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Exxon Crushes Progressive Dreams That “Net Zero” Has Any Chance By 2050: It Would Mean Collapse In “Global Standard Of Living” – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/exxon-crushes-progressive-dreams-net-zero-has-chance-2050-alternative-collapse-global – “In a world of suffocating snowflakery, ESG hypocrisy and, well… Tranheuser Busch, a corporation telling the truth without fear of reprisals from the Open Society-funded virtue signaling cabal is rarer than an mRNA-injected, genetically engineered hen’s teeth. And yet that’s what the company hated by every progressive, Exxon Mobil, did this week when it became the first corporation to denounce the insidious and laughable claims that “net zero” is even a remote possibility by 2050… The US supermajor pushed back against investors pressing the company to report on the risks to its business from restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions and potential environmental disasters when in a reply to proxy advisor Glass Lewis, Exxon said the prospect of the world achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 is remote and should not be further evaluated in its financial statements… A shareholder proposal seeking a report on the cost of having to abandon projects faces a shareholder vote on May 31. Glass Lewis backed the initiative, concluding Exxon could face material financial risks from the net-zero scenario… Exxon disagreed, and said the world is not on a path to achieve net-zero emissions in 2050 as limiting energy production to levels below consumption demand would lead to a spike in energy prices, as observed in Europe following oil sanctions against Russia over Ukraine.”

Google Tests A.I. Tool That Is Able to Write News Articles https://dnyuz.com/2023/07/19/google-tests-a-i-tool-that-is-able-to-write-news-articles/ – “Google is testing a product that uses artificial intelligence technology to produce news stories, pitching it to news organizations including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal’s owner, News Corp, according to three people familiar with the matter… The tool, known internally by the working title Genesis, can take in information — details of current events, for example — and generate news copy, the people said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the product… One of the three people familiar with the product said that Google believed it could serve as a kind of personal assistant for journalists, automating some tasks to free up time for others, and that the company saw it as responsible technology that could help steer the publishing industry away from the pitfalls of generative A.I. … Some executives who saw Google’s pitch described it as unsettling, asking not to be identified discussing a confidential matter. Two people said it seemed to take for granted the effort that went into producing accurate and artful news stories… A Google spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Times and The Post declined to comment… ‘We have an excellent relationship with Google, and we appreciate Sundar Pichai’s long-term commitment to journalism,’ a News Corp spokesman said in a statement, referring to Google’s chief executive… Jeff Jarvis, a journalism professor and media commentator, said Google’s new tool, as described, had potential upsides and downsides… ‘If… …it is misused by journalists and news organizations on topics that require nuance and cultural understanding,’ he continued, ‘then it could damage the credibility not only of the tool but of the news organizations that use it’.” Comment: This “tool” is a gateway to ultra-sophisticated Black Propaganda on the cheap, and therefore used ubiquitously.

Putin Exposed Poland’s Regional Plans (to Station Troops in Western Ukraine) In An Attempt To Deter Them – Meeting with permanent members of the Security Council: Vladimir Putin held, via videoconference, a meeting on current issues with permanent members of the Security Council. –http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/71714 – “Taking part in the meeting were Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office Anton Vaino, Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, Director of the Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov, and Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei NaryshkinPresident of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, colleagues… We have several issues on today’s agenda; one of them is the development of relations with our friends on the African continent. Russia will host the Russia-Africa Summit soon. Another issue relates to a very important area, the use of information technology to ensure the country’s security… But first of all, I would like to ask if anyone has anything relevant to discuss. Yes, please, Mr Naryshkin… Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin: Mr President, colleagues… According to information provided to the service by several sources, officials in Warsaw are gradually coming to an understanding that no kind of Western assistance to Kiev can support Ukraine in reaching the goals of this assistance. Moreover, they are beginning to understand that Ukraine will be defeated in only the matter of time… In this regard, the Polish authorities are getting more intent on taking the western parts of Ukraine under control by deploying their troops there. There are plans to present this measure as the fulfillment of allied obligations within the Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian security initiative, the so-called Lublin Triangle… We see that plans also call for significantly increasing the number of personnel of the combined Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade, which operates under the auspices of this so-called Lublin Triangle… We believe that it is necessary to keep a close eye on these dangerous plans of the Polish authorities.” – (italics emphasis added)

“Once You Start Censoring, You’re On Your Way To Dystopia And Totalitarianism”, RFK Jr. Wrecks House Committee (w/Twitter Video, 10 minutes)In a hearing marred by contentious interruptions and attempts by House Democrats to remove him as a witness, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., CHD chairman on leave from Children’s Health Defense (CHD) testified before a U.S. House hearing organized by Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. – by Michael Nevradakis – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/once-you-start-censoring-youre-your-way-dystopia-and-totalitarianism-rfk-jr-wrecks-house – “The subcommittee, operating within the House Judiciary Committee, said today’s hearing was intended to “examine the federal government’s role in censoring Americans,” “Big Tech’s collusion with out-of-control government agencies to silence speech” and the ongoing Missouri v. Biden lawsuit alleging government censorship… Other witnesses who testified today included D. John Sauer, special assistant attorney general for Louisiana, an attorney for the plaintiffs in the Missouri v. Biden case, Breitbart journalist Emma-Jo Morris, who in 2020 first revealed the now-infamous “Hunter Biden laptop story,” and Maya Wiley, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights… Government censorship and alleged First Amendment violations on the part of the federal government featured prominently in today’s hearing. “We need to be able to talk,” Kennedy told the committee. “And, the First Amendment was not written for easy speech. It was written for the speech that nobody likes you for.”

UK Media Now Admitting NATO’s Proxy War in Ukraine is a Disaster – from the UK Telegraph – https://21stcenturywire.com/2023/07/23/uk-media-now-admitting-natos-proxy-war-in-ukraine-is-a-disaster/After 18 months, it looks like the propaganda dam that’s been holding up the official NATO narrative on Ukraine – has finally begun to crack in the UK mainstream media. – “It seems that the bevy of journalists and military pundits who’ve been insisting for the last 18 months that “Ukraine is winning”, have finally convened and appear to have collectively decided that maybe it’s high time to begin facing reality and accept that the Ukrainian army’s much-vaunted ‘counter offensive’ came and went with no success. Truth be known: there was never any actual counter offensive, rather, it was strictly a media-driven mirage, specifically designed to help keep the money and weapons flowing into an increasingly disastrous proxy war ahead of this month’s lack-luster NATO Summit in Vilnius… The legacy media’s belated acknowledgment of this epic failure is a symptom of their own chronic and misguided approach to the war from day one, which can only be described as a deluded, albeit shameless lockstep propaganda campaign that would make even Stalin’s information minister wince… Interestingly, throughout the conflict, The Telegraph has been one of the main pro-war propaganda echo chambers on social media, regularly host hosting Twitter Spaces frequented by NAFO “fellas” (NATO’s 100K strong online trolling army), with various ‘experts’ regularly coming on making outrageous and unsubstantiated claims about Russian military maneuvers manuevers and alleged war crimes…The MSM are now playing catch-up to reality…

JPMorgan Chase Has Bled $230.6 Billion in Deposits Since Q1 2022, With Declines in 5 of the Last 6 Quarters – by Pam Martens and Russ Martens – https://wallstreetonparade.com/2023/07/jpmorgan-chase-has-bled-230-6-billion-in-deposits-since-q1-2022-with-declines-in-5-of-the-last-6-quarters/ – “The data in the chart above comes directly from what the biggest bank in the United States, JPMorgan Chase, reported on its 10-Q filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the quarter ending March 31, 2023. Despite all those mainstream media headlines and news stories about the biggest banks in the U.S. being the deposit beneficiaries of the banking panic earlier this year, the cold, hard facts on the ground are the following: at the end of the first quarter of this year, JPMorgan Chase had seen deposit outflows in four out of the past five quarters. Mainstream media conveniently forgot to mention that… The only quarter in which JPMorgan Chase saw an inflow of deposits was the first quarter of this year, when three banks blew up: Silvergate Bank, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. That increase was a mere pittance compared to the huge outflows of deposits it had already suffered in 2022… Now we are getting an even clearer picture of the downward trend in deposits at JPMorgan Chase thanks to the 8-K filing that the bank made with the SEC on July 14. Had it not been for that sweetheart deal that the FDIC cooked up with JPMorgan Chase in the second quarter of this year, allowing it to buy the good stuff it wanted from the failed First Republic Bank, while regulators ate the bulk of the bad stuff, JPMorgan Chase would have had another decline in deposits in the second quarter… According to the 8-K filing, First Republic added $68.351 billion to JPMorgan’s deposits for the period ending June 30, 2023. Without those deposits, JPMorgan Chase’s deposits would have stood at $2.33 trillion as of June 30, representing a quarter-over-quarter decline in deposits of $46.64 billion. That would have brought the outflow of deposits since the end of the first quarter of 2022 to a whopping $230.6 billion, and showing that the bank lost deposits in five of the last six quarters.”

One Health, holistic medicine, and the poisoning of minds – The idea of a holistic concept of health – that our environment (or ‘biosphere’) influences our well-being – is far older than written history. So is greed, abuse, lust for power, and a desire to own and enslave others. There is, regarding what really matters, nothing new under the sun. – by David Bell –  https://pandauncut.substack.com/p/one-health-holistic-medicine-and – ” ‘One Health’, a modern term for this holistic approach to health, is therefore old news, as is a willingness to corrupt and manipulate such a concept for personal gain. Ill health is a lever for fear, and death even more so, especially to those who believe that we are simply organic constructs that end in dust and decay. A cult feeding off these fears, holding that the entire biosphere is threatening us with diseases and death, would therefore have real potential for mass control. Convince followers that humans are the poison that made this world so destructive, and you will also have a means to stoke hate against non-believers whilst adding guilt to the tools for compliance…  A cult based on fear of the world and the people who poisoned it, dressed up in philanthropy and virtue, has risen amongst us. Co-opting One Health terminology, it is now funded by the spoils of Covid, and empowered by technology that can take this mediaeval witch-hunting sect global… One Health as a tool for humanity – If bovine tuberculosis spreads through a herd, the herders will suffer through loss of income and food, and through the risk of catching the infection themselves. Their poverty will compound, their kids go hungry, and they will grow up to face the same fate. Improving the health of the herd can uplift the family and their community to a better future. If they can ensure their drinking water is clean, and their cooking fire does not pollute their lungs, they will go even further. The environment, everywhere, should be managed and protected for human benefit – physical, mental, and social… The One Health concept, centred in such common sense, was once no more than this. It is a rational way to express an age-old principle in a world obsessed with allopathic medicine and magical vaccines. Sanitation and improved nutrition will save more lives than the next round of profiteering brought to us by Pfizer… However, humans are humans, and just as planes are hijacked for politics or profit, One Health has been hijacked by self-proclaimed philanthropists. We should fear both, in a sensible way, but still fly on planes and still support holistic medicine. To make flying more secure, we seek to identify the hijackers and understand their motives. So, we should do the same when concepts such as One Health are hijacked or co-opted with similar intent… As a new catch-all for this modern public health cult, One Health is being corrupted in two ways, but for the same ends and by much the same people. Understanding one tells us about the people we are dealing with, the other reveals their motives.”

We Need To Talk About Midazolam: Homicide Detectives are investigating Nicola Sturgeon over Cruel Deaths in Care Homes during the Pandemic – by Rhoda Wilson – https://expose-news.com/2023/07/23/nicola-sturgeon-is-being-criminally-investigated/ – “Scotland’s covid-era First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is being criminally investigated by homicide police for over 5,500 deaths in care homes during Covid. This would be Scotland’s largest-ever mass-death investigation in its history… Zandra Lewis who managed a care home on the Isle of Man explains in a video recording what really happened in the care home she worked in at the height of the “pandemic.” She gives insight into practices that were common across Britain.  Could events similar to the Isle of Man have happened in Scottish care homes as well?.. The Scottish Daily Express reported last Wednesday that detectives from the Unresolved Homicide Investigation Team are now involved in the “corporate manslaughter” complaint against Nicola Sturgeon, Jeane Freeman and the Scottish Government: ‘The former first minister and her ex-health secretary were reported to Police Scotland in March … After an exchange lasting more than four months, former nurse Lesley Roberts has now finished submitting what officers have described as a “vast” quantity of evidence … The allegations have been folded into Operation Koper, the long-running Crown Office probe launched into Covid deaths in Scottish care home [sic]… Ms Roberts has been working alongside former health and safety prosecutor Roger Livermore and fellow NHS whistleblower Rab Wilson. Their complaint has three key points: the deadly policy of moving hospital patients untested into care homes, the efficacy of face masks for health and social care workers and the use of Do Not Resuscitate forms… Speaking to the Scottish Daily Express, the former NHS Glasgow and Clyde nurse and Unite trade union rep said she was “really relieved” to have completed the mammoth task of submitting all her evidence… “We know there was a “blanket” use of Do Not Resuscitate orders and we know the order came from the very top.”… Ms Roberts said: ‘I think there was something very sinister going on and the lives of the elderly and the most vulnerable were taken as a result, that’s why I went down the route of taking this to the police … Instead of protecting the vulnerable, the powers-that-be at the start of the pandemic were discussing how to get rid of them.’ “

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