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Space: The New Frontier For The Central Control Grid – by Corey Lynn – https://www.coreysdigs.com/technology/space-the-new-frontier-for-the-central-control-grid/ – ‘What if you had the ability to construct the central operation center for the entire control grid from a location with no real jurisdiction and no accessibility or oversight? What if the massive power source you need to run this operation could be harnessed under the guise of “climate change” in an expedited manner? And, what if you could have full surveillance and weaponry at your disposal with an entire financial infrastructure in place whose data sits in the palm of your hand while you control the levers?.. This report will show how the central infrastructure for the all-seeing, all-assets control grid is being built, a giant leap with the digital currency agenda, and cites over 160 pieces of evidence Brush Strokes: Important Stats and Dates of Significance – Deloitte’s Financial Services Industry Predictions;
●DDSpace: The New Frontier for The “All Assets” and Surveillance Control Grid; The Data: Space-Based Data Centers; The Power Supply: Space-Based Solar Systems; The Vehicle: Satellites; The Tool: Blockchain; The Surveillance and Weaponry: Space Fence; The Safe Zone: Space Laws; Giant Leap: Digital Currency Moving Faster Than a Rocket; T-minus… Is it possible that Elon Musk’s military-backed operation is sending up thousands of satellites to help people gain internet access from remote areas? Why not? Getting everyone plugged in plays a key role in the grand plan, and affords the strategically placed satellites the opportunity for their intended use while building a whole other set of satellites alongside them to capture all the data. Is it possible that the U.S. Space Fence, the world’s most advanced radar surveillance system, is really in place for monitoring debris in the atmosphere for everyone’s safety? Sure, it provides excellent cover for all forms of surveillance and weaponry. Are countries working diligently to bring space-based solar systems to outer space so as to beam a 24/7 power source down to earth in order to power towns and save the world from the dangers of “climate change.” Don’t be ridiculous. Sabotaging the oil supply and fossil fuels has worked out spectacular for strategically placing solar systems in space to power the satellites that will control the grid. It’s genius. Are they eagerly trying to build cargo rockets to transport people to colonize Mars, millions of miles away? Uh, that’s a one-way ticket everyone should pass on… The best part of having a massive power source is to be able to fire up the space-based data systems and expedite the financial control grid that much faster. After all, digital currency, blockchain, and tokenization require an endless supply of power to run. As the battle over currency is moving at full throttle, much is happening behind the scenes to bring the digital world to life, and it doesn’t seem as though CBDCs will be necessary for the master plan to lock into place – at least not immediately. Banks will be the driving force to bring everyone into the age of QR codes, biometrics, and tokenization… Why? Because a digital identity that links to your financials, personal information, healthcare, education, bills, utility usage, purchases, and movement, coupled with a social credit score, leaves a lot at stake floating out in the ether under “their” control. Who is “they?” “They” are named and documented throughout countless reports on Corey’s Digs. Many players are involved. Here’s a good start… This report will help show what is transpiring in space, the digital currency trajectory, the central control grid, and how it all connects. It will reveal key statistics and dates that show elements of how it came to be, the pace at which this is moving, and some stunning “coincidences.” It will become very apparent that this is a global goal that all countries are engaged in, and whereas each country wants to maintain a middle management position over their own population, it is clear that each uses the UN and their agendas as “cover,” each is moving toward a digital currency, and each move on this battlefield will have a ripple effect for all across the entire world… James Fitzgerald recently published an article titled Sky’s the Limit for Globalists’ Boiling Earth Narrative on Corey’s Digs, which gives an excellent overall bird’s eye view of how satellites are playing a much larger role in the development of agriculture, environmental, and the technological control grid. It is recommended reading as a foundation for this report… Before diving into this, it’s important to pause, observe, and recognize the incredible lengths they are going to try to have full control over the population and all assets. In the process of trying to demoralize everyone, they have become overtly transparent which has created a rift in some of their plans. Whereas they have every intention of moving forward despite this rift, there are some agendas that cannot be achieved without mass compliance. Feeding too much energy, and especially belief, into them reaching their goals actually fuels that reality forward, while speaking out against their agendas and defining them as a false future reality can actually limit their forward movement. It’s a balancing act and they know the game well, hence why they use fear to draw people’s energy in. For these reasons it’s important not to validate the power they believe they have over every individual, but rather acknowledge the absurdity and danger of their desired outcome and affirm that you refuse to be a part of it or comply with it, while focusing energy into a positive future reality that we would all like to manifest together.”- Note: This is just a tiny taste of this extremely detailed report. Will also be a pdf report on https://www.Coreysdigs.com soon.

CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act (HR 1122) Vote Coming – from Liberty Counsel (https://lc.org) –
https://lc.org/newsroom/details/230928-antisurveillance-state-act-vote-coming Finally, your insistence that Congress protect our freedom is bearing fruit. A bill to rein in a freedom-killing Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is moving forward. HR 1122, the “CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act,” has made it out of committee and is now ready for a full House vote. But whether this important financial privacy bill makes it to the floor, let alone passes, may well depend upon you and me.
Protect your bank account(s) from the Biden administration’s prying eyes by faxing Congress NOW, then read on for the news.” —Mat
“Cryptocurrencies were designed to keep government eyes off personal financial transactions… Government central bankers designed Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) to counter cryptocurrency privacy measures, enabling the government to monitor and control every cent you own or spend…  On March 9, 2022, Joe Biden ordered the Federal Reserve to begin “investigating” deployment of a CBDC. Just one year later, the Federal Reserve isn’t just “investigating.” Without the permission of Congress, Biden’s Fed is already CODING his financial surveillance tool… Executive Order 14067 was the opening salvo in Biden’s scheme to mimic the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) financial control over its citizens. When implemented, a CBDC will eliminate cash, make the government your direct bank, and force everyone into that central government-run bank, while tracking, tracing, and controlling every cent you own or spend…  ‘The administration has made it clear: President Biden is willing to compromise the American people’s right to financial privacy for a surveillance-style CBDC,’ said Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN), who sponsored HR 1122, the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act… Rep. Emmer introduced HR 1122 ‘to put a check on unelected bureaucrats and ensure the United States’ digital currency policy upholds our values of privacy, individual sovereignty, and free-market competitiveness.’.. ‘A government-issued CBDC is nothing more than a CCP-style surveillance tool that would be used to undermine the American way of life,’ said Rep. Emmer, referring to the Chinese Communist Party’s digital currency specifically designed to control people… Currently, in China, the CCP rewards and punishes people via its CBDC. The CCP dictates where and when a person can use their hard-earned money, if at all… Liu Hu, a journalist in China, covers government censorship and corruption. Because of his truthful reporting, Liu was placed on the CCP’s “List of Dishonest Persons Subject to Enforcement by the Supreme People’s Court.” As a result, Liu is now forbidden from using his own money to buy a plane ticket, travel on rail lines, or even buy property… ‘There was no file, no police warrant, no official advance notification,’ Liu told reporters. ‘They just cut me off from the things I was once entitled to. What’s really scary is there’s nothing you can do about it. You can report to no one. You are stuck in the middle of nowhere.’.. The CCP doesn’t only target journalists and dissidents, either. Many religions are considered to be cults by the Chinese government. The CCP is officially atheist, and its members are forbidden to join any religion. Chinese Christians can wind up on the same “untrustworthy persons” list as Liu… David McIntosh, president of Club for Growth, says,’Two world visions for the future of digital currencies are in conflict: China and a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) where government creates digital assets and surveils, spies, monitors, and restricts consumer behavior versus an American free marketplace that enables private competition that protects consumer data, allows economic freedom, enables innovation, and encourages competition.’ McIntosh added that America should not “go down the China road” by developing a CBDC… Given the Biden administration’s track record of tyranny, including censoring Americans who disagree with the government’s COVID talking points and demanding access to every transaction of every bank account that transacted 600 or more dollars a year, the prospect of a Biden CBDC is terrifying… ‘Thorough anti-CBDC legislation is critical for safeguarding Americans’ financial privacy in the face of potential surveillance, control, and political intimidation,’ said Ryan Walker, acting executive director of Heritage Action. Walker added that HR 1122 is an important measure ‘to protect individual liberty and prevent threats of government coercion through the financial sector.’..  Rep. Emmer’s bill passed a committee vote on September 21. The bill is now ready to come to the House floor for a full vote. But that will only happen if you and I persist in demanding that Congress PASS THIS BILL!.. Like Liu Hu’s situation, mentioned above, our latest court case before the U.S. Supreme Court may well determine if Americans still have a right to a free press. We are defending Sandra Merritt, the undercover reporter facing years in prison and 16 million dollars in fines for exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby body part sales scheme… Please help fund our crucial legal work. Liberty Counsel never charges our clients. Instead, they rely on friends like you… Every donation made today will be DOUBLED IN IMPACT by a special Challenge Grant. Please give generously today. –Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel”

Mass Graves of Thousands of Children Killed By Fauci In Illegal Experiments Found in NYC – from The Peoples’ Voice – (16 minutes, includes ad), warning, deeply disturbing

WHF Entertainment – How to be a Social Media INFLUENCER in 2023! (3min)

The secret collaboration of CIA, MI6 and Nazis and how Ukrainian Nazis have infiltrated Europe and North America – by Rhoda Wilson – https://expose-news.com/2023/10/08/secret-collaboration-of-cia-mi6-and-nazis/ “The extensive support from the United States and its allies for Ukrainian Banderites against Russia draws historical parallels to the early backing of Hitler’s Germany against the USSR… The following article describes the secret history that links the Anglo-Saxons to the Banderites following the fall of the Third Reich.  It is an adaptation of a 2022 article titled ‘The alliance of MI6, the CIA and the Banderites’ written by Thierry Meyssan, a political consultant and founder of Voltaire Network International… Meyssan’s article sounded the alarm: ‘We have not been able to see the resurgence of Nazi racialism in Ukraine and in the Baltic States for thirty years, nor do we see that many of the Ukrainian civilians we welcome are steeped in Banderites’ ideology. Are we waiting for Nazi attacks to begin in Western Europe before we wake up?’ The Real Intel on Ukrainian Extremismby A Lily Bit – The extensive support from the United States and its allies for Ukrainian Banderites against Russia draws historical parallels to the early backing of Hitler’s Germany against the USSR. It’s worth recalling that during the economic crisis of 1929, virtually all Western nations considered Nazis as a potential solution, viewing them as an alternative to capitalism. However, as the Nazi threat unfolded, most of these nations changed their stance… For instance, the French Foreign Minister, Georges Bonnet, once impressed by the Reich’s Jewish policy, suggested deporting French, Polish, and German Jews to Madagascar. Yet, on 6 December 1938, he signed the Franco-German Commitment to Peaceful Collaboration with Joachim Ribbentrop, the Reich Foreign Minister. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain orchestrated the Munich Agreement in 1938, which dismantled Czechoslovakia for the Reich’s benefit. Meanwhile, Montagu Norman, the Governor of the Bank of England, redirected 27 tons of Czechoslovakian gold to bolster the Nazi armies… Even Prescot Bush, the father of President George H. Bush and the grandfather of President George W. Bush, invested in Auschwitz prison camp factories in 1940 (before it became an extermination camp in 1942). Unfortunately, these individuals were not held accountable for their actions after the fall of Nazism. Instead, there were efforts to reconcile and forget these wrongdoings. The Role of Ukrainians During the Cold War – In the midst of World War II, the Nazi ideologist Alfred Rosenberg and the East Minister (Ostminister), entrusted the Latvian Gerhard von Mende with the task of rallying the peoples of the USSR to Adolf Hitler’s cause. Von Mende crafted a model for manipulating minority groups, a strategy later adopted by the CIA after the fall of the Third Reich. Collaborating with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini, Von Mende established mullah schools in Göttingen and Dresden, appointed a Grand Mufti in Crimea, and recruited Eastern SS regiments. He also served as the handler for Ukrainian “nationalist” Stepan Bandera… In Washington, Presidents Truman and Eisenhower decided to prioritise psychological warfare against the Soviets. The CIA formed AmComLib (American Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of the USSR) and operated Radio Liberty from Munich, with the involvement of Gerhard von Mende. Von Mende proposed the creation of a mosque in Munich, eventually entrusted to Said Ramadan (son-in-law of Brotherhood founder Hassan el-Banna). He also resolved Stepan Bandera’s issues and integrated him into MI6 and the CIA… Yaroslav Stetsko, a former deputy of Stepan Bandera and Nazi-imposed Ukrainian Prime Minister, was instructed by the Third Reich to establish the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (“ABN”) during World War II. He continued the ABN during the Cold War, this time with support from the United States, becoming a key figure in the World Anti-Communist League (“WACL”) formed by the CIA. The ABN had its headquarters in Munich, from where Bandera and Stetsko conducted sabotage operations in the USSR… The ABN was chaired by Dane Ole Bjørn Kraft, a former chairman of the North Atlantic Council, the civilian authority commanding the Allied forces. Numerous operations were planned in collaboration with the CIA and MI6, supervised by Frank Wisner and Kim Philby. However, Philby’s betrayal led to the KGB gaining access to crucial information… One of Yaroslav Stetsko’s associates, Lev Dobriansky, later became the US ambassador to the Bahamas, while his daughter Paula Dobriansky served as Under Secretary of State for Democracy in the George W. Bush administration. Paula Dobriansky funded historical studies for a decade aimed at obscuring the fact that the Holodomor, a severe famine in 1932-33, affected not only Ukraine but also Russia and Kazakhstan. She promoted the myth that Stalin intentionally targeted the Ukrainian people, a narrative exploited by Banderites to fuel longstanding tensions between Ukrainians and Russians. The European Parliament endorsed this viewpoint in 2008… President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George H. Bush welcomed Banderite figures, including Yaroslav Stetsko, to the White House in 1983.”

Stepping Stones to the Woke World Order – by Makia Freeman (7 min)