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Their Summer Of Discontent – Via TheZMan.com – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/their-summer-discontent – “The violence we are seeing is in mostly white cities by mostly white people. Minneapolis is 19% black. Seattle is 7% black and Portland is 6% black. Kenosha is 10% black and close to 80% white! Note that super-black cities like Baltimore, St. Louis and Detroit have had no riots. Los Angeles, which just had a police shooting, could not get a decent riot going. They tried, but they lack the white kids with back packs needed to do it… The truth behind these riots is that they have nothing to do with local issues or legitimate grievances. They are simply a happening that is drawing in the disaffected white youth that provides bodies for Antifa. Get up close to an Antifa crowd and what is striking is how unimpressive they are individually. The males are skinny and awkward, while the females are loud and ridiculous. These are young whites who have no place in the neo-liberal order, so they end up in Antifa… What being in the anarchist underground gives them is the same thing you see in other types of anti-social subcultures. They get a sense of purpose, but also a community in which they have a clearly understood place. They go out and protests or riot with their mates and then have that to bond over afterward. It is not all that different from the hooliganism you see around European soccer. The difference is the Antifa kids come from the middle-class, rather than the working class.”

Market Finally Cracks – Is The Bull Market Rally Over? – by Lance Roberts – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/market-finally-cracks-bull-market-rally-over – “Currently, we are trapped… In the longer-term, markets are overbought, overvalued, and extended against a backdrop of weakening economics, a potential political upheaval, and poor earnings outlooks… On the other hand, we have an exceedingly bullish market, extreme momentum,  and a shorter-term defined bullish uptrend… So what do you do? The same as do you with a “porcupine.”.. You deal with it very carefully.” – Comment: Happy Trading!

Murphy’s Law Is Fed’s Law, And Everything Is Wrong – by Jeffrey Snider – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/murphys-law-feds-law-and-everything-wrong – “August 2007 and thereafter was simply those consequences finally arriving. Contradicting also Keynes, in the long run someone really would have to pay for a system in which central banks are not central and don’t do money. As it turns out, the costs have been born by the whole global economy as it has been deprived for thirteen years of enough necessary monetary oxygen to make things work… Including the lack of inflationary success at each central bank target, no matter each central bank “money printing” session… Central banks don’t do money. They are not central. This fact, yes fact, has dawned on broad swaths of the financial markets, which explains why for all the hoopla and hype surrounding the Jackson Hole reveal of the Grand Strategy Update, and its gigantic inflationary commitment we were told it represented, the spectacle went off with less than a whimper. Even in stocks… Like their view of the Phillips Curve, you could honestly say it fell flat. I smile only briefly for such true progress.” – Comment: Highly recommended

“A Speculative Feeding Frenzy Like We’ve Never Seen Before…” –  by Jesse Felder –  https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/speculative-feeding-frenzy-weve-never-seen – “Last week, I noted here that a relatively rare condition had arisen in which stocks and expected volatility had risen at the same time. Last week, I noted on twitter that the Nasdaq Composite and its volatility index (VXN) had never been more positively correlated than they have over the past 10 days. This week, I’d like to briefly put forth my best guess as to why this is happening… As noted by Jason Goepfert, speculative call buying has recently surged to levels never seen before… This has dramatically pushed up the prices of those call options relative to put options, especially in the popular speculative names in the market… At the same time, market makers selling all those call options to the traders buying them are forced to hedge by buying the underlying stocks... Rapidly rising call premiums pushes volatility measures higher while surging dealer demand for stocks pushes prices higher… However, this is not a sustainable situation.”

From the You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up Desk: Former NYT Reporter Challenges Dr. Fauci’s Climate Change “Mission Creep” – by Tyler Durden –  https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/former-nyt-reporter-challenges-dr-faucis-climate-change-mission-creep – “For anybody who isn’t already suspicious of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s self-aggrandizing ways, former NYT reporter Alex Berenson has called the “bureaucrat” out for trying to overstep his authority by proposing nothing short of a radical restructuring of society to ensure humanity’s survival during the “pandemic era”… It might sound far-fetched, but in a paper recently published in the journal Cell, Dr. Fauci claimed that the world had entered a new “pandemic era”, and claimed that an onslaught of infectious diseases is already transitioning from animals to humans via ‘zoonotic transmission’. Going off on a seemingly absurd, pseudo-scientific, tangent, Dr. Fauci claimed that “industrialization” is to blame for infectious diseases like COVID-19, and the only remedy is to live “in harmony with nature”.”

Former CIA Spook Warns “The Violence Will Get Even Worse” – Kevin Shipp interviewed by Greg Hunter, w/Video – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/former-cia-spook-warns-violence-will-get-even-worse – ” ‘These people see this as their moment to act.  It’s a moment that they have been building for a couple of decades.  We are going to see the attacks increase especially by Black Lives Matter (BLM)… People need to understand and be prepared for what is coming. . . . They are desperate… They know the Democrat Party does not have a real candidate to offer.  Donald Trump is extremely strong, and they also know that Trump has a support base that is larger than it was during the last election… They see this as their time.  They are not going to give up, and they are not going to stop.  They have been encouraged by Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and others such as Maxine Waters to increase the violence.  So, they are being encouraged by top Democrats, and they are not going to stop.  This will escalate.’.. Shipp also predicts, “I think Trump is going to have a wider margin of victory than he did in 2016.‘.. ‘The Democrat Party has shot themselves in the foot . . . encouraging this violence, thinking it was going to make Trump look bad and make things look unstable.  It has backfired on them. . . . The Democrats already know they have lost, and Joe Biden sadly gets worse by the week in terms of his mental acuity, and they know it.  It’s embarrassing and cruel for the Democrat Party to keep putting him in that position. . . . The Democrats are terrified, and Donald Trump is going to decimate Joe Biden in the debates.  Democrats are going to do everything they can to keep these debates from happening.’ ”

Whitney Webb Interview – 2020 Election Chaos Being Used To Set Stage For The Final Technocratic Push (59 min)

From the WTF Desk: COVID-19 Test kits (300215) exports by country in 2017 (?!)https://wits.worldbank.org/trade/comtrade/en/country/ALL/year/2017/tradeflow/Exports/partner/WLD/nomen/h5/product/300215

Portland Murder Suspect Dead After Pulling Gun On Feds During Arrest; Admitted Guilt Hours Earlier In Vice Interview – by Tyler Durden –  https://www.zerohedge.com/political/i-had-no-choice-i-mean-i-had-choice-portland-suspect-murder-trump-supporter-claims-self – “According to Lt. Ray Brady of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement was in the area looking for a homicide suspect, and that the 48-year-old Reinoehl was seen exiting an apartment and entering a vehicle, according to the New York Times… “As they attempted to apprehend him, there was gunfire,” said Brady… According to the Associated Press, Reinoehl pulled a gun during the incident, after a federal task force from the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service located Reinoehl… Reinoehl, who identified over social media as “100% Antifa,” said in a Vice News interview that he had “no choice” but to murder 39-year-old Trump supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson last weekend, as he believed Danielson was going to stab his friend… ‘I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color, but I wasn’t going to do that,’ Reinoehl added.”

The Economy Continues To Unravel Despite All Stimulus Measures – by Brandon Smith – http://www.alt-market.com/index.php/articles/4324-the-economy-continues-to-unravel-despite-all-stimulus-measures – “The only agenda of the Fed is to increase the pain in the long term; they have no intention of actually preventing any disaster… This is evidenced in comments by voting members of the Fed, including Neel Kashkari who recently argued for the enforcement of hard lockdowns for at least six weeks in the US, all because the US savings rate was going up. Meaning, because Americans are saving more in order to protect themselves from economic fallout, Kashkari thinks we should be punished with an economic shutdown that would force us to spend whatever we have been able to save… Do you see how that works?.. Small businesses in the US account for around 50% of all employment and job creation. They are a vital part of the economy. Yet, government and central bank measures seem to have left them out in the cold to die… Unemployment numbers have declined due to soft reopenings in numerous states, and at the very least some part time jobs appear to be returning, but nowhere near the level needed to erase the millions of jobs lost since February after the initial lockdowns began. If you count U-6 measurements and unemployed people who have been removed from the rolls for being jobless for too long, the REAL unemployment rate is closer to 30% of working age Americans. This is essentially Great Depression levels of joblessness… US GDP has continued to decline by 32% according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (despite statistical rigging by the Fed and government agencies), and while it’s possible that stimulus slowed the effects of GDP loss, there is no indication what the trillions of dollars created by the Fed have actually bought other than a few months of time and a massive bubble in the stock market.”

The Belly of the Beast: http://quantumfinancialsystem.com/Comment: Really? This is the website of the ungodly conglomerate that is bringing the new, quantum, AI monetary system to the world?

From DinarTimes.com: A new financial system aka the quantum financial system QFShttps://dinartimes.com/a-new-financial-system-aka-the-quantum-financial-system-qfs/ – “QFS can be called the modern era Barter System in which you have to give valuable in order to receive valuable. The current world financial system is based on the principle in which your money is backed by debt which already been taken from you with high interest rates and in this way world economy is flowing which is serving only one purpose, filling pockets of handful families. There are chances that if the QFS will launch then all the indebted countries will be able to reimburse all the debts by exporting their natural minerals and resources. (Bingo! – emphasis added)Initiation of QFS is essential for investors of Recessive currencies as the QFS is the only solution which will ascertain that these recessive currencies will be Revalued without influence of Dominant currencies. In the due process of QFS, the world economies will be entered into a new era which will distinctly opt for the barter system and the countries which are backed by enough natural valuable assets will have a certain opportunity to make their currency dominant in the Financial markets.” – Trick Question: How do you know that the Bankers are lying?

But wait, Utopia is just around the corner!the Quantum Financial System Movie (10 min) – My pocket analysis: Artificial inteligence (just a catchy term here) in a private network backed by the world’s central bankers, will assign a unique serial # (a blockchain, I assume) to every unit of currency everywhere (it all must be in “banks,” i.e. servers controlled by the oh-so-trustworthy banking industry). So everyone’s finances would be subject to surveillance in minute detail. Of course this would not be true for the bankers themselves. The notion of the currencies being “asset backed” is, IMO, just window dressing – What will they give you for your digital units? Precious metals? Crypto currencies that are not subject to surveillance? Absurd. This is, I’m quite sure, an attempt to baffle the serfs of the world with the idea that a fiat monetary system can really work for them. Really. We’re not kidding this time… After all, it’s “Quantum” !

RFK, Jr. and CHD Take Action on Safety Concerns over Moderna’s COVID Vaccinehttps://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/rfk-jr-and-chd-take-action-on-safety-concerns-over-modernas-covid-vaccine/ – “On August 26, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) wrote a letter to Dr. Jerry Menikoff, Director of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP), asking for an investigation into serious safety concerns with the COVID-19 vaccine being developed by Moderna. Moderna’s version of the vaccine, championed by Dr. Anthony Fauci and funded with $500 million in taxpayer dollars through Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, contains polyethylene glycol (PEG), a molecule to which approximately 72% of the American population have antibodies and 8% have highly elevated levels of antibodies.  People who have pre-existing PEG antibodies could experience life-threatening anaphylaxis if injected with PEG-containing substances such as the Moderna COVID vaccine. Additionally, antibodies to PEG can both decrease the effectiveness of the vaccine and increase the risk of side effects.”

Behavioral Modification – UK Covid Response Steered by Psychologists at the Behavioral Insights Team – by Alex Pietrowski – https://www.wakingtimes.com/2020/09/01/behavioral-modification-uk-covid-response-steered-by-psychologists-at-the-behavioral-insights-team/ – “Admittedly employing psychology and social engineering in the advancement of official government policy, the BIT is also known as the ‘Nudge Unit,’ a rather telling use of language. The BIT website features a section on Covid-19, and while surprisingly sparse, the posts on this page offer a glimpse of BIT’s vision for a post lockdown world, where human behavior is even more tightly regulated and controlled by big brother… Commenting on the opportunity that Covid presents, the BIT notes: ‘It is rare for us to have a collective moment to reflect and an opportunity to reset a range of individual and collective behaviours for the better. Countries are at different points in this journey, and the UK and others should seek to learn from our friends in New Zealand, which has now lifted all COVID restrictions, about which behaviours stick and which need more of a nudge in the right direction. Collectively, we can and should use this unprecedented period of disruption to help bring about positive changes in people’s habits and behaviours to create a new and better normal.‘ [Source]”

The whole scam just fell apart: COVID test, overwhelming number of false positives – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/09/01/covid-test-overwhelming-number-of-false-positives/ – “Yes, that’s what the NY Times is confessing (8/29): ‘Some of the nation’s leading public health experts are raising a new concern in the endless debate over coronavirus testing in the United States: The standard tests are diagnosing huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus. Most of these people are not likely to be contagious…’.. ‘In three sets of testing data…compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus, a review by The Times found.’.. Let me break this down for you, because it’s a lot worse than the Times admits. The rabbit hole goes much deeper—and I’ve been reporting on the deeper facts for months.”

Cloward-Piven Strategy To Destroy America Resurgent Amid BLM/Antifa-Led Riots – by Tyler Durden & Brandon Smith – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/cloward-piven-strategy-destroy-america-resurgent-amid-blmantifa-led-riots – “Theoretically, according to the doctrine, a condition of overwhelming tension and strain could be engineered through the overloading of American welfare rolls, thereby smothering the entitlement program structure at the state and local level. The implosion of welfare benefits would facilitate a massive spike in poverty and desperation, creating a financial crisis that would lead to an even greater cycle of demand for a fully socialized system. This desperation would then “force” the federal government to concentrate all welfare programs under one roof, nationalize and enforce a socialist ideology, and ultimately, compact an immense level of power into the hands of a select few… Cloward and Piven claimed that this could be accomplished at a grassroots level through community activism, and, that it would facilitate a more compassionate federal authority, however, there are numerous problems with these assertions.”

Moderna Neglected To Disclose Pentagon’s Financial Support In Applications For More Than 100 Patents – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/moderna-neglected-disclose-pentagons-financial-support-applications-more-100-patents – ‘Before the mainstream media transfigures Moderna founder and CEO Stephane Bancel into  a corporate savior on par with Bill Gates, we’d like to remind investors (and the public) that Moderna and its insiders have demonstrated an eyebrow-raising affinity for pumping the stock with over-hyped press releases then cashing in shares or warrants (all insider stock sales were pre-scheduled divestitures, the insiders’ lawyers have argued)… And while we wait for more detailed data from the vaccine’s Phase 3 clinical trials, patent advocacy group KEI is taking Moderna and its executives to task for neglecting to disclose government funding received by the company during its early stages, before the coronavirus pandemic… Despite receiving $25 million from the Department of Defense’s “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency” – or “Darpa” – Moderna has never disclosed this, or any other, government funding in its applications for 126 patents and 154 patent applications. KEI has lodged a request with the DoD and Darpa to remedy this in patents… As KEI points out, Moderna’s “failure” to disclose its government funding could have serious consequences for Americans hoping to get their hands on an affordable vaccine. The disclosures could affect everything from the US government’s worldwide royalty free license, to the public’s march-in rights, to obligations to make inventions available to the public on reasonable terms.”

Bill Gates Next Project: Building Nuclear Power Plants Across The Pacific Northwest – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/bill-gates-next-project-building-nuclear-power-plants-across-pacific-northwest – “Here comes the next Bill Gates project which, like his others, aims to solve climate change and save the planet. However, this time, some of the critics of Gates & Co.’s approach have warned that the advanced nuclear power plants he’s now trying to build (which would “supplement” the northwest’s power grid) might be vulnerable to terror attacks due to high levels of enriched uranium… According to Reuters: ‘Gates had initially hoped to build an experimental nuclear plant near Beijing with state-owned China National Nuclear Corp. But last year, TerraPower was forced to seek new partners after the Trump administration restricted nuclear deals with China.’.. If the initial plants are a success, the company hopes to build them across the US, and abroad, hoping to provide a means of buttressing energy grids that are increasingly dependent on renewable power like solar and wind. By mid-century, ‘we would see hundreds of these reactors around the world, solving multiple different energy needs,’ said Chris Levesque, the president and CEO of TerraPower, said. The 345-megawatt plants would be cooled by liquid sodium and cost about $1 billion each, and the complex technology would allow for the introduction of nuclear energy in countries that don’t have those resources like…say…Iran?”

The Attempt To Overthrow America – by Guy Millière – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/attempt-overthrow-america – “There is arguably more at work than brainwashing. There is also the long march of the radicals through American institutions described by Roger Kimball in his book  The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America. Now, as those students have graduated, they are now part of the government and large corporations, subverting Western culture from within… American author David Horowitz, described what has been happening since November 8, 2016 as “sabotage”, and wrote recently: ‘On the Rotunda of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington is inscribed these words: “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” This statement by Thomas Jefferson is the heart of the democracy in whose founding he played so central a role. It is why the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights is the First Amendment and not the Second, or Fourth, or Fifth… Today our nation is facing the most serious threat to establish such a tyranny in our entire history.’ “

Organized Crime, Drug Cartels, Illegal Hacking and Retaliation: A Tesla Whistleblower Tells All (Two aprox 1.5 hour podcasts)- by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/organized-crime-drug-cartels-illegal-hacking-and-retaliation-tesla-whistleblower-tells-all – “In an explosive podcast interview with noted Tesla skeptics @TeslaCharts and @georgia_orwell_, former Tesla employee-turned-whistleblower Karl Hansen makes shocking allegations about what transpired at Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory in the spring and summer of 2018. The interview was published earlier today on TC’s Chartcast as a two-part series… In Part One, the hosts establish Hansen’s credentials and the scope of his employment at Tesla as a member of their in-house security and investigations team.  Hansen describes his investigations into widespread theft of copper and other raw materials from the Gigafactory, and how Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, focused on the need to keep the existence of this theft out of the media. Hansen then shares how a tip from the Drug Enforcement Agency caused him to develop evidence of a widespread drug cartel operation inside the Gigafactory. As Hansen continued to press his investigation, his access to internal Tesla systems became restricted… In Part Two, Hansen alleges that a team of former Uber security experts, hired into Tesla by Musk and reporting to him directly, illegally hacked the personal devices of several employees, including the personal phone of Marty Tripp, another former Tesla employee-turned-whistleblower. Hansen then recounts his own experience as a whistleblower and how he was ultimately confronted by Musk directly after filing a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission… At one point, Hansen collaborated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for several months after leaving Tesla, only to discover that the investigation was killed despite significant evidence of probable cause. The interview ends with a discussion about the devastating impact this has had on Hansen’s life.”

The Fatal Attraction of Techno-Fascism – by Mark Petrakis – https://off-guardian.org/2020/08/26/the-fatal-attraction-of-techo-fascism/ – “The enduring beauty of fascism is that it requires so little from us… so little independent thought; just our basic belief and adherence to a limited set of popularly-shared directives and narratives that once fully accepted, relieve us of the need to address stubborn questions or to fret over subtle differences of opinion and feeling… Propaganda reassures us that we are complete, that we know all there is to know, that we are rational, pragmatic and pure, that the science has been settled and that we are a part of something special… Such a surrender to reductionist narratives cuts across all classes and income brackets. Neither the most educated nor the least uneducated retain any special advantage in the face of powerful consensus-shaping propaganda… PROPAGANDA is, of course, the life-blood of fascist control. Maintaining the economic, governmental and scientific frameworks of a technocratic-fascist “operating system” is unthinkable without propaganda and disinformation. When truth is seen as a liability to power, it must always be disallowed, and all instances of it effectively penalized.”

More Than Half Of Those Arrested During 7 Days Of Kenosha Unrest Were From Out Of Town, Police Chief Says – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/more-half-those-arrested-kenosha-unrest-are-out-town-police-say – “While the violence has toned down somewhat since Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly shot three people, killing 2 of them, during a confrontation Tuesday night – while he’s been charged with first degree murder his attorneys are mounting a case of self defense – police continued to make arrests Sunday night, seizing guns and other weapons, while also charging some for violating curfew and other local orders… Since the demonstrations started7 days ago, Kenosha police have arrested 175 people. But here’s the thing: more than half of them – 102 – listed addresses from outside the city (for those who are wondering, Rittenhouse – who lives with his parents over the boarder in Antioch, Illinois (he’s 17), roughly 30 minutes from Kenosha – wasn’t included in the data because he was apprehended in Illinois)… Those arrested and processed were from 44 different cities, according to Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis, who issued a press release late last night… Kenosha police will not be taking part in a media briefing Monday afternoon “in preparation for the Presidential visit to Kenosha” on Tuesday, so Chief Miskinis ‘is providing the community with some preliminary data for the preceding week in lieu of KPD’s participation’ in the typical press briefings.”

“Sentenced To Isolation Prisons!” – by Tyler Durden –  https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/sentenced-isolation-prisons-college-students-across-america-are-being-subjected-horrid – “College Students Across America Are Being Subjected To A Horrid Psychological ExperimentCollege, long a fun and liberating experience for many young adults, has, as The Ron Paul Insitute’s Adam Dick details below, become a dreary and oppressive experience for many students living under the weight of a multitude of restrictions imposed at American college campuses in the name of countering coronavirus.”

The Last Time This Happened Was The Day The Dot-Com Bubble Burst – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/last-time-happened-was-day-dot-com-bubble-burst – “The last few weeks have seen something ‘odd’ happening… VIX has been ‘rising’ as stocks soared to record highs… … call-buyers have gone crazy. Not satisfied with simply buying stocks, retail traders are now getting levered long in a hurry and that demand for calls has bid up volatility and lifted VIX… Breaking with its typical trading pattern, the last two weeks have seen stocks and VIX rising almost in lockstep as retail specs move the risk dial to ’11’… We have seen this pattern before… in March of 2000… In fact as the S&P hits all-time-highs, this is a level of VIX that has not been seen since those heady days of extreme speculation and retail day-trading muppetry. This is a very different regime of ‘walls of worry’ that we saw during the 2017/2018 all-time-highs… This level of co-movement between VIX and stocks is highly unusual – and has typically not ended well for stocks… Oh and one more thing, valuations – no matter how you desperately adjust for hockey-sticks in the future – have never been so high… So, to sum up: 1) Valuations have never been this extreme… ever, 2) VIX Correlation to stocks is at its highest since Volmageddon 2018, and 3) VIX and Stocks are showing similar patterns of extreme speculation as occurred right at the peak of the dotcom bubble… Trade accordingly.

The DC’s Richie McGinniss Describes Shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin – Heard Shots Fired Before Kyle Rittenhouse Fired His Gun – by Cassandra Fairbanks – https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/dcs-richie-mcginniss-describes-shooting-kenosha-wisconsin-heard-shots-fired-kyle-rittenhouse-fired-gun/ – “McGinniss told Carlson that he was just ten to twelve feet behind the rioters  as they ran into the parking lot to charge Rittenhouse… ‘What I saw was [Joseph] Rosenbaum pursuing Rittenhouse, and Rittenhouse turned around,’ McGinniss began. ‘Right before he turned around, I’m not sure if this is the reason he turned around, but there was a gun shot. That’s actually visible on video.’.. The reporter noted that it is not clear if that gunshot was fired into the air or towards Rittenhouse, but the teenage boy did turn around immediately after that… ‘At that point he went from running away to aiming his weapon at Rosenbaum and I was actually directly behind Rosenbaum.’.. (Pierce Bainbridge, Rittenhouse’ legal team): ‘Kyle stopped to ensure care for the wounded attacker but faced a growing mob gesturing towards him. He realized he needed to flee for his safety and his survival. Another attacker struck Kyle from behind as he fled down the street. Kyle turned as the mob pressed in on him and he fell to the ground,” his legal team says. “One attacker kicked Kyle on the ground while he was on the ground. Yet another bashed him over the head with a skateboard. Several rioters tried to disarm Kyle. In fear for his life and concerned the crowd would either continue to shoot at him or even use his own weapon against him, Kyle had no choice but to fire multiple rounds towards his immediate attackers, striking two, including one armed attacker.’ ”

The Rise of Authoritarianism: From Parasite Stress Theory to Lock Step – by Derrick Broze – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/08/the-rise-of-authoritarianism-from-parasite-stress-theory-to-lock-step.html – “Empirical evidence indicates that the spread of pathogens leads populations to become more conformist and accepting of authoritarian behavior from governments – what does this mean for the world of COVID19?.. As discussed in Multiple Studies Predicted Governments Become Authoritarian in Response to Pandemics, we have an abundance of scientific data highlighting how humans react to perceived threats and how that relates to the type of government the people will accept. I examined  the study Pathogens and Politics: Further Evidence That Parasite Prevalence Predicts Authoritarianism, as well as other studies focused on the “parasite stress theory.”.. ‘According to a “parasite stress” hypothesis, authoritarian governments are more likely to emerge in regions characterized by a high prevalence of disease-causing pathogens,” the researchers wrote. They define authoritarian governance as “highly concentrated power structures that repress dissent and emphasize submission to authority, social conformity, and hostility towards outgroups.’.. Due to the invisible nature of “disease-causing parasites,” attempts to control the spread of a disease ‘historically depended substantially on adherence to ritualized behavioral practices that reduced infection risk.’ The researchers also found that society tends to promote a collectivist worldview, favoring obedience and conformity from the population, in response to parasites… Unfortunately, according to the parasite stress theory, humanity is prone to accepting violent behavior from governments during pandemics. As noted in Politics and Pathogens, the threat of exposure to a pathogen need not even be realistic for it to create a desire for conformity and obedience to authority. (underlined emphasis added)

Pathogens and Politics: Further Evidence That Parasite Prevalence Predicts Authoritarianism – from NIH – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3641067/From 2013: In this article, parasite = any infectious organism – “These results suggest that the societal implications of parasite stress (and the societal implications of famine) are distinct from the implications of other variables that might also affect individual fitness and mortality. This conclusion is consistent also with psychological evidence showing that, while other threats can also influence individuals’ conformist and ethnocentric attitudes, the PERCEIVED THREAT of infectious disease has effects that are empirically unique and, often, especially powerful” (emphasis added)

Imagine Hell on Earth Because That’s What’s Coming Unless Americans Start Resisting – by Gary D. Barnett – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/imagine-hell-on-earth-because-thats-whats-coming-unless-americans-start-resisting/ – “Without Refusing to Bow to State Orders this Country is Doomed… The biggest threat we face now is this coming fall and winter, as this flu season will most likely be much worse than normal due to the purposeful weakening of the immune systems of most Americans… Refusing to bow to state orders, and not accepting any political authority, would certainly stop this onslaught of tyranny in its tracks, even if just a small percentage of the population were to say no to this government response… That has not happened so far, but without that dissent, this country is doomed in my opinion. Imagine what has happened over just the past 6 months, and then double or triple that response… The response seen to date will be dwarfed by the response this winter if the death toll is higher as I predict, and most all those deaths will be blamed on this thing called Covid-19.”

FDA Head Says A COVID-19 Vaccine Could Get Emergency Approval Without Phase 3 Trial Results: FT – by Aditya Raghunath Benzinga – https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fda-head-says-covid-19-044727287.html – “The United States Food and Drug Administration is willing to expedite the COVID-19 vaccine authorization process, including granting  emergency use authorization to a candidate before it completes late-stage clinical trials, according to Chairman Stephen Hahn… What Happened: Hanh told the Financial Times that the FDA will only take such a step after weighing the risks and benefits of any coronavirus vaccine, instead of using the procedure as a tool for a political agenda before the 2020 Presidential elections… One of the significant points in consideration for the upcoming 2020 elections is the response to the pandemic outbreak by the current administration. However, the FDA clarified that its decision to sanction trials will not be driven by the re-election prospects of Donald Trump… Why It Matters: Vaccine manufacturers face a systematic and inevitable risk during testing and there is a lobby actively seeking protection against litigation in the European Union. Reports suggest that AstraZeneca has already managed to receive liability protection in certain countries.”

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