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‘Biblical’ Locust Plague With Mega-Swarms The Size Of Cities Descends On East Africa (w/Video) – https://www.zerohedge.com/health/biblical-locust-plague-worst-mega-swarms-70-years-devastate-east-africa

From Meltup To Meltdown: Virus Fears Stoked, Deutsche Bank Broke, & Capitalism ‘Woke’ – by Bill Blain – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/meltup-meltdown-virus-fears-stoked-deutsche-bank-broke-capitalism-woke – “Deutsche Bank: I was out to lunch on Friday with a very senior and famous City figure, and we ended up talking about Deutsche Bank. Our conclusion was it’s unlikely to find a route back to market relevance, and it’s almost inevitable it will be swallowed up in a domestic merger (despite last year’s failed wooing of Commerzbank), or simply vanish in a puff of logic. We got on to speaking about why the German’s are such brilliant engineers but such hopeless bankers – we concluded its probably genetic, but also because of the insularity of each Lander, the lack of single financing hub, a suspicion of Anglo-Saxon business, and political factors… So you can guess I laughed my silly when I read on Saturday morning the latest wizard wheeze to restore Deutsche Bank to the top flight of banking is to appoint a former politician with zero banking experience who got squeezed out in the last round of Bundestag musical chairs. (And it doesn’t help they will also be fined for bribery in Saudi Arabia – who could possibly have guessed paying introductory fees to The House of Saud was illegal? (US Readers – Sarcasm Alert.)).. Woke Capitalism: The best definition of Woke I’ve heard is from my daughter, who slightly shocked that neither I or her stepmother didn’t really understand the concept, defined it as: “The right to be offended by the opinions of anyone else about anything, while being equally offended if they are offended by your opinions.” I think that seems to sum it up pretty well.”

Militants’ Defense In Southeastern Idlib Collapsed. Maarat Al-Numan Is On Brink Of Fallhttps://southfront.org/militants-defense-in-southeastern-idlib-collapsed-maarat-al-numan-is-on-brink-of-fall/The defense of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its Turkish-backed allies in southeastern Idlib collapsed. Government forces liberated a number of villages north and south of Maarat al-Numan, including Baboulin, Hamidiya, Kafr Basin, Dayr Gharbi, Bseida, Takana… According to pro-government soruces, militants are now placing IEDs and mines in Maarat al-Numan and rpeparing to withdraw from the city via the remaining corridor. The Turkish observation post near Hish is also about to be encircled by the Syrian Army… Government forces’ advance is ongoing amid the fierce propaganda campaign by miltiants and their supporters. The main claims are that the Syrian Army and its allies are somehow seeking to destroy and burn all the liberated areas… Syrian and Russian sources also warn about provocations that are now being prepared by the White Helmets, the propaganda wing of al-Qaeda in Idlib, and other similar organizations.”

From the Bring-In-The-Usual-Suspects Desk: Terrorists Plan To Stage Chemical Attack In Northern Syria: SANAhttps://southfront.org/terrorists-plan-to-stage-chemical-attack-in-northern-syria-sana/ – “TASS reports (source): ‘Terrorist groups active in northern Syria plan to stage a chemical weapons attack to stop the Syrian Army’s advance, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on Monday… ‘According to the agency, terrorists and “Turkish mercenaries” have begun preparations to stage a chemical weapons attack on civilians in the western part of the Aleppo province. SANA added that militants would try to draw the international community’s attention to the incident in order to stop the Syrian army’s advance.’ ”

Coronavirus: Scientist Warns of Biggest Risk In 100 Years – Chris Martenson & Mike Maloney (12 min)

Google — A Dictator Unlike Anything the World Has Ever Known – by Joseph Mercola – https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/01/joseph-mercola/google-a-dictator-unlike-anything-the-world-has-ever-known/ – “In other words, who made Google sheriff of the internet? Second, I learned they had no customer service department, which seemed very strange, so if you have a problem with Google, then you have a problem because they don’t help you solve the problem… I learned also that although you can get onto a blacklist in a split second, it can take weeks to get off a blacklist. There have been businesses that have gotten onto their blacklists and have gone out of business while they’re trying to straighten out the problem… The thing that really caught my eye — because I’ve been a programmer my whole life — was I couldn’t figure out how they were blocking access to my website, not just through their own products … Google.com, the search engine, or through Chrome, which is their browser, but through Safari, which is an Apple product, through Firefox, which is a browser run by Mozilla, a nonprofit organization.”

The Impulses Of Lunar Fed Policy Under Repo Madness – by MN Gordon – https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/impulses-lunar-fed-policy-under-repo-madness – “The Fed, through its repo madness program, has supplied financial markets – including big banks like JP Morgan – with mass liquidity.  But that’s not all.  The Fed’s also supplied financial markets with a highly tenuous assumption:..The Fed will never allow the lack of liquidity of a major debtor to become an insolvency crisis that contracts the money supply… This assumption, without question, will be proven false at the worst possible time… The repo market, as we understand it, is where big banks and hedge funds conduct countless interlocking transactions, totaling as much as $3 trillion in debt being financed each and every day.  However, the repo market’s massive size and complex web of lending agreements makes it inherently fragile.  Everything works just great…until suddenly something breaks… All it takes is the failure of a big bank or hedge fund to meet its commitments and the whole complex web of agreements comes undone.  In short, a liquidity crisis could quickly contract credit with far reaching implications.  Namely, rapid deflation.”

Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You! (w/Video 19min) – by Spiro Skouras – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/did-bill-gates-world-economic-forum-predict-coronavirus-outbreak-an-inside-look-may-shock-you.html – “In this report we take an inside look at Event 201, which took place in NYC on October 18 2019. Event 201 is a high-level pandemic exercise hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation… This is extremely fascinating because this pandemic simulation exercise of coronavirus took place about 6 weeks before the first illness from the coronavirus was actually reported in Wuhan, China. That is one hell of a coincidence if you believe in that sort of thing. Another fascinating connection is the fact that not only did the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation participate in and help set up the pandemic simulation of a coronavirus outbreak, but they just so happen to fund the group who owns the patent to the deadly coronavirus and are already working on a vaccine to solve the current crisis. Again, an incredible coincidence…”

REAL SCIENCE finds carbon dioxide’s effects on the climate are “negligible” – by Isabelle Z. – https://climate.news/2020-01-15-science-shows-carbon-dioxide-isnt-the-planets-enemy.html – “Climate change activists love to insist that carbon dioxide is behind global warming, and they’ve made a sport out of refuting claims to the contrary. However, it’s getting harder to defend their delusional stance as more than 100 different scientific papers and counting show that carbon dioxide’s effect on the climate is actually quite small… The papers use terms such as “negligible” to describe the effects of CO2 on the climate. For example, a paper from last year said there was not “a consistent warming with gradual increase (in CO2) in low to high latitudes in both hemispheres, as it should be from the global warming theory.” After pointing out the complexity of climate predictions, the researchers said it is simply not possible to support the notion that global warming stems from human-caused greenhouse effect.”

Virginia Senate Passes Red Flag Gun Seizure Bill Two Days After Second Amendment Rally – by Chris Menahan – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/virginia-senate-passes-red-flag-gun-seizure-bill-two-days-after-second-amendment-rally.html – “The leftist cultural imperialists who took control of Virginia last election thanks to immigration and demographic shifts are going full steam ahead with their plan to fundamentally transform the state into a mirror image of San Francisco. Legislators in West Virginia just last week put forward a bill to prohibit all “past, present and future” federal gun control in their state… As the Tenth Amendment Center reports: ‘A bill introduced in the West Virginia House would set the foundation to create a gun sanctuary state by prohibiting enforcement of past, present and future federal gun control. Passage into law would represent a major step toward ending federal acts that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms within the state in practice and effect.’

From the OMG-Here-We-Go Desk: How the Vaccine Deep State Unleashed a “KILL SWITCH” Against Natural News Using Corrupt California Courts – by Mike Adams – https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-01-23-how-the-vaccine-deep-state-unleashed-kill-switch-against-natural-news.html – “It turns out that any website in America can now be ordered completely shut down through a secret court process that completely violates due process and the rule of law. This “kill switch” was tested on NaturalNews.com, where it wreaked havoc for 48 hours. We have since recovered and we’re posting new content, which is why you are able to read this story… Our investigations reveal that a shadowy group that we label the “vaccine deep state” is behind it all, and they are conspiring with the corrupt courts to issue utterly illegal, unconstitutional “takedown” orders to key internet infrastructure providers… In an upcoming article, Natural News will release the names of the other infrastructure providers who have been hit with these secret court orders. We may also release the name of the judge in an upcoming article, once we file with the DOJ or other law enforcement authorities.”

NEO – US Agency for global media: the Empire’s newest propaganda arm – by Henry Kamens – https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/01/23/neo-us-agency-for-global-media-the-empires-newest-propaganda-arm/ – “My first reaction to learning about the creation of a new government agency, the US Agency for Global Media, was one of complete surprise and ANGER. Does not the US government already have at its disposal enough purported media – VOA and democracy support groups, NDI, collaborating media and a wide range of  related agencies?..  And now enters a new kid on the block. Not really new, but the same old and well-known bully wearing a new set of clothes, with deep pockets itching to pick fights… I always liked the quote of Mark Twain about the choices between being informed or misinformed: ‘If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed, if you do, you are misinformed.’ “

Colombia’s Indigenous Demand Justice After 20 Leaders Killedhttps://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Colombias-Indigenous-Demand-Justice-After-20-Leaders-Killed-20200123-0007.html – “Colombia’s Indigenous people are outraged at the death of more than 20 social leaders inside South American country,  the counselor of the Indigenous Youth of Colombia , Eliel Castillo, said this week… Castillo, who participates in the World Encounter Against Imperialism, remarked that there is a systematic massacre occurring in his country. A massacre which has largely been ignored by the Colombian government, despite promises of safety… He said that social activists and Indigenous leaders who have been killed sought the transformation of a society in which they can have opportunities.”

HSBC Whistleblower Interview: World Economy Would Collapse if Banks Stopped Laundering Money (w/Video 27min)- by Spiro Skouras – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/hsbc-whistleblower-interview-world-economy-would-collapse-if-banks-stopped-laundering-money.html – “Do you ever wonder why the mainstream corporate media always tries to sell the public half truths, if any truth at all? Why the governments seem to only prosecute and jail members of the public and never the CEOs of companies or heads of organizations responsible for the largest and most wicked crimes?.. It has long been an open secret that the banksters are the ones running the world. Governments either turn a blind eye, or are often complicit in financial criminal activity. Instead of attempting to weed out corruption, the governments often facilitate it… The media, who is supposed to act as the watchdog to keep corruption in check, is owned and controlled by a handful of special interest groups who profit immensely due to the fact that the general public is often unaware that they are even the victims of the institutions and corporations we are indoctrinated to blindly trust.”

Breaking: Confirmed, Turkey closing Black Sea to US Navy-NATOhttps://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/01/22/breaking-confirmed-turkey-closing-the-black-sea-to-us-navy-nato/ – “Turkey began to block the passage of NATO ships from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea, thereby indicating its position against the North Atlantic Alliance. According to the Nordic Monitor, restrictions on the passage of NATO warships from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea are already in effect, and therefore, even US Navy ships cannot freely enter the Black Sea region… At the meeting, Turkish officials emphasized that stability in the Black Sea should be maintained (paragraph 2.a); NATO activities will be supported in accordance with the restrictions imposed by the Montreux Convention (paragraph 2.b), and Russia should not be unduly provoked (paragraph 2.b), military protocols are disclosed.”

UK’s House of Lords passes Withdrawal Agreement to allow Brexit by end of Januaryhttps://www.rt.com/uk/478925-withdrawal-agreement-brexit-bill-passed/ – “Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill has cleared its final parliamentary hurdle after Britain’s upper house of parliament passed the legislation on Wednesday… The move comes some three and a half years after the referendum in which a narrow majority voted for the UK to leave the EU, having joined in 1973. The referendum sparked a tumultuous period in British politics including the resignations of two Tory prime ministers and two general elections… Earlier on Wednesday, the House of Commons overturned changes made to the legislation by the House of Lords which would have included protections for child refugees following Britain’s exit from the EU. The House of Lords later passed the legislation without pushing the proposed changes… The bill now just needs Royal assent from the British monarch before passing into law.”

Nearly 5 Times as Many Police Officers Killed Themselves Than Were Shot in 2019 – by Matt Agorist – https://themindunleashed.com/2020/01/nearly-5-times-as-many-police-officers-killed-themselves-than-were-shot-in-2019.html – “We need to start looking at this increasing rate of officer suicides and realize the underlying problems attributing to them. If we can begin to correct those problems, the cops shooting citizens rate may start to fall too… According to other experts in the field, cumulative exposure to trauma, horrific accidents and shootings can lead to mental health struggles that too often go untreated. A report by Blue H.E.L.P. reveals the rate of PTSD and depression for police and firefighters is five times higher than the civilian population… A report commissioned by the  Ruderman Family Foundation showed that officers’ highest risk of death is by suicide with most deaths in California and Texas.”

Could This (Finally!) be the End for the Atlantic Integrationists? – by The Saker – https://www.unz.com/tsaker/could-this-finally-be-the-end-for-the-atlantic-integrationists/ – “By now we all have heard the news, the entire Russian government has resigned and a new Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, has been appointed. And we also know that the Internet has exploded with all sorts of speculations about what this all could mean… Alas, until we know who will be included in the new government, there is very little we can really say. I mean, yes, in theory, we could hold out breath and expect Glaziev will be appointed to a top position in the so-called “economic block” of the government, but how do we know that it will not be Kudrin instead?!.. We don’t… One thing we do know for sure is what Putin announced in his speech. You can read the full text here for yourself, but here are two things I want to single out: 1) Putin has announced a major effort to deal with the (still appalling) poverty suffered by many Russians; 2) Putin has announced a major effort to truly re-sovereignize Russia”

Dead Hand: Russian Real-Life Doomsday Machine (w/Video 8min) – https://southfront.org/dead-hand-russian-real-life-doomsday-machine/  – Well made video from South Front

IRGC Commander & “Soleimani Ally” Shot Dead By Masked Assassins On Motorcycle – by Tyler Durden – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/key-soleimani-ally-irgc-commander-shot-dead-my-masked-assassins-motorcycle – “An elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander has been shot dead by masked assailants in front of his house in southwestern Iran. Crucially, he was  a mid-range to possibly top commander of the IRGC’s hardline domestic wing, the Basij militia, and a close ally of recently assassinated Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani, reports state news IRNA on Wednesday… The details clearly suggest that it was an assassination — at this point by an unknown entity or group — given two men riding a motorcycle drove by and essentially executed him in the street… Reuters has described the slain Basij militia commander, Abdolhossein Mojaddami, as ‘an ally of Qassem Soleimani’

Emergency alert from the Health Ranger to all Natural News readers:

Mike Adams

Update from the Health Ranger, Jan. 21, 2020, 9:14pm – Natural News is under extreme attack from a new, highly sophisticated form of cyber warfare that we have not witnessed before. This attack began shortly after we posted our article documenting the FBI’s involvement in running the white supremacist front group known as “The Base,” which provided a convenient pretext for Virginia Gov. Northam to declare a state of emergency to disarm citizens at the recent pro-2A rally in Richmond… This attack has resulted in a blocking of access to our own web servers… This means we are currently unable to post new stories until this attack is resolved. Some stories posted over the last four days are also inaccessible. In addition to this sophisticated cyber warfare attack, we have also been subjected to phishing attempts that targeted the email inboxes of our staff members. Those attacks were thwarted… It is clear that censorship in America is now escalating to the point where the hosting infrastructure of prominent independent media publishers are being targeted and attacked in order to silence independent journalism. It is no coincidence that Glenn Greenwald was also just recently criminally charged in Brazil, even as Julian Assange remains a prisoner of the global deep state… The timing of this attack on Natural News should be understood as a serious warning that the deep state is planning to carry out an especially nefarious and treasonous operation against America while taking steps to make sure that independent journalists are silenced in the aftermath… Pray for our safety. Pray for America. We are attempting to overcome this sophisticated cyber warfare attack and will post stories as soon as we are able. – Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Fed’s Core Mission Now Includes Climate Changehttps://moneymaven.io/mishtalk/economics/fed-s-core-mission-now-includes-climate-change-9i0VcEMMnka-AOFy69N5XQ – “Lael Brainard, Chair of the Fed’s Committee on Financial Stability, says Climate Change Matters for Monetary Policy and Financial Stability… ‘So how does climate change fit into the work of the Federal Reserve? To support a strong economy and a stable financial system, the Federal Reserve needs to analyze and adapt to important changes to the economy and financial system. This is no less true for climate change than it was for globalization or the information technology revolution.’..To fulfill our core responsibilities, it will be important for the Federal Reserve to study the implications of climate change for the economy and the financial system and to adapt our work accordinglyClimate Change Essential to Achieving Mission – Brainard was just one of the speakers at the Fed’s Economics of Climate Change summit last November… Mary Daly, San Francisco Fed president has this Q&A in her presentation… Q: Why is the San Francisco Fed hosting a climate conference? Why this? Why now?.. A: The answer is simple. It’s essential to achieving our mission.” (underlined emphasis added)

Belief in the ‘Holocaust’ Is Crumbling Around the World, What Will the Consequences of this Earthquake Be? – by Mike Walsh – https://russia-insider.com/en/belief-holocaust-crumbling-around-world-what-will-consequences-earthquake-be/ri28114 – “No less than Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accept that historical revisionism ought to be recognised. But both advised caution and control as the consequences of revisionism (historical propaganda-free truths) were beyond contemplation… One can only speculate as to the reaction of millions who realise that not only have they been deceived by the holocaust lobby but actually aided the fraudsters by defending the holocaust narrative… Another matter for speculation as to how the now panicking holocaust lobbyists, the media, educationalists, judiciary, and the political elite will defend their previous positions.”

Davos Forum: Stuck On Stupid Over “Climate Action Failure” – by Patrick Wood – https://www.technocracy.news/davos-forum-stuck-on-stupid-over-climate-action-failure/ – “For all of the economic problems facing the world, the Davos leadership saw fit to have 17 year-old Greta Thunberg come and give them a tongue lashing for not living up to her expectations of climate change hysteria… She duly scolded them on every front, but mostly for listening to her while subsequently doing nothing about her demands… Why would the WEF allow an autistically-challenged teenager with no experience in business, economics or climate science to address them in the first place? The answer to this is not at all clear, but on the surface of it, it seems that this young know-nothing girl has been elevated to some kind of sainthood where she can go anywhere and say anything and people hang on every word that proceeds out of her mouth… But Saint Greta has been assigned a dark side to punish deniers, outliers and stubborn plutocrats. When you are guilty and you know it, a few scourings by Saint Greta will buy you enough indulgences to keep on flying in your private jets and investing in fossil fuels. Some egregious cheaters may need a few more stripes than others.” (emphasis added)

Trump Angers Conservatives Over Guns While Negotiating With Lawmakers On TV – by Jessica Taylor – https://www.npr.org/2018/02/28/589635979/trump-backs-conflicting-gun-measures-while-negotiating-with-lawmakers-on-tv – “During the gathering at the White House of both GOP and Democratic lawmakers, the president showed an openness to expanding background checks, possibly raising the age to purchase AR-15 rifles and also overriding due process, if necessary, to take guns away from mentally ill people or those who have been red-flagged as potential dangers, as the admitted shooter in Parkland, Fla., two weeks ago had been… Which Direction Is Trump Heading On Guns?.. Trump bluntly told GOP lawmakers that any effort to include a concealed-carry reciprocity measure with a gun bill would effectively sink its chances — which is because of firm opposition from Senate Democrats. But there were other moments where the president showed a naiveté of the lawmaking process, claiming that it would be easy to get 60 votes for a bill to pass the Senate…”

George Soros Launches Campaign to Silence “Climate Deniers” on YouTube! (6 min) – by Spiro Skouras – Note: follow Spiro on Bitchute.

‘We Will Not Be Intimidated’: Journalist Glenn Greenwald Defiant After Being Charged With Cybercrimes By Right-Wing Bolsonaro Brazilian Government – “This is despicable, dangerous, and a crime against journalism.” – by Eoin Higgins – https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/21/we-will-not-be-intimidated-journalist-glenn-greenwald-defiant-after-being-charged – “The move to charge Greenwald by the right-wing government of President Jair Bolsonaro was quickly and forcefully condemned by progressives and journalists around the world.’.. ‘This is beyond disturbing,’ said Trevor Timm, executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation… Prosecutors claim that Greenwald—who has lived in Brazil with his husband, David Miranda, for many years—is at the center of a “criminal conspiracy” to hack cellphones of government officials.”

Bolivia: As Elections Near, US-Backed Interim Gov’t Mobilizes Military, Arrests Opposition Leaders – Interim President of Bolivia Jeanine Añez has ordered troops to the streets and forced opposition candidates to organize abroad for fear of arrest ahead of the country’s first elections since a US-backed coup last November – by Alan Macleod – https://www.mintpressnews.com/bolivia-election-government-mobilizes-military-arrests-opposition-leaders/264240/ – ” ‘The purpose of that is to intimidate people ahead of possible protests against the coup on the 22nd of January…This was a show of force saying you are not going to be able to march what you want. The military is preparing for a war-style operations if marches do arrive in the city. It is about intimidating the people,’ he said in an interview with TeleSUR English; ‘The point was to be a show of force, rather than itself be an act of repression. It was there to show what repression could come.’ ”

How an Israeli Spy-Linked Tech Firm Gained Access to the US Gov’t’s Most Classified Networks – Through its main investors, SoftBank and Lockheed Martin, Cybereason not only has ties to the Trump administration but has its software running on some of the U.S. government’s most classified and secretive networks – by Whitney Webb – https://www.mintpressnews.com/cybereason-investors-offer-israeli-spy-classified-intelligence/264095/ – “If the networks of the U.S. military, the U.S. intelligence community and a slew of other U.S. federal agencies were running the software of a company with deep ties, not only to foreign companies with a history of espionage against the U.S. but also foreign military intelligence, it would — at the very least — garner substantial media attention. Yet, no media reports to date have noted that such a scenario exists on a massive scale and that the company making such software recently simulated the cancellation of the 2020 election and the declaration of martial law in the United States… Earlier this month, MintPress News reported on the simulations for the U.S. 2020 election organized by the company Cybereason, a firm led by former members of Israel’s military intelligence Unit 8200 and advised by former top and current officials in both Israeli military intelligence and the CIA. Those simulations, attended by federal officials from the FBI, DHS and the U.S. Secret Service, ended in disaster, with the elections ultimately canceled and martial law declared due to the chaos created by a group of hackers led by Cybereason employees… The first installment of this three part series delved deeply into Cybereason’s ties to the intelligence community of Israel and also other agencies, including the CIA, as well as the fact that Cybereason stood to gain little financially from the simulations given that their software could not have prevented the attacks waged against the U.S.’ electoral infrastructure in the exercise… Also noted was the fact that Cybereason software could be potentially used as a backdoor by unauthorized actors, a possibility strengthened by the fact that the company’s co-founders all previously worked for firms that have a history of placing backdoors into U.S. telecommunications and electronic infrastructure as well as aggressive espionage targeting U.S. federal agencies… The latter issue is crucial in the context of this installment of this exclusive MintPress series, as Cybereason’s main investors turned partners have integrated Cybereason’s software into their product offerings. This means that the clients of these Cybereason partner companies, the U.S. intelligence community and military among them, are now part of Cybereason’s network of more than 6 million endpoints that this private company constantly monitors using a combination of staff comprised largely of former intelligence operatives and an AI algorithm first developed by Israeli military intelligence.”- Link to previous Mint Press article in this series: Why a Shadowy Tech Firm With Ties to Israeli Intelligence Is Running Doomsday Election Simulations –  https://www.mintpressnews.com/cybereason-israel-tech-firm-doomsday-election-simulations/263886/

Gantz vows to annex Jordan Valley ‘in coordination with international communtiy’ – by Jacob Magid – https://www.timesofisrael.com/gantz-vows-to-annex-jordan-valley-in-coordination-with-international-communtiy/ – “In what appeared to be the top centrist lawmaker’s latest effort to cater to right-leaning voters, Gantz, during a visit to what he referred to as “Israel’s eastern protective wall,” said the area making up roughly 20 percent of the West Bank would remain part of the Jewish state in any future peace agreement and that previous governments that had been willing to negotiate over the strategic region had been mistaken… But right-wing officials and settler leaders largely scoffed at Gantz’s pledge. Suggesting that it was nothing more than a bluff, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the Blue and White leader not to wait until after the election, but rather support the measure if it is brought before the Knesset for a vote in the coming weeks.”

How a Hidden Parliamentary Session Revealed Trump’s True Motives in Iraq – The U.S. is adamant that its assassination of Qassem Soleimani and refusal to leave Iraq is about protecting Americans, but a little known Iraqi parliamentary session reveals how China increasingly strong ties to Baghdad may be shaping America’s new Mideast strategy

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, left, walks alongside Iraq’s Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbusi, right, in Baghdad, Iraq, during a Middle East tour, Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019. (Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Pool Photo via AP)

– by Whitney Webb – https://www.mintpressnews.com/hidden-parliamentary-session-revealed-trump-motives-iraq-china-oil/264155/ – “Iraq’s caretaker Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi gave a series of remarks on January 5, during a parliamentary session that received surprisingly little media attention. During the session, which also saw Iraq’s Parliament approve the removal of all foreign (including American) troops from the country, Abdul-Mahdi made a series of claims about the lead-up to the recent situation that placed Iraq at the heart of spiking U.S.-Iran tensions… During that session, only part of Abdul-Mahdi’s statements were broadcast on television, after the Iraqi Speaker of the House — Mohammed Al-Halbousi, who has a close relationship with Washington — requested the video feed be cut. Al-Halbousi oddly attended the parliamentary session even though it was boycotted by his allied Sunni and Kurdish representatives…. After the feed was cut, MPs who were present wrote down Abdul-Mahdi’s remarks, which were then given to the Arabic news outlet Ida’at. Per that transcript, Abdul-Mahdi stated that: ‘The Americans are the ones who destroyed the country and wreaked havoc on it. They have refused to finish building the electrical system and infrastructure projects. They have bargained for the reconstruction of Iraq in exchange for Iraq giving up 50% of oil imports. So, I refused and decided to go to China and concluded an important and strategic agreement with it. Today, Trump is trying to cancel this important agreement.’.. Abdul-Mahdi continued his remarks, noting that pressure from the Trump administration over his negotiations and subsequent dealings with China grew substantially over time, even resulting in death threats to himself and his defense minister… Indeed, according to news reports, Zhang Yao — China’s ambassador to Iraq — ‘conveyed Beijing’s readiness to provide military assistance’ should Iraq’s government request it soon after Soleimani’s assassination. Yao made the offer a day after Iraq’s parliament voted to expel American troops from the country. Though it is currently unknown how Abdul-Mahdi responded to the offer, the timing likely caused no shortage of concern among the Trump administration about its rapidly waning influence in Iraq. ‘You can see what’s coming here,” Luongo told MintPress of the recent Chinese offer to Iraq, ‘China, Russia and Iran are trying to cleave Iraq away from the United States and the U.S. is feeling very threatened by this.’ “”

The Battle for Aleppo: HTS Opens New Front to Draw Syria and Russia Away from Idlib – by Khaled Iskef – https://21stcenturywire.com/2020/01/20/the-battle-for-aleppo-hts-opens-new-front-to-draw-syria-and-russia-away-from-idlib/ – “The military situation in southern and western Aleppo is getting hotter, after Hay’at Tahreer Al-Sham (aka HTS, formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) had violated the armistice announced by the Russians and Turks about 10 days ago, and prevented civilians from leaving through the three crossings opened by the Syrian Army in the rural areas of Aleppo and Idlib, in addition to bombing the populated neighborhoods deliberately resulting in casualties and injuries among Aleppo civilians… In return for the violations of HTS/al-Nusra, the Syrian Army’s response came at an accelerating and unlimited pace, as its targeting of terrorist positions expanded to the far western countryside of Aleppo… Turkey recently has provided HTS terrorists with Grad rockets, which were fired into Aleppo a few days ago, targeting the Al-Sukkari neighborhood killing 7 civilians.”

New Paper: FCC Broke Environmental Law By Approving SpaceX Satellites To Blast 5G And WiFi At Earth – by B.N. Frank – https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/new-paper-fcc-broke-environmental-law-by-approving-spacex-satellites-to-blast-5g-and-wifi-at-earth.html – “A new paper to be published later this year in the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law argues that the Federal Communications Commission—the agency responsible for licensing the operation of these constellations in the U.S.—should have considered the impact these satellites would have on the night sky. In ignoring a key piece of federal environmental legislation, the FCC could be sued in a court of law—and lose—potentially halting further launches of mega constellations until a proper review is carried out.”

World War II was caused by hatred of Jews, preeminent Holocaust scholar says – by Raphael Ahren – https://www.timesofisrael.com/world-war-ii-was-caused-by-hatred-of-jews-preeminent-holocaust-scholar-says/ – ” ‘Anti-Semitism is a cancer that eats the world, and World War II is proof of that,’ he told The Times of Israel during an hour-long interview in Jerusalem last week… Bauer, 93, will deliver the keynote address at a festive dinner for about 45 leaders from across the world Wednesday evening at President Reuven Rivlin’s residence that will kick off this year’s World Holocaust Forum. The event marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz… The Jew-hatred that exists today in the West combines the “classic anti-Semitism,” which has been around for a very long time, with a new political phenomenon that has to do with declining birth rates across the developed world, according to Bauer… World War II, which raged from 1939 until 1945, eventually caused 29 million non-Jewish victims, apart from the victims of the Holocaust, said Bauer, a professor emeritus of history and Holocaust studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem… ‘These 29 million victims died up to a point, and probably mainly, because of anti-Semitism — not because of Jews, but because of the hatred of Jews, which means that anti-Semitism is a cancer that eats society.’ ”

Bangladeshi lawmakers want extrajudicial killings – by Faisal Mahmud, Dhaka – https://www.asiatimes.com/2020/01/article/bangladeshi-lawmakers-want-extrajudicial-killings/ – “Extra-judicial killing is not new in Bangladesh. What is new is a campaign by elected lawmakers in Parliament to legitimize killings by the police that are not court-mandated. Last week, some members of the Bangladesh Parliament demanded that law enforcement agencies should kill rapists “in a crossfire” to stop incidents of sexual violence against women. Official statistics show that rapes and violence against women are on the rise in Bangladesh. “Crossfire” is a euphemism for “fake encounters”where the police take custody of the accused and kill them and pretend that they were trying to resist arrest or escape.” – Comment: Who says people aren’t coming up with solutions for what’s wrong with the world?

Boris Johnson tells Putin there will be no normalisation of UK-Russia relationship until ‘destabilising activity’ ends – Prime minister warns Russian leader that Salisbury attack ‘must not be repeated’ – by Conrad Duncan – https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-putin-uk-russia-relationship-salisbury-poisoning-libya-a9291146.html –  “Boris Johnson has told Vladimir Putin there will be no normalisation of the relationship between the UK and Russia until the latter country brings an end to its “destabilising activity”… The prime minister spoke with Mr Putin on the sidelines of a Berlin summit on Libya’s long-running civil war, according to a Downing Street spokesperson… Mr Johnson is also said to have reiterated the UK government’s condemnation of the 2018 Salisbury poisoning, which was allegedly carried out by two spies working for Russian military intelligence… ‘He was clear there had been no change in the UK’s position on Salisbury, which was a reckless use of chemical weapons and a brazen attempt to murder ‘innocent people on UK soil,’ the spokesperson said… “He said that such an attack must not be repeated.’ ”

Guaido’s Last Ridehttps://southfront.org/guaidos-last-ride/ – “Earlier this month the year-long neocon fantasy of a Mike Pence-appointed president ensconced in  Miraflores Palace finally came to an end. The opposition-dominated National Assembly had split amidst in-fighting and that last scrap of hope that Guaido clung to as leader of the Assembly was ripped from his fingers when the legislative body voted to oust him from his post. Though opposed to Maduro, the National Assembly was even more opposed to Guaido, voting convincingly end the Guaido era and elect fellow oppositionist Luis Parra… The US foreign policy establishment, being the hammer that only sees nails, reacted to the end of the Guaido era the only what it knows how: in addition to sanctions across the board on the government of Nicolas Maduro, Washington announced that it would also slap sanctions on the opposition to the Maduro government!”

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