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Happy May Day!

Ellen Brown: How the War on Crypto Triggered a Banking Crisis – by Ellen Brown – https://scheerpost.com/2023/04/28/ellen-brown-how-the-war-on-crypto-triggered-a-banking-crisis/ – “According to an article in American Banker titled “SEC’s Gensler Directly Links Crypto and Bank Failures,” SEC Chair Gary Gensler has asked for more financial resources to police the crypto market. Gensler testified at an April 18 House Financial Services Committee hearing: ‘[Crypto companies] have chosen to be noncompliant and not provide investors with confidence and protections, and it undermines the $100 trillion capital markets’… ‘Silvergate and Signature [banks] were engaged in the crypto business — I mean some would say that they were crypto-​backed’… ‘Silicon Valley Bank, actually when it failed, saw the country’s — the world’s — second-leading stable coin had $3 billion involved there, depegged, so it’s interesting just how this was all part of this crypto narrative as well.’.. Cryptocurrency experts Caitlin Long and Nic Carter take the opposite view. They acknowledge the link between crypto and the recent wave of bank failures and the runs and threatened runs they triggered, but Carter and Long make a compelling case that it was the FDIC, the SEC and the Federal Reserve that brought the banks down, by a coordinated, extrajudicial “war on crypto” that blocked that otherwise-legal industry from acquiring the banking services it needs.”

EHRC accused of ‘Kafkaesque silencing’ by withholding trans reporthttps://vnexplorer.net/ehrc-accused-of-kafkaesque-silencing-by-withholding-trans-report-s1853884.html – ‘The equalities regulator has been accused of “Kafkaesque silencing” after refusing to publish its first report into censorship of the transgender debate at British universities… The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) paid £18,000 for an academic to write a summary report into whether academics feel able to discuss “gender wars” on campuses in 2021, which was based on the scholar’s separate study at City, University of London… The EHRC agreed to publish its report only when the City study was released, but this is now potentially never going to happen… This is because, as The Telegraph revealed earlier this month, the latter has descended into chaos as City last month “confiscated” the final findings from Dr Laura Favaro, the sociologist who led both projects, and allegedly made her redundant after activists cried transphobia… Now, MPs, peers and academics have accused the watchdog of being “accomplices” to “intolerance” by insisting on still waiting… Dr Favaro seeking employment tribunal: The saga began in 2021 when both sets of research began… The EHRC confirmed it received its complete report as planned on April 4, 2022. The separate study then continued collecting survey data, interviewing dozens of academics and analysing documents in anticipation of publishing later that year… However, Dr Favaro then wrote an article in Times Higher Education which infuriated trans activists, who complained to City that the study had “caused harm”. City found that there was “no evidence” it breached any ethics rules, but Dr Favaro’s line managers told her, she says, that ‘City considers my data to be dangerous’ and was ‘frightened of making it public’.”

A literal minefield: Why the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine will be felt for decades – Ukraine is teeming with explosives that have been placed in the ground. The repercussions of this catastrophe will affect future generations – https://www.rt.com/russia/575354-kingdom-of-mines-ukraine/ – “Since February of last year, when Russia launched its military offensive in the country, mine explosions have killed about 200 civilians in Ukraine, while hundreds more have been injured… The UN has already called Ukraine the most heavily mined state in the world. Yet the contamination continues to grow because of how positional warfare is carried out. With the conflict far from over, the further laying of explosives could have disastrous consequences… Deadly traps: Official reports claim that 250,000 square kilometers (almost 62 million acres) of Ukrainian territory have been mined. This is equal to the entirety of the UK (244,000 square kilometers). According to  Prime Minister Denis Shmigal, his country has become the world’s largest minefield, which has even spurred the government to create a special center to deal with the fallout.”

Rise of the ULEZ ‘Blade Runners’: The underground activists who’ve vowed to stop at nothing until they’ve ‘taken down EVERY one of Sadiq Khan’s low-emission cameras’ – by Chris Matthews – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12011507/ULEZ-Blade-Runners-want-one-Sadiq-Khans-low-emission-cameras.html – “A secret activist army is vandalising and stealing Sadiq Khan‘s hated Ulez cameras… Dubbed the ‘Blade Runners’, the covert group has been attacking ANPR cameras that catch out drivers using high-polluting vehicles across the capital… The London Mayor’s controversial scheme will force Londoners to pay £12.50-a-day to drive in Greater London from August 29, if their cars don’t meet certain environmental standards… One of the secretive Blade Runners, who met with MailOnline, vowed: ‘We are going to take down every single one no matter what’… Dressed in a balaclava to protect his identity, the father in his mid-forties revealed he had stolen 34 Ulez cameras himself but his group and others like them have taken down hundreds.”

To the Governor: Florida Bill to Ban use of a CBDC as Money in the State – by Mike Maharrey – https://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2023/05/to-the-governor-florida-bill-to-ban-use-of-a-cbdc-as-money-in-the-state/ – “TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (May 2, 2023) – Today, the Florida House overwhelmingly gave final approval to a bill that would ban the use of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) as money in the state… Senate Bill 7054 (S7054) was approved for introduction in the Banking and Insurance Committee on April 11. The bill would explicitly exclude a CBDC from the definition of money in Florida, effectively banning its use as such in the state… The bill defines central bank digital currency as a ‘digital medium of exchange, or digital monetary unit of account issued by the United States Federal Reserve System, a federal agency, a foreign government, a foreign central bank, or a foreign reserve system that is made directly available to a consumer by such entities’ and that is ‘processed or validated directly by such entities.’.. ‘Under the Florida Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), “money” means a medium of exchange that is currently authorized or adopted by a domestic or foreign government. The term includes a monetary unit of account established by an intergovernmental organization or by agreement between two or more countries.’.. S7054 would add ‘the term does not include a central bank digital currency’ to that definition.”

What If The Fed Has Lost Control? – by Charles Hugh Smith – https://www.2ndsmartestguyintheworld.com/p/what-if-the-fed-has-lost-control – “What few entertain as a possibility is the Fed is losing control of the economy and finance for systemic reasons that have nothing to do with Fed Policy per se. In other words, it’s not a “Fed policy error” that brings the system down, it’s much larger forces: diminishing returns and second order effects.”

Willful Ignorance Has Killed America, It Just Doesn’t Know it Yet – by Gordon Duff – https://thealtworld.com/gordon_duff/willful-ignorance-has-killed-america-it-just-doesnt-know-it-yet – “A recent set of scandals involving the Supreme Court of the United States has rocked the nation.  However, these scandals are years old, all pushed off the mainstream news and social media by powerful organizations.  Four of nine justices are involved, Thomas, Roberts, Kavanaugh and former Justice Scalia.  Sources tell us two more are involved and that powerful oligarchs such as Elon Musk are being looked at as well.  We begin… A story tying Justice Clarence Thomas to a worldwide pedophile ring was published in varying media, including by Democratic Party publicists at Mideas Touch Network on or around April 10, 2023… Curiously, all references to these stories once on Twitter involving Sara Ferguson, the Duchess of York, Trammell Crowe and a child sex-trafficking ring have been ‘disappeared’.”

“Transgender” Toddlers as Young as 2 Undergoing Mutilation/Sterilization by NC Medical System, Journalist Alleges – by Sayer Ji – https://greenmedinfo.com/blog/transgender-toddlers-young-2-undergoing-mutilationsterilization-nc-medical-syst-01“Gender-Affirming Care” and the so-called ‘Transgender Agenda’ is running rampant in North Carolina, according to a recent investigative report which details how the medical-industrial-complex in that state is targeting toddlers as young as two years of age for surgical sex changes, hormone blockers, and sterilization… Unfortunately, this is not an isolated situation, as dozens of ‘Gender Clinics’ targeting children and adolescents popup up throughout the United States to serve a market that has grown in lockstep with a relatively recent tidal wave of anti-scientific propaganda coming simultaneously from the major media, government, and corporations which propose your sexual identity is determined by your psychological identification with a gender (or otherwise a non-binary status), and not your biological sexual characteristics… A recent investigation by journalist Sloan Rachmuth reveals that three leading medical schools in North Carolina are now transitioning toddlers as young as two years of age, as well as training future primary care doctors on how to perform these experimental treatments, justified as they are by the egregiously fallacious notion that a toddler or young child’s still inchoate and uncertain gender identity should preempt biologically determined sexual characteristics and require the permanent deconstruction of the biological basis for their sexuality and reproduction through a suite of largely irreversible medical procedures and lifelong pharmaceutical products such as hormone blockers.”


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