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The Situation in the Ukraine: Predictions vs. Reality – by Dmitry Orlov – http://thesaker.is/the-situation-in-the-ukraine-predictions-vs-reality/ – “Last Thursday I reposed my “top ten signs that Russia has invaded the Ukraine” from 8 years ago when the Ukrainian regime change and civil war first started and the West continuously made claims that Russia had invaded. Well, last Thursday Russia did indeed invade… Russia had the full legal right to invade the Ukraine from several perspectives: to defend its allies in Donetsk and Lugansk; to defend itself against Ukrainian WMDs, which the Ukrainian president threatened to start producing at the Munich Security Conference; and to stop NATO from continuing its advance toward Russian borders in violation of its previous commitment of “not an inch to the east.” Russia exercised its right of self-defense under article 51 of part 7 of the UN Charter. The Ukraine had forfeited its right to territorial integrity under the 1970 UN Declaration by refusing to honor the rights of its Russian-speaking population. It also refused to renew its Friendship Treaty with Russia and therefore no longer had a defined border with Russia that Russia was obligated to honor… From a strictly legalistic perspective, claims that “Russia violated the Ukraine’s territorial integrity” or that this is “an act of Russian aggression” is just pure twaddle. From a moral perspective, the fact that the entire international community idly stood by and ineffectually discussed politics for eight years during which the civilian population of Donetsk and Lugansk was continuously shelled by the Ukrainian “anti-terrorist operation” is utterly shameful.”

The Real History Behind Ukraine, Putin, the EU, Gas, & Donbass – by Eric Zuesse – https://southfront.org/the-real-history-behind-ukraine-putin-the-eu-gas-donbass/ – “Russia’s long-predicted invasion of Ukraine finally happened, but the reasons for it are widely misrepresented. Basic history is necessary in order to understand it… The Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, from Russia, under the Baltic Sea, to Germany, was planned in order to enable greatly increased sales-volume of the lowest-cost natural gas, which came from Russia, into the EU, without having to rely upon the irregular pipelined supplies through the unstable and unpredictable nation of Ukraine. In fact, the planning-document noted on its page 12 that “Import of Russian natural gas to Europe takes place through three main routes, whereof 80% of the gas is in transit through the Ukraine.” They didn’t need to say that that was unstable; everyone knew it was; so, diplomatically speaking, this unfortunate fact about Ukraine wasn’t mentioned by them in the document, though the fact was a crucial reason for the Nord Stream project, which would transmit gas directly from Russia to Germany, no longer through unstable Ukraine… However, ideological anti-Russian racist-fascists (or nazis) dominated in Ukraine’s far-western provinces, near to Poland, of Lviv, Ternopil, Volyn, and Ivano-Frankivsk; and, so, there was, in Ukraine, intense nationalistic and nazi opposition to replacing Ukraine as the main transit-route for the crucial commodity of natural gas, from Russia into the EU, which new pipeline into the EU would greatly reduce the gas-transit-fees that were being paid by Russia into Ukraine’s Government — and reduce the geostrategic importance of their country (something that nazis tend to be very concerned with, since they’re supremacist-nationalists, not merely supremacist-racists). This proposed pipeline (which had been pressed upon Merkel by leaders of German industry, who needed cheaper energy) was viewed by those far-right Ukrainians as being an anti-Ukraine Russian scheme, even though Nord Stream was actually planned simply as a necessary business-deal between Germany and Russia. That’s what it actually was. And it also enjoyed considerable support elsewhere in the EU, such as in Netherlands, and France… U.S. President Barack Obama intended even when he entered office in 2009, to replace Syria’s Government, but his decision to replace Ukraine’s Government didn’t come right away. On 12 April 2010, Ukraine’s democratically elected President, Viktor Yanukovych met the democratically elected U.S. President at the White House, to which Obama had invited him, but Yanukovych refused Obama’s suggestions that Ukraine join America’s alliance against Ukraine’s next-door neighbor Russia. (Obama wanted to take over Russia’s main naval base, which since 1783 has been in Crimea, which the Soviet dictator had transferred to Ukraine in 1954, so it was then in Ukraine — Obama was planning for that Russian naval base in Ukraine to become another U.S. naval base, and for Ukraine to be brought into NATO. But Yanukovych said no.)

BREAKING: Donetsk Under Intense Fire https://southfront.org/breaking-donetsk-under-intense-fire/ – “Over the past few hours, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have significantly intensified the shelling of the center of the city of Donetsk. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are conducting a massive shelling of the Kievskiy district of Donetsk… The interception of at least for Ukrainian tactical Tochka-U missiles was reported over the city on February 26… Locals are hiding in basements and shelters. The Kievskiy district of Donetsk was de-energized… There is a high probability that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will launch an attack in the direction of Donetsk and try to take the city.”

War In Ukraine Day 3: Russia’s Advance Slowed Down. Ukrainian Forces Resist (Videos 18+) – https://southfront.org/war-in-ukraine-day-3-russias-advance-slowed-down-ukrainian-forces-resist-videos-18/ – “In the first half of the day, the large settlement of Stanytsia Luhanska came under the control of LPR forces. Along with Stanytsia Luhanska, the LPR units occupied Krymskoye and Markovka in the same direction. However, it was not possible to pass through the AFU units at their positions north of Luhansk. No breakthroughs of the LPR units succeeded. The AFU withdrew its troops from the Starobelsk and will now be able to engage them to stabilize the front line near Severodonetsk and Izyum… The LPR corps did not receive the necessary support from the Russian Armed Forces to accomplish the constraining offensive task. This significant miscalculation by the Russian command may lead to a change in the situation in other parts of the front… The exit of civilians from Mariupol is blocked by fighters of nationalist battalions. There is video evidence of civilians being shot, when they were trying to leave the city, including women and children… There are battles with the use of MLRS, artillery and tanks in the Kharkiv direction. This is currently the most difficult battlefield for the Russian Federation. The Russian Armed Forces suffered significant losses there, and several columns of equipment were destroyed. Sources familiar with the situation near Kharkiv report that there is poor coordination of the Russian units, communication failures and errors of command… The Russian military is strengthening its position in Melitopol, Zaporizhia region. The city of Melitopol is completely under Russian control. In this direction, the Russian grouping is developing success in the direction of Molochansk and Tokmak, as well as in the direction of Mariupol. Near Molochansk, an AFU column was destroyed. At the same time, the advancing Russian units encounter strong resistance… Overall, despite successes in a number of areas, the situation for the RF Armed Forces and the DPR and LPR on February 26 and the night of February 27 was not good. The offensive on the main “eastern front” toward Volnovakha and further west, as well as toward Mariupol, lost momentum. This is largely due to the complete absence of the second echelon, which should follow the strike units… The area covered is not controlled, road junctions and important points are not put under control, garrisons and large groups of the enemy are ignored. At the same time the rear columns move without the slightest protection through the territory that has not been cleared, as if it were an area of the Russian Federation… If Moscow fails to reverse the situation in the next 2-3 days, the war will become protracted with unpredictable consequences for all parties to the conflict.”

Moscow Considers NATO’s Claims About Russian ‘Aggression’ in Ukraine Groundlesshttps://sputniknews.com/20220226/moscow-considers-natos-claims-about-russian-aggression-in-ukraine-groundless-1093401012.html – “NATO has no grounds to call the ongoing Russian military operation in Ukraine “aggression,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said… ‘In the context of NATO countries’ inability to negotiate and their lack of desire to truly strengthen security in Europe on the basis of the principle of equal and indivisible security, we consider their attempts to accuse us of aggression to be groundless,’ Zakharova said Saturday in a commentary on Friday’s extraordinary virtual summit of NATO heads of state to discuss the Ukraine crisis. ‘Before calling Russia to account for its operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, the nations of the North Atlantic bloc should answer for their military adventurism, as well as their inaction on the matter of encouraging the regime in Kiev to peacefully resolve the Donbass problem,’ the spokeswoman said… According to Zakharova, NATO leaders at the summit expressed all possible support for Ukraine, ‘a country which, with the the connivance of the West, has become a hotbed of Nazi ideology.’.. The spokeswoman went on to accuse the Western bloc of “hypocrisy” related to the alleged destruction of the foundation for peace in Europe caused by Russia’s actions in Ukraine.”

What’s Behind the New AIDS Scare? – by Dr. Joseph Mercola – https://www.globalresearch.ca/whats-behind-new-aids-scare/5771628 – “When media start raising an issue all at the same time, it’s usually a coordinated campaign directed by a PR company on the behalf of a client. There’s a reason for it, and the reason is to sow a desired narrative in the minds of people. They plant ideas so that when something happens, people are already prepped with certain prejudices or assumptions… So, what then might be the reason for everyone suddenly talking about AIDS? In December 2021, President Biden announced a White House plan to “end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030.” The same exact vow had been announced by the British Health Security Agency a week earlier… Even as they seek to dump this pandemic in a shallow grave, they are already prepping the public for the next health scare — AIDS. ~ Off-Guardian… Meanwhile, Prince Harry was out there urging everyone to get an HIV test, and Dutch researchers announced the discovery of a concerning HIV strain. All of this is happening at the same time that COVID is starting to fade out… As noted by Off-Guardian,3 ‘just because they’re giving slack on COVID does not mean the agenda behind COVID is gone. Far from it. In fact, even as they seek to dump this pandemic in a shallow grave, they are already prepping the public for the next health scare — AIDS’.” – Comment: Good article by Joe Mercola on this “phenomenon,” but of course entirely within the context of “viruses” and particularly HIV, being a reality – At a minimum “HIV” does not cause “AIDS”

Tyranny: Canadian Parliament Votes for Emergencies Act Motion – by Chris Tomlinson – https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2022/02/21/tyranny-canadian-parliament-votes-emergencies-act-motion/ – “The Canadian Parliament voted Monday night to approve Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motion to invoke the Emergencies Act by a vote of 185 for and 151 against… Trudeau invoked the Act, an unprecedented move, last week claiming it necessary to dispel peaceful protests linked to the Freedom Convoy movement, which is demanding an end to civil rights violations by the Trudeau government allegedly necessary to fight the Chinese coronavirus. At press time on Monday, no active Freedom Convoy protests exist anywhere in Canada… The motion to uphold the invocation of emergency powers by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau passed in a vote in the Canadian House of Commons on Monday, with the Liberal Party and the NDP and other allies garnering 181 votes for the motion… The motion was opposed by the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) and the separatist Bloc Quebecois (BQ) and their allies, who voted against it with 151 votes, broadcaster CBC reports… The passing of the measure in the House of Commons is the first step toward confirming the use of the act, which allows the government significant powers.”

The Global Digital ID Surveillance Plan Accelerates – Urgent Resistance Needed – by Jesse Smith – https://www.activistpost.com/2022/02/the-global-digital-id-surveillance-plan-accelerates-urgent-resistance-needed.html – “The COVID-19 plandemic provided the perfect cover for all manner of “New Normal” changes that were always intended to become permanent. One change in particular has continued to go mostly under the radar – the increasing use of all-pervasive  surveillance… Unfortunately, this Orwellian, “Big Brother” global digital ID surveillance plan just became even more real… The Digital Identity Working Group (DIWG) chaired by Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency—whose member countries also include Canada, Finland, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the World Bank (through observer status)—initially met in 2020 to ‘share experiences and opportunities for the use of digital identity initiatives.’.. The group’s goals are ‘to understand how digital identity is being used and the models that might enable mutual recognition and/or interoperability, to share respective governments’ experiences with digital identity including in the COVID-19 response, and to understand what is required to enable mutual recognition and/or interoperability between DIWG member countries.’.. In a recently released DIWG report entitled “Digital Identity in response to COVID-19” the working group identified a set of 11 principles governments should utilize when building out frameworks to implement digital identity…”

US, NATO ‘Far More Concerned’ About Russian Maneuvers Than Safety of Those in DPR & LPR – Expert – by Evan Craighead – https://sputniknews.com/20220222/us-nato-far-more-concerned-about-russian-maneuvers-than-safety-of-those-in-dpr–lpr—-expert-1093254950.html – “Several countries, including the US, have committed to imposing sanctions on Russia in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin recognising the independence of the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the move translates to Russia’s withdrawal from the Minsk Agreements… As the world awaits the announcement of further sanctions over the recognition of the DPR and LPR’s independence, a number of questions have been raised regarding diplomacy, civilian lives, anti-Russian hysteria, and the primary focus of involved Western nations… Dr Matthew Crosston, professor of political science at Austin Peay State University and the inaugural director of the Institute of National Security and Military Studies at Tennessee’s Austin Peay Centre, spoke with Sputnik regarding several of these queries following Putin’s announcement… Although Russia has remained vocal about its red lines with regard to Ukraine, the West is attempting to send a message to Russia that its red lines, along with the security concerns and political questions coming out of the country, are not relevant, according to Crosston… As a result, the DPR and LPR, which have “very little influence”, have somewhat become secondary pawns in a larger chess game between the US and Russia… ‘In real terms, some could argue it’s been Ukraine itself that is the pawn in a game of chess between America and Russia, the far bigger players’, Crosston noted, adding that he has no intention of being “harsh or heartless” regarding the matter.”

68,000% Increase in Strokes as FDA and NIH Secretly Study Reports of Neurological Injuries After COVID-19 Vaccines – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2022/79000-increase-in-strokes-as-fda-and-hih-secretly-study-reports-of-neurological-injuries-after-covid-19-vaccines/ – “The Epoch Times published an explosive report today stating that they have received emails that allegedly show that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) have been quietly studying neurological problems that have appeared in people after they took a COVID-19 vaccine… Two U.S. agencies have been quietly studying neurological problems that have appeared in people who have had COVID-19 vaccines, The Epoch Times has found…The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) have been conducting separate research projects into post-vaccination neurological issues, which have manifested with symptoms like facial paralysis and brain fog and have been linked in some cases with the vaccines, according to emails reviewed by The Epoch Times… An examination of the FDA and CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) confirms that deaths and injuries due to neurological issues following COVID-19 injections have skyrocketed, when compared to the same adverse events reported following all FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30 years… And while none of the U.S. Health Agencies have published or made public their research on these post-vaccine neurological injuries, many medical journals have.”

Canberra police have been deploying directed energy weapons (DEWs) against the peaceful Freedom Convoy protesters, according to reports – by Jamie White – https://www.newswars.com/microwave-energy-weapons-deployed-against-canberra-freedom-convoy/ – “Disturbing videos and photos circulating social media show Canberra protesters, including women and children, who appear to have been badly burned by directed microwave energy weapons, with blisters on their faces, arms, and torsos… These particular DEWs reportedly used concentrated microwave radiation to inflict painful burns on the skin from far distances… Numerous people on social media also claimed they suffered microwave radiation injuries, even through their clothes.”

OSCE Mission Confirms Violation of Humanitarian Law by Ukrainian Troops in LPR, Lugansk Sayshttps://sputniknews.com/20220222/osce-mission-confirms-violation-of-humanitarian-law-by-ukrainian-troops-in-lpr-militia-says-1093259117.html – “The situation in Donbass remains tense, with Ukrainian forces shelling the territories of DPR and LPR, prompting evacuations of people to Russia… The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) mission in Donbass has confirmed that Ukrainian militants violated international humanitarian law by shelling residential buildings in the region, according to the Lugansk People’s Republic Militia… ‘In its report dated 21 February 2022, the OSCE Mission confirmed the violation of international humanitarian law by Ukrainian militants and recorded damage to residential buildings, as well as heavy damage to the production premises of an oil workshop, which were caused by a shelling of the settlement of Nikolaevka with 122 mm artillery pieces’, the LPR militia stated… ‘In the Donetsk region, between the evenings of 18 and 20 February, the SMM recorded 2,158 ceasefire violations, including 1,100 explosions. In the previous reporting period, it recorded 591 ceasefire violations in the region’, the Special Monitoring Mission said.”

Global Technocrat Cabal Exposed Through Network Analysis – by Patrick Wood – https://www.technocracy.news/global-technocrat-cabal-exposed-through-network-analysis/ – “A very small group of criminal collaborators are at the top of the Great Panic of 2020. Using disciplined network analysis, the players and patterns emerge right before your eyes. This article names names, organizations and connections, following the money that funded it all. It’s time for a global uprising to throw these people out of public policy. ⁃ TN Editor – Story at a glance: > The German Club of Clear Words takes a deep dive into the network of individuals and organizations responsible for the COVID scam; > Whether blatantly visible or not, you can identify just about any network by connecting dots between individuals and organizations. Who’s working with whom, where, and why? Who’s paying whom? And once you’ve done that, you can more clearly identify the motivations behind various decisions; > The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation appears to be near the top, or the center, of this COVID plandemic network. Gates is also a major funder of mainstream media, and his network extends into global food and climate change policy; > The Gates Foundation, through its funding of the WEF, also plays an important role in The Great Reset, which was officially unveiled during a WEF summit in May 2020; > Every conceivable aspect of life and society is scheduled to be “reset” according to their plan. Ultimately, that’s where this criminal COVID enterprise is trying to take us”

VERY interesting analysis of Russia’s current position in the wake of the recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk, possibly with much conjecture. Received via email“Grounds for speculation and further research” –Dave Emory – Andrei Martyanov stresses Putin’s remarks on the punishment of the war criminals in Ukraine. Andrei calls the world just now introduced by Putin the “NEW New World Order.” – This is just the beginning, says, Martyanov. These trials could be extended to other countries that have supported war crimes. He specifically names names. Madeleine Albright, for example. – The slaughter of millions of innocent civilians in country after country by the US armed forces was no less a war crime than anything committed by the Third Reich. When Putin spoke of genocide, he was looking across the Atlantic. – Westerners may be alarmed by this and by Martyanov’s commentary. – “But just recently it dawned on me that what Westerners think or say about Russia or Putin is irrelevant. Russia has long ceased paying attention to Western statements, which are no more important than statements by the Hitler regime following WW II… That’s where we are now.” – Martyanov has proclaimed the Ukraine state finished. The US is not far behind. – Published at https://thesaker.is/russia-recognition-of-the-ldnr-a-few-initial-thoughts/Russia recognition of the LDNR – a few initial thoughts – “I listened to the full Russian Security Council meeting, then to Putin’s address to the nation, then the signing of the the treaties on cooperation and mutual support... The first thing which I want to point out is that this was a very carefully orchestrated event, and I don’t just mean today’s live meetings and signing.  For those of us who follow Russian politics very closely there can be no doubts that all this was prepared long BEFORE the Russian ultimatum to the West... This is “the plan” which Putin once openly referred to... Let me make this clear: this recognition should NOT, repeat, NOT, be seen in isolation.  It is just ONE PHASE in a PROCESS which began at least a year ago, or more, and there is much more to come... Next, that must be repeated again, this is NOT about the LDNR, the Donbass or even the Ukraine, this is about a new security architecture on Europe and, therefore, on our entire planet... This means that Russia expected exactly the reaction she eventually got (western politicians are fantastically predictable, being both ignorant, stupid and arrogant) and that gave her a legal basis to take the current action (call it R2P, or moral duty, or genocide prevention or whatever else you wish)... I want to use this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to President Biden and Chancellor Scholz who both played their role to perfection, especially Scholz with his “laughable genocide talk” comment.  More generally, a lot of the credit for what just happened today goes to the leaders of the Empire who played their hand exactly as the Kremlin hoped they would... Next, I immediately want to mention sanctions.  Let it be clearly told: whatever sanctions the West now agrees upon will be what they would have done in any case.  I repeat: today’s recognition of the LDNR will have exactly ZERO influence on the West’s maniacal determination to destroy Russia and her people.  In other words, the coming sanctions were unavoidable.  That means that Russia “lost” exactly *nothing* through that move.  In fact, both during the RSC meeting and his speech, Putin hinted that, if anything, western sanctions have been mostly beneficial to the Russian economy (especially the real economy, not just the value of Russian stocks or the Ruble)... Sanctions is a topic which only matters to western politicians (and their 5th and 6th column in Russia).  Russians 1) remember that during her history both Russia and the USSR were more or less always under some kind of sanctions anyway and 2) that the goal of the West is not to reach an equilibrium with Russia, but to subjugate and destroy her (Putin himself said so many years ago)... In this context, the endless focus on sanctions (from hell or otherwise) is not only immoral, it is plain stupidNext, I want to mention four specific threats made by Putin today (note, since the PR folks at the Kremlin are still working at their usual snail’s pace, I will have to make them by memory, please keep that in mind): Those responsible for the massacre in Odessa will be punished by Russia... Putin is demanding an immediate cessation of the shelling and shooting along the LOC... Russia will physically prevent the Ukraine from US/NATO deploying offensive weapons to threaten Russia... Russia will show Banderastan how to organize a *real* “decommunization” (after indicating that the Ukraine was created by the CPSU)... Again, I will repeat here what I wrote above: this recognition should NOT, repeat, NOT, be seen in isolation.  It is just ONE PHASE in a PROCESS which began at least a year ago, or more, and there is much more to come... Unless the Ukies get it – and they probably won’t – I fully expect Russia to openly extend here “military umbrella” over the LDNR.  That does not mean that she will have to move troops in, though that now is also a possibility, but that any future Ukie ground operation will be countered by the full might of the Russian military.  Officially this time.  The Ukros along the LOC have heard it from Putin’s own mouth: we got a crosshairs on each one of you.  While I wouldn’t put *anything* beyond the Ukros, I believe that today’s clear threat will have a strong deterrent effect, whether the Ukies admit it (not gonna happen) or not... After listening to it all, I still have a few questions to which I did not get a reply yet: In what exact borders does Russia recognize the LNR and DNR?  Along the LOC or along their original administrative borders? (see map).  I strongly suspect that for a while Russia will keep a flou artistique on this topic, but what Putin meant was a recognition of the LDNR in their original administrative borders.  If I am correct, this ALSO means that Russia will not liberate the rest of Banderastan, which I also fully approve of: the Ukrainians need to liberate themselves for once, enough of that constant waiting for the Moskals to liberate them from their “western friends”!.. Putin mentioned the immense sums of money Russia has poured into the Ukraine even after it turned into Banderastan. Will Russia *finally* impose an economic embargo on that Nazi state?.. The DNR/LNR having just been recognized, they are not members of the CSTO.  Not only that, but I very much doubt that all the members of the CSTO will recognize the LDNR anytime soon.  So if there is the need to launch a “coercion to peace” operation, will Russia act unilaterally, maybe with Belarus, or will she try to get some kind of joint operation with other countries?  This just in: the Russian MoD has announced that it received the order to provide/ensure the safety/security of the LDNR!  That means a peace enforcement (coercion to peace) has been ordered!.. Some will be tempted to focus on what the western politicians will say or do next.  I sure have no idea which they might or might not do next, but I would advise them to be extremely careful, because the mood in Russia is determined.  If anybody still believes that Putin is bluffing, then wish them good luck because the best they can hope for is a quick, painless, death... For the US Americans everything is measured in Dollars.  For Europeans, everything is measured by Euros.  During WWII Russia lost 27 million of her own people, two thirds of them civilians, as for the Chinese, they lost a whopping 35 million.  These are countries and nations which will not be broken, or purchased, by Dollars or Euros... Then there is this: if the West slaps “sanctions from hell” on Russia, what will the leaders of the West do the day AFTER they impose such sanctions?  The truth that the West is already “out-sanctioned”.  But let’s assume that there will be even more sanctions.  From hell, no less.  Then what?.. Nothing, of course... Russia has already long turned away from the West, not only culturally but also economically (Mishustin confirmed that today).  If the EU wants to commit economic seppuku – that’s fine by Russia.  The Kremlin is quite willing to turn up the pain dial, but if western leaders want to increase the pain dial on each other (the US dialing up economic pain for the EU), by all means, Russia won’t object... As always, I suggest that we not jump to any further conclusions too quickly: let’s wait for the full, official transcripts, then the statements of key politicians (who will be tasked with implementing/interpreting these statements).  In this situation, words matter (at least those of Russian officials)... I will conclude by a warning: I fully expect the CIA/MI6 agents in Russia (5th column: liberals; 6th column: emo-Marxists and pseudo-patriots) to unleash a MAJOR PSYOP offensive against Putin personally and this decision.  Arguments will include anything and everything in between “not enough” and “too much” including the inevitable “too little too late”.  If there is one thing you need to know about both the 5th and 6th columns in Russia is that for them any success by Putin (or even while Putin is in power) is categorically unacceptable and must be denied at all costs.  So while they claim to hate each other, they really hate Putin much more.  In fact, they hate Putin much, much more than they love Russia.  I strongly urge all the readers to always think cui bono when you will hear their endless defeatist wailing!.. Okay, I will end it here: let’s see what happens next.” –Andrei Martyanov – “Those responsible for the massacre in Odessa will be punished by Russia.” 

BREAKING: President Putin just announced full and total recognition of the autonomy of the breakaway People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine. – Putin and Russian leadership have signed the documents of recognition and mutual support with the Donbas Republics, Donetsk and Lugansk. Putin made a one hour speech on the history of Ukraine and the creation of the Western coup at the Maidan, and on the endemic Western corruption of the whole Ukrainian administration. If the Ukrainian assault on the Donbas continues, a wider war will be ignited.

Russian President Putin Addresses Nation Following Security Council’s Meeting on Donbass (a little over 1 hour, begins about 22 min in)

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