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From a friend: And it begins…. – CA NEW 🔥 FIRE OUTBREAK! 4 NEW Fires Simultaneously – EMERGENCY! CA Under Attack AGAIN! (8min)

Russia Plans To Take Over Black Sea: RAND Fuels ‘Russian Threat’ Fearshttps://southfront.org/russia-plans-to-take-over-black-sea-rand-fuels-russian-threat-fears/ – “Moscow’s overall objectives are tailored to conditions in each country in the region, with goals of keeping various neighbors in states of nonalignment or insecurity relative to Russia and the West and open to Russian economic, political, and malign influences… The report focuses on the modernization of the Black Sea Fleet. The authors emphasize that since 2014 it has been replenished with six corvettes, six submarines of Project 636 Varshavyanka and three multipurpose patrol ships of Project 11356: Admiral Grigorovich, Admiral Essen and Admiral Makarov. The last three are carriers of Kalibr cruise missiles capable of hitting targets throughout the Black Sea… All this, according to RAND, allows the Kremlin to create a so-called restricted access zone in the region, in which NATO forces will suffer unreasonably high losses during a military clash… That is also entirely based on speculation.”

NYPD counter-terrorism bureau ‘closely monitoring shooting incident’ at New Hampshire churchhttps://www.rt.com/usa/470801-new-hampshire-church-shooting/ – “At least one person has reportedly been injured in a shooting incident in a church in the town of Pelham, New Hampshire… Authorities responded to the incident at the New England Pentecostal Church just after 10 am, local news outlet WMUR reports… A large volume of law enforcement officers and a number of ambulances rushed to the scene and the suspect is in custody.”

Turkish Warplanes Attack Kurdish Forces In Northern Aleppohttps://southfront.org/turkish-warplanes-attack-kurdish-forces-in-northern-aleppo/

SDF Defense Collapses. Turkish Forces Capture 18 Villages (Map, Videos) – https://southfront.org/sdf-defense-collapses-turkish-forces-capture-18-villages-map-videos/ – “Early on October 12, the Turkish military and the so-called Syrian National Army (NSA) managed to reach the strategic M4 highway after capturing eighteen villages in the northern countryside of al-Hasakah and Raqqa… ‘The forces were able to liberate eighteen villages which are: Nus Tell, Rajm Anuah, Umm Jurn al-Sauauin, Jamous, Lazkah, al-Aridah, Hwiran, al-Wasta, Shukan, al-Trauziyah, al-Zayidi, al-Nabhan, al-Khalidiah, al-Khuir al-Kabirah, al-Khuir al-Saghirah, al-Filo, al-Ghujir and Ghuzil,’ the NSA said in a short press release… Turkish forces are now taking advantage of the collapse in the SDF’s defenses and advancing around the key border town of Ras al-Ayn in northern al-Hasakah. The town will likely fall within a few hours… The first phase of Operation Peace Spring is aimed at establishing a 120 km long, 30km deep “safe zone” in northeast Syria.”

Turkish-Backed Forces Execute Head Of Pro-SDF Syrian Political Partyhttps://southfront.org/turkish-backed-forces-execute-head-of-pro-sdf-syrian-political-party/ – “Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, Hevrin Khalaf, was captured and then executed by Turkish-backed forces, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) announced on October 12… In an official statement, the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) revealed that Harvin was ambushed and captured by Turkish-backed militants on the M4 highway in northeast Syria. Harvin was immediately executed by the militants, along with her driver… ‘This is a clear evidence that the Turkish state is continuing its criminal policy towards unarmed civilians.’ ”

Putin Planning “Deal Of The Century” Between Syria & Turkey As US Exits – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/us-exit-putin-planning-deal-century-between-syria-turkey – “Lebanese Arabic news broadcaster Al-Mayadeen is reporting that Russia has begun organizing “reconciliation talks” between Syria and Turkey, in what would be an unprecedented development, given President Erdogan’s position has long been that Turkey won’t negotiate with Damascus so long as Assad is in power… The Middle East broadcaster cited Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who said, ‘Moscow will ask for start of talks between Damascus and Ankara’… Russia’s TASS has also confirmed the initiative, making it the first significant attempt to bring the two sides to the table, given Ankara severed diplomatic ties with Damascus in 2012. Turkey could indeed be ready given it has finally gotten its way in Syria — with a long planned attack on Syrian Kurds along the border in northern Syria, which began Wednesday with an air and ground offensive… Indeed (the) Syrian Kurdish have already this week expressly stated they are open to a deal with Assad… On Monday the commander of the US trained and armed SDF, Mazlum Abdi, indicated just that in a bombshell statement: ‘We are considering a partnership with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, with the aim of fighting Turkish forces,’ he said… The United States has blocked such talks for years, making Trump’s “betrayal of the Kurds” sting much worse, given the White House’s essentially ‘green lighting’ the Turkish invasion did not give the Kurds time for the crucial option of coordinating a defense with the Syrian Army or pursuing a reconciliation deal with Assad, as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has pointed out… Meanwhile, with the SDF now taking heavy casualties, and with no response to overwhelming Turkish air power, the Syrian Kurds are no doubt already reaching out to Damascus for aerial support and assistance from the Syrian Army.”

Turkish Operation In Northeastern Syria Is Coordinated With United States, Russia?https://southfront.org/turkish-operation-in-northeastern-syria-is-coordinated-with-united-states-russia/ – “On October 10, the U.N. Security Council did not agree on a statement condemning Turkey’s military operation in Syria. Following an emergency, closed-door session of the Security Council, ambassadors issued somber assessments of the situation. Five European ambassadors demanded that Turkey cease its military operation against Kurdish armed groups in northeastern Syria… U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft said Washington does not endorse Turkey’s actions, but did not contribute a lot of efforts to condemn it… Russia’s U.N. ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said that the United States and its coalition are conducting “demographic engineering” that led to the conflict. He called for a solution that would ‘take into account other aspects of the Syrian crisis, not just the Turkish operation.’.. ‘It should speak about the illegal military presence in that country,’ Nebenzia said in an apparent reference to the U.S. military presence in Syria… Reactions of Russia and the United States to Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring demonstrate that Ankara may have in fact pre-agreed it actions with Moscow and Washington.”

Child Charged With Felony For Pointing ‘Finger Gun’ in School – 12-year-old girl could face year in juvenile detention – https://www.newswars.com/child-charged-with-felony-for-pointing-finger-gun-in-school/ – “A 12-year-old girl was hauled from school in handcuffs and charged with a felony for allegedly pointing her fingers in the shape of a gun at classmates in Overland Park, Kansas… The child was arrested on Sept. 18 after she, “unlawfully and feloniously communicated a threat to commit violence, with the intent to place another, in fear, or with the intent to cause the evacuation, lock down or disruption in regular, ongoing activities,” according to court documents reviewed by the Kansas City Star.:  ‘A 12-year-old girl was hauled from school in handcuffs and charged with a felony for allegedly pointing her fingers in the shape of a gun at classmates in Overland Park, Kansas… The child was arrested on Sept. 18 after she, “unlawfully and feloniously communicated a threat to commit violence, with the intent to place another, in fear, or with the intent to cause the evacuation, lock down or disruption in regular, ongoing activities,” according to court documents reviewed by the Kansas City Star.’ ”

From the My-Hair-Is-On-Fire Desk: The Tactical Significance of Morgan Hill, CA with Marilyn Rupar (27 min) – from Dave Hodges – Generally, I don’t share stuff from Dave because of the major paranoia factors, but in the wake of the very strange power outages the last 2 days here in Cali, I thought this may be of interest.

An “All-Out Blizzard” That Is “Unheard Of For October” Is About To Hit Farms In The Midwest With Up To 2 Feet Of Snow – by Michael Snyder – https://www.activistpost.com/2019/10/an-all-out-blizzard-that-is-unheard-of-for-october-is-about-to-hit-farms-in-the-midwest-with-up-to-2-feet-of-snow.html – “Farmers in the middle of the country are about to get hit by what could potentially be the worst October blizzard in U.S. history.  According to USA Today, “the massive size and intensity of this snowstorm is unheard of for October”.  In other words, we have never seen anything like this in the month of October ever before… Such a storm would have been disastrous enough in a normal year, but this has definitely not been a normal year for Midwest farmers.  As I detailed extensively in previous articles, endless rain and horrific flooding made planting season a complete and utter nightmare for many Midwest farmers this year.  Millions of acres did not get planted at all, and planting was seriously delayed on tens of millions of other acres.  As a result, corn, soybeans and other crops are simply not ready to be harvested in many parts of the Midwest, and now an unprecedented winter storm is barreling directly toward our heartland.” – Comment: This is likely the product of the oncoming Solar Minimum, as well as the highly advanced Weather Mod programming that is blowing warm air up into the Arctic region constantly and resulting in these “Polar Express” weather systems.

Iran says missiles strike its oil tanker off Saudi Arabia – by Nasser Karimi and Jon Gambrell – https://www.apnews.com/55f68b50763c40eeb25ee19027573d86 – “The attack reportedly took place around 5 a.m. and damaged two storerooms aboard the oil tanker Sabiti, state media reported. It also briefly caused an oil leak into the Red Sea near the Saudi port city of Jiddah that later was stopped, state-run IRNA news agency reported… The Sabiti turned on its tracking devices late Friday morning in the Red Sea, putting its location some 130 kilometers (80 miles) southwest of Jiddah, according to data from MarineTraffic.com. The ship is carrying some 1 million barrels of crude oil, according to an analysis from data firm Refinitiv… Lt. Pete Pagano, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet overseeing the Mideast, said authorities there were ‘aware of reports of this incident,’ but declined to comment further.”

Is the Mormon Church Behind a Worldwide Child Sex Trafficking Ring Operating out of Arizona ?https://healthimpactnews.com/2019/is-the-mormon-church-behind-a-worldwide-child-sex-trafficking-ring-operating-out-of-arizona/ – “The second episode of the Medical Kidnap Show aired on KFNX 1100 Radio in Phoenix on October 10, 2019… (The show was knocked off of the air before it was finished. Health Impact News is still trying to reach the station to find out why.).. Host Rick Wood and producer Brian Shilhavy started off the show discussing how most of the nation’s child sex slaves that are trafficked in the U.S. come out of the nation’s Foster Care system… About 24 hours before Episode 2 of the Medical Kidnap Show was aired on KFNX in Phoenix, Mormon Paul Petersen, an adoption lawyer and Maricopa County Assessor who is allegedly the head of a smuggling ring that recruited Marshallese women “and offered a significant amount of money to place their babies for adoption,” was arrested in Arizona after an 18-month investigation… Petersen is also charged with 11 second and third-degree felonies in Utah, including human smuggling, sale of a child, communications fraud and pattern of unlawful activity… Petersen allegedly began setting up his child trafficking operation in the Marshall Islands when serving there as a Mormon missionary.”

Kiev, Again, Sabotaged Disengagement Of Troops In Eastern Ukraine – https://southfront.org/kiev-again-sabotaged-disengagement-of-troops-in-eastern-ukraine/ – “People’s Republic called on international organizations to influence Kiev in order to stop provocations near the power-separation station… He recalled that the first reports of shelling of the territory of the LPR came around 21:35 local time on October 8th, when the 72nd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire from BMP-1 and small arms at the Zolotoe- 5 checkpoint… ‘We also do not exclude that the organizers of such a provocation could have been nationalists who arrived the day before in the checkpoint of Zolotoe-4“ the LPR People’s Militia press service said… Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the “veterans” from the Nazi-infested volunteer battalions need to be talked to and asked to peacefully leave so the disengagement could happen… ‘Even a fool can do it by force. You see, this is the wrong approach. You need to talk with the veterans, explain your position, explain the president’s position, explain your public position, a position just like a person,’ Zelensky said during a press conference… ‘Let’s be honest, if there are veterans there, I respect them, but if they arrived armed, then this is wrong,’ he added.”Comment: Looks like the Ukie Neo-Nazis do pretty much whatever they want…

From the High-Strangeness Desk: PG&E Will Proactively Turn Off Power for Safety to Nearly 800,000 Customers Across Northern and Central CaliforniaPortions of 34 Counties Will be Impacted by Widespread, Severe Wind Event Beginning Wednesday – https://www.pgecurrents.com/2019/10/08/pge-will-proactively-turn-off-power-for-safety-to-nearly-800000-customers-across-northern-and-central-california-2/ – ” ‘The safety of our customers and the communities we serve is our most important responsibility, which is why PG&E has decided to turn power off to customers during this widespread, severe wind event. We understand the effects this event will have on our customers and appreciate the public’s patience as we do what is necessary to keep our communities safe and reduce the risk of wildfire,’ said Michael Lewis, PG&E’s senior vice president of Electric Operations.”

USA Today:  More than 1 million in California are without power to curb wildfire risk; more outages coming –  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/10/09/california-pge-power-outage-affect-millions-prevent-wildfire/3916848002/

David Goldberg Psyop: Phoney Messenger Discredits the Truth – by Henry Makow – https://www.henrymakow.com/2019/08/antisemites-are-being-tagged-for-extermination.html – “This story evolved when it was revealed that David Elias Goldman didn’t exist… It began as David Goldberg -“Anti Semites” Are Being Tagged for Extermination… You reveal the truth. Then you discredit it by having a phoney messenger.” – Comment: “David Goldberg” said that power outages would be used as a cover for rounding up “activists” opposed to Globalism and Zionist, Luciferian Sabbatean-Frankists.

The long-term planning to remake humanity as technocratic mind-controlled slaves: If They Were Saying This in 1971… – by Truthstream Media (Melissa Dykes) (20 min)

Personal statement in response to a friend’s extreme pessimism due to recent social deterioration: I think a major shift is coming. I think humanity is a wonderful addition to the unfoldment of the world-of-form, and that our potential is essentially unlimited. That is, assuming that we find a way to solve the “Human Systems Problem” under which “authority” over our societies has been seized by psychopaths with extreme disregard for the common human being and a total obsession with control over everything and everyone. We all share the same heart nature. We are all “doomed to success.” – eventually…

Ukrainian Radicals Sabotage Disengagement Of Troops In Region Of Donbasshttps://southfront.org/ukrainian-radicals-sabotage-disengagement-of-troops-in-region-of-donbass/ – “On October 7th, the disengagement of troops was planned to take place Zolote and Petrovske in Luhansk region. It didn’t happen… According to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko “Russian-backed militants” fired upon the cities and made it impossible to disengage… ‘The disengagement was supposed to start today, indeed it was agreed upon in Minsk by our negotiation team. (…) Unfortunately, a few days ago Petrivske and Zolote came under fire. As you may remember our decision was that the disengagement starts on the seventh day after peace stands on a particular site and there are no attacks,’ Prystaiko said… …According to the DPR, on October 7th the parties were to notify the OSCE of the whereabouts of their positions in Petrovsky and Zolotoy… ‘On our part, this obligation has already been fulfilled. But Kiev, instead of following the schedule, decided to fill the media space with completely destructive statements about the alleged shelling of pilot sites and the need to observe 7 days of calm,’ the DPR said in a statement.”

Altering Human Genetics Through Vaccination – by Jon Rappoport – Children’s Health Defense Note: CHD has internal documents in which the FDA acknowledges  that technology that allows for the creation of these new vaccines has outpaced their ability to predict adverse events. Shouldn’t our federal agencies be calling for a moratorium until we have that knowledge—especially since it is heavily reported that the CDC/FDA post-marketing surveillance systems are inadequate to pick up problems after licensure? – https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/altering-human-genetics-through-vaccination/ – ““NIAID Vaccine Research Center scientists have initiated Phase 1/2 studies of a universal flu vaccine strategy that includes an investigational DNA-based vaccine (called a DNA ‘prime’)… This is quite troubling, if you know what the phrase “DNA vaccine” means. It refers to what the experts are touting as the next generation of immunizations… Instead of injecting a piece of a virus into a person, in order to stimulate the immune system, synthesized genes would be shot into the body. This isn’t traditional vaccination anymore. It’s gene therapy.”

Environmentalists push for removal of Glen Canyon Damhttp://www.mohavedailynews.com/news/environmentalists-push-for-removal-of-glen-canyon-dam/article_12b25600-e677-11e9-b378-a3897106b7bd.html – “FLAGSTAFF (AP) — Environmental groups that have long pushed to bring down a huge dam along the Colorado River are suing the federal government, alleging it ignored climate science when approving a 20-year operating plan for the dam near the Arizona-Utah border… Glen Canyon Dam holds back Lake Powell, one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the United States. It and Lake Mead, which straddles the Arizona-Nevada line, are key to ensuring Colorado River water gets to the 40 million people and the more than 7,000 square miles of farmland that depend on it… Drought and climate change already have reduced the river’s flow, forcing seven Western states to adopt a plan earlier this year to ensure the lake elevations don’t dip too low.”

The Repo Market Incident May Be The Tip Of The Iceberg – by Daniel Lacalle – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/repo-market-incident-may-be-tip-iceberg  – “This is a symptom of a larger problem that is starting to manifest in apparently unconnected events, like the failed auctions of negative-yielding eurozone bonds or the bankruptcy of companies that barely needed the equivalent of one day of repo market injection to finance the working capital of another year… This is a symptom of debt saturation and massive risk accumulation.  The evidence of the possibility of a major global slowdown, even a synchronized recession,  is showing that what financial institutions and investors have hoarded in recent years,  high-risk, low-return assets, is more dangerous than many of us believed… It is very likely that the Fed injections become a norm, not an anomaly, and the Fed’s balance sheet is already rising.”

5G Cell Phone Radiation: How the Telecom Companies Are Losing the Battle to Impose 5G Against the Will of the People – by Claire Edwards – https://www.globalresearch.ca/telcos-losing-battle-impose-5g/5691065 – “They thought that if they called their new, alleged “communications technology”, adapted from the military Active Denial Technology, “5G” or fifth generation, the public would just assume that it was more of the same as 4G, 3G or 2G. And if they could characterise the rollout as a race, the public would not have enough time to find out what a killer technology 5G is. How wrong they were! Not only has the public found out, but now they know how lethal previous generations of wireless technology – to be used concurrently with 5G – are as well… Below is the evidence from a number of different countries that the pushback is huge and growing. The telcos have lost the propaganda war, despite their control of the mainstream media, from which not a whisper of the dangers of 5G is heard, and of social media and Youtube, who have been desperately deleting millions of accounts to silence the naysayers… As this article went to press, support arrived from an unlikely source. In an impassioned speech before the United Nations General Assembly on 24 September 2019, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that digital authoritarianism is not the stuff of dystopian fantasy but of an emerging reality.”

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