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The Stage Is Set for US Combat Troops in Ukraine – by Mike Whitney – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/57336.htm – “There’s no doubt that the retreat from Kherson was a black-eye for the Russian Army. There’s also no doubt that the general who ordered the evacuation made the right decision. True, the optics are terrible, but optics don’t win wars. Strategy, valor and firepower wins wars. Russian General Sergey Surovikin appears to grasp that fact which is why he made the unpopular decision to retreat… Surovikin could have made the more politically acceptable choice and defended Kherson to the end, but the risks far outweighed the benefits. By all accounts, the 25,000 Russian troops in the city could have easily been encircled and annihilated by Ukrainian artillery. Additionally, Surovikin would have been forced to commit more troops to a rescue mission that would not have advanced Russia’s overall military strategy in the slightest. Russia’s immediate goal is to complete the liberation of the Donbas, a task that is not yet finished and which requires more of the troops that had been pinned-down in Kherson… For all intents and purposes, the retreat from Kherson was a no-brainer. If the nightmare scenario had unfolded –as many had expected– and thousands of Russian soldiers wound up surrounded and slaughtered in defense of a city that holds little strategic value, then popular support for the war in Russia would have vanished overnight. Neither Putin nor Surovikin could afford to take that risk. So, instead, they opted to pack-it-in and evacuate while they still could, which of course, incited the fury of their critics who are still hopping mad. The good news, however, is that the Kherson public relations disaster will have no meaningful impact on the outcome of the war. Russia is still on-track to achieve all of its strategic objectives despite the pitfalls it has encountered along the way. Here’s a brief recap of the Russian withdrawal from an interview with Colonel Douglas MacGregor…”

Is there a link between ‘Aid to Ukraine,’ the US Democratic Party and the suspicious collapse of the FTX Crypto exchange? – We don’t know exactly how much money was raised for Kiev, and how much of it reached its intended destination – https://www.rt.com/news/566626-ftx-and-ukraine/ – “Breaking news throughout the first half of November has been dominated by coverage of the sudden collapse of FTX, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges… The crash has shaken the crypto market, lost institutional investors billions – and individual customers millions – led to official investigations of FTX in several countries, and made some question whether the Bitcoin sphere might crash and burn outright, and perhaps cause wider problems for the financial system… Some take the view that FTX was a fraud all along, ever since its launch in April 2019. If that’s the case, it has grave implications for the US Democratic Party and Ukrainian government, as the company’s corrupt activity may have been used to fund both, openly and secretly.”

America’s Frontline Doctors Founder, Dr. Simone Gold; Delusional or a Controlled Operative? – A staggering lawsuit by AFLDS’s board of directors accuses founder Dr. Simone Gold of fraud, embezzlement, & attempted takeover. What’s really going on here? – by Reinette Senum – https://reinettesenumsfoghornexpress.substack.com/p/americas-frontline-doctors-founder – “As of November 4th, 2022, American Frontline Doctor’s (AFLDS) board of directors requests from the US District Court Middle District of Florida for “immediate injunctive relief,” which would remove AFLDS founder, Dr. Simone Gold, from her self-appointed position and attempted takeover of AFLDS… The lawsuit states that since Gold founded AFLDS in July of 2020, she has acquired items without board approval, such as a $3.6 million home in Naples, Florida, the purchase of 3 vehicles; a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van, a Hyundai Genesis, and a GMC Denali.”

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