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Despite Record Prices, California Cities Ban New Gas Stations to Fight Climate Change – by Joel B. Pollak – https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/07/12/despite-record-prices-california-cities-ban-new-gas-stations-to-fight-climate-change/ – “Cities in California are banning the construction of new gas stations in an effort to fight climate change, despite record-high gas prices and the lack of scientific evidence that banning gas in California will have any effect on global temperatures… The Los Angeles Times reported Monday: ‘We didn’t know what we were doing, actually,’ said Petaluma Councilwoman D’Lynda Fischer, who led the charge last year to prohibit new gas stations in the city of 60,000. ‘We didn’t know we were the first in the world when we banned gas stations.’.. Since Petaluma’s decision, four other cities in the Bay Area have followed suit, and now, leaders in California’s most car-centric metropolis are hoping to bring the climate-conscious policy to Southern California… It opens a new front in California’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and already is generating opposition from the fuel industry, which argues consumers would suffer… In 2020 — just weeks after the state suffered rolling blackouts due to a lack of wind and solar power — California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that the state would ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles in 2035 in favor of electric vehicles alone… Analysts warn that Newsom’s mandate could put gas stations, most of which are small businesses, out of commission, while destroying 32,000 jobs currently held by auto mechanics who work on traditional internal combustion engines. Moreover, recent investigations have found that one in four electric vehicle charging stations in the sympathetic San Francisco Bay Area are out of order, and an EV road trip by the Wall Street Journal from New Orleans to Chicago nearly ended in disaster. California has the highest gas prices in the nation, thanks to a variety of additional taxes and regulations it imposes on fuel. The state’s climate change policies have largely failed to affect global climate…”

Video: European Farmers Fight Back Against the Globalist Scheme to Destroy the World’s Food Supply – The European Union is fighting to slash its carbon emissions by 55% by 2030, a goal requiring radical policies that will destroy farmers – by Amy Mek – https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-european-farmers-fight-back-against-globalist-scheme-destroy-world-food-supply/5786145 – “For weeks there have been protests by farmers in the Netherlands against their left-wing government’s Great Reset policies, the EU’s “Green Deal,” and the associated forced closure of farms. Their government’s radical ‘climate change’ measures aim to slash emissions in some provinces by 95%. That would mean the end for about 30 percent of the farmers… The Dutch government has recently announced new policies which limit the number of cattle that farmers can legally own. The radical measures are aimed at helping the European Union E.U. reach its emissions goals set under the Paris Climate Accords. The bloc aims to reduce carbon emissions by 55% by 2030, which will require a radical overhaul of member states’ economies and end modern farming, reports National File… Other policies being forced upon the Dutch include the banning of fertilizers that use nitrogen and the forced dismantling of many cattle ranches. As reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, the plans stipulate farmers will give up their farms voluntarily and receive compensation for doing so – on the condition that they guarantee never to go back to farming. If they disagree, the state will take over their farm. So the great expropriation has begun… The Netherlands is one of Europe’s largest agricultural exporters, which has made it a target of E.U. climate change policies. As reported at RAIR, ‘the socialists pushing these outrageous proposals care much less about the environment than about controlling you.’.. Farmers in other nations, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany, and France, have begun their own protests as the E.U. intensifies its efforts to slash emissions in all member states causing harm to citizens livelihoods and the global food supply.”

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