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Trump: I thought Israelis would do anything for peace, but found that not to be truehttps://www.timesofisrael.com/trump-i-thought-israelis-would-do-anything-for-peace-but-found-that-not-to-be-true/ – “In newly released interview excerpts Saturday, former United States president Donald Trump offered more startlingly frank views on Israel’s leadership during his time in office, a day after he was quoted in an astounding assault on ex-premier Benjamin Netanyahu… In the latest taped comments broadcast by Channel 12, Trump said he believed Netanyahu “did not want to make peace. Never did”; claimed he prevented the Israeli leader from annexing West Bank land (“I got angry and I stopped it”); offered his favorable opinion on Defense Minister Benny Gantz (“I think [he] wanted to make a deal… if he won, I think it would be a lot easier”); and his evolving view on the Israel-Palestinian conflict (“I [had] thought the Palestinians were impossible, and the Israelis would do anything to make peace and a deal. I found that not to be true”)… Speaking to journalist Barak Ravid earlier this year for an upcoming book, the ex-president commented on his efforts to mediate between Jerusalem and Ramallah, and his feeling as time went on that Netanyahu wasn’t truly interested in reaching a settlement… Trump said that when he came into office, he’d asked Netanyahu for overtures toward the Palestinians, raising the possibility of a construction freeze in the West Bank, but the Israeli leader often demurred… ‘Bibi did not want to make a deal,’ he said, using Netanyahu’s nickname. ‘Even most recently, when we came up with the maps’ as part of his administration’s peace plan, Netanyahu’s reaction was ‘Oh this is good, good, everything was always great, but he was never… he did not want to make a deal’.”

Greg Reese: Scientific Study Concludes That 5G Exacerbated COVID (2 min)


California To Cut Water To Cities And Farmland Amid Persisting Drought – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/weather/california-cut-water-farms-and-cities-after-7-months-severe-droughts – “A severe drought has ravaged every county in California for seven months, forcing state officials to restrict water delivery next year to millions of Californians and hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland, according to Bloomberg… Above-average temperatures and the lack of precipitation began in early February 2020, and by the summer, conditions worsened following heatwave after heatwave. Some of the state’s largest reservoirs registered near or at record low levels, which prompted some to believe state officials were preparing to announce the first-ever federally declared water shortage. Dry conditions also sparked one of the worst fire seasons on record as more than 8,000 fires charred 3 million acres… The California Department of Water Resources is now prioritizing water delivery as the drought will persist well into 2022. Water delivery for 27 million Californians and three-quarters of a million acres of farmland will be affected… ‘Despite a wet start to the water year, conditions have dried out since that first storm and we are still planning for a below-average water year,’ Karla Nemeth, director of the department, said in a statement… ‘That means we need to prepare now for a dry winter and severe drought conditions to continue through 2022,’ Nemeth said… According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, much of the Golden State is in severe drought with large pockets of extreme and exceptional drought.” – Comment: Zero Hedge continues to be unable to talk about Geoengineering and weather modification.

Did German Chemist Dr. Andreas Noack Die After Direct Energy Weapon Attack? – by Rhoda Wilson – https://dailyexpose.uk/2021/12/07/did-german-chemist-dr-andreas-noack-die-after-direct-energy-weapon-attack/ – “Dr. Andreas Noack created a video exposing graphene hydroxide as an ingredient of the Covid injections. Very shortly after that video was made and translated from German to English, Dr. Noack died… While we are unable to verify events since Dr. Noack made his last video and we are unable to verify the cause of his death, fact is stranger than fiction so, below are a sequence of videos documenting circumstances surrounding his death to allow readers to decide for themselves… Dr. Noack was a chemist and a leading authority in Europe on graphene.  Below is his last video, translated into English, exposing the graphene hydroxide… Dr. Noack’s partner believes he was “attacked” by a direct energy weapon.  In a video released on Telegram she explained more about the “attack”.  The video is in German however Henry Makow published a transcript translated into English.  We have copied the transcript from the YouTube video and the English translation, then matched the timestamps a set the German alongside the English.  See document below.”

Blind Joe – I Will Not Comply (Official Video, 3 min)

From the Propaganda-Watch Desk:  Covid: Hardcore vaccine refuseniks could need deradicalising like terrorists, says expert – by Carl Bennett – https://www.gbnews.uk/news/covid-hardcore-vaccine-refuseniks-could-need-deradicalising-like-terrorists-says-expert/175040 – “A “deradicalisation” programme like those given to former terrorists or cult members might be the only way to dissuade some hardcore antivaxxers from their beliefs, according to one psychology expert… Around six million eligible people in the UK have not received a single jab a year on from the first Covid vaccination being given in the UK… Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, chair in cognitive psychology at the University of Bristol, was keen to stress that many of those are likely to be “marginalised” people who are “very difficult to reach for anything”, and for whom access is likely to be the biggest issue rather than psychological or ideological factors… But for a small section of “hardcore refuseniks”, he said, it may be difficult to reach them by conventional means because their beliefs are so ingrained… He said: “They’ll refuse anything – ‘I’m not going to wear a mask’, ‘I’m not going to get vaccinated’, ‘I don’t think climate change is happening’, ‘Covid is a hoax’, and, you know, ‘Hillary Clinton is actually a reptilian shapeshifter’… You’re getting to people who hold a cluster of very exotic beliefs – now, they’re very difficult to reach’.”

Global Digital ID: Bum’s Rush To Inject Children Hides Technocrat Objective – by Leo Hohmann – https://www.technocracy.news/global-digital-id-bums-rush-to-inject-children-hides-technocrat-objective/ – “There is zero medical justification for injecting children with mRNA or DNA shots. The real reason appears to build a registry of digital ids on the entire generation of children, in order to track further injections as well as all other facets of their lives as they grow up. This plan has been underway well before COVID hit in early 2020… The feigned concern for welfare of children is dangerous beyond measure. It was Hitler who said, ‘The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.’  ⁃Patrick Wood for Technocracy.news – Bill Gates’ Gavi Vaccine Alliance in 2018 published a paper on its INFUSE program that ought to be required reading for every parent of young children… This document is guaranteed to give pause to any parent considering taking the advice of Dr. Anthony Fauci, their local public-school nurse or government-compliant pediatrician who insists they get their child jabbed… Published more than a year before anyone had heard of Covid-19, the document explains (the REAL reason) why Fauci, Gates and the corrupt U.S. government are so intent on getting these “vaccines” into the bodies of younger and younger people.”

The Growing Specter of Compulsory Vaccination – by Marco Cáceres – https://thevaccinereaction.org/2021/12/the-growing-specter-of-compulsory-vaccination/ – “The pace of discrimination against people who have opted not to get a COVID-19 vaccine is increasing around the world as the ominous specter of compulsory vaccination grows. On Nov. 19, 2021, the Chancellor of Austria, Alexander Schallenberg, announced at a press conference that, beginning on Feb. 1, 2022, COVID vaccinations will be compulsory for everyone in Austria over 12 years old. Those who refuse to get a COVID shot will be fined up to $4,000. Those who refuse a booster shot will be fined up to $1,500… Already, people in Austria who are not vaccinated for COVID are forced to remain in their homes and are only allowed out for “essential” services such as going to work or buying food at the grocery store. Police in Austria are conducting random checks on people over 12 years of age to determine their vaccination status… Austria is the first country in Europe to introduce compulsory vaccination, but it has quickly been followed by Greece, whose government announced a similar policy on Nov. 30. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated that compulsory vaccination for COVID will begin on Jan. 16, 2022 for everyone over 60 years old. Those who refuse to be vaccinated will be fined €100 ($114) per month… Those who are unvaccinated in Germany are essentially confined to their homes, with the exception of being allowed to go to places like supermarkets, pharmacies and gasoline stations, which are considered to be essential. Unvaccinated individuals in the country are only permitted to get together with two other people from another household. These restrictions do not apply to those who provide proof of vaccination… Incoming Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that compulsory vaccinations in Germany should take effect by the ‘beginning of February or March so we must move quickly now.’ He explained that they are justified in order ‘to protect us all’.”

When we are not looking – The FDA approved a very dangerous flu vaccine for seniors and will not do anything about it – by Wayne Rohde – https://thevaccinecourt.substack.com/p/when-we-are-not-looking – “With all the focus currently about the COVID-19 vaccines and their boosters, the CDC is quietly building another vaccine campaign for our seniors. This time it is the influenza vaccine in combination with a COVID vaccine… Sanofi’s FluZone HD (high dose) influenza vaccine for administration to anyone above the age of 65 has been approved for several years. The trivalent (3 strains) HD vaccine was approved in 2013. The quadrivalent (4 strains) was approved in late 2019. But to inject someone with the COVID vaccines and the flu vaccine during the same office visit was not approved until ACIP gave the go-ahead in May of 2021. Prior to this approval, the waiting time was 14 days between COVID vaccines and the others… The FluZone HD vaccine is designed to deliver 4 times the antigen as compared to the regular flu shot. The idea according to CDC, FDA and Sanofi, by delivering a higher dose of influenza antigens, seniors with lower immune systems will benefit greatly with this vaccine… There is a higher risk of adverse reactions and serious medical conditions by administer a flu shot to those above the age of 65 or those with compromised immune systems… Most common injuries are shoulder injuries (injected in wrong location) and Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)… It is the GBS injuries that rise to become a greater concern… In the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program (NVICP), there is an increase in the severity of GBS from the FluZone HD as compared to other similar aged persons who received a non HD flu shot.”

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