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Video Removed & BBC inferred I lied. My two cents – by Dana Ashlie (24 min) – https://youtu.be/dvqBwPgrX_s – ” Dana Ashlie talks about the unexplained removal of her recent video discussing the effects of 60ghz 5G radiation on the orbital spin of electrons of oxygen and its possible interference in the uptake of oxygen by hemoglobin in blood cells, provides more confirmation of this possible (untested) possibility, and exposes the extreme rush toward implementation of 5G in the United States through the Orwellian “Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020” signed on March 24th by Trump, which calls for: ‘Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the President shall develop and submit to the appropriate committees of Congress an implementation plan for the Strategy (referred to in this Act as the Implementation Plan), which shall include, at a minimum, the following: 9) A plan for engagement with private sector communications infrastructure and systems equipment developers and critical infrastructure owners and operators who have a critical dependency on communications infrastructure to share information and findings on 5th and future generations wireless communications systems and infrastructure equipment standards to secure platforms. (10) A plan for engagement with private sector communications infrastructure and systems equipment developers to encourage the maximum participation possible on standards-setting bodies related to such systems and infrastructure equipment standards by public and private sector entities from the United States. (14) A plan for research and development by the Federal Government, in close partnership with trusted supplier entities, mutual defense treaty allies, strategic partners, and other countries to reach and maintain United States leadership in 5th and future generations wireless communications systems and infrastructure security, including the development of an ongoing capability to identify security vulnerabilities in 5th and future generations wireless communications systems.’ ” – Dana Ashlie continues her brilliant work on subjects related to the “Coronavirus Pandemic”

From the Break-Out-The-Torches-And-Pitchforks Desk: “It is fair to say things won’t go back to truly normal until we have a vaccine that we’ve gotten out to basically the entire world.” ~ Bill Gates – (23 sec. video)https://twitter.com/LegendaryEnergy/status/1246907612152676354

From the Somethin’-Here-Ain’t-Exactly-Right Desk: ΝYC ΙCU DR with nothing to gain shares INCREDIBLE insight… (10 min) – by Dana Ashlie

Must, Must, MUST Read: Waves Of Mutilation: Medical Tyranny And The Cashless Society – by Brandon Smith – http://www.alt-market.com/index.php/articles/4175-waves-of-mutilation-medical-tyranny-and-the-cashless-society – “Back in 2014 during the Ebola scare in the US I published an article warning about how a global pandemic could be used by the elites as cover for the implementation of an economic collapse as well as martial law measures in western nations. My immediate concern was the way in which a viral outbreak could be engineered or exploited as a rationale for a level of social control that the public would never accept under normal circumstances. And this could be ANY viral outbreak, not just Ebola. The point is the creation of an “invisible enemy” that the populace cannot quantify and defend itself against without constant government oversight… I noted specifically how the government refused to apply air travel restrictions in 2014 to nations where the outbreak had taken hold when they could have stopped the spread in its tracks. This is something that was done again in 2020 as the UN’s WHO and governments including our government in the US refused to stop air travel from China, pretending as if it was not a hot zone and that the virus was nothing to worry about… This attitude of nonchalance serves a purpose. The establishment NEEDS the pandemic to spread, because then they have a rationale for strict controls of pubic activities and movements. This is the end goal. They have no care whatsoever for public health or safety. The end game is to acquire power, not save lives.  In fact, they might prefer a higher death count in the beginning as this would motivate the public to beg for more restrictions in the name of security.” (emphases added)

WATCH:  Massive Police Response To Child’s Birthday Party During Lockdown (11 min) – by Ben Swann

Martial Law and the US Constitution…- by Ralph Fucetola JD – https://bolenreport.com/martial-law-and-the-us-constitution/ – “…when it came time to write the Constitution limiting the powers of the new central government it is not surprising that there is no provision in the Constitution permitting Martial Law… Late last month as part of the COVID Emergency Health Summit I interviewed constitutional scholar and lawyer, Larry Becraft, JD (known to many of us as The Dean of the Patriot Lawyers). In that interview we discussed the possibility and legality of Martial Law as a response to the declared pandemic. This article is based on that discussion and subsequent research… Since there is no provision in the Constitution allowing Martial Law, how did President Lincoln seek to impose Martial Law? How did President Wilson do so? How did FDR do so, going as far as incarcerating hundreds of thousands of American citizens of Japanese origin for years?”

Police App Encourages People To Report Neighbors Who Violate Stay At Home Orders – by MassPrivateIhttps://www.activistpost.com/2020/04/police-app-encourages-people-to-report-neighbors-who-violate-stay-at-home-orders.html – “GeekWire revealed  how the Bellevue Police Department has turned a public service app into a report on your neighbors app.  You can report these incidents through the MyBellevue app on your electronic device or the MyBellevue portal… ‘Police in Bellevue, Wash., are asking residents to report violations of the state’s “stay home” order online in an effort to clear up 911 lines for emergencies.’.. A recent Associated Press article revealed that people are happy to report on their neighbors: ‘Snitches are emerging as enthusiastic allies as cities, states and countries work to enforce directives meant to limit person-to-person contact amid the virus pandemic that has claimed tens of thousands of lives worldwide. They’re phoning police and municipal hotlines, complaining to elected officials and shaming perceived scofflaws on social media.’ ”

From the Vlad-Goes-To-The-Dark-Side Desk: Putin Tells Russian Security Council That Month-Long Quarantine Vital to Stem COVID-19https://sputniknews.com/russia/202004031078821010-putin-tells-russian-security-council-that-month-long-quarantine-vital-to-stem-covid-19/ – ” ‘You know that in accordance with my decree, special measures have been extended until the end of April, quarantine measures are being carried out. It is necessary to contain the spread of coronavirus infection. That’s what experts say,’ he said during the council’s meeting, which was conducted in a video conference mode… The president added that the authorities would listen carefully to expert opinion.”

From the We-Do-What-We’re-Told Desk: Social distancing works, but resistance prompts worries of growing crisis – by Nathaniel Weixel – https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/491097-social-distancing-works-but-resistance-prompts-worries-of-growing – “Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, said it is clear that social distancing measures are working, but he is concerned that the entire country is not following them… ‘It worked in California, in Seattle, that’s great. … We are a very mobile country and there are still places where they are not doing physical distancing at all,’ Benjamin said… Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert and a member of the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force, recently questioned why some states have resisted… ‘I don’t understand why that’s not happening,” Fauci  told CNN on Thursday. “If you look at what’s going on in this country, I just don’t understand why we’re not doing that. We really should be.’ ”

Introductory video from Jon Rappoport and Solari.com:  Coronavirus, Epidemics, and Vaccine Terrorismhttps://home.solari.com/coronavirus-epidemics-vaccine-mandates-with-jon-rappoport/ – with a major three-part audio series on the “The Creation of a False Epidemic with Jon Rappoport” hosted on Solari at: https://home.solari.com/the-creation-of-a-false-epidemic-with-jon-rappoport/ – I strongly suggest listening to these to deepen your understanding of what’s happening here, and what the people of Earth are faced with.

Nobody Knows What the Supposed “Covid-19 Test” Is Even Testing For – Food and Drug Administration: ‘Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus’ – by Jon Rappoport – https://www.anti-empire.com/nobody-knows-what-the-supposed-covid-19-test-is-even-testing-for/ – “In this article, I’ll present quotes from official sources about their own diagnostic test for the coronavirus. I’m talking about fatal flaws in the test… Because case numbers are based on those tests (or no tests at all), the whole “pandemic effect” has been created out of fake science… In a moment of truth, a propaganda pro might murmur to a colleague, “You know, we’ve got a great diagnostic test for the virus. The test turns out all sorts of results that say this person is diseased and that person is diseased. Millions of diseased people. But the test doesn’t really measure that. The test is ridiculous, but ridiculous in our favor. It builds the picture of a global pandemic. An excuse to lock down the planet and wreck economies and lives…” (emphasis added)

From the Believe-In-Government-God Desk: Trump: Obeying COVID-19 Guidelines is a ‘Matter of Life and Death’ – by Alice Green – http://punchingbagpost.com/2020/04/02/trump-obeying-covid-19-guidelines-is-a-matter-of-life-and-death/ – ” ‘The surge is coming, and it’s coming pretty strong,’ said President Trump Tuesday during a press conference at the White House. ‘As a nation, we’re going to have a really rough two weeks. Our strength will be tested and our endurance will be tried.’.. On Sunday, Trump extended social distancing guidelines through the end of April as experts warned the US to expect between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths. Without social distancing and other methods, the projected number of deaths increases to between 1.6 and 2.2 million… ‘This is tough. People are suffering,’ said Dr. Anthony Fauci. ‘It’s inconvenient from a societal standpoint, from an economic standpoint to go through this, but this is going to be the answer to our problems.’.. The Administration this week unveiled its new “30 Days to Slow the Spread” guidelines, which reiterate and extend existing advice including: social distancing, frequent hand washing, working from home, avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people, and bypassing discretionary travel… ‘It is absolutely critical for the American people to follow the guidelines,’ said Trump. ‘It’s a matter of life and death.’ ” – Comment: If you believe this, I have a bridge in Wuhan you might be interested in.

German journalist Billy Six goes to hospital ‘teeming with coronavirus patients’ – Empty (47 min)

Rioters, police clash in Jaffa (Israel) after officers accuse man of violating quarantinehttps://www.timesofisrael.com/rioters-police-clash-in-jaffa-after-officers-accuse-man-of-violating-quarantine/ – “Dozens of people protested and some rioted in Jaffa on Wednesday after police stopped a man and accused him of breaking mandatory coronavirus quarantine… The man refused to show officers his identification card and was eventually fined for being more than 100 meters from his home… Police said that as they questioned the man they were encircled by his family members, some of whom attacked officers… Police said in a statement that rioters ‘arrived on the scene in an organized fashion with stones, tires and flammable materials.’ Protesters clashed with police, burning tires and blocking roads.”

Small Group of Coronavirus Patients Exhibit Neurological Symptoms – by David Lindfield – https://newspushed.com/small-group-of-coronavirus-patients-exhibit-neurological-symptoms/ – “A woman in Michigan could remember her name, but not much else. A brain scan showed swelling and inflammation. She was diagnosed with acute necrotizing encephalopathy, a rare complication from some viruses, and she remains in critical condition according to the New York Times… Dr. Elissa Fory, a neurologist with Henry Ford Health System, said ‘The pattern of involvement, and the way that it rapidly progressed over days, is consistent with viral inflammation of the brain.’.. She continued, ‘This may indicate the virus can invade the brain directly in rare circumstances.’.. Several other cases showed that older patients who went to the doctor for neurological symptoms were also diagnosed with the virus… ‘It could be as simple as low levels of oxygen in the bloodstream,’ Dr. Robert Stevens, a neurologist at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine said.” (emphasis added)Comment: Impairment of oxygenation could be consistent with exposure to 60ghz microwaves in the 5G range…

Two Plans To “Re-Open” the Country Include COVID-19 Tracking Via Cell Phones and Mass Vaccination Program – by Sayer Ji –  https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/two-plans-re-open-country-include-covid-19-tracking-cell-phones-and-mass-vaccinat01 “As the world, and the United States, waits anxiously for news of when the outbreak and lockdown will end, two new plans outline requirements that will significantly impact our already suspended civil liberties… An important article published in STAT titled, “Two new road maps lay out possible paths to end coronavirus lockdowns,” reveals two plans for re-opening our country, one which offers no definite timeline, and the second indicating the soonest would be June: ‘The first, from Ezekiel Emanuel, a health policy expert and vice-provost of the University of Pennsylvania (and brother of Rahm Emanuel of “Never let a good crisis go to waste fame), suggests lockdowns could ease up in June. The second, from former Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb and colleagues, doesn’t set a date, but rather outlines the evidence that communities would need to begin lifting some of the more draconian restrictions.’.. Ezekiel Emanuel is vice provost of global initiatives and a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Emanuel’s opinion on how to “stop the virus” is: ‘A nationwide shelter-in-place or quarantine should take place for the next eight to 10 weeks. According to Chinese data, this would mean the number of Covid-19 cases would peak in four weeks or so and then decline over the next four to six weeks. So, as hard as it would be, everybody but essential workers would have to remain inside until roughly June 1st.’.. Included in his suggestions are the following remedies, predicated as they are on surveillance of the entire population and an egregious violation of privacy: ‘State and local health department then need to deploy thousands of teams to trace contacts of all new Covid-19 cases using cellphone data, social media data, and data from thermometer tests and the like. We also need to get infected people to inform their own contacts. It would be easier to lift the national quarantine if we isolate new cases, find and test all their contacts, and isolate any of them who may be infected.’.. ‘Create a Covid-19 certification system. States should use blood tests to certify people who have had Covid-19, are immune and are no longer contagious. These people could then work in hospitals or other areas where being risk-free would be a benefit.’ ”

COVID-1984: Rick Hack Reports (2 min) – The REAL NEWS Headlines in brief with your favourite unorthodox anchorman, Rick Hack!

Syria And Turkey Ramp Up Preparations For New Military Confrontation (w/Video 4min) – https://southfront.org/syria-and-turkey-ramp-up-preparations-for-new-military-confrontation/ – “At the same time, sources close to Idlib militants announced that Ankara is forming five new units consisting of its own troops, members of the National Front for Liberation and the Syrian National Army. Both these militant groups are funded and trained by Turkey. The newly formed units will be led by Turkish officers and allegedly include 9,000 Syrian militants and a similar number of Turkish troops. Pro-Turkish sources speculate that this force will be tasked with securing the M4 highway in southern Idlib and clearing the area of radical groups like Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. After this, a security zone will be established and joint Turkish-Russian patrols will be launched in the area as it was agreed to by Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The problem with this theory is that the Turkish-backed groups, which should supposedly be involved in this operation are allied with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other al-Qaeda-linked organizations. So, they will have little motivation to confront them shifting the burden of fighting to Turkish troops.”

From the Blast-From-The-Past Desk: Bill Ryan of Project Camelot on the Anglo-Saxon Mission interview transcript (from 2010 – 57 min ) – Full interview transcript: http://projectcamelot.org/lang/en/anglo_saxon_mission_interview_transcript_en.html

There Are Multiple Strains Of Coronavirus; Here’s What We Know – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/health/there-are-least-8-strains-coronavirus-heres-what-we-know – “As COVID-19 blankets the globe – now having officially infected over 800,000 people in 179 countries, causing over 39,000 deaths – scientists are tracking a multitude of strains, according to USA Today… The virus has undergone over a hundred tiny mutations which act like genetic fingerprints – allowing researchers to see how the virus is migrating and splitting into similar but new subtypes, which can be seen at the website NextStrain.org… (for more on “strain” vs “mutation” and why the terminology is causing confusion, see this thread from NextStrain’s Trevor Bedford): ‘Labs around the world are turning their sequencing machines, most about the size of a desktop printer, to the task of  rapidly sequencing the genomes of virus samples taken from people sick with COVID-19. The information is uploaded to a website called NextStrain.org that shows how the virus is migrating and splitting into similar but new subtypes.’ –USA Today

Santa Cruz County Extends Coronavirus Shelter-In-Place Orderhttps://patch.com/california/santacruz/santa-cruz-county-extends-shelter-place-order – Santa Cruz County has extended its shelter-in-place order through May 3, bringing the county in line with many others in the immediate Bay Area that issued extensions Tuesday… Santa Cruz County first issued its shelter-in-place order March 16, with plans to keep it in place through April 7… Early evidence suggests that the last order has slowed transmission rates (Question: According to what evidence?) of the new coronavirus, the order said. County Health Officer Gail Newel will re-evaluate the order as more data is available… ‘I expect the weeks ahead will be challenging, and it is imperative that we not let down our guard as we work together to reduce the impacts from this disease,’ Newel said in a news release Tuesday night announcing the change.”

Left-wing Billionaire Bill Gates Thinks He Knows Better Than Trump: Calls For Nationwide Shutdown [Opinion] – by David Lindfield – https://newspushed.com/left-wing-billionaire-bill-gates-thinks-he-knows-better-than-trump-calls-for-nationwide-shutdown-opinion/ – ” ‘This is a recipe for disaster. Because people can travel freely across state lines, so can the virus. The country’s leaders need to be clear: Shutdown anywhere means shutdown everywhere,’ he continued… ‘Until the case numbers start to go down across America — which could take 10 weeks or more — no one can continue business as usual or relax the shutdown.’.. Gates pointed out that there could potentially be a vaccine within 18 months, but said, ‘creating a vaccine is only half the battle.’.. ‘We can start now by building the facilities where these vaccines will be made,’ the Microsoft founder wrote. ‘Because many of the top candidates are made using unique equipment, we’ll have to build facilities for each of them, knowing that some won’t get used.’.. Gates continued, ‘Private companies can’t take that kind of risk, but the federal government can. It’s a great sign that the administration made deals this week with at least two companies to prepare for vaccine manufacturing. I hope more deals will follow.’ ”

From the Catapulting-The-Propaganda Desk: New York Prisoners Offered PPE and $6 an Hour to Dig Mass Graves for Coronavirus Victims – The job is being presented as a voluntary service. But in reality, prisoners have little choice. – https://themindunleashed.com/2020/04/new-york-prisoners-offered-ppe-and-6-an-hour-to-dig-mass-graves-for-coronavirus-victims.htmlComment: MASS GRAVES !!! OMG !!!

More good news! Citizen reporters go & do what the media won’t! (12 min) – by Dana Ashley – There is apparently major fraud between the Govt., The (“Mainstream”) Media, and the Medical “Industry”

Important Questions Regarding the Current Health Situation (1hr 28min) – Dr. Thomas Cowan – https://zoom.us/rec/play/6JF8Juz6rm03TtWT5QSDBPQqW9S5JqKshilKr6ELzB2xB3JSO1GjYucTNOMhfOm5-BcCHyT6-3zt5sd8Comment: All is not what it’s made out to be in the world of “COVID-19.” Dr. Cowan gives us some surprising information and a new perspective on all of the “news.”

All Roads Lead to Dark Winter – by Whitey Webb & Raul Diego – https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/top-news/all-roads-lead-dark-winter/ – “The leaders of two controversial pandemic simulations that took place just months before the Coronavirus crisis – Event 201 and Crimson Contagion – share a common history, the 2001 biowarfare simulation Dark Winter. Dark Winter not only predicted the 2001 anthrax attacks, but some of its participants had clear foreknowledge of those attacks… In addition to missing samples of anthrax, ebola, hanta virus and a variant of AIDS, two of the missing specimens had been labeled “unknown” – ‘an Army euphemism for classified research whose subject was secret,’ according to reports. The vast majority of the specimens lost were never found and an Army spokesperson would later claim that it was ‘likely some were simply thrown out with the trash.’ ”

Rabobank: “This Is The Dynamic That Will Trigger The Next Round Of Global Turmoil Ahead” – by Michael Every – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/rabobank-dynamic-will-trigger-next-round-global-turmoil-ahead – “Allow me to repeat once again: the crucial factor for markets to consider imminently is that not all economies and currencies are created equal. Not everyone is going to be able to get away with 20% fiscal deficits paid for by central banks. Only the US is guaranteed to be able to do so without crushing its currency due to the USD reserve function. The vast majority won’t, and there will be a high price paid for any stimulus… Let’s see how AUD and NZD and CAD and GBP, et al., ultimately fare as they go the zero rates and unlimited QE route as if there is natural market demand for them globally; and emerging markets are in a far deeper hole if they want to push back fiscally against the ‘rules of the game’ in the same way that developed economies are… The underlying issue is still ‘another day, another US dollar’. And there aren’t that many to go round in EM space in particular, doubly so when export earnings evaporate ahead – which they will. That key dynamic is set to trigger the next round of global turmoil ahead. Coming soon: Imperial vs. Rebel sums fighting over the USD Death Star.”

Fed Launches Repo Facility To Provide Dollars To Foreign Central Bank – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/fed-launches-repo-facility-provide-dollars-foreign-central-bank – “…perhaps Powell felt a bit unloved and at 830am this morning the Fed unveiled yet another “temporary” emergency liquidity providing facility, this time to foreign central banks, in the form of a repo facility targeting “foreign and international monetary authorities”, i.e. foreign central banks which will be allowed to exchange Treasuries held in custody at the Fed for US dollars… In other words, just a week after the Fed “enhanced” its swap lines with central banks and included a bunch of non G-5 central banks to the list of counterparties, it has found that this is not working – perhaps due to the prohibitive rates on the facility – and is now handing out dollars outright against US denominated securities. We wonder if the central bank uptake will be any higher than the repo facility aimed at US dealers and which is now redundant. Of course, when that fails the Fed can just offer to buy all central bank securities in what even reputable FX strategists now joke is a Fed on full tilt, and intent on buying out all foreign central banks… And so, just as the financial situation was starting (to seem to) to stabilize, the Fed reminds everyone just how broken everything still is.”

Being in the Age of Corona – by Gilad Atzmon – https://gilad.online/writings/2020/3/30/being-in-the-age-of-corona – “Two existential realisations are crucial in light of the above: 1. Many things, including life itself, are inflicted on us. We do not choose to be in the world, we do not choose who we are; our genes, DNA, the list of gifts and faults that make us into what we are, are in most cases imposed on us by the act of birth. We are often locked into situations that are basically forced on us. This includes being thrown into the world as well as being taken away. We may as well be upset by the fact that the sun rises in the east or by the shortening days of the winter. Being in the world is a form of acceptance or even surrender.”

I got a request from Alignable, which is supposedly dedicated to supporting local businesses, for ideas on how businesses in Santa Cruz can be helped. I posted the following:

My wife’s skin care business is completely closed. How can Santa Cruz businesses be helped when the general population complies meekly with an “order” from an appointed public health official who seems to be deriving jurisdiction from Federal Emergency Powers which seem to be entirely Unconstitutional? How long are people going to comply with this regime based on computer models of a ginned up “crisis” that are now massively exposed under expert analyses as being faulty and shockingly overblown? Multiple eminent virologists have come out with this information and their expert opinions that a “lock-down” (a term from the prison industry) is not only not effective, but is harmful to society in serious ways. This virus is not virulent when we have access to the successful treatment protocols that have been reported by doctors from around the globe.

From the What-You’re-Not-Supposed-To-Know Desk: This Huge Jewish Finance Firm Just Took Over the US Treasury and Fed (Blackrock, Transcript + Audio 38min) – by Jazzhands McFeels and James Allsup – https://russia-insider.com/en/huge-jewish-finance-firm-just-took-over-us-treasury-and-fed-blackrock-transcript-audio/ri28494in this detailed segment, approx. 1/4 of Sunday’s Fash-The-Nation podcast, Jazz and James look into the crazy-making swamp behind the forming “Greatest Depression,”  and into the question of just what might be Wagging the Dog. The transcript, which is apparently automatically generated and has glitches, is very helpful, particularly if you read it while you listen at 1.5x speed.

Ford, GE Promise To Build 15,000 Ventilators Over Next 100 Days; Washington DC Mayor Issues ‘Stay At Home’ Order: Live Updates – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/spains-covid-19-case-total-passes-chinas-south-korea-reports-rash-new-cases-liveComment: Detailed reporting on many things happening now… Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is warning that medical experts say the coronavirus pandemic could escalate within two weeks in the Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland region, where it could resemble the current level of cases in New York City… New Jersey recorded 3,347 new positive cases since yesterday, bringing our statewide total to 16,636… Virginia’s new ‘stay at home order’ will last until June 10 until modified, which critics cited as a more reasonable timeline, and noted that even Trump is now making gestures toward June… Gov. Phil Murphy kept his promise to “shame” those caught violating the state’s lockdown, among them involving residents facing charges including four buddies who met to drag race in a school parking lot, men who held weddings, a woman who left her home to toss a Molotov cocktail at her boyfriend’s residence (unsuccessfully, we might add) and a billiards hall owner who reopened after he was ordered to close.” (emphasis added)

The Common Roots Of Climate Change And COVID-19 Hysteria – by Patrick Wood – https://www.technocracy.news/the-common-roots-of-climate-change-and-covid-19-hysteria/ – “People want to know: just how bad is the COVID-19 virus and is fighting it worth the destruction of the world’s economic and financial system while disrupting the lives of hundreds of millions of people? The story behind the story will make it clear that things are seldom as they seem… In short and when seen through the lens of Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy, the whole world has just been punked and then panicked into destroying itself over COVID-19… What the Sustainable Development crowd needed was to put their non-performing racehorse “Global Warming” out to pasture and find a brand new horse that could finally run and win the race to what the UN calls “deep transformation” of the entire global economic system. The new horse is named “COVID-19”. Different horse, same jockey, same race, same finish line.” – Comment: Excellent article by Patrick Wood, nailing the deep involvement of Global Technocrats in the creation and ongoing exploitation of the NCV “crisis.”

BREAKING: France Officially Sanctions (makes allowance for) Chloroquine After 78 of 80 Coronavirus Patients Recover – by David Lindfield – https://southfront.org/turkey-deploys-equipment-in-syrias-idlib-to-repair-m4-highway/ – “France 24 English reported, ‘The French government has officially sanctioned prescriptions of chloroquine to treat certain coronavirus patients.’.. France’s director general of health Jérôme Salomon said, ‘This ensures continued treatment of patients who have been treated for several years for a chronic condition with this drug, but also allows a temporary authorization to allow certain patients with coronavirus to benefit from this therapeutic route.’.. Chloroquine is a drug often used to fight malaria, but also has successfully treated certain patients infected with coronavirus… According to The Daily Wire, the five-day recovery time (of the patients in the study) is “considerably” faster “than the usual 14 days and for some it can go up to 28 days if they recover at all… Dr. Raouly cheered the news via social media on Saturday: ‘Thanks to Philippe Douste-Blazy, former Minister of Health and member of the Board of Directors of the @IHU_Marseille, for his position,’ he wrote.”

Bill De Blasio Threatens to Close Churches That Resist Shutdown Order – by David Lindfield – https://newspushed.com/bill-de-blasio-threatens-to-close-churches-that-resist-shutdown-order/ – ” ‘So, I want to say to all those who are preparing the potential of religious services this weekend – if you go to your synagogue, if you go to your church and attempt to hold services after having been told so often not to, our enforcement agents will have no choice but to shut down those services,’ de Blasio said to reporters… ‘I don’t say that with any joy. It’s the last thing I would like to do because I understand how important people’s faiths are to them, and we need our faiths in this time of crisis, but we do not need gatherings that will endanger people.’.. ‘No faith tradition endorses anything that endangers the members of that faith,’ de Blasio continued. ‘So, the NYPD, Fire Department, Buildings Department, and everyone has been instructed that if they see worship services going on, they will go to the officials of that congregation, they’ll inform them they need to stop the services and disperse.’.. ‘If that does not happen, they will take additional action up to the point of fines and potentially closing the building permanently,’ de Blasio added.”

Rosneft Abruptly Exits Venezuela, Sells Assets To Russian State, Amid US Squeeze On Maduro – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/rosneft-abruptly-exits-venezuela-sells-assets-russian-state-amid-us-squeeze-maduro – “In the past weeks the Kremlin has shown it’s willing to punch back as well as take drastic necessary defensive action  in the face of Washington sanctions at a moment America is preoccupied and made more vulnerable by the coronavirus threat — first by dumping OPEC+ and MbS, effectively declaring war on US shale — and now by taking aggressive measures to insulate Russia’s state-controlled Rosneft… On Saturday Rosneft announced it has sold off all its Venezuelan oil assets to an unnamed Russian state entity. “The government of the Russian Federation has acquired assets in Venezuela from Rosneft. A company 100% owned by the Russian Federation has become the owner,” Russia’s TASS said… A company statement framed the move as key to protecting shareholders’ interests at a moment the Trump administration ramps up pressure on Maduro and external entities still doing business with Caracas.”

Media steers clear of questioning Biden about sexual allegations against him – by Mike Santorini – https://newspushed.com/media-steers-clear-of-questioning-biden-about-sexual-allegations-against-him/ – “On Wednesday, (former Biden Staffer Tara) Reade, in an interview with podcast host Katie Halper, said there’s more to her experience with the former vice president… She said Biden kissed her and penetrated her with his fingers without her consent. When Reader pulled away, she says, Biden told her: “Come on, man. I heard you liked me.” The incident, according to Reader, took place near the Capitol building. She met Biden there after being asked, by a more senior staffer, to bring him his gym bag… Biden’s campaign denied the allegations on Friday. “Women have a right to tell their story, and reporters have an obligation to rigorously vet those claims. We encourage them to do so, because these accusations are false,” said deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said in a statement… Biden has been a vocal supporter of women who come forward with sexual allegations. ‘For a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real,’ Biden  said during the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.”

Tucker Carlson Defends His Bold Prediction: Biden Will Not Be the 2020 Democratic Nominee – by David Lindfield – https://newspushed.com/tucker-carlson-defends-his-bold-prediction-biden-will-not-be-the-2020-democratic-nominee/ – “Tucker Carlson said, ‘I am utterly convinced, and would bet money, that Joe Biden will not be the Democratic nominee on election day. I just don’t believe that. I really don’t.’.. ‘He shouldn’t be working still,’ he said. ‘I’m not being mean. I know him. I’ve always liked him. But that’s true. And so, those are two trains traveling toward each other at high speed. Two competing imperatives. We’ve got to win, but we’ve got a guy who can’t win. Therefore, they’re gonna replace him.’.. This is not the guy I’ve known, and you can ask anybody who knows him or has watched him,” Carlson said… ‘This is not him. He’s a completely different person, and he’s in decline and I feel bad about it. That’ll be me someday … I hope somebody loves me enough to not let me run for president.’ ”

Pentagon Orders Teams to Underground Mountain Bunkers in Preparation for Pandemic – by John Vibes – https://themindunleashed.com/2020/03/pentagon-teams-underground-mountain-bunkers-preparation-pandemic.html – “During the Cold War, the United States government came up with a contingency plan to ensure that the military was able to maintain power in the face of an existential threat. At the time, the threat that they had in mind was some type of nuclear attack, but this also includes a biological threat, like the one the world is currently facing… This strategy is known as “Continuity of Government” and it involves a variety of different plans that are intended to help the U.S. government and military maintain control of the region during times of emergency… These new precautions included the implementation of a lengthy line of succession for people who will fall into the executive role if something should happen to the president or vice president… The facilities used in these types of situations include Cheyenne Mountain, the Presidential Emergency Operations Center under the White House, Raven Rock Mountain Complex in Pennsylvania, and Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center in Pennsylvania… It is possible that additional members of the government will also be sent to isolated bunkers if the situation becomes more dangerous on the surface. There is no indication that further mobilizations are planned, but considering the secrecy of the operation, it is unlikely that such plans would be formally announced.”

The Fed’s Cure Risks Being Worse Than the Disease – by Jim Bianco – https://finance.yahoo.com/news/feds-cure-risks-being-worse-110052347.html – “But it’s the alphabet soup of new programs that deserve special consideration, as they could have profound long-term consequences for the functioning of the Fed and the allocation of capital in financial markets. Specifically, these are: ● CPFF (Commercial Paper Funding Facility) – buying commercial paper from the issuer. ● PMCCF (Primary Market Corporate Credit Facility) – buying corporate bonds from the issuer.  ● TALF (Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility) – funding backstop for asset-backed securities. ● SMCCF (Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility) – buying corporate bonds and bond ETFs in the secondary market. ● MSBLP (Main Street Business Lending Program) – Details are to come, but it will lend to eligible small and medium-size businesses, complementing efforts by the Small Business Association… To put it bluntly, the Fed isn’t allowed to do any of this. The central bank is only allowed to purchase or lend against securities that have government guarantee.”

Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020https://www.firearmspolicy.org/oppose-hr-5717-federal-gunpocalypse – “If you’re a gun owner, you literally need to drop everything you’re doing right now and oppose this bill… HR 5717 is the worst anti-gun legislation that FPC has ever seen. It could end gun rights in totality within a generation… In 2016, we fought hard against a huge surge of anti-gun legislation in California. We dubbed it “Gunpocalypse.”.. And now Rep. Hank Johnson has introduced a bill that rolls up all of Gunpocalypse – and more – into one federal bill… HR 5717 would: ● Create a nationwide gun registry Ban almost all semiautomatic rifles Institute a federal Magazine Ban Implement national “Red Flag” gun confiscation, ● Tax guns at 30% and ammo at 50% Ban patriots under 21 from exercising their Second Amendment rights,  ● Ration guns by making it illegal to purchase more than one firearm in a 30-day period, ● Force “Safe Storage” requirements on gun owners, ● Ban home builds, ● Ban suppressors, ● Force FFLs to spend massive amounts of money to comply with new “security” requirements, ● Expand “Gun Free Zones”, And more than we can possibly list here in this space”

Anonymous Message To Bill Gates (4 min)

Trump Admin Names Gun Makers, Retailers Essential Businesses Nationwidehttps://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/03/28/ttrump-admin-names-gun-makers-retailers-essential-businesses-nationwide/ – “President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security released updated guidelines naming gun manufacturers and retailers as essential on Saturday, which means they are to stay open and operational nationwide during a Chinese coronavirus shutdown… The DHS guidelines list as essential: ● Workers supporting the manufacturing of safety equipment and uniforms for law enforcement, public safety personnel, and first responders. ● Workers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors, and shooting ranges.” – Comment: There seems to be some controversy about this within the “Administrative System.”

2 Arrested, 70 Cited for Violating Stay-At-Home Orders, Police Say – by David Lindfield – https://newspushed.com/2-arrested-70-cited-for-violating-stay-at-home-orders-police-say/ – “The Star Advisor has reported that 70 citations and 2 arrests have been made from Hawaiian citizens who refuse to follow the shelter-in-place directives issued by the governor. A third arrest was reported during this time, but it was not related to the shelter rules… Violating the executive order is a misdemeanor that can be punished with a year in prison or a fine up to $5000… Hawaiian Gov. David has managed each island differently and although he has not established checkpoints across the board, it has been considered on the islands have only one road that would be easy for law enforcement to monitor.”

Chuck Norris Issues Chilling Coronavirus Statement — Warns of Rebellion, Martial Law – by David Lindfield – “In a report by Western Journal, Chuck Norris has presented concerns for the freedoms that are being restricted during this pandemic… Norris said he was concerned by the growing lockdown orders and curfews being enforced by law enforcement limiting citizens’ movements… ‘If the need for citizen confinement grows, and the restrictions increase, where does it end? And what excessive burden are we then placing upon law enforcement to corral even half of Americans (150 million)?’ he asked… ‘And if even the smallest transgression of confinement restrictions ends up being a misdemeanor, how will officials handle tens of millions of them?’.. Norris pointed out that if police are expected to enforce the curfews, they too could become stricken with coronavirus.”

Kennedy Center lays off musicians after receiving $25 Million in stimulus bill – by Mike Santorini – https://newspushed.com/kennedy-center-lays-off-musicians-after-receiving-25-million-in-stimulus-bill/ – “The orchestra’s Covid-19 Advisory Committee sent an email to 96 musicians on Friday, informing them that their checks would be cut off starting April 3, the Washington Free Beacon reported… ‘The Covid-19 Advisory Committee was broadsided today during our conversation with [Kennedy Center President] Deborah Rutter. Ms. Rutter abruptly informed us today that the last paycheck for all musicians and librarians will be April 3 and that we will not be paid again until the Center reopens,’ the email said. ‘Everyone should proceed as if their last paycheck will be April 3. We understand this will come [as a] shock to all of you, as it did to us.’ ”

Santa Cruz Police Will Enforce Shelter-In-Place Order, Dept. Says – https://patch.com/california/santacruz/santa-cruz-police-will-enforce-shelter-place-order-dept-says – “The Santa Cruz Police Department on Sunday announced its intention to actively enforce the city’s shelter-in-place order when officers sees businesses or groups of people in violation… The department says it generally relies on warnings, but is prepared to issue citations if it sees non-essential businesses violating the public health order to close or people outdoors in groups… ‘We do not take this enforcement stance lightly,’ the department said in a news release. ‘The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious community health threat, and the Public Health Order is enforceable.’ ” – Comment: My wife’s business is in the unincorporated area of the County. Still…

New Yorkers Who Break Social Distancing Rules Will Now Face Fines Up to $500 – by David Lindfield – https://newspushed.com/new-yorkers-who-break-social-distancing-rules-will-now-face-fines-up-to-500/ – “New York City has shut down all nonessential businesses, and banned gatherings of any size. With 32,308 confirmed cases in New York City as of Sunday, De Blasio said fines of $250 to $500 would be given to those who are found congregating in public places… ‘You’ve been warned and warned and warned again,’ He said… ‘They’re going to give people every chance to listen, and if anyone doesn’t listen, then they deserve a fine at this point,’ de Blasio said. ‘I don’t want to fine people when so many folks are going through economic distress, but if they haven’t gotten the message by now, and they don’t get the message when an enforcement officer’s staring them in the face … that person then deserves the fine, so we’re going to proceed with that.’ “

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