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Cell Phone Apps Gather User Data Using Ultrasonic Signals: TV Viewing, Precise Location in Stores, etc. – by B.N. Frank – https://www.activistpost.com/2021/01/cell-phone-apps-gather-user-data-using-ultrasonic-signals-tv-viewing-precise-location-in-stores-etc.html – “In South Australia, a tracking device is explicitly defined as ‘a device capable of being used to determine the geographical location of a person, vehicle or thing and any associated equipment.’.. Since it is generally illegal to track someone without their consent – implied or otherwise – if an advertiser is using an app combined with an ultrasonic beacon to track you and you are unaware that they are doing so, they could be breaking the law… Google says the Nearby protocol is battery-intensive due to the use of Bluetooth and wifi. As such “the user must provide consent for Nearby to utilise the required device resources”. It says nothing about the legality of needing permission to record sound or track users… Google does warn that the Nearby service is a one-way communication channel with your phone never communicating directly to a Nearby service on its online support page… But since users are required to opt-out of the service, it’s hard to argue that they have given informed consent.”

Georgia Election Data Shows 17,650 Votes Switched From Trump to Biden: Data Scientists – by Allen Zhong – https://www.theepochtimes.com/georgia-election-data-shows-17650-votes-switched-from-trump-to-biden-data-scientists_3640670.html – “A team led by Lynda McLaughlin, along with data scientists Justin Mealey and Dave Lobue, presented the results before the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections… Mealey worked as an electronic warfare technician in the U.S. Navy for nine and a half years and was a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) contractor as a data analyst and programmer for the National Counterterrorism Center. He currently works for one of the “Big Four” accounting firms as a programmer… Lobue is a data scientist with over a decade of experience in a number of industries… ‘What we have here is we actually have fraud that we can prove in this election, there was fraud in Georgia’s election, we can prove it with data,’ Mealey said. ‘The voting will of the people of Georgia is not reflected in what was certified by the Secretary of State.’ ”

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Interview About the International Lawsuits: “It’s Quite Clear That This Is Like World War III, and Probably Worse” (w/video 43min) – by FranceSoir – https://truthcomestolight.com/dr-reiner-fuellmich-interview-about-the-international-lawsuits-its-quite-clear-that-this-is-like-world-war-iii-and-probably-worse/ – “So the final question was, ‘what about the PCR tests?’. And when we looked at this, it turns out that there’s one major player who’s — now it’s called the Drosten paper which was published on, I think January 23rd. This major player is professor Drosten — who as it turns out is neither a professor nor is he a doctor. Because the dissertation, that finally was found by the people… who had been looking for it for months and months and months, turns out to be a piece that was probably produced in June of this year, but not in 2003 or 2002 as he as he claims it wasSo what do we have here? We have two blatant lies. These are false statements. And we know that this man made them knowingly because he’s supposedly an expert on PCR tests. And we know that he lied on purpose because there’s an interview with him from six years ago, I think that was during the MERS flu, which is also a corona virus, a different one, but still. And that’s when he said that the PCR tests are so sensitive that they test positive to almost anything — and that, in many cases, it tests positive on healthy people. So he knew what was going on. And, even then, he also knew that the mainstream media played a big role in this. Because in this interview, he said ‘and you also have to take into consideration’, he pointed out that the mainstream media are causing quite a ruckus, quite an uproar.” (underlined emphases added)

Police Keep Secret List of Kids with Bad Grades Labeling Them “Potential Criminals” – by Matt Agorist – https://www.activistpost.com/2021/01/police-keep-secret-list-of-kids-with-bad-grades-labeling-them-potential-criminals.html – “In the ostensible land of the free, we are told that all people are presumed innocent until proven guilty by their peers. To those who’ve been paying attention, however, we know that “innocent until proven guilty” is a farce into today’s police state. If you doubt this assertion, you need only look at the data to see that a whopping 74% of people in jails across the country — have not been convicted of a crime.… While it is true that many of these folks are awaiting trial for crimes they did commit, there are innocent people behind bars for the sole reason that they cannot afford bail. A free country — who claims to protect the rights of citizens — should not be keeping hundreds of thousands of presumed innocent people in cages, yet this is the status quo… A recent report from the Tampa Bay Times shows just how determined the American police state is to guarantee an assembly line of otherwise entirely innocent people to continue this process. Police in Florida are targeting children in an attempt to label them as criminals at a young age — despite the children being entirely innocent…The Pasco sheriff’s office has a secret list of students it believes could “fall into a life of crime” based on ridiculous standards like their grades.”

Proposed House Rules Seek to Erase Gendered Terms Such as ‘Father, Mother, Son, Daughter’ – by Mimi Nguyen Ly – https://www.theepochtimes.com/proposed-house-rules-seek-to-erase-gendered-terms-such-as-father-mother-son-daughter_3640653.html – “Leaders in the House of Representatives announced on Friday a rules package for the 117th Congress that includes a proposal to use “gender-inclusive language” and eliminate gendered terms such as “‘father, mother, son, daughter,” and more… Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rules Committee Chairman James McGovern (D-Mass.) announced on Friday that the rules package includes changes that would ‘honor all gender identities by changing pronouns and familial relationships in the House rules to be gender neutral.’.. A separate announcement from McGovern (pdf) said that the Democratic rules package will make ‘Changes [to] pronouns and familial relationships in the House rules to be gender neutral or removes references to gender, as appropriate, to ensure we are inclusive of all Members, Delegates, Resident Commissioners and their families—including those who are nonbinary.’ ”

Singapore’s Accidental COVID Experiment Resulted in Herd Immunity and Just 1 Death per 75,000 Infections – An infection survival rate of 99.9987% blowing away the plague cult fantasies – by Ethan Yang – https://anti-empire.com/singapores-accidental-covid-experiment-resulted-in-herd-immunity-and-just-1-death-per-75000-infections/  On December 14, 2020 Singapore’s Ministry of Health communicated a summary of the steps it took to contain a raging Covid-19 breakout in its migrant worker living facilities. The report itself claimed that the city-state had over 320,000 migrant workers living in cramped dormitories and around 47% or a little over 152,000 contracted Covid-19. This number includes individuals either confirmed with a PCR test, which tests for traces of the virus and is commonly employed as a nasal swab or a serology test, which tests for Covid-19 antibodies… Having thousands of people living in such conditions with Covid-19 on the rise is a ticking time bomb. When Covid found its way into the dormitories it spread like fire on dry tinder… The Ministry writes, ‘In all, 54,505 out of the 58,320 who tested positive in Singapore for COVID-19 via a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test were migrant workers living in dormitories. This is out of a total of over 320,000 migrant workers who live in dormitories. At the peak of the outbreak in April, more than 1,000 new cases a day were being detected in the dormitories.’.. Around 93% of all infections in Singapore would come from these facilitiesas the rest of Singapore proceeded with relatively little restrictions… The most interesting statistic to come out of this incident is that despite all the horrific circumstances these migrant workers endured, there were only two deaths and 25 admissions to the ICU. With a virus prevalence rate of over 152,000 that gives us an infection fatality rate of around .0013% and a hospitalization rate of around .016%.” – Comment: I wonder if the low number of deaths might have to do with precisely the low number sent to an ICU?

The Post Covid World, The WEF’s Diabolical Project: “Resetting the Future of Work Agenda”by Peter Koenig – https://www.globalresearch.ca/world-economic-forum-step-two-resetting-future-work-agenda-after-great-reset/5729175 – “After “The Great Reset”. A Horrifying FutureThe World Economic Forum (WEF) has just published (October 2020) a so-called White Paper, entitled ‘Resetting the Future of Work Agenda – in a Post-Covid World‘… This 31-page document reads like a blueprint on how to “execute” – because an execution (or implementation) would be – “Covid-19 – The Great Reset” (July 2020), by Klaus Schwab, founder and CEO (since the foundation of the WEF in 1974) and his associate Thierry Malleret… They call “Resetting the Future” a White Paper, meaning it’s not quite a final version. It is a draft of sorts, a trial balloon, to measure people’s reactions. It reads indeed like an executioner’s tale. Many people may not read it – have no awareness of its existence. If they did, they would go up in arms and fight this latest totalitarian blueprint, offered to the world by the WEF… It promises a horrifying future to some 80%-plus of the (surviving) population. George Orwell’s “1984” reads like a benign fantasy, as compared to what the WEF has in mind for humanity… The time frame is ten years – by 2030 – the UN agenda 2021 – 2030 should be implemented.”

Juan O. Savin – Pick Your Lane – Pence Takes Flighthttps://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/msom-juan-o-savin-pick-your-lane-pence-takes-flight/ – ” ‘At this very moment, at a polling location within the County, not only do we now have access to the devices, to the poll pad, the system, but we are in,’ said Pulitzer of his team, which had easily hacked their way into a Dominion voting machine via a WiFi connection, ‘and it’s not supposed to have WiFi and that’s not supposed to be able to happen, so we’ve documented it. It’s communicating two ways, in real time, meaning it’s receiving data and sending data…that’s going on right there, where everybody’s voting and I just wanted to get it into the record… I won’t disclose the location because every location is being checked but we’ve now confirmed it 100%…’ …ROSENSTEIN HONEYPOT KINGPIN, KNOWS WHO KILLED SETH RICH… Savin says that the July 2018 press conference of an anonymous witness in the Seth Rich murder case, known as “Luke” was poo-pooed by the mainstream but Savin says that Luke’s account of Rod Rosenstein being inside the the DNC and RNC servers, of his altering the documents therein and of his being the kingpin of the Beltway honeypot operation, in order to control everyone was an accurate account.”

COVID “Mutation” Stories Show That The Lockdowns Are Designed To Last Forever – by Brandon Smith – https://alt-market.us/covid-mutation-stories-show-that-the-lockdowns-are-designed-to-last-forever/ – “For the people that actually believe that the covid crisis will end after mass vaccinations, I’m sorry to say, but you have been duped. Every single element of the establishment response and every public statement they make indicates that they plan to violate your civil liberties for a long time to come. Those promises of relief right around the corner? All lies. The claim that if you go along to get along everything will go back to normal? It’s a con. It is hollow rhetoric designed to make you shut up and submit to medical tyranny for just long enough that it becomes irreversible… I suspect they are hoping they can condition the public over the next few years to simply adapt to the controls until we forget what life was like before the pandemic and the reset. It seems, however, that the globalist reset plan is not going very well… The vaccines and the mutation news feel rushed, to say the least. Initially, the establishment said that it would take at least 18 months just to develop a vaccine for trials and testing, and that the lockdowns would continue well beyond that time frame until a majority of the population was shown to have immunity. Instead, they tossed out multiple vaccines within 6 months and the mutation narrative is already in the news.”

Catherine Austin Fitts – Full Interview for Planet Lockdown (49 min) – A very observant description of the trap laid in advance for humankind

WHO: Bigger Pandemic Than COVID Is Coming – by Steve Watson – https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/who-bigger-pandemic-covid-coming – “Ryan also stated that despite the vaccine, the virus is set to become endemic, and will never go away.“The likely scenario is the virus will become another endemic virus that will remain somewhat of a threat,” Ryan said… Professor David Heymann, the chair of the WHO’s strategic and technical advisory group for infectious hazards, added that ‘it appears the destiny of SARS-CoV-2 [Covid-19] is to become endemic, as have four other human coronaviruses, and that it will continue to mutate as it reproduces in human cells, especially in areas of more intense admission.’.. Elsewhere during the briefing, WHO chief scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan said that the roll out of vaccines does not mean social distancing or mask wearing can go away.“I don’t believe we have the evidence on any of the vaccines to be confident that it’s going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on,” Swaminathan said… As we reported two weeks ago, The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), based in Sweden, has found that the majority of nations across the globe have implemented COVID related restrictions that have severely eroded the liberties of their citizens…The study revealed that 61 per cent of countries have used restrictions ‘that were concerning from a democracy and human rights perspective.’.. ‘These [restrictions] violated democratic standards because they were either disproportionate, illegal, indefinite or unnecessary in relation to the health threat,’ the group declared in its report If a greater pandemic is coming, as the WHO promises, then it is clear to see that such erosions of freedom will be amped up even further, if the same pattern is followed.”

Are We Really Going To ‘Build Back Better’ After A “Dark Winter”? Part 3 – by Jim Quinn – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/are-we-really-going-build-back-better-after-dark-winter-part-3 – “In Part 1 of this article I laid out the case the “dark winter” narrative and how an experimental vaccine marketed like a tech product by Big Pharma and their cronies are part of a globalist scheme to reset the world and force us into subservience… In Part 2 of the article I revealed how the “build back better” narrative is part of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset plan to implement a one world command and control dystopia, managed by billionaire oligarchs and their dark forces… We cannot let the “new normal” or “great reset” take hold. If it is up to Klaus and his crew, you will be permanently masked, mandatorily vaccinated, eternally locked down, perpetually impoverished and forever dependent upon a central authority to provide minimal sustenance and maximum punishment for disobedience… Even as the dark clouds fill the distant sky and the future appears bleak, our roots are strong and will not wither under the approaching tempest. The fight is before us and the outcome uncertain, but there is some good in this world and it is worth fighting for. The sun will surely come out again when this dark shadow passes.

DR. WAKEFIELD WARNS ”THIS IS NOT A VACCINE, IT IS IRREVERSIBLE GENETIC MODIFICATION” (10 min) – https://brandnewtube.com/watch/dr-wakefield-warns-this-is-not-a-vaccine-it-is-irreversible-genetic-modification_bvTJWXmMhxLYj1R.html

Will the Technocratic Coup Succeed? – by Alastair Crooke – https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2020/11/23/will-the-technocratic-coup-succeed/ – “Fed Chair Powell said recently: ‘We’re recovering, but to a different economy, and it will be one that is more leveraged to technology – and I worry that it’s going to make it even more difficult than it was, for many workers.’ Klaus Schwab, the Davos Chair, was more blunt: ‘Nothing will ever return to the ‘broken’ sense of normalcy that prevailed [earlier]. We … will be surprised by both the rapidity and unexpected nature of these changes – as they conflate with each other, they will provoke cascading effects and unforeseen outcomes’. Schwab makes it clear that the western élite will not allow life to return to normal, suggesting that rolling lockdowns and other restrictions may become permanent… ‘Recovering to a different economy’? Well, actually the creeping ‘coup’ has been residing in plain view for quite a while. The changes have been less noticed – partly because western élites have stuck fast to the free market narrative, whilst incrementally shifting over the decades to an oligarchical economy blossoming alongside the free market economy. Yet it has been an important metamorphose, for it has laid the ground-work for a more fundamental fusion of interests of business oligarchy and government.”

Proof that Tiffany Dover DIED from vaccine… (17 min) – from Humanity Connective

My Letter to Mitch McConnell – by California Legislator Kevin Kiley – https://blog.electkevinkiley.com/my-letter-to-mitch-mcconnell/ – “I’ve just obtained a Legal Opinion from the Office of the Legislative Counsel confirming what I’ve told Governor Newsom repeatedly: there are legal issues with his appointment of Alex Padilla to the Senate, as the Constitution requires an election. Read the opinion here… I’ve sent the Legal Opinion to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, along with a letter advising that the Senate not seat Padilla unless these legal issues are resolved. The Constitution authorizes the Senate to judge “the Qualifications of its own Members.” My letter to McConnell is here.”

Here’s a good article on the Ukrainian Prosecutors’ Press Conference that has gone viral today (posted below)https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/12/ukraine_press_conference_explicitly_ties_hunter_and_joe_biden_to_corruption.html – We just watched (by reading the English subtitles) the whole thing. It’s The Bomb, and a must for anyone who wants to understand U.S. foreign policy over the last few decades, and, BTW, just what the nature of the administration (whichever it is) that will shortly be established in DC… I think THIS ALSO HAS MAJOR IMPLICATIONS for what is really behind the “Stimulus Bill” that Trump just signed, dubbed by insiders who know as “The most corrupt bill in Congressional history.” (and that’s sayin’ something!)

Ukrainian Prosecutors’ Press Conference specifically outing the corrupt practices of Joe “The Big Guy” Biden and his son Hunter, that went viral today (1hr 10min)

Major Covid Vaccine Glitch Emerges: Most Europeans, Including Hospital Staff, Refuse To Take It – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/major-covid-vaccine-glitch-emerges-most-europeans-including-hospital-staff-refuse-take-itAll is not going according to plan in the biggest global rollout of what is arguably the most important vaccine in a century, and it is not just growing US mistrust in the covid injection effort that was rolled out in record time: an unexpected spike in allergic reactions to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine (and now, Moderna too) may prove catastrophic to widespread acceptance unless scientists can figure out what is causing it after the FDA’s rushed approval, and is also why as we reported yesterday, scientists are scrambling to identify the potential culprit causing the allergic reactions… Making matters worse, Europe rolled out a huge COVID-19 vaccination drive on Sunday to try to rein in the coronavirus pandemic but even more Europeans than American are sceptical about the speed at which the vaccines have been tested and approved and reluctant to have the shot.”


By Signing the COVID ‘Relief’ Bill, Trump Proves He’s Been Part of the Swamp All Along – by Matt Agorist – https://thefreethoughtproject.com/trump-swamp-covid-bill/ – “Earlier this month, a rare occurrence took place in which lame duck president Donald Trump addressed the country and said a bunch of words in a row that I actually agreed with… ‘Congress found plenty of money for foreign countries, lobbyists and special interests, while sending the bare minimum to the American people who needed it,’ Trump said. ‘It really is a disgrace.’.. As a lame duck, Trump had absolutely nothing to lose by taking a stand against the wasteful spending in the bill and the kick in the teeth that is a $600 payment to Americans. Calling a $600 payment “relief” when the government shut down businesses — many of them permanently — and drove unemployment to record highs in the tens of millions is not only an insult to anyone with half a brain but it speaks to the flagrant careless attitude of America’s rulers… Congress essentially said, ‘Here are some crumbs while we give our special interests the whole loaf.’.. Trump had one chance to attempt to make things right by vetoing the 5,600-page bill, that was full of bloat, giveaways to special interests, and tyranny. Instead of vetoing the bill — which he called a “disgrace” — however, he proved himself to be a member of the very swamp he promised to drain for the past 4 years, and signed this disgrace into law.”

You know what else happened Christmas day??? City Blue Imaging Services in Rochester NY 🔥🔥🔥burned to the ground🔥🔥🔥They printed ballots there 🤔… If you search them you’ll see they’re the ones who had ballot misprint errors for the ballots sent to NYC… How convenient, no?.. Expect a lot of this bullshit in the next few days, they’re still trying to cover their tracks and erase evidence. Large Fire Destroys Rochester Printing Business – by Spectrum News Staff and Brianna Hamblin – https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/rochester/public-safety/2020/12/25/large-fire-destroys-rochester-printing-business – “Employees like Paul Kieffer are wondering what they are going to come back to after Christmas now that their building and everything inside of it is a complete loss.. ‘There are no words for it. We expected burned up building maybe a small fire but it’s just gone.’.. Kieffer said seeing what is left of the place he has worked at for over 15 years is shocking.. ‘We’re just baffled we can’t find one piece of equipment that was in there. There should be stuff there, and there’s not,’ he said.” (underlined emphasis added)

Ancestry Dot Com CONFIRMS That Nurse Tiffany Pontes Dover is DEAD (3 min)

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