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Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents – by The Vigilant Fox – https://dailyclout.io/dr-naomi-wolf-uncovers-pfizers-depopulation-agenda-as-evidenced-by-its-own-documents/ – ” ‘This is a mystery novel in which the question is, how do we stop women from having healthy babies? That’s the story of the Pfizer documents.’.. ‘These people [powers that be] don’t want us to be self-sustaining,’ concluded Dr. Naomi Wolf in front of a live audience at a recent VAC family event. ‘They want us to be dependent and scared.’.. What self-sustaining quality are they targeting most? Our ability to reproduce, attested Dr. Wolf… ‘One thing people have been able to do for thousands of years is to have sex and have babies without any intervention or help from anyone else. It’s a tremendous way that the human race is self-reliant — that it can survive catastrophe. Well, the Tech Bros. and probably China want to take that away from us. This is clear in the Pfizer documents.’.. ‘There’s a section of the Pfizer documents in which Pfizer breaks down the adverse events and concludes that women sustain 72% of them,’ she continued. ‘And of those — and these are Pfizer’s words — 16% are quote-unquote “reproductive disorders” compared to 0.49% for men. So they’re very focused on reproduction, on female reproduction.’.. ‘It’s my belief that they were trying to disrupt especially female reproduction,’ Dr. Wolf determined. ‘And the question is, how do I know that? And the answer is from the structure of what they looked at. Again, I’m a literary critic, but this is a mystery novel in which the question is, how do we stop women from having healthy babies? That’s the story of the Pfizer documents’.”

THE UNVACCINATED | “Nobody is Safe!” (11 min) – Coming to the War on Avian Flu (H3N8 – they KNOW the “genetic sequence” – isolated nucleotide by nucleotide from an isolated viral particle, doncha know) VERY SOON !

Super “modified, limited hangout” presented by Deep Insider David Martin to the EU Parliament (21 min) – Martin controls a company that has the biggest database of intellectual property rights in the world. He clearly knows where the bodies are buried, and that viruses aren’t a real thing.

How Smart Cities will lock up humanity inside open air concentration camps – by David Sorensen – https://stopworldcontrol.com/smart-city/ – “A Smart City is an urban environment with omnipresent surveillance and data harvesting technologies that will monitor and record even the most intimate, personal details of everyone... The goal is to know everything about everybody: what you eat and drink, where you go, what you buy, who you meet, what you think, how you feel, your opinions, your habits, your health and vaccination status, and so on. Every. Little. Detail. The justification for this all-encompassing surveillance is that it is supposedly essential to “save the planet” from climate change. They also guarantee it will make your life more connected, safer and healthier… Every aspect of life in a Smart City will be monitored by a wide variety of data harvesting technologies:  SMART Lights, SMART Poles, SMART Cars, SMART Neighborhoods, SMART Homes, SMART Appliances, SMART Energy, SMART Transportation and many other SMART technologies. Together they will form an omnipresent surveillance grid, continually collecting all information about every little detail of the life of the people… Smart Cities create the Internet of Bodies” – Note: Story is down below the email sign up. Very good info, IMO

Biden and NATO Evoke an Inevitable WWIII Against Russia – America Still Prefers to Speak Softly But Carry a Big Stick – by Irwin Jerome – Comment: Description and analysis of the state-of-play in the Ukraine warhttps://www.globalresearch.ca/biden-nato-evoke-inevitable-wwiii-against-russia/5820892“A calamity of even greater cataclysmic proportions and consequences is either soon to break out in the war in Ukraine or sanity somehow finally will prevail against all odds, with all the combatants suddenly finding a way to end the conflict without continuing to kill themselves and, in the process, potentially all the rest of us… America’s Neo-Con radicals and their allies in the world can feel the war slipping out of the grasp of their control, even in spite of the gross billions of taxpayer monies stolen from the citizenry of the entire Western World, without their approval or express permission; not to mention the massive amounts of military weaponry paid for by the citizens themselves for their own nation’s safety and protection, rather than shipped off to the Ukraine Armed Forces without any popular vote, plebiscite or referendum of any kind… Citizens and politicians alike in the West remain asleep at the wheel for all intents and purposes of all the monies and weaponry that have been used so far to endlessly fund literally all the materials of war, as well as the infrastructure of Ukrainian society itself; of which the majority of monies never reach the people or armed combatants themselves because the monies are continually being clandestinely siphoned off to war profiters, oligarchs, black-market dealers and politicians. The Corrupt Game of War continues to be played out, while everyone just shrugs their shoulders, shakes their heads and looks the other way, like helpless deer, frozen in the glare of the on-coming lights and the potential grizzly death that awaits… After over a year of raging, murderous brutal slaughter of men, women, children and the decimation of whole species of non-humans life, the populace and politicians alike still remain ignorant and at sea as to what to do about it; or even if they did they already know their neo-con leaders and governments clearly never have had any mind to stop the war other than with: the sudden assassination of Zelensky or Putin themselves; the total collapse of Ukraine or Russia; a predictable total WWIII nuclear end game, or; whatever subsequent fascist rule finally will take over the whole world.”

LARRY ROMANOFF: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – by Larry Romanoff – https://www.bluemoonofshanghai.com/politics/11545/ – “This is without question the most ambitious bullying project ever attempted by the nJewish bakers in The City of London, far exceeding their attempted fascist coup on the US government, or even their looting of the gold of all the world’s nations central banks prior to World War II. This was an enterprise designed to effectively eliminate the actual sovereignty of nation-states and turn the world into an agglomerate of geographical puppets with no purpose other than to serve the financial and political interests of these bankers. We can give thanks that it failed; had it succeeded, a handful of banks and a few hundred multi-national corporations would have had the power to rule the world… The governments of our existing nations would have had only two purposes: (1) tax and revenue collection for the bankers, and (2) population suppression of the citizens unprepared to live in such an environment. As always, the US State Department and military were functioning as “The Bankers Private Army” to facilitate this dramatic alteration of our national landscapes. The TPP was being promoted as an American initiative, when it was no such thing, but the Americans were touring the world in an outrageous attempt to bully many nations into signing this “agreement”…  In late 2013 the US was nearing the hoped-for culmination of the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership which was presented as an Asian Free-Trade Agreement (the US of course being an “Asian” country) but was in fact an astonishingly aggressive attempt to forcibly impose commercial hegemony and a European legal jurisdiction deep into the nations of Asia. The Americans were attempting to bully the world into accepting a set of ‘standards’ in all areas of economic and social life, Asian media containing repeated references to the “extreme pressure” the Americans were exerting on all Asian nations to accept all provisions of the proposed agreement. These nations were bitterly opposed to many provisions that were presented as non-negotiable, as well as the US attempting to force open the agricultural sectors of all countries without any movement in opening its own heavily protected and subsidised industry.”

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