Web Research Links for the Week of 12/19/22

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First African Nation Jumps On The ‘Arm Ukraine’ Bandwagon With Sale Of Over 100 Tanks – by Kyle Anzalone & Will Porter – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/first-african-nation-jumps-arm-ukraine-bandwagon-sale-over-100-tanks – “The United States and the Netherlands are set to buy dozens of T-72 tanks from Morocco and then forward the weapons on to Ukraine, in a deal negotiated in secret between Washington and Rabat. Notably, the move marks a deviation from Morocco’s neutral stance toward the conflict with Russia… Under the agreement, the US and the Netherlands will buy 90 T-72B Main Battle Tanks for $95 million, and there is an option to add 30 tanks to the sale next year. Rabat will provide spare parts, and the tanks will be upgraded by Excalibur, a Czech military contractor.”

THE GEOENGINEERED WINTER BOMB CYCLONE & DEEP FREEZE OF 2022—Why & Who?https://stateofthenation.co/?p=151378 – “It ought to be obvious to every sentient American by now that the United States has been the target of many a seasonal series of stealthy acts geoterrorism over decades.  Of course, when those acts of weather warfare are aimed at a large geographic area, it becomes full-scale weather war as the USA is experiencing this Christmas weekend. A seasonal series of geoterrorist attacks on American soil simply means that during hurricane season, from June 1st through December 1st each and every year, the geoengineers first intensify and then aim their superstorms at specific targets on the southeast U.S. coastline… Similarly, during the cold season, the same geoterrorists and weather warriors manufacture ‘winter bomb cyclones’ to throw whole regions of the country into chaos and confusion followed by cleanup.”

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Is Funding Biden Admin Jobs – by Allum Bokhari – https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2022/12/23/former-google-ceo-eric-schmidt-is-funding-biden-admin-jobs/ – “The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, who has acquired a reputation for his incessant attempts to extend his influence into the U.S. federal government, particularly in the areas of science and defense, is helping fund the salaries of several employees in the Biden administration, according to reporting by Politico… Earlier this year, another Politico report exposed Schmidt’s attempts to influence the Biden administration’s science policy. According to the latest report, those efforts are ongoing, with Schmidt indirectly funding the salaries of “more than two dozen” Biden administration officials via an external group, the Federation of American Scientists: ‘A POLITICO investigation found that members of the administration are well aware that a significant amount of the money for the salaries of FAS’s fellows comes from Schmidt’s research and investment firm, Schmidt Futures, and that the organization was critical to the program to fund administration jobs. In fact, the influence of Schmidt Futures at FAS is such that they are sometimes conflated… Thus, some close observers of AI policy believe that Schmidt is using the program to enhance his clout within the administration and to advance his AI agenda.’ “

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