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Towards a Global Holodomor – Dutch Farmers and Fishermen: The People Who Feed Us Note: Extremely long and detailed article, extensively footnoted -by Elze van Hamelen – https://peoplewhofeedus.solari.com/dutch-farmers-and-fishermen-the-people-who-feed-us/ – “Introduction – In 2022, Dutch farmers made worldwide news when they began protesting government plans to move them off their lands. Less known to the outside world is the fact that Dutch fishermen, too, are being driven out of their centuries-old fishing grounds, as wind farms and “protected natural areas” take their place. For the current political class at the local, national, and global levels, and for the uninformed public at large, farmers and fishermen stand accused of damaging nature—with officials claiming that policies to “restore” nature and keep it free from human activity are necessary… How did this false dichotomy of “man versus nature” arise and come to the forefront of policymaking? To answer that question, one has to dive into the history of industrial agriculture and the rise of global agribusiness (see Some Post-WWII Historical Background). That history shows that United Nations (UN) treaties to “protect” nature—such as Habitat I (1976), Agenda 21 (1992),2 and the Convention on Biological Diversity (1992)—have encouraged rapid urbanization while emptying out the countryside. Even more significantly, these treaties are a direct (albeit stealthy) attack on private property and the sovereignty of nation-states… Currently, the land grab is speeding up. The UN agenda to expand the amount of land set aside for “protection” is accelerating, and simultaneously, BlackRock and other asset managers and private equity investors are buying up large tracts of land worldwide. Meanwhile, the cities created through engineered urbanization are rapidly turning into open-air prisons—heavily surveilled “smart cities” divided into 15-minute zones… To understand the challenges that Dutch farmers and fishermen are facing—and learn from their experiences—the Solari Report wanted to speak to them directly. In the spring of 2023, I conducted in-depth interviews with eight Dutch farmers and fishermen. (In this report, we provide bios for the two farmers and two fishermen interviewed on camera.) The interviews furnish a “from the horse’s mouth” picture of the tsunami of policies that are making it increasingly impossible for farmers and fishermen to keep producing food. Their sobering words form a centerpiece of this 2nd Quarter 2023 Wrap Up. They warn that the means of food production are being undermined, moved abroad, or in other ways concentrated in the hands of multinational corporations… As people around the world grapple with the importance of building and strengthening local food systems, the observations of Dutch farmers and fishermen, and their assessment of how current developments may impact their—and our—future, provide vital intelligence. Historically, the move from privately owned land and food production to centralized systems has led to famines, including the greatest famines of the 20th century. However, centralization is neither a necessity nor, if we take action, a foregone conclusion. In my conversations with farmers and fishermen, I encountered courage, resilience, creativity, entrepreneurship, and a real passion for the work that they and their families and communities have performed for generations. The interviews also reminded me that farming and fishing communities do more than just provide our food—they maintain a cultural thread that keeps us rooted in history and to the land. As consumers, investors, and citizens, it is high time that we support the people who feed us… This report: Describes the policy tsunami that has hit Dutch farmers and fishermen (Parts II and III); Outlines the coercive “solutions” proposed by the government and their consequences (Parts IV and V); Discusses the Netherlands as an industrial agriculture case study and cautionary tale; Considers globalists’ long-standing plans for controlling land, people, and the seas (Parts VII, VIII, and IX); Examines the control grid and the economic and energy warfare and control of food supplies that it facilitates (Part X); Considers the larger endgame (Part XI); Proposes solutions (Part XII)… Some Post-WWII Historical Background –  The narrative that underpins many of the policies that are driving people off the land and sea is that man is “bad for nature” and that nature needs to be saved from man. To understand how this narrative came to the forefront of regulations, we have to go back to the period after WWII. During this post-war period, agriculture in many parts of the world underwent a fundamental transformation from the traditional farming practices used for thousands of years to an industrialized model of agriculture. This shift, which was top-down, could not have been achieved without state intervention… When Britain’s position as a global hegemon started declining in the period after WWI, power brokers at the U.S. State Department started planning to take over its role. That group recognized, however, that it would not be sustainable to occupy colonies through direct rule, as Britain had done. Instead, they gradually constructed a system of economic colonization, whereby countries had ostensible political independence but were controlled by debt bondage and forced liberalization and globalization policies. The new global governance architecture was run by, among others, the UN, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Trade Organization (WTO)… As geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl explains in his 2007 book Seeds of Destruction, “Under the banner of ‘free trade’ and the opening of closed markets around the world, US big business would advance their agenda, forcing open new untapped markets for cheap raw materials as well as new outlets for selling American manufactures after the war” (p. 106)… In essence, free-trade policies meant that to a large extent, countries lost control over their economies. International corporations—not beholden to national boundaries—have a very advantageous position in this system… Among the hegemonic aspirations of the U.S. was the explicit policy goal of dominating global agricultural markets. To achieve this, the U.S. government worked hand in glove with the Rockefeller family and its foundation, whose members had influential positions in every imaginable area of the establishment—from political circles to academia, business, finance, and think tanks. Engdahl writes (p. 114): “The Rockefeller group wielded tremendous influence on the State Department. Every man who served as Secretary of State in the critical Cold War years ranging from 1952 to the end of Jimmy Carter’s Presidency in 1979 had formerly been a leading figure from the Rockefeller Foundation. [They] all understood the Rockefeller views on the importance of private sector activity over the role of government, and they understood how the Rockefellers viewed agriculture—as a commodity just like oil, which could be traded, controlled, made scarce or plentiful depending on foreign policy goals of the few corporations controlling its trade.”.. A cornerstone of the strategy to dominate agriculture was the worldwide deployment of the industrial agricultural model developed by the Rockefeller Foundation. In the global south, this model was implemented as the Green Revolution; in Western Europe, the makeover of agriculture was financed with Marshall Plan investments. For the first several decades of the 20th century (1906–1935), the Rockefeller Foundation had financed agricultural programs in the U.S. South and conducted crop enhancement research in China, and in 1941, it started experimenting with agricultural science methods in India and Mexico. Also in the 1940s, Nelson and Laurance Rockefeller bought large swaths of Latin American farmland to expand the family’s influence in agriculture.The Rockefellers’ overarching message was that agriculture needed to become more “efficient,” rationalized, mechanized, and otherwise improved through technological and chemical means… The proponents of industrial agriculture sold it as a path to alleviate hunger, quell civil unrest and communist sympathies, and produce food surpluses for a burgeoning population; however, domination of global agricultural markets forced countries to give up their self-sufficiency and allowed food to be used as a strategic weapon, as it was, for example, during the Cold War. Under the “Food for Peace” program that started in 1954, the U.S. made the sharing of its food surpluses part of its foreign aid. Rockefeller protegé Henry Kissinger asserted that “food aid should be considered an instrument of national power” and stipulated that such aid should be conditioned on recipient countries opening up their markets for free trade and taking population control measures.”

Zionist Support of Hamas – Mainstream media caught embedded with Hamas (Video 4 minutes) – by Greg Reese – https://gregreese.substack.com/p/zionist-support-of-hamas

Why is Robert Malone disrespecting Dr. Michael Yeadon? – By NEVERMORE MEDIA – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/cp/138741906 – “In 2009, Albert Zeufack, the World Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa, commented at a WEF event that “having a youthful continent is a huge opportunity”, if only he and his colleagues could “get that population to start really working”. Malone’s call for African women’s labour to be “put to better and more productive uses” therefore does not challenge the&… I’ll be honest – Robert Malone and Michael Yeadon have long been associated in my mind. Both worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years before becoming whistleblowers, and both have extremely impressive CVs… For me, that’s where the similarities end. I consider Dr. Yeadon extremely trustworthy and Robert Malone significant less so… I won’t go into all the red flags about Malone, but to me this picture says more than ten thousand words could… If people are interested in looking into some critiques of Malone, I’ll refer them to a July 2022 piece called Robert Malone: An Enigma Wrapped in Many Unanswered Questions… Anyway, to be honest, I didn’t delve as deeply into “the Science” as some COVID skeptics did, because I didn’t see ANY evidence of a pandemic in my own life. To this day, I still don’t know a single person who died of COVID. … Dr. Yeadon, who I consider a paragon of integrity, eventually concluded what I suspected from the beginning – there never was a such a thing as a virus called SARS-CoV-2 or a novel disease called COVID. … Anyway, it seems like Malone has made a major misstep. Not only did he recently publicly insult Dr. Michael Yeadon, he also disappointed Margaret Anna Alice in the process. … It seems to me like it’s time for the truth movement to take another look at Malone… Should we really trust this guy? I guess we’ll see how he responds&.”

CIA Google Spent $26 Billion to Hide This Phone Setting From You – By Geoffrey A. Fowler – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/cia-google-spent-26-billion-to-hide – `Etienne Note: Check out our Dropbox of evidence that CIA Google is 1. the CIA 2. Controlling the information you receive algorithmically: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/96la75qcmxmv7dd/AADhQE6ELizA430kh6ZSC5GBa?dl=0… “There’s a setting on your phone and web browser that Google is desperate to keep you from discovering. How desperate? In 2021 alone, Google paid Apple, Samsung and others $26.3 billion to keep it buried… That’s more money each year than McDonald’s makes selling burgers… This setting affects who gets to track your location and watch what you look up online. It affects the usefulness of the information you see and how much of your screen is taken up by ads… I’m talking about your search engine – what pops up the answers when you type into the search bar. Google pays the makers of phones, laptops and browsers to be your default and to stop them from even presenting you other options during setup. It’s billions for a favor… Most people haven’t thought much about the search function on their devices, much less how Google got there. But this default funny business might make you take a second look at not only Google, but also your trust in Apple, Samsung and other companies for selling you out… The reason we’re able to pull back the curtain on the big business of default settings is because of an antitrust trial against Google underway in Washington, one of the largest in decades. The U.S. has accused Google of illegally using payments to phone makers and others to deter people from trying alternatives like the privacy-focused DuckDuckGo and or Microsoft-made Bing. We expect a verdict early next year… You might be wondering: So what? Google has a reputation for good results, in part because it has data from so many users. What’s so bad about making Google the default?… What we’re learning from the trial flips that question on its head. If Google’s so good, then why does it need to spend as much as all the Big Macs combined to make sure we never even consider the alternatives? What have we been missing while Google has been our default? And how would we know if something better came along?”

The Plan Is To Kill The (Palestinian) Children – By The Burning Platform Administrador – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/the-plan-is-to-kill-the-palestinian – “This chart fully supports Jim Kunstler’s theory that Israel is purposely targeting civilians, including women and children, as a way of leveling out the fertility playing field. Israel vaccinated 90% of their population, so their excess mortality and decline in fertility due to the toxic jab are accelerating. Meanwhile, the fertility rate of Muslim countries is off the charts compared to the Western world, where fertility rates aren’t high enough to replace the dying. Karl Denninger is certainly on target that demographics are destiny… By killing Palestinian women and children, Israel is able to accomplish multiple objectives. They reduce the number of young Palestinians and the number who have yet to be born. When they kill their the fathers, mothers and children they insure that the children don’t grow up to seek revenge on those who killed their parents. It’s a method to reduce the “blowback”, as Ron Paul described during the 2008 GOP debate. To the warmongering neo-cons like Graham, Haley, and Cheney, this is just collateral damage to be expected when ruling the world… US politicians and their regime media mouthpieces have no qualms about their blatant hypocrisy when supporting the slaughter of innocents when it is done by countries they support, but scream bloody murder when their “evil” enemy Putin even kills one child when trying to liberate the Donbas, where Zelensky and his nazi battalions have been slaughtering women and children since 2014… The deaths of women and children in Gaza is purposeful and planned. Don’t let the unceasing propaganda from the regime media and the Biden administration override the facts.”

Gallbladder Cancer: Why Are COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated Getting These Types of Turbo Cancers? – Global Research – By Dr. William Makis – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/gallbladder-cancer-why-are-covid – “Sep. 20, 2023 – Carrie Carlson had Colon Cancer in July 2022 and was cancer free May 2023. In June 2023 she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Gallbladder cancer which has spread to her liver after 2 months in Sep. 2023… Sep. 7, 2023 – 52 year old Melissa Williams died on Sep.7, 2023. She died 3 months after diagnosis. ‘We found out that chemo DID NOT WORK’ ‘Tumors have grown larger & there are new growths.’… … … Aug. 15, 2023 – Knoxville, TN – 35 year old Melissa Blom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Gallbladder cancer “two surgeries&both of which turned out to be unsuccessful”, now ‘receives immunotherapy every 3 weeks.’… … Aug. 3, 2023 – Cape Coral, FL – Julia Ringenberger McKinnon, Gulf Elementary School teacher died after 2 month battle with Stage 4 Gallbladder Cancer… July 22, 2023 – Worcester, MA – 45 year old Sheri Degre died on July 22, 2023. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Gallbladder cancer in Sep. 2022, which was RESISTANT to chemotherapy. She died 10 months after diagnosis.”

What They Didn’t Want Us Reading: The Nashville Transvestite Shooter Manifesto – By Tom Woods – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/what-they-didnt-want-us-reading-the – “We were never supposed to read these pages… Our betters had given us a series of convoluted reasons for keeping them secret from us… But they got out anyway… I’m talking about the manifesto of Audrey Hale, the trans shooter who was going by the name “Aiden Hale” when she shot three nine-year-old children and three adults at The Covenant School in Nashville… We had heard that Hale had some kind of “manifesto,” but – what a surprise – the authorities decided we didn’t need to see it… One alleged reason it was never disclosed is that the parents of the deceased were said not to want it released, but we found out today that in fact they’d never even seen it… Popular podcaster Steven Crowder released three pages from the manifesto today after they were leaked by an unknown source… Nashville authorities aren’t happy. According to the city’s NewsChannel 5, “The Nashville mayor’s office has confirmed they are working with Metro legal to determine how those images were released to anyone.”… So I guess that means they’re real; if they were fake, nobody would be trying to figure out how they’d been released… The real investigation should be into why the manifesto hadn’t been made public all along… Everybody knew why the manifesto wasn’t being released: it was obviously a rhetorically violent left-wing attack on people whom the official victimology considers to be oppressors, and our betters don’t want leftism getting a bad image… Had it been a race-based manifesto attacking a racial minority, it would have been released right away. (I’m sorry for insulting your intelligence by pointing out something so obvious.)… But white people being attacked in a psycho’s manifesto? Keep that secret!… We read this on Wikipedia: ‘As of April 14, 2023, the motive for the shooting remains unclear. Hale’s surviving writings, including diaries and a planning document, initially called a ‘manifesto,’ were described by police as ‘rambling’ and did not reference any specific political or social issues’.”

Italy becomes first nation to BAN Bill Gates’ fake meat due to “serious health concerns” – By Ethan Huff – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/etienne-on-the-exploration-of-consciousness – “In a first for the developed world, the European nation of Italy has decided to ban all fake meat from the country, citing “serious health concerns.”… Numerous recent studies show that lab-grown synthetic meat of the kind being promoted by billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is triggering the formation of turbo cancers in humans – Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” are doing the same thing, by the way… In contrast to a recent decision by the Biden regime to fast-track the approval of synthetic meat here in America, Italy is taking the opposite approach by banning the stuff outright before it gets the chance to harm the Italian people… “Italy is the first nation to say no to synthetic food, to so-called ‘synthetic meat,'” announced Health Minister Orazio Schillaci. “It does so with a formal and official act.”… “The resolution calls for a commitment to ban the production, marketing, and import of synthetic foods within our territory.”… According to Schillaci, Italy’s new regulations against synthetic meat aim to protect the general public against any situation in which “the environmental public health could be at risk, or when there is uncertainty regarding the effects of certain products that are being or will be introduced to the market or consumed.”… “It is crucial to have measures in place to address these potential risks and ensure the safety of the environment and public health in such cases,” he added – watch the video below… Much of the push in favor of synthetic meat comes not only from Gates but also other globalists such as Klaus Schwab, the goon in charge of the World Economic Forum (WEF), who claim it is necessary to stop “global warming” and “climate change.”… Back in 2021 in promotion of his book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” Gates told MIT Technology Review that “all rich countries should move to 100 percent synthetic beef.”… Gates’ dream for the world probably will not come to fruition, at least as he envisioned it, because science continues to show that synthetic meat consumption is linked to cancer via the immortalized cell lines that the body uses to manufacture cancer cells in the presence of a provoking substance, in this case fake meat.”

We know it’s been happening in at least one state and several other states have been caught trying, so this may be more widespread than we thought – by Leo Hohmann – https://leohohmann.substack.com/p/is-the-government-secretly-stealing – “There’s something sinister about that little “heel-prick” test that hospitals routinely do on newborns. They say it’s to detect disease but, if that’s the case, why do some states try to keep the DNA samples taken during these procedures and store them for decades without ever telling the parents?…Some parents are wising up and going on the offensive… A lawsuit has been filed by the Institute for Justice over a state program in New Jersey that has been obtaining, and secretly holding onto, blood from newborn babies… The Institute for Justice explained in a press release it is representing two sets of parents in the case… The state claims it can use the DNA from the babies’ blood samples for any reason, without informed consent from parents… The case charges that state law in New Jersey demands that when babies are born, blood be taken and tested for various diseases. This same demand exists in all states… But, according to the attorneys representing the parents, what makes New Jersey different is that, “after the testing is over, New Jersey’s Department of Health keeps the leftover blood for 23 years. The state does not ask parents for their consent to keep their babies’ blood, failing to even inform parents that it will hold on to the residual blood. The only way parents could learn about such retention is by proactively looking it up on one of the third-party websites listed on the bottom of the card they’re given after the blood draw… “And, once the state has the blood, it can use it however it wishes, including selling it to third parties, giving it to police without a warrant, or even selling it to the Pentagon to create a registry—as previously happened in Texas.” (emphasis mine)… That bit about selling it to the Pentagon “to create a registry” jumped out at me… It’s a documented fact that part of United Nations Agenda 2030 is to create a birth registry for all people. Look it up… Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 of Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development states, “Create a legal identity for all, including birth registration, by 2030,” and this “has been acknowledged as crucial for advancing the 2030 Agenda commitment to leave no one behind,” according to the website of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). On that same web page, they state:

Article 6 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights states that everybody has the right to a legal identity. Sustainable Development Goal Target 16.9 (“legal identity for all, including birth registration, by 2030”) has been acknowledged as crucial for advancing the 2030 Agenda commitment to leave no one behind. However, hundreds of millions of people still lack proper identification, and about half of the world’s countries do not have a universal system for registering births and deaths.

The United Nations Legal Identity Agenda Task Force, co-chaired by UNDP, UNDESA, and UNICEF, is working with Member States to ensure that more than 300 million people acquire a legal identity by 2025.  UNDP is strengthening the capacity of Member States to develop holistic, country-owned, sustainable and interoperable civil registration, vital statistics and identity management systems. UNDP  is working to increase the number of countries that address legal identity issues as a foundational pillar of national development plans and strategies and ensure that everyone, without exception, has access to essential public goods and services.

The UNDP site then steers those wanting more information “On UNDP’s work in this important area,” to visit the following websites:

So, with just a little researching we find that this drive to scoop up DNA from newborns is tied to creating a global ID system, and a global digital ID at that… It’s highly likely that the overarching reason this DNA is being taken and secretly stored has little or nothing to do with fighting disease and everything to do with fulfilling the U.N. mandate for all nations to create a unique biometric identifier on every person, which then can be digitized and filed away for future use in a fully digitized society. With every newborn having a DNA sample already on file with the government, think how easy it would be to create a biometric digital ID for all humans, in full compliance with U.N. Agenda 2030 and a future global government…If New Jersey has a program to turn over DNA to the federal government, you can bet it’s happening in other states as well. We just haven’t found out about it yet. And why would the U.S. Department of Defense, of all agencies, want to get its hands on this DNA from every newborn baby?…In fact, similar lawsuits already have been brought against Texas, Minnesota and Michigan, and in those cases settlements have ordered the destruction of blood samples held by the states, or the state has voluntarily destroyed them… The New Jersey Monitor reports that more than 100,000 babies are born each year in New Jersey, meaning the state has stockpiled millions of blood spots from its decades-old newborn screening program. Yet a handout given to new parents doesn’t divulge that the state stores the samples for 23 years, nor explains why… Rob Frommer, a senior lawyer for the Institute for Justice, stated:

“Parents have a right to informed consent if the state wants to keep their children’s blood for decades and use it for purposes other than screening for diseases. New Jersey’s policy of storing baby blood and DNA and using that genetic information however it wants is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment rights of all New Jersey parents and their newborns.”

The plaintiffs are two Boonton, N.J., parents, Erica and Jeremiah Jedynak, and the Rev. Hannah Lovaglio, a mother of two sons in Cranbury, N.J… Lovaglio told the Monitor, “It’s not right that the state can enter an incredibly intimate moment, the tender days of childbirth, and take something from our children which is then held on to for 23 years. The lack of consent and transparency causes me to question the intent and makes me worried for my children’s future selves’.”

Aloha Coffee of Monterey CA’s Richard Dunnuck $10MM Lawsuit on Lockdown Idiocy Goes to Trial Toda – By ETIENNE DE LA BOETIE2 – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/aloha-coffee-of-monterey-cas-richard – `Etienne Note:  If you have ever heard Etienne discuss organizing resistance to the Lockdowns and Mask Mandates after exposing empty hospitals in the “Epicenter of Covid in California”, many of our superstar activists continue to rock on including stained glass artist… Tune in to proceedings at 1:30 PM PST to let the judge know we are watching: https://www.courts.ca.gov/11670.htm… Find out more on Richard’s case here: https://www.ksbw.com/article/aloha-coffee-owner-intends-to-sue-monterey-county-as-they-pull-health-permit/35069372… Find out more about Theresa’s on-going successes here:… www.theresabuccola.com… https://www.youtube.com/@TheresaBuccola… https://www.crrow777radio.com/episode-522-5-theresa-buccola-free/…

Quantum Computing: Taking Over The Universe – a note from Patrick Woodhttps://patrickwood.substack.com/p/quantum-computing-taking-over-the
“I wrote on August 17, 2017, “Proponents of Technocracy are counting on the coming-of-age of quantum computers to enable their science of social engineering and world control. However, this leading physicist says that quantum computers will be ‘tools of destruction, not creation,’ and I think we should be asking some hard questions.” You may think this is over your head, but it’s not a stretch for you to see the train about to hit us…In 1998, the first 2-qubit computer was demonstrated. In January 2019, IBM released a commercially usable quantum computer called System One that was based on 20 qubits. By November 2021, IBM released a 127-qubit computer called Eagle. The first attempt to break the 100-qubit barrier was in November 2022. IBM unveiled the Osprey in November 2022, based on 433 qubits. In October 2023, Atom Computing leapfrogged over IBM with its 1180-qubit quantum rendition but with a twist: Atom’s version runs at room temperature. Note in the video below that Atom sees its technology scaling to “tens of thousands of qubits & beyond.”

  • 1988 – 2-qubit
  • 20 qubits – January 2019
  • 127 qubits – November 2020
  • 433 qubits – November 2022
  • 1,180 qubits – October 2023
  • 5,000 qubits (estimated) – November 2024
  • 10,000 qubits (estimated) – November 2025

Thus, in sixty months, this capacity has multiplied by almost 60 times. It will continue this exponential curve in the future… In terms of processing power, we can compare it with what we know today: bits vs. qubits. A “byte” has 8-bits. A megabyte has 1,000,000 bytes. A gigabyte is 1,000 megabytes. A terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes or roughly 1 trillion bytes. So, if you have one of those modern stone-age marvels that sports 64MB of RAM and 1TB of disk space, you will get the picture here… Time Magazine wrote this in January 2023: In November, IBM unveiled its new 433-qubit Osprey chip—the world’s most powerful quantum processor, the speed of which, if represented in traditional bits, would far exceed the total number of atoms in the known universe… What? Further, the director of research at IBM added, “We now have a way to engineer machines that will have tens of thousands of qubits.”… God help us!…What is the top application for quantum computing? ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. The Technocrat hoards in the AI universe are lusting to get their hands on it… This technology is orders of magnitude larger than the atomic bomb. The end of the Internet, as we know it today, is over. Privacy is over. When AI gets scaled into oblivion on quantum computers, reality will be over. Indeed, EVERYTHING could be over… Technocrats build things because they can, not because there is a demonstrated need to do so. Now, they are on a trajectory to literally destroy the world… See the freight train a-comin’. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Record-breaking quantum computer has more than 1000 qubits – by Alex Wilkins – https://www.newscientist.com/article/2399246-record-breaking-quantum-computer-has-more-than-1000-qubits/ – “The world’s first quantum computer to exceed 1000 qubits has more than double that of the previous record holder, IBM’s Osprey machine, which has 433 qubits. Though having more qubits doesn’t necessarily mean better performance, large numbers of them will be needed for future error-free quantum computers that are useful, unlike today’s noise-filled research machines… The largest quantum computers, such as those from IBM and Google, use superconducting wires cooled to extremely low temperatures for their quantum bits, or qubits. But the record-breaking machine from California-based start-up Atom Computing, which has 1180 qubits, uses neutral atoms trapped by lasers in a 2-dimensional grid… One advantage of this design is that it is easy to scale up the system and add many more qubits into the grid, says Rob Hays, CEO of Atom Computing. Any useful quantum computer in the future that is free of errors, a feature called fault tolerance, will need at least tens of thousands of dedicated error-correcting qubits working alongside the programmable qubits, he says… “If we’re only going to scale by dozens of qubits, like most of the trapped ion and superconducting systems have been scaling up until now, it’s going to take a very long time to get to the fault tolerant era,” says Hays. “With the neutral atom approach and the speed of scaling that we have, we will be able to get there much more quickly.” Hays says the team aims to multiply the amount of qubits in the machine by around 10 every couple of years or so… Unlike conventional computing bits, which can have a value of 1 or 0 and are largely interchangeable, qubits are more varied, having a range of different properties depending on how they are made… Neutral atom qubits lend themselves better to quantum entanglement, a strange quantum effect where qubits are linked so that measuring a property of one qubit reveals that of the other. They are also more stable, with qubits in Atom Computing’s machine keeping their quantum state from collapsing – a feature called fault tolerance, which is essential for error correction – for almost a minute. IBM’s Osprey, for example, has coherence times of around 70 to 80 microseconds… These long coherence times are due to the ytterbium atoms that Hays and his team use as qubits. Most neutral atom machines use an atom’s electron as the quantum element with which to do computing, but this can be easily affected by the powerful lasers used to hold it in place. With ytterbium, a quantum property of the atom’s nucleus called spin can be used, which is much less sensitive to disturbances. “The nucleus just doesn’t interact with the outside environment as strongly as the electron does,” says Ben Bloom at Atom Computing… Because qubits have so many different features, it can be difficult to compare across different machines, but Bloom says Atom Computing’s machine is comparable in processing ability to IBM’s, though the company has yet to release figures on this… The team hopes to offer the machine to customers next year for cloud computing applications, similar to what companies like IBM do today. “Atom Computing’s machine can’t currently perform computing operations on all the qubits at the same time, which will be required for fully error corrected machines,” says Bloom… “There’s multiple groups now building systems that will have 1000, and even several thousand, atomic qubits,” says Mark Saffman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “This is really where the frontier of the field is now, with this 1000-plus scale that people are developing.”… However, more details of how the machine works will need to be released by Atom Computing before it can be properly assessed, says Saffman, such as how many of its qubits can be used and have logical operations performed on them… Comment: Technocracy goes on steroids.”

Will the Internet as We Know It Disappear in the Next Year? – By Dr. Joseph Mercola – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/will-the-internet-as-we-know-it-disappear – “In my mind Whitney Webb is one of the best investigative journalists on the web and does meticulous research on the topics she focuses on. In the video above, Marty Bent of the TFTC Bitcoin podcast interviews her about how the central bankers plan to use artificial intelligence (AI) to control the lives of everyone on earth… This is one of the most shocking and concerning interviews I have heard in a long time as it has a dismal prediction as to how it is likely we may have only a year at best and maybe half a year to enjoy the internet as we know it now. Even though it is heavily censored it is still usable. This basic functionality may disappear if her predictions are accurate… If that is the case, you will not have access to this site or the daily newsletters we provide and all the updates we will issue if this scenario happens. So, to guard against this scenario, I would suggest making sure you sign up to receive messages by texts on your cell phone… You Need to Connect With Us on Mobile in Case Internet Is Gone… As Whitney explains in her interview above, it is likely that in the next year there will be a false flag cyberattack on the banks similar to 9/11. They will then use this attack to shut down the internet and implement a draconian Cyber Patriot Act… We have no idea of how long the internet will be down, but it could be weeks or longer. We will be unable to provide you with important updates if this happens and we only have your email. That is why I am urging you to please sign up in the form below so we can connect with you by messaging your phone. (U.S. phone numbers only.)… Divide and Conquer… As noted by Webb, the string-pullers always seek to divide people using emotional appeals, and this situation is a classic case of that. Are you with Hamas, or with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)? It’s a false choice. The side we should be on is the side of innocent civilians, regardless of where they live. “We should just step off the chessboard and stop playing their game,” she says..”

Be All You Can Be: join the Army and get free transgender surgery – By John Rappoport – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/be-all-you-can-be-join-the-army-and – “Insane? Yes. Revolting? Yes. On the taxpayer’s dime? Yes… “Want to go full Trans? Join the Army and get the surgery&and THEN you’ll be ready to defend the nation.”… Here’s a passage from a 2021 Military.com piece:… The Pentagon has spent $15 million in the past five years to treat 1,892 transgender troops, including $11.5 million for psychotherapy and $3.1 million for surgeries, according to Defense Department data provided to Military.com… Of the 243 gender reassignment surgeries performed on military personnel since 2016, 50 took place between Jan. 1, 2016 and Dec. 31, 2017, and 193 occurred from Jan. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2019-the two years after President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he would bar transgender individuals from serving in the U.S. military… According to the Defense Health Agency, the surgeries were performed in military health facilities and included removal of breasts or testicles, hysterectomies and labiaplasty-creation of or reshaping the flesh around a vagina… The total number of transgender persons serving in the armed forces across all three components-active-duty, Reserve and National Guard-is not known as not all likely have sought treatment… For some reason, I’m not seeing TV ads for the Army featuring these benefits:… WANT TO HAVE YOUR BALLS CUT OFF? JOIN UP TODAY… But don’t worry. I’m sure the Pentagon is fully prepared to launch a ground war-as long it mainly involves drag queen shows and PRIDE parades… Because the whole point of war is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion… That’s the new definition of winning… And you can be sure liberals everywhere are firmly on board with this change… When will the Air Force’s Top Gun School go all Trans? Give it time. Clearly, no one needs testicles for high altitude combat…”

Secession from Tyranny and Statism – By Liberty Uncesored Newspaper – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/secession-from-tyranny-and-statismBreaking “Away: On Secession and Small States… “(In a large centralized state) there is no escape, at all, anywhere”… -Ryan McMahon… Could Secession be the Answer to Fix America… The negative aspects of large states are innumerable and obvious to any clear thinking man. The benefits of no state are equally as numerous and apparent… Let’s consider some basic principles that I would contend all sane and reasonable men could agree upon… We all want the ability to have economic success. We all want the freedom to move our bodies from place to place unimpeded. We all want to maximize the security of our households and environs for ourselves, our families, and our communities. We all want the option to explore our interests and desires beyond simple survival needs. We all want to be free to express ourselves without censorship of our words. We all want to be free from surveillance without our consent. We all want to maximize ease of access to abundance in our lives. We all want to be masters of our own lives… Now let’s apply these simple agreements to the conditions we are currently in… Under the corporate United States regime, where plutocrats rule a central government, often from an even greater centralized body, whether that be the WEF, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, or the UN, the ability to have economic success is obviously and apparently limited by design. These limits are imposed through taxation and regulation of small independent businesses, and monopolization and subsidization of multinational plutocratic run corporations that uphold the status quo of global economic control. Small businesses were explicitly attacked during the Coronavirus Scamdemic, where the monopolist parasites enforced closures of businesses that did not follow lockdown, masking, or distancing demands. Businesses that don’t abide by the disproportionate regulations placed upon them are faced with economic and physical attack by the IRS, which is itself an unlawful entity.”

Excess mortality in the 20 most vaccinated highly developed countries almost triples! – By BEN – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/excess-mortality-in-the-20-most-vaccinated – “In 2020 median excess mortality in the top 20 highly developed countries was +4.5%, with the mass vaccine rollout in 2021, it increases to +9.9% and even further deteriorated in 2022 to +11.2%… S How many countries saw an improvement of relative excess mortality with mass vaccination?… =É 3… =È 17… ¡ Only three countries saw an improvement in excess mortality, 17 had their excess mortality increase… S How many countries achieved normal excess mortality levels (<1%) with vaccination?… =É 0… =È 20… ¡ None of the countries saw a return to negative or close to zero excess mortality levels… Here are the individual excess mortality charts for all 20 countries:… The 20 most vaccinated countries of the @OurWorldInData COVID-19 dataset were selected (min. 1 dose) and filtered by a very high Human Development Index (HDI) >=0.8 value. (1)… Excess Mortality was assessed by age-standardized mortality rates, where available, otherwise crude mortality rate (CMR) was used. A conservative pre-pandemic three-year average 2017-2019 (as used by Levitt et al. (9)) of the mortality rate was used as baseline, except for the United Arab Emirates, where the average of 2018-2019 was used, due to limited data availability… Relative excess mortality was calculated by the @MortalityWatch tool, all links to charts can be found in the provided spreadsheet. (2)… In contrast to general expectations, excess mortality continued and almost tripled with global mass vaccine rollouts… Considering, that:… 1) The COVID-19 vaccines are said to offer a protection against death of up to 94%, according to the CDC, this should have led to a massive reduction in overall excess mortality, not an increase. (3)… 2) 2020 IFR estimates by Ioannidis et al., already demonstrated a moderate IFR for all age-groups of 0.23%, and 0.05% for <70-year-olds. (6)… 3) Subsequent virus variants decreased in CFR/IFR, a drop of 79% in IFR from previous variants was reported for the Omicron variant in 2022. (8).”

France Proposes Bill to Punish Critics of Israel With Prison Time & Massive Fines – By InfoWars and TVP World – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/france-proposes-bill-to-punish-critics – “Members of the French Senate have introduced a bill to criminalize criticism of the state of Israel punishable by up to 5 years in prison and hefty fines as high as 100,000 euros. There are three tiers of punishments that include up to one year in prison for those who contest the existence of the State of Israel, up to two years in prison for insulting the the State of Israel, and up to five years in prison for those who directly provoked hatred or violence against the State of Israel… Senator Stephane Le Rudulier claimed that the bill was necessary because “anti-Zionism” is linked to the increase in anti-Semitism… Members of the French Senate have introduced a bill to criminalize criticism of the state of Israel punishable by up to 5 years in prison and hefty fines… 16 French Senators proposed a law that seeks to punish critics of Israel with three tiers of prison time and fines up to 100,000 euros… Members of the French Senate have introduced a bill to criminalize criticism of the state of Israel punishable by up to 5 years in prison and hefty fines… 16 French Senators proposed a law that seeks to punish critics of Israel with three tiers of prison time and fines up to 100,000 euros… The tiers are as follows:… Those who contest the existence of the State of Israel by one of the means set out in Article 23 shall be punished by one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros… Insult committed against the State of Israel, by any of the means set out in Article 23, shall be punishable by two years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros… Those who, by the same means, have directly provoked hatred or violence against the State of Israel shall be punished by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 euros… Read full article here&…”

The Non-Citizen Voting Scam – by Betsy McCaughey via The Epoch Times – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/the-non-citizen-voting-scam – “Democrats are pushing to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections in New York City, Boston, and other municipalities, and statewide in Connecticut… The number of migrants pouring across the southern border has hit a record high, according to data released on Oct. 21. Illegal immigrant crossings soared 21 percent over the previous month. On a yearly basis, the figure hit 2.48 million… Democrats may feign shock and distress. Don’t be fooled. Democrats see these newcomers as their guarantee of a permanent voting majority in local elections. Not years from now, after the newcomers become citizens. Right now… New York Mayor Eric Adams’s rhetoric is typical. He warns that the overwhelming number of migrants arriving-currently 16,000 to 17,000 a month-“will destroy New York City,” but he’s also leading the legal effort to turn migrants into voters… Mr. Adams and other New York Democrats pushed President Joe Biden to expedite work authorizations for them. They said it’s about making migrants self-sufficient. Maybe, but Democrats have another powerful motive… If you read the fine print of New York City’s “Our City, Our Vote” law, enacted in December 2021, it says that anyone with a work authorization who has been in the city for a mere 30 days can vote, even if they entered the country illegally… President Biden’s recent action fast-tracking work authorizations for Venezuelan border crossers, who make up about 41 percent of recent arrivals in New York City, will make tens of thousands of them eligible to vote under New York City’s new law, as soon as they obtain their working papers… That is, if New York City’s voting law is allowed to go into effect-a big “if.” The law is tied up in court… A group of Republicans led by Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella sued, arguing the state constitution grants the right to vote to “every citizen.” A Staten Island judge bought that argument and struck down the law, but Mr. Adams’s law department is appealing that ruling in a higher court, arguing that the state constitution does not specifically prohibit noncitizens from voting..”

The US is quietly arming Taiwan to the teeth – By Rupert Wingfield-Hayes – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/the-us-is-quietly-arming-taiwan-to – “When US President Joe Biden recently signed off on a $80m (£64.6m) grant to Taiwan for the purchase of American military equipment, China said it “deplores and opposes” what Washington had done… To the casual observer it didn’t appear a steep sum. It was less than the cost of a single modern fighter jet. Taiwan already has on order more than $14bn worth of US military equipment. Does a miserly $80m more matter?… While fury is Beijing’s default response to any military support for Taiwan, this time something was different… The $80m is not a loan. It comes from American taxpayers. For the first time in more than 40 years, America is using its own money to send weapons to a place it officially doesn’t recognise. This is happening under a programme called foreign military finance (FMF)… Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, FMF has been used to send around $4bn of military aid to Kyiv… It has been used to send billions more to Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and Egypt and so on. But until now it has only ever been given to countries or organisations recognised by the United Nations. Taiwan is not… After the US switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China in 1979, it continued to sell weapons to the island under the terms of the Taiwan Relations Act. The key was to sell just enough weapons so Taiwan could defend itself against possible Chinese attack, but not so many that they would destabilise relations between Washington and Beijing. For decades, the US has relied on this so-called strategic ambiguity to do business with China, while remaining Taiwan’s staunchest ally… But in the last decade the military balance across the Taiwan Strait has tipped dramatically in China’s favour. The old formula no longer works. Washington insists its policy has not changed but, in crucial ways, it has. The US State Department has been quick to deny FMF implies any recognition of Taiwan… But in Taipei it’s apparent that America is redefining its relationship with the island, especially so given the urgency with which Washington is pushing Taiwan to re-arm. And Taiwan, which is outmatched by China, needs the help..”

Tattoo Toxicity – By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/tattoo-toxicity – “When I started to do the research for this article, I was jaw-dropped at the amount of available information that has been published about tattoos, including history, equipment, ingredients, contaminants, regulations, cosmetic vs medical applications. There are specific applications for various body parts including eyelids, lips, nipples and for medical conditions such as vitiligo, burns, and stretch marks. There is an entire industry built around tattoo removal using YAG lasers, alexandrite lasers, and high-frequency focused ultrasound machines… I even found an entire textbook, called Cosmetic and Medical Tattoos: Technique and Application. Published in 2023, it has 30 chapters and costs $233!… The art of tattooing goes back to ancient Egypt, at least 3000 BC.  Other ancient cultures wore body figures as a symbol dedicating one to a certain god. It apparently was used as a ‘brand’ or symbol of servitude. Some tattoos represented a profession (such as a prostitute) or were used to encourage fertility or protection… Mummies of Egyptian royalty were tattooed, indicating a cosmetic practice. Based on mummy tattoos, the artists used dark pigments, usually black, blue, or green, with little variation. Egyptians tinted their eyelids black with kohl (powdered antimony) or green with copper salts. The lips and cheeks were tinted red. Henna gave a golden red hue to the nails and the soles of the feet. The same apothecaries who prepared medicines for physicians prepared substances and treatments to be used in perfumes and cosmetics… According to WorldHistory.com,… No written work on the subject of tattoos survives from ancient Egypt, so interpretation is always speculative. But it seems likely these tattoos were not simply adornments to make a woman more attractive to a man but served a higher purpose… Again, a lot has been written about why people choose to get – or not get – tattoos. Although they have been around for more than 5,000 years, body art has exploded in both popularity and acceptance over the last 25 years. Tattoos are becoming more popular, with more than 50% of Americans under the age of 40 sporting tattoos. .”

New J6 Footage Shows Ray Epps Whispering To ‘Baked Alaska’: “We’re Here To Storm The Capitol” – by Debra Heine via American Greatness, – https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/new-j6-footage-shows-ray-epps-whispering – “Anew report provides fresh evidence that infamous January 6 provocateur Ray Epps may have been an FBI plant… In the first of a two-part series, “Truth in Media” host Lara Logan spoke with Anthime Gionet, also known as “Baked Alaska,” a right-wing influencer formerly associated with the “alt right.” Video footage from January 5, 2021 and earlier indicate that Epps appeared to be particularly interested in Gionet, who was later sentenced to two months in prison for his participation in the riot at the US Capitol… Gionet (Baked Alaska) was one of several people who filmed Epps on the evening of January 5, 2021 outside BLM Plaza as he told Trump supporters “we need to go into the Capitol!”  At first, Gionet said he was amused by Epps’ exhortation to breach the Capitol, and yelled ‘let’s go!’ in response, but after he saw him repeat the line several times to different groups that night, he became convinced the “boomer” was an FBI plant and was up to no good… Gionet is the one who started the “Fed! Fed! Fed!” chant that went viral on social media… “I’m someone who creates funny content so I just like to agree with everyone and if someone’s saying something crazy, a lot of times, I’ll just agree-say yeah, yeah,” Gionet said, explaining that he does it to encourage a subject  to keep talking… But the activist said he felt “weirded out” by Epps and quickly moved on to another group… “I’m like, I’m getting away from this creep, he’s weirding me out,” Gionet said… “I’m getting weird vibes-something’s off.”… Gionet told Logan that everyone else who heard Epps talking about going into the Capitol were also taken aback… “I go to another group way far away from him, he follows me, and that’s when he begins instructing the crowd,” Gionet said. That’s when Epps was caught on tape again saying “we need to go into the Capitol.”… “Right when he said that, something clicked in my head,” Gionet said… “It was like, whoa! This is scripted because he said the same exact line word for word three times and that’s not natural.”.”

How Pfizer Hid Nearly 80% of COVID Vaccine Trial Deaths From Regulators ” Children’s Health Defense -By Angelo DePalma, Ph.D- https://dailynewsfromaolf.substack.com/p/how-pfizer-hid-nearly-80-of-covid – “Pfizer-BioNTech delayed reporting vaccine-associated deaths among BNT162b2 clinical trial participants until after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the product… The vaccine makers also failed to account for a large number of subjects who dropped out of the trial… Together, these strategies kept regulators and the public ignorant of a 3.7-fold increase in cardiac deaths among subjects who received the vaccine, according to analysis in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research… The authors of the paper described it as a “forensic analysis,” defined by the U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology as “the use of scientific methods or expertise to investigate crimes or examine evidence that might be presented in a court of law.”… What the analysis shows… Corinne Michels, Ph.D., retired distinguished professor of biology at Queens College, New York, led the DailyClout Pfizer/BioNTech Documents Investigations Team on what the authors claim was the first independent examination of original data from the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (BNT162b2) clinical trial… Investigators looked at each of the 38 deaths occurring between July 27, 2020, the start of phase 2/3 of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine trial, and March 13, 2021, the end date culminating in Pfizer-BioNTech’s 6-month interim report… This trial phase involved 44,060 subjects. Half received a dose of BNT162b2, half got a placebo consisting of an inactive sterile salt solution… The trial was unusual because at week 20 after the FDA issued the EUA for the vaccine, trial subjects in the placebo group were allowed to switch to the vaccinated group and receive their first BNT162b2 shot… Switching from the placebo to the vaccinated group – or “unblinding” – normally occurs when the benefit of the drug is so great that not treating subjects becomes unethical. For example, investigators might consider unblinding a cancer trial if at some point all untreated patients deteriorated or died but all treated patients improved..”

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