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9/11 Was the Prelude. 1/6 Is the Holy Grail – by Pepe Escobar – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/56181.htm – “Cue to a Corpse Reading a Teleprompter, also known as The President-Elect, and his own ominous words after 1/6: “Don’t dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists.” Some things never change. George W. Bush, immediately after 9/11: ‘Either you’re with us, or with the terrorists’… That’s the hegemonic, set in stone, narrative now being implemented with an iron fist by Big Tech. First they come for POTUS. Then they come for you. Anyone, anywhere, not following Big Tech’s Techno-Feudalist diktat WILL be cancelled… And that’s why the drama is way, way, bigger than a mere discombobulated POTUS… Every single institution controlled by the ruling class – from schools to mass media to the way workplaces are regulated – will go after the Deplorables with no mercy… Professional CIA killer and liar John Brennan, key conceptualizer of totally debunked Russiagate, tweeted about the necessity of, in practice, setting up re-education camps. Media honchos called for “cleansing the movement”… Politically, the Deplorables only have Trumpism. And that’s why Trumpism, with a possible avenue to become an established third party, must be smashed.”


Canadian Health Expert: “Costs of Lock Downs are at Least 10 Times Higher than the Benefits” – by Phillip Schneider – https://phillipschneider.com/canadian-health-expert-costs-of-lock-downs-are-at-least-10-times-higher-than-the-benefits/ – “Dr. Aji Joffe, a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and Clinical Professor at the Department of Pediatrics of the University of Alberta, argues in a recent cost-benefit study on the implications of government imposed lock downs that they cause collateral damage at least ten times greater than than that of the virus itself… ‘Initially, I simply assumed that lock downs to suppress the pandemic were the best approach. But policy decisions on public health should require a cost-benefit analysis … Once I became more informed, I realized that lock downs cause far more harm than they prevent.’ – Dr. Aji Joffe… Dr. Joffe found that lock downs have negatively affected millions of people across the globe with food insecurity (82-132 million), severe poverty (70 million), maternal and under age-5 mortality from interrupted healthcare (1.7 million), infectious disease deaths from interrupted healthcare, school closures affecting future earning potential and lifespan of children, domestic violence mostly against women, mental health issues, drug addiction and more.”

The Swiss Force a Referendum Challenging Government Lockdown – by Sam Jones – https://anti-empire.com/the-swiss-force-a-referendum-challenging-government-lockdown/ – “Swiss campaigners have triggered a referendum to strip the government of new legal powers to impose lockdowns and curtail public life as the country battles the pandemic… Campaign group Friends of the Constitution on Wednesday handed in a petition of 86,000 signatures collected over the past three months — well in excess of the 50,000 required — to formally initiate a nationwide vote to repeal the 2020 Covid-19 Act under Switzerland’s highly devolved democratic system… The outcome will be legally binding, with a vote scheduled for as early as June.”

Gavin Newsom Plans To Buy All California Real Estate Foreclosures (15 min)- by Matt Aitchison

COVID vaccine secret, a stunner – by Jon Rappoport – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/01/15/covid-vaccine-secret-a-stunner/ –   ” ‘…the WHO protocols Pfizer used to produce the mRNA [for the vaccine] do not appear to identify any nucleotide sequences that are unique to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. When investigator Fran Leader questioned Pfizer they confirmed: ‘The DNA template does not come directly from an isolated virus from an infected person’.’.. And there we are, right back where I started, some time ago. If you don’t have the isolated virus, how can you claim you’ve sequenced it?.. And if you’ve sequenced it by ASSUMPTION and GUESS, how can you claim the sequence—or the virus—is real?.. Answer: You SAY the sequence and the virus are real, but you have zero proof. Because you’re a “scientific authority,” people automatically believe what you SAY.”

Psychological Attack on the UK – An Exposition on Applied Behavioral Psychology – by Dr Bruce Scott – https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/psychological-attack-uk – “We are in unprecedented times. Not because of the deadliest virus known to mankind, but because we have never been attacked with such ferocious psychological methods as is deliberately being done today by our UK and Scottish governments; measures to coerce us, manipulate us, to scare us, to shame us, and to make us shame other people for not following orders pertaining to COVID–19 measures… We have been warned previously by many who suffered totalitarian communism in Eastern Europe. We were warned for many decades that such a moment would come to the West if we were not vigilant enough; unfortunately, it seems that our watchfulness has failed and our liberty has been stolen.” – Comment: This article by Bruce Scott could apply to anyplace in the world that has been hit by the Covid Operation. This is an important contribution, worthy of repeated readings until you understand this territory like the back of your hand.

Attorney for PBS Wants Children of Trump Supporters Taken Away from Parents and Put into “Re-Education Camps” – by Brian Shilhavy – https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/attorney-for-pbs-wants-children-of-trump-supporters-taken-away-from-parents-and-put-into-re-education-camps/ – “Now we can add having the wrong political views to the list of many reasons that are used to justify state-sponsored child kidnapping… In another undercover investigative journalism operation, Project Veritas recorded the lead attorney representing the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), which is partially funded by public tax revenue, as saying that children of Trump supporters should be taken away from their families and put into “re-education camps” where they can watch Sesame Street and other PBS programming all day… PBS acted quickly after the fall out, and fired their attorney the same day the video surfaced… Smart move… Stay tuned America. The media wars are just beginning….”

‘Agent Provocateur’ Tactics Seen at Jan 6 US Capitol Protest—Interview With Michael Yon | Crossroads (20 min) – Comment: This is powerful evidence that the “Storming of the Capitol”® was entirely staged.

Live Q&A: Emergency Declaration in DC Approved by Trump; First Time Trump & Pence Speak Since Jan 6 – with Joshua Philipp of Epoch Times (1hr 11min)

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