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The Fed’s Latest Welfare Payout to the Crooked Wall Street Banks – by Mike Whitneyhttps://www.unz.com/mwhitney/the-feds-latest-welfare-payout-to-the-crooked-wall-street-banks/ – “When an outside actor, like the Fed, intervenes in the market and creates fake demand for financial assets that investors have shunned, it is destroying the “central function” of the free market. It is asserting power over the market to set prices and, by doing so, assumes the role of Central Planner. That is what the Fed is doing by stopping the market from clearing. It is “price setting”. It is pushing stock prices higher than their true market value by loading up on mainly US Treasuries which dramatically distort rates while inflating the price of government bonds. We can only guess what the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury would be if the Fed had not purchased $2 trillion of them to save the insolvent banks from bankruptcy in 2008? And, in case there is any doubt about that matter, here is a straightforward admission (see article) by former-Fed chairman Ben Bernanke during the post-Lehman congressional hearings… The Fed is destroying the system it is entrusted to safeguard. It’s acting as a stooge for the banks instead of an impartial referee whose job is to oversee and regulate the financial system so capital is efficiently deployed to productive investments that benefit the American people. Does anyone think the Fed is acting within its mandate by pumping the system with liquidity so crooked banks can cream bigger profits off their casino operations?.. No one, and yet it continues… Keep in mind, the Trump administration has only allocated a lousy $8 billion to fund its response to coronavirus. So the American people –all 330 million of them– will get a whopping $8 billion while the crooked Wall Street banks get regular multi-trillion dollar infusions that allow them to swap their crappy, dog-eared securities for cold-hard cash. The banks will then roll over these 3-month loans indefinitely turning their short-term debts into perennial welfare payouts. Does that sound fair to you?”

No One wants This To Come Out About Coronavirus – Spread This, It Keeps Getting Censoredhttps://anonhq.com/no-one-wants-this-to-come-out-about-coronavirus-spread-this-it-keeps-getting-censored/ – “In 2010 scientists in Wuhan published  a study stating they combined HIV parts with SARS. This was building on a 2007 study where they tried combining a SARS-like bat coronavirus with HIV pseudovirus that was not previously infectious to humans. While they were researching the SARS-like bat Coronavirus, they were unhappy with the low rate at which it infected human cells. So they genetically altered it to make it infect human cells more effectively — by giving it an HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) outer shell, which enabled the SARS-like coronavirus to attack human cells via ACE2 receptors… 2015 study, scientists in Wuhan: They took a bat coronavirus and made a chimera virus that specifically attaches to the ACE2 protein to “to maximize the opportunity for pathogenesis and vaccine studies in mice”... And this is significant because what I just described pretty much sums up our current Coronavirus (first study published about COVID-19, ACE2 receptors, same scientists as the study from a decade ago, Peng Zhou) .”

New Iraqi Group Claims Responsibility For Camp Taji Attackhttps://southfront.org/new-iraqi-group-claims-responsibility-for-camp-taji-attack/ – “A new Iraqi military group has claimed responsibility for the March 11 Camp Taji attack, which claimed the lives of three U.S.-led coalition service members… In an official statement released on March 15, the group, dubbed Ausbat al-Thaayirin (AT), confirmed its responsibility for the recent rocket attacks on Iraqi bases hosting U.S. troops… few days ago, Kata’ib Hezbollah (KH) released a statement calling on the perpetrators of the recent attacks to reveal themselves, promising to support them. KH was held responsible for these attacks by the U.S… AT appears to be a pro-Iranian Shiite group. The group vowed to respond to the assassination of Popular Mobilization Unties (PMU) Deputy-Commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and Maj. Gen. Qassam Soleimani, Commander of Iran’s Quds Force.”

Syrian Opposition Supporters Intercept, Assault Their Turkish Allies On M4 Highway (Videos) – https://southfront.org/syrian-opposition-supporters-intercept-assault-their-turkish-allies-on-m4-highway-videos/ – “The Turkish convoy, which consisted of several battle tanks, armored vehicles and bulldozers, was tasked with opening the M4 to facilitate a joint Russian-Turkish patrol that was supposed to take place on the highway later… Opposition protesters blocked the highway by deploying obstacles and even climbing Turkish vehicles. This forced the convoy to withdraw. However, the protesters went on to stone the vehicles of their allies… Turkey’s failure to open the highway led to the cancellation of the pre-planned joint patrol. Russian and Turkish troops conducted a very limited patrol west of Saraqib city in southeast Idlib instead… The reopening of the M4 highway, which links the coastal city of Lattakia with Aleppo city, is the keystone of the recent Russian Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib… In the last few days, opposition activists and militants vowed to keep the highway blocked, threatening Russian forces and placing a bounty for killing Russian journalists.”

Looking at the Military Aspects of Biological Warfare – by The Saker – https://www.unz.com/tsaker/looking-at-the-military-aspects-of-biological-warfare/ – “Here I have to, again, remind everybody that war is never an end by itself, but only a means towards an end, and that end is always POLITICAL. Going in just to kill people and even bombing a country back to the stone age does NOT qualify as a political goal. If you prefer, the political goal is what ought to be defined as “victory”. So, again, “destroying all enemy ships” or “pulling off a decapitating anti-leadership strike” are NOT political goals… There are several countries out there which are capable of developing bioweapons. In fact, most biolabs could manufacture a simple bioweapon using commonly found agents. But labs don’t get to decide to engage such weapons. That decision is clearly one which can only be taken at the national command center level and only following a compelling argument by military and scientific specialists. Finally, no responsible government would ever order the use of WMD if it felt that there is a risk of retaliation, both military or political… Finally, in the case of SARS-CoV-2 and of all the other epidemics/pandemics we see situation where the infection is not confined to the original infection site but goes global… As far as I know, and please correct me if I am wrong, but I know if no virus which has been successfully deployed against a specific target and then remained contained to that target. In other words, the risk of “collateral damage” from bioweapons is pretty close to infinite (at least potentially).”

Defender Europe 2020 can not be cancelled due to corona virus – Defender Europe 2020 or COVID-19. Who will win? – by Timoschuk –  https://theduran.com/defender-europe-2020-can-not-be-cancelled-due-to-corona-virus/ – “With the exception of civilian petitions, there are opinions of scholars and professional military personnel… According to the professors, the large troop movements within the framework of Defender Europe 2020 can contribute to the spread of corona virus infection throughout the European continent. And at the present time, the transfer of American troops to European ports is on the peak. And the source of a dangerous virus can be not only people. But also the transport in which dust particles containing the virus remained… The first canceled military events appear. Thus, the Finnish Ministry of Defense announced that Finnish troops will not take part in NATO’s major “Cold Response 2020” exercise. The U.S. and Israeli military exercises “Juniper cobra missile defense”, as well as the joint U.S.-South Korean exercises, have been canceled… Against this background, it would be logical if not to cancel, then at least postpone the “Defender Europe 2020” exercise.”

Photo, Video: Russian Military Police Waiting Turks For First Joint Patrol On M4 Highwayhttps://southfront.org/photo-video-russian-military-police-waiting-turks-for-first-joint-patrol-on-m4-highway/ – “On March 15, Russian war correspondent Eugene Poddubny published a photo and a video showing a unit of the Russian Military Police prepared for a joint patrol along the M4 highway in southern Idlib. According to Poddubny, the unit is now deployed in the northern vicinity of Saraqib and waiting Turkish forces to start the patrol… Earlier this week, the Turkish foreign ministry claimed that the first patrol will cover the entire agreed buffer zone – from west of Saraqib to the eastern vicinity of Jisr al-Shughur. However, this scenario remains highly unlikely because Jisr al-Shughur is a stronghold of the al-Qaeda-linked Turkistan Islamic Party. So, these ‘moderate rebels’ will be not happy to see the Russians there.”

M4 Highway Remains Blocked Less Than A Day Before First Planned Russian-Turkish Patrol (Video) – https://southfront.org/m4-highway-remains-blocked-less-than-a-day-before-first-planned-russian-turkish-patrol-video/ – “The sit-in began on March 13. The protesters are planning to prevent Russian and Turkish forces from conducting joint patrols on the highway in order to sabotage the recent Turkish-Russian agreement on Greater Idlib. Under the agreement, the first patrol should take place on March 15… A unit of the Turkish military made an attempt to end the sit-in and open the highway on March 14 noon. However, the protesters refused to evacuate, forcing the unit to retreat… The sit-in is by no mean peaceful, the protesters threatened to target any Russian unit that would approach the M4 highway. The threats were not limited to the protesters. A large unit of the Sham Corps, the biggest Turkish-backed group in Greater Idlib, released also a statement threatening Russian forces… ‘Any Russian patrol that would enter our land will be a target for us,’ the unit, known as the Ahl al-Sham Brigade, said in its statement.”

PROMIS VERSION 2.0? – by Joseph Farrell – https://gizadeathstar.com/2020/03/promis-version-2-0/ – ” ‘The former acting inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security was indicted for alleged fraud and theft, according to the Department of Justice… Charles Edwards, 59, served as the acting inspector general for the agency between 2011 and 2013 as part of former President Barack Obama’s administration… Edwards, of Maryland, and  54-year-old Virginia resident Murali Yamazula Venkata were both charged with wire fraud conspiracy to commit theft of government property, conspiracy to defraud the United States, aggravated identity theft, and theft of government property. Additionally, Venkata, a former subordinate of Edwards, is accused of destroying records, said the Justice Department.’.. Let that sink in a moment: the Department of Homeland Security (or as we like to refer to it here, the Reichsicherheithauptamt, version 2.0), a central and crucial component of the US intelligence and counter-intelligence “community”, has had software stolen from its inspector general’s office, allegedly by an acting inspector general himself, who apparently intended to “re-sell” the software back to other departments of the federal swamp, which could pay for the “purchase” and never have to render any accounting, thank you FASAB56. Now, if this sounds to you a little bit like the PROMIS story, then join the club, because that’s the way it looks and smells to me as well. A little back door here, a little back door there, and voila, as the article points out, you have the names, addresses and so on of federal government employees. Indeed, one has to wonder if the software itself was not some updated version of PROMIS to begin with. (My bet? It was.)”

COVID-19: Social Distancing, Forced Quarantines and the End Game (53 min) – by Derrick Broze

Iraq’s Resistance Reveals How U.S. Troops Will Be Removed From Its Country – by Moon of Alabama – https://www.moonofalabama.org/2020/03/iraqs-resistance-reveals-how-us-troops-will-be-removed-from-its-country.html – “Yesterday the U.S. attacked five sites in Iraq and killed 3 Iraqi soldiers of the 19th Division, two policeman and a civilian. The strikes came after some 10+ rockets, fired by unknown people, had hit the joint base Camp Tali and had killed 2 U.S. and one British soldiers… Today the U.S. received the revenge for its strikes… The U.S. Central Command had argued that the “defensive precision strike” against the five sites created deterrence i.e. they would prevent other attacks: ‘We believe that this is going to have an effect on deterring — on deterring future strikes of this nature. We’ve seen in the past what happens when you don’t respond. Now people know that we’re not going to — we’re not going to tolerate these direct attacks on American or coalition service members, and we’re willing and able to respond.’.. Even hawkish analysts find that the argument is nonsense… The Iraqi police found the launch site from where today’s rocket volley was fired. Its pictures tell a lot about how this fight will go on until the U.S. occupation forces leave Iraq… This is a fixed camouflaged position under a roof. It was probably built months if not years ago. The launcher cases where dug into the ground of some shed. They were already adjusted in the planned strike direction. To launch the rockets one had simply to clear the top of camouflage, pull up the rocket launcher from the front and set the height adjusting stick up. One man could do that within a few minutes. The electrical launch command would then come from remote by a wire or cellphone… The setup of the position reminds one of similar positions the Lebanese Hizbullah has build in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. The people who set up this launch position in Iraq seem to have received some training from experienced staff.”

From the Shape-Of-Things-To-Come Desk: (21 year-old) Liberty Activist “Murdered as He Slept” by SWAT Team Seizing His Guns — Lawyer – by Matt Agorist – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/03/liberty-activist-murdered-as-he-slept-by-swat-team-seizing-his-guns-lawyer.html – “In the process, according to Rene Sandler, an attorney for the family, police opened fire through an outside window and murdered Lemp and shot his girlfriend as they slept… According to ABC, Sandler said the family believes police fired gunshots, not a flashbang or other projectile, from outside the home, including through Lemp’s bedroom window, while he and his girlfriend were sleeping. Nobody in the home heard any warnings or commands before police opened fire, she said… ‘There is no warrant or other justification that would ever allow for that unless there is an imminent threat, which there was not,’ Sandler said… If history is any indicator, however, police will rule this killing justified after they investigate themselves… ‘He was pro-America and supported wholeheartedly all the protections of the Constitution,’ the family’s attorney said. ‘We believe that the body camera footage and other forensic evidence from this event will support what Duncan’s family already knows, that he was murdered.’ ”

Vossahedron – Prototype groundbreaking Bio-Architecture dome structure(video 1hr 17min) – Comment:  Fernando Vossa presents what is essentially a New Paradigm approach to architecture and housing, with major implications for our future lives.

China Accuses US Military Of Coronavirus Outbreakhttps://southfront.org/china-accuses-us-military-of-coronavirus-outbreak/ – ” ‘It might be the US army’ that brought the coronavirus (COVID-19) to China, a spokesman for the country’s foreign ministry, Zhao Lijian, said on March 12.” (with tweets posted by Zhao) – Comment: This is a whole new wrinkle in the COVID-19 narrative…

Greek Border Guards Deploy Massive Fans Against Tear Gas, Start Building Border Wallhttps://southfront.org/greek-border-guards-deploy-massive-fans-against-tear-gas-start-building-border-wall/ – “Turkish media claim that the Greek border guards are using the fans to spread the tear gas they, themselves, are throwing, so as to not to harm themselves with their own gas, despite any logic… Meanwhile, Bulgarian authorities opened the Ivaylovgrad dam, so that Evros is flooded to make it harder to cross the river at the Turkish-Greek border crossing… On March 12th, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan added another insult to his repertoire, after years ago calling German Chancellor Angela Merkel a “Nazi,” then saying French President Emmanuel Macron is “brain dead,” now he said that Greece and the Greek are simply “Nazis” and “barbarians.”.. Merkel and Macron, who recently thanked Greece for guarding “Europe’s borders” and are to meet with Erdogan in Istanbul in a few days for talks that will include the new migrant crisis, are being called on to deal with the Turkish president and his out-of-control ambition.”

Syrian Military Discovered Terrorist Prison At Former Ice Cream Factoryhttps://southfront.org/syrian-military-discovered-terrorist-prison-at-former-ice-cream-factory/ – “TASS reports (source): The Syrian military have discovered a prison and a court, where terrorists sentenced locals to death for even the smallest of infringements  in the town of Al Qasimiyah in Aleppo province… The prison was located in a former ice cream factory… ‘This was their prison. There are several cells — both big and small. Even women and children were imprisoned here, a total of 500 people,’ a Syrian serviceman named Hadjar told Russian journalists… The place is littered with prisoners’ belongings and jumpsuits of those sentenced to public executions…’Here are sewage pits, [the terrorists] dumped those whom they considered particularly dangerous or guilty there,’ the serviceman said… According to the locals, the militants would punish even the smallest infringement: curfew violation, failure to pay debt, a woman appearing without headscarf in public and even for expression of disrespect to the terrorists. The so-called sharia morality police watched over this.”

Escalation Or De-Escalation? Prospects Of Russian-Turkish Idlib Agreement (w/Video 4min) – https://southfront.org/escalation-or-de-escalation-prospects-of-russian-turkish-idlib-agreement/Comment: Very good concise analysis of the current state of the Cease Fire in Idlib and possible future developments

Two New Disappointments for the Coup Planners in Venezuela –  https://southfront.org/two-new-disappointments-for-the-coup-planners-in-venezuela/ – “There are two political lines developing simultaneously. On the one hand, a scenario is under construction to achieve a broad agreement for the next legislative election. The Government and an increasingly wide range of opposition parties and leaders are working on this road map… Central steps have already been taken in that direction, such as the installation on March 9 of the Electoral Nominations Committee to elect the new electoral authorities, with the participation of deputies from both Chavism and the opposition: the president will be Angel Medina, from the Justice First party, and the vice-president Julio Chavez, from the PSUV… On the other hand, the time of the overthrow attempt is underway, with Guaido as the national front and with the United States as its leader and funder. This strategy has not yielded favorable political results either in terms of weakening Maduro or in terms of establishing its social legitimacy since the economic blockade does not have the majority approval of society… So two lines are advancing simultaneously and the second one, the coup plan, needs to stop the accumulation of forces of the first one, the electoral one. In order to do so, it needs to carry out initiatives that achieve an impact, which leads to the hypotheses related to actions of force, like what occurred with the burning of CNE warehouses or the attacks on barracks last December near the border with Brazil.”

Bailout Bazooka Has Been Fired – Mike Maloney’s Gold/Silver Market Update (16 min)

COVID-19: Further Evidence that the Virus Originated in the US – by Larry Romanoff – https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid-19-further-evidence-virus-originated-us/5706078 – “Not only did the virus not originate at the seafood market, it did not originate in Wuhan at all, and it has now been proven that it did not originate in China but was brought to China from another country. Part of the proof of this assertion is that the genome varieties of the virus in Iran and Italy have been sequenced and declared to have no part of the variety that infected China and must, by definition, have originated elsewhere… It would seem the only possibility for origination is the US because only that country has the “tree trunk” of all the varieties. And it may therefore be true that the original source of the COVID-19 virus was the US military bio-warfare lab at Fort Detrick. This would not be a surprise, given that the CDC completely shut down Fort Detrick, but also because, as I related in an earlier article, between 2005 and 2012 the US had experienced 1,059 events where pathogens had been either stolen or escaped from American bio-labs during the prior ten years – an average of one every three days.” (emphasis added)

COVID-19 and Total Social Control: ‘This is No Futuristic Scenario’ – by F. William Engdahl – https://21stcenturywire.com/2020/03/11/covid-19-and-total-social-control-this-is-no-futuristic-scenario/ – “Whatever has occurred inside China at this point it is almost impossible to say owing to conflicting reactions of the Beijing authorities and several changes in ways of counting COVID-19 cases. The question now is how the relevant authorities in the West will use this crisis. Here it is useful to go back to a highly relevant report published a decade ago by the Rockefeller Foundation, one of the world’s leading backers of eugenics, and creators of GMO among other things… The report in question has the bland title, “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.” It was published in May 2010 in cooperation with the Global Business Network of futurologist Peter Schwartz. The report contains various futurist scenarios developed by Schwartz and company… One scenario carries the intriguing title, “LOCK STEP: A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.” Here it gets interesting as in what some term predictive programming.”

Turkey Should Return S-400 If It Wants Patriot Batteries: Pentagonhttps://southfront.org/turkey-should-return-s-400-if-it-wants-patriot-batteries-pentagon/ – “On March 10th, US Department of Defense spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman said that the US would deliver Patriot air defense systems to Turkey, if it returned the S-400 missile defense system to Russia… Two Turkish officials told Reuters News Agency that Turkey was evaluating the US offer but added that Ankara had not changed its plans for the Russian S-400 systems… The S-400 is planned to be activated in April 2020… Speaking to reporters on his return flight from Brussels on March 10th, Erdogan said Ankara had told Washington to deploy Patriot systems to Turkey and that it was ready to buy the systems from the US, as well.”

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Highwire with Del Bigtree (2hr 21min) Del also discusses a possible upcoming lawsuit against the CDC, and more information from the monumental 9 hour deposition of Vaccine Guru Dr. Stanley Plotkin.

THE STOCK MARKET GOT DESTROYED. THE WORST IS YET TO COME (25 min) – by Greg Mannarino – I recommend everyone watch this very important video from Mannarino.

From the Never-Let-A-Good-Crisis-Go-To Waste Desk: Executive Order on Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Healthhttps://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-modernizing-influenza-vaccines-united-states-promote-national-security-public-health/ – “(b)  Vaccination is the most effective defense against influenza (Note: kinda seems like an opinion).  Despite recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that nearly every American should receive the influenza vaccine annually, however, seasonal influenza vaccination levels in the United States have currently reached only about 45 percent of CDC goals (Note: Moar innoculations!)… (c)  All influenza vaccines presently in use have been developed for circulating or anticipated influenza viruses. These vaccines must be reformulated for each influenza season as well as in the event of a pandemic.  Additional research is needed to develop influenza vaccines that provide more effective and longer-lasting protection against many or all influenza viruses (Note: Can we say “DNA vaccines?”)… Sec. 2.  Policy.  It is the policy of the United States to modernize the domestic influenza vaccine enterprise to be highly responsive, flexible, scalable, and more effective at preventing the spread of influenza viruses.  This is a public health and national security priority, as influenza has the potential to significantly harm the United States and our interests, including through large-scale illness and death, disruption to military operations, and damage to the economy.  This order directs actions to reduce the United States’ reliance on egg-based influenza vaccine production; to expand domestic capacity of alternative methods that allow more agile and rapid responses to emerging influenza viruses; to advance the development of new, broadly protective vaccine candidates that provide more effective and longer lasting immunities; and to support the promotion of increased influenza vaccine immunization across recommended populations… Sec. 3.  National Influenza Vaccine Task Force.  (a)  There is hereby established a National Influenza Vaccine Task Force (Task Force).  The Task Force shall identify actions to achieve the objectives identified in section 2 of this order and monitor and report on the implementation and results of those actions.  The Task Force shall be co-chaired by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, or their designees.” (emphasis added)

This Is a Test: How Will the Constitution Fare During a Nationwide Lockdown? – by John W. Whitehead – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/03/this-is-a-test-how-will-the-constitution-fare-during-a-nationwide-lockdown.html – “This coronavirus epidemic, which has brought China’s Orwellian surveillance out of the shadows and caused Italy to declare a nationwide lockdown, threatens to bring the American Police State out into the open on a scale we’ve not seen before… If and when a nationwide lockdown finally hits—if and when we are forced to shelter in place— if and when militarized police are patrolling the streets— if and when security checkpoints have been established— if and when the media’s ability to broadcast the news has been curtailed by government censors—if and when public systems of communication (phone lines, internet, text messaging, etc.) have been restricted—if and when those FEMA camps the government has been surreptitiously building finally get used as quarantine detention centers for American citizens—if and when military “snatch and grab” teams are deployed on local, state, and federal levels as part of the activated Continuity of Government plans to isolate anyone suspected of being infected with COVID-19—and if and when martial law is enacted with little real outcry or resistance from the public—then we will truly understand the extent to which the government has fully succeeded in recalibrating our general distaste for anything that smacks too overtly of tyranny… This is how it begins.”

COVID-19 Coronavirus “Fake” Pandemic: Timeline and Analysis – by Prof Michel Chossudovsky – https://www.globalresearch.ca/ncov-2019-coronavirus-time-line/5705776 – “The complexity of this crisis and its impacts have to be addressed and carefully analysed… What we are dealing with is “economic warfare” supported by media disinformation, coupled with the deliberate intent by   the Trump administration to undermine China’s economy. The ongoing economic dislocations are not limited to China… There are important public health concerns which must be addressed. But what motivated the Director-General of the WHO to act in this way?  Who was behind this historic January 30th decision of the WHO’s Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus… Our subsequent  analysis (in the timeline below) reveals that powerful corporate interests linked to Big Pharma, Wall Street and agencies of the US government were instrumental in the WHO’s far-reaching decision… What is at stake is the alliance of “Big Pharma” and “Big Money”, with the endorsement of the Trump Administration. The decision to launch a fake pandemic under the helm of the WHO on January 30, was taken a week earlier at the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF). The media operation was there to spread outright panic.” Comment: Fantastic and important article from Global Research and Prof. Chossudovsky

(Santa Cruz) County Supervisors Declare Emergency Due To Coronavirus –  Also on Tuesday, the University of California, Santa Cruz called off in-person classes – https://patch.com/california/santacruz/county-supervisors-declare-emergency-due-coronavirus – “The Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors unanimously declared Tuesday a local emergency as the county braces for potential impact from the new coronavirus. Last week county Health Officer Gail Newel issued a Local Health Emergency, citing a need to prepare for a potential spread, should the outbreak worsen… Two Santa Cruz County residents have tested positive for coronavirus, and both patients are recovering in isolation, the county has said. The first patient was aboard the Princess Grand Princess cruise ship and the second is thought to have contracted the virus on a trip to Seattle… The county said it expects more cases to be confirmed as testing becomes more widely available in the coming days… Don’t miss updates about precautions in Santa Cruz as they are announced.” – “Ain’t it funny how you feel, when you know that it’s for real.” -Neil Young, Sugar Mountain – Comment: I certainly don’t concur with the approaches and attitudes expressed in this lamestream propaganda. But we need to stay aware of what is being pushed here, and where this “horrible pandemic” is being taken. Be prepared to do whatever you need to to preserve your sovereignty and personal initiatives.

18-Year-Old Blind Pianist Is So Talented That Scientists Are Studying His Brain To Learn Why -This blind piano prodigy has been entertaining audiences across the world since he was 11 – by Elias Marat – https://themindunleashed.com/2020/03/18-year-old-blind-pianist-is-so-talented-that-scientists-are-studying-his-brain-to-learn-why.html – “What Dr. Limb found out was shocking: Whitaker’s brain had apparently repurposed the visual cortex in order to develop other neurological pathways. When Whitaker listens to his favorite bands, his visual cortex is activated.”

Dutch Authorities’ Attempted To Pressure Hague District Court Before Start Of MH17 Trialhttps://southfront.org/dutch-authorities-attempted-to-pressure-hague-district-court-before-start-of-mh17-trial/ – “I recognise this hallmark style, that of planted news citing some mythical “irrefutable” evidence, with witnesses’ details classified and links to sources that cannot be opened. At the same time, important matters of direct relevance to the tragedy – such as Ukraine’s failure to close its airspace to civilian aircraft due to the internal armed conflict in the summer 2014 – which the Dutch parliamentarians seemed interested in, have apparently slipped from public discourse. The huge package of information about the crash provided by Russia continues to be ignored. The investigators are not interested in why all the prosecutors involved in the MH17 inquiry were fired just before the start of the trial in Ukraine… Yet, the media campaign is gaining unprecedented momentum, with a clear accusatory bias towards Russia and – something absolutely unacceptable – against its citizens. This has been unleashed in the last days before the trial in order to compensate for the gaps in the evidence, to hide the juggling of facts to fit the pre-selected version. Another reason is probably to inspire the idea that the probe was impeccable and predetermine the verdict in advance and prevent any deviation from the line drawn up six years ago… I just have one question. Is it even acceptable practice to launch such an information campaign before a court trial? Have you seen a precedent for this anywhere?” -Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova, Moscow, March 6

Trial Of Alleged “Vault 7” CIA Leaker Ends In Hung Juryhttps://www.zerohedge.com/technology/trial-alleged-vault-7-cia-leaker-ends-hung-jury – “On Monday, a federal jury in Manhattan could not agree on whether to convict 31-year-old Joshua Schulte on eight counts, including illegal gathering and transmission of national defense information, according to the New York Times. Schulte was convicted on two other counts; contempt of court and making false statements to the FBI… The trial of a former CIA computer engineer accused of the largest leak of classified information in the spy agency’s history has ended with a hung jury.” – Comment: hopefully this outcome will have an impact on the current Julian Assange extradition Kangaroo Court going on near Belmarsh Prison outside London.

Even The Best-Case Scenario Is Pretty Grim – by John Rubino – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/even-best-case-scenario-pretty-grim – “Let’s say President Trump is right about the coronavirus  “miraculously” fading away as temperatures rise in the Summer. Will things then go back to the old normal of globalization, free trade and finance-driven “growth”?.. Almost certainly not, because the psychological damage has already been done. Over the past couple of weeks the modern globalized economy with its multi-nation supply chains and just-in-time inventory systems has been forced to recognize that such a system only works in a nearly-perfect environment… Which means the best case scenario is the long-awaited Chinese financial crisis. And with the rest of the world just as over-leveraged as China, the implications of the second biggest economy shifting into reverse and possibly descending into chaos are hard to predict in detail but easy to envision generally: turmoil in the currency, fixed income and stock markets which force the governments to push interest rates into negative territory and run deficits that dwarf those of the Great Recession... If any major fiat currency is still functioning at the end of this process, that will be the real miracle.”

Plunge Protection Team Holds “Market Conditions” Call After Monday’s Market Crash – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/plunge-protection-team-holds-market-impact-phone-call-after-mondays-market-crash – “The last time Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had a phone call with the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, better known as the Plunge Protection Team, was on Dec 24, 2018, or the day which has since become better known as the Christmas Eve massacre  and which just happened to be the low of the Q4 2018 mini bear markets. It spawned a tremendous rally which culminated in a full year return for 2019 of nearly 30% with zero earnings growth… We bring this up because moments ago, moments ago we learned that in the past day, there was another phone call with the participants of the plunge protection team, which included Mnuchin, Fed Chairman Powell, New York Fed President Williams, as well as the heads of SEC, CFTC, OCC and FDIC, and during which “market conditions and resilience”, “economic disruptions” and “virus impact” were all discussed: The regulators “shared updates on the resilience of the markets and the economic impact,” of the virus, the Treasury Department said in a statement according to Bloomberg, and while the details of the call or its conclusion have not yet been leaked, one can imagine what the topic was on the day the market suffered its biggest crash since the financial crisis.” – Comment: I’d guess you could say these conversations were a prelude to the nearly 1200-point gains the Dow made on Tuesday…

“Deeper Than Corona” – The Real Causes Of The Oncoming Economic Collapse – by Matthew Ehrethttps://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/deeper-corona-real-causes-oncoming-economic-collapse – “The fact of the oncoming collapse itself should not be a surprise- especially when one is reminded of the $1.5 quadrillion of derivatives which has taken over a world economy which generates a mere $80 trillion/year in measurable goods and trade. These nebulous bets on insurance on bets on collateralized debts known as derivatives didn’t even exist a few decades ago, and the fact is that no matter what the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank have attempted to do to stop a new rupture of this overextended casino bubble of an economy in recent months, nothing has worked. Zero to negative percent interest rates haven’t worked, opening overnight repo loans of $100 billion/night to failing banks hasn’t worked- nor has the return of quantitative easing which restarted on October 17 in earnest. No matter what these financial wizards try to do, things just keep getting worse... The last week has seen The Dow make several 1000-point-plus swings which were more than a little startling for many investors, veering dangerously close to a precipice which has 1929 written all over it. Across the internet, panicky discussion has erupted over whether this foretells  another 1987 collapse as Donald Trump warned, or something more akin to Black Tuesday of 1929. Others have pondered whether this is more similar to a 1923 Weimar hyperinflation where Germans became millionaires overnight (not much to celebrate when bread costs billions).”

Massive BIZARRE Object Caught on Outer Space Radar Between the Sun and Earth (w/Video 3min) – by DAHBOO777 – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/03/bizarre-object-caught-on-outer-space-radar-heading-toward-earth.htmlComment: Unless this was a deliberately created digital image, it looks to be evidence approaching proof of extraterrestrial spacefaring life.

Lebanon Announces Default On $1.2BN Debt Payment In Historical First – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/bigger-lebanon-can-bear-pm-announces-default-12bn-debt-historical-first – “Local banks, which own some of the  Eurobonds set to mature on March 9, have long argued against a default. But clients also fear the continued rapid depletion of their savings. Diab, appearing to respond not only to the people in the streets but to criticisms from the West centered on the Mediterranean nation’s decades of state corruption, pledged to continue negotiations to restructure the country’s debt ‘with all creditors… in a manner consistent with the national interest.’.. ‘How can we pay creditors abroad when the Lebanese cannot get their money from their bank accounts?’ Diab questioned, referencing controversial emergency measures banks have enacted since the start of the year, which in most places has limited account holders to withdrawing a mere $200 total a week. The Lebanese had ‘lived a dream that was a delusion as though things were just fine, while Lebanon was drowning in more debt,’ he said further.”

Is Bill Gates Profiting From The Outbreak? Or Is Something Far More Sinister Taking Place? (w/Video 8min) – by Spiro Skouras – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/03/is-bill-gates-profiting-from-the-outbreak-or-is-something-far-more-sinister-taking-place.htmlwith links below the video.

Tucker Carlson: Extortion from China is the real threat (10 min) – Note: I personally don’t agree with some of what Tucker puts forward here as “facts.” However, I think it’s great that someone in “The Mainstream” is competent and willing to do this kind of reporting.

Russia Appears Unprepared For Market Chaos (Again)https://southfront.org/russia-appears-unprepared-for-market-chaos-again/ – “A significant part of the liberal economic bloc supports the devaluation of the ruble, as it believes that it will allow to preserve the budget amid the falling energy export revenue. The same liberal bloc has little interest in solving the actual problems of the population: the reduction of purchasing power, the climbing prices in the domestic market. This can be easily seen in the rising fuel prices, as well as the subsequent increase in prices for all sectors of the national economy. The current situation will also lead to an increase in inflation, which the Russian Central Bank declaratively fights against. Thus, the regulator is forced to undermine its own policy from the previous period… In many respects this situation coincides with the political changes in the country and the on-going constitutional amendments. Despite the fact that some of them were partially blocked (for example, the inability to own foreign property for officials and members of parliament), they provoke a hysteria of the liberal portion of the political elites. The economic decline will undermine Putin’s approval rating. As a result, the liberal elite is attempting to exploit the current situation to achieve its political interest and fight against the so-called ‘patriotic part’ of the Russian elites.

Putin Helps Erdogan Climb Down from the Tree with a Ceasefire Agreement – by Elijah J. Magnier – https://ejmagnier.com/2020/03/07/putin-helps-erdogan-climb-down-from-the-tree-with-a-ceasefire-agreement/ – “A well-informed source said that ‘Erdogan wanted a ceasefire in Idlib but could not announce it himself because it would have cost him dearly domestically. He lost the war when he failed to recover Saraqeb and recover the entire 70-kilometre-long highway linking Aleppo to Damascus, known as the M5. He wanted Putin to bring him down from the tree. The Russian President understood and saved his business partner from humiliation.’.. A strong Putin offered his hand to the weakened Erdogan.  His attempts to play on the Levant territory marked an incursion into the Kremlin’s arena. The Russian President is aware that the relationship with his Turkish partner must be handled very cautiously and that Erdogan’s promises cannot be taken at face value. But Turkey is also aware that Russia will hit harder the next time the Astana agreement and its annexes are violated, and that Putin’s allies in Syria will be more vigilant in any future confrontation against the Turkish army in Syria. One thing is sure: the jihadists have lost a father. Erdogan – who took upon him the spearhead role in overthrowing the Syrian state in 2011 – can no longer offer his protection but is himself looking to come out of his predicament with as few bruises as possible. The time has come for Turkey to leave Idlib.”

Seek and destroy: US Navy’s Orca robot (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle) – by Dave Makichuk – https://asiatimes.com/2020/03/seek-and-destroy-us-navys-orca-robot/ – “Meet the Orca, a 50 ton undersea drone armed with high-tech sensors capable of several attack options, including torpedoes, able to wage a stealth-like war under the ocean surface without a single human being in tow… According to a special report from Kris Osborn at National Interest, earlier this year, Boeing was awarded a US$43 million deal to build four Orcas for the US Navy… The XL-UUV (Extra Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicle) Orca is based upon Echo Voyager and Echo Ranger undersea drones, said Capt. Pete Small, Program Manager for Unmanned Systems, Naval Sea Systems Command… The latter is an 84-foot long, massive underwater drone able to reach depths of 11,000 feet and hit ranges up to 6,500 nautical miles, the report said… Extra Large UUVs, such as Boeing’s Orca, are certainly large enough to accommodate weapons payloads, and it seems such an option is entirely feasible, depending upon the pace of undersea connectivity and fire control, the report said… It goes without saying that use of any kind of lethal force would, according to Pentagon doctrine, require a human functioning in a role of command and control.”

Tech Firms Seek to Head Off Bans on Facial Recognition – Microsoft, Amazon show support for some legislative measures – by Ryan Tracy – https://www.wsj.com/articles/tech-firms-seek-to-head-off-bans-on-facial-recognition-11583498034  – “Amid rising calls for regulation, technology companies are pushing for laws that would restrict use of facial-recognition systems—and head off the more severe prohibitions some cities and states are weighing… Microsoft Corp., Amazon.com Inc. and others stand to profit as government agencies and businesses expand use of the technology, which can require large investments in machine-learning and cloud-computing capacity… That opportunity is threatened by campaigns to severely restrict its use… San Francisco and six other cities have passed laws to block government use of facial recognition. Lawmakers in New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Michigan are considering some form of ban or strict limitation.”

Why this Draconian Response to COVID-19? – by Jeffrey A Tucker – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/03/why-this-draconian-response-to-covid-19.html – “Look, I’m obviously not in a position to comment on the medical aspects of this; I defer to the experts. But neither are medical professionals in a position to comment on the political response to this; mostly they have assiduously declined to do so… Meanwhile, governments are willy-nilly making drastic decisions that profoundly affect the status of human freedom. Their decisions are going to affect our lives in profound ways. And there has thus far been no real debate on this. It’s just been presumed that containment of the spread rather than the care of the sick is the only way forward… What’s more, we have governments all-too-willing to deploy their awesome powers to control human populations in direct response to mass public pressure based on fears that have so far not been justified by any available evidence. For this reason, we have every reason to be concerned… Are we really ready to imprison the world, wreck financial markets, destroy countless jobs, and massively disrupt life as we know it, all to forestall some uncertain fate, even as we do know the right way to deal with the problem from a medical point of view? It’s at least worth debating.”

World Health Organization Vaccine Safety Summit for Lawmakers – condensed from Del Bigtree’s Highwire (57 min)

Coronavirus: Follow the Money (13 min) – by Spiro Skouras

Happy “Spring Ahead” Day !

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