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Cultural Collapse. BLM Protesters Burn US Flag On July 4, Pull Down Christopher Columbus Statue As Young Americans Know Nothing About Independence Dayhttps://southfront.org/cultural-collapse-blm-protesters-burn-us-flag-on-july-4-pull-down-christopher-columbus-statue-as-young-americans-know-nothing-about-independence-day/ – “The United States Independence Day (July 4) was marked by a new wave of Black Lives Matter protests widely supported by various hard core neo-liberal activists, organizations and the Democratic establishment… In aprticular, protesters burned a US national flag near the White House in Washington… Meanwhile, Campus Reform YouTube channel released a video showing how much young Americans really know about the Independence Day itself and how they view their homeland. Spolier: They barely know what the country celebreates… Protesters in Baltimore celeberated the 4th of July using ropes to pull down a statue of Christopher Columbus in the city’s Little Italy neighborhood. According to them, the statue is somehow ‘racist’… The United States has apparently entered the new great neo-liberal, pro-globalist era and attempts of the conservative part of the society to resist the current destructive tendencies seem to be not enough.”

Trump Signs 5-Week PPP Extension With Fiscal Cliff Looming – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/trump-signs-5-week-ppp-extension-fiscal-cliff-looming – “Citing a  Bank of America report, we noted how the economy is facing fiscal cliffs which could cause the recovery to disintegrate, with four particular areas of focus: 1) expiration of extended unemployment insurance, 2) the fading support from stimulus checks, 3) exhaustion of PPP, 4) stress from state and local aid gov’ts…  “In summary, after July 31, the US economy is set to fly off a fiscal cliff that could be just as painful as what happened in late March/April unless there is a bipartisan agreement in Congress on trillions more in fiscal stimulus. The clock is now ticking,” we noted. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/trump-signs-5-week-ppp-extension-fiscal-cliff-looming… Could the Democrats have the Trump administration at a so-called checkmate? Dems could easily send the economy off a fiscal cliff by withdrawing support for the next round of stimulus, something that could affect the president’s reelection odds.”

An “Ominous Disconnect” – What Powell & Lagarde Should Have Told The G-7 – by Egon von Greyerz – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/ominous-disconnect-what-powell-lagarde-should-have-told-g-7 – “With low or zero interest rates and the value of money constantly declining, there is clearly no incentive to save whatsoever. Also, governments and central banks are setting very poor examples… But how can you expect people to be prudent when their governments and central banks have for decades been running deficits and printing money. Debts and deficits are the mantra of modern finance.  But what no one seems to understand is that this mantra has become a chronic disease which is killing the world a lot faster than the coronavirus… The world’s central banks are now in the process of outshining both Weimar and Zimbabwe. Together with governments they have globally printed and borrowed $18 trillion since CV started. And since the Great Financial crisis started in 2006 they have  more than doubled global debt from $125 trillion to over $275 trillion but that is just the beginning… We talk about billions, trillions and quadrillions as if we understood what it means but nobody really does. It is absolutely impossible to fathom what a trillion is. Let’s start by counting to one trillion. It will take you 32,000 years. And then you would have to count very fast, never hesitate nor make a mistake – nor start from the beginning again. Ok, so the $18T just created globally, how long would that take? Almost 600,000 years.”

Whose Conspiracy Is It, Mr. Johnson?—CHD’s Response to FCC General Counsel’s Op-Ed in the Washington Post – by Susan Foster and Dafna Tachover – https://childrenshealthdefense.org/?p=87297 – “The Washington Post published a June 4, 2020 Op-Ed “5G conspiracy theories threaten the U.S. recovery” by Thomas M. Johnson, Jr., General Counsel for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Mr. Johnson employed fallacious straw-man arguments by dramatically pointing his finger at the wrong target in order to avoid the real problem: his client, the FCC, and those like the Washington Post’s owner, Jeff Bezos, who is heavily invested in 5G. All Mr. Johnson really did is confirm Harvard University’s Center for Ethics’ publication showing that the FCC is a “Captured Agency”  that has “overlooked, sacrificed, or raided” “consumer safety, health, and privacy, along with consumer wallets,” “due to unchecked industry influence.”.. You bring in a straw-man to mercilessly thrash in order to shift attention from the opponent’s real argument. Mr. Johnson resorts to this tactic because he knows the FCC and its industry masters cannot prevail on the merits. A proper argument would be “stop worrying about 5G, here is the latest science to prove that 5G is safe!” But he cannot do so because the FCC lacks even a single study showing 5G is safe.”

U.S. Files Suit to Seize Gasoline in Four Iran Tankers Headed to Venezuelahttps://freebeacon.com/latest-news/u-s-files-suit-to-seize-gasoline-in-four-iran-tankers-headed-to-venezuela/ – “U.S. prosecutors late on Wednesday filed a lawsuit to seize the gasoline aboard four tankers that Iran is shipping to Venezuela, the latest attempt by the Trump administration to increase economic pressure on the two U.S. foes… In the civil-forfeiture complaint, the federal prosecutors aim to stop delivery of Iranian gasoline aboard the Liberia-flagged Bella and the Bering, and the Pandi and the Luna, according to the lawsuit, first reported in the Wall Street Journal. It also seeks to deter future deliveries… The complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, also aims to stop the flow of revenues from petroleum sales to Iran, which Washington has sanctioned over its nuclear program, ballistic missiles, and influence across the Middle East. Tehran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.”

Steven Donziger Backed By Canadian Lawyers, NLG, IADL And Alec Baldwin Against Chevron – “The Harvey Weinstein” Of Oil Industry – by Aaron Kesel – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/steven-donziger-backed-by-canadian-lawyers-nlg-iadl-and-alec-baldwin-against-the-harvey-weinstein-of-oil-industry-chevron.html – “On September 17th, I (Paul Paz y Miño) testified on behalf of Donziger at a formal bar licensing hearing in New York, where for the first time witnesses were able to address the facts of Chevron’s fraud in bringing its retaliatory civil RICO (“racketeering”) case designed to try to undermine the legitimate $9.5 billion judgment won by Ecuadorian communities in 2011… Several witnesses at the hearing explained how Chevron and its lawyers at the infamous Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher firm – led by Randy Mastro, former deputy mayor to Rudy Guiliani – engaged in  unethical and illegal acts to target Donziger based largely on the testimony of a corrupt witness who was paid at least $2 million by the company and who later admitted to lying under oath. Many respected lawyers, authors, and activists also testified on Donziger’s behalf. Without exception, all described Donziger as a man dedicated to justice in Ecuador on behalf of Chevron’s victims, who was framed by Chevron and its corrupt witness Alberto Guerra, who claimed without any corroborating evidence that Donziger had approved a bribe to a judge,” Paul Paz y Miño, Amazon Watch’s Director of Outreach wrote.”

Church Singing Banned in California – New guidelines issued by the Department of Public Health restricts religious activities by  Jack Murphy – https://neonnettle.com/news/11861-church-singing-banned-in-california – “*Places of worship must therefore discontinue singing and chanting activities and limit indoor attendance to 25% of building capacity or a maximum of 100 attendees, whichever is lower. Local Health Officers are advised to consider appropriate limitations on outdoor attendance capacities, factoring their jurisdiction’s key COVID- 19 health indicators.”

Does the Next Presidential Election Even Matter? – by The Saker – https://www.unz.com/tsaker/does-the-next-presidential-election-even-matter/ – “This is why I submit that the next election will make absolutely no difference: 1) The US system is rigged to give all the power to minorities and to completely ignore the will of the people; 2) The choice between the Demolicans and the Republicrats is not a choice at all; 3) The systemic crisis of the US is too deep to be affected by who is in power in the White House; 4) Simply put, and unlike the case of 2016, the outcome of the 2020 election will make no difference at all. Caring about who the next puppet in the White House will be is tantamount to voting for a new captain while the Titanic is sinking. The major difference is that the Titanic sank in very deep water whereas the “ship USA” will sink in the shallows, meaning that the US will not completely disappear: in some form or another, it will survive either as a unitary state or as a number of successor states. The Empire, however, has no chance of survival at all. Thus, anything which contributes to make the US a “normal” country and which weakens the Empire is in the interests of the people of the USA. Voting for either one of the candidates this fall will only prolong the agony of the current political regime in the USA.”

The privilege they erased from history. (37 min)- by Dana AshlieI was aware of much of this peripherally, but here it is, head-on.

UK High Court Denied Venezuela’s Control Of $1bn Gold In London Bankhttps://southfront.org/uk-high-court-denied-venezuelas-control-of-1bn-gold-in-london-bank/ – “On July 2, the UK High Court ruled against Venezuela’s government in a legal battle over access to $1bn (£820m) of gold stored in the Bank of England. It claimed that it will be ‘unlawful’ to give it to the government of Nicolas Maduro since the UK does not recognize him as president of the Latin American nation.

The US, the UK as well as several other US ‘allies’ recognize the foreign-controlled leader of the opposition Juan Guaido as the leader of the country. Despite this, the rule self-proclamed ‘Venezuelan President’ Guaido in Venezuela does not extend beyond his twitter account. …However, the British government just seized the Venezuelan gold in an apparent act of modern financial piracy. Indeed, this is a common approach for Western states. In June 2020, it was also revealed that the Trump administration used $601m seized from Venezuela-linked bank accounts in the US to fund the border wall with Mexico.”

Russia Deployed Radars In Former U.S. Airfield In Northeast Syria: Monitoring Grouphttps://southfront.org/russia-deployed-radars-in-former-u-s-airfield-in-northeast-syria-monitoring-group/ – “According to the monitoring group, a Russian convoy consisting of ten armored vehicles, communication systems and two radars entered the Sarrin airfield. The radars and the communication equipment will be installed there… The deployment of radars indicates that Russian forces are working to develop the Sarrin airfield, which is located near the border town of Ayn Arab, also known as “Kobane.” The radars may be a part of a new early warning and air-defense network meant to cover northeast Syria.”

Why The US Empire Works So Hard To Control The International Narrative About Russia – by Caitlin Johnstone – https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/why-the-us-empire-works-so-hard-to-control-the-international-narrative-about-russia-576e8c320497 – “And this is also why so much effort gets poured into controlling the dominant international narrative about nations like Russia which have resisted being absorbed into the US power alliance. If you have the influence and leverage to control what narratives the international community accepts as true about the behavior of a given targeted nation, then you can do things like manufacture international collaboration with aggressive economic sanctions of the sort Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is currently calling for in response to the the completely unsubstantiated narrative that Russia paid Taliban fighters bounties to kill occupying forces in Afghanistan… In its ongoing slow-motion third world war against nations which refuse to be absorbed into the blob of the US power alliance, this tight empire-like cluster of allies stands everything to gain by doing whatever it takes to undermine and sabotage Russia in an attempt to shove it off the world stage and eliminate the role it plays in opposing that war. Advancing as many narratives as possible about Russia doing nefarious things on the world stage manufactures consent for international collaboration toward that end in the form of economic warfare, proxy conflicts, NATO expansionism and other measures, as well as facilitating a new arms race by killing the last of the US-Russia nuclear treaties and ensuring a continued imperial military presence in Afghanistan.”

Erdogan Vows Government Control Of Social Media Over Insults On Twitterhttps://southfront.org/erdogan-vows-government-control-of-social-media-over-insults-on-twitter/ – Addressing his party’s provincial leaders on conference call, Erdogan threatened new legislation by the year’s end to stringently regulate “immoral” social media… ‘Do you understand why we are against social media such as YouTube, Twitter and Netflix? To eradicate such immorality,’ Erdogan said… Abdullah Bozkurt (tweet): @abdbozkurt… Today, #Turkey‘s President declared his intention to kill all social media outlets, the last remaining platform for independent and critical journalism. His gov’t already shut down 187 media outlets, jailed 175 journalists & forced 168 into exile. https://stockholmcf.org/updated-list/… He said his government is determined to introduce legislation that would force social media companies to establish a legal presence in Turkey… The requirement would mean they could be held financially accountable and forced to respond to Turkish court decisions…. Erdogan blamed the issue on global social media companies, based in Western nations for “turning a blind eye” to Turkey: ‘We experienced similar attacks in the past. The lack of monitoring on these platforms have a role in the rise of this sort of immoral behaviour,’ he said… ‘These platforms do not suit this country. We want these platforms to be banned, taken under control.’.. Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said a number of social media users had been detained overnight for allegedly posting insulting tweets.” (emphasis added)

COVID CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY? (2hr 17min) – The HighWire with Del Bigtree

Is This Torture? (43 min) – by Amazing Polly – Polly digs into a report from Amnesty International from 1975 with an eye on actual effects on people from the over-reaching Covid guidelines everywhere.

Modelers Were ‘Astronomically Wrong’ in COVID-19 Predictions, Says Leading Epidemiologist—and the World Is Paying the Price – by Jon Miltimore – https://fee.org/articles/modelers-were-astronomically-wrong-in-covid-19-predictions-says-leading-epidemiologist-and-the-world-is-paying-the-price/ – “Ioannidis also said a comprehensive review of the medical literature suggests that COVID-19 is far more widespread than most people realize… ‘There are already more than 50 studies that have presented results on how many people in different countries and locations have developed antibodies to the virus,’ Ioannidis, a Greek-American physician, told Greek Reporter. ‘Of course none of these studies are perfect, but cumulatively they provide useful composite evidence. A very crude estimate might suggest that about 150-300 million or more people have already been infected around the world, far more than the 10 million documented cases.’.. Ioannidis said medical data suggest the fatality risk is far lower than earlier estimates had led policymakers to believe and “is almost 0%” for individuals under 45 years old. The median fatality rate is roughly 0.25 percent, however, because the risk “escalates substantially” for individuals over 85 and can be as high as 25 percent for debilitated people in nursing homes.”

E. Michael Jones: Amazon Burned My Books—It’s an Outrage!_on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radiohttps://noliesradio.org/archives/174815 – ““We were up to between 40 and 50 ebooks. And then one of the usual suspects noticed that one of my books was called Jewish Privilege. And not only did they notice that, it turns out that on Amazon’s terms it was a bestseller. And when this happens, someone’s going to complain. And someone did. And I was forced to take down Jewish Privilege. At that point, I had done a review of a series on Amazon Prime. This series is called Hunters. It is the most flagrant incitement to racial hatred, hatred of anyone that these people deem a Nazi…and also violence! We have Al Pacino playing the Jewish Nazi hunter, and he tells his young protegé to kill these people! And when the protegé says ‘isn’t that wrong?’ Pacino says ‘It’s not murder, it’s mitzvah!’ This is an incitement to violence. So I said this in the review I wrote. And they not only banned the review, they banned all of my Kindle books—for complaining that they were spreading hatred and violence. Which they were.”

UN: May See “New Normal” On Other Side Of 5-Year Global Depression – by Patrick Wood – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/un-may-see-new-normal-on-other-side-of-5-year-global-depression.html – “But there is also a second, bleaker scenario in which countries fail to coordinate their actions.  New waves of the virus keep occurring.  The situation in the developing world explodes.  Work on the vaccine lags — or even if there is a vaccine relatively soon —  it becomes the subject of fierce competition and countries with greater economic power gain access to it first, leaving others behind… In this scenario, we could also see greater movement toward fragmentation, populism and xenophobia.  Each country could go it alone or in so-called coalitions of the willing to address some specific challenges.  In the end, the world would fail to mobilize the kind of governance needed to address our shared challenges… The result may well be a global depression that could last at least five or seven years before a new normal emerges, the nature of which is impossible to predict… After all, we cannot simply return to the systems that gave rise to the current crisis.  We need to build back better with more sustainable, inclusive, gender-equal societies and economies… In doing so, we must reimagine the way nations cooperate.  Today’s multilateralism lacks scale, ambition and teeth — and some of the instruments that do have teeth show little or no appetite to bite, as we have seen in the difficulties faced by the Security Council… We need a networked multilateralism, in which the United Nations and its agencies, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, regional organizations such as the African Union and European Union, trade organizations and others work together more closely and effectively… We also need a more inclusive multilateralism.  Governments today are far from the only players in terms of politics and power.  Civil society, the business community, local authorities, cities and regional governments are assuming more and more leadership roles in today’s world… This, in turn, will help lead to an effective multilateralism with the mechanisms it needs to make global governance work where it is needed.” -Antonio Guterres, UN Technocrat-In-Chief (Secretary-General) (emphases added)

UN: May See “New Normal” On Other Side Of 5-Year Global Depression – by Patrick Wood – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/un-may-see-new-normal-on-other-side-of-5-year-global-depression.html – “But there is also a second, bleaker scenario in which countries fail to coordinate their actions.  New waves of the virus keep occurring.  The situation in the developing world explodes.  Work on the vaccine lags — or even if there is a vaccine relatively soon —  it becomes the subject of fierce competition and countries with greater economic power gain access to it first, leaving others behind… In this scenario, we could also see greater movement toward fragmentation, populism and xenophobia.  Each country could go it alone or in so-called coalitions of the willing to address some specific challenges.  In the end, the world would fail to mobilize the kind of governance needed to address our shared challenges… The result may well be a global depression that could last at least five or seven years before a new normal emerges, the nature of which is impossible to predict.” -Antonio Guterres, UN Technocrat-In-Chief (Secretary-General)

BLM Activist Is Arrested for Attempted Murder As Democrats Cower In Silence – by Alex Stevens – https://newspushed.com/blm-activist-is-arrested-for-attempted-murder-as-democrats-cower-in-silence/ – “Early Wednesday morning, a Black Lives Matter activist was arrested for attempted murder after shooting a man in an SUV at a recent “protest.” Of course, you’ll never see this reported anywhere in the mainstream media as the Democrats cower in silence. In fact, there’s an actual video of the event, but the Democrats are making sure no one sees it. Don’t miss this.According to the Provo Police Department, 33-year-old Jesse Taggart of Salt Lake City was arrested on charges of attempted aggravated murder, aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, rioting, threatening the use of a weapon in a fight or quarrel, criminal mischief, and firing a weapon near a highway… There’s actually a video of the incident, which clearly shows the driver of the vehicle barely creeping forward trying to escape being mobbed before he’s shot by a man wearing a mask… ‘There is no ambiguity here about who the shooter was and who he supported. His social media included pro-BLM material, though his presence at the protest alone would be enough proof if he were of a different political persuasion,’ Red State reports.

People losing their homes ‘could triple’ in coronavirus as families face mounting debt – Generation Rent claimed around 45,000 households could become homeless if surveys on the level of arrears during Covid-19 are to be believed – https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/people-losing-homes-could-triple-22279940 – “And previous Shelter research suggests about 2% of private renters are in arrears at any given time… But surveys have suggested a rise of varying degrees during lockdown, with the Resolution Foundation finding 13% of private renters in the UK are behind on payments… If the percentage of renters in arrears has tripled compared to pre-pandemic levels, and evictions for this reason increase at the same rate, around 45,000 households could become homeless, Generation Rent estimates… This is based on 15,030 private rental households being made homeless as a result of eviction from rent arrears in 2019, according to Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) data.”

The War On Cash – COVID Edition Part II – by Claudio Grasshttps://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/the-war-on-cash-covid-edition-part-ii.html – “On the other hand, the future could instead be bright, if we take the other path, towards decentralization, free competition and individual financial sovereignty. If we instead choose to break the state monopoly of money and allow private digital currencies to compete, a myriad of different solutions will emerge to serve a myriad of different needs. Savings can be accommodated though physical gold-backed digital currencies, real assets can be tokenized to facilitate and secure physical property sales, specialized cryptocurrencies can offer privacy and untraceable transactions. Far from a pipe dream, many solutions like these already exist, while others are in the making. There is therefore a choice about what kind of future we want and it is us, as individuals, that must make it.”

Maxi-Bust in Italy for ISIS Kamikaze’s Drug-Pills. Business or Restocking for Jihadists in Europe? – by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio – https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/07/01/maxi-bust-in-italy-for-isis-kamikazes-drug-pills-business-or-restocking-for-jihadists/ – “The sensational and brilliant operation of the GICO (Organized Crime Investigation Group) of the Guardia di Finanza conducted in the port of Salerno with the ISIS maxi-drug seizure in part belies the idea of ​​the unattended ports that have made on the Italian peninsula the Americans. Indeed in US there are the main traffickers and drug dealers as recalled by the Pizza Connection operation conducted by the FBI together with the magistrate Giovanni Falcone killed by Cosa Nostra in Sicily, assassinated in an attack with a military explosive perhaps because of his investigations into these lucrative trades.” – The Captagon story is an important wrinkle in the whole narrative of the Western Powers’ creation of the proxy fighters used to prosecute Imperial Wars throughout the world.

California Coronavirus Update: Gov. Gavin Newsom Orders L.A. Restaurants, Movie Theaters To Shut Down Indoor Operations, Deploys Enforcement “Strike Team” – by Tom Tapp – https://deadline.com/2020/07/california-coronavirus-update-governor-gavin-newsom-shuts-restaurant-dine-in-1202975354/ – “At his noon coronavirus press conference, Gov. Gavin Newsom made good on his promise to “toggle back” reopenings in California by ordering restaurants once again to shut down dine-in service. This applies to all locales on the “county monitoring list” for at least three consecutive days. There are 19 counties on that list, and Los Angeles in one of them… Restaurants still will be allowed to offer food for pickup or delivery… The guideline to cease indoor operations for three weeks also includes movie theaters, restaurants, indoor family entertainment businesses, card rooms and zoos. Over the weekend, the governor ordered bars and nightclubs closed… Newsom said he is hoping that people will comply with the guidelines voluntarily. If they do not, the governor said he is deploying a “strike team” of government agencies to ensure compliance, especially where it concerns workplaces. Alcoholic Beverage Control, CalOSHA, the Department of Business Oversight, the Department of Consumer Affairs and the California Highway Patrol are among the agencies that will be enforcing the guidelines… ‘We will have these agencies use their regulatory authority in six regions of the state,’ a state official said at the press conference, ‘This will begin today.’.. ‘We have a duty,’ the governor said, to ‘go after’ those who are not complying.”

BREAKING: Alleged Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell arrested – by Paul Goldberg – https://newsthud.com/breaking-alleged-epsteins-accomplice-ghislaine-maxwell-arrested/ – “She was arrested in Bedford, New Hampshire around 8:30 a.m. on charges she conspired with Epstein to sexually abuse minors, and is expected to appear in a federal court later today, the sources say… The six-count indictment in Manhattan federal court alleges that Maxwell helped Epstein groom girls as young as 14 years old, going back as far as 1994… ‘In some instances, Maxwell was present for and participated in the sexual abuse of minor victims,’ the indictment says.” – Speculation: Ms Maxwell is likely deeply depressed, and may commit suicide…

And Now for Something Completely Different: Most interesting thing I’ve seen in months: Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs (1hr 20min)

How a US and Qatari regime change deception produced ‘Caesar’ sanctions driving Syria towards famine – by Max Blumenthal – https://thegrayzone.com/2020/06/25/us-qatari-intelligence-deception-produced-the-caesar-sanctions-syria-famine/ – “Authorized by Congress with no opposition, the so-called Caesar Civilian Protection Act amounts to an act of all out war on the very people it claims to protect. Targeting the Syrian Central Bank and penalizing any foreign company that does business with Damascus, the bill was conceived with the explicit aim of preventing the country from rebuilding after it defeated a proxy war imposed on it by the West, Israel, Turkey, and Gulf monarchies… Charles Lister, a Gulf-backed de facto lobbyist for the Syrian opposition in Washington, inadvertently revealed the Caesar Act as an instrument of financial terror. In an op-ed for Politico this June, he forecasted “even greater levels of destitution, famine, and worsening criminality and predatory behavior” as a result of the new sanctions… Predicting that “bread shortages are only a matter of time,” and projecting a famine in the near future, Lister cheerfully framed the human suffering caused by the sanctions as “an opportunity” for the United States to achieve regime change.” – Comment: The brutal UK/U.S./Anglo-Zionist war against the people of Syria continues…

Mark Skidmore – $90 Trillion in Treasury Debt – It’s Not Just Bad Accounting (42 min) – Interview by Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog.com – Must, Must, Must (Not Kidding), Must Watch video on the realities behind our Financial System. Put your thinking cap on and check this out.

Video: Police investigating after driver pushes through line of protesters in Provo, gunshot reported (w/Video) – by Kyle Dunphey and Sahalie Donaldson – https://www.deseret.com/utah/2020/6/29/21307894/provo-protest-police-investigating-driver-pushes-through-protesters-gunshots-police-brutality – “Protests against police brutality in Provo took a tense turn Monday night as a white Ford Excursion pushed through a line of protesters blocking traffic at the intersection of North University and Center Street and a gunshot was reported… Another video by KSL-TV shows what appears to be a man in a mask pointing a gun at the passenger side of the white Excursion as it pushes forward. A loud popping sound is heard and a flash is seen from the barrel of the gun.” – Comment: The video in this article shows 2 members of Antifa blocking an intersection who have handguns and are, apparently, willing to use them on people. Things seem to be moving in some dark directions.

COVID Increasingly Being Used to Medically Kidnap and Traffick Children – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/covid-increasingly-being-used-to-medically-kidnap-and-traffick-children/ – “This past Friday (June 26, 2020) US District Judge Dolly Gee ordered the release of migrant children who are currently being held in ICE family residential centers, due to fears of COVID-19 spreading… While this may sound like a good thing on the surface, it is not. Judge Gee only ordered that the children be released, but not their parents or adult family members. She left the decision to release adult family members of the children up to ICE… This is a peculiar ruling, given that children have almost a ZERO chance of dying from COVID, while older adults with pre-existing conditions are most at risk… So if the children’s parents or other adult family members are not released, where will the children go? They are to go to “non-congregate settings” that include “suitable sponsors.” This is basically the foster care system, which we know is the main pipeline for supplying child sex slaves in child trafficking.” – Note: Article contains links to other information on child trafficking in the context of the coronavirus scare.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield – 1986 The Act: What The Government Don’t Want You To Know About Mandatory Vaccines (1hr 40min) – https://freedomplatform.londonreal.tv/andrew-wakefield-1986-the-act-what-the-government-dont-want-you-to-know-about-mandatory-vaccines/Astonishingly good interview of Dr. Wakefield by Brian Rose of London Real

Looking Forward to the End of Humanity – #PropagandaWatch (20 min) – by James Corbett

Technological Resurrection” and the Future of Being (35 min) – by Truthstream Media

Vernon Coleman: Would You Trust these People with Your Life? (16 min) – https://www.bitchute.com/video/12sp2P3sWrEI/ – Coleman is perhaps the most Charming Curmudgeon ever to grace the video screen.

American Couple Face Lash Back After Confronting Protesters at Gunpoint – by Laura Steinberg – https://newspushed.com/american-couple-face-lash-back-after-confronting-protesters-at-gunpoint/ – “A video has circulated widely on social media shows a man and woman protecting their property on Sunday evening in the Central West End neighborhood in Missouri… The video showed the man carrying a semi-automatic rifle with the woman holding a pistol as while some protesters stood outside their home and others continued to walk by… The couple who stood with guns while on their property could now possibly face legal consequences… A Saint Louis University lawyer said their behavior could potentially be labeled as an assault by making protesters afraid for their safety… “People have a right to threaten force if they are threatened,” Lawyer John Amman said to KSDK. ‘However, if a group of protesters is walking by a home and not doing anything to the homeowners specifically, then they don’t have the right to threaten lethal force without an imminent threat.’.. Allegations are being investigated about protesters breaking into the neighborhoods and destroying gates. It is unclear how the protesters were able to get into the upscale neighborhood of the couple with the firearms were residents in.”

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