Theresa Buccola on Campaign to End Beach Closures in California

From my friend Theresa Buccola in Carmel, Cali:

Hello Freedom Fighters,

Mike Mattingly’s next court appearance is October 26th, Thursday at 9:00 am. There will be no charge to have a ringside seat for the battle of good and evil in the Bellator MMA cage. 🙂

Tyrants use the weapons of force, batons, handcuffs, and threats of kidnapping. The intelligencia use weapons similar to the ones attached to this email. 🙂 I refer to both of them often. May they arm you with the ability to protect yourself with the weapons of the mind and the pen.

And here is what happened after I was taken to the jail from the beach and forced under repeated threats to surrender my temperature. I was told I would be, “poked and prodded” “held down” and they would “take my temperature anywhere they wanted to take it”;

If you could please help me to build my Youtube channel by subscribing, as it looks like the story is about to go national. I have a preliminary interview with Crrow777 and Jason Lindgren on November 8th, which is a precursor to doing a 2 hour interview in the near future. A big deal, and it’s about damn time the Country gets wind of what’s been happening to us for standing on beaches in California. If you want to join in the glory of the win… and we are gonna win:


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