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Cock-up or Conspiracy? – Understanding COVID-19 as a ‘Structural Deep Event’ – by Piers Robinson – https://piersrobinson.substack.com/p/cock-up-or-conspiracy – “It’s been three years since COVID-19 emerged as a dominant and, for some time, all-consuming issue. Now there are signs we are witnessing the unravelling of some of the key policy responses – blanket lockdowns and population-wide injections – that have been so aggressively promoted by many, although not all, governments around the world. There is also reluctance by many to concede there have been problems with the COVID-19 responses to date. However, doubts about the efficacy of lockdowns are now widely aired and well substantiated and there is increasing evidence for, and awareness of, the dangers surrounding the mRNA genetic vaccine. And it is at least clear that large numbers of people, including scientists and academics, are expressing views at odds with authority or mainstream claims that lockdowns reduce mortality and that mass injections are a rational and efficacious solution… As debate over ‘The Science’ increases, more and more people now question whether or not there is more to COVID-19 in terms of underlying agendas, in particular with respect to global-level actors such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and so-called ‘Big Pharma’. In the early days of COVID-19 any such talk was immediately dismissed as ‘conspiratorial’ nonsense and, broadly speaking, people raising non-mainstream doubts about any aspect of the COVID-19 issue were subjected to vilification by ‘authoritative’ voices and corporate media… Such dynamics were very much in evidence with respect to debate over the origins of COVID-19. And yet, today, the so-called ‘lab leak theory’, whatever its veracity, has moved from a ‘sphere of deviance’ to a ‘sphere of legitimate controversy’ with mainstream scientists through to legacy media and governments discussing it. At the same time, there is increased public awareness of various political agendas, for example the WEF’s ‘great reset’ visions. Indeed, a refrain from some quarters is that yesterday’s conspiracy theory is today’s fact. So, if all this is not about a virus, what might actually be going on?”

Putin Issues Stark Warning to Poland and NATO – by Larry Johnson – https://www.globalresearch.ca/putin-issues-stark-warning-to-poland-and-nato/5827298 – “Putin held a video conference on Thursday with members of Russia’s Security Council. I hope folks in the West pay attention to what he said, which is why I’m presenting the entirety of his remarks following a presentation by the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service. Based on public source information and Russia collected intelligence, Russia believes that Poland is planning to seize Ukrainian territory west of the Dnieper River as Ukraine’s much ballyhooed counter offensive collapses… Let me give you Putin’s bottomline up front – ‘Regarding the policy of the Ukrainian regime, it is none of our business. If they want to relinquish or sell off something in order to pay their bosses, as traitors usually do, that’s their business. We will not interfere… But Belarus is part of the Union State, and launching an aggression against Belarus would mean launching an aggression against the Russian Federation. We will respond to that with all the resources available to us.’.. Vladimir Putin is not a weak, spineless creature like Barack Obama or Joe Biden. He does not make idle threats and does not succumb to emotion.”

Self sabotage: Why is Russia excluding Iran in the South Caucasus? – Russia’s exclusion of Iran from critical ‘tables’ in the South Caucasus has been detrimental for both states, allowing the NATO-aligned Israeli-Turkish-Azerbaijani axis to undermine their national security interests and snatch the regional advantage. – by Yeghia Tashjian –
https://new.thecradle.co/articles/self-sabotage-why-is-russia-excluding-iran-in-the-south-caucasus – “The shift in the South Caucasus’ balance of power after the 10 November, 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire has led to an unfavorable situation not only for Armenia but also for Iran… Despite Tehran’s proactive engagement in the region, Iranian experts and politicians have expressed frustration over their concerns being disregarded by the Russians who have a peacekeeping presence there as a result of the Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire agreement… Some observers have gone as far as publicly criticizing Moscow for working against Iranian interests by collaborating closely with Turkiye while overlooking the encroaching Israeli threat. Consequently, there have been calls for a replication of the joint Russian-Iranian cooperation experience seen in Syria to prevent a “great catastrophe” in the South Caucasus… Russia and Iran: Diverging Interests in the South Caucasus? – In his article “Russia and Iran Diverge in the South Caucasus,” Iranian South Caucasus expert Vali Kaleji argued that despite Tehran and Moscow’s similar perspective on the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the two have diverged when it comes to the highly-contentious “Zangezur Corridor,” its impact on the Armenian-Iranian border, and Israel’s relations with Azerbaijan… Moreover, following the war in Ukraine, Russia has distanced itself from developments in the region, leaving Armenia alone to face the Turkish-Azerbaijani-Israeli axis. This situation has created a security and strategic dilemma for Iran along its entire northwestern border… According to Kaleji, there are three key points of contention between Tehran and Moscow. First, is Iran’s reservations over the fifth paragraph of the trilateral statement, which calls for the establishment of peacekeeping forces and a Russian-Turkish joint monitoring center in Aghdam. Iran did not participate in this mission, while Turkiye, not explicitly mentioned in the agreement, signed a memorandum of understanding with Moscow to establish the joint center. Iran’s exclusion from these decisions, despite Tehran’s national security concerns being directly impacted by the Nagorno-Karabakh war, demonstrated ‘Russia’s preparedness to disregard Iranian interests’ in the region.”

The Great De-Banking: Global, Draconian And Devastating – by Patrick Wood – https://www.technocracy.news/the-great-de-banking-global-draconian-and-devastating/ – “As I wrote in my book, The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism, the global banking cartel has risen to the surface as the real driver of globalization, Technocracy and the “Great Reset”. In 1973, commercial banks populated the ranks of organizations like the Trilateral Commission. In 2023. they have been replaced by the central banks themselves… There is a hierarchy in the banking system, where the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) sits at the apex, dishing out policies to individual central banks of member states, which in turn dish out policies to those commercial and investment banks in their respective countries… We know for certain that the BIS is driving the stampede toward a cashless society with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). According to its own website, The BIS Innovation Hub develops public goods in the technology space to support central banks and improve the functioning of the financial system. We have centres around the world and a global network of central bank experts on innovation… There are at least seven such Innovation Hubs “centres” around the world that are equipped with the latest financial technology and development tools. Individual central banks send their development teams to the closest hub to innovate, collaborate and test the use of CBDCs… At this stage of the game, the chain of command appears to have unleashed major member banks to quash those who buck the master narrative created by the BIS in the first place. The process has been labeled as “de-banking”. (please don’t send emails over the hyphen in de-banking. It is for emphasis.) – When de-banking occurs, the bank accounts of targeted individuals or companies are summarily closed. No reason is given, but neither has any illegal activity been observed. If a customer is engaged in illegal activity like money laundering, illicit drugs, human trafficking, etc., a closure may well be justified…But not with de-banking… In the US, JP Morgan Chase suddenly terminated the personal and commercial bank accounts associated with Dr. Joseph Mercola. Several company executives and their family members had accounts terminated as well. They were all de-banked without explanation. It was a “shock and awe” carpet bombing operation to remove what the banking industry sees as a pocket of stubborn, dangerous resistance. Mercola is not engaged in any illegal activity, but he is a fierce and influential critic of Big Pharma, Technocracy, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and globalization in general… When asked for an explanation for the de-banking, Chase gave this incredulous statement: ‘For privacy reasons, we can’t discuss customer relationships, but we don’t close accounts because of political affiliations, and we didn’t do so in this case’.”

Video: RFK Jr. Blasts Public Health Agencies For Endorsing Mass Lockdowns (w/Video 4min) – by Steve Watson – https://summit.news/2023/07/26/video-rfk-jr-blasts-public-health-agencies-for-endorsing-mass-lockdowns/ – “Speaking during a townhall style interview Tuesday, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr slammed public heath agencies for going along with the government in implementing mass lockdowns during the COVID pandemic… RFK Jr told the crowd that the actions were completely antithetical to the established course of action that should be taken during such an event… “What they were doing violated all of the orthodoxy,” Kennedy noted, adding “We’ve had the WHO, CDC, the DHS, and all the three-letter agencies have thought about pandemics for a hundred years. And they’ve worked on very, very carefully on pandemic preparedness protocols. And all of those protocols said you never lock down a population.” – “You cannot stop a respiratory virus with lockdowns. You’re going to actually amplify it, because they spread indoors,” Kennedy continued, citing historic medical papers that long ago criticized lockdown measures as a means of mitigating the spread of viruses… “And what all the orthodox protocols said is that you quarantine the sick, you protect the vulnerable, and then you let the population continue. Because, when you shut down businesses, that kills people. Unemployment kills people,” RFK Jr. further urged.”

Brian Berletic: Russia Has DEFEATED Ukraine’s Offensive as NATO Runs Out of Options – Interviewed by Danny Haiphong (26 min)

Let Them Eat Bugs: Challenging the WEF’s Corporate-Driven Food Reset – by Colin Todhunter – https://www.globalresearch.ca/let-them-eat-bugs-challenging-wef-corporate-driven-food-reset/5827289 – “The prevailing globalised agrifood model is built on unjust trade policies, the leveraging of sovereign debt, population displacement and land dispossession. It fuels commodity monocropping and food insecurity as well as soil and environmental degradation… It is responsible for increasing rates of illness, nutrient-deficient diets, a narrowing of the range of food crops, water shortages, chemical runoffs, increasing levels of farmer indebtedness, the undermining and destruction of local communities and the eradication of biodiversity… The model relies on a policy paradigm that privileges urbanisation, global markets, long supply chains, external proprietary inputs, highly processed food and market (corporate) dependency at the expense of rural communities, small independent enterprises and smallholder farms, local markets, short supply chains, on-farm resources, diverse agroecological cropping, nutrient dense diets and food sovereignty… It is clear that there are huge environmental, social and health issues that stem from how much of our food is currently produced and consumed and that a paradigm shift is required… So, some optimists – or wishful thinkers – might have hoped for genuine solutions to the problems and challenges outlined above during the second edition of the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) that took place last week in Rome… The UNFSS has claimed that it aims to deliver the latest evidence-based, scientific approaches from around the world, launch a set of fresh commitments through coalitions of action and mobilise new financing and partnerships. These ‘coalitions of action’ revolve around implementing a ‘food transition’ that is more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly… Founded on a partnership between the UN and the World Economic Forum (WEF), the UNFSS is, however, disproportionately influenced by corporate actors, lacks transparency and accountability and diverts energy and financial resources away from the real solutions needed to tackle the multiple hunger, environmental and health crises… According to a recent article on The Canary website, key multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs) appearing at the 2023 summit included the WEF, the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, EAT (EAT Forum, EAT Foundation and EAT-Lancet Commission on Sustainable Healthy Food Systems), the World Business Council on Sustainable Development and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa… The global corporate agrifood sector, including Coca-Cola, Danone, Kelloggs, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Tyson Foods, Unilever, Bayer and Syngenta, were also out in force along with Dutch Rabobank, the Mastercard Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation… Through its “strategic partnership” with the UN, the WEF regards MSIs as key to achieving its vision of a ‘great reset’ – in this case, a food transition. The summit comprises a powerful alliance of global corporations, influential foundations and rich countries that are attempting to capture the narrative of ‘food systems transformation’. These interests aim to secure greater corporate concentration and agribusiness leverage over public institutions.”

Syria: a tale of plunder and resurrection  While the wholesale theft of Syria’s natural resources continues under the watch of illegal US troops, the Russian project of resurrecting ISIS-destroyed Palmyra stands as a stark reminder that ruins can rise again – if Syria’s friends help pave the way. – by Pepe Escobar – https://new.thecradle.co/articles/syria-a-tale-of-plunder-and-resurrection – “The war on Syria has vanished from the collective West ethos. Yet it’s far from finished. Multitudes across the Global Majority may feel the deepest empathy towards Syrians while acknowledging not much can be done while the Western Minority refuses to leave the stage…In parallel, there are slim chances the New Development Bank (NDB) – the BRICS bank – will start showering Damascus with loans for Syria’s reconstruction. At least not yet, despite all the pledges by Russians and Chinese to help…Under the lame excuse of “degrading the position for ISIS,” the US State Department de facto admits that the Empire’s illegal occupation of a third of Syria – the part rich in oil and minerals currently being stolen/smuggled – will persist, indefinitely… Cue to virtually non-stop oil looting in northeastern Hasakah province, as in processions of dozens of oil tankers crossing to northern Iraq via the al-Waleed or al-Mahmoudiya border crossing, usually escorted by US-backed Kurdish separatist militias… As if any reminding was needed, the Global Majority is fully aware ISIS is essentially an American black op, a spin-off of al-Qaeda in Iraq, born in camps at the Iraq-Kuwaiti border. The Syrian “Democratic” Forces (SDF) is hardly a democratic US proxy, predictably assembled as a “coalition” of ethnic militias, mostly run by Kurds but also incorporating a few Arab tribesmen, Turkmen, and Salafi-jihadi Chechens…As if the non-stop looting of oil was not enough, the Pentagon keeps dispatching truckloads of ammo and logistical equipment to Hasakah… Convoys run back and forth to illegal US military bases in the Hasakah countryside, with particular relevance to a base at the al-Jibsah oilfields near the town of al-Shaddadi… Recently, 39 US military tankers crossed the – illegal – al-Mahmoudiya border towards Iraqi Kurdistan loaded with stolen Syrian oil… Despite these crude facts, Russia remains excessively diplomatic on the issue. Mikhail Bogdanov, Putin’s special representative for the Middle East and Africa, recently told al-Arabiya, “Washington uses the pretext of combating terrorism to be present east of the Euphrates in economically important areas, where crude oil and strategic natural reserves are abundant.”

What was the PA’s security chief doing in Lebanon? – by Abdel Bari Atwan – https://thealtworld.com/abdel_bari_atwan/what-was-the-pas-security-chief-doing-in-lebanon – “I had expected the meeting of Palestinian faction leaders, which was called for and chaired by President Mahmoud Abbas and held on Sunday at the Egyptian resort of al-Alamein, to end in failure. But I never expected that failure to be reflected so quickly in unexpected armed clashes in Ain al-Hilweh camp in South Lebanon — which houses 54,000 Palestinian refugees — between elements of the Fateh movement and radical Islamist groups. The fighting broke out just a few days after a visit by Majed Faraj, the intelligence chief of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank and de facto commander of its security forces that collaborate with the occupation… These clashes, which have so far led to nine deaths, coincided with sharply rising tensions between Hezbollah-led Lebanese resistance forces and the Israeli occupation state. It declared a state of alert among its forces on the northern front, and its prime minister and defence minister both threatened yet again to return Lebanon to the stone age… I won’t go into the details of the clashes and the factions involved in them, nor the intervention of the Lebanese army which surrounded the camp after some of its soldiers manning a nearby post were targeted by deliberate but unattributed shelling. But it is impossible to dismiss the suspicions several Lebanese and Palestinian parties have about Faraj’s unprecedented visit to Lebanon and its true purpose… I have gleaned some information about his visit from several reliable Lebanese and Palestinian sources.”

It’s Past Time to be Honest About Israel – by Philip Giraldi –  https://thealtworld.com/philip_giraldi/its-past-time-to-be-honest-about-israel – “The deliberate corruption of American politics by an irresponsible foreign state must end – One might think that since Honest Joe Biden declared his latest war entitled the US National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism in May the media has certainly taken up the task of exposing evil in these United States by reporting every affront to Jewish groups or individuals and to the Jewish state, Israel. The purpose is to invent a narrative suggesting that the world’s richest and most powerful ethno-religious demographic is somehow a perpetual victim and that goes double for Israel, explaining and forgiving the apartheid state’s occupying army’s targeting and killing of 55 journalists and its murder of more than 150 Palestinian civilians so far this year, including the sniper shooting of a Palestinian two-year-old boy in the head. In spite of all that carnage, a wealthy Israel, which can afford to provide free health care and university education to its citizens, continues to receive nearly $4 billion in military aid plus billions more in trade and charitable benefits from the United States taxpayer annually, totaling more than $300 billion since the Jewish state was founded in 1948… We have lately been treated to a massive propaganda campaign orchestrated by the likes of the notorious American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) hideous leader Jonathan Greenblatt. One wonders why organizations like that which work closely with the Israeli government are not required to register with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), but to question that relationship got John F. Kennedy killed, so it is probably best to look the other way… The role of organizations like ADL and AIPAC, dedicated to spreading lies about the Middle East and the world in general, is in part to convince the American public that Israel is really a wonderful place that is threatened by the Arab “terrorists,” as they choose to put it for obvious reasons. This grants Israel blanket immunity whenever its government exercises the “right to defend itself” doing whatever it takes, including blowing up schools and hospitals and attacking its neighbors. An astonishing bill being promoted by extremist National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir currently under consideration in Israel’s Knesset would grant complete immunity for soldiers and policemen who shoot dead Palestinians or foreigners, effectively granting “license to kill.” Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Tony Blinken might consider that as “self-defense” if asked and, oh yeah, so might our self-declared Zionist president Honest Joe.”

Scientists Control Human DNA with Electricity in ‘Leap Forward’, Study Reports – bBecky Ferreira – https://www.vice.com/en/article/g5yjnx/scientists-control-human-dna-with-electricity-in-leap-forward-study-reports – “Scientists have demonstrated that human genes can be controlled with electricity, a breakthrough that could pave the way toward wearable devices that program genes to perform medical interventions, reports a new study… In a novel experiment, researchers were able to trigger insulin production in human cells by sending electrical currents through an “electrogenetic” interface that activates targeted genes. Future applications of this interface could be developed to deliver therapeutic doses to treat a wide range of conditions, including diabetes, by directly controlling human DNA with electricity…There is currently an explosion of interest in medical wearables, which are health-centric portable technologies such as fitness trackers, biosensors, blood pressure monitors, and portable electrocardiogram devices. Smart wearables have become an essential tool for many doctors and patients, spurring researchers to continue developing novel platforms for collecting medical data or even performing medical interventions… Now, scientists led by Jinbo Huang, a molecular biologist at ETH Zürich, have invented a battery-powered interface that they call “the direct current (DC)-actuated regulation technology,” or DART, that can trigger specific gene responses with an electric current. Huang and his colleagues described the device as “a leap forward, representing the missing link that will enable wearables to control genes in the not-so-distant future,” according to a study published on Monday in Nature.”

US Arms Package to Taiwan Heralds “Ukraine Part 2” – by Brian Berletic –  https://thealtworld.com/anthony_cartalucci/us-arms-package-to-taiwan-heralds-ukraine-part-2 – “The United States has announced a new weapons package for Taiwan worth up to 345 million USD. Reuters, in an article covering the package, would suggest it was aimed at providing Taiwan with “security assistance.” – In reality, the transfer of weapons from the US to Taiwan is a violation of Chinese sovereignty under international law, which recognizes Taiwan as an island province of China…The US State Department on its own official website admits, “the United States does not have diplomatic relations with Taiwan,” and that, “we do not support Taiwan independence.” Yet, the continued support of political parties on Taiwan pursuing independence and the shipment of US weapons to Taiwan to underwrite such aspirations constitutes a blatant violation of Washington’s own agreements with Beijing under the “One China” policy… Washington’s actions in contravention of both international law and its own agreements with Beijing constitute a clear provocation against China and serve as the central driving factor behind Chinese military expansion, especially in and around the Taiwan Strait…By violating China’s sovereignty by shipping arms to separatist elements on Taiwan, the United States is neither providing for Taiwan’s security nor underwriting regional stability as Washington often claims its presence in the region, thousands of miles from its own shores, is meant to achieve… A factor, further undermining Washington’s claims of providing for Taiwan’s “security” through such arms transfers, is the very nature of these packages.”

US-Chilean journalist describes torture in Ukrainian prison –  https://www.rt.com/news/580645-gonzalo-lira-ukraine-torture/ – Chilean-American blogger Gonzalo Lira, who was arrested by Ukrainian intelligence in May on charges of pro-Russian sympathies, reappeared online on Monday and told a sordid tale of beatings and extortion while awaiting a show trial.
“I was tortured in two of the four cells I was in—by the other prisoners,” Lira posted in a 25-tweet thread on Monday evening, noting that all the torture in the pre-trial detention center (SIZO) was outsourced to the inmates…“I got a cracked rib in my first cell, but it wasn’t too bad. The worst stretch was in my fourth cell. From 1pm on June 21 until 7pm the next day—30 hours” two inmates tortured him and at one point “used a toothpick to scratch the whites of my left eye, while asking me if I could still read if I had just one,” Lira wrote…One of the torturers was allegedly reprimanded for bruising the 55-year-old blogger’s chest, because the instructions were to leave no marks…Lira posted photographs of the documents laying out the charges against him, suggesting that he was being imprisoned over social media posts and YouTube videos. He said the one video in particular that got the authorities’ attention was ‘Ukraine: A Primer’, his explanation of the background of the conflict with Russia, which blamed Kiev for provoking it…According to Lira, he was beaten and tortured because the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) figured it could extort him for all his savings – amounting to around $100,000 when factoring in the confiscated computers and phones…Told he would be found guilty and sentenced to 5-8 years in a labor camp at his upcoming trial, Lira decided to flee Ukraine and seek asylum in Hungary…“I’m posting this thread just as I’m getting to the border checkpoint,” he tweeted. “If you don’t hear from me in the next 12 hours—whelp! I’m on my way to a labor camp! Wish me luck.” – He credited the Chilean Embassy for any care he received in jail, noting that the US Embassy “called me three times, but gave me nothing but ‘support’—empty bromides.” He also suggested that the US would extradite him back to Ukraine, because Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland “hates my guts, or so I’m told.” – The SBU detained Lira on May 1, accusing him of “producing and distributing materials justifying the armed aggression” of Russia. A judge ordered him to stay in jail pending trial. The first time the SBU detained Lira, in April 2022, he was released without charges after a week, presumably due to public pressure.

U.S. Appellate Court Blocks Injunction Against Federal Agencies… https://thevaccinereaction.org/2023/07/u-s-appellate-court-blocks-injunction-against-federal-agencies-acting-to-censor-free-speech/ – Freedom of speech in the United States was delivered a blow on July 14, 2023 when a U.S. Federal Appeals Court issued a temporary stay blocking a preliminary injunction which limited the U.S. Justice Department’s communication with social media companies seeking to remove “content containing protected free speech.” The Appellate Court panel of Judges, Judge Carl Stewart (appointed by President Bill Clinton), Judge James Graves (appointed by President Barack Obama) and Judge Andrew Oldham (appointed by President Donald Trump) did not issue an explanation for their decision in the government’s favor…The original lawsuit was brought by Former Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry against 67 U.S. federal agencies. The lawsuit accused government officials of engaging in a widespread campaign of pressuring and colluding with social media platforms to censor users’ free speech in violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Plaintiffs submitted more than 1,400 pieces of information taken from internal government documents to support their request for a preliminary injunction, which was granted on July 4 by US District Judge Terry Doughty in Louisiana…In a March 2023 press release explaining why the lawsuit requesting an injunction against federal government officials was important, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey stated: ‘The motion for preliminary injunction highlights 1,432 facts showing that top officials in the federal government are coercing and colluding with big tech social media companies to censor free speech… This case is the most important free speech lawsuit in a generation, as we highlight more than 1,400 facts showing the Biden Administration’s blatant coercion and collusion with Big Tech social media companies to suppress speech it disagrees with. I will not rest until the court blocks unelected bureaucrats from violating our constitutional right to free and open debate’…Government Officials Deny Coercing Social Media Companies to Censor Citizens – The Government argues that the plaintiffs are not likely to succeed on the First Amendment claim because, “…government officials do not violate the First Amendment when they request that a private intermediary not carry a third party’s speech so long as the officials do not threaten adverse consequences if the intermediary refuses to comply.” –  Judge Doughty disagreed. In his 155-page decision granting a preliminary injunction, he concluded that the Plaintiffs were likely to succeed on the merit as the government’s actions towards social media companies went beyond mere requests and instead amounted to pressure and “significant encouragement” to remove and suppress free speech to the extent that the social media companies removal and flagging of content was deemed an extension of government action, which violates the First Amendment.

Syria updates – 2nd August – ISIS continues to attack civilians in central and north-east Syria – by Vanessa Beeley – https://beeley.substack.com/p/syria-updates-2nd-august – “ISIS continues their attacks on civilians targeting shepherds and stealing or killing hundreds of sheep. After the killing of a young shepherd a few days ago east of Raqqa and the theft of 300 sheep, another attack was thwarted by the local Syrian National Defence forces on the axix of Qawsa Maadan in the Western countryside of Deir Ezzor…NDF forces pursued the terrorists deep into the Syrian desert, retrieved the flock and killed and wounded members of the ISIS cell… All these attacks are triggered by the U.S. Occupation Forces to further decimate Syrian civilian resources which now include flocks of sheep that have enormous value in the devastated Syrian economy. This is also about an increased sense of insecurity for the inhabitants of the land east of Palmyra and Homs… Oil tankers deliberately targeted by ISIS – On Monday night, an armed ISIS attack targeted a convoy of oil tankers, on the Salamiyah-Raqqa road heading for the Homs refinery, killing and wounding members of the Syrian Arab Army… Local sources said on social media that the attack, which was launched by ISIS gunmen, killed 5 and wounded 4 members of the SAA… The U.S. has clearly reactivated ISIS terror cells under their control to carry out terror attacks against civilians including the heinous attack in southern Damascus on the 30th July that left 8 dead, 23 injured including women and children… Increased Russian and Syrian attacks on Al Qaeda bases in north-west – The Syrian Arab Army supported by UAV surveillance has intensively targeted Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (Al Qaeda offshoot) headquarters and fortifications with heavy artillery and missiles in the villages and towns of Sarmin, Nayrab and Maarbalit in the Idlib countryside. Wait for the White Helmet “outrage”… A day before the oil convoy attack, the Syrian military intelligence engaged with another ISIS cell near Kanaker in the Damascus countryside… This new wave of U.S.-led proxy guerilla warfare is in response to the SAA troop build up and increase in attacks by Russia and Syria against terrorist headquarters in the north-west (Idlib), north-east and south – close to the U.S. Al Tanf base… All these terror attacks are designed to deepen the economic misery for the Syrian people across all sectors including humanitarian and medical and to further ensure energy-deprivation for an already blockaded and decimated nation.”

NATO failed in Ukraine against Russia. Now it’s targeting China – Political economists Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson are joined by geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar to discuss how NATO has shifted from its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine to targeting China in the Pacific. (1 hour)

The Stage is Set for Biden’s removal; Mockingbird Media waiting for GO – by Jon Rappoport – https://jonrappoport.substack.com/p/stage-set-for-joe-bidens-removal-from-office – “In a previous article, I spelled out the Democrat plan to end the war in the Ukraine as the slam-dunk way to win the election in 2024. In this piece, I describe a different scenario.  Biden has to go.  He won’t be around to end the war…  So will it be Plan A or Plan B?  Either way, it’ll be Big.  And even if the Democrats dump Biden soon, they could still engineer peace in the Ukraine and look like heroes… Lay down your bets, folks.  The wheel is spinning.  Which number will come up?… There is enough evidence now: The phone calls with Joe on the line. The bribes… The way this works is: major media have to pile on… If they do, it’s over for Joe. They’re waiting for marching orders. The stories are already written. The theme will be: There is just too much proof, it’s undeniable, the tide has turned against the President…Sub-text of articles: Joe’s worn down from the struggle to save America; he’s got nothing left; his health is in decline… Some reporter will mention that in 1988, Joe suffered two serious brain aneurisms and underwent emergency surgery to save to his life…It’s possible the media will make the sub-text the text and vice versa…Either way, it’s the moment of waiting… Who will send the signal? Maybe Obama. Maybe the DNC. Or the CIA. In the background, George Soros could quietly chime in. It’s called building the consensus… We’ll get, ‘Speaking on condition of anonymity, several high ranking Democratic officials… ‘The news media are poised for The Big Story…Is it possible the signal won’t come’?”

Vandana Shiva: Bill Gates and Silicon Valley Behind Push for ‘Farming Without Farmers, Food Without Farms’ – by Brenda Baletti, Ph.D. – https://truthcomestolight.com/vandana-shiva-bill-gates-and-silicon-valley-behind-push-for-farming-without-farmers-food-without-farms/ – “On the latest episode of Russell Brand’s ‘Stay Free,’ scholar, environmental activist and food sovereignty advocate Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., discussed food fascism, the power of “philanthropy,” digital enslavement and how people can free themselves from this system… ‘Human beings cannot have a relationship with nature, land and one another, it seems increasingly, without the intercedence of this corporate power,’ comedian and political commentator Russell Brand told scholar and environmental activist Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., on the latest episode of his “Stay Free” podcast… Brand asked Shiva, a food sovereignty and environmental activist, to explain how this corporate takeover of nature happened… Shiva said the privatization of land and resources under colonialism was the first step in transforming nature into ‘either a mine or a dump’… Today, she said, privatization has become so entrenched that mega-corporation Cargill can own every chicken, chicken production facility, and every input needed to raise chickens, and then dump all of its waste into public rivers… The situation we face today could not have happened, she said, without the criminalization of farmers — for which she held media organizations like The Guardian responsible because they attack farmers instead of the corporations… ‘If the drivers are the corporations,’ she said, ‘you have to have the guts to bite the corporations. You don’t target the victims. The farmers are victims of this system’… Who are the real ‘food fascists’? – Brand asked Shiva why the global uprising of farmers — from Sri Lanka and India to Germany, England and the Netherlands — against the globalization of agriculture had come to be cast as a right-wing idea by the press… Shiva said Mussolini himself defined fascism as “the convergence of economic and political power.” “Food fascism,” she said, “is the recent control over our food systems by giant corporations and the billionaires’… Under colonialism, the British controlled the land, she said, but they didn’t control the food. The advent of agricultural industrialization, the green revolution and globalization made it possible for corporations to take control of food… The call for ‘food sovereignty,’ she said, ‘came as the call as opposite to the food dictatorship and food fascism’… Now, she said, those people want to complete the separation of people from the land that began with colonialism… Today, they want “farming without farmers… ‘Being able to plant a seed, input love, knowledge and sun and produce food, ‘is the only truly independent production system and it’s that freedom they want to attack,’ Shiva said, because they are threatened by it… So they discredit farmers by calling them ‘fascists’ and ‘right wing’…’And anybody who facilitates that is essentially doing the work of these globalists,’ she said, “they’re the fascists’… How ‘philanthropy’ buys control – Today, people who talk about the disproportionate power and influence that billionaires like Bill Gates have over global agriculture and health are regarded as “conspiracy theorists,” Brand said… He asked Shiva to explain Gates’ rise to power in plain language and with facts… Shiva said people like Gates became wealthy through neoliberal trade liberalization, where trade in information, in the software and other forms of data Gates produced, went completely untaxed… Then, she said, they used that money “philanthropically” to gain control of other sectors.”

Blinken Meets ASEAN: Turning Southeast Asia Against China – by Brian Berletic – https://www.asia-pacificresearch.com/blinken-meets-asean-turning-southeast-asia-against-china/5631723 – “US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s meeting with ASEAN in mid-July, focused on convincing the bloc to confront Beijing, follows a long-running US strategy to transform Southeast Asia into a united front against China. By doing so, nations in the region are encouraged or coerced to antagonize China, despite the growing superpower being their largest trade partner, investor, and source of tourism as well as their most important infrastructure and development partner… Reuters in its article preceding the meeting titled, ‘Blinken to press ASEAN to take tougher line on Myanmar, China,’ would claim: ‘Washington hopes to rally Southeast Asian nations to take tougher action against Myanmar’s military junta and to push back on China’s actions in the South China Sea as top U.S. diplomat Antony Blinken heads to the region for meetings next week, a State Department official said on Friday.’..
By turning Southeast Asia into a battering ram against its largest, closest, and most important regional partner, it will be undermining its own peace, stability, and prosperity simply to serve Washington’s foreign policy objectives which not only include the encirclement and containment of China, but preventing the rise of all of Asia… Secretary Blinken’s agenda is not unique to the current administration of US President Joe Biden. Transforming Southeast Asia into a US-controlled front against China has been a US foreign policy objective since the end of World War 2… In a 1965 memorandum from then US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara to then US President Lyndon Johnson titled, ‘Courses of Action in Vietnam,” Secretary McNamara would describe a “long-run United States policy to contain Communist China’ which he said, ‘looms as a major power threatening to undercut our importance and effectiveness in the world and, more remotely but more menacingly, to organize all of Asia against us.’ .. In the same memorandum, Secretary McNamara defined the three primary fronts along which the US sought to contain China, ‘(a) the Japan-Korea front; (b) the India-Pakistan front; and (c) the Southeast Asia front.’.. The US policy of containing China has continued, unabated, ever since, with Secretary Blinken’s attempts to coerce Southeast Asia to turn on its largest, closest, and most important neighbor, simply the latest attempt to fulfill it… Eliminating Chinese Allies – Starting with Myanmar – The US seeks to use all of Southeast Asia as a united front against China, much in the way it has transformed Eastern Europe into a united front against Russia. To do this, the US has engaged in interference in each of Southeast Asia’s nations’ internal political affairs, creating and building up political opposition parties, supporting “civil society” networks to help them take and maintain power, creating powerful media networks to dominate Southeast Asia’s information space, and even organizing and supporting violent street movements and militant groups… The worst hit by US interference is Myanmar, a nation with a particularly close relationship with not only China which it shares a border with, but also Russia, another chief US adversary… Myanmar has been plunged into violence since the nation’s military ousted the US-backed government of Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy (NLD) in 2021. Since then, the US has both attempted to isolate Myanmar’s military and central government, as well as assist armed militants fighting the government and  terrorizing Myanmar’s civilian population.”

The Hiroshima Nagasaki “Dress Rehearsal”: Oppenheimer and the U.S. War Department’s Secret September 15, 1945 “Doomsday Blueprint” to “Wipe the Soviet Union off the Map” – by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky – https://www.globalresearch.ca/history-of-nuclear-war-the-90-seconds-to-midnight-the-pentagons-1945-doomsday-blueprint-to-wipe-the-soviet-union-off-the-map/5806293 – “What is presented below is the history of nuclear war: a succession of U.S. nuclear war plans going back to the Manhattan Project (1939-1945) leading up to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945… Unknown to the broader public, the first U.S. Doomsday Blueprint of a nuclear attack directed against the Soviet Union was formulated by the US War Department on September 15, 1945 when the US and the Soviet Union were allies… There is an element of political delusion and paranoia in the formulation of US foreign policy. The Doomsday Scenario has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon for almost 78 years… Had it not been for the September 1945 plan to  “wipe the Soviet Union of the map” (66 urban areas and more than 200 atomic bombs), neither Russia nor China would have developed nuclear weapons. There wouldn’t have been a Nuclear Arms RaceNumerous US nuclear war plans have been formulated from the outset, leading up to The 1956  Strategic Air Command SAC Atomic Weapons Requirements Study’ (Declassified in December 2015) which consisted in targeting 1200 urban areas in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and China… The World is at a dangerous crossroads: it should be understood that the use of nuclear weapons in relation to the confrontation between US-NATO and Russia would inevitably lead to escalation and the end of humanity as we know it… What is required is a Worldwide peace movement coupled with the banning of nuclear weapons… 90 Seconds to Midnight according to the Doomsday Clock – The Nobel Peace Laureates are casually blaming Russia, without recalling the history of nuclear war, not to mention Joe Biden’s 1.3 trillion dollar program to develop “more usable”, “low intensity” “preemptive nuclear weapons” to be used on a “first strike basis” against both nuclear and non nuclear states as a means of “self defense”. This is the nuclear doctrine which currently prevails in US-NATO’s confrontation against Russia… The September 15, 1945 Blueprint to “Wipe the Soviet Union off the Map” – Barely two weeks after the official end of World War II (September 2, 1945), the US War Department issued  a blueprint  (September 15, 1945) to “Wipe  the Soviet Union off the Map” (66 cities with 204 atomic bombs), when the US and the USSR were allies. This infamous project is confirmed by declassified documents. (For further details see Chossudovsky, 2017)… Below is the image of the 66 cities of the Soviet Union which had been envisaged as targets by the US War Department.”

Europe’s “48°C Horror That Never Was”…ESA, Media Sharply Criticized For Manipulative Reporting  “The most intense climate lie”: Last week it was all over the news: Temperatures in southern Europe skyrocketing to 48°C! But none of it was true. – by P Gosselin – https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/07/19/europes-48c-horror-that-never-wasesa-media-sharply-criticized-for-manipulative-reporting/ – “The hysteria was started when climate sensationalist media outlets in Germany and elsewhere, like the Relotius Spiegel, uncritically cited a sloppily and manipulatively formulated July 13 report from the European Space Agency (ESA), that first referred to “air” temperature: ‘Temperatures are sizzling across Europe this week amid an intense and prolonged period of heat. And it’s only just begun. Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Poland are all facing a major heatwave with air temperatures expected to climb to 48°C on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia – potentially the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Europe.’.. The original ESA report continued, only later specifying that it was in fact referring to surface temperature (emphasis added): ‘The animation below uses data from the Copernicus Sentinel-3 mission’s radiometer instrument and shows the land surface temperature across Italy between 9 and 10 July. As the image clearly shows, in some cities the surface of the land exceeded 45°C, including Rome, Naples, Taranto and Foggia. Along the east slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily, many temperatures were recorded as over 50°C.’.. Meant here were not the standard temperatures recorded at 2 meters above ground level that we always here in daily weather reports, which are much cooler, but rather those right at the ground surface. That crucial difference went totally unnoticed by media and journalists, who reported of new record high temperatures. By the time the ploy was exposed by careful readers, the news had already gone around the world… Yesterday, the ESA  issued a (vague) clarification explaining the difference between surface and air temperature at 2 meters above ground, yet continued to mislead: ‘Land surface temperature is how hot the ‘surface’ of Earth feels to the touch. Air temperature, given in our daily weather forecasts, is a measure of how hot the air is above the ground.’.. The ESA did not bother to mention how the surface temperature is much hotter than the 2 meter air temperature… “Most intense climate lie” – ‘What we experienced over the past days was most intense climate lie since temperature recording began,’ reported Germany’s Achtung Reichelt here on the implications of the ESA’s sloppy, manipulative press release and the media firestorm that ensued: ‘The problem with that report is that none of it is true.’.. In Sicily the temperature reached only 32°C over the weekend – a far cry from 48°C, which illustrates the great difference between ground surface temperature and readings taken 2 meters above the ground. Once the trickery was exposed, Spiegel quietly changed the wording in its July 14 report.”

The Two Minutes Hate (New Normal Edition) – by CJ Hopkins – https://cjhopkins.substack.com/p/the-two-minutes-hate-new-normal-edition – “Today’s edition of the Two Minutes Hate, brought to you by GloboCap, Inc., and featuring an all-star line-up of GloboCap Goldsteins, will begin shortly. Please take your seat and switch off your remaining critical faculties. We’ve got a butt-load of hate in store for you today. First, though, a few important announcements… First, due to the increased number of Goldsteins threatening the very fabric of democracy, and GloboCap, Inc., and its global partners, and their assorted subsidiaries, agents, and assigns, the Two Minutes Hate has been extended beyond its traditional two-minute running time and will henceforth be presented more or less around the clock until further notice… Also, in a departure from the original Two Minutes Hate in Orwell’s 1984, we’re going to skip the opening “this is our land” part, which is (a) dated and (b) unacceptably unrepresentative of the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of the New Normal Reich … … and get right down to the “shrieking hatred at the images of Goldstein” part… Please be advised that the following content contains material designed to whip the masses into a mindless frenzy of hatred, which some audiences may find distressing. Other audiences might find it amusing. After all, there’s no accounting for taste. Regardless of which audience you feel you are a member of, viewer discretion is not advised. In fact, exposure to the following content is pretty much mandatory, and is physically inescapable, unless you live “off-grid” in the woods somewhere, which you don’t, or you wouldn’t be reading this… OK, that’s it for the pre-show announcements. Time for the hate! Ready? Here we go…

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