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Netherlands Indirectly Admitted Own Complicity In MH17 Tragedyhttps://southfront.org/netherlands-indirectly-admitted-own-complicity-in-mh17-tragedy/ – “According to an independent technical expert Yuri Antipov, ‘the Dutch are deceiving everyone by’ wiping ‘the last seconds of the recording of this fundamental parameter.’.. ‘The Dutch say that recording on CVR and FDR stopped at 13 hours 20 minutes 3 seconds,’ the technical expert explains. ‘That is, both recorders stopped recording parameters at a time.’.. However, Antipov says that the FDR data published by the official MH17 investigation is different from what the investigators want to demonstrate to the world… ‘The recording of the pressure sensor inside the aircraft on the diagram stops at 13 hours 20 minutes and 1 second. That is, two seconds earlier,’ Antipov said adding that this is a signal of the fraud. So, the official investigation just removed data on the air pressure inside the aircraft 2 seconds before the incident… Under international law (as well as laws of a majority of the states), the concealment of facts related to the crime is a signal of complicity in the crime.  The Dutch government, which is allegedly a neutral side in the MH17 case, is de-facto impeding the objective investigation of the tragedy.”

Project SCoPEx: Bill Gates pursuing a plan to carry out planetary GENOCIDE under the guise of halting “climate change” – by Mike Adams – https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-09-06-project-scopex-bill-gates-has-a-plan-to-carry-out-planetary-genocide.html – “The SCoPEx project seeks to replicate the effects of an apocalyptic volcano disaster such as the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora, which ejected so much particulate matter into the atmosphere that it produced what was called, “the year without a summer.” Food crops failed across the planet, leading to mass starvation and disease. This is what Bill Gates and today’s mad scientists are working to replicate through artificial means. And yes, it’s all about unleashing mass starvation, genocide and depopulation on a global scale.”

Investigation Reveals North Carolina CPS Took HUNDREDS of Children Away from Parents Illegally – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2019/investigation-reveals-north-carolina-cps-took-hundreds-of-children-away-from-parents-illegally/ – ” ‘I’m sort of flabbergasted by it. It’s one of those situations where – very rarely am I speechless – I am absolutely speechless over it.’.. These were the words spoken by North Carolina District Attorney Ashley Welch, when reporter Kate Martin, writing for the Carolina Public Press, asked her to respond last week (August 2019) to news that an internal memo revealed that state officials knew that Cherokee County Department of Social Services was illegally removing children from their homes, before a civil lawsuit was filed in 2018 and before a request was made for a State Bureau of Investigation probe into the matter… In 2018, Associated Press reporters Mitch Weiss and Holbrook Mohr published an investigative report showing that Cherokee County Department of Social Services removed many children from their homes illegally, perhaps ‘hundreds.’ ”

Denmark To Send Troops To Syria, Pentagon Welcomes This Movehttps://southfront.org/denmark-to-send-troops-to-syria-pentagon-welcomes-this-move/ – “In a surprise move, Denmark is set to deploy troops in northeastern Syria to support U.S.-led coalition operations in the war-torn country… The country’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced on September 6 that the Danish military will send a medical team, a combat battalion, a warship and four fighter aircraft with support personnel for operations in Syria… The Pentagon welcomed Frederiksen’s announcement, claiming that the Danish forces will be participating in anti-ISIS efforts… ‘The United States welcomes the announcement by the Danish Government to make a military deployment to Syria in support of Operation Inherent Resolve and to continue to share the burden and responsibilities of this important mission … Our Danish partners will work with the residual U.S. military force in northeast Syria to support stability and security,’ an official statement by the Pentagon reads… Several reports had revealed that Washington was pressuring NATO members to increase their contribution to the U.S.-led coalition.”

Iranian-Backed Forces Deploy Troops In Northern Aleppo Near Turkish-Occupied Areashttps://southfront.org/iranian-backed-forces-deploy-troops-in-northern-aleppo-near-turkish-occupied-areas/ – ” ‘The pro-Iranian al-Rassoul al-Azam militia sent military vehicles and armored personnel carriers (APCs) to Minaq airbase and the town of Marnaz, the closest points to the opposition-held area of Azaz,’ the outlet reported, citing local sources… Earlier this month, the SAA reinforced its positions west and north of Aleppo’s city center. Several reports said that the army is preparing for a military operation... The deployment of Iranian-backed forces in northern Aleppo could be aimed at preventing ES forces from intervening, in case the SAA launched a military operation in the western countryside of the governorate.”

Saudi Arabia Is Preparing To Reopen Its Embassy In Damascushttps://southfront.org/saudi-arabia-is-preparing-to-reopen-its-embassy-in-damascus/Saudi Crown Prince, Mohamad Bin Salman, wants to reopen the Kingdom’s embassy in the Syrian capital of Damascus, Mujtahid, an anonymous Saudi activist, revealed on September 1… The pseudonymous activist, who is known for leaking credible information on Saudi Arabia’s internal affairs, said that Bin Salman, known as MBS, has directed Saudi Foreign Ministry to restore economic and commercial relations with the Damascus government.”

Brexit and the Prison House of Nations – by Israel Shamir – http://www.unz.com/ishamir/brexit-and-the-prison-house-of-nations/ – “The fight for Brexit is not a fight with or against Europe. Europeans are with BoJo against their own elites. The French dream of Frexit, and even Greeks would prefer Grexit to their present position of a country reduced by austerity to shambles. Whenever people were asked whether they want to remain in the EU, this undemocratic organisation wholly owned and managed by hostile elites, they usually answered by roaring No. The list is long. In 2005, the French voted Non to the EU Constitution, Nee said the Dutch; other governments got the message and shrewdly cancelled the referendums. Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Greenland, Denmark, Greece voted No, but the hostile elites did not take no for an answer. Always they arranged this or that subterfuge, provided a different question for a new poll, or most often ruled that no referendum was necessary. In the case of Greece, the people voted No, but the ruling party said ‘never mind’ and answered Yes.”

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Denounces Mainstream Narrative On MH17 Tragedyhttps://southfront.org/malaysias-prime-minister-denounces-mainstream-narrative-on-mh17-tragedy/ – “The top leadership of Malaysia is not going to change its stance and continues saying that there is no evidence to blame Russia for the MH 17 tragedy in eastern Ukraine… On September 5, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad repeated that there is no sufficient evidence to blame Russia for the tragedy since some of the findings of the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) do not seem “quite right”.”

U.S. Is Plotting To Reanimate Insurgency In Southern Syria – Reporthttps://southfront.org/u-s-is-plotting-to-reanimate-insurgency-in-southern-syria-report/ – “A number of Free Syrian Army (FSA) commanders who fled to Jordan last year are now plotting to start an insurgency in southern Syria with support from the US, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed on September 5… According to the SOHR, recently, a number of meetings was held in Jordan to discuss the new plot, which includes the formation of a group named the Army of the South to attack “Iranian militias” in southern Syria… The U.S. Military Operation Center (MOC) in Jordan will reportedly support the new group. The center was supposedly closed in late 2017.”

Inverted Systems – Lisa Renee’s May 2017 Newsletter, read by her – This is a good higher dimensional overview of the basic layout of the “Matrix” system now operating on Earth.

Link to full text of above Newsletter: https://energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/resource-tools/news-shift-timelines/3145-inverted-systems – “It is important to be able to identify the profiles of psychopathic and criminal behavior, because psychopaths are specifically being groomed in humanity in order to act as the managerial gatekeeper in the industries that enforce the inverted systems and enforce the reversals to stay in place. Thus, the workplace psychopaths are doing their job of serving the anti-human structures that increase the overall suffering in the world.”

There’s a lot of chatter about the statements from Mark Carney at the Jackson Hole conference among Alternative Info researchers on the webIs the Fed Preparing to Topple US Dollar? – by F. William Engdahl – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/52204.htm – “The about-to-retire head of the very special Bank of England, Mark Carney, delivered a remarkable speech at the recent annual meeting of central bankers and finance elites at Jackson Hole Wyoming on August 23. The 23-page address to fellow central bankers and financial insiders is clearly a major signal of where the Powers That Be who run world central banks plan to take the world… The Bank of England Governor proposes in effect that the IMF, with its multi-currency Special Drawing Rights (SDR), a basket of five currencies—dollar, Pound, Yen, Euro and now Renminbi—should play the central role creating a new monetary system: ‘The IMF should play a central role in informing both domestic and cross border policies. … Pooling resources at the IMF, and thereby distributing the costs across all 189 member countries…’ For that to work he proposes raising the IMF SDR funds triple to $3 trillions as the core of a new monetary system… Then Carney proposes that the IMF oversee creation of a new payments infrastructure based on an international “stablecoin.” Referring to the private Libra, he clearly states a “new Synthetic Hegemonic Currency (SHC) would be best provided by the public sector, perhaps through a network of central bank digital currencies.” Note that Carney, a former Goldman Sachs banker, is mentioned as a leading candidate to replace Christine Lagarde as IMF head. Is his speech open admission of what is being planned by the world’s leading central bankers as the next step to a world currency and global economic control? Let’s look further.”

Chaos and Old Night: Fracking’s Hell Fires Still Burn Bright in Colorado – by Phil Doe – https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/09/03/chaos-and-old-night-frackings-hell-fires-still-burn-bright-in-colorado/ – “The new law, known as SB 181, made the protection of public health, safety, and the environment a condition that had to be met before any new oil and gas wells could be drilled or other infrastructure approved… When the smoke cleared and the jubilant Democratic legislators had gone home to be crowned with laurel, the new governor, Jared Polis, a centrist Democrat, took over administration of the new law… Lo and behold, it was only a matter of days thereafter that the future started to look a lot like the past, a past that was and is a living hell for those in the fracking fields.”

Eastern Ukraine Conflict Zone Became Hotter In Late August, Early Septemberhttps://southfront.org/eastern-ukraine-conflict-zone-became-hotter-in-late-august-early-september/ – “On July 22, the sides in the conflict in eastern Ukraine – the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) and forces the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) reached a “harvest” ceasefire agreement… Despite this, the situation in the period from July 22 to August 8 was tense with little signs of the establishment of a real ceasefire in the area... In the following period, from August 9  to September 1, the military situation remained same with the UAF openly violating the ceasefire almost on a dailiy basis and DPR-LPR forces responding to these violations.”

Pentagon’s DARPA Joins ‘Fight Against Fake News And Disinformation’https://southfront.org/pentagons-darpa-joins-fight-against-fake-news-and-disinformation/ – ” This is where it gets interesting. Initially, the description of the program suggests that this will curate and look for fake news and disinformation. This is where it is actually admitted that media content will also be created – ‘TA3 will design, organize, plan, and conduct the SemaFor evaluations and results analysis. While the evaluations will be conducted at the TA2 performer’s location, they will be under the control and supervision of the TA3 performer. TA3 deliverables include program metrics, evaluation protocols, and a library of multi-modal media assets for development and test purposes. Media may be collected or created.’.. Most likely to the discontent of many critics of US President Donald Trump, the Republicans and the current state of elections in the US, the program will be ready in 4 years… ‘This timeline is too slow and I wonder if it is a bit of PR,’ Syracuse University assistant professor of communications Jennifer Grygiel said. ‘Educating the public on media literacy, along with legislation, is what is important. But elected officials lack motivation themselves for change, and there is a conflict of interest as they are using these very platforms to get elected.’.. The current trend in forming the narrative is becoming and more evident, with constant claims of “educating the public in media literacy” and other dubious statements of the sort.”

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