tribe’s reproachful headline as saying anything but this: ‘President Barack Obama, my prized student, acts now as though he has the legislative authority to re-engineer the nation’s electric generating system and power grid. He does not. Obama’s stolen authority – all of it – is unconstitutional.’.. Perhaps I take Professor Tribe’s meaning too far. Perhaps he will enlighten us about my presumptions… But until and unless he does, I stand by my story.

Continuity of Government Commission – by Sartre, ActivistPost.com – “The devil is always in the details; moreover, the Moloch to whom your Liberty is scarified, habitually is the bureaucracy. COGC is a feeble attempt to cloak the appearance of legitimacy, when the functions of martial law without the mien of a “goose-step” parade, are actually performed by executive administration. If Madison’s prerequisite for a republican government is indispensable, why continue with the illusion that his Constitution still rules the rulers?”

Pupillometry – The Cutting Edge of Mind Control – by Buck Rogers, ActivistPost.com – “Imagine a scenario where in a public setting, Homeland Security has installed high-definition cameras that can simultaneously measure the pupillary responses of thousands of people in order to single out those who are exhibiting specific behavior or intentions. Any individual who objects to this type of surveillance is detected and treated accordingly. Unites States Customs and Border Protection is already using this technology to help agents make quick determinations as to whether or not their questions are being answered truthfully. A portable, on the fly, real-time, non-consensual lie detector test.”

UK Teachers to Tattle on Toddlers at Risk for Becoming Terrorists – by Melissa Melton, ActivistPost.com – “Now according to a new government directive from UK’s Home Office, teachers including nursery school staff have been handed a serious “duty” to “prevent people being drawn into terrorism.”
This will include making sure school staff are trained to watch their students closely in order to ‘identify children at risk of being drawn into terrorism and challenge extremist ideas which can be used to legitimise terrorism and are shared by terrorist groups,’ The Telegraph reported yesterday. Did I mention this includes nursery schools? I did?”

Russian companies halt food shipments as economic collapse accelerates – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “[A]s Russia’s Vedomosti reports, citing vegetable producer Belaya Dacha, juice maker Sady Pridoniya and others, Russian suppliers are suspending food shipments to stores because of unpredictable FX movements… The Vedomosti website further notes that food retailers are at the mercy of suppliers because of the dramatic volatility of the country’s currency, the ruble, whose worth is tumbling as devaluation continues daily. As such, suppliers simply cannot ‘plan their activities in the current environment,’ according to a Google Translate version of the story.”

Fed Up: Florida Crowd Forms Human Shield to Protect Man Police Try to Arrest for Smoking Marijuana – by Zaid Jilani, Alternet.org – ““They formed this shield and started to get aggressive,” one of the officers said… ‘The next thing they know, there’s 70 to 75 people out there,’ another officer who was on the scene reportedly said. ‘The officers had to use pepper spray to get the people back.’.. The crowd grew rowdy, and at some point an object was hurled at the windshield of a police cruiser. By the end of the night police had detained four people, on charges including inciting a riot… The incident could foretell greater citizen intervention against what they perceive to be abusive and unnecessary policing and shows the urgency of reining in the over-criminalization of American life.”

28 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Are Rapidly Being Turned Into Indoctrination Centers And Prison Camps – by Michael Snyder, EndOfTheAmericanDream.com – “If students get “out of line”, instead of being sent to see the principal they are often handcuffed, arrested and taken to the police station. In addition, law enforcement authorities are using weapons such as pepper spray and tasers against young students in our public schools more than ever before. Children in U.S. public schools are not learning how to live as strong individuals in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. Rather, they are being trained how to serve a Big Brother police state where control freaks run their entire lives. If we continue to allow all of the liberty and freedom to be systematically drained out of our school children, then there is not going to be much hope for the future of this nation.”

American Food Supply Listed as Reason for EU to Dump U.S. and Join Russia – by Heather Callaghan, ActivistPost.com – “The Russian Ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, said to the EU Observer : “Do you think it is really wise to put so much political energy into a free trade zone with the United States, while much more natural partner had at his side, in the immediate neighborhood? We do not treat our chickens in any case with chlorine.” [emph. added]

Cultivating Consciousness in an Unconscious World – by Richard Smoley, WakingTimes.com – “Behavioural scientist Todd Rogers of the Harvard Kennedy School and Michael I. Norton of the Harvard Business School conducted a simple experiment to see when and whether people can detect a dodge. They recorded a speaker answering a question about universal health care (a controversial issue in the US). Then they attached the same answer to three separate questions: the original question about health care, one on illegal drug use, and a third about terrorism. Amazingly, subjects found the speaker just as trustworthy when he gave the response about health care to a question about illegal drug use – a related but different subject – as when he responded to the original question about health care. Moreover, when quizzed immediately afterward, almost none of the subjects could remember exactly what question had been asked.”

For the week of 12/22/14:

China-Russia-Bottoms_UpRussia, China Mock Divide and Rule – by Pepe Escobar, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Only three days before the run on the rouble, I asked Rosneft’s Mikhail Leontyev (Press-Secretary – Director of the Information and Advertisement Department) about the growing rumors of the Russian government getting ready to apply currency controls. At the time, no one knew an attack on rouble would be so swift, and conceived as a checkmate to destroy the Russian economy. After sublime espressos at the Tazza d’Oro, right by the Pantheon, Leontyev told me that currency controls were indeed a possibility. But not yet… What he did emphasize was this was outright financial war, helped by a fifth column in the Russian establishment. The only equal component in this asymmetrical war was nuclear forces. And yet Russia would not surrender. Leontyev characterized Europe not as a historical subject but as an object: “The European project is an American project.” And “democracy” had become fiction.

California county routinely kidnaps thousands of babies without any warrant or reason, lawsuit claims – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “County child welfare agencies regularly subvert the constitutional rights of parents and children by seizing children from their parents when there is no danger to the child, and in fact no need to seize the child at all,” McMillan told Courthouse News Service… “The class action is designed to address a procedural problem. They [Riverside County social workers] as a matter of course don’t get warrants before seizing kids,” he continued. “Deficient policies, deficient training and deficient supervision all lead to civil rights violations on a regular basis. This lawsuit is designed to address the problem.”-Plaintiff’s attorney, Shawn McMillan

Mark_CubanBillionaire Warns Of Massive Economic Crash That Will Wipe Out America’s Colleges – by Mac Slavo, ActivistPost.com – “For years the federal government has been subsidizing loans, much like they did with houses ahead of the 2008 crash. This has led to increased tuition costs and lending to individuals who will more than likely never be able to pay back their student loans. The end result, according to Mark Cuban, will be a bursting of the debt bubble, a significant drop in college tuitions, and an outright collapse of America’s institution of higher learning: ‘College tuitions have exploded because of easy money guaranteed by Sallie Mae. So, if any student can borrow more and more money, and it’s guaranteed by the federal government, why wouldn’t the colleges take it all?’ “

Rabbis plan to build temple on Al-Aqsa ruins – from MiddleEastMonitor.com – “Although the paper did not identify the rabbis who appeared in the picture, one of them has been identified as Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, president of the Temple Institute, a religious authority that is considered the most enthusiastic about destroying Al-Aqsa Mosque and establishing a temple on its ruins… The research also involved Rabbi Yehuda Etzion, who was responsible for implementing the Hebron University massacre which left 15 students dead or wounded, and was also responsible for implementing three assassination attempts against elected mayors in the West Bank, one of which injured the then Mayor of Nablus Bassam Shakaa, leaving him permanently disabled… Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had pledged to the king of Jordan not to take any steps that would change the status quo at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Putin Decides to Donate 50,000 Tons of Russia’s Coal Daily to Ukraine for Heat – by Eric Zuesse, OpEdNews.com – “Putin seems to be saying that the Americans and the Saudis will not dictate his policies, and that he is more interested in ameliorating the extreme hardships that are being suffered by the victims of Obama’s February coup in Ukraine. Perhaps this response from Putin will anger Obama even more, but what can Obama do about it?.. Probably, things are not playing out the way things had been expected by the U.S. White House at the time when the Ukrainian coup was being planned by President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, CIA Director John Brennan, and the other Obama advisors. However, only future historians will be able to write about that; no reporter can today.”

Kiev_Volunteer_CommandersUkraine Forces Block Aid Convoys to Donbass. Humanitarian Disaster Looms – from Russia-Insider.com – “At least four convoys sent by the humanitarian foundation of Rinat Akhmetov, one of Ukraine’s richest men, were blocked on the roads leading to the separatist-controlled territory by the Dnipro-1 battalion last week… After stopping one of the convoys Vladimir Manko, deputy commander of the Dnipro-1 battalion, told the Ukrainian media: ‘We don’t have any control on the other side. It turns out that we’re at war with them and we’re spilling our blood, but in the same time we’re feeding them.’.. Over half of the population in these areas are now entirely dependent on food aid as wages, pensions and social benefits are not being paid regularly as a result of the conflict that began in May.”

US penalizes supporters of Syrian govt. – from PressTV.ir – “Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen said that the US “will seek to disrupt” military support for Syria and “increase the financial and economic pressure it faces.”.. Cohen also said the US is “committed to exposing, isolating, and targeting” supporters of the Syrian government… The sanctions will freeze all the assets belonging to the companies or executives that are subject to US jurisdictions and will ban Americans from conducting financial and commercial transactions with them.”

Police ‘use draconian power to stifle protesters’: Forces accused of using pre-charge bail to stop innocent people attending demonstrations – By Paul Bentley, DailyMail.co.uk – “Since 2008, almost 800 people have been arrested, bailed and banned from public demonstrations in the days before they were due to take place… After the protests finished, more than eight out of ten of them were then released without being charged for any crime… While some say the police action prevents unrest at volatile demonstrations, critics accused officers of stepping way beyond the mark and demanded a change in the law.”

Live_Shooter_Drill-in_hall The Militarization of Police in America: ”Active Shooter Training” Now Massively Federalized – by James F. Tracy, ActivistPost.com – “Since 2002 “active shooter training” has been conducted by a project called ALERRT—Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training—housed at Texas State University in San Marcos. Over 60,000 police have been instructed by ALERRT-trained personnel, and over the past 12 years the entity has received over $30 million of funding from the DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Violence Against Law Enforcement and Ensuring Officer Resilience and Survivability program “VALOR”), Texas’ Office of the Governor, and the Department of Homeland Security.”

MO Cities Sue in Effort to Overturn Voter-Approved Ban on Red Light Cameras – by Barry Donegan, BenSwann.com – “…73% of voters gave support for the ban, overwhelmingly sending a message that citizens in the county do not approve of cities using the cameras… However, the cities of St. Peters, Lake St. Louis, and O’Fallon are suing in an effort to reverse the ban, claiming that the county government has no authority over municipalities’ traffic rules… KMOV-TV St. Louis cited a statement by the City of St. Peters on the issue, which said, ‘No authority exists for St. Charles County to lay claim to the regulation of traffic on city streets.’ Proponents of red light cameras claim that the devices promote safe driving and that the ballot measure banning them was titled in a manner that misled voters. The charter amendment was titled “Proposition Red Light Camera.”.. John Young, an attorney representing the plaintiffs in this case, says that the suit could take months or even years to work its way through the courts. Meanwhile, red light cameras in the county remain in place pending the forthcoming ruling, though they have been kept in a powered-off state since September.”

U.S. War Against Russia Is Now Against Hungary Too – by Eric Zuesse, InformationClearingHouse.info – “According to German Economic News (GEN), on December 25th, ‘Hungary Will Not Take Part in the Cold War Against Russia.’ They report that, ‘Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban takes his distance from the EU, and accuses the US government of trying to instigate a new Cold War against Russia. Hungary will not participate.’ GEN also links to an earlier, October 19th, GEN article, which had reported that, ‘After Russia, Hungary is now apparently also being targeted by Americans: the United States is hitting senior Hungarian government officials and businessmen with entry bans. The Americans throw corruption-charges against the Hungarians.’ “

False Flagging the World towards War. The CIA Weaponizes Hollywood – by Larry Chin, GlobalResearch.ca – “And the American public does not know who Jeb Bush is, beyond the last name. Jeb Bush, whom Barbara Bush always said was the “smart one”, has been involved in Bush narco-criminal business since Iran-Contra. His criminal activities in Florida, his connection with anti-Castro Cuban terrorists and other connections are there, for those who bother to investigate them. His Latin American connections—including his ability to speak fluent Spanish, a Latin wife and a half-Latin son (George P. Bush, the next up and coming political Bush)—conveniently appeals to the fastest-growing demographic, as well as those in the southern hemisphere drug trade. Recent Obama overtures towards the Latino demographic—immigration, Cuba—appear to be a Democratic Party move to counter Jeb Bush’s known strengths in the same demographic… Today, in the collective American mind, Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin are “the bad guys”. But the mass murdering war criminal Bushes are saints. “Nice guys”… A Jeb Bush presidency will be a pure war presidency, one that promises terror, more unspeakable than we are experiencing now, lording it over a world engulfed in holocaust.”

For the week of 12/15/14:

Bad_WeekWe Just Witnessed The Worst Week For Global Financial Markets In 3 Years – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “As the price of oil crashed in 2008, so did prices for a whole host of other commodities. That is happening again. Once commodities started crashing, the market for junk bonds started to implode. That is also happening again. Finally, toward the end of 2008, we witnessed a horrifying stock market crash. Could we be on the verge of another major one? Last week was the worst week for the Dow in more than three years, and stock markets all over the world are crashing right now. Bad financial news continues to roll in from the four corners of the globe on an almost hourly basis. Have we finally reached the “tipping point” that so many have been warning about?”

Moderate_RebelAmerica’s Terrorist Mercenaries Wreak Havoc in Sydney – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “The latest incident should be examined in the context of ISIS’ genesis and the source of its ability to seemingly menace the entire planet with violence and acts of terrorism with seemingly inexhaustible resources… The so-called “Islamic State” – neither “Islamic” nor a “state” – is in reality simply a rebrand of Al Qaeda – Al Qaeda itself the terrorist front created by US and Saudi intelligence agencies as part of another covert, proxy war – then, against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan… As evidence of this “rebrand,” nearly all organizations from North Africa, across the Middle East, and their affiliates in southern Russia, Central Asia, and even China which had previously operated either affiliated to or directly under the banner of Al Qaeda have seamlessly realigned themselves with ISIS.”

Man-Haron-MonisFOX Upset, Demanding Australians Call Sydney Siege a “Terrorist Attack” – from 21stCenturyWire.com – “Monis is said to have a disturbingly long criminal rap sheep which includes among other things, multiple counts of sexual assault, and an accessory to murder charge… He was also a local media darling, well known to local press and on social media playing the role of ‘Sheikh‘, including a role in a publicity stunt where Monis wrote inflammatory and insulting letters to Australian troops and families of troops who served in US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan… Critics are raising questions as to whether or not Sydney police intelligence unit were involved in ‘managing’ Monis as an informant, or if he was being supervised by a government psychologist and taking SSRI anti-psychotic medication. Even Prime Minister Tony Abbott admitted that Monis was “well known to authorities” and had a history of “extremism and mental instability”.”

The ”Shape-Shifting Sheik” and the ”Sydney Siege” – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost – “He fled Iran in 1996 for unknown reasons, claiming in a 2001 Australian ABC interview that he was formerly of Iran’s “Ministry of Intelligence and Security.” He claimed in the same interview to have been in contact with the UN about “secret information” he had regarding the Iranian government… He would also profess his love for the West, and in particular his belief that the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia in particular were “religious societies” claiming: <snip> Whenever I walk in the street, whenever I go out in Australia, I feel I am in a real religious society. I don’t want to say it is perfect, we don’t have a perfect society on the earth, but when we compare, if we compare Australia with Iran and other countries in the Middle East, we can say it is heaven.”

Ruble-sandwichA Full-Blown Economic Crisis Has Erupted In Russia – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “It has been estimated that total capital outflows for 2015 will reach an astounding $128 billion… And this could just be the beginning of the economic troubles for Russia… If the price of oil stays this low or goes even lower, the Russian economy will shrink. The only question is how much it will contract… The Bank of Russia said Monday that the country could sink into a deep recession next year if oil prices remain at $60 a barrel. GDP could contract by as much as 4.7% in 2015, and then by a further 1.1% in 2016 unless oil prices pick up… Sadly, it isn’t just oil producing nations such as Russia that are going to be devastated by the coming crisis… Eventually, the entire globe is going to feel the pain.”

US-Special-DeliveryWar Drums Beat Louder & Faster Between U.S. & Russia – by Eric Zuesse, OpEdNews.com – “The popular Russian website “Colonel Cassad” reports that the reason why Ukraine’s airports in Zaporozyhe, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk mysteriously shut down for other traffic on Saturday was to unload weapons-shipments from the U.S. Specifically, it said that, at Zaporozyhe, ‘one of the airport workers replied that the airport has to be prepared to accept military aircraft with equipment, including Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk. The equipment is expected from the United States.’ For the time being, civilian traffic at all three of those airports is being reduced during the next few days, in order to unload that U.S. freight… So: all of the money that is being ‘loaned’ to Ukraine now is purely a donation, since Russia will certainly pull the plug and flush Ukraine down the toilet this coming Spring. Then, all of a sudden, that $16 billion in cash will need to be put up by the Ukrainian Government, and whatever there is to put up, practically all of it will have to be paid to Ukraine’s old chief lender: Russia. The West will get little or nothing of it.”… Washington isn’t out to help the Ukrainian people; it’s solely using Ukraine as a launching-pad for WW III against Russia. That’s all it’s “good for” now. And that’s what Obama is using it for: to slaughter, first, the residents in the parts of Ukraine that refuse to be ruled by the regime that Obama put in place; and, then, everybody else… If this sounds crazy (and of course it does), then please ask your two Senators and your one Representative in the House: “Why did you vote to approve sending weapons to the Ukrainian Government?” (Mine refuses to answer.)”

David_Stockman-of-OMBDuck And Cover——-The Lull Is Breaking, The Storm Is Nigh – by David Stockman, DavidStockmansContraCorner.com – “What was really happening at this pregnant moment was that the remnants of honest capital markets were begging for a purge and liquidation of the speculative rot that had built up during the Greenspan era. But the phony depression scholar running the Fed, Ben Bernanke, would have none of it. So he falsely whooped-up a warning that Great Depression 2.0 was at hand—-sending Washington, Wall Street and the rest of the world into an all-out panic… The next day’s AIG crisis quickly became ground zero—the place where the entire fraudulent narrative of systemic “contagion” was confected. Yet that needn’t have been, either. In truth, AIG was not the bearer of a mysterious financial contagion that had purportedly arrived on a comet from deep space.”

Federal Court Throws Out Six Weeks of Warrantless Video Surveillance – by Hanni Fakhoury, ActivistPost.com – “Today Judge Shea issued this brief minute order: ‘Law enforcement’s warrantless and constant covert video surveillance of Defendant’s rural front yard is contrary to the public’s reasonable expectation of privacy and violates Defendant’s Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search. The video evidence and fruit of the video evidence are suppressed.’.. Looking at these two sentences makes clear the court was convinced with our arguments that the invasiveness of constant video surveillance pointed continuously at one of the most sensitive and private places—the front of a person’s home—triggers constitutional protection.”

IMF Now Ready To Slam The Door On The U.S. And The Dollar – by Brandon Smith, Alt-Money.com – “The Federal Reserve, the U.S. government and the dollar are as expendable to the elites as any other economic or political appendage. And it can be replaced at will with yet another illusory structure if this furthers their goal of total centralization. This has been done for centuries, and I fail to see why anyone would assume that globalists would change their tactics now to preserve the dollar system. They call it the “New World Order,” but it is really the same old-world monetary order out of chaos that has always been exploited. Enter the IMF’s old/new world vision… While the investment universe has been mesmerized by the deterioration of the Russian Ruble and oil prices, the IMF has been a busy little bee hive…

Officer Fired For Helping Suicidal Student Instead of Tasing – by Amanda Warren, ActivistPost.com – “Solomon commented: ‘Our officer said and felt that there was no need for the level of force that was applied, and my understanding was that’s why he didn’t deploy his Taser,’.. Worse yet, the officers tried to get the campus officer to join them in their Taser games… Solomon adds: ‘The other officers started yelling and screaming to get down, Tased him multiple times, and from what we understand (told the university officer) to Tase him again.’.. Marina Department claims he froze. But the campus officer didn’t see the need for more tasing. The officer has indeed been issued a notice of termination, Monterey Herald reports. This is his first disciplinary offense.”

United States of Newspeak – Obama Calls Executive Orders “Presidential Memoranda” to Avoid Scrutiny and Issues Most in History – by Michael Krieger, LibertyBlitzkreig.com – “Obama has issued 195 executive orders as of Tuesday. Published alongside them in the Federal Register are 198 presidential memoranda — all of which carry the same legal force as executive orders… He’s already signed 33% more presidential memoranda in less than six years than Bush did in eight. He’s also issued 45% more than the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton…”

Schmidt-Creepy_LineGoogle CEO Eric Schmidt Dismisses the Importance of Privacy – by Richard Esguerra, EFF.org – “Unfortunately, Schmidt’s statement makes it seem as if Google, a company that claims to care about privacy, is not even concerned enough to understand basic lessons about privacy and why it’s important on so many levels — from protection against shallow embarrassments to the preservation of freedom and human rights. In response to Schmidt, Security researcher Bruce Schneier referenced an eloquent piece he wrote in 2006 that makes the case that ‘[p]rivacy is an inherent human right, and a requirement for maintaining the human condition with dignity and respect.’ Schneier writes: ‘For if we are observed in all matters, we are constantly under threat of correction, judgment, criticism, even plagiarism of our own uniqueness. We become children, fettered under watchful eyes, constantly fearful that — either now or in the uncertain future — patterns we leave behind will be brought back to implicate us, by whatever authority has now become focused upon our once-private and innocent acts. We lose our individuality, because everything we do is observable and recordable.’ ”

Kansas Court Declares Plastic Bags Suspicious – from TheNewspaper.com – “The search for drugs only turned up an AK-47, which Howard bought in Missouri after passing a federal background check. He was in full compliance with federal and state law to buy the weapon, but there was a complication. In 2006 Howard had pleaded guilty to burglary in Missouri. He never served time as the judge suspended his sentence as part of a diversion agreement that kept Howard from being considered a convicted felon — in Missouri. Howard did not realize that Kansas does not accept this agreement… The Court of Appeals expanded upon a Kansas Supreme Court decision to declare Howard a convicted felon according to Kansas standards. While the US Supreme Court allows police to be wrong about the law as long as their actions are objectively reasonable, Kansas offers no such leniency to motorists… ‘Even if Howard thought he was not a felon, that would not have negated his general intent to possess the firearm,’ Judge Leben wrote. ‘The state did not have to prove that Howard knew about Kansas law regarding his felon status, and the evidence that he lawfully purchased the gun (as a nonfelon in Missouri) was neither probative nor material in his case.’.. The court upheld Howard’s new felony conviction for being a felon in possession of a firearm.”

Lord_MoncktonThe strategy of Big Government is to outlaw independent thought – …every single one of the mad scientists’ predictions about the global warming and consequent planetary doom has failed to happen – by Lord Monckton, NaturalNews.com – “I now propose a further modest measure, which you may like to draw to the attention of your senators (without a two-thirds majority of whom no treaty can bind the United States)… All obligations under the Paris Treaty should lapse if at any time at least three of the five principal global-temperature datasets (HadCRUT, GISS, NCDC, RSS and UAH) show no global warming for at least 20 years… At present, the RSS dataset shows no warming for 18 years and two months. The others would have shown no warming for 14 years, but the three terrestrial datasets have been tampered with this year to show more warming than has actually happened. However, there is a limit to the possibility of tampering, because the satellites of RSS and UAH are watching.”

SCOTUS Rules Workers Don’t Need to Be Paid for All Their Time Working – by Moshe Z. Marvit, Truth-Out.org – “If an item cannot be found using a scanner (as a result of a theft, for example), there is no simple workaround, and Amazon’s famed efficiency would suffer. Amazon is thus concerned about theft not only because of the monetary loss of the stolen product, but also because theft slows down their warehouse efficiency—a cornerstone of their business model. So if theft is as big of a concern as the retailer has alleged (and a big enough concern to hire security guards to screen workers at the end of every shift), it would seriously impair Amazon’s efficiency at least as much as dull knives would slow down meatpacking productions… Perhaps the Supreme Court’s decision is unsurprising. In opposition to these Amazon warehouse workers, who may occupy some of the worst jobs in America, was an alliance of some of the nation’s largest corporations and trade groups, the National League of Cities, the National Association of Counties and the United States Government.

BillGates-I_Murder_ChildrenBill Gates’ human experimentation with GM bananas in Africa condemned by scientists – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com – “The GM bananas, which never underwent animal trials, are currently being administered to 12 students attending Iowa State University (ISU), presumably without full disclosure as to the many unknown risks involved… According to the letter, the trials are taking place under the guidance of Dr. Wendy White, an associate professor of food science and human nutrition. Funding for the trials came from a grant issued by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation… ‘We, the undersigned, representing diverse constituencies from across Africa and the world, working towards food sovereignty, are strongly opposed to the human feeding trials taking place at the Iowa State University involving the so called genetically modified (GM) ‘super banana,’ reads the letter.”

Ukraine’s Two Big Gas Deals Are Now Both Dry – by Eric Zuesse, GlobalResearch.ca – “In June, Shell Oil halted its newly dug shale-gas wells at the Yuzivska gas field in southeastern Ukraine, and gave as the reason the civil war there, though only after Ukrainian Government troops had ousted the local residents (who had opposed fracking) was Shell even enabled to dig the wells, so Shell’s departure was puzzling. Then, on 19 June 2014, Igor Alexeev at the oilprce blog presented the reasonable hypothesis of ‘The Real Reason Shell Halted Its Ukrainian Shale Operations”: “In reality, the truth may be closer to the fact that company is disappointed with the economic viability of what it once thought was a large shale deposit and is looking for a way out.’ ”

David_S_CohenUS penalizes supporters of Syrian govt. – from PressTV.ir – “The Treasury slapped sanctions Wednesday against companies based in Syria, the UAE, Switzerland and the Netherlands as well as 11 officials from the firms… The companies have provided support for the government in Syria and helped procure fuels for the Syrian military… Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen said that the US ‘will seek to disrupt’ military support for Syria and ‘increase the financial and economic pressure it faces.’.. Cohen also said the US is ‘committed to exposing, isolating, and targeting’ supporters of the Syrian government.”

For the week of 12/8/14:

Russian-bankcardsSanctioned Russian banks begin testing national payment system next week – from RT.com – ” ‘The pilot project involves SMP Bank and Rossiya Bank, those for which the story is very critical and important. These are quite large banks,’ the head of the Russian National payment system (NPS) Vladimir Komlev said in an interview with Rossiya 24 TV… The move comes as a part of Russia’s ambitious initiative to move away from the Western dominance of its financial markets. Last month the Russian Central Bank said it would have its own international inter-bank payment system, an alternative to the global SWIFT network up and running by May 2015… Gazprombank, Rosbank, Alfa Bank and Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development are among eight other banks to join the pilot project. They were selected based on the size of business, location and technology platform, Komlev said… Another bank involved in NPS testing is Russia’s second largest VTB. Recently its has been vocal about the need to make Russia’s financial system more self-sufficient and ditch the US Dollar, Vedomosti reports.”

Tzipi_LivniRacism laid bare in Israel – by Yvonne Ridley, MiddleEastMonitor.com – “In 1940, a director of the JNF, Joseph Weitz, stated: ‘It must be clear that there is no room for both peoples in this country… there is no way besides transferring the Arabs from here to the neighbouring countries, to transfer them all; except maybe for Bethlehem, Nazareth and Old Jerusalem, we must not leave a single village, not a single tribe.’.. If proof were needed that Zionism is racism, then the evidence has been amassed over the past century and is now there for all to see. That it has taken the likes of alleged war criminal Tzipi Livni to remove the rose-tinted spectacles from the eyes of some in the Knesset is a bitter-sweet irony.”

Illinois General Assembly passes bill to ban citizens from recording police – from PocketsAndSasha.blogspot.co.uk – “The court held that the old law “criminalize[d] a wide range of innocent conduct” and violated free-speech rights. In particular, the court noted the state could not criminalize recording activities where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy, including citizens’ “public” encounters with police… Now the old law is back, with just a few changes, in a new bill sent to the governor’s desk by the Illinois Senate on Dec. 4. The bill not only passed, but did so overwhelmingly with votes of 106-7 in the House on and 46-4-1 in the Senate… The new version is nearly as bad as the old one.” – That’s gotta be “constitutional.”

Maduro-slamsVenezuela slams anti-Caracas bill by US Senate – from PressTV.ir – ” ‘Who is the US Senate to come sanction the nation of Bolivar,’ said Maduro, adding, ‘We don’t accept insolent imperialist sanctions.’.. The Senate bill targets Venezuelan officials accused of having violated protesters’ rights during anti-government rallies earlier this year… US President Barack Obama must sign the bill for it to become law… Protests broke out across Venezuela in February, which led to the Venezuelan government arresting thousands of demonstrators.”

Elite Think Tank Admits to Ongoing Climate Engineering Experiments – by Nicholas West, ActivistPost.com – “Even though the above story appears to have been originally disseminated by the Associated Press, what was not mentioned in any of the establishment outlets is the backstory that indicates a much longer timeline in getting to the conclusion that geoengineering is possibly the only hope that remains for saving the earth… The Royal Society published a paper further back in 2009, which was based upon a 12-month study; the results were given the title: ‘Geoengineering the climate: science, governance and uncertainty.’.. If we look at the recommendations from this report, then look at what is being discussed today as something supposedly novel, an agenda emerges…”

Oakland-UndercoverUndercover Cop Pulls Guns and Threatens Oakland Police Brutality Protesters – Another example of why the protests continue – by Steven Rosenfeld, Alternet.org – “The incident was photographed and posted to storify.com and #oaklandprotest, a twitter site that has been documenting the ongoing East Bay protests following the two grand jury decisions—in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City—where white officers who killed unarmed black men were absolved from facing charges… The Oakland incident comes after police in nearby Berkeley rioted on Saturday night, lunging into the crowd and using smoke bombs, nightsticks and tear gas to disperse a crowd of several hundred protesters. That confrontation led the Berkeley police to reconsider their tactics during protests on the following nights.”

Israel’s Secret Plan for a “Second Israel” in Ukraine – by Wayne Madsen, VoltaireNet.org – “Zionists have long argued that the land claimed by Israel was the biblical birthright of the Jewish people who were forced from the land in a so-called «diaspora» after repeated conquests by various empires. Proof that Ashkenazi Jews, which make up a majority of the Israeli Jewish population, have no historical link to Palestine would call into question the entire premise of Israel as the historical «5,000-year old» homeland of the Jewish people… The Times of Israel’s explosive story about the Khazarian roots of the Ashkenazis also revealed that Israel, knowing that a Palestinian state is inevitable considering the increasing pressure for it from Europe, is preparing to resettle Ashkenazi settlers in the West Bank to Ukraine. Israel’s advanced research in genetics resulted in a direct DNA line being established between Israel’s Ashkenazis and the Khazars who were dispersed across eastern and central Europe after Russia conquered the Khazarian Empire in the 11th century.”

Foundation of medical reality explodes – by Jon Rappoport, ActivistPost.com – “400,000 patient deaths every year in US hospitals. 100,000 deaths every year from medicines. These deaths are directly caused by the medical system… 500,000 deaths every year… That would be 5 MILLION deaths caused by the US medical system every decade… Roughly 2.5 million people die every year in the US, from all causes (or roughly 25 million every decade). So 1 out of every 5 deaths in the US stems directly from the medical system.”

Kerry-Foreign_Rel_CommKerry demands open-ended Mideast war resolution – by Patrick Martin, WSWS.org – ” ‘We don’t anticipate conducting operations in countries other than Iraq or Syria. But to the extent that [ISIS] poses a threat to American interests and personnel in other countries, we would not want an AUMF to constrain our ability to use appropriate force against [ISIS] in those locations if necessary. In our view, it would be a mistake to advertise to [ISIS] that there are safe havens for them outside of Iraq and Syria.’.. Whatever the exact form of the resolution that eventually emerges from Congress, there is no question that American imperialism is moving steadily towards a full-scale war in Syria and Iraq, whose consequences—particularly in relation to Iran and Russia, the Syrian government’s main allies—would dwarf those of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.”

Leaked document: Ukraine’s government to eliminate… everything – by Simon Black, SovereignMan.com – “Now, I happen to quite like the idea that a government is pulling itself out of the business of education, healthcare, security, etc… But it begs the question—if the government is no longer going to provide these services… then why the hell should anyone have to pay tax?.. Of course, taxes are still obligatory… So on one hand the government is defaulting on all the obligations it has made to its citizens… essentially breaking the social contract… Yet on the other hand they’re still going to throw people in jail for not paying taxes.”

Undersheriff-SactoVideo: Cop Stomps (Sacramento) Man’s Head Into Road – Attacks man who asked him to move squad car with flashlight, taser, pepper spray – by Steve Watson, Prisonplanet.com – “The man seen in the video, 51 year old John Madison Reyes, says that the incident started when he asked the deputy to move his car as it was blocking the road…’“I asked him kindly to move the car,’ Reyes said. ‘He glared at me and stared at me. And then, I said an expletive, ‘You need to move the car because I can’t get through.’.. That’s when things took a turn for the worse… Reyes, now covered in bruises, said that the officer began to question him about being on probation, after he was previously arrested for drug possession and carrying a concealed weapon… The exchange devolved into physical altercation when Reyes “resisted arrest,” according to a sheriff’s spokeswoman.”

Congress Passes Bill Granting “Unlimited Access to Communications of Every American” (w/Video) – from Right.is – “According to Congressman Justin Amash, Congress just passed a bill, (Dec 11th 2014) which grants the government and law enforcement ‘unlimited access to the communications of every American.’.. When the Michigan lawmaker discovered that the Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 2015 had been amended with a provision that authorizes ‘the acquisition, retention, and dissemination’ of all communications data from U.S. citizens, he desperately attempted to organize a roll call vote on the bill… However, the legislation was passed yesterday 325-100 via a voice vote, a green light for what Amash describes as ‘one of the most egregious sections of law I’ve encountered during my time as a representative.’.. The bill allows the private communications of Americans to be scooped up without a court order and then transferred to law enforcement for criminal investigations.” – With a video covering the Echelon network and the physics behind the placement of the Menwith Hill and Pine Gap bases.

14 Facts That Prove That The Number Of Children Living In Poverty This Christmas Is At A Record High – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “Yes, the U.S. economy is experiencing a temporary bubble of false stability (dead-cat bounce) for the moment, but even during this period of false stability the gap between the wealthy and the poor continues to rapidly expand and the middle class is being systematically destroyed. And, sadly, this is having a disproportionate impact on children… This is happening for a couple of reasons… First of all, poorer households tend to have more children than wealthier households. Secondly, most people tend to have children when they are in their young adult years, and right now young adults are being absolutely hammered by this economy. As a result, things just continue to get even worse for children living in this country.”

“Return to Oz” : A Creepy Disney Movie That is Clearly About Mind Control – by VigilantCitizen.com – “Return to Oz symbolically describes the horrific process of trauma-based mind control as experienced by a young girl. Also known as MKULTRA, mind control is about subjecting victims to trauma that is so intense it cause them dissociate, or disconnect, from reality as a response mechanism to protect their conscious mind. The slave’s handler then creates a programmable alter-persona he can manipulate. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this article: The Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). Through fantasy, Return to Oz describes the programming process of a young girl that has dissociated from reality into a world created by her handler.”

Medical Kidnap: CPS Worker Makes False Medical Diagnosis to Seize 4 Year-old Child from Family – from HealthImpactNews.com – “On April 3, 2014, a child protective services (CPS) worker seized Vanessa’s 4-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son on allegations of medical neglect. Her evidence? The CPS worker, who had adult type 2 diabetes, looked at some archived results in the daughter’s blood glucose meter and—based solely on her own, personal experience with diabetes—determined that the readings were “dangerously high.”… No medical records were reviewed. No doctor was called… Convinced of her own medical expertise, the CPS worker—who had two other caseworkers, a casework supervisor, and an armed police officer with her—removed the 4-year-old diabetic daughter from Vanessa upon threat of arrest. The CPS worker also removed Vanessa’s 7-year-old son, who was perfectly healthy… Think this is outrageous? It only gets worse.

Child-on-CellNew report: Wireless technology causes brain damage – by Jonathan Landsman, NaturalNews.com – “Based on a review of the science released in 2012 and 2013, Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, at Orebro University, Sweden, said, ‘There is a consistent pattern of increased risk for glioma (a malignant brain tumor) and acoustic neuroma with use of mobile and cordless phones.’.. In 2007, the BioInitiative Working Group released a 650-page document with over 2,000 studies linking RF and EMF exposure to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, DNA damage, immune system dysfunction, cellular damage and tissue reduction… In May 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer categorized “radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless cellphone use.”

White House Commission May End Up Training More Cops to Use Military Weapons – A national expert on abusive policing sees Obama making matters worse – by Steven Rosenfeld, Alternet.org – “Peter Kraska: When I testified to the U.S. Senate [in September on militarized tactics seen at the Ferguson protests], the White House ended up getting in touch with me. And they asked me to do some sort of telephone information session where I talked to high-level White House administrators. They were putting this all together and trying to think it through and we had a good two-hour-long conversation. One of the things that concerned me about the conversation, and it concerned me during the U.S. Senate hearing is all of the critique of police militarization would devolve into, ‘Let’s give them more training.’ ”

Latest IPCC Findings Undermine Climate Change Claims – by Roger Andrews, OilPrice.com – “But the report’s mind-numbing length hasn’t stopped people from interpreting it the way they think it should be interpreted. And because no one bothered to read the fine print everyone thinks the IPCC is saying that the adverse impacts of human-caused climate change are already being felt: ‘Rising sea levels threaten every coastline. More powerful storms and floods threaten every continent. More frequent drought and crop failures breed hunger and conflict in places where hunger and conflict already thrive. On shrinking islands, families are already being forced to flee their homes as climate refugees.’ (etc., etc.)… But that isn’t what the IPCC is saying. A single sentence on page 4 of the Summary for Policymakers puts the IPCC’s conclusions in a different perspective: ‘Attribution of observed impacts in the WGII AR5 generally links responses of natural and human systems to observed climate change, regardless of its cause.’ ” (emph. added)

The Big Torture Story Everyone Is Missing – The Media Is Focusing On the WRONG Senate Torture Report – by WashingtonsBlog, InformationClearingHouse.info – ” ‘The Jessen notes clearly state the totality of what was being reverse-engineered – not just ‘enhanced interrogation techniques,’ but an entire program of exploitation of prisoners using torture as a central pillar,’ he said. ‘What I think is important to note, as an ex-SERE Resistance to Interrogation instructor, is the focus of Jessen’s instruction. It is EXPLOITATION, not specifically interrogation. And this is not a picayune issue, because if one were to ‘reverse-engineer’ a course on resistance to exploitation then what one would get is a plan to exploit prisoners, not interrogate them. The CIA/DoD torture program appears to have the same goals as the terrorist organizations or enemy governments for which SV-91 and other SERE courses were created to defend against: the full exploitation of the prisoner in his intelligence, propaganda, or other needs held by the detaining power, such as the recruitment of informers and double agents. Those aspects of the US detainee program have not generally been discussed as part of the torture story in the American press.’ ”

EPIC FAIL: EU Now Demanding Russian ‘Bail Out’ for Both Ukraine and Brussels – by 21stCenturyWire and Eric Zuesse – “So, now Russia is not only being blamed for supporting the residents whom Western aristocrats want to exterminate, but the propagandists for western aristocracies are already starting to blame Russia for not bailing out Western taxpayers — the people who will be absorbing the losses no matter what, even if aristocrats’ business-bets on Ukraine score those ‘entrepreneurs’ a few gains… Few people are stupid enough to think that Russia will bail out the West for its aggression against Russia and against Ukraine’s ethnic Russians. However, the propaganda-campaign to blame Russia for Ukraine’s coming economic collapse is already well under way.”

Not Just Oil: Guess What Happened The Last Time Commodity Prices Crashed Like This?…- by Michael Snyder, TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com – “In other words, prices for industrial commodities usually start to move in a particular direction before the overall economy does. We witnessed this in the summer of 2008 when a crash in commodity prices preceded the financial crisis in the fall by a couple of months. And right now, we are witnessing what may be another major collapse in commodity prices. In recent weeks, the price of copper has declined substantially. So has the price of iron ore. So has the price of nickel. So has the price of aluminum. You get the idea. So this isn’t just about oil. This is a broad-based commodity decline, and if it continues it is really bad news for the U.S. economy.”

For the week of 12/1/14:

Alayne_FleischmannMust Read: The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare – By Matt Taibbi, RollingStone.com – “Back in 2006, as a deal manager at the gigantic bank, Fleischmann first witnessed, then tried to stop, what she describes as “massive criminal securities fraud” in the bank’s mortgage operations… Thanks to a confidentiality agreement, she’s kept her mouth shut since then. ‘My closest family and friends don’t know what I’ve been living with,’ she says. ‘Even my brother will only find out for the first time when he sees this interview.’.. Six years after the crisis that cratered the global economy, it’s not exactly news that the country’s biggest banks stole on a grand scale. That’s why the more important part of Fleischmann’s story is in the pains Chase and the Justice Department took to silence her… She was blocked at every turn: by asleep-on-the-job regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission, by a court system that allowed Chase to use its billions to bury her evidence, and, finally, by officials like outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, the chief architect of the crazily elaborate government policy of surrender, secrecy and cover-up. ‘Every time I had a chance to talk, something always got in the way,’ Fleischmann says.”

isisfighterUS Never Intended to Defeat ISIS – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “Considering the hysteria generated by ISIS’ alleged global exploits, it should then be infinitely curious to readers who happen across US policymakers claiming that ISIS may pose a threat, but constitutes by far a lesser threat than Iran or Syria – the two principle nations leading the real fight against ISIS and its international sponsors. Furthermore, US policymakers claim there is no urgency to defeat ISIS, and it should instead be “contained.” Of course, this “containment” will be within states targeted by US-backed regime change – serving as a convenient agent of destruction, destabilization, and perhaps even regime change itself. “

Jen Eramith ~ What Energy And Experiences Can We Expect In December 2014? – “Focus on conversations this month. Strive to have conversations as soon as you and the other person are ready to negotiate, resolve, or discuss something.” – from ShiftFrequency.com – “It will be very important this month that all of you try to move ahead with whatever changes are happening in your life. Do not hold onto resentment, do not procrastinate, and do not wait for things to make sense. Make a decision and move forward, then make the next decision and move forward again. If you feel unsure, try something and then adjust along the way. It will not serve any of you to stop and wait for more information. The world will pass you by if you wait. Your decisions will be made for you if you do not make them quickly. Instead of rushing, simply be sure to step forward in every way you can with certainty and grace.”

Turkey-Syrian_Border-TrucksGermany’s DW Reports ISIS Supply Lines Originate in NATO’s Turkey (w/video) – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “While DW’s report claims no one knows who is arranging the shipments, it does reveal that the very torrent of trucks its film crew documented was officially denied by the Turkish government in Ankara. It is a certainty that Turkey is not only aware of this, but directly complicit, as is NATO who has feigned a desire to defeat ISIS but has failed to expose and uproot ISIS’ multinational sponsorship and more importantly, has refused to cut its supply lines – an elementary prerequisite of any military strategy.”

MH17: Malaysia’s Barring from Investigation Reeks of Cover-up – by Ulson Gunnar, ActivistPost.com – “The Malaysian Insider cited Malaysian scholar Dr. Chandra Muzaffar who believes the decision to exclude his country from the investigation is politically motivated, aiming at excluding members that may urge caution and objectivity instead of draw conclusions first and bend the investigation’s results around those conclusions. In particular, Dr. Muzaffar believes that the investigations is intentionally being skewed to target Russia… Ukraine’s involvement in the investigation is particularly troublesome.”

Ibragim_Todashev2Shocking new information in Tsarnaev case casts doubt on official story about the killing of Ibragim Todashev – from PrivacySOS.org – “By claiming to possess “no evidence” that Tamerlan was involved in the slayings, the DOJ might very well succeed in its goal to keep secret records related to the Waltham investigation and sought by the defense. But the reversal also comes at a cost: the federal government’s credibility. The back and forth—first Tamerlan did it, now he didn’t—raises troubling questions about the accuracy of official leaks pertaining to not just the murders, but also the circumstances surrounding the death of a Chechen immigrant at the FBI’s hands in May 2013.

Police Beat, Taser, and Shoot Man 23 Times, Killing Him for Walking Down the Street – by John Vibes, 12160.info – “After the shooting, police can be seen pacing around the body and tampering with the crime scene. Later, it was revealed that the police officers there tried to plant multiple knives on his body and claim that he “had a knife.” However, the officers did such a poor job at covering their tracks while planting the weapon that they could not even enter it as evidence in the case… One of the officers even went so far as to say that he was stabbed, although it was later found that he was not stabbed, and no knife belonging to Jones was actually found or entered as evidence… The cover-up didnt stop there, when the police finally released the dash-cam footage it was obviously tampered with, large segments of audio and video were missing from the footage, and the time-stamps did not even match up. Even with the edits, the dash-cam footage does provide a number of clues into what actually took place, including one admission from an officer who said ‘he wasn’t “f****** doing nothing – so we all shot him’.”

mek-drillingIsraeli agents training MKO terrorists in Jordan: Report – from PressTV.ir – “According to sources, who declined to be named, the MKO terrorists are undergoing training on how to conduct terrorist operations in Iran and Iraq and receiving technical as well as information technology (IT) training from Israeli agents… This is the first time it is revealed that anti-Iran MKO terrorists are being trained in Jordan along the border with Saudi Arabia… Earlier reports had revealed that radical extremists are receiving terror training in Jordan before being sent into Syria and Iraq to carry out bomb attacks and join the ranks of the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front, ISIL Takfiri militants and other terrorist groups operating inside both violence-plagued Arab countries… The MKO fled to Iraq in 1986, where it enjoyed the support of Iraq’s executed dictator Saddam Hussein, and set up its camp near the Iranian border.”

Palestinian_Flag-demoIsraeli Counterterrorism Bill Bans Palestinian Flag – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca – “(1) Automatic citizenship or residency revocation if convicted of anything Israel calls terrorism. Including legitimate resistance. On release, deported to Gaza or outside territory Israel controls… (2) Immediate home demolitions. Within 24 hours. By court order. As soon as targeted individuals are identified… (3) Families of “terrorists” denied funeral rights. Bodies buried in undisclosed unmarked graves. In state cemeteries. Access to their locations prohibited… (4) Automatic interior ministry citizenship or residency status revocation. For anyone convicted of throwing Molotov cocktails or firecrackers…
On release, immediate deportation to Gaza or outside territory Israel controls… (5) Immediate detention of anyone committing anything Israel calls terrorism. Incitement. Waving Palestinian flags during prohibited demonstrations or marches… Other flags or symbols of nations Israel considers hostile to its interests. Loss of social benefits permanently on conviction. Driving rights for 10 years… Restricted movements up to five years on release. By court order…” – etc.

Aiming for Two Militant Leaders in Pakistan, U.S. Drone Pilots Killed 233 People, including 89 Children – from AllGov.com – A study (pdf) by Reprieve, a group that works against the death penalty and other government killing, showed that not only are many innocent lives lost in the attacks, but the actual targets are often missed. That can result in some being “killed” multiple times. Reprieve found 41 men whose deaths had been reported multiple times but remained alive while as many as 1,147 civilians in the kill zone died.

Ashton_Carter-McCainTHE UGLY RECORD OF THE NEXT DEFENSE SECRETARY – by Mike King, TomatoBubble.com – “That’s the bad news. Upon taking a closer look at the next Defense Secretary, we are unhappy to report that Carter’s record is actually worse than that; much worse! Have a stiff drink and take a whiff of these resume bullet-points: • Oxford Rhodes Scholar (A Globalist training program) • 1984: Co-authored ‘Directed Energy Missile Defense in Space’ (later used on 9/11, as proven by Dr. Judy Wood) • 1991: Co-authored ‘Control of the Nuclear Arsenal in a Disintegrating Soviet Union’ • 2001: Co-authored ‘Keeping the Edge: Managing Defense for the Future’ • 2006: While at Harvard, urged George Bush to threaten to bomb North Korea • 2009: One of the legal architects behind Obongo’s policy on Predator drone killings”

Police state run amok as 40 federal agencies now deploying undercover agents as doctors, ministers, protesters and more – J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “Government agencies are defending the practice – as you might expect – as a powerful new tool that they can use to collect evidence without having to rely on standard law enforcement techniques. They say such methods tend to lead to more cases and more prosecutions… However, some say the additional undercover work is merely ensuring that taxpayer dollars are properly protected and that government operations function as planned and prescribed. But others – especially civil libertarians – worry about abuses of constitutional rights they say almost always accompany heavier federal agency police practices.

Madame_MerkelThe EU to Become a “U.S. Colony”? – The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would Abolish Europe’s Sovereignty.
Is Madame Merkel Betraying the EU – Endangering the Lives of Future European Generations with her Push for the Nefarious TTIP? – by Peter Koenig, GlobalResearch.ca – “Negotiation documents are to be kept under vaults for 30 years. Outside this EU special committee, EU and member countries parliamentarians have no access to the details of the contract… Why is that, if the TTIP is to bring benefits to the peoples of both sides of the Atlantic? – Because this assumption is an illusion. In fact, officials of both sides of the Atlantic unofficially admit ‘the main goal of TTIP is to remove regulatory ‘barriers’ which restrict the potential profits to be made by transnational corporations.’ These ‘hindrances’ include labor rights, food safety rules (including limitations on GMOs), environmental and health restrictions, such as the use of toxic chemicals, as well as regulations on digital privacy and – the newly introduced banking safeguards.”

Will Crashing Oil Prices Prevent Economic Collapse or Speed It Up? – by Eric Blair, ActivistPost.com – “I posit that the Federal Reserve directly caused this oil crash when it curbed Quantitative Easing in October. Quantitative Easing is basically an ongoing bailout of insolvent commercial/investment banks where the new money was largely used to prop up asset prices (stocks, commodities, real estate, etc.). Many analysts assumed that the tapering of QE would cause stock prices to crash which hasn’t happened yet. They weren’t wrong. It’s just that the collapse of asset values back to reality is beginning with oil instead of stocks.”

Iran-F4-in_DiyalaWar with Isis: Iran joins ‘Great Satan’s’ fight against militants with bombing raids over Iraq – by Patrick Coburn, Independent.co.uk – “Iran, however, denies that any of its planes are carrying out combat missions in Iraq. The raids are said to have taken place in Diyala province on the border with Iran, where there has been heavy fighting for months between Isis fighters, Shia militias and Kurdish Peshmerga. Isis has recently been driven out of the towns of Jalawla and Saadiyah… An Iraqi security expert, Hisham al-Hashimi, told a news agency that 10 days ago: ‘Iranian planes hit some targets in Diyala. Of course, the government denies it because they have no radars.’ Film appears to show an F-4 in action, a type of aircraft only used by Iran and Turkey.”

Greg-n-Max_EckenrodeBoy Removed from Family – Father Jailed Over Lyme Disease Disagreement – by Christina England, HealthImpactNews.com – “Not knowing there was a problem, however, Jasmine and Max reportedly had gone to stay with friends in California while Greg remained at home to search for a more suitable home for the family… After compiling their reports, CPS allegedly went to the family home, only to find that Max and his mother were not there. Concerned that the family had left the premises to avoid further involvement, CPS allegedly claimed custody of Max and issued warrants for the pair to be detained… In court a few days later, Greg reports how he became confused with brain fog, a symptom of Lyme disease, and was unable tell the court where his family was residing. This allegedly resulted in him being sentenced to 180 days in prison, for being in contempt of court.”

U.S. govt. to black out all news sites on the web (?) – trial run tested in California (?) – huge upcoming event? – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “As reported by Before It’s News, which cited reporting from regular news sources: ‘The blocking included popular sites like Before It’s News, Drudge Report, CNN, MSNBC, Natural News, The Epoch Times, Instapundit and others. The Chinese version of Epoch Times was unaffected, indicating it was targeted to English language news web sites. A blank white screen and “couldn’t connect” message were the result after the request timed out.’.. The Before It’s News site and others noted that the outages lasted for several hours and ended around 10 am Pacific Time Wednesday. And only news sites — certain news sites — were blocked… Independent news site WorldNetDaily was also blocked for a time, according to published reports.”

US Declares War on Russia (Step One) – from 21stCenturyWire.com – “In all but name, this US resolution is preliminary declaration of war, moving Washington right up to the final step, which is a formal declaration of war. Based on its recent record of engaging in foreign conflicts, it is unlikely a final declaration will come, as the US has already set numerous precedents already by waging Wiemar-style undeclared wars, or by simply bypassing its domestic checks-and-balances by waging any war through NATO.”

The Ebola outbreak: U.S. sponsored bioterror gone awry? – from NaturalNews.com – “In closing, please note that the U.S. act of bioterror explanation economically accounts for all three U.S. lies discussed in the article. It explains why the U.S. government is lying about the airborne status of Ebola, why the U.S. government/MSM hybrid is in no hurry to disclose the geographical and virological novelties of the Guinea variant, and, finally, why the U.S. government, out of one side of its mouth, wants to act like its “miracle experimental drug” had to be pried out of its greedy and comprehensive regulatory hands… It must be stated, though, that there is one last possibility after all, which is that the Dr. Kent Brantly miracle recovery is no real recovery at all.”

Franchi-FluShotFlu Shot Fail: Vaccine Chiefs Forced to Admit it Won’t Work – by 21stCenturyWire and Gary Franchi – “Despite numerous feverish attempts by pro-pharma internet gatekeepers to save the flu shot’s sinking reputation, the jury should really be in on this modern day bottle of snake oil… Any decent, honest physician will tell you that the the seasonal Flu mutates like mad, and that there are many dozens of different strains making people sick, and when Big Pharma rolls out its annual Flu vaccine – it simply cannot protect you against most of these strains floating around… ‘There’s a little bit of a guessing game each year. Sometimes it’s not a good match,’ admits Dr. Alicia Fry, a physician with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention’s Influenza Division.”

Education programming 101: destroy logic – by Jon Rappoport, ActivistPost.com – “One by one, core ideas fall to the ax, and finally they cease to exist at all… (To argue that very bad people have taken over an idea, and therefore the idea itself was never good, is like arguing that, since hijackers took over a plane, the plane was a despicable object altogether and probably deserved to be stolen or blown up.).. You might be surprised by the number of people who believe that the value of an idea depends entirely on who expressed the idea. If the wrong person first expressed it, it was never worthy.”

Junk_Bonds_Falling‘Near Perfect’ Indicator That Precedes Almost Every Stock Market Correction Is Flashing A Warning Signal – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “But these days so many people are in denial. The stock market has been soaring for so long that many skeptics are now proclaiming that another 2008-style crash will never happen. Even though the fact that we are in the midst of an absolutely insane financial bubble should be glaringly obvious to anyone with half a brain, these skeptics have convinced themselves that the current state of affairs can persist indefinitely.”

Sadly, it looks like what is about to hit us in 2015 is going to serve as a very rude wake up call for them and for the millions of other Americans that currently have their heads in the sand.

New_HorizonsNASA Pluto probe wakes up after 9-year slumber in space – from RT.com – “It took 4 hours and 25 minutes for the signal to cover 4.7 billion kilometers and reach the mission operations team at Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), where the New Horizons was designed and manufactured… At the moment the probe is a ‘mere’ 260 million kilometers from Pluto… ‘We’ve worked years to prepare for this moment,’ said Mark Holdridge, New Horizons encounter mission manager at APL, as quoted by the University’s HUB news network… ‘New Horizons might have spent most of its cruise time across nearly three billion miles of space sleeping, but our team has done anything but, conducting a flawless flight past Jupiter just a year after launch, putting the spacecraft through annual workouts, plotting out each step of the Pluto flyby and even practicing the entire Pluto encounter on the spacecraft. We are ready to go.’ ”

Very fine OpEdTERMINATOR: Revelation of the Coming A.I. Takeover – by Shawn Helton, 21stCenturyWire.com – “The goal is thus to attain full autonomy, with attack systems functioning to spot targets and threats ahead of time using predictive templates, something like a military version of pre-crime. Just like Minority Report, the decision of Skynet as to who will constitute a future threat and must therefore be eliminated (without any trial or due process) is to be determined by predictive algorithms!.. The justification of the preemptive iStrike doctrine is, of course, a ‘wartime scenario’ but all this legalese shuffling around means all humans are potential threats in a global wartime scenario. While the majority of mankind still thinks the battlefield of life is competition between nation states and rival corporations, the globalists have already planned decades ahead in their white papers for scenarios of universal, perpetual war theater engaged against the ‘insurgent’ population of humanity en masse.”

Valerie_JareskoUkraine’s Made-in-USA Finance Minister – by Robert Parry, InformationClearingHouse.com – ” ‘When Jaresko realized the beans were spilling, she sent (ex-husband) Figlus a reminder that he had signed a non-disclosure agreement’ and secured a temporary injunction in Delaware on behalf of Horizon Capital and EEGF to prevent Figlus from further revealing company secrets, Helmer wrote… ‘It hasn’t been rare for American spouses to go into the asset management business in the former Soviet Union, and make profits underwritten by the US Government with information supplied from their US Government positions or contacts,’ Helmer continued. ‘It is exceptional for them to fall out over the loot.’..
Jaresco, who served in the U.S. Embassy in Kiev after the collapse of the Soviet Union, has said that Western NIS Enterprise Fund was ‘funded by the U.S. government to invest in small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine and Moldova – in essence, to ‘kick-start’ the private equity industry in the region.’.. While the ultimate success of that U.S.-funded endeavor may still be unknown, it is clear that the U.S. AID money did ‘kick-start’ Jaresco’s career in equity investments and put her on the path that has now taken her to the job of Ukraine’s new finance minister. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko cited her experience in these investment fields to explain his unusual decision to bring in an American to run Ukraine’s finances and grant her citizenship.”

israelmedic-terroristUN report reveals Israeli links with Syria Takfiris – from PressTV.ir – “The UNDOF further said they saw Israeli soldiers ‘on the eastern side of the border fence opening the gate and letting two people enter Israel.’.. The peacekeepers also acknowledged that Israel has been admitting injured militants for medical treatment in Safed and Nahariya hospitals… ‘UNDOF observed at least 10 wounded persons being transferred by armed members of the opposition from the Bravo side across the ceasefire line,’ according to the report… The UN observers said in the report that they identified ‘soldiers on the Israeli side handing over two boxes to armed Syrian opposition members on the Syrian side.’ ”

Huge Win for Turkey – Big Win For Russia – Historic Loss for EU – by Pepe Escobar, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Russia still gets to build a pipeline under the Black Sea – but now redirected to Turkey and, crucially, pumping the same amount of gas South Stream would. Not to mention Russia gets to build a new LNG (liquefied natural gas) central hub in the Mediterranean. Thus Gazprom has not spent $5 billion in vain (finance, engineering costs)… The redirection makes total business sense. Turkey is Gazprom’s second biggest customer after Germany. And much bigger than Bulgaria, Hungary, and Austria combined… Russia also advances a unified gas distribution network capable of delivering natural gas from anywhere in Russia to any hub alongside Russia’s borders… And as if it was needed, Russia gets yet another graphic proof that its real growth market in the future is Asia, especially China – not a fearful, stagnated, austerity-devastated, politically paralyzed EU.”

The Dirty Little Secret behind the “Global Terrorism Index” (GTI) – The Omission of Israeli Terrorism in the Occupied Palestinian Territories – by Karin Brothers, GlobalResearch.ca – “The Israeli settlements — all of which are illegal – have been identified as a major impediment to peace. The refusal of a major “global” terrorism report to name the Israeli settlers as one of the groups most responsible for terrorism not only misrepresents a major source of regional violence but exposes the Global Terrorism Index as a propaganda tool that supports a U.S. agenda… In recent years, governments have been attempting to thwart terrorism by blocking supportive fund-raising. When it comes to Israeli settlements, however, the US and Canada actually encourage fund-raising by giving organizations (such as Christian Friends of Israeli Communities (CFOIC) and the Jewish National Fund) financial support in the form of donor tax-deductions.”

For the week of 11/24/14:

Poroshenko-n-JoeEurope Veering From US Abyss Over Russia? – by Finian Cunningham, StrategicCulture.org – ” teinmeier met with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in which the pair stressed the need to find a political end to the violence in Ukraine. The German diplomat – the first high-level European envoy to Moscow in several months – also talked about normalising relations between his country and Russia and of finding a way to rescind the economic sanctions that Brussels has imposed on Moscow over recent months… EU ministers in Brussels balked at imposing a fourth round of sanctions earlier this week, showing a growing division over the policy among European governments.”

GMO_Canola-ProtesterGMO victory: European states free to ‘opt out’ of biotechnology – by Jonathan Benson, NaturalNews.com – “A regulatory scheme that would have barred individual European nations from deciding for themselves whether or not to allow the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has been rejected after the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to scrap it… The European Commission had passed a law prohibiting individual EU member nations from banning any GMOs that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) had already declared to be safe. This was quickly met with resistance by European nations such as France, which lean more toward opposing biotechnology.”

Bill Passed: EPA Must Take Advice from Industry Shills, NOT from Independent Scientists – by Daisy Luther, TheOrganicPrepper.ca – “The bill would prevent scientists from voting on the release into the environment of a chemical by their employers. Nevertheless, they would be allowed to vote to release a nearly identical chemical, Grifo notes, including some that would set a precedent that would be very useful to the company in future decisions… More insidiously, research scientists are barred under the act from advising on any topic that might ‘directly or indirectly involve review and evaluation of their own work’. In other words, the only people barred from advising the EPA on a particular chemical are those who have actually studied its toxicity or effect on the environment.”

John_ConyersHow the Israel Lobby Protected Ukrainian Neo-Nazis – Rep. John Conyers wanted to block U.S. funding to neo-Nazis in Ukraine. But the ADL and Simon Wiesenthal Center refused to help – by Max Blumenthal, Alternet.org – “If passed, Conyers’ amendment would have explicitly barred those found to have offered “praise or glorification of Nazism or its collaborators, including through the use of white supremacist, neo-Nazi, or other similar symbols” from receiving any form of support from the US Department of Defense… The amendment was presented by congressional staffers to lobbyists from Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, two of the country’s largest established Jewish pressure groups. Despite their stated mission to combat anti-Semitism and violent extremism, the ADL and Wiesenthal Center refused to support Jeffries and Conyers’ proposal.”

Frack-OffFracking could be as damaging as thalidomide, tobacco and asbestos, government’s Chief Scientific Adviser warns in new report – by Lewis Smith, Independent.co.uk – “Drawing a direct comparison with fracking technology chief scientist Mark Walport’s annual report said: “History presents plenty of examples of innovation trajectories that later proved to be problematic — for instance involving asbestos, benzene, thalidomide, dioxins, lead in petrol, tobacco, many pesticides, mercury, chlorine and endocrine-disrupting compounds, as well as CFCs, high-sulphur fuels and fossil fuels in general… ‘In all these and many other cases, delayed recognition of adverse effects incurred not only serious environmental or health impacts, but massive expense and reductions in competitiveness for firms and economies persisting in the wrong path.’ ”

Huge amounts of carcinogenic chemicals contaminate air near fracking sites – by Julie Wilson, NaturalNews.com – “Only through observation have scientists begun to learn exactly which chemicals are being injected at high pressures into the earth, as the industry believes proprietary rights trump the public’s right to know about which chemicals make up fracking mixtures… Scientists have observed eight poisonous chemicals near fracking wells in Arkansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wyoming, all of which have exceeded the federal recommended limit. Benzene, a known carcinogen, as well as formaldehyde, were the most common. Hydrogen sulfide, responsible for a range of health effects including death, was also found.”

VA labels veterans ‘incompetent’ to handle finances, stripping them of the right to purchase and own guns – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “As reported by WorldNetDaily in 2013, many have been deprived of their Second Amendment rights simply because of an arbitrary decision made by VA bureaucrats: ‘The Obama administration insists it’s routine for officials to send out letters informing veterans that an unidentified “report” indicates they may be declared incompetent and consequently stripped of their Second Amendment rights.’.. Of course, this is the same administration that warned in a 2009 report that vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan ‘possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to right-wing extremists.’ ”

Meet Ukraine’s Master Mass-Murderer: Dmitriy Yarosh – by Eric Zuesse, RINF.com – “As Yarosh said this past March in an interview with Newsweek, he has ‘been training paramilitary troops for almost 25 years,’ and his ‘divisions are constantly growing all over Ukraine, but over 10,000 people for sure.’ More recently, in October, a pro-Government Ukrainian site interviewed Yarosh and he mentioned specifically a “DUC,” or Volunteer Ukrainian Corps of fighters. He was then asked ‘How many soldiers in DUC?’ and he answered, ‘About seven thousand men.’ These would be his real military force, by far the biggest private army in Ukraine. So, in his private files are everyone’s individual background and skill-level as a “paramilitary,” or far-right mercenary, and they all respect and obey him as the top man. He is the indispensable person in this new Ukraine.”

Federal government to monitor Twitter, track conservative users, determine what is either ‘true’ or ‘hate speech’ – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “In August, The Washington Free Beacon, an investigative news website that focuses primarily on exposing government abuses of power, reported that the Obama Administration was committing $1 million in tax money to the creation of an online database that was to track “misinformation” and so-called “hate speech” on Twitter social media feeds… The report noted that the project was being financed by the National Science Foundation (NSF) — an “independent” agency created by the National Science Foundation Act of 1950, to ‘increase the Nation’s base of scientific and engineering knowledge and strengthen its ability to conduct research in all areas of science and engineering,’ among other things, according to the Federal Register site of government agencies.”

Vladivostok France ‘blocks’ Russian sailors from boarding a warship – by Adam Withnall, Independent.co.uk – “President Hollande has spent months resisting calls to cancel the deal altogether in response to what David Cameron has described as ‘Russia’s illegal actions in Ukraine’, but has reportedly delayed the handover of the first of the two ships until the ceasefire in the conflict region is ‘fully observed’… Russia has warned that France will be subject to huge compensation fees if it does not give up control of the vessel, named the Vladivostok, before the end of November. It was supposed to be handed over on 14 November, the Russian news agency Itar-Tass reported.”

Fukushima Clean-Up Based On Shady Science And Tax Payer Rip-Off – by Richard Wilcox, PhD, ActivistPost.com – “The ice wall was chosen for shady scientific reasons and quite likely because Tepco could get further bail out money from the taxpayer. The contradictory logic of Tepco, on the one hand to say the ice wall is the best solution, while on the other that it is a less-than-proven-experiment is illogical and dishonest… Tepco was warned by other experts about the potential failure of the project when it was initiated in June, 2014 (10). Why not implement the simplest, cheapest, most effective idea to begin with, and in the meantime carry out experiments with the ice wall to see if it could work or be made to work? Tepco prefers an ad hoc, willy nilly approach rather than a rigorous scientific one that would look at the problem from every angle.”

Jonathan_Gruber2Obamacare architect Gruber boasts that aborting babies has saved the government billions – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “Regarding his abortion paper — a sanitized version of which was published in the Review of Economics and Statistics in 2009 — Gruber, Levine and Staiger argued that, in permitting a larger number of ‘non-marginal’ children, future American children would have better odds of being raised in a two-parent family, a better likelihood of graduating college and less of a chance of being on welfare… ‘They qualified their argument, concluding aborting ‘marginal children’ would reduce future welfare costs if there are no geographic or financial restrictions to accessing government-approved and sponsored abortion at will,’ WND reported.”

2.5 million children in US homeless – from PressTV.ir – “A new report says a record 2.5 million children, nearly one child in every 30, were homeless across the United States in 2013… The report issued by the National Center on Family Homelessness on Monday showed an 8 percent increase in homeless children compared to 2012… homeless children show higher rates of developmental problems and mental health needs… In 2010, there were 1.6 million homeless children in the US… According to the report, the high poverty rate is the main cause of child homelessness… The authors of the report also rank the states on a variety of factors related to child homelessness… According to the report, children in southern states experience higher homelessness, with Alabama, Mississippi, California, Arkansas and New Mexico dominating the bottom of the group’s overall ranking.”

Baby_Levi-w-momBreastfed, Homebirthed Babies Taken Away From Parents For Not Using Hospital – by Terri LaPoint, HealthImpactNews.com – “On November 6, CPS showed up at the front door while Erica was softly singing and playing her guitar to her resting babies. When she checked the door, they told her that they were there to take her children, citing neglect for not giving Levi steroids for his eczema, and the home-birth without medical prenatal care with the twins, as well as the allegations of abuse, accusations which Erica had already assured them were completely unfounded. She also had prenatal care, just not with a doctor… With one baby on her back, the frightened mother fled out the back door with her children to a neighbor’s house, but police and CPS “hunted her down,” and took all three breastfed babies from their mothers’ arms. The twins were 5 weeks old… Erica broke down into sobs as I spoke with her. ‘My children were safe and healthy with me.’ Since they have been taken by CPS, Daniel has reportedly had pneumonia, and Levi has reportedly been diagnosed with “behavioral problems” because he screams and cries all the time.”

Did They Want More Violence In Ferguson? – 10 ‘Coincidences’ Too Glaring To Ignore – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “#1 Federal, state and local law enforcement authorities had more than three months to prepare for the violence that would follow the announcement of the grand jury decision. The mainstream media endlessly hyped this controversy and everyone knew that trouble would be brewing. But despite an enormous amount of time to prepare, very little was actually done to prevent any violence from happening… #2 Someone made the decision to make the public announcement about the grand jury decision in the evening. Anyone involved in law enforcement knows that crowd control is far more difficult after dark. This also ensured that instead of being tied up with work or school, a maximum number of protesters would be able to be involved in the violence.”

The Police in This City Haven’t Killed Anyone in Five Years – by Joshua Krause, ActivistPost.com – “What we as average citizens should take from this, is that most police involved shootings are completely unnecessary. Despite the cries of “officer safety” we hear so often from the media, the cops aren’t in as much danger as they’d like us to think. The ball is entirely in their court when it comes to the number of people they “have” to kill to protect themselves… When the cops are better trained, face tougher scrutiny, and stop being so damn paranoid about the people they’re supposed to protect, nobody has to die.”

For the week of 11/17/14:

Rus-Chnl1-Sat_Image-MH17-eIs this the moment MH17 was shot down as it flew over Ukraine? – Russian state broadcaster produces ‘satellite images’ showing alleged fighter jet attack, by Will Stewart, Dailymail.co.uk – “Russia has argued an unidentified plane was in vicinity at the time of the crash, and that Ukraine and the West have hushed up this fact… The Kremlin-owned channel’s presenter said: ‘Today we have all grounds to suppose that a State crime was committed by those who deliberately destroyed the plane. And by those who are cynically hiding it, having the full information.’.. The extraordinary broadcast came ahead of Western leaders including David Cameron confronting Vladimir Putin over the crash at a summit in Australia… Channel One claimed: ‘We have at our disposal a sensational shot, supposedly made by foreign satellite spy during the final seconds of MH17 above Ukraine.’ ”

Police expert: War on terror has turned our cops into occupying armies — and we’re the enemy – by Travis Gettys, RawStory.com – ” ‘I think what has happened as a direct result of that, is that those relationships that we forged, and worked so hard to attain and to maintain in the late 1980s and early 1990s, began to erode because the police were seen, particularly in communities of color, as an army of occupation,’ Nolan said… ‘If you dress police officers up as soldiers and you put them in military vehicles and you give them military weapons, they adopt a warrior mentality,’ he continued. ‘We fight wars against enemies, and the enemies are the people who live in our cities – particularly in communities of color.’ ”

Paul-Craig-Roberts-2A Global House Of Cards – by Paul Craig Roberts, PaulCraigRoberts.org – “In the US QE caused inflation in stock and bond prices as most of the liquidity provided went into financial markets instead of into consumers’ pockets. There is more consumer price inflation than the official inflation measures report, as the measures are designed to under-report inflation, thereby saving money on COLA adjustments, but the main effect of QE has been unrealistic stock and bond prices… The Bank of Japan’s hopes are that raw material and energy import prices will rise as the exchange value of yen falls, and that these higher costs will be passed along in consumer prices, pushing up inflation and stimulating economic growth. Japan is betting its economy on a discredited theory.

Can The President Really Make Law? – by Clint Richardson, RealityBloger.com – “Without this power and authority, congress would need to once again recognize the limitations to itself by the constitution, for necessity knows no constitution, either… Until you stand up, foreigners are going to come. Illegal wars will be waged. Oppression will ensue. And the president will be dictator with the full and unfettered legal support of you, the People, as re-presented in congress… The truth is that you are a militarily and politically defeated people… You perish from lack of knowledge… And admitting that is the first step…”

Ebola – A Manmade Disaster…For Diamonds – by PD Lawton, Rense.com – “Liberian diamonds are 25% gem quality. 40% near gem and 35% industrial. The Star of Sierra Leone was dug up in the Koidu area in 1972. It is the largest alluvial diamond ever discovered. It is 968.9-carat and is of perfect chemical purity. It was sold to a private buyer for $2.5 million 42 years ago… In neighbouring Sierra Leone, an Israeli mining magnate and member of the shining super-rich elite, Beny Steinmetz is operating within the Koidu area with his Octea Group, part of Steinmetz BSG Resources. Beny Steinmetz is connected to Dan Gertler connected to Maurice Tempelsman connected to diamond mining genocide wherever they go especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo… If you think that diamonds cannot be the reason for the destabilization of entire nations, then think again.

im-telling-you-the-man-and-the-dog-are-working-togetherWill Scripted Ferguson Agenda Overshadow the Executive Amnesty Announcement? – by Melissa Melton, ActivistPost.com – “The Michael Brown/Darren Wilson case in Ferguson, Missouri has blown up. It has been engineered to do so. See the article below on just how highly organized, scripted and surely funded this thing has become. A state of emergency has preemptively been declared for 30 days in Missouri before the grand jury’s decision has even been announced. “Planned responses” (not protests) have been organized for 83 cities across the nation and Canada. They are even holding informational meetings and ‘direct action trainings’ in the lead up to the decision. The cops are stocking up on riot gear and rubber bullets. Residents are emptying gun stores.”

California Tells Court It Can’t Release Inmates Early Because It Would Lose Cheap Prison Labor – by Nicole Flatow, CommonDreams.org – “The debate centers around an expansive state program to have inmates fight wildfires. California is one of several states that employs prison labor to fight wildfires. And it has the largest such program, as the state’s wildfire problem rapidly expands arguably because of climate change. By employing prison inmates who are paid less than $2 per day, the state saves some $1 billion, according to a recent BuzzFeed feature of the practice. California relies upon that labor source, and only certain classes of nonviolent inmates charged with lower level offenses are eligible for the selective program. They must then meet physical and other criteria.

Polar_Vortex-IceStormEngineered Snowstorms, What Are They Spraying? – by Dane Wigington, GeoengineeringWatch.org – “All need to awaken to the gravity of the issues we face. Of all the challenges, global climate engineering warrants a top priority position. The dire ramifications of these catastrophic programs can not be overstated. The responsibility of sounding the alarm rests on each and every one of us. If we work together, we can bring the crimes of climate engineering to light and to a halt.

Federal government to monitor Twitter, track conservative users, determine what is either ‘true’ or ‘hate speech’ – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “The report noted that the project was being financed by the National Science Foundation (NSF) — an “independent” agency created by the National Science Foundation Act of 1950, to “increase the Nation’s base of scientific and engineering knowledge and strengthen its ability to conduct research in all areas of science and engineering,” among other things, according to the Federal Register site of government agencies… The aim of the NSF project was to create a web service designed to monitor ‘suspicious memes’ and what project directors deemed ‘false and misleading ideas.’ A major focus, the WFB reported in August, was ‘political activity online.’ ”

Sheriff_WhiteSWAT Team attacks homeschoolers with Tasers, pepper spray in warrantless raid – from Examiner.com – “When Laura closed the front door, Glidden continued triggering the Taser through the closed door. Then White joined in the attack. “Together they forced open the door and found Laura and Jason lying on the floor,” HSLDA said. They “slapped Laura, knocking her glasses off of her face, they threatened to shoot the family dog, they threw a telephone across the room, called Laura a ‘liar,’ handcuffed the parents and threatened to let Jason fall down.”

Local judge unseals hundreds of highly secret cell tracking court records – Stingray docs unsealed by North Carolina judge could prompt wave of new appeals – by Cyrus Farivar, ArsTechnica.com – “Relatively little is known about precisely how stingrays are used by law enforcement agencies nationwide, although more and more documents have surfaced showing how they’ve been purchased and used in limited instances. Last year, Ars reported on leaked documents showing the existence of a body-worn stingray. In 2010, security researcher Kristin Paget famously demonstrated a homemade device built for just $1,500… Worse still, local cops have lied to courts (at the direction of the United States Marshals Service) about the use of such technology. Not only can stingrays be used to determine a phone’s location, but they can also intercept calls and text messages. While they do target specific phones, they also sweep up cell data of innocents nearby who have no idea that such data collection is taking place.

Biden-the-CatBiden in Kiev on US Regime-Change Victory Tour – by Finian Cunningham, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Biden was instrumental in pushing the regime-change operation in Ukraine. He led international calls for the elected government of Victor Yanukovych to stand down, and it was Biden and State Department officials who whipped up the Maidan anti-government protests that began last November. The protests were ostensibly sparked by Yanukovych rejecting a proposed European Union association agreement in favour of maintaining historic trade ties with Russia… But, more importantly, there is ample evidence that Washington had laid the groundwork to hijack the protests with a «Colour Revolution» involving rightwing extremists. Paramilitaries belonging to the neo-Nazi Right Sector and Svoboda (Freedom) organisations, who had been trained in Poland months before the Maidan rallies touched off, followed the script for regime change. Their use of street violence and forcible occupations of government buildings culminated in the February 20 sniper shootings in which more than 80 people, including police and protesters, were killed. With the help of Western media, the massacre was blamed on the Ukrainian government. But forensic and medical evidence shows that the snipers were operated by the CIA-backed paramilitaries.

All-Out War in Ukraine: NATO’s ‘Final Offensive’ – by James Petras, InformationClearingHouse.info – “After suffering a series of defeats, the Kiev regime and its NATO strategists decided to sign a ‘peace protocol’, the so-called Minsk agreement, to halt the advance of the Donbas resistance into the southern regions and to protect its Kiev’s soldiers and militias holed-up in isolated pockets in the East. The Minsk agreement was designed to allow the Kiev junta to build up its military, re-organize its command and incorporate the disparate Nazi militias into its overall military forces in preparation for a ‘final offensive’. Kiev’s military build-up on the inside and NATO’s escalation of sanctions against Russia on the outside would be two sides of the same strategy: the success of a frontal attack on the democratic resistance of the Donbas basin depends on minimizing Russian military support through international sanctions. (emph. added)

Sergey_Lavrov-2-captWest ‘Seeks Russia Regime Change’ Lavrov – by RT.com & Polina Devitt, InformationClearingHouse.info – ” ‘Western leaders publicly state that the sanctions must hurt [Russia’s] economy and stir up public protests. The West doesn’t want to change Russia’s policies. They want a regime change. Practically nobody denies that,’ he told a leading think-tank in Moscow… Lavrov said that the tensions between Russia and the West had been brewing for years before the Ukrainian crisis, adding that now the Europeans had decided to go for all-or-nothing and play chicken with Russia. But at least the positions have been made clear, Lavrov said.”

Washington Plays Russian Roulette – by Pepe Escobar, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Putin also made it very clear Moscow won’t allow – and that was categorical: won’t allow – Donbass to be overrun/smashed/ethnic-cleansed by Kiev: ‘Today there is fighting in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian central authorities have sent the armed forces there and they even use ballistic missiles. Does anybody speak about it? Not a single word. And what does it mean? What does it tell us? This points to the fact, that you want the Ukrainian central authorities to annihilate everyone there, all of their political foes and opponents. You want that? We certainly don’t. And we won’t let it happen.’.. According to Kiev’s own figures, no less than 65% of residential buildings and 10% of schools and kindergartens in Donbass have been destroyed. Over 40,000 medium-sized companies are paralyzed. Unemployment – Ukraine-wide, is over 40%. External debt may reach US$80 billion – and don’t expect the International Monetary Fund, which now owns Ukraine, to go philanthropic. Most of all, Kiev can’t pay its billionaire gas bills to Gazprom because it spends a fortune terrorizing eastern Ukraine citizens. This Poroshenko rant sums it all up – with the US and EU fully complicit.”

Readers Comments Show anti-Putin Propaganda Not Working – by Mike Whitney, InternationalClearingHouse.info – ” ‘The legitimacy of international law is being questioned’?!?.. Have you ever read such crybaby gibberish in your life?.. Why is ‘the legitimacy of international law is being questioned’? Because people don’t accept blindly what they read the papers and hear on the news anymore? Because corporate editors no longer control how people think about issues? Because people are using their critical thinking skills to see through the lies and bullshit that idiots like the author ladle out in heaping doses every day? Is that why?.. It seems to me that that’s a positive development, that people should question whatever they read in the papers and look for other sources of information before they form an opinion… The bottom line is that no one believes the goofy propaganda the western media is trying to ram down the everyone’s throat anymore.”

For the week of 11/10/14:

obama-kids-shameOnUsObama orders ‘mental-health’ testing for schoolkids – Quietly unleashes cache of federal dollars under auspices of ‘gun violence’ – by Leo Hohmann, WND.com – “On Sept. 22, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced $99 million in new federal grants to school districts for mental health services. The money will be used ‘to train new mental health providers, help teachers and others recognize mental health issues in youth and connect them to help and increase access to mental health services for young people.’.. On Sept. 23, the U.S. Department of Education announced another $70 million in ‘School Climate Transformation grants.’ More than half of the money ‘will be used to develop, enhance, or expand systems of support for implementing evidence-based, multi-tiered behavioral frameworks for improving behavioral outcomes and learning conditions.’.. The goals of such measures include ‘connecting[ing] children, youths, and families to appropriate services and supports,” and increasing “measures of and the ability to respond to mental health issues among school-aged youth.’.. Both HHS and DOE cited Obama’s ‘Now is the Time’ declaration as the basis for the new programs.”

Has Washington Just Shot Itself in the Oily Foot? – by William Engdahl, Journal-NEO.org – “The aggressive US foreign policy in the Middle East—its war against Syria’s al-Assad regime, its hardball oil sanctions against Iran, its sanctions against Russian oil projects, its cynical toleration of ISIS in Iraqi oil regions, its refusal to intervene to stabilize the Libyan oil economy but instead to tolerate dis-order are all premised on a cocky view in Washington that the USA is once again the King of Oil in the world and can afford to play high-risk oil geopolitics. The official government agency responsible for advising the CIA, Department of Defense, State Department and White House on energy, the US Department of Energy, has issued projections of US shale oil growth based on myths and lies. That has led the Obama White House to launch oil wars based on those same myths and lies about the rosy prospects of shale oil.”

Telematic_BoxFrom the It’s-Already-Here Desk: Insurers admit ‘black box’ data may be handed to police – by Teresa Hunter, Telegraph.co.uk – “Insurers also admit that, rather than cut premiums, the record of your driving habits could be used to increase them at renewal. This is particularly worrying given moves across the industry to standardise data so that it can be shared between companies… Many new cars are already automatically fitted with tracking devices, making it simpler and cheaper for insurers to price policies based on motorists’ actual driving style. Good drivers are awarded discounts, while aggressive motorists can see their premiums soar… However, concerns are mounting that the technology, known as telematics, is developing faster than the law protecting the drivers it monitors. Drivers’ records have been handed to the police to aid investigations and the jury is out over who actually owns the data… The devices could be recording millions of instances of policyholders breaking the law. ”

Junk DNA: Our Interdimensional Doorway to Transformation – by Brendan D. Murphy, WaikingTimes.com – “In this article we will look at some of this work as it relates to previously unexplainable “spontaneous” alterations to the genomes of living people — and the physiological and psychospiritual transformations that often accompany them. Moreover, we will cast an eye to the concept of systematic conscious intervention in our own evolution, using the transformative capacities of sound to re-write non-coding “junk” DNA, and return our consciousness to its natural harmonic state and unity awareness… It is time to re-tune ourselves to the frequencies of wholeness, abundance, serenity, and bliss that are our birthright, but which our current mutant paradigm has veered us away from. Let us hack the Matrix with a sonic mind-virus of holistic consciousness.”

Right-to-Die, Death Panels, Neo-Eugenics and the Transhumanist Club You Aren’t In – by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton, ActivistPost.com – “But you see, the whole system and everything it’s made of is completely made up. Fake boundaries within an evil system. It’s a false debate centered around a false reality. They are attempting to put a price tag on the value of your life through the lens of their ridiculous bureaucracy and a society built on industrial complexes that live, breathe and feed on human suffering… The Obamacare architect says we should only live to 75, that it shouldn’t be our choice. Unofficial death panels absolutely exist. It’s a Soylent Green society in its infancy. They act like spending the dough to give your grandma a few extra months to live at the end is simply too expensive and too much of a drain on their system, but they have no qualms about going $17 trillion dollars into debt fighting endless wars and all the rest of the wasteful, stupid nonsense our government is involved in day after day.”

Climate Activists Claim Deep Freeze Due to “Global Warming” – by Kit Daniels, PrisonPlanet.com – “An op/ed published yesterday, for example, suggested the freezing temperatures throughout the U.S. are an ‘indirect result of the world getting warmer.’.. ‘Global warming could be making parts of the world colder,’ the author claimed, even though the phrase ‘global warming’ refers to the entire world getting warmer, not just specific parts of it… The author even attributed the record-level ice in Antarctica to ‘global warming.’.. A similar article published today by The Energy Collective blamed ‘global warming’ for ‘extreme weather.’.. ‘Global warming is worsening,’ the article harked. ‘It seems that new reports appear with increasing frequency emphasizing the worsening of global warming due to increased accumulation of manmade greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere.’.. ‘They show that extreme weather or climate events already appear to be more severe and/or frequent than in the past, and will continue to worsen.’ ”

Source: Obama to announce 10-point immigration plan via exec action as early as next week – by Lucas Tomlinson, FoxNews.com – “The president’s plans were contained in a draft proposal from a U.S. government agency. The source said the plan could be announced as early as Nov. 21, though the date might slip a few days pending final White House approval… Obama was briefed at the White House by Homeland Security officials before leaving on his Asia-Pacific trip last week, Fox News has learned.”

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For the week of 11/3/14:

Robert_Fisk2Why is there such an explosion of violence across the Middle East? Here’s an alternative view… – by Robert Fisk, InformationClearingHouse.info – ” ‘The Americans are the major power in the world and they are weighing this power. But what is ‘Daesh’? I feel it could be the thing it is now without financial and political help from leaders. How does it sell its oil and get its money? In Syria, we are under sanctions and we cannot transfer a penny through New York. So how does ‘Daesh’ get financed in such a huge way? Let me ask you something. When Mosul fell to ‘Daesh’, the Americans did nothing. The Americans intervened only when Kurdistan was threatened – which means the US supports the partition of Iraq. So the US move against ‘Daesh’ is a political move for other objectives. It’s interesting that the Syrian people in Ain al-Arab” – this of course refers to the Syrian Kurds in the Isis-besieged town they call Kobane – have been more successful in fighting ‘Daesh’ than the Americans.’ ”

BREAKDOWN: Wall Street, Money and the Merchant Class – by Sartre, 21stCenturyWire.com – “Honest business disappears when the merchant class is forced out of the market place. Prices are fixed when monopolies are allowed to dominate an industry. Former owners, are now forced into working for a company where they were once the competitor. Consumers are subject to pay higher prices, bear non existent service and dumbed-down support. All the while the Banks prosper, the Street gets its bonuses and the Government increases their taxes and expand their bureaucracy. ”

Trey_Angela_BrownThis Minnesota Mom Could Go To Jail For Saving Her Son With Cannabis Oil – by Joe Martino, ActivistPost.com – “The miracle in a bottle didn’t last for Angela and her son. When Trey’s teacher asked how he was doing better in school suddenly, Angela mentioned the oil… ‘Well, I gave him an oil that we’d gotten from Colorado, it’s derived from a marijuana plant. And then you could feel the tension in the room.’.. It only took a week for the sheriff’s department to confiscate the oil. Later, county officials charged Angela with child endangerment which required child protection to get involved. If she is convicted of her charges she could face up to two years in jail and $6000 in fines… ‘It’s asinine, I didn’t hurt my son; I was trying to prevent him from being hurt.’ ”

US Struggles to Keep Asia in Dark Age – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – US-funded newspapers promote US-funded NGOs in their efforts to halt infrastructure projects that would reduce flooding, produce clean, renewable energy, and provide jobs and development for millions. – “International Rivers and the well-intentioned activist subsidiaries it dupes into propagating its regressive agenda focus on several angles to demonize hydroelectric power – ranging from the plausible to the absolutely ridiculous. Upon International Rivers’ website filed under ‘Our Work,’ one will find perhaps the most ridiculous excuse International Rivers proposes a nation should not build a dam because of – ‘Climate Change and Rivers.’ Citing an obscure study regarding methane producing bacteria found in virtually all permanent freshwater bodies from ponds to lakes and everything in between, International Rivers claims that dams and the reservoirs they create are contributing to ‘global warming’ and therefore should not be built.”

Rafah-TravelersOver 1.7 million Gazans isolated from the world after Israel, Egypt close crossings – from AlethoNews.com – “On Wednesday, Egypt began setting up a buffer zone along its border with the Gaza strip in a move which will see about 800 homes demolished… It comes in the wake of a suicide car bombing which killed 30 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai last week, the deadliest attack on the military since ousting Egypt’s former president Mohammed Mursi… Following the bombing, Egypt immediately closed the Rafah crossing into the Gaza Strip, the principal connection between Gaza’s 1.7 million people and the outside world… In August, Egypt’s authorities have used an attack on the Egyptian military in Sinai as a pretext to start a campaign to destroy lifelines into Gaza. Over 120 tunnels were blown up or filled in.”

US spent $136 billion on spying in two years (2013 & 2014) – from PressTV.ir – “The figures show that the Central Intelligence Agency had consumed most of the money out of $68 billion approved by Congress in the fiscal year of 2014 that ended in September… According to the data, Congress also handed over $68 billion to the intelligence agencies in fiscal year 2013… Officials did not provide a breakdown of the intelligence budget or details about how the funding was used.”

Is the Value of Your Money About to Change? – from ThriveMovement.com – w/video (24 min) – Foster and Kimberly’s first video blog post introducing their new very affordable membership program for Thrive Movement members. Foster does some informed speculation on shifts in the world monetary system, Kimberly explains reasons they are hopeful for improvements in the world situation. – Includes many research links, including the essay series below, which seems to contrast in its conclusions from what Foster is saying…

SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods – Part OneEssay Series by JC Collins, Philosophy of Metrics.com – “Though the U.S. dollar didn’t become the official reserve currency until the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944, it is commonly accepted that the dollar had already usurped the British pound of this title well before it was officially acknowledged. As I believe the U.S. dollar has now already been usurped by another. We’ll get back to that in a while.” – Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10

Hezbollah pre-empts Israeli action in south, West Bekaa – by Antoine Ghattas Saab, DailyStar.com.lb – “A week ago, Hezbollah issued a military alert in south Lebanon and Western Bekaa regions warning of a possible limited Israeli attack there that could pave the way for an offensive by jihadist groups based in the town of Shebaa and others coming in from southern Syria, a source familiar with the issue revealed.”

ENERGY SHOCK: What Happened to Over-Priced Oil? – by Andrew McKillop, 21stCenturyWire.com “Until mid-year 2014, paying for the party was backstopped by the extreme high price of oil. This was the missing link and magic solution, able to bolster corporate earnings and pay for past errors – as well as finance futurist dreams of “totally eliminating fossil fuels” from the energy mix However, as the 2008-2009 oil price crash proved, it is not only Saudi Arabia which decides when oil prices will slump – energy demand in a context of financial markets in free fall is another factor. Combined with ultra low growth rates of oil demand and a Middle Eastern geopolitical context where ISIS does not (presently) threaten oil production, but steals oil and sells it at $33 – $40 a barrel, and increasingly independent Kurdistan sells its oil at $50 a barrel, the life expectancy of overpriced oil is short.”

False_Flag_OpBuilding a New North American Partnership for the Future – by Dana Gabriel, BeYourOwnLeader.blogspot.ca – “The CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force on North America, co-chaired by retired General David Petraeus and former president of the World Bank Robert Zoellick, recently released their report, North America: Time for a New Focus. The Task Force maintained that, ‘Now is the moment for the United States to break free from old foreign policy biases to recognize that a stronger, more dynamic, resilient continental base will increase U.S. power globally.’ They explained that, ‘If the three North American countries deepen their integration and cooperation, they have the potential to again shape world affairs for generations to come.’ The Task Force also described how, ‘Recent developments have created opportunities for the North American countries to build on past work and to advance their partnership to a new stage.’ ”

From Dec. 2013The NSA Intercepts Laptops Purchased Online to Install Malware – by Connor Simpson, TheWire.com – “These minor disruptions in the parcel shipping business rank among the ‘most productive operations’ conducted by the NSA hackers, one top secret document relates in enthusiastic terms. This method, the presentation continues, allows TAO to obtain access to networks ‘around the world.’.. And you wondered why your Amazon order took so long. Of course, you have to be on the NSA’s target list already in order for this to happen. They don’t just indiscriminately intercept every laptop sold on Amazon.”

Assisted dying: judges could decide whether terminally ill should be allowed to die – Peers back role for courts in assisted dying as leading anti-euthanasia campaigners signal they could accept judicially sanctioned suicide – by John Bingham, Telegraph.co.uk – “The shift came as the House of Lords unanimously backed key amendments giving a High Court judge a role in any future system of assisted suicide in the UK, during detailed scrutiny of Lord Falconer’s proposals… It was the first time Parliament has voted on the bill and was hailed by campaigners as a “significant step” towards a change in the law… The bill would allow patients thought to have no more than six months to live and a “clear and settled intention” to end their lives to be prescribed a lethal dose of drugs on the authority of two doctors. ”

‘A mass sterilization exercise’: Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine – by Steve Weatherbe, LifeSiteNews.com – “It is HCG that has been found in all six samples sent to the University of Nairobi medical laboratory and another in South Africa. The bishops and doctors warn that injecting women with HCG , which mimics a natural hormone produced by pregnant women, causes them to develop antibodies against it. When they do get pregnant, and produce their own version of HCG, it triggers the production of antibodies that cause a miscarriage… ‘We knew that the last time this vaccination with five injections has been used was in Mexico in 1993 and Nicaragua and the Philippines in 1994,’ said Dr. Ngare. ‘It didn’t cause miscarriages till three years later,’ which is why, he added, the counterclaims that women who got the vaccination recently and then got pregnant are meaningless.”

For the week of 10/27/14:

Ellen_Brown2Why Do Banks Want Our Deposits? Hint: It’s Not to Make Loans – by Ellen Brown, OpEdNews.com – “That is one reason banks try to attract depositors, but there is another, more controversial reason. In response to the 2008 credit crisis, the Bank for International Settlements (Basel III), the Dodd-Frank Act, and the Federal Reserve have limited the amount of wholesale deposits banks can borrow… The theory is that retail deposits are less likely to flee the bank, since they come from the bank’s own loyal customers. But as observed by Warren Mosler (founder of Modern Monetary Theory and the owner of a bank himself), the premise is not only unfounded but is quite harmful as applied to smaller community banks. A ten-year CD (certificate of deposit) bought through a broker (a wholesale deposit) is far more “stable” than money market deposits from local depositors that can leave the next day. The rule not only imposes unnecessary hardship on the smaller banks but has seriously limited their lending. And it is these banks that make most of the loans to small and medium-sized businesses, which create most of the nation’s new jobs.

George_Soros-MoonEyesGeorge Soros Slams Putin, Warns Of “Existential Threat” From Russia, Demands $20 Billion From IMF In “Russia War Effort” – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “It is high time for the members of the European Union to wake up and behave as countries indirectly at war… (They) should provide an immediate cash injection of at least $20 billion, with a promise of more when needed. Ukraine’s partners should provide additional financing conditional on implementation of the IMF-supported program, at their own risk, in line with standard practice… It is also high time for the European Union to take a critical look at itself. There must be something wrong with the EU if Putin’s Russia can be so successful even in the short term. The bureaucracy of the EU no longer has a monopoly of power and it has little to be proud of. It should learn to be more united, flexible, and efficient. And Europeans themselves need to take a close look at the new Ukraine. That could help them recapture the original spirit that led to the creation of the European Union. The European Union would save itself by saving Ukraine.”

Fed ‘plunge protection team’ desperately trying to prevent stock market crash before mid-term elections – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “To substantiate his claim, Crudele points to an Oct. 27, 1989, Wall Street Journal headline: “Have Fed Support Stock Market, Too.” The piece was written by Robert Heller… ‘It would be inappropriate for the government or the central bank to buy or sell IBM or General Motors shares,’ Heller wrote. ‘Instead, the Fed could buy the broad market composites in the futures market.’.. Crudele said that Heller was essentially suggesting that the Fed, or the federal government, buy major stock futures contracts that track and are capable of influencing the major market indices… Can’t have a market crash before an election, after all.”

Christophe_de_MargerieTotal War over the Petrodollar – by Marin Katusa, ActivistPost.com – “If Total doesn’t close the $27 billion financing it needs to move forward with the Yamal LNG project then we’ll know someone stepped in to prevent an attack on the petrodollar. The CEO of Total, before his death and his CFO were both strong supporters of Total raising the $27 billion in non US dollars and moving the project forward with the Russians. But, this could all change if the financing does not complete… How many other Western executives who dare to help Russia bypass sanctions—and turn it into an energy powerhouse—will die under suspicious circumstances?”

Canada and the War on Terror: The Ottawa Shootings, What Really Happened? – by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, GlobalResearch.ca – “The media coverage, the massive lockdown in Ottawa’s downtown core, and the national measures taken by the federal government created an atmosphere of panic in Ottawa and across Canada. Under this type of atmosphere, people can act unpredictability or abnormally and they are willing to make concessions to the government that they would not normally agree with making. In other words, when societies are gripped by fear many of their members are willing to forfeit their civil liberties and let them be stripped by the authorities.”

MH17-smoking_gun“MH17: The Cover-up Deal”: Dutch journalist publishes revealing book – by Linda Housman – IlaElAmam.com – “Also a promise had been made by the government. No stone should be left unturned, Dutch PM Rutte said on the day after the crash. But we still have not seen the other side of those stones. The government now responds to parliamentary questions about the facts behind the attack by saying: just wait for the results of the research. This might mean a very long time of waiting. In a year, the Research Council will publish a report which won’t say anything about the perpetrator, because that does not fit with the intent of the Council. The Public Prosecutor only mentioned that it has started the research and that they are looking for further information on a rocket. But there is no attention for real, structural, research problem created by this government.”

Medical Kidnapping Business: Judges Skirting the Law for Federal Funds – by Brian Shilhavy, HealthImpactNews.com – “It is very clear from this video that the first concern of the family courts is not justice, but federal funding. Judge Brain makes it clear that if they do not remove the child from the parent immediately, they will lose federal funding. Quote: ‘If you are removing a child, in a Contrary to the Welfare finding, that order is mandatory. If you do not make that finding whenever you remove that child from a placement, you’re forfeiting federal funds… The federal government says that if you did not make that (decision) right at the outset the first time through, you’re not going to get any federal money for those services, ever… CPS is going to have a kid they cannot pay for.’ (comment: Waah!).. As we have pointed out in another article (The Medical Kidnap Business: Bilking Medicaid), a child taken into state custody can have all of their medical care billed directly to Medicaid, and this alone represents an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars nationwide. There are other funds also available for programs like foster care. Obviously, children with medical needs present the greatest amount of federal funds the state can receive per child.”

A21-LandGrab“Retaliation”: Feds Launch New Land Grab Targeting Bundy Family – Battle of Bunkerville 2: BLM to declare 1.8 million acres environmental protection zone – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com – “A federal land grab being imposed under the guise of environmental protection in Southern Nevada has been labeled an act of “deliberate retaliation” by Cliven Bundy, the rancher who was at the center of a standoff between BLM agents and armed militia groups earlier this year… On Sunday, the Bundy family posted a Facebook entry which asserted that, “the federal government is mounting retaliations against the Bundy family and the Southern Nevada people,” after it was announced that the feds intended to designate around 1.8 million acres of land around their Gold Butte range as critical to the environment.” – This from the “Federal Authorities” who detonated open-air nuclear tests in Nevada in the 50’s

Cops Threaten Dancers With Felony Arrest – for Dancing – Town’s heavy-handed crack down sets party organizer back $15k – by Adan Salazar, PrisonPlanet.com – ” ‘We were given a permit and then told by officers that we couldn’t have the dance, under threat of being taken to jail with a felony of inciting a riot,’ Keddington said, adding that the permit included awkward stipulations that would have been near impossible to comply with… “Things had been crossed out, and in hand was written, ‘no dance activity permitted,’” Keddington said. “On another page it was typed that the event must not be allowed to become a dance party due to random acts of dancing by patrons.’.. ‘Had this actually come to the city a month in advance, which we typically require for large-scale events (this requirement nowhere to be found in their ordinance), there wouldn’t have been an issue,” a spokesman for the city, Marc Mortensen, stated… ‘Do you want them to just ignore the law?’ Mortensen added, defending the town police’s crack down. ‘They were enforcing the law. That’s their job.’

Isaiah_RiderFight Rages for Teenager Isaiah Rider’s Freedom – Mother Commits “Cardinal Sin” Of Questioning Doctors – by Terri LaPoint, HealthImpactNews.com – “His mom wasn’t even able to say good-bye, and it was 24 days before she was even permitted to see him again. He was left all alone in a strange hospital in a strange town, in the custody of a state he didn’t even live in… They allegedly told him that his excruciating pain was all in his head. They also reportedly told the terrified teenager that he was not allowed to see his mom again. His family, friends, school, and girlfriend were back home in Missouri… When he was released from the hospital, he was placed in a foster home in one of the most dangerous communities in America, in a rough part of Chicago. Isaiah, who is not street smart, later told his family that he feared for his life, and had a gun pulled on him twice while there. He still reportedly has nightmares from it. The traumatized boy made a video from the foster home that he later uploaded to YouTube about his situation.

Govt. Researchers: Flu Shots Not Effective in Elderly, After All – by Sharyl Attkisson, SharylAtkisson.com – “The authors of the study admitted a bias going into the study. Here was the history as described to me: Public health experts long assumed flu shots were effective in the elderly. But, paradoxically, all the studies done failed to demonstrate a benefit. Instead of considering that they, the experts, could be wrong–instead of believing the scientific data–the public health experts assumed the studies were wrong. After all, flu shots have to work, right?”

IS uses intelligence to purge opponents – from Al-Monitor.com – “The policy of eliminating opponents as soon as they take over large areas is considered an established IS method that was adopted when it evolved in Iraq after the 2003 invasion. In addition to the security reasons, this technique is also based on IS’ extremist Salafist principles, which aim to purge the land of any opposition party, to create a unified Salafist community without religious or political differences.”

PA Shooter Frein: First Lone Gunman in Living Memory to Be Captured Alive – by 21stCenturyWire & RT.com – “31-year-old Eric Matthew Frein, a ‘war re-enactor’ actor portrayed by the media as a “right wing survivalist”, was charged in absentia with shooting a Pennsylvania State Trooper while wounding a second on Friday, September 12th, at the Blooming Grove, PA police barracks. A police state lockdown was instituted in the area immediately after the incident, along with a “shelter in place” notice that seems to be ever more commonplace in 21st century America… Fears were that Frein would end up like Dorner – dead in the woods and “cased closed”. His capture today should come as both a relief and a surprise – at least there is a higher probability that we might discover some truth about Frein’s story… Following Dickson’s death, authorities said they discovered Frein’s driver’s license near the scene of the crime, as well as a partially submerged vehicle and shell casings that linked him to the murder…’ – Plus, Frein left his weapon conveniently parked against a tree with its barrel in the dirt.

In Liberia, a Good or Very Bad Sign: Empty Hospital Beds – by Sheri Fink, NYTimes.com – “As of Sunday, fewer than half of the 649 treatment beds across the country were occupied, a surprising change in a nation where patients had long been turned away from Ebola units for lack of space… Now, new admissions to treatment centers are dropping or flatlining, the number of samples being submitted to Ebola laboratories has fallen significantly, and the percentage of people testing positive for the disease has dropped as well.”

NIH: ‘Vaccinate the Whole Country’ with Experimental Ebola Vaccine – from HealthFreedoms.org – “Meanwhile, Fauci is dropping nationalized vaccination comments like its no big deal – sure, he meant it for Africa, but is the plan to force vaccinations of an untested, live-virus vaccine on the entire U.S. population next?.. Interestingly, the people of West Africa have a strong disbelief in the reality of this Ebola crisis. They think that these Ebola outbreaks were caused by the United States Department of Defense, which was in the Ebola hot zones of West Africa performing bio-warfare research on Ebola and other viruses. They think that Ebola is so fake, in fact, that the people are now literally drenched in an ‘Ebola is Real’ campaign, where they can’t even take a phone call without being told that Ebola is real.”

Fed-Backed Study: How to Brainwash Public into Fearing “Climate Change” Like Ebola – $84K study seeks ways to make public fear “climate change and overpopulation” – by Kit Daniels, Infowars.com – And you tell me what the following means: ” “In addition to the issue-specific value of knowing more about risk perceptions related to the Ebola outbreak, findings from this project will inform the design of communication messages related to risk issues that are often perceived to be psychologically distant by the American public, such as climate change and overpopulation,” the study’s abstract states. “The specific mechanisms through which the study variables influence risk communication behaviors will also inform communication campaigns aimed at encouraging greater public engagement with risk information… ‘In doing so, the proposed research will integrate theory from social psychology and risk communication to explore the utility of psychological distance in informing public communication about emerging public health risks.’ ” – a bargain at only $84K…

For the week of 10/20/14:

monsanto-hasmat-suitsMonsanto Invests $1.5 Million Into Tekmira, The Company Making The Ebola Virus Cure – from Inquisitr.com – “It should also be reported that Tekmira attained a contract with the U.S. military for Ebola treatment drugs worth $140 million. Though this partnership, TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola virus RNAi therapeutic, is being developed from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Medical Countermeasure Systems BioDefense Therapeutics. However, this was not the product given to the two doctors infected with Ebola. Instead, they got ZMapp, a product made from Kentucky BioProcessing.”

Feds Continue Orwellian Surveillance of Social Media – by Joe Wright, ActivistPost.com – “I reported recently about Twitter’s ChatterGrabber program that is “used to monitor tickborne diseases, such as Lyme disease, public sentiment involving vaccines, and gun violence and terrorism, serving as an early warning system for public health officials through suspicious tweets or conversations.” That story was followed shortly after by the announcement that Twitter would open up its entire database to MIT beginning with its very first Tweet in 2006. We know that Facebook has used their algorithms to go beyond surveillance and actually manipulate the emotions of users as a type of psychology experiment.”

Wouter_BassonSecret Project Created Weaponized Ebola in South Africa in the 1980s – “No records are available to confirm that the biological agents were destroyed.” – by Daniel Taylor – “Basson is surrounded by cloak-and-dagger intrigue, as he told Pretoria High court in South Africa that ‘The local CIA agent in Pretoria threatened me with death on the sidewalk of the American Embassy in Schoeman Street.’ According to a 2001 article in The New Yorker magazine , the American Embassy in Pretoria was ‘terribly concerned’ that Basson would reveal deep connections between Project Coast and the United States… In 2013, Basson was found guilty of ‘unprofessional conduct’ by the South African health council… Bioweapons expert Jeanne Guillemin writes in her book Biological Weapons: From the Invention of State-Sponsored Programs to Contemporary Bioterrorism, ‘The project ‘s growth years were from 1982 to 1987, when it developed a range of biological agents (such as those for anthrax, cholera, and the Marburg and Ebola viruses and for botulinum toxin)’…”

China to Purchase the Federal Reserve – The U.S. Government Defaulted in October, 2013 – by JC Collins, MaineRepublicEmailAlert.com – “Why would China and other countries take on the risk of this debt? Simple, it’s economic reset or economic collapse. Its in the worlds interest to re-structure the U.S. debt to save the whole whale from beaching itself… Rumors are circulating that the U.S. dollar will have a rate for in country use, and a separate international rate. That is because the U.S. treasury and the Federal Reserve are about to be severed from each other. The Treasury will control the in country dollar, and the “international reserve” dollar will be controlled by China and or the I.M.F. consortium of debt holders.”

Benjamin_Fulford-China_FedDid The Dragon Family Take Control Of The Federal Reserve Board? – by Benjamin Fulford, ShiftFrequency.com – “Moreover, there are still major power groups, notably in the Middle East and the US, that are unwilling to accept this deal, dragon family sources say. As a result, geopolitical turbulence is expected to continue until the final resistance groups are subdued and controlled. A dragon family member says they will push for complete cabal defeat by the Chinese lunar New Year , which falls on February 19th in 2015… A high level “G7 source” independently confirmed that as a result of the new deal, ‘The New Economic System will be developed founded on the truth namely that there is Abundance of resources, not scarcity.’ ” – David Wilcock has released a post questioning the idea that these deals are being signed, says China will reveal other agreements within months…

What do Kobani airdrops mean for regional politics? – from Al-Monitor.com – “On Oct. 19, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) announced that it had conducted multiple airdrops near the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani, which has remained under siege by Islamic State (IS) fighters for more than a month. CENTCOM said US C-13 cargo planes had made multiple drops of arms, ammunition, and medical supplies provided by Kurdish authorities in Iraq. The move is set to have a profound effect on regional balances between Turkey, the Kurds and the United States that will likely reverberate in Tehran and in Damascus as well.”

Nuland-CookiesNuland’s Folly: Ukraine Says ‘Yes’ to Russian Winter Discount Gas Offer – by 21st Century Wire.com – “Political experts remain baffled. For some reason, this unelected NeoConservative operative and proverbial ‘bag lady for the IMF,’ Victoria Jane Nuland, is still serving as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State. Maybe it’s time to fire (and arraign) Nuland, who will go down in history as Washington’s chief architect of the Maidan coup d’état… In light of Washington’s failure to enact anything other than chaos in the Ukraine, the world might ask the US State Department the following: was it really worth it, all the lost lives, the billions spent (and lost), demonizing Russia, a new Cold War, mutually harmful sanctions, supporting NeoNazi groups and the total ruin of eastern Ukraine from Kiev’s indiscriminate shelling of civilians in the east since July?”

Mad Scientists at Kenema Unleash Ebola Epidemic – by Russ Winter, WinterActionables.com – “But it goes beyond unadulterated mad-science malfeasance, whitewashing and cover ups. The psychopaths decided to also exploit the situation in the U.S. Ebola doesn’t thrive in very cold climates, so perhaps the criminals in power are willing to gamble with Ebola to fool the American people. The purpose is to further parlay their sick agendas: vaccinations for profit, Ebola “czar” looting of the Treasury, implementing martial law, rounding folks up and targeting of ‘enemies of the state.’ Ebola: At a hospital near you, courtesy of the DoD and their criminal cabal associates.”

ISIS_JetsISIS Conveniently Develops Air Force as NATO Seeks “No-Fly Zone” Over Syria – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “Still, the SOHR and its associates in the mainstream press are attempting to promote the idea that ISIS not only has possession of the planes, but that they have managed to fly them… Abdurrahman stated that ‘They went up many times from the airport and they are flying in the skies outside the airport and coming back.’ In addition, an entirely unconvincing video was presented as video footage of ISIS piloted airplanes landing and taking off in Syria… Conveniently, the overdramatized reports of ISIS air force capabilities come as the United States, Turkey, and the rest of NATO consider the possibility of implementing a No-Fly Zone over Syria.”

MEK-Maryam_RajaviUS War on Iran Takes Bizarre Turn – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “To this day MEK terrorists have been carrying out attacks inside of Iran killing political opponents, attacking civilian targets, as well as carrying out the US-Israeli program of targeting and assassinating Iranian scientists. MEK terrorists are also suspected of handling patsies in recent false flag operations carried out in India, Georgia, and Thailand, which have been ham-handedly blamed on the Iranian government by the United States and Israel… MEK is described by Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow Ray Takeyh as a “cult-like organization” with “totalitarian tendencies.” While Takeyh fails to expand on what he meant by “cult-like” and “totalitarian,” an interview with US State Department-run Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty reported that a MEK Camp Ashraf escapee claimed the terrorist organization bans marriage, using radios, the Internet, and holds many members against their will with the threat of death if ever they are caught attempting to escape.”

Russia Hints Gas Delivery to Ukraine Depends on EU – Russian officials and Gazprom say gas will be sent again if the European Union agrees to give a 2 billion Euro credit to Kiev – from TeleSurTV.net – “The European Union has in its hands the solution to solve the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine, hinted on Wednesday the Energy Minister of Russia, Alexander Novak… Early in the week, Kiev asked the EU for a 2 billion euro credit. Russia’s gas is very important to the EU as 25 percent of the gas consumed by the European nations is provided by Moscow through the Ukraine… However, Novak said Europe does not seem to be willing to work with Ukraine… ‘There is a resource, in fact, but we do not see yet the desire to work in this direction with our European colleagues who had to, during the six months… seek financial resources to ensure the solvency of Ukraine,’ the minister added, cited by Ria Novosti.”

Gonna_BlowVideo: Dormant Volcanoes Come to Life for First Time in 160,000 Years – by Dutchsinse, ActivistPost.com – “Volcanoes around the world are simultaneously coming to life, even ones previously thought to be extinct or dormant.”

Syrian air force destroys old war jets captured by IS – from xinhuanet.com – “(A senior Syrian military source) said the IS originally captured three old war jets in al- Jarrah base, adding that the terror group fighters tried to use them but the Syrian airforce carried out swift airstrikes, destroying two of the captured war jets on the runway of al-Jarrah base while the third one was hid by the IS fighters… He said the search for the third war jet is still ongoing, stressing that the fighter jets were so old and unable to carry out fighting missions.”

Fearing Future Emergencies, Governors Declare States of Emergency – by Eric Blair, ActivistPost.com – “Pennsylvania is currently operating under a state of emergency due to a manhunt for a single individual suspected of shooting two policemen. Police found an unusual orgy of evidence in the case, like finding the suspect’s journal detailing all of his alleged crimes. Any detective will tell you that this level of “evidence” almost always indicates a frame job, but I digress… The state government also hastily passed “temporary” legislation allowing out-of-state law officers to make arrests within state borders… The logic behind the state of emergency in Connecticut is even more ridiculous. The state has not had a single resident or even a passing traveler with Ebola and yet Governor Malloy recently declared an emergency due to the potential threat from Ebola.” -emph. added

Ibrahim_SamarraiiISIL terrorist leader is CIA agent: Chechen president – from PressTV.ir – ” ‘Baghdadi should take off his mask and declare loudly and clearly that he is a CIA agent, that he has been recruited,’ Kadyrov said on Tuesday, adding, ‘They (the ISIL militants) are Shaitans (devils) and their sole obsession is to grab as much money as they can lay hands on. They are acting on orders from the West and deliberately exterminating Muslims.’.. The Chechen leader called on Samarrai to confess to committing atrocities including the massacre of Muslims… ‘He must openly confess that he is killing his brothers in faith, to apologize to his coreligionists and to disband his gang.’.. Kadyrov further noted that the western secret services have supported the terrorists by all possible means.”

Who Really Owns Your Home? Detroit Preparing to Foreclose on 142,000 Residents By 2016 – by Joshua Krause, ActivistPost.com – “So they’re basically going to evict the bottom fifth of the city in one fell swoop. What kind of country do we live in, where a city can look their citizens in the eye and say “Sorry, you’re not good enough for us. You don’t make enough money to live in the poorest city in America. You’re not rich enough to grace the bottom of the barrel.” They’re really prepared to throw their citizens out on the coldest and meanest streets of America, while their fiscally and morally bankrupt government spends 450 million dollars on a brand new hockey stadium… That is just wicked.”

It Will Be A False Flag Attack — Count On It – by dr.samizdat, EventHorizonChronicle.blogspot.co.uk – “Click the link. Read the article. The emergency response agencies in New York City are practicing for a 10-kiloton nuclear detonation in mid-town Manhattan, that will blow down skyscrapers in a half-mile radius, kill 100,000 people outright, cause damage up to 2 miles away, and cover the metro area with radioactivity… Subway service will go down. Cell phone service will be disrupted… In other words, there would be total chaos, death, destruction and mayhem in New York City.”

John_ColemanClimate change PROVED to be ‘nothing but a lie’, claims top meteorologist – THE debate about climate change is finished – because it has been categorically proved NOT to exist, one of the world’s leading meteorologists has claimed. – from PatriotRising.com – “Mr Coleman said he based many of his views on the findings of the NIPCC, a non-governmental international body of scientists aimed at offering an ‘independent second opinion of the evidence reviewed by the IPCC.’He added: ‘There is no significant man-made global warming at this time, there has been none in the past and there is no reason to fear any in the future… ‘Efforts to prove the theory that carbon dioxide is a significant greenhouse gas and pollutant causing significant warming or weather effects have failed… ‘There has been no warming over 18 years.’.. The US, along with the UK and other developed countries, is expected to pledge further actions on climate change early next year.”

Turmoil in Hong Kong, Terrorism in Xinjiang: America’s Covert War on China – by Tony Cartalucci, GlobalResearch.ca – “It is not a coincidence that ISIS is standing in for and fulfilling America’s deepest imperial aspirations from North Africa, across the Middle East, and now inching toward the borders of the West’s two largest competitors, Russia and China. Nor is it a coincidence that “Occupy Central” protesters are parroting verbatim talking points scripted in Washington earlier this year. It is no coincidence that the US State Department’s NED is found involved in every hotspot of instability and conflict both within China’s borders and beyond them. It is a documented conspiracy that is now increasingly seeing the light truth cast upon it. Whether or not that is enough to end the unnecessary barbarism and bloodshed that has resulted from the West’s hegemonic aspirations remains to be seen.”

Aecio_NevesBrazil under CIA Pressure – by Nil Nikandrov, VeteransNewsNow.com – “Over two thousand Brazilian political activists, intellectuals, people of art and culture signed a manifest on October 26 highlighting the hostile actions of Washington aimed at prevention of Dilma Rousseff election victory… Aécio Neves da Cunha is a Brazilian economist, politician and president of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party in an Anti-Dilma campaign with Soros & CIA… The document is posted to social nets. It says the coming to power of Aécio Neves of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira – PSDB), who serves the interests of tycoons, will inflict irreparable damage to the country and take away all the snags on the way of US direct interference into the Brazilian internal affairs.”

The entry of Ebola into the US has hallmarks of a planned happening – More information is available that suggests the government had advance information that Ebola was coming to the US and that the government expects a much larger outbreak of the disease in the US than it admits – by Paul Craig Roberts, PressTV.ir – “It’s now clear that the US government has long known this outbreak was coming but did nothing to warn the public… In early September, the government sought to purchase 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits from a US supplier… Furthermore, according to this report on SHTFplan.com, ‘Disaster Assistance Response Teams were told to prepare to be activated in the month of October.’.. Don’t you find it strange that while the government itself was gearing up for an October disaster, the public wasn’t told a thing about any of this?”

Furkan_DoganDocuments Show US Siding With Israel in Death of Its Own Citizen – by Jessica Lee, Truth-Out.org – “Instead of providing this training, the US should have been seeking accountability for the attack in which a US teenager was shot in the face at point blank range after he already lay wounded. But when it came to the only independent international inquiry into the attack, the UN Human Rights Council’s Fact-Finding Mission, not only did the United States vote against the resolution to investigate, but the country tried to derail it. One cable noted that the US Mission in Geneva, where the council is located, had “explored ways to ‘turn off ‘ the flotilla fact finding mission” and that ‘we very strongly favor having this fact finding mission (FFM) fall away.’ ”

Deep Background on the Ebola (Ebo-lie) Crisis: Contagion – “We are lived by forces we barely understand”. (W.H. Auden) – from Anngwyn.Wisrville.org – “This explanation was almost immediately met with suspicion in view of vaccine trials known to be going on in West Africa at that time. According to Dr. Cecil Broderick, multiple reports narrate U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) funded ebola virus research on humans just weeks before the present outbreak. Reports continue that the DOD awarded a contract worth 140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical firm to conduct research which involved injecting and infusing healthy humans with the deadly ebola virus beginning in January 2014, (liberianobserver.com).”

Census-PovertyCensus report: Half of Americans poor or near poor – by Andre Damon, WSWS.org – “The release of these figures, as well as last month’s official poverty figures, have been greeted with silence in the media, despite the fact that the US is a mere two weeks away from a midterm election. As with every major social and political question, the issues of poverty and social inequality are being totally excluded from debate and discussion in the elections and ignored by the two big business parties.”

Censorship: RCMP Asks Public Not to Post Photos, Videos of Ottawa Shooting – by Kit Daniels, PrisonPlanet.com – “So far the RCMP and Ottawa Police have provided few details about the incident, despite police investigating other shootings reportedly occurring at Parliament Hill and Rideau Centre, a three-level shopping center… ‘Most of downtown Ottawa is in lockdown,’ Constable Marc Soucy said, according to USA Today… It appears the majority of the media’s current knowledge about the shooting stems from first-hand reports on social media, particularly Twitter, which really highlights the danger of the RCMP’s attempt at censorship.”

Western Sponsors Liable for Kiev Basket Case – by Finian Cunningham, InformationClearingHouse.info – “The Kiev ultra rightwing regime that Washington and Brussels railroaded into power in February this year, in an illegal coup d’état, has compounded fiscal bankruptcy with a seventh-month criminal war on the ethnic Russian population of the eastern Donbass regions, prompting up to a million refugees to stream across the border with Russia… Earlier this month, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned that Ukraine will need to find an additional $19 billion to avoid bankruptcy if the Kiev regime continues with its military operations in the east of the country. That is on top of the $17 billion that the IMF has already committed to Kiev following the CIA-backed coup against the elected government of President Victor Yanukovych. The legality and delivery of those IMF funds are questionable given the Washington-based institute’s own prohibition on funding states that are engaged in war.”

Putin-SochiPutin Lashes Out At US, West For Destabilizing World – from InformationClearingHouse.info – “Putin also touched on the issue of the growth of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, and also accused the West of, “turning a blind eye,” to the encroachment of international terrorism into Russia and Central Asia. Putin believes the US has played a considerable role in sponsoring the growth of Islamic extremism, using the example of Washington’s funding of the Mujahidin in the Afghan-Soviet war in the 1980’s, which eventually gave birth to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda… ‘It never ceases to amaze me how our partners have been guilty of making the same mistakes time and again. They have in the past sponsored Islamic extremists who were battling against the Soviet Union, which took place in Afghanistan. It was because of this the Taliban and Al-Qaeda was created,’ the president added.

Suspicious Canada Shooting Triggers ‘Minority Report’ Pre-Crime Plans for ‘Preventive Arrests’ – by Melissa Melton, ActivistPost.com – “Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney is giving more indications of how the government intends to strengthen Canada’s security laws in the wake of Wednesday’s attack in Ottawa on Parliament Hill… …the government is eyeing the thresholds established in Canadian law for the preventive arrests of people thought to be contemplating attacks that may be linked to terrorism. Officials are considering how to make it easier to press charges against so-called lone-wolf attackers… ‘The challenges are the thresholds — the thresholds that will allow either preventive arrest, or charges that lead to sentences, or more simple operations…So what the prime minister has asked is for us to review in accelerated manner the different mechanisms that are offered to police to ensure everyone’s security.’ ”

SkyCopFrom the Loving-Your-Servitude desk: Toledo Residents Can Now Purchase Neighborhood SkyCop Cameras – Amanda Warren, ActivistPost.com – “Some of the places the portable cameras were stationed at unnerved business owners. Comments from social media indicate that the cameras are received less positively than depicted in most of the news segments – imagine that!… Mayor D. Michael Collins had said: ‘I am not going to scrap the project after putting in $2 million…that would be silly.’.. Toledo’s funding for the tech came from ‘City of Toledo’s capital improvement fund, Homeland Security grants and the police department’s Law Enforcement Trust Fund.’ SkyCop encourages law enforcement to get funds from similar grants, but also private funding like Toledo has done.” -emph. added

New York, New Jersey Set Up Mandatory Quarantine Requirement Amid Ebola Threat – from NewYork.CBSLocal.com – “The woman will be quarantined in either New York or New Jersey, Christie said… The woman was not showing any symptoms of Ebola, or illness of any kind, when she landed at Newark, CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider reported. But Friday evening, she developed a fever after being placed in isolation at University Hospital in Newark, according to the New Jersey Department of Health… And Cuomo and Christie said it no longer matters if someone is showing symptoms or not… Indeed, in discussing the new plan, Cuomo and Christie said a policy of voluntary quarantine simply does not go far enough.”

Top Scientist: This Version Of Ebola Looks Like ‘A Very Different Bug’ – by Michael T. Snyder, RINF.com – “(Dr. Peter Jahrling) told Vox.com: ‘We are using tests now that weren’t using in the past, but there seems to be a belief that the virus load is higher in these patients [today] than what we have seen before. If true, that’s a very different bug… ‘I have a field team in Monrovia. They are running [tests]. They are telling me that viral loads are coming up very quickly and really high, higher than they are used to seeing… ‘It may be that the virus burns hotter and quicker.’ ”

Caesar-of-SyriaUsing the Holocaust to Justify War – by Maidhc Ó Cathail, ConsortiumNews.com – “On July 28, Michael Chertoff, a member of the museum’s governing board of trustees, presented the purported defector to a small group of reporters and researchers. According to the Washington Post’s Greg Miller, this event was the first time that Caesar had appeared publicly to answer questions about the photos deemed by some human rights organizations as evidence of war crimes committed by Assad… Chertoff, a co-author of the USA PATRIOT Act, hasn’t hesitated to invoke the Nazis either in support of the neoconservative-conceived ‘global war on terror.’ ”

Scientists can now see fracker’s “fingerprints” all over polluted water – by Madeleine Thomas, Grist.org – “Researchers from Dartmouth College, Stanford University, and the French Geological Survey claim they’ve created a tool that detects a specific chemical fingerprint unique to fracking fluid, allowing scientists to pinpoint fracking as a culprit in water pollution… According to their research, boron and lithium — which both occur naturally in shale — mix with fracking fluid when it’s injected underground, altering the wastewater’s chemical makeup in ways different from other fossil fuel extraction methods.”

Zihaf-BibeauCanada and the War on Terror: The Ottawa Shootings, What Really Happened? – by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, GlobalResearch.ca – “Another important question is the following: how could an armed gunman that had already started a rampage make his way into the Centre Bloc of the Canadian Parliament unchallenged? Anyone that has been to Parliament Hill knows that there is a relatively large armed presence on the whole area and, specifically, at the entranceway and doors which is comprised of Canada’s national police force (the Royal Canadian Mounted Police), the local municipal police (the Ottawa Police Services), and two special federal forces (the House of Commons Security Services and Senate Security).”

UK gun owners now subject to warrantless home searches – from FoxNews.com – “Britain’s gun owners were subject to the home visits before the update, but the inspection had to be conducted with prior notice… “Where it is judged necessary, based on specific intelligence in light of a particular threat, or risk of harm, the police may undertake an unannounced home visit to check the security of a certificate holder’s firearms and shotguns,” the updated policy says… In a letter to legal gun owners, a British police organization, the Association of Chief Police Officers, said the revamped guideline does not grant police any new powers but clarifies ‘the basis on which the visits should be conducted.’.. ACPO is also encouraging tipsters to call a new Crimestoppers hotline to report any concerns they have about the storage of legal firearms.” -emph. added

‘Facebook a gift to intelligence agencies’ – Laura Poitras – from RT.com – “Users should be wary about the information that the likes of Facebook and Google have compiled on them, Poitras warns. Still she does believe that these technology companies pose less of a threat than governments… ‘On technology companies, we should be concerned, but we are consenting to that relationship – and they don’t have the same powers. They can help the government find out who your sources are, but they don’t have the power to investigate people,’ she said… To try and overcome the problem of unwanted government surveillance, she advocates the greater use of encryption tools, especially for journalists, but does understand that they can often be hard to use for those without specialist knowledge of computer systems. Poitras told the Washington Post she believes this could change in the future.”

For the week of 10/13/14:

al-Sisi-w-AbbasRumors Swirling About Israel’s Shocking ‘Endgame’ Plan for Palestinians in Gaza – With a surprise role by Egypt – by Jonathan Cook, Alternet.org – “According to the reports, the territory in Sinai would become a demilitarised Palestinian state – dubbed “Greater Gaza” – to which returning Palestinian refugees would be assigned. The Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas would have autonomous rule over the cities in the West Bank, comprising about a fifth of that territory. In return, Abbas would have to give up the right to a state in the West Bank and East Jerusalem… The plan, which would most likely result in significant numbers of Palestinians moving outside the borders of historic Palestine, was quickly dismissed as “fabricated and baseless” by Egyptian and Palestinian officials.”

The Hidden Government Group Linking JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra and 9/11 – by Peter Dale Scott, WhoWhatWhy.com – “For example, one factor linking Dallas, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11, has been the involvement in all four deep events of personnel involved in America’s highest-level emergency planning, known since the 1950s as Continuity of Government (COG) planning, or more colloquially inside the Pentagon as “the Doomsday Project.” A few of these actors may have been located at the top, as overseers of the secret COG system. Others – including some I shall talk about today – were located further down in its secret communications network.”

Natural_News-RatingsCaught ‘red-handed’: News-site deception uncovered – ‘This is the smoking gun. This is huge’ – by Leo Hohmann, WND.com – ” ‘Despite increasing traffic on Breitbart.com, the Alexa rankings for Breibart.com dropped significantly in one month. That certainly calls into question Alexa’s newly reported numbers,’ Larry Solov, president and CEO of Breitbart News, told WND… What’s even more surprising is that a top alternative website focusing on health issues, which has been reporting daily on the hottest news topic concerning health in years, Ebola, would also be down in the Alexa rankings… But that’s exactly what happened to NaturalNews.com, a site operated by Mike Adams, a scientist also known as the ‘Health Ranger.’ ”

Ukrainian soldiers hold rallies in biggest cities, demand demobilization – from en.Itar-Tass.com – “Officers from President Petro Poroshenko’s administration, for their part, demand that the military get back to their unit, saying the president will be informed about their demand… On a working trip to the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv last Saturday, President Poroshenko said demobilization of Ukrainian military was impossible in conditions of the de-facto military operation. He said this opportunity would appear only amid a permanent ceasefire, as soon as the defense line was built… ‘We were drafted from different Ukrainian regions in the spring of 2013 for 12 months, and it has already been 18 months with no demobilization in sight,’ one of the soldiers said.”

Annise_ParkerCity of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons – by Todd Starnes, FoxNews.com – ” ‘Political and social commentary is not a crime,” Holcomb said. ‘It is protected by the First Amendment.’.. The subpoenas are just the latest twist in an ongoing saga over the Houston’s new non-discrimination ordinance. The law, among other things, would allow men to use the ladies room and vice versa. The city council approved the law in June… The Houston Chronicle reported opponents of the ordinance launched a petition drive that generated more than 50,000 signatures – far more than the 17,269 needed to put a referendum on the ballot… However, the city threw out the petition in August over alleged irregularities.”

Pentagon Focus Is On The Climate As They Blow Apart Another Storm In California – by Dane Wigington, GeoengineeringWatch.org – “Though considerable moisture passed over Northern California all day on October 14th, 2014, not a drop has fallen as of the penning of this article. The first waves of moisture from the incoming front were completely migrated over the parched state by massive aerosol spraying over the tops of the clouds. From below, the cloud cover is largely featureless when the aerosol spraying is the heaviest. The spraying effectively melts the cloud cover together into a blended canopy of toxic aerosols and natural clouds. The rainless aerosolized clouds then migrate inland for hundreds or thousands of miles.”

The Illegal Poisoning Of California’s Remaining Water Supply – by DaneWigington, GeoengineeringWatch.org – “Billions of gallons of industrial waste filled with highly toxic chemicals have been illegally injected into wells in the Central Valley. Those in power have put California on the fast track to becoming a completely toxic drought stricken desert wasteland. All that participate in these crimes must be held accountable including the media that is helping to hide every aspect of the crimes mentioned. From the toxic rain robbing spraying of our skies to the poisoning of our remaining wells, mainstream media has been an accomplice to the cover up. Any that claim to care at all for their children’s future must rise to the challenges we face.” – With other information on this serious ongoing pollution

Ebola_reportEbo-Lie: Man Living In Ghana Confirms Ebola Is A Hoax! – by Steven Bancarz, SpiritScienceandMetaphysics.com – “A statement made by a man in Ghana named Nana Kwame has rocked the internet in the last few days. The following information needs to reach people. We need to see Ebola for what it really is. It’s time that the world wakes up to the agenda behind all of this hysteria. Here is what this man has to say about what is happening in his home country: ‘People in the Western World need to know what’s happening here in West Africa. THEY ARE LYING!!! “Ebola” as a virus does NOT Exist and is NOT “Spread”. The Red Cross has brought a disease to 4 specific countries for 4 specific reasons and it is only contracted by those who receive treatments and injections from the Red Cross. That is why Liberians and Nigerians have begun kicking the Red Cross out of their countries and reporting in the news the truth.’ ”

Ebo-LIE – Original post on Facebook, source for preceding article

10 Questions for The WHO About Ebola – from ActivistPost.com – “The World Health Organization is claiming that we are facing the most severe health crisis ever with the alleged Ebola outbreak in West Africa… But since the WHO was caught inflating the Swine Flu pandemic to hoist experimental vaccines on the world, perhaps we should not just take them on their word without demanding evidence.” (emph. added)

ebola-is-realIf It’s So Real, Why the Massive ‘Ebola Is Real’ Propaganda Campaign? (w/video)– by Melissa Melton, ActivistPost.com – “And what is the guy in this clip shown above doing dropping off his son at a hospital who is supposedly dying of Ebola — an act that the media has made it a point time and again to relay is tantamount to a death sentence over there — then just walking away with little emotion and without having his temperature taken, being quarantined, or even questioned AND holding a wad of cash?.. Just asking… You tell me what it means… As Jon Rappoport has reported, the test for Ebola is completely unreliable to begin with, and that’s out of the mouth of the very guy who invented it … Anymore when you consider Ebola you have to consider that Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases over at the National Institutes of Health, told The Canadian Press in a recent interview: ‘As the epidemic gets more and more formidable and in some cases out of control it is quite conceivable, if not likely, that we may need to deploy the vaccine to the entire country to be able to shut the epidemic down. That is clearly a possibility.’ ”

Ebola-No_Hazmat_SuitViewers Quickly Notice Something That ‘Makes No Sense’ in Raw Video of Officials Loading Dallas Ebola Patient Onto Plane – by Jason Howerton, TheBlaze.com – “Images emerged Wednesday of officials loading the second Dallas nurse diagnosed with Ebola onto a plane headed for Atlanta to receive treatment at Emory Hospital — and Americans quickly noticed something very strange about the scene… Among several workers wearing hazmat suits on the runway of Dallas Love Field was a man wearing plain clothes and no apparent protective gear.”

The Roll Out of the Hitler Youth Movement Through the Common Core Invasive Data Mining of Our Children – by Dave Hodges, TheCommonSenseShow.com – “InBloom has the backing of the enemy of the common man, namely Bill and Melinda Gates. Bill Gates has donated $100 million in seed money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to InBloom. If the readers have read my recent articles on Ebola and the subsequent vaccines, complete with all the accompanying chicanery, then you realize that the American people should recoil in repulsion to any endeavor that Bill Gates is involved in, especially when it comes to our children. Is anyone else sick of Bill Gates yet? Whether it is the Ebola vaccine or being the original computer robber baron of the modern age, Gates seemingly has his hand in every pie. We need to get this despot out of our children’s lives.”

Mainstream Media A “No Fly Zone” For Truth – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “Fischer continues his description of the plan for a buffer zone by writing: ‘The idea was to protect Syrian civilians from Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, who was (and still is) slaughtering people en masse, by carving out small pieces of territory within Syria that would be safe from Assad. The idea now is fundamentally the same, except that the safe zones would be protect civilians from Assad and from ISIS.’.. Bullshit.”

taser_deesNo Real Limitations on Tasers Used for Minor Infractions or Just Because – by Amanda Warren, ActivistPost.com – “Furthermore, something that never entered the case was that he informed the Park Service woman he had a heart problem, but she still shot him in the back. His charges were based on that little interaction, not the one where she originally saw his dog off a leash – a minor infraction. Again, the dog was leashed at this point. She was only supposed to go out and give verbal warnings about it. But the paranoia and Hershberg’s mistrust that she wouldn’t identify her authority led to a crazy tasing incident. She perceives more disobedience when he won’t simply roll over after five seconds of a paralyzing jolt. She takes more action after kindly checking his vital signs.”

Vaccines: Penalizing the Unvaccinated? – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com “GSK has been accused and convicted of doing likewise in both Europe and the United States, yet they are still in business – a business that includes producing the very vaccines Slate believes people should be penalized for refusing to take… Why would any rational human being allow themselves to be injected by something produced by such a corporation – a corporation literally convicted of criminality, fraud, and bribery? If GSK can bribe hundreds if not thousands of doctors and healthcare workers around the world to endorse their products, how difficult would it be to bribe writers at Slate who literally write for money?”

Silver’s Investment and Industrial Demand Colliding with Problematic Supply – from MoneyMetals.com – “Going forward, silver’s industrial demand is likely to fare better than manufacturing generally. The metal is widely used in faster growing sectors such as electronics and solar power. Most of the drag created by the transition to digital photography and away from conventional film processing is behind us. And new applications such as LED light bulbs, flexible displays, RFID tags, cellular technology, and even medical equipment and compounds promise to increase the world’s appetite for silver in the coming years.”

Detroit Honor Student suspended entire senior year for a pocket knife in her purse


5-Page .PDF document: An Open Letter to Jack Lewby Anna Maria Riezinger, Alaska State Civil Advocate – “Properly, your assets are your assets and they always have been. These false claims brought against you in international venues of the law are the result of fraudulent misrepresentation by an entity — the United States of America, Inc. — and people — the Roosevelt Administration — that the American People had every right and reason to trust. You are all victims of gross breach of trust and fiduciary malfeasance on the part of a governmental services corporation which claimed to “represent” your legitimate government and which then instead acted in breach of trust to plunder the assets of the national trust — The United States Trust (1789)… This mammoth fraud is a fiduciary trust fraud in equity. It has no statute of limitation and makes all claims based upon it null and void — including any claims fronted by the UN. ‘

Samantha_Bee-RantDaily Show Highlights Mystery of How Many Americans are Shot and Killed by Police – by Amanda Warren, ActivistPost.com – “If there’s one statistic that’s important for Americans to know, it’s how many of us get shot and killed by our own police force… Samantha Bee of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart set out to find that data, and interviewed those she thought would have the answers. Getting a coherent answer was akin to pulling teeth. – with HILARIOUS video.

7 Reasons To Doubt Latest “Holocaust” Claims Against Assad – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “The photos, which are supposed to number in the tens of thousands are now being “analyzed” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the request of the Ambassador-At-Large For War Crimes, Steven J.Rapp… Rapp stated in an interview that the photos are ‘horrific — some of them put you in visceral pain. This is some of the strongest evidence we’ve seen in the area of proof of the commission of mass atrocities.’.. Rapp, apparently intending to head off any suggestions that the photos may be either fakes or photos of some other atrocity perhaps committed by the death squads armed, trained, funded, and directed by NATO, the Ambassador has claimed that the FBI assured him that they think it is impossible that the photographs could be forgeries. Rapp says that the FBI assured that there is no evidence of doctoring. This, of course, is quite a bizarre conclusion to reach since the investigation is not yet over. Thus, one must wonder if the FBI had determined the veracity of the photographs before even opening the packages they came in.”

Gates-w-vialGates Vaccine Empire on Trial in India – by ZenGardner.com – “Most of the girls were students, and an investigation showed that as many as 120 girls who participated in the HPV vaccine trials ‘experienced adverse reactions such as epileptic seizures, severe stomach ache, headaches and mood swings. The Sama report also said there had been cases of early onset of menstruation following the vaccination, heavy bleeding and severe menstrual cramps among many students.’.. Kumar points out that after these adverse reactions, a report was conducted to explain them all away as not related to the vaccines, so that the approval process could move forward to market the HPV vaccine in India. That report, according to Kumar, was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). Authorities in India have looked into BMGF, and see a huge conflict of interest”

Turkey Denies Plan for “Buffer Zone” in Syria by Calling for “Buffer Zone” in Syria – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “With this in mind, Davutoglu outlined the borders of the buffer zone that he and his NATO partners wish to see in Syria. These borders are set to reach into regions such as ‘Idlib northern Latakia, Hasakah, Jarablus and Kobani.’.. These regions include the entire spectrum from east to west of Northern Syria and are located relatively deep into Syrian territory. A buffer zone with these borders also comes dangerously close to Aleppo, a scene of fierce fighting between terrorists and the SAA, but is increasingly coming under government control. Aleppo is Syria’s largest city… A buffer zone, no-fly zone, aka “safe zone” in Syria has been the wish of NATO since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.With the establishment of this “buffer zone,” a new staging ground will be opened that allows terrorists such as ISIS and others the ability to conduct attacks even deeper inside Syria.”

miriam1 drop of blood & 60 minutes: Breakthrough device heralds future of cancer detection – from RT.com – ” The blood sample is pipetted into a 96-well plate with patented biochemical reagents, which is then loaded into the device for about an hour. A smartphone, put on top of the device, takes pictures, documenting the pace of the reaction that reveals the microRNA strings by lighting up the well green. The data is then sent to the online database for interpretation of the diagnosis.”

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): A Brief History of an Agenda for Corporate Plunder – by Colin Todhunter, GlobalResearch.ca – “The deal was masterminded by the ‘High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth’ (HLWG), which was set up in 2011 and chaired by European Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht and the then US Trade Representative Ron Kirk [9]. In its final report, the Group not only recommended entering into the negotiations but went into some detail as to what should be put on the table, with the far-reaching aim of moving towards a ‘transatlantic marketplace.’.. When questioned about the nature of the group, the European Commission (EC) said it had no identifiable members and stated that “several departments” contributed to the discussion and the reports of the (memberless) group. It even stated that there was no document containing the list of authors of the reports. A request by Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) to disclose membership/report authors was met with the response: ‘Unfortunately we (the EC) are not in a position to provide you with the information requested.’ ”

Obama Readies Unconstitutional Executive Order to Send National Guard to Liberia – by Kurt Nimmo, PrisonPlanet.com – “Pressing the National Guard into service to “fight Ebola” is yet another example of the further militarization of so-called humanitarian aid… Humanitarian aid, however, may be used as a cover for geostrategic imperative, as Aaron Klein of WND.com noted earlier this week… ‘For an administration that prides itself in never letting a crisis go to waste, the Ebola outbreak is seemingly offering the perfect opportunity to achieve a long-time Western goal – to build up a U.S. military presence in Africa in the face of growing Chinese investment and influence on the continent,’ Klein wrote.”

Banksters-get-outta-Jail-FreeNot with a Bang but a Whimper: DOJ Says it Cannot Prosecute “Rocket Science” Frauds – by William K. Black, J.D., Ph.D., OpEdNews.com – “The exit interview ground rules call for softball questions only, but Cole does get asked why zero prosecutions represents a ‘historic’ triumph. His answer, is the final whimper: ‘Proving individual bankers broke the law was extremely difficult because it was hard to show criminal intent and because they may not have violated laws in effect at the time. ‘We are dealing with financial rocket science,’ he said.’.. There are two essential responses to Cole’s whimper. Both responses are so important that I have to divide my comments into two columns. In this column I assume solely for purposes of analysis that Cole is correct that DOJ could not “show criminal intent” because ‘we are dealing with financial rocket science.’ (My second column will eviscerate that claim and any claim that there were not laws ‘in effect at the time.’)”

In the last days of ‘Operation Protective Edge’ Israel focused on its final goal — the destruction of Gaza’s professional class
Israel/Palestine – by Dan Cohen, MondoWeiss.net – “The bombing of these pristine towers during final ceasefire negotiations recalls the US military’s selection of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for nuclear annihilation in World War II, strategically chosen in part because they were untouched. Implementing the principle of “searing into the consciousness” articulated by Moshe Ya’alon, this unprecedented level of destruction struck a final psychological blow, sending an unmistakable message that unless Palestinians in Gaza abandon resistance and accept ghettoization and mass-imprisonment, Israel’s campaign of mass destruction and killing would resume.”

Pavlo_KlimkinWestern $30 Billion Aid Insufficient For Kiev: Ukrainian Foreign Minister – from en.RIA.ru – The Minister stressed that the goal of Ukraine for ten years is to become a member of the European Union, and Kiev has to use its chances and quickly adopt EU standards. “If we do our homework, then in 2020 we can apply to be accepted in a few years,” he said… As a result of the ongoing political crisis in the country, Ukraine is currently on the verge of a default. Kiev authorities are trying to rescue the country’s economy with international loans, including a $17 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund. To receive the IMF financial support, Ukraine agreed to a severe austerity program that includes raising taxes and selling off state assets.”

Washington Think Tanks Beating the Drums of War Against Syria – by Daniel Zubov, en.RIA.ru – “Despite Congress’s absence, Washington’s defense-oriented think tanks have remained hard at work churning out justifications for war without end. While there are minor disagreements across the political spectrum on whether to send American troops or just employ, arm, train and deploy local troops, everyone in Washington agrees that containing IS is the first step towards regime change in Syria and destabilization in Iran.”

More QE? These Charts Show the Pauperization of Workers in the UK and America since 2008 – by Wolf Richter, WolfStreet.com – “Ironically, the designated losers of central bank policies – wage earners and savers – are the vast majority of the households out there. But it’s hard to get an economy to thrive if the vast majority of its participants are being systematically and relentlessly plundered in tiny insidious increments on a daily basis. Of course, central banks have a solution: get these folks to borrow money and spend it to goose the economy, so that they’ll turn into debt slaves, rather than just impoverished middle-class workers.”

Only 84 of 2,379 US drone attacks victims in Pakistan confirmed Al-Qaeda militants – report – from RT.com – “In fact, only 111 of those killed in Pakistan since 2004 were described as a senior commander of any armed group, the bureau has found. Another 73, according to the Naming the Dead project, were mid-ranking members of armed groups… When the bureau asked US National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden for a comment, she said that strikes were only carried out when there was ‘near-certainty’ that no civilians would be killed… ‘The death of innocent civilians is something that the US Government seeks to avoid if at all possible. In those rare instances in which it appears non-combatants may have been killed or injured, after-action reviews have been conducted to determine why, and to ensure that we are taking the most effective steps to minimize such risk to non-combatants in the future,’ said Hayden.

County justifies warrantless raids because cannabis plants are an ‘immediate danger’ – Court finds that hundreds of individuals have been subjected to warrantless raids. – from PoliceStateUSA.com – “Judge Henderson rejected Lake County’s argument that any improperly-grown plants posed an “immediate threat” to public health and safety in some cases, or that exigent circumstances existed such that warrants could be ignored… The Court was also ‘utterly unpersuaded by Defendants’ claim at oral argument that Lake County should not be required to get a warrant for these abatement actions because it has not fully developed the institutional process required to do so.’.. The ruling essentially affirmed that Lake County had been infringing upon citizens’ rights en masse and ordered the county to cease and desist.”

For the week of 10/6/14:

fema coffins-onTruckCDC Suggests “Hermetically Sealed Caskets” For Ebola Victims – AKA “Fema Coffins” – by Brandon Smith, ActivistPost.com – “In a story for Yahoo News , the CDC says that in the event of an Ebola outbreak in the U.S., bodies of the deceased would be required to be buried within “hermetically sealed caskets”, which would prevent the escape of microbes during funerals… An administrator of the Dallas Institute Of Funeral Service interviewed in the article states that he has never come across any such caskets in his industry, meaning, hermetically sealed coffins are NOT common in the slightest for burial… The CDC coffins in Madison, Georgia, though, ARE designed to prevent spread of infection. In fact, the patent for these coffins confirms that they are meant for the burial or cremation of bodies exposed to infectious diseases.”

Scientific study reveals conspiracy theorists the most sane of all – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “The researchers noted that they were surprised to find that it is now more conventional to leave so-called conspiracist comments than conventional ones… ‘Of the 2174 comments collected, 1459 were coded as conspiracist and 715 as conventionalist,’ the researchers wrote… ‘The research showed that people who favored the official account of 9/11 were generally more hostile.’ ”

NIH: “We May Have to Vaccinate Whole Countries to Stop Ebola Outbreak” – by Melissa Melton, ActivistPost.com – ” ‘As the epidemic gets more and more formidable and in some cases out of control it is quite conceivable, if not likely, that we may need to deploy the vaccine to the entire country to be able to shut the epidemic down. That is clearly a possibility.’ [emphasis added] –Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases… The article did not specify which country in particular Dr. Fauci — whose institute just so happens to be currently working on an experimental Ebola vaccine (the first to begin human clinical trials) with Big Pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline — was referring to. Was he talking specifically about Sierra Leone? Liberia? Guinea? Any place where Ebola has taken hold? The entire continent of Africa? Other countries, should it break out there including Spain or America?.. The prospects of “countrywide” vaccination for Ebola with a rushed-to-market vaccination are absolutely horrifying.”

Serious Financial Trouble Is Erupting In Germany And Japan – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “German stocks have declined 10 percent since July, and that puts them in “correction” territory. In Japan, the economy is a total mess right now. According to figures that were just released, Japanese GDP contracted at a 7.1 percent annualized rate during the second quarter and private consumption contracted at a 19 percent annualized rate. Could a financial collapse in either of those nations be the catalyst that sets off financial dominoes all over the planet?.. This week, the worst German industrial production figure since 2009 rattled global financial markets. Germany is supposed to be the economic “rock” of Europe, but at this point that “rock” is starting to show cracks.”

holder-Project_Longevity FEMA/DHS 12/14/12 Plan for “Mass Death of Children at a School By Firearms” – Document Originated on October 8, 2012 – by James F. Tracy, MemoryHoleBlog.com – ” ‘At a minimum, the attached materials will be disseminated only on a need-t0-know basis, and when unattended will be stored in a locked container or area offering sufficient protection against theft, compromise, inadvertent access, and unauthorized disclosure.’ – The document’s directs parties to direct queries to FEMA’s “Point of Contact” person, Executive Director Tom Romano… Is this a plan for what came to be widely-known as the Sandy Hook School Massacre? No location for where the exercise is to take place appears on the document. Yet in July 2014 Wolfgang Halbig announced that Connecticut State Troopers intimated to him that the Sandy Hook event was “scripted,” and that some had submitted false affidavits on what had taken place that day.”

Confirmed: California Aquifers Contaminated With Billions Of Gallons of Fracking Wastewater – by Mike G, DeSmogBlog.com – “The letter, a copy of which was obtained by the Center for Biological Diversity, reveals that nearly 3 billion gallons of wastewater were illegally injected into central California aquifers and that half of the water samples collected at the 8 water supply wells tested near the injection sites have high levels of dangerous chemicals such as arsenic, a known carcinogen that can also weaken the human immune system, and thallium, a toxin used in rat poison.”

obama-isis-ciaObama Accuses Himself Of Terrorism – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “Following its illegal and immoral attacks on the Syrian people which have produced alarming amounts of civilian casualties within only a matter of days, the United States recently announced that it is “relaxing” its policy on civilian killings in Syria. Indeed, the White House is now backing away on claims that it will only use lethal force where there is a ‘certainty or near certainty’ that no civilians will be killed… Such ‘policy changes’ led Joaquim Moreira Salles of Think Progress to write that ‘Reports last week of significant civilian casualties as a result of U.S. airstrikes were the first indication that the Obama administration is ignoring its own rules in the war on terror.’ ”

Illegal Alien Disease Epidemic – Doctors And Nurses Gagged, Threatened With Arrest if They Talk – by Rick Wells, RedFlagNews.com – “Another problematic condition which concerned the nurse was the fact that the children were transported to Lackland on domestic charter buses and airplanes. Whatever conditions they have may have been left on the seats and other surfaces and could infect others… The counselor noticed children who she recognized as being suicidal and recommended that they be sent to a psychiatric unit. Rather than treat one boy she pointed out, he was placed with a family in America… It was at that point that she filed a Child Protective Services report and quit her job, concerned that her license was at risk if the child later committed suicide… The counselor says she kept a detailed journal about what is going on inside the Lackland facility and remarked, ‘When people read that journal they are going to be astonished. I don’t think they will believe what is going on in America.’.. She reports that she was later contacted by federal agents who demanded that she return to Lackland and surrender her journal to them. She refused to do so and has not returned to Lackland.”

Bezos-IndespensableObama Administration Joins Amazon In Trying to Rip off Everyday American Employees – “The position that the government’s taking is directly contrary to some of the Department of Labor rulings and regulations.” – by Elias Isquith, Alternet.org – “The argument for the workers seems pretty intuitive to me; if you’re doing something because of your employer’s demand, you should, within reason, be compensated for your time. What’s Integrity’s argument in response?.. The employer and, surprisingly, the government are saying that because the duties are not “integral and indispensable” to the regular duties that the workers are performing, the work isn’t compensable. So they’re trying to carve out of any duties that workers would perform whether or not it’s at the direction of the employer — or for the benefit of the employer — if they’re not “integral and indispensable” then you don’t have to get paid for it.”

Disappearances, Deaths of Leftist Mexican Students Spark Federal Investigation – Mexico is an “assassin state,” charges human rights activist, saying Iguala tragedy is “not isolated.” – by Lauren McCauley, CommonDreams.org – “On September 26, two busloads of students from a local teachers college, the Raúl Isidro Burgos Ayotzinapa Normal School, were attacked. According to surviving students who were interviewed by VICE News, local Iguala police and other armed men “surrounded and confronted the buses on the outskirts of Iguala,” and opened fire… After the gunfire, six students were dead and dozens of the survivors fled the scene or were detained; forty-three have been declared missing. On October 5, authorities said they had discovered mass graves containing the burned remnants of “at least” 28 bodies thought to be the missing students. However, proper identification through genetic testing could take up to two months, say officials.”

Erdogan-AngryErdogan Fears US Treachery Over Syria – by Finian Cunningham, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Erdogan added, ‘We will continue to prioritize our aim to remove the Syrian regime.’.. What those words betray is that Erdogan and his neo-Ottoman AKP ruling party are afraid that if they delay on sending tanks and ground troops into Syria, the US may leave them high and dry by not fully signing up to the ensuing all-out war against Assad… For its part, the US has the following misgiving: Washington does not want to reveal its regime change objective too publicly or so quickly, as Turkey would like. If a Turkish invasion of northern Syria were to turn into an obvious assault on Damascus, then the US-led coalition will be exposed for what is – a criminal regime-change ploy under the guise of fighting IS terrorism. In other words, the madcap Erdogan and his neo-Ottomans are behaving too rashly for Washington’s liking.”

Dept. of Defense Ebola manual: smoking guns – by Jon Rappoport, ActivistPost.com – ” ‘The definitive identification of the Ebola Zaire virus (detected in the West Africa outbreak in 2014) requires additional testing and confirmation procedures in consultation with public health or other authorities for whom reporting is required. The diagnosis of Ebola Zaire virus (detected in the West Africa outbreak in 2014) infection must be made based on history, signs, symptoms, exposure likelihood, and other laboratory evidence in addition to the identification of the Ebola Zaire virus (detected in the West Africa outbreak in 2014) by this [PCR] test.’.. That’s the capper. It baldly states that other diagnostic tests must be run. I can tell you what those other tests should be. One, purification and direct isolation of the virus from the patient; and two, a test to determine the amount of virus in the patient—because millions and millions of active Ebola virus must be present in the patient to even begin to say he is ‘an Ebola case.’ ”

hannah-kayla-diegelLife of 10 Year Old Girl in Medical Kidnapping Case May be in Danger! – Two Sisters Seized from Loving Parents for Disagreeing with Doctors – from HealthImpactNews.com – “Unfortunately, the GI doctor she (mother Melissa Diegel) was not happy with took over her daughter’s case anyway, and also took over (sister) Kayla’s case. The mother reportedly made a formal complaint and asked to be transferred to another hospital. Instead, the hospital seized custody of both children using the same claim that Boston Children’s Hospital used against the parents of Justina Pelletier, and Lurie Children’s hospital made against Isaiah Rider’s mother: medical abuse… The term “Medical Abuse” is a term now used to allow doctors to seize children away from loving parents simply if the parents do not agree with their medical treatment. And it is epidemic all across America today. In family court, judges treat the doctors like “gods”, and suppress the Constitutional rights of parents

Russia in Negotiation with China for alternative SWIFT Bank system – by William Engdahl, Journal-NEO.org – “The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, SWIFT, is one of Russia’s primary links to the international financial system. Bloomberg reported that on August 30, ironically just after Russia had proposed in Minsk terms of a ceasefire between the Kiev Government and east Ukraine rebels, Prime Minister David Cameron’s government proposed that the EU escalate its Russia sanctions warfare by blocking Russian banks from SWIFT clearings… Were that to happen, it would be tantamount to a declaration of full economic war between the EU and Russia. The consequences for the EU would clearly be devastating, something Washington or leading Wall Street circles would, no doubt, chuckle about in a kind of Schadenfreude. Already US-imposed EU sanctions against Russia have begun hurting the German economy significantly.”

Maryanne_GodboldoMichigan Only State with Pharmaceutical “Immunity Law” Determined to Prosecute Mother for Refusing to Drug Daughter – by Kelly Patricia O’Meara, HealthImpactNews.com – It begs the question: Is the state more interested in protecting the pharmaceutical companies over the well-being of the families of Michigan? Godboldo bravely stood up to the state’s Child Protective Services (CPS) and mental health workers who immediately validated this mother’s worst fears when, after illegally placing her daughter in a state-run pediatric psychiatric facility, the 13 year old was forcibly administered Haldol and Risperdal—harmful psychiatric drugs that have left her damaged.”

Source: Secret deal could doom 160,000 to ISIS – U.S., Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran said to let key border town fall – by F. Michael Maloof, WND.com – “There are questions concerning the extent to which the Iranians went along with the secret deal to let Kobani fall to ISIS… As WND reported, there have been calls in recent days within Iran for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps to assist the Syrian Kurds, prompting demonstrations of support in a number of Iranian cities… As a signal of Iran’s concern, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham warned of a humanitarian catastrophe in Kobani… ‘Iran will soon send humanitarian aid for the residents and refugees in this area through the Syrian government,’ Afkham said.”

Get Ready for BioSurveillance of Your Preschooler’s Health – University of Michigan research shows web-based system could help improve detection and response to spread of illnesses – by Joe Wright, ActivistPost.com – “Recent announcements by social media companies also indicate the arrival of full-scale health surveillance. Twitter’s “ChatterGrabber” is a “machine-learning algorithm” that will harvest communications for “tickborne diseases, such as Lyme disease, public sentiment involving vaccines …serving as an early warning system for public health officials through suspicious tweets or conversations.” And Facebook is ‘exploring creating online ‘support communities’ that would connect Facebook users suffering from various ailments…also considering new ‘preventative care’ applications that would help people improve their lifestyles.’.. Embedded in all of these missions, naturally, is a drive to ensure a wider adoption of vaccines, perhaps making them mandatory under medical martial law . As the climate of fear begins to hit a fever pitch, we would do well to consider which is more frightening: the virus of the week or the permanent solutions currently being offered.”

For the week of 9/29/14:

McCain-al_BahgdadiThe Grand Saudi Reversal – by Thierry Meyssan, VoltaireNet.org – “There is no doubt that the difference established by Laurent Fabius between “moderate” jihadists (the Free Syrian Army and the Frente Al-Nosra-that is to say Al-Qaïda- until early 2013) and “extremist” jihadists (the Al-Nosra Front from 2013 and the EIS) is a pure artifice of communication. The case of Caliph Ibrahim is illuminating: in May 2013, during the visit of John McCain to the ASL, he was both a member of the “moderate” staff and leader of the “extremist” faction [6]. Identically, a letter from General Salim Idriss, Chief of Staff of the ASL, dated January 17, 2014, certified that France and Turkey were delivering ammunition to the ASL (one third) and to Al Qaeda (two thirds) via the ASL. Presented by the Syrian ambassador to the Security Council, Bashar Jaafari, the authenticity of the document has not been disputed by the French delegation.” – With very interesting notes and links

Ukraine Government Officially Introduces Slavery, with Vague Terms – by Eric Zuesse, WashingtonsBlog.com – “Lyudmila Denisova said that, in particular, the Procedure now defines the term ‘labor service’ to mean that the people [will be] involved without mandatory consent, subject to enforcement operations, [in work that is of a] defensive nature, as well as man-made [i.e., war-related] disaster management, natural and military nature, during mobilization and wartime. [The tortured phrasing here might be due to these drafters’ desire to avoid amplifying upon that phrase ‘without mandatory consent,’ which refers to the key new legal feature, the legal application of slavery to regular Ukrainian civilians, to be selected according to vague criteria, which might apply to most of the civilian population.]”

lake-whereWater rationing hits California: limit of 50 gallons per person per day or face fines of $500 – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “Interestingly, the water rationing that’s about to be enforced in California isn’t being called rationing. Instead, California’s doublespeak wordsmiths have decided to call it an ‘allocation-based rate structure’ (which simply means that after you hit your ration limit, you are harshly penalized for any additional consumption)… In explaining why California citizens will be heavily penalized with fines if they exceed their water rationing allocation, all sorts of elaborate doublespeak terms are now being used such as ‘strong price signals’ and ‘conservation response.’ ”

USDA to Approve MORE Pesticide-Laden GE Crops – by Christina Sarich, NaturalSociety.com – “Experts already agree that way too much glyphosate has been sprayed around the world on every conceivable crop – GMO and non-GMO. And though Dow claims 2,4-D crops are the solution to weed resistance, a recent peer-reviewed study published in the prestigious journal Bioscience concludes that these new GE crops will instead pour oil on the fire by triggering still more intractable weeds resistant to both glyphosate and 2,4-D…Dow says one thing, food experts like kimbrell say another: ‘This is not the solution to our superweed problem and will only spur the evolution of yet more herbicide-resistant weeds. We need a new direction for our agricultural system, not increased reliance on chemicals.’ ”

Hong-Kong-014Hong Kong protesters block major roads – from PressTV.ir – “Thousands of students from more than 20 universities along with 400 academics and non-teaching staff have boycotted classes since Monday, September 22, to protest the decision by the NPC… The campaign was launched after Beijing decided to rule out open nominations for the city’s next chief executive in 2017, forcing the voters to choose from a list of two or three candidates selected by a nominating committee.”

EC raps Hungary over halting gas supply to Ukraine – from PressTV.ir – “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban defended the move saying his country could not risk a halt to Russian gas supplies due to the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev… Orban’s comments came after Russia warned European countries against re-exporting gas to Ukraine. Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said the re-export of Russian gas to Ukraine was illegal and could result in some of European nations going without shipments from Russia’s energy company, Gazprom.”

From the War-Is-Peace Desk: U.S. counterinsurgency operatives deployed to Ukraine – by Maggie Ybarra, WashingtonTimes.com – ” ‘With support from Ukraine and the State Department, the security assessment team will also explore the potential of expanding our current Office of Defense Cooperation in Keiv, to enhance Ukraine’s military capabilities and interoperability,’ she said.”

Gro_Harlem_BrundtlandPrivate Property Rights Under Attack by Comprehensive Land Use Plans – by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, CanadaFreePress.com – “The idea of Sustainable Development that emerged in 1987 from a conference by the World Commission on Environment and Development, chaired by Gro Harlem Brundtland, seemed innocuous. It was defined as “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” It sounded lofty except for the nagging questions: who decides what the needs are, how are they going to parcel out the needs, how are they going to implement them, and who will police the decision-makers?” (emph. added)

Satellite Data: No Global Warming For Past 18 Years – by Barbara Hollingsworth, CNSNews.com – “CNSNews.com asked Christy why the United Nations’ climate models, which all predicted steeply rising temperatures over the past two decades, were all proven wrong… ‘You’re going back to a fundamental question of science that when you understand a system, you are able to predict its behavior. The fact that no one predicted what’s happened in the past 18 years indicates we have a long way to go to understand the climate system,’ Christy replied.”

Okaidi-w-ISILU.S. Alliance with FSA and ISIL in Six Photographs – by Rick Sterling, InformationClearingHouse.info – “The first photograph is from Spring 2013 and shows Okaidi with the American who has been the principal coordinator of US policy on Syria. The last two photographs are from a meeting days ago when Congressmen Adam Kinzinger (Rep Illinois) and George Holding (Rep. North Carolina) met with Okaidi and other “moderate rebels” in Turkey… Other photos show Okaidi with ISIL fighters and being interviewed about his relationship with ISIL. The photographs are from videos identified at bottom.”

A ‘No Social Media List’ For Extremists And Potential Terrorists? – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “You have heard of the “No Fly List”, right? Well, now the Tories are pledging that if they win the next election in the UK they will establish a list of “extremists” that will have to have their social media posts “approved in advance by the police” before they post them. There are also plans to ban “extremists” from broadcasting and speaking at public events… The stated goal of these proposals is to crack down on terrorism, but in the process the civil liberties of the British people are going to be flushed down the toilet. And the American people need to pay close attention to what is going on in the UK, because whatever police state measures are implemented over there usually also get implemented over here eventually.

For the week of 9/22/14:

biodiversity_wildlands_mapBACKGROUND TO THE WILDLANDS PROJECT – by Dr. Michael Coffman, Agenda21News.com – “With sus­tain­able devel­op­ment, no longer do prop­erty own­ers in the United States have unalien­able prop­erty rights, as penned in the Dec­la­ra­tion of Inde­pen­dence and pro­tected in the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Instead, gov­ern­ment imposes on prop­erty own­ers what are termed “usufruc­tory rights.” Since unalien­able prop­erty rights pro­vide the foun­da­tion to lib­erty and wealth in Amer­ica, sus­tain­able devel­op­ment por­tends dire con­se­quences to all Americans.”

Rigged Gold Price Distorts Perception of Economic Reality – by Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler, InformationClearingHouse.info – “The fact that the price of gold is determined in a futures market in which paper claims to gold are traded merely to speculate on price means that the Fed and its bank agents can suppress the price of gold even though demand for physical gold is rising. If there were strict requirements that gold shorts could not be naked and had to be backed by the seller’s possession of physical gold represented by the futures contract, the Federal Reserve and its agents would be unable to control the price of gold, and the gold price would be much higher than it is now. ”

Ben_Kingsley-IronMan3Staged ISIS Videos are the Plot of Iron Man 3 – by Jay Dyer, JaysAnalysis.com – “A year and a half later, the narrative has again emerged, with the rebranded and expired Al Qaeda becoming “ISIS,” the new radical Jihad threatening the western world, and in particular a long line of “journalist aid workers” that seem to be in large supply and quite easily captured. Perceptive readers will be aware, of course, that these are not “journalist aid workers,” but known intelligence operatives: “aid” worker is one of the most obvious known covers, and their supposed captors, as well. In our new staged “beheading,” the clip is even more absurd, as once again the film cuts away before any blood, this time without even a head or a body! The only evidence of the so-called “aid worker’s” corpse are two pasty legs. Those could be anyone’s legs, but the WWF nature of ISIS and their ridiculous videos will unfortunately continue unabated.”

Dutch MH17 Investigation Omits US “Intel” – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “Had the US actually possessed any credible information to substantiate its claims that MH17 was shot down by a missile, such evidence surely would have been submitted to and included in the Dutch Safety Board’s preliminary reporting. That it is predictably missing confirms what commentators, analysts, and politicians around the world had long since suspected – the West’s premature conclusions regarding MH17’s demise were driven by a political agenda, not a factually based search for the truth. The evidence that MH17 was shot down by a missile as the West insisted is missing because it never existed in the first place.”

Merck, Other Pharma Companies Helped Fund Activist Groups Who Petitioned the EPA to Regulate Nano-Silver as a Pesticide – by Tony Isaacs, TBYL.com – “Furthermore, according to the AP report, the Big Pharma companies do not even need to submit environmental reviews for their drugs, which are now contaminating the drinking water of tens of millions of American men, women and children… But colloidal silver, which has never been demonstrated to contribute to environmental pollution, is being singled out by the environmental groups (backed by their Big Pharma paymasters) for extreme and completely unwarranted environmental regulations that will literally drive most if not all colloidal silver manufacturers and vendors completely out of business. And it’s all being pulled off in the name of ‘protecting the environment.’.. Given the information outlined above, one can only wonder what other pharmaceutical funding is linked to activist groups such as the ones listed in this article, and one shudders to think of how many activist groups have been corrupted by funding from Big Pharma and other companies with agendas that are anything but in the public interest.

DaydreamingBig Pharma invents ‘Sluggish Cognitive Tempo’ disease to drug millions more children – by Jonathan Benson, NaturalNews.com – “The emergence of SCT comes as parents, medical professionals and child psychologists increasingly question the validity of the millions of ADHD diagnoses that are really just cases of kids being kids. In order to keep these children drugged up and the cash flowing, the psychiatric and drug industries basically invented SCT as a fallback. In other words, when an ADHD diagnosis doesn’t fly, declare the child to have SCT.”

Climate Change, Manufactured Dissent and “Foundation-funded Doomsayers” – by James F. Tracy, GlobalResearch.ca – “…’So, climate change is caused by pollution in the lower atmosphere, and so they’re saying that the solution to that pollution is pollution in the stratosphere. And, you know, it’s really frightening when you look at some of the modeling that is being done about what the possible downsides of this could be [sic].’.. In fact, there is substantial evidence–patents, government documents, and scientific papers–that such organized contamination projects have been underway since at least the late 1990s and are almost certainly a major factor in the “extreme weather events” pointed to with such alarm by figures like McKibben.”

Abdirahmaan_MuhumedWhy Does the Whole “ISIS” Thing Fit In So Perfectly With The PNAC Plan? – by Bernie Suarez, TruthAndArtTV.com – “…7. Who is their leader and how did he learn to outsmart the world’s greatest military and outperform all generals in U.S. history? 8. How does ISIS avoid NSA surveillance? 9. How do they communicate and avoid all communication systems at the same time? 10. How do they avoid military and government satellite surveillance and tracking? 11. How does the mainstream media and all the CIA pundits on TV like Colonel Anthony Shaffer know so much about how dangerous ISIS is yet they know nothing else like where they got their weapons from or how they were created? Oh wait, how did Shaffer obtain his knowledge about them? Who specifically did he speak to? 12. Why is the (CIA) chain of command that ISIS responds to not reported by mainstream media?.. ‘

Terronoia Theater Presents: Staged ISIS Attacks – Provoking war abroad raises specter of staged attacks at home – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – The cartoonish nature of the plot – beheading a random member of the public before draping an ISIS flag over their body – is meant to provoke maximum fear and anger first , then maximum support for Australia’s continued involvement in Wall Street and London’s hegemonic ambitions in the Middle East. Likewise, the Rochester arrest made by the FBI amid their own terror plot, serves only to incite fear across the public and irrational support for intervention in Syria that will, in fact, lead to further support of extremists as well as the destruction of the only institution in the region truly fighting terrorism – the Syrian Arab Army.”

Weather chief: Obama ‘prostituting’ climate science – ‘It’s about destroying capitalism, destroying freedom as we know it’ – by Greg Corombos, WND.com – ” ‘If you look at the 30-plus excuses now that they have for this so-called pause in warming … over two-thirds of their excuses are natural excuses. Oh, the sun’s not doing this. Oh, the volcano. Oh, there’s this or that. It’s hard to believe this whole thing is occurring.’.. According to Bastardi, one of the biggest reasons this political movement gained traction is because the media refuse to investigate the basis for it… ‘The media is complicit in this. They don’t even bother looking,’ he said. ‘It’s astounding as a 59-year-old man, remembering all the things that the media uncovered and went after, how they just march along like sheep. I don’t get it. I really don’t.’ ”

The Real Reasons For U.S. Airstrikes In Syria – Breaking The Assad Regime – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “The truth is not that ‘we don’t know much about the groups we are funding in Syria.’ The truth is that ‘we’ know full well that they are ISIS/Al-Qaeda terrorists, with only an occasional name change and branch off due to Western political motives or internal squabbling. That has been and still is the whole point… Assad’s refusal to react in frothing rage and declarations of war could very well be an attempt to save face in the eyes of world opinion and in the eyes of the Syrian people. The only other options available to the Syrian government would be to shoot down the American fighter jets and sign Syria’s death warrant or to denounce the attacks and seem impotent when it comes to defending against them.”

Is The US Targeting Oil Refineries To Stop ISIS or Assad? – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “This is particularly the case in Dayr el Zor, where the SAA had recently launched a major offensive against the death squads causing ISIS fighters trapped by arial bombardment and escape routes cut off by the SAA . In other words, the death squads were trapped in Dayr el Zor, the city was weeks away from being liberated, and the surrounding areas were set to be reconquered by the SAA. This, of course, would have led directly to the retaking of the oil refineries by the Syrian government. Unfortunately, that opportunity has now been lost as a result of the U.S. airstrikes which destroyed the refinery infrastructure… It should also be remembered that most of the death squads fled these areas after being given forewarning of a series of imminent American airstrikes, thus causing the civilian casualties to be higher in number than those of the ISIS fighters the strikes were allegedly targeting. Indeed, many of these fighters have appeared in Northern Syria on the Syria/Turkey border reinforcing other death squad battalions in efforts to reopen supply lines from Turkey.”

Judge gives Holder ‘Fast & Furious’ ultimatum – AG announces resignation as deadline set to produce documents – by Bob Unruh, WND.com – “A federal judge has concluded that enough is enough, and the Department of Justice must respond properly to a federal Freedom of Information Act case brought over its handling of the Fast and Furious scandal… U.S. District Court Judge John D. Bates ruled Wednesday that by Oct. 22, the DOJ must submit a “Vaughn index” listing Fast and Furious materials Judicial Watch sought in its June 2012 Freedom of Information Act request and a subsequent September 2012 FOIA lawsuit… The index identifies each document withheld, why it’s being withheld and explains how its release could damage someone.”

Any (Good) Thing the State Can Do, We Can Do Better – by Gary Chartier, C4SS.org – “That’s because everything the state purportedly does is actually done by people. Sometimes they act out of fear; sometimes out of the perception that the state is legitimate; sometimes what the state commands turns out to be just what they want to do anyway; and sometimes because they believe that what the state is asking them to do is just what they are morally required to do anyway. But, for whatever reason, they do it.”

HollandeFrench President Hollande Says ‘ISIS Terror Caused by Global Warming’ – by Andrew McKillop, 21st CenturyWire.com – “The revenues of the Islamic State are no surprise at all. Spy satellite surveillance of the Syria-Iraq-Turkey border region is supposedly unable to see ISIS oil tanker truck convoys shipping stolen oil from Syria into Turkey on a round-the-clock basis for at least the past three months, sold at prices as low as $33 – $40 a barrel. This oil and the road tanker trucks is supposedly ‘invisible’ !”

Top Ten Things Parents Hate About the Common Core – by Joy Puallman, Agenda21News.com – “Florida Sen­ate Pres­i­dent Don Gaetz said of Com­mon Core: ‘You can’t dip [Com­mon Core man­dates] in milk and hold them over a can­dle and see the United Nations flag or Barack Obama’s face. They’re not some fed­eral con­spir­acy.’ Ohio House Edu­ca­tion Chair­man Ger­ald Ste­bel­ton (R-Lancaster) called Com­mon Core oppo­si­tion a ‘con­spir­acy the­ory.’ Wis­con­sin state Sen. John Lehman (D-Racine) told a packed audi­ence state hear­ings on the topic were ‘crazy’ and ‘a show.’ Delaware Gov. Jack Markell (D) has called oppo­nents a ‘distract[ing]’ ‘fringe move­ment.’ Mis­souri Rep. Mike Lair put $8 into the state bud­get for tin­foil hats for Com­mon Core supporters.”

Raking In On Rents: The Housing Crisis Begins Anew – by Devon Douglas-Bowers, ActivistPost.com – “Rep. Takano saw that rental prices were increasing and that ‘a surplus of investors in rentals – along with new rental-backed securities deals – could have the effect of artificially raising rental prices, making housing even more costly in parts of California.’.. To back up his case, Takano cited a 2013 Federal Reserve report stating that in regard to companies buying up houses and renting them out, without proper oversight ‘investor activity may pose risks to local housing markets if investors have difficulties managing such large stocks of rental properties or fail to adequately maintain their homes.’.. ‘Such behavior could lower the quality of the neighborhoods in which investors own rental properties,’ the report concluded… While it has yet to breach the mainstream radar, rent securitization is already a major problem – not only because it mirrors the mortgage crisis that just occurred, but also because of the human impact it is already having. People already living in difficult conditions in rent-controlled apartments are being forced out, and those purchasing these corporate-owned apartments are often living in wretched conditions that rarely get serviced whatsoever. Americans need to say no now to this new scheme, lest we allow the past mortgage crisis to become a current rent fiasco.” (emph. added)

For the week of 9/8/14:

Obama’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost in Kiev – by Donn Marten, OpEdNews.com – “The grotesque nature of the neo-Nazi murderers and torturers that the Obama administration has backed is a shameful blot on the pissed-away for chump change legacy of this once great country. Not even Bush and Cheney ever went so far as to back neo-Nazis as Obama has. But when a man is a disciple of the psychotic anti-Russian fanatic Zbigniew Brzezinski it is not hard to understand how a charlatan with no soul like Obama would bring back the horrors of Nazism to Europe.”

Putin adviser: Transition to new global economy will require war – from SecretsOfTheFed.com – “The world today is going through a year of overlapping cyclical crises. This is a period when the global economy is changing as the structure that has driven economic growth for 30 years has exhausted itself. The world needs to transition to a new system and transition has always come about through war… The last elections to the European Parliament showed that all European citizens are not fooled by the false pro-American, anti-Russian propaganda… and by the constant stream of lies… In order to avoid the constant threat of foreign asset confiscation, we need to build our own sovereign monetary macro-economic policy.” –Sergei Glazyov

Nigeria-Mastercard-IDNational ID Card With Master Card Logo Launched In Nigeria – from GovtSlaves.com – “People also say the deal was made amid the intense global data spying by the National Security Agency of the United States, which is home to MasterCard. Nigeria’s government has shared the biometrics of 170 million Nigerians to the firm. The government says the card is a means of certifying the holder’s identity, payment card and a personal database repository. But, many analysts say the deal between Nigeria’s National Identity Management Commission, MasterCard and Access Bank hands over all adult Nigerians as direct and compulsory customers of MasterCard.”

natoNATO, the finger of death – from english.Pravda.ru – “This same criminal irresponsibility was demonstrated in Libya, where they again intervened, this time joined by that sickening wannabe Napoleon, France, this time not only creating but actively using terrorists on their own lists of proscribed groups, which Muammar al-Gaddafy (the first international leader to issue arrest warrants against al-Qaeda) was fighting. Again, military equipment was deployed against civilian structures, civilians were slaughtered by NATO aircraft, the Libyan water supply system was targeted (war crime), the electricity grid was destroyed (war crime) and the result, once again, was the wholesale destruction of a State. Under the Geneva Conventions, any military intervention must leave the area invaded functioning properly attending to the needs of its citizens… In not managing to guarantee this, the USA and its poodles in Europe have failed miserably in their task and have shirked their responsibilities. They are also responsible for criminal acts breaching every fiber of international law. Their leaders are, in plain English, war criminals and murderers.”

Tyler_Durden-SoapIt Begins: “Central Banks Should Hand Consumers Cash Directly” – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “The most powerful sources of resistance to cash transfers are political and ideological. In the United States, for example, the Fed is extremely resistant to legislative changes affecting monetary policy for fear of congressional actions that would limit its freedom of action in a future crisis (such as preventing it from bailing out foreign banks). Moreover, many American conservatives consider cash transfers to be socialist handouts. In Europe, which one might think would provide more fertile ground for such transfers, the German fear of inflation that led the European Central Bank to hike rates in 2011, in the middle of the greatest recession since the 1930s, suggests that ideological resistance can be found there, too.”

Who’s going to be sacked for making-up global warming at Rutherglen? – by jennifer, JenniferMarohasy.com – “The unhomogenized/raw mean annual minimum temperature trend for Rutherglen for the 100-year period from January 1913 through to December 2013 shows a slight cooling trend of 0.35 degree C per 100 years. After homogenization there is a warming trend of 1.73 degree C per 100 years. This warming trend is essentially achieved by progressively dropping down the temperatures from 1973 back through to 1913. For the year of 1913 the difference between the raw temperature and the ACORN-SAT temperature is a massive 1.8 degree C… There is absolutely no justification for doing this.”

From the There-Ought-To-Be-A-Law–Oh-There-Is Desk: Florida couples can be arrested if caught living together before marriage – from PoliceStateUSA.com – “798.02 Lewd and lascivious behavior.—If any man and woman, not being married to each other, lewdly and lasciviously associate and cohabit together, or if any man or woman, married or unmarried, engages in open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior, they shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. – “Indeed, Florida’s cohabitation law is still actively enforced. Between 2007 and 2011, nearly 700 Florida residents were charged with misdemeanors for living together, WCTV reported… The enforcement process remains extremely arbitrary, as there are undoubtedly hundreds of thousands of unmarried residents living together in Florida who have not been charged. There is be no practical manner for distinguishing a romantic couple from a pair of platonic male and female roommates. Interestingly, the law doesn’t punish same-sex couples living together.” (emph. added)

Cameron-worriedCameron: ‘Yes’ Vote Will Make Scottish ‘More Vulnerable to Islamic Terror’ – It’s official: the UK are in full panic mode on Scottish independence. – by 21stCenturyWire.com – “Tell us why would ISIS or al Qaeda would want to target the Scots?.. Is Scotland flooding the Middle East with arms? Is Scotland regularly lying its way into war after war? On the contrary, by separating itself from the Empire, Scotland’s Jihadi Threat Index would drop somewhere down near Ireland… ‘With terrorist threats and other threats, isn’t it better to be part of a United Kingdom that has a top-five defense budget, some of the best intelligence and security services anywhere in the world, that is part of every single alliance that really matters in the world in terms of NATO, the G-8, the G-20, the European Union, a member of the security council of the UN?’ Cameron said… With all due respect Dave, your proposition sounds just like a protection racket.

N. Ireland parent attempting to protect his children from Wi-Fi forcibly given psychotic drugs — #freeStephenClarke – from SmartMeterHarm.org – “Many people have been visiting this site to learn about Stephen’s situation, particularly in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, as well as in Europe and the United States. Stephen says this has been very encouraging. But his medication has now been doubled to 10 mg.”

Ellen_BrownPreparing To Asset-strip Local Government? The Fed’s Bizarre New Rules – by Ellen Brown, OpEdNews.com – “The first major hit to US municipal bonds occurred with the downgrade of two major monoline insurers in January 2008. The fault was with the insurers, but the taxpayers footed the bill. The downgrade signaled a simultaneous downgrade of bonds from over 100,000 municipalities and institutions, totaling more than $500 billion. The Fed’s latest rule change could be the final nail in the municipal bond coffin, another misguided move by regulators that not only does not hit its mark but results in serious collateral damage to local governments — maybe serious enough to finally propel them into bankruptcy.”

How Empires End – by Jeff Thomas, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Costs of goods rise, without wages keeping pace… Tax revenue declines as the economy declines (due to excessive taxation). Taxes are increased again, in order to top up government revenues… In spite of all the above, government leaders personally hoard as much as they can, further limiting the circulation of wealth in the business community… Governments issue bonds and otherwise borrow to continue expansion, with no plan as to repayment… Dramatic authoritarian control is instituted to assure that the public continues to comply with demands, even if those demands cannot be met by the public… Economic and social collapse occurs, often marked by unrest and riots, the collapse of the economy, and the exit of those who are productive… In this final period, the empire turns on itself, treating its people as the enemy.”

ISIS-Shaken10 Signs That ISIS is a Scripted Psyop – Scripted Oddities Portray ISIS As “James Bond” of Terrorism – by Bernie Suarez, ActivistPost.com – “I declare humanity too intuitive to buy into this psychological operation and hopefully I’m right. So while the core TV-watching, mainstream media-believing community drinks the government Kool Aid, let us get started by pointing out several glaring observations regarding the ISIS psyop… Glancing ahead, the ISIS kids have knowledge of things that require you to have education, modern technical skills, a little bit of decency, structure, conformity to societal norms and somewhat transparent connection to the outside world. What are these things and what are some of the surreal oddities surrounding ISIS? Let’s examine…”


Must See! Russian Video: Why America Needs a Major War in Europe

Over 100,000 Homeless People Have Been Moved Into Homes & It Isn’t Stopping There! One Of The Most Profound Movements Ever! – from PeoplesTrustToronto.wordpress.com – “The organization’s manifesto boasts, ‘The bottom line is that it is just too difficult to battle addiction, take care of serious physical and mental health conditions or find steady employment while simultaneously battling homelessness. That’s why all 100,000 Homes communities adopt a ‘Housing First’ approach.’.. The housing first philosophy dictates that the most vulnerable and chronic people experiencing homelessness be offered the choice to move into permanent housing combined with available supportive services (“permanent supportive housing”) right away… Since launching their campaign, 100k Homes has earned more than their goal of housing 100,000 homeless people. The total number of homeless people housed is now at a whopping 105,580! It’s incredible to see such a massive effort being made to solve this major issue.”

Vatican Pope Pope Francis And Shimon Peres Discuss The Establishment Of A ‘United Nations Of Religions’ – by Michael Snyder, TheEndOfTheAmericanDream.com – “After his private meeting with Peres, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi said that the Pope “listened, showing his interest, attention, and encouragement” while Peres shared his ideas. The Pope did not commit to anything, but he also did not dismiss the idea of a United Nations of Religions… And the truth is that such an organization would fit in very well with what the Pope has been trying to do his entire tenure. He has been doing just about all that he can to “build bridges” to other religions.”

Russian Retaliation Begins: Gazprom “Limiting EU Gas”, Cuts Poland Supplies By 24% In Past Two Days – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “So is this the beginning of the quite literal, ahead of the winter, European cold war? It looks like it, although for now it is all covered up in diplomacy with Bloomberg reporting that the Russian exporter “set volumes of daily natgas deliveries to Poland at level of end of last week due to preparations for heating season in Russia, Gazprom official says by phone, asking not to be identified in line with corporate policy.” That, and conveniently Gazprom decided to “carry out some maintenance work at its pipeline system in Russia.” Some maintenance work which suddenly saw Poland, which is 80% reliant on Russian gas, receive up to a quarter less Russian gas… Finally, Gazprom noted that it also has to pump additional 7.3bcm of fuel to local underground inventories for winter in next month.”

Zim_Djibouti“Refuse Israeli Ships Campaign”: Palestine Solidarity War Coalition in Vancouver Blocks Israeli Ship – by Free Palestine Movement, GlobalResearch.ca – “The ship then returned to open water along the Pacific coast and stayed there several days, until midnight last night. At that time it set course for Port Angeles, on the US side of the passage to Vancouver. By unloading at an unexpected US port, the company apparently hoped to circumvent the blockade… It didn’t work. Perhaps the logistics of arranging passage by land through another country for the hazardous cargo on board was too much, or perhaps the docking facilities were inadequate for the huge ship, but it turned back and returned to the open sea. At the time of this report, it has still failed to declare a new destination and arrival time.”

For the week of 9/1/14:

NATO’s Options in Ukraine – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “As the West has done in Syria, it now seeks to do in Ukraine – a complete retrenchment of the official narrative regarding the nature of the ongoing conflict. Previously, the Western media has gone through great lengths to obscure overt Nazism running throughout both the political front it is propping up in Kiev, as well as across the irregular forces sent alongside what remains of Ukraine’s national army. Western media outlets have briefly touched on the issue in attempts to mitigate and manage growing public concern.”

Are Police More Damned Trouble Than They’re Worth? – by J.D. Tuccille, Reason.com – “Modern saturation policing—when cops swarm a neighborhood or randomly throw roadblocks over major roadways—is openly intended as a form of intimidation. The Tennessee Highway Patrol plans ‘driver’s license, sobriety and seatbelt checkpoints, as well as saturation patrols and bar and tavern checks’ over Labor Day weekend to scare the public into compliance with a laundry list of rules and regulations. It’s probably more effective at making people afraid to leave the house on a holiday lest they trip over lurking troopers. It’s also at odds with the idea that ‘the test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, and not the visible evidence of police action.’ ”

Christiana FigueresUN Climate Chief: ‘Not Very Far’ from Considering ‘Climate Change as a Public Health Emergency’ – by Patrick Goodenough, CNSNews.com – “In her speech Figueres, who is executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) said that while it was easy to view climate change as ‘the equivalent of a disease’ it was actually the symptom… ‘The disease is something we rarely admit,’ she said. ‘The disease is humanity’s unhealthy dependence on fossil fuels, deforestation and land use that depletes natural resources.’.. ‘At the heart of an effective response to climate change is the challenge of taking responsibility for our actions and above all, making tough decisions to change the patterns that have been at the base of our development over the past 100 years…’ ”

Robbing Argentina in the US court in Manhattan – fraud of medieval style and proportions – by Joseph Zernik, OpEdNews.com – “In plain language, a single hold-out debt holder, NML Capital, can undermine the consensual agreement of the Republic of Argentina and the majority of its debt holders, and extort favorable treatment through the ruling of a US judge in New York… Beyond the commonsense absurdity of the situation, one must in such a case doubt the integrity of the US court and Judge Thomas Griesa…”

Donestk-Press_ConfVideo: Watershed press conference by top Novorussian officials (MUST SEE!) – from VineyardSaker.Blogspot.com – “There is no overstating the importance of this press conference by by Alexander V. Zakharchenko, Chairman of The Council of Ministers of The Donetsk National Republic. As as soon as I saw it myself, I asked two of our Teams (Russian and Oceania) to work together on a translation as fast as possible. They did as stellar job and I can now share this video with you.”

The West, the greatest cause of War in human history, stands stripped of all Legitimacy — by Paul Craig Roberts, PaulCraigRoberts.org – “In the last couple of days the newly formed military units of the Donetsk National Republic have defeated and surrounded large portions of the remaining Ukrainian military. Russian President Putin asked the Donetsk Republic to allow the defeated Ukrainians to return home to their wives and mothers. The Donetsk Republic agreed to Putin’s mercy request as long as the Ukrainians left their weapons behind. The Donetsk Republic is short on weapons as, contrary to Western lies, the Donetsk Republic is not supplied with weapons by Russia… Washington’s puppet government in Kiev declined the mercy extended to its troops and said they had to fight to the death. Shades of Hitler at Stalingrad…”

Meir&NixonNewly declassified documents reveal how U.S. agreed to Israel’s nuclear program – Documents reveal contacts between Washington and Jerusalem in late 1960s, when some Americans believed the nuclear option would not deter Arab leaders but would trigger an atom bomb race – by Amir Oren, Haaretz.com – “The Obama administration this week declassified papers, after 45 years of top-secret status, documenting contacts between Jerusalem and Washington over American agreement to the existence of an Israeli nuclear option. The Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP), which is in charge of approving declassification, had for decades consistently refused to declassify these secrets of the Israeli nuclear program.”

Totalitarian Collectivism – NWO Enforcer: NATO Threatens WW III – from BATR.org – “Students of world affairs are not strangers to the practice of lies and deception. One of the grand daddies of the Nefarious Warrior Organism, and infamous war criminal, Henry Kissinger has a new book, World Order. An excerpt published in the Wall Street Journal, Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order, spews the same poppycock that underpins the destructive policies and practices that has the world ripe for an apocalyptic conflict, needed to rescue the banksters of international finance from their derivative Ponzi scheme.” – “I think that NATO is itself a war criminal” -Harold Pinter

Bloodied-anders_fogh_rasmussenKafkaesque NATO & Rasmussen – by Jim Kirwan, Rense.com – “It should be pointed out that Rasmussen is not a general, not an expert on weaponry or global military strategy—he was not elected. He’s a puppet who represents NATO that serves the global-bankers as global corporate pirates. As such Rasmussen is just a mouthpiece for a criminal-mob with an agenda that is not equal to the scale of what he’s proposing, as NATO’s solution to a problem, that NATO has no business participating in at all.”

Arundhati Roy: How Corporate Power Converted Wealth Into Philanthropy for Social Control – The new book, ‘Capitalism: A Ghost Story,’ explores the blurred connection between corporations and the foundations they endow – from Alternet.org – “Among the first foundations to be set up in the United States were the Carnegie Corporation, endowed in 1911 by profits from Carnegie Steel Company, and the Rockefeller Foundation, endowed in 1914 by J. D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil Company. The Tatas and Ambanis of their time… Some of the institutions financed, given seed money, or supported by the Rockefeller Foundation are the United Nations, the CIA, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), New York’s most fabulous Museum of Modern Art, and, of course, the Rockefeller Center in New York…”

Mexican Judge Departs From Script, Turns Monsanto’s Mexican Dream Into Legal Nightmare – by Don Quijones, Wolfstreet.com – “The latest country to put a spanner in the works is Mexico. This past week the country’s Federal Court voted to uphold Judge Marroquín Zaleta’s 2013 ruling to suspend the granting of licenses for GMO field trials sought by Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, Pionner-Dupont and Mexico’s SEMARNAT (Environment and Natural Resources Ministry). Zaleta’s ruling was in response to a suit brought by a collective of 53 scientists and 22 civil rights organizations and NGOs.”

Stop and seize – Aggressive police take hundreds of millions of dollars from motorists not charged with crimes – by Michael Sallah, Robert O’Harrow Jr., Steven Rich, WashingtonPost.com – “Behind the rise in seizures is a little-known cottage industry of private police-training firms that teach the techniques of “highway interdiction” to departments across the country… One of those firms created a private intelligence network known as Black Asphalt Electronic Networking & Notification System that enabled police nationwide to share detailed reports about American motorists — criminals and the innocent alike — including their Social Security numbers, addresses and identifying tattoos, as well as hunches about which drivers to stop.”

NEO – Kiev Coup is Collapsing – by Jim W. Dean, VeteransToday.com – “During the entire slaughter of the civilians in the New Republics, not a word of reproach was heard from the US or EU to reign Kiev in… eternal shame on them. When Kiev troops found the self-defense forces more of a match than they expected, they pulled back to shell and punish the civilian areas in return — the tactics of cowards… The EU only began to finally show some flexibility, not through any real moral concern of the innocent being killed for their poor leadership, but solely due to the blow-back in Europe from the food sanctions… The business community is on the war path, and new concern has been shown for getting the energy Gordian Knot addressed before winter comes… But the catch there is that Kiev has no intention of paying, as it will be broke when it shells out the $1.5 billion to get the gas pipelines flowing.”

For the week of 8/25/14:

Gaza-12_Floor_Apt_leveledFascism in America – The Devil Went Down to Georgia – by Philip Giraldi, InformationClearingHouse.info – “The attitudes expressed by at least some of the residents of Augusta Georgia suggest that they essentially support a “might makes right” and “you do what you have to do” attitude as it applies both to the United States and Israel. That the policies of both Washington and Tel Aviv have frequently created enemies abroad is apparently immaterial and not worthy of consideration, nor is there much receptiveness to a Christian appeal for peace and understanding. If that assessment is correct, it reflects a dangerous hardlining of attitudes held by Americans vis-à-vis the rest of the world.”

Israeli air strikes level 12-floor apartment block in Gaza after giving residents just ten minutes’ warning to get out – by Lucy Crossley, Dailymail.co.uk – With many photos, including shopping center gutted by flames after Israeli attack and of the funeral of Daniel Tregerman, a four-year-old Israeli boy killed by a mortar bomb said to be fired by Hamas.

Obama Destabilizes Europe’s Economy: Sanctions Deepen the Recession – by James Petras, InformationClearingHouse.info – “No European country can benefit from embracing the failed regime in Kiev. . . Ukraine’s currency is in free-fall – ranking below soiled toilet paper. Its major industries, totally dependent on trade with Russia, are bankrupt or have been bombed by the NATO-putsch regime in Kiev. Its agricultural exports are devastated. Meanwhile Ukrainian families are advised to chop their own wood or dig their own coal in anticipation of a winter totally cut off from Russian gas because the oligarchs in Kiev have been unable or unwilling to pay the huge energy debt. . For their staunch support of this bankrupt regime, ruled by a ‘Billionaire Oligarch’ in Kiev, for upholding the ‘principles’ so lauded by Finnish President Stubbs, one million European farmers will bury their own apples, pour their own milk in the streets and dump their grapes, oranges and tomatoes in rotting heaps. . . And this is so their leaders, Obama, Cameron, Merkel and Hollande can uphold their real ‘principles’ of territorial expansion, extend their military operations to the borders with Russia and posture as warriors while destroying their countries productive economies, bankrupting their farmers and manufacturers, driving millions more into unemployment and deepening the pains of recession.”

ChatterGrabberNew Social Media Surveillance Program Violates Privacy to Keep You Safe – by Joe Wright, ActivistPost.com – “Future versions of ChatterGrabber will feature interactive visualization via the EpiDash system and an enhanced partner interface, allowing users to adapt ChatterGrabber to their local dialect and public health conditions. Epidemiologists will also be able to customize the software to search for particular disease symptoms, and a version of the system is also being developed for 911 emergencies, including weather surveillance… ‘ChatterGrabber and EpiDash are great examples of Virginia Tech’s motto ‘Ut Prosim’ in action,’ said Eubank. ‘We are designing and building surveillance systems based on individual behavior to better inform preparedness services.’ ”

Robots Receive Internet Brain For Machine Learning – A new system called Robo Brain is being funded by the usual suspects in the military-industrial-surveillance complex – by Nicholas West, ActivistPost.com – ” ‘Our laptops and cell phones have access to all the information we want. If a robot encounters a situation it hasn’t seen before it can query Robo Brain in the cloud,’ said Ashutosh Saxena, assistant professor of computer science at Cornell University. Saxena and colleagues at Cornell, Stanford and Brown universities and the University of California, Berkeley, say Robo Brain will process images to pick out the objects in them, and by connecting images and video with text, it will learn to recognize objects and how they are used, along with human language and behavior… The project is supported by the National Science Foundation, The Office of Naval Research, the Army Research Office, Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the National Robotics Initiative, whose goal is to advance robotics to help make the United States competitive in the world economy.(emph. added)Just whom, may I ask, is this “United States”?

looting-ferguson-400x225Ret. Police Captain: Feds Use Provocateurs to Influence Public Opinion
Feds also use provocateurs to “justify” the militarization of local law enforcement – by Kit Daniels, Infowars.com – “For example, radio host Dave Hodges claimed a Department of Homeland Security source told him the violent rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri, last week ‘was encouraged and exacerbated by undercover DHS agents posing as members of the Black Panthers.’.. The police used this violence to justify giving unconstitutional orders to peaceful protestors in Ferguson, who were the vast majority of those present, while armed with combat gear more suited for war in Iraq and Afghanistan than the American Midwest.”

BREAKING: Failed Rapper Identified as Suspect in James Foley Beheading – British Intelligence is actively hunting the 23-year-old former Londoner – by Rachel Browne, Alternet.org – “The hooded man with an English accent is believed to be 23-year-old Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, known to fellow Islamic State militants as Jihadi John. The former rapper left his family home in an affluent west London suburb last year to fight in the civil war in Syria. In early August he tweeted a photo of himself wearing military camouflage and a black hood, while holding a severed head in his left hand.” – As if there is actual evidence to suggest the “hooded man” killed anyone. Perhaps guilty of participation in a Psy-Op? Interesting that he’s being sought by “British Intelligence.”

Gazan_Child-Hospital-2014The Historical Perspective of the 2014 Gaza Massacre – by Ilan Pappé, PIPR.co.uk – “The only chance for a successful struggle against Zionism in Palestine is the one based on a human and civil rights agenda that does not differentiate between one violation and the other and yet identifies clearly the victim and the victimizers. Those who commit atrocities in the Arab world against oppressed minorities and helpless communities, as well as the Israelis who commit these crimes against the Palestinian people, should all be judged by the same moral and ethical standards. They are all war criminals, though in the case of Palestine they have been at work longer than anyone else. It does not really matter what the religious identity is of the people who commit the atrocities or in the name of which religion they purport to speak. Whether they call themselves jihadists, Judaists or Zionists, they should be treated in the same way.”

Governments resort to medieval quarantine tactic to halt spread of Ebola – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “Discussions to quarantine a triangular area that includes parts of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia occurred as early as Aug. 1, WND reported, adding that troops began to close roads several days later, in a bid to prevent spread of the deadly virus… The UN agency admits, however, that sealing off the disease zone cannot be done without consequences, with more than 1 million people affected who ‘need daily material support, including food.’.. ‘The isolation of this zone has made it even more difficult for agencies, like Doctors Without Borders, to bring in staff and supplies,’ WHO said.”

Ferguson MO: Another Manufactured Media Crisis? – by Patrick Murphy, MemoryHoleBlog.com – “NOW, what will the reaction be? How will the blacks react to the spin Al and Jesse and the rest give it when they read the script? How will the whites, who already felt vaguely uncomfortable siding with the pretty much hard-to-justify behavior of the guns-a-blazin’ white cop, respond to this new plot twist?.. As I say, I’m only beginning to get a handle on the potential of what is happening here, but it might be a real humdinger of a false flag, one most of us may not have noticed.”

Hypothalamus: The Connection between Diet, GMO and Decline? – by Aaron Dykes, TruthStreamMedia.com – “Our hypothalamus and HPA-axis encompass a host of vital brain regulators – essential and dynamic bodily functions including growth & hunger mechanisms (overeating, anyone?) that are connected to the digestive & bowel systems, as well as pituitary gland; our glandular and endocrine systems which drive hormones, reproduction and sexual behavior as well as our pineal gland, which affects many complex brain activities and associated “Third Eye” consciousness and much more… The hypothalamus is under attack by modern life, however impersonal; unlike many other critical brain areas, the hypothalamus is NOT protected by the blood brain barrier.

China’s Reaction: America Is A “Disgusting Thief Spying Over His Neighbor’s Fence” – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “Such remarks are laughable. As we all know, the United States is the world’s largest hegemonic force and biggest rogue country… Their various reconnaissance aircraft have been wandering around foreign airspace for decades and watching the military secrets of other countries like a disgusting thief spying over his neighbor’s fence… However, when the neighbor comes back with a big stick, the thief will turn tail and run away, blaming the neighbor… When you show people weakness, they will bully you. When you show people strength, they will respect you.”

Dr. Brian Hooker: Father of Vaccine-damaged Child and His Relentless Pursuit to Expose Fraud at the CDC – from HealthImpactNews.com – “Many people, even in the alternative media, have been reluctant to give much coverage to this story, wondering if it is indeed true? Some have even suggested that there is no whistle-blower, but that this is all a setup by the CDC to make the “anti-vaccine” crowd look foolish. I am sure that will all change soon, since the whistle-blower’s name has now been revealed. The news will develop quite fast from here on out… Dr. Hooker is a hero, and I believe history will bear that out. He faces a tough road ahead, as he continues to analyze the CDC data that has been covered up and withheld from the public for so long. He needs our prayers and support during this time, as does Dr. Thompson the CDC whistle-blower.”

EU-flag-burnsSpanish Farmers Burn EU Flags Over Brussels’ Policy Toward Russia – from en.RIA.ru – “According to the newspaper, the protesters made a pile of several tons of peaches in front of Lleida city government in Catalonia, placed the EU flags on top of it and set them on fire… ‘No matter how much Brussels allocates – 155 million euro [$20 million] or 1500. As in the case of crises that the country saw before, all the funds go to government bodies, social insurance, as well as to the companies that work with transportation and packing of goods, while the farmers get nothing,’ a JARC representative David Bordas was quoted as saying.”

Source: California women’s shelters now only taking illegal aliens – by Dave Gibson, Examiner.com – “Further evidence of this can be found in a recent report, detailing how the Dekalb County (Ga.) School District is being flooded with illegal alien minors, registering for the upcoming school year. “Nearly two hundred families with immigrant children had lined up outside a school registration facility in DeKalb County Monday by the time officials arrived around 7:30 a.m,” the article stated… Of course, the good citizens of Dekalb County will be forced to pay the bills for these foreign nationals, in an already overcrowded school system.”

Shelling Kills Hundreds in Besieged Luhansk in East Ukraine – from en.RIA.ru – “Luhansk has been left without running water, electricity and phone communications for 20 days as government troops continue to besiege it, pounding indiscriminately militia positions and residential quarters in and around the city. All deliveries of food, medication and fuel had long been stopped due to heavy shelling… In a recent incident, a mortar round launched by government forces hit a water distribution facility in the inner city instantly killing fifteen people who had come to replenish their supplies, local authorities told RIA Novosti… City morgues are filled with shelling victims, and the staff find it hard to remove all bodies from the streets leaving some of them exposed to elements for days.”

Saleh Al-ArouriCOVER-UP: Is Hamas Leader Al-Arouri A ‘Double Agent’ for Israel? – by Shawn Helton (and Joe Quinn), 21stCenturyWire.com – “Questions must be asked about Al-Arouri’s motivation for making this claim and whether or not he is in a position to make any authoritative statements about Hamas, or the operations of any other Palestinian groups or individuals in the West Bank or elsewhere in the occupied territories. First of all, the Turkish government is no friend of the Palestinian people, so why is Al-Arouri living there?.. Writing last year in the pro-Zionist US rag mag ‘Foreign Policy‘, Johnathan Schanzer said this about Al-Arouri’s presence in Turkey: ‘Given the strategic importance of Turkey to the United States, particularly in light of Turkey’s role in helping to support the Syrian opposition, officials in Washington have demurred on confronting Ankara. Obama, who has maintained cordial ties with Erdogan, has given no indication that Turkey’s relationship with Hamas is a problem for Washington.’ ”

Study Finds Monsanto’s GM Corn Nutritionally Dead, Highly Toxic – by Mike Barrett, VegFriend.com – “Non-GMO Corn 20x Richer in Nutrition than GMO Corn: The 2012 report, entitled 2012 Nutritional Analysis: Comparison of GMO Corn versus Non-GMO Corn, found numerous concerning and notable differences between GMO and non-GMO corn, none of which are particularly surprising. First, the report found that non-GMO corn has considerably more calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, iron, and zinc.”

Ukraine’s transition to EU trade will cost €165bn – Putin – from RT.com – “Switching over to EU trade standards and nixing duty-free trade with Russia will cost Ukraine €165 billion over the next 10 years, President Putin warned at a meeting with President Petro Poroshenko in Minsk on Tuesday… Russia will be forced to cancel all preferential trade agreements for Ukraine’s imports and switch to a standard regime when it ratifies its EU trade association agreement in September, the President said.”

Putin, Ukrainian president meet for first face-to-face talks since June – from AP via FoxNews.com – ” ‘The fate of peace and the fate of Europe are being decided in Minsk today,’ Poroshenko said as the talks began… Under pressure to seek a negotiated settlement and not a military victory, the Ukrainian president said the purpose of his visit was to start the process of searching for a political compromise and promised that the interests of Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine would be taken into account.”(emph. added) – Oh yeah.

Is Portugal Next in Line for Wealth Confiscation? – by Nick Giambruno, InternationalMan.com – “Deceptions like this don’t happen by accident. The politicians and media deliberately lull the people into complacency so that they can optimize their forthcoming theft… The next thing that happens needs to come as a surprise, otherwise it loses its effectiveness. It starts with a bank holiday or capital controls. It’s usually optimal—from the government’s view—to impose these measures on weekends or during a holiday to catch people off guard. They need the element of surprise or else people would take protective measures, like moving their money abroad and safely out of reach… Once the banks are closed and capital is trapped, the government is free to confiscate as much wealth as it can get away with.”

Miami_Food_LineWhat economic recovery? – 1,000+ line up for free food in Miami – from LiveLeak.com – “Brittany Payne, a mother of three, stood in line for hours with her baby boy because ‘It’s something I have to do to feed my kids. It’s a blessing because if it wasn’t for them I couldn’t eat today.’.. Julio Exposito said he never thought he would be doing this, ‘Not in my wildest dreams.’.. The distribution was on a first come first serve basis. By 11:15 a.m. the food had run out. For those who were still in line Commissioner Suarez spoke with them promising another giveaway soon.”

Petro-dollar era is officially over as Gazprom begins sales in Yuan and Rouble – by Kenneth Schortgen Jr, Examiner.com – “although this is not the first real transaction for oil done outside the petro-dollar, as this occurred covertly by Iran for gold during the days of economic sanctions, it is the first official global offering by a major oil producer and will likely bring an end to the solitary system of nations being forced to buy dollars first before buying oil from producers such as OPEC and Russia.”

Dozens of police departments suspended for losing US military-grade weaponry – from RT.com – “Already, the investigation has found that police departments in Arizona, California, Mississippi, Missouri, Georgia, and others have lost or cannot account for various types of weapons. This list includes M14 and M16 assault rifles, .45-caliber pistols, shotguns, and even vehicles… So far, 184 state and local departments have reportedly been suspended in a program that involves the participation of more than 8,000 agencies. Since 1990, the 1033 program has administered more than $4.3 billion worth of equipment and weapons.”

Oksana_LashchenovaPravda.Ru freelance correspondent arrested in Ukraine – from english.Pravda.ru – “All our attempts to find out some information about the fate of Oksana and her current whereabouts have not been successful. We could only see Bacchanalia on the part of some of our Ukrainian colleagues, who wanted to send her to the SBU, to basements, to shoot her, to punish her for ‘terrorism’ and ‘aiding separatists.’ ”

Tanks on the Streets? Police Required to Use Military Equipment within a Year or Return It – from AllGov.com – “This from the state of Missouri’s ‘application to participate’ in 1033: ‘Property obtained under this SPO must be placed into use within one (1) year of receipt, unless the condition of the property renders it unusable, in which case the property can be returned to the nearest DLA Disposition Services Site. If property is not put into use by the LEA (law enforcement agency) within one (1) year, the State/LEA must coordinate a transfer of property to another LEA or request a turn-in to return the property to the nearest DLA Disposition Services Site.’ ”

The ‘War On Terror’ – Formula for Endless War


Detroit to send crews for water service shutoff today as moratorium ends – from AP via Freep.com – “The city says 1,140 customers signed payment agreements at a fair Saturday at Cobo Center, while others came and paid in full… Detroit says 25,000 customers were enrolled in water payment plans Monday, up from 17,000 a month earlier… The city stepped up shutoffs in March of those 60 days behind or owing more than $150. About 15,000 customers had service shut off in April-June.”

California bill requiring kill-switch on smartphones becomes law – Governor signs bill that would give owners a way to remotely wipe their phones. – by Megan Geuss, ArsTechnica.com – “The EFF has also opposed the bill (and remains opposed to the law), saying that companies like Find my iPhone and Lookout already offer the option to wipe a phone to consumers. The digital civil liberties group also says that it’s unclear from the legislation whether government actors could authorize turning the kill-switch on a phone.”

Jolly_Stan_FischerFed Vice Chairman Warns: Your Bank May Seize Your Money to Recapitalize Itself – by Mac Slavo, ActivistPost.com – “But this time around, it won’t be the government that bails them out directly. Instead, if you have an account with the bank, you are an unsecured creditor for that institution, just like the people of Cyprus were for their banks. And when that bank inevitably comes under pressure because of an inability to cover their debts, it is you who will become the bailout mechanism.”

More U.S. Hospitals Using Organic Produce Gardens for Recovery – by Heather Callaghan, ActivistPost.com – “St Luke’s Anderson Campus (Pennsylvania) has 300 acres of farmland which used to sprout typical ag crops like corn and soy, EcoWatch reports. Not so anymore, as the hospital administration fully realized the holistic impact of not only providing “organic” (which can be vague) but also the fresh-factor of local and importance of soil health. Thus, Rodale was asked to start transforming the plot to foster organic vegetables, not only to revitalize hospital patients, but also provide for the cafeteria… It’s a three-year plan with hopes of expansion, hiring more farmers including those without access to their own land, building greenhouses for year-round production, and utilizing a small batch cannery for winter meals.”

Shujaiya-8-16-14Why Israel’s bombardment of Gaza neighborhood left US officers ‘stunned’ – Analysis: Military sources say Pentagon’s assessment of Shujaiya shelling alarmed even Secretary of State John Kerry – by Mark Perry, America.AlJazeera.com – ” ‘Eleven battalions of IDF artillery is equivalent to the artillery we deploy to support two divisions of U.S. infantry,’ a senior Pentagon officer with access to the daily briefings said. ‘That’s a massive amount of firepower, and it’s absolutely deadly.’ Another officer, a retired artillery commander who served in Iraq, said the Pentagon’s assessment might well have underestimated the firepower the IDF brought to bear on Shujaiya. ‘This is the equivalent of the artillery we deploy to support a full corps,’ he said. ‘It’s just a huge number of weapons.’ ”

Israel-Gaza : No Victory for Israel Despite Weeks of Devastation – Palestinians have won: they are still in Gaza, and Hamas is still there – by Robert Fisk, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Many times has it been said that the founders of the Israeli state faced a problem: a land called Palestine. They dealt with that problem coldly, ruthlessly and efficiently. But now their problem is the Palestinians. Their land may have been taken for Israel, their surviving land may be eaten up by Israeli colonies; but the wretched Palestinians simply won’t go away. And killing them in large numbers – especially in front of the world’s television cameras – is getting to be a bit much, even for those who still shake in their boots at the mere whisper of the calumny ‘anti-Semitism’.”

David_Tice-Stocks_will_fallTwo experts warn correction could total 60% – by Matthew J. Belvedere & Everett Rosenfeld, CNBC.com – “A jolt to international confidence in central banks will lead to a 30 to 60 percent market decline, David Tice, president of Tice Capital and founder of the Prudent Bear Fund, told CNBC’s “Power Lunch.” When this happens, he said, markets will face a ‘period of extreme turmoil.’.. This crash will be precipitated, he said, by a disillusionment with the Federal Reserve’s ‘confidence game,’ which will then see inflation rise, and the Fed scramble to raise rates. At that point, Tice added, ‘the Fed starts to lose control.’.. Another market watcher also called for an impending fall… The Fed’s low interest rates could bring a “scary” 50-60 percent market correction, said technical analyst Abigail Doolittle.”

Did You Know? 1 in 6 Children Now Has a Developmental Disability in the U.S. – by Melissa Melton, ActivistPost.com – “Even if you pretend that isn’t happening, America has the most aggressive mandated vaccine schedule in the world. The CDC now recommends up to 37 shots of 14 different vaccinations by the age of two, prompting the National Vaccine Information Center to ask, ‘Is the atypical manipulation of the immune system with more and more vaccines in early life setting some children up for chronic disease and disability?’.. In short, are our children healthier for it? As disease, auto-immune disorders, and permanent disabilities continue to trend perilously upward year after year, the answer is nope, not really.”

“Russian Invasion” Of Ukraine, Turns Out to Have Been a Translation Error – After all major news-entities repeated the “invasion” claim and the public damage is done they simply take it back – by Moon Of Alabama, InformationClearingHouse.info – “The ‘momentum’ the Ukrainian troops had was never as big as the Ukrainian government had claimed. A few motorized brigades ran through open territory held by few insurgents and when coming to a halt at their primary target were immediately cut off and surrounded. Their moral is bad, their equipment old, ammunition is low and the entire aim of their campaign is dubious. Now even a few weak counterattacks, the “counteroffensive”, have them on the run… While the piece repeats the Ukrainian claim that Russian material, including ammunition, passed over the border the third picture shows some 20+ wooden boxes of RPGs and the caption says: “A villager opened a box of rocket-propelled grenades left by the Ukrainian Army in Starobecheve, southeast of Donetsk. Pro-Russia rebels took over the town after the military withdrew.’.. Obviously the fleeing Ukrainian troops are leaving a lot of goodies behind.”

Seven NATO allies to create new rapid reaction force-report – from Reuters.com – “Seven NATO allies plan to create a new rapid reaction force of at least 10,000 soldiers as part of plans to boost NATO defences in response to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, the Financial Times reported on Friday… The aim is to create a division-sized joint expeditionary force for rapid deployment and regular exercises. The British-led force would include air and naval units as well as ground troops, the newspaper said… Countries involved include Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway and the Netherlands. Canada has also expressed an interest in taking part, it said.”

For the week of 8/18/14:

euro-crash-lFrance rebels against austerity as Europe’s recovery collapses – France’s finance minister sends tremors through European capitals with a defiant warning that his country would no longer try to meet deficit targets – by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph.co.uk – “Growth slumped to zero in the second quarter, with Germany contracting by 0.2pc and France once again stuck at zero. Italy is already in a triple-dip recession… Yields on 10-year German Bunds fell below 1pc for the first time in history, beneath levels seen during the most extreme episodes of deflation in the 19th century. French yields also touch record lows. Much of the eurozone is replicating the pattern seen in Japan as it slid into a deflation trap in the late 1990s… ‘What is absolutely necessary is to adjust the pace of deficit reduction to the exceptional situation we are in today. Growth is too weak in Europe and inflation is too low. We must therefore stop reinforcing the causes of this depression,’ (Michel Sapin, French finance minister) told RTL television… ‘We must face the figures in front of us with realism. The truth is that, contrary to the forecasts of the International Monetary Fund and the [European] Commission, growth has broken down, both in France and in Europe.’ ”

13 cops dispatched to arrest one 15-year-old girl, because a cop ‘smelled weed’ – by Mike Sawyer, Intellihub.com – “The 15-year-old was then arrested and held in jail for 3 days. Her requests to go to the hospital were denied and instead she was given aspirin and ice packs. According to the family, there was never a urinalysis, nor a blood test performed on her, despite the police arresting her for ‘smelling weed.’ ”

Meet_William_SchabasIsrael and its advocates have a new target in sight: Head of UN inquiry William Schabas – by Alex Kane and James North, MondoWeiss.net – “Schabas doesn’t get to tell his side of the story until the eighth paragraph. The story has 26 paragraphs. Only three of the paragraphs actually list potential Israeli war crimes, and what the charges are. The rest of them are either attacks on Schabas or special pleadings from Israeli officials justifying what they did and claiming that they already started their own investigation… And two crucial pieces of context are missing in Kershner’s piece. The first is what is known as the “Dahiya doctrine,” which refers to an Israeli military policy that calls for overwhelming force to be directed at areas where rockets are fired from–with no distinction between civilian and combatant targets. In fact, the doctrine treats civilian targets in areas run by militant adversaries as legitimate targets, which is a clear violation of international law and leads to massive destruction and civilian deaths.”

Obama’s Secret TPP Deal Would Be Disastrous For America – by Daniel Mills, EconomyInCrisis.org – “Alan Grayson (D-FL) was one member of Congress who viewed the draft. ‘What I saw was nothing that could possibly justify the secrecy that surrounds it,’ he said. ‘It is ironic in a way that the government thinks it’s alright to have a record of every single call an American makes, but not alright for an American citizen to know what sovereign powers the government is negotiating away.’ ”

Luminous-heart7 Ways to Trigger the Heart Field – The Most Powerful Healing Force There Is – by Michael Forrester, WakingTimes.com – “Emotions are vibrations which influence consistently our reality. We not only think and work our way through a day, meeting, assignment, but also feel and believe our way through it. The outcome depends on both… Simply put, the number one cause of health is your energetic and emotional state. How you connect emotionally to your overall wellness and wellbeing is more important than any supplement, food, exercise or health treatment. There is only one cause of disease and that has to do with the energy and frequency imbalances that exist within your body. Rectify that, and disease cannot exist…it would be impossible.”

Biotech firms sue local Hawaii government for protecting citizens and environment from GMOs – by J. D. Heyes – ” ‘Hawai’i is one of the most biologically diverse, as well as spectacularly beautiful, places in the world, but the chemical companies have been turning the islands into experimental laboratories, unleashing a fountain of pesticides and genetically engineered material into the air, land and waters,’ said Paul Achitoff, Earthjustice’s managing attorney based in Honolulu. ‘We stand with the people of Hawai’i Island who are trying to protect their island from being transformed into another toxic waste dump.’ ”

Clifford_BrandtThe Clintons, Duvalier, Martelly and Haiti – by Jean Saint-Vil, GlobalResearch.ca – “Rubbing shoulders on stage, shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries were Haitian President Michel Martelly, former US President and UN Special Envoy, Bill Clinton, and, Jean Claude Duvalier. To understand the future of Haiti, we have to shift our focus from the “poor Haitians” who dominate Haiti coverage and understand the significance of these three figures to the shaping of US imperial designs on Haiti.”

Vanishing point … – by Pepe Escobar, ATimes.com – “So as MH370 totally vanished, the MH17 story must also totally vanish. The Dutch and the British might eventually come out and hold a high-profile press conference telling the world what His Master’s Voice finally redacted. Still, one may count on certified, residual outrage, if not puzzlement, by a large number of grieving Dutch families. And one may count on certified outrage by Malaysia as a nation. As in Why Us? And not once but twice?”

Azov-Wolfs_HookGaza, Ukraine and US preparations for urban warfare – by Bill Van Auken, WSWS.org – “In Donetsk and Luhansk, the Pentagon is overseeing something that it views with even greater interest—a full-scale siege of a modern city and a center of the industrial working class of over a million people… Combat in large cities is central to the military doctrine that is being developed by the US armed forces. This is spelled out in a document entitled “Megacities and the United States Army: Preparing for a complex and uncertain future,” which was released in June by the Army’s Strategic Studies Group and endorsed by its chief of staff, Gen. Raymond Odierno.”

Ignoring Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Storm Troopers – by Robert Parry, ConsortiumNews.com – ” ‘But Kiev’s use of volunteer paramilitaries to stamp out the Russian-backed Donetsk and Luhansk ‘people’s republics’, proclaimed in eastern Ukraine in March, should send a shiver down Europe’s spine. Recently formed battalions such as Donbas, Dnipro and Azov, with several thousand men under their command, are officially under the control of the interior ministry but their financing is murky, their training inadequate and their ideology often alarming. The Azov men use the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel (Wolf’s Hook) symbol on their banner and members of the battalion are openly white supremacists, or anti-Semites.’.. In interviews, some of the fighters questioned the Holocaust, expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler and acknowledged that they are indeed Nazis, a fact also known by Kiev authorities.

14 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy’s Bubble Of False Prosperity May Be About To Burst – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “In fact, as you will read about below, the market for high yield bonds just experienced “a 6-sigma event”. But this is not the only indication that the U.S. economy could be on the verge of very hard times. Retail sales are extremely disappointing, mortgage applications are at a 14 year low and growing geopolitical storms around the world have investors spooked. For a long time now, we have been enjoying a period of relative economic stability even though our underlying economic fundamentals continue to get even worse. Unfortunately, there are now a bunch of signs that this period of relative stability is about to end.”

Boys-with-toys-2What Combat Veterans See in Ferguson, Missouri – by Matthew Farwell, VanityFair.com – ” ‘Why they’re wearing woodland camo is beyond me,” he said, much less pointing their weapons at people. We’d both been well-trained that when you aimed your rifle at a person, that meant you were prepared to kill them. “If someone tells me what to do without telling me the reason, I’m liable to be resistant too. So, when I’m dealing with people I try to let them understand why, show them some compassion. If you don’t treat people like savages, you can get people to do anything.’ ”

Debacle of a “Great Game”: The Islamic State (IS) and America’s War on Iraq and Syria – by Adeyinka Makinde, GlobalResearch.ca – “The declaration on 29thJune, the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, of an Islamic Caliphate by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of al-Dawlah Al-Islamiyah fi al-Iraq wa-al-Sham –the jihadist organisation known also as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) – marks a watershed of sorts since the commencement of what used to be commonly termed as the ‘Clash of Civilizations’… For in the post-Cold War era, even before the ‘catalyzing event’ that was September the 11th of 2001, the avowed goal of the Osama Bin Laden-led al-Qaeda movement was to create a Sunni-led Caliphate.”

Ukraine calls on NATO, EU for military aid – from PressTV.ir – “Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin made the call on Saturday while talking on a Germen radio station and added the Western military alliance should come up with a new strategy in relation to his country.”.. ‘Yes of course. We need military aid because if we got such aid, it would be easier for our troops on the ground to act,’ he replied when asked if he was calling for military aid.”

Iraq-3_StatesOrder Out of Chaos: The Global Elites Plan for a “Middle Eastern Union” – by Steven MacMillan, Journal-Neo.org – “Israel is merely an extension of Anglo-American power and has been since its creation in 1948, so any expansion of Israeli territory is synonymous with an increase in Anglo-American hegemony in the region. Arthur James Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary from 1916 to 1919 and author of the 1917 Balfour Declaration – which declared British support for the creation of a Jewish state (Israel) in Palestine – was also a member of the Milner Group, according to CFR historian Carroll Quigley in his book the Anglo-American Establishment (p.311). The Milner Group was the precursor to the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) or Chatham House; the British arm of the CFR, with both organisations sharing the collective objective of creating an Anglo-American global empire.

Kiev’s War Without Mercy Continues – by Stephen Lendman, Rense.com – “Kiev wants more time to continue its war without mercy. It wants maximum punishment inflicted on beleaguered Southeastern Ukrainians… It wants them deprived of essentials needed for survival as long as possible… An ICRC letter said ‘(t)he recipient of humanitarian aid is the mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine.’.. ‘The cargo will be moved into Ukraine by the ICRC through the ‘Donetsk’ checkpoint.’.. According to ICRC official Pascal Cuttat, one major challenge remains. ‘(W)e absolutely need security guarantees from all parties concerned before we can start moving.’ ”

Author: Gov’t Should Use Microchips To Deny Births To The Unworthy – by Ben Johnson, GovtSlaves.com – “After careful thought, in an effort to “give hundreds of millions of future kids a better life, I cautiously endorse the idea of licensing parents,” Istvan wrote today… The process, he said, ‘would be little different than getting a driver’s license.’ Parents must ‘pass a series of basic tests’ in order to ‘get the green light to get pregnant and raise children.’.. ‘Those applicants who are deemed unworthy’ for a variety of reasons – he lists homelessness, criminal history, and poverty among his examples – ‘would not be allowed until they could demonstrate they were suitable parents.’.. However, he questions how far governments would go to enforce its birth control mandate. ‘Would governments force abortion upon mothers if they were found to be pregnant without permission?’ he asked, saying the idea seems ‘unimaginable in most societies around the world.’ ”

Robocops-Fergusson-MOTurning America Into a War Zone, Where ‘We the People’ Are the Enemy – by John Whitehead, OpEdNews.com – “In a war zone, you have no rights. When you are staring down the end of a police rifle, there can be no free speech. When you’re being held at bay by a militarized, weaponized mine-resistant tank, there can be no freedom of assembly. When you’re being surveilled with thermal imaging devices, facial recognition software and full-body scanners and the like, there can be no privacy. When you’re charged with disorderly conduct simply for daring to question or photograph or document the injustices you see, with the blessing of the courts no less, there can be no freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

The bailiffs using spy cameras to snatch cars off the street for minor traffic fines – by Nicole Mowbray, Dailymail.co.uk – ” • Nicole Mowbray, from London, did an ‘illegal manouevre’ in December 2013 • She was fined £130 for breaching no right turn but did not receive the letter • 18 months later, her VW Golf was unexpectedly towed away by bailiffs • They had used an Automatic Number Plate Recogntion camera to find her”

New Army Manual Calls for the Use of Lethal Force Against Peaceful Protesters – by Dave Hodges, TheCommonSenseShow.com – “In section 1-2., the manual states that “Civil unrest may range from simple, nonviolent protests that address specific issues, to events that turn into full-scale riots.’ This section of the manual clearly states that protesting is a right protected by the Constitution. However, the authorities leave themselves an out to ‘legally’ engage in lethal force toward protesters when the manual states that ‘peaceful protests can turn into full-scale riots” and field commanders have the right to make that determination. Subsequently, all protests, peaceful or not, need to be managed by the potential for violence. In other words, all protests are to be considered to be violent and handled accordingly. This certainly explains the violent manhandling of the media by the DHS controlled and militarized police in Ferguson, MO.”

MMR-vaccinesVaccine bombshell: CDC whistleblower reveals cover-up linking MMR vaccines to autism in African-Americans – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “If what we are hearing so far is true, it means the CDC has deliberately run a decade-long cover-up which condemned tens of thousands of African-American children to a life of autism caused by MMR vaccines. It would also mean the CDC has engaged in a shameless conspiracy to hide the truth about the damage caused by vaccines, confirming the agency’s primary mission of protecting pharmaceutical profits even at the expense of human life.”

Russia to request MH17 probe report (from UN) – from PressTV.ir – ” ‘We will ask for a briefing by the UN Secretariat on the progress of the implementation of Resolution 2166,’ Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York on Monday… ‘Paragraph 13 of the resolution requires the secretary-general to provide the Security Council with investigation progress reports. We hope that this will happen already today,’ he added.”

Behind Closed Doors, Obama Crafts Executive Actions – by Julie Hirschfeld Davis, NYTimes.com – “While Mr. Obama has issued fewer executive orders than presidents before him — 183, according to the American Presidency Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara, compared with 291 by George W. Bush and 364 by Bill Clinton — experts say he has been at least as aggressive as his two immediate predecessors in taking unilateral action, often through memorandums or other administrative moves.” – Franklin Roosevelt suspended the Constitution with a proclamation of an emergency in 1933, which required another presidential proclamation to end it. The second proclamation has never issued.

Staged Provocations Ahead of Possible US-Syrian War – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “Warnings that these weapons might be “diverted to extremist factions” when they have been in their hands for years, portends a possible gambit involving the downing of yet another civilian airliner to serve as a pretext to further advance the West’s agenda. The tragic MH17 disaster in Ukraine has long been buried and forgotten by the Western media after baseless accusations against Russia allowed the West to push forward further sanctions against Moscow and further military aid for the regime in Kiev”

GMO_Soybean-infoMexico bans Monsanto from planting GMO soybeans – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “As Pena reported earlier this year, on March 16, the federal permit approval also came despite objections from several hundred scientific research scholars who are associated with Mexico’s Union of Concerned Scientists Committed to Society. Reporting further, the Pena said that, at the very heart of the Mexican court ruling is an all-important conclusion that co-existence of GMOs and other living things is not really possible: ‘The court is in effect agreeing with scientists, farmers, beekeepers, and indigenous communities that Monsanto GM soy and honey production are incompatible.’ ”

No Weapons Seen Crossing Russian-Ukrainian Border – OSCE – from en.RIA.ru – “On August 17, the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) working in Ukraine under the auspice of the OSCE also could not confirm the reports of Russian military convoys crossing the Ukrainian border… On August 18, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow supports the idea of equipping the OSCE monitoring mission with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to improve the monitoring of the border.”

EU advisors advocate use of military against strikes and protests – by Denis Krassnin, WSWS.org – ” ‘Within the framework of the joint foreign and security policy, the responsibilities of the police and armed forces are increasingly being merged, and the capacities to tackle social protest built up,’ radio station Deutschlandfunk reported on the study last month. Officially this was concerned with interventions in countries outside the EU… ‘But under article 222 of the Lisbon treaty, a legal basis has been created for the deployment of military and paramilitary units within EU states in crisis.’ ”

Police Captain: Ferguson Police Will Continue to Arrest Journalists – “Some of you may just have a camera around your neck, so yes, we are — we may take some of you into custody,” he says – by Kit Daniels, PrisonPlanet.com – “The proper action for the police, however, would be to respect the freedom of the press guaranteed under the First Amendment. No where does the First Amendment state that members of the press are subject to arrest if their cameras are “too small.”.. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened last night in Ferguson when a cop reportedly ripped a press badge off of a Vice News reporter while proclaiming, ‘this doesn’t mean ****.’ ”

hemp_fieldHemp-Based Batteries Could Change the Way We Store Energy Forever – by Marco Torres, GlobalResearch.ca – “One approach researchers are taking to boost supercapacitors’ energy density is to design better electrodes. Mitlin’s team has figured out how to make them from certain hemp fibers — and they can hold as much energy as the current top contender: graphene… ‘Our device’s electrochemical performance is on par with or better than graphene-based devices,’ Mitlin says. ‘The key advantage is that our electrodes are made from biowaste using a simple process, and therefore, are much cheaper than graphene.’ ”

US Pressuring PA Not to Sue Israel for ‘War Crimes’ – ICC says PA and Hamas must resubmit charges against Israel, which would leave them open to war crimes charges as well. – by Ari Yashar, IsraelNationalNews.com – “A report on Monday reveals that America and other Western countries are pressuring the Palestinian Authority (PA) not to carry out its threat of suing Israel at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for ‘war crimes.’.. PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki last Saturday threatened ‘we will go to the ICC, and put our signature on it. Very soon we will be a (sovereign) state. That is enough for the court to start an investigation.’.. However, citing inside sources in the ICC and among the PA’s lawyers, The Guardian reports strong US and Israeli pressure on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas not to take such actions, or else risk cutting his own purse-strings.” (emph. added)

Police-victimWhen US cops shoot, they’re trained to kill… not to wound – by Sabrina Siddiqui, PressTV.ir – “Firman said shooting to wound is impractical because ‘the likelihood of success is low. The officer may miss the target, leaving both the police and the public at risk, he said… Officers are trained to assess the risk before firing, Firman said, but often a situation escalates quickly. A guide from his association on officer-involved shootings states that deadly force is legally justified ‘to protect the officer or others from what is reasonably believed to be a threat of death or serious bodily harm; and to prevent the escape of a fleeing violent felon who the officer has probable cause to believe will pose a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others.'”

Zim Shipping: New Evidence suggests Six Months Foreknowledge of the September 11th Attack Date and Potential Involvement in the Israeli Deep Cover Operation – from AlethoNews.com – “Zim’s remaining lease term had long been a point of debate, with 9/11 conspiracy debunkers claiming there was no evidence that Zim’s WTC lease term extended beyond their move-out date. However, a FOIA request to the Port Authority of New York-New Jersey by LetsRollForums.com resulted in a copy of the WTC tenant roster with lease expiration dates.[15] The Port Authority document showed that Zim entered into a 10-year lease contract starting on March 1, 1996 and expiring on Feb. 28, 2006, or about four and a half years after Zim’s September 2001 move-out date.[16] Confirmation that Zim’s remaining lease extended beyond their move-out date was further established by a Crain’s New York Business article on April 9, 2001 that stated, ‘Rising rent wasn’t an immediate concern [for Zim’s relocation decision] — several years remain on the lease.’ ” – Highly referenced and detailed report establishing links of Zim and supposed “terrorist hijackers” to Israeli intelligence

Chemtrails-over-PacificThe Engineered Incineration Of California – by Dane Wigington. GeoengineeringWatch.org – “The satellite image (to left) clearly shows grid pattern blanket spraying of the eastern Pacific Ocean which completely derails rainfall patterns. It is important to remember that even if visible spraying and/or silvery white skies are not evident on certain days, the weather makers are always hard at it in other locations.”

Kiev in U-turn over claim that ‘Russian tanks, artillery and 1,200 fighters’ had been deployed in Eastern Ukraine as evidence fails to materialise – by Will Stewart, Reuters, Associated Press and Damien Gayle, Dailymail.co.uk – “Yet there was no confirmation on Wednesday from NATO or other Western sources which was widely reported inside Ukraine… The claim was also contradicted closer to home by Kiev’s National Security and Defence Council spokesman Andriy Lysenko who dismissed it as ‘strange’… ‘Intelligence is not confirming the existence of this column,’ he said… Later after checking it, he stated: ‘Rebels who are fighting in Lugansk do have military hardware and Grad artillery but they did not get it yesterday. They had it for a while.’ ”

Fresh Israeli airstrikes kill two dozen Gazans – from PressTV.ir – “The fresh attacks were focused on the Zeytoun neighborhood in east, Rafah in south, and Dair al-Balah in central Gaza… The Israeli military sources say warplanes have attacked 60 targets in the blockaded region… The highest casualties have been reported in strikes on mosques and refugee camps across the impoverished territory… Local residents and witnesses say thousands are fleeing for cover amid Israel’s new attacks.”

Monsanto-Glosophate-lMain Ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp, Patented as an Antibiotic, Destroying GI Tract – “Negative impact on the body is insidious and manifests slowly over time” – by Christina Sarich, Infowars.com – “So glyphosate, which has been patented as both a mineral chelator and an antibiotic, both of which have tremendous implications, is being used willy nilly all over the world. All the while, the agencies which are supposed to protect public health continue to look the other way… While there are many natural chelators in soil, one given a patent that would leach minerals from our own bodies while destroying healthy bacteria is highly questionable at best, and should have never received a rubber stamp from the USDA, FDA, or any other agency… The toxic substance works by interfering with the biochemistry of bacteria in our GI tracts, destroying amino acids in what is called the shikimate pathway. Specifically, glyphosate depletes the amino acids tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine, which can then contribute to obesity, depression, autism, inflammatory bowel disease, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. It doesn’t work immediately, except in cases of acute toxic exposure, but develops little by little.”

Ebola quarantine in Liberia’s capital sparks violence in slum – Soldiers guarding Monrovia’s West Point area open fire and use teargas on crowds, leaving four residents injured – from Agence France-Presse via TheGuardian.com – “The Liberian president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, quarantined West Point and Dolo Town, to the east of the capital, and imposed a night-time curfew as part of drastic measures to fight the disease… Residents of West Point, where club-wielding youths stormed an Ebola medical facility on Saturday, reacted with fury, hurling stones and shouting at the security forces… ‘It is inhumane,’ one resident, Patrick Wesseh, told AFP by telephone. ‘They can’t suddenly lock us up without any warning. How are our children going to eat?’ ”

25 Recent Events Causing WW3 They Want You To Forget – by Eric Blair, ActivistPost.com – “This situation is creating friction among the world’s superpowers not seen since the Cold War. Obama recently expressed concern that “The old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite where we need to be in terms of a new order.” Later in the speech he blamed uncooperative nations (read Russia) for standing in the way of the New World Order… It seems if Russia doesn’t get on board with the Western-led world order, these powers are destined to clash in a West vs. East showdown over international banking and the control of gas supplies.”

NY Times escalates the propaganda war in Ukraine with outright lies from NATORussia Moves Artillery Units Into Ukraine, NATO Says – by Michael R. Gordon, NYTimes.com – “The Russian move represents a significant escalation of the Kremlin’s involvement in the fighting there and comes as a convoy of Russian trucks with humanitarian provisions has crossed into Ukrainian territory without Kiev’s permission…Since mid-August NATO has received multiple reports of the direct involvement of Russian forces, ‘including Russian airborne, air defense and special operations forces in Eastern Ukraine,’ said Oana Lungescu, a spokeswoman for NATO… ‘Russian artillery support — both cross-border and from within Ukraine — is being employed against the Ukrainian armed forces,’ she added.”

Ukraine: NATO’s Russian Tank Invasion Psyop – by Stuart J. Hooper, 21stCenturyWire.com – “A psychological operation, or psyop, of British origin, has taken place over the past week that once again looked to paint Russia as the enemy. Accusations were launched that the Russians had sent an armored tank division across Ukraine’s border. This follows a trend in Western media of late, where anything and everything is being thrown at Russia, presumable in the hope that eventually some of the mud will start to stick.”

Alex_Stone-Dinosaur_KillerSchool Kid Suspended And ARRESTED For Imagining Shooting A Dinosaur – Furious parents not informed until police had taken son into custody – by Steve Watson, Infowars.com – “Stone’s parents were barely able to comprehend the actions of the school… ‘I could understand if they made him re-write it because he did have ‘gun’ in it. But a pet dinosaur?’ Gray added. ‘I mean first of all, we don’t have dinosaurs anymore. Second of all, he’s not even old enough to buy a gun.’.. The student is standing his ground on the matter. ‘I regret it because they put it on my record, but I don’t see the harm in it,’ Stone said.’I think there might have been a better way of putting it, but I think me writing like that, it shouldn’t matter unless I put it out towards a person.’ ”

For the week of 8/11/14:

israeli-boy-gunMerciless Israeli mobs are hunting Palestinians – by Rania Khalek, ElectronicIntifada.net – “Israeli police have a pattern of ignoring hate crimes against Palestinians, as was the case immediately following the reported kidnapping of Muhammad Abu Khudair. Police did not immediately respond when his family called to report that he had been kidnapped and they actively thwarted efforts to locate those who murdered him by spreading false rumors that Abu Khudair was murdered by his family in an ‘honor killing’ over his sexuality.”

Here’s Why Libya Is Burning—Again – by Russ Baker, Uruknet.info – “Just as bad, no acknowledgment has ever come from the establishment, including the media, that what was tantamount to an invasion by the West in 2011 was never about protecting the Libyan people from an ogre. That’s what the public was constantly led to believe. Rather, it was about protecting opportunities for Western companies. And now, as Libya continues to unravel, even those are in doubt.” – With many links to articles on the Libyan situation

Goodluck_Jonathan The Nigerian president has declared a state of emergency in the country over the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus – from PressTV.ir – “Jonathan urged people to avoid large gatherings to prevent the spread of the disease that has claimed two lives in the African country… ‘Religious and political groups, spiritual healing centers, families, associations and other bodies should… discourage gatherings and activities that may unwittingly promote close contact with infected persons or place others at risk.’.. The president has also ordered a number of measures, including the establishment of new isolation wards, screening at borders and contact tracing.”

Evidence Emerges of Israeli “Shoot To Cripple” Policy In the Occupied West Bank – Israeli soliders use live fire and expanding bullets to shatter the legs of West Bank protesters – by Max Blumenthal, Alternet.org – “At the 10,000-strong Palestine Authority-sanctionedmarch on June 24 from Ramallah to the Qalandia checkpoint separating the occupied city from Jerusalem, the shoot to cripple tactic was on bold display… ‘It was shoot to kill at first,’ Abukhalil recalled. ‘We had eight to ten extremely critical cases. It was amazing that they made it. One had a bullet in the heart. The other had a bullet in the major vessels in the neck. Then after the first injuries it shifted, it was shoot to cripple. We had more than 100 injuries in the femur and the knee.’

Not Equal: Gaza in 1881 frames

Bad to worse: Texas seeks to unleash dangerous banned pesticides to kill GMO super weeds infesting cotton – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “…propazine is a persistent compound; it takes years to break down, and it has been detected in both surface and ground waters. Indeed, because of these hazards, the European Union has banned it… According to the website Organic Connections which reported on the petition: ‘Granting the emergency request to use propazine to kill glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth, also known as pigweed, would lead to a 10-fold increase in the use of the toxic herbicide, from just 20,000 to 50,000 lbs. in 2010 and 2011 to 280,000 pounds per year.’ ”

GMO_Potato_HeadJohn Kerry to Starving Africans: ‘Don’t Build New Farms, Just Plant More GMO’ – by Melissa Melton, ActivistPost.com – “Study after study has shown that organic, agro-ecological farming practices on small diverse farms can boost yields in Africa and the developing world from 100-1000% over the yields of chemical-intensive or genetically engineered mono-crop farms. To help the world’s two billion small farmers and rural villagers survive and prosper we need to help them gain access, not to genetically engineered seeds and expensive chemical inputs; but rather access to land, water, and the tools and techniques of traditional, sustainable farming: non-patented open-pollinated seeds, crop rotation, natural compost production, beneficial insects, and access to local markets. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) reduce crop yields, and increase pesticide use, even according to USDA statistics.”

Canada Responds to Russian Ban On Food Imports by Sending Military Aid to Ukraine – New Cold War continues escalation at rapid pace – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com – “Canada has a significant economic stake in trade with Russia. The country exported $1.7 billion worth of goods to Russia in 2012. Food, including pork and crustaceans, led the exports according to a report issued by the Canadian government. The ban on pork alone will cost Canada $500 million a year… ‘We will not be intimidated by these kinds of tactics,’ Canadian Industry Minister James Moore said following the Russian announcement… The cargo transport from Canada arrived in Kharkov carrying $4.5 million in on-lethal military equipment, including ‘helmets, ballistic eyewear, protective vests, first aid kits, tents, and sleeping bags,’ according to Harper.”

MA_OGMSweet victory for Mexico beekeepers as Monsanto loses GM permit – Evidence convinced judge of threat posed to honey production in Yucatán – but firm will almost certainly appeal against ruling – from TheGuardian.com – “Central to the ruling was the Mexican constitution, specifically the government’s obligation to fully consult indigenous communities before making any major decision about what happens, including what is grown, on their territory. The judge ordered planting to stop and gave Sagarpa six months to carry out full and proper consultations with indigenous farmers – which it should have done before the permit was granted in 2012… So while a third victory in Chiapas, where a similar case is pending, could soon follow, this is almost certainly only round one… The North American Free Trade Agreement, criticised by some for crippling small-scale Mexican farming, is not on the side of the beekeepers. This David and Goliath battle is about so much more than honey.”

Report: 18 corporations hold over a third of US wealth – from PressTV.ir – “The majority of corporate cash is amassed in the coffers of 18 US firms — they held 36 percent of all wealth last year, a jump from 27 percent in 2009 with the gap expected to widen further, according to a report from Standard & Poor’s… …firms are “synthetically” repatriating the cash through cheap debt to make up the gap between the domestic sources and uses of cash, which may be as high as $100 billion for the top 1 percent… ‘We believe the availability of cheap debt has been a key driver for the record cash balances for not just the top 1 percent, but for US corporates overall,’ the report said.”

Ban-HelpingBan Ki-moon secretly worked with Israel to undermine UN report into Gaza war crimes, says WikiLeaks – from daily.Bhaskar.com – New Delhi: In a startling revelation, it has come to light that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon asked the ‘members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) not to take into account the report submitted by the UN Board of Inquiry that accused Israel of targeting UN buildings in Gaza in December 2008 and January 2009’.”

Malaysia accuses US and EU backed Ukraine regime of MH17 shoot-down – from 4BitNews.com – “The New Straits Times article began, ‘Intelligence analysts in the United States have already concluded that Malaysia flight MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile, and that the Ukrainian government had had something to do with it. This corroborates an emerging theory postulated by local investigators that the Boeing 777-200 was crippled by an air-to-air missile and finished off with cannon fire from a jet that had been shadowing it as it plummeted to earth.’.. It cited ‘experts who had said that the photographs of the blast fragmentation patterns on the fuselage of the airliner showed two distinct shapes—the shredding pattern associated with a warhead packed with ‘flechettes,’ and the more uniform, round-type penetration holes consistent with that of cannon rounds.’ ”

The Era Of Cyborg Nanotechnology Has Begun – Update on the merger of human and machine – by Nicholas West, ActivistPost.com – “Technology seems to be on a runaway course either to free humanity or to enslave us… Parallel to this trend, we are seeing advancements in neuroscience being made from global projects like the BRAIN initiative in the U.S. and its counterpart in Europe, the Human Brain Project. These projects seek to decode the human brain and tailor it for ‘treatments,’ as well as to enable the realization of full brain-computer-interface technology. The pace of these developments has increased toward the dizzying, such as a ‘living’ transistor that uses DNA merged with graphene, the advent of quantum computing and nanocomputing, the creation of avatars, DNA nanobots, and a range of neuro applications that are beginning to transform our fundamental relationship with the ‘real’ world.”

Monsatan-ScarecrowMonsanto Wants 14-Year Reuters Veteran Reporter Fired for Talking About GMO Dangers – Author criticized for saying “some scientific studies warn of potential” harm – by Christina Sarich, NaturalSociety.com – “Ms. Gillam also claims ‘Notably, millions of acres of U.S. farmland have developed weed resistance due to heavy use of crops that have been genetically altered to withstand dousings of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, and the subsequent heavy use of Roundup.’ As is true with all herbicides, weeds with elevated resistance to glyphosate have emerged and have caused concern in 15-40% of planting locations, the challenge this presents to farmers can be controlled by better stewardship practices. The claim that crops are doused with Round-Up is emotionally loaded but equally inaccurate.” -Biotech Industry apologist Bruce Chassy

Fracking campaigners criticise ‘censored’ report on house prices – Government urged to publish sections cut from study into impact of shale gas wells on local communities – by Rowena Mason, TheGuardian.com – “It appears that the government has a great deal to hide with regards to the risks of fracking for local communities,” (Caroline Lucas) said. “The number of redactions would be almost comical if it weren’t so concerning. What are the economic, social and environment impacts and effects upon housing and local services, agriculture and tourism that the government is so keen to withhold from us? The implications of fracking for rural communities are vast. It is critical the public knows the facts: absolute transparency is essential – censorship should not be an option.”

The ISIS Threat Will Be Used For Homeland Repression – Obama administration will exploit domestic peril to vilify political opposition – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com – “The emergence of ISIS as a genuine threat not just to minority groups in Iraq and Syria but to Americans and the homeland itself, characterized by a recent Twitter campaign under the ominous hashtag #AmessagefromISIStoUS, is a narrative that will be increasingly exploited by the Obama administration to justify further eviscerations of the Constitution as well as a tool to create jingoistic and simplistic appeals to patriotism which will in turn be deployed as a rhetorical weapon to demonize Obama’s most vocal political adversaries as radicals and extremists… Obama signaled his intent to take this course during an interview with New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, in which the president charged that his critics were in the grip of an ‘extremist ideology.’ “

Cop-of-DeathPolice Brutality Continues Unchecked Across The Nation: Report – by Joe Wright, ActivistPost.com – “As we see the current explosion taking place in Missouri – which includes a new report that police will not release the officer’s name who killed Michael Brown – and the continued fallout from the much-maligned Albuquerque Police Department (with a minimal but still revealing DoJ investigation that followed), it is clear that there is very little in place to hold law enforcement accountable… As these departments continue to be enhanced with weapons of war and given carte blanche for no-knock death squad SWAT raids, we are likely to see a continued escalation of those with absolute power becoming corrupted absolutely.”

My Money’s on Putin – by Mike Whitney, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Washington thinks “modern warfare” involves covert support for proxy armies comprised of Neo Nazis and Islamic extremists. Moscow thinks modern warfare means undermining the enemy’s ability to wage war through sustained attacks on it’s currency, its institutions, its bond market, and its ability to convince its allies that it is a responsible steward of the global economic system.”

The Real Reason The US Is Bombing Iraq – by Brandon Turbeville, InformationClearingHouse.info – “The answers to this question lie in the simple fact that the area surrounding Erbil – the Kurdish region of Iraq – is a ‘hub for US oil companies.’.. In fact, Erbil, a city of 1.5 million people is largely viewed as the administrative center for the Kurdish regional oil industry and a quarter of Iraq’s oil production nationally. The oil reserves are so large in this region that Kurds often claim that, if they were to break off from Iraq and establish their own country, the new nation would stand as the ninth largest oil producer in the world.”

EPA Chief wants Climate Change to be Taught in Public School as Scientific Fact – from LoneStarWatchdog.com – “When asked…if climate change should be part of the educational system, McCarthy answered, Very much so.’.. The bureaucrat continued: ‘I think part of the challenge of explaining climate change is that it requires a level of science and a level of forward thinking and you’ve got to teach that to kids… People didn’t have a sense of how dramatic climate change really is, and what it means for all of us. So that’s been a challenge. But what’s great about renewables is that when you put a solar panel on the roof of a school, you change the entire dynamic of education for the students. It’s hands-on.’ “

Border_Patrol-pocketsesHomeland Security Faces Lawsuit Over Ignored FOIA Request – Border Patrol refuses to release information on unconstitutional checkpoints, roving patrols – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com – “The two professors are attempting to confirm the charge that the Border Patrol is routinely violating the law by instead following its own internal rules, leading to Fourth Amendment-busting drugs searches performed on the flimsiest of pretexts… After Border Patrol failed to respond to the initial FOIA request after 20 days, an appeal was filed but the federal agency again completely ignored the matter, forcing the professors to file a lawsuit.”

Beware Child Protective Services: What Victims, Advocates, and Mandated Reporters Need to Know – by Women’s Justice Center, GlobalResearch.ca – “Instead of being treated more as a co-victim of a violent perpetrator, with help and guidance provided according to the mother’s expressed needs, she is treated more as a co-perpetrator, with CPS establishing mandated controls over virtually any which aspect of her life CPS chooses, all under threat of losing her child. In addition to court dates at which it is her behavior that’s in question, CPS gives her a mandated, often overwhelming set of programs and goals she must comply with to the satisfaction of the CPS/juvenile court system, in order to – maybe – get the child back – and maybe not… The level of proof against her that CPS is required to put forth is so minimal that it provides the mother little protection against any abusive, prejudiced, or discriminatory exercise of power by CPS.”

NSA to Control the Stock Market – Spy agency can easily manipulate the market through latest surveillance hub – by Kit Daniels, Infowars.com – ” ‘I can’t think of any other reason that someone would invest so much time and so much effort into trying to monitor every brokerage account in the United States in real time,’ Porter Stansberry, the founder of the Stansberry & Associates Investment Research Conference, said on the Alex Jones Show. ‘That is an enormous technical challenge.’.. He also added that even knowing something as simple as how many individual investors own certain securities could be very, very valuable to select interests… While one of the NSA’s roles is undoubtedly financial espionage, the database will also make it easier for corporate entities and high frequency traders to rig markets.”

Video (8:19): The Truth About the Ferguson Riots & Martial Law – by Paul Joseph Watson of PrisonPlanet.com via ActivistPost.com

For the week of 8/4/14:

Emergency_Aid-DonbasUkraine Still Not Accepting Russia’s Humanitarian Aid for Donbas – Emergencies Ministry – from en.RIA.ru – ” ‘There is so far no reaction [from Ukraine] concerning the humanitarian aid. The assistance we are currently rendering is aimed at refugees that are already on Russian territory,’ Artamonov said… Meanwhile, it was earlier reported that Kiev had officially rejected the humanitarian aid proposed by Russia for the crisis-hit southeastern regions.”

Corporations Are Creating A Life Threatening Water Shortage – by Carl Gibson, CommonditieFutures.com – “According to the study, 41 percent of American freshwater consumption came from energy production alone. Energy sources like nuclear and coal power were responsible for the bulk of water consumption, though the process of hydraulic fracturing – better known as fracking, where jets of water mixed with chemicals are blasted underground to break up shale formations that produce natural gas – was also high on the list.”

Extracting audio from visual information – Algorithm recovers speech from the vibrations of a potato-chip bag filmed through soundproof glass. Watch Video – by Larry Hardesty, NewsOffice.MIT.edu – “Reconstructing audio from video requires that the frequency of the video samples — the number of frames of video captured per second — be higher than the frequency of the audio signal. In some of their experiments, the researchers used a high-speed camera that captured 2,000 to 6,000 frames per second. That’s much faster than the 60 frames per second possible with some smartphones, but well below the frame rates of the best commercial high-speed cameras, which can top 100,000 frames per second.”

Maaloula-DestructionWiping Out the Christians of Syria and Iraq to Remap the Middle East: Prerequisite to a Clash of Civilizations? – PART I – by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, GlobalResearch.ca – “In Hasakah (Hasce) many of the Christian Syrians fled, but almost 30,000 stayed as internal refugees. The Syrian Christians who belonged to the Chaldean Catholic Church, Syriac Orthodox Church, Syriac Catholic Church, Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church, and the Armenian Catholic Church collectively asked the world for help and to put an end to the fighting, in an appeal that went unheard, in late-2012; they have suffered from persecution, lawlessness, kidnappings, ransoms, and murder.”

Bangladesh Calls for Boycotting Israel’s Shipping Lines – from english.FarsNews.com – “(Gauhr Rizvi, advisor to Bangladesh’s prime minister for international affairs) pointed to the significant role of the world public opinion in changing decisions of their governments and policy-makers, and said, ‘A majority of the world people are now supporting Palestinians and are willing to make an effective and practical move to end Israel’s aggressions.’.. He reiterated that NAM members should fight the Zionist regime in the same way they had fought the Apartheid regime in South Africa… The NAM is a group of states which are not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. As of 2012, the movement has 120 members and 17 observer countries.”

World Trade Organisation’s future in doubt after India blocks trade deal – Global agreement collapses as Narendra Modi insists on food subsidy and stockpiling concessions for developing countries – by Katie Allen and Angela Monaghan, TheGuardian.com – “An agreement on the deal, centred on loosening global customs rules, had been reached in Bali in December, with a deadline of midnight on Thursday to ratify it. But it was scuppered after the WTO’s 160 members failed to reach agreement over India’s demands… It would have been the first global trade deal reached by the Geneva-based institution since it was founded almost two decades ago. The last-minute failure to reach agreement prompted questions over the very existence of the WTO and how it will survive the deadlock.”

al-Baghdadi-Then&NowFrench Report ISIL Leader Mossad Agent – Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadi, son of Jewish parents, Mossad agent – from VeteransToday.com – “This information was attributed to Edward Snowden and published by newspapers and other Web sites: the head of the “Islamic State” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has cooperated with the U.S. Secret Service, British and Israel to create an organization capable of attracting terrorist extremists from around the world… Iranian intelligence discovered the true and full identity of the Emir Daash, which is known under the name Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi; his real name is Elliot Shimon. Its role in Mossad secret agent in the Zionist espionage. His false name: Ibrahim ibn Awad ibn Ibrahim Al Al Badri Arradoui Hoseini… The plan: get into the military and civilian heart of the countries that are declared as a threat to Israel in order to destroy to facilitate thereafter, the takeover by the Zionist state on the entire area of the Middle East in order to establish Greater Israel. – Note: There is much controversy around the posts on these subjects, with assertions that Snowden cannot have provided the information supporting them.

NY-Hearts-IsraelUS Congressional Black Caucus Endorses Israeli Apartheid and Current War Crimes in Gaza – by Bruce A. Dixon, GlobalResearch.ca – “By the late 1980s, a gaggle of former CBC staffers had moved through the revolving doors of elite affirmative action to become corporate lobbyists, with the same ethics and table manners as their white colleagues, but with black faces. Thanks in large part to their efforts, by 2000 a tsunami of corporate cash began filling up the coffers of incumbent CBC members, their black replacements, or in the cases of Alabama’s Earl Hilliard and Georgia’s Cynthia McKinney, their black opponents.”

12 Little Known Laws of Karma That Will Change Your Life – from WakingTimes.com – “What is Karma? Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. It is equivalent to Newton’s law of ‘every action must have a reaction’. When we think, speak or act we initiate a force that will react accordingly. This returning force maybe modified, changed or suspended, but most people will not be able eradicate it.”

Stretching During a Jog Is “Suspicious Activity”? America’s “Counterrorism” Efforts Out of Control – Suspicious activity reports can remain in databases for up to 30 years – by Simon Davis-Cohen, Alternet.org – “The NSI lowers that standard to “suspicious activity,” defined as “behavior reasonably indicative of preoperational planning related to terrorism or other criminal activity.” Note how terrorism is defined as a type of criminal activity. The plaintiffs point out that this definition encompasses constitutionally protected activities, like taking photos, buying computers or standing in a train station. “Reasonably indicative” of terrorism paints with a broad brush.”

Babar_AhmadBritain’s latest counterterrorism disasters – The truth about renditions and detentions at the island of Diego Garcia has to be revealed – by Andy Worthington, AlJazeera.com – “What the UK and US governments both need to do now is to make sure that no one else is pointlessly extradited like Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan. In July 2004 and December 2006, the Crown Prosecution Service declared that there was “insufficient evidence” to charge Ahmad with any criminal offence under UK law, as did Lord Goldsmith, the Attorney General, in September 2006, and yet neither the Labour governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, nor the current Tory-led coalition government, took any interest.”

Homeschool mom jailed over paperwork – Sent to prison for 10 days – by Bob Unruh, WND.com – O’Connor told the Irish radio network RTE the law ‘trampled on the rights of families to the extent where you must apply [for permission for home education].’.. She cited the constitution’s provision that the ‘primary and natural educator of the child is the family and guarantees to respect the inalienable right and duty of parents to provide, according to their means, for the religious and moral, intellectual, physical and social education of their children.’ ”

Isis brings its war to Lebanon – and it could be key to a masterplan – Battle for Arsal exposes new front in expansion of self-styled caliphate – by Robert Fisk, Independent.co.uk – “For more than a year, the Lebanese army has tried vainly to close the frontier east of Arsal, and a Syrian army victory over rebels in Yabroud on the other side of the border earlier this year suggested that Sunni insurgents might leave Arsal lest they be cut off. But their resurgence shows that the Syrians have nothing like the control they have been claiming in the frontier lands.”

Alex-EbolaEbola Outbreak Can Lead to Gun Confiscations, Martial Law – The Obama administration is perpetrating the conditions required for a government-declared crisis – by Kit Daniels, PrisonPlanet.com – “A few months prior, Air Force General Victor Renuart said Northcom would provide ‘assistance in support of civil authorities’ during an epidemic, adding ‘when requested and approved by the Secretary of Defense or directed by the President, federal military forces will contribute to federal support.’.. But Renuart also said that ‘U.S. Northcom does not wait for that call to action.’.. Since then, the federal government created a new domestic command structure in which, during a government-declared emergency, the military police would work under FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security for domestic operations with the National Guard… This command structure was leaked by a former MP, who secretly recorded a military briefing last September in which an army commander briefed him and other MPs on their domestic duties with FEMA during martial law, including escorting federal officials as they confiscate firearms from Americans.”

Charles_ArntzenScientist Working on Gov’t Ebola Drug Joked About Culling Population with GMO Virus – by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton, TruthStreamMedia.com – “But that Ebola treatment was developed by a leading bioengineering scientist from the University of Arizona who was caught on camera “joking” about wiping out humanity. Dr. Charles Arntzen suggested the use of a “better” genetically engineered virus during a post-lecture Q&A focused on over-population issues, citing the 2011 Hollywood film ‘Contagion.’ ”

What Are the Odds: NYC Tests Patient for Ebola just Days after Largest Bio Attack Drill in City History – by Melissa Melton, TheDailySheeple.com – “It’s all over the news, and just days after the State Dept. helped ship in America’s first Ebola patients… Hm… New York City’s Mt. Sinai Hospital has placed a man in isolation who recently returned from West Africa and showed up at the ER with a high fever and gastrointestinal symptoms — and the hospital’s statement on that sounds like it was scripted right out of a Hollywood movie… ‘

FLIGHT CONTROL: Boeing’s ‘Uninterruptible’ Autopilot System, Drones & Remote Hijacking – by Shawn Helton, 21stCenturyWire.com – “On December 4th of 2006, it was announced that Boeing had won a patent on an uninterruptible autopilot system for use in commercial aircraft, this was the first public acknowledgment by Boeing about the existence of such an autopilot system. The new autopilot patent was reported by John Croft for Flight Global, the news piece was subsequently linked by a Homeland Security News Wire and other British publications around the same time. According to the DHS release, it was disclosed that “dedicated electrical circuits” within an onboard flight system could control a plane without the need of pilots, stating that the advanced avionics would fly the aircraft remotely, independently of those operating the plane”

jonathan-gruber-apDemocrats Distance Themselves from Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber – by Scot Vorse, Breitbart.com – “Gruber, in a March 11, 2010 video clip, said, ‘I helped write the federal bill,’ and “I was a paid consultant to the Obama administration and helped develop the technical details of the bill.’… Gruber, on another video clip on June 13, 2102, said, ‘So I went down shortly after the election. I worked with the transition team to help put the numbers together for the administration. And then, essentially, most of 2009 I was really on loan from the administration to Congress, particularly the Senate Finance Committee, to help them put the numbers together on what became the finance committee bill, which really became Obamacare. Yeah, that’s what I did.’ ”

90% of the Uninsured Will Pay Zero Obamacare Penalty – by Wynton Hall, Breitbart.com – ” ‘If your pajamas don’t fit well, you don’t need health insurance,’ joked former CBO director Douglas Holtz-Eakin, now President of the American Action Forum, to the Wall Street Journal. ‘It basically waives the individual mandate.’.. Obamacare remains more unpopular than ever, according to the latest Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation poll. Just 37% of Americans say they support President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement, Obamacare.”

ISIS-Sneakers&TrucksImplausible Deniability – West’s ISIS Terror Hordes in Iraq – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “ISIS is a standing army that requires state sponsorship – billions in cash, gear, weapons, and logistical, intelligence, and political support. While the West claims it has been handing over hundreds of millions to ‘moderates’ in Syria, it has offered no plausible explanation as to who is providing ISIS and other Al Qaeda affiliates with even more resources enabling the extremists to displace these ‘moderates.’ There is no other explanation besides the fact that there were never any moderates to begin with and that the US, UK, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and even Israel, have from the beginning, intentionally created a mercenary army composed of Al Qaeda extremists of unprecedented dimensions and capabilities.”

Russia, China agree on national currency swaps – The swap agreement will boost the potential for using Russian rubles and Chinese yuans in trade settlements – from en.ITAR-TASS.com – “The agreement will also serve as an additional instrument for ensuring international financial stability and offer a possibility to obtain liquidity in critical situations, the Russian regulator’s press office said… The Russian monetary regulator announced on July 8 after a trip by Russia’s Central Bank chief Elvira Nabiullina to China that the parties had discussed an agreement on ruble-yuan swaps. The Russian Central Bank said at the time that the swap agreement could be signed in the near future.”

Riad_al-MalkiPalestinian FM to sue Israel at ICC over war crimes in Gaza – from PressTV.ir – ” ‘Everything that has happened in the last 28 days is clear evidence of war crimes committed by Israel, amounting to crimes against humanity,’ al- Malki told reporters after meeting prosecutors at the ICC on Tuesday… ‘There is no difficulty for us to show or build the case. Evidence is there … Israel is in clear violation of international law,’ he added.”

5 August: Even More Certain Now: Obama’s Ukrainian Stooges Did Intentionally Down that Malaysian Airliner – by Eric Zuess, RINF.com – “…’Anti-aircraft missiles are not designed to score a direct hit as they are targeted to destroy fast, agile fighter jets. Instead, they are designed to explode within about 20m of their target, sending out a cloud of red hot metal to increase the chances of inflicting as much damage as possible.’.. But rather than merely ‘a cloud of red hot metal,’ what actually brought down this plane was what Haisenko has said brought it down: magazines-full of carefully targeted rapid-fire machine-gun bullets pouring forth from below the plane, at both its left and right”

It’s Official: Being Poor in America Has Been Outlawed – by Joshua Krause, TheDailySheeple.com – “The police are now fining homeless folks for any arbitrary offense they can think of, and city councils across the country are making it illegal to sleep in public. They’ve gone so far as to make it illegal to camp, or even sit or lay down in certain public areas. Worst of all, many cities are making it illegal, or prohibitively expensive to give food to the homeless.”
Mounting Opposition to Conscription in Ukraine Armed Forces Spreads across the Country – Down With the Draft! A Protest in the Village of Voloka – from GlobalResearch.ca – “A third [draft] mobilization wave has started: in Ukraine officers, sergeants in reserve and private soldiers who have military experience are called up on a mass scale for a military service. Currently tens of call-up papers have reached every village and city. Besides men, women doctors are called up as well. Fifty call-up papers came to Voloka village (Glybotsky region), that made the citizens highly indignant. Mothers and wives tear-stained, husbands and sons angered gathered together in order to find a solution. They said they never wanted war, so they will not let their sons to fight.’
Gaza-Clearing-the-LandIsraeli politicians promote a Final Solution for Gaza – by Yvonne Ridley, Intifada-Palestine.com – “Of course, newspaper columnists like South African-born Martin Sherman, a former ministerial adviser to Yitzhak Shamir’s government, are paid to be provocative. ‘The only durable solution requires dismantling Gaza, humanitarian relocation of the non-belligerent Arab population, and extension of Israeli sovereignty over the region,’ he wrote recently in the Jerusalem Post. ‘That is the only approach that can solve the problem of Gaza. That is the only approach that will eliminate the threat to Israel continually issuing from Gaza.’.. It is a sinister polemic repeated in a growing number of Op-Eds submitted to the Israeli media. Here are just a few examples…”
The Worldwide Destruction of the Family Farm. Wall Street’s Unprecedented Land Grab – Sacrificing Food Security for Profit – By Colin Todhunter, GlobalResearch.ca – “Facilitated by an appropriate policy framework, small farmers could easily feed the global population. However, small farmers are currently squeezed onto less than a quarter of the world’s farmland. The world is fast losing farms and farmers through the concentration of land into the hands of the rich and powerful. The report concluded that if nothing is done to reverse this trend, the world will lose its capacity to feed itself… This makes domestic farmland a huge and largely untapped asset class. Some of the biggest actors in the financial sector have already sought to exploit this opportunity by making equity investments in farmland. Frequently, these buyers enter the market with so much capital that their funds are practically limitless compared with the resources of most farmers.”
Maidan-Demo-8-9Euromaidan Activists Protesting Kiev’s Operation in Eastern Ukraine – from en.RIA.ru – ” ‘Why are factories and plants being closed? Why is the war underway? Nothing has changed under the new government; there is still no work and corruption is flourishing,’ the representative said… In general, the protests on Independence Square are peaceful. However, on Thursday, Kiev attempted to dismantle barricades on the square, triggering clashes between the activists and police.”
West blocks Moscow’s UN plea to reinstate ceasefire at MH17 crash site – from RT.com – ” ‘The ceasefire in the plane crash zone, announced by the President of Ukraine at the request of international experts, which has been thoroughly observed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, will not be in place at the beginning of the second phase of the investigation,’ the Ukrainian government said… The government claims that the international mission has been halted because of ‘terrorists’ provocations’ who ‘posed threats to the lives’ of the recovery mission members… On Friday, Kiev promised to renew the ceasefire in the 20 kilometer zone around the MH17 crash site, immediately after they receive a request from the international investigation group.”
WHO declares Ebola outbreak an international public health emergency – Director general Margaret Chan says west African countries’ health systems need international help to manage infection – by Maev Kennedy, TheGuardian.com – “The global body said the Ebola outbreak – the largest and longest in history – was happening in countries without the resources to manage the infections, some with devastated healthcare systems still recovering from war, and called on the international community to help.(emph. added)“We’re from the (World) Government and we’re here to help.”
What Ebola outbreak would look like in U.S. – Doctor warns whole cities could be shut down – by Leo Hohmann, WND.com – “Frieden also told Congress that it’s ‘inevitable’ that someone with Ebola will get on a plane and fly to the United States, risking an outbreak here… If, or when, Ebola does show up in the United States, the only way to combat the virus is through strict quarantines, said Dr. Arthur Robinson, a biochemist with Oregon-based Doctors for Disaster Preparedness… ‘I don’t want to contribute to scaring everybody but at the same time, you’re dealing with total quarantine,’ Robinson said. ‘You might have to quarantine entire small cities. Hopefully that doesn’t happen but it could.’ ” – WAIT A MINUTE NOW!, You could quarantine entire cities in the U.S. so the people can’t spread Ebola, but you’re going to let people who potentially have the disease in Africa get on planes and fly here?!!!
Exclusive: Homeland Security ‘partnered with’ UN Migration Organization, Triggered Border Crisis – from DontComply.com – From U.N. International Organization for Migration (IOM) article: “The ability of transit countries to deal with the situation is strained, and once in the U.S., the government’s capacity to properly receive and assist child migrants is equally stretched… IOM, through its presence in all countries in the region, has considerable experience addressing these challenges. Through information campaigns, IOM warns parents of the dangers of sending their children north with smugglers. IOM also works with migrant children and families in shelters in transit countries and when returning home.” (emphasis by author)

For the week of 7/28/14:

Netanyahu-mugshotRonen Bergman Confirms IDF Soldier Deliberately Killed by His Own – by Richard Silverstein, RichardSilverstein.com – “It’s worth noting a few linguistic oddities involved in this Gaza war. Israelis mobilize Hebrew as a weapon that either obscures the troubling moral dimension; or deliberately distorts reality in order to allow them to feel empowered in their outrage against their enemies. In this particular case, Israeli soldiers are not ‘captured.’ They are ‘kidnapped.’.. The use of the latter term allows Israelis to claim that their soldiers are not occupiers or invaders, but rather defenders. No enemy has the right to kidnap Israel’s soldiers whose only sin is defending the homeland. If the soldiers were ‘captured,’ then it would infer that they are fighters engaged in a war with a legitimate enemy.”

Ukraine pushes back and takes at least three towns in three days off the pro-Russians as Dutch MH17 monitors say crash site now too dangerous to investigate – by Leon Watson and Kieran Corcoran, Dailymail.co.uk – • Ukrainian army and pro-Ukraine rebels have wages bloody offensive against pro-Russian rebels in past days • Lysychansk, in Luhansk, has fallen, while reports that Horlivka and Shakhtarsk in Donetsk also under attack • Unarmed police were due to be sent to recover victims’ remains, but decided rebel-held territory is still too dangerous • Reports that fighting has broken out near the city of Donetsk, with troops today encircling Horlivka • EU team was deployed to impose the rule of law in rebel districts, likely to further inflame relations with Moscow – “New York-based Human Rights Watch last week condemned what it said was the Ukrainian government forces’ practice of using unguided rockets in populated urban areas… It said that use of the rockets was a violation of international humanitarian law that ‘may amount to war crimes.’ ”

war_on_terror_uncle_samAre There Any Terrorist Groups Who AREN’T Paid Foot Soldiers for the U.S. Military-Intelligence Agenda? – by Melissa Melton, ActivistPost.com – “So it is on record that the U.S. government / military-industrial complex has financially backed the ISIS rebels in Syria to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, and key members were trained by our CIA at a secret military base in Jordan back in 2012. (See here and here for starters.) In fact, ISIS is reportedly a joint effort created by the intelligence agencies of the U.S., United Kingdom and Israel, as ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi reportedly received military training from those three agencies as per recent Edward Snowden revelations.” – w/Video: “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy”

‘Public interest’ will allow fracking on World Heritage sites – by Andy McSmith, Independent.co.uk – “In the hope of calming environmentalist fears, the Government has drawn up guidelines that will apply specifically to energy companies wanting to frack in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, World Heritage sites, National Parks, or on the Norfolk Broads. Each application for a licence to operate in one of those areas will be personally vetted by the Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles. The announcement, which accompanied publication of the guidelines, added: “It is clear that applications should be refused in these areas other than in exceptional circumstances and in the public interest.’ ” – Right.

From Boeing to banking: how Russian sanctions will hit western business
Sweeping post-MH17 bans will affect companies all over the west – and some of the biggest are the most vulnerable – by Jennifer Rankin, TheGuardian.com – “As it stands, the list includes Kremlin officials, separatists and state companies. But the game could change this week, when the EU is expected to unveil more sweeping “tier three” economic sanctions aimed at entire sections of the economy. This weekend, diplomats have been examining proposals to restrict Russian state-owned companies from accessing capital markets, impose an arms embargo, and issue an export ban on specialist energy technology and “dual use” equipment, such as computers and machinery, that can be put to both civilian and military uses.”

Survivors of massacre in Khuza’a say Israeli forces used Palestinians as human shields – by Yousef Alhelou, MondoWeiss.net – “What happened in Khuza’a was a massacre. Civilians were killed in their homes and while they were fleeing. Even ambulances were not immune. Paramedics report that Israeli forces stopped ambulances that were trying to reach casualties and tried to arrest a number of wounded. Ambulances came under fire despite the coordination by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Scenes of dead bodies scattered in the streets reminiscent of the Sabra and Shatila massacre that took place in two Palestinian refugee camps in 1982 have begun to leak out of the village.”

MH17-Landing_GearStalking Horse for US-led Military Intervention in East Ukraine? Australia and Netherlands Push for Stationing of Police and Soldiers at MH17 Crash Site – by Peter Symonds, GlobalResearch.ca – “The most sinister aspect of the international security force being prepared for Ukraine is that it provides a stalking horse for a US-led military intervention. The contingent will undoubtedly contain intelligence and other operatives who can be relied on to instigate a provocation to provide the pretext for a much larger armed force… In comments reported in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday, Peter Jennings, executive director of the government-funded Australian Strategic Policy Institute, hinted at just such a scenario when he argued that any AFP contingent had to have military back-up. Whatever the make-up, he said, Australia would ‘have to be prepared to take casualties.’ Of course, any casualties would immediately be exploited to mount a ferocious propaganda campaign demanding military action.”

Judge says government can access everything in a Gmail account — privacy warriors weep – by Brenda Barron, VentureBeat.com – “The subject of this specific search relates to a money laundering investigation. The judge compared this access to the way law enforcement has previously needed to seize documents to see if they even needed to be included in the warrant… However, the decision is quite contrary to what other judges across the country have ordered in the past. Judges who have ruled counter to this order included those in Kansas and the District of Columbia, as was pointed out in an opinion written by Magistrate Judge Gabriel W. Gorenstein of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.” (emph. added)

Dead_Starfish_GooWhy are massive numbers of sea creatures dying along the west coast right now? – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “According to a study conducted by researchers at Oregon State University, radiation levels in tuna caught off the coast of Oregon approximately tripled in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster… Could it be possible that at least some of these deaths are related to what has been happening at Fukushima?.. We do know that fish caught just off the shore from Fukushima have been tested to have radioactive cesium that is up to 124 times above the level that is considered to be safe… And we also know that a study conducted at the University of South Wales concluded that the main radioactive plume of water from Fukushima would reach our shores at some point during 2014.”

Flee Or Die – Israel Takes Away 44% of Gaza Land … Herds Gazans Into Remaining Area – by Washington’s Blog, InformationClearingHouse.info – “What that means on the ground is scenes of extraordinary devastation in places like the Al Shajaya district approaching Gaza’s eastern frontier, and Beit Hanoun in the north. These were crowded neighborhoods less than three weeks ago. Now they have been literally depopulated, the residents joining more than 160,000 internally displaced people in refuges and makeshift shelters. Apartment blocks are fields of rubble, and as I move through this hostile landscape the phrase that keeps ringing in my head is ‘scorched earth.’.. It’s not like Israel didn’t plan this. It told tens of thousands of Palestinians to flee so its air force, artillery and tanks could create this uninhabitable no-man’s land of half standing, burned-out buildings, broken concrete and twisted metal.”

Blaming Russia as ‘Flat Fact’ – The American rush to judgment blaming ethnic Russian rebels and Russian President Putin for the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 continues unabated despite other possible explanations – by Robert Parry, ConsortiumNews.com – “The danger of American “information warfare” that treats every development in the Ukraine crisis as an opportunity to blame Putin and ratchet up tensions with Russia has been apparent since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis – as has been the clear anti-Russian bias of the Times and virtually every other outlet of the mainstream U.S. news media.”

Jeremy_Scahill-tortureJeremy Scahill: White House Censoring What US Public Can Know About Torture Program – Journalist says Obama’s “done a lot of running of defense for the CIA.” – by Andrea Germanos, CommonDreams.org – “And what’s essentially happening is that the White House, at the highest levels, is basically going through and editing what the American people can and can’t read in this report about one of the definitive, moral questions and legal questions of our time, the extent to which we were involved in systematic torture, with lying to lawmakers, with misleading not only Congress but the American people on a wide range of issues that resulted in our country going to war and being involved in systematic acts of torture…”

Who Is Blocking MH17 probe? Why? – by Finian Cunningham, InformationClearingHouse.info – “In the two weeks since the MH17 crash, the Kiev regime forces have killed dozens of civilians from bombardment of towns and villages in the vicinity of the crash site. Up to 30 people were reportedly killed in the town of Gorlovka this week. Heavy violence is also taking place in the towns of Shahktarsk and Torez. Whatever happened to Kiev’s declared ceasefire last week to allow a crash probe to proceed?.. Already, most of the bodies of the nearly 300 victims have been recovered and sent back to the Netherlands for examination, as have the flight recorders, which are currently being analyzed by British aviation experts. That salvage effort, so far, was made possible by the pro-independence militia fighting against Kiev regime forces. Dutch and Malaysian investigators publicly thanked the militia for their efforts.”

Huge section of Gaza city of Beit Hanoun (in the Zionist-declared “buffer zone”) FLATTENED in less than an hour:


Audience Brain Waves Are Being Used to Better Predict YOU – by Heather Callaghan, ActivistPost.com – “Humans are the most heavily studied species on earth – perhaps the most predictable – and arguably, the most easily “trained.” In that sense, this study is showcasing a mass training project – or, a “progress check.” While there is mention of some positive applications for it – like diagnosing neurodevelopmental disorders – it seems that the idea is not for “engaging” the individual but to maintain the attention and predict the actions of the blob of many.”

SS-21_Scarab_MissileKiev Fires Ballistic Missiles into Eastern Ukraine – Pentagon intentionally withholds information on Kiev’s indiscriminate use of ballistic missiles in populated areas – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “What it appears the West is doing by admitting to what is otherwise a crime against humanity by their own definition, is acclimatizing what is left of their impressionable audiences to an increasingly brutal campaign of indiscriminate violence against the whole of eastern Ukraine in an effort to not only break armed resistance, but the civilian population that has rejected Kiev’s authority. The use of such weaponry, just as the Telegraph and others noted before the fall of Libya, hints at tactical weakness and impending strategic defeat – and while the West covers for Kiev’s numerous and multiplying atrocities, the fact that Kiev must resort to increasingly brutal and indiscriminate measures indicates a failure no amount of Western support can undo.”

Wall Street Shadow Banking: You Can’t Taper a Ponzi Scheme: “Time to Reboot” – by Ellen Brown, GlobalResearch.ca – “One reason rates are unlikely to be raised is that they would make the interest tab on the burgeoning federal debt something taxpayers could not support. Higher rates could also implode the monster derivatives scheme. Michael Snyder observes that the biggest banks have written over $400 trillion in interest rate derivatives contracts, betting that interest rates will not shoot up. If they do, it will be the equivalent of an insurance company writing trillions of dollars in life insurance contracts and having all the insureds die at once.”

Henry_Seigman“A Slaughter of Innocents” – Henry Siegman, Leading Voice of U.S. Jewry, on Gaza – Video and Transcript – Democracy Now! – from InformationClearingHouse.info – “Yes, it’s disastrous. It’s disastrous, both in political terms, which is to say the situation cannot conceivably, certainly in the short run, lead to any positive results, to an improvement in the lives of either Israelis or Palestinians, and of course it’s disastrous in humanitarian terms, the kind of slaughter that’s taking place there. When one thinks that this is what is necessary for Israel to survive, that the Zionist dream is based on the slaughter of—repeated slaughter of innocents on a scale that we’re watching these days on television, that is really a profound, profound crisis—and should be a profound crisis—in the thinking of all of us who were committed to the establishment of the state and to its success. It leads one virtually to a whole rethinking of this historical phenomenon.” (emph. added)

Land for gas: Merkel and Putin discussed secret deal could end Ukraine crisis – by Margareta Pagano, Independent.co.uk – “However, these attempts by Ms Merkel to act as a broker between President Putin and the Ukraine’s President, Petro Poroshenko, were put on the back-burner following the shooting down of the MH17 plane in eastern Ukraine… But insiders who are party to the discussions said yesterday that the ‘German peace plan is still on the table and the only deal around. Negotiations have stalled because of the MH17 disaster but they are expected to restart once the investigation has taken place.’ ”

Brinkley-LandRoverHomeland Security Agents Raid Home to Seize Land Rover For Violation of EPA Regulations – by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com – “The feds have given the Brinkley’s 35 days to appeal the seizure but refuse to tell them where the vehicle is located. The DHS has also failed to respond to media requests about the incident… As the Rutherford Institute’s John Whitehead explained in a widely circulated article last month, the DHS is becoming America’s domestic standing army… ‘The menace of a national police force, aka a standing army, vested with so much power cannot be overstated, nor can its danger be ignored,’ wrote Whitehead, before listing numerous examples of how the DHS is instrumental in pushing America’s decline into a militarized police state.”

Russia-Ukraine tensions pose credit default risks: IMF – from Agence France Presse via au.News.Yahoo.com – “Austrian banks are the most exposed relative to their bank asset size. And any problems affecting them could spread through credit channels in the rest of emerging Europe, the report said… In addition, French, Italian and Swedish banks have relatively larger exposures compared with banks in other advanced economies, said the report, which did not identify any bank by name… While the conflict between Kiev and pro-Russian separatists has remained confined to eastern Ukraine, escalation could have global repercussions, the report warned.”

Legarde&YellenWall Street Shadow Banking: You Can’t Taper a Ponzi Scheme: “Time to Reboot” – by Ellen Brown, GlobalResearch.ca – “Addressing the ticking time bomb of the shadow banking system, here is what two of the world’s most powerful women had to say: MS. LAGARDE: . . . You’ve beautifully demonstrated the efforts that have been undertaken . . . in terms of the universe that you have under your jurisdiction. But this universe . . . has generated the creation of parallel universes. And . . . with the toolbox with all the attributes that you have — what can you do about the shadow banking at large?… MS. YELLEN: So I think you’re pointing to something that is an enormous challenge. And we simply have to expect that when we draw regulatory boundaries and supervise intensely within them, that there is the prospect that activities will move outside those boundaries and we won’t be able to detect them. And if we can, we won’t be — we won’t have adequate regulatory tools. And that is going to be a huge challenge to which I don’t have a great answer.” – Nothing to see here, Move along…

The Art of War: NATO’s Global Offensive – by Manlio Dinucci, GlobalResearch.ca – “In Ukraine, while NATO intensifies its training of Kiev’s armed forces — financed by Washington with $33 million — they are reactivating three military airports in the southern region, used by jet fighter-bombers of the alliance. In Poland they have just carried out an exercise of American Polish and Estonian paratroopers, jumping from C-130J troop carrying aircraft that arrived from the German base at Ramstein. In Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania various NATO military operations are going on, with AWACS radar planes, F-16 fighters and warships in the Black Sea.” – Etc., ad nauseum…

BollwormBollworms develop resistance to Bt cotton, destroy GM crop fields in Pakistan – by Julie Wilson, NaturalNews.com – ” ‘All Bt varieties of cotton have failed to kill bollworms and live up to their agricultural success stories. We have found four separate patches in our fields where Army bollworm and mealy bug have attacked the crop,’ said Chaudhry Gohar Ali, a cotton grower in central Pakistan.”

Seizing Control of Our Destinies – by Julian Rose, ActivistPost.com – “We have arrived here because of the accumulated evidence which overwhelmingly proves that the status quo is a fraud – designed to strip us of our powers of judgement and the determination to act on that judgement… We who have become ‘aware’ – are the leaders of the age. We must live up to this reality. We know that the status quo is beyond redemption. So we must take this knowledge to be the signal to build that which will redeem our collective Human status; which will carry us through the apocalypse. We know what the ingredients are that will make our arks self sustaining. We know what we need in order to come alive again. Now we must put them all together – for that is where they belong.”

This Is What Is Going To Happen If Ebola Comes To America – by Michael Snyder, InvestmentWatchBlog.com – “If the worst Ebola outbreak in recorded history reaches the United States, federal law permits “the apprehension and examination of any individual reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease”. These individuals can be “detained for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary”. In other words, the federal government already has the authority to round people up against their will, take them to detention facilities and hold them there for as long as they feel it is “reasonably necessary”. In addition, as you will read about below, the federal government has the authority “to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill”. If you want to look at these laws in the broadest sense, they pretty much give the federal government the power to do almost anything that they want with us in the event of a major pandemic. (emph. added)Does the “federal government actually have the authority, or do “they” merely CLAIM it?

Revelations of German Pilot: Shocking Analysis of the “Shooting Down” of Malaysian MH17. “Aircraft Was Not Hit by a Missile” – by Peter Haisenko, GlobalResearch.ca – “I recommend to click on the little picture to the left (shown below). You can download this photo as a PDF in good resolution. This is necessary, because that will allow you understand what I am describing here. The facts speak clear and loud and are beyond the realm of speculation: The cockpit shows traces of shelling! You can see the entry and exit holes. The edge of a portion of the holes is bent inwards. These are the smaller holes, round and clean, showing the entry points most likely that of a 30 millimeter caliber projectile. The edge of the other, the larger and slightly frayed exit holes showing shreds of metal pointing produced by the same caliber projectiles. Moreover, it is evident that at these exit holes of the outer layer of the double aluminum reinforced structure are shredded or bent – outwardly! Furthermore, minor cuts can be seen, all bent outward, which indicate that shrapnel had forcefully exited through the outer skin from the inside of the cockpit. The open rivets are are also bent outward.” – See this article for analysis of the munitions used in the attack and how they affected the flight. This doesn’t explain the u-turn taken by MH17 prior to its disintegration – perhaps a missile strike did not bring the plane down, resulting in the evident fighter attack.


Russia bans Polish fruit and vegetable in apparent retaliation for sanctions – by Polina Devitt, Reuters.com – “Polish fruit growers said the ban was political, although Russia denied this. Moscow has frequently been accused in the past of using sanitary inspections to restrict trade from countries with which it has political disputes. The EU said it was studying the announcement, describing it as a surprise.”

Is your HPV-unvaccinated teen ‘unacceptable’? The CDC thinks so – by Michael Bedar, NaturalNews.com – “Do phrases such as ‘unacceptable’ and ‘blame for this’ sound like terms of independent thinking, healthy debate and the freedom to come to one’s own conclusions?.. One research topic would ask, is the prevalence of human papillomavirus and cervical cancer already being well reduced by the Pap test and lowered smoking rates?.. Cervical cancer has already dropped by at least 70% between 1955 and 1992, due to the combination of the Pap test and reductions in smoking, according to the American Cancer Society.”

Ihor_KolimoiskyMH-17 and NATO Excercise “Breeze 2014? – Beware of the Chameleon – by Wayne Madsen, Libya360.wordpress.com – “Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is a newly-named director of the Ukrainian natural gas and oil company Burisma Holdings, Ltd., owned by Ihor Kolomoisky, the Ukrainian-Israeli mafia oligarch, whose is known as the Chameleon. Kolomoisky has raised his own mercenary army, complete with the BUK missiles allegedly used in the shoot down of MH-17. Kolomoisky, the Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine, has threatened terrorist attacks against Russian-speaking officials in eastern Ukraine, including assassinations… Kolomoisky’s forces are armed with advanced weaponry, obtained both from Ukrainian weapons inventories and from purchases on the black market. Kolomoisky’s forces reportedly possess the BUK surface-to-air missile system said to have been used to shoot down MH-17. Kolomoisky’s forces, comprising Ukrainian regular military personnel; neo-Nazi units from west Ukraine, and foreign mercenaries, including Georgians, Romanians, and white supremacists from Sweden and Germany; and ex-Israel Defense Force Blue Helmet commandos…”

EU on high alert as Germany agrees to accept Ebola patients – from RT.com – “A German hospital in Hamburg agreed to accept patients following a request from the World Health Organization (WHO), Deutsche Welle reports. Doctors assure that the utmost precautions will be taken to make sure the disease does not spread during treatment. The patients will be kept in an isolation ward behind several airlocks, and doctors and nurses will wear body suits with their own oxygen supplies that will be burned every three hours… German authorities were expecting the arrival of Sheik Umar Khan, an Ebola expert who caught the disease while treating patients in Sierra Leone, but he died before he could be transported.” – WTF is WHO thinking in requesting these transfers for treatment? Have they lost their tiny minds? Or can there be a larger plan at work?

Chicken pox outbreak puts illegal immigrant facility on lockdown – by Stephen Dinan, WashingtonTimes.com – “While most of the attention has been on the children traveling without their parents, the border has been flooded by an almost equal number of families from Central America — usually women bringing their children with them. While unaccompanied children were being turned over to social workers, the families were eligible for quick deportations — except the government had fewer than 100 beds to hold the thousands of people being apprehended.”

Obama refuses to condemn IsraelObama refuses to condemn Israel’s atrocities in Gaza – from PressTV.ir – ” ‘I think it’s important to note that we have, and I have, unequivocally condemned Hamas and the Palestinian factions responsible for killing two Israeli soldiers and abducting a third almost minutes after a ceasefire has been announced,’ Obama said in the briefing room of the White House in Washington on Friday.”

US to sell largest ever Hellfire missile cache to Iraq – from RT.com – “…an agreement that would give Iraq a new arsenal of AGM-114K/N/R Hellfire missiles and associated equipment, parts, training and logistical support “to help improve the Iraq Security Forces’ capability to support current on-going ground operations.”.. In the months since the Islamic State has ramped up its campaign to take over Iraq, US President Barack Obama has adamantly insisted that no American troops will engage in combat roles. So far, however, the commander-in-chief has sent at least 275 armed troops to Baghdad as a security precaution and ordered the deployment of hundreds of additional military advisers ‘to assess how we can best train, advise and support Iraqi security forces going forward.’ Last week, Human Rights Watch asked the US to put any plans to send weapons to Baghdad on hold until the Iraqi government ‘complies with international law,’ citing concerns about the illegal use of barrel bombs since a counter-campaign intensified early last month.”

Infected Ebola patient being flown to Atlanta: Are health authorities risking a U.S. outbreak? – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “This event will make the first time in history that a level-4 biohazard infectious agent is being transported by air into a large U.S. city while still multiplying inside a living patient. This startling revelation brings up all sorts of questions that range from the gullibly hopeful to the impossibly sinister… At an even spookier level, we also know that Ebola is one of the most easily weaponized viruses on the planet. We also know the U.S. Department of Defense has already developed weaponized strains of Ebola and keeps them supercooled in a level-4 biohazard facility somewhere. This is justified on the grounds of ‘national defense,’ of course, just in case the survival of the nation one day depends on deploying a global killer virus on enemy territory, I suppose.” (emph. added)

Mariano_RajoySpain PM vows to block Catalonia independence vote – from PressTV.ir – ” ‘The head of the government is obliged to enforce the law and this (referendum) is illegal,’ said Rajoy… The comments by Rajoy come just two days after his talks with Artur Mas, the president of the regional government of Catalonia.”.. Mas said following the meeting on July 30 that the region would press ahead with the referendum, as polls show a large majority of Catalans back his planned vote, scheduled for November 9.”

Brazil Farmers Say GMO Corn No Longer Resistant to Bugs – Farm lobby group calls on Monsanto and other biotech companies to reimburse for additional pesticide treatments – by Deirdre Fulton, CommonDreams.org – “The association, which goes by the name Aprosoja-MT, is calling on Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta, and Dow companies to offer solutions as well as compensate the farmers for their losses. In a release posted to the Aprosoja-MT website, spokesman Ricardo Tomcyzk said farmers spent the equivalent of $54 per hectare to spray extra pesticides, and that the biotech companies promised something they didn’t deliver, ‘i.e. deceptive advertising.’ (via Google Translate)”

Iran’s Majlis Speaker has slammed the US double standards toward the fight against terrorism – from PressTV.ir – ” ‘In responding to the world public opinion, US officials attach priority to the battle against international terrorism, but they openly and practically support the ISIL [terrorist] group… the ISIL leave US footprints in Iraq,’ said Ali Larijani on Thursday.”

MH17-Machine_Gun_Like“Support MH17 Truth”: OSCE Monitors Identify “Shrapnel and Machine Gun-Like Holes” indicating Shelling. No Evidence of a Missile Attack. Shot Down by a Military Aircraft? – by Prof Michel Chossudovsky. GlobalResearch.ca – “Monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe reported that shrapnel-like holes were found in two separate pieces of the fuselage of the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines aircraft that was believed to have been downed by a missile in eastern Ukraine…. Michael Bociurkiw of the OSCE group of monitors at his daily briefing described part of the plane’s fuselage dotted with ‘shrapnel-like, almost machine gun-like holes.’ He said the damage was inspected by Malaysian aviation-security officials .(Wall Street Journal, July 31, 2014)”

Workers building a stadium for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar receive as little as USD 0.76 an hour, a report says – from PressTV.ir – “Stadium workers said their manager has held their passports, in a move which violates the organizers’ own welfare charter, the daily added… Earlier this week the paper published a report which said some laborers had not been paid for more than a year and were living in filthy conditions.”

Obama-Town-Hall7 Facts That Prove Obamacare Subsidies Fiasco Is Not a ‘Typo’ – by Scot Vorse, Breitbart.com – “In the less than two weeks since the federal appeals court decision, the Obama administration’s claim that Obamacare always intended to include subsidies for the Federal exchange has been dismantled. Now, Obamacare appears headed back to the Supreme Court, where even more damaging material is sure to emerge.”

The treatment for ebola, along with accompanying MOA has been sent to this web site – from JimStoneFreelance.com – “The very first symptoms of ebola are exactly the same as scurvy, which is caused by inadequate vitamin C. Though scurvy is seldom fatal as a primary condition, scurvy also represents only a partial deficiency of vitamin C, the body still has a LOT of vitamin C compared to zero, which ebola causes. Absent ANY vitamin C, blood vessels become very weak and start to lose blood, and platelets become ineffective and unable to trigger clots. So death by ebola is caused by massive internal bleeding and loss of blood, which can be stopped simply by taking enormous doses of vitamin C until the immune system succeeds in killing off the virus.”

Natural Treatments for Ebola Virus Exist, Research Suggests – by Sayer Ji, ActivistPost.com – “Published in the journal Archives of Virology and titled, “Inhibition of Lassa virus and Ebola virus infection in host cells treated with the kinase inhibitors genistein and tyrphostin,” researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch, investigated the potential therapeutic role of two so-called ‘kinase inhibitors’ in interfering with Ebola virus: 1) the plant compound genistein 2) the pharmaceutical drug tyrophostin.”

Justice_Brian_McGovernJudge: court orders must not be defied by ‘mob rule’ – by Dearbhail McDonald, Independent.ie – “Judge McGovern wondered if the purpose of the ‘unfortunate trend’ where groups gather in large numbers at the back of courtrooms was ‘to try and intimidate the judge’… ‘Court orders have to be obeyed, it’s as simple as that,’ said Judge McGovern… ‘If we get to the point where a mob can appear in court or a mob can appear on land to resist a lawful order of the courts, well then the rule of law ceases to apply any more and then we are in the realm of anarchy’(Oh No, Not ANARCHY!)… Judge McGovern said it is very important that the message goes out that court orders must be obeyed… ‘I sometimes feel that while these things may have an innocent enough beginning, they do get out of hand,’ he added.”

Antiwar protests spreading in Ukraine as gov’t wages all-out war in the southeast and NATO threatens Russia – by Roger Annis, Rabble.ca – “Kyiv’s ruthless shelling and bombing of towns and cities is running out of time due to the war’s huge financial cost. Describing Ukraine’s economy, the Washington Post wrote on July 26: ‘The IMF forecasts that Ukraine’s annual GDP will drop by 6.5% this year, while the government deficit is projected at 10.1% of GDP. This week, the government announced that it would need at least 800 million dollars to continue its counterinsurgency operation and asked the parliament to further increase taxes and cut public spending. The deputies’ refusal to appropriate needed funds yesterday triggered Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s resignation as he recognized that soldiers would receive no pay next month. The reconstruction of Donbas is even more uncertain as the government promised to turn to foreign donors for funds in the coming fall.’ ”

Ukrainians Protest Against Conscription Orders – “Go fight your own war” – by Kurt Nimmo, PrisonPlanet.com – ” ‘It’s a cowardly act on our part not to give the Ukrainians any defensive weapons,’ said Arizona Republican Senator John McCain. ‘They’ve been begging us for weapons with which to defend themselves, where perhaps they could have defeated these separatists.’.. McCain, however, did not address the fact there is growing opposition to the war by the very people who the regime and congressional Republicans expect to fight and die. No amount of expensive military hardware and training will benefit the Poroshenko government if large numbers of Ukrainians resist and soldiers continue to desert.”

Drakes_Bay-OystersLocals fight to protect Drakes Bay Oyster Company against feds trying to destroy local economy – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com – “This sparked a legal battle that has continued for nearly two years, as Drakes Bay and the many local businesses that rely on it — being the bread and butter of the town’s economy — have fought to preserve this precious industry. Signing onto a lawsuit filed against the U.S. Park Service were the Tomales Bay Oyster Co., which buys as many as 15,000 oysters weekly from Drakes Bay, and four local seafood restaurants… Initial pleas to keep Drakes Bay open were rejected by the courts, leading to an appeal. Kevin Lunny, owner of Drakes Bay, petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case after the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against a proposed injunction, but this appeal was also denied. Now, as of July 31, Drakes Bay’s retail business is closed, signaling the loss of a 100-year business that sustained not only the local community but the entire state.”

EU ‘quietly’ lifts ban on supplying Kiev with weapons and technology – from RT.com – ” ‘During a recent meeting of the Council of Europe in Brussels, leaders of EU member states agreed ‘on the quiet’ to remove restrictions on exports to Kiev of equipment that could be used for internal repression,’ the ministry said in a statement on its website. ‘Exports of military technologies and equipment were also allowed.’ ”

Controversial Jewish Defence League (JDL) to open new Canadian chapters in wake of violent protests over Gaza – by Jen Gerson, NationalPost.com – “The Jewish Defence League (JDL) said it plans to open branches in Calgary, Montreal and, potentially, Ottawa and Vancouver as tensions continue to rise in the shadow of the conflict in Gaza… Protests against Israel’s offensive have sometimes taken on a violent and anti-Semitic edge. In France, pro-Palestinian protesters have been arrested after Jewish-owned stores were targeted by rioters… The Calgary chapter will have several aims, including exposing anti-Semitic Islamic groups, protecting pro-Israeli protestors and — possibly — offering Jewish people self-defence classes.”

Autistic kid arrested after cop pretended to befriend him, then pressured him to buy pot – by Julie Wilson, NaturalNews.com – “Jesse’s parents were ecstatic when they learned of their son’s new friendship with a young man named Daniel, who befriended him the beginning of his senior year… Students say Daniel would ask to sit with them and repeatedly pester them to get him drugs. This happened almost daily, until finally some students gave in, one of them being Jesse… Jesse’s parents say their son finally gave in under pressure after receiving more than 60 texts over a three-week period to buy a joint from a homeless man. Wanting to preserve the friendship, Jesse accepted $20 from Daniel, and used it to buy pot from a homeless man near a marijuana dispensary… Jesse purchased the drug twice under the officer’s requests. After turning over the pot, the undercover deputy cut off all ties to the teen.”

Wiping Out the Christians of Syria and Iraq to Remap the Middle East: Prerequisite to a Clash of Civilizations? – by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, GlobalResearch.ca – “The Christian communities of the Levant and Iraq have long distrusted the US government for its support of Israel, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and fanatical militants with anti-Christian leanings. Lebanon’s Christians have also been weary of US support for Israeli expansion and ideas about resettling Palestinians into Lebanon. There is also a widely held belief that the US and Israel have been involved in a policy to remove or «purge» the Christians from Iraq and the Levant in some type of Zionist-linked resettlement plan. Since the US-supported anti-government fighters started targeting Christian Syrians, there has been renewed talk about a Christian exodus in the Middle East centering on Washington’s war on Syria.”

For the week of 7/21/14:

Russian-BUKWhistleblower: U.S. Satellite Images Show Ukrainian Troops Shooting Down MH17 – Source tells award winning reporter Washington lying about responsibility for tragedy – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com – “In a related development, audio experts who conducted a study into the authenticity of a recording released by Ukrainian authorities which implicated Russian-backed rebels as being responsible for the missile attack on MH17 concluded that the tape was fabricated… ‘The tape’s second fragment consists of three pieces but was presented as a single audio recording. However, a spectral and time analysis has showed that the dialog was cut into pieces and then assembled. Short pauses in the tape are very indicative: the audio file has preserved time marks which show that the dialog was assembled from various episodes, the expert said,’ reports ITAR-TASS.

What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine? – by Robert Parry, ConsortiumNews.com – “But here we are yet again with the MSM relying on unverified claims being made by the Kiev regime about something as sensitive as whether Russia provided sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles – capable of shooting down high-flying civilian aircraft – to poorly trained eastern Ukrainian rebels… This charge is so serious that it could propel the world into a second Cold War and conceivably – if there are more such miscalculations – into a nuclear confrontation. These moments call for the utmost in journalistic professionalism, especially skepticism toward propaganda from biased parties.”

High-Level NSA Whistleblower Says Blackmail Is a Huge – Unreported – Part of Mass Surveillance – from RINF.com – “(William) Binney explained to us the importance of this story: ‘Being able to blackmail people is one major aspect of bulk/mass collection that has not been talked about. E.g., they could use this data to blackmail members of governments around the world. But, surely just to get them to do what they wanted them to do. Just like J. Edgar Hoover did. This is on top of the ability to do world-wide industrial espionage.”

Steve_Simmons-Navy_VetNavy sailor exposed to Fukushima radiation reveals depth of government cover-up – by Jonathan Benson, NaturalNews.com – ” ‘[In] November 2011, I noticed something was wrong,” stated Simmons during a recent interview, as quoted by ENENews.com. ‘The black-out was the first thing… I started dealing with
gastrointestinal issues, at first I thought I was coming down with a
stomach bug… Fevers as high as 102.9°F… January 2012 was the first time I
was hospitalized… [They] sent me home with a sinus infection.’.. ‘Three days later I was readmitted to the hospital because my lymph nodes were swelling… that’s when my legs buckled and the muscle weakness started to onset… it’s been ascending from legs, trunk, arms, hands… I can’t really use the muscles much at all.’ “

What Corporate Media and Corporate Latino Politicians Won’t Tell You About Central American Child Refugees – by Bruce A. Dixon, BlackAgendaReport.com – “Just like the black faces in high places, the Latino political class doesn’t represent its people to or within the system, they are actually one of the faces the capitalist system presents to the Latino community. So it has fallen to the Latino political class to defend the president, who by now has deported more people than any president before him, and to defend the US empire by obfuscating the reasons those child refugees are here in the first place.”

Military@the_GoalHow America’s Sporting Events Have Turned into Mass Religious Events to Bless Wars and MilitarismThe religious reverie—repeated in sports arenas—is used to justify our bloated war budget and endless wars. – by Chris Hedges, Alternet.org – “And no wonder it is hard to distinguish the fantasy of a game from the fantasy of the military. Life in the Army or the Marines begins to look like spending a few years at Fenway. And that is why the military invests so much in sponsoring sporting events. Between innings Saturday, the screen above my head flashed segments called “U.S. Army Presents Top Prospects” that showcased promising ballplayers. Recruitment ads appeared at intervals. And the logo “Discover a Stronger Future. There’s Strong. There’s Army Strong” was ubiquitous. The Pentagon spends some $4.7 billion a year on recruiting, advertising, public affairs and psychological operations, according to a 2009 report published by The Associated Press. And much of that is targeted at the audiences of professional sports.”

Pictures of Neo-Nazi Crimes Supported By the US (warning – Extremely Graphic) – from Kawther.info – “The fatalities in Shuja’iyya included 17 children, 14 women and four elderly, whereas the wounded, estimated at a total of 210, included 62 children, 32 women and 15 elderly, according to the ministry… The IOF attacked the ambulances when they tried to reach victims. At least one medic was killed. Despite the efforts by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to coordinate ambulance access, dozens of people were still under the rubble or on streets while IOF stalled allowing ambulances to reach them until ICRC secured a humanitarian truce for two hours, ending at 3:30PM.”

HillarySOSFrom the Stop-Hilary-for-President Desk: Clintons Reinstigated the Cold War with Russia – by John V. Walsh, DissidentVoice.org – “From watching the Clintons in the White House for eight years and from Hillary’s hawkish record as Senator and Secretary of State, there can be little doubt that her views are heartfelt. She remains a lethal admixture of neocon and humanitarian imperialist views, an American Exceptionalist, giddy with American military power, arrogantly confident that “our values” are universal and determined that no other power, however peaceful, will achieve the military or economic might to stand up to the U.S.”

Irrefutable proof that Big Pharma is a criminal racket: Bribery, scientific fraud, felony crimes and more – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “Those of us who have long been describing the pharmaceutical industry as a “criminal racket” over the last few years have been wholly vindicated by recent news. Drug and vaccine manufacturer Merck was caught red-handed by two of its own scientists faking vaccine efficacy data by spiking blood samples with animal antibodies. GlaxoSmithKline has just been fined a whopping $3 billion for bribing doctors, lying to the FDA, hiding clinical trial data and fraudulent marketing.”

Rally-Calif-against-cop-violenceDozens of people in California have rallied to protest against police brutality in the United States in the wake of recent killings (w/video) – from PressTV.ir – “Police officers in California rarely face punishment in shooting deaths… On Thursday (in New York), Eric Garner, a father of six, died after police officers pinned him to the ground and held him in a chokehold… At least four police officers brought down the man, who was begging cops to let him breathe as he helplessly (lay) on the ground.”

Kiev Attacks Donetsk, Headquarters for MH17 Response – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “With a renewed assault by Kiev and its NATO backers on the very city selected to coordinate the response to the MH17 disaster, it appears an effort is underway to delay any meaningful investigation or resolution to the disaster, thus prolonging the politically-charged climate of anger, emotions, and baseless accusations the West has been brazenly exploiting, for as long as possible… It was the US itself that first demanded a ceasefire after the downing of MH17…”

Russian-MH17_videoMH17 Show and Tell: It’s the West’s Turn (w/video) – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “Indeed, the evidence suggested Kiev’s regime deployed anti-air missile systems in Donetsk in and around the area where flight MH17 crashed. They also provided information regarding Ukrainian warplanes trailing flight MH17, the possibility of an air-to-air attack on MH17, and inconsistencies with Ukrainian air traffic control… There were a series of questions asked throughout the presentation – nothing was “concluded” – which is in direct contrast to the West which has shown the world nothing in terms of evidence, but has drawn many inflammatory, politically-motivated conclusions.”

New World Disorder: Emerging Division Between East And West Threatens To Plunge The Globe Into Chaos – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “At this point, it seems clear that Russia plans to permanently decouple from the U.S. economy and the U.S. financial system. Just today we learned that Vladimir Putin plans to make Russia less dependent on U.S. companies such as IBM and Microsoft, and any future rounds of sanctions are likely to cause even more damage to U.S. firms that do business in Russia… But potentially much more troubling for the U.S. economy is the startling deterioration in the relationship between the Obama administration and China. Some analysts are even describing this as ‘a tipping point’…”

Federal appeals court panel deals major blow to health law – from WashingtonPost.com – “The government immediately announced it was seeking an “en banc” hearing in the D.C. case, requesting that it be heard before the entire appeals court. The question ultimately may end up at the Supreme Court. But if subsidies for half the states are barred, it represents a potentially crippling blow to the health-care law, which relies on the subsidies to make insurance affordable for millions of low- and middle-income Americans.

MH17-passportsMH17: Are Pristine and Expired Passports a Smoking Gun for a False Flag? (w/videos) – from 21stCenturyWire.com – “The first problem with this is that, clearly, a number of these Passports have been ‘hole-punched’, in the upper left-hand corner, and ‘clipped’ (triangular cut-out from right-hand center front cover) indicating that they are either expired, and are invalid for travel – making it impossible that any of these decommissioned passports could be used to travel internationally at the flight’s port of Departure in Amsterdam… The clip which ran across all US and western media outlets was only a partial clip, however, showing the passports to viewers in order to establish the human connection to the crash site… The full clip, which did not make it to US and world audiences show this pile of pristine passports being taken out of the rear trunk (or boot) of this man’s motor vehicle, suggesting that these items may have been planted at the scene, or used to fulfill a media image required to craft the early stages of this story.

California Halts Injection of Fracking Waste, Warning it May Be Contaminating Aquifers – State’s drought has forced farmers to rely on groundwater, even as California aquifers have been intentionally polluted due to exemptions for oil industry – by Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica.org – “The state’s Division of Oil and Gas and Geothermal Resources on July 7 issued cease and desist orders to seven energy companies warning that they may be injecting their waste into aquifers that could be a source of drinking water, and stating that their waste disposal ‘poses danger to life, health, property, and natural resources.’ The orders were first reported by the Bakersfield Californian, and the state has confirmed with ProPublica that its investigation is expanding to look at additional wells.”

Israeli_soldier-w-TankIsraeli minister warns the country ‘will take over the whole Gaza Strip’ if necessary, as latest airstrikes kill 28 members of Palestinian family – from Dailymail.co.uk – with many photos

High doses of antidepressants increase self-harm in children: Harvard – by Michael Beda, NaturalNews.com – 1 out of every 13 U.S. children is prescribed psychiatric pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmaceuticals artificially boost brain levels of serotonin, a boost that is bound to crash eventually… However, if the brain’s nutritional needs and imbalances are caught and understood before being worsened by medication, natural therapies nutrition can help restore the brain’s proper neurological secretions… Even CBS reported, “The [Harvard] findings are likely to inform an ongoing debate in psychiatry…”

Turkish PM Cuts Ties With US, Mulls De-Dollarization With Russia – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “In 2013, the volume of trade between the countries amounted to 32.7 billion dollars. Russia is the second (after the EU) among foreign trade partners of Turkey, and Turkey – the eighth largest trade partner of Russia… As one of the measures to stimulate the development of trade and economic relations between Russia and Turkey, the Turkish side proposes to proceed in mutual national currencies. The question now being discussed at the site of the bilateral Working Group on banking and financial cooperation.”

Jacksonville Implements Orwellian Police State, Going to 18,000 Homes Looking for Drugs and Guns – by John Vibes, TheFreeThoughtProject.com – “In addition to the aspects of the project which are being funded through asset forfeiture, the department is also asking for tax funding of over 3 million dollars for new officers. The stated goal of this program is to decrease violent crime, most of which is related to the drug trade. However, the violence of the drug war is a direct result of prohibition, and the best way to stop that violence is to end prohibition.”

Danny_Ayalon“Most” killed in Gaza “deserved it” even though they were children and civilians, says Israel’s Danny Ayalon – by Ali Abunimah, ElectronicIntifada.net – ” ‘If you compare the situation in Gaza to the situation in Syria today,’ (Deputy Foreign Minister) Ayalon said, ‘where the Assad regime just mercilessly butchers people and children there is a big difference and I would say that most of the people that were hit in Gaza deserved it as they were just armed terrorists.’

Breaking: New Massacre Right Now, ‘Almost Half Gaza City Covered With White Phosphorus Gas’ – Gaza’s death toll reached 631 on Tuesday: 161 children, 66 women and 35 elderly men. The number of injured in Gaza reached 4010 on Tuesday: 1213 chiledren, 698 women and 161 elderly men… Doctors Without Borders, or Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) doctors working in Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City reported “women and children comprised most of the wounded” arriving Sunday morning. Audrey Landmann, MSF medical coordinator in Gaza, said Israel’s ground offensive has meant “indiscriminate” bombing, and noted that ‘those who die are civilians.’ “

Israel using US-supplied CW against Gazans: Analyst – from PressTV.ir – “On July 18, Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesperson for the Health Ministry in Gaza, said Tel Aviv is using a ‘strange toxic gas’ against Palestinians in the coastal enclave, adding that dozens suffered from suffocation after inhaling a white poisonous gas fired by the Israeli military.”

Germany allows seriously ill patients to grow their own cannabis – Cologne court rules people suffering from chronic pain should be able to cultivate their own cannabis – by Reuters, Telegraph.co.uk

FBIGovernment agents ‘directly involved’ in most high-profile US terror plots – • Human Rights Watch documents ‘sting’ operations • Report raises questions about post-9/11 civil rights – by Spencer Ackerman, TheGuardian.com

City Cracks Down with Toughest Curfew In Country — Parents Face $500 Fines – from PatriotRising.com – “But will it work?.. ‘I don’t know if it’s going to do anything,’ said one teen… ‘It’s already been in place in Panama and all the kids do is break the rules and nothing really is done about it,’ said Alexandra Diaz-Albertini… The law, while meant to do more good than harm, is drawing criticism from parents who, with the new law could be fined $500 if their kids are out late… A stiff price to pay but other parents say it could help… ‘Maybe they would be more strict if they had to pay $500,’ said Ieasha Daughtery.”

Demon-of-MH17What Putin Knows – Putin Knows What Happened to MH17, But He’s Not Saying–Yet …. – by Mike Whitney, InformationClearingHouse.info – “So, one way or another, we’re going to know what happened. The US and Russia have the data they need to figure out where the missile was launched and who launched it. They probably even have recordings of communications between Air Traffic Tower and the airliner. They know it all, but they’ll probably be cautious about what they reveal and when they reveal it… My guess, is that Putin will drag his feet to see whether the investigation is thorough, transparent and even-handed or an elaborate hoax used to discredit him in the eyes of his trading partners.”

US Senate sets $225 million for Israel’s Iron Dome – from PressTV.ir – “Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee Senator Barbara Mikulski said the Democrats wanted the budget in an emergency funding bill on Tuesday, Reuters reported… ‘Israel is an essential American ally and needs these assets to defend itself,’ the Maryland Democratic senator said in a statement.”

bibi-sadIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fumes over the UN Human Rights Council’s plan to strike up an investigation into Tel Aviv’s human rights violations in the Gaza Strip – from PressTV.ir – ” ‘It’s a travesty of justice; it’s a travesty of fairness; it’s a travesty of common sense; it’s a travesty of truth,’ Netanyahu said.

Government Confiscation of Dormant Assets – by Ted Bauman, ActivistPost.com – “The problem is that states return less than a quarter of this supposedly ‘unclaimed’ property to its rightful owners. One of the most egregious is California. California law used to say assets were unclaimed if the owner had no contact with the business for 15 years. But during various state budget crises, the waiting period was reduced to seven years, then five, then three. Legislators even tried for one year… ‘California dumps the money into the general fund — and spends it. The Golden State became so addicted to spending people’s’old,’ as it were, that for years it simply stopped sending notices to the rightful owners.”

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and “Police Militarization”: The Coming Calamity, The Coming Resistance – by Devon Douglas-Bowers, GlobalResearch.ca – “We are beginning to resist against the secretive trade deals and police militarization, but we must go further. We have to also reject the governments, no matter how large are small their facilitation or complicity may be, as they are being used as tools in a corporate agenda meant to oppress us even further. The calamity may soon be coming, the question is, will you resist?”

Lord_Vader-moonDarth Vader Polling Higher Than Every Potential 2016 Candidate – by Christine Rousselle, GovtSlaves.info – “The chart compiled by Washington Post comparing favorability rankings between the fictional characters of the Star Wars universe and the real-life “characters” of Congress is pretty jaw-dropping, yet somewhat amusing… ‘

US Intelligence: Russia Didn’t Do It – by Paul Craig Roberts, InformationClearingHouse.info – “So where are the black boxes? If the Malaysians gave them to the British, Whitehall will tell whatever lie Washington demands. If Washington’s British puppet actually has the black boxes, we will never know the truth. Judging from the hostile and unsupported accusations against Russia from the bought-and-paid-for Netherlands prime minister, we can expect the Dutch also to lie for Washington. Apparently, Washington has succeeded in removing the “investigation” from the ICAO’s hands and placing the investigation in the hands of its puppets… We can safely conclude that the obfuscations are just beginning, and like 9 /11 and John F. Kennedy’s assassination, there will be no alternative to individuals forming their own opinion from researching the evidence. The United States government will never come clean, and the British government and presstitute media will never stop telling lies for Washington.”

Obama (wants) To Open Border To Honduran Refugees – by Frances Robles, GovtSlaves.info – “If approved, the plan would direct the government to screen thousands of children and youths in Honduras to see if they can enter the United States as refugees or on emergency humanitarian grounds. It would be the first American refugee effort in a nation reachable by land to the United States, the White House said, putting the violence in Honduras on the level of humanitarian emergencies in Haiti and Vietnam, where such programs have been conducted in the past amid war and major crises.”

Yats-Whining-ResignationObama’s Ukrainian Ploy Collapses; Ukraine Now Seeks Direct U.S. Bailout – by Eric Zuesse, OpEdNews.com – “Two of the four parties in Ukraine’s ruling coalition have bolted, refusing those IMF terms on loan-repayment; and, so, on July 24th, Ukraine’s Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who had been appointed by Obama’s agent Victoria Nuland, tendered his resignation, and he announced: ‘The fact is that today you failed to vote for the laws, and I have nothing (with which) to pay wages of policemen, doctors, teachers; nothing to buy a rifle with, nothing to fuel an armored personnel carrier with. Today you failed to take a decision to fill the gas storages to allow us to live through the winter, to at last free ourselves from dependence on Russian gas.’ ” – Ukraine “government” calls on massive aid from the U.S. and Nato.

Ukraine – MH17 like Shoot Down Predicted a Month Ago plus Russian Defense Chief in English – by Michael Collins – “Elena is not part of the propaganda war. She’s not making arguments for this or that interpretation of the MH17 tragedy. She is simply describing a reckless air combat tactic used by Ukraine’s military a month before the airliner was shot from the sky… This video raises a very interesting question. Were commercial flights routed over Ukraine to provide Ukraine’s air force with cover in order to attack military and civilian targets?”

Israel Transforms Tunnels into Gas Chambers – by Roi Tov, RoiTov.com – “Prime Minister Netanyahu, every year on Holocaust Day, your nation cries crocodile tears for the gas chambers used during WWII. Shoah, you call it, a Biblical calamity.+ Your use of improvised gas chambers not only revokes your right to do so, but also defines you and your army as war criminals. Your place is in a trial chamber in Nuremberg.” – At the bottom of the article, Tov, who says he’s trapped in Bolivia, says his situation is rapidly deteriorating.

israel-war_room_student_facebookIsrael Student Union Set Up “War Room” to Sell Gaza Massacre on Facebook – by Ali Abunimah, GlobalResearch.ca – “While Ynet does not reveal specific government ties to this initiative, the National Union of Israeli Students, of which the IDC Herzliya student union is an affiliate, has a history of working on government-funded propaganda schemes, where students are recruited as the country’s ‘pretty face.’ • ‘Organized lying’: Last year a ‘covert’ Israeli government initiative came to light which planned to pay students for spreading propaganda online… ‘The whole point of such efforts is to look like they are unofficial, just every day people chatting online,’ Israel expert Dena Shunra told The Electronic Intifada… ‘But in fact, these are campaigns of organized lying, orchestrated with government-approved talking points and crowdsourced volunteers and stipend recipients,’ Shunra added.”

Russia threatens to hit British companies in ‘retaliation’ for sanctions – Putin could seize assets of British oil companies, Russian diplomat warns, as war of words over sanctions intensifies – by Matthew Holehouse, Telegraph.co.uk – “Alexander Yakovenko, the Russian ambassador, distanced himself from the threat and insisted BP and other British firms would remain be ‘comfortable’ in his country… But in a combative press conference, he warned of a new economic collapse if Western sanctions went ahead, saying they ‘may well trigger the long-anticipated end-game of the present global crisis.’.. He suggested the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was a conspiracy aimed at ‘framing up Russia that went terribly wrong’.”

Vandana_ShivaFine Print of the Food Wars: Monsanto and Biotech Industry Pushing for World Food Monopoly Through Seed Supply – by Dr. Vandana Shiva, GlobalResearch.ca – “Currently they are attempting to dismantle national laws on biosafety in India, Pakistan, the European Union, across Africa and Latin America. In the United States, they are distorting the Constitution by suing state governments that have passed labelling laws for GMO (genetically modified) foods by claiming that the citizens’ right to know what they eat is superseded by the biotech industry’s right to impose hazardous foods on uninformed consumers as the freedom of speech of a corporation, as if it were a natural person.”

Marching To Hell – by freefall, ZenGardner.com – “The march to hell leading to world domination is a tricky business. The karmic backlash to murderous actions will result in repercussions of equal magnitude… The end of Palestine will be the anchor that inevitably takes Israel down with it. But unfortunately, this could also bring Pike’s apocalyptic vision closer to fruition… Only when we fully understand that all religions separate us from the true spirituality that connects us to everyone and everything will we not fall into their final trap; a one world religion that will be even worse than the ones we have now… If that is possible.”

Woman with ‘toxic dental fillings’ discovers mercury poisoning is to blame’ for crippling symptoms mistaken for MS – by Lizzie Parry, Dailymail.co.uk – “Eighteen months after Maria Indermuhle had dental treatment, doctors told the 32-year-old she had the lifelong crippling illness multiple sclerosis… They warned the then 29-year-old the condition would leave her unable to walk and prepared her for a life on medication – crushing her dreams of becoming a mother… But Mrs Indermuhle, who is from Inverness but lives in Switzerland, is now back to full health, having had the fillings she claims were responsible, removed.”

Comprehensive Report: MH17 Verdict: Real Evidence Points to US-Kiev Cover-up of Failed False Flag – from 21stCenturyWire.com – “This account is also consistent with the location of key pieces of wreckage scattered over the wider crash site radius. It shows M17 turning back on itself, after being struck initially. If this was the final path, then it completely disapproves the US (US State Department) conspiracy theory that a rebel-controlled BUK missile hit the plane head-on from Snezhnoye (Snizhne). This U-turn then also helps explain why Kiev’s first ‘leaked conversation of the rebels’ (see ‘Kiev’s Botch Social Media Audio’ below) tried to place the rebel’s BUK battery at a completely different location in Debaltzevo, a few kilometers northwest of the main crash site at Grabovo. However, that would not explain the U-turn, which they tried so much to conceal – for it points to the Ukrainian jet fighter.”

GMO Food Crops in India: BJP Government Grants the “Green Light” to Monsanto and the Biotech Conglomerates – by Colin Todhunter, GlobalResearch.ca – “The GEAC has reportedly approved 60 out of 70 applications for the field trials of GM crops, despite the Supreme Court appointed Technical Expert Committee (TEC) already having submitted its report based on sound science and factual data that strongly recommends the stopping of all such field trials.”

Blockading the Truth: Obama’s Big Lie About Gaza – by Chris Floyd, InfomationCleraringHouse.info – “The July 8 ITIC report also divulged why Hamas launched its first rocket fire at Israel in more than 19 months on July 7: On that night Israeli forces had bombed and killed 6 Hamas members in Gaza. The ITIC report includes a picture of the six Hamas members. Thus, a report from an authoritative Israeli source described the provocation for the resumption of rocket fire: Hamas rocket fire began only after Israeli forces had engaged in nearly a month of military operations in violation of the ceasefire agreement and had killed 6 Hamas members in Gaza. …”

pelosi-mosesFrom the I-Dare-You-To-Follow-My-Logic Desk: Pelosi: turning away illegal immigrant children like Pharaoh rejecting Moses – House Minority Leader demonstrates her theological acumen – from Infowars.com – ” ‘These are children coming over the border. They are children… what would we do if Moses had not been accepted by the Pharaohs family. We would not have the Ten Commandments for starters. You understand my point, historically we have a challenge and we have examples of humanitarian assistance that should guide us,’ Pelosi said.”

Iraq’s Mosul counts the cost of insurgent rule – from TheRakyatPost.com – “Harsh rules are gradually being imposed, which in recent weeks have resulted in the expulsion of Mosul’s Christian community and other minorities that for generations had called the cosmopolitan city home… Residents who have not already fled now wait in fear of yet more restrictions on their lifestyle… ‘As time goes on we’re surprised by new laws. For example jeans are banned, any fashion is banned. T-shirts with numbers and letters on them are banned. Women must cover their heads, and dark colours are preferred for clothes,’ said a civil servant who declined to be identified.”

Barack Obama Signs Budget Control ActU.S. Government To Pull Foreign Aid In El Salvador For Refusing Monsanto Seeds – by Arjun Walia, TheRakyatPost.com – “Hundreds of other farmers have successfully produced high-quality seed that is adapted to the specific soil and climate conditions of their country. Using indigenous seeds simply makes more sense… If you didn’t know, Monsanto controls the majority of seeds all over the world. In India alone, thousands of farmers lost their livelihoods, and many farmers all over the world have filed lawsuits against Monsanto… ‘In defining seed as their creation and invention, corporations like Monsanto shape the Global Intellectual Property and Patent Laws so that they can prevent farmers from seed saving and sharing, forcing them into dependence on their patented GMO seeds.’ – Dr. Vandana Shiva (source)… The president of the El Salvadorian Center for Appropriate Technologies (CESTA) criticized the US negotiating position and says the country should back away from its demand.”

Washington Is Escalating the Orchestrated Ukrainian “Crisis” to War – by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, GlobalResearch.ca – “Russia and China are disadvantaged in their conflict with Washington. Russia and China have emerged from tyranny. People in both countries were influenced by American cold war propaganda. Both countries have educated people who think that America has freedom, democracy, justice, civil liberty, economic wellbeing and is a welcoming friend of other countries that want the same thing… This is a dangerous delusion. Washington has an agenda. Washington has put in place a police state to suppress its own population, and Washington believes that history has conveyed the right to Washington to exercise hegemony over the world.”

neanderthal&girl“Out of Africa” Theory Officially Debunked – from AtlanteanGardens.blogspot.com – “Scientific evidence refuting the theory of modern humanity’s African genesis is common knowledge among those familiar with the most recent scientific papers on the human Genome, Mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosomes. Regrettably, within mainstream press and academia circles, there seems to be a conspicuous – and dare we say it – deliberate vacuum when it comes to reporting news of these recent studies and their obvious implications.”

Ebola Confirmed In Nigerian Capital City Of Lagos; 21 Million City Residents Now At Risk Of Exposure – by Dana Dovey, MedicalDaily.com – “Nigeria’s patient zero is likely to have contracted the virus from his sister, who died of its symptoms only three weeks prior, Reuters reported. The sick man is said to have given himself over to healthcare workers. ‘He made it known that he wasn’t feeling well,’ WHO spokesman Paul Garwood told Reuters. It was then that he was taken into isolation where he died only days later.”

Russia taking McDonald’s to court, threatens countrywide shutdown – by Lance Johnson, NaturalNews.com – “Russia, which has already denounced genetically modified food earlier this year, is now taking McDonald’s to court. A Moscow court recently announced that the fast food chain has violated Russia’s nutrition and safety codes for many of its burger and ice cream products.”

Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas and Natural Gas: Obama Supports Massive Expansion of Hydraulic Fracturing – by Jack A. Smith, GlobalResearch.ca – “Here’s the catch: A new scientific study — ‘A Bridge to Nowhere: Methane Emissions and the Greenhouse Gas Footprint of Natural Gas’ —argues that both shale gas and conventional natural gas have a larger greenhouse gas footprint than do coal or oil, especially for the primary uses of residential and commercial heating.”

Police: Philadelphia Mosque Leaders Try to Cut off Man’s Hand – by Daniel Kelley, AmRen.com – “Two men described as leaders of a Philadelphia mosque were accused of trying to cut off the hand of a suspected thief, whose wrist was sliced so deeply it required hospital treatment, police said on Friday… The 46-year-old victim said two officials in the mosque accused him of stealing jars of money from the house of worship after morning prayers on Monday.”

The Propaganda and Politics of MH17 – by Eric Draitser, ActivistPost.com – “Additionally, one must examine the claims made and repeated ad nauseam by Kiev that it had no military aircraft in the skies when MH17 was shot down. From July 17 (the day of the incident) until July 21 (the day Russia’s Ministry of Defense presented its intelligence), the Kiev regime continually denied allegations that its military aircraft were in the vicinity of MH17. However, once Russia’s MoD provided the international press with evidence refuting that claim and showing that not only were Ukrainian jets in the vicinity, but they were within firing range, magically that talking point ceased to be repeated. In other words, every aspect of the Kiev regime’s narrative has been thoroughly discredited. “

For the week of 7/14/14:

William_Binney2-captThe ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control – At least 80% of all audio calls, not just metadata, are recorded and stored in the US, says whistleblower William Binney – that’s a ‘totalitarian mentality’ – by Antony Loewenstein, Guardian.co.uk – “One of Europe’s leading web creators, Lena Thiele, presented her stunning series Netwars in London on the threat of cyber warfare. She showed how easy it is for governments and corporations to capture our personal information without us even realising… Thiele said that the US budget for cyber security was US$67 billion in 2013 and will double by 2016. Much of this money is wasted and doesn’t protect online infrastructure. This fact doesn’t worry the multinationals making a killing from the gross exaggeration of fear that permeates the public domain.”

Coldest Antarctic June Ever Recorded – from WattsUpWithThat.com – “June this year also broke the June daily minimum temperature record, with a new record low of -34.9c (-30.8F)… Other unusual features of the June temperature record are an unusual excess of sunlight hours (11.8 hours rather than the normal 7.4 hours), and unusually light wind conditions.”

Tom_Vilsack-FTThe Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Corporate Hijack of Europe – by Colin Todhunter, GlobalResearch.ca – “Science is a common language… we will be working towards making sure that whatever agreements are reached, they are consistent with sound science.”-Tom Vilsack, Monsanto stooge – “Coming from the GMO biotech industry, or its political mouthpieces, the term “sound science” rings extremely hollow. The industry conceals the data produced by its research under the guise of ‘commercial confidentiality’ [5], while independent research highlights the very serious dangers of its products [6,7]. It has also engaged in fakery [8], bribery [9] and intimidation [10] as well as the the distortion [11] and censorship of science [12]. If “sound science” is to be held in such high regard, why resort to these methods?”

The Return of George Orwell – Big Brother’s War on Palestine, Ukraine and the Truth – by John Pilger, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Since the invasion of Iraq – the exemplar of an act of unprovoked aggression the Nuremberg prosecutor Robert Jackson called “the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole” – Blair and his mouthpiece and principal accomplice, Alastair Campbell, have been afforded generous space in the Guardian to rehabilitate their reputations. Described as a Labour Party “star”, Campbell has sought the sympathy of readers for his depression and displayed his interests, though not his current assignment as advisor, with Blair, to the Egyptian military tyranny.”

Brazil-Resisting_evictionAmid Federal Land Grab in Brazil, Whole Towns Evicted at Gunpoint – by Alex Newman, TheNewAmerican.com – “Reporters on the scene and even federal lawmakers suspect bloodshed may be near. The government, however, has vowed to expel the communities at any cost, threatening those who refuse to comply with criminal charges and even confiscation of what little remains of their personal property. Rubber bullets, tear gas, and threats of real bullets and prosecution have all been employed to forcibly remove the locals, whom the government continues to dehumanize as ‘invaders’ and ‘intruders.’.. Critics and local residents have accused the government of Brazil of mass corruption, saying the end goal is to smash private property ownership and all potential resistance — starting with the rural population. They argue, among other points, that federal authorities are doing the bidding of foreign interests and are in cahoots with the UN, massive international corporations, Western-based non-governmental organizations like Greenpeace, and other interests.”

Parents can get refunds for some anti-depressant drugs given to kids – by Blythe Bernhard, STLToday.com – “Forest Pharmaceuticals pleaded guilty in 2010 to federal charges that its Missouri-based sales force illegally marketed Celexa and Lexapro for use in children and teenagers when the drugs were only approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat depression in adults. The company bribed doctors with cash, meals and travel to prescribe the drugs to children, according to the federal charges.”

usd-to-sdr Impact of IMF SDRs for Commercial Trade – by James Hall, ActivistPost.com – “Allowing the IMF to manage the economic outcomes of all trading nations’ commerce is like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop. The success or shortcomings of individual nation’s trade transactions need to rest upon the economic fundamentals of the deal, not compliance with IMF rules and regulations. The impact of using SDRs translates into the loss of sovereignty.’

Iraq Inherits Israeli Practices via US Occupation – by Haifa Zangana, BrussellsTribunal.org – “The practices of the Zionist Regime are shown in many forms; it begins by describing Arabs of all religions as terrorists, and ends by their arrest and torture, to add to the apartheid practices of racial physical segregation. Palestinian cities are infested with checkpoints and surrounded by them. Cities are no more. The aim of this policy is to force people to abandon their land and emigrate. All of this happens under the banner of “Israel is a democratic, peace-loving country”, if not “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East”… This, in many ways, is similar to what has been taking place in the “New Iraq”. Recall that Israeli brutal practices had been part and parcel of the practices towards Iraqis in the first nine years of the US/UK occupation of Iraq from 2003 to 2011. Israeli ways were adopted, and surpassed, in training of the Iraqi army and the Iraqi Special Forces, in interrogation and torture of detainees and above all in collective punishment and segregation. This same policy continued and is still applicable now by the Iraqi regime…”

How the War on Drugs and the War on Terror Merged Into One Disastrous War on All Americans – The consequences are measured in lives, limbs and cash. – by Alex Kane, Alternet.org – “In November 2009, Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI), questioned Department of Justice official David Kris about the Patriot Act being used to execute the war on drugs. The assistant attorney general’s response was telling: ‘This authority here on the sneak-and-peek side, on the criminal side, is not meant for intelligence. It’s for criminal cases. So I guess it’s not surprising to me that it applies in drug cases.’ Feingold responded by pointing out that the Patriot Act was sold as needed to fight terrorism, not ‘regular, run-of-the-mill criminal cases.’.. One facet of the ever-growing trend toward militarized police forces is the use of informants to figure out which houses to raid. The informants used in the vast majority of drug cases are typically people involved in the drug trade who have escaped a jail sentence—or had a sentence reduced—at the price of helping the police.”

murrieta-protestEXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower: Buses Were Diverted Because Border Patrol, Police Threatened To Stand Down If DHS Used Force Against Murrieta Protestors – from GMN via 21stCenturyWire.com – ” ‘Our contact inside the U.S. Border Patrol told us that we do not even realize how impactful the protest was… it was a shot heard around the world… all the way back to Guatemala, Mexico, and not just the U.S. Government… the influx of immigrants coming over the border has decreased from 1500 per day down to 800 per day… cut almost in half as a direct result of what we’ve done.’ ”

Government Hiring Escorts For 65,000 Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Children – from TheConservativeWife.blogspot.com – “The Contractor shall provide unarmed escort staff, including management, supervision, manpower, training, certifications, licenses, drug testing, equipment, and supplies necessary to provide on-demand escort services for non-criminal/non-delinquent unaccompanied alien children ages infant to 17 years of age, seven (7) days a week, 365 days a year. – These ads appeared on the website of FedBizOps.gov on Jan. 29 this year

California Catholic Diocese Bypasses City, Purchases Building to House Obama Illegals – from Champion Newspapers and 21stCenturyWire.com – ” ‘Our role is to provide transition centers to receive these brothers and sisters after they are legally processed by the federal government,” said diocesan spokesman John Andrews. “St. Paul the Apostle has beautiful facilities, so it was a natural thought for us to look into it.’.. Mr. Andrews said the Chino site would function as a transition center manned by volunteers who would distribute food and clothing, help the refugees locate relatives, and assist with transportation costs.

The CDC and HHS Are Planning for Mass Casualties in the United States – by Dave Hodges, TheCommonSenseShow.com – “While appearing on Hannity, Sheriff Joe Arpaio stated that the border patrol crisis is a deliberate ploy designed to force amnesty. I would suggest to Arpaio that with the definitive spread of illnesses among this population, there may be a much more sinister possibility such as the one that one of Arizona’s most prominent physicians, Dr. Jane Orient spoke of when I interviewed her 10 days ago. Dr. Orient used words such as “collusion” and “bioweapons attack” during the course of our conversation. Dr. Orient expressed concern that the Border Patrol is being threatened with prosecution for speaking out about the looming health crisis.”

Malaysian_PassoirtsDozens Of Malaysian Passports Found In Pristine Condition At Crash Site, Remind You Of Anything? – by Mort Amsel, BeforeItsNews.com – “This is just too weird. Those passports look like they came right out of the package… So this just adds to the mystery and circumstances of this event. I’m sure more will follow, stay tuned.”

Malaysia Flight MH17 May Never Have Taken Off – from RumorMillNews.com – Heads up: Flightradar24.com which is the defining site for flight history says MH17 was canceled and never departed, with no departure time listed.

6 Reasons To Question the Official Story of the Malaysian Flight Over Ukraine – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “Reports emerging from Russian news agencies like ITAR-TASS suggest that the Kiev military moved its BUK missile systems into the area surrounding Donetsk on Wednesday, one day before the Malaysian flight was shot down allegedly using that very missile launching system.

From the If-You-Read-One-Whole-Article-This-Week Desk: Germany Pivoting East – by Dr. Jim Willie, Gold-Eagle.com – “Berlin is outraged by clear USGovt spying, and in process of conducting a Gold audit among their population. Germany is building motives to split from the Euro Monetary Union (common Euro currency) by forging stronger open ties with Russia & China. The justification is becoming plainly laid out, in four perceived indictment charges. The Jackass believes Germany will break from US/UK and its USDollar fiat currency regime over four primary thorny issues. The four are major indictments, all extremely serious, all indicative of a decayed system and morally bankrupt leadership. The charges are coming into view, highlighting fundamental commercial, philosophical, and ethical conflicts that distinguish the two nations (considering US/UK a single entity). The issues center on the following key differences: 1) Good relations with Russia and continued energy supply from Gazprom 2) Displeasure over planned Draghi Euro Central Bank bond monetization 3) Disgust over NSA espionage by USGovt, with benefit for US corporations 4) Damage to German population from gold price suppression.

Baker-ReeducationBaker appeals government re-education order – Demand from state Civil Rights Commission challenged – by Bob Unruh, WND.com – “It notes that the bakery owner did not discriminate because of ‘sexual orientation,’ and he ‘acted in accordance with the provisions’ of state law and public policy in Colorado… The appeal argues Phillips and the other appellants are ‘protected by the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and by Article II, Section 10 of the Colorado Constitution from being forced to use their artistic talents to design and create expression they disagree with, here in the form of a wedding cake celebrating a same-sex union.’ ”

Five Reasons The Situation in Eastern Ukraine is About to Become Much More Dangerous – Though this latest phase in the Ukraine crisis might seem like a repeat of recent events, this round is more dangerous for a number of reasons. Here are five of them. – from SCGNews.com – “This past week the mainstream coverage of the Ukrainian civil war has focused on Kiev’s move to encircle Donetsk. However there are reports coming out of the east right now that indicate that the Ukrainian troops may have just walked into a trap. Specifically the separatists claim to have encircled western troops and have completely stalled their advance.”

Pedro Alberto Monterroso-NavasNo Resort For Illegals: Undocumented Immigrant is Arrested for Murder Amidst Vargas PR Stunt – by Shawn Helton, 21stCenturyWire.com – “…it was acknowledged that the Obama administration awarded over$190 million to the BCFS to build an infrastructure with offices in six cities for the influx of illegals crossing over into the country. Due to public backlash, the BCFS is no longer seeking to take on the hotel housing project for illegals that was slated to be finished in October. The BCFS had plans to transfer the hotel into an intake facility for illegal unaccompanied minors and has recently come under fire for their role in operating an apparent temporary detention facility at Lackland Airforce Base located in San Antonio.”

DHS Immigrant Dump-Off Stopped by Residents of Oracle Arizona – from 21stCenturyWire.com – “21WIRE and GMN reporter Patrick Henningsen and crew were on the ground reporting from the protest encampment nearby the proposed housing facility there. Three hundred peaceful protestors rallied at the early hours of the morning and were met with little or no opposition from pro-amnesty and open border Latino supremacist groups like La Raza, all of whom cleared out early in the day, having been vastly outnumbered by local residents voicing their concerns about illegals being transported into their community – dumped by the federal government into a dilapidated, unsecured, juvenile offenders ‘dude ranch’ in Sycamore Canyon.”

Murdoch’s Media Monopoly: Are the Globalists Streamlining Their PR for WWIII? – by Dean Ryan, 21stCenturyWire.com – “…the offer was rebuffed due to consideration of its shareholders. A Time Warner rep explained the reason why the deal couldn’t go through at this time, ‘There are great strategic, operational, and regulatory risks to executing a combination with Twenty-First Century Fox.’..All sources are pointing to a round two of the Murdoch bidding, as he plans to offer Time Warner shareholders a sweetheart deal… of over $85 a share – a move which would create a number of new multimillionaires and multibillionaires currently working for Time Warner and scores of other major shareholders.”

MH17-WreckageNew Information Provides New Questions About Malaysian Flight – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – ‘Regardless of the true causes of the crash of Malaysian flight 777, it is clear that the world oligarchy is, at the very least, not letting a good crisis go to waste. The ability to distract from Western-backed genocides occurring simultaneously across the world as well as domestic issues and the world economic depression has been conveniently provided by the Malaysian flight shootdown.’

Notable Anti-Drone Activist and Grandmother Sentenced to Prison for Photographing Protest – Grady Flores was sentenced to jail for violating an order of protection after being part of a demonstration against drones – by Jeff Stein, Alternet.org – “When the trial started, Ricks said, he didn’t think it would be possible for Grady Flores to get the full year-long sentence… ‘I thought maybe two months, maybe four,’ Ricks said, ‘and then I thought, ‘Maybe he’ll make an example and slam her.’ ‘.. Prosecutors and Judge David Gideon have defended the one-year sentence, saying that they had no other way to punish someone who repeatedly broke the law… Doing so was necessary to show that the court would ‘no longer tolerate her willful actions in violation of the orders of this court,’ Judge Gideon wrote in a decision explaining the sentencing.”

Ogallala-Aquifer-DepletionNBC News declares ‘billions could starve’ as America’s water aquifers run dry – by L.J. Devon, NaturalNews.com – “The Ogallala aquifer has been used up at an unsustainable pace since the early 1980s when big agriculture began using automated center pivot irrigation devices. Once farmers started putting these devices into widespread use, the Ogallala became a center for abuse, precipitously drained year after year. The Ogallala is unique; it cannot be replenished by surface water or precipitation. When it’s used up, there’s no more water to go around.”

Was MH17 Sabotaged By An Israeli Security Team At Amsterdam Schiphol Airport? – by Yoichi Shimatsu, Rense.com – third, the destruction of MH17 serves as a warning to the governments of Malaysia and Australia to cease any further investigation into the strong possibility that MH370 was hijacked by the Israeli military. MH370 was carrying engineers, designers, prototypes, specifications and a chip foundry for the world’s smallest microchip, the KL series. The leading edge technology is needed for Israel’s crash program to build a drone army, especially mini-robots capable of infiltrating Iran’s nuclear plants. (This writer has extensively researched a nd uncovered Israeli involvement in the MH370 hijacking at rense.com)”

Pro-Russia rebel commander suggests passengers died days before Malaysian flight – from AP via WashingtonTimes.com – “The pro-rebel website Russkaya Vesna on Friday quoted Igor Girkin as saying he was told by people at the crash site that ‘a significant number of the bodies weren’t fresh,’ adding that he was told they were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.”

UK banks ‘have much to fear’: competition watchdog set to probe Lloyds, RBS, HSBC and Barclays – by Stefan Wermuth, RINF.com – “In theory, an inquiry could order a full-scale break up of Britain’s largest banks. But such comprehensive reform is rare. Following the inquiry, the CMA will most likely demand banks cultivate new networks of branches and adopt greater levels of transparency with respect to their charges… This planned investigation is the 10th analysis of the market since Don Cruickshank was commissioned to examine the industry by then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 1999.”

Slavyansk-DefenseFascist Atrocities Mount as US-backed Regime Assaults Eastern Ukraine – by Alex Lantier, RINF.com – “The Odessa diocese confirmed that Ukrainian nationalists have threatened, beaten or kidnapped several Orthodox priests, many of whom they consider too close to Moscow. The Odessa diocese secretary, Archpriest Andrei Novikov, who has fled to Moscow fearing arrest by Ukrainian nationalist groups, said, ‘I’m sure if the government keeps its position, it will handle the physical liquidation of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine.’ ”

More US cities pass laws that hurt the homeless: Report – from PressTV.ir – “More US cities are passing laws that make it illegal to camp in public, sleep in vehicles on city streets, or sit or lie down in public, a new report shows… The laws are meant to curb the problems associated with homelessness, such as public drunkenness and sleeping on the sidewalk. But the report, released Wednesday by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, says the laws criminalize people just for being homeless.”

Israel Awakens the Palestine It Tried to Crush – by Ramsey Baroud, Uruknet.info – “It is clear that there can be no third Intifada that leaves Abbas and his wretched political apparatus in place. This is precisely why Palestinian Authority goons prevented many attempts by Palestinians in the West Bank to protest the Israeli violence unleashed in the occupied territories, which finally culminated into a massive war against Gaza that has killed and wounded hundreds. These very PA officers who stood by as the army raided Palestinian homes at will were the ones that swiftly moved to crush Palestinians who tried to assemble in protest.”

great-white-shark-watermelon-carvings-2Police state insanity: Man arrested for carving watermelon in a ‘passive-aggressive’ manner – by L.J. Devon, NaturalNews.com – ” When his wife returned home later on, she found a watermelon on the kitchen counter with a butcher’s knife in it. That’s when she called the police again and reported that her husband cut up the melon in a “passive aggressive” manner… The woman may have felt threatened, but she could very easily be retaliating. According to police, the couple is currently going through the process of divorce… Whatever the case, the police arrested this man on the basis of an assumed thought crime. When police are given this kind of power, anyone can be locked up and charged for just about anything.”

Globalist Mouthpiece Calls For The Entire Planet To Adopt The ‘National Identification System’ One European Country Has Established – by Michael Snyder, InvestmentWatchBlog.com – “The Economist article about this national identification scheme went largely unnoticed because it had a very boring title: ‘Estonia takes the plunge’. But the content of the article is absolutely startling. The Economist article calls the Estonian national identification system a “cyberdream” and makes it sound like it will solve all of our problems…”

Crime and no punishment; putting babies on psychiatric drugs – by Paul Fassa, NaturalNews.com – “No one should use Big Pharma’s toxic drugs to support the myth of brain chemistry imbalances. Even the FDA prohibits prescribing these to children under five. Yet in 2013 the number of babies under one year of age in the USA prescribed dangerous psychotropic drugs was well over a quarter-million.”

Highly Recommended: The New World (Re)Ordered – by V the Guerilla Economist, Prophezine.com – “The EAI is divided into two parts. The first part is known as the Eastern European Union or EEU, in which Russia is the dominant power of influence. The second part is comprised of the EurAsian Initiative and members of RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership), whose major dominant power is China. Together, they comprise a trade zone that encompasses a whopping seventeen time zones! ”

Video: Military Chaff filmed falling near Crash Site of MH 17 (?!):

MH17: World See Tragedy, US Sees “Game Changer” – by Tony Cartalucci, InformationClearingHouse.info – “NATO’s Atlantic Council claimed in a statement titled, “In the Ukraine War, Putin’s Veil of Deniability Has Vanished,” claims: ‘The Kremlin’s thin veil concealing its waging of war against Ukraine effectively disappeared weeks ago for anyone carefully watching the evidence. But now it has vanished even for the casual observer. Moscow’s escalation of the war since the start of July has created too much clear evidence to permit President Vladimir Putin any further benefit of the doubt.’ ”

Greater_Israel2“The Israeli Dream”: The Criminal Roadmap Towards “Greater Israel”? – Ethnic Cleansing Planned in the Middle East? History, Legality Ignored – by Felicity Arbuthnot, GlobalResearch.ca – “At the time Yinon wrote, the eight year, Western driven Iran-Iraq war was into its second year – with another six grinding years of loss, tragedy and heartbreak, valleys of widows, orphans, maimed, on both sides of their common border. The toll on life and health was compared to World War 1. Iraq of course, in an historic error, had virtually been fighting a proxy war for an American regime, even then obsessed with Islam, which, in Iran they had decided was the wrong sort of Islam. What the faith of a nation thousands of miles away had to do with Capitol Hill, remains a mystery.”

Flight MH17 Conjures MH370, Exposing Western Deception, Leading To More Questions – by Shawn Helton – ” ‘They try to show to the whole world that we are responsible for the crash. It is very strange that without any evidence my colleagues from western media would like to find somebody who is responsible for the crash,’ Antonov stated. ‘It seems to me that this is part of information warfare which has been started against the Russian Federation and armed forces.” He also added, “As for me, I don’t want to use this opportunity to blame anybody. I would just like to raise few questions for my colleagues from the armed forces of Ukraine,” Antonov said.”

The Bernaysian Manipulation of the Human Psyche – by Steven MacMillan, ActivistPost.com – “Men are rarely aware of the real reasons which motivate their actions . . . It is chiefly the psychologists of the school of Freud who have pointed out that many of man’s thoughts and actions are compensatory substitutes for desires which has been obliged to suppress. A thing may be desired not for its intrinsic worth or usefulness, but because he has unconsciously come to see it as a symbol of something else, the desire for which he is ashamed to admit to himself….”

John-Munster-KerryAmerikistan, Not Afghanistan… Warocracy, Not Democracy – by Hakim, Uruknet.info – “If anything, Gandhi’s non-violent call to ‘Quit India’ needs to be made — let John Kerry be warmly welcomed according to genuine Afghan hospitality, but also be respectfully asked to ‘Quit Afghanistan’!”

Dozens injured as Israeli forces storm al-Aqsa Mosque (again) – from PressTV.ir – “A report published by the al-Aqsa Foundation in October, said the Israeli regime is planning to build a synagogue in the al-Aqsa Mosque compound as part of its efforts to further Judaize the occupied Palestinian territories… Over the past decades, Israel has tried to change the demographic makeup of al-Quds by constructing illegal settlements, destroying historical sites, and expelling the local Palestinian population.” – “Never let a Good Crisis go to waste” U.S.-Israeli Dual Citizen Rahm Emanuel

Erdogan2Turkey PM calls Egyptian president ‘illegitimate tyrant’ – from PressTV.ir – “The Turkish premier went on to say that Cairo “is not a party … They are trying to legitimize (the Sisi administration) in Egypt. It is not a legitimate administration. It is illegitimate.”.. Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukri said Erdogan’s comments are “unacceptable.”

More Evidence of False Flag against Russia – by Alfred Adask, Adask.wordpress.com – “But Mish Shedlock (“Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis”) posted an article entitled “Video of Rebel Buk Launchers Headed Back to Russia?” That article reports an analysis of the previous Ukraine video. That analysis claims that, ‘going by the billboard and other features of the scenery [in the video], Russian bloggers and news sources claim to have identified the road in the video as having been taken in or near the town of Krasnoarmeisk (“Krasnoarmiysk” in Ukrainian), which has been under Kiev’s control since May.’ ”

For the week of 7/7/14:

United-Nations-bldg-flags-logoA World Tax is Close to Implementation – by Harold W. Pease Ph. D, LibertyUnderFire.org – “In the most recent G-20 meeting held last February in Australia, proponents were falling all over themselves with excitement over the plan. In a joint communiqué they wrote: ‘We endorse the Common Reporting Standard for automatic exchange of tax information on a reciprocal basis and will work with all relevant parties, including our financial institutions, to detail our implementation plan at our September meeting’ (“A New World Tax Regime,” New American, April 21, 2014, p. 20). They continued with an appeal to all nations ‘that have not yet complied with the existing standard for exchange of information on request to do so and sign the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters without further delay.’ ”

US elite running genocide in Ukraine – On Wednesday, July 2nd, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko resumed unlimited war against the residents of southeastern Ukraine, whom he calls “terrorists” for their wanting not to be killed by his troops – by Eric Zuesse, PressTV.ir – “One article is a March 3rd poll, which showed “Few Americans want the United States getting involved in policing the political turmoil in Ukraine.” The presumption there was that “we” shouldn’t fix “their” problems.” Who knew that “we,” our own President, is the mastermind behind that ‘turmoil,’ and of this actual ethnic cleansing campaign?”

The New York Review of Books as Propagandist on Ukraine’s Civil War – by Eric Zuesse, OpEdNews.com – “It’s only to say that Obama really did force the people of Ukraine’s southeast to terminate rule from Kiev. That might not have been Obama’s intention (if he was so stupid as not to know better, which is highly unlikely), but it’s what he in fact did, and there can be no doubt whatsoever about this. And all the lying in the world won’t change that fact, even if it will, tragically, deceive the American public, about it, and about the important history that’s now being made there.”


Bilderberg on Ukraine: military chiefs, arms bosses and billionaire speculators – A gathering of those who stand to make a killing out of knowing where and when the bombs might fall, how many and on whom – by Charlie Skelton, TheGuardian.com – “Samsom confirmed that the morning meeting had been about what was happening in Ukraine, which explains why Rasmussen and Breedlove were hot-footing it out the door straight afterwards. Their job was done. Or just starting… And make no mistake. Bilderberg is part of their job. This wasn’t a jolly. This was briefing papers, dress uniforms and military aides. Land Rovers packed with military bodyguards… This is Nato business. US military business. Government business.”

Council’s plan trying to ‘strip people of right to live in the countryside’ – by Claire O’Sullivan, IrishExaminer.com – “According to Midleton-based candidate Wayne Halloran, the draft blueprint for the development of the county sets out that only those who work on the land should get planning permission to live in rural areas… ‘As outlined on pages 60 and 61 of this document, planning permission will only be granted to those working on the land, those who have lived there for more than seven years, or those who have emigrated for over seven years and now want to return home to take care of elderly parents,’ he said… ‘It goes against the history, the nature, and the rights of Irish people to force such a ruling upon them. The established parties seem happy to fill the countryside with pylons and wind turbines, but cannot find space for the rural population that wish to live in a quiet, community-based lifestyle. They seek a life where they are surrounded by nature, by fresh air and by tranquillity.’ ”

Connecticut-Four-librariansFour librarians gagged and threatened with prison time under the Patriot Act – from PoliceStateUSA.com – “What’s more, Mr. Christian was placed under a perpetual gag order. The NSL prohibited the recipient “from disclosing to any person that the F.B.I. has sought or obtained access to information or records under these provisions.” The gag order was broad enough that it was a crime to discuss the matter to any other person — for life.”

CEO Of One Of The World’s Largest Energy Majors “Sees No Reason For Petrodollar” – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – ” ‘There is no reason to pay for oil in dollars,’ he said. He said the fact that oil prices are quoted in dollars per barrel did not mean that payments actually had to be made in that currency… So even a major beneficiary of the status quo appears to see the end in sight for the Petrodollar.”

Google-dont-be-EvilFrom Google to Amazon: EU goes to war against power of US digital giants – In Europe there is a growing fear of becoming a ‘digital colony’ ruled by Silicon Valley, whose giant firms wield huge power over privacy – and like to avoid tax. Now regulators are striking back – by Juliette Garside, TheGuardian.co.uk – “Either we defend our freedom and change our policies, or we become digitally hypnotised subjects of a digital rulership,” Gabriel warned in a passionate call to action published by the Frankfurter Allgemeine. “It is the future of democracy in the digital age, and nothing less, that is at stake here, and with it, the freedom, emancipation, participation and self-determination of 500 million people in Europe.”

It’s politics, not science, driving climate mania: Why are environmentalists and scientists so reluctant to discuss long-term increases in southern hemisphere sea ice? – by Andrew Mountford, Dailymail.co.uk – “So vast swathes of the data are actually from ‘zombie’ stations that have long since disappeared. This is bad enough, but it has also been discovered that the US’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is using estimates even when perfectly good raw data is available to it – and that it has adjusted historical records… Why should it do this? Many have noted that the effect of all these changes is to produce a warmer present and a colder past, with the net result being the impression of much faster warming… They draw their conclusions accordingly.”

US Troops Have Secretly Been Deployed to Somalia Since 2007 – by Thomas Gaist, GlobalResearch.ca – “The deployment of a significant number of “trainers” and “advisers,” that is, of Special Forces soldiers, for years on end and without any form of public disclosure, raises ominous questions. What other secret deployments has Washington ordered during the past decade? How many new secret wars will the president and his top appointees decide to launch during the next year?”

migrant-kidsObama Administration Refuses to Stem Tide of Illegal Children Crossing Border – Blames Bush as crisis grows worse by the day – from Inforwars.com – “On Sunday, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson refused to say if tens of thousands of children will be deported or allowed to stay. He said the country’s sovereignty is secondary to the government’s obligation to illegal children… ‘We have to do right by the children,” he said… Republicans demand the Obama administration deport the children immediately.”

The Only Thing More Shameful than the Shelling of Eastern Ukraine is the Silence From the Left – from SCGNews.com – “After four failed attempts at occupying eastern Ukraine with ground troops, Kiev has resorted to the cowardly and shameful strategy of indiscriminately shelling entire cities. This has been going on for over a week now… Why do I reserve a special mark of shame for pseudo left? Because they dress themselves up as champions of humanitarian values and compassion. If you were to take the image they project at face value, you might be inclined to believe that they were against all forms of violence, especially war. After all, anytime someone gets shot in the United States they plaster it all over the front page, but somehow the use of heavy artillery against entire cities in eastern Ukraine doesn’t qualify (nor did the toppling of Libya or the funding and arming of the Syrian rebels for that matter). ”

Donetsk-Destroyed_BridgeThree bridges on key routes into Donetsk are ‘destroyed by rebels’ amid fears of new bloodshed in a violent last stand against advancing Ukrainian troops – by Will Stewart, Dailymail.co.uk – “At a rally in the Donetsk’s central square yesterday, pro-Russian commander, a Muscovite using the name Igor Strelkov, told thousands of supporters that his men would fight for the city, which was ‘much easier to defend than little Slaviansk’… Businesses have closed down and thousands of residents are believed to have fled as the fighters fortify positions and buildings in the city, which they have held for the past few months… But the government government pressed what it clearly saw as its advantage, announcing it had carried out an air strike against rebel fighters who had attacked the airport in Luhansk, another eastern city, on Sunday… It accused separatists in the area of opening fire in populated areas under the guise of being government forces.”

A Potential Foreclosure Crisis Looms Over America – Local governments, however, could resort to tactics such as eminent domain if the federal government won’t do anything – by Ellen Brown, Alternet.org – “Only 29% of US homes are now owned free and clear, a record low. Of the remaining 71%, 70% are securitized through MERS. That means that class-action lawsuits by county recorders could potentially establish that title is defective to 50% of US homes (70% of 71%)… If banks, investors and federal officials want to avoid this sort of display of local power, they might think twice about turning down reasonable plans for solving the underwater mortgage crisis of the sort proposed by Senator Merkley, Professor Hockett and Attorney Cahan.”

Jim_Yong_KimWorld Bank chief backs launch of BRICS bank – World Bank chief says new entrants will help the multilateral lender battle poverty and spur growth rather than threaten its position – by Victoria Ruan, SCMP.com – “The initiatives are expected to boost China’s clout, which sparked concerns that the new banks might compete with existing multilateral lenders, such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, in which Washington and Tokyo have the biggest voting rights respectively.”

U.S. Soccer Team Microchipped By Doctors – by Sonali Basak, GovtSlaves.info – “Using matchbox-sized GPS tracking devices, team physician George Chiampas can follow his players’ every move to help keep injuries at bay — especially those that could keep his best out of the tournament… The technology helps measure the distances his players run as well as their workload over time… “That’s just one example of the data we use,” said Chiampas, who oversees one of the world’s best-conditioned teams.”

Internatl-security-hollywood Why Are Armed “International Security” Personnel Now Arresting American Citizens? – by Bernie Suarez, ActivistPost.com – “As I recently found out, this includes “International” private armed security companies who are being given the power to arrest people in the streets. When the state municipalities begin to sell the “service” of policing the people, funded by programs that were not approved by the people but instead by a small group of business owners, we are walking down a slippery road to corporate tyranny.”

US State Department says Kiev has right to use airstrikes against civilians – from VoiceOfRussia.com – “According to US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki, the Ukrainian government defends the country, inflicting air strikes on civilians in the east of the country. She stated this today at a regular meeting with reporters…Psaki said that Kiev had the right to do it, so it protects the integrity of the country. ‘The Ukrainian authorities are protecting the country. I think they have to have every right to do it, it is the same way to act in the international community..’ ”

US ‘kidnaps’ Russian MP’s son to ‘exchange him for Snowden’ – from RT.com – “Roman Seleznyov, 30, was arrested at Male international airport as he was about to board a flight to Moscow. He was forced by US secret service agents to board a private plane to Guam and was later arrested. The Russian ministry slammed his detention as ‘a de-facto kidnapping.’.. Moscow considers the kidnapping ‘a new hostile move by Washington,’ and accused the US of ignoring proper procedure in dealing with foreign nationals suspected of crimes… ‘The same happened to Viktor Bout and Konstantin Yaroshenko, who were forced to go to the US from third countries and convicted on dubious charges.’ ”

Nigel_LawsonLord Lawson: BBC has banned me because of my climate change scepticism – Former chancellor accuses ‘Stalinist’ BBC of silencing debate about climate change after it bowed to complaints over his comments on Radio 4’s Today programme – by Raziye Akkoc, Telegraph.co.uk – “The BBC Trust issued a progress report earlier in July saying the corporation should not give equal air time to climate change sceptics… It was also revealed that BBC journalists are being sent on courses to stop them inviting so many cranks onto programmes to air ‘marginal views’.”

Chomsky, BDS And The Jewish Left Paradigm – by Gilad Atzmon, Gilad.co.uk – “The verdict is clear. The occupation is not the problem; it is just a symptom of the problem. The Jewish state is a problem and it is a serious problem. The Jewish Lobby is an even greater problem and it is a global one. And as it seems, even the Jewish Left a la Chomsky is also a grave problem. At the very least it has been an obstacle that prevented the Palestinians from grasping the real context of their struggle.”

Hillary Clinton says she supports GMOs – from NaturalNews.com – “In a recent speech before the world’s largest biotechnology meeting in San Diego, Clinton — who commands speaking fees of about $225,000 per speech — was enthusiastic in her support for the use of GMOs in farming and agriculture in general.”

pipeline-gazpromUkraine gas debt exceeds $5bn, no June payments made – Gazprom – from RT.com – “Ukraine also says it could get up to 20 billion cubic meters in reverse flow from neighboring Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, which it expects to compensate for part of the “lost” Russian gas. However Gazprom and RT experts doubt that even having the equipment to reverse the gas flow, the scheme would be legal… Russian President Vladimir Putin called such supplies artificial saying there’s no way one pipe could be used to supply gas in both directions… The President said that Russia “sees everything”; however the country is not responding, only because it doesn’t want the situation to worsen.”

Corruption, fraud and bureaucracy cost US healthcare system up to $272 billion annually – by Jonathan Benson, NaturalNews.com – “…a bulk of the nation’s medical fraud occurs within public sector health services like Medicare and Medicaid, which account for more than one-third of all known fraud… As explained in a recent piece for The Economist, nearly $100 billion in fraud takes place within the confines of Medicare and Medicaid spending, while the remaining $172 billion occurs elsewhere. And once Obamacare kicks into full gear, the level of fraud will balloon even further, as it already has just within the realm of the Obamacare healthcare exchanges, most of which have failed despite hundreds of millions of dollars in government spending.”

Child_killed-South_UkraineThe United Nations is Complicit in the Massacre of Civilians in Ukraine – by Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Julie Lévesque, GlobalResearch.ca – “Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay’s statements are in blatant violation of the mandate of the United Nations: ‘The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has lead responsibility for the promotion and protection of human rights, … It has been given a unique mandate by the international community, through the General Assembly, to do so… We [the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights OHCHR] … receive and consider direct complaints from victims of human rights violations, and appeal to governments on behalf of victims…We work to ensure the implementation of international human rights standards on the ground ... [We] are reaching out to the people who need it the most.’ (OHCHR website, emph. added)”

Nottinghamshire Child Abuse Witness Taken By Police, Now Missing – from UKColumn.org – “A key whistleblowing witness and victim of child abuse at Nottingham Beechwood Children’s Home is effectively missing after sending a text to the UK Column starting…’pls ring urgent, something has happened n I don’t trust the police and I may be locked up tomorrow…’ Sent at 21:22 on Wednesday 9th July 2014 the UK Column has been trying to locate the witness ever since.”

Cameron-Poster_ChildBritish Politicians In ‘Secret Deal’ To Allow Mass Surveillance Of Public – by Steve Watson, Prisonplanet.com – “In response to the rush to make the practice law, the Open Rights Group condemned the plan, urging that the government knows there is ‘no legal basis for making internet service providers retain our data so it is using the threat of terrorism as an excuse for getting this law passed’… The government is arguing that it has to act legislatively because the European court of justice has deemed that the data retention was a breach of privacy rights. In other words what they are already doing is against the law, so the government is attempting to change the law.’ ”

Britain had plans to train and equip about 100,000 militants in Syria to help topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad, a report reveals – from PressTV.ir – “Citing Whitehall sources, the news agency said the plan was considered by British Prime Minister David Cameron and Dominic Grieve QC, and was sent to the National Security Council (NSC). US officials, including Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, were also informed of the plan… Cameron was told that the plan to form the anti-Assad militant group would take a year. He was also told that, once ready, the militants would march on Damascus, with the cover of fighter jets from the West and Persian Gulf Arab state allies… The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has declined to comment.”

Catherine_AshtonEuropean governments prepare for military suppression of popular opposition – by Denis Krassnin, RINF.com – “The “Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units,” a training center for police units “especially trained in the handling of violent uprisings,” as political scientist Christian Kreuder-Sonnen explained, has been located in the northern Italian city of Vicenza since 2005. European, American and African policemen are prepared here for deployments in war areas. The centre is mainly financed by the United States… The European Gendarmerie Force (EGF), founded in 2006, also has its headquarters in Vicenza. Eight European states are represented in the EGF, and Turkey has observer status. The conditions of deployment of the EGF are extremely flexible: it can be placed under the command of the EU, the UN, NATO, or the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).”

Border Town to Spend More than Half a Mil Aiding Influx – More than $100K spent solely in the month of June illustrates how surge is weighing on local economies – by Adan Salazar, Infowars.com – “The impact to local economies has led some districts, such as Laredo, to denounce digging into public funds. On Monday, Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas indicated he would no longer be diverting public funds to aid the influx in fairness to his residents… ‘We’re strapped. We cannot put the local taxpayers in strain,’ Mayor Salinas said. ‘We’re not going to raise taxes. If we use some tax money, and we’re tight for money now, are we going to get reimbursed? That’s the challenge that we face.’ ”

Monsanto’s Herbicide Linked to Fatal Kidney Disease Epidemic: Could It Topple the Company? – by Jeff Ritterman, M.D., Truth-out.org – “Very few Western medical practitioners are even aware of CKDu, despite the terrible toll it has taken on poor farmers from El Salvador to South Asia… Dr. Catharina Wesseling, the regional director for the Program on Work and Health (SALTRA) in Central America, which pioneered the initial studies of the region’s unsolved outbreak, put it this way, ‘Nephrologists and public health professionals from wealthy countries are mostly either unfamiliar with the problem or skeptical whether it even exists.’.. Dr. Wesseling was being diplomatic. At a 2011 health summit in Mexico City, the United States beat back a proposal by Central American nations that would have listed CKDu as a top priority for the Americas.”

Ukraine- Kiev’s Genocide: What’s Happening in Slovyansk – by George Eliason, OpEdNews.com – “What people are learning is that the only place that seems to be safe is the militia. Using the aftermath of Slovyansk as an indicator, it really doesn’t matter what a person’s position was on the referendum or the Russian language. Many in the small towns speak Ukrainian, but that didn’t help. People in Slovyansk who supported Kiev are being treated like those in the militia: shot and killed, or sent to a filtration (concentration) camp. The militia doesn’t seem to be the real target. Throughout the war, Kiev has targeted civilians and infrastructure. to date, official Novo Russia (Southeast) figures indicate that 80% of the casualties have been civilian.

For the week of 6/30/14:

ISIS-fighters-w-fires“The Battle For Baghdad” – A Backgrounder On ISIS’ Grand Plan – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “…ISIS also intends to break the Iraqi state permanently so that it cannot recover. This is essential in order to protect the Islamic Emirate from external attack. ISIS may not seek to make Baghdad its capital; Baghdad is far from the center of Iraq’s Sunni heartland and sits along the contested corridor that separates the Sunni and Shi’a majority lands in Iraq. Rather, ISIS likely seeks to destroy the government of Iraq, to destroy the Iraqi Army, and to ensure that Baghdad does not remain a viable Shi’a capital. It is more reasonable to expect that ISIS has a battle plan for Baghdad than to presume that ISIS would not create one because they recognize how difficult the task of controlling the city.”

Why ISIS Won’t Take Baghdad – by Jamie Dettmer, TheDailyBeast.com – “The Americans presumably will make the defense of the capital a priority, but that may be precisely what ISIS hopes they will do, because it has other interests. ‘The priority, I think, for ISIS is to build their Islamic State straddling the Syria-Iraq border – that is their ultimate objective—and trying to capture Baghdad would be too big for them to accomplish; it could also sidetrack them,’ says a US intelligence official based in the Middle East who is closely monitoring ISIS.”

French lawmakers adopt ‘anti-Amazon’ bill to help out small bookshops – by Agence France-Presse via RawStory.com – “The bill bans online giants such as Amazon from delivering books without charge, but still allows them to set discounts of up to five percent, the maximum allowed under existing French legislation… In 1981 the government ruled that publishers must set a standard selling price for their books in a bid to protect small retailers and set a limit of five percent on any discount… Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti welcomed the parliamentary approval, saying it showed ‘the nation’s deep attachment to books.’ ”

TIME-shia-v-ssunniDivide and Rule: US State Dept Plan to Split Iraq Along Sectarian Lines – by Andrew McKillop, 21stCenturyWire.com – “Some prominent alternative media commentators will describe how the dividing Iraq along sectarian-ethnic lines has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon “for at least 10 years”. This argument says Washington wants the outright suppression of the el-Maliki Baghdad regime and all the institutions of the federal government, leading to a process of political fracturing, eliminating Iraq as a country. Of course, you can cite Israel’s very real Oded Yinon Plana plan which appears to be in play right to today.”

ISIS CRISIS: $500 Million Sought in ‘War Funds’ for Rebels in Western Proxy War & Israeli Oil Shipments – by Shawn Helton, 21stCenturyWire.com – “The US media storm has been spinning overtime over ISIS, touting many dramatic pictures of mass-executions as ‘evidence’ of their takeover of Iraq, and using this crisis yet another pretext to ramp-up military budgets and security threats at home. Most of the ‘mass execution’ images put forward in media have since been exposed as pure fakery, although this hasn’t deterred US and European media ‘experts’ or US State Department and UK Foreign Office officials… As the ‘ISIS Crisis’ appears to spiral out of control, it exposes the Western government-transnational corporate agenda, that seeks to expand the current proxy war in Iraq, as well as to neighboring nations by directly financing terror rebels – this time with Congressional approval.” (emph. from orig.)

Crisis-You-Call-It18 Signs That The Global Economic Crisis Is Accelerating As We Enter The Last Half Of 2014 – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “Most Americans tend to only care about what is happening in the United States, but the truth is that serious economic trouble is erupting in South America, all across Europe and in Asian powerhouses such as China and Japan. And the endless conflicts in the Middle East could erupt into a major regional war at just about any time. We live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable, and people need to understand that the period of relative stability that we are enjoying right now is extremely vulnerable…”

New Study Promotes Agenda 21-Style “Land Grabs” – by Kevin Samson, ActivistPost.com – “The press release focuses on the notion that modern techniques, industrialized agricultural methods, and land-grab deals are the potential saviors in the equation to provide food for the planet. Naturally, when we hear about “modern techniques” we are really talking about biotech, and Monsanto primarily. The biotech industry continues to assert that modern-day farming must be driven by genetic modification in order to provide more consistent crop production in ever higher yields, thus we can conclude that this is the direction that will be taken with the stolen acquired land.”

Facebook’s Psychological Experiments Connected to Department of Defense Research on Civil Unrest – It turns out that one of the researchers who ran Facebook’s recent psychological experiments received funding from the U.S. Department of Defense to study the contagion of ideas – from SCGNews.com

Gas-2-EuropeRussia Reveals “Plan B”: Gazprom Says Gas Transit Via Ukraine May Be Stopped Completely – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “At least we now know what the Ukraine endgame will look like: as Russian transit through the country is completely cut off, the nation will lose all strategic importance first to Russia and then to Europe, which is still over-reliant on Russian gas (see map below), but which will increasingly turn its attention to the countries which the South Stream passes through.”

Feds Threatening ‘Third Wounded Knee’ with Eminent Domain Land Grab on Sioux Indian Reservation – by Patrick Henningsen, 21stCenturyWire.com – “Thousands of tribe members will be affected by the land-grab. Some residents will be forced to relocate, and many more others will lose their income from grazing allotments on the land – a result which will ultimately force any remaining independent cattle ranchers out of business.”

Blackwater Iraqi chief threatened to kill US govt. inspector: newspaper – from RT.com – “The Blackwater chief said ‘he could ‘kill me’ at that very moment and no one could or would do anything about it as we were in Iraq,’ Richter recounted in the memo. ‘I took Mr. Carroll’s threat seriously. We were in a combat zone where things can happen quite unexpectedly, especially when issues involve potentially negative impacts on a lucrative security contract.’.. (Richter) said he was shocked when the US embassy in Baghdad sided with Carroll and ordered the two investigators to leave Iraq immediately.”

Fed_Migrant_BussesNot Here! Protesters Force Re-Routing of Buses Carrying Illegal Aliens – by Julie Watson, CNSNews.com – “After the migrants are processed, Immigration and Customs Enforcement will decide who can be released while awaiting deportation proceedings… Earlier in the day, a chartered plane landed in San Diego with 136 migrants on board, according to a federal Department of Homeland Security official who was not authorized to be named when speaking on the issue… It was the first flight planned for California under the federal government’s effort to ease the crunch in the Rio Grande Valley and deal with the flood of Central American children and families fleeing to the United States… The government is also planning to fly migrants to Texas cities and another site in California, and it has already taken some migrants to Arizona.”

Right-Wing Christian Group Tried to Convert This City’s Kids — But They’re Fighting Back – Child Evangelism’s efforts to convert kids is facing organized opposition – by Valerie Tarico, Alternet.org – “One of their key tools is an after-school program called the Good News Club, which takes place in public grade schools across the country. Good News Clubs mix snacks, games, art projects and stories with upbeat moral lessons and the theology of blood sacrifice. In a case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, Child Evangelism Fellowship argued that they were entitled to operate in public schools because they are running a social and moral enrichment program akin to Scouting.”

Nafeez_Mosaddeq_AhmedPentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown – by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, VoltaireNet.org – “At the end of the Cold War, a scandal rattled universities in the United States: renowned teachers and research laboratories were secretly funded by the Pentagon. On one hand, their expert opinions were tainted and, on the other, their research was oriented towards military applications. This era is back: the Pentagon is now the leading sponsor of social sciences in the United States. It seeks primarily to understand how citizens become involved in a political movement in order to manipulate and control it.”

Ebola outbreak surges in Africa with a 38% increase In deaths this week alone – by John Vibes – Intellihub.com – “According to World Health Organization statistics, the highest recorded death toll from an Ebola outbreak was in Congo during the 1976 outbreak, when 280 deaths were reported. This was the also the first recorded outbreak of Ebola. Since then, Ebola has still been a serious problem in Africa, but it has not risen to epidemic levels… However, the most current situation is getting very dangerous. According to new WHO statistics, Ebola has caused more than 467 deaths in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, with a 38% increase in deaths this week.”

Sloviansk-damageUkraine: Kiev’s Ticking Time Bomb – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “The eventual fall of Kiev will spell the end of EU-NATO expansion. The inability of NATO to prop up one of its client states will destroy confidence across all other prospective members tempted by NATO’s assurances. Both its methods of overthrowing the Ukrainian government during the “Euromaidan” protests, and its attempts to consolidate power afterward are well documented and being judged by an increasingly astute global public. The ability for NATO to perpetuate itself through these methods, driven by its current hegemonic agenda is as tenuous as ever.”

Establishment Pushing “Cashless Society” to Control Humanity – by Alex Newman, TheNewAmerican.com – On its website, the UN Capital Development Fund also boasts of its ongoing schemes to attack cash. “Bringing about the shift to electronic payments on a global scale and ensuring that these benefits are maximized can be accelerated by an organization dedicated exclusively to providing global advocacy, knowledge sharing, collaboration and guidance on effective practices,” it says. The goal of the plan, the UN added, is to ‘encourage governments, development organizations and the private sector to commit to the digital transition, and facilitates [sic] the translation of these commitments into action.’ ”

Nicholas_RidleyIs the EU just a German racket to take over Europe? Nearly 25 years ago, a Tory minister told DOMINIC LAWSON it was – and lost his job in the firestorm that followed. but was he right all along? – by Dominic Lawson, Dailymail.co.uk – ‘Startled, I interjected that the then German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, was surely preferable to Hitler — he wouldn’t be dropping bombs on us, after all… If anything, this made Ridley even more vehement: ‘I’m not sure I wouldn’t rather have the shelters and the chance to fight back, than simply being taken over by economics… ‘He’ll soon be coming here and trying to say that this is what we should do on the banking side and this is what our taxes should be. I mean, he’ll soon be trying to take over everything?.?.?. You don’t understand the British people if you don’t understand this point about them… …being bossed by a German — it would cause absolute mayhem in this country, and rightly, I think.’ ”

‘Refugees’: News Networks Refuse to Call Illegals Illegal – by John Nolte, Breitbart.com – “The Orwellian language is likely a result of polling that shows 59% of the country rightly blame President Obama for the current immigration crisis, and just as many say that ‘the children should be ordered to leave the country.’.. There’s no question that Obama and the Democrat Party’s amnesty rhetoric lured tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children to risk harrowing journeys over hundreds and thousands of miles to get here. They are now overwhelming our immigrations systems and risking the spread of disease. ”

For the week of 6/23/14:

al-MalikiWashington Relaunches its Iraq Partition Project – by Thierry Meyssan, VoltaireNet.org – “The Western press emphasizes, not without reason, that the Prime Minister (Nuri al-Maliki’s) manner of government has often jolted both the Sunni Arab minority and the secular Baath, as it appeared favorable mainly to the Shiites. This, however, is relative: the Iraqis re-elected the coalition of Nouri al-Maliki during the parliamentary elections of April 30th. It got a quarter of the votes, three times more than the Moqtada al-Sadr movement, the remaining votes being scattered among many small parties… In May, (Prince Abdul Rahman) al-Faisal bought a weapons factory in Ukraine. Stocks of heavy weapons were flown to a Turkish military airport, where the MIT (Turkish Secret Service) forwarded them by special trains to ISIL. It seems unlikely that the supply chain could be implemented without NATO.”

Obama-on-ISISThe ISIS Fiasco: It’s Really an Attack on Iran – For Once, Not a CIA Plot? – by Mike Whitney, GlobalResearch.ca – “When was the last time an acting president failed to respond immediately and forcefully to a similar act of aggression?.. Never. The US always responds. And the pattern is always the same. “Stop what you are doing now or we’re going to bomb you to smithereens.” Isn’t that the typical response?.. Sure it is. But Obama delivered no such threat this time. Instead, he’s qualified his support for al-Maliki saying that the beleaguered president must ‘begin accommodating Sunni participation in his government’ before the US will lend a hand. What kind of lame response is that? ‘

From the Problem-Reaction-Solution Desk: Isis threat justifies greater surveillance powers in UK, says Liam Fox – Former defence secretary says first duty of state is to protect citizens and public will accept greater monitoring powersby Nicholas Watt, TheGuardian.com

Terror Created by British Intelligence Will Be a Threat for “Many Years” – British intelligence directly responsible for handling and protecting terrorists – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com – “Before further clamping down on civil liberties in Britain officials should examine the role played by their intelligence agencies in promoting and fomenting terrorism. If, as claimed, a large number of terrorists are expected to return from Syria and pose a domestic terror threat, the government needs to take a closer look at who is behind the jihadist mercenaries in Syria (and now Iraq)… The obvious connection between British intelligence, the CIA, Pakistani, Saudi, Qatari and Turkish intelligence will not, of course, be examined in any effort to prevent terrorist attacks in the UK. “

ISIS-new_ToyotasAmerica’s Covert Re-Invasion of Iraq – by Tony Cartalucci – InformationClearingHouse.info – “On Friday, ISIS – which alienated many rebels by seizing territory and killing rival commanders – finished withdrawing from the Idlib and Latakia provinces and moved its forces toward the eastern Raqqa province and the eastern outskirts of the northern city of Aleppo, activists said. (from Lebanon Daily Start)… The question remains, if a Lebanese newspaper knew ISIS was on the move eastward, why didn’t the CIA? The obvious answer is the CIA did know, and is simply feigning ignorance at the expense of their reputation to bait its enemies into suspecting the agency of incompetency rather than complicity in the horrific terroristic swath ISIS is now carving through northern Iraq.”

Mexican-Children_aloneTide of Unaccompanied Toddlers Continues to Flood Across Border – Corporate media now reporting story Infowars covered early last week – from Infowars.com – “Infowars.com first broke the story on the Obama administration exploiting children to push the federal government’s amnesty agenda legalizing millions of immigrants illegally in the United States… ‘While monitoring activity at a bus station in McAllen, Texas, Infowars witnessed several church group vans arriving throughout the day and being loaded to capacity with children (many of them without parents), before heading out to facilities nearby,’ Salazar and Jackson reported… In an effort to dampen growing media coverage of the influx of children and others illegally streaming into the United States, the Border Patrol is now restricting access by journalists to the Anzalduas International Bridge and other areas on the border in Texas.”

Toys4BoysUkrainian Independence Supporters Seize 221 Tanks From the Obama-Installed Government – by Eric Zuesse, WashingtonsBlog.com – ” ‘At night, we took control of the tank base in Artemovsk, 30 kilometers from Slavyansk. We now have 221 tanks, 288 armored vehicles, 12 self-propelled guns, 18 Grad volley fire systems, 183 infantry fighting vehicles and 12 mortars,’ the head of the information center ‘Southeastern Front,’ Konstantin Knyrik, told Russia’s Interfax News Service.”

Chicago: The Official Big Brother Model City (Police State) – by David Heinzmann, SurvivalBackpack.us – “The smooth, perforated sheaths of metal are decorative, but their job is to protect and conceal a system of data-collection sensors that will measure air quality, light intensity, sound volume, heat, precipitation and wind. The sensors will also count people by measuring wireless signals on mobile devices… ‘We don’t collect things that can identify people. There are no cameras or recording devices,’ he said. Sensors will be collecting ‘sound levels but not recording actual sound. The only imaging will be infrared,’ rather than video, he said… But such an effort could still lead to gathering more sensitive information than is intended, said Fred Cate, an expert on privacy matters related to technology who teaches at Indiana University’s law school… ‘Almost any data that starts with an individual is going to be identifiable,’ Cate said. When tracking activity from mobile phones, ‘you actually collect the traffic. You may not care about the fact that it’s personally identifiable. It’s still going to be personally identifiable.’ “

Alexander-HmmEx-NSA Chief Keith Alexander is Now Pimping Advice to Wall Street Banks for $1 Million a Month – by Michael Krieger, LibertyBlitzkrieg.com – “As the four-star general in charge of U.S. digital defenses, Keith Alexander warned repeatedly that the financial industry was among the likely targets of a major attack. Now he’s selling the message directly to the banks… Joining a crowded field of cyber-consultants, the former National Security Agency chief is pitching his services for as much as $1 million a month. The audience is receptive: Under pressure from regulators, lawmakers and their customers, financial firms are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into barriers against digital assaults.”

GMO bananas are coming to a supermarket near you, thanks to Bill Gates – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “On his foundation’s blog, Gates trumpeted the research and sounded a hopeful tone for the outcome: ‘Before our visit, I didn’t know much about bananas.’.. “

Scary New Congressional Bill Would Force Medication on Some Mentally Ill People – by David Grossman, Alternet.org – But one current runs through the legislation: a consistent belief in the highly controversial technique known as Assisted Outpatient Treatment, known by its opponents as Forced Outpatient Treatment… In practice, the core of an A.O.T is forced treatment and medication. A.O.T affects “not everyone with a mental illness, not even everyone with a serious mental illness”, says Dr. Swanson, but it has become the focus of Murphy’s bill…New York’s version of the law, …known as Kendra’s Law…keeps a patient hospitalized for up to six months and is followed by assertive community treatment, ‘where the services are wrapped around the person’…”

Bank Bailout: Bankster Says Only Gun to Head Will Oblige TARP Repayment – by Kurt Nimmo, GlobalResearch.ca – “Banks that received billions during the Federal Reserve created implosion of the subprime real estate market say they are not obliged to make good on repaying the money.”

BURIED ABUSE: Mass Grave of Immigrants ‘Unearthed’ In Texas – As DHS Dumps Refugees Inside US – by Shawn Helton, 21stCenturyWire.com – “In one burial plot, bones of three bodies were inside one body bag. In another instance, there were at least five people in body bags and smaller plastic bags were piled on top of each other, Baylor University anthropologist Lori Baker said to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. Skulls were found in biohazard bags — like the red plastic bags in receptacles at doctors’ offices — placed between coffins.”

Resist-the-DraftBig Brother Wants Your Son – by Wendy McElroy, DollarVigilante.com – “The California DMV currently shares the personal information of applicants with the SSS, which is then used to mail out registration cards. That’s not enough. Through automatic registration at the DMV, the SSS could skip the step of mailing out cards and the risk of their non-return… How exactly would AB 2201 change the process? When a state links the two agencies, all license or renewal applications typically declare that a signature on the form constitutes automatic consent to registration. A data-sharing agreement then gives the SSS immediate access to the information, including social security numbers… On May 27, AB 2201 passed the California House with strong bipartisan support and it is currently before the Senate where it awaits a hearing by the Transportation and Housing Committee. Passage is likely.”

Secret Soviet Reveals: Wiezmann Outlined the Nakba as Early as 1941 – by Gilad Atzmon, Gilad.co.uk – “Maisky writes in his diary: ‘For the only ‘plan’ which Weizmann can think of to save central European Jewry (and in the first place Polish Jewry) is this: to move a million Arabs now living in Palestine to Iraq, and to settle four or five million Jews from Poland and other countries on the land which the Arabs had been occupying.’ ”

fracking hell 1Another Concern Arises Over Groundwater Contamination From Fracking – from ActivistPost.com – “To simulate what would happen to colloids in soil after a fracking spill, the researchers flushed flowback fluids through sand with a known amount of colloids. They found that the fluids dislodged about a third of the colloids, far more than deionized water alone. When they increased the flow rate, the fluids picked up an additional 36 percent… ‘This indicates that infiltration of flowback fluid could turn soils into an additional source of groundwater contaminants such as heavy metals, radionuclides and microbial pathogens,’ the scientists conclude. More research with real soils is planned.”

ISIS (DAASH) Now Recruiting in Palestinian Camps in Lebanon–Which Are Ready to Explode – by Franklin Lamb, OpEdNews.com – “New arrivals, plus young, unemployed, discouraged and increasingly disenchanted and angry youth are reportedly secretly holding meetings with DAASH, Al Nusra and other recruiters and they are promised immediate material benefits and soon to be granted the full right to work plus a deepening Resistance to the occupation of their country, Palestine. There are takers naturally, but numbers so far are difficult to learn. Militias are growing in the camps but it’s difficult to calculate just how fast because camp residents know of many outside intelligence agents living among them, ranging from Lebanese Internal Security to Zionist agents and many others, so keeping their work secret is most essential.”

Fawning-on-KerryUkraine and the Battle for South Stream Pipeline – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “In their own words, those attending the Atlantic Council gathering describe the battle for Ukraine being fought to “complete” their socioeconomic consolidation in Europe – this includes “integrating Russia.” Secretary John Kerry at the gathering would literally state: ‘Our European Allies have spent more than 20 years with us working to integrate Russia into the Euro-Atlantic community.’.. By ‘integrating’ Russia, of course, Kerry means overthrowing any independent national political order that exists in Moscow and replacing it with one that answers to Wall Street, London, and now Brussels. This can be seen clearly in attempts by the West to replicate its model of ‘color revolution’ within Russian territory itself. ”

For the week of 6/16/14:

Cheese_MakerFDA May Destroy American Artisan Cheese Industry – by Greg McNeal, Forbes.com – “The FDA’s decision will not only harm American cheese makers, but may also bring a halt to the importation of artisan cheeses from abroad as Canadian and European Union regulators have not imposed such draconian measures and still allow for the use of wood boards to age cheese. Rob Ralyea of Cornell University’s Department of Food Science, commenting on the FDA’s action noted “the great majority of cheeses imported to this country are in fact aged on wooden boards and some are required to be aged on wood by their standard of identity (Comte, Beaufort and Reblochon, to name a few).”

How the Government Bribes Police to Arrest People For Smoking Pot – Police use the number of low-level drug arrests to sustain critical law enforcement funding from the federal government – by Aaron Cantú, Alternet.org – ” ‘This money has helped reshape policing strategies and policies in major cities and a lot of rural areas throughout the United States,’ says Harry Levine, a sociologist at Queens College, CUNY, who has studied drug policy for decades. ‘Although the government claims [Byrne grant money] goes toward apprehending high level traffickers, it’s often very low level people who get arrested. It targets low-income people and people of color much more than anyone understands.’ ”

Warka_Water_TowersThis Tower Pulls Drinking Water Out of Thin Air – Designer Arturo Vittori says his invention can provide remote villages with more than 25 gallons of clean drinking water per day – by Tuan C. Nguyen – ” ‘[In Ethiopia], public infrastructures do not exist and building [something like] a well is not easy,’ Vittori says of the country. ‘To find water, you need to drill in the ground very deep, often as much as 1,600 feet. So it’s technically difficult and expensive. Moreover, pumps need electricity to run as well as access to spare parts in case the pump breaks down.’.. So how would Warka Water’s low-tech design hold up in remote sub-Saharan villages? Internal field tests have shown that one Warka Water tower can supply more than 25 gallons of water throughout the course of a day, Vittori claims. He says because the most important factor in collecting condensation is the difference in temperature between nightfall and daybreak, the towers are proving successful even in the desert, where temperatures, in that time, can differ as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Brain-ChippingDARPA Brain Chips to Implant False Memories – Technology has the potential to create “fearless monsters” – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com – “Former DARPA director and now Google executive Regina Dugan told an audience at the All Things D11 Conference last year that the tech giant was working on a microchip inside a pill that users would swallow daily in order to turn their entire body into a broadcast signal for identification purposes… When Dugan was asked by the moderator, ‘Does Google now know everything I do and everywhere I go because let’s face it….you’re from Google,’ she responded by laughing and saying he should just swallow the pill.

From the Globalist-Collaborors Desk: The Turning Point: New Hope for the Climate – It’s time to accelerate the shift toward a low-carbon future – by Al ‘Man-of-the-People’ Gore – Hmmm, why would Rolling Stone print this long, confusing and weaselly screed by Al? Why are they delivering their readers’ eyeballs to the elite propagandists?

Matthias_HullinCamera Sees Around Corners, Makes The Invisible Visible – by Alton Parrish, IneffableIsland.com – “A laser shines on the wall; a camera watches the scene. Nothing more than white ingrain wallpaper with a bright spot of light can be seen through the lens. A computer records these initially unremarkable images and as the data is processed further, little by little, the outlines of an object appear on a screen… Yet, this object is behind a partition and the camera cannot possibly have seen it – we have apparently looked around the corner. A magic trick? ‘No,’ says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias B. Hullin from the Institute of Computer Science II at the University of Bonn. ‘This is an actual reconstruction from diffusely scattered light. Our camera, combined with a mathematical procedure, enables us to virtually transform this wall into a mirror.’ ”

Modern Psychiatry and Its Tools of Enslavement – by Dave Hodges, TheCommonSenseShow.com – “It is a well known fact that psychotropic medications alter both the structure and the function of the brain in a dramatic fashion when it comes to the developing brain. And how long is the brain in this state of development where it is highly vulnerable to the side effects of these medications? The short and accurate answer is that the effects are prevalent for all ages, but they are much more dramatic for children. A safe bet for most children is that these effects are magnified until about age 19. Therefore, we are producing generations of young people who are in a drug-induced zombified state from a very young age. These are not the conditions which lead to the rise of political insight and a subsequent push back against the bankster hijacking of our government.”

Li&Osborne Yuan to Start Direct Trading With Pound as China Promotes Market – by Fion Li, Bloomberg.com – “The pound will become the fifth major currency to trade directly against the yuan in Shanghai, joining the Australian and New Zealand dollars, the Japanese yen and the U.S. dollar. China’s currency ranked seventh for global payments in April, according to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications, and the U.K. trailed both Hong Kong and Singapore in handling these transactions.”

Iraqi Kurds forms government after months of wrangling – from Agence France Presse via News.Yahoo.com – “A major militant offensive that began on June 9 has afforded the Kurds the opportunity to seize a swathe of this disputed territory, with Baghdad ill-positioned to do anything about it… Federal security forces have either withdrawn or been swept aside by militants in various parts of northern Iraq. That has left the way open for Kurdish troops to move in, but this has put them in the line of fire from militants.”

Leaked Counter Terrorism Bulletin Warns Police Of Impending Far-Right Violence – by Mikael Thalen, GovtSlaves.info – “The bulletin mentions data from a New America Foundation study that claims 37 deaths since 9/11 were perpetrated by the “far right,” repeating the meme that those within the liberty movement are more dangerous than Al Qaeda. The bulletin also references a study by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)<emph. added> that argues that far right extremists have been killing law enforcement at an ‘increasing rate in recent years.’

F-16_Fires_AIM-7_lgSyria in the Crosshairs – Obama Confirms Airstrikes Will Not Be Limited to Iraq – from SCGNews.com – “No one is talking about how the Syrian government (and the Washington’s desire to topple it) fits into this, but once the U.S. is carrying out airstrikes in Syrian territory, it would be trivial to expand the scope of the mission to include Syrian military targets. That way there would be no need for debate on the topic. The public would just find out we were at war after the fact (and probably via youtube). It’s a backdoor approach. ”

Fox Lane teacher accused of calling Newtown a conspiracy sues district – by Swapna Venugopal Ramaswamy, Lohud.com – “Heller met with Dr. Alexander Lerman twice in April, after which Hochman brought Heller up on disciplinary charges in June 2013. Hochman said in the charges that Heller made intentionally false statements during Lerman’s evaluation… ‘Dr. Lerman was unable to conclude whether Mr. Heller presents a risk to others because Mr. Heller failed to cooperate with the evaluation and thus it must be assumed that Mr. Heller presents such a risk,’ the charges said. ‘Mr. Heller expressed in an internet communication that he believed the U.S. government programmed the Newtown school shooter, which indicates that he might feel compelled to commit a similar act.’.. On May 12, the hearing officer agreed with all of the charges and terminated Heller’s employment.”

The Bride of 9/11 – Scripted and Ready to Roll – by ZenGardner.com – “This is where the nuclear option seems almost inevitable. Americans are worn out with pointless politics, a bland media and a collapsing economy. Something big is needed to jolt them back into the freaked out stage that propelled them into the first frenzied attack on the Middle East and mindless subjection to the Patriot Act et al and the police state that followed. We all know they want to ratchet this up quite a bit more, with the pivotal issue of gun confiscation clearly a priority.”

Shawn_HeltonPentagon Funds ‘Cold War-Style’ Science Study To Track Mass Civil Unrest – by Shawn Helton, 21stCenturyWire.com – “Here you catch an inside glimpse into how non-violent dissidents or political activists are categorized as ‘supporters of political violence,’ as the document confidently claims that based on your family history and socioeconomic standing you could be considered ‘sympathetic to the end goals of armed groups.’.. Why would the US military be focusing on intellectuals in American universities in this new social science control group – How is it possible that they would have any connection to the socioeconomic background of those who are considered radical terrorists?”

Secret Trade Agreement TISA Revealed: ‘Threatens’ 68 Percent Of World Services – by Shawn Helton, 21stCenturyWire.com – “Some 340 civil society organizations are currently engaged in a battle against TISA, signing a joint letter to call on the WTO to drop the trade talks... Additionally, the current draft also includes language inferring that, upon the finishing of negotiations, the document will be kept classified for five full years.”

For the week of 6/9/14:

curfew-sign-1Strict Baltimore curfew places minors in detention centers past bedtime – “It is wrong, it is inappropriate… and we do not want to criminalize our children.” – from PoliceStateUSA.com – “While the minors won’t be arrested, their parents may be. Possible penalties which may apply to parents of curfew-breaking children include $500 fines, mandatory family counseling sessions, and even up to 60 days in jail. The ordinance can be read on the Maryland ALCU’s website.”

Secret European Cash Limits in Place – by Mark Kempton, Infowars.com – “What rules you say? Well, these vary from bank to bank and I’ve assembled them from a few different sources, but here they are: • A depositor can only withdraw ~10% of their balance in large-scale cash per year. • These limits do not apply to small one-time incidents such as ~5000 euros. • All large cash withdraws must have a “valid” reason given. Hint: ‘I don’t trust my bank’, is not a valid reason.”

Lois LernerIRS caught breaking law to target conservatives – ‘Beyond horrifying – this is not 1930’s Germany or 1950’s Soviet Russia’ – by Garth Kant, WND.com – “In an e-mail dated Oct. 5, 2010, Lerner asked Pilger about his formatting preference for “the disks we spoke about.” Pilger forwarded Lerner’s e-mail to an FBI agent, writing, ‘This is incoming data re 501c4 issues. Does FBI have a format preference?’ He then responded to Lerner, ‘Thanks Lois – FBI says Raw format is best because they can put it into their systems like excel.’ ”

As a curtain of censorship falls over the UK internet, this special investigation uncovers the deception and elite players behind the murky system of corporate web filters, which block far more than pornography. Disturbingly, the trail points back to a notorious and controversial elite cabal – the ultra-secretive Bilderberg Group. – by Matthew Butler, Intellihub.com – “There is a major lack of transparency in this setup. Astonishingly, there seems to be no legal oversight or clear regulatory framework for this massive outsourced censorship system. There is no clear and unified definition of blocked content categories or explanations as to why they warrant blocking, and no easy way to find out which sites are blocked or why. There is also no clear way to discover if your website is blocked by one or more of the ISPs (especially if you’re outside the UK), nor is there a single avenue of appeal if you’re even able to find out, because each ISP operates its own inscrutable filter. This leaves the public in the dark as to what is really happening – and perhaps that’s just how the government (?) wants it.”

Dennis_Pushilin-DonetskUkraine – Kiev Continues Shelling & Airstrikes in East but Rebels Dominant on the Ground – from SCGNews.com – “In the context of negotiations, it’s unclear why the shelling and airstrikes have not stopped, especially considering the fact that Ukraine has no real leverage, and is completely dependent on Russia’s cooperation to seal the border. This may indicate that Poroshenko is not actually able to control the armed forces… Russian officials have made it clear that they are willing to help negotiate a settlement between Kiev and the separatists, but only if Kiev ends the military assault. It’s uncertain whether that offer will hold if Kiev continues to bomb the east, especially if their position on the ground continues to weaken.”

Battle to establish Islamic state across Iraq and Syria – The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) now controls vast stretch of land – by Patrick Cockburn, Independent.co.uk – “Isis launched a well-planned campaign last year including a successful assault on Abu Ghraib prison last summer to free leaders and experienced fighters. This January, they took over Fallujah, 40 miles west of Baghdad, and have held it ever since in the face of artillery and air attack. The military sophistication of Isis in Iraq is much greater than al-Qa’ida…”

US culpability in the failure of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks – by Stephen Zunes, PressTV.ir – “An interview with an anonymous US official close to the peace talks in an Israeli publication confirmed numerous other reports that, despite the Obama administration’s claims to the contrary, the Palestinian side made major concessions while the Israeli side essentially refused to make any, generally refusing to talk about any substantive issues.”

Provoking World War III – Antagonizing the Dragon and Bear – by Andre Vltchek, DissidentVoice.org – “But it appears that those who are ruling the Empire are not obsessed with prudence. They seem to be tired of tiny conflicts, which they are continuously stirring all over the globe. Libya is not enough and Congo is not enough. They need something big, really big; even much bigger than what they had already ‘achieved’ a few decades ago – like the destruction of the entire Indochina or Indonesia.”

Moms on antidepressants have babies with malformed brains – ‘What’s astounding is that this study is basically receiving no media attention’ – by David Kupelian, WND.com – ” ‘This group from UNC did MRI studies on one- and two-year-olds who were exposed to SSRIs (or depression without SSRIs) and they found that 18 percent of the SSRI-exposed children had a brain malformation (Chiari I Malformation). This is the first study of its kind and these results are of grave concern.’..”

Arsen_AvakovAll forces to join Ukraine military operation: Acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov – from PressTV.ir – “I made the decision – all … fighting and patrol divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will take part in the anti-terrorist operation,” Avakov wrote on his Facebook page on Monday… He warned that any member of the ministry, who refuses to join the Ukrainian army’s crackdown on pro-Russians, will be fired.”

Over 7,000 Ukrainian citizens enter Russian Rostov region in past day – from VoiceOfRussia.com – ” ‘Since mass withdrawal of residents of southeastern Ukraine to Russia began, 2,102 people, including 930 children, were accommodated in 15 municipal districts of the region. A total of 7,335 people arrived in the past 24 hours,’ the document said.”

Four people killed in Slavyansk as Kiev’s artillery resumes shelling, city under fire – from VoiceOfRussia.com – ” ‘Four people were killed in the result of the shelling, a small girl among them. Seven people were taken to hospital with injuries… The shells broke just near the central square. They hit residential houses, a furniture factory, a cafe and communications post,’ an unnamed representative of the local city council told Itar-Tass. ‘There are victims among the civilians and some people received shrapnel wounds.’ ”

Ed-Snowden-NSADoes Edward Snowden have Stockholm Syndrome? – by Jeff Berwick, DollarVigilante.com – “I cannot reconcile that this ‘trained spy’ would not have prepared himself accordingly. How could he not have secured a second passport, for example? If it were not for Russia’s asylum, it is likely Edward Snowden would have already met a similar fate as Chelsea Manning. Without a second passport, Snowden is forced to beg for forgiveness from one of the most violent institutions in history. He wants a plea bargain…”

Infographic: What does the Big Banks’ derivative exposure LOOK LIKE?Derivatives: The Unregulated Global Casino for Banks – from Democracy.info

Rasmussen-DecertifiesRasmussen Says NATO Does Not Recognize South Ossetia Election Results – from en.RIA.ru – “…Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said in a statement Monday… ‘NATO does not recognize the election held on 8 June in the Georgian region of South Ossetia. This election does not contribute to a peaceful and lasting settlement of the situation in Georgia,’ the statement said.”

From the You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up Desk: (with Video) CPS threatens to take 13-year-old from father for spinning pencil like a gun in school – from ActivistPost.com

Commodifying Nature: Stealing the Jungles? – by Joan Dark, ActivistPost.com – “According to ecological groups, a climate change programme at the United Nations, called REDD, may be facilitating the theft of the earth’s remaining reserves of forest and jungle. ”

The US Government Has Nearly As Much Debt As The World Has Wealth – by Jeff Berwick, ActivistPost.com – “The only thing keeping this system alive is the never-ending printing of money of the Federal Reserve and the continued acceptance of dollars by foreigners in the form of Treasury bonds… In March of this year, Treasuries held by the Federal Reserve on the behalf of foreigners recorded the biggest drop in history.”

Montana_JonesCanadian Food Inspection Agency Kills Flock Of Rare Healthy Sheep, Destroys Innocent Shepherd’s Life – She Faces Up To 12 Years In Jail and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees – by Jeff Roberts, GlobalResearch.ca – “I am horrified at the degree of harm a government agency can do with an incredible amount of money and a superfluous number of relatively incompetent employees. Who was I to suggest that our government re-examine their protocols regarding agricultural biodiversity?
I was advised to roll over, let the CFIA kill my healthy sheep, take their compensation money and move on. Other commercial sheep producers did…why shouldn’t I?” -Shepherd Montana Jones

Ukraine’s southeast does not trust Poroshenko’s humanitarian corridor promise – from VoiceOfRussia.com – ” ‘The leadership of the republic has not received any requests concerning the creation of such a corridor. No negotiations have been held with us with regard to this matter,’ Lugansk People’s Republic spokesman Vladimyr Inogorodskikh told Interfax on Tuesday.”

Without Donetsk rest of Ukraine would be bankrupt and much poorer – political analyst – from VoiceOfRussia.com – “…there are two possible choices that Poroshenko can make. Now it is quite obvious that the victory is not possible but there is a possibility for Poroshenko to stop fighting and admit that he has to negotiate with the southeast. The other choice is to intensify the operation, but this is a military logic but not a political one… Donetsk makes 23% of GDP and 13% of industrial production in Ukraine… Actually, this economic aspect is the real basement for the current military conflict, because Donbas doesn’t want to pay bills of Kiev and Kiev is not ready to discuss the conditions that could satisfy Donetsk Republic.”

Bill_Gates-the-catTime for Congress to Probe Bill Gates’ Education Coup – The revelation that education policy was shaped by one unelected, wealthy man is ample reason for congressional hearings – by Diane Ravitch, Alternet.org – “Who knew that federalism could so easily be dismissed as a relic of history? Who knew that Gates and Duncan, working as partners, could dismantle and destroy state and local control of education?.. The revelation that education policy was shaped by one unelected man, underwriting dozens of groups. and allied with the Secretary of Education, whose staff was laced with Gates’ allies, is ample reason for Congressional hearings.”

German man locked up over HVB bank allegations may have been telling truth – Gustl Mollath was put in a psychiatric unit for claiming his wife was involved in money-laundering at the Bavarian bank. But seven years on evidence has emerged that could set him free – by Kate Connolly, TheGuardian.com – “Mollath was tried in 2006 after his ex-wife accused him of causing her physical harm. He denied the charges, claiming she was trying to sully his name in the light of the evidence he allegedly had against her. He was admitted to the clinic, where he has remained against his will ever since.”

From the You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up Desk: Argentina appoints new secretary of ‘national thought’ – Cristina Kirchner appoints ‘national thought’ secretary, promoting criticism of the fascist overtones of the post – from Agence France Presse via Telegraph.co.uk

Yuriy ProdanUkraine rejects Putin’s gas discounts offer – from FoxNews.com – “Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuri Prodan told Russian news agencies on Wednesday that Kiev found the deal unacceptable… Prodan said Ukraine was seeking a price lower than the $385 per 1,000 cubic meters. The minister said the Ukrainian government now believes that arbitration is the best option to solve the dispute.”

Obama Endorses Australian-Style Gun Confiscation – President ignores drop in gun crime, applauds Australian gun confiscation – by Mikael Thalen, Infowars.com – “Ironically, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study on gun violence ordered by the President last year reached similar conclusions… ‘Firearm-related death rates for youth ages 15 to 19 declined from 1994 to 2009,’ the report states. ‘The number of public mass shootings of the type that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School accounted for a very small fraction of all firearm-related deaths.’.. The study even pointed to the benefits of concealed firearm carry for protection against criminals, yet another point that interferes with the Obama Administration’s gun control agenda… ‘Almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million per year’ the report reads… ‘Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was ‘used’ by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies.’.. Reports from the Bureau of Justice Statistics also reveal that school shootings are not becoming the “norm” as the President suggested.”

Iraq Isis Crisis: Mass Executions of Civilians and Soldiers in Mosul, Say UN – by Jack Moore, IBTimes.co.uk – “A UN spokesman says the number of killings could run into the hundreds. Unconfirmed reports say 1,700 Shia soldiers have been executed… “We’ve also had reports suggesting that the government forces have also committed excesses, in particular the shelling of civilian areas on 6 and 8 June,” said UN human rights spokesman Rupert Colville… ‘There are claims that up to 30 civilians may have been killed.’ ”

Man Uses Cannabis Oil to Successfully Treat Another Incurable Disease – COPD – by Paul Fassa, NaturalSociety.com – “Jeff found COPD sufferers online who had resolved their COPD issues with cannabis oil, so he networked with them and found his own sources for cannabis oil. After only two months of using the oil, Jeff went off oxygen and all the pharmaceuticals he had been prescribed. He now walks two to five miles daily and claims cannabis oil has allowed him ‘to get his life back’.”

For the week of 6/2/14:

Ban-Glyphosate New Study Shows Why Roundup Herbicide (Glyphosate) Should Be Banned – A growing body of research indicates that Roundup herbicide and its metabolite, AMPA, are vastly more toxic than the public is being told. Activist sentiment aside, the scientific research itself increasingly points to banning this herbicide as the only logical solution – by Sayer Ji, ActivistPost.com – “Additionally, researchers discovered that, ‘AMPA displayed a direct cytogenetic toxicity which was 1000 fold higher than that of its parent compound [glyphosate].’ Since AMPA – the breakdown product of glyphosate — is a ubiquitous toxicant, found in all glyphosate exposed plant food, and is known to persist for prolonged durations in the environment (76–240 days in soil), and is even produced in the mammalian liver following consumption of glyphosate contaminated food, the significance of this finding can not be underestimated.”

Pelosi-But-We-Have-To-PassMinistry of Propaganda: White House deploys Twitter ‘strike teams’ to shape Obamacare conversation – by J. D. Heyes, NaturalNews.com – “…the Obama administration and congressional Democrats are launching an all-out effort to defend their not-so-popular Affordable Care Act, and the use of social media is a huge part of that push… Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), who has taken up leading the effort in the Senate, appeared on a call with Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), which was hosted by the liberal Center for American Progress. They said that not only was it possible to run on Obamacare, but to win on it… A number of Senate Democrats are in close reelection races, and polling suggests it is precisely because of fallout from Obamacare. And while the administration and top Democrats are trying to put a smiley face on the law and their sole involvement in passing it, the fact is if they didn’t think they were in trouble because of it, this propaganda push would not be necessary.”

The Velocity Of Money In The U.S. Falls To An All-Time Record Low – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “When an economy is healthy, there is lots of buying and selling and money tends to move around quite rapidly. Unfortunately, the U.S. economy is the exact opposite of that right now. In fact, as I will document below, the velocity of M2 has fallen to an all-time record low… And, if we are honest, we have to admit that we are seeing signs of this all around us. Major retailers are closing down stores at the fastest pace since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, consumer confidence is down, trading revenues at the big Wall Street banks are way down, and the steady decline in home sales is more than just a little bit alarming… In addition, the employment situation in this country is much less promising than we have been led to believe. According to a report put out by the Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee, an all-time record one out of every eight men in their prime working years are not in the labor force…”

Olle_Johansson Neuroscientist Exposes Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields – by Kevin Samson, ActivistPost.com – “He also asserts that all people are hypersensitive to EMFs and are being radiated in the classical way that we would think of as related to major events such as Fukushima. The health effects are long term – including DNA fragmentation – and also must be addressed as a cumulative threat… At the very least, Professor Johansson asserts, EMFs very easily can be linked to a growing number of allergies, and he urges us to re-evaluate the rise in allergic conditions in tandem with the rise in the use of electronic devices.”

Should a Mental Illness Mean You Lose Your Kid? – Mindi has never harmed her daughter and is capably raising a son, but authorities took her daughter under a concept sometimes called “predictive neglect.” – by Seth Freed Wessler, Alternet.org

The BBC: Masters of Black Propaganda – ‘Nation shall Speak Truth unto Nation’ – The Ironic BBC motto – by Dr. David Halpin, GlobalResearch.ca – “Political clout gives power to the BBC by the appointment of its trust chairman. The status quo is ensured by the ‘great and the good’ who join that board. The Director General, formerly Thompson and now Hall, run and steer this complex and essentially clever workforce. (9) Who decides to blacken the Husseins, Ghaddafis and Assad on the way to annihilation against all law? I suspect the majority of successful applicants for posts as editors and journalists come from Oxbridge and universities like Exeter, the same places where MI5 and 6 recruit. Their conservatism is obvious and their compliance certain.”

Bond Market Bubble in grave danger of collapse, New RBS crisis sign of endemic financial corruption: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on The Kaiser Report:

US tripled military aid to Kiev in three months – from PressTV.ir – “(U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine) Geoffrey Pyatt said Washington provided the aid with an emphasis on increasing the combat efficiency of Kiev’s border guards, the Interfax reported on Friday.”

What must the EU do to survive? Flexibility must be the foundation of any new blueprint – by Mats Persson, Independent.co.uk – “What if we could start from scratch and build a new European Union more equipped to handle the economic and democratic realities of the 21st century? What would it look like?”

JTTF-policePeaceful Protest in America is Now Categorized As “Terrorism” – Anyone Who Questions the Powers-That-Be May Be Labelled a “Terrorist” – by Washington’s Blog, GlobalResearch.ca – “The Executive Director of the Intelligence Fusion Division, also the Joint Terrorism Task Force Director, for the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department circulated a 30-page report tracking the Occupy Movement in towns and cities across the country created by the trade association the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).”

Debt Collectors Have Figured Out A Way To Seize Your Wages And Savings – by Hunter Stuart, HuffingtonPost.com – “As the debt industry has ballooned over the past decade, collectors’ lawsuits against consumers have skyrocketed. A study published last year found there were more than 200,000 cases filed in New York in 2011 alone… Using litigation to get consumers to pay off old debts has proven a lucrative tool for such firms. For the four debt-buying companies that disclose their earnings to the public, income from legal collections rose from $582 million to more than $1 billion between 2009 and 2012, according to a recent report by the Center for Responsible Lending, a research group that fights predatory lending practices.”

Backlash over Britain’s first secret terror trial: MPs call for urgent debate over plans to set ‘dangerous precedent’ by holding case behind closed doors – by Chris Greenwood and James Slack, Dailymail.co.uk – “The case – in which a judge declared he would try two suspected terrorists entirely behind closed doors – was described as a ‘dangerous precedent’ which will change the British legal landscape forever… Last night, Labour MP David Winnick, who sits on the Commons Home Affairs Committee, said MPs must be given a chance to debate such an important matter.”

Half of Yemen on the verge of starvation: UN – from english.Al-Akhbar.com – “The country is struggling with endemic poverty, political instability, large-scale displacement of Yemenis and refugee influxes from other countries, civil strife and rife insecurity… At the same time, Yemen is particularly vulnerable to international hikes in food prices, since it imports up to 90 percent of its main staple foods like wheat and sugar”

Middle School Students Who Complained Over Dress Code Suspended for “Terroristic Threat” – Zero tolerance policy in schools reaches new level of hysteria – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

Computer-BrainNew Mind Reading Research Aims to Synchronize Humans – by Nicholas West, ActivistPost.com – “When seen in small context via individual bland and bright scientific press releases like the ones above, it becomes easy to miss the wider picture. Research on the human brain is being invested in all over the world. The staggering amounts being spent are done with the belief that the payoffs will also be staggering. Along the way, we might also be wise to consider the staggering implications if not all of this is for noble ends.”

Fasting for three days can regenerate entire immune system, study finds – by Sarah Knapton, Telegraph.co.uk – “The researchers say fasting “flips a regenerative switch” which prompts stem cells to create brand new white blood cells, essentially regenerating the entire immune system… ‘It gives the ‘OK’ for stem cells to go ahead and begin proliferating and rebuild the entire system,’ said Prof Valter Longo, Professor of Gerontology and the Biological Sciences at the University of California.”

DU Contamination of Europe: Why the EU resists US warmongering in the Ukraine – by Chris Busby and Saoirse Morgan, StateOfTheNation2012.com – “The errors in the ICRP model, which is based on external irradiation following an acute large dose, are particularly important when considering internal radioactive particles and DNA seeking isotopes. The uranium weapons aerosols are in both these categories since the particles have mean diameters below 1 micrometer and are respirable and when translocated to the tissue from the lungs via the lymphatic circulation can cause high uranium ion concentrations in cells.”

Vehicle_RansackedPolice Can Ransack Your Vehicle Without Your Presence? – by Amanda Warren, ActivistPost.com – ” ‘Sir, your car was checked by TPD K-9. The vehicle was searched for marijuana due to a strong odor coming from the passenger side of the vehicle. Any questions call Cpl Fanning.’.. That was the only notice left behind. Of course, no drugs were actually found… Unfortunately, they ripped out the very materials he needs to run his business – like horns that no longer work and expensive electronics. And they are going to fight any legal attempts for compensation.”

Sheriff Calls Homeland Security on Journalist for Requesting Public Records – DHS leveraged as tool of intimidation – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com – ‘ “I think that’s very alarming and very disturbing that a law enforcement officer can do a background check, and in this case actually drove in to check my residence in person just because I filed a public records request with his agency,” Friedmann said.’

Putin-Poroshenko-Merkel-capVladimir Putin in D-day peace talks with Ukraine president – Russian president welcomes call from Petro Poroshenko to end bloodshed in east after 15-minute face-to-face meeting – from AP via TheGuardian.com – ” ‘If it continues like that, then conditions will be created for developing our relations in other areas, including the economy,’ Putin said. He specified that Moscow is ready to lower gas price for Ukraine if it pays off its debt for previous supplies, easing fears of a gas shutdown to Europe dependent upon gas pipelines that cross Ukraine.”

Ukrainian Forces Launch Armored Attack on Slaviansk Suburbs – from en.ria.ru – “Ukraine’s Slaviansk has been the epicenter of running battles over the past weeks. On Tuesday the fighting near Slaviansk and Krasnyi Lyman claimed the lives of 300 self-defense officers and left about 500 injured, according to the national Special Forces… The Ukrainian side lost two fighters. 45 soldiers were injured.”

Air strikes by Ukrainian army leave Sloviansk without electricity – from en.Itar-Tass.com – Massive air strikes and artillery shelling by the Ukrainian army on June 3-4 damaged the town’s central water supply system and water supplies to Sloviansk, Kramatorsk and a number of nearby villages were interrupted. By now, water supplies have been resumed to a number of populated localities.

Rassmussen-EnablerNATO using Ukraine to syphon more money from EU – from StratRisks.com – “Oana Lungescu, NATO spokeswoman, said that NATO defense ministers would go through measures against Russia when they meet in Brussels on June 3. She said, the review could include ‘enhanced air patrols over the Baltic states, AWACS surveillance planes over Poland and Romania, more exercises, and an enhanced naval presence by NATO allies from the Baltic to the Black Sea.’ ”

Economist: U.S. Banks Preparing to Charge Customers For Deposits – Negative interest rates coming to USA – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com – “Armstrong, who is noted for calling the 1987 economic crash to the very day, warns that U.S. banks are preparing a raft of new account fees that will serve as a de facto negative interest rate… ‘In the USA, we are more-likely-than-not going to get the negative rates directly passed to consumers by the banks who will claim it is the Fed who will do so at the requests of the banks. Larry Summers has set the stage. This is just how it works. He flew the balloon to get everyone ready. This is likely to be bullish for the stock market,’ writes Armstrong, noting that, ‘The talk behind the curtain is to impose negative interest rates on the consumer.’ ”

Thai police: We’ll ‘get you’ for junta criticismn – from AP via WashingtonPost.com – “The Technology Crime Suppression Division, a police unit that is working with the army, cited Thursday’s capture of a leading organizer of anti-coup protests as a lesson to everyone in the country using social media… Police tracked Sombat Boonngam-anong’s IP address to learn where he was after he made Facebook postings calling for protests against the May 22 coup, said police Maj. Gen. Pisit Paoin, who handled the arrest.”

Mary FallinOklahoma, South Carolina Governors Repeal Common Core Standards – Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin said the words ‘Common Core’ are so divisive they’ve become a distraction – by Allie Bidwell, USNews.com – “Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, a Republican who has supported the standards, signed HB 3399 Thursday afternoon, which requires the state to return to the standards in place before Common Core was adopted in 2010, and the state board of education to develop “new, more rigorous standards,” by August 2016. In South Carolina, Gov. Nikki Haley, a Republican who has been an outspoken opponent of the standards, signed a bill May 30 that seeks to replace the standards for the 2015-16 school year. Common Core will still be used in South Carolina for the coming school year.”

Monsanto, Syngenta, Pioneer et al.: Through Political Cooptation and Corruption, the GMO Biotech Sector is “Kicking Open the Door to Europe” – by Colin Todhunter, RINF.com – “As is the case with the UK, in India GMO biotech corporations are forming government backed ‘public-private partnerships’ to gain a financially lucrative, strategic stranglehold in agriculture, not least in setting the research and policy development agenda, in an attempt to force GM products into the country (14,15). And, as in the UK, the whole situation reeks of vested interests and the government working hand in glove with the GMO biotech sector (16).”

Children Receive 80 Vaccinations Throughout Childhood – New Links to Autism Found – by Arjun Walia, WakingTimes.com – “A massive increase in immunization has occurred. In the United States for example since just 1999 children are scheduled to routinely receive over 80 additional vaccines over their childhood. The increase in immunization has been followed by a huge increase in inflammation associated disorders like autism.”

Robert_Stephen_Ford-butterWho is Ambassador Robert Stephen Ford? The Architect of US Sponsored Terrorism in Syria – by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, GlobalResearch.ca – “Negroponte’s mandate as US ambassador to Iraq (together with Robert S. Ford) was to coordinate out of the US embassy, the covert support to death squads and paramilitary groups in Iraq with a view to fomenting sectarian violence and weakening the resistance movement. Robert S. Ford as “Number Two” (Minister Counsellor for Political Affairs) at the US Embassy in Baghdad played a central role in this endeavor.”

Obamacare: watch out, here comes “predictive modeling” – by Jon Rappoport, ActivistPost.com – “Predictive modeling (PM) has grown to be a linchpin of care management. Health plans, integrated delivery systems, and other health care organizations (HCOs) increasingly channel their patients to interventions based in part on what they deduce from predictive models that have traditionally been run against databases of administrative claims. In this arena, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) [Obamacare] is likely to exert a profound effect.”

June 7th combat SITREP – Poroshenko’s Message to Novorossiia and Russia – By The Saker and Juan, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Donbas also took two army bases that same day. So score for that day is Donbas lost Krasni Limon and took Border Control HQ, two army bases and took control of about 90 kilometers of border when the actual border guards on duty loaded up all in to their cars and went to Rostov across the border with their families… The Ukes also lost, confirmed, 2 Mi24’s and one Su25 with one Mi24 and one SU25 as probables. At least one other Mi24 was damaged by anti aircraft fire and was forced to land hard. Most everyone on that bird was wounded, don’t know how bad the bird was damaged… All in all the Ukes got a bloody nose. Donbas Army losses were not small especially considering their wounded being killed in hospital.”

Poroshenko sets out Ukraine’s European destiny, warns adversaries – by Tim Lister, CNN.com – “The message to Russia and to President Vladimir Putin, whom Poroshenko met on the sidelines of the D-Day commemorations in France on Friday, was twofold. Ukraine could never be reconciled to the annexation of Crimea “which is and always will be part of Ukraine,” he said, drawing a standing ovation from parliamentarians.”

Buthayna_Hammad-w-flagHouston stadium security detains soccer fan for waving Palestinian flag as ‘racial slur’ – by Annie Robbins, MondoWeiss.com – “Another publication, Houston Press, (Security Didn’t Want Her Waving Palestinian Flag During Israel Game in Houston) attempted to contact the security manager Nathan Buchanan, but he’s not making himself available. A spokeswoman for BBVA Compass Stadium, Gina Rotola, appears to be walking back the inflammatory ‘racist’ allegation. She told Houston Press that ‘A national flag from any country cannot be a racial slur, so if any statement of that nature were used, it would have been made incorrectly by an individual trying to deescalate a situation.’.. Which begs the question, deescalate what situation?”

The Big Risk Of Nano-Materials In Your Food – by Luis Miranda, TheSleuthJournal.com – “Recently, the organization Friends of Earth (FoE) published a report titled Small Ingredients, Big Risks, which details how the food industry uses technology to secretly add unlabeled metals such as silver to well-known products like cheese, chocolate, milk, soda, candy, soy, almond, and rice beverages, mints, gum, popcorn, salad dressing and oils, yogurt, cereal, crackers, pasta, and sports drinks. These products are manufactured by some of the biggest names in the food industry, including Kraft, General Mills, Hershey, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Smucker’s and Albertsons.”

Mercury in influenza vaccines found to be 100 times higher than Australian limit for complementary medicine – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “A 2010 scientific study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health (2) sought to determine whether vaccines administered to children in Australia still contained mercury. The Australian government and medical authorities have been lying to the public, you see, claiming all mercury had been removed from pediatric vaccines… This study tested pediatric vaccines for mercury in much the same way I tested the influenza vaccine for mercury in my own lab. And the conclusion of the study speaks for itself”

Starfish-Disintegrate28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima – by Michael Snyder, GlobalResearch.ca – “20. One recent study concluded that a very large plume of cesium-137 from the Fukushima disaster will start flowing into U.S. coastal waters early next year… Ocean simulations showed that the plume of radioactive cesium-137 released by the Fukushima disaster in 2011 could begin flowing into U.S. coastal waters starting in early 2014 and peak in 2016… 21. It is being projected that significant levels of cesium-137 will reach every corner of the Pacific Ocean by the year 2020.”

Oregon’s GMO sellout: How Governor John Kitzhaber caved to corporate pressure – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com – “The new law was sneakily added by state Republicans to an unrelated bill dealing with funding for public employee retirement and education, according to The Progressive. It emerged following talks throughout the state of imposing local bans on GM crops, as Oregon has long been a “home rule” state that recognizes both chartered and non-chartered counties as having autonomous freedom to establish their own rules and guidelines, independent from the state.”

Susan_Rice-In-the-ServiceUS sending ‘lethal and non-lethal’ aid to Syria militants: Rice – from PressTV.ir – ” ‘The United States has ramped up its support for the moderate vetted opposition, providing lethal and non-lethal support where we can to support both the civilian opposition and the military opposition,’ Rice said… The Obama administration has said it is working with Congress on ramping up support for the foreign-sponsored militants in Syria. The US has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the insurgents… US officials have refused to say whether Rice was announcing a new US policy. They have also declined to comment on the details of the support to the militants.”

The Palestinian government has slammed a decision by Australia to stop referring to East al-Quds (Jerusalem) as a territory “occupied” by the Israeli regime – from PressTV.ir – Chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat stated in a protest letter written to Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop that the term ‘occupation’ is not judgmental, but a recognition of the “legal fact” that Israel occupies the Palestinian territories… Erekat said Australia’s refusal to use the term ‘occupation’ with regards to East al-Quds shows that Australia ‘has no interest in complying with its duty under international law not to recognize the illegal Israeli settlement regime in Palestinian territory.’ ”

For the week of 5/26/14:

Vladimir-Putin-binocsPutin sees chance to break up NATO, EU: Analyst – by Paul Craig Roberts, PressTV.ir – “Putin can take the Ukraine back whenever he wants and turn his back on the West, a declining corrupt entity mired in depression and looting by the capitalist class. The 21st century belongs to the East, to China and India. The enormous expanse of Russia sits above both of these most populous of all countries”

Ukip Wins European Elections With Ease To Set Off Political Earthquake – For the first time in modern history, neither Labour nor Conservatives have won a British national election – by Patrick Wintour and Nicholas Watt, InformationClearingHouse.info – “The main parties moved on Sunday to show they regarded the Ukip threat as serious. Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, announced that he aims to halve the amount of time – from six to three months – that EU migrants can claim benefits. Ed Miliband will move to show that he acknowledges the threat posed by Ukip on Tuesday when he visits the marginal constituency of Thurrock where his party lost control of the council after a strong showing by Ukip.”

DirivativesThe Size Of The Derivatives Bubble Hanging Over The Global Economy Hits A Record High – by Michael Snyder, TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com – “In other words, a derivative does not have any intrinsic value. It is essentially a side bet. Most commonly, derivative contracts have to do with the movement of interest rates. But there are many, many other kinds of derivatives as well. People are betting on just about anything and everything that you can imagine, and Wall Street has been transformed into the largest casino in the history of the planet.”

Ukraine says it controls Donetsk airport after fighting leaves dozens dead – Putin calls on Ukraine to end ‘punitive’ operation as rebel says at least 30 fighters’ bodies have been delivered to hospital – by Alec Luhn and Shaun Walker, TheGuardian.com – “The exact death toll from Monday’s battle remains unclear, but at one central morgue in Donetsk a police investigator said he had seen a list of 33 people. Medics claimed there were 43 fighters from the Donetsk “People’s Republic” and one civilian at the morgue. During the day more bodies arrived, many of them in a disfigured state or missing limbs. Most of them died in fighting around the airport, though some may also have been killed when trucks carrying injured fighters were hit as they drove back to Donetsk.”

On Nakba Day, Israelis Forced to Confront a Guilty Secret – by Jonathan Cook, GlobalResearch.ca – “Last week media around the world reported on one such venture: a phone app called iNakba that maps the hundreds of destroyed villages across Israel. Briefly it became one of the most popular iPhone downloads, connecting refugees through new technology. iNakba visibly restores a Palestine that Israel hoped literally to have wiped off the map.”

BreedloveCzech Republic: ‘No NATO Troops on Our Soil’ – from 21stCenturyWire and RT.com – ““We know well how any permanent stationing (of troops) is still a problem. I belong to a generation that experienced the 80,000 Soviet troops based here during the period of (post 1968) ‘normalization’ and it is still a bit of a psychological problem,” (Czech Defense Minister) Stropinsky told Reuters in an interview… However, he said that expanded cooperation on training and other measures would not be problem… ‘Raising the alliance’s presence on our territory in various modifications, yes. But when it comes to actual units, I am rather skeptical,’ he said… Stropinsky’s comments come in contrast to NATO’s top military commander, US Air Force General Philip Breedlove, who said last week that the alliance should permanently station troops in Eastern Europe as a result of increased tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine.”

Dirty Electricity: The invisible health threat – by Jonathan Landsman, NaturalNews.com – “Most of the major cities throughout the world had electricity by the early 1900s. By studying the United States census of population, Dr. Milham discovered (by 1940) that ‘urban (electrified) death rates were much higher than rural (unelectrified) rates for cardiovascular diseases, malignant diseases, diabetes and suicide. In conclusion, Dr. Milham is convinced that the epidemic rise in chronic disease is directly related to the electrification of our society.”

Replay from 2012: The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water – by Jo-Shing Yang, GlobalResearch.ca – “The second disturbing trend is that while the new water barons are buying up water all over the world, governments are moving fast to limit citizens’ ability to become water self-sufficient (as evidenced by the well-publicized Gary Harrington’s case in Oregon, in which the state criminalized the collection of rainwater in three ponds located on his private land, by convicting him on nine counts and sentencing him for 30 days in jail).”

FriedmanMemorial Day 2050 – oped by Thomas L. Friedman, NYTimes.com – “The question is how do we motivate people to do something about it at the scale required, when many remain skeptical or preoccupied with the demands of daily life — and when climate scientists themselves caution that it is impossible to attribute any single weather event to climate change, even if recent weather extremes fit their models of exactly how things will play out as the planet warms… Andrew Sullivan’s Dish blog last week linked to a very novel approach offered by Thomas Wells, a Dutch philosopher: Since climate change and environmental degradation pit the present against the future, our generation versus those unborn, we should start by giving the future a voice in our present politics.” – Friedman presents the epitome of weasel propaganda: Save the unborn, hang the “deniers,” Slavery is Freedom!

Inside the Ring: Memo outlines Obama’s plan to use the military against citizens – by Bill Gertz, WashingtonTimes.com – “The troubling aspect of the directive outlines presidential authority for the use of military arms and forces, including unarmed drones, in operations against domestic unrest… ‘This appears to be the latest step in the administration’s decision to use force within the United States against its citizens,’ said a defense official opposed to the directive.”

D_Rockefeller-J_RothschildGlobalization’s Game of Thrones, Part 2: Managing the Wealth of the World’s Dynasties – by AndrewGavinMarshall.com – “Thus, when Lord Jacob Rothschild – who managed the British Rothschild’s family trust, RIT Capital Partners – announced that RIT would be purchasing a 37% stake in Rockefeller Financial Services in May of 2012 for an ‘undisclosed sum,’ it was announced as a ‘strategic partnership’ that would allow the Rothschilds to gain ‘a much sought-after foothold in the US,’ representing a ‘transatlantic union’ that officially unites the two family patriarchs of David Rockefeller and Jacob Rothschild, ‘whose personal relationship spans five decades.’ ”

9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators? – by Michael Thomas, StoryLeak.com

Belgian government applies retroactive tax and removes funds from citizens’ bank accounts – by Brad Edwards, SOTT.net – “This law is retroactive back to July 2008, which means Belgian investors are now on the hook for a handful of new capital gains taxes about which they were never informed… The investment was originally priced at 1000 Euros. During the economic crisis, the fund dropped to 815 Euros, and when it expired, it was worth 1004 Euros. But beause of the Belgian government’s new rules, the fund’s investors are being taxed for capital gains of 189 Euros. ”

Police State High: School Bans Backpacks, Seals Lockers, Forces Bathroom Registrations – BY Mac Slavo, ActivistPost.com – “For the last two weeks of the school year, students at Wantagh High School — located about 34 miles east of New York City — are being forced to carry their books and belongings in plastic bags, sign in and out to use the bathroom and submit to searches when entering the building. But the sealing up of lockers took school security to a new level.”

PoroshenkoPoroshenko vows to punish rebels who shot down Ukraine helicopter – President-elect pledges to do everything to stop further deaths after attack over Slavyansk kills 14, including army general – by Alec Luhn, TheGuardian.com – “If the Ukrainian military’s aggression continues, many people will join the rebellion,” Rostislav said. “If my friends fighting with the rebels are hurt, or if my home is damaged, I won’t run away, I’ll take up weapons and join.”

IMF board approves $4.6 bln in aid for Greece – from UK.Reuters.com – “But the country’s total debt is still about 175 percent of its annual economic output, a level economists consider as unaffordable in the long run. The IMF believes Greece must bring debt down to 110 percent of GDP by 2022 to keep it sustainable.”

Renowned Israeli Economist Predicts Economic Catastrophe for Israel – by RichardSilverstein.com – “It won’t happen in two years. I’m talking about trends. Take the ultra-Orthodox, for example. They make up 8.5-9% of the total population. What will happen when their children grow up? We won’t be able to manage. That is why we have to reach their school-age children today. There isn’t much time left. Half of those children don’t even get a developing world education, so there is no way that they can maintain a developed world economy… When it comes to the ultra-Orthodox, the main emphasis should be on educating their children. There is no modern country apart from Israel that allows parents to prevent their children from receiving the education they need. There are things that every child must know.”
How Democracy Got Shredded, and Re-Shredded – by Andrew McKillop, 21stCenturyWire.com – “The establishment’s facade is crumbling before our eyes, and they are scared. They know that when the game of musical chairs is finally over, there will be hell to pay – and all eyes will be on the cronies and elites this time…How long we have to accept that is not up to the glove puppets and their bosses, it’s up to us – the people.”

For the week of 5/12/14:

Casey-HunterCatastrophic Meltdown Coming to America – Doug Casey (w/video) – by Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog.com – “Doug Casey of Caseyresearch.com predicts, ‘When interest rates inevitably go up from these artificially suppressed levels where they are now, the bond market is going to collapse, the stock market is going to collapse, and with it, the real estate market is going to collapse. These pension funds are going to be wiped out. Then what’s going to happen? This is a very bad situation. The U.S. is digging itself in deeper and deeper.’.. ‘There’s no way out,’ according to Casey. He explains, ‘It means, in the real world, there is cause and effect. Actions have consequences . . . . What could happen? You could have lots of bank failures. You could have a stock market crash. All this money that the government has created has bulled up the stock market to new highs. So, the next step is likely to be down.’ ”

The Creeping Hand of Fascism in America. Indefinite Military Detention and the NDAA – by Binoy Kampmark, GlobalResearch.ca- “In declining to hear the case of Hedges v Obama and declining to review the NDAA, the Supreme Court has turned its back on precedent dating back to the Civil War era that holds that the military cannot police the streets of America. Carl Mayer, Attorney for Chris Hedges, May 2014”

Gen_Samir_al-SheikhIsrael Assassinates Syrian General – by Richard Silverstein, GlobalResearch.ca – “…Israel has actually sent commando teams into Syrian territory to liaise with Druze rebel fighters. For this reason, Assad has been willing to mount reciprocal attacks against Israeli forces letting them know that he’s unhappy with such Israeli intervention. Israel’s assassination of one of his senior generals is yet another “message” from Israel about its red lines.”

The Odessa Massacre – What REALLY Happened – from SCGNews.com – “Contrary to what the mainstream media has tried to convince you, it’s not at all a mystery how the fire started in Odessa, Ukraine and it’s not at all a mystery who started it. We owe it to the victims to expose what really happened.” – Comprehensive and well written article, highly recommended

East Ukraine Votes for Independence – But There’s a Problem – from SCGNews.com – “The people of eastern Ukraine didn’t vote to join Russia, they voted to form their own republic. They haven’t held an election or even a constitutional convention to determine how the region will organize itself or how decisions will be made. Even if they had conducted elections, sending requesting integration into the Russian Federation isn’t the kind of decision that an elected president could make unilaterally. It would require a second referendum specifically addressing that question.”

Jim Willie: BRICS 80 Preparing To Take Down The Dollar – by VidRebel.wordpress.com – “The Chinese are playing a much more sophisticated game. Their goal is to take down the dollar and the British pound but not to hurt their customers in Africa, Latin America, Australia and elsewhere. He thinks a Northern euro will emerge leaving southern Europe and France far behind. Italy’s future was hurt when they mistakenly decided to send half of their gold to New York. That gold is in Asia along with the bullion from the Netherlands and Germany. Dr Willie agrees with Jim Rickards who says the dollar will be devalued 80%. This will make imported goods 500% more expensive. And it will also enable foreigners to buy food off the shelves of America and Great Britain. Please note that the British pound is being targeted by the BRICS 80 as well… The Federal Reserve balance sheet has grown from $800 billion in 2009 to $3.9 trillion today. That is almost a 500% increase in less than 5 years. You would think that would be inflationary. But the federal government lies about employment, economic outlook and inflation. John Williams at Shadow Stats says the inflation rate is really almost 9%. Since GDP is flat, the real economy after factoring in the inflation rate is contracting at 9%.”

Ben_FulfordBenjamin Fulford – May 12, 2014: Lots of chatter about arrests, take-down of Zionist/Nazi cabal – from HipKnowSys.blogspot.mx – Some of Ben’s best recent work, covering the ongoing global power shift to the BRICS coalition, link found on Jim Stone Freelance

Former CIA director: ‘We kill people based on metadata’ – from RT.com – “As NSA General Counsel Stewart Baker has said, ‘metadata absolutely tells you everything about somebody’s life. If you have enough metadata, you don’t really need content.’.. ‘When I quoted Baker at a recent debate at Johns Hopkins University, my opponent, General Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA and the CIA, called Baker’s comment ‘absolutely correct,’ and raised him one, asserting, ‘We kill people based on metadata.’.. Hayden paused after making this statement – around the 18 minute mark of the video – and then qualified it by adding, ‘but that’s not what we do with this metadata’.” – Right.

Maniac-copThe Psychopathology of Police Violence – by Andy Dilks, WakingTimes.com – With no chance of reform from within and equally little likelihood of police institutions being overhauled from the political arena, it appears as if the current brutal status quo may be here to stay. However, just as psychopathic individuals fear exposure more than anything else, so too do psychopathic institutions dread the prospect of their crimes being revealed to the masses. While it may appear as if the current situation is intractable, the efforts of the citizens of Albuquerque and elsewhere to expose, shame and potentially force criminal police officers out of their positions of power could be the decisive factor in bringing their crimes to an end.”

Academi-Guys Russian Foreign Minister Demands Obama Reply to Claim U.S. Mercenaries in Ukraine – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com – “On Wednesday the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said Russia has “very strong” suspicions about Academi inside Ukraine. Lavrov and the Russian government are demanding a response from the Obama administration on the issue.”

Donetsk People’s Republic announces sanctions against US, EU – from VoiceOfRussia,com – “The head of the Central Election Commission of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Roman Lyagin, has said he is perplexed by the latest sanctions introduced by the European Union in response to the situation in Ukraine, adding that these sanctions do not pose any threat to him… ‘Such an assessment on my part stems from the fact that we have done nothing wrong. The referendum held in the Donetsk region was aimed at stopping the escalation of violence and transferring this problem to a humanitarian dimension,’ he said.”

Willie-lyingWilliam Hague deceived House of Commons over Ukraine – by David Morrison, RINF.com – “Thus, Article 111 obliges the Rada to establish a special investigatory commission to formulate charges against the president, seek evidence to justify the charges and come to conclusions about the president’s guilt for the Rada to consider… Prior to a final vote to remove a president from power, it requires: (a) the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to review the case and certify that the constitutional procedure of investigation and consideration has been followed, and (b) the Supreme Court of Ukraine must certify that the acts of which the President is accused are worthy of impeachment… The Rada didn’t follow this procedure at all. No investigatory commission was established and the Courts were not involved. On 22 February 2014, the Rada simply passed a bill removing President Yanukovych from office.”

From the Ramp-Up-The-Propaganda Desk: Climate Change Deemed Growing Security Threat by Military Researchers – by Coral Davenport, NYTimes.com – “In addition, the report predicted that an increase in catastrophic weather events around the world will create more demand for American troops, even as flooding and extreme weather events at home could damage naval ports and military bases… In an interview, Secretary of State John Kerry signaled that the report’s findings would influence American foreign policy. – “Of course, we already had the foreign policy ready FOR the influence…”

Fabius-KerryCountdown to ‘Chaos’: Diplomat Predicts How Many Days We Have Left Before Climate Disaster – by Fred Lucas, TheBlaze.com – ““We have 500 days to avoid the climate chaos,” Fabius said in French… Kerry added, ‘Thank you very much. Do you want to say anything? He speaks perfect English. Do you want to say anything?’ – You can’t make this stuff up. Guess the BIG PUSH is on to put climate fascism into place…

Wow! An Israeli government minister speaks the truth! – by Alan Hart, VeteransNewsNow.com – Tzipi Livni: “The settlers want to prevent us from living a normal life and do not accept the authority of the law… Settlers are preventing us from reaching a resolution… Settlement construction makes it impossible to defend Israel around the world” – Guess the “settlers” are getting thrown under the bus, as Livni positions herself to advance with the winds of change…

Protesters Take Over Albuquerque City Council And Attempt To Arrest Police Chief – by Michael Krieger, Newswatch.us – “The people are rightfully very upset, which led to a city council meeting being taken over on May 5th by protesters. This display of civil disobedience even led to an attempt to serve Police Chief Gorden Eden with an citizen’s arrest warrant. As a result of the protest, the city council moved to prevent protests at their latest meeting, which may lead to free speech related lawsuits.”

No more US GPS stations in Russia from June 1 – Russian vice premier – from VoiceOfRussia.com

180px-SibylCumaeIs The Bible’s Book of Revelation A Plagiarism of the Sybelline Oracles Written in 510 BC? – from MoogleMeow.blogspot.co.uk – Orig. source – The Sibylline Revelation Ms by chacaruni – Pretty convincing evidence…

France’s GMO corn ban given final approval in senate – by PF Louis, NaturalNews.com – “France may be the only nation completely banning Roundup Ready corn (MON810 maize). The EU Commission had already approved MON810… But there are other nations, including Italy and Greece, that are grumbling about allowing GMOs. These disagreements actually started with biotech company Pioneer’s GMO maize variety, Pioneer 1507. Currently, Greece holds the presidency of the EU Council. It’s reported that they are trying to work out a compromise that will allow individual nations within the EU to opt out of GMOs if desired.”

Most Britons want to quit EU…and that’s official survey results from Brussels – DAMNING research conducted by Brussels has found that most British voters want us to quit the EU – by Alison Little, Express.co.uk – “Forty-seven per cent of Britons believe the UK should leave, with 41 per cent disagreeing and 12 per cent recorded as “don’t knows”… According to the Eurobarometer survey of nearly 28,000 people across Europe only 32 per cent thought their own country “could better face the future outside the EU”… In Britain, about 46 per cent of people were “pessimistic” about the EU’s future while a rock bottom 66 per cent said they did not trust Brussels and 34 per cent viewed the EU negatively, the detailed survey showed.”

Monsanto’s Shocking Power Grab Continues – Monsanto Moves Towards Total Dominance of the World’s Food Supply, and They’re Making Sure You’re None the Wiser – by Jason Louv, Ultraculture.org – “But pocketing the government and public opinion are minor efforts compared to the even bigger battle Monsanto won today: Reuters reports that Monsanto has settled with its main competitor, DuPont, over GMO seed technology, and that the two behemoths are now planning collaboration (with Monsanto driving). DuPont will now be allowed to produce Monsanto’s seeds, and have to pay royalty payments to do so; their stock dropped while Monsanto’s rose.”

Date With Destiny: Is Independence for Eastern Ukraine a ‘Done Deal’? – by Andrew McKillop, 21stCenturyWire.com – “Being one rare Washingtonian who faces the truth as well as the nation, Gates made an urgent plea for Washington to act on the USA’s domestic problems – not those of a failed state 10,000 miles away. He laid the blame squarely where it belongs, saying that the greatest security threat was not Russia. ‘I think the greatest national security threat to this country at this point is the two square miles that encompasses the Capitol building and the White House‘… ‘If America can’t get some of our problems solved here at home; if we can’t get our finances in a more ordered fashion, if we can’t begin to tackle some of the internal issues that we have,” then “those foreign threats recede significantly.’ ” – !!!!!

Doctor-note-4-lunchesFeds to parents: No lunches from home without doctor’s note, school lunch only – by Daisy Luther, RealPharmacy.com – “But this week at my daughter’s school, the offerings are: • Corn dog or chicken nuggets, tater tots, • Beef tostada boat or PB and J on white bread, • Pepperoni pizza or fish sticks with roll, • Pretzel sticks with cheese sauce or chicken teriyaki, • Cheeseburger or breaded chicken patty with seasoned fries… There is not one thing on that list that falls into our normal diet. Add a side of rBGH-filled milk and a corn-syrup laden “fruit cup” and you have a complete nutritional disaster.”

UFO Shoots Down Russian Rocket MAY 15th DAHB0077 Three Videos – Posted by whoissincere, BeforeItsNews.com – “a Russian (super-reliable Proton) Rocket that was carrying their most expensive and technologically advanced satellite to date and it was shot down in broad daylight… For a lack of better terms. The definitive video evidence shows us the trajectory of the unidentified flying object and it’s encounter with the quick moving rocket. The ‘encounter’ of the UFO swooping under the rocket rendered the rocket inoperable, therefore making it crash before leaving our atmosphere.” – and how much do you think that cost the Russian government?

Kevin_BarrettPanicking US government targets alternative media – End of Net Neutrality is the beginning of Official Truth – by Kevin Barrett, VeteransToday.com – “Sunstein is advocating a kinder, gentler sort of tyranny. Rather than executing or imprisoning you for spreading the truth about 9/11, the JFK assassination, Operation Northwoods, Operation Gladio, the Boston bombing, the al-Ghouta gas attack, the US-NATO coup in Ukraine, or other important historical issues, he wants to simply “disable” you with a series of ‘nudges’ that you aren’t even aware of.”

Fed Laundering Treasury Purchases to Disguise What’s Happening: Paul Craig Roberts – by Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog.com – “Why is the Fed worrying about the shell game of Treasury purchases? Dr. Roberts says, ‘I think there wasn’t any buyer for the $104 billion in one week. So, if that kind of bond sale sat unattended, interest rates would rise; and so, the Fed had to buy the bonds in order to protect its interest rate policy. But, if it outright bought them and this was known, then it starts to interfere with the ‘tapering’ that it promised to do because all of a sudden it’s not ‘tapering,’ at least not for those three months. It signals somebody is unloading Treasuries, and that could stampede others.’ ”

For the week of 5/5/14:

brzezinski-Add-a-Pinch‘I get the war, you get the money’ – who is pushing Kiev to fight? – by Dmitry Babich, VoiceOfRussia.com – “Who can derive satisfaction from such things? There is just one person, who does it publicly and unabashedly – former National Security advisor to president Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski. In his interview to The American Interest, given shortly after president Vladimir Putin started his operation in Crimea, Brzezinski hinted that Finns had a good life after WWII because they resisted Stalin’s attack in 1939-1940. Ukrainians, in Brzezinski’s opinion, could do likewise – if they fight a war against Russians.”

(Cali. State) Sen. Introduces Bill To Test Out Taxing Motorists For Every Mile They Drive – from LosAngeles.CBSLocal.com – ” ‘We want to do as Washington and Oregon have done in a much bigger state with much longer commutes…to make sure that we find out whether it would work, whether the public would like it or not,’ DeSaulnier said.”- Use tact, poise and reason, and gently squeeze them…

Bank must burst housing bubble – Force buyers to find bigger deposits, says OECD think tank, to slow booming market that could put economic recovery at risk – by James Kirkup, and Steven Swinford, Telegraph.co.uk – “However, Spencer Dale, the Bank’s new head of financial stability, last week identified the housing market as the biggest threat to financial recovery and said the country should be “nervous about what is going on in the housing market’.”

Cheney-Buh_BYEThe Beginning of the End for the Leaders Of The Free World…Humanity Awakens! – by Jeff Berwick, ActivistPost.com – “The recent cancellations come after many US leaders have had to cancel appearances as people all over the world wake up to their violent and criminal ways. Former Vice President Dick Cheney has had to cancel multiple appearances, for example, in Canada because it was “too dangerous” for him, a former leader of the ‘free world.’.. ‘Basically they felt that it would be a major security issue if Vice President Cheney came back to Canada,’ said Ryan Ruppert, president of Spectre Live Corp, which was promoting Cheney’s speech.”

Dad Arrested for Speaking Up About Pornographic Content in Required Reading for 9th Graders – by Lily Dane, TheDailySheeple.com – “William Baer, whose 14-year old daughter is a student at the school, was one of the parents who spoke out at the meeting. He was promptly arrested for doing so… Baer asked that The Daily Sun print the passage. Otherwise, he expected readers would dismiss his response as that of “an uptight, over-protective, over-reacting parent.”.. Editor Ed Engler declined, saying he thought some of the description rendered were not suitable for publication in 99 percent of daily newspapers in America, ‘Maybe 100 percent’. ‘

US Government Begins Rollout Of Its ‘Driver’s License For The Internet’ – from BlackListedNews.com – “This ‘internet driver’s license’ may be the only option the public has to do things like renew actual driver’s licenses or file taxes or complete paperwork that keeps them on the right side of federal law. Whether or not you believe the government’s assurances that it will keep your data safe from hackers, keep it out of the hands of law enforcement (without a warrant), or simply not look at it just because it’s there, matters very little. If the government decides the positives outweigh the negatives, you’ll have no choice but to participate.”

Manuel_Valls-DefendingFrance Approves Largest Austerity Package in Years – by Luis R. Miranda, Real-Agenda.com – “Citing the legitimacy of the French goverment and that of the European Union as well as the credibility of France abroad, the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, defended Tuesday the biggest cuts in public spending in modern French history.”

China Expects to Win Control of Biggest Greek Port Dubbed ‘Gateway to Europe’ – by Finbarr Bermingham, IBTimes.co.uk – “Speaking at a conference in Athens, China’s ambassador to Greece Zou Xiaoli urged Chinese companies to explore further opportunities to invest in the beleaguered Mediterranean nation, which, as a condition of its bailout programme, is auctioning any saleable assets that remain in public control.”

Virginia Proposal Would Limit How Many People You Can Have Visit Your House – by Kenric Ward, GovtSlaves.info – “John Whitehead, an attorney and president of the civil-libertarian Rutherford Institute, calls the Fairfax plan ‘nefarious.’.. ‘Broad enactments like these have governments assuming that private property is their property,’ Whitehead said in an interview with Watchdog.org… ‘If you can’t determine what goes on at your own residence, you have surrendered your rights. The Constitution is founded on property rights.’ ”

YAK-130Russia to send first batch of Yak-130 jets to Syria – from PressTV.ir – “Russia plans to deliver the first batch of subsonic two-seat advanced Yakovlev Yak-130 jet trainer/light attack aircraft to Syria by the end of this year in a show of support for President Bashar Assad’s government.”

Eating organic foods reduces pesticide exposure by nearly 90% after just one week – by David Gutierrez, NaturalNews.com

Israel holding 9 Palestinian legislators without charge or trial – by Ismael Mohamad, ElectronicIntifada.net – “As recently as 2009, nearly a third of all Palestinian legislators were held in Israeli detention, preventing the PLC (Palestinian Legislative Council) from reconvening since mid-2007.”

US-Backed Bloody Ukrainian Massacre: Disturbingly Graphic Photos – by Deborah Dupree, BeforeItsNews.com – ” ‘Radicals set the building with innocent people inside on fire in Odessa, then strangled the survivors and finished them with bats, while police did nothing to prevent the bloodshed. That’s the scary picture a survivor of the massacre told RT.’ ”

Danish Sniper(photos) Proof (?) NATO Snipers Used In Kiev Back In Feb. – from BeforeItsNews.com

Is IMF Preparing for Dollar Collapse? – by NunezReport.blogspot.com – “If I was the IMF and handing out loans to distressed countries, right now, I would do everything that I could to make sure that I got my money back. That means making loans in a currency that will be worth something in the future.” – “Is that why the IMF loan to Ukraine was denominated in SDRs?

Leading Climate Scientist Defects: No Longer Believes in the ‘Consensus’ – by James Delingpole, Breitbart.com – “Bengtsson went on to reject another pillar of the warmist faith – the existence of a ‘consensus.’.. ‘I have great respect for the scientific work that goes into the IPCC reports. But I see no need for the endeavour of the IPCC to achieve a consensus. I think it is essential that there are areas of society where a consensus cannot be enforced. Especially in an area like the climate system, which is incompletely understood, a consensus is meaningless.’ ”

Updated Global Temperature: No global warming for 17 years, 6 months – (No Warming for 210 Months) – by Marc Morano, ClimateDepot.com (from March 2014) – “The satellite datasets are based on measurements made by the most accurate thermometers available – platinum resistance thermometers, which not only measure temperature at various altitudes above the Earth’s surface via microwave sounding units but also constantly calibrate themselves by measuring the known temperature of the cosmic background radiation, which is 1% of the freezing point of water, or just 2.73 degrees above absolute zero.”

Gassed-Syrian_SoldierNo Red Line Requiem for Dead Syrian Soldiers – by Jeremy Salt, InformationClearingHouse.info – …video proudly filmed by the perpetrators themselves, the so-called ‘lions’ of Jabhat al Nusra, Al Qaida’s Syrian franchise, listed by the US as a terrorist organization yet used by the US and its allies in their continuing campaign to destroy Syria in the process of destroying the Syrian government. Wandering across open fields in the southern Dara’a province, they move from body to body of Syrian soldiers, occasionally prodding them with the toes of their shoes or flipping over name tags to see who they are. The soldiers are young, most in their late teens or early 20s. Perhaps they are conscripts. Some are huddled in groups. Others are scattered where they fell. There must be 40 or 50 of them, maybe more, hard to tell because the camera is moving all the time.

Huge Population of CIA Agents in Ukraine Says German Expert – from Voice of Russia via GlobalResearch.ca – “McCain has just called yesterday for 100 million dollars military aid and be sure this is not for the defense of Ukraine against anybody coming from outside. This is in fact meant to foster civil war in the Ukraine against their own population. We had The New York Times reporting that in Slavyansk where the mass killings started, there is no Russians inside peoples’ defense force. So, what else do we need?”

Shale well leaks during drilling process, forcing evacuations in Morgan County – by Dean Narciso, Dispatch.com – “According to a U.S. EPA report, a “pocket of unexpected natural gas was encountered” during drilling. That caused overpressurization and failure of the well head. One hundred barrels of drilling mud spilled from the well on Sunday, according to the well’s owner, PDC Energy of Colorado, which said some of it reached an unnamed creek near Beverly, Ohio.”

Soros-Pot-SmokerGeorge Soros and the GMO Cannabis Revolution – by 21stCenturyWire.com & Brasscheck.tv – “Critics are wondering if it could have something to do with influencing the governments in those countries where the legalisation efforts are most intense. Is this connected to the UN’s Agenda 21? Or is this paving the way for gene giants in big pharma to replace natural strands of cannabis with their own patented GMO variety? Definitely the latter… They say the Uruguayan government hopes legalising the sale of marijuana “will tackle drug cartels”, but what they’re not telling you is that they are paving the way for a bigger drug cartel to take over. Soros is reportedly also a big Monsanto shareholder, and guess who is test planting their GMO version of cannabis later this year in Uruguay? Yes, it’s Monsanto.”

Why Legalize Marijuana? Because GMO Pot Is On Its Way – by ZenGardner.com – “It is also worth noting that former strategic director of Microsoft Jamin Shively also announced that (his company) plans to patent in the U.S. …the first national brand under which will be produced hemp imported from Mexico. The new company is based in Seattle… (the) Businessman said that the initial funding for the project is $ 10 million to start. The company’s products will be distributed only in two U.S. states …Shively: ‘We will seek to ensure that in our hands was 40% of cannabis in the world.’

Marijuana Legalization 2012: Premium pot! YEAH! (from 12/5/12) – from NMA.tv – “(Shively) wants to be the top “brand” in the marijuana industry. “ ‘By creating the category of premium marijuana, we want to position it similar to a fine cognac, a fine brandy, a fine cigar,’ says Shively… Shively’s timing is on point, considering Initiative 502 goes into effect on December 6th in Washington. This means adults 21 and older can have up to an an ounce of marijuana in their possession legally. Even though it is legal in Washington, it is still a controlled substance by the federal government. Shively plans to work with the state and federal government, vowing to wait to open up shop until it’s ‘sufficiently legal’.”

Economists Slam the War on Drugs in a New London School of Economics Report – by Abby Haglage, TheDailyBeast.com – ” ‘Academics and economists have great insight into this issue—and for so long, they’ve been ignored,’ said John Collins, the International Drug Policy Project Coordinator at the London School of Economics, which produced the report. ‘Evidenced-based data about the war on drugs has been lacking for too long. It’s time that something changes’.” – Hmmm, calls for Change from the center of the London School of Economics Spider’s Web, what could this be about?

Cecilys-bruised-breastFrom the There’s-Got-To-Be-A-Law Desk: Cecily McMillan’s guilty verdict reveals our mass acceptance of police violence – The hyper-selective retelling of events mirrors the popular narrative of Occupy Wall Street – and how one woman may serve seven years while the NYPD goes free – by Molly Knefel, TheGuardian.com – “The narrative that the jury did hear was tightly controlled by what the judge allowed – and Judge Ronald Zweibel consistently ruled that any larger context of what was happening around McMillan at the time of the arrest (let alone Bovell’s own history of violence) was irrelevant to the scope of the trial… Despite photographs of her bruised body, including her right breast, the prosecution cast doubt upon McMillan’s allegations of being injured by the police – all while Officer Bovell repeatedly identified the wrong eye when testifying as to how McMillan injured him. And not only was Officer Bovell’s documented history of violent behavior deemed irrelevant by the judge, but so were the allegations of his violent behavior that very same night… They were presented a close up of Cecily McMillan’s elbow, but not of Bovell, and asked to determine who was violent. The prosecutors and the judge prohibited them from zooming out.

No Foraging in the King’s Forest Because It Hurts The Peasants – Let’s Talk About ‘Public’ Land – by Eric Blair, ActivistPost.com – “Today property ownership comes with very few rights without permission from, or paying fees to, the government. For example, I used to pay around $7000 a year in property taxes for a modest home and three average cars that I supposedly “owned”. I also had to buy permits to paint my house, to finish a room in my basement, to cut down trees or burn brush in my yard. I paid this money to the kingdom because they claimed a right to my property.”

Israel’s espionage activities in the United States have “crossed red lines,” angering American intelligence officials, according to a new report – from PressTV.ir – “During confidential briefings in recent weeks, senior US intelligence officials have said that Israel’s spying operations in the US ‘go far beyond that of other close American allies, such as Germany, France, the UK and Japan,’ Newsweek magazine reported on Tuesday.”

Syria militants began withdrawing from Old City of Homs – from PressTV.ir – “The deal has been negotiated with Iran’s assistance and will be guaranteed by the United Nations and Iran. It would bring almost all major districts of the city under the control of government forces. As part of the deal, the militants will also free about 70 government soldiers.”

US blames Israel for failed Israel-PA talks: Report – from PressTV.ir – ” ‘The Palestinians don’t believe that Israel really intends to let them found a state when, at the same time, it is building settlements on the territory meant for that state. We’re talking about the announcement of 14,000 housing units, no less. Only now, after talks blew up, did we learn that this is also about expropriating land on a large scale. That does not reconcile with the agreement,’ the unnamed official added.

For the week of 4/28/14:

Thierry_MeyssanTowards the End of U.S. Propaganda – by Thierry Meyssan, InformationClearingHouse.info – “The Anglo-Saxon Empire is based on a century of propaganda. It managed to convince us that the United States is ‘the land of the free’ and that it engaged in wars to defend its ideals. But the current crisis over Ukraine has changed the rules of the game. Now Washington and its allies are not the only speakers. Their lies are openly challenged by the government and media of another major state, Russia. In the era of satellites and the Internet, Anglo-Saxon propaganda no longer works.”

Satellite Images Reveal Massing Of 15,000 Ukraine Troops, Hundreds Of Tanks Around Slavyansk – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “For now these skirmishes around “checkpoints” have been isolated events. But how long before the Ukraine ‘special forces’ which may well amount to 15,000 troops as reported by Russian media, get involved. And how much longer after that until Russia retaliates. But the biggest question: who will be the agent provocateur who fires the first shot in hopes of launch an all out war? Indeed, who stands to gain the most from yet another war – one which will hardly be ‘contained.”

JehJeh Johnson: ‘Syria Has Become a Matter of Homeland Security’ – by Susan Jones, CNSNews.com – “Johnson, worried that fighters trained in Syria could travel to Europe and even the United States, said the U.S. is ‘working together’ with European governments to share information that could help track potential terrorists returning from Syria… Johnson said he also worries about ongoing cyber attacks; and mass shootings in the United States: ‘This is a growing phenomenon around the country,’ he said, speaking of mass shootings. ‘It’s Army bases. It’s Navy installations. It’s schools.’..”

Video 41 sec.:Busted! Pilot Forgets Chemtrails On! Lands Prior To Turning Them Off!? – by Live Free or Die, BeforeItsNews.com

MERS outbreak hits 30% death rate as pandemic spreads in Saudi Arabia – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “MERS certainly seems to meet the (disease of global concern) criteria, and a news report from the Sun Star explains that MERS has an incubation period of 3 – 14 days, which is sufficiently long to very effectively spread the disease. The 30% fatality rate is actually a bit higher than what a “successful” pandemic viral strain would prefer, by the way. It kills too many people too quickly and thus might “burn out” more easily in a limited population.”

Gennady_KernesMayor of Kharkov, Ukraine shot in back, hospitalized – press service – from RT.com – “Kernes’s past is also entangled with Ukraine’s underworld – among other things, he was allegedly the boss of his own criminal organization, which gained notoriety in the region. He was also convicted of theft and fraud.”

Inventing a ‘Russian Threat’: Washington’s Full-Spectrum Subversion – by Mark Hackard, 21stCenturyWire.com – “Today East and West contemplate the possibility of war over the fate of Ukraine, but the popular narrative was tailored for just such a standoff well in advance. Any attentive reader of Western press sources over recent months will have noticed that a dramatic upswing of negative Russia coverage began after Vladimir Putin thwarted Washington’s planned assault on Syria last summer.”

Egypt-Death_SentencesThe death of justice in Egypt: An eight-minute trial, with no arguments for the defence, and one judge sentences 683 people to death – by Patrick Cockburn, Independent.co.uk – “Among those condemned to death is Mohamed Badie, the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood, most of whose leaders have been arrested. President Morsi was the first Egyptian leader chosen in a democratic election after millennia of authoritarian rule, but he was unable to gain control of institutions such as the army, police and judiciary… The sentencing by the judge Said Youssef on Monday in a court in Minya, 150 miles south of Cairo, was given a further bizarre twist when he reduced death sentences he imposed in March on all but 37 of 529 defendants to terms of life imprisonment.”

From the You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up Desk: Australian Government Moves To Quickly Pass Laws To Sterilize, Electroshock, And Restrain Children Without Parental Consent – by derrick, WestCoastNativeNews.com – “…Tarrant initially thought the information lacked authenticity and was later astonished when she found out the document was legitimate. “When I read it I was quite shocked and thought someone was playing a joke on me but then I went onto the main website which is the Government Department of the Mental Health Commission and looked at the actual Draft Bill…”

William_BurnsInternational community may intervene in Libya, US warns – from MiddleEastMonitor.com – “Senior Libyan sources revealed to Al-Araby Al-Gadeed website that the visit by deputy US Secretary of State William Burns to Tripoli two days ago included a warning by Burns that “Libyan rulers should undertake their responsibilities in overcoming the current unrest within two months, or else the country would be taken over by the international community.’ ” – Who TF is “the international community?”

Suspicious Deaths of Bankers Are Now Classified as “Trade Secrets” by Federal Regulator – by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, WallstreetOnParade.com – “Both JPMorgan and Citigroup also own massive amounts of bank-owned life insurance (BOLI), a controversial practice that pays the corporation when a current or former employee dies. (In the case of former employees, the banks conduct regular “death sweeps” of public records using former employees’ Social Security numbers to learn if a former employee has died and then submits a request for payment of the death benefit to the insurance company.)”

The-4-HorsepersonsVan Rompuy holds EU Election superfluous: “It shall be decided elsewhere” – from Deutsche-Wirtschafts-Nachrichten.de (German Economic News) via Google Translate

Supreme Court green lights detention of Americans – by Bob Unruh, WND.com – “The high court by its own order this week refused to review an appellate-level decision that says the president and U.S. military can arrest and indefinitely detain individuals… It is Section 1021 of the 2012 NDAA, and its successors, that drew (the lawsuit ignored by the Supremes) by Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg, Jennifer Bolen, Noam Chomsky, Alex O’Brien, Kai Warg All, Brigitta Jonsottir and the group U.S. Day of Rage. Many of the plaintiffs are authors or reporters who stated that the threat of indefinite detention by the U.S. military already had altered their activities.”

Disaster-ContainersGov’t Setting Up Post Disaster Housing Quarters In New York – from MyFoxNY via GovtSlaves.info – “…the OEM and the Department of Design and Construction (DDC) are developing a new approach to interim housing that provides higher-density living spaces…”

Wealthy U.S. Apparatchiks Rally to the New World Order – by Wayne Madsen, WTFRLY,com – “…it is now commonplace for second-generation retired Foreign Service officers like Christopher R. Hill to rally behind the cause of the ‘New World Order.’ Writing in the George Soros house organ, Project Syndicate, billed as the “world’s smartest op-ed page by The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, Hill bemoaned the end of the post-Cold War “New World Order” brought about by the “annexation” of Crimea to the Russian Federation.”

Pro-Russians-LuhanskUkraine separatists seize second provincial capital, fire on police – by Vasily Fedosenko, Reuters.com – “Demonstrators smashed their way into the provincial government headquarters in Luhansk, Ukraine’s easternmost province, which abuts the Russian border, and raised separatist flags over the building, while police did nothing to interfere… As night fell, about 20 rebel gunmen opened fire with automatic weapons and threw stun grenades at the headquarters of the region’s police, trying to force those inside to surrender their weapons, a Reuters photographer at the scene said.”

City of London’s Imperialist Designs on Russia – by DeanHenderson.wordpress.com – “According to Kurt Wulff of the oil investment firm McDep Associates, the Four Horsemen, romping in their new Far East pastures, saw asset increases from 1988-1994 as follows: Exxon Mobil- 54%, Chevron Texaco- 74%, Royal Dutch/Shell- 52% and BP Amoco- 54%. The Horsemen had more than doubled their collective assets in six short years. This quantum leap in Anglo-American global power had everything to do with the takeover of the old Soviet oil patch and the subsequent impoverishment of its birthright owners.”

US, NY Times caught faking Russia forces in Ukraine – by Jim W. Dean, PressTV.ir – “That, folks, is run of the mill wordplay deception that governments run on their publics all the time. But what makes this evil, and an attack on the American people by its own government, is that this deception was being used to cover US aggression by framing the Russians so that the people would be primed to support military action, if the US goes that route.”

James_ClapperSenate Agrees: US People Can’t Know Overseas Drone Death Toll – At behest of intelligence chief, Senate removes “modest” provision that would reveal number of people killed by US attacks overseas – by Jon Queally, CommonDreams.org – Director of National Intelligence James Clapper urged the Senate Intelligence Committee to drop language about those killed in drone strikes. And they did.

From the It-Just-Gets-Better Desk: White House Wants Chinese-Style ID System For Internet Users – by Paul Joseph Watson, Inforwars.com – “The White House’s “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace” would replace the current system of using passwords to access sensitive online accounts with something akin to a biometric ID card that would link one individual to all their government services, such as food stamps, welfare as well as a myriad of other things like mortgage applications and applications for licenses.”

The Real Unemployment Rate: In 20% Of American Families, EVERYONE Is Unemployed – by Michael Snyder, EndOfTheAmericanDream.com – “How can anyone not see what is happening to us? America is in the midst of a long-term economic decline, but the mainstream media and most of our politicians seem to think that things are better than ever. They continue to try to convince us that “business as usual” is the right path to take.”

Eileen_BattistiJudge rules it is OK to auction widow’s home over $6 tax bill – by Megan Stiles, CampaignForLiberty.org – “This is what happens when you give the government the power to tax and is one of the reasons why we continue to fight the IRS. A widow owed her county $6.30 in property taxes and unpaid interest. When she didn’t pay- she claims she wasn’t aware of the outstanding bill- the county decided to seize her home and sell it at auction to pay the bill.

New Video Alleges Evidence of Rebel Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com – New Video Alleges Evidence of Rebel Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria – Clip shows dead Syrian Army soldiers with (blistered and) blackened faces

FDA Now Attempting To Target And Dismantle Effective Treatments For Autism – by Dave Mihalovic, PreventDisease.com – “The FDA does not want parents of autistic children to pursue complementary therapies because they are so effective. As more parents and caregivers of children with ASD realize the benefits, mainstream medicine will lose their market share and the pharmaceutical industry will have no future in this market. The reality is they have already lost the market and just don’t know it yet. So they will fight tooth and nail and restrict access to the best of their availability until there is no turning back. That time will soon be here.”

Kandahar-Sarposa_PrisonAfghan govt. shuts down US-run secret prisons – from PressTV.ir – “The head of a commission that assesses prison conditions in Kandahar and Helmand provinces also said the prisons were shut down under a decree issued by President Hamid Karzai.”

Driver Finds Himself Surrounded By Cops With Guns Out After Automatic License Plate Reader Misreads His Plate – by Tim Cushing, TechDirt.com – “As these plate readers become more common, the number of erroneous readings will increase. If the verification safeguards are followed, problems will be minimal. But if anyone’s in a hurry… or the vehicle description is too vague… or it’s night… or someone’s had a bad/slow day… or if the end of the month is approaching and the definitely-not-a-quota hasn’t been met… bad things will happen to good people.”

Fallujah hospital: / 1418 people, including women and children killed and injured by the military operations in the city – from NINANews.com – “Head of the resident doctors at the hospital Ahmed al-Shami told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that the victims of military operations have continued for 4 months and the severe indiscriminate shelling targeting the residential neighborhoods in Fallujah, led to the killing of 259 people and injured 1159 others including, women and children.’

BLM-SnipersRestore the Tenth: Western States Now Want Feds, BLM Out – by Geoffery Lawrence via 21stCenturyWire.com – Last month’s US Federal siege at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada tore open an old American wound – “When Congress passed the enabling act for Nevada statehood, that act imposed a number of special conditions for entry into the union. Some of those conditions, like the provision requiring Nevada to outlaw slavery, have posed no problem. One important condition, however—requiring Nevadans to ‘disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory’—has long been twisted to justify burdening Nevada with challenges unknown to Eastern states, especially now that 2.7 million people call Nevada home.”

Ukraine’s government has lost control of east, says acting president – Oleksandr Turchynov says security forces are unable to control situation in Donetsk and Luhansk regions – by Luke Harding, TheGuardian.com – “Alexander, his face hidden by a balaclava, declined to give his surname. But he said he was a 39-year-old miner with a family. A ‘referendum’ on Luhansk’s future status would take place on 11 May, he explained. After that, he said, the region would probably join Russia, though he wasn’t certain. Why had he joined ‘Luhansk’s people’s militia’? ‘There’s been a fascist takeover in Kiev,’ he replied. He added: ‘Victory Day is sacred for us. I’ve heard the Kiev government wants to replace it with a gay pride parade.’ ”

Russia Orders Urgent Dispatch of Military Medical Teams to Ukraine Border – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com – “As Mac Slavo notes, the dispatch of the medical workers suggests that the earlier movement of tens of thousands of Russian soldiers to the same region was not merely intended as a show of force.”

EMS Worker Tells Mom “We’re Agents of the State” During Home Inspection – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com – “However, the situation became even worse when one of the EMS supervisors asked Bordelon why her son wasn’t in school. When she replied that her son was homeschooled, the worker began conducting an inspection of Bordelon’s house, telling her ‘we’re agents of the state’. ‘

Soon Censored? Korean Scientists Successfully Kill Cancer with Magnets – from TheMindUnleashed.org – “Professor Jinwoo Cheon of Yonsei University in Seoul and a team of scientists conducted experiments on bowel cancer cells using magnetic fields to induce apoptosis. They attached iron nanoparticles to antibodies, which bind to “receptor” molecules on tumor cells. These molecules cluster when the magnetic field is applied, triggering the “self-destruct” signal and thereby apoptosis. In the experiment, over half of the bowel cancer cells were destroyed when the signal for apoptopic clustering came into effect. Untreated cells remained unaffected and unharmed.”

38 People Killed As Radicals Set Office On Fire In Ukraine’s Odessa – from InformationClearingHouse.info – “As people were dying in the burning building, some of the pro-Kiev activists jeered on Twitter that “Colorado beetles are being roasted up in Odessa,” using a derogatory term for pro-Russian activists wearing St. George’s ribbons. Few media outlets followed the developing situation, with thousands of people taking to live streams to see the events unfolding… However, just as the first official death toll emerged, some Western media and leaders rushed to seemingly downplay the role of pro-Kiev activists in the incident and to blame their rivals instead.”

It’s An Illusion: Here Are the REAL Unemployment Numbers – by Mac Slavo, ActivistPost.com – “The Associated Press…says this is ‘the strongest evidence to date that the economy is picking up.’ They cite numerous economic experts, claiming that the U.S. economy is now experiencing vigorous job growth, which they say is confirmation that the economic health of our nation is bouncing back from a rough winter. In fact, they mention bad ‘weather’ and ‘winter’ eight times in a single article just to make sure we understand that the problems we’ve seen over the last few months were seasonal.”

For the week of 4/21/14:

Report: Ebola Suspected In Europe: “Broken Through All Containment Efforts” – by Mac Slavo, FreedomOutpost.com – “Alarmingly, a story that appeared about the outbreak on national news wires was reportedly removed by the Italian government for “national security reasons,” suggesting that there is more to the reports than Italian officials are willing to express to the public at this time… Though they have denied that the Pisa hospital was locked down due to Ebola, they seem to be bracing for the possibility of a severe epidemic in Rome and Milan.”

Yats-Ukrainian_PMUkraine rabbi seeks end to anti-Semitism row – in vain – Ukrainian PM blasts anti-Jewish leaflets, demands to bring those responsible to justice. – from Reuters via Haaretz.com – “Pinchas Vishedski, chief rabbi of the Donetsk area’s 15,000 Jews, told Reuters on Saturday that while it was initially shocking, he was now satisfied it was a political hoax – ‘a crude provocation’ – though its authorship was still unclear.”

Ukraine and the Grand Chessboard – by Pepe Escobar, InformationClearingHouse.info – “In a sane, non-Hobbesian environment, a neutral Ukraine would only have to gain by positioning itself as a privileged crossroads between the EU and the proposed Eurasian Union – as well as becoming a key node of the Chinese New Silk Road offensive. Instead, the Kiev regime changers are betting on acceptance into the EU (it simply won’t happen) and becoming a NATO forward base (the key Pentagon aim).” – A wonderful article in Escobar’s inimitable style. See also Pepe’s Breaking bad in southern NATOstan, from Asia Times.

Yanukovich&SikorskiUkraine: Poland Trained Putchists Two Months in Advance – Lies have shorter and shorter legs. Two months after the change of regime in Kiev, the Polish press has disclosed the role of Donald Tusk’s government in preparing the coup. The new revelations belie Western discourse and demonstrate that the current interim government of Oleksandr Tourtchynov was imposed by NATO in violation of international law. – by Thierry Meyssan, InformationClearingHouse.info – “Such training took place in September 2013, while the Maidan Square protests were allegedly triggered by a decree suspending preparations for the signing of the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement, which was issued by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov on November 21, i.e. two months later… These facts radically modify the perception that we may have had of the coup of 22 February 2014. They undermine the arguments provided supplied to the press by the U.S. Department of State (points 3 and 5 of the factsheet dated March 5) [8] and constitute an act of war under international law. Therefore, the arguments peddled by the West regarding the ensuing the events, including the accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation and the current uprisings in East and South Ukraine, are null and void.”

Bundy Ranch Pre-Slated For Development – This Is Why Feds Trying To Force Bundy Out (w/Video) – by Susan Duclos, WWWWakeUpAmericans-spree.blogspot.com – “The video below is a must-see as YouTube uploader 0407Anonymous produces evidence that the Bunkerville, Nevada area along with the Bundy Ranch…has been pre-slated for development, which is why the Feds are attempting to force him off HIS land, in any way they can… It has nothing to do with grazing fees and the video below proves it.”

Banana-Orange_Strawberry An Unprecedented Plague Hits Oranges and Another Hits Bananas – by – Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “The lack of fresh produce is already being felt in California. Usually, fresh produce accounts for about half of the food handed out at food banks in the state, but these days fresh produce is in short supply…”

The Real Money-Making Methods of the Super-Rich – The effects of inheritance come first and merit second, not the other way around – by Paul Buchheit, InformationClearingHouse.info – “1. (of 7 items) Betting on Food Prices to Rise… Chris Hedges noted that Goldman Sachs’ commodities index ‘is the most heavily traded in the world. The company hoards rice, wheat, corn, sugar and livestock and jacks up commodity prices around the globe so that poor families can no longer afford basic staples and literally starve.’ Numerous sources agree that speculation drives up commodity prices. Wheat, for example, rose in price from $105 to $481 in just eight years.”

Ukrainian-Forces-in-Slovyansk Unelected Regime Begins Killing Spree in Eastern Ukraine – by Tony Cartalucci, ActivistPost.com – “Reports indicate that Kiev has now turned to fanatical ultra-right militant groups in an attempt to put down growing unrest against the unelected regime. The Voice of Russia reported in its article, ‘Ukrainian Right Sector says it will join crackdown on pro-federalization protesters…’ “

12 Numbers Which Prove That Americans Are Sick And Tired Of Politics As Usual – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “Unfortunately, even though so many people are angry and frustrated, there is very little consensus on the solutions to our problems… Many Americans even want to throw out the principles that this country was founded upon entirely. For example, one recent survey discovered that 59 percent of all Americans believe that the U.S. Constitution is ‘outdated’… That is a very chilling number. We live at a time when Americans are becoming increasingly ignorant about who we are, where we came from and how we get here.”

Sharyl AttkissonExplosive: What really happened to Sharyl Attkisson at CBS? – by Jon Rappoport, ActivistPost.com – “Attkisson is now writing a book about her career. When published, it’ll land in the mainstream news cycle for a week or two at the most. Doesn’t matter how explosive its revelations are. She’s an outsider now. She isn’t in the loop. She isn’t playing the game according to the rules.”

How Monsanto Annihilated A Paradise and Turned It Into An Island Of Illness – by Joe Martino, ActivistPost.com – “Although The State Health Department has stated they feel the farming practices are safe, nearby residents are not happy about what’s going on and strongly feel Monsanto’s practices are causing harm and illness to those especially close to where Monsanto is spraying. Many in the area are beginning to do the research and are connecting the dots that the recent rise in illnesses is directly related to what Monsanto’s Bt toxin and Glyphosate has been known to cause.”

Bavaria-no-GMOBavaria Newest State to Join Large GMO-Free Network – by Heather Callaghan, ActivistPost.com – “Environment Minister, Dr. Marcel Huber of Munich (pictured right) signed the instrument of accession on April 10th in Brussels, standing in solidarity with the President of the network, Maura Malaspina.”

Ukraine Gives Russia 48-Hr Ultimatum Or “We Will Fight” – by Tyler Durden, Zerohedge.com – “As AP reports,.. Ukraine’s foreign minister has blasted the Russian decision to start military maneuvers along Ukraine’s border and said his country will fight any invading troops… Andriy Deshchytisa said Russia’s decision Thursday to launch the military exercises ‘very much escalates the situation in the region.’.. Talking to The Associated Press in Prague, Deshchytisa says his country has been taught a lesson by Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. He says ‘having this experience, we will now fight with Russian troops if … they invade Ukraine.’ “

For the week of 4/14/14:

Color_Revolution-Prof_Destab The History and Science of Color Revolutions, Part 1Part 2Part 3 – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “What is new about the template bears on the use of the Internet (in particular chat rooms, instant messaging, and blogs) and cell phones (including text-messaging), to rapidly steer angry and suggestible “Generation X” youth into and out of mass demonstrations and the like—a capability that only emerged in the mid-1990s. ‘With the crushing ubiquity of cell phones, satellite phones, PCs, modems and the Internet,’ Laura Rosen emphasized in Salon Magazine on February 3, 2001,’the information age is shifting the advantage from authoritarian leaders to civic groups.’ ” (Rosen neglects to point out that exactly who is controlling these “civic groups” is an open question.) – This series by Turbeville shows clearly the use of manipulated members of the civilian population to enable the cooptation of entire nations. Also see Turbeville’s: Color Revolutions 101: The Making Of A Controlled Revolution

Nato-Sat-ImageNATO’s Russian troop build-up satellite images ‘show 2013 drills’ – from RT.com – “NATO on Thursday continued ramping up allegations of possible ‘Russian invasion’ into Ukraine, with NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen claiming that 40,000 Russian troops are still amassed on the Ukrainian border ‘not training but ready for combat.’.. The Ukrainian coup-imposed government has also stepped up its rhetoric on Russia’s military presence, even claiming there is ‘military activity on behalf of the Russian Federation… on the territory of Ukraine’ in an invitation to the Netherlands via OSCE network.”

Syrian Rebels Appear to Have a New Type of U.S.-made Anti-Tank Weapon – by Aryn Baker, Time.com – “If anything, says Lister, the appearance of these particular weapons in the Syrian battle space only serves to underscore the futility of arming rebels this late in the conflict.”

Scientists discover how to make ethanol using just water and CO2 – from RT.com – ” ‘I emphasize that these are just laboratory experiments today. We haven’t built a device,’ Kanan said. ‘But it demonstrates the feasibility of using electricity that you could get from a renewable energy source to power fuel synthesis — in this case ethanol. There are some real advantages to doing that relative to using biomass to produce ethanol.’ ”

Barrie-cabinCheck Out the Government’s Flimsy Excuse for Trying to Take This Colorado Couple’s Property – by Mike Miller, IJReview.com – “Summit County then tried to buy the property – but the Barries didn’t want to sell. That’s when the county played its trump card: ‘Unbeknownst to the Barries, the previous owner had remodeled the cabin without permits. So county commissioners voted to condemn the property for wiring and plumbing – even though the cabin has none – and filed for eminent domain.’ ”

Rockefellers, Crown Cocaine & Haitian Slavery – by Dean Henderson, DeanHenderson.wordpress.com – “James Woolsey, who co-wrote the pack of lies that helped topple Aristide and was rewarded with the job of CIA Director, soon found more lucrative work. His Dyn Corporation of Reston, VA contracted with CIA to train and deploy the new Haitian National Police, which replaced the Haitian Military as part of the World Bank deal. When UN troops pulled out of Haiti, DynCorp advisers remained. Human Rights Watch says the Haitian National Police that DynCorp trained has been involved in ‘extra judicial executions, disappropriate use of lethal force and beatings’.”

Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents’ decades-old debts – by Marc Fisher, WashingtonPost.com – “The aggressive effort to collect old debts started three years ago — the result of a single sentence tucked into the farm bill lifting the 10-year statute of limitations on old debts to Uncle Sam… No one seems eager to take credit for reopening all these long-closed cases.”

Kramatorsk-firing_pinsKiev Declares War – Ukrainian Soldiers Refuse to Fight – by Stephen Lendman, GlobalResearch.ca – “Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR) leader Vitali Kitschko allies with illegitimate fascist putschists… He lied claiming Eastern Ukrainian pro-Russian supports get ‘300 to 500 dollars a day.’ Funds come ‘from abroad,’ he said. Moscow sends them, he added… No evidence whatever suggests it. State-controlled Ukrainian media featured his comments… Separately, they claimed they claimed Russian ‘shock troops’ massed on Ukraine’s border near Chernihiv, Sumy and Kharkov.”

Kiev: Military operation in Ukraine southeast to go on despite Geneva agreement – from RT.com – “During the press conference, Kerry also referred to a letter that was allegedly sent to Jewish citizens in Ukraine’s eastern town of Donetsk, asking them to register. Kerry slammed this as ‘intolerable’ behavior. ‘In year 2014, after all of the miles traveled in all of the journey of history, this is not just intolerable; it’s grotesque, is beyond unacceptable,’ he stated… The letter which Kerry referred to was stamped and signed by Denis Pushilin, who was identified on it as ‘People’s Governor.’.. Pushilin denied the alleged letter, claiming it is fake. He noted that he is not and never was the so-called People’s Governor. ‘No one has ever elected me as one,’ he told RT.”

Ukraine Confirms Entry Ban on Russian Males – from en.RIA.ru – “The Ukrainian State Border Guard Service confirmed Thursday that Russian males aged 16-60 have been banned from entering the country… Russia’s largest airline Aeroflot earlier announced it had received an official letter from Ukrainian authorities notifying the company of the severe restrictions.”

Duplicitous Human Rights Misinformation on Ukraine – by Stephen Lendman, Rense.com – “During months of Maidan protests, Berkut special police showed remarkable restraint. Pillay lied claiming otherwise… They used ‘excessive force,’ she said. So did other security elements, she added. Doing so ‘led to the radicalisation of the protest movement,’ she claimed… Yanukovych government ‘(v)iolations related to the Maidan protests should be investigated and addressed in order to ensure accountability of perpetrators,’ she said… ‘Most acts of severe beatings, torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment were reportedly attributed to the Berkut.’… False! Western-supported and paid radicalized elements bore full responsibility. Pillay lied saying otherwise.” – Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich: ‘Overall, the impression is that the report was fabricated in accordance with preset conclusions, for which one need not have travelled to Ukraine.’.. Western-supportive elements wrote it. Truth was systematically buried. Big Lies substituted.”

Syrians-al-KhalidiehSyria tightening noose around militants in Homs – from PressTV.ir – “Meanwhile, 14 people were killed in the city after a bomb detonated near a mosque in a government-held area after Friday prayers… Security sources said the bomb attack was in retaliation for the Syrian government’s daily advances in the militant-held Old City of Homs. ”

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt – by Will Kesler, ActivistPost.com – “The law I am allegedly violating is Section 7203 of the Internal Revenue Code ‘Willful Failure to File.’ To convict, the government must prove two elements. First, that a citizen is required by law to file a return and second, that the failure to file is “willful.” If constrained by law, the government can do neither.”

A Sour Deception: Citric Acid Comes From GMO Black Mold, Not Fruit – by Aaron Dykes, ActivistPost.com – Fantastic, well-researched article by Dykes


The 1% wants to ban sleeping in cars – because it hurts their ‘quality of life’ – by Gary Blasi, TheGuardian.com – Depriving the homeless of their last shelter is Silicon Valley at its worst – especially when rich cities aren’t doing anything to end homelessness

Obama-Ukraine-Dr-StrangeloveNato’s action plan in Ukraine is right out of Dr Strangelove – From China to Ukraine, the US is pursuing its longstanding ambition to dominate the Eurasian landmass – by John Pilger, TheGuardian.com – “A Nato membership action plan – straight from the war room of Dr Strangelove – is General Breedlove’s gift to the new dictatorship in Ukraine. ‘Rapid Trident’ will put US troops on Ukraine’s Russian border and ‘Sea Breeze’ will put US warships within sight of Russian ports. At the same time, Nato war games in eastern Europe are designed to intimidate Russia. Imagine the response if this madness was reversed and happened on the US’s borders. Cue General Turgidson.”

Russia Rejects GMOs, Will Grow Organic Food Instead – from ResponsibleTechnology.org – “The State Duma’s Agriculture Committee supported a ban on the registration and trade of genetically modified organisms. It was suggested that until specialists develop a working system of control over the effects of GMOs on humans and the natural environment, the government should impose a moratorium on the breeding and growth of genetically modified plants, animals, and microorganisms.”

From the We-Gotta-Find-Out-About-This-From-The-Ruskies DeskCongress considers blocking GMO food labeling – from RT.com – “According to Reuters, US Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) introduced the legislation on Wednesday, which is intended to head off bills in about 24 states that would require companies to inform customers when their food is produced using genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Titled the ‘Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act,’ the proposal would forbid states from enacting such proposals.”

Senate Holds Nomination Hearing On John Brennan For CIA DirectorWho is using spies and lies to grab power in Kiev? We are – by Peter Hitchens, Dailymail.co.uk – “What would you think if Russia’s spy chief had been discovered last week, roaming round Ukraine?.. The British media would have been raging and howling about sinister Kremlin meddling… Well, as far as I know, no such visit took place. But something just as astonishing did happen. John Brennan, Director of the CIA, was, in fact, in Kiev last week, and I do not think he was there for the nightlife.”

Western lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover – ‘It’s time’ – “Lawmakers from 9 states gather in Utah, discuss ways to take control of federal lands. – by Kristen Moulton, SLTrib.com – “The summit was in the works before this month’s tense standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management over cattle grazing, Lockhart said… ‘What’s happened in Nevada is really just a symptom of a much larger problem,’ Lockhart said.”

Ultimate CoverUp Outrage! MH370 Death Certificates To Be Issued – by Deborah Dupre, BeforeItsNews.com

Foxman-Anti-SemitesUkraine Jew registration hoax traced – by Gordon Duff, PressTV.ir – “Anonymous Ukraine, the group that intercepted emails outlining false flag terror attack plans made by the US Embassy in Kiev in March, has done it again. Emails intercepted between Washington DC offices tied to the Anti-Defamation League sent to neo-Nazi extremists in the Ukraine were the sources of the outrageous materials.” – Also by DuffUS caught in own web of lies – “The US position is clearly unsound and if violence unfolds as Kiev intends despite stories of its forces switching sides, the Obama administration will be severely weakened.”

Fukushima Ocean Radiation to hit West Coast in 7 days – from TurnerRadioNetwork.com – Actually a large collection of generally unknown information about the ongoing radiation disaster.

For the week of 4/7/14:

Pot-Dog The Most Unbelievably Absurd Argument Against Legal Pot, Yet – Legal marijuana opponents are getting increasingly desperate in their efforts to thwart legalization – by Thom Hartmann, Alternet.org – “Of course – not everyone is OK with the sudden shift towards decriminalization and legalization… Just down the road from the Maryland in Washington, D.C., Michele Leonhart, the head of the DEA, is fighting decriminalization tooth and nail… Leonhart – a Bush appointee – is one of biggest supporters of Nixon’s failed War on Drugs. In fact – she’s such a hardliner that when Congressman Jared Polis asked her a few years ago whether marijuana was more or less dangerous than heroin and crack cocaine – she couldn’t give him an answer… Two years later – Leonhart is sticking to her guns.”

Militia Push Feds out of Nevada: Sheriff of Clark County Announces Feds Leaving Bundy’s Land – by Rob Richardson, OffGridSurvival.com – “Although many see this as a victory, others are warning this could just be an attempt to disperse the crowds. As of this morning, the BLM has placed a 30 day no fly zone over the 600,000 acres, causing many to wonder if the BLM will return once the Militia members leave the land. Bundy and supporters have asked the Sheriff to disarm the BLM and permanently have them leave all Nevada land… Bundy and his supporters are on their way to retrieve their cattle, so this may be far from over. We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.”

British Citizens Are Being Stripped Of Citizenship, Then Killed In US Drone Strikes – by Rania Khalek, RaniaKhalek.com – “In order to be deprived of your citizenship, all that needs to happen initially is for the Home Secretary to sign a sheet saying that it’s conducive to the public good for you to be deprived of your citizenship. There’s no judicial scrutiny, like before the fact. And the process for challenging these orders is really difficult.”

Iron_DomeUS to give Israel $429 million for its Iron Dome missile system – from PressTV.ir – “The pentagon says the agreement was signed last week in a bid to ‘continue support of the production of the Iron Dome weapon system’ and provide opportunities for US industry to ‘receive meaningful co-production opportunities for Iron Dome components.’

Government study finds toxic Roundup herbicide in 75 percent of air, rain samples – by Jonathan Benson, NaturalNews.com – “Roundup usage spiked more than 800 percent since early 1990s… So while the presence of a number of other agricultural chemicals has gradually decreased over the years, according to the study, more Roundup than ever is polluting our air, resulting in untold amounts of this brain-damaging chemical continually raining down upon our soils, our lawns and even our water supplies.”

wall-street-flag-brian-jannsenThe State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld – by Prof. Peter Dale Scott, GlobalResearch.ca- “The ‘deep state’ was defined by the UK newsletter On Religion as ‘the embedded anti-democratic power structures within a government, something very few democracies can claim to be free from.’10 The term originated in Turkey in 1996, to refer to U.S.-backed elements, primarily in the intelligence services and military, who had repeatedly used violence to interfere with and realign Turkey’s democratic political process. Sometimes the definition is restricted to elements within the government (or ‘a state-within-the state’), but more often in Turkey the term is expanded, for historical reasons, to include “members of the Turkish underworld.”11 In this essay I shall use ‘deep state’ in the larger sense, to include both the second level of secret government inside Washington and those outsiders powerful enough, in either the underworld or overworld, to give it direction. In short I shall equate the term ‘deep state’ with what in 1993 I termed a ‘deep political system:’ ‘one which habitually resorts to decision-making and enforcement procedures outside as well as inside those publicly sanctioned by law and society.’12”

Sylvia_BurwellSylvia Burwell, replacement for resigning Kathleen Sebelius, ran Common Core, Bill Gates vaccines and GMOs in Africa – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “The replacement for Kathleen Sebelius is none other than Sylvia Burwell, ‘a key aide to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, reports Breitbart News (3). ‘Burwell served as both chief operating officer and head of the global development program at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.’ “

For the week of 3/31/14:

Cow-JumpsWhite House looks to regulate cow flatulence as part of climate agenda – by Michael Bastasch, DailyCaller.com – “The White House has proposed cutting methane emissions from the dairy industry by 25 percent by 2020. Although U.S. agriculture only accounts for about 9 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, it makes up a sizeable portion of methane emissions — which is a very potent greenhouse gas.

The IPCC’s Latest Report Deliberately Excludes And Misrepresents Important Climate Science – by Joseph Bast, Forbes.com – “The NIPCC reports were conceived and written to offer a way out of this conundrum. They are written in a style that laymen without special training can understand, provide explanations of how research was conducted and summarizing the actual findings, often quoting at length from original scholarly sources. Chapters often present research chronologically, in the order in which the studies were published, so readers can understand how the debate has changed over time.”

budget-numbersReport: Economic Growth ‘Half of What the President Said His Policies Would Deliver’ – by Daniel Halper, WeeklyStandard.com – “But this was not a one-time error used to sell bad policies. For 2013, the average of all four white House budget projections from 2009–2012 was 3.9 percent—still almost double the actual growth rate. These are not just academic figures—weakened growth means millions of lost jobs and reduced incomes. While debt has grown 64 percent since 2009, median household income has declined 4.5 percent—or $2,268 per household.”

Debunking every IPCC climate prophesy of war, pestilence, famine, drought, impacts in one line – by JoanneNova.com.au – “We could spend hours analyzing the new IPCC report about the impacts of climate change. Or we could just point out: Everything in the Working Group II report depends entirely on Working Group I… and… Working Group I depends entirely on climate models and 98% of them didn’t predict the pause.” – Good info in the comments on this one…

GMO crops in Iowa fail as beetle larvae develop resistance – by L.J. Devon, NaturalNews.com

mozilla-ceo-antigay180Thought Crime: Mozilla CEO Forced to Resign by LGBT Lobby Over ‘Opinion’ on Gay Marriage – from 21stCenturyWire.com – “Targeting individuals and depriving them of their fundamental right to work, expression of a personal opinion, or even disagreement with the lobby, is merely aiding the acceleration of the erosion of universal rights for all citizens, including LGBT ones. Once those rights are gone, they are gone for everyone, and no one will have universal protection under the law, or a ‘Bill of Rights’. ”

Obama’s Hegelian Deception: NSA ‘Overhaul’ Forces Telecoms to Collect More Data – by 21wire & RT.com – “Last week, the executive vice president for public policy at Verizon wrote on the telecom’s own blog that the company will of course compel with future requests for call records from the government, but added that he believed ‘companies should not be required to create, analyze or retain records for reasons other than business purposes.’ ”

Vladimir Putin Says Russia Must Protect its Citizens from GMOs, Stand Against WTO – by Christina Sarich, NaturalSociety.com- “Putin believes that he can keep GMOs out of his country, even while staying in compliance with the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) commandments. In a meeting addressing the members of the Board of the Russian Federation Council he stated: ‘We need to properly construct our work so that it is not contrary to our obligations under the WTO. But even with this in mind, we nevertheless have legitimate methods and instruments to protect our own market, and above all citizens.’ ”

Grow-yer-own Why Are Food Prices So High? – by Holly Deyo – ActivistPost.com

Botch A Drug Raid? No Problem, Just Seal The Warrant, Citizen Complaint And Gag Order Itself – from the no-stone-left-unturned dept at TechDirt.com – “Still, the department (via Capt. Ted Patrick) continues to insist that it did nothing wrong. But it’s completely unwilling to provide any evidence to back that assertion up.”

Koch ally to introduce Monsanto-backed bill to bar state GMO labeling laws – from RT.com – “Rep. Mike Pompeo will introduce legislation backed by powerful trade groups to prevent states from passing laws requiring the labeling of genetically-modified foods, according to reports… Pompeo founded Thayer Aerospace (now Nex-Tech Aerospace) with investment funds from Koch Industries. He then was named president of Sentry International, an oilfield equipment company that partners with Koch Industries… In his initial run for Congress in 2010, Pompeo received more money from the Kochs than any other politician. Once in the House, the congressman introduced bills sympathetic to Koch Industries…”

Christina_FernandezUK turned Malvinas into NATO nuclear base: Argentine President Cristina Fernandez – from PressTV.ir – ” ‘The truth about Malvinas is that it constitutes the biggest NATO nuclear military base in the South Atlantic. This is the truth they cannot keep hiding,’ the Argentine president told war veterans and supporters during the event… As a result, the islands become one of the ‘most militarized areas in the world,’ with more ‘military personnel than civilians,’ she said.”

What About The Dollar: Russia, Iran Announce $20 Billion Oil-For-Goods Deal – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “In other words, Russia seems perfectly happy to telegraph that it is just as willing to use barter (and “heaven forbid” gold) and shortly other “regional” currencies, as it is to use the US Dollar, hardly the intended outcome of the western blocakde, which appears to have just backfired and further impacted the untouchable status of the Petrodollar.” – Also from Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge: From Petrodollar To Petrogold: The US Is Now Trying To Cut Off Iran’s Access To Gold

Ministry Of Truth: Crackdown Ordered On Climate Change Sceptics – by Ben Webster of The Times, via TheGWPF.com – “Ministers who question the majority view among scientists about climate change should “shut up” and instead repeat the Government line on the issue, according to MPs.”

O-&-RatDesperate to Save Peace Talks, Obama Offers to Free Pollard – by RichardSilverstein.com – “The release would be seen in Israeli nationalist circles as a sign of weakness as well. Pollard would be paraded around Israel’s major cities and wined and dined as an Israeli hero. He would begin making statements attacking Obama and peace negotiations. He would essentially do the bidding of those who’ve held his cause high all these years: the settlers and intelligence apparatus which recruited him… Finally, this is a huge mistake. If Obama does it, he and the peace process are toast.”

Mother reverses autism symptoms in daughter by eliminating MSG from diet – by Julie Wilson, NaturalNews.com – “Despite skepticism from the medical community regarding the link between autism and MSG, Dr. Reid withdrew MSG from her daughter’s diet and began seeing improvements in just five weeks… ‘I tried the experiment on her and myself, and she started to develop better speech and communication. She became more social, her repetitive behaviors never occurred again after we introduced the diet. She just became a little more physically coordinated,’ Dr. Reid explained to Fox News. ‘I was also feeling much healthier myself. I had less sinus pressure headaches, less allergies. So I could see how this could have an effect on her brain.’… Moved by her daughter’s transformation, Dr. Reid created a non-profit organization called Unblind My Mind, dedicated to raising awareness regarding the link between foods we eat and growing health ailments.”

EPA-ChamberEPA forced children to inhale cancer-causing diesel pollutants as part of heinous government experiments – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “Even worse, the EPA has openly admitted, in a now-public document detailing these bizarre medical experiments on humans, that it conducted these human experiments for the last decade: Over the last 10 years, the EPA has conducted 13 human exposure studies using CAPS and four studies using diesel exhaust.”

‘You are wilfully lying to the British people’: Farage warns European project will end ‘very unpleasantly’ after Clegg condemns Ukip’s ‘dangerous fantasy’ about leaving EU – by Matt Chorley, DailyMail.co.uk – Farage: “I want the EU to end, but I want it to end democratically. If it doesn’t end democratically, I’m afraid it will end very unpleasantly.”

For the week of 3/24/14:

CDCMandatoryVaccinesColorado House Passes Forced Vaccination Bill: One of 18 States Pushing Corporate Drugs – by Christina Sarich, NaturalSociety.com – “House Bill 1288 completely ignores the fact that many vaccines have been proven dangerous to young children, and can even cause death and infertility. Parents and doctors also offered hours of testimony to House representatives, but to no avail. The bill was proposed by State Rep. Dan Pabon (D) as a means to make sure that parents weren’t just opting out of vaccines for ‘convenience,’ ”

The Agenda 21 Water Police Are Making Their Move to Enslave American Communities – The globalists murdered Detroit through the various free trade agreements consisting of NAFTA, GATT, and CAFTA. And now, their Agenda 21 minions are coming for your water, your homes and your children – by Dave Hodges, TheCommonSenseShow.com – “Building One America represents regional control of assets and is granted to an unelected regional authority in places like St. Paul/Minneapolis and San Francisco as a means to force suburban residents to abandon their outlying homes for the stack and pack inner cities. This program is the real Agenda 21. President Obama’s first mentor in community organizing, Mike Krulig, and his Building One America are behind this.” – Mike Krulig is actually Mike Kruglik

Scrubbed: Photo of President Obama Removed Just Days After Book Exposes Agenda to Eliminate Suburbs – by Lee Stranahan, Breitbart.com – “A photo of President Obama was suddenly pulled from the website of the group Building One America, whose goals were documented extensively in Stanley Kurtz’s book Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities. The book, which was released ten days ago, reveals what Kurtz refers to as Obama’s plan to undercut the political and economic independence of America’s suburbs. Kurtz connects current Obama administration policy with his personal history, and with groups like Building One America in particular… This website shows a cached view of how the BuildingOneAmerica.org site looked on July 19th, 2012 — with a photo of President Obama talking to Building One America’s President Mike Kruglik, which was taken during a 2011 meeting held at the White House. Kruglik’s official biography on the Building One America site describes him thusly…”

Police_Design03- 640

American Physical Society Sees The Light: Will It Be The First Major Scientific Institution To Reject The Global Warming ‘Consensus’? – by James Delingpole, Breitbart.com – “It is inconceivable, given the new panel’s constitution, that when the APS releases its new position statement on climate change later this year it will be anything other than broadly skeptical of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming… This will mark a major victory for climate skeptics. Up until now, one of the most effective weapons in the climate alarmists’ armoury has been to declare that all the world’s major scientific institutions subscribe to the Man-Made Global Warming ‘Consensus.’ ”

Bill_GrayThe Climate Scientist Who Got It Right – by StevenGoddard.wordpress.com – “Bill (Gray)’s reward for extreme competence and forecasting accuracy, was to be ostracized by the climate science community and have his funding cut off by Al Gore. (Meanwhile, people like James Hansen have received huge amounts of funding and acclaim for spreading junk science and disastrously poor predictions.)”

From The-Way-Back-Machine desk: Creation Myth – by John B. Judis, TheNewRepublic.com – “Obama had moved to Chicago to work for Kellman, a transplanted New Yorker eleven years his senior, and his partner, Mike Kruglik. The pair was trying to build a regional community organization that spanned South Chicago, Chicago’s southern suburbs, and Northwest Indiana. Kellman and Kruglik wanted their new recruit to establish a branch centered in Roseland. It was to be called the Developing Communities Project. ”

Mike Kruglik’s The Gamaliel Foundation: Organizing for The Hunger Games society – Detroit Bankruptcy and Beyond – from Gamaliel.org – “Local and national experts will consider the Detroit bankruptcy from a different angle — one more concerned with racial equity and preserving the city than making big investors whole and looking at how the same issues may play out elsewhere.”

Oklahoma ‘Abolishes’ Common Core – by Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart.com – “Jenni White of Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE) issued a press release supporting the bill, but her statement contains several caveats showing that her support is conditional. This could signal that Common Core opponents are skeptical of the bill.”

Scottish Labour conference: Europe should control army says MSP Marra – from BBC.com – “Jenny Marra said the current crisis in the Crimea revealed ‘the folly of nation states’.”

no-gmo-babyGMOs could cause ‘irreversible termination of life’ on Earth, risk expert warns – by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews.com – “In a new study, which is still in draft form, this professor of risk engineering from New York University uses statistical analysis to make the case that GMOs, by their very nature, will disrupt the ecosystems of this planet in ways that mankind is only just beginning to comprehend. Because they represent a systemic risk rather than a localized one — GM traits are known to spread unconstrained throughout the environment — GMOs will eventually breach the so-called “ecocide barrier,” leading to catastrophic ecosystem failure.”

Russia’s UN envoy Churkin replies to CNN anchor Amanpour – from RT.com – “Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin has issued a response to Christiane Amanpour after the CNN anchor lashed out at the diplomat over his inability to appear on her show and brought his daughter into the equation.”

Yats-I-dont-careEU-Ukraine Trade Deal Paves the Way for Brutal Economic Austerity. IMF to Apply “The Greek Model” – by Mike Head, GlobalResearch.ca – “The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is based on the deal that former President Viktor Yanukovych’s Ukrainian government rejected, leading to the US- and EU-instigated protests and violence that ousted him last month… The pact, signed in Brussels, declares that the Ukrainian government must ’embark swiftly on an ambitious program of structural reforms’ and submit to ‘an agreement with the [International Monetary Fund].’ The plans being drawn up are based on the ‘Greek model’—the savage cuts imposed on Greece by the IMF and the EU that have produced a massive growth in unemployment and poverty.”

from the Shoe’s-On-the-Other-Foot desk: Royal Institute of British Architects Backs Israel Boycott Motion – by Elias, IntifadaPalestine.com – “This motion sends a clear message that there is a price to pay for Israel’s decades long impunity in pursuing these apartheid policies, and that the humane principles of our profession cannot be ignored. One small step by the RIBA Council in supporting this motion – one landmark leap for ethics, justice and integrity for our profession.”

Venezuela: Defeating Fascism Before it’s too Late – by Prof. James Petras, GlobalResearch.ca – “The majority of Venezuelans confronted by the rising tide of fascist violence support the punishment of these high officials engaged in or supporting sabotage. Without firm action, Venezuelan intelligence agencies as well as the average citizen agree that these ‘opposition’ politicos will continue to promote violence and provide sanctuary for paramilitary assassins… The government has realized that they are engaged in a real war, planned by a centralized leadership and executed by decentralized operatives. Legislative leaders are coming to grips with the political psychology of fascism, which interprets Presidential offers of political conciliation and judicial leniency as weakness to be exploited by further violence.”

Debt_StarThe Average 25-Year Old’s Debt Has Grown 91% in the Last Decade — Will Borrowers Learn to Push Back? – Debt grinds on the American psyche, yet building a movement against it has proven difficult – by Hannah K. Gold, Alternet.org – “NYU professor of social and cultural analysis and Occupy activist Andrew Ross would likely call these figures extortionist. Also, not at all unexpected… ‘Creditors have their foot on the throat of the global economy,’ said Ross on a panel last month at The Brecht Forum in New York. The panel—which included writers, professors, and activists—was there to discuss debt resistance, and Ross’s new book Creditocracy And The Case For Debt Refusal.”

From Turkey’s Covert War on Syria to the “Crimea Connection” – Washington’s “Short Leash” – by Tony Cartalucci, GlobalResearch.ca – “There is little Turkey could actually do in Crimea itself. However, Turkey’s proximity and ties to the Tartar minority the West would like to use as a pressure point against Russia in Crimea, could be useful, as could another voice lent to bolstering the West’s narrative regarding Ukraine in general. A harder line from Erdogan regarding Russia would lend additional perceived ‘credibility’ to the West’s narrative, but it would come at a heavy price regarding future Russian-Turkish ties.”

James_BoydCrowd spills through downtown Albuquerque protesting APD – Protest comes after fatal officer-involved shooting – by Laura Thoren, Koat.com – “Some of the signs said, ‘Justice for James Boyd,’ the man killed in the shooting. He was a homeless man with a history of mental illness illegally camping in the foothills. The standoff lasted three hours.”

STOP the evictions!.. 55 Banks Occupied today!!!! – Historical occupation of more than 50 (Spanish) BBVA bank offices to demand the withdrawal of the eviction notice – from TheFreeOnline.wordpress.com – “…on a Monday morning by surprise no less than 55 banks of BBVA were occupied and paralysed. This is shaping up to be a mass citizens expropriation of THE NEAR HALF A MILLION evicted homes now held by the banks and being sold off to speculators.”

Venezuela arrests three generals for alleged coup plot – from Agence France-Presse via GlobalPost.com – “The unidentified generals were in contact with opposition politicians and ‘were trying to get the Air Force to rise up against the legitimately elected government,’ Maduro told a meeting of South American foreign ministers… ‘this group that was captured has direct links with sectors of the opposition and they were saying that this week was the decisive week,’ Maduro said.”

GMO-kernelsBrazilian court reverses previous approval of Bayer’s GM corn – by S. D. Wells, NaturalNews.com – “The Federal Appeals Court unanimously decided this latest precedent-setting roadblock to the Biotech war against organic food. You might even call this a legal paradigm. Cultivation control, after all, is what this is all about. This annulled the decision by Brazil’s Biosecurity Commission, which had allowed for the release… The judge in the case stated that there is a need for studies on the negative impacts of GMOs. He also saw the need for transparency (for general public) of the trade process.”

Avemar: Fermented Wheat Germ Kills All Types of Cancer Cells FAST – by Christina Sarich, NaturalSociety.com – “Fermented wheat germ (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) made by a standardized, patented process, and named Avemar, specifically inhibits interference in enzymatic activity so that regular cellular respiration (including glucose metabolism) can occur among only healthy cells.”

Global Warming Will Not Cost the Earth, Leaked IPCC Report Admits – by James Delingpole, Breitbart.com – “…the latest estimates, to be published by Working Group II of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report, say that a 2.5 degrees Celsius rise in global temperatures by the end of the century will cost the world economy between just 0.2 and 2 percent of its GDP… This admission by the IPCC will come as a huge blow to those alarmists – notably the Stern Review’s author but also including everyone from the Prince of Wales to Al Gore – who argue that costly intervention now is our only hope if we are to stave off the potentially disastrous effects of climate change.”

Pro-Morsi_DemonstratorsEgypt on the Verge of a Social Explosion – by Jean Shaoul – GlobalResearch.ca – “The purpose of the military junta’s savage repression of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), expressed most recently in the mass death sentence handed down March 24 against 529 of its members, is not just the elimination of its main bourgeois political rival. It is aimed at intimidating and suppressing opposition to what the military-backed government has in store for the working class…. The Egyptian ruling elite, having disposed of the Muslim Brotherhood, is determined that the burden of repaying the international bankers is to be shouldered by the already impoverished working class. They have made it clear they are ready to enforce this counter-revolution through the barrel of the gun.”

How Wall Street Is Sucking Huge Amounts of Money from Los Angeles – Finance industry rakes it in from dubious fees – by Les Leopold, Alternet.org – “As one of the report’s researchers stated, ‘This is the first time an accounting of fees has been exposed for a specific public entity, and we don’t think we have captured it all. So if you do this for every public entity, cities, counties, school districts, states, and universities, transportation agencies and other public entities we could be looking at an astounding amount of money for education and community services money sucked out of the system.’ ”

Microwave-exposureAmericans’ brains being fried by cell towers: New scientific evidence reveals shocking extent of electropollution damage – by Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com – “The study, authored by Professor Enrique A Navarro, concluded that the severity of such symptoms directly correlated to cell tower exposure levels. In other words, the closer a person lives to a cell tower, the greater the severity of their symptoms. This was true regardless of race, income level and other demographics.”

Turkish army artillery pounds west Syria – from PressTV.ir – “…Ankara seeks to renew its assistance to foreign-backed militants fighting against the Damascus government….Turkish forces fired across the frontier into a border region, which is administratively part of Syria’s western province of Latakia.”

Turkey Plans False Flag Against Syria; Blocks YouTube, Twitter – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “However, it appears that the controversy over the danger posed to Suleyman’s tomb is nothing more than a weak excuse for overt military incursion into Syria. The idea is that Turkey will be able to claim that it is taking action against “Al-Qaeda” in order to protect Turkish territory, a justification that will be readily accepted by Western audiences.”

Dear Ukrainians, Your Gas Bill Goes Up By 50% On May 1, Have A Nice Day – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “We assume this is not what President Obama meant when he said “costs”… UKRAINE TO RAISE GAS PRICES FOR HOUSEHOLDS 50% FROM MAY 1… UKRAINE TO RAISE GAS PRICE FOR HEATING UTILITIES 40% FROM JULY… As we warned previously, ‘the honeymoon is over’ and it seems, from today’s address, President Obama is about to mandate who and where the free market for natgas delivers it supply.”

Syria-Zombie_TeensFrom Savile to Syria: BBC in Breach of Charter Again with Staged Panorama ‘Chemical Doc’ – PRO-WAR PROPAGANDA IN MEDIA: How far would the establishment go to sway public opinion in favor of war? – by 21wire, 21stCenturyWire.com – “The very sensitive timing of this staged Panorama piece was most certainly designed to sway public opinion in favour of British military intervention in Syria. Luckily for the public (and the world at large), Parliament saw sense on the day of the vote, and the war was off.”

Its Starting to Unravel : Swiss decide AGAINST Russian Sanctions – from InvestmentWatchBlog.com – UPDATE: Now Germany Is Against Sanctions… Merkel said in Berlin on Wednesday after talks with South Korean President Park Geun-hye that the West ‘has not reached a stage that implies the imposition of economic sanctions’ on Moscow… ‘And I hope we will be able to avoid it,’ she said. ‘I am not interested in escalation. On the contrary, I am working on de-escalation of the situation.’ ”

Russian Government Officials Dump iPads Over Spying Fears – from Agence France-Presse via BusinessInsider.com – “Journalists spotted that ministers at a cabinet meeting were no longer using Apple tablets, and minister Nikolai Nikiforov confirmed the changeover ‘took place not so long ago.’ ”

Columbia-SC-MRAP4 Shocking Examples of Police Militarization in America’s Small Towns – Police departments are militarizing even far from urban centers – by Aaron Cantú, Alternet.org

Israeli soldiers shot dead Palestinian teen in cold blood – from IntifadaPalistine.com – After investigating the March 19 death of 15-year-old Yussef Sami Shawamreh, B’Tselem said it had found no evidence to support the army’s version of events that troops had opened fire at youths who had ‘sabotage’” the West Bank apartheid wall… ‘The decision to mount an armed ambush at a point in the barrier known to be crossed by youths, who pose no danger whatsoever to anyone, for the purpose of harvesting plants is highly questionable,’ the report said, noting it showed ‘extremely faulty discretion’ on the part of the commanders.”

Controlling the Lens: The Media War Being Fought Over Ukraine Between the Western Bloc and Russia – The BBC and CNN versus RT – by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, GlobalResearch.ca

US-Carrier-w-HeloUS to build naval base in southern Yemen: Report – from PressTV.ir – “According to the recent report by Ansar Allah website, the naval base, which is to be established in Khor al-Umaira in southern Yemen near strategic Bab-el Mandeb, will include a floating dock, a training center and shooting ranges.”

How Vladimir Putin Became Evil (in the eyes of the sheeple) – The US and UK condemn him for Crimea but supported him over the war in Chechnya. Why? Because now he refuses to play ball – by Tariq Ali, InformationClearingHouse.info

Putin Flushes the US Dollar: Russia’s Gold Ruble Payments System Delinked from Dollar – A New Financial System independent from Wall Street & city begins to take shape concretely in Russia? – by Umberto Pascali, GlobalResearch.ca – “According to the Judo strategy, the sanction attack created the ideal situation for a “defensive” move that would redirect the brute force of the adversary against him. And now it’s happening. Bank Rossiya will be the first Russian bank to use exclusively the Russian ruble.”

FBI Dumps Southern Poverty Law Center as Hate Crimes Resource – by Austin Ruse, Breitbart.com – “Writing in the left-wing website Counterpunch, Alexander Coburn called SPLC founder Morris Dees ‘king of the hate business.’ Coburn wrote, ‘Ever since 1971, U.S. Postal Service mailbags have bulged with Dees’ fundraising letters, scaring dollars out of the pockets of trembling liberals aghast at his lurid depictions of hate-sodden America, in dire need of legal confrontation by the SPLC.’ ”

BLOCKBUSTER: THIS IS ACCURATE AND NOW 100 PERCENT CONFIRMED: HIJACKED IBM ENGINEER SUCCESSFULLY DIALED OUT OF DIEGO GARCIA – by JimStoneFreelance.com – “IBM ENGINEER TAKEN FROM HIJACKED FLIGHT 370 GOT A SELFIE OUT TO THE INTERNET… a critical piece of information was embedded in the Exif data, the coordinates to Diego Garcia, where the picture was taken. And it’s real, this is NOT a hoax. The coordinates in the picture indicate that the photo was taken within 3 miles of what Google officially gives for Diego Garcia… The picture posted with the following text: ‘I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.’ ”

For the week of 3/17/14:

Obama-eminence-grisUS navy Seals take over oil tanker seized by Libyan rebels – Pentagon says the Morning Glory, loaded with £12m cargo of crude oil, will be handed to Libyan government control – by Chris Stephen, TheGuardian.com – “In Libya, US ambassador Deborah Jones, who described the rebel actions last week as “theft from the Libyan people”, tweeted: ‘Yes we can’ in reaction to the operation on Monday. ‘Glad we were able to respond positively to Libya’s request for help in preventing illegal sale of its oil on stateless ship,’ she wrote.” – Anyone disputing the claim that the US of A is now the World’s Cop?

Diego_Garcia-runwayThe Case of Malaysia’s Missing Airliner MH370 – Part Two – by Shawn Helton, 21stCenturyWire.com

U.S. government: Americans are ‘killer zombies’ – ‘Uncle Sam’ portrayed as bloodthirsty cannibal (in a program for Pakistan by Voice of America!) – by Steve Peacock, WND.com – “A bloodthirsty zombie version of the Uncle Sam character bites the neck of a foreign man in a promotional video the Obama administration is using to catch the attention of Pakistani youth… Voice of America, through a local cable company, currently distributes “Zindagi 360,” a program VOA uses to target young adults in Pakistan, but the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors is setting its sights higher.” – from the You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up Desk

Obama Off The Ukrainian Deep End – by Joe Giambrone, ActivistPost.com – “…Victoria Nuland has copped to spending $5 Billion of U.S. taxpayer money to achieve this goal and to install this regime. The US State Department has been instrumental in deciding who would and who would not become Obama’s current “Government of Ukraine.” This flagrantly gratuitous fraud is backed up by Executive threats of property seizure and even escalation toward war.”

Crimea-fireworksJubilation in Crimea as 97 per cent vote to join Russia – but Ukrainian prime minister warns separatist leaders that the ‘ground will burn under their feet’ • Crowds in regional capital Simferopol waved flags and let off fireworks – by Chris Pleasance. Dailymail.co.uk

Psychotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons: Remote Control of the Human Nervous System – by Mojmir Babacek, GlobalResearch.ca – “There exist no legislations punishing the use of those technologies by governments. Only in Russia and some of the states in the USA there are legislations punishing the ownership or trading with those technologies by non governmental entities. For example in the state of Michigan the sentence for this crime is equal to the sentence for ownership or trading with weapons of mass destruction.”

Kevin_Trudeau‘Natural Cures’ Author Kevin Trudeau Sentenced to 10 Years Prison – by Heather Callaghan, ActivistPost.com – “Some similar tactics were deployed on Paleo diet blogger, Steve Cooksey, who wrote about his steps towards reversing diabetes. A similar case involving “the morals” of what he was doing was built up against him in an effort to justify jailing and fining him. If you read up on his case, you will see how what prosecutors call ‘dietary advice,’ is to them, not a part of protected free speech.”

Maryland Senate Okays Marijuana Decriminalization – by Phillip Smith, ActivistPost.com – “The bill is Senate Bill 364, sponsored by Sen. Robert Zirkin (D-Montgomery County). It would replace criminal penalties for the possession of 10 grams of marijuana with a civil fine of up to $100.”

gates-new-americaIrony: Gates Foundation Blasts Database Opponents for ‘Outsized Influence’ – by Aaron Dykes, ActivistPost.com – “The Gates Foundation & New America report criticized the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities — whose board is made up entirely of university presidents — of having “outsized influence” in the debate by opposing the database… Meanwhile, the Gates Foundation stands as the largest non-profit foundation in history, and has its fingers in every conceivable pie — attempting to socially engineer the population, and steer health care and education nationwide … At the same time, the New America Foundation is chaired by Google’s Eric Schmidt — a firm which has amassed massive amounts of data on individuals across the globe, and defied government attempts to restrict it. New America also holds numerous important individuals who have attended the secretive Bilderberg meetings, belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, are members of the Soros family, or who have worked for the Gates Foundation & Obama Administration.

Massive Blast at N.M. Base Caught on Radar (w/video) – by Dutchsinse, ActivistPost.com – Plume of (?) headed toward Amarillo, TX…

Ares-LRAres Armor Raided By ATF For Customer Files – from FreeNorthCarolina.blogspot.com – ‘It appears that despite the judge granting the TRO on Wednesday, yesterday the ATF went to the judge ex parte (meaning without the other side, in this case Ares, being present), and got a “clarification” of the prior TRO. This “clarification” seems to give them the green light to apply for a “lawful search”.’

IMF Plans Massive Austerity for Ukraine According to Crimea Leaders – by Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost.com – “(Deputy Prime Minister Olga Kovitidi) also claims that there is a plan to sell off Ukraine’s very rich and fertile farmland to international corporations and foreign countries. Kovitidi states, “The planned annulment of the moratorium on the sale of farmland looks appalling. The selloff of Ukraine’s black soil zone, including to foreign countries, may have disastrous economic and social consequences.”

Meet The Brand New, And Shocking, Third Largest Foreign Holder Of US Treasurys – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “And somehow the Treasury expects us to believe that tiny Belgium – the center of the doomed Eurozone which is all too busy running debt ponzi scheme of its own – bought in two months nearly as much US Treasurys as its entire GDP?

mikeschartHousing: One Chart Says it All – by Mike Whitney, InformationClearingHouse.info – “So why ARE home sales tanking?… It’s because you can’t qualify for a mortgage when 100 percent of your weekly paycheck goes to paying the VISA, filling the gas-tank, and buying a few groceries at Danny’s Discount Foodmart. It can’t be done.

Ukraine Sets Deadline for Militias to Surrender Illegal Guns – by Andrew E. Kramer, NYTimes.com

US Boycotts Pakistan’s Push For Greater Transparency On Drone Strikes – US a No-Show for UN Talks on Covert Drone Wars – by Sarah Lazare, MintPressNews.com – “While the Obama administration has repeatedly claimed that civilian deaths in drone strikes are minimal, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism documents alarming rates of civilian deaths by covert U.S. attacks in Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia.”

Oleh_Tyahnybok-handOnHeartIsrael Backs Fascist Putsch, Supports neo-Nazi anti-Semitic Forces in Ukraine – by Jean Shaoul, GlobalResearch.ca – “(In Israel), as the gap between rich and poor has grown due to the economic policies pursued by governments of the right as well as the nominally “left,” the state has increasingly relied on right-wing settlers and extreme nationalist zealots, who provide the basis for the emergence of fascistic tendencies within Israel itself. It has fostered nationalism to divert the anger of the working class over declining living standards and social inequality along reactionary lines.”

Battle escalates over woman living off-grid – ‘This disregard for private property brings us back to pre-Revolutionary period’ – from WND.com – “Magistrate Harold S. Eskin said Speronis was not guilty of violating any codes by not using electrical or sewer systems. He ruled, however, she ‘was required under the codes to hook up to the city’s water system.’… His ruling came even though he admitted the code ‘might be obsolete’ and that ‘reasonableness and code requirements don’t always go hand-in-hand.’…He even suggested it might be time for a review of the code.”

(Japan) Global Experiment Is Becoming A Frightening Nightmare – by Michael Pento, KingWorldNews.com – “I first warned about the impending bust of Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs) when I wrote “Abe Pulls Pin on JGBs” back in January 2013. In that commentary I laid out the math behind a collapse of the Japanese bond market and economy stemming from the nation’s massive government debt, combined with the Bank of Japan’s (BOJ’s) folly of pursuing an inflation target…”

European-Summit-Cameron-n-YatsCrimea crisis: EU prepares for trade war with Russia – Brussels drafts tougher sanctions for new battle plan against Moscow should Putin expand territorial claims in Ukraine – by Ian Traynor, TheGuardian.com – “David Cameron reserved strong language for the Kremlin move. ‘A sham and illegal referendum has taken place at the barrel of a Kalashnikov,’ he said. ‘Russia has sought to annex Crimea, a flagrant breach of international law and something we will never recognise.’ ”

Petrodollar Alert: Putin Prepares To Announce “Holy Grail” Gas Deal With China – by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge.com – “If it was the intent of the West to bring Russia and China together… in the process marginalizing the dollar and encouraging Ruble and Renminbi bilateral trade, then things are surely ‘going according to plan.’ ”

Corn_RootwormSyngenta halts GMO corn seed sales in Canada due to importer resistance – “What happens when more people hear about the damaging effects of GMO? You run out of a viable market for your goods” – by Christina Sarich, Intellihub.com – “Sadly, farmers in Canada who were desirous of planting Syngenta’s new corn will instead plant other Sygenta seeds instead of opting for non-GMO alternatives. You would think that this one trade issue would speak to the farmers’ bottom line and encourage them to abandon GMO farming, but instead they just look to other genetically modified suicide seed.”

Budget 2014: George Osborne Gives HMRC (the tax pirates) Power To Take Money From Bank Accounts – by Asa Bennett, HuffingtonPost.co.uk – “This brings the UK in line with many other tax authorities which already have the power to recover debts directly from an individual’s account, such as France and the US,” the Budget reads… Once HMRC takes the money, the taxpayer will have 14 days to get in touch and set up a payment plan, otherwise officials will keep what they have taken.”

Had Enough Yet? Navy Spying on Traffic Offenders – by ZenGardner.com – “The Law Enforcement Information Exchange, or LinX, has already amassed 506.3 million law enforcement records ranging from criminal histories and arrest reports to field information cards filled out by cops on the beat even when no crime has occurred… LinX is a national information-sharing hub for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. It is run by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, raising concerns among some military law experts that putting such detailed data about ordinary citizens in the hands of military officials crosses the line that generally prohibits the armed forces from conducting civilian law enforcement operations.”

Erdogan-a-twitterTurkey blocks Twitter, after Erdogan vowed ‘eradication’– from HurriyetDailyNews.com – ” ‘We now have a court order. We’ll eradicate Twitter. I don’t care what the international community says. Everyone will witness the power of the Turkish Republic,’ Erdogan said at his campaign rally in the western city of Bursa on March 20, 10 days before the upcoming local elections.”

Michigan CPS has gigantic secret list of parents labeled “child abusers” without due process – by PoliceStateUSA.com – “The list is called the Michigan Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry. It reportedly contains the names of 275,000 “abusive” parents currently in that state alone… The list has grown so large because CPS staffers can enter names easily — “by the push of a button” as Warren described — with no oversight. Meanwhile, it is very difficult for a flagged person to get his or her name removed… ‘I can’t foster, I can’t get a job anywhere, and background check, I can’t get a job,’ said Helen Miller of Battle Creek, who had been unfairly labeled a child abuser.”

Saudis Bankrolling Israel’s Mossad: More confirmation? – by Barry Lando, FireDogLake.com – ” ‘The question’ Silverstein writes in his blog, ‘is how far is Saudi Arabia willing to go?’ If Bibi ever decided to launch an attack, would the Sunni nation fund that as well? The answer seems clearly to be yes.”

Barry-n-BlairTony Blair handed £3m slice of Barack Obama’s aid for Africans – Secret emails reveal an intense lobbying campaign behind Tony Blair’s plan to appear alongside Barack Obama, as his charity wins £3m US aid deal – by Matthew Holehouse, and Edward Malnick, Telegraph.co.uk – “A spokesman for Mr Blair said: ‘You have no evidence of wrong doing because there is none – when it was decided there would be a competitive tender process for funding, AGI applied, went through exactly the same process as any other organisation and was successful.’ ”

EU Agrees Banking Union – Bail-Ins Cometh … – by GoldCore, InvestmentWatchBlog.com – “Banks in the Eurozone remain extremely vulnerable. Our research on bail-ins and the developing bail-in regimes clearly shows how banks remain very vulnerable and it is now the case that in the event of bank failure, your deposits could be confiscated as happened in Cyprus… It is important to realise that not just the EU but also the UK, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most G20 nations all have plans for bail-ins in the event that banks and other large financial institutions get into difficulty.”

Top-Tenners-IncomesQuantitative Easing has been the fuel for rising inequality and welfare for the modern Gilded Age – President Fisher from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas mentions QE’s gift to the rich – from MyBudget360.com

From the Can-It-Get-Any-Creepier Desk: Pssst! Everything’s a Conspiracy – by “the Svengali” Cass R. Sunstein, BloombergView.com – “Pick your topic: Ukraine, the National Security Agency, assassinations of national leaders, recent economic crises, the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays — it’s child’s play to assemble a host of apparent clues, and to connect a bunch of dots, to support a relevant conspiracy theory. In recent years, for example, many Americans have become convinced that the U.S. (or Israel) was responsible for the attacks of Sept. 11, that the U.S. government concocted HIV/AIDS, and that federal agencies have conspired to hide the association between vaccines and autism.” – Guess he’s right, what preposterous nonsense!

Feinstein’s Bill to Kill Free Speech of Independent Journalists ‘Has Votes’ to Pass Senate – by Nick Bernabe, TheDailySheeple.com – “Although the bill is being sold by the Obama administration and establishment politicians in both parties as a positive step in protecting free speech, unfortunately the name of this bill is highly deceiving… (It) is likely to crush freedom of speech of any journalist not on a corporate payroll.

27 killed in nine days of Lebanon’s Tripoli clashes – from PressTV.ir – “Local media said on Saturday that some 175 people have been also injured since clashes between armed men from (2 Tripoli) neighborhoods… The Bab al-Tabbaneh residents support foreign-backed militants operating against the Syrian government, while the inhabitants of neighboring Jabal Mohsen are loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad… Reports said civilians were among the casualties, adding that some 33 army soldiers were also injured.”

For the week of 3/10/14:

Homeless JesusCops Called on Homeless Jesus Statue Because “He Could Have Been a Threat to the Neighborhood” – by POPEYE, FederalJack.com

Former (Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich) says that “U.S. taxpayers’ money was used to knock off an elected government in Ukraine” – from Intellihub.com – ” ‘Bill O’Reilly, if you don’t believe in cause and effect, I don’t know what I can do for you,’ Kucinich said.”

Russia’s Gazprom Warns Ukraine of New Gas War – from en.RIA.ru – ” ‘Ukraine must pay off its debts and current deliveries or face the risk of returning to the 2009 scenario,’ during which Russia halted all deliveries to Europe via Ukraine’s pipeline system for two weeks.”

Kiev Neo-NazisBBC Now Admits: Armed Nazis Led “Revolution” in Kiev, Ukraine – by Tony Cartalucci, Journal-Neo.org – “A BBC Newsnight short titled, ‘Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine,’ reveals xenophobic Jew-hating nationalists, armed and leading the mobs in Kiev, directly contradicting months of Western media narratives portraying the rabble as aspiring for ‘freedom,’ ‘democracy,’ and ‘closer ties with the West,’ with the most absurd example being the ‘I am Ukrainian’ propaganda reel.”

prisoners-LokiThe Esoteric Meaning of the Movie “Prisoners” – by VigilantCitizen.com – “Warning: Gigantic spoilers ahead!”

Do Americans Face a Red Terror? – by James Perloff, HenryMakow.com – “The same Illuminati bankers responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution and the greatest mass murder in human history control the United States today.”

Russian Dollar Dump Could Crash Financial System: John Williams – by Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog.com – “What would happen if there was massive dollar dumping globally? Williams says, “It would be disastrous for our markets. All those excess dollars coming in, with bonds being sold, interest rates would spike. The stock market would sell off and we’d see inflation. To prevent that and try and keep things stable, the Fed would tend to buy up those Treasuries. It would intervene wherever it could to stabilize the circumstance. It’s going to be very difficult, and it’s going to be very inflationary.” –Economist John Williams

Elbit_Systems-Hermes900Israeli company wins the US Department of Homeland Security contract – from PressTV.ir – “The contract calls for the deployment of border surveillance technology in southern Arizona. According to Reuters, the contract is ‘known as the Integrated Fixed Tower’.”

Zbig Brzezinski and his identification – by Pogos Anastasov, Journal.NEO.org – “Only by linking together the events in Ukraine, the Middle East, Southwest Asia and the Caucasus, can we see the intents of the globalization strategists. Time will tell, whether they are able to implement them. Scales vary, but Zbig’s victory is far from guaranteed. It is possible that the historical time to address the issue of deterring Russia by a united West has already been lost…”

Kombai_TribeIncredible hidden tribes of the world – Tribes that have flourished without ‘civilisation’ – by Kara, WAYN.com

States Are Getting Tough, Globalists Are Getting Even – Cease & Desist Demanded – from NeilKeenan.com – “You will not hear a peep about it in on the Globalists’ multinational corporate controlled mass media. State legislatures are boiling with laws rejecting and reversing the Federal tyranny within their territories.”

Six Important Facts You’re Not Being Told About Lost Malaysia Airlines Flight – by Mike Adams, GovtSlaves.info – “The inescapable conclusion from what we know so far is that Flight 370 seems to have utterly and inexplicably vanished. It clearly was not hijacked (unless there is a cover-up regarding the radar data), and we can all be increasingly confident by the hour that this was not a mid-air explosion (unless debris suddenly turns up that they’ve somehow missed all along).’

Venezuela-Supermarket_LineVenezuelans Take “Marks-A-Lot Of The Beast” To Stand In Line At Government Supermarkets – by Linette Lopez, GovtSlaves.info

Israel Shamir: Counter Coup in Crimea – from HenryMakow.com – “It is only the Russian presence which is described as an “invasion” by the Western media, while the American one is hardly mentioned. “We have a moral duty to stick our nose in your business in your backyard a world away from our homeland. It’s for your own good”, wrote an ironic American blogger.”

CBS Journalist Resigns After Being Pressured Over ‘Anti-Obama’ Reporting – But don’t expect a Liz Wahl-style media circus – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com – “CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson resigned today after facing pressure over reports she filed that were deemed to be overly critical of President Obama…”

Bastion-CrimeaReport: Russia Moves Anti-Ship Missiles to Crimea – Moscow responds to USS Truxtun being sent to Black Sea – by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

Russia Threatens to Impose Sanctions On U.S. Corporations – Thus removing wind from the sails of Obama, Kerry and Congress as they call for sanctions on Russia – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com – “Sanctions work, sort of, against Iran because the market there is miniscule – a mere $500 million. The SEC can grandstand and pompous politicos can make grandiloquent speeches about containing the mullahs and their (non-existent) nukes because Iran is not Russia, even with its bounty of oil reserves… Europe does about $460 billion in business each year in Russia, while U.S. corporations do about $40 billion. Is it sane to believe this kind of money will be sacrificed to protest what is or is not going on in Ukraine?”

Donetsk-Mercenaries Blackwater Mercenaries Reported in Donetsk, Ukraine – by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com

CUPIDTaser Drone Capable of Unleashing 80,000 Volts Debuted at SXSW – Drone with 80 kilowatts of intense voltage waits for you to approve, detain or fire on visitors – by Adan Salazar, Infowars.com

Rabbis of the Devil – by Khalid Amayreh, DesertPeace.wordpress.com – “According to a weekly Hebrew magazine, several rabbis, including the rabbi of Safad, Shmuel Eliyahu, recently proposed the establishment of death camps for the Palestinians… The magazine indicated that the creation of these camps would be the duty of all devout Jews… In fact, the immoral silence of much of the west toward what is happening in Israel these days is bad and dangerous for Jews and their future.”

fadel-abu-odwan-hospitalFadel Abu Odwan, 11, was left alone and bleeding heavily for three hours after Israeli soldiers opened fire on him at the Gaza border fence on February 21 – from DCI-Palestine.org

Florida trauma centers charge outrageous fees the moment you come through the door – by Letitia Stein and Alexandra Zayas, TampaBay.com – “Before any X-ray was taken, any blood collected, any medicine delivered to his broken body, crash victim Eric Leonhard was charged $32,767 just to pass through the doors of a Fort Pierce trauma center. The bill was not for the surgery Leonhard needed to piece together his shattered pelvis. In fact, after exactly 40 minutes, doctors decided to transfer him because they didn’t have the right specialist for the job.”

Game Changer: It Will Be Shocking for the Average American: “Your Cost of Living Will Quadruple” – by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan.com – “In recent months working Americans have seen their health care costs triple. But this is just the beginning. When America’s debt problems come to a head the subsidies will be removed, and that will lead to cost of living increases that will leave those who never saw it coming in a state of confusion and bewilderment with no way out.”

Labor-Participation-20s_AmericansLabor Force Participation Hits Record Low for Americans in Their 20s – by Ali Meyer, CNSNews.com

Obama brings Ukraine war home to U.S. – Issues order targeting Americans who threaten ‘peace’ – by Aaron Klein, WND.com – “The order freezes property of “U.S. Persons” deemed by the treasury secretary in consultation with the secretary of state to have been “responsible for or complicit in, or to have engaged in, directly or indirectly” in the following: • Actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions in Ukraine; • Actions or policies that threaten the peace, security, stability, sovereignty or territorial integrity of Ukraine; or • Misappropriation of state assets of Ukraine or of an economically significant entity in Ukraine.”

Court: Choose between constitutional rights – Now 4th Amendment relinquished by those exercising 2nd Amendment – by Bob Unruh, WND.com – “The U.S. Supreme Court apparently has decided to let Americans choose between their Second and Fourth Amendment rights, leaving untouched a lower court decision that supported the use of a violent SWAT attack on a man’s home because authorities were concerned about the mere presence of a weapon.”

Kerry-Masters_VoiceThe State Department’s New World Order AgendaFlag waving Americans want to believe that their government is on the right side of history – by Sartre, Intellihub.com – “The correct conclusion to draw from such efforts follows:’“The protests in the western Ukraine are organized by the CIA, the US State Department, and by Washington-and EU-financed Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that work in conjunction with the CIA and State Department. The purpose of the protests is to overturn the decision by the independent government of Ukraine not to join the EU.’ ”

US Companies Stashing $1.95 Trillion In Profits Overseas – from EconomyWatch.com – link: Infographic: How Corporations Are Getting Out Of Paying Taxes

No-KnockSupreme Court Refuses To Hear Case On ‘No-Knock’ Police Raids – Cops are using lawful gun ownership as justification for entering homes unannounced – by Steve Watson, Infowars.com – “Whatever the issue might be, whether it’s mass surveillance, no-knock raids, or the right to freely express one’s views about the government, we’ve moved into a new age in which the rights of the citizenry are being treated as a secondary concern by the White House, Congress, the courts, and their vast holding of employees, including law enforcement officials.” –John W. Whitehead, president, The Rutherford Institute;

Moon Landings: The Problem With ‘Those Photos’ – from 21stCenturyWire.com – “But facts are facts: You can’t take perfectly framed and focused pictures on the moon (or anywhere else) without a viewfinder, without auto-focus, and wearing thick gloves. The world’s greatest photographer could not have pulled this off.”

Ukraine Falls Under Fascist Bankster Thumb – by Dean Henderson, DeanHenderson.wordpress.com – “With unlimited time and money at their disposal*, this is the bankster modus operandi. They attack where they see opportunity, retreat when defeated, then attack another sector of the planet within days based on vulnerability and resources.” *Actually, it’s quite clear that the Powers That Wannabe have distinctly limited resources and time available to them. Why else are they so terrified of the rest of the population?

Stocks-Margin_Debt-3-14-400pxCHART OF THE DAY: Gundlach Warns NYSE Margin Debt Is In ‘The Scary Zone’ – by Sam Ro, BusinessInsider.com – ” ‘It is in the scary zone,’ said DoubleLine Funds’ Jeffrey Gundlach during a webcast on Tuesday. ‘If and when it hooks over, that’s when you’re likely to see a double-digit decline in market indexes.’ ”

Is “Dr. Copper” Foreshadowing A Stock Market Crash Just Like It Did In 2008? – by Michael Snyder, ActivistPost.com – “…nobody knows the exact date when the next stock market crash will happen… But one thing is for certain – this massive stock market bubble will burst at some point, and when it does our economy is far less equipped to handle it than it was the last time… Based on my research, I am entirely convinced that the coming economic crisis is going to be substantially worse than the last one, and that is very bad news for the United States.

Gun Parts Manufacturer Files Restraining Order Against ATF, Avoids Raid – No telling how close business came to staring down the barrels of ATF weapons – by Adan Salazar, Infowars.com – “According to Karras, the ATF’s main contention against EP Armory, as well as his company, was they were ‘making a firearm and then reverting back to the 80% stage by filling in the fire-control cavity,’ a mistake the business owner says the bureau has been ‘appropriately informed of.’ ”

AquAdvantage-SalmonCanada Waives Right to GM Fish Toxicity Info But Can’t Say Why – by Heather Callaghan, ActivistPost.com – “Canada and the U.S have been neck-and-neck in an eager race to approve GM salmon. For either country that does, the other is sure to follow. Environment Canada found a way to do so behind closed doors; and they don’t want to talk about it.”