Web Research Links for the Week of 11/11/19

Is The Fed Secretly Bailing Out A Major Bank? – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/fed-secretly-bailing-out-major-bank – “In the meantime, with a little imagination, today’s problems in the repo market could be a warning that CLOs are turning to toxic waste, and, as a result, are developing into the next financial crisis.  While it is still unclear, it is very possible that a bank or financial institution did not have sufficient high quality collateral and was frozen out of private repo markets. Hence, the dramatic rate spike followed by Fed supplied liquidity… The takeaway from all this: Don’t be surprised if a large bank goes belly-up with little advance notice.”

The Independent Ukraine’s painful journey through the five stages of grief – by The Saker – http://thesaker.is/the-independent-ukraines-painful-journey-through-the-five-stages-of-grief/ – “Conclusion Russia can wait, the Ukraine cannot… It’s really that simple.  In fact, time was always on the Russian side here, even if not necessarily on the side of the people of Novorussia who have suffered through the horrors of this war.  However, it appears now that the Novorussians have been successful in their efforts to turn a hodgepodge of more or less trained militias into a credible and disciplined military force capable of tactical and operational actions, in other words, capable of dangerous counter-attacks.  Finally, Russian policies towards the rump-Ukraine and Novorussia are now all unilateral in nature, which gives Russia a great deal of flexibility… With a weak leader like “Ze” the Ukraine looks stuck in the no man’s land somewhere between denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  The faster the Ukrainian leaders get to the “acceptance” phase, the less the people of the Ukraine will have to suffer (not that anybody in the Ukronazi leadership cares about the common people).” – Another well-reasoned and readable analysis by The Saker

Russia, SDF Reach Agreement To Protect Tell Tamr In Northern Al-Hasakah: Monitoring Grouphttps://southfront.org/russia-sdf-reach-agreement-to-protect-tell-tamr-in-northern-al-hasakah-monitoring-group/ – “Russia has reached an agreement with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to secure the Christian town of Tell Tamir in northern al-Hasakah, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed on November 16… Sources familiar with the alleged agreement told the UK-based monitoring group that the town will be handed to Syrian government forces… Several Kurdish sources confirmed the SOHR’s report on November 17, revealing that the agreement will also force the SDF to withdraw from Tell Tamr and its countryside. This term was a demand by Ankara, which is reportedly a part of the agreement… Activists affiliated with the Turkish-backed National Syrian Army (SNA) said that the group’s militants are withdrawing from several villages north of Tell Tamr as a part of the new agreement… Earlier reports revealed that the Russian Military Police are planning to establish a military post in the town of Tell Tamir or near it.” – Comment: This is an important development that has the potential to ratchet-down tensions in the Tell Tamr area. Meanwhile, tensions between U.S. occupiers and the Russians seem continuing to build in the area around Qamishli.

Bolivia Crisis: 8 Killed, Dozens Injured As Police Open Fire On Evo Morales Supporters – https://southfront.org/bolivia-crisis-8-killed-dozens-injured-as-police-open-fire-on-evo-morales-supporters/ – “In an interview with al-Jazeera, Morales said he should be allowed to return to Bolivia and complete his final term in office… ‘I can’t be outside of the country. I’m used to being with the people as a union leader, president, doing work,’ Morales said… ‘I miss it (Bolivia) a lot. I’m looking for a legal way to go back and be with the people as they resist the dictatorship, the coup.’.. Meanwhile, the post-coup government has started a rapid revision of the country’s foreign and domestic policies. On November 15, the post-coup regime announced that Bolivia leaves the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) and removed from posts around 80% of ambassadors to other countries. In the domestic policy, the new government strongly supports international corporations that has suffered a series of setbacks in the country during the Morales term.”

The Hugely Important OPCW Scandal Keeps Unfolding. Here’s Why No One’s Talking About It – by Caitlin Johnstone – https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/the-hugely-important-opcw-scandal-keeps-unfolding-heres-why-no-one-s-talking-about-it-3632903f22a2 – “The only way this story will get mainstream coverage is if it goes viral without the assistance of the mainstream media, at which point the propagandists will be forced to report on it to save face and begin the near-impossible task of trying to regain control of the narrative. This will only happen if enough of us work together to shove the OPCW scandal into mainstream attention. I think this would end up being a very good thing for the world.” – Comment: Caitlin outlines how the evidence showing U.S./Nato intervention in the OPCW’s Douma narrative is being thouroughly suppressed in the Western MSM.

The Globalists Are Openly Admitting To Their Population Control Agenda – And That’s A Bad Sign… –  by Brandon Smith – http://www.alt-market.com/index.php/articles/3998-the-globalists-are-openly-admitting-to-their-population-control-agenda-and-thats-a-bad-sign – “In the late 1960’s into the 1970’s there was a resurgence of population control rhetoric coming out of globalist circles. Under the supervision of the UN and some related scientific groups, the Club Of Rome was formed. A prominent part of the Club of Rome’s agenda was population reduction. In 1972 the group of “scientists” under the UN’s direction published a paper called ‘The Limits Of Growth’, which called for greatly reduced human population in the name of “saving the environment”. This effort was directly linked to another agenda – the institution of a global government that could handle and enforce population controls on a wide scale… The elites had found a new scientific front for their eugenics obsession: Climate science… As history has shown us, it is always the elites that end up in the position of deciding the fates of millions or billions. From the Rockefeller Foundation sterilization programs in the US in the early 1900’s to the UN today, the globalists, a veritable death cult, are desperate to conjure a rationalization as to why they should be the ones to allow or deny human life based on lies like man-made climate change.  They don’t believe in the climate change threat, THEY were the people that fabricated it.  So, what is the core reason behind all of this?.. A reduced population completely dependent on limited energy sources might be easier to dominate.  But I have another theory – they are psychopaths looking for a socially justifiable way to kill as many people as possible. Why? because they enjoy it.” – Comment: Do “They” really “Enjoy it,” or are they just slaves to their Egos? – I have long had the perception that Psychopaths perform their grisly deeds, not out of any real pleasure, but, due to their traumatic conditioning and psychological needs to defend their mental self-images, AKA Egos… This is the result of traumatized people being forced to take refuge in emotional defenses created to protect them from feelings so deeply painful they trigger irrational existential terror. In the face of that, they can rationalize their heinous behaviors any way they please.

Is The Fed Directly Monetizing US Debt? – Authored by Chris Martenson – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/fed-directly-monetizing-us-debt – “The summary here is this: the Fed is buying US government paper on the day it’s issued… The Fed is directly monetizing US debt… Which means… MMT is Already Here!… The debate over whether or not MMT (“Modern Monetary Theory”  see here for background and discussion) should or should not happen is now moot… It’s already here… This is a very serious and extremely important conversation to have. But it’s not being had at all… During Jay Powell’s last news conference, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve (and defender and champion of the largest wealth transfer to the rich in world history) was not asked a single question on this topic… Nobody asked anything about the extreme and accelerating wealth and income gaps, both direct outcomes of the Fed’s policies… Nobody expressed concern about the Fed’s secretive actions, its direct debt monetization, or its violation of the Federal Reserve Act… The US media is toothless. I assume today’s journalists are simply too afraid of losing their jobs to speak truth to power, and have slipped into quiet acceptance of a mere stenographer’s role: ‘Yes, Mr. Powell, you’ve reversed course and have started lowering interest rates again, and have resumed growing the Fed’s balance sheet via new QE. Oh yes, you’re right, it’s ‘not QE’. How silly of me. But despite those emergency measures, the economy is ‘in a good place’ and we all should be super optimistic? Got it. Yes, sir — very inspiring. Anything else?’

Medicare-For-All “Socialism” Is Just Another Racket – by Charles Hugh Smithhttps://www.zerohedge.com/health/medicare-all-socialism-just-another-racket – “What’s being labeled “socialist” in present-day U.S.A. is nothing more than the state borrowing from future generations to fund profiteering rackets today.  It’s hardly a secret that the U.S. spends twice as much per person on healthcare but trails the pack of other developed nations in actual health. (See infographic below for the facts, which I have discussed here for 14 years.).. Problem #1 is robust health isn’t profitable, while managing chronic lifestyle diseases and pushing needless/harmful medications and procedures are immensely profitable… Problem #2 is the external costs of destructive but oh-so-profitable products are not paid by either producers or consumers at the point of purchase. The tobacco industry offers an example of this decoupling of “price discovery” and externalities that manifest years or decades later.”

Iran Burning: Shock Gas Price Hike Triggers Violent Protests After Subsidy Cuts – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/violent-protests-break-out-iran-after-shock-gas-price-hike-subsidies-cut – “The BBC reports that the protests are fierce enough to have already led to at least two deaths and multiple injured as demonstrations are active in at least a dozen cities: ‘One person was killed during protests in the central city of Sirjan. State news agency Irna said there were clashes with police when protesters attacked a fuel storage warehouse and tried to set fire to it…Several more people were injured. A protester also died in the city of Behbahan… Other cities were also affected including the capital, Tehran, Kermanshah, Isfahan, Tabriz, Karadj, Shiraz, Yazd, Boushehr and Sari.’.. The AP reported that while at the start of this week drivers were allotted up to 250 liters  a month at the pump at at a controlled 10,000 rials per liter, as of Friday that changed drastically to an allowance of 60 liters (or 13 gallons) of petrol a month at 15,000 rials ($0.13; £0.10) a liter. Additional liters after that cost 30,000 rials… On Saturday the protests have appeared to get more confrontational, as police were filmed using riot control measures against crowds, and with some unconfirmed reports of live fire being used, as has been the case over the past month in neighboring Iraq.”

The Free Money Bubble Is About To Burst – by Michael Pento – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/free-money-bubble-about-burst – “The Free Money Bubble Is About To Burst – by Michael Pento – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/free-money-bubble-about-burst – ” Recently, there has been a parade of central bankers along with their lackeys on Wall Street coming on the financial news networks and desperately trying to convince investors that there are no bubbles extant in the world today. Indeed, the Fed sees no economic or market imbalances anywhere that should give perma-bulls cause for concern. You can listen to Jerome Powell’s upbeat assessment of the situation in his own words during the latest FOMC press conference  here. The Fed Chair did, however, manage to acknowledge that corporate debt levels are in fact a bit on the high side. But he added that “we have been monitoring it carefully and taken appropriate steps.” By taking appropriate steps to reduce debt levels Powell must mean slashing interest rates and going back into QE. The problem with that strategy being that is exactly what caused the debt binge and overleveraged condition of corporations in the first place… The sad truth is that the entire artificial and tenuous construct of markets is predicated on interest rates that perpetually fall and never increase. As long as this baneful dynamic is in place, asset bubbles grow bigger, and debt levels rise. Thus, making the economy increasingly more dependent on lower and lower interest rates. The problem is most central banks have already arrived at the zero-bound range and/or are in various stages of QE. Even the horrific Fed only has one and half percentage points from running out of ammo to reduce borrowing costs and is already printing $60 billion per month in QE. And yes, that is exactly what it should be called. Hence, when (not if) the next economic contraction begins, money markets will once again freeze and the record number of zombie companies will begin laying off millions of employees as a result of being shut out of the credit market. Then, the global bubble in junk corporate debt will crater and cause panic in equity markets like never before in history…  According to the Fed and the deep-state on Wall Street, all is completely normal.” – Mr. Pento presents even more cautionary observations on the current financial state of affairs.

Goldman’s Euphoria Indicator Just Hit An All-Time High: What Happens Next? – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/goldmans-euphoria-indicator-just-hit-all-time-high-what-happens-nextA boatload of financial data providing more evidence that a serious deterioration in “market conditions” may be in the offing.

Insufferable Pomposity: Obnoxious State Department Drones Destroyed Ukraine; Their Next Target: Trump – by James Howard Kunstler – https://russia-insider.com/en/insufferable-pomposity-obnoxious-state-department-drones-destroyed-ukraine-their-next-target-trump – “The lifers at State also have something to hide: their exertions to connive with Ukraine government officials they controlled to interfere in the 2016 US presidential election in favor of their former boss, Mrs. Clinton. The current impeachment spectacle is an attempt to pitch a smokescreen over that embarrassing mess, which includes the CIA’s and FBI’s efforts to blame Russia for their own illegal interventions in the 2016 election — the heart of the three-year impeachment narrative. The Joe-and-Hunter Biden affair is the left anterior descending artery in that heart.”

UK Is Preparing Evacuation Of Intelligence Personnel From Syria’s Idlib?https://southfront.org/uk-is-preparing-evaucation-of-intelligence-personnel-from-syrias-idlib/ – “At the same time, Russia and Turkey continue to boost their cooperation on the tactical, in Syria’s Idlib and northeast, and regional level. The rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow apparently endranger British personnel involved in clandestine activities in the miltiant-held part of Syria… Therefore, it’s highly likely that the UK is now trying to get a kind of open corridor to withdraw its intelligence officers and military advisers involved in propaganda operations and training of militants in the Idlib zone.”

Bolivia: 9 Corpses in 24 hours Prove Dictatorship’s Violencehttps://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Bolivia-9-Corpses-in-24-hours-Prove-Dictatorships-Violence-20191116-0001.html Over the last 24 hours, at least  nine Bolivians have died as a result of repressive actions carried out by the security forces that support the coup-based government headed by Senator Jeanine Añez… ’23 people have died since the coup. The most recent victims are four people shot dead in La Paz​​​​​​ and five in Sacaba,’ La Paz Ombudsman’ Office delegate Teresa Zubieta told teleSUR… ‘They have killed our brothers as if they were animals,’ Zubieta said and explained that Añez’s regime is generating ‘a setback of more than 30 years with respect to the protection of people.’ ”

Bolivian Parliament Elects New Head, Refuses to Acknowledge Self-Proclaimed President Jeanine Anezhttps://southfront.org/bolivian-parliament-elects-new-head-refuses-to-acknowledge-self-proclaimed-president-jeanine-anez/ – “Essentially, the coup-plotters can now only resign to force to impose their rule and push Morales’ resignation through… Evo Morales also announced that he considers himself the president of Bolivia, until Parliament resigns. And since the resignation was not accepted, then Morales is still the president legally, and the coup-plotters could not legally legitimize the seizure of power… Meanwhile, more than 1000 supporters of Morales were arrested per day, the scope of repression against opponents of the coup is progressively escalating. A civil war nears dangerously close… At the same time, Venezuelan President Maduro called on the armed forces to fulfill their duty to the people and restore Morales back to his position.”

AAAHHH! EUGENICS! Russian Army to Use Soldiers’ Gene-Profiles to Assign Roles – by Michael Peck – https://russia-insider.com/en/science-tech/aaahhh-eugenics-russian-army-use-soldiers-gene-profiles-assign-roles/ri27874 – “But Russian President Vladimir Putin has embraced genetics with a passion. In March, the Kremlin  issued a decree that called for “implementation of genetic certification of the population, taking into account the legal framework for the protection of data on the personal human genome and the formation of the genetic profile of the population.” Ostensibly this is to protect Russia’s population against chemical and biological attack, as well as safeguard Russia’s genetic patrimony from Western spies and saboteurs… It has also spurred fears that Russia is edging towards a Nazi-style eugenics program in which certain groups, such as those Russians of Slavic ancestry, will be favored.”

Why your next car is a bikehttps://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/11/why-your-next-car-is-a-bike/ – “Then, the issues started… First, quality. Many bikes required constant maintenance and were often out of service… Then, vandalism, as bikes freed from docking stations were much more vulnerable to improper usage. They were drowned in Amsterdam’s canals, and they eventually ended up in urban bike cemeteries around the world, giving rise to pollution concerns and prompting cities to get more stringent in granting licenses… Finally, the business model came under pressure. At the beginning, new deposits by customers financed the deployment of new bikes, but market saturation soon threatened this strategy. As of now, several dockless bike startups have gone bankrupt, and Mobike – the remaining largest player – is considering selling most of the stakes of its European arm.”

Bolivia: Coup-Born Government Threatens Independent Journalistshttps://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Bolivia-Coup-Born-Government-Threatens-Independent-Journalists-20191115-0002.html – “Independent journalists who are covering protests in Bolivia were accused of carrying out “sedition” by Communications Minister Roxana Lizarraga, who was paradoxically appointed by a US-backed government that emerged from a coup d’etat against the socialist President Evo Morales… ‘Law will be fully enforced against those journalists or pseudo-journalists who are seditious, whether they are nationals or foreigners,’ Lizarraga said and took the opportunity to blame Cuba and Venezuela for the ongoing social unrest in Bolivia… ‘They want to put us on their knees,’ she added and warned that the Interior Ministry already has a list of the journalists who are stirring up resistance or rebellion against the coup-born regime… After these announcements, four Cuban officials were arrested and accused of demonstrating against the interim government headed by Senator Jeanine Añez, who self-proclaimed president on Nov. 12.”

New Legislation Will Throw People in Jail for Disrespecting Cops — Seriously – by Matt Agorist – https://www.activistpost.com/2019/11/new-legislation-will-throw-people-in-jail-for-disrespecting-cops-seriously.html – “If you annoy a police officer in upstate New York, you could find yourself facing massive fines and even jail time. Seriously… In a vote this week, lawmakers in the Monroe County Legislature passed a proposal in a 17-10 vote to fine and/or jail a person who annoys, alarms or threatens the personal safety of an officer. The jail sentence is up to one year and the fine is up to $5,000.”

Germany makes measles vaccination compulsory – https://www.dw.com/en/germany-makes-measles-vaccination-compulsory/a-51243094 – “As of March 2020, parents will have to prove their child is vaccinated against measles before sending them to day care or school. While the Health Ministry says the bill is “child protection,” critics think otherwise… Before the introduction of measles vaccine in 1963 and widespread vaccination, major epidemics occurred approximately every two to three years. Some 2.6 million people died from the highly contagious disease every year — with children the most vulnerable. But by the turn of the millennium, some countries had declared the disease ‘eradicated.’Comment: The underlined paragraph is basically just composed of lies.

Kamala Harris Serves Up a Disturbing and Ironically-Named Bill: the ‘Family Friendly’ Schools Act – by Alex Parker – https://www.redstate.com/alexparker/2019/11/06/kamala-harris-serves-disturbing-ironically-named-bill-family-friendly-act/ – “Hence, the government will keep the rugrats before school, during school, and after school. And all summer. Yeah — why are people hatching these things?.. How about as soon as they’re born, a federal program just scoops ’em up and takes care of it all ’til they’re 18? That way, everyone can wholly focus on what really matters — their jobs… Suddenly, I find myself wanting to move to China. Or start a new one… Here in the States, women are cutting their important work in order to have to crappily deal with doggone offspring. And Kamala’s sick about it…”

Violence and Repression Escalate Following Bolivian Coup (w / many excellent – and shocking – videos showing emerging repression) – https://southfront.org/violence-and-repression-escalate-following-bolivian-coup-graphic-videos-photos-18/ – “Stratfor claimed that the coup may make the country more politically unstable, which is undoubtedly true, but it is also possible that the self-proclaimed interim president Jeanine Anez might reverse Morales’ decision to cancel the (Lithium mining) agreement with ACISA… ‘In the longer term, continued political uncertainty will make it more difficult for Bolivia to increase its production of strategic metals like lithium or develop a value-added sector in the battery market. The poor investment climate comes at a time of expanding global opportunities in lithium-ion battery production to meet rising demand from electric vehicle manufacturing.’.. Violence is increasing throughout the country, following Morales’ resignation and the seizure of power by the right-wing opposition… Clashes are happening in many cities across the countries, and there are numerous videos and photographs showing that the military and police are on the side of the right-wing opposition that carried out the coup against the elected President and his government… The residents of the municipality of Yapacani, in the Santa Cruz district, denounced the onslaught of the military who took to the streets after President Evo Morales announced his resignation.” – “Surprise, surprise, surprise!” -Gomer Pyle

Is the New World Order a Jewish Conspiracy? No, it’s a Satanic Conspiracy – by Makia Freeman – https://www.wakingtimes.com/2019/10/14/is-the-new-world-order-a-jewish-conspiracy-no-its-a-satanic-conspiracy/ – ” We don’t have to blame the many or a collective (the Jews) for the actions of a few. We don’t have to be unfair to all the innocent Jews who have unjustly branded as conspirators when many of them are victims not perpetrators of the grand conspiracy. No, it’s not a  Jewish conspiracy, not exactly … it only appears to be so because the inner core of those hiding behind Jews are Zionists, and the inner core of Zionism is Sabbatean-Frankism, a Satanic cult which exploits Jews to achieve its own ends.” – This is, I think, an important contribution by Freeman, very concise and well-composed. It also includes links to a very large and crucial body of work on the subjects approached in the article. One could easily spend many days wading through the references here and gain a substantial understanding of what’s going on here.

US wants to create illegal quasi-state in eastern Syria: Russiahttps://www.almasdarnews.com/article/us-wants-to-create-illegal-quasi-state-in-eastern-syria-russia/ – ” ‘On the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, they are doing everything possible to create the structure for a quasi-state, and are asking the Gulf States for major investments in order to create a local administration on the basis of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Kurds – the YPG People’s Protection Units and others, with the clear intention of breaking this piece of territory off from Syria, and controlling the oil fields located there,’ Lavrov said… At the same time, Lavrov accused the US of prohibiting its allies from investing in Syria’s reconstruction.”

Did Obama Order CIA to Form ‘Trump Task Force’ to Throw Election for Deep State? – by Philip Giraldi – https://russia-insider.com/en/did-obama-order-cia-form-trump-task-force-throw-election-deep-state/ri27855 – “Nevertheless, some might even argue that having a Deep State is a healthy part of American democracy, that it serves as a check or corrective element on a political system that has largely been corrupted and which no longer serves national interests. But that assessment surely might have been made before it became clear that many of the leaders of the nation’s intelligence and security agencies are no longer the people’s honorable servants they pretend to be. They have been heavily politicized since at least the time of Ronald Reagan and have frequently succumbed to the lure of wealth and power while identifying with and promoting the interests of the Deep State.”

Bolivia in Crosshairs of US Counter-revolutionhttps://www.telesurenglish.net/opinion/Bolivia-in-Crosshairs-of-US-Counter-revolution-20191111-0004.html  – “Yesterday, Bolivian social movements in La Paz, the center of government, answered the calls of the right-wing for president Morales to resign with their own ultimatum: That the leaders of the right depart the city of La Paz within 48 hours and leave its inhabitants in peace. They announced that in the face of police mutinies, the social movements would form a civil police force to protect the constitution and its elected representatives. In a tradition of struggle that is hundreds of years old, they announced they would encircle La Paz, however, they would do so peacefully.”

Bolivia: Police Shoot Anti-Coup Protesters in El Altohttps://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Bolivia-Police-Shoot-Anti-Coup-Protesters-in-El-Alto-20191112-0001.html – “Over the last week, far-right groups have staged acts of aggression against the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) authorities and politicians… Selective burning of houses and beatings against Evo’s supporters, however, have not been reported in a timely manner by international and local media… In this regard, for example, in Argentina, where Mauricio Macri will remain in the presidency until December, the Press Workers Union (SiPREBA) on Monday denounced that the National Radio direction prohibited its journalists from writing or speaking about the existence of a coup in Bolivia… (from Twitter): ‘Terror in Bolivia.  Last night artillery helicopters shot at the indigenous people in La Paz. El Alto communities reported 6 dead and around 30 injured. This is silenced by mainstream media.’.. Morales’s Defense Minister Javier Zavaleta on Monday presented his resignation and denounced violent actions that the mutinous security forces are carrying out… ‘Bullets are neither the answer nor the solution to a problem,’ Zavaleta said and explained that he never ordered the use of military force against the population… ‘We never gave an order for our soldiers to wield a weapon against the people… The State we built was a State in which the military defends the Homeland with the people and never against them.’ ”

From the It-Just-Gets-Better Desk: IN THE BAD OLE’ USSA: COMPOSTING… FROM HUMANS… – by Joseph P. Farrell – https://gizadeathstar.com/2019/11/in-the-bad-ole-ussa-composting-from-humans/ – “Washington state, it seems, has approved a bill which has been signed into law by that state’s governor, to allow “human composting”: Many other supporters of the bill claim that legalizing human composting will be great for the environment, as it’s supposedly ‘as close to the natural process of decomposition [as] you’d assume a body would undergo before we had an industrialized society.’.. If America now begins “recycling” human beings as liquid rather than simply burying bodies or cremating them into ash, as has traditionally been the case, then these remains will almost certainly end up being converted into recycled “biosludge” and spread as “fertilizer” on food crops… Katrina Spade, the founder and CEO of a company known as Recompose that aspires to be the first “natural organic reduction” funeral home in the United States, is also excited about the bill, which she says fulfills a longtime hope’ of hers to create ‘an urban, soil-based, ecologically friendly death-care option.’ (Emphasis added)”

From the Weeping-And-Gnashing-Of-Teeth-In-DC Desk: Evo Morales just landed in Mexico City, after being refused permissions by Peru, Chile, and Brazil to fly over their airspaces. Live feed on Sputnick: https://sputniknews.com/latam/201911121077290109-former-bolivian-president-evo-morales-arrives-in-mexico-city—video/ – more on this story from Sputnik: Mexican Foreign Minister Welcomes Ex-Bolivian President Evo Morales in Mexicohttps://sputniknews.com/latam/201911121077290850- mexican-foreign-minister-welcomes-ex-bolivian-president–evo-morales-in-mexico/This story will be added to later today, possibly with video of Morales’ statement after landing with a translation.

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